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In Nearly 90% Black Jackson, Mississippi, White People Still Blamed for Post-Apocalyptic Conditions of the City
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Tonight, I stumbled across the rantings of the writers at The Jackson Free Press , a newspaper located in the heart of America’s blackest big city, a nearly 88 percent black city in Mississippi.

The capital city of Mississippi is home to perhaps the most violent black underclass in America, because the entire city (elected officials, police, and public sector employees) is nothing more than the black underclass.

Nary a white person has a role in city government, but somehow the shadow of whitey is still to blame for the horrid state of the community in 88 percent black Jackson.

The Jackson Free Press has been running a series called, “Preventing Violence: Solutions for Creating a Safer Jackson: The JFP’s ongoing series about urban crime and research-based solutions to prevent it.”

I’ve started to say America is irredeemable.

Just read this series to understand why: in the absence of white people, even when black people control every level of government in a city, the latter racial group will still blame the former for the sordid nature of affairs found in the city.

When you understand white people owe blacks absolutely nothing, you’re prepared to not only accept that America is irredeemable, but that you are capable of redemption in an increasingly racial world (for America’s state religion is now waging war on whiteness).

Detroit gets all the press, but Jackson, Mississippi is truly the Haiti of America, a glimpse into a future for all majority black cities across the land.

(Republished from SBPDL by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Race/Ethnicity 
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  1. My majority minority hometown of Washington, D.C. is a dystopian nightmare (but I repeat myself), and it's barely majority minority.

    Jackson, Mississippi must stand astride the Gates of Hell – Prince George's County Ex-Pat

  2. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Yep. We're to blame. For everything.
    Nude muggings. Soggy Rice Krispies. Potholes. Herpes. Condominiums. Lame movies loosely based on mediocre television shows from past decades. (Coming soon, an animated gay porno-musical based on Emergency!)

    On a more personal note, I guess I should confess to being on the grassy knoll and embezzling all of MC Hammer's money. There! My conscience is unburdened for the first time in minutes. I might even be able to attend church in a few hours without being struck by lightning. Okay . . . that last bit was exaggerated . . . I have no intention of going to church.

  3. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I skimmed the first article in the series. Not a single one of those animals talking about getting a JOB.

    I grew up in a black, cracked out area. I however; got a fucking JOB and self educated myself to surpass my poor education and got a godamn degree of actual value and built a family; ON MY OWN.

    It was sooooo hard to show up at a place and do what I was told.

    Just like us! smfh

  4. That all liberals ever do is blame others their always finding scapegoats for the bad hehavior of others

  5. Paul have you been following Sailers account of the hug thug in NYC?

  6. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Blacks are once again untouchable, to blame them for any of the problems that constantly just "appear" whenever they are around is off the table.

    I don't even get what is the great end/goal by having us all equal in results/outcome anyway. If we can spend our way into black civil behavior, is that the end goal? Even if it were possible, how much would "we" be spending regularly to prop up this false new paradigm?

    Even if blacks were redeemable (spoiler, they're not), they, by and large, don't care anyway. It is YT's problem that "they men" abandon their children without shame or remorse, it only became a problem when they were contrasted regularly with white male parenting. This is why segregation is the best for us all. No more white interference or judgement on how blacks treat each other, their children, their neighbors, their pets, their environment…

    Playing loud music at all hours and all places won't be a problem if there are no white people living in the nearby vicinity. And it's not like whites can be anything but racist when it comes to black people, so common and logical "micro-aggressions" like asking you to turn down the volume after midnight so your children can sleep won't be so common anymore.

    It sounds like a loss due to it's name (segregation needs a rebranding), but it keeps TNB away from YT while keeping YT's nose out of black people's business.

    It's not an advanced concept, it just has been overlooked over these years just as with another subject, eugenics. It works for other animals, but not humans apparently. The fact that we are hoping/depending on Russia and China to do this for us is actually kind of embarrassing. We may have lost our technological edge, but when it comes to diversity and making sure black people are a part of everything, we are the world's leader!

    If whites aren't around to remind blacks how slow, sterotypical and generally inferior they are then they could just live according to their standards, not worry, and be happy. Just tell them that segregation would give them massive power in their own areas and they'll be all for it. I could list dozens of other benefits (hassle-free open air drug markets) but I think you get my point.

  7. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    When trying to find some relevant information on Jackson I stumbled on SBPDL a few times as well as an Atlantic article from last year that blames the problems of Jackson on white flight. Funny how whenever whites move and are replaced by their "equal" black counterparts crime shoots through the roof.

