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Invisible White Privilege vs. Transparent Oppression of Whites: Some of America's Biggest Corporations Urge Supreme Court to Continue Anti-White Affirmative Action Policies in College Admissions
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Corporate America is 100 percent anti-white, going all in to side with affirmative action. As one of the best accounts on Twitter put it succinctly: “Minorities are so oppressed that every major power center in America acted in unison to justify preferring them in employment and admissions.” [College Affirmative Action Policies Backed by Major Companies: Apple, General Motors, Lyft among those urging Supreme Court to affirm the practice, Wall Street Journal, August 2, 2022]:

WASHINGTON—Dozens of major corporations have asked the Supreme Court to affirm the use of racial preferences in college admissions, arguing that more diversity on campuses contribute both to commercial innovation and business success. “These benefits are not simply intangible; they translate into businesses’ bottom lines.” Signatories to the brief titled, “major American business enterprises,” included tech giants such as Apple Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google unit; manufacturers including Corning Inc. and General Motors Co., pharma and biotech companies and transportation operators such as American Airlines Group Inc. and Lyft Inc. The brief cited reports published by journals including the Academy of Management Journal, Corporate Governance, and the Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting.

So what major corporation have “acted in unison” to defend an anti-white policy before the Supreme Court (after all, diversity in the workplace just means not hiring white people to the benefit of non-white applicants, regardless of their merit)? [Historic Number of Corporations File Amicus Briefs in U.S. Supreme Court in Support of College Admissions Policies That Foster Diversity, NAACPLDF, August 1, 2022]

In a show of historic and overwhelming support for affirmative action, 82 corporations and business groups (see list below) signed three amicus briefs filed in the Supreme Court of the United States in Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) v. Harvard and SFFA v. University of North Carolina asking the Court to uphold over 40 years of precedent allowing colleges and universities to consider race as one of many factors in admissions.

The Legal Defense Fund(LDF), Asian Americans Advancing Justice-AAJC, and the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law are proud to stand with 82 leading corporations and business groups from a wide variety of industries and areas across the country in reaffirming to the Supreme Court that the economy derives direct benefits from employees educated in diverse settings. The group includes businesses that submitted briefs to the Supreme Court in support of race-conscious admissions almost 20 years ago in Grutter v. Bollinger, as well as new companies that did not exist then. Combined, the companies signing onto the amicus briefs account for over 5.5 million employees worldwide and more than \$3.2 trillion of annual revenue.

These businesses support the role of higher education in training our nation’s future leaders and workforce. Specifically, the business community has important economic interests in having a well-educated and diverse workforce through race-conscious diversity programs in higher education. A diverse workforce enables our businesses to remain competitive in the global economy.

As noted in the brief on behalf of major American business enterprises: “‘[S]trong evidence’ supports the insight, confirmed by Amici’s experience, that university students who study and interact with diverse peers, and particularly with racially and ethnically diverse peers, exhibit enhanced cognitive development necessary for a wide range of skills highly valued in today’s economy … Students of all racial backgrounds benefit from diverse university environments … Building a diverse classroom experience is how to turn out the most informed critical thinkers. Classroom diversity is crucial to producing employable, productive, value-adding citizens in business.”

A second amicus brief filed by major American science and technology companies emphasizes the continuing importance of race-conscious, holistic university admissions practices to the competitiveness of the science and technology field. The brief explains that a) a racially diverse pipeline of graduates in disciplines such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) is essential to the success of science and technology companies; b) racial diversity improves scientific endeavors and the innovation of new technologies; c) a racially diverse workforce helps guard against the possibility that science and technology companies will be out of touch with their increasingly diverse and global customer base; and d) a racially diverse workforce helps STEM companies recruit and retain talent.

As the science and technology companies note in their brief: “For science and technology companies to achieve … competitive advantages, universities must admit racially diverse classes of students and foster inclusive cultures … [C]ompanies whose workforces are racially and otherwise diverse will be better equipped to identify and address any number of scientific and technological challenges … Tech companies work on unconventional questions that require creative solutions, and diverse groups consistently outperform homogenous groups on exactly that type of problem solving.”

