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Just Make It Illegal to Hire White People: State Street Global Advisors, One of the Largest Investment Firms in the World, Will Need Permission to Hire White Men
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We aren’t far from when it’s just illegal to hire white men in the private or public sector. [One of world’s largest investment firms will need permission to hire white men: State Street Global Advisors previously commissioned the ‘Fearless Girl Statue’ that stared down Wall Street’s ‘Charging Bull’ sculpture, Fox Business, November 7, 2021]:

Leaders at one of the largest investment firms in the world, State Street Global Advisors, will need to ask permission to hire white men as it rolls out a diversity hiring initiative.

“This is now front and central for State Street — it’s on every senior executive’s scorecard,” said Jess McNicholas, the bank’s head of inclusion, diversity and corporate citizenship in London, according to the Sunday Times.

“All of our leaders have to demonstrate at their annual appraisals what they have done to improve female representation and the number of colleagues from ethnic-minority backgrounds.”

The company aims to triple the number of Black, Asian and other minority staff in senior positions by 2023, the Sunday Times reported. If executives don’t meet the target, they will face lowered bonuses.

Recruiters will now have to establish panels of four or five employees, including a woman and a person with a minority background, when hiring middle management staff.

The firm will still hire white men, McNicholas said, but recruiters are required to show that women and minority applicants were interviewed by the panels.

The company is pledging to “hold ourselves accountable for strengthening black and Latinx owned businesses.”

State Street previously made headlines in 2017 when it commissioned the statue of a girl staring down Wall Street’s “Charging Bull” sculpture for International Women’s Day. The sculpture, known as the “Fearless Girl Statue,” was later moved to the New York Stock Exchange building after complaints from the sculptor of the Charging Bull.

Why should white people have allegiance to a nation when such devotion is rewarded with a spoils system in hiring openly discriminating against white males and their potential advancement in this society?

Diversity just means excluding White (Men and increasing Women) People.

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  1. Bert says:

    Why would such a shoot-yourself-in-the-foot policy surprise anyone, given that this company’s stock has been more or less flat for 21 years? And the dividend yield is nothing to write home about. If you had bought I-Bonds in 2000 you would have done better: 3% per annum plus inflation adjustments.

    • Replies: @tomo
  2. magilla says:

    Love it. The only way this doesn’t end in complete and utter disaster is they have AI or very sophisticated computers to automatically trade.

    The only other way this could work is if street-shitter dot Indians, Arabs, or Asians count. Dindus can’t manage a Popeye’s; those Dindus on the right side of the Bell Curve who end up as managers are famous for sexual harassment.

    This shit is epic. You are right, Paul; these creatures who come up with this shit have no right and shouldn’t expect to sleep under the blanket of security Whites provide. Whites generate the electricity, fly the planes, and have the serious jobs in the military and the police. Not to mention the other thousands of jobs needed to run a modern society.

    Too many Whites? Fuck off to Mumbai, Quito, Lagos, Monrovia, or Lahore. See what a life without whitey really looks like.

  3. usNthem says:

    This is just the continuation of the dumbing down and estrogen-ing up of every institution. At some point, there won’t be enough White men who care, or enough, period, to keep things running on the rails. We’re on a runaway train and there’s a damn big curve not too far ahead.

  4. Does “other minority staff” include Jews?

    • Agree: Pirate999
    • Thanks: Just another serf
  5. Rich says:

    How crazy would you have to be to trust your money to an affirmative action company? I remember when my kids’ pediatrician recommended a black orthopedist, now who knows, maybe the guy was the smartest black guy east of the Mississippi, but with all the crazy affirmative action, we found someone else who took our insurance. Every single Negro in America is in over his head, hired or promoted to fill a quota. Can’t trust any of them.

  6. Bite Moi says:

    “Diversity Hire” all the middle management you want.Middle managers are mostly useless.Just don’t hire Affirmative Action engineers,pilots,surgeons,or plumbers. Especially Plumbers. The consequences are immediate and serious.

