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In 2019 St. Louis - a 49% Black/43% White City - 91% of Known Homicide Suspects Are Black
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Out of 318,000 people,St. Louis is 49.2 percent black 43.9 percent white (as of 2010 US Census).

Our good friends at the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department not only put out an annual report on crime broken down by race, but a weekly analysis of the yearly crime rate.

Also, conveniently, the SLMPD breaks out violent crime by the race of suspects.

For 2019, there were 194 homicides in the city, with 175 of the victims being black (90%). 

Suspects are known in only 42 percent of the homicides, with 75 of the suspects being black and 7 being white (there were 15 white victims of homicide in St. Louis in 2019).

Thus, in 2019 St. Louis, black suspects represent 91 percent of known suspects.

This means blacks are 9.28 times more likely than whites to be arrested for homicide in 2019 St. Louis. And remember: only suspects are known in only 42 percent of the cases… odds the 58 percent of the remaining cases have a black suspect? Pretty high.

There’s a reason it’s called Bell Curve City

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  1. So whites are very underrepresented as victims in StLouis and your odds of being victimized (already low) drop even further by not associating with black gangs or black drug dealers (the obvious source of the violence).

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  2. Gunga Din says:

    Wonder how many of the White victims had a black perp?

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
    , @RickTen99
  3. @Gunga Din

    Every last one without a suspect, that’s for sure.  Probably every one that wasn’t a domestic.

  4. RickTen99 says:
    @Gunga Din

    Based on the some statistics I read about Chicago homicide victims, about half of white victims were done in by negroes. In Chiraq whites, asians, native Americans, others, and unknown race make about 5% of yearly murder victims. So in reality the black murder offender rate is generally a couple of percentage points higher. Face it people, the darkies are just a scourge on society. I always make myself clear when discussing crime with head in the sand liberals who dismiss darkies as crime making machines. I tell them that it’s a shame 95% of negroes give the rest a bad name.

    • LOL: Augustus

    Apparently this guy organized a toy drive for kids whose fathers died due to violence. He was executed in broad daylight a week before X-mas.

  6. HT says:

    Another great city destroyed by the black plague. It is a 100% certainty that any city with those type of demographics will be a crap hole of crime, drugs, violence, poverty, chaos and misery.

  7. Eight years ago I drove through St. Louis traveling to and returning from a job in Kansas. Saw the arch from the interstate; saw no reason to get any closer. The whole area looked like a shit hole. No wonder the Rams left!

    • Replies: @D-FENS
    , @Sick 'n Tired
  8. Everyone please save a copy of these featured state or city crime reports, before they vanish down the memory hole.

  9. D-FENS says:

    Wasn’t St. Louis the city the Griswolds were driving through when their car got it’s tires stolen by local negroes? No chance that scene could be filmed today.

  10. @VivaLaMigra

    I’m surprised the Orioles and Ravens still play in Baltimore. At least with the Ravens it’s only around 8-10 games they have to play at home, but it’s 60+ for the baseball team. They must be losing $$ like crazy with lack of attendance.

  11. Swamp Fox says: • Website

    I don’t give a frog’s fat ass, you could not make this hilarious movie today because of the truthful depiction of black people, i.e. criminal, destructive and not participating in the social contract.

    • Replies: @Love Street
  12. Isn’t it obvious to everyone that this is all because of slavery?
    A couple of million bucks per, in reparations, will fix everything.

  13. Anonymous[147] • Disclaimer says:

    How low are my chances of being victimized?

    If I don’t go into the ocean, my chances of being bitten by a shark are low too.

    If I don’t live near the Black demographic, how can I be a victim? Do you add this part of the population into your equation?

    If you do, would it not be more of a fair representation of the odd by removing said White Population and only considering the Ones that do?

    Perhaps showing What the odds of being a victim is in relation to how close You live to that demographic is a clearer way of making such a statement?

  14. @Swamp Fox

    Yep , ((( they))) may edit that whole vacation scene out on streaming services .

  15. @D-FENS

    Yep, it that was St. Louis. “Clark, I think you’re taking the wrong exit”. “Who cares, honey? As long as we’re over the river!”

    And, just to show how bad the virtue signaling has gotten today, I recall an interview with the director, saying that he was ashamed of that St. Louis scene, and that it would not be filmed if the movie was made today.

    • Replies: @Glock45
    , @Swamp Fox
  16. Glock45 says:
    @PO'd in PG County

    I recall an interview with the director, saying that he was ashamed of that St. Louis scene, and that it would not be filmed if the movie was made today.

    I’ve seen that interview and you’re absolutely correct. This POS was all guilt-ridden because he portrayed some ghetto blacks stealing hubcaps on the silver screen.

    B O O H O O

    Yet, he, like most of Hollywood, are oh-so “sensitive” about portraying non-whites as anything too close to the Truth. YET…these same people never have ANY problem portraying white people as a bunch of violent, vicious, racist, rednecks who terrorize and brutalize non-whites just for fun and kicks.

    Screw him and Hollywood.

  17. Addressing the increase in firearm possession convictions a U.S. Attorney refers to the alpha criminals in the community. I’d like to see the demographics of this alpha criminal segment of society, but alas we will never know.

    ‘Northern District sees record number of firearm possession cases’

    BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – More people were sent to prison last year in Alabama’s northern district than ever before. We’re taking a deeper look at some of those convictions.

    The U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama had a record number of firearms prosecutions in 2019. U.S. Attorney Jay Town says the district had nearly 350 federal firearms prosecutions. Town says those prosecutions include felons in possession of firearms or stolen guns…

    “We are aware of who our repeat offenders are, worst offenders are, alpha criminals are in each community. We’re going after them because when we remove them, we’re removing trigger pullers, we’re removing drug dealers and the worst among us,” Town said…

  18. Swamp Fox says: • Website
    @PO'd in PG County

    (((The director))) is deceased.

  19. This is just amazing that such a place exists. I live in Belgrade, Serbia – which is by most accounts the 2nd most armed nation in the world (behind the US). As a nation it went through three wars in the 90’s and the economic situation is still very far from ideal.

    Belgrade has a population of 1.37 million, more than four times the population of St Louis and had a total of three murders last year. I know for a fact that one of the three was by a Syrian refugee stabbing another refugee, but whatever – 3 in total. St Louis has 194 homicides with a population of 320 thousand.

    I’m not that great at math, but per capita this makes 271.6 times more probable than in Belgrade. Percentage wise that is 27160% more murders per capita. That kinda boggles the mind.

    • Replies: @Loco
  20. Loco says:
    @Gorgeous George

    Belgrade sounds like heaven. I’ll bet it isn’t rabid with black scum like St Louis is.


    • Replies: @Gorgeous George
  21. @Loco

    Yeah no blacks.

    We do have gypsies, like n more than 5%, but they really don’t cause those sorts of problems.


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