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His Name Is Steven Butler: White 14-Year-Old Abducted and Brutally Murdered by Black Man
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Just two days after the corporate media reminded us July 25 would have been Emmett Till’s 80th birthday, a 14-year-old white boy was abducted and murdered by a black male.

Emmett Till was 14 years old when he was murdered, but odds are in 2065, no one will ever know what happened to Steven Butler III.

His name is Steven Butler. [Missing Ill. Boy, 14, Is Found Beaten to Death in Ditch, Man Who Knew Child’s Father Charged: Steven Butler III wanted to be internet famous, but he was already a superstar, his grieving father states,, August 2, 2021]:

A man has been charged in connection with the beating death of a 14-year-old boy in Illinois. The Champaign County State’s Attorney says the suspect was an acquaintance of the boy’s father, the News-Gazette reports.

At about 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Steven Butler III was reported missing after he told his father he was going to mow a neighbor’s lawn and never returned home, the paper reports.

“Attempts were made to contact the missing juvenile and a search of the neighborhood was conducted without success,” the Champaign Police Department stated in a press release.

At 7 a.m. the following day, two cyclists called Champaign police about a deceased body found in Urbana, Ill. The body was identified as Steven Butler III, officials confirmed.

“If anyone would like to see my son. He has a youtube channel that he posted some recent videos on. Go see him. His channel is ‘cycle gaming’ on YouTube,” his father posted on Facebook. “He said he was gonna be famous. Son you have always been a superstar to me. Always will be. Love you big guy.”

Champaign police quickly identified a person of interest and preliminarily charged Daryl Vandyke, 55, with first-degree murder, according to officials.

He is being held on \$2 million bond and was expected to make his first court appearance today. It was unclear whether his first hearing occurred and whether he entered a plea.

State’s Attorney Julia Rietz told the News-Gazette that the boy suffered from blunt-force injuries. An autopsy was expected to be conducted today, the paper reported.

In a GoFundMe post created by the boy’s aunt, she says the boy’s father was a single father of three.

“His unending commitment to solely his children and their best interest, safety and stability is something you don’t always see when a father suddenly has to become the sole provider and single parent but he does it so flawlessly and without a second thought,” the post states.

“Please continue to send your prayers, love and emotional support to my brother Steven, his children and our entire family as we struggle to understand why and go through these very difficult moments.”

Steven Butler was abducted and brutally murdered by a black male. He was 14-years-old, the exact same age as Emmett Till when he was murdered.


If white privilege, systemic inequality, implicit bias, and a white power structure existed in America, do you think we’d see the corporate media putting out stories celebrating Till’s would-be 80th birthday, or putting the black-on-white murder of Butler on the front page of every paper, and leading with it on nightly news casts?

Rest in peace, Steven. You didn’t deserve what happened to you, or how your murder will be memory-holed.

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  1. loren says:

    motive? rape? robbery? revenge?

    no one will ever know what happened to Steven Butler III.. we know. but why?

    • Replies: @Charon
    , @Alden
  2. usNthem says:

    If Whites ever summon the intestinal fortitude to take back this (former) country and change the degenerate course we’re on for the better, his name and all the Whites slaughtered by these simian monsters will be known.

  3. “Emmett Till was 14 years old when he was murdered, but odds are in 2065, no one will ever know what happened to Steven Butler III.”

    Virtually no one in 2021 will know about Steven Butler III and so many other victims of American Africans.

    • Agree: Charon, aj54
    • Replies: @Angharad
  4. Sadly, the murder took place in Ill-annoyed, another demmunist-run shithole without the death penalty.

    States and nations without the death penalty are illegitimate.

    • Replies: @SMK
  5. “His unending commitment to solely his children and their best interest, safety and stability is something you don’t always see when a father suddenly has to become the sole provider and single parent but he does it so flawlessly and without a second thought,” the post states.“
    That right there is bullshit. What was the deal with the negro and the single parent?

