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In 60% White Indianapolis, the Office of Public Health Concludes Being a 18-35 Year Old Black/Hispanic Male Represent Risk Factors for Becoming Perpetrator of Violence...
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Just imagine if the government of Indianapolis (and for that matter, every government in major US cities) treated the black population as a liability to public health, instead of pretending blacks people are the relentless victims of white racism. H/T to the late Colin Flaherty for that concept, by the way.

Well, a report from the Indianapolis Office of Public Health concludes 18-35 year old black or Hispanic are the root cause of violence in the city, and those are two key risk factors in identifying perpetrators of violence. [CRIME MAPPING: Areas at higher risk for violence in Indianapolis, FOX 59, January 24, 2022]:

INDIANAPOLIS — As Indianapolis leaders look into how to reduce violence across the city, the Office of Public Health and Safety are looking to the root causes for violence.

The office says research has identified eight risk factors for becoming a victim or perpetrator of violence. These risk factors include:

  • 18-35 year olds
  • Black or Hispanic
  • Involvement in criminal justice
  • Unemployed or underemployed
  • Undereducated
  • Associated with a crew, group or gang
  • Previously shot or associated with gun activity
  • Have friends or family members who have been shot within the last year

Of these risk factors, the age, race, employment, education and shootings categories are able to be tracked using publicly-available data. Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau along with IMPD shooting data, we were able to track where in the city people were at the most risk.

Research from the National Institute for Criminal Justice Reform (NICJR) shows victims and suspects of homicides and shootings are primarily Black men between the ages of 18-34. This is despite Black citizens comprising only 29 percent of the overall population in Indianapolis.

Victim Age

The report from the NICJR shows about 62 percent of homicide victims or suspects and 60 percent of shooting victims or suspects were between the ages of 18-34. By taking a look into data from the latest American Community Survey, we were able to identify the areas with the highest concentrations of people in this age range.

One of the highest concentrations of people in that age range is Census Tract 3910, within Indianapolis’ downtown neighborhood. Of the 6,323 people living in this area, 4,855 are within the risk age range.

This area experienced seven homicides in 2021, with 20 non-fatal shootings taking place through the beginning of August. Of the non-fatal shootings in this area, the majority of the victims were 18-years-old.

The deadliest area of the city, Census Tract 3308 within Indianapolis’ Far Eastside neighborhood, experienced 10 homicides in 2021, with 12 non-fatal shootings through the beginning of August 2021.

Of the 3,816 people who call this area home, an estimated 832 are between the age of 18 and 34. The majority of the non-fatal shooting victims were 23-years-old.

Victim Race

The report from the NICJR also found 77 percent of victims and suspects in homicides and shootings were Black, despite making up 29 percent of the overall population in Indianapolis. Using data from the American Community Survey, we were able to identify areas in the city with a higher Black population.

Census Tract 3302.02, within Indianapolis’ Far Eastside neighborhood, is predominantly Black. Of the 11,717 people who live in this area, around 6,794 are Black.

This area experienced one homicide in 2021 along with nine non-fatal shootings by the beginning of August. Of the non-fatal shooting victims, eight were Black. The homicide victim was also Black.

In comparison, the deadliest area of the city, one census tract away from 3302.02 is also predominately Black. Of the 3,816 people living in this area, 2,187 are Black.

The non-fatal shooting victims in this area are all Black. The homicide victims in this area are also all Black.

How much violent crime would Indianapolis have if the city were all-white?

The Indianapolis Office of Public Health has concluded, with this report, not much.

As it is, in 60% white Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Office of Public Health let’s us know who is most inclined to commit violent crime.

Now if only we instituted laws to protect the law abiding, instead of throwing every resource behind the belief black people are relentless victims of white racism…

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  1. usNthem says:

    Probably the best and ultimate solution is to round up all the blacks, dump them into one tract, wall it off and let them solve their own genetic problems. Either the 18-34 year olds will rule the roost, or they’ll be dealt with. Wakanda may yet rise – lol.

