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In 70% Black Baltimore, Black Mayor Begs Residents to Stop Shooting Each Other So Hospital Beds Can be Used for Coronavirus/China Virus Patients
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Previously on SBPDL: 70% Black Baltimore in 2019 Has Homicide Rate of 57 Per 100,000; 85% White Baltimore in 1921 Had Homicide Rate of 11 Per 100,000…

Is there even much of a need for commentary for this one? And no, this is not from The Onion.

If you’ve read The City that Bleeds: Race, History, and the Death of Baltimore (and if you haven’t, get it here now!), you know the truth about Baltimore our elite have spent more than half a century trying to explain away as the fault of pernicious white people and their insidious redlining, systemic racism, and racial criminal justice system.

With a homicide rate of 57 per 100,000, 70 percent black Baltimore is one of the most dangerous cities in the entire world. And now, in the face of the Coronavirus/China Virus, we get this unintentional hilarity. [In Baltimore, Mayor Begs Residents To Stop Shooting Each Other So Hospital Beds Can Be Used For Coronavirus/China Virus Patients, Baltimore CBS, March 18, 2020]:

Baltimore Mayor Jack Young urged residents to put down their guns and heed orders to stay home after multiple people were shot Tuesday night amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Young said hospital beds are needed to treat positive COVID-19 patients and not for senseless violence. Seven people were shot Tuesday night in the Madison Park neighborhood, as Baltimore reported its fifth positive coronavirus case Wednesday.

“I want to reiterate how completely unacceptable the level of violence is that we have seen recently,” Young said. “We will not stand for mass shootings and an increase in crime.”

“For those of you who want to continue to shoot and kill people of this city, we’re not going to tolerate it,” Young implored. “We’re going to come after you and we’re going to get you.”

He urged people to put down their guns because “we cannot clog up our hospitals and their beds with people that are being shot senselessly because we’re going to need those beds for people infected with the coronavirus. And it could be your mother, your grandmother or one of your relatives. So take that into consideration.”

Commissioner Michael Harrison said the city has seen an uptick in violent crimes since Friday, including a mass shooting Tuesday night — where seven people were shot. Five people were transported to area hospitals via medics and two took private cars to the hospitals for treatment. All seven are in serious but stable condition.

Harrison said they are looking for a Silver Honda that was seen in the area.

A city officer who was on patrol in that microzone did engage with a person who’s believed to be a suspect in the shooting as the man was fleeing the scene.

The officer was not armed with the level of “deadly firepower” that the suspect had. The officer did fire his weapon, but Harrison said police don’t know if the officer struck the suspect.

The officer sustained some minor injuries in the incident and was treated.

The police department is increasing staffing in the areas where crime has increased.

“This incident remains open and under investigation,” Harrison said.

Police ask anyone with information in the case to call Metro Crime Stoppers at 1-866-7-Lockup or call the city homicide unit at 410-316-2100.

The black mayor of the 70 percent black city of Baltimore is begging blacks to stop shooting each other, causing finite hospital beds to be monopolized by black victims of black gun-violence, at a time those impacted by the China Virus need access to them.

America in 2020, where we must keep chanting, “diversity is our strength.”

What’s interesting is back in 1920, Baltimore was 85 percent white and had a population of 733,826 people. The overall percentage of the population has dropped 18 percent in 100 years, with whites now roughly 24 percent of the population.


The decline of whites in Baltimore would have you believe a war was lost, with the radical racial replacement in the city indicating a conquered people (of course, white people are still blamed for all the problems blacks create in the city, even though elected black officials/appointed black officials in public office control the city).

I’m sure black people shooting each other during the Coronavirus/China Virus lockdown in 70 percent black Baltimore is somehow the fault of white people, structural inequalities, implicit bias, and white privilege. After all, abiding by social distance is what white flight is all about!

• Category: Race/Ethnicity • Tags: Black Crime, Blacks, Coronavirus 
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  1. Stage 5 chimp out is starting already. Plenty of major cities and other locales will have the same obnoxious behavior soon enough I’m sure.

  2. Loren says:

    Yes, its on Drudge. I was about to be the first with,

    Baltimore Mayor Begs Residents To Stop Shooting Each Other So Hospital Beds Can Be Used For Coronavirus Patients…

  3. Heck, this one is simple, an underhand lob.

    Just don’t treat the gun-shot victims. Beds that are destined for virus victims shall not be available to thugs. Use the facilities for their highest purpose, treating the innocent. Let those who live by the sword die by the sword.

    The fewer we treat, the fewer there will be around to procreate. Problem solved!

  4. There’s a rumor that Baltimore is going under martial law tomorrow at 7 AM.

    • Replies: @Wake up
    , @bruce county
  5. The roar of the laughter should drown out just about everything else after that gem!

    Let me translate for those who are not fluent in negro…

    “Stop killing one another long enough to let the white man figure this shit out so we can go back to killing one another.”

