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Just Make It Illegal to Hire White Coaches... NFL Owners Vote to Offer Incentives for Franchises to Develop Nonwhite Coaches and Promote Nonwhite Executives in Front Office
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We all know where this is headed… [NFL to offer incentives for teams to develop nonwhite coaches, execs: Entering this season, there were just three Black head coaches among the NFL’s 32 teams., The Hill, November 11, 2020]:

The majority-white owners of the National Football League have approved a proposal to incentivize teams to develop nonwhite coaches and executives.

“That just complements part of the overall collection of the things that we’re doing,” NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations Troy Vincent told ESPN. “To try to increase mobility among in particular black coaches and females as well in the coach and the GM front. I’m looking forward to seeing what the offseason has to bring in the hiring cycle.”

If approved by the NFL Players Association, the change would reward teams with third-round draft picks if minority assistants and executives below the General Manager position get hired by other teams for higher roles, reported NBC Sports, with some stipulations.

Entering this season, there were just three Black head coaches among the NFL’s 32 teams (and four nonwhite coaches) and 14 Black head coaches in college’s 130 Football Bowl Subdivision squads. And while some coaches claim the NFL is a “meritocracy,” that does not account for the exclusion of nonwhite players and coaches in the early years of the NFL as well as the unique systemic challenges Black coaches face.

The NFL has made some changes this year, including expanding the”Rooney Rule” by requiring clubs to interview at least two external minority candidates for head coaching openings and at least one minority candidate for any coordinator job. But the lack of diversity among final hires is often attributed to a lack of qualified nonwhite candidates “in the pipeline.” In response, Michael Locksley, head coach of the University of Maryland football team, established the National Coalition of Minority Football Coaches this year to help elevate nonwhite coaches in the sport.

Just make it illegal to hire white coaches in the NFL or white executives in the front office of the leagues 32 franchises. End the charade once and for all.

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  1. loren says:

    off topic
    thx Breitbart

    Georgia Senate Democrat candidate Raphael Warnock was arrested in 2002 for obstructing a police investigation into alleged child abuse at a church camp in Carroll County, Maryland.

    Revs. Warnock and Andre Wainwright, who both worked at Douglas Memorial Community Church, were accused in court documents of attempting to prevent a state trooper from interviewing counselors at the church’s Camp Farthest Out in Eldersburg, Maryland, regarding alleged abuse at the church.

    • Replies: @Raccoon
  2. NFL, it had a good run but it’s over. Negroes ruined it like they ruin everything.
    Sad thing about this is the fact that YT is still watching.

    • Agree: europeasant, Gunga Din
    • Replies: @Patrick Boyle
  3. Rooster10 says:

    The left has ruined everything I used to love, I truly hate these people. This is coming to a company near you also, I mean it already is with minority and women ownership getting special incentives. O/T I see Chicago had 17 shootings on Monday alone. I wonder what Blue Juice thinks of that?

  4. Piglet says:

    I never enjoyed watching such sports games, long before the players became dedicated to insulting their white audience while living like criminal thugs when they were off the field. I always had better things to do with my time. Now I’m even happier I never wasted my time on these evolutionary throw-backs.

    Unfortunately all too many people, including family members, can’t get enough, not matter how much poop these zoo escapees toss at them.

  5. The majority-white owners of the National Football League have approved a proposal to incentivize teams to develop nonwhite coaches and executives.

    The majority- (((white owners))) of the National Football League have approved a proposal to incentivize teams to develop nonwhite coaches and executives.


    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  6. Wake up says:

    Racism pushed right in Whitey’s face, and yet some Whites will continue to support their own destruction.

  7. anon[263] • Disclaimer says:

    (((The Hill))) – in case anyone was wondering

  8. NFL liberals should establish a policy that only blacks can watch the NFL .

  9. HT says:

    If Negros were as competent as whites, there would be no need to offer incentives to hire them.

    • Agree: bruce county
    • LOL: Lancelot_Link
  10. Rich says:

    I finally completely stopped watching football when the kneeling started. It was one of the best things I ever did. Wish I’d given it up years earlier and it’s not like I was a crazy fan, I played in high school and would get together with friends to watch a game and maybe have a beer. Never again.

