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'If Only the Races Were Reversed...' In Viral Snapchat Video, Four Black Teens Rob, Beat White Teenager at Gun Point, Proclaiming "You Gonna Die, Bro."
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There’s a game a lot of people play. It’s called, “Imagine if the races were reversed.”

You engage in this hypothetical whenever a horrendous black-on-white crime/murder occurs, inevitably ignored by the corporate media. “But if the races were reversed”… is the game we all play, putting ourselves through the arduous mental gymnastics of how the corporate media would eagerly publicize the same crime if the circumstances were the more conducive to mass consumption white-on-black crime/murder (or white-on-non-white).

Then, and only then, could the designation of a ‘hate crime’ be utilized to bludgeon all white people across the USA with, guilting them all into being an accomplice to this individual act of malice.

Well, on Halloween in a suburb of Kansas City, four black teens held guns to a white teenager, and threatened him with murder in a terrifying video subsequently uploaded the Internet. They’ve been arrested, but their act of criminality lives on. [Viral video shows Olathe student being robbed at ‘gunpoint’,, November 5, 2019]:

OLATHE, KS (KCTV) — First robbery charges are filed after a disturbing video of an Olathe student being threatened with guns is shared on social media. That video shows four teenagers terrorizing the victim and pointing guns at him.

The young man who was abused in the disturbing video is doing alright, but just wants to get back to normalcy. According to a family member, the incident in the video happened while he was at a park.

According to police, the incident happened on Halloween around 4:30 p.m., and the suspects took clothing and electronics from the victim.

Tuesday afternoon KCTV5 News showed parents within the Olathe School District the video and they were shocked.

“It’s kind of hard to tell what’s going on there really but yes it’s pretty frightening. I can’t believe we haven’t heard anything about it,” Ryan Larue, parent, said.

KCTV5 News stopped by the Olathe School District building and the communications and media manager provided a statement regarding those in the video saying in part, “I can confirm they are currently enrolled in the district, but because this is an open case and they are minors, I am unable to provide any additional information.”

“I would think parents would be able to warn our kids about that. I mean, I haven’t heard anything about it from my son either, so I don’t know he knows about it or not but I’ll definitely be asking him,” Larue said.

Police say that same day at around 6:30 p.m. near 151st Street in Olathe, they responded to another armed robbery, which involved those same suspects in the video, and another Olathe student.

All four suspects have been arrested and are in Olathe juvenile custody. They face two felony counts of aggravated robbery and will appear in juvenile court Wednesday.

You gonna die, bro,” exclaimed one of the black youth brandishing a firearm directly at the head of their white victim.


Courtesy of Snap Chat, the criminal actions of four black youth on their white victim was promulgated across the Internet to showcase the reality of white privilege to an unsuspecting world.

“But imagine if the races were reversed”… you think to yourself.

Well, guess what?


Each and every day across America, white people are disproportionally victims of terrible, terrible crimes by blacks (and Hispanics), which never, ever get any media coverage, because they’d only serve to reinforce why our ancestors once utilized the law to protect ourselves via steadfastly and stringently defending the right of Freedom of Association.

Until this mindset returns, expect far, far more of the same.

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  1. And when you apply pattern recognition to this, expect to be shamed. I.e., you’re a bad person – a bad white man – if you notice.

  2. Back in May they killed a kid over $8 for a couple Xanax bars. Looks like a mudshark was involved.

    Don’t do illegal drugs kids, especially because it leads you into much darker territory. They are not like us.

    • Replies: @eah
    , @dc.sunsets
  3. Druid says:

    Hate crime! Give them 20 years each

  4. El Dato says:

    “Robbery nearly gone wrong”

  5. El Dato says:

    > Zimmermann feel increasing
    > More sons of Obama

  6. eah says:

    KCTV5 News stopped by the Olathe School District building and the communications and media manager provided a statement regarding those in the video saying in part, “I can confirm they are currently enrolled in the district, but because this is an open case and they are minors, I am unable to provide any additional information.”