    • Replies: @tiredofit
  6. @ThreeCranes

    Are there any blacks in Baltimore who are innocent? Heres to hoping the mayhem gets worse there.
    This shouldn’t even be a talking point. Baltimore is Africa’s third contested country/state after Western Sahara and Somalialand.
    They created their African Environment, they can reap the rewards of its disfunction and primitive culture.
    Let them eat themselves.

    Grab some ammo and popcorn folks.

  7. Wake up says:
    @David Gurney

    If that’s true; Baltimore could get very interesting.

    • Replies: @David Gurney
    , @Charon
  8. Couldn’t care Balti-LESS about those genetic wrong turns.

    Long before there was fake corona there was the Black Plague.

    • Agree: brandybranch
  9. @Wake up

    It turns out that the city is Portland,OR,not Baltimore.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  10. @David Gurney

    To hell with martial law.. Send in the A-10’s, gunships and tanks. When you just have to kill everything.

    • Replies: @Trevor
    , @Truth
  11. “I want to reiterate how completely unacceptable the level of violence is that we have seen recently,” Young said. “We will not stand for mass shootings and an increase in crime.”

    “For those of you who want to continue to shoot and kill people of this city, we’re not going to tolerate it,” Young implored. “We’re going to come after you and we’re going to get you.”
    Ummm, yeaaa…that’s tellin’em .You go Mayor. I’m sure they’ll listen this time. reiterate, unacceptable , will not stand for, not going to tolerate , we’re going to get you! riiiiiight.

  12. Damn, I needs to gets me some of dat “deadly firepower”…I’s be severely out-gatted!!!!

  13. Dave453 says:

    All that then its “restorative justice” and “disparate mass incarceration”.

  14. NanJenn67 says:

    As a white teacher in a black public school in the Deep South, I’d like to point out that the problem happening in Baltimore is the same exact reason why we could never gain any traction with implementing mandatory “graduation testing” (at the end of 8th grade) to weed out the “youfs” not suited for college. The idea of reserving high school for students who are interested in actually LEARNING was considered “racist” and “elitist”, because “Who gon’ feed my KEEDZ?”

    Law enforcement was even less enthusiastic about 8th grade graduation testing. Sheriff’s deputies all over the state collectively shuddered at the idea of dealing with hundreds or thousands of low-IQ monkeys roaming the streets every day.

    I can’t really say they were wrong, either. Based on the timeline, black crime rates multiplied faster than the coronavirus.

    Most schools were closed by (or had their last day on) Friday. As I walked out of the building Friday afternoon carrying my computer and personal items, I turned to my white teacher friend and said,

    “Cue major surge in violent crime in three…two…one…”

    And sure enough, reports of major violent crime uptick in urban areas start coming in…THE SAME DAY. A mere 4 days after that, we have Baltimore “youfs” shooting each other in record numbers.

    Well, at least now we have an explanation for what they’re doing with their time, because they sure as h3ll aren’t on their laptops working on their digital assignments. Not that they ever did their work when school was IN session, either, but at least THEN we knew where they were….

    In the principal’s office.

    Or detention.

  15. Trevor says:
    @bruce county

    “….or nuke it from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure” – (Ripley)

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
    • LOL: Bombercommand
  16. Charon says:

    A more civilized and politically correct approach would be to provide target practice training for Baltimore’s dindus.

    Would keep them off the streets for awhile (just like midnight bassaball) and when they return, they’d fill the morgue instead of the ICU.

    • LOL: Alfred
    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  17. “An tell dem boyzz stop goin’ to dat ‘mergency room pretendin’ dey goss a so’ back to git some o dat vicodin!”

  18. Charon says:
    @Wake up

    Hordes of starving monkeys clash in Thai street battle amid coronavirus outbreak

    The fight pit the city monkeys who live around the Phra Kan Shrine and eat offerings people leave there against the “invading” group of monkeys that live around Prang Sam Yod temple complex and are normally fed by visiting tourists.

    As of Thursday morning, monkeys were seen foraging for food in the trash, but by afternoon residents had laid out additional food offerings for them at both temples.

  19. @dindunuffins

    Next on the Mayor’s calendar is a visit to the city zoo–where he discusses why violence is unacceptable–in the tiger cage.

  20. Realist says:

    In 70% Black Baltimore, Black Mayor Begs Residents to Stop Shooting Each Other So Hospital Beds Can be Used for Coronavirus/China Virus Patients

    There will be plenty of time later to resume the killing.

  21. Truth says:

    Well that would be taking the “hypocritic” oath!

  22. Truth says:
    @bruce county

    That large order of fries isn’t going to cook itself, Bro.