    • Agree: Swamp Fox
  11. Trinity says:

    I really could care who they hire to coach in the NFL since I haven’t watched a single minute of football, and that includes college football in 3 years. Hmm, it has actually worked out fine for me. Instead of sitting on the couch watching grown men destroy each others bodies for 4 hours at a clip, I am either hitting the gym or going for a hike. Fours hours to watch a game that is one hour long and in that hour, you would probably have 15-20 minutes of actual playing. haha. Yes, it is indeed retarded for a grown man or woman to support this crap. What is even more disturbing is some guy living paycheck to paycheck supporting a bunch of guys who make millions playing a kid’s game while he goes off to bust his ass for peanuts. Another thing that is retarded is when cities celebrate if “their” team wins. Never mind that the players are from various cities and states around the country and have little if any loyalty to the city they play for at the time.

    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @europeasant
    , @The Truth
  12. DMZABO says:

    Hey NFL can’t you see the writing on the walls…..GO WOKE GO BROKE!

  13. What self-respecting white person is still watching the NFL or participating in fantasy-football?! I have a couple of relatives that still watch the Patriots but they’re overweight borderline-alcoholic cucks…still clinging to an America long since gone. {cringe}

    I have noticed that lesbians of all color now love American football. There’s got to be a political or psychological explanation for the large lesbian fanbase. In college all the lesbians I went to school with absolutely hated football and the fanbase. Now when I look them up on FB 10 years later they’re wearing football jerseys of their favorite Dindu. Bwahahaha! Whaaa happened?

    • Replies: @flyingtiger
    , @Rooster10
  14. Pericles says:

    Just make it illegal to hire white coaches in the NFL or white executives in the front office of the leagues 32 franchises. End the charade once and for all.

    Make it illegal to admit white spectators and the whole problem is solved once and for all.

  15. Any incentives to hire white cornerbacks? Safeties? Any position? Asking for a friend.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  16. RickTen99 says:

    1st year of no NFL for me. Surprisingly I really dont miss it. I’m certain that my experience this year is happening to thousands of others fed up with the “let’s make the negro the hero” movement across the USA. It’s painful to watch TV and see the non stop all black commercials, shows that must have the most beautiful woman paired with the all powerful buck in the cast, the featuring of the successful negro with the stupid white neighbor. Not one of those scenarios plays out in real life where 90+ percent of the negro race are failed, violent, predatory beasts responsible for sky rocket high violent crime numbers in any place where they live. The NFL has been dying a slow death for the last several years and seems hell bent on accelerating its decline. So sad, too bad.

    • Agree: europeasant, Gunga Din
    • Replies: @throtler
  17. OT, has anyone seen the foster niglet of the Pioneer Woman, she of food network fame? The comments in People magazine are beyond sickening. Stupid, negro coddlers, they have to learn the hard way.

  18. Anon[387] • Disclaimer says:

    Agree especially that pro teams are not representative of a particular locality.

    It is even worse for colleges, as semi-pro sports teams use “student-athletes” who would never be admitted as actual students. Thus, semi-pro college teams actually go against the appropriate goals of colleges/universities! Note in this regard that in well-known state university teams the coaches are paid substantially more than any faculty or admin, including the President of the school.


    • Agree: Trinity
  19. @Trinity

    “Another thing that is retarded is when cities celebrate if “their” team wins. Never mind that the players are from various cities and states around the country and have little if any loyalty to the city they play for at the time”

    You got that right. They are just paid mercenaries and have no loyalty to the area. Sad that some White people still watch and support the NFL. Worst are the White people who spend lots of money on the shirts and junk that the NFL pushes. I once twenty five tears ago taped a Sunday football game and watched later in the evening in 30 minutes. I save two and a half hours, time that I spend refurbishing the attic windows.

    • Agree: Trinity
  20. @Rooster10

    Hopefully that’s 17 people that won’t shoot at him just because of the uniform and/or his skin color. My 1st thoughts.

  21. @Rooster10

    They’re averaging over 2 murders a day…in NOVEMBER!! They are at 699 as of 0830 today. This year’s pace is actually ahead of 2016, which had just over 800. Yeah, must be all those violent white supremacists and nasty po-leeces killing all those black pee-po that dindu muffin. 🙄🤡🌎

  22. If you’re White and still watching, supporting the NFL, then you deserve all this. But your White daughter doesn’t.
    So stop it.