    • Replies: @Trevor
    , @DMZABO
  2. The “food desert” is one of the more amusing ghetto crises.

    Supermarkets attempting to open locations in the hood are robbed blind, making it impossible to make a profit. (Long before the current waves of brazen merch thieves, orcs openly raided supermarkets.)

    Perhaps some enterprising capitalists with a fleet of old armored trucks will attempt an Uber Eats-type service….

  3. Bite Moi says:

    No other race likes Africans.Mexicans most certainly don’t.Apparently Hispanics are starting to vote Republican since the greatly detested Haitians are crossing the Southern border.Hispanics in Indianapolis won’t put up with near as much black dysfunction as White people.

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
    • Replies: @Unit472
    , @Pirate999
    , @Nero
  4. The office says research has identified eight risk factors for becoming a victim or perpetrator of violence. These risk factors include:

    18-35 year olds
    Black or Hispanic
    Involvement in criminal justice
    Unemployed or underemployed
    Associated with a crew, group or gang
    Previously shot or associated with gun activity
    Have friends or family members who have been shot within the last year

    Associated with gun activity?

    My grandfather gave me a .22 rifle for my 10th birthday. My mom put her foot down when he tried to give me a High Standard .22 pistol for my 14th (I still have it). I guess that he was trying to recruit me into his drug gang.

    I’m still alive.

  5. Absurdly OT:

    With full knowledge of one of our commentator’s undying love (cough-cough) for the domesticated feline, the following story should warm his heart.

    “According to an Omaha Police report, officers responded to a residence near 37th and Capitol Streets on Monday around 5 pm. for an animal complaint.

    “Officers spoke to the victim who said her two cats were fighting, according to OPD.

    “The report states, the victim “reportedly told the aggressive cat that she was going to ‘put it in its room.’ At this point, the cat became enraged and attacked.”

    “The victim told officers that she was able to get the cat into the room and close the door.
    Officers said the Omaha woman had multiple “superficial” claw marks and was transported to Nebraska Medicine for treatment. The cat was taken to the Nebraska Humane Society.”

    I hear they’re shipping it to New Zealand for rehab. :})

  6. Unit472 says:
    @Bite Moi

    Yeah, I agree. A lot of Hispanic violence is the result of their close proximity to the negro and is defensive. Yes, they have their gangs and drug violence too but, again, that is because they must compete in negro areas.

    If white country club members had to play golf in areas where hoodrats roamed they would carry an AR-15 in their golf bag and a member of their foursome would deploy it as his partners tried to putt.

    I can’t blame a beaner who, after being robbed and beaten by some hoodrat with an NFL style hairdo and tattoos, shoves a pistol in his pants and says never again. He isn’t going to aim at me unless I come into his territory.

    • Replies: @WSG
    , @Pirate999
  7. Trevor says:

    Either the 18-34 year olds will rule the roost, or they’ll be dealt with.

    The age range should be extended to 12 – 40+ something.

    • Replies: @Cauchemar du Singe
  8. WSG says:

    The obscene murder rates in their countries of origin refute your claims. I don’t want them any more than I want orcs.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational, Adolph 2nd
  9. Anonymous[172] • Disclaimer says:

    I’ve lived here most of my life; I did not know we are only 60% white within the city. I wonder if that includes autonomous cities like Speedway, where the 500 is held, Beech Grove, Crows Nest, and Williams Creek and Meridian Hills, among others. Does that include all of Marion County, while we are at?

    Pretty much west to east between Michigan Rd and Binford Blvd and south from 38th St to St. Clair’s is the ghetto. Parts of 86th St have been ghettoized due to the revitalization of downtown.

    We have Mexicans on the east side that have pushed the blacks out. The Nicaraguans on the west side really do not seem to cause many violent problems. The Burmese on the south side, though having taken over many lower class neighborhoods, do not seem to have caused many violent problems.

    The city and suburbs have changed and not for the better. You now have Mandarin speakers at banks in Carmel. We have 4 Spanish radio stations, 3 FM and 1 AM. It’s depressing to see and hear what has become of the place I grew up near and currently call home.