    Police say that same day at around 6:30 p.m. near 151st Street in Olathe, they responded to another armed robbery, which involved those same suspects in the video, and another Olathe student.

    The truth is that without the video (how dumb are Blacks?) you likely would not know the race of the perpetrators — I assume laws to hide the identity of minor criminals were enacted to help later re-integration of offenders who would not be given long sentences — but in the end they also serve to disguise who is really committing crimes.

    Olathe seems like a fairly safe place — they should try to keep it that way.

    • Replies: @Not Woke--Not Broke
  7. Anonymous[700] • Disclaimer says:

    White Americans have no sense of in-group loyalty, they’re too much of a mix of origins and cultures to have formed any sort of in-group loyalty and hence don’t think racially.

    This is compounded by the fact mainstream American culture is Anglo/British which never had much sense of in-group loyalty to begin with because the British especially the English are also a big mix of origins. In fact I would argue that the American belief in the “melting pot” society originates from Britain being the original European melting pot.

  8. eah says:
    @Lancelot Link

    Looks like a mudshark was involved.

    The relationship between the girl (she was charged with murder) and the accused (who is black), or any other person, is not clear — it seems she arranged a drug deal, which ‘went wrong’ — she may have also lied to police.


    In Kansas, a person can be charged with first-degree felony murder even if they did not pull the trigger in a shooting. They can be charged if a homicide occurs during the commission of an inherently dangerous felony.

    At the above link there is a video of the victim’s mother saying something has to be done about “the guns”.

  9. Realist says:

    As long as Whites allow others to shit on them…others will.

    • Replies: @KenH
  10. @O.B.Server

    No, all you’re told is NABALT.

    My retort: Okay. So let’s take the one’s who are like that and toss them out of a helicopter five miles off shore.

  11. Justice and civilization cannot exist within a very large polity.

    Why? Because people with no skin in the game feel entitled to weigh in on “fairness,” inevitably landing in some idiotic belief that somehow the teens who did this are not monsters, and that somehow it’s obligatory to shower both the actual criminals and their peers with resources to “prevent” them going down a bad path. They think money can cure a disease of morality.

    While not likely in this particular case, best is when the victim fights back (effectively.)
    THAT would be justice.
    THAT would be fairness.
    The outcome (death or extremely serious injury to the perpetrators of a heinous crime) meted out at Point Of Sale. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    No ambiguity.
    No appeal.
    No Phil-Donahue-like “handwringing” (But what about the children?!!!)

    This will not happen, of course. Not while the ersatz religion called Leftism remains nearly universal. In the meantime, kids will be robbed, raped and murdered…and so will their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents…all as human sacrifices to Cargo Cult Idols who behave like perpetually-spoiled-adolescents-with-guns.

    I don’t volunteer to be sacrificed.
    I stay away from drugs (including increasingly legal pot.)
    I am vigilant.
    I don’t go to bars.
    I avoid going out after dark.

    Two men hiked in the woods when they realized a bear (with cubs) spotted them. The first man sat down and started changing to his running shoes. The second said, “Why are you doing that? You can’t outrun a bear.”

    We know the rest. Let other people, believers (active or passive) in the Cargo Cult, play the role for which they volunteer (whether they know it or not.) We have to hope that someday soon this ersatz religion-for-fools goes out of fashion.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  12. @Lancelot Link

    Back in May they killed a kid over $8 for a couple Xanax bars. Looks like a mudshark was involved.

    Don’t do illegal drugs kids, especially because it leads you into much darker territory. They are not like us.

    Ah, but the brain-washing is strong there. The dead kid’s mom thinks it was guns that killed her son, and “doing something about the guns” might have saved him.

    It apparently is too much to ask, that people would blame the monsters who pull the trigger rather than the inanimate object they employed to reveal their depravity.

    Coddling those who behave as monsters is a form of subsidizing their behavior (which means, by axiom, that you get more of it.) Imagine if, instead of wringing our hands about how to rehabilitate or feed-clothe-house teens who commit heinous crimes, the next few who do so are publicly executed?

    I’ll bet watching a couple hangings of their peers would make a dent in juvenile delinquents’ propensity to use lethal weapons. That’d be an episode of Scared Straight that would work, and for the few who couldn’t/wouldn’t get the message, well, Reality TV needs its cast members (even if they appear only once.)

  13. HT says:

    This double standard will become even more pronounced some day as blacks are eventually legally entitled to attack whites at will. That is part of what gun control laws are about.

  14. buckwheat says:

    And to think they want more diversity…..All because we brought that race of savages here as farm animals.

  15. unit472 says:

    Good article today about Fay Stender, radical attorney for Huey Newton and George Jackson, in todays UNZ REVIEW. It basically shows how we got here as black criminality first became romanticized as ‘revolutionary’ violence then excused as the inevitable result of an inferior people to unable to function in civilized society. Sadly, even Fay Stender came to realize her life’s work turned to shit and unleashed millions of negro thugs on society. She committed suicide after being shot and paralyzed by one of her darling ex cons.

    • LOL: Love Street
  16. loren says:

    I disagree…its a soft Christianity and them, again.
    celler, hart, javits..and bingo..the USA population is about to double.
    hard to be cohesive when the young WMs chase the low testosterone yellow females,
    them again preach and teach hate, and we are set to be a minority, in many land where we were 90-99% of population.
    them, again.

    feminazi ism


    • Replies: @Love Street
  17. @eah

    eah———You are exactly right.Laws that hide the identity of juvenile criminals are designed to protect these “apprentice” criminals. The late,and unlamented ,Michael Brown had just turned 18. Bet he already had a hidden rap sheet a yard long.

  18. @buckwheat

    Just because a select few are violent, hell even the white man can be incredibly violent, doesn’t mean all are violent. Don’t be a bigot, it’s hideous.

  19. WSG says:

    Despite the droves of video evidence supporting his position, you are simply incapable of recognizing even the most basic behavior patterns of these Stone Age cretins. Don’t be a cuck…it’s hideous. Better yet, continue your cuckold ways…in Liberia.

    • Agree: Love Street
    • Replies: @Love Street
  20. @buckwheat

    “There’s nothing more expensive than cheap labor.”

    • Agree: brandybranch
  21. Stay alert, stay armed, buy ammo, practice, and be ready.

    • Agree: Gunga Din
  22. @loren

    Your accurate list ((( echoes))) …

  23. @WSG

    Ol’raycissux must live in a city high rise or a gated community.
    Wake up cuck.

  24. KenH says:

    As long as Whites allow others to shit on them…others will.

    But whites sticking up for themselves is “racism/white supremacy/domestic extremism”. Jewish power and influence has made whites the de facto untouchables of a nation they founded and built.

    I don’t have to tell you the consequences if whites don’t pull their heads out of their asses, but even if we do we have no political representation.

    • Agree: anarchyst, fnn
  25. @Anonymous

    I would argue that the American belief in the “melting pot” society originates from Britain being the original European melting pot.

    It comes from the play “The Melting Pot” by (((Israel Zangwill.)))  The phrase seems to be absent from literature literature before the play was first presented in 1908.

    In other words, it’s all about the men in small hats.

    • Agree: Charon, dc.sunsets
    • Replies: @loren
  26. @racistssuck

    It’s allllllll about percentages.

    Your instruction continues.

  27. @racistssuck

    Obviously you are a racial freshman. Get an education before the just-like-us group teaches you a few unpleasant realities outside of class.

    • Agree: Love Street, Augustus
  28. Whitey shot at a Waffle House…nothing to see here….go on about your business.

  29. loren says:
    @Mr. Rational

    yes–I know.

    Emma Lazarus gets a horrid ‘poem’ on a Liberty Statue.

  30. Atwater says: • Website

    If you aren’t familiar with you might want to bookmark it and put it on your daily web browsing schedule if this topic is of interest to you.

    No need to go further in depth, just check it out.

  31. @O.B.Server

    Expect to be shamed by, first of all, other Whites, including white men.

    That they do this because they have been programmed by smarter groups, or by their own nature, isn’t even an essential matter.