  23. @Female in FL

    The way things are going in this country maybe they will. Those kinds of people will be the first to get eaten by their “pets”. Oh, and dont expect any of us “deplorables” to come and rescue your asses.

  24. m. says:

    why would u support the mfkng dindus?

  25. Bite Moi says:

    OKAY,if we need quotas,let’s have quotas.Too few black coaches and executives.Too damn many black players.13% black in every slot.

  26. Bite Moi says:
    @Female in FL

    Female in FL———Too many brainless women live for attention.This foster kid is a “look at me”.Glad to see that you have more common sense.Damn glad that my wife does.

    • Thanks: Female in FL
  27. @Female in FL

    There is a little mystery here – but not much.

    The mystery – what is the average IQ of a college or pro football coach? I couldn’t find an answer to that. We know a lot about race, occupation and IQ. For example we know that medical doctors have high IQs. Doctors make good money so this makes some sense. But they are paupers compared to many football coaches.

    I read that the football coach at Alabama makes almost ten million dollars a year. My father went to Alabama on a football scholarship. Obviously he should have quit playing football and started coaching. Being white he played at one of the white positions. Nowadays most football positions are black positions. Cornerback is the most black position (nearly 100%), but wide receiver and running back are also heavily black. The whitest positions are center and quarterback – the guys who make the on field decisions.

    As it happens Tom Landry introduced IQ testing when he coached the Dallas Cowboys. Such tests were outlawed in the Griggs case for all normal occupations and all normal tests (WAIS, Stanford-Binet) in choosing employees. But football was special. The test he used was the Wonderlich test – a not very good IQ test but cheap and quick.

    We have then lists of Wonderlich IQ scores by football position in descending order. At the top are a lot of quarterbacks – a white position – and at the bottom a lot of cornerbacks and wide receivers. Landry started using the Wonderlich as a tool for finding the best quarterbacks. Other coaches followed.

    Does any of this surprise anyone?

    • Replies: @loren
    , @Female in FL
    , @dvorak
  28. loren says:
    @Patrick Boyle

    thanks..illegal to test job applicants for on of the most important ‘things.’

    We know diversity Inc doesnt like white QBs.

  29. @Boy the way Glenn Miller played

    The majority- (((white owners))) of the National Football League have approved a proposal to incentivize teams to develop nonwhite coaches and executives.

    Close, but not quite.
    The majority- (((white owners))) of the Negro Felon League have approved a proposal to incentivize teams to develop nonwhite coaches and executives.

  30. @Hannah Katz

    I would add midgets, parapalegics and amputees – of any colour – to your list.

    The irony is that in most sports, it is not the big name players who make the best coaches. Coaching requires many different skills than playing, and a lot of those skills cannot be taught.

  31. @Patrick Boyle

    Interesting post, I’ve never heard of this. Researched a bit more and sure as the sun rises in the East, results were what I expected.

  32. @Corporal Punishment

    The NFL had an outreach program for women. Those pink jerseys paid off.

    • Replies: @bruce county
  33. In keeping with my oft off-topic tendency, I just wanted to refer you to a (free) book, Sniper On The Eastern Front, recounting the life of a German sniper during WWII.
    A detail I found interesting was the use of exploding bullets, first used by the Soviets and later manufactured by the Germans as well. The bullet portion of the round contained a charge within that exploded as it entered the target. As with naval shells, the bullet was timed to explode after penetration and before exiting. They were highly coveted by the German snipers, who initially used captured rounds and Russian rifles in combination. Germany later developed its own bullet version and rifle.
    Supposedly, the rounds were used only between the Soviets and Germans.
    A good read, but with some graphic examples of the sometimes horrible treatment of soldiers and civilians on both sides.
    Few German sniper rifles of the era are extant – snipers were hated on both sides and capture usually meant a bad outcome. So they discarded or buried them in the closing days of the war.

    Thanks to all of the Veterans on this site!

    • Thanks: AnalogMan
  34. @flyingtiger

    The NFL had an outreach program for women.

    Yes it does… It is called RAPE.

    • Replies: @Swamp Fox
  35. In ten or fifteen years,ALL the head coaches will be black. That’s the plan,obviously. So young Quadranious Fudge can be inspired.