    On one thread, a liberal poster was asking why whites "flee" areas whenever blacks move into them. He really wanted to know, as if blacks and whites acted exactly the same. One question that he dodged was one regarding Detroit and the year 1967. Another response summed up the reasons for "white flight" nicely:

    I was living in Melvindale, Mi. which borders S. Detroit and remember the riots very as a kid. That is exactly the reason whites left the city. And it all statted because the cops raided a hours blind pig. They weren't about to give up their illegal gambling money and a city burned because of it. Mayor Cavanaugh didn't have to burned building torn downd and that pissed a lot of residence off. After that though the whites of the city had enough of the black on white crime. It seemed that those crimes was the only way they were getting money and the whites were tired of having their business', homes and personal being robbed. They left leaving a lot of angry blacks who now had to either get a job or go hungry. I know a black guy who also moved out of the city in "68" He said he had had enough himself and moved his BBQ shack to Inkster, where we moved to, to get away. If you look up Inkster, it only took 15yrs for it to become a little Detroit. Infact one part of Inkster they named Little Siagon due to all the violence and destruction. The bottom line though is that after all the shit the whites dealt with and after leaving the city, for their own safety and peace of mind, they called it White Flight blaming the whites on the cities downfall. It's a pathetic story at best. Needless to say though, the blacks ultimately followed the whites out of the city and in to the suburbs in order to keep their racist crime spree alive.

  8. I live right outside Jackson and I can tell you it is truly the dump of America. No one wants to live in Jackson. The only ones left are people to poor to move and old people whose homes are paid for.

  9. Of course we're responsible. Who else would be?

    -JSF- in Minneapolis

  10. Never look in the mirror. Blame YT you're whole life! Now go back to your free rent, free EBT card, free school choice, free…… all from YT.

  11. aka Jacktown, where they'll "bus' a cap in yo' ass" just to hear the bang. Click here to absurdly waste 00:05:28 of your day.

  12. I have worked around Blacks my entire life and have never seen any of them read a Newspaper, other than the Sports Page and then it's picked up off the table after YT's left it there. How do these rags stay in business in a Black Community? To whose benefit is it to fund a losing enterprise? Start peeling back the Onion and realize who is at the stinky core and it's not the NRA. Quite the opposite forces, as I notice who owns most of news media. Nomesayin?

  13. I skimmed part 1 of the flowery piece then read the comments. That place needs to be nuked.

  14. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I read some of those pieces from JFP and you are right, America is irredeemable. There was only 1 comment (from someone White I'm sure) about Mamie having 6 kidz and personal responsibility. The mod over there was a White lady and she not to speak of personal responsibility if you haven't lived the life. LOL. Well we already know a lot of Whites (unfortunately) who will have to go when the time comes. I notice no ones commenting over there, that's because blacks don't read and Whites don't care. That is right, Whites don't care. Jackson was a beautiful place, when Whites ran it. We left them a whole functioning city (as everywhere)and jeesh, look what has become of it.

  15. That Jackson Free Press is a free paper with a circulation of 17,000 copies. The rantings within are more absurd than the satire presented here by the likes of "Julie" or "Compassionate Oregonian".

    My guess is that the owners are not true believers in the negro, nobody is that delusional, but just devout communists who realize that the negro is just a means to an end and who believe that the ends justify the means. This sort of traitor needs to be on the first wave of ships departing for Africa where they can play Jane Goodall with their pets to their hearts content without undermining the fabric of western civilization.

    As someone else has mentioned this paper doesn't stay in business by selling subscriptions but by selling adds. Now who would pay to advertise in a paper that publishes only 17,000 copies (which are probably mostly just thrown away) in a city with a population who largely can't read and has no source of income? Certainly not some local business trying to attract customers, but likely some outsiders with deep pockets who wish to promote an anti-white communist agenda. Honestly if I weren't so busy on the farm here trying to make sure I eat this year I'd spend a day looking into it, but I have a strong hunch from where the money comes.

  16. The built-in excuse of slavery is 150 years old now. Look at what other races have done in that time. There is no incentive for them when they get free government handouts,so when something goes wrong in their happy beboppin lives they revert back to slavery. 100 years from now it will be the same excuse.

  17. Blacks have peaked. This is as far as evolution is going to take them. Actually, I believe they peaked about 1000 years ago and they`ve just been along for the ride.

    Whites will eventually leave this world and set foot on other planets. Blacks will still be shooting each other over the last piece of chicken.

    Stay alert, stay alive.

  18. I skimmed over one of the articles and found the latest excuse for black behavior, stated by Jackson's police chief.
    The cause is now…"disinterest in proper child-rearing."
    Well, there was sure enough interest in creating them.
    Unknowingly this man's simple statement just reinforced the many stereotypes directed at this population.
    What a people.