  32. @O.B.Server

    Expect to be shamed by, first of all, other Whites, including white men.

    That they do this because they have been programmed accordingly by smarter groups, or by their own nature, isn’t even an essential matter.

  33. On a brighter note, have dem eeevil Popeye’s chicken sandwiches been implicated in any more homicides lately?

  34. @Anonymous

    “the English are also a big mix of origins”

    Originally, yes. Britons and Saxons and Danes/Vikings and Normans and a few Flemings.

    But having established that mix, when they did the detailed family tree of Kate Middleton, Prince William’s missus, I was amazed how English it was – couldn’t find any Welsh or Irish in there, a single Scot, and two French Protestant refugees ten generations back.

    (The Goldsmiths in her tree were Anglicans from Kent, five generations married in church.)

  35. Waaaahhh, waaahhh, imagine if the roles were reversed!! It’s soooo not fair how could this ever happen to a good white person?? Boo hoo please sir just make things fair for us again.

    Who are you trying to appeal to with this? It’s as if you’re appealing to some neutral authority, thinking that if enough whites realize the hypocrisy, maybe (((they))) will set things straight!

    But I can tell you that they support this kind of attacks. So, instead of whining about “wow the media is so unfair” how about telling whites:

    This is how it is. Arm up, defend yourselves. Stop looking to (((authority))) to protect you – it ain’t happening. Form communities and start looking out for each other.

    • Agree: Gunga Din
  36. Time to put the death penalty on the table starting at age 13. If that’s too harsh for shitlibs, execute convicts on their 18th birthdays.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational, Augustus
  37. Duke84 says:
    @James N. Kennett

    That won’t get much coverage in the media because it was a black on white crime.

    • Replies: @Charon
  38. @racistssuck

    You’re not my audience.
    Go away.

    And do not make the mistake of insulting someone-who-isn’t-me (but is otherwise a lot like me) to his face, especially if he’s had a beer (alcohol turns off the deliberative mind, leaving the impulsive mind to run the machine.) Trust me on this, I have personal experience with what it’s like to get punched in the won’t like it.

  39. @James N. Kennett

    Another self-nominee for the Ruenzel-Biehl subcategory of the Darwin Awards.

    Look at the photos of that woman…crazy through-and-through.

    Ah, but neighbors said “they were the perfect couple.” Sounds like the grandmother of a (white) child raped repeatedly by mom’s (black) boyfriend since the kid was 8 years old, “He was the perfect man” (right after she said she knew he was stealing cars and stuff….)

    Leftism, a cargo cult for the record books, holds that black people are IDOLS. So Leftist cult members idolize black people as “perfect.”

    Has there ever been a more widespread adoption of self-annihilating belief-in-the-absurd than today’s Blank Slate, All-People-Are-The-Same craziness?

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @northeast
  40. northeast says:

    There’s an Amy Biehl high school in New Mexico named after her to carry on the sickness in a formal way.

    • Replies: @fnn
  41. Precious says:

    As I understand it, there are more black people than white people who are stupid enough to upload video evidence of them committing a crime onto Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, etc, etc… That makes video evidence discriminatory against black people. So, we either have to discount video evidence and not allow it in criminal trials if the evidence comes from the accused…or, we have to convince more white people to document their crimes on video and post it online.

    It is the only way to be fair.

  42. In Boris Johnson’s constituency in West London:

    “Teen was killed at knife awareness course

    Mr Sillah’s family described him as “a lovely lad who cared about his family”.”

    You can take the boy out of Mogadish….

  43. Trinity says:

    I’m sure race didn’t play a part here and these “teens” didn’t mean no harm, just ask their mom, she’ll tell you they be good children, yo. The point when I came to the realization that America will more than likely go out with a whimper was during the LA Rodney King riots. That has been 27 years ago and nothing has happened to change my mind except that America is falling even faster than I thought it would have even back then. Since Woodrow Wilson, “our” leaders have failed the white European citizens who came here and built this country. We really started seeing the country really go downhill in the Sixties, but since the turn of the century and particularly in the last 10 years or so, the destruction of America is coming down even faster than I could have realized way back in 1992. I really am tired of hearing how the baby boomers sold out this country and how the WWII generation were the “greatest generation ever.” The WWII generation is the reason we find ourselves in the predicament we are in, that is the generation that really sent America flying into a downward spiral, not a bunch of stoned 16-19 year old hippies.

