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If Panama City, Florida Were A Sundown Town, Would the Massive Black Riots of Spring Break 2022 Have Happened?
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Why exactly did sundown towns exist throughout Florida so long ago, when white elected officials passed laws to not only protect their constituents and local businesses (producing tax revenue), but also for their posterity? There had to be a reason, right?

They wanted to protect the reputation of their cities, right? Well… welcome to 2022.

For a part of the country long known derisively as The Redneck Riviera, it’s a racial group hard-pressed to tan responsible for the shocking levels of violence during Spring Break that sundown town laws once kept away. [Two arrested in Alabama for allegedly inciting Panama City Beach riot,, April 7, 2022]:

Following disorder in Panama City Beach that resulted in the arrest of dozens of people from Alabama, two alleged ringleaders have been arrested in Alabama.

Over the weekend of March 25-27, officials in Panama City Beach, Panama City and Bay County, Fla., contended with an influx of people that Panama City Beach Mayor Mark Sheldon described as “criminals who came to our town to be lawless and create havoc.”

A shooting injured a man from Alabama on March 27; overall, more than 160 people were arrested, including 78 from Alabama, and 75 guns were confiscated.

According to information released Thursday by the Panama City Beach Police Department, Demarion Ty’Quan Cooper, 20, of Troy and Rashad Boyce Glasper, 25, of Wetumpka were arrested Thursday at their homes in Alabama on warrants for inciting or encouraging a riot.

Following the events of March 25-27, Florida officials said that individuals they identified as promoters or social media influencers had built interest in events billed as “shutdowns,” “takeovers” or “invasions.”

Thursday’s announcement said investigators had “determined Cooper and Glasper played a substantial role in promoting and influencing their followers to create this disorder with a propensity for violence.”

Problematic incidents described local authorities included a club show at which the number of tickets sold appeared to be triple or more the number of people the venue could safely hold.

That particular incident didn’t lead to violence but created traffic problems and other headaches. Thursday’s announcement didn’t specify any particular events that Cooper or Glasper might have been involved with.

According to the announcement, Cooper waived extradition and has been transported to the Bay County Jail to await his first court appearance. Glasper was being held at the Elmore County Jail pending extradition.

“Several investigations into the criminal activity that occurred during the weekend of March 26 are ongoing,” said the Panama City Beach Police Department announcement. “Additional charges and arrest for several individuals should be expected.”

If Panama City were a sundown town in 2022, would the insanity of this past Spring Break and the riots that broke out have ever occurred or required such massive police presence to put down?


What our ancestors did in the past to preserve our civilization gives us massive clues to what is required to do the same in the present, to ensure our posterity actually inherit a civilization worth not just protecting, but perpetuating.

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  1. It’s time to start de-naturalizing and exiling these pests.  And that’s what they are, pests.  They have nothing to offer us but trouble.

    If we exile them, maybe their famblies will follow.  That can only do us good.

    • Replies: @Trevor
  2. Unit472 says:

    I noticed a news photo yesterday of negroes on dirt bikes and cheap ATVs in Harlem. They were teens on them assaulting people. Then there was a story out of Boston where new mayor Michelle Wu was opposing law enforcements expressed desire to start seizing and destroying the ‘dirt bike’ menace now before the warm weather arrives.

    I suspect Boston cops have good reason to worry. I’m not that familiar with Boston but it doesn’t seem like a place with facilities where dirt bikes can be legally driven yet they are probably noticing an increase in sales of them. Maybe New York City is too.

    I hope police are just being overly cautious but I am going to follow this ‘dirt bike’ problem because these things are within the financial means of a 16 year old hoodrat after a single armed robbery and the thought of thousands of gun carrying, dirt bike riding hoodrats taking to the streets this summer will make the Summer of Floyd seem tranquil!

  3. Art Deco says:

    What our ancestors did in the past to preserve our civilization gives us massive clues to what is required to do the same in the present,

    Oh, for crying out loud. You had three days of disorder in an underpoliced resort town and you fancy ‘what is required’ is to debar blacks in general from being present after sundown? For what share of concentrated population centers do you propose to make this the law?

