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How Can We Blame This on White People? In 83% Black Jackson, MS, Black Pastor Puts Up Signs Reading: "“If Black Lives Matter Then Why Are We Still Killing Each Other?”
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We’ve spoken about Jackson, Mississippi before. The capital city of the state, Jackson is 83 percent black and 15 percent white. It has one of the highest murder rates in all of America.

Academics have tried to blame the shocking violence in 83 percent black Jackson on the state’s weak gun laws, when no similar city in the state sporting a population 80 percent or more white has violence on par with what individual blacks collectively produce in the capital.

In reality, the black population of Jackson is to blame for the violence. [‘Prove ‘Em Wrong’ signs show up mysteriously in Jackson. They are a message to the youth.,, March 20, 2022]:

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) – In the past month, signs have been popping up across Jackson aimed at stopping Black-on-Black gun violence.

One Jackson man is behind the effort to reach the youth; to get them to stop and think before pulling the trigger. Youth advocate Vince Gordon took it upon himself to purchase signs that share a message that he hopes stops killings in the streets of Jackson.

“I was praying one morning, and I was struggling with what to do with these young folks,” said Gordon.

He said the word came to him “Prove ‘Em Wrong” – a message at the corner of the signs he created that reads “If Black Lives Matter then Why Are We Still Killing Each Other?”

The 57-year-old is area director of YoungLife Inner City Jackson, a Christian ministry, and has worked with troubled youth for more than 30 years.

“Out of prayer, out of frustration, I say, ‘I’m gonna spend my own money, and I’m gonna get a billboard and just try to put something on young people’s minds and say, look, if Black lives matter, why are we still killing each other?’” said Gordon.

The youth advocate started with 50 signs, placing them in north Jackson to south Jackson and near his alma mater Lanier High School.

“If we don’t have anything for our young folks, they’re going to create their own fun and for them having a gun in their hand is fun, having a gun in their hand, doing donuts in the middle of the street, for them, that’s fun,” said Gordon.

The South Central Los Angeles native moved to Jackson at 16 with two siblings, raised by a single mother. He wants young people and adults to see the signs and end the escalating crime.

“Ten seconds enough to read it and think, ‘I’m not gonna be a part of killing somebody that looks like me,’” said the “Prove ‘Em Wrong” sign creator. “So, if Black lives matter, why are we still killing each other?”

Gordon is putting up more signs and has gotten donations from Jackson police officers, businessmen and others. He now has digital billboards and wants the message “Prove ‘Em Wrong” to resonate with those thinking of taking a life.


As we move further into a future where Jim Crow was long ago, and laws once passed to protect western civilization from Africans in America, the reality is simply this: the quality of life found in 83 percent black Jackson, Mississippi – where blacks dominate political power and the bureaucracy – has shown those dead white males who long decided to pass laws to protect their civilization for their posterity have been proven right.

Prove ‘Em Wrong, indeed.

The quality of life found in 83 percent black Jackson, MS, where signs are posted around the decaying city white people long ago built and subsequently abandoned (once the end of segregation gave Africans in America the chance to prove Wakanda is real), asking blacks not to kill one another, is a powerful indicator black lives don’t matter to other blacks.


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  1. Dishonest Left statement
    Guns kill, taking away guns reduces killings

    There might be a morsel of half truth in this, but

    for honest FULL DISCLOSURE, for COMPLETE TRUTHFULNESS,, to end deceptive misleading info by media and politicians, to have honest correct fully informed discussions we must add

    a large part of gun killings is suicide.

    Maybe if there are no guns there will be knife killings, killings with beatings, stones, and cars.

    What percentage of killings are perpetrated with LEGALLY acquired guns?

    Do guns REDUCE violence by scaring off gangstsers from car jacking and home invasions and more

    And, @PK’s specialty
    Not guns kill, Blacks kill, to a large extent with guns

    White law abiding Switzerland has an assault weapon in every household, for military militia purposes

    2/3 of mass shootings are perpetrated by Blacks

    and, oh horror, the best solution would be to disarm Blacks and allow Whites to have their guns (or some variation of this, like have a very high threshold bor Blacks to get guns)

    NOTE: most of these statements can be supported with factual proof
    NOTE 2: more details about COMPLETE TRUTHFULNESS on sincerity dot net

    • Thanks: Augustus
    • Replies: @Joe Magarac
  2. In Ohio says:

    Why indeed. Truly one of the great mysteries of our day. *rolls eyes*

    Stay alert, stay alive.

