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It's All About Disarming White America: Sen. Kamala Harris Willing to Send Cops Door-To-Door to Confiscate Banned Firearms
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Almost all of the guns used in fatal and nonfatal shootings in 70% black Baltimore and 67% nonwhite Chicago are illegal.

The same for other American cities (Indianapolis, St. Louis, Memphis, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Charlotte, Pittsburgh) where nightly newscasts are littered with another shooting/homicide of a black individual by another black individual.

But none of this matters in the debate on firearms and the need to eradicate the 2nd Amendment.

Not only politician will demand the government go door to door in urban America and target the black and brown gang members who commit the bulk of the homicides/nonfatal shootings in America.

It’s all about disarming white America. [Kamala Harris willing to send cops to people’s homes to confiscate banned firearms, Washington Examiner, August 3, 2019]:

California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris gave details about her gun control proposals in the wake of the deadly El Paso, Texas shooting after she addressed union members at the AFSCME forum at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on Saturday.

When asked by the Washington Examiner if her plan would include legal gun owner databases or gun confiscation via law enforcement visits to residents who own banned firearms, she replied, “I’m actually prepared to take executive action to put in place rules that improve this situation.”

She continued, “I also have as part of my background and experience working on this issue, when I was attorney general [of California], and we put resources into allowing law enforcement to actually knock on the doors of people who were on two lists — a list where they had been found by a court to be a danger to themselves and others.

“They were on a list where they were precluded and prohibited from owning a gun because of a conviction that prohibited that ownership. Those lists were combined and then we sent law enforcement out to take those guns, because, listen, we have to deal with this on all levels, but we have to do this with a sense of urgency,” Harris added.

Black and brown gangbangers making America’s greatest war zones on a daily basis are no threat to the establishment, thus no need to threaten gun confiscation of the illegal arms they use to murder one another.

It’s about going after guns purchased legally by white people, which the state then bans. Law-abiding white gun owners are the only people the state dares threaten with confiscation.

And with demographic change in Arizona, Texas, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida, we may be only one year and three months away from a Democrat – who threatens door-to-door gun confiscation – being elected President of the United States.


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  1. Honk Honk!
    Welcome to clown world.
    But it’s not funny.

  2. It’s all about disarming white America.

    You’re not all wrong. If grandstanding politicians were even remotely serious about cutting gun crime, they’d start with the POCs who own illegal firearms, and if they were disarmed gun crime would plummet. Instead they score points with the anti-white racists who control the national narrative, and play up the dramatic but statistically-irrelevant spectacles like what we saw this past weekend.

    • Agree: Augustus, jack daniels
    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  3. D-FENS says:

    Not to understate the importance of widespread firearm ownership, but if there is widespread compliance with a law to turn in firearms, they probably wouldn’t have been used anyway. I understand such a law in New Zealand has had very low compliance.

    Trump’s call for the death penalty for hate speech is pretty ominous. Even if the death penalty is removed, it has established a marker that will require a lot of effort to even move it to life imprisonment. Even watered down, this can cause a lot of mischief, inhibit speech and erode morale.

    There always remains the option to just drop out of the system or at least minimize your participation in and subsidy of it.

    We will see whether technology tilts the balance in favor of liberty or oppression.

    I am so glad that I never contributed a dime to Trump.

    • Replies: @Glock45
    , @Adam Smith
    , @RonaldB
  4. J1234 says:

    I don’t doubt that K.harris is sincere about her confiscation plans, but she – and the others on the left who share her pathos and embrace her approach – are mostly useful tools for the puppet masters on the left who are much more intelligent and calculating. In the long run, the left doesn’t need to confiscate guns, so why would they?

    Draconian confiscation would create a reaction that would make El Paso look like a walk in the park. While it’s true that the significant portions of the left might actually welcome something like El Paso x 1000 to justify all out war on anyone and everyone to the right of Jay Leno, such an approach could easily backfire on them. Political establishments are typically not the ones seeking civil war, and make no mistake: the left is the political establishment of today.

    The left doesn’t need to confiscate guns because they have a much more insidious tool: culturally eliminating some millennia old concepts of posterity…specifically, the idea that children have a natural right to a parent’s belongings after the parent is gone, and that a parent has a right to instill values in children. If the American public school system as it exists today is any indication, the left shouldn’t have any problem persuading our great grandchildren to peacefully hand in all the guns we’ve bequeathed to them by the time they grow up.

    I say “bequeathed” because the left also shouldn’t have any problem shutting down most gun manufacturers in the US by the time our great grandchildren reach adulthood, a scenario where inheritance will be the primary method of legitimate firearm acquisition for Americans of the future.

    Militant gun grabbers are useful tool for the left on guns the way La Raza or the Democratic Socialists are useful tools for the left on immigration: they create a false negotiating position in the absurd extreme…one in which less absurd extremists can appear (by comparison) to be “the voice of reason” seeking a moderate “middle ground.” There’s no need for open borders when today’s porous borders work just fine for letting in tens of millions of illegals. There’s no need for confiscation when you grant current gun owners the privilege of keeping their guns without inheritance provisions. Both problems solved (for the left) within a couple of generations.