  4. Know negroes, know violence. Know negroes, know crime
    No negroes, no violence. No negroes, no crime

    Anything further?

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Uncle Walter
  5. magilla says:

    Don’t even need that–just return to the previous standard of freedom to do businrss with whoever you want.

    Think you can make money selling expired chitterlings and hog maws to criminal dindus? Go for it.

    Want to close your Denny’s franchise and Alvin’s Island gift shop before the black tide destroys them? God speed.

    • Agree: NY Girl
  6. Unfortunately, our civilization is not worth saving.

  7. 75 guns were confiscated.

    No doubt > 50 of them were taken from felons. i.e. those who have forfeited their gun rights. Yes, the thugs have ruined [RR].

    To restore such [events] to their glory days, the least sucky path forward is for attendees (with gun rights intact) to arm themselves. Citizens need to:

    • have unrestricted (e.g. tax-free) access to guns++, and
    • be permitted to CCW, and
    • be allowed to return fire (i.e. militiamen), and
    • know their heroism will be shielded from civil/criminal penalties.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @Howa.308
  8. “I’m not that familiar with Boston but it doesn’t seem like a place with facilities where dirt bikes can be legally driven yet they are probably noticing an increase in sales of them.”

    Sales? LOL.

    • Replies: @magilla
  9. Mr. Grey says:

    People today can’t understand Sundown laws since we must never speak of black crime. The race hustlers will frame everything as whitey always thinking about blacks folks and how to be mean to them. If one looks into the race riots from the late 1890s into the 1920s, the common thread was citizens fed up with rampant crime and the authorities not doing enough about it. In this period people didn’t have all the cars and highways and suburbs to flee to like they did after WW2, they had to stay and fight for their communities.

    • Agree: Bernie
  10. Jon A says:
    @Art Deco

    I think most are in favor of debaring them when the Sun is up also.

    You must be black or a self-hating liberal

    • Agree: NY Girl
  11. @Jon A

    I go with black. Sounds like n-logic to me.

    • Replies: @silviosilver
  12. magilla says:
    @Art Deco

    Right. Panama City is the only place to suffer from Teen violence.

    It is everywhere, from the Texas Relays in Austin to various urban events in Myrtle Beach to the Taste of Chicago. That is only the big stuff–you still have the daily BS in malls and public places everywhere in America.

    Those ethnically cleansed by these Teens only want to avoid them, but it seems that is impossible.

    But pretend it was just this crap on one weekend that has people thinking this way.

    • Agree: NY Girl
  13. magilla says:
    @Cool Daddy Jimbo

    I’ve read interviews with former NYPD who most definitely are among those “can see”, and he said most of those they confiscated weren’t stolen. I think he retired 4-5 years ago, so it might have changed.

    • Replies: @Cool Daddy Jimbo
  14. @Unit472

    The dirt bike problem is bad. It’s been getting steadily worse and I do wish local news outlets would start reporting more on this. We’ll probably not hear much from national useless MSM unless it gets really bad – or lots of people get killed in these.

    It seems like in most dimturd cities (Boston, NYC, Shitcago, LA, Atlanta, Baltimore, etc) it’s become way more frequent to see these hoodrats out. Ever hear of a street takeover? That’s when a whole big slew of these dirt bikers come and shut down the intersection or a street or two.

    A little over a year ago I was traveling through a dimturd-run city and I heard the roars of these bikes a few blocks away; nevermind the horrid smell of exhaust. Thankfully- very thankfully -I was able to pull into the lot of a shopping center and wait it out til I heard no more engines revving. It was about 20 minutes of uncertainly.

    Anyway, the Boston mayor Wu would be smart to back ANY legislature to take these bike-riding thugs down. Street takeovers (and all the activity associated with this) are unsafe for everyone.