A third amicus brief filed by International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) and Aeris Communications, Inc. (Aeris) along with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Stanford University “underscore[s] the importance of diversity not just within higher education or the corporate world at large, but in the particular cross-section of academia and industry within the intensely collaborative, and increasingly global, STEM industries.” As IBM, Aeris, MIT, and Stanford explain, “Not only does diversity promote better outcomes for students in STEM, it contributes to better science. As such, American businesses at the forefront of innovation in STEM depend on the availability of a diverse cross-section of talented graduates from the nation’s most rigorous and elite institutions.”

Here’s a rundown of corporations that have decided advancing anti-white policies in college admissions should be a Constitutionally-protected endeavor:


Accenture Adobe Inc. Aeris Communications, Inc. Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. Airbnb, Inc.
Alaska Airlines, Inc. American Airlines, Inc. American Express Company American International Group, Inc. Amgen Inc.
Apple Inc. Applied Materials, Inc. Ariel Investments, LLC Bain & Company Bayer US LLC
Biogen Inc. Bristol Myers Squibb Chamber of Progress Cigna Corporation Cisco Systems, Inc.
Corning Incorporated Corteva Agriscience Cruise LLC Cummins, Inc. Dell Technologies, Inc.
Dupont de Nemours, Inc. Eaton Corporation Engine Advocacy Etsy, Inc. General Dynamics Corporation
General Electric Company General Motors Company Gilead Sciences, Inc. GlaxoSmithKline LLC Google LLC
HP Inc. International Business Machines Corp. IKEA Retail US Illinois Tool Works Inc. Intel Corporation
Jazz Pharmaceuticals PLC JetBlue Airways Johnson & Johnson Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. KPMG LLP
Leidos Holdings, Inc. Levi Strauss & Co. LinkedIn Corp. Logitech Inc. Lyft, Inc.
Mastercard Inc. Match Group, LLC Mattel, Inc. Merck & Co., Inc. Meta Platforms, Inc.
Micron Technology, Inc. Microsoft Corp. Northrop Grumman Corporation Paramount Global PayPal Inc.
Pinterest, Inc. Procter & Gamble Company RealNetworks, Inc. Red Hat, Inc. Ripple Labs Inc.
Salesforce, Inc. Shell USA, Inc. Silicon Valley Leadership Group Starbucks Corporation Steelcase Inc.
The Hershey Company The Kraft Heinz Company The Prudential Insurance Company of America Twilio Inc. Uber Technologies, Inc.
United Airlines Inc. Verily Life Sciences LLC Verizon Services Corp. ViiV Healthcare Company VMware Inc.
Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. Zazzle Inc.  

Diversity just means fewer whites participating in said activity (be it a vocation or avocation). And Corporate America is fine with enshrining anti-white policies into law to maintain diversity as a sacred right in what’s left of our nation.

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  1. I think Microsoft should announce it will ONLY hire Negroes.
    Now the stock tip of the decade: short Microsoft!

    • LOL: Biff, Augustus
  2. SFFA…Students for Fair Admissions. Advocating for preferences based solely on race. Yeah, that’s “fair”. What fucking clowns.
    As for these 82 corporations, they’ll toot the diversity horn all day long, but they only hire “diversity” for show. They KNOW only the White employees are worth it. Any diversity they hire are put into meaningless jobs where they are surrounded by White people picking up their slack. I boycott as many as I can but so many have jumped on this bs bandwagon it’s hard to not buy from some of them. I know it doesn’t hurt them much but at least I feel better about myself.

  3. loren says:

    why does bu\$iness want to hire inferior workers?

  4. Paul, off topic, but I thought your readers might be interested in this site:

    About life for whites in South Africa.

    • Replies: @Total Kneegro Fatigue
  5. Bite Moi says:

    This “woke” Affirmative Action horseshyte is the exact reason that i am urging my 17 year old grandson to forsake college and become a licensed plumber or electrician. When the water heater is badly leaking and the water is shut off,the educated and “woke” will pucker up and kiss your White ass. They will shut up and virtue signal some other time.

    • Agree: Lancelot_Link
    • Replies: @Sick n' Tired
  6. Striking down AA won’t matter.

    Take California. It got rid of AA by law but the institutions just came up roundabout ways to admit more blacks and browns. ‘Hardship’ excuse, for example.