  19. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Blacks in the city of Detroit have so decimated the city that they now have to come to the suburbs for everything. Groceries, restaurants, movie theaters, clothing stores, recreational activities, etc.. The only reason the suburbs exist was to get away from the blacks. Another great idea that they have destroyed.

  20. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    "Research-based"? Well then, you know the solutions must be valid because they are founded in SCIENCE! Of course, that SCIENCE! they are espousing is merely half-baked "theories" dreamed up by some DWL, "theories" that may work on paper in a utopia where paint job is the law of the land.

    OT–I've been seeing a lot of a commercial for a internet provider-based home security system that features a black family living in a large house in the suburbs. And who, pray tell, would they be worried about robbing their palacial house that they are frequently checking up on while on vacation? Who exactly are they worried about when they get a notification on their smartphone that the side door was just opened? The irony is thick with this commercial.

  21. you know, by the logic they express by still bemoaning that all their problems are due to the legacy ob da slabery, I should be receiving a boat load of gibsmedats do to the lasting trauma of the Irish potato famine…

  22. bernicegreenbaum [AKA "...Formerly Miss Greenbaum..."] says: • Website

    What happened to Jackson will come to most cities in the next ten to fifteen years, thanks to Obama´s AFFH. Seems that the one thing negroes can agree on is that as long as a (white) host is present, the parasitism can and must continue. Open disclosure: I spent the entire day yesterday working on a Habitat for Humanity house. This was a workplace function which I was obliged to attend. Needless to say, it was governed by SJW´s who are hell-bent on bringing in Third World immigrants by the millions. Part of their ¨mission¨ is to ensure the newest of our nation´s parasites (hint- they weren´t Norwegians) have a safe, clean, affordable house in which to raise a fambly. I chalked it up to a learning experience as I surveyed the surrounding neighborhood, filled with African famblies. Niglets everywhere.

    When the Irish, Italians, Germans, etc. first came to this land, they mostly settled in high rent, roach infested, tenth floor, two room tenements, with each and every member of the family having a paying job, whether it be scrubbing floors, patching roofs, hawking newspapers, or operating a loom in a sweatshop.

    Now, the gubmint, alongside of ¨Christian¨ charities, actively fund bringing the new parasites to this land, paying for their food, and building them a house. Turns out, they get a no payment down mortgage in exchange for 120 hours of ¨work equity¨, half of which consists of attending classes. So, sixty hours of going to school and sixty hours of waving a paintbrush in the air, and whammo! You´ve just become part of the middle class! Nearly choked on my breakfast sammich!

    American negroes are far too stupid to realize that the more immigrants who come into this country demanding more gibs, the less they will ultimately get, as YT´s back is about to break from all the weight he has to pull. No, they want to scream ¨rayciss!¨ at every turn. And I don´t need to tell you that out of about twenty of us, all but two were white. Yes, there were two, count ´em, TWO negresses, ¨helping¨. Both were in their fifties or sixties. Where oh where, I wondered, were all the strapping young dindu yoof ¨teens¨ (12-60) who are constantly moaning about the community´s lack of outreach and resources? Apparently the desire is to be on the receiving end only.

    War has begun and is openly being fought against us, and I felt a twinge of sadness and regret for that fateful day in 1965 when the Third World was actively encouraged to come feast at the table of White European Civilization. For the past fifty years I´ve watched my once beautiful white country turn brown and black (culturally enriched in Marxist terms). It is a terrible tragedy those of you too young to remember the greatness that once existed in this now irredeemable country.

    OT: My once lib leaning husband´s negress, thieving coworker has left the organization, and it was not because she was caught RED HANDED stealing from the till. No, the thirty something white manager cut her hours back to the bone, gently persuading her to leave. It worked. I no longer get chastised for openly commenting on negro degeneracy. They really are their own worst enemies.

  23. There was a recent story about how middle-class blacks have had to flee from their once-decent neighborhoods of Chicago and Atlanta to escape the black crime wave. Those interviewed did not Blame Whitey; they were just happy to have gotten out with their lives.

  24. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I read almost all of the JFT articles. Holy crap! One article states in the second paragraph that "media and the public play a large role in creating the "bad neighborhood" meme." The very next paragraph talks about how many of these youths are "traumatized from growing up in violent, unstable environments". LOL. Who knew that a meme could wreak so much havoc?? It's almost as if the youth create a dangerous and unstable environment that businesses and homeowners leave to avoid, thus adding to high unemployment and lower tax revenue for fewer government services.

  25. Remember the old Johnny Cash song, "Jackson"?

    We got married in a fever
    Hotter than a pepper sprout
    We've been talking 'bout Jackson
    Ever since the fire went out


  26. ADT has a commercial where the black guy is standing in the window, arms crossed, as a white burglar tries to break in. The white guy looks up, gets scared and scurries off. Hilarious….