  15. @Art Deco

    Oh, for crying out loud. You had three days of disorder in an underpoliced resort town

    LMAO!! Panama City may be a lot of things but under policed ain’t one of them. Like every other thing that happens in places like this, if you take away the “niggaz” (Chris Rock’s words) you could send the cops home to enjoy the weekends with their families. I go to Thunder Beach in PC from time to time and by and large there is ZERO criminal activity, because there are no niggaz there. There are plenty of black bikers but for the most part their shenanigan’s are no worse than that of Whites. Panama City has a pretty decent sized African population that are on the government tit, if you take them out of the equation half of LE there would no longer be needed.

  16. @Unit472

    I hope police are just being overly cautious but I am going to follow this ‘dirt bike’ problem because these things are within the financial means of a 16 year old hoodrat after a single armed robbery and the thought of thousands of gun carrying, dirt bike riding hoodrats taking to the streets this summer will make the Summer of Floyd seem tranquil!

    Heck, they don’t even need to do an armed robbery to afford that payment, at least around here. It’s been common, for some time now, for them to steal something inconspicuous, like a minivan or cargo van, and then take it out to rural areas, and steal dirt bikes and ATVs.

    This happened to a co-worker of mine, nearly 20 years ago. She had a Dodge Grand Caravan that got stolen from her condo complex one night. And in what was considered a somewhat “good” neighborhood…Odenton Maryland. Well, the next morning, the police called her, and found that someone had taken out the second and third row seats, as well as all of her personal belongings, and dumped them right in the middle of a street, somewhere a bit west, in a more rural area. It had been done in the middle of the night apparently, but by the time rush hours started it was causing traffic problems, so someone called the police, and in sorting through all the items that were dumped, were able to track my coworker down.

    A few nights later, the minivan was spotted, and the police gave chase. The crooks tried to evade them, but ended up on a dead-end street in a residential neighborhood. They stopped, but left it in gear, and took off running. I don’t know if the cops ever caught them, but the minivan idled into a tree. Both front doors, as well as the sliding door, were all messed up from them breaking into it. Why they couldn’t have just broken in one door, is beyond me. The steering column was also messed up. And the interior was slathered in mud, no doubt from the dirt bikes and ATVs they were stealing.

    The van was only a few years old, and the damage from rolling into the tree was minor, but it was still enough to total it out, because of the damage to the doors, steering column, and interior in general.

    If dirtbikes and ATVs were a problem 20 years ago, I hate to think what the problem is going to swell up into, this coming summer, especially with the more permissive attitude about them.

    • Replies: @Bel Darrow
  17. It should be

    BML or Blacks Murder Lives


    BKM or Blacks Kill Most

    • Replies: @VivaLaMigra
  18. Howa.308 says: • Website

    Being shielded from criminal prosecution is not possible anymore in america. The entire Kyle Rittenhouse ordeal was on video and people still want him dead. His life in america is now shit. I don’t know how can go or be anywhere without constantly looking over his shoulder. Not for someone looking to hurt him but someone that wants to kill him. And for what? Defending his own life. The only possible and sane way forward is complete separation from the left. I pray to God I get to live to see it

  19. @Art Deco

    The problems exist wherever blacks gather in great numbers. Doesn’t matter where it is. Read up on Black Bike Week in Myrtle Beach, S.C. as just one example among many. Numerous stores/businesses began closing during that week due to the rampant crime in order to protect themselves from the depredations of blacks. As a result, the NAACP sued the city trying to force businesses to remain open.

    Next, you might read up on how many cities have had to cancel public holiday celebrations because of the numbers of violent blacks showing up, ruining them and making it unsafe for ordinary citizens due to all the crimes they were committing.

    The point is, if you have a population that behaves like heathen trash, every city and every business within it should be able to protect themselves from that population whether that population of troublemakers likes it or not. As for the cities being “under policed,” many small towns/cities can’t afford the massive costs of trying to control a massive influx of hordes of depraved idiots. Should they go deep into debt just so blacks can show up and show their asses? What economic sense does that make?