  36. David says:

    Let’s have an equal number of all white teams and all black teams. (Other races subject to paper bag test.) Front office, back office, players, valets… all black or all white for each team. No race mixing!

    It’d be interesting to know if black brawn trumps white wit.

    • Replies: @dindunuffins
  37. The irony is once upon a time, we had segregated Negro Leagues, and a successful country built and run by Whites.

    Without a confident White majority promoting White, Western values…well, we all see the results of ignoring reality…

    And before I forget: still watching sportsball, White Man?

  38. The Truth says:

    SSSSSHHHHHHHEEEUUUUWWWWW! The poster child for the repeal of the 19th amendment.

  39. dvorak says:
    @Patrick Boyle

    The mystery – what is the average IQ of a college or pro football coach?

    In recent years, a swarm of young head coaches (White men) have gotten the top jobs in football. This is based on Moneyball, analytics, etc.

    Black coaches aren’t analytics enthusiasts, so they aren’t getting the head coach jobs. Thus the NFL’s heavy-handed project.

    • Replies: @Patrick Boyle
  40. throtler says:

    I have noticed that in the commercials that feature a black man paired with a white woman, the black man is often fat and below-average looking, but the white woman is thin and pretty.

    • Replies: @loren
  41. @Rooster10

    It’s remarkable that posters here are more concerned about Chicago’s homicide numbers than the local media or politicians. 700 homicides so far this year and 3069 shot. In 2019 we had 520 homicides for the entire year. Dude Inc definitely feels emboldened by our mayor and state’s attorney.

    The simple truth is that no one in this city really cares. We could have 1000 homicides and black crime would continue to be covered up. For me the real cause for alarm is the rising number of carjackings, home invasions, rapes and lootings (downtown Macy’s and Old Navy got looted for the twelfth time this weekend)! If you’re a law abiding tax-paying citizen and you’re not safe in your own vehicle, home or business then you are living in a third-world warzone. Welcome to the future of American cities in BRA. Welcome to Chicongo.

  42. Speaking of Jeopardy on that last blog, there is a petition asking Sony to replace Alex with a negro Le von something. You know this will happen.
    Read that Alex was a big supporter of blm and was disappointed that there weren’t many negroes on Jeopardy. Oh well, Alex was well dressed.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  43. @David

    Well the Patriots were the closest thing to WHITE that you got to see dominate the NFL for 10 yrs. And the whole black league literally have been going apeshit because of it. Of course that’s all over . You will never see a black coach and a black team dominate like the Pats did. You had White Wide receivers , White running backs,White tight end,White Quarterback-obviously.

    • Replies: @omegabooks
  44. @Female in FL

    Black Radio host Tavis Smiley once went on Celebrity Jeopardy! and was crushed.

  45. The irony is once upon a time, we had segregated Negro Leagues, and a successful country built and run by Whites.

    Now secession looms.

    Still watching sportsball, White Man?

  46. @Sick of Orcs

    Michael Steele, ex head of the RNC was on and got one answer, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Dumbass GOP thought this dope was smart enough to run the show.
    Celebrity Jeopardy was a huge embarrassment, packed it with negro contestants and loaded up the board with negro “culture.”

  47. @Sick of Orcs

    I derive great pleasure from watching the stupid negros on game shows..
    Americas future is secure with the likes of them at the controls said no one ever.

    • Replies: @Swamp Fox
  48. @dvorak

    Baseball went systematic first I think with Sabermetrics’. In the old days when Casey Stengel was the most famous baseball manager alive all decisions were based on instincts and hunches. Now science and math have – so you tell me – invaded football. (I lost interest in football after Joe Montana and Steve Young retired)

    When I was a kid I used to watch the Boston Celtics on TV. Red Auchbach was different from all other coaches in that the Celtics actually ran plays. This was when Bill Russel and Sam Jones were the only two blacks on the team.

    But then the game changed. Most of the players became blacks and no one ran plays anymore. Everything was individual players showing off – very exciting at times but not very intellectually challenging.

  49. Florida elected official, husband fatally stabbed in home in random attack | Fox News

    • Replies: @AR in Illinois
  50. @Detective Callahan

    Another worthless career pos criminal just “doin what he do”. I’m thinking it was a burglary and he probably thought no one was home. I’d bet money it comes out that he raped her before killing her too. Too bad the husband wasn’t carrying.