    So, even if AA by race is gone, they will find other ‘holistic’ excuses to inflate the number of blacks and etc.

    • Agree: Unit472, HammerJack
  7. Rich says:

    14th Amendment is pretty clear that the state can’t “deny equal protection under the law” to any citizen. The feds have already said that any entity that accepts federal funding has to obey federal laws and regulations. Affirmative action illegally denies equal protection to Whites. If the Constitution mattered this would be an open and shut case.

  8. @loren

    For the same reason Hollyweird produces god awful, woke dreck so often. The people at the top of the cultural food chain (so often members of THAT tribe) are left wing ideologues and cultural parasites. They will stay rich, powerful and influential no matter what the results of their policies are.

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
    • Replies: @HammerJack
  9. These quota-filling incompetents will never understand:

    But remember, please, the Law by which we live,
    We are not built to comprehend a lie,
    We can neither love nor pity nor forgive.
    If you make a slip in handling us you die!

    Kipling’s “The Power of the Machine”

  10. AnalogMan says:
    @AR in Illinois

    The way I read it, SFFA are the ones suing the universities for using race as a criterion for admissions. They’re the good guys. These other clowns are sticking their oar in to oppose them, on behalf of the universities.

    • Thanks: AR in Illinois
  11. Thanks for publishing that chart at the bottom of the article. I will print it and tape it on my fridge where I’ll see it a dozen times a days till I have it committed to memory.

    Companies whose products I will never again spend a nickel on……many have already been on my informal list for several years.

    This quota system started about 60 years ago when I worked for a subsidiary of GM in the late 60s . there were about 24 guys in my department and in one day waltzed two black guys(we called them negroes then). Unofficial word was that parent(GM) was establishing a quota(%) of blacks for their work force. The words ‘afirmative action’ and ‘diversity’ hadn’t even been conjured up at that point.

    • Replies: @loren
  12. Black in Houston flashes gun at a motorist, reaps the consequences:

    Idiot pulls gun on the freeway from IdiotsInCars

  13. @AR in Illinois

    The corporations aren’t promising to hire them, they are only signing their company to a petition to promote colleges accepting more minorities. Now why would they do that? Because corporations use college campuses to test new products, give samples of their current products like soap/shampoo/razors, new flavors of gum/chips/soda/etc before selling them.

    When I would visit my friends at different college campuses, there were always tables with boxes of samples they’d offer students, just write your name and email on a sheet. They’d then send follow up questionnaires asking for feedback on the items. They were usually right next to the tables with credit card applications from Discover, Visa, and Mastercard.

    This is nothing more than these companies trying to get the jump on new crop of dupes who are nothing more than potential future customers.

  14. I have a better idea for those corporations. Fire all whites, never hire whites. Just get blacks and others. See how long they last.

    • LOL: Augustus
  15. @Bite Moi

    Find a successful local plumber/electrician in your area and ask if they’ll let your grandson job shadow or spend a week working with them. Also ask them to let him know/see how lucrative the profession is if you’re smart about it. If possible show him the boats/rvs/motorcycles/nice homes/cars they have due to working in that profession. Tradesmen know how hard it is to find good help, especially these days. It’s actually better to get kids with no experience and train them how to do the work, than hiring someone with limited experience who is set in their ways.

    Also tell your grandson to take the tests and get certifications and licenses as he progresses, it will earn him much more money in the long run. He could have his Journeyman license by 22, and his electrical/plumbing license by 24, after that point, money printer go brrrr. Good luck

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  16. Bring on the Chinese car imports. And computers, etc.

    The Chinese social credit system isn’t anti-white.

    Let’s prepare them a feast.

  17. Unit472 says:

    Interesting that women, as an officially oppressed class, never asked for nor required Affirmative Action policies. The number of female doctors, lawyers, scientists etc was tiny in relation to their percentage of the population 50 years ago. They did not need a Civil Rights Act in 1964 nor the repeal of Jane Crow laws to put them on the path to economic equality, however. They got something better. The Birth Control Pill of 1962.

    The ”Pill” completely overturned American and Western society. Freed from the tyranny of biology women poured into our universities and companies and never a peep was heard that our elite schools should lower admission standards for non negro applicants. Women were free to choose their own career path.