    • Agree: Bernie, NY Girl, In Ohio
    • Replies: @VivaLaMigra
  20. Trevor says:
    @Mr. Rational

    They are an invasive species, not like us.
    Something akin to what the African honeybee is to regular domestic honey bees.

    A good description is “negroid hominins” as it is correct and specific to what they are and it leaves a lot of room for taxonomical reclassification.

    Hominins are members of the great apes “family” that specifically includes chimpanzee and human “tribes”.

    So “negroid hominins” could be a lower level homo-whatever species or a higher level pan-whatever species or something in-between and “negroid hominins” would still be correct terminology.

  21. @AR in Illinois

    (((Guess again)))

    I doubt he even disagrees very seriously on the issue negro menace. He’s just stuck in the loop of thinking it’s all going to lead to annudah shoah if people are allowed to think realistically about blacks.

  22. Bite Moi says:

    Unit472————-You don’t have to live in a big city. Our one entrance neighborhood of a dozen homes had a half dozen little nogs come through repeatedly on dirt bikes during the night.After a discussion with the neighborhood men and a trip to Home Depot we were prepared.It’s just amazing how one application of roofing nails did what repeat calls to Johnny Law couldn’t.

  23. Truth says:

    Anything further?

    Yes. When are you moving to Donbass; Vladdy needs your help.

    • Troll: dixonsyder
    • Replies: @AnalogMan
  24. @dixonsyder

    Prescient, my son…………Prescient

    • Thanks: dixonsyder
  25. “shutdowns,” “takeovers” or “invasions.” All should be able to be met with firepower (if necessary) without any repercussions either criminal or civil. If the rest of the country had it you would see this nonsense seriously decrease.

  26. @Trevor

    Dog smells his own hole first. Most intelligent idea of Abe Lincoln embodied the construction of vessels for retrograde transportation.
    One cannot rationalize integration of genomes. Creator did not plan it. Refute the Creator? Suffer the ramifications.

  27. @magilla

    Interesting. I thought they were essentially all stolen. In fact, I’ll bet a lot of them were stolen from someone who didn’t report it, because it was just a dirt bike. Or stolen from someone who had stolen it previously. I couldn’t see risking a bike you paid good money for doing that kind of crap (although I have to admit it does look fun AF.)

  28. Bernie says:
    @Art Deco

    Black on white (and black on non-black) crime, racism and violence is a daily occurrence. In a free country, any town that wanted to could (and should) bar blacks to protect their children from being robbed, raped and/or murdered.

    • Agree: usNthem, NY Girl
  29. Bernie says:

    It would be civilized again.

  30. Mike Tre says:
    @Art Deco

    Ok khaver, enough of your semitic bullshit. Off to the ignore list.

  31. Mike Tre says:
    @Jon A

    He’s jewish. He spends most of his time perfecting his holier than thou shtick in Sailer’s blog.

    • Agree: Johnny Smoggins
    • Thanks: AR in Illinois
  32. @Non PC Infidel

    “Read up on Black Bike Week in Myrtle Beach…”

    I’m told it isn’t officially called that, but the locals and participants openly refer to it as such. I now winter in the M.B. area – aka Redneck Riviera – but outside of the city proper and a few miles inland. During my 1st winter here, three years ago, locals told me not to be here during BBW. I heard that the budget motels either close, or operate on a reservations-only basis, as the “guests” commit so much damage and theft that it isn’t worth being open. The housekeeping staff won’t work that week because these cheap bastards won’t tip anywhere near what it would be worth to clean up after them. I also read a piece in the local paper about the organizers suing the city over “Poh-Leece harassment.”

    • Thanks: Non PC Infidel
    • LOL: loren, NY Girl
    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  33. anarchyst says:

    Actually “simian africanus” is a more accurate description of our “problem africans”.
    Blacks are more akin to apes, with poor impulse control and a defective perception of “respect”, hence the “simian” definition..
    Albert Schweitzer worked among blacks and described them as “child-like, needing a firm hand, in order to get them to behave”. He also stated that blacks would never be the equals of whites.