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  7. For those unfamiliar with this disgusting firm, they are the third largest provider of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in America, under the SPDR name, often called Spiders. The only ETF providers larger than them are BlackRock (also very woke) and Vanguard, known for low fees as they are investor owned.

    Clearly all White men need to avoid the SPDR and BlackRock ETFs and instead invest in those offered by reasonable, low fee companies like Vanguard, Charles Schwab and Fidelity.

    • Replies: @tomo
  8. It will be quite enjoyable to sit back and watch these woke corporations, and especially banks, implode from all this “diversity”. Can’t happen fast enough.

  9. Franz says:

    Why should white people have allegiance to a nation…

    Been drying up more every year, allegiance.

    Then again, the operative section is:

    If executives don’t meet the target, they will face lowered bonuses

    WHAT? 2.9 million instead of three? This is public relations.

    Have no sympathy for the “executives” because they’d cut your whole family out of an income, in a heartbeat, for one of those famous bonuses. They may not be villains; they are rarely on your side.

  10. loren says:


    The real knee slapper coming out of Glasgow is the announcement that South Africa is getting \$8.5 billion for the purposes of “transitioning to renewables” haha …. one of the most corrupt countries on earth, literally falling apart at the seams especially after the devastating riots last summer where infrastructure was targeted and destroyed; really finishing off what the white minority govt had built since no maintenance to speak of had been done on railroads, roads, bridges, power plants and the potable water system since 1992, leaving the place in shambles. \$8.5 billion for wind turbines and solar panels LoL.

    Shutting down coal fired plants that are a wreck and inoperable already; the upshot will be ANC honchos going on a massive shopping spree, yes, plenty of bling (which they love) but also mansions in the burbs, Bentley and Jag automobiles, helicopters, and plenty of advanced weaponry to arm their private security forces.

    Rest assured, the last thing this free schwag from Whitey will be used for is windmills and solar panels. When the coal plants are shut it will be TS for South Africans, they’ll just have to get used to living in the dark all of the time, not half the time like they do now.

    • Agree: magilla
    • LOL: Augustus
    • Replies: @magilla
    , @Pericles
    , @Bite Moi
  11. lloyd says: • Website

    The Western corporations are in the happy position. That at the highest creative level of A I and investment, there isn’t a problem of recruiting women and coloured because there aren’t any. In Tesla at the highest level of invention are there any women or minorities? Maybe a sprinkling of East Asian men. Musk has abandoned his native land South Africa and is heading to the stars. Therefore while the Western countries wallow in wokeness, East Asia via merit races ahead in alliance with the top ranks of Western corporations. The women and minorities coming into employment have the perfect tactic to eliminate white male competition. Just scream women studies and ethnic studies 101 whether they believe it or not. The white males have only themselves to blame.

    • Agree: magilla
  12. As diversity replaces Americans in the labor force at unprecedented levels over the last year, I have been watching how diversity is trashing even basic levels of competency. Diversity hires can not even accomplish simple tasks like taking reservations. It has been grinding a lot of commerce to a halt just by itself.

    • Agree: magilla
    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
    , @magilla
  13. lloyd says: • Website

    In Asia, Covid is in decline and Ivermectin is in widespread prescribed use. In China, the gene therapy vaccines are not in use as the Western NGOs don’t operate there. In the Americas, the Indian populations were within a few decades displaced by the white populations. European diseases achieved this. In all outlying lands that had not developed natural immunity, the white races displaced the native races. Did twisted minds plot a karma for the white race? The white race has become like the white swan in the ugly duckling story.

  14. HT says:

    Larry Fink’s war on the white race rolls on.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  15. @magilla

    To your point: was at a KFC with 6 blacks “working” – 2 in back doing nothing, 1 sweeping, 2 talking to each other using the “N-word loudly”, 1 at the drive-thru… stood at the counter for what seemed to be an eternity, finally asked “are you open?” “Ah yeah man, um what can I help you with.. “I’d like to order” then proceeded to tell me they had no crispy, no thighs, and no potatoes… this was at Noon and way before any pandemic. I just turn and leave.