    Or maybe not. The island of Crete in Greece has an extremely high rate of civilian gun ownership – a legacy of their culture – despite strict gun laws in Greece. The Greek government looks the other way because they don’t want a civil war or insurrection in Crete.

    • Agree: 95Theses
    • Replies: @Not Woke--Not Broke
  5. anon[263] • Disclaimer says:

    We need to get an independence movement started ASAP before it’s too late. I’ve just read an extremely disturbing post about what these people are planning: mass arrests of dissenters, secret police infiltrating the government’s political enemies, and gun confiscations. They are using comparatively minor shooting casualties to promote left-wing authoritarianism, and state-controlled opposition like the National Review is endorsing it:

    And by “white nationalist” they mean anyone who isn’t like David French and fellow Conservative Inc. types. That means websites like this one will be sabotaged (they’ve already quarantined r/Donald and banned several others since 2016) … any place where people don’t buy government / Leftist propaganda. It’s time to admit Donald Trump is a failure and a sell-out loser. The republican party is a joke. Abandon it. It’s time to move on. Separate countries.

    It’s not hard to see where this is all going. 80 million Boomers retiring, open borders invasion, constant mass media agitation against Christians and whites, China supplanting the US economically and the Empire responding with hysterical tariff threats and trade wars, the US abandoning the INF treaty, a deep recession is incoming, military recruiting is struggling, allies are abandoning the Empire (Turkey), Russia is outselling the US defense industry (S-400), massive government deficits and unprecedentedly low interest rates to keep the scam going …. things are going to get hot in the 2020s. Let’s get out while we can, before it’s too late.

    • Replies: @95Theses
  6. Realist says:

    It’s all about disarming white America. [Kamala Harris willing to send cops to people’s homes to confiscate banned firearms, Washington Examiner, August 3, 2019]:

    That’s a good way to lose a lot of cops.

    • Replies: @bruce county
  7. Exador says:

    Gee Whiz, Slaveholder-Kamala, why do ya suppose we oppose registration?

  8. Anon[561] • Disclaimer says:

    2020 will be the last election that a Conservative White Man is elected President

    2022 will see Most of the house and the Senate be under Democrats control.

    We have until the end of Trumps term. The 2024 winner will be sworn in with Super majorities in both houses with Gun confiscation Laws already voted on and waiting for signature.

    Muh Supreme Court isn’t stopping a damn thing. They will simply ignore any ruling they don’t like. That’s how they play the game. That’s why they win. Because only Cuckservatards care about the rules.

    If you’re afraid to be called a name because you are afraid to speak up and out, That fear will be nothing compared to what awaits you in the New South Africa.

    I pray you and your families are prepared

    • Agree: Gunga Din
  9. She will be the nominee for sure, and this speech is why.

    Most dopes on that side will think “tough on crime” and do not realize it’s civil war.

    Against a group that includes the people who grow their food.

    • Agree: bruce county
  10. Glock45 says:

    Trump’s call for the death penalty for hate speech is pretty ominous…

    As was his seeming to call for Red Flag laws.

    These 2 items are basically Hillary Clinton-tier proposals. These are the sorts of things SHE was pushing hard for.

    Amazing to think that Trump was channeling Hillary over the weekend by calling for the death penalty for “hate speech” and Red Flag laws!!

    Let’s see: who the f*** does he think are going to be punished for “hate crimes”???

    His supporters (well, former supporters…)…that’s who!

    Nobody on the Left will ever be found guilty of hate crimes. Only straight white males will ever be so charged.

    And dittos for Red Flag laws…you think anyone will disarm Antifa???

    Hell no…Red Flag laws will be used to disarm white, right wingers and no one else.

    • Agree: Augustus
    • Replies: @Hippopotamusdrome
  11. @D-FENS

    There always remains the option to just drop out of the system or at least minimize your participation in and subsidy of it.

    One of the best ways to keep yourself safe from the bureaucrats and their jackbooted thugs is to make your self invisible. Never sign their paperwork. Never buy their permits and licenses. Free people do not beg their servants for permission. “Government” bureaucrats are not your lord or master. Do not answer their questions. It’s none of their business. Boycott them whenever and however you can. Pay as few taxes as possible. Every dollar you let the bureaucrats and the corporations masquerading as “government” take from you is one more dollar they have to harm or kill someone with.

    • Replies: @ShermanFan
  12. 95Theses says:

    Is that the same National Review which once stood athwart history yelling, “Stop!

  13. Glock45 says:

    …a list where they had been found by a court to be a danger to themselves and others…

    And, amazingly, the only people on this list will be those who are opposed to globo-homo clownworld!


    You think there are only TWO genders!?

    You are a DANGER to others!!!

    You don’t think the homosexual lifestyle is completely normal and healthy and to be celebrated??

    You are a DANGER to others!!!

    You think your 8 year old boy shouldn’t be taught how to engage in anal sex in his public school!??

    You are a DANGER to others!!!

    You don’t want want your white teenage daughter forcibly bused to the ghetto where she will face rape threats on a daily basis from inner city feral blacks?!?

    You are a DANGER to others!!!

    You don’t want to see your white neighborhood overrrun with feral blacks with Section 8 housing!?!

    You are a DANGER to others!!!