    • Agree: Obbop, Adolph 2nd
  34. @Bite Moi

    It’s just amazing how one application of roofing nails did what repeat calls to Johnny Law couldn’t.

    OK, I must assume you peppered the entryway or other area with the nails. The big Q is: How did you subsequently prevent damage to your own tires? A single tire on a late-model SUV can be almost \$300 in a high-quality brand.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
    , @Detroit Refugee
  35. @Jon A

    Sundown laws, to my understanding, allowed for Negro workers (maids, gardeners, milk man, etc.) during daylight hours. In a similar way, many Jim Crow areas gave an exemption for live-in servants in otherwise all-White areas.

    Imagine that — a time when Blacks earned their livings by humble, but honest work! Boy oh boy, how times have changed.

    • Agree: usNthem, Detroit Refugee
    • Replies: @Jack P
  36. @Howa.308

    [KR’s] life in [A]merica is now [over].

    Not necessarily. He’s a wise young man. If he plays his cards right, I can see his name on:

    • a highly profitable, home security service.
    • a version of Call of Duty.
    • a ballot for Congress, to represent a red district in IL.

    complete separation from the left.

    Talk about impossible.

    The blogger wants to restore a kinder, gentler America. Less government is the only way.

    • Replies: @Jack P
  37. diva says:

    PCB Spring Break was great back in my day – late 70s/early 80s. No worries even in the early 2000s to vacation there. It all changed in 2005 when Atlanta decided it had had enough of FreakNik, and they dispersed to the beaches. Then, every “youth” in school or not decided it was all for them, and it became grotesque and detested.

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  38. @Bernie

    That animal should be put down.

  39. OT: We live in sad times, when you can’t even film teenagers brawling in an alley without gunfire erupting and shots ringing out. Lol

    • Replies: @usNthem
  40. @Art Deco

    Underpoliced? Do you live here, or near here? This was Spring Break season, with this disturbance occurring on the last weekend of the season. There were hundreds of LEO’s from all over the Panhandle here that weekend. The two instigators that were arrested this weekend posted all over Facebook and other social media that they were hosting the “Panamaniac” weekend parties to take over and control the beach. This is a town with only 12k permanent residents, and we were unable to move around town from all these idiots. The police had to shut down a huge swath of major streets and intersections to funnel all of the rioters out of the area. We gets LOTS of tourists year round, and in huge numbers, and after the 2016 Spring Break, multiple restrictions were put into law here, and only this bunch caused trouble. We have Thunder Beach twice a year, and the bikers never cause any trouble, much less what these jackasses did.

    Frankly, I grew up here, and up until sometime in the 80’s, all these towns up and down the Panhandle were sun-down towns. It was safe day and night, and people could live freely and breathe easy in their homes. We all knew the area was going to grow, but none of us expected that we’d turn into a nightmare of “diversity”.

    • Replies: @Tracyhono
  41. AnalogMan says:

    Wow! That was devastating!

  42. usNthem says:
    @Bite Moi

    Awesome – well done. Nothing like a little “yankee” (ie White) ingenuity.

  43. Trevor says:

    OT but need to see this!

    Says #2 top official at US Treasury Wally something is a dumb (looks dumb) AAAA with no real experience who doesn’t know what he is doing but is helping to screw up US economy.

    And another AAAA that got into Harvard because of her color just got confirmed to SCOTUS.

    We are headed for Idiocracy and Planet Of The Apes.


    • Replies: @usNthem
  44. BLM = Blacks Luv Murda

    Regarding the Negro Dirt Bike Menace, look for “12 o’Clock Boys” on Youtube. A documentary showing blacks being black without any interference from Whitey

  45. Anonymous[328] • Disclaimer says:
    @Art Deco

    Oh boy. No sense in bothering reasoning with you people anymore.