    All I ever see Whites do is sit and complain. “If the races were reversed,” Blacks would care enough to take to the streets and protest, while Whites take to blogs to moan and groan for a bit, then repeat the same process when the next violent Black on White crime occurs. I have seen videos of Whites standing by and watching a mob of Blacks attacking a lone White or a couple of vastly outnumbered or intimidated White victims. We have all seen Whites turn on other Whites who simply stand up for the civil rights of white people. It will really take a miracle to “Make America Great Again.”

    • Replies: @NC Realist
  44. fnn says:

    Progs now mostly ignore the Palestinians, so it might be fun to try to get a school named after Rachel Corrie. Or the USS Liberty or one of its crew members who was decorated for heroism. Trying to get a school named after American pioneers will only provoke tiresome lectures about colonialism and the plight of the poor Amerind.

    • LOL: Augustus
    • Replies: @Augustus
  45. Charon says:

    This is the only place I’ve seen anything about it, and I’m a newshound!

    The article is full of people saying how inexplicable and incomprehensible the crime is. Nope. Actually it’s fairly predictable. But you have to be willing to risk Crimethink.

    Finally, to beat the dead horse, if the races were reversed they’d be using the crime as another excuse to tear down some more statues of Founding Fathers and War Heroes.

  46. Augustus says:

    The Rachel Corrie Technical Trade School, where one course of study trains students in the operation of heavy equipment.

    We can come up with hundreds of these schools.

  47. @racistssuck

    Peanut Brained Dummy with Trotsky’s invented word in its posting ID sez…WHUT ?

  48. Trinity says:

    Less we forget, it isn’t Blacks who own Hollywood studios or television news outlets or networks that teach Blacks to hate Whites. From way back in the day when Whites still represented the overwhelming majority of our population, our dear friends who controlled and still control Hollywood started putting out fairy tales like, “To Kill A Mockingbird,” and “Mississippi Burning.” The last few years or so, the message has been more violent with Quentin Tarantino trash like, “Inglorious Basterds,” and “Django Unchained,” movies that glorified violence against Whites. And then we heard most recently that they even planned to release a movie titled “The Hunt” which had featured rich, elite leftist hunting down Trump voters and killing them. That movie was put on the back burner for now, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they choose to release it down the road or at least another hate filled anti-White film with a similar theme but different title. You can just imagine who represented the Trump voters, not that I am totally satisfied with Trump for that matter, but we all know that it is not Trump who “they” hate as much as who represents the majority of Trump voters. Really why would “they” hate Trump? He never fails to mention what he has done for Blacks, Hispanics and Asians at every single rally, and always mentions moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem, and yet he will NEVER mention what he has done for his largest base, Whites of European ancestry.

    • Agree: eah
  49. The number of white victims of non-white crime is incalculable since prosecutors FBI local police are engaged in a conspiracy to hide the numbers. Also the victimization of whites isn’t confined to blacks hispanics are a pretty loathsome uncivilized group too.

  50. In Minneapolis in the first week of November a bunch of Obama’s choirboys decided a 75 year old gentlemen leaving a bus needed their gentle assistance. While falling, due their gently administrations, he smashed his skull on the pavement. The motive was not robbery but merely playing a uniquely black, ghetto sport. This covey of choirboys was not identified except by the usual tell tail indicators, like DeSahyne Valvoline, Nika Equaty, etc, and all appear to be 16 or less and will be charged as juveniles. Despite acting in concert and filming the crime, all have not been charged with manslaughter though all participated.

    As always we must remember that these poor innocents are not to be blamed having had to endure poverty, the racism of white America, and endure white privilege.

    This is why I carry and practice often.

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