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In 2021 King County, Washington (66% White), Gun Violence Has Already Surpassed 2020's Record Amount... and 81% of the Victim/Suspects Are Non-White
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So King County, Washington (home to Seattle), has a population that is 66 percent white.

Would you believe that on October 13, 2021, the gun violence in the county has already surpassed last year’s record total?

Would you also believe more than four out of five shootings involves non-whites? Meaning 81 percent of those victims of gun violence have been non-white (and as we are constantly told, the violence in the USA tends to be intra-racial, meaning it’s black and brown people shooting other black and brown people in King County).

Yet somehow, this is all the fault of white gun owners. [‘Disheartening’ rise in King County gun violence has already surpassed 2020’s record toll, Seattle Times, October 12, 2021]:

The sharp spike in gun violence seen in King County last year has continued unabated in 2021, with fatal and injury shootings in the first nine months of the year already exceeding 2020’s year-end totals, according to the most recent data released Tuesday by the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

People of color, especially young Black men, continue to be disproportionately affected by gun violence, as has been reported in previous years.

The prosecutor’s 2021 numbers point to an especially bloody summer, with 31 more firearm-related homicides, 129 more injury shootings and 456 more shooting incidents in which no one was hit during July, August and September.

As of the end of September, 73 people had been killed and another 283 injured in shootings in King County this year, according to third-quarter data from the prosecutor’s Shots Fired Project. In all of 2020, there were 69 firearm-related homicides and 268 nonfatal shootings, numbers that represented a 36% increase in total gunshot victims above the three-year average between 2017 and 2020.
According to the prosecutor’s Shots Fired data, of the people shot so far this year, 85% were male, 32% were between the ages of 18 and 24, and 81% were people of color. Similar to other years, 50% of the 356 fatal and nonfatal shooting victims were Black in a county where Black people make up 7% of the population.

Why not just make it illegal for black people to own firearms, as the 2nd Amendment originally only applied to white men? If this were to happen, and those black individuals carrying guns illegally were prosecuted to the full extent of the law, how many innocent black bodies would be gunned down? Basically zero.

Remember, it’s not white people pulling the trigger of firearms in King County, creating the sharp spike in gun violence. It’s non-whites, particularly black people. Recall… they represent 81% of the victims in a county that is 66 percent white.

And blacks are 7 percent of the county’s population…

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  1. loren says:

    MSNBC on country music
    he genre’s breakout star Morgan Wallen was caught on video saying the n-word. Though he faced immediate condemnation and some minor consequences (his music was temporarily pulled from the radio and Spotify took his songs off its editorial playlists, for example), he arguably became more popular than ever, with his album “Dangerous” spending 10 weeks at the top of the Billboard charts.

    Industry executives are also well aware of the genre’s reputation. On Tuesday, Rolling Stone obtained an email from Universal Music Group Nashville President Cindy Mabe that questioned the Recording Academy’s decision to rule country star Kacey Musgraves as ineligible for the country album category at the upcoming Grammy Awards. Mabe pointed out that country music made national headlines for the controversy surrounding Wallen’s racial slur, but added, “THIS IS NOT ALL THAT WE ARE. Under the surface are the artists that change it all and they are led by the example of Kacey Musgraves.”

    Some fans have grown increasingly disillusioned as they watch these situations play out. Christina Boehnke was surprised but gratified when she saw that Maren Morris, one of the few country artists she still listens to these days, condemned Wallen as other Nashville singers stayed quiet or quickly defended him. “We all know it wasn’t his first time using that word,” Morris tweeted after TMZ posted a video of him in February saying the racial slur to a friend. “We keep them rich and protected at all costs with no recourse.”

    “What Maren said really hit home,” Boehnke said. “How that wasn’t the end of his career to me says a lot about the country fan base and some of the artists themselves who just didn’t speak out against what he said or did.”

    Boehnke discovered country music in college and instantly connected to the lyrics from artists from Kenny Chesney to Easton Corbin about love and heartbreak and life in a small town, which reminded her of growing up in South Dakota. Lately, however, she won’t go out of her way to listen. She can’t relate to the music as much anymore, she said, and has “zero respect” for certain artists that promote “hateful” views.

    “I just don’t want to relate to anybody when I can’t get behind their morals and belief system,” she said.