  3. Piglet says:

    Signs, marches, candlelight vigils, “Don’t nobody kill anybody” weekends in Baltimore, “violence interrupters,” etc., make absolutely no difference to orcs. It’s like trying to talk cats into not meowing and dogs into not barking. Senseless, impulsive violence is in the nature of orcs. It’s who they are and there’s no changing it. The best we can do is separate ourselves from them entirely and let them continue to self-destruct.

    • Agree: Oil 'n Water
  4. I can’t help wondering if “why are we killing each other?” implies “instead of THEM.”

    I mean, that’s what people would assume it meant if they were white.

    • Agree: Lancelot_Link, Rich, NY Girl
  5. NY Girl says:

    Imma laugh my ass off if De Yoofs use his stupid signs as target practice!!

    Again, how many white neighborhoods need signs to remind the residents to be decent human beings?

  6. loren says:



    33-year-old entrepreneur Olumide Gbenro grew up in Nigeria until the age of six, then migrated to London with his parents. After seven years, Gbenro and his family were granted visas to the United States through the green card lottery and relocated to Ohio. Now, he’s living the good life as a digital nomad in Bali.

    “Being a person of color, I felt that there were certain times in my life where I just didn’t feel valued as a human being,” Gbenro said in an interview. “I always felt left out.”

    As a young man, Gbenro dreamed of a life filled with traveling the world, art, and cultivating relationships with people of the world. But like most immigrant parents, they wanted him to become an engineer, lawyer, or a doctor.

    Gbenro graduated from San Diego State University in

  7. Bite Moi says:

    Piglet————Every White extended family that i know of has a collection of young,”woke” White women.My clan gatherings are no exception.It’s truly amazing how a couple of college semesters can make them wiser that the last 100-200 generations of men.I ususally wait until i have tucked away the pie before i respond to the “gun” control issue.Informing them that,no,America doesn’t have a gun problem; America has a negro problem always kicks the festivities up a notch.

  8. Polistra says:

    “Ten seconds enough to read it and think, ‘I’m not gonna be a part of killing somebody that looks like me’”

    Right? Lissen up, youngsters. You spost to be killin whitey!

  9. Of course, “Black Lives Matter” has nothing to do with protecting black lives. It is an agitprop slogan, designed to mobilize Africans-in-America.

    The situation in Jackson is similar to that of African warlord bands who use violence, both directed and random, to stake out territory and maintain a chaotic form of control.

    Where there are Africans, there is Africa.

    True in Congo.

    True in the formerly American city of Jackson.

  10. Hey black people: Why must blacks be taught NOT to kill each other? Who taught the White Race that it is not a good idea or the right thing?

    Hey black people: When is the last time any White community, ANY WHERE IN THE WORLD, had a “stop the violence (among ourselves) march?” Huh?

    Also, why does “having nothing to do” results in killing and violence? This ONLY seems to be a problem with black males. Why?

    And, finally, for you moronic “Sociology and Psych” majors, if there was ANYTHING that could, or would, change negro behavior, humanity would already know of it. The reason why nothing can be done concerning negro behavior is because it IS the negro. Genetics. Dogs bark. Cats meow. Why? It is what dogs and cats do. Genetics. Nothing can get a cat to bark. Not changing the cat litter, free tuna breakfasts, free (ice) cream from the pet pound, extra attention, cat marches (good luck). Nothing.

    Nothing can be done to change negro behavior.

    Whites and Asians can be domesticated and can domesticate themselves. That is why we have civilizations. The Negro can not be domesticated. It is the difference between the horse and the zebra. Genetics. So, blame your favorite GOD or blame Evolution, but don’t blame the White Man. The difference between the Horse and the Zebra is not just the “color of their skin”. A zebra is not just a “painted” horse who doesn’t get enough attention or no opportunity to pull a wagon. Genetics.