    • Replies: @bomag
  23. @Charon

    The photograph of the hordes of monkeys running riot in search of food (their gibsmedats) is a perfect illustration of why well meaning fools should not engage in “feed and breed” programs~ whether that program is applied towards monkeys or negroes- as the results will be the same. In Thailand, the monkeys are sedated with offerings of fresh fruit. In America, it’s done with EBT cards. In both cases, they breed out of control and become pests.

    As is, it’s been decades since I lived in Thailand but I recall street vendors who would push their carts around selling fresh fruit of various kinds. No doubt in monkey infested areas, they’ve been chased out by rampaging monkeys just as stores get chased out of black areas in America. At least when I lived in Japan, the Japanese had the right idea- hordes of monkeys that were raiding farms near Mt. Mitaka were chased down, rounded up and once captured then placed in a zoo like enclosure where they became a tourist attraction and were no longer able to engage in destructive behaviors or breed out of control.

    There are lessons to be learned by the different approaches but there are too many who are unwilling to learn them- with libtards being chief among them followed by cuckservatives. Then, of course, there are those who use the “monkeys” for their own nefarious purposes.

  24. Anonymous[295] • Disclaimer says:
    @David Gurney

    It would be ridiculous to implement martial law in an all black city or neighborhood. Whereas whites and asians will cooperate like docile sheep with any draconian curtails on their freedoms, blacks will react in just the opposite, with violent opposition. Throw in armed forces, and you’ll have massive bloody riots on your hands. Any governor or mayor who is considering martial law doesn’t expect the little people to shoot back at the national guard, which is what you would have in Baltimore.

    • Agree: Sick 'n Tired
    • Replies: @Culpepper
  25. @Charon

    A more civilized and politically correct approach would be to provide target practice training for Baltimore’s dindus.

    ‘Twould be better for society to use them FOR target practice, rather than making them into more effective criminals and killers.

    • Agree: Charon
    • LOL: bomag
  26. No empathy.

    No future time orientation.

    No abstract thinking to link actions to consequences.

    Good luck, Mistah Meyah Sah!

    • Replies: @gotmituns
  27. nymom says:

    I don’t think that Mayor “gets it”…People who hurt/kill one another are not going to stop because you beg them to stop.

    You need to get out there and stop them, physically, or they are just going to keep on doing it. Additionally the whole situation gets pushed up a notch as others see the lack of enforcement and start taking the law into their own hands as their friends and relatives get hurt or even killed by these assorted thugs. School violence is a good example of this…as schools continued ignoring the attacks taking place on students and lied about the statistics. Now we have gangs roaming the halls of many public schools and need metal detectors at many entrances. When I went to school a few elderly nuns controlled dozens of kids with a look and a ruler. Today you practically need an armed guard in every classroom, hall and cafeteria…Forget about the bathrooms…

    So begging is not going to stop it.

  28. @dindunuffins

    – The Germans used to do it with summary death penalty for all crimes
    (usually burglary) committed during blackout …
    I´d say the philosophy is applicable and has been shown to work –
    IF then the intent is REALLY to get the miscreants.

    Let´s see yo froots, mayor 😀

  29. Gunga Din says:

    If the mayor only knew how hilarious his admonitions to his fellow savages sound to White (read, civilized) people. Sounds like dialogue from a Monty Python skit.

    • Agree: Augustus
  30. Anonymous[185] • Disclaimer says:

    They should encourage the thugs to aim for each others heads. A dead POC doesn’t need to take up space in a hospital bed.

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  31. If they run out of toilet paper, they can always scoot their tails across the mayor’s lawn.

  32. Paul says:

    The “blame-America-first crowd” objects to the use of the term “Chinese virus.”

    • Replies: @Jon57
  33. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    I noticed the emphasis on “China Virus.” In the previous post, “coronavirus” before “China” was even struck through, as though you were correcting an error.

    Do you have any specific reasons for drawing this distinction?

    • Troll: HammerJack
  34. @Anonymous

    They can’t shoot for shit, so aiming at their heads will only lead to more stray bullet incidents. If anything they should be told to aim for center mass/torso which provides a larger target area. After De’Andretas puts a few rounds into Sheetayon’s chest, he can track him down, then put a round in his head while he bleeds out in an alley. No need for an initial kill shot like you would go for if hunting deer or elk, since they aren’t hunting them for meat…..yet.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  35. @bruce county

    Are there any blacks in Baltimore who are innocent?

    A similar question was asked during the Crusades .

    Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.

    • Agree: bruce county
  36. @ThreeCranes

    Heck, this one is simple, an underhand lob.

    Haul them out to veterinary schools. The students can use them for practice .

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
  37. @BanditOfBlithe

    Exactly. Spot on observation!

    The “opportunistic” mentality appears.

    Nature at work…

  38. SC Rebel says:

    So does the Mayor just want them to stop shooting each other all together or can they resume after Corona Chan is gone?

  39. “After all, abiding by social distance is what white flight is all about!”
    Were truer words ever written?