    While a number of fans have been discouraged by Wallen’s quick and triumphant comeback with little public reflection (he said in a “Good Morning America” interview in July that he donated \$500,000 to Black-founded organizations, then added he hadn’t “really sat and thought about” whether country music has a race problem), they are also not entirely shocked given the overwhelmingly White world of country, which has routinely sidelined singers of color for decades.

    Wallen has already been warmly welcomed back by multiple stars of the genre, including Eric Church and Luke Bryan, who invited him onstage at their concerts.

  2. loren says:

    In 2021 King County, Washington (66% White), Gun Violence Has Already Surpassed 2020’s Record Amount… and 81% of the Victim/Suspects Are Non-White

    what percent is
    non native born yellow?

  3. Unfortunately, to ask this question in Weimerica is to be cancelled.

  4. ((Sorry @PKduplicate comment to update a faulty email)) @PK adds the information the MSM omits, intentionally, with MSM intention to mislead the population. @PK’s full disclosure of relevant information is necessary for us to understand what is really going on.

    Amazing and shocking that @PK work to clarify @MSM misinformation and to spread the full truth is called “extreme right wing” ”racist” ”white supremacist” despicable writing.

    We live in an inverse “1984” world where Truth is “misinformation”.
    Truthrevolution dot net and sincerity dot net discuss these issues and propose a radically honest world where people who use strategic omissions, deception and misinformation are shunned.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
    , @AnalogMan
  5. “She can’t relate to the music as much anymore, she said, and has “zero respect” for certain artists that promote “hateful” views.”

    Yes, she should listen to more positive and respectful artists like Cardi B, DMX, Da Baby, or Lil Nas X. Where women are referred to as bitches, and the promotion of such positive hood activities like selling & doing drugs, bragging about shooting your enemies & rivals over disrespek, growing up on welfare, pimping out women, and how doing time in jail or prison doesn’t mean shit to a real nigga.

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
  6. @loren

    A singer brave enough to use the N-word?  Pity that he cucked and gave half a mil to the enemy, though.  Otherwise I would have bought his back catalog.

    • LOL: loren
    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired

    Amazing and shocking that @PK work to clarify @MSM misinformation and to spread the full truth is called “extreme right wing” ”racist” ”white supremacist” despicable writing.

    We live in an inverse “1984” world where Truth is “misinformation”.

    It’s a harbinger of the collapse of our civilization.  You can’t run municipal water systems and electric grids on lies.  One of the most damaging lies is that Africans are as smart as Europeans.  Zimbabwe found this out the hard way, S. Africa is learning it now.

    Truthrevolution dot net and sincerity dot net discuss these issues and propose a radically honest world where people who use strategic omissions, deception and misinformation are shunned.

    When our most-educated people are buying into the lies and our own government is one of the biggest liars, we’ve got a problem.

    • Replies: @Nancy
  8. @loren

    You can see it boiling to the surface everywhere they can’t completely control the narrative. 10 weeks at the top of the charts is a big middle finger to the powers that be, and don’t think they don’t notice it. You can see it in the FJB chants at games, when entire stadiums cheer on players that previously said racist things, and otherwise unknown artists rising to the top and staying there for taking a stance against the left’s B.S.

    If we truly had fair representation, there’d be networks literally clawing for alt-right material: movies, tv shows, comedian specials, new late night talk shows… instead we have a fictitious reality carefully crafted for us, suppressing the truth at every turn.

  9. Kevlar vests and face masks mandatory for King County motorists, pedestrians, and schoolkids.

  10. AnalogMan says:

    “He gets off on Country music, ’cause Disco left him cold.
    He’s got some friends who’re into New Wave, but he’s just too friggin’ old.”

    – Bellamy Brothers, “Old Hippie”.

    I was never a Hippie, but that’s my story, otherwise. And it’s shocking to me that I’ve never heard of any of those “stars”. Does anybody even make Country music any more? I haven’t heard any. Read a while back of somebody called a “Country rapper”. That pretty much sums up the state of the world for me.

    Kids of today deserve the crap they listen to instead of music.

    • Replies: @AR in Illinois
    , @Resartus
  11. “Would you believe that on October 13, 2021, the gun violence in the county has already surpassed last year’s record total?”

    “Would you also believe more than four out of five shootings involves non-whites?”

    Grew up in PG Co. MD. I can say of course I believe in facts A and B. I came to expect this sort of behavior that if I don’t see direct aggression from these people I am wary of/expect it.

    A lady I know was recently called racist by a client. The client cancelled on her on 3 separate times; the lady I know had to cancel once and that is when the “accusation” came about. I asked her, “Was the lady black?” to which she replied yes. I told her the basic stats of where I’m from and told her that blacks are the most racist people you’ll meet.

    Couldn’t help it, I have “Spidey Sense” about these people and I’d bet dollars to doughnuts the vast majority of my past black clients would give me outstanding ratings across the board.

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
    , @Bite Moi
  12. And the beat goes on. Nothing to fret about, negroes have been the cause of criminal violence for decades but the politicians and the woke crowd continue to defend them and blame whitey for the worlds problems. Frustrating to see this? Absolutely. Are things going to change? Highly unlikely. As usual the solution is to throw more cash at the beasts, guaranteed income, reparations etc. Criminal prosecutors across the country refusing to charge and pursue criminal charges, low/no bail and releasing violent negro criminals back onto the streets to continue their reign of terror. Judges with slap on the wrist sentences. The list of treating the violent negroes with kid gloves goes on and on. We should expect nothing to change so it’s imperative to be prepared to defend yourself. ATTENTION CITIZENS! AT THE SOUND OF THE SIREN THE PURGE WILL BEGIN-GOOD LUCK.

  13. usNthem says:

    “People of color, especially young black men, continue to be disproportionately affected by gun violence, as has been reported in previous years.” Who cares? Joggers are disproportionately affected by everything negative these days and it’s all the White man’s fault. I swear, this sub-species humanoid is going to bring down western civilization if not all humanity. It’s hard to quantify how GD sick I am of reading about this kind of garbage day in and day out – It never freaking ends.

  14. @Mr. Rational

    Start a non-profit with a woke name and offer your services to PR companies, law firms, and corporations. So whenever they offend some group and have to pay out some appeasement, they can pay it to your charity, look like they care/are remorseful, then get their money back minus 20-25% in 6 months when everyone has moved on to the next outrage.

    I’d much rather pay \$125k to someone helping me, than \$500k to some group of hypocritical grifters.

  15. @Lancelot_Link

    Haha, I have developed a similar Spidey Sense when someone (especially a liberal friend or family member) is telling me about some rude customer, contractor who fucked the job up or took a deposit and disappeared, ran out on a meal/bar tab, road rage incident, or issue with renters/Air BnB guests. I always ask the same follow up question after they finish telling their story.

    “How black were they?”

    They usually give a sheepish answer and change the subject. The other way I usually know they’re talking about blacks is that my realist friends would start the story with that detail.

    • Thanks: Lancelot_Link
  16. @AnalogMan

    I posted something similar before. If you ever happen to see CMT you will notice that the ghetto crap is starting to filter into country music. Not the older, established crowd but some of the new artists. I believe a lot of it is being pushed from the inside too. It’s not just the music, but also black performers. It’s sickening when you see some ghetto-rat looking dude singing a “country” song in a video. MTV died many years ago because of the same thing, I think CMT will eventually follow.

    • Agree: usNthem, Non PC Infidel
    • Replies: @loren
    , @Alden
  17. Conner says:

    Dose this tell you anything, if so what?

  18. Bite Moi says:

    loren————Taxpayers should provide the truly sensitive with safe spaces that include,cookies,finger paints,puppy play time——-and padded rooms.

  19. Bite Moi says:

    Lancelot Link———I just avoid doing business with blacks.Best to avoid all contact.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  20. @loren

    This is such nonsense. blacks are so full of sheit just like these liberal White cuck idiots. blacks rap and call each other this BS all the time. blacks insult and make racial slurs about every other peoples on the planet,especially Asians. blacks are the most misogynistic degenerates going and yet all these White idiot women buy their garbage rap and dance and sing to this sheit. But say nothing. White Women love being beaten and verbally degraded by black ghetto trash and say nothing. But have the F’in nerve to attack their own White men. They can all wallow and die in their ghetto trash world all they want. F’em. Even when all these National Felon League players and b ballers beat the sheit out of their White girlfriends and cheat on them all the time they say nothing. Remember when Ray Rice knocked out his black ho of a girlfriend in the elevator. Whites,especially the White Women that watch NFL actually defended Rice and so did a majority of the black community.blacks always defend black guys beating the sheit out of women. There whole mantra is if you hit me , or insult me, a women,then I am going to beat the shit out of you like I would another man. Yea real moral and righteous right there. And all of a sudden you saw all these idiot pathetic White Women actually buy and where Ray Rice jerseys because they wanted that POS back into the league.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
    , @Bite Moi
    , @Alden
  21. Resartus says:

    Does anybody even make Country music any more?