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Californian_21
    , @Legba
  11. “Being a person of color, I felt that there were certain times in my life where I just didn’t feel valued as a human being,” Gbenro said in an interview. “I always felt left out.” Wait. So he feels all this….so then all of this came from HIS OWN people making him feel in such a way.. He grew up in Wakanda, I mean Nigeria,right. Twasn’t White people that he grew up around. So again blacky running to the very evil cracker oppressors of the world. And finally realizing his dream. All because of Whitey. Not Martin Loofa Coon …but White Western Civilization. OK, got it.


    Dishonest Left statement
    Guns kill, taking away guns reduces killings

    There might be a morsel of half truth in this, but …

    So the question is whether the body count would be lowered if they went back to the more traditional … ahem African American weapon, the straight razor?

  13. Truth says:

    Hey black people: When is the last time any White community, ANY WHERE IN THE WORLD, had a “stop the violence (among ourselves) march?” Huh?

    They tried in Moscow a couple of weeks ago, but Putin arrested everyone.

  14. @Truth

    Comparing protests about a wartime situation to the conditions of violence that is endemic in black communities (decade after decade) is a hilarious false equivalency argument. In childlike fashion, you might as well have screeched, “See! Other people do it too! It ain’t just us!” The point being that this war (and protests about it) will end but the violence and the marches and other useless “stop da biolence” efforts in black communities will continue on and on endlessly far into the future since they’re stuck on stupid and stuck on repeat mode.

    • Replies: @Truth
  15. @dindunuffins

    And, finally, for you moronic “Sociology and Psych” majors, if there was ANYTHING that could, or would, change negro behavior, humanity would already know of it.


    Consider how the US has spent all sorts of moneys, resources and sanity on trying to “close the education gap.” No matter how much taxpayer money is dumped into the public schools, no matter how many students are bused, no matter how many black history months are celebrated…black scores remain at the bottom of the heap.

    But this obvious lesson is never recognized, at least in public.

    Same is true for things like black violent crime, lack of entrepreneurship, maintenance of urban areas, etc. Their levels remain the same.

    Nothing ever works: not half a century of civil rights legislation, not the war on poverty, not the glorification of aspiring rappers.

    It all comes down to the reality of race.

    • Replies: @PvtCharlieSlate
  16. When you close their cage, they feed on each other.
    When you open the cage… they feed in us.

    We’re at war. Close your fucking cage.

    • Agree: profnasty, NY Girl, Augustus
    • Replies: @loren
  17. Truth says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    The violence will end… or will it? Maybe it will move onto Moldavia/Latvia/Estonia?

    • Replies: @Augustus
  18. @Californian_21

    Psychology and sociology are traditional football scholarship majors as is business administration for the players with three-digit IQ’s.

  19. I’m always amazed when these so called ‘Community Leaders’ blame violent gun and knife crime, along with anti social behaviour on ‘having nothing else to do’. Like many other readers I grew up with no computer, games console, internet etc. Having a micro-wave was a huge deal!

    We somehow managed not to commit violent felonies, destroy our communities and murder the kid from two streets over – because he was wearing, the wrong colour t-shirt. Black’s have a toxic culture that nobody seems to correlate to the ever rising Black on Black murder rate and general social disfunction of Black communities around the world.

    For example, if US rappers started smearing dog shit all over their faces, Blacks in London would be doing the exact same thing a week later! Certain cultural symbols and behaviour have become intrinsic in creating Black identity.

    Like the aspiring rapper who is forced to sell drugs to feed his family because of White oppression and the ‘genetic trauma’ of slavery for which there is no statute of limitation. Murder, guns, drugs, baby-mommas -living that ‘thug-life’ until he gets a record deal, gets shot or goes to prison (which ironically will up his street cred and increase record sales) Ya feel me, know what I’m saying…

    No child, things are not going to get easier in your deluded ‘Scarface – esque’ fantasy world. Not because of racist police gunning you down in the street, the undeniable truth is you will probably be murdered by another Black male (and neither BLM or the MSM will even mention your name!)

    • Agree: Janie In Detroit-1
  20. @loren

    These confirmation hearings, for federal judges, are always painful to watch (and I don’t). All consider it to be axiomatic that lawyer-judges are allowed to decide with complete disregard (contempt!) for the USC. Indeed, a president will nominate none other.