  51. Rooster10 says:
    @Corporal Punishment

    I noticed the exact same thing. I had a hardcore feminist sports sociology teacher… at that time I knew something was afoot. I remember coming home from that class being so pissed off because of her nonsensical SJW rantings… now that’s just how I feel all the time in the new USSA.

    The feminists/left/SJW’s saw how powerful sports had become in America, essentially replacing religion, and knew there was an opening for them to get into the sports entertainment arena and subtly change the country. It’s not so subtle anymore, ESPN is more of a social engineering company rather than sports.

    The saddest part is seeing my regular friends, good guys, have far-left feminist GF’s and they all, without exception, both love football and fantasy football. It’s become a religion of the left, worshipping at the alter of diversity.

    • Replies: @Female in FL
  52. This is not going far enough. All black coaches cannot be fired. It is so racist to fire someone for a losing record.

  53. @Sick of Orcs

    I used to listen to an NPR station which ran his show.  His stupidity was like a flashing beacon.

    I don’t listen to NPR any more.

  54. loren says:

    I do not see that on youtube ads.

  55. loren says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    Tavis Smiley seeks $6.2 million for longtime home in …

    Search domain

    Jan 3, 2020In a newly unsealed report from an external investigator hired by PBS, Tavis Smiley is accused of engaging in sexual relationships with guests and subordinates on his now-defunct talk show, with …

  56. Neuday says:
    @Female in FL

    OT, has anyone seen the foster niglet of the Pioneer Woman, she of food network fame?

    Maybe it’s not all that bad. If she’s really a “Pioneer” Woman, maybe she’s training the niglet to do all the washing, cleaning, cooking, and gardening. Keep the niglet away from the media, have him “homeschooled” after claiming a level of retardation, which shouldn’t be difficult to prove, and you’re living a pioneer lifestyle, of a sort.

  57. Raccoon says:

    Was that “spanking” abuse, or child sexual abuse?

    • Replies: @loren
  58. Swamp Fox says:
    @bruce county

    How about the AA orc “participating” on Wheel of Fortune? The puzzle answer was Achilles Tendon.
    He had all the letters but he pronounced it “Atchullis.”
    I only remember this episode because he was wearing a sweat shirt from my wife’s college (she’s actually a genius, bad taste in men). She was very embarrassed
    He would have won $100,000 if he could have worked his double rubber lips around a classical reference.l

    • Replies: @BanditOfBlithe
  59. It’s a moot point. Big sports is through in the U.S. and the cowardly and stupid owners are to blame. PERIOD!! When Americans began to realize that even the players and teams are beholden to communist China, that was the beginning of the end, as it should properly be. In fact, the same thing goes for big Hollywood entertainment, most of the dumb entertainers having exposed themselves as nothing but whores beholden to foreign interests and globalism and not patriotic Americans as was mostly the case with the actors and entertainers of an earlier era…

  60. @Swamp Fox

    Sounds like that college has met the diversity quota these days.

  61. Whites must make it their business to stop watching big sports, as painful as that might be to so many dunderheaded Americans who cannot comprehend the level of ill will and hate that is directed towards them by radical leftists, To sell out your honor and heritage for a mess of pottage, as one biblical story has it, is the height of decadence.

  62. If they prohibited the NFL from hiring White coaches and placekickers wouldn’t it just become the MEAC and the SWAC with older players.

    • Replies: @loren
  63. @dindunuffins

    I was going to put in the same thing about Pats being white-est team in NFL AND being the most dynastic team as well, for nearly 20 years.

    However, there could be a team that could be (maybe) as dominant IF the NFL rigs it that way so as to promote the idea of black HCs, GMs, QBs, whatever–the Dolphins (black HC Flores and he is a good one, black GM Grier, and now, black QB (Pacific Islander version, Tua Tagovailoa), and naturally, Jewish owner, Ross (as was Pats owner Kraft, of course).

    So, because of all these blacks, I predict Miami will be the next dynasty, just because….

    As for white defensive backs….. I don’t even remember when the last one was… And there are plenty of white TEs in the league right now (Miami has two of them, Gesicki and Smythe).

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