    …yeah, that’s exactly where this crap is heading and heading fast.

  14. @Realist

    I commented similar on a different PK post.. Ruby Ridge, Idaho or Wako, Texas..x about 10,000

    • Agree: Realist
  15. anon[236] • Disclaimer says:

    “Is that the same National Review which once stood athwart history yelling, “Stop!”

    The son of the founder endorsed Barack Obama in 2008 and later quit stating he didn’t know what the purpose of the modern right was anymore.

    Christopher Buckley, son of William F. Buckley, is backing Obama.

    October 8, 2008

    “It’s a good thing my dear old mum and pup [sic] are no longer alive. They’d cut off my allowance,” Buckley, a columnist for the conservative National Review, wrote on the Web site The Daily Beast Friday.

    Buckley has resigned his post from the National Review.

    “While I regret this development, I am not in mourning, for I no longer have any clear idea what, exactly, the modern conservative movement stands for,” Buckley wrote.

    • Replies: @95Theses
  16. Tulsi Gabbard: “Well with the second Democratic debates over we can at least move on from our most ridiculous and absurd ideas and onto real issues.”

    Kamala Harris: “Hold my martini.”

    • LOL: JudgeSmails
  17. What is never mentioned by people like Harris is that when the gun seizures start it will be done by United Nation troops. These troops will be well armed and backed up by armored cars.

    When I turn on my computer the Yahoo News web sight shows up. About 5 years ago there were hundreds of anti-heterosexual stories. Any hetero-male that was not turned on by another guys hairy asshole was now the “new bad guy”. Also “hate speech” stories were being broadcast non stop.

    After the drunk lesbian lost the election most of the stories are now hate filled rants against white people.”White Privilege” has now turned into “White Nationalist” who are evil and filled with hate. The loony left have become hate filled raving maniacs who roam the streets looking to beat people up. Anyone who is opposed to this insanity is a bigot and racist.

    The media is now nothing but a twenty four hour “Race Card” propaganda machine. The white man is the enemy and must be disarmed. Racism. Racism. Racism. It never fucking ends.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  18. JR1967 says:

    Welcome to South Africa 101.




    to achieve


    • Agree: Mr. Rational, AWM
  20. Alicia and Shatilca sittin’ in a tree,


    There are more details about the death of a 4-year-old boy. Charging documents show Malachi Lawson suffered severe burns in a tub.

    His mother Alicia Lawson, and her partner, Shatilca Lawson, both face charges. The two women appeared in court for a video bail review hearing today.

  21. 95Theses says:

    The younger, fresh-out-of-Yale Buckley was then the real deal and he truly had a fire in his belly. He, like Goldwater and other prescient of mind Republicans, opposed the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and spearheaded to national prominence the Conservative movement which eventually saw its apex in the election of Ronald Reagan.

    I think the strain of years (and a probably a little intellectual laziness) witnessed the denouement of the Buckley phenomena and I doubt that we will see the likes of anyone of his stature again.

    Lately however I have been wading deeply into the writings and thoughts of the late, great Lawrence Auster who – though lacking the well-tended upperclass, privileged upbringing of WFB – possessed an extraordinarily brilliant mind and we are the poorer for his relatively untimely passing.

    An heretofore unpublished book of Mr. Auster is in the works and according to Peter Brimelow – who I spoke with in June – promised that his book will be forthcoming sometime this year, published by VDARE.

    Auster, unlike Buckley, stood firm in telling the truth on the issues of race and immigration – to cite just two problems that continue to plague America. And Lawrence was more interested in preserving those qualities and virtues which made America great. Mr. Buckley – may he rest in peace – lost sight of that heritage.

  22. alexander says:

    This is a very interesting article.

    Putting aside the black/ white gun issue for a minute, I am trying to understand how a prosecutor, who withheld evidence which would have freed an innocent man on death row, qualifies to become a nominee for President ?

    Should she not, instead, be arrested on “obstruction of justice” charges ?

    Can someone please explain ?

    • Replies: @buckwheat
    , @RobinG

    White people from all over the country fly in and get to it, cleaning up a Baltimore neighborhood.

    The locals will only lift a finger if its on a trigger!

  24. she’s not an american. so yeah. what does she care.

    i mean that in spirit, as she’s obviously a hostile foreigner paper american. but also in a serious, technical way. i don’t think she can be president. neither of her parents were citizens. the office has more qualifications than just being born on US soil. i know this won’t be discussed about her in the mainstream election coverage, but we’ve got a serious problem with this stuff now. we’re facing an endless stream of these people. hostile foreigners born in the US to two non-citizens who want to run for office only in order to destroy the country. they have no stake, allegiance, or interest in America at all.

    Obama seems like the absolute bare minimum. one of his parents was a natural born citizen themselves, and he was born on US soil. that’s not enough to ensure a person is not a hostile foreigner, but the standards can’t be any less than that.

    the way we’re heading, every mexican anchor baby can become president. chinese tourist babies can become president. “Herr derr, they were born here, case closed.”

  25. D-FENS says:

    Buckley was (former?) CIA and his National Review is believed to have been funded by the CIA. Buckley and NR purged the Right of anyone that questioned Conservatism Inc. The CIA also financed literary and cultural organizations on the Left as well. For the past 60 years, we have had pointless debates confined within the lines of non-threatening limits.

  26. >Not only politician will demand the government go door to door


  27. Dave1962 says:

    Kamala Harris should be scrubbing my toilets, not attempting to render us defenseless.

  28. @De'Tastrophe

    They have to be the most retarded white people in the world.
    Blacks are thankless and the cleanliness will last until the wheels touch down on the YT helpers home turf.

  29. @De'Tastrophe

    I agree with Bruce. How utterly stupid of this bunch to clean up negro filth. Mark my words, by the end of the month, it will look as it did before the clean up. I looked at before and after pictures, it’s a dump either way.

    • Agree: anon19
    • Replies: @Love Street
    , @Sick of Orcs
  30. @J1234

    J1234 Post 4 A President K. Harris would need to send teams of Federal Police to American homes to confiscate those 300 million guns.In S.C., as in Afganistan,you would need armour and air support.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  31. anon[246] • Disclaimer says:

    “For the past 60 years, we have had pointless debates confined within the lines of non-threatening limits.”

    The CIA is working overtime to bring back the conversation to “big gubment” and “tax cuts for the rich” with this national conservatism facade. John Bolton was allowed to speak at their recent conference and one attendee wrote that he saw someone who appeared to be “formerly” of the CIA. Don’t fall for it.

  32. @Glock45

    I’d like to Red Flag this:

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  33. El Dato says:
    @Ex New Yorker

    that when the gun seizures start it will be done by United Nation troops

    Completely ridiculous shit from an alternative universe.

    1) There are no “United Nations troops”. These are troops (generally badly armed, possibly unarmed) of various national governments rotated in for a local “mission” (generally sit behind walls and do nothing), just wearing blue helmets.

    2) The UN Security Council will agree to set up a mission in the US which consists in confiscating gun. “UNUSGUNCONFISC”. Who will provide forces and money? Errm… China will be hot on providing airlift capabilities. France can bring a truck or two. Germany also has two troopers. Yeah. Nope.

    If there are “forces in the US” they will be US national guard and assorted. If the US decides that playing Beirut is worth it, it can.

  34. @Female in FL

    2weeks is more like it. A ridiculous waste of time and money.

    • Agree: Female in FL
  35. What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

    Unless the magic dirt got carted off! 😉

    Great replacement? Can we agree it ain’t great?

    “What’s really important about today is that we’re renaming a place, reclaiming a place, and we’re making a something that people can be proud of, and most importantly we’re extending the proud legacy of Henrietta Lacks,” she said.

  36. buckwheat says:

    I wanna see the cops that are going into the Chicongo ghetto’s and asking the nigtards to give them their guns please. This is absolutely about disarming white American’s who are the backbone of this country. Time will tell if whites have the guts to take a stand.

  37. Wow! What the hell did the “black flight” people bring with them to the ‘burbs? 😉

    My father had a sense of community. He and all my uncles and aunts belonged to unions, the National Guard, Greek fraternities, secret societies, churches. It gave them strength and support.

    That’s evaporated in much of West Baltimore. The
    younger men I know don’t belong to any groups. They’re isolated. When I returned to my old neighborhood during the riots in 2015, one of my old neighbors told me nobody sat on front porches and talked to anyone anymore.

    “I could be mutilated and lying on the street,” he said, “and nobody would help or call the police.”

    And my father and his generation had something else: They felt like life was going to get better, no matter how tough things got.

    With the civil rights movement of the early 1960s, he thought his time was finally going to come.

    “I wanted to make sure I got a fair deal at the bargain, whatever I did,” he once told me.

  38. RobinG says:

    NEW YORK — Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, presidential candidate, will be in New York City today. She will host a public meet and greet from 7:00 p.m. — 9:00 p.m. EDT at the Alley.
    Details below.

    Tuesday, August 6, 2019

    Meet & Greet

    7:00 pm — 9:00 p.m. EDT


    19 W 24th St.

    New York, NY, 10011

    • Replies: @Love Street
    , @alexander
  39. @Dave1962

    I wouldn’t let her eat with my dog let alone enter my home. In fact if she set foot on my property I would let my dog have at her. She is a vile, disgusting, white hating, racist whore. My dog senses danger; she tears the living shit out of black stuffed mannequins I make for her. Its good practice for her. It is a spectacle to watch. Its kinda like when Bill Murray says “Nixon” in the movie “Where The Buffalo Roam” and the Dobie goes berserk on a Tricky Dick mannequin.

    • Agree: Love Street
  40. @Hippopotamusdrome

    Oh, I love when the kids make their own Christmas cards…

    • LOL: bruce county
    • Replies: @Love Street
  41. HT says:

    Disarm white America while at the same time decriminalizing black criminal activity. Just a different version of the genocide in South Africa. These people won’t stop unless they are stopped.

    • Agree: 95Theses
  42. @RobinG

    If I had to vote dem I’d vote for Tulsi.

  43. Jon Rappoport started writing about the problems of violent psycho-active and anti-depression drugs 25 years ago. Nobody listened. My wife had a friend who turned 50 and was having “hot flashes”. Her doctor wrote her a script for Prozac. I Fedex her zerox copies of articles I had on Prozac. She only took one pill and threw away the rest. My wife had many friends in Florida who committed suicide on these type of drugs. Doctors are handing this shit out like it was candy.

    Prozac was the new wonder drug to replace Valium. People on Valium do not butcher their family, shoot up churches or kill themselves. Family members and school rooms become targets. The woman in Texas who drowned her three kids in a bathtub was on Psycho-meds. These massive and gruesome crimes started taking place around the time these drugs were released on the market. None of these facts are discussed by the controlled media. Watched any TV commercials lately.

    These psycho meds and mass shootings have become an epidemic. Guns are not the problem. The Columbine shooters were on Ritilan and Luvux (spelling ..?). A lot of the KIA are family members or in-laws. The shooter in Dayton blew away his sister. These drugs have a way of raping a persons mind and many people become violent. The body count is endless. Nothing is being done to stop the slaughter.

    The web site called “SSRI Stories” has a record of these murderous crimes. I haven’t read the site in a couple years. It was to depressing. Nearly all these mass shooters were on these drugs which makes a good excuse for the gun grabbers. You are living in a dying country and nothing is what it seems to be. Everything is a lie.

    • Replies: @Loren
  44. Loren says:
    @Ex New Yorker

    JR also wrote a whole book on false flag, Oklahoma.

  45. Loren says:

    saw its apex in the election of Ronald Reagan.

    Ray gun ensured the end of USA and White majority with his am nasty ..the beginning of the end.
    he also piled on debt like, well, Democrat.

  46. Trump has already demonstrated he’s as spineless in defending #2A as he is building a border wall.

    Even if the Orange Ringmaster of Clownworld wins next year, we lose.

  47. @Female in FL

    Agree. If they wanted to make a meaningful difference they should help poor Whites in Appalachia. At the very least there would be gratitude.

  48. alexander says:

    Missed it, Robin.

    I hope to catch the next one.

    • Replies: @Loren
  49. countenance says: • Website

    Don’t worry, Kamala has already neutered the police, because Black Lives Matter.

  50. jester says:

    Unfortunately, I have to agree with Ms. Harris. I believe the Police should go door to door. They can start with the most troubled Bantu ghettoes. This will keep them gainfully employed as they might have to go back day after day. To avoid such redundant visits Ms Harris can accompany them and convince the homies to be good American citizens.

    I anxiously await news of the successful outcome of such an operation.

    You know fellow readers, the Jester has always been concerned about people with law degrees or graduates from Harvard and such “elite” schools.

    The things that come out of their mouths make me wonder if they went to school to be idiots !

  51. OT but timely, we’ve discussed here many times the need to remain on guard at all times. Here is a link to a local story that seems to underline that.

    So this poor slob is home, not aware that his baby sitter is fighting with her boyfriend not that she had previously provided him with a key to his house!

    Angry/jolted boyfriend arrives, let’s himself in and stabs then homeowner to death in his own bedroom then chases his partially bound ex-girlfriend down the street and murders her as well.

    Make any assumptions you wish regarding a relationship between the au pair and the homeowner, I’m right with you, but if you can’t be armed 24/7, then you’d better be ready to defend yourself in some other manner as you fight your way back to your guns, cursing your decision to leave them in the first place.

    • Replies: @Loren
    , @eah
  52. RonaldB says:

    From what I’ve been able to find, Trump called for quick execution for mass murders, which I’m on board with, and confounded it with hate speech. It’s like, if you’re killed by someone who doesn’t hate you, you’re less dead, or something.

    Trump is not a deep thinker. So, he hasn’t made the connection that if you have to append “hate speech” to a crime to get a real deterrent, the penalty needs to be increased for all perpetrators, not just the ones who make the wrong Facebook posts before injuring the victim.

    We’re one or two election cycles away from actually penalizing speech; likely, a Democrat President will have to make a couple of Supreme Court appointments before the first amendment is completely deep six’d. But, having a “hate crimes” addendum will mean that a white nationalist, or even an opponent of affirmative action, will have draconian penalties attached to any accidental infraction of the law he might commit.

    Actually, federal prosecutions already use the threat of draconian penalties to elicit guilty pleas on lesser offenses without having to bother with an actual trial. We saw how the federal government can basically seek a life sentence for process crimes, as in the case of Mike Manafort and Roger Stone. So, being able to add “hate crimes” is just par for the course for an already-totalitarian federal prosecution bureaucracy.

  53. Glock45 says:

    Few more random observations:

    Remeber when Muslims would do a mass killing spree in downtown London and the MSM were bending over backwards NOT to link the Muslims with Islam in any way, shape, or form….and the mayor of London himself was like “meh…this is all just part and parcel of living in a diverse city!!”

    Yet, with the El Paso shooting, we have the MSM pretty much coming out and blaming white people, and most especially those dastardly and evil Trump supporters. They are literally running stories with headlines like “If you are a Trump Supporter, then you are responsible too!!” for what happened in El Paso.

    I know, I know…we are all aware of the blatant double standard and it really is all so tiresome. Yet it seems that we have no choice but to continue to point this out.