    The panelists restrict their questions to whether the nominee:

    • got drunk in high school.
    • used to talk dirty.
    • adopted a child.
    • is “soft on crime” (i.e. not imposing harsh sentences on innocents).

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  21. Truth says:

    Yo, Curse, 19-month sentence, white privilege?

    Hey Jed, 19 month sentence; white privilege?

  22. @Bite Moi

    I, too, have a couple nieces that are clueless, idiot SJW’s. They are both also mudsharks. Last night they, along with a couple other female cousins and my wife, had a get together. It didn’t take long for those 2 dysfunctionals to disrupt the gathering with their stupid opinions. That was probably the last time they’ll ever all get together again.

    • LOL: loren
    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Bite Moi
    , @profnasty
  23. @Lancelot_Link

    “He was shot in the back and he gave his jewels up,” his mother said.

    They can’t resist showing off their “bling”. If his IQ wasn’t south of 80 he would know that his fellow hoodrats would target him for robbery.

  24. loren says:

    REMAX AD =
    An old weak ailing white man n his daughter calling ‘dad’..then we meet her beau…black.

  25. Art Deco says:

    The problem is that our public policy is a function of public discourse, and our public discourse is generated by status considerations. Professional class whites (leavened with a few others) fancy they allocate status. They’re on top, their clients are in the stratum just below (and treated cloyingly), deplorables are on the bottom. Black chauvinists fancy they inherit a seigneurial status. As such, public employees, ordinary citizens, work supervisors, landlords, &c who enforce common and garden behavioral standards on blacks are getting above their station. It was George Zimmerman’s obligation, as a deplorable, to lie their while Trayvon Martin ground his head into the concrete, beat his face, and threatened to take his gun.

    The other problem is that the black population harbors real social problems which differentiate them from the remainder. This is not something the white man does to them in real time, as their origin in real time is a function of the dispositions and decisions of the people involved. You can argue that the problems result from historical factors, but that’s contentious and, in any case, an academic question. The only thing you can do is institute proper incentives with the conventional tools of public policy. These will ameliorate the problems, but they will not generate ‘equality’ because generating ‘equality’ can only be done through immiserating people and subjecting them to bureaucratic control.

    Of course, in the ‘minds’ of people like Elie Mystal, if you acknowledge and describe the problems, you’re acting above your station. Ordinary people need to refuse to be treated as if they were peons.

    • Agree: PhilMuhCrevis
    • Thanks: Johann Ricke
  26. Bite Moi says:

    Abolish_public_education————–I would support confirming Biden’s nominee for the Supreme Court if,big if, she has strictly ruled in accord with the Constitution AS WRITTEN. Hell,if Stacey Abrams was respectful and literate with regards to the Constitution i would support confirming her—————even if she amply filled 2 seats on the court.

  27. Truth says:
    @AR in Illinois

    Hey Dawg, do you want to hear where the conversation went when you went to the bathroom? Just a guess here…

  28. @Bite Moi

    Unfortunately, ” wokeness” is not just a function of age. I have siblings in their fifties and sixties who believe the mainstream narratives of BLM and how blacks are still ” oppressed”. Naturally, they have never lived in a heavily black city or neighborhood and have had to discover for themselves how dysfunctional many blacks truly are. I’ve given up trying to get through to them. Not only does it spoil family gatherings, but I might as well be talking to pigeons: the results are about the same.

  29. Trevor says:

    Open SmartNews and read “Two men arrested for murder, another on run one week after drive-by shooting near downtown Atlanta: Cops” here:

    To read it on the web, tap here:

    Add to Stupid Negro Names this name of negro shooter not heard before =

    • LOL: Lancelot_Link
  30. Bite Moi says:
    @AR in Illinois

    AR in Illinois———–Sorry to hear about the mudshark nieces.Have you received any requests to financially help their “keeds”? In my extended clan,otherwise normal females try to take up collections. Evabody ‘posda hep.

    • Replies: @AR in Illinois
  31. Alrenous says: • Website

    White people? Please.
    Buncha wankers.

    It’s obviously my fault in particular.

    For ransom, I demand one million dollars. *dramatic sting*

  32. Augustus says:

    How about working on getting all the violence in LA, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, St Louis, Baltimore, Houston, and Atlanta, etc. moved to Africa?