  40. @NanJenn67

    This is why De Blasio was holding out on NYC schools.

    He knew it meant letting packs of Black kids roam the city.

    Not that I feel bad for him. That scum sucking socialist knows the truth and yet chooses to blame cops for Black crime.

    • Agree: brandybranch
    • Replies: @Justsaying
  41. eah says:

    And sure enough, reports of major violent crime uptick in urban areas start coming in…THE SAME DAY.

    Simple question re your “THE SAME DAY” claim: over what period of time do you think crime can or should be measured before it’s decided there has been a ‘major uptick’? — if on day N there is 1 crime, and on day N+1 there are 2 crimes, that is an increase of 100%, but is it really fair, or reasonable, to draw any conclusions based on that?

    Also, re “reports of major violent crime uptick in urban areas”, can you cite one? — you say “reports”, but I’m asking for just one, i.e. a report — what I’m looking for is a media report saying there was a noteworthy increase (‘major uptick’) in “violent crime”, one that, per the report, is tied directly to school closings — best would be when kids who otherwise would have been in school at that time were either arrested for, or are strongly suspected of committing, these ‘violent crimes’.

    It’s possible that in certain areas, closing schools will result in some increase in crime, maybe even “violent crime” — but I tend to doubt it (especially a ‘major uptick’), since high school students, i.e. kids normally attending school, typically don’t commit a lot of “violent crime” (and junior high or grade school kids even less) — in any case, I think it is too soon to say.

    • Replies: @Piglet
    , @AnalogMan
    , @Piglet
  42. Gunga Din says:
    @The Bland Enchilada

    I’d never really thought about it in that perspective before. White flight, segregation, Jim Crow– it’s all social distancing from something like a disease.

    • Agree: brandybranch
  43. @Sick 'n Tired

    aim for center mass

    I’d settle for ‘aim’ rather than the spray and pray style they’ve adopted.

    Yet, as has been mentioned here before, you don’t want these monkeys practicing.

    As long as they keep it in the hood, count your blessings.

    But things are indeed getting interesting so I’d suggest keeping a rifle handy.

  44. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS COVID 1 OR CORONAVIRUS stop lying shills you fools and propaganda

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  45. @Piglet

    I keep hoping to post an Agree comment to this, but this is all I am allowed to post by the current ridiculous rules of Unz.

  46. gotmituns says:
    @Alex from NE

    “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” Sir Isaac Newton

  47. AnalogMan says:

    what I’m looking for is a media report saying there was a noteworthy increase (‘major uptick’) in “violent crime”, one that, per the report, is tied directly to school closings

    Be reasonable. She said there was an uptick in violent crime. Now you want her to support that, and additionally show a link to school kids, by reference to media reports? Really?

  48. Cassandra says:

    Articles like this really turn me off to this excellent site.

    Focus on your real enemy and stop punching down, fools.

    • Troll: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Dannyboy
  49. PeterMX says:

    Is it fair to ask that of people? I mean, if that is part of their culture, might it be racist to ask them to stop shooting each other? But seriously, I think many people reading “a homicide rate of 57 per 100,000” might think that’s very low. They have to be forced to feel the fear of living in a dump like that before understanding how dangerous it is.

    • Agree: Sunshine State
  50. In 70% Black Baltimore, Black Mayor Begs Residents to Stop Shooting Each Other So Hospital Beds Can be Used for Coronavirus/China Virus Patients

    Mayor Jack Young should ask his constituency to aim/shoot better, so bodies can be dumped directly into mass graves and thus save lots of dire needed hospital beds instantly.

  51. NPleeze says:

    LOL, what a pathetic ensemble of bigoted idiocy.

  52. All seven are in serious but stable condition……..It would be great to be able to see a report on the medical bills total, and by whom paid.

    • Replies: @JoeN
  53. KenH says:

    Leftists and blacks are so brainless that they think trucks with “NRA” emblazoned across the sides periodically go to all American cities and unload semi-automatic pistols and rifles and ammo for the inner city denizens. And if somehow the NRA disappeared tomorrow that gun violence in negro infested cities like Baltimore, Chicongo and elsewhere would disappear with it.

  54. Rooster1 says:

    I think someone needs to mention all the NBA players that have tested positive, yet are displaying no symptoms and feel fine. If your average citizen can’t even get the test in most areas if they have flu-like symptoms, how the hell do these guys get it?

    Also, most people don’t realize how much black people live in a bubble. Your average White thinks they watch the same programs on TV we do, and listen to the same people we do… they almost exclusively watch black TV programs and only listen to other black commentators.

    Thus you see thee announcements by NBA athletes as PSA of sorts to the black community, since one of the myths originally was black people couldn’t catch it… god forbid some our future scholars drop to this turrible turrible disease!

    I think I just answered my own question haha

    • Replies: @Kim
  55. SGOTI says:

    “We will not stand for mass shootings and an increase in crime,” he said, standing.