    Imagine if Trump said “Meh…this is all part and parcel of living in multi-cultural America!”

    Impeachment proceedings would begin immediately.

    Yet the same exact people cheered and celebrated Sadddiq Khan’s remarks that terrorist attacks are just “part and parcel.”

    Another thing that occurred to me: didn’t we just have those House hearings on “white supremacy and terrorism” a few weeks back, wherein all sorts of looney Democrats came out screaming about how white people are terrorists and, of course, the MSM was agreeing and amplifying that message…

    …and now we have this.

    Funny timing, no?

    The MSM was primed and ready…and now we see even Trump himself talking about “red flag laws”.

    This is insanity. This country really has gone over the precipice.

  54. Loren says:

    A democrat….open borders.
    The American Empire and The Company used to understand that mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration are a clear and present threat to the nation.
    Eisenhower used “Operation Wetback” to deport illegal alien invaders in the 1950s.
    The JEW/WASP ruling class of the Americana Empire and The Company are now infested with treasonous rats who are doing everything they can to attack and destroy the European Christian ancestral core of the USA.
    Somewhere in between the transition from Eisenhower to Reagan is where the American Empire went haywire.
    Ronald Reagan pushed mass legal immigration and amnesty for illegal alien invaders. LBJ’s 1965 Immigration Act and George HW Bush’s 1990 Immigration Act and Ronald Reagan’s 1986 amnesty for illegal alien invaders killed the Republican Party in California and it allowed the plutocrats to dismantle the White Core American middle class.
    Richard Nixon pushed mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration. Richard Nixon made it easy for transnational corporations to use China as a supply of cheap labor. Richard Nixon sold out the sovereignty of the USA to plutocrats and transnational corporations and the Chinese Communist Party.
    Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan were treasonous globalizer rats who sold out the sovereignty of the USA.
    Here’s some MK ULTRA comedy from Ohio boy Richard Nixon and his Wasserman stooge pal Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon were lantern holder stooge boys for the evil globalizers in the JEW/WASP ruling class of the USA but they’re laughing at sub-Saharan African Negroids? The JEW/WASP ruling class plutocrat globalizer rats are laughing at all of us.


    Of the 10 largest American cities in the 1950s, Los Angeles was the whitest–as well as the safest.
    There is no country in the world with more immigrants than the United States, which has over 40 million residents who were born in another country – or around 20% of the world’s migrants in 2017, according to Pew Research Center.

    The U.S. foreign-born population reached a record 44.4 million in 2017. Since 1965, when U.S. immigration laws replaced a national quota system, the number of immigrants living in the U.S. has more than quadrupled. Immigrants today account for 13.6% of the U.S. population, nearly triple the share (4.7%) in 1970. However, today’s immigrant share remains below the record 14.8% share in 1890, when 9.2 million immigrants lived in the U.S. -Pew

    For every one non-white immigrant, nine whites are needed if US is to remain majority white country.
    This is a very serious matter for US today. In 1965 US was 90% white. Allowing non-white illegal immigration, but not permitting white immigration has led to the US being only 62.8% white! This spells troubles for the whites in US, more and more legalized discrimination against them

    The EB-5 scam visa program gives these Chicoms permanent residence here and has completely changed the face of Orange County. At least 20% of OC now is Asian

    • Replies: @Love Street
    , @USA 1943
  55. @Dave1962

    Ocrazyeyes Cortex should be tending bar in a newly-independent Puerto Rico.

    Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib should have been shipped back to the lands of their ancestors, to meet whatever fate they tried to escape by coming here.

    • Agree: Pepe the Frog
    • Replies: @jester
  56. @Not Woke--Not Broke

    In S.C., as in Afganistan,you would need armour and air support.

    They’d need protection for their families, including from partisans going after their fuel, electricity, and even their food.  There would be mass desertions and defections.

  57. @Detective Callahan

    …the removal of black nationalists?

  58. Loren says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    moral—dont fuck w the help
    moral 2–be careful who has key to yr home.

  59. Aeneas says:

    Using the term “gangbangers” to describe these criminal gangs is disgusting.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  60. Damned if you do, damned if you dont. Will it be enough when the locals get to supervise the efforts? And the part of the story saying how drug dealers hide drugs in trash and threaten anyone trying to clean up da hood.

    But as for why the trash hasn’t been cleaned up before, the editorial board blamed it on death threats from criminals, saying,  “Does Mr. Presler know that drug dealers use trash to hide their product and have been known to threaten people who try to clean it up? The solutions are just not that simple.”  The paper also blamed people from out of town who dump trash in the city illegally.

    The writers did begrudgingly admit, “The silver lining in all of this is that the residents of West Baltimore did get a much needed cleaning up. That is something that they deserve.” But they said that what they really need is leadership, money, and programs from the federal government.

    They also hinted that they would do nothing to keep the neighborhood clean, saying, “In the meantime, we’ll see how clean the neighborhood still is when he returns in September.”

  61. @Aeneas

    Is it really?

    You chose to start your UNZ career with that little tidbit?

    No elaboration. No explanation.

    Just ‘disgusting’?

  62. @Detective Callahan

    Don’t use links that go through Google.  Deny Google (and other enemies like Facebook) as much information as you can.  Use Google Disconnect if you can get that extension for your browser.