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @Truth
  33. In other news,one of the “baby mommas” of rapper Young Thug has been shot and killed.
    It was at an Atlanta bowling alley where Lakevia met her doom.
    Young Thug is said to be devastated.

    • LOL: Unit472
  34. AceDeuce says:

    “Being a person of color, I felt that there were certain times in my life where I just didn’t feel valued as a human being,” Gbenro said in an interview. “I always felt left out.”

    Don’t be so modest, Rastus. You people earned that.

    • LOL: Lancelot_Link
  35. loren says:
    @Former Liberal

    to some degree its ‘where you live or have lived’..who wants to live in the hood? not rich blacks.

  36. usNthem says:
    @Former Liberal

    I hear you. For too many, no amount of proof of black dysfunction will penetrate their brainwashed protective shield.

  37. @Former Liberal

    I have similar family members in their 50s & 60s who are the same way. What’s funny was that many of them were asking me for gun buying tips or if I could get them one once the pandemic started. Before that they were scoffing at & questioning the fact I even own several pistols/rifles/shotguns before all this shit went down.

    Coincidentally they are also live in wealthy, high tax neighborhoods, far, far away from the poor groids they feel so much pity and guilt for, and have only the slightest of interactions with during their day to day life.

  38. profnasty says:
    @AR in Illinois

    White woman with Black kids doesn’t make a lick of sense.

    Bizarro World.

  39. profnasty says:



  40. Truth says:

    Great, you can start with your politicians.

  41. @Bite Moi

    Thank God neither one has procreated….yet. I’m hoping it NEVER happens but it probably will. If it does, it won’t be celebrated, at least not by us. I’ve written both of them off long ago. At family parties I avoid speaking to them, if at all possible, because once the sjw bs starts coming out I get pissed off. WTF is wrong with that generation?

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  42. @Bardon Kaldlan

    It was at an Atlanta bowling alley where Lakevia met her doom.

    Was she named after that Ukrainian city that’s in the news?

  43. “Being a person of color, I felt that there were certain times in my life where I just didn’t feel valued as a human being,” Gbenro said in an interview. “I always felt left out.”

    So did you leave?

  44. Bite Moi says:
    @Former Liberal

    Former Liberal————-You are absolutely right that talking to liberals,especially “woke” female LIBERALS!!! is like talking to pigeons.However,in my case i don’t care about changing minds, I just like to wind the ladies up. My wife says she is going to have this inscribed on my stone,”What did i say?”

    • Replies: @Augustus
  45. Bite Moi says:
    @AR in Illinois

    Ar in Illinois———–Whats wrong with that generation of females? in a word COLLEGE. They have been educated beyond their ability to reason.

    • Agree: In Ohio
  46. They are animals and can’t function in normal society

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  47. Art Deco says:
    @Stonewall Jackson's ghost

    The vast majority of blacks function just fine. Deal with the feral young men, who are making everyone’s world worse.

    • LOL: AnalogMan
  48. Augustus says:
    @Bite Moi

    For me it would be, “I told you so.”

    I actually get tired of ALWAYS being right, but some people just cannot judge character, or they like to see how close they can put their hand to the flame without getting burned.

  49. “I’m not gonna be a part of killing somebody that looks like me,’”

    So it’s just a ok to kill Whites?

    These creatures disgust me.

    • Agree: Augustus
  50. Don Juan says:

    8 years ago while driving from Texas to Virginia I stopped for the night in Jackson, Mississippi, not aware of the area. Applebees was the best restaurant near my hotel. I walked into Applebees at 9pm, there was an armed guard at the door. I asked the security guard if there was a problem at the restaurant, he said “ain’t no problem up in here.” After I ordered my food, I noticed there was only one other white table in the restaurant. I wondered if the kitchen staff prepared a “white” meal, similar to a “cop” meal, with some extra seasoning. No one bothered me, but I had never before or since Sean an armed guard at an Applebees. I always wondered if the guard thought I asked him if there was a problem because I was basically the only white person, or did he realize I hadn’t seen an armed guard at Applebees? Maybe that’s a normal thing in and around hood restaurants?

  51. Legba says:

    If the cats march, we’ll have to concede to their demands

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