  56. Put down your guns, come in and get a vaccine, and everything will be “ah-ight”.
    Not so fast Buckwheat..
    Italy- Vaccinated Area is Hit Worst

  57. Jake says:

    It’s a good thing that the Yankee WASPs and their Jewish allies decided to destroy everything and everyone to do with common sense politics when large numbers of Numinous Negroes are present, because only now can we see the brilliance of blacks in charge and the sterling results of black culture freed to be itself fully.

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
  58. charly says:

    I don’t understand the term Chinese virus, you should say virus from the United States

    • Agree: By-tor
    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  59. Raj says:

    You Americans laugh at China, India and Vietnam but we don’t have the black problem, YOU have the black problem. Our problems of poverty etc are being solved but your cities like Baltimore and Detroit are screwed forever

  60. Trinity says:

    The foot soldiers are indeed part of the problem and their role in bringing down the country should be noted as well. While I don’t find this article that interesting, were it not for this writer’s blog, I would be clueless on many of the totally blacked out crimes committed by nonwhites/Blacks on Whites. Hey, even Mickey Mantle struck out more often than he hit a home run but he still helped produce some great New York Yankee teams.

  61. bomag says:

    Well, the mayor did say: “We’re going to come after you and we’re going to get you.”

  62. m. says:

    don’t support felon-ball, round or pointed

  63. @BanditOfBlithe

    The bigger question, or elephant in the room, is this: What will happen when the police officers start presenting with symptoms and can no longer function? Who will bell the cat? Will the Maryland National Guard step in and start patrolling the high-crime neighborhoods? Will the Mango Emporer be forced to bring the troops home from Europa, the Middle East, and Sothwest Asia to patrol Blue Hives such as New Yawk, Baltimore, Chicongo, Houston, and SoCal?
    If you harken back to the Rodney King Festival in 1992, it was a total cluster. Looters were arriving from all over SoCal, to feast on the corpse of the City of Angels. The Rooftop Koreans took matters into their own hands to save their businesses and co-ethnics. NG troops actually participated in the looting and some were disarmed by groups of gang bangers. If you can find it, read CIVIL WAR II by Thomas Chittum. Mr. Chittum was prescient. If you have not prepared yourselves for this Mad Max scenario, you are way behind the curve. You may not be interested in the denizens of the inner cities. As a former Peace Officer, I can state truthfully: They are interested in you.

    • Replies: @Calculator
  64. @dindunuffins

    The Mayor should say :

    1 Your Negro behaviour is unacceptable
    2. We will no longer stand for it
    3. We will get you

    instead of :

    1 I implore you
    2. I beg you
    3. To behave because your behaviour in unacceptable
    4. I implore and beg you to understand we will not stand for it
    5. I implore and beg you to understand we will get you.

    A man with power does not beg and implore. He warns and then acts. However if our Mayor puts his foot down he will essentially wipe out all the Negroes in Baltimore and the place will once again become white and law abiding. That means he will be out of a job and THAT is unacceptable.

    • Replies: @Not Woke--Not Broke
  65. Sushipal says: • Website
    @The Bland Enchilada

    “White folks were running from us black folks.” – Michelle Obama
    Andrew Young, black Atlanta mayor: “No matter where whites go, we will follow. No matter how far away they move, WE WILL FOLLOW. WHITES CAN’T ESCAPE US!”

  66. @Raj

    You are only 1/2 right. We laugh at China, India and Viet Nam but they also laugh at us. I want you to know though that we are on the bleeding edge and plan to show the world we are innovative in the US. You see, being very business and profit minded we have no intention of demolishing our cities with heavy equipment, huge manpower and explosives. We simply move in the blacks. They destroy everything for free. So if there are any cities in China, India or Viet Nam that need refurbishing, we have unlimited numbers of African Americans happy for the work. Just say the word and we can ship them all to you….ONE WAY ! Rest assured we are always happy to help our brothers in the global village. Remember diversity and multiculturalism will make you stronger and benefit your spiritual growth. So dont hesitate to ask for assistance but ah…you will have to provide the ships. We cannot afford to do so as our money will be deployed to redevelop the devastated communities previously occupied by our Africans

  67. @The Bland Enchilada

    In this case I am all for social distancing. However, I dont believe the curve should be flattened. It should be inverted and filled with 6 feet of earth…like a grave perhaps !

  68. Kim says:

    Many, many blacks believe that Tyson Fury recently defeated Deontay Wilder for the heavyweight boxing title by loosening the laces on his boxing gloves and somehow hitting Wilder with the inside of his ungloved fists.

    Try it for yourself to see exactly how impractical – in fact suicidal – this might be. But many of these geniuses sincerely believe it.