    Recently I go to Mod Pizza… 1 White guy working the entire place! He’s answering the phone, manning the counter, and making all the pizzas! He’s friendly, takes my order immediately, and I’m eating pronto!

    2 questions:

    1.) I’ve seen this a few times at a fast food joint, a black male worker with one hand down his pants on his balls just standing there talking to other co-workers… wtf is this? Is it just the physical manifestation of “muh-dikkin”? I just walk out when I see it.

    2.) What’s the ratio of productivity of Whites to blacks? Is it like above 1:6 Whites to blacks, or is the ratio much higher like I suspect?

  16. USA1943 says:

    If Diversity is really our greatest strength why have penalties for hiring who you want? Have the Employers who want to just hire based on Meritocracy and that way if Diversity happens it would happen organically based on Merit. And for the Employers who believe Diversity is the key to success, they could hire the most diverse group of employees possible even if they are less qualified, and they could keep statistics on which company does better, the one that hires based on Merit, or the one where Diversity is the most important thing and merit takes a backseat? The Far Left is trying to make White people take a backseat to people/sexual deviants who can’t figure out if they should use the Men’s or Women’s Bathroom and who think both Men and Women can get pregnant, When does the Absurdity stop?

  17. Here is a list of State Street Advisors ETFs:

    There is nothing State Street offers that you can’t obtain from Fidelity, Vanguard, T. Rowe Price, iShares, and other brokerages that are — as far as I know — not openly anti-white.

  18. Anon[272] • Disclaimer says:

    It takes a lot to piss off a white guy, generally speaking. We’re not there yet, but when we get there we know exactly who to target (and it ain’t going to be the blacks or browns). We know who is trying to subjugate us.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  19. Rahan says:

    Good. Chunk by chunk the toxic systemic overgrowth cuts itself off from heritage whites and hetero males.

    This divide must be widened as much as possible, to make any ambiguity out of the question. When it’s coloreds, perverts, jews, and whores running all relevant sections of the parasitic structures, this will help facilitate the split between the toxic tumors and the remaining more or less healthy social fabric.

  20. So will Jews drop the “We’re White” crypsis act and be hired as Jews?

    • Thanks: Pirate999
  21. magilla says:

    Exactly. Hard to pollute when you use decomposing cow crap to heat your home.

    Bad part is they’ll get us on the other side–\$\$\$billions because 9/10 sprogs die before their first birthday.

    • Replies: @Resartus
  22. Pericles says:

    Don’t worry, they can probably return to the well a few times before sitting in the dark.

  23. @Bite Moi

    Plumbing is easy, water seeks it’s own level, and as long as the pipes are pitched at least a 1/4″ per foot until they tie into the septic or sewer line. The plumber’s motto is “Shit runs downhill”. Electrical work on the other hand is a different story, lots of mathematical calculations when it comes to amperage, voltage drop over distance, wire size, box fill, and making sure there’s no shorts in the end product. NEVER hire a black electrician. Jamaicans are good at installing new conduit/wires, but I have yet to meet one who was good at troubleshooting various household issues, and I’ve been an electrician for 16 years.

    • Agree: magilla
    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  24. A major financial firm can do without white gentiles, but only if they have Jews or Asians instead.Good luck to any firm that tries to rely on blacks for more than window dressing.

  25. @Sick 'n Tired

    I am also curious as to where you are bugging out to S&T. I am glad you wrote that you will let us know. What is it now, 5 days and counting? Good luck to you.

    PS: I am glad you are in a line of work that you can take anywhere.

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  26. tomo says:

    exactly – I have already experienced this in a transgender gulag that is Canadistan.
    Most white men I know there told me similar stories

  27. tomo says:
    @Hannah Katz

    I think Vanguard is the 2nd biggest owner of Black ROck shares (after Merryl Lynch I think)

  28. Bite Moi says:

    loren———Renewables??? South Africa has transitioned to Wakanda. The joke,”What did South Africans use before candles?” Answer,”Electricity.”