  46. @Bernie

    What’s funny with these things is their confusion on why they’re compared to primates, which in my opinion is insulting to every primate on the planet. At least when a monkey throws their scat they’re actually doing it as a defense mechanism. Lol..

  47. AceDeuce says:

    99% schittskins making NYC unlivable.

    Blechpypo: don’t give two schitts.

    One White Man commits a crime among thousands of kniggbos.

    Blechpypo: Oh mah Gawd! Oh Lawdy! Look whatchy’ll is doin’!

    Give the White man here a fair trial. If he’s guilty, give him the gas chamber.

    Then let’s do all the kniggs. If they’re found guilty, head for the trees and turn them into Alabama Wind Chimes.

    • LOL: Truth
    • Replies: @Truth
  48. loren says:

    In L.A. Times I read of ‘Smelly Kelly’ a black mad man murderer.
    He attempted to kidnap a tiny white girl in san diego? and a 12? year old white boy fought him off, cost the child his life.

    smelly kelly sat in prison hurling shit like a monkey does.

  49. Video Link

    Mark Dice exposing a bunch of lying blacks.

    • Thanks: Bel Darrow
  50. tomhoser says:

    Yes the problem is real and difficult moving targets as well. I recommend 12gu. OO Buck.

  51. usNthem says:
    @Sick 'n Tired

    Well, when they can’t go to a funeral, wedding, picnic or popeyes w/o shots “ringing out”, I don’t know why the apes would think fights would be exempt. Dumb s****.

    That opening sentence in the article should read: “Video has emerged showing the moment three pickaninnies and one negro were shot Monday and the fight that led up to it.”

    • Replies: @NY Girl
  52. Trevor says:

    these things are within the financial means of a 16 year old hoodrat after a single armed robbery

    Or even a 14 year old –

    • Replies: @loren
  53. usNthem says:

    That’s jarring. Just think of how many other AA hires and assorted freaks are in positions of power that we have no clue about. This (former) country is truly doomed.

  54. Truth says:

    Yeah but Old Sport, it’s Asians he’s terrorizing. You missed the important section…

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  55. Obbop says: • Website

    Segregation of any type or variety seems like a wonderful idea to me. Best effort would be repatriating the simian feral fetid horde back to sub-Saharan Africa where the sub-humans are effectively walled off from the rest of humanity allowing natural-selection to work its majesty and eventually render the barbaric bunch extinct . . . never to impose their ferocity upon the civilized folks again.

    • Agree: AceDeuce
  56. Bite Moi says:

    VivaLaMigra———I used to live in Myrtle Beach.I moved FROM Myrtle Beach due to Black Bike Week. Nasty,Stupid,Destructive,and Violent Black Bike Week.

    • Agree: Obbop
  57. Bite Moi says:

    VivaLaMigra.————-Spray paint the roofing nails flourescent orange. Easy pickup with a magnet broom. WE,the home owners, didn’t get a single flat tire.

    • LOL: NY Girl
  58. Trevor says:

    File under: TNB

    Rachel Likes white coal burner (pre-meditated) murder by bfs black ex

    Pictures –

    Miscegenation kills!

  59. loren says:

    14 IS THEIR 17-20, PHYSICALLY.

    • Replies: @Trevor
  60. @VivaLaMigra

    His “solution” to the negro dirt bike problem got me interested as well. My guess is volunteers posted behind shrubs, and when the annoying noise approached they laid out the improvised spike strip. Once they entered the neighborhood they had no business in?

  61. Jack P says:

    Kyle seems to be doing just fine actually. He’s got hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers, he spoke at a conservative conference and he’s definitely not in hiding.

  62. AceDeuce says:

    I knew that. One White Man abusing the ghookers among numerous blacks doing so. If he’s guilty, punish him. If the blacks are guilty, punish them. Deport the ghookers.

    And, in the words of your bruvvah, Sam Cooke ” What a wonderful world it would be.”