    Fifty plus years on from the Pill and the end of legal gender discrimination what is fascinating is how little things have really changed. Women now bitch and moan about glass ceilings, sexual harassment and their inability to reach the pinnacles of power. Why? They have more education, can outvote men and can even claim to be a man if they so choose. They can even get a man fired or imprisoned if he gets too ”handsy” or tells raunchy jokes in the C-suite. Yet men still do most of the heavy lifting in society even though there are plenty of women making huge salaries and holding prestigious posts all over America.

    America has pretty much come to terms with the reality that the top men outperform even the best women and there is not much society or government can do to prevent this natural hierarchy from happening. At some point, afterall the failed attempts and wasted money, will liberals just realize a racial hierarchy also exists and the negro is not at the top of the pyramid.

  18. Affirmative Action and related policies promoting negroes to positions they are not qualified or able to handle have been failures from the start. The businesses that hire them use them as window dressings to show how diverse they are while at the same time pushing these hires into more useless jobs that if they screw up it really doesn’t matter. Get a job based on your ability. Get promoted based on your success at a job, that should be the bottom line. Using skin or ethnicity not so much.

  19. Of course “some of the biggest corporations” do that.

    It was a ruling class endeavor all along.

  20. From the amicus brief:

    university students who study and interact with diverse peers, and particularly with racially and ethnically diverse peers

    But never politically or philosophically diverse!
    That we simply can not—and must not—tolerate.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational

    More than 200 of his anti-violent messages have been scrawled across Baltimore.

    All of them mark the place where someone was shot and killed in the hopes that the message may prevent additional violence.

    “See, I go straight to the shooters. That’s who my rapport is with. My rapport is with the shooters,” Moorehead told WJZ back in 2019. “I can look them in the eyes and say, ‘Homie, I was shooting, too.’ But, what I didn’t have was a me back then.”

    Moorehead estimates that he shot about 20 people when he was between 13 and 15 years old.

    At 15, he said he had a shootout with police. He served 11 years after admitting to attempted murder.

    • Replies: @AR in Illinois
  22. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    People have claimed that ‘wokeness’ is a communist initiative, using inaccurate terms such as ‘cultural-Marxism’. No, there’s not much that’s Marxist about all this. To the contrary it’s capitalist, a tool of unfettered, unregulated capitalism. It’s their bottom line that’s important and nothing else. They’ll war profiteer, get huge numbers of people killed but it’ll be good for more income transfer. The country is run for their benefit, not yours.

    • Replies: @Bookish1
  23. Catdog says:

    It’s not about the money. It’s about sending a message.

  24. HT says:

    Gee, I wonder who runs nearly all of these large corporations. We certainly know the cultural Marxist at Blackrock who gives many of them their marching orders.

    • Agree: USGrant
    • Replies: @AR in Illinois
  25. loren says:

    Due to LBJ and Teddy K?

    make up for racism that held them back????

  26. loren says:

    at link

    Batgirl actress Leslie Grace says she’s PROUD of hard work put into \$90M flop that was cut before filming was done as she shares behind-the-scene clips of the cast joking around on set
    Leslie Grace, who was set to star as Batgirl, defended the \$90 million movie on Thursday after Warner Brothers executives canceled it
    ‘I am proud of the love, hard work and intention all of our incredible cast and tireless crew put into this film over seven months in Scotland,’ Grace wrote
    Along with the defense, Grace posted pics of herself on set in the Batgirl costume and videos of her having fun with the cast on set
    It comes hours after the movie’s directors said they were still in shock over the cancellation following test screening with audiences


    • Replies: @Unit472
    , @Lancelot_Link
  27. Off topic, but oh, the irony…
    I had to take two online training courses yesterday. The first one was “ethics” training, while the second one was “insider threat awareness” training.

    The ethics training attempted to teach us, among other things, about how important diversity is, to the success of the company, and blah-blah-blah. The second one, which talked about potential threats from inside the company (insider trading, selling trade secrets, compromising our safety/security, etc), gave a bunch of real-world examples, of insider threats from the past. such as the Ford Hood shooting in 2009, and a bunch of times information was sold/given to the wrong sources and caused financial harm, harm to productivity, safety, etc. They gave the names of the perp, in each instance. And, mother-of-all-shocks, the majority of the names were either Asian or Terrorist/Middle-East sounding.