    • LOL: bruce county, loren, nokangaroos
  29. @forgotten_builder

    “If he dies he dies” ~ Dolph Lundgren, Rocky 4.

    • Replies: @Female in FL
  30. @Rooster111

    Stop eating fast food. It’s full of low IQ, angry at the world people who won’t think twice to tamper with the food of anyone white or who has the audacity to order food during their late night shift. I try to only go to places with a visible kitchen so I can see my order being made.

  31. @Achmed E. Newman

    6 days and counting actually. My line of work and skill set are a bonus. Something I never really put much thought into, until I really started looking into and where it could be utilized and appreciated. I suggest every productive person in America who has a marketable skill, leave and not pay into taxes into our government run wasteful system.

  32. Resartus says:

    Exactly. Hard to pollute when you use decomposing cow crap to heat your home.

    Dad build the house I’m in, the 35 years it’s been here, 95% of the heating has been done with wood….
    Central heating rarely used over that time….

    Pulled the unit out after 30 years or so, mom ran the A/C into the ground over that time….

    Hard to believe the Climate progressives don’t understand what people will resort to, when the government legislates actual usable technology out of existence….

  33. @Sick 'n Tired

    “I’m not wasting anymore time with you, now get outta Dodge.” Matt Dillon, Gunsmoke, every episode.

  34. @Rooster111

    I’ve seen this a few times at a fast food joint, a black male worker with one hand down his pants on his balls just standing there talking to other co-workers… wtf is this? Is it just the physical manifestation of “muh-dikkin”? I just walk out when I see it.

    Walking out is by far the best policy. If the negro wasn’t stroking himself while you stood at the counter, he was probably doing so a minute or two earlier. If that is not the case, he was waiting until you are distracted or your back is turned.

    They can’t help it.

    • Agree: anarchyst, magilla
  35. What a trendy excuse for senior management to withhold bonus money from subordinates to fatten their own purses. Who do we suppose is judging these performance, black guys in senior power positions? Really? The Wall Street Hyena motto has not changed and it never will – money talks, BS walks.

  36. anarchyst says:

    Your points about black vs. white productivity are spot on. However, I think the ratio is probably 1:10 …

    Large corporations can afford to hire unqualified minorities to fill management positions as the “underlings” will almost always be qualified whites. These minority managers will have (white) “assistants” in order to maintain the facade of “equal opportunity”.


    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  37. magilla says:

    This documentary will explain it all. BTW, they did you a favor by not selling you food.

    • LOL: RoatanBill
  38. magilla says:

    Agree. When I hear a non-white answer a customer service call, I just hang up.

    • Replies: @loren
  39. Dr. X says:

    We have to stop pussyfooting around this essential truth and state it openly: the white man has become the nigger of the 21st century.

    You know I’m right.

  40. loren says:

    you must hang up a lot. I get phillipines.

    • Replies: @magilla
  41. Bite Moi says:

    anarchyst———AA nog hires are given an office,porn computer,and a few motivational words to motivate the underlings. Wander around.Utter such pearls as “work smarter,not harder”,drop a deuce,grab lunch,watch another porno,and leave 2 hours early.

    • Agree: Hannibal Smith
  42. magilla says:

    Usually choose the ‘2’ for Spanish, end up Costa Ricans.

    • LOL: loren
  43. DMZABO says:

    Once all the investments dry up or go belly up due to black decision makers I also Can’t wait till all of those American Airlines planes start falling out of the skies. Since the people in charge are looking for more diversity in their how to become a pilot just like the Honky over there new diversity program.
    The future looks so bright eh?

  44. Resartus says:

    I also Can’t wait till all of those American Airlines planes start falling out of the skies.

    With the Vax killing pilots already….
    Might actually get a few without diversity…..

    • Agree: Pirate999, Mr. Rational
    • LOL: loren
  45. ANON[649] • Disclaimer says:

    when a negro comes out of the back room at a popeyes smelling his fingers it only means one thing – he just had a dump and did not wash his hands

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