  10. loren says:

    ws panel reacted strongly to news of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer’s plans to retire.
    The focus quickly settled on President Joe Biden’s promise to nominate a Black woman.
    Host Harris Faulkner said, “What you’re talking about is discrimination.”
    Minutes after news broke that Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer planned to retire, Harris Faulkner’s show “Outnumbered” on Fox News quickly turned to outrage over President Joe Biden’s campaign pledge to appoint a Black woman to the nation’s highest court.

    Jonathan Turley, a Fox News contributor and constitutional-law professor at George Washington University, compared Biden’s pledge to college admissions and tried to argue that picking a Black woman would be unconstitutional under any other circumstances.

    “And the irony is the Supreme Court just accepted two cases on the use of race preferences in college admissions,” Turley, who was a pro-Trump impeachment witness, said over the phone. “And so this is obviously going to come up where the president’s going to have to decide if he int

  11. Well one must always remember when viewing crime stastics, one will most likely be dealing with the negroe primate. Their genetic propensity for crime and violence assures them a place in any discussion about crime.

  12. I could have saved Indy a ton of money. My investigation and final report would be called “Negroes being Negroes”.

    • LOL: Adolph 2nd
  13. @Sick of Orcs

    Reminds me of an article I read yesterday in the New York Post. A Rite Aid pharmacy (on the corner of 8th Avenue and 50th street in New York in the Hell’s Kitchen area) is permanently closing its doors as they’ve lost \$200,000 in just two months to shoplifters.

    On another site, I saw a video where a negro just walks into a pharmacy (in California, if I recall correctly), and proceeds to load up two backpacks with whatever he wanted and just saunters out of the store as if it were nothing while the useless security guard just stands there and watches.

    Of course, all the above reminds me of how 25 different pharmacies in the San Francisco area permanently closed up shop for the same reasons.

    Besides the screeches about food deserts, just wait- there’ll be screeches about “medicine deserts” too.

  14. “instead of pretending blacks people are the” Inventors,Builders,Engineers, of America and Europe.

  15. Pirate999 says:

    Indy city isn’t run by blacks or whites but another group that controls everything in America and the rest of the planet. Hint Not the Amish.

  16. Pirate999 says:

    Who asked the Hispanics to invade the USA?

    • Replies: @loren
  17. Mo' Gibbs says:

    By extrapolation, then, we might logically conclude that NOT checking any of those 8 magic boxes puts one in the unenviable position of being most at risk to predation by the black/brown young male sub-humans.

    Too bad they aren’t working on a vaxx for TNB.

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  18. @Non PC Infidel

    Another Paul Kersey gem: “reduced to the African mean,” synonymous with anarchy.

  19. @Trevor

    10 to 70…females included.

    • Replies: @Trevor
  20. @Non PC Infidel

    If I was a store like Rite Aid, I’d make a compilation of all the security videos showing people openly stealing, and play it whenever some orc started screeching about food/medicine deserts and corporations are racist for not opening businesses in da community.

    Hells Kitchen these days is the new gay neighborhood in NYC since they got priced out of Chelsea.

    • Replies: @Adolph 2nd
  21. @Mo' Gibbs

    They’ve had a vaxx for TNB for decades, it’s called hollow points and comes in the caliber of your choice.

  22. Pirate999 says:
    @Bite Moi

    Hispanics vote 70 percent for insane Democrats. South and Central America are disgusting disease ridden drug infested dumps and slums, it’s the same in California and other invasion sites in the USA.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  23. Jameson says:

    Recently heard about some sort of algorithm being used as part of the parole programs, may be called Pattern. It was part of Trump’s big program where he let all the blacks out of prison etc. Well, and this will come as no surprise, the libs are decrying the algorithm, which must be used to select those eligible for the new parole programs, AS RACIST! It must use crime stats which show blacks more likely to commit crimes, or something like that, maybe it even includes recidivism rates among the races, but in any event, it means that less blacks are being selected for the new parole options, and that is RACIST!