    Haven’t listened to it very often in the last 10 – 15 years….
    Sometime in the 90s, it took a turn to pop….
    Along with other bad music….

    They didn’t learn from the Dixie Chicks, who lost tons of fans for attacking another artist (though they blamed it on their attacking Bush)…..
    Now their flailing career got worse so they dropped the Dixie….
    As I’ve heard for 30 years, it ain’t country without the Twang……

    You know for sure, things have gone off the deep end…
    When “Blue Grass” artists are doing covers of “Stairway to Heaven” and Beatles hits….

  22. Trevor says:

    This article states that 81% of King County suspects are non-white. (Wasn’t that a place that was renamed for MLK without having to change all the signs?) There are likely a number of unknown suspects who are also mostly non-white, increasing the percentage to maybe 96%.

    From previous articles about NYC, Chicongo, and other places it seems fairly consistent that about 96% of shootings and murders are done by non-whites, mostly blacks and mestizos.

    When will our political leaders figure this out?

  23. Anonymous[334] • Disclaimer says:

    Wasn’t ol Kasey the one who said “White Male bullshit” about that one radio host who wouldn’t play women singers?

    As a Country Ballroom Dancer who frequents dance halls in various cities in Texas, Oklahoma, & Colorado; I’ve yet to know anyone say they like a song from either Kasey or that other chick.

    I never hear Djs playing their music either.

    It’s odd that she “won” these accolades. I highly suspect that it was given to her to promote this perversion of White American Culture by (((Nashville)))

    And the fact she is still being forced on us shows who really is in control, not the shift in the culture or crowd

  24. @usNthem

    People of color, especially young black men, continue to be disproportionately affected by gun violence, as has been reported in previous years.”

    They are also disproportionately affected by low IQ, body odor, and bastardy. What do they expect you and me to do about that?

  25. Who cares about so many of the weirdo’s in Washington. I have some personal experience here. One of my best friends moved there with his wife long ago. He told me that gun laws and laws set up by liberals had been minimum. When the pastor of his church started to give a lecture on the dangers of guns, half the congregation walked out of the church. So, apparently things have only gotten worse in Washington. People are clueless as ever about the democrats, if indeed, that is what this political entity still should be referred to.

    • Replies: @Trevor
  26. Trevor says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    Sooner or later after George is cancelled, they will rename the state after Booker T.

  27. @dindunuffins

    OBJoke:  How does Rihanna know Chris Brown is cheating on her?

    He comes home with another woman’s lipstick on his knuckles.

    • LOL: Lancelot_Link, Alden
  28. loren says:
    @AR in Illinois

    I believe a lot of it is being pushed from the inside too.

    do not believe, know. its spin from the top.

    you have a lot to learn about media and image making and spin. remember michael jackson marry Elvises daughter after some ‘accusations’?

    • Replies: @Resartus
  29. AnalogMan says:

    Truthrevolution dot net and sincerity dot net discuss these issues and propose a radically honest world where people who use strategic omissions, deception and misinformation are shunned.

    Lots of luck with that.

    I remember, a few years back, there was a campaign by a group of South Africans to petition European countries like Britain, France and the Netherlands to grant asylum to South Africans who could prove descent from settlers of those nationalities, under a doctrine called jus sanguinis (literally, “right of blood”). I had some correspondence with a woman who was involved with that. She was one of those “radical truthers”. It was quite funny. She seemed to go out of her way to try to offend me.

    I told her, her diplomatic skills were not up to the task she had taken on, and in fact her principles would make it impossible. If she wanted to accomplish anything, she would need to hire a professional diplomat or lawyer to lie for her. She wouldn’t hear of it. That would be as bad as lying herself.