  63. Jack P says:
    @Ben the Layabout

    We should give the kneegrows a choice – either sundown towns come back or you all go back to Africa. We need a white population ready to defend its land and people and we are so far away. But being terrorized in perpetuity is not an option in my opinion.

    • Agree: Obbop
  64. @Priss Factor

    Get yourself up to speed, my friend. Currently, the acronym “BLM” stands for “Buying Luxurious Mansions.”

    • Replies: @Bel Darrow
    , @Priss Factor
  65. Anonymous[251] • Disclaimer says:
    @Art Deco

    He writes:

    “Oh, for crying out loud. You had three days of disorder in an underpoliced resort town and you fancy ‘what is required’ is to debar blacks in general from being present after sundown? ”

    I respond:

    Did you not read the Vdare article by Paul Kersey? This Florida resort town was invaded by large numbers of Feral Blacks from Alabama, they organized an invasion, takeover of the beach town and they arrived with large numbers of guns.

    Are you OK with that?

    What’s wrong with you?

    These Florida beach towns need to see to this that this never happens anywhere on the coast – not during Spring Breaks (Are these creatures college students? What are the studying how to manufacture and distribute crack cocaine?).

    These beach towns including South Beach in Miami need to organize, infiltrate, dox those that organize this sh** on line and also do the same with Black biker clubs.

    J Ryan
    TPC Show hosted by James Edwards.

  66. @Bite Moi

    Good on ya! That’s what you have to do because they’re not afraid of the po-leece. Nails, resident roadblocks.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  67. @VivaLaMigra

    That’s great! I’ll have to remember that one. 🙂

    Wonder when “they” properly investigate their finances and we can get our reparations. (You know, for the destruction of city blocks and destroyed business…)

  68. @PO'd in PG County

    I worry too. I’m in a somewhat rural area; I see some of these dirt bikers (usually identifiable by their skeleton masks – at least around here) and they’ll speed up and down the country roads. Nevermind the ghetto hoodlums from the city in their tricked out cars who speed down these backroads at speeds >80 mph…

    I wait for one of these idiots to meet a tree or a large fence pole or my iron horse gate. I’ve gone to the extremes of moving my livestock to an area that is way off the road so they’re more protected. It didn’t used to be this way – even like 10 years ago. I see the frequency has increased and hear these engines a few times a day (and night) now.

    Another thing I’ve done is install large boulders at the edge of my front yard – as these huge rocks will F up any vehicle that may come careening in our general direction. IF it’s so unfortunate that the trajectory comes into my house, they’ll either be met with force or they’ll be so messed up, no force will be necessary.

    I’m sorry about your co-worker and her minivan. A similar incident happened a few years ago with a friend of mine and his cargo van in Maryland.

  69. Trevor says:

    Yeah, and they’re often still in middle school, molesting little white girls and beating up their much smaller white boy classmates.

    Like that 14 year old negro that just fell out of a ride at a Florida amusement park.

    At about 6’4 and 350 pounds he was a real land whale planning to play football when he got to high school. Talk about dwarfing his classmates and fellow football players.

    Actually, that weight is grossly obese. Tom Brady, for example, is the same height but weighs 225 pounds.

    • LOL: loren
    • Replies: @loren
  70. Bite Moi says:
    @Stonewall Jackson's ghost

    Stonewall Jackson’s ghost————–Roofing nails solved our dirt bike riding nog problem. A less aggressive,permanent,and i might add Politically Correct solution; was the installation of 3 speed bumps on our cul de sac little roadway. We have a posted speed limit for home owners of 5 mph. At 10 mph you don’t really notice the speed bumps. Above 20 -25 mph,you risk biting your tongue off. Even without the dirt bikes,we needed this.Traffic got bad in our area.Even with NO OUTLET posted,idioits were still trying to cut through our little subdivision.

  71. loren says:

    at 14 I was normal ht n wt–5.4? 140 pounds.

  72. @VivaLaMigra

    “BLM” stands for “Buying Luxurious Mansions.”