    • Replies: @Rooster1
  69. @Charon

    Are you sure that is Thailand ? It looks like Baltimore to me ! Please recheck the origin of the photo

    • LOL: Love Street, Meimou
  70. @Dweezil the Weasel

    Yeah Dweez. I understand many of the Koreans were themselves ex military in Korea?? For all the talk about racial harmony and community policing I always have a laugh when black looters avoid the store protected by Koreans or anyone else protected by shotguns and loot, pillage and burn down the unprotected stores/ shops owned by their own blacks. There is no doubt in my mind that a shotgun with a combat load and alternating slugs is a great way to induce and promote racial harmony.

  71. Kim says:

    India does indeed have a black problem and you manage it with a system of caste laws and barriers that make Jim Crow look like an inter-racial lovefest.

    You have got 200 million people in your country that the caste system denies any employment above sweeping your disgusting excuses for toilets with a handful of twigs or work in chemical-heavy industries like leather and dying.

    How many (brown) Rajashtani Indians would allow his daughter to marry a (black) man from Tamil Nadu, or even to shake hands with her?

    And of course the Chinese and Vietnamese quite reasonably feel the same way about you.

    Next time you want to criticize another culture, I suggest you get out from behind your Slurpee machine and cast (huh) a quick critical eye over your own.

    • LOL: Dannyboy, Meimou
  72. Well?
    Root of all problems is Globalization and outsourcing production of goods.

  73. @Urban Moving

    You sound a little high strung…


  74. @charly

    Oooooooo…. I see what you did there.

    Insinuating that the US somehow released this virus in China and is responsible for crashing its own economy so it could instill martial law and one pick up all the guns.

  75. @Raj

    You have a caste system…we have a caste system…


  76. Agent76 says:

    This is for those where self defense is not outlawed.

    January 14, 2020 Baltimore’s Bleeding, And Gun Control Isn’t Helping

    The city recorded 348 homicides last year, its fifth consecutive year with more than 300 murders and the most violent year ever on a per-capita basis.

    Feb 17, 2020 Top TEN Concealed or Open Carry Legal Problems You Can Avoid!

    If you carry either Concealed or Open, there are some legal issues you may run into that could be easily avoided…

    Jan 27, 2020 A Little Gun History You *WON’T* Hear from the Media!

    • Thanks: bruce county, Augustus
  77. Culpepper says:

    Has that ever been tried in America?

  78. Jon57 says:

    There is a reason to blame America first. Because America has been sabotaging the world around us for more than 70 years and it is time that it stopped. Maybe this event will turn the tide and I think it will.

    Mr. Kersey’s poor choice of words is emblematic of the disease of supremacy that has been going on here for too long.

    So you want to wrap yourself with the flag and pretend the sky is blue, along with Paul Kersey, that is your problem. But the Zionist corporation called the United States is the prime cause of misery and havoc around the world, albeit not the only one.

    The only silver lining of this disease could be a destruction of this evil system allowing the good citizens of this country forge an alliance with the rest of the world to live in peace.

    • LOL: bruce county
    • Replies: @John Johnson
  79. Gourdhead says:

    Stop shooting each other? Are you serious? Baltimore is a city full of animals. The shooting will not stop.

  80. I hope we’ll see massive chimpouts all over the West. It’s the only way black incompatibility will be brought home to Whites.

    • Agree: Dannyboy, By-tor
  81. @Raj

    You’re right. And if you did you’d know how to solve it, Like the Chinese do with their Muslims.

  82. Rooster1 says:

    People vastly underestimate the comprehension level of the average black…. vastly. Simple concepts elude them, and conspiracies run rampant in their community.

    As many posters on here have pointed out before, many blacks go their whole lives never wondering how the water gets to their faucet or when you flip a light switch, why the light turns on.

    • Agree: AR in Illinois
    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Dannyboy
  83. @Raj

    This is incorrect, India has a problem with certain asocial elements that can never be expected to work. Youth unemployment on India is very high and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a violent Cultural Revolution like upheaval due to the skewed sex ration and lots of angry young men with nothing invested in life.

    This is exacerbated by the Muslim-Hindu issue, we can already see signs of Hindus lashing out against Muslims, so India had a Muslim Problem as 1 in 6 Indians are Muslims and by 2060 India will have the largest Muslim population in the world.

    The Muslim problem is far worse than the Black problem, as I find Blacks do not have the capacity to organise themselves and pursue group interests and instead rely on Mr Mossberg from the NAACP. Muslims are connected via their religion and mosque.

    • Agree: Sunshine State
  84. Sulu says:

    How much better would America be without the African animal in our midst? They should all be paying White people reparations for us having to put up with their sub-human behavior.


    • Troll: Agent76
    • Replies: @The Grim Joker
  85. Truth says:

    Apparently you didn’t need the “black problem” to get where you are.

  86. Dannyboy says:
    @bruce county

    “I want to reiterate how completely unacceptable the level of violence is that we have seen recently,” Young said. “We will not stand for mass shootings and an increase in crime.”