    Direct link:


  64. Praise Bob! Knowing that adult mentors are out there waiting to be contacted by the young people they hope to mentor gives me the same rush of hope a preplanned shooting-free weekend does!

    “But Johnson encouraged young people to seek out an adult mentor to make sure they have help when they need it and can stay on the right side of the law.”

  65. Just in from Guyana!
    South Rupununi rancher killed with arrow

    Staff Editor 3 h ago


    The Police say they are investigating the murder of Pius Ernest, 32 years, a rancher of Karaudanawa Village, South Rupununi by a 50-year-old  farmer , which occurred about 22:00hrs on 2019-08-05 at Karaudanawa Village, South Rupununi.

    Investigation so far revealed that the suspect saw his spouse in the company of Ernest (deceased) at a location in the village and he armed himself with a bow and arrow and fatally shot him in the upper part of his body.

    The suspect has since been arrested and is assisting with the investigation.

    A further update will be given later.

    • Replies: @jester
  66. Remember the kids movie, “Dunston Checks In”? We could see a sequel, “The Dunstons Check In”. 
    Strange the older brother got the “slave name” while his African-themed younger brother did not. I guess they both got caught because they couldn’t stand leaving their brother’s behind! 😉

    Three teenagers remained in jail Thursday charged with murder in the July 16 slaying of another teenager along a rural road in Oconee County.

    All three Athens teens were booked on murder and aggravated assault charges for the shooting death of 19-year-old Joseph “Joey” Kendall Jackson, who lived with his grandparents off Whippoorwill Road.

    Two brothers, 18-year-old Akhemu Nehisi Dunston and 19-year-old Quentin Keith Dunston, were arrested Tuesday night and the third, Ryan Timothy O’Neal, 18, was apprehended early Thursday in Wilkes County.

  67. eah says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    …the need to remain on guard at all times.


    Acting Essex County Prosecutor Theodore N. Stephens II and Maplewood Police Chief Jim DeVaul said police responded to Jefferson Avenue and Walton Road on a report of a woman being assaulted. Officers found an injured woman lying in the street and she was transported to Beth Israel Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead at 7:17 a.m., according to authorities.

    So the au pair was pronounced dead in a hospital at 7:17 in the morning — meaning before that, the killer had entered the house (using a key given to him by the au pair), stabbed the man in an upstairs bedroom (he died at the scene), assaulted the au pair who it seems managed to escape the house, where she was chased down and stabbed in the street — after that the police were called, it took time for them to respond, then an ambulance, etc etc — it seems likely the poor guy was probably asleep or had just woken up when he was attacked.

    his baby sitter is fighting with her boyfriend

    The story said they were texting each other between 1:30 – 2am earlier the same morning — she told him she wanted to break up — I assume his arrival at the house was a surprise to the au pair.

    Make any assumptions you wish regarding a relationship between the au pair and the homeowner, I’m right with you

    The thought never really crossed my mind — ? — the victim was married with two small kids (I know this doesn’t preclude fooling around; still there’s no hint of it in the stories I read).

    It’s hard to see this is an issue of ‘remaining on guard at all times’ — also when you are asleep? — maybe he could or should have kept a gun in a drawer beside the bed? — was there time to use it in this case? — it’s not clear.

    As you suggest, it’s really disgusting that this au pair apparently gave a key to her boyfriend: that is such a huge betrayal of her employers’ trust — where did she get another key? — presumably she still had her own.

    In his mugshot he looks vaguely Hispanic — it says he was arrested while trying to board a flight to Mexico.

    • Replies: @eah
  68. eah says:

    Recaudan 30.000 dólares para repatriar a joven colombiana asesinada por su ex en E.U. — money has been raised to transport the body of the au pair back to Colombia — there’s a foto of her at the link.

    Karen’s family support Fundraiser for Karen Lorena Bermudez Rodriguez by Valeria Rodríguez Félix — The Au Pair Community of Maplewood/South Orange is seeking donations in memory of Karen L. Bermudez-Rodriguez — $35k so far — seems that area of NJ is fairly affluent — I wonder how many people donating thought about the fact that, if news stories are accurate, her betrayal of her employers’ trust by giving a house key to her boyfriend really directly caused her employer’s death (assuming her boyfriend let himself in very early in the morning, which seems to be the case).

  69. In a functioning Judicial system the sentence for this individual would include everyone gathered at the courthouse gallows while John Anderson performed his timeless tune Swingin’.

    Estill man gets life in rape of 10-year old

    By 14th Circuit Solicitor’s Office news release

    Posted Aug 7, 2019

    …In April 2016, the victim told a forensic interviewer that a few months earlier, a man who knew her mother came into her room one night while she watched SpongeBob SquarePants, turned off the lights and the television, then forced her to have intercourse….

  70. jester says:

    Crime is out of control in Guyana because the President, David Granger is a weak kneed, spineless man of straw with 2 marshmallows instead of balls. Dubious Dave is a ” Brigadier General” from the Guyana Defense Force, a military rabble if ever there was one. He was groomed and promoted not because of his martial skill but because he was considered politically reliable by previous dictators. The Brigadier has decreed that Police shoot criminals in the leg even if they assault the Police with firearms….an astonishing proclamation from a military man who should not be averse to casualties. As usual, the majority of the criminals are black but East Indian youth, seeing there are minor consequences for their actions are joining the revolving doors of the prison system.