    • Agree: Non PC Infidel
    • Replies: @AnalogMan
    , @Alden
  6. There are lots of such cases that get sent right down the memory hole. One is Jonathan Foster who was a white twelve year old in Texas who was kidnapped on Christmas Eve and blow torched to death by a sheboon. Another is Angel Santiago who was shot to death in his stroller by an orc who was mad that his mother had no money to surrender to him when he was robbing her on the street. Then, of course, there’s Cannon Hinnant who was shot dead by an orc for riding his tricycle and touching the orc’s lawn with a wheel. These are but three out of many.

    They, along with others, deserve to be remembered and, unlike Emmett Till, they were innocent of any wrong-doing. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that any time anyone in the news or in a school mentions Emmett Till, they should also have to mention these murders (and many others) committed by orcs against whites. Personally, I’m sick to death of Till being held up as some sort of sacred martyr and what happened to him being portrayed as the most evil and egregious thing that ever happened to anyone in the world.

  7. I cant even discuss this stuff anymore. It’s a massive distraction and similar to losing a decade of your life talking about it ad-nauseum.

    You’re losing me by only speaking partial truths. We’re at a crisis point yet nothing has changed the narrative at SBPDL & Amren because you’re still hoping to find the normies.

    We don’t have another decade to repeat talking points on IQ and pattern recognition. Try navigating in public these days.

    • Thanks: Jim Christian
    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  8. Shel100 says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    They should also mention the fact that Emmett Till’s father was executed by the U.S. Army for the rape and murder of an Italian woman.The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

  9. SMK says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    What good is the death penalty if it’s rarely ordered by a judge or jury much less imposed? The Carr Brothers still haven’t been executed over 20-years after the Wichita massacre. And Lemaricus Davidon, a preternatural subhuman beast and monster and ringleader of the Knoxville horror, still hasn’t been executed over 14-years after the car-jacking, abduction, torture, gang-rape, mutilation, and murder of Christopher Newson and Channon Christian, one of the most heinous, sadistic, depraved, and gruesome crimes in all of US and world history.And what percentage and number of Americans have even heard of this atrocity much less know the horrific and appalling details.

    In a sane and just and rational country, all these monsters and savages would have been executed well over 10-years ago. But, then, in a sane and just and rational country, these monsters and savages would have all been buried in prison rather than free to abduct, gang-rape, torture, brutalize, terrorize, and murder their victims.

  10. Bite Moi says:

    SMK———–To here the local “Progressives” talk all the negro prisoners are in for low level pot crimes or stealing bread.

    • Replies: @AR in Illinois
  11. @Shel100

    Louis Till,the dad,lol,was notorious back then. He raped and murdered,well,he was caught for rape and murder,of two Italian women. Ezra Pound was in jail at the time,I guess the same military jail,and he wrote a poem about Till.
    Kind of bizarre.
    Of course,Pound was an Anti-semite,who once said,”Democracy is the type of government that means rule by Jews.”
    Imagine saying such a thing! Such nonsense! The Notsees would no doubt approve!
    I can imagine Till in prison: Well, I messed up,but I’ve got a son,he’ll do great things!

  12. @Non PC Infidel

    He was going to grow up to be a rape-monkey, just like his father. Whenever I’ve ever read some story about Till his father is NEVER mentioned. My whole life I never knew about him until I read about him on this site.

  13. Shel100 says:

    It’s the same in supposedly conservative,red state Indiana.The three black killers of Amanda Blackburn all escaped the death penalty.

    • Replies: @Gunny
  14. usNthem says:

    Yes. Without prompt application of a death penalty, there might as well not be one. We’re just so noble and caring – no grubby state sponsored “eye for an eye” for our killers. Unless of course it’s via our military – then we’re more than willing to condemn thousands to death.

    • Agree: donut
    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  15. Ahren Joshua DeHart was a White child murdered by a black man, who was entrusted to babysit him while his parents worked.

    He was taken unconscious and injured to a hospital, where they discovered he had a fractured skull and internal injuries. He never regained consciousness. His parents had him taken off life support, and he took his last breath in their arms. The parents were only 20 years old.