  27. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Off topic, but Amy Biehl is possibly getting her own biopic!

    A quote from the article blab about how this was terrible for South Africa as theyb wanted to be ab"rainbow nation", but anyone with eyes to see knows that the colors of the rainbow are not mixed up together…

  28. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    P.G. expat myself! Visited it less than 10 years ago and was surprised to see how you could head South on 301 and how so many blacks were there! A friend was robbed in his place of business at gunpoint stu which time they even took his tools! He never once made mention of the race of the perpetrators but everyone knows who it was! I've been on the correct side of the Mississippi River for decades now!

  29. Inkster? I'm guessing it was tailor made of you had and "inky"appearance! Haw!

  30. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    "That all liberals ever do is blame others their always finding scapegoats for the bad hehavior of others"

    Conspiracy theories of any kind are always less explanations of events than attempts to avoid taking responsibility for one's own actions. "The devil made me do it!" Sorry, pal. I'm not buying it.

  31. OT I'm sure we'll be seeing commercials from charities begging for money to help the poor starving South Africans, and their president standing before the UN council saying "Aybah poda hep".–business.html?ref=gs

  32. The JFP is run by a white female Marxist and her cuckold husband. Both wake up in horror every morning that they are still white. There is a killing everyday, some days two killings in Jafrica. It is truly a cesspool.

  33. I work in a very small city in the Midwest. We had a handful of black families here that are native and their history here goes back over 100 years. Also a few connected with the local university. All but a few relatively high functioning. We are now being invaded by unemployable scum courtesy of AFFH and other programs. It will get ugly when the monkeyshines start spreading out into the nearby rural communities. They are populated with a high percentage of realists and thievery etc. will not be tolerated.

  34. To anonymous at 5:34 am. I could only waste 1:22 minutes of my time watching Jacktown Hood. What an incredible shit show this country has become. I really can't think of anything to say about that clip. Thanks for sharing!

  35. "Who knew that a meme could wreak so much havoc??"

    Memes gone wrong.

  36. Jim says:

    Regarding Awake's at 10:52 AM:

    I saw a commercial whereby some blacks approached a woman pushing her one year old baby in a carriage. They demanded money from her, otherwise they would shoot her child. Long story short, they shot and killed the child. WAIT A MINUTE! It wasn't a commercial, it was an actual event. Sorry, Awake.

  37. YT has no business in Inkster whatsoever.
    Melvindale is looking worse by the day.

  38. Jim says:

    Hey, Formally Miss Greenbaum. You really need to think positive. Once BHO is out of office, do you really think AFFH will survive? I don't.

    Of, you probably think Clinton will continue the program. Well, I had an epiphany while watching The Clinton Chronicles today. It is a very credible expose' of the Clinton(s) years while he/they were AG, Governor and POTUS. I did not realize how despicable these people are.

    Anyway, this led me to believe the following. The level of corruption and evil deeds of the Clinton Crime Family and many others, such as, media, law enforcement,politicians, et al, I would venture to say FBI Director Comey is looking way back in his investigation of Hillary. Think about it. It does not require 150 FBI agents to investigate emails, and it should not take this long. I believe they are going much deeper. In the end, the FBI will nail the Clintons for their crimes which go back decades. You thinking "gee, Obama will not allow this". This will be Obama's legacy. Think about it.

  39. "The Jackson Free Press has been running a series called, "Preventing Violence: Solutions for Creating a Safer Jackson: The JFP's ongoing series about urban crime and research-based solutions to prevent it.""

    And yet somehow, with a majority black population, government, police force, etc., the obvious solution is missed: Instead, more of the same old, same old "Blame YT". We have the magic dirt that we used to build the "skreets gone rong" where "gun violence breaks out" and kills "good boys who dindu nu….." Fuck. I can't even make fun of this it is so sad…
    There is a solution though. Simply infest the place with SJWs, build them their own projects to live in.. wait for the natives to rape, kill and barbecue them (not necessarily in that order), and repeat. When we run out of those who deny the reality staring them in the face, then we can deal with the Dindu problem in typical white, efficient fashion.

  40. Paintjob Theory said…

    "This sort of traitor needs to be on the first wave of ships departing for Africa where they can play Jane Goodall with their pets to their hearts content without undermining the fabric of western civilization."

    Well…. no. I think that that sort needs to be dealt with in a more… immediate fashion. Then we can ship the obsolete farm equipment back to where it came from. In a decade they will solve their problem for us.

  41. Hi all, you need to get ready for this because it's coming real soon , especially after the new version of ROOTS begins: Reparations.