    If I had a dollar every time some dumb coon or gay ass Leftist politico uttered the same impotent, meaningless bullshit during the last 50 years in cities all over this country, I’d be a wealthy man.

  87. The easy fix is for the shooting deaths to be reported as Cohen-avirus deaths. That way, the city government will get the federal money and the city pols can fill their pockets.

  88. Dannyboy says:

    That’s because you’re a clueless little indoctrinated Bernie Bro who probably walks, talks and dresses like a coon and listens to their “music” as well.

    But I seriously doubt you or your family have ever lived where they are a majority. That is the case with most all white Leftist filth.

  89. @Jon57

    There is a reason to blame America first. Because America has been sabotaging the world around us for more than 70 years and it is time that it stopped.

    Ah recent public school graduate.

    Do tell us where Wakanda is then.

    Or has America somehow sabotaged every third world country?

  90. Neoconned says:

    Most blacks are good folks. True, they tend to be more prone to criminal behavior but many would give you the shirt off their back….

    Considering in all likelihood this is/was a rogue factional CIA(doubt the director is aware of the perpetrators, Trump sure as hell isn’t…) we should be throwing the blame where it belongs….

    • Replies: @Dannyboy
  91. @John Johnson

    Surprise, surprise, Covid-19 has brought out the dreaded “socialist” bug from the Trump regime – what with all the government handouts to the public – much as the Repubtards want to bury their heads in the sands of denial. Was it not candidate Yang who first promised $1000 monthly checks to all Americans, long before Covid-19? Now that Trump is doing the exact same thing for which Yang was being ridiculed, Trump becomes a hero.

  92. JoeN says:
    @Sunshine State

    A few years ago I read that in Shitcongo the bill for a single bullet wound is in the $20 to $30k range which includes surgery, recovery services (hospital and home) and typically a series of physical therapy sessions (including medical transport to and from PT). The costs are no doubt higher today.

    As for who pays, I think you already know the answer. If you don’t know, seek out the nearest mirror and take a look.

  93. neo says:

    The Exact same thing in Detroit,,,,,,,Blacks shooting each other in mass but the media / Democrats covering up their crimes by blaming white businessmen, racist, slavery, etc,,,,,, just to keep their votes

  94. Truth says:

    People vastly underestimate the comprehension level of the average black…. vastly.

    You meant “overestimate”, Einstein.

    • LOL: Slimer, Thomm
    • Replies: @Thomm
  95. eah says:

    Still waiting for you to cite one report — here’s what you said:

    And sure enough, reports of major violent crime uptick in urban areas start coming in…THE SAME DAY.

    You said “reports” — what I’m looking for is just one report about a ‘major uptick’ in “violent crime”, where the”uptick” is directly tied to school closings — you said multiple “reports” existed, so you must be able to provide at least one — ideal would be such a report filed on the “THE SAME DAY” school closings were announced or took effect (to tie any such ‘major uptick’ to kids who otherwise would have been in school would be amazingly fast police work).

  96. tiredofit says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    My reply to you , I have to agree!

  97. @Sulu

    When you have an unwelcome guest in your house you do not ask him to contribute or reimburse you for any reason or expense, emotional or financial that has been incurred . You give them cab fare and show them the door. The incremental cost to you is well worth it. Africa is a wonderful, beautiful place with greater and more majestic scenery. It beats me that Afro Americans want to live here instead. Oh wait, there is no subsidized housing, food stamps and welfare in Africa. In many cases there is no food. so the food stamp thing is a no go. Sanitation and health care is practically non existent. The blacks there hate other blacks what with all the tribalism and the Police ? well they have a nasty way of shooting criminals and gunning down protesters with cameras rolling. If I were a black man I would return there just to get away from white oppression.

    • Replies: @mocissepvis
  98. Dannyboy says:

    Most blacks are good folks.

    If you truly believe that, you should move yourself and your family to a black majority city.

    • Replies: @Neoconned
  99. Dannyboy says:

    Simple concepts elude them, and conspiracies run rampant in their community



    • Replies: @AR in Illinois
  100. Piglet says:

    And sure enough, reports of major violent crime uptick in urban areas start coming in…THE SAME DAY.

    Given the propensity of city police departments to downgrade many crimes from felonies to misdemeanors or to simply not make a record of crimes committed (making cities appear safer than they actually are), I don’t put much trust in official “reports.”

    I will say, however, that it is common knowledge in DC (and probably any other orc-filled city) that, when school lets out for the day, crimes are committed. The dindus flood onto the streets and the criminal activity that had been concentrated within school grounds then moves to stores, streets, buses, Metrorail, etc. This has been going on for so long that it’s considered “normal.” To notice and comment on it, however, is considered “razziss.” And in the end it’s all somehow YT’s fault.

  101. @Dannyboy

    Hilarious how stupid they are!!