  73. @Trevor

    Homo Africanus Criminalus is by far the most destructive invasive species in the Western Hemisphere.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  74. Trevor says:

    A shooting in the Bronx on Friday. News report says “teens”, does not indicate blacks but the one name given is a hint. And only black teens act like this.

    Routine TNB. But this one is notable only because Senator Schumer cited it in a speech calling for increased gun control regulations.

    A 16-year-old identified as Angellyh Yambo died as a result of the shooting, which police previously said occurred during a dispute between two individuals as the victims walked home from school just before 2 p.m. Friday afternoon.

    • Replies: @AR in Illinois
    , @Unit472
  75. @Trevor

    Yeah, “gun control”….of 16 year olds. These evil demonrat morons just keep poking the bear with their bs. When the bear has finally had enough they won’t like the results.

  76. Bite Moi says:
    @Sebastian Hawks

    Sebastian Hawks————-I agree.Africans are our most destructive invasive species.Generations of White Southerners have cussed kudzu.If elected,i will sponsor funding to genetically engineer a faster growing Kudzu. Fast enough to snare 300 lb black women as they clump along.

  77. This story never hit the press in the Northeast. Not one mention in the NY Times, Washington Post, Boston papers, or any other media sites.

    The media is beyond saving.

  78. anon[109] • Disclaimer says:

    blm = bitches love money

  79. @Howa.308

    Being shielded from criminal prosecution…

    Luckily, nothing can ‘shield’ them in a stolen motorbike.

    You might have to lead them a little…

  80. Anon[166] • Disclaimer says:

    Revenge of the man that just wanted to be left alone

  81. Anonymous[601] • Disclaimer says:

    Dearborn Michigan was a sundown town in the 1950’s. It was a beautiful, clean, and safe city. It now looks like something out of a dystopian nightmare. You would not believe that you were in the United States.

  82. Anonymous[424] • Disclaimer says:
    @Art Deco

    I’d be happy if it was everywhere and from sunrise till sunrise the next day and every day after that.

  83. Unit472 says:

    I was trying to find out the details on a mass shooting in an LA suburb today. The victims names were not a giveaway and I was not familiar with the town ( Willowbrook) then MSN put this report up on the shooting. Its photos says it all in ways no reporter would dare.

    • Replies: @AR in Illinois
  84. Trevor says:

    2 dead. 10 injured. Another negro night club mass shooting early Sunday morning yesterday.

    Routine weekend activity?

  85. Sundown Town throughout vast stretches of Florida now have a new driver, meaning.
    No Go Zones for Whites.

    • Agree: PhilMuhCrevis
  86. NY Girl says:

    What’s the difference between a pickaninny and a negro?

  87. usNthem says:
    @NY Girl

    Age – pickanniny is a young’n.

  88. Bite Moi says:

    NY Girl=====” What’s the difference between a pickaninny and a negro.” Pickaninnys are “Keeds” under 12. Negroes age 13-50 are “teens” or “youts”.

  89. @Howa.308

    Being shielded from criminal prosecution…

    Luckily, nothing can ‘shield’ them in a stolen motorbike.

    You might have to lead them a little…

  90. @NY Girl

    What’s the difference between a pickaninny and a negro?

    Back in the’90s, I knew an amazing man who was a WW II Naval Officer. He was in his 80s. He once used that word, and was all but crucified for it.

  91. Piglet says:
    @NY Girl

    The former is the child version of an orc, and still potentially violent and dangerous.

  92. @Unit472

    Yep, apparently the msm hasn’t caught on to that. Dead giveaway of ALL involved.

  93. Tracyhono says:
    @Cicero's Ghost

    Great Comment. Even those of us that live without racism, and love for all, can’t understand why these kids wanted to bring this disgrace to their race. It was publicized on national networks, showing the disrespect at the Walmart, the weapons, destruction to your fellow man. There were so many other ways all of that could have been handled so that everyone could have shared peace and love. A few ruined it for all of us.

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