  42. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I look at Asian immigrants that come to this country not being able to speak english, they work hard, shitty jobs, and make sure their kids do well in school and get an education. Those kids go on to professional careers and speak perfect/proper english. Blacks have been in this country for 200+ years, able to attend white schools for generations, and they still had to add subtitles during Trayvon's girlfriend's testimony.

  43. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Is their a scientific method or behavioral type study that has been conducted or can be conducted to determine just how long blacks will blame whites for their own dysfunction?
    How long until slavery and racism are no longer their two playing cards?
    Would another hundred years be long enough? How about five hundred or a thousand years?
    I'm so tired of hearing how I'm to blame for their own demise.

  44. This × 1000. We should get a marketing and branding campaign started asap.

  45. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The day when blacks take responsibility for their own situation will never arrive.

    1/2 their problem is just genetic- lower IQ, cant delay gratification, cant look long-term, cant control temper or emotions, prone to addiction, irresponsible, racist, lack of respect for others and community (notice the thick layers of trash in EVERY black neighborhood) theres not much we can do about that 1/2 of the negroe problem.

    The other 1/2 IS White america's fault. White guilt, political correctness, allowing the country to flood in non-White immigrants, all of that is White america's fault, it didn't have to happen. We could have not allowed the negroe population to become spoiled bratty tyrants and kept policies like Restrictive Covenants and Freedom Of Association. We could have kept housing projects and refused Section 8, refused Affirmative Action. But we didn't.

    So here we are.

    So what can we do now?

    1. End immigration. At least a 50 yr halt, much like we had in the 1920's.

    2. Mandatory surgical sterilization as a part of the application process to recieve any and all welfare- including Medicaid. This would limit every poor person to 1 child.

    3. Mandatory surgical sterilization as part of Sentencing for all violent crime, including drug offenses and prostitution (which create HUGE amounts of violence, drugs and prostitution are NOT non-violent offenses.

    4. Instead of "3 strikes and you go to prison for a decade" we have "3 strikes and we deport you to Liberia".

    5. A Constitutional Amendment that states that all Laws that take race into account are unconstitutional as "all men are equal" in the eyes of the Law. Citizens would be allowed to discriminate as we would have complete freedom of association in housing and business.

    That would fix it.

    But it won't happen, so every city in america will look like detroit soon. Just look at london and paris today, its very sad.

  46. Slabery! So sick of that excuse.

  47. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    ". . .
    aka Jacktown, where they'll "bus' a cap in yo' ass" just to hear the bang. Click here to absurdly waste 00:05:28 of your day.

    May 15, 2016 at 5:34 AM"

    I watched the video, all of it. One question: Were the youfs in the video honor roll students? Most negro "teens" (10-40 years old) seem to be "honor roll students" among their many other accomplishments. Just axin'.

  48. Just Googled Jackson Mississippi, never been there, don't know much about it. Seems the governor has just made it legal to wander around in entertainment districts with alcoholic drinks, and open bottles. Wow! What forward thinking! This will for sure make the city more liveable.

    Obama meets with Eric LeGrand at High Point Solutions Stadium. Wait, what? High Point Solutions. Isn't that the negros go to for conflict, or shortage of funds? Pull out the Hi Point .380, or 9mm, and start shooting?

    Check out Craigslist for Jackson, especially rants and raves. You gotta see this. I think I might check out Detroit next.

  49. OMG! That's awesome! I never thought about the rants and raves section. Going now.

  50. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I moseyed over to the Jackson Free Press site, just for shits and giggles. Not much activity. This is a copy/paste of the bottom of their home page from 5 minutes ago:


    Most Discussed

    Genesis Be | Jackson Free Press | Jackson, MS
    1 comment · 19 hours ago

    City's Fund Reserve Down to $1.3 Million | Jackson Free Press | Jackson, MS
    2 comments · 4 hours ago

    Let the Suffering End | Jackson Free Press | Jackson, MS
    18 comments · 5 days ago

    From Guns to HB 1523, The Unalienable Rights of Conviction, Conscience and Free Exercise | Jackson Free Press | Jackson, MS
    8 comments · 6 days ago

    ACLU Files First Lawsuit Against HB 1523: 'Separate But Unequal' | Jackson Free Press | Jackson, MS
    4 comments · 2 days ago

    Talk about an energized base! And these are the "most discussed" topics? Most of their articles must be crushed under the weight of a deafening silence. I dug through the SBPDL archives and found some articles with the same level of comment activity, during Christmas week of 2009, when this blog was pretty new and had not yet made an impression on internetland.