  24. Nero says:
    @Bite Moi

    You’re confused, hispanics are just as racist and ethnically chauvinistics as blacks. And would gladly throw Whites under the bus if it benefited their community. Vote Republican!? Yeah.. Ok..

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  25. @Sick 'n Tired

    I thought something similar but was too lazy to post it. We think along the same lines.

  26. El'geherg says:

    Indianapolis used to be considered one of the most livable cities in America but with the blacks out of control it is turning into another urban hellscape.

  27. SafeNow says:

    They should add another risk factor for becoming a victim: “Making eye contact.” It’s time to acknowledge reality: A glance can get you killed, or at least punched in the face. This is tricky because you need to be “situationally aware” of who is around you. But this can be done without the eye contact.

  28. Anonymous[131] • Disclaimer says:

    Hispanics overwhelmingly vote Democrat and it’s not because they believe in Butt Sex, Trannies, & or global warming

    They do it because they believe they benefit from racially, at the obvious expense of Founding Fathers posterity

    They are no friend of the White Man. To think otherwise is suicidal

    • Agree: Non PC Infidel, WSG, Listener
  29. Bite Moi says:

    Pirate999——-I’m not suggesting that Hispanics should invade.I am just making the point that negroes and muslims are worse.

  30. Indianapolis Public Schools:

    Math/English proficiency: 23% (vs statewide 48%)
    \$18,000 per kid (that it admits to)

    The totally crappy district’s latest gimmick is a drive to recruit teachers who look more like the students it (dis-) serves. IPS’ recent news centers around a science teacher/admin who was canned for basically calling out the district for teaching CRT. I am LOVING the fact that some of IPS’ rich, White parents are demanding that its less sucky, White majority schools become more diverse.

    • Replies: @DMZABO
  31. Bite Moi says:

    Nero——-I am not advocating for more hispanics.They are,however, far better neighbors than blacks.I have lived around both,and believe me,i know the difference. That said,i am trying to move to a Whitopia.Preferrably Mayberry,circa 1950.

  32. loren says:

    well lets see

    L B J

  33. DMZABO says:

    Wakanda will never rise. Even if you were to throw all the yeast infections from the black chic’s from St. Louy into its mix.

    • Replies: @Detroit Refugee
  34. DMZABO says:

    if they were to just hire teachers that only look like the students…..Expect the female student pregnancies to skyrocket.

  35. Trevor says:
    @Cauchemar du Singe

    You’re right. It should definitely include all “teens” regardless of sex.

  36. Trevor says:

    Mass murder of 6 victims in Milwaukee. “Four people in custody” = black or not black?

  37. Raccoon says:

    Risk factors? Risk factors?

    I’d think the appropriate term is “CAUSAL FACTORS”.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  38. loren says:

    is that a rhetorical question?

    from the linky,
    Donta Williams,
    Javoni Liddell

    The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office identified the victims as Charles Hardy, 42; Caleb Jordan, 23; Javoni Liddell, 31; Donald Smith, 43; 44; and Michelle Williams, 49.

  39. Listener says:

    Mass murder of 6 victims in Milwaukee. “Four people in custody” = black or not black?

    The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office identified the victims as Charles Hardy, 42; Caleb Jordan, 23; Javoni Liddell, 31; Donald Smith, 43; Donta Williams, 44; and Michelle Williams, 49.

    Donta, Javoni?? Of course they’re black.

    • Replies: @Trevor
    , @Detroit Refugee
  40. @Sick 'n Tired

    And a wonderful vaccine it is too! Vaccinations of this type should be used where ever and when ever as needed.

  41. @Sick 'n Tired

    Shame the stores dont keep items on their shelves that are rigged to to funny things. Like candy bars made with a strong laxative that causes explosive bowel movements when consumed, or batteries that when plugged into any device wouldnt fry the device the first time it is used. Even better feminine products that somehow got a dusting of fiberglass particles on them. ( Itchy coochie dont ya know).
    Condoms with itching power on the inside and the outside, over the counter sleeping pills that contain enough caffine to keep an elephant awake……..
    But such things will not happen because shoplifting is ok for democrat communist and negroes, and negroe primates are a national treasure. (NOT!)

  42. KenH says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    Supermarkets attempting to open locations in the hood are robbed blind, making it impossible to make a profit.

    Not only that but there’s usually muggings and armed robberies in the parking lots in the late evening and at night. I live next to a medium sized city plagued by negro crime and a grocery store located in an area of about 40-50% groids just closed because they suffered robberies in the store and people were getting robbed and sometimes shot in the parking lot.

    There were “youths” or yutes (My Cousin Vinny) who were also robbing nearby stores so a white owned barber shop and several other stores were forced to scale back hours or close. So now that area of town is a food desert, a barber shop desert, a nail salon desert and other deserts as well.

    Negro DNA creates deserts of all kinds where there was once thriving communities.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
    • Replies: @Detroit Refugee
  43. Trevor says:

    That’s an easy one because of the names of the victims (and the nature of the crime). But I was making a rhetorical point about the identity of the perps being obscured or withheld as usual.

    Here is a video and article about the shoplifting discussed in this thread:

    Everything from shoplifting to mass murder is routine TNB, and it is ignored, tolerated, excused, and covered up.

    Meanwhile negroes are portrayed by the (((media))) in movies, TV shows, and commercials as intelligent, wise, good heroes while white people are now often portrayed negatively.

    A good example is a current adaptation called “War of the Worlds: Annihilation”. It is worth a watch if only to see how negro-centric and obvious the propaganda is and how blatant the cliches are like the white woman with black doctor who is the brother of the black woman protagonist in the movie. She is always right and the white general (with a beard!) who she reports to is always wrong.

    It is free with ads on Tubi.

    This inversion of reality has to somehow come to an end. A taxonomical reclassification reflecting scientific advances in genetics and honest observation showing what negroids really are would go a long way towards getting things fixed.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational, Listener
    • Replies: @AnalogMan
  44. Htos1av says:

    History WAS right….

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
  45. They’re referring to blacks. The only time they throw in Hispanics or the “people of color” is when black evil is so outrageously profound even liberals strain to explain it.

    • LOL: loren
  46. Trevor says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    Police have four persons of interest in custody but they will not name them and they have not yet been charged.

    No names. No pictures. News will still not actually describe killers and reveal that they are black.

    (We know that the killers are black because the victims were black and the crime is TNB, but the media will not say so – many naive liberals who read the news accounts would not know that.)

  47. AnalogMan says:

    It is free with ads on Tubi.

    That price is too high.

  48. AnalogMan says:

    Can I click “Agree”, “LOL” and “Thanks”? Excellent.

  49. @DMZABO

    That’s a good one.
    Also disgusting to think about. Long before my complete transition to full on race realist, I read syphilis was making a comeback and The Big D was front runner.

    The yeast infection line! Ha

    • Agree: magilla
  50. @Listener

    My guess is, one pack of primates cheated another pack of primates out of a decent haul of bananas. The penalty for that major “Diss” is of course death.

    • LOL: Great White
    • Replies: @magilla
  51. @KenH

    I will never forget the story from around 18,19, and at most 20 years ago up here. At a Mieyers in Lincoln Park,MI.

    A poor elderly woman , I think about 89 years of age was mugged, robbed, and car-jacked. It’s not enough for the “teen” aka nigger to take all her stuff, and terrify the woman.

    No he had to pull over and drag her out into some snow filled ditch and screw her.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  52. magilla says:
    @Detroit Refugee

    At least a few of the dead were supposed to testify in a murder case–doesn’t necessarily follow that is why they were killed, as any jogger that knows enough to testify is up to its neck in other criminal activity.

  53. @Detroit Refugee

    No he had to pull over and drag her out into some snow filled ditch and screw her.

    But…but what about Emmett Till, goyim?

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