    Admirable, but counter-productive. Some people, you just can’t help. I never heard any more about that campaign.

  30. Bite Moi says:

    dindunuffins————-White women,like all women everywhere,despise weakness. White men lost control of their women when they gave their women the vote.White women gave us FDR,John Kennedy,LBJ,Jimmy Carter,Bill Clinton,Barack (Praise his Name) Obama, and Biden/Harris. White women have used their vote like a weapon to drive the Republic into debt and ruin.

    • Agree:
  31. Why would shitlibs care? Dead blacks vote democrap early and often.

  32. Resartus says:

    you have a lot to learn about media and image making and spin. remember michael jackson marry Elvises daughter after some ‘accusations’?

    Still not a single female, that’s come out and claimed MJ actually ever had physical sex/intercourse…..

  33. Nancy says:
    @Mr. Rational

    I think the biggest problem is that they now do it right to our face!!

    BTW, Termites who consider themselves the ‘chosen’ are really the ‘sub-human’… we can’t win unless we take control of the semantics/language/words, that they have twisted and weaponized against us, and follow their example by creating our own words for truth… ‘anti-goyism’ ‘Termite’ ‘sub-human’ ‘anti-human’ … if woke can dirty words like ‘hard work’, ‘punctuality’, ‘nuclear family’, et al…. let’s use ‘doing your best gets you the best’, ‘on time is on the ball’, kids on.y come from a ‘biological family’…. ‘only baby-makers are women’, etc . Now, if we could only use the ‘accurate’ language in a non-aggressive tone, we’d really gain some power…. from my experience… I could be wrong : )

  34. Alden says:
    @AR in Illinois

    Best way to find real country music is to go on YouTube and type in Appalachian music or Carter family buck dancing etc. it’s the real 200 year old music. I don’t like the whiney ballads. I like the fast screechy fiddles that makes you get up and dance. Also confederate songs I’m a good old rebel Hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Flag Virgil Caine Irish Brigade Listen To Bonnie Blue. It’s really an Irish jig. Not scotch Irish real Irish.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  35. Alden says:

    You’re either an incel pervert typing with one hand MAN OF UNZ or live in some 70 percent black Povertyville in the south east. Where the only source of income is having black or mulatto kids and going on life long welfare. welfare.
    Are you Whiskey using another name. He lives in Orange County Ca. About 2 percent black. Pervert Whiskey confuses what he sees on his porn sites with what he seen in public. He claims he seesWhite woman black man couples everywhere he goes. Impossible in a county with about 1 percent black men,

    In my entire long life i’ve known just one White woman married to a black man. I never see black men or women with a person of the opposite sex. It’s always black men alone or black women alone or with their kids. Maybe once a year I see a black man with a kid.

    All you MEN OF UNZ who claim you see black man White woman and their mixed kids are lying. Black men are out and about alone or with other black men. Not their women and kids. Maybe it’s true that masturbation causes brain damage. The brain damaged causes the MEN OF UNZ like you and Whiskey to confuse what they see on their porn sites with reality.

    The most common mixed race marriage and relationships in America is White man Asian women if you MEN OF UNZ disapprove of mixed race relationships stay away from Asian women, I know I know White women are all fat ugly and mean. Not the Miss Americas the MEN OF UNZ believe they deserve.

    • Agree: Father O'Hara
    • LOL: Trevor
    • Replies: @WSG
    , @Sick 'n Tired
  36. WSG says:

    The creature has returned. Get the cattle prod!!!

  37. @Alden

    Spend some time in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, or NYC, and you’ll see plenty of white women with black men, or white women by themselves with 2-3 mixed sprogs. Of course many of these women are obese, or look like drug addicts, but that doesn’t mean they’re not out there.

    • Replies: @AR in Illinois
    , @Bite Moi
  38. @Sick 'n Tired

    Yes, Wisconsin also seems to have a lot also. Every time I’ve been up there I see them.

  39. Bite Moi says:

    Alden———-There’s always Merle. As for contemporary groups,i like Mandolin Orange.It’s more folk than country,but talent is where you find it.

  40. Bite Moi says:
    @Sick 'n Tired

    Sick ‘n Tired———–Locally mixed kids are as common as labradoodles . It’s always black male and white female. Oddly enough neither meth nor tonnage seems to affect these female’s fertility.

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