  51. Chicago's wild 100's and Englewood arr essentially what is described and all they do is bitch and complain

  52. Philadelphia Mike, here.

    Jackson, Detroit, Camden, Baltimore, 1/2 of Philadelphia, Flint, etc…on and on and on. It all seems hopeless.

    But just now, as I was reading PK's article about Jackson, MS, something just dawned upon me…

    For quite a while, I've been concerned about the technological advancements of virtual reality (VR). Google, Oculus (Rift), and even Facebook are the frontrunners in the development of VR…creating an alternate reality that will possibly become indistinguishable from our present reality given our present finite senses.

    In the past, my sole concern with VR was that of a father. Will my children become addicts to this new form of escape once it's perfected? From the articles that I've been reading, VR will be very advanced within 5 years…and at some point, it will be as realistic as the Star Trek hologram room.

    So….where am I going with this?…I am taking VR into the lives of the blacks and the impact that it will have upon the lazy muh dick negro who is addicted to self gratification, violence, blonde haired blue eyed European women, sex, and doin nuffin'.

    VR will be to the blacks what opium was to the Chinese in the late 19th Century China…like the opium dens…but to an exponential degree. It will be the new heroine. And I am almost certain that once the negro gets a taste of the VR world, they will forget about the real world…there will be NO going back.

    They can live out their wildest fantasies. D'Marquinius can live his entire life as the over-muscled rap star that he always aspired to be…the big man in town…with white slaves fawning before him and Scandinavian seductresses beckoning him into their arms as he struts up a red carpet. And the 350 pound Shiquina can live her life in a virtual world…a Nubian queen…seductive and worshipped…in a VR image that would make Beyoncé pale….twerking her VR body as she swirls around like a pole dancer…while god-like studs helplessly throw themselves at her feet.

    Could it be possible that the black infested ghettos might one day become self contained enclaves where the negroes will live addicted to virtual realty? Where they will remain in their hovels…far removed from the rest of us…existing in a virtual rapture? No more violence? No more interference into places where they don't belong?

    I can only hope so.

    By George, I think I'm onto something!

    What do you guys think?

    Now…I have to lay the ground work for my kids…constantly reminding them that the reality that we're living in is the one that matters…that VR has the potential to destroy them. I have to ingrain into them that VR might someday be even more addictive than the most addictive of our narcotics.

    Is this the fate that the Puppet Masters also want for us?

    Wow…it's going to be very difficult for me to fall asleep tonight, thinking about all of this.

    But…on a final note…WE still hold the keys to the future…despite how grim it all might look right now. And as this new future unfolds…this incredible future which will be even more startling than our science fiction novels…we have to cautiously take well thought out steps instead of blindly plunging forward….and falling into a trap from which there will be no escape.

    Philadelphia Mike

  53. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This is also happening in Chicago. They have no stores in black hoods so collar burbs have all black customers bevause the collar burb residents shop in the next town ober to get away from the drama, theft, scams, etc that one must endure while shopping and dinning with AA's.
    Major upscale malls are teeming with them shopping at the few cheap stores in the mall but getting jobs in every high end store and then getting their friends jobs there. It is always pleasent to spend $2500 on a purse while some surley urban sow with inadubile speech, fake hair, 5 inch nails and made up like a cross dresser ring it up and never say thank you. They are all so uneducated they can barely make sense ehen they speak – they literally use words differently. Amd that vasoline smell they all have layered with cheap Victoria's secret perfume.
    The saddest part of all is that they think they litterally are "the shit"! They think they are high class working at Neiman Marcus.

  54. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    During Jim Crow, blacks self-segregated – from each other.

    "Respectable" negroes wanted nothing to do with ghetto trash. Light-skinned blacks wouldn't marry their duskier brethren.

    I guess that hasn't changed. Race hustlers like Obama and negro politicians in Baltimore, Jackson and other jigaboo jurisdictions wouldn't give these darkies the time of day if they didn't need the votes.

  55. Blue Eyes Matter,take it easy on High Point.I go there 7 times a year.

  56. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    A violent hood that is created by them!! They cousins, uncles, sons, fathers and grandfathers are creating that violence yet they imply it is some outside force that is attacking them. They know whom it is!!'
    Snitches get stitches
    Nobody can judge me but God
    Everyone makes mistakes
    They were going to be a rap star
    They was jus clowin
    All kids steal cars and shoot people
    All young kids do that
    White people drop guns in our hood
    Whited take out jobs to other towns
    Whites womt hire us
    White expect us to work
    We habe our own language

  57. Sounds like Champaign, Springfield, Charleston, any small town in IL is getting expat Chicago blacks, especially if near a university, where they can steal and sell drugs

  58. Is their a scientific method or behavioral type study that has been conducted or can be conducted to determine just how long blacks will blame whites for their own dysfunction?

    It will go on exactly as long as the (((powers that be))) promote that particular strain of victimology and give it intellectual and legal credence.

  59. Blacks in the city of Detroit.

    They've brought 144Sq. mi to it's knees., and now venture out for just about everything. If my Mother and sisters are truly worth defending, they shall not invade my Island!!

  60. They've been getting reparations for 60 years.

  61. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Reparations is a ridiculous idea. After all, there were only 4 million negroes in the country at the time of the civil war. So, why should 40+ million negroes today receive reparations for something they've never experienced? That's as ridiculous as saying that because someone's ancestors had their house burned down during the civil war, that all their descendants today should all get a free house- not just one direct descendant but all of them- aunts, uncles, cousins, 2nd cousins, third cousins etc. OR how about all the millions of descendants of those Europeans who were forcibly transported to the new world as "convicts" for petty offenses? Not everyone from Europe came willingly. Ditto for Australia which was a prison colony in the same way that the US state of Georgia started out as a prison colony. Do all their descendants deserve a check too?

    I have a better idea. Everyone upset with the past can be offered a ticket back to the country their ancestors originated from and thus be returned to the condition they would have been in if they're ancestors had never been brought to this country.

    I'm sure the negroes would enjoy their mud huts, tribal genocides, 3rd world poverty, epidemics and episodes of mass starvation in Africa. No generational welfare, no section 8, no affirmative action, no being paid to pop out useless children which, if you think about it, all of that has been more than enough in terms of reparations. The whole idea of reparations is just the negro looking for a free check- a form of gibsmedats.
    Even if every negro in America got a free check, it would be blown in no time and THEIR descendants who didn't get a check (as they didn't even exist at the time) would be screaming for a check too as they "nebber got nuthin'!"

  62. Well, your husband might be a lost cause, but at least his 30-something manager is starting to get it!

  63. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    So true. Also, many first-generation asian immigrants live in or near black areas because it's all they can afford. They are subjected to a daily menu of racist abuse from blacks that would be national news if blacks were on the receiving end of it. Blacks are the most racist people on earth.

  64. Isn't that just a fancy PC circumlocution for "child neglect" or "bad parenting"?

  65. Don't look now, but YT's back broke a long time ago. That's what our 20 trillion federal debt means. We've been running on fumes for years. We won't be able to artificially prop up blacks and browns for much longer.

  66. Memes rang out!

  67. Great comment.

  68. Philadelphia Mike said:
    "VR will be to the blacks what opium was to the Chinese in the late 19th Century China…like the opium dens…but to an exponential degree. It will be the new heroine. And I am almost certain that once the negro gets a taste of the VR world, they will forget about the real world…there will be NO going back."

    There was a science fiction novel that came out a few years back called the Unincorporated Man, where the major back story was a world wide civilization collapse caused by realistic, and cheap, VR. I thought the idea was a bit far-fetched as there are plenty of people in America, let alone third world dumps, that don't partake in video games. Certainly not enough that if they all stopped contributing to functional society that it would cause a civilization ending collapse. However, cheap VR rigs for the "under-serviced youf's" might not be a bad idea. They can live out their Grand Theft Auto fantasies to their hearts content, free of the oppressive judgement of White Society.
    The biggest problem would be keeping the DWL's and SJW's from f'ing up the process. I can see the commercial now… 350 pound Ja-Taneefka hooked to her free VR rig (thoughtfully supplied by white tax dollars) on day five of her non-stop VR experience as the next shitty black pop "star", while her litter of children wander around the neighborhood, or sit on their porch and stare off into space, while melodramatic music plays hauntingly in the background. Eventually some SJW or DWL (female, more than likely) will appear on screen, one of the little ones on her lap, and she'll plead "Please, for less than a Starbucks coffee a day you can provide the money that will help feed, clothe, and get the medical attention that little De-antrovanarius needs."

  69. I graduated from Melvindale in 1982, still live in Allen Park, glad to see a read from a fellow Downriver rat. Inkster was created by Henry Ford for colored Ford employees, named Inkster for exactly that reason HAW

  70. Hey Awake, that commercial sent me into a blind rage today

  71. Philadelphia Mike : Your Vr scenario is very, very scary.

    You are completely correct that VR is going to advance leaps and bounds over the next 5 to 10 years.

    The danger is primarily the absorption of the "new" reality, and consequent inability to rationally discern between VR and actual reality – especially where we are dealing with low IQ, immediate gratification generations.

    It is sort of like the apparent effect of television upon the not-so-smart that we have been told about since the 1970's.

    VR will be the "television effect" on steroids. One can only consider with horror what exactly will happen when the VR life meets real life.

    Philly Mike, a very astute comment, and well worth consideration by all readers.

  72. I feels sooo much bettah when I blames my woes on de white debil! Kinda like a shot of smack. And, like smack, da feelin's don't last too long so I gots ta keep doin' it!

  73. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    ". Eventually some SJW or DWL (female, more than likely) will appear on screen, one of the little ones on her lap, and she'll plead "Please, for less than a Starbucks coffee a day you can provide the money that will help feed, clothe, and get the medical attention that little De-antrovanarius needs."

    I do believe Sally Struthers is available. Just be sure to film the PSA with an extra wide angle lens!

  74. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I once ran a marathon in Jackson. The hotel at which I stayed was in fine shape, and probably 1-2 blocks in every direction from there looked fine as well…

    Outside of that very small zone, though, it was a pit of decay…boarded-up houses, burrheads all over the damn place shuckin' and jivin' and hustlin', large buildings sitting empty.

    After the marathon, which was extremely well-policed and generally went through the Whiter suburbs, the finishers' area was the site of a celebration, with free food and beer, and general merriment. The entire area was fenced off and heavily policed, with the same burrheads trying to get in for some of the freebies the marathoners were getting.

    In the two blocks between the finishers' area and the hotel, I was accosted by FIVE panhandlers, all Chinese…

    just kidding…all black, demanding gibs. The following morning, I barreled to the airport in my rental car…

    Never. Ever. Ever. Again.

  75. In 1964, my parents moved from Inkster to Detroit. Back to the old neighborhood that both of them had grown up in. It was too good to last. It did not last. I have lived and worked allover the south and east parts of this nation, and traveled in almost all of them. It has been plain to me for a couple of decades that this nation is headed either to a weird sort of universal depravity, or a bloody (but short) exercise in risk reduction. I am sorry to report that depravity is way ahead.

    Continue to watch Detroit. It was the leading city at the beginning of the end of our civilization, and will be first to cross the finish line, if current trends hold. Close behind will be Baltimore, Cleveland, Chicago, KC, and (sorry, stoners) Denver. LA is already a post American city, as is DC and New York.

    Every day in every way it gets more and more interesting.

  76. Thanks, Racoon.

    Philadelphia Mike

  77. You're right

  78. Anonymous @ May 15, 2016 at 1:35 AM said
    "No more white interference or judgment on how blacks treat each other, their children, their neighbors, their pets, their environment…"

    Their pets???? Really? That is utterly contemptible. I cannot believe a White person ON THIS FORUM of all places would feel that way. We here and others like us are the shining, virtuous tip of the spear in this movement. We are a foe to the savage, yet the protectors of the vulnerable from falling into the hands of said savages.

    In truth, I agree with everything else you said, but indifference toward the abuse of animals is not an option for me personally. I don't care what they do to their offspring, but animals are innocent and should never be allowed to suffer in the mud hut projects of the enemy. As the only race with total empathy, it's up to us to protect such vulnerable creatures from the vile, twisted abuse we all know dindus enjoy inflicting.

    Shame on you!

  79. Keerect

  80. Overall Henry Ford seemed like a pretty good guy. He was self made and emerged from very humble beginnings to become one of the greatest innovators that the world has ever known. Henry Ford pretty much made Detroit a bustling prosperous city all on his own if you think about it. The guy is a pretty good example of the freak geniuses that seem to pop up in the white race from time to time, revolutionizing the world in some way. If you look back through history most of the people who have done this were white. Any of us are capable of producing the next one. Maybe your kid will grow up to be the next Henry Ford. It's certainly possible. The world needs white people. When we go civilization goes with us.

  81. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    The total percentage of blacks in Mississippi is 38% which makes it the largest percentage of blacks of any state in the U.S. Mississippi also has the highest obesity rates,and is cited as the poorest state in the U.S. The majority of children in the foster care system are black. Mississippi is 40 million dollars short of funding the newly revamped child protection system due to a major lawsuit against the state for not protecting the offspring of black females whom are literally being paid to reproduce.
    Jackson is the capital city of Mississippi and due to black crime and subsequent white flight is now 80% black. As more people left the area around downtown, tax revenue dropped quickly. To counter the lower tax revenue, taxes on things like car tags were hiked up to enormous rates. Currently a tag for a new car runs nearly $1000. This put a burden on those who stayed, and drove still others away to cheaper counties. Jackson officials attempted several fixes. Restoring the historic black community of Farish Street was supposed to revitalize downtown nightlife. The project died multiple times, usually due to corruption or embezzlement. But don't be concerned. The newly elected mayor,Chokwe Antar Lumumba, has promised to make Jackson,Mississippi the“the most radical city on the planet.”

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