    Guyana is another failed state where a beautiful and well functioning country was handed over to the black man who proceeded to fuck it up ! It is now a slum. Kind of like a precursor to Zimbabwe and South Africa.

    There was a time when under British Colonial rule the rope and Cat o Nine tails was used to good effect. Those punishments were deemed “inhumane: and abolished. Recently prisoners burnt down the main jail in town and there were continual escapes from the ad hoc prison to which they were transferred.

    There was a time when a scourge of gangs called “kick down the door bandits” for obvious reasons terrorized households. A past President Desmond Hoyte immediately started hanging them resulting in an immediate cessation of such attacks.

    Now, beatings, robberies, acid attacks, rape, assault, stabbings, shooting and murder in every degree is “de rigeur”. Some of these crimes are so senseless as to boggle the mind, For example a man gives a friend $7 to buy some Chinese Fried rice, the friend eats the meal himself and is shot dead for his impertinence.

    Only capital punishment can restore order in that hell hole but as usual when the ship is captained by a black captain and crew well….the Titanic comes to mind. Well kind of ! The Titanic sunk but this ship is a floating vessel of zombies !

    THAT is what Guyana has become and the experience with blacks in that country is the same as that here in the US.

  71. jester says:
    @Mr. Rational

    Sorry Mr. R…like a bad penny, they are not wanted back there ! We on the other hand, welcome them and their opinions here because adversity…I mean diversity and multiculturalism makes us a strong and makes for a better America.

    I see it all the time in my community. The brown people contribute mightily to the local coffee shops and tea houses. The profits of the cell phone companies are also UP. Mind you, a profit for one means a loss for another. That another is the taxpayer who supports these worthy immigrants.

    Bro, the food stamps business is a booming and local Government has increased employment hiring more people to process welfare and subsidized housing needs and translators for the multitude of those who speak not a word of English. Our Police force and Fire Department has also hired additional staff. Why the Fire Department ? Because when our new immigrants get into a feud they burn things down.

    Anyway…………notwithstanding all the above

    I mean, when the Jester does his 60 hour a week stint, swallowing buckets of Corporate shit to support his family and “others” , he feels proud to be doing his but for cultural tolerance and assimilation.

    What I ask you, could be more patriotic ??

  72. Hmmmm.. Dems hunting Trump supporters. Who is spreading the hate.

    • Replies: @ShermanFan
  73. Well Bruce County,i seem to remember reading a certain short story in junior high school.A very wealthy man owned a private island.He enjoyed hunting “the most dangerous game,i.e. MAN”. Most of those he hunted were not all that dangerous. Due to a failure in the victim selection process,he made sport of the wrong man. The wrong man then proceeded to enjoy a fine meal,some expensive liquor, and a very comfortable bed.

    • Replies: @Dan Hayes
  74. USA 1943 says:

    Well, The USA could let in the 5-6 Million White South Africans facing genocide, and if the Democrats suddenly decide they don’t want to let them in, it would show the Democratic Party has become Anti-White and maybe the 40-45 Percent of Whites voting Democrat will switch parties.

  75. Dan Hayes says:
    @Not Woke--Not Broke

    Not Broke – – Not Woke:

    That short story (The Most Dangerous Game) came to mind when I first heard about The Mind.

    Off the top of my head, the only two things that immediately came to mind from high school literature classes were that short story and Beowulf!

  76. @Mr McKenna

    ” If grandstanding politicians were even remotely serious about cutting gun crime, they’d start with the POCs who own illegal firearms, ”

    That just shows that POC gangsters aren’t a threat to them. Ordinary citizens with firearms are. Their much desired laws would leave Crips and Bloods armed and their victims defenseless, and the politicians and the gangsters have the same intended victims: us.

  77. Also wanted to say, what Kamala wants and what she gets will be two different things if she ever gets her wish, which she won’t.

    I think the police unions would step in before any doorbells get rung. There’s no way they’re going up against armed civilians because there’s no upside. Sure, SWATting a few old veterans is one thing. Public opinion might be swayed by calling them a threat to themselves. But going against rank and file civilians with no criminal records??? That’s a tough sell.

    They’d have to move police and their families into gated communities like they do in Mexico and other Central American dictatorships. They wouldn’t be safe anywhere.

    Easiest way to become the enemy is to side with the enemy.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  78. m. says:

    maybe crime-mala & nj sen. booger can try a little door-to-door themselves. see how it works

  79. @Adam Smith

    That’s a good way to get yourself no-knocked at 04:00.

    The best way is to be a non-threat.
    Oh, you need my guns, I understand. Here you go. I sold all the really nice ones before the economy tanked. To whom? An FFL. He was going to resell them and give me a fair price, but I never hear of him again. I think I lost his info. I can’t find it anywhere. If you seem legit, they run a quick search and move on. Confiscating all guns, with all the individual owners, would take a year plus.

  80. @bruce county

    Wishful thinking on their behalf.

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