    • Agree: Dannyboy
  102. @Raj

    Raj——–Can’t argue with that.Can’t fix Black just like you can’t fix stupid.

  103. @The Grim Joker

    The Grim Joker——-If da Mayor cleaned up this shithole,White people in Baltimore would reelect him.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  104. Jeez.

    Did this retard of an author really just echoed Trump’s “China virus”? He basically went out of his way and edited every single mention of the virus into China virus.


    The Desperation is showing.

  105. @Astuteobservor II

    Are the Hasbarat well-paid in 2020?

    Asking for a friend.

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  106. @Mr. Rational

    Very well. Look at the amount of comments and now articles. The sheer volume should tell you the answer.

  107. @Not Woke--Not Broke

    There aren’t enough whites people in Baltimore to elect him which is why he doesn’t need to clean anything up.

  108. @Astuteobservor II


    Ass Toot2, no one here is desperate. Chinese virus is a description of the virus based upon it place off origin, as is common with such things.

    But we can call it the African virus if China upsets your delicate senses.

    Or maybe you can just shove off.

    • Agree: Dannyboy, Love Street
    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  109. Neoconned says:

    Already am in 1……been in 1 most of my life.

    • Replies: @Dannyboy
  110. Dannyboy says:

    Uh huh. I believe you.

    If that indeed does happen to be the case, you’re most probably in some gay ass white hipster enclave, with few if any nig neighbors…lol

  111. Thomm says:

    You meant “overestimate”, Einstein.

    Remember what I said about the defective subrace having an IQ of 70, which enables mainstream, functional whites (like me) to have very few flaws as a group.

    The white genotype has a very efficient filtration and expungement mechanism. Unfortunately, we still have to suffer the wastebaskets while they perform their role.

    • Replies: @Truth
  112. Truth says:

    Thomm, I have a hard time ever arguing with you.

  113. Baltimore, along with Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Oakland, to name just the first few, need to be turned into “Dindustans,” a la Apartheid-era South African “townships.” Except that where the misguided South African government left these places unconfined, the newly-sane U.S. needs to built mile-high walls around these Dindustans, with guard towers staffed by security personnel with shoot-to-kill orders for any inmate who tries to leave.

    Let these isolated ghettos become the crime, drug, and, disease-ridden, festering shit holes the inmates are so obviously fond of wallowing in. As long as they’re sealed off from contact with humans, it’s none of our concern how they lead their sordid existence.

    • Agree: Dannyboy
    • Replies: @Hibernian
  114. @NanJenn67

    Instead of wasting dollars and the time and talents of productive white people by trying to educate the genetically uneducable, why not just herd them into juvenile prisons during the day, and make them do some at least marginally useful work? For example, have them pick up the garbage and contaminants off the city streets that they themselves are largely responsible for putting there. Or have them apply rudimentary first aid to their gunshot homies so that doctors and precious hospital resources don’t have to be wasted to patch them up, knowing that they’ll just go back out on the streets and get shot up again.

    Making little Dindus do something simple and productive to justify the dole money being wasted on their useless-eater asses while keeping them off the streets and out of trouble during the day is a win for everybody. Best of all, it spares them the needless agony of having to pretend to learn, something that they are neither interested in or capable of doing.

  115. @The Grim Joker

    We really need to revive efforts at deportation to Liberia, the 170-plus-year hiatus having been far too long for anyone’s good. The Liberians themselves –or rather, the Americo-Liberians, the descendants of repatriated American slaves who were, up until the early 1980s, the ruling class– should have no objections to being the recipients of their oppressed American brothers. They themselves complain about being overwhelmed by the savage native Africans who make up 85 percent of Liberia’s population, so having fresh “American” blood to boost their numbers and invigorate the gene pool should be a godsend to them. Another win-win, for both White America AND Africa.

  116. I didn’t notice if anybody reported this yet in the comments. The National Guard has been deployed in Baltimore, since four days ago:

  117. Piglet says:

    I wonder which units of the MD ARNG they are? Among others, Maryland has an infantry battalion and a military police battalion, plus a couple of medical companies. The first two may prove useful in preventing a total chimp-out in the days to come.

  118. @Jim in Jersey

    I would rather call it the Jim virus :p

    What honor, to have a deadly name after you right?

  119. DRH says:

    I live in Bodymore/Bloodymore and am shamed. Fortunately Mayor Young is lowest on the pack of potential elected mayors, BUT Sheila Dixon, charged with felony theft of gift cards, is at the top, so…..

  120. Hibernian says:

    Oakland is gentrifying. It’s San Francisco’s Brooklyn.

  121. @dindunuffins

    “We’re going to come after you and we’re going to get you.” . . . . Who’s this we, Kemosabe? You got a mouse roaring in your pocket? – – – – The Baltimore Police Union and the George Soros-elected District Attorney

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