    I found this contradiction a bit disturbing, that on one hand they’re teaching us how we should embrace diversity, but then on the other, it’s mostly this diversity that’s causing all these “insider threats.” Wonder if Human Resources would appreciate that being brought to their attention? 😉

    **Edit. I noticed there was a 2014 Fort Hood shooting as well. At first glance, I thought the shooter was a white guy, but then saw the name. Ivan A. Lopez-Lopez. Yep, Diversity strikes again! Lopez-Lopez. As if one wasn’t enough!

    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @loren
  28. Unit472 says:

    I had never heard of Leslie Grace either. She is described as an ”Afro Latina” actress of no renown. Flat chested and not very attractive how she got the starring role as ‘Batgirl’ is a mystery to me and probably the management at Warner Bros too. I remember Yvonne Craig as Batgirl in the 1960’s TV Batman series. She was drop dead gorgeous with a figure to match. Yvonne also played the Shakespeare plagiarizing green dancing girl in a Star Trek episode that got millions of teen boys engines racing and starred in the 1960’s B movie “Mars Needs Women” as well as a couple of Elvis movies. I knew her sister Maridel.

    • Replies: @loren
  29. Dr. X says:

    Jim Crow has been inverted 180 degrees.

    For practical purposes, the white man has become the nigger of the 21st century.

    • Agree: JackOH, bruce county
  30. @HT

    ((( )))……you know it.

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
  31. @Lancelot_Link

    Hopefully he soon gets what he completely deserves…his LAST mention in a news story!!!

  32. So “major science and technology companies”are claiming that diversity makes for “better science”, but offer up NO data or statistics scientifically PROVING this claim?? How about a lot of American companies, groups, etc., start up a big claim and outrage that demonstrating EXCELLENCE and INTELLIGENCE to assure being hired in STEM fields, will be what moves society forward to “better science”, therefore to better outcomes?? These are SCIENTISTS agreeing with this tripe?? Yikes.

  33. Thanks for the do not patronize list and only two are in use here.
    I’m sure there are some from the 300 corporations that sold out America for China back in the 1970s.

  34. Bill Corr says:
    @AR in Illinois

    In practice, East Asians and South Asians will be readily hired and publicly counted as the Corporation’s unswerving devotion to racial diversity.

    • Agree: HammerJack
  35. HT says:

    They have more money than they could ever need. The goal for them now is taking down whitey and pushing social justice. Only small businesses run by normal people operate under the old business rules. These mega corporations are run by “Leftists” if you know what I mean and the goal is changing the culture and ushering in their new anti-white, anti-Christian, and anti-Western society. Look at Hollywood and the media. They are fine with making a little less money in order to wreck the country and push every insane cultural Marxist idea. They all take care of each other and are still maxing out their salaries and stock plans.

  36. Bite Moi says:
    @Sick n' Tired

    Sick ‘n Tired========Grandson is starting to like the idea of becoming a plumber or electrician.His fixation with college had more to do with coeds than with becoming a scholor.I explained that learning a trade didn’t mean he couldn’t “hang” on campus.Taking one course means you belong on campus.EVen better would be hired by the university as a plumber.They pay you rather than you pay them. A good looking youg man with a pocket full of money can always get a date on Saturday night.

    • Agree: Sick n' Tired
    • LOL: Augustus
  37. In a perverse self-destructive manner one might fervently wish for such American corporations, particularly those whose business activity is in the realm of STEM, that for the future they employ ONLY minority employees!!! And hopefully they particularly focus on employing black, mextizo, and south Asian (presumably) American citizens! Can anyone imagine how fast these companies would enter bankruptcy??

    There is an aspect of this blatant criminal discrimination that could be “dangerous” for White American male citizens who have the native intelligence to succeed in the STEM realm. By allowing such so-called American corporations to employ ONLY, in the future, non-White, non-American, non-citizens, and non-male, for the small time frame for which said corporations maintain a market presence (before they collapse from incompetence) these companies could get away with paying such employees 1/3 of what they previously paid to White, American, citizen male employees who were thus able to support and provide for a White family. The danger is that when most of such American White males are systematically excluded from future employment, how are they going to able to start White families with no income?

    And to put the label of “Lie” to the claim that DIE is the major reason that advances in STEM come about, we need only to consider the situation of the Nobel Prize committee!!! No one has ever demonstrably accused the Nobel Prize committee of committing discrimination, racial or ethnic, in selecting awardees!! If we ignore the prizes in the categories of literature, peace, or economics, we can then focus on the prizes that do require intelligence and creativity in order to obtain a prize in those other categories. Those other categories are Physics, Chemistry, and Medicine. It is still a valid statement that no mextizo (even with a genetic history of no more than 12.5%) or a negro (even with a genetic history of no more than 1.5625%) of the specified races has EVER won a Nobel Prize in any of these three categories!!! The question to be put to the usual LIBERAL suspects is Why those two races are incapable of winning a Nobel Prize in these categories? The answer is actually relatively simple. Those races do not have a sufficient number of people at the far right hand end of the respective IQ curve, for that race, such that there is an adequate number of members of those two races actually working on difficult problems in those categories who have the requisite grounding in those sciences that they could creatively advance valid new observations!! By contrast, historically most of the recipients have been Caucasians, primarily from various European countries, the USA, Canada, Australia, some Chinese (mostly in the USA), some Japanese, and one or two Indians.

    Why is who is a recipient of a Nobel Prize in the three categories listed be of any significance to American corporations that participate in STEM business activity? Many of the technologies that underpin modern life in an industrialized country developed from discoveries in Physics, Chemistry, and Medicine for which there was a winner of the Prize in the appropriate category, AND that Prize winner was most likely WHITE!!!! And NOT NEGRO!!!

    One should constantly remember that other countries with whom the USA is in economic, technological, agricultural, scientific, and military competition do NOT indulge themselves in denying large parts of their population from education in the STEM realms, nor do they permit their industries from systematically discriminating against their trained population. The USA is the only country in which such stupidity is being promoted!

    • Thanks: Mr. Rational
  38. @loren

    To fill their government mandated diversity quotas and to virtue sugnal.

  39. @George Weinbaum

    Bill Gates’ daughter would like that. She is a compulsive coal burning slut.

    • Agree: bruce county
  40. @loren

    Not so much a flop as a stillbirth.

  41. @loren

    First off, diversity is a tax – and therefore inevitable like death.
    From the POV of a woke corporation ™ (WC):
    – It is better prospective employees learn to deal with the under-man diversity
    at university – and therefore at their own expense instead of the WC´s;
    also, they learn their place on the totem pole.
    – If the universities reneged on producing semiliterate quota diversities the WC
    would have to fill their quota with aspiring rappers from the
    bakkaball court which would be more odious (and disruptive) to the operation.

  42. loren says:
    @PO'd in PG County

    like Virginia military? tech.

    2 beheadings, separated by years. I forget the details.

  43. loren says:

    She is described as an ”Afro Latina” = Islander

    Un attractive so how she got the starring role as ‘Batgirl’ is a mystery to me, ever hear of the ‘casting couch seduction’? and she is non white.

    Perhaps they hoped she d be the next J Lo.

  44. This will be hilarious. White men who might have otherwise been tempted to climb the corporate ladder will see that there is no corner office in their future, so they will use the woke corporations as a pump-and-dump, spending only as much time there as needed to gain knowledge and experience and then going out, finding angel investors and starting their own businesses. The interesting thing there will be what otherwise employee-friendly states like California do. At will employees generally do not have to sign a non-compete agreement upon separation; maybe the woke corporations will push for a change to that law.

    One thing is sure: just like Prof. Putnam pointed out in “Bowling Alone,” in highly diverse environments social trust collapses. How do you have a functioning business when the black lesbian CEO doesn’t trust the Hindu CIO who doesn’t trust Chinese CFO who doesn’t trust the Hispanic HR lady? What then?

    • Replies: @Augustus
  45. There already is diversity within white culture. And not as much privilege as people think.

    Take all the Irish, Italians, Polish, Greeks, and others from Europe who faced discrimination when their people immigrated. Where is the “privilege” in their backgrounds? It’s usually not there. And yet there actually is a lot of diversity between, say, Irish-American and Italian-Americans.

    “Whites” are not a monolith. Whites are a tapestry of people from European stock, and each group has their own stories and struggles.

    This just a way to erase all that. It’s both stupid and evil to equate people whose background is “No Dogs! No Irish!” to those who came over on the Mayflower. Apples and oranges.

    • Thanks: Lancelot_Link
  46. Dani says:

    I was going to weigh-in on this, but upon reading what HT had to say, I no longer felt it was necessary. He summed it up perfectly.

  47. loren says:

    color of criminal?

    from brietbart
    The intersection is located in Windsor Hills, which is one of the wealthiest black communities in the U.S. and the largest black community in L.A.

    [la dera heights?]

    • Replies: @Bubba
  48. OT: Shooting at Mall of America, the vague details in the story point to the usual suspooks. Also funny is the mall saying how safe it is, even though there was another shooting there a few months ago, and was the mall where an angry groid threw a white toddler off the 5th floor. I know a few friends from Minnesota who no longer go there, they said it’s full of groids, burkhas & hajibs, and clueless tourists.

  49. Bubba says:

    This insane, wait, I mean normal black woman appears to be an affirmative action R.N.

    And in a sane world there is no way an actuary would insure a black motorist.

    • Replies: @loren
  50. @Sir Launcelot Canning

    I like this takeaway one obviously south african white person noted

    “ The Blacks in the township of Tembisa which is within about 20-30 Km of where I live have gone crazy because apparently Eskom power was stopped. Something like that. The Blacks in the townships also illegally connect to the electricity. I’ve seen this with my own eyes,

    Anyhow, the Blacks have vented their anger by burning and destroying stuff in their own township. They’ve burned cars and businesses. I am always amazed at how wonderfully SELF DESTRUCTIVE the Blacks are! They destroy everything around them! They’re always angry, and they always destroy the very things they are the most reliant on. I think it’s wonderful.”

    This second paragraph sounds eerily similar to what we have with africans in America. Once again solid proof that they harbor the same inferior characteristics wherever they exist/reside on planet Earth.

    Cain’s children, through and through…

    America is Irredeemable…

  51. @Priss Factor

    I have a better idea for those corporations. Fire all whites, never hire whites. Just get blacks and others. See how long they last.

    Exactly..!! I bet they won’t, though.

  52. @HammerJack

    HammerJack, the die-versity piece quote is absolutely spot on..!! I couldn’t have wrote it better myself.

    Nobody, and I mean NOBODY in their right state of mind wants to reside in a diverse neighborhood. It’s really nothing short than a real life living hell. I’ve lived it myself. Diversity moves in, yt moves out. Rinse and repeat. l personally never want to call a Dindu “neighbor” ever again for as long as I live..!!

    Mantra reminder:

    Know blacks, no peace. No blacks, know peace..!!

  53. Seneca44 says:

    Interesting to note the large companies who don’t appear on this list. Big banks (Wells Fargo, Chase, Citi, BOA) are nowhere to be seen-perhaps they filed their own amicus briefs. The biggest of Phama companies, Pfizer, is also notably absent. I’m sure these outfits actively pursue AA policies. The black corporate banker I most recently dealt with at BOA was, I hope, an AA hire; otherwise, the quality and service of BOA officers is low indeed.

    • Agree: AR in Illinois
  54. Yet another reason to not vote for Republicans (or whoever masquerades as the “conservative” party in your country); they support tax breaks for large corporations like these.

    Do you benefit personally if Boeing or Microsoft have to pay less corporate tax? No you don’t.

    Stop voting for your own displacement.

    • Agree: Lancelot_Link
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  55. This is not about hiring negros….it’s about Hindu Rule in America…It’s about being the Hindus bitch…….

    Think about what these corporations are saying :The Economic Health of America requires importing LEGALLY millions of Hindus so the highly racialized Hindus can vote white into an EVER DWINDLING white racial minority within the borders of America….Who ordered this sewage?….Answer:…Hindu RACE POWER in America…

    Do the Hindus in India make arguments like this in India to justify race-replacing the Hindus in India’s Engineering Schools with the Chinese in China?

    It’s not about negros…it’s about the Hindu and the Han…

    • Thanks: loren
  56. And this is how the Hindu is colonizing NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN LIVING AND BREEDING SPACE……

    Think about it….Think about it….

    • Replies: @WSG
  57. @Total Kneegro Fatigue

    You forgot this one:

    What word starts with N, ends with R, and is the worst thing you can call a black person?


  58. loren says:

    sane world? no clown world.

    beware of the congo bypass.

    • Agree: Bubba
  59. Bite Moi says:

    War for Blair Mountain—————Don’t get me wrong,i very much prefer the 90% White 1950s version of America.that said,i think Koreans are a better fit for America than dot Indians.All of those i have met are remarkably straight forward in a what you see is what you get manner. Yeah,they are partial to their own,but so am i. There also isn’t a billion of ’em.

  60. Augustus says:
    @Sgt. Joe Friday

    “How do you have a functioning company when the black, lesbian CEO doesn’t trust the Hindu CIO, who doesn’t trust the Chinese CFO, who doesn’t trust the Hispanic HR lady? What then?”

    The modern method would be a shallow attempt to unite them in their hatred of White men. A tepid way of running a business. It rests upon the brainwashing of the schools, and the trend that White people will be a minority in a few more years. There are reasons the wealthy elite fear armed, White people. Look at how they are overreacting to Jan 6 as an “insurrection,” and doling out stiff sentences for what is essentially unarmed trespassing. They wouldn’t act that way toward blacks. The government leeches are terrified of a White uprising. The FBI and especially the ATF remember the armed stand off over public grazing land out West. They know what will happen if Whites rise up, but they do not know history. REAL uprisings will come eventually, no matter how hard they try to intimidate Whites.

  61. @Total Kneegro Fatigue

    I to never want to call the Didindoos neighbor.
    Decedent, defendant, convict, suspect, all work for me.
    Know what sounds best? Expat.

  62. @Mr. Rational

    What do you call a White Man with 5 knee grows? ….. Coach

    What do you call a White Man with 10 Kneegrows?….. Quarterback

    What do you call a White Man with 500 knee grows?….. Warden

    • LOL: AR in Illinois
  63. bert33 says:

    If what they are pushing in the classrooms is indoctrination then you’re better off not attending. Bust that math book, language books, your physics chemistry biology all that good stuff, at college level most studying is really independent anyway. Let the liberal socialist revisionist globalists spout their spew and play their games, YOUR job is to get that degree and there are no shortcuts to success. There are theft and fraud and such and those have both been documented in the world of academia but ‘the truth will out’, and if you have high-dollar young adult babysitting services graduating failures and then they cant get a job because US companies imported foreigners with solid bona-fides, well, there ya go. No substitute for solid tutelage and diligent scholarship.

    • Replies: @Sick n' Tired
  64. Anonymous[872] • Disclaimer says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    Just whom do you suggest we vote for? At least the republicans give a tax break to someone. The dems wind up costing every entity more in taxes. Higher business tax rates always lead to higher prices for consumers.

    • Replies: @Sick n' Tired
  65. WSG says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    I don’t need to think about it. My neighborhood has become infested with these breeding street-shitters. They refuse to move out of the middle of the road when you are trying to get to your house. They also have a penchant for glaring at you out of sheer arrogance. They are just as worthless as the orcs.

  66. @bert33

    Learn a trade, buy a used mini-excavator/Bobcat/backhoe, trailer and truck to tow it with. Maintain your equipment, and if you can afford it, a used dump truck. You can get paid to dig a septic/trench/grade a foundation/driveway, and sell the dirt you dug out as fill, while charging a disposal fee (friend of mine has this business). One thing high dollar academia people do is hire tradesmen, because fir as smart as they are, high dollar academia people are fairly useless, and lacking in common sense.

  67. @Anonymous

    Nobody. Just buy as much guns, ammo, bullet proof vests, potable water/filters, & storable food as you can and wait for the government bubble to burst. It’s similar to the housing, tech, and stock market bubble, but has been getting bailed out for much longer. It’s due to pop real soon, especially with the current geniuses at the helm.

    They just voted to give the IRS an additional \$82 billion, to hire more agents and look into claims. Expect to have to declare the 3 pennies you found in the parking lot of the grocery store, or the \$200 you made from the yardsale last week, or bingo jackpot in the church basement on Tuesday night.

  68. Bookish1 says:

    Communists will become capitalists in a minute if it serves their purpose

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