    “They’re just grieving, and this is about the most devastating of a fashion as you can imagine,” the grandfather said. “What they’ve had to go through that people don’t see or understand — holding your baby in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) while he takes his last breaths is horrific. It all brought tears to our eyes and we cried deep. You carry these types of wounds with you for life.”

    The media buried the story.

    • Replies: @aj54
  16. Angharad says:
    @American Citizen

    ONLY if we allow this to happen! WHY are we accepting this? Speak UP!

  17. loren says:

    the hill

    Last week, PayPal announced a partnership with the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center to “investigate” the role of “white supremacists” and propagators of “anti-government” rhetoric, subjective labels that potentially could impact a large number of groups or people using their service. PayPal says the collected information will be shared with other financial firms and politicians. Facebook is taking similar measures, recently introducing messages that ask users to snitch on their potentially “extremist” friends, which considering the platform’s bias seems mainly to target the political right. At the same time, Facebook and Microsoft are working with several other web giants and the United Nations on a database to block potential extremist content.

    Missouri Gov. Mike Parson (R) has pardoned the St. Louis couple who faced charges after pointing guns at Black Lives Matter protesters outside their home last year.

    Patricia and Mark McCloskey were included in a list of 12 pardons announced Tuesday, more than a month after they pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges.

    The charges stemmed from an incident in June 2020 when Black Lives Matter demonstrators went into a gated community to protest police brutality.

  18. profnasty says:

    Six months for first trial.
    Three months for appeal.
    Both First Degree guilty.
    Three months to hanging.

    Swift justice for
    aggravated violent crime.

  19. KenH says:

    The local news coverage didn’t show the perp since he was black at least initially. Reverse the races and the following would be happening:

    1) Joe Biden and Jen Psaki would be issuing statements condemning all white people as racists.
    2) At least 10 FBI agents would be on the scene attempting to discern a racial motive and poring over the murderer’s electronics for evidence of wrongthink. The white killer would likely be charged with a hate crime or civil rights violations regardless of the evidence.
    3) The RNC and Republican Congressman would be tweeting condolences and saying the name of the black teenage victim. They’d offer to bend over and allow the Democrats to pass as much anti-white legislation as they wished.
    4) The killer’s house would have been burned down by BLM activists while the feckless police looked on and did nothing.
    5) Within 72 hours several innocent white people would have been attacked or shot in retaliation around the nation.

    • Agree: Listener, europeasant
  20. “Emmett Till was 14 years old when he was murdered, but odds are in 2065, no one will ever know what happened to Steven Butler III.”

    Odds are in 2065, nobody will have heard of Emmett Till either because most of the population of the US will be functionally illiterate and will be living in pretty primitive conditions kind of like most of Africa today.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  21. Breaking news- The Mccloskeys- that defended their home/lives from BLM rioters near St. Louis last year and were subsequently charged with assault and harrassment- have just been pardoned by Missouri Governor Mike Parson!!

    • Replies: @Almost Missouri
  22. @usNthem

    My only issue with the death penalty in America is that it’s not used often enough.

    • Agree: usNthem, donut
  23. AceDeuce says:

    Till’s father murdered one Italian woman and raped two others. His accomplice in the murder and the rapes (technically gang rapes) was another niggro, Fred McMurray, who was also executed.

    Fun fact: When the MPs investigating the murder/rapes arrived at Till’s unit several days after the crimes, Till was already in the brig, having recently been caught stealing supplies.

  24. @Non PC Infidel

    There are lots of such cases that get sent right down the memory hole.

    Yes, on average, a white is murdered by a black every few hours, as best as I can tell. Hundreds per year. None receive more than local news coverage, if that.

    Besides SBPDL, Kenn Giveden makes a heroic effort to keep up with the torrent of anti-white killings at the Daily Kenn ( along with various other kinds of news, as does Nicholas Stix (

    Abate The Hate ( shows black crimes where there is some record, not just murder, and not just against whites.

    New Nation News ( tracks black-on-white murders in the context of what I gather is a white nationalist website.

    The Murder Accountability Project ( tries to track all US murder data, including race, but their data, which appears to come largely from the FBI, is often incomplete, either because no race was recorded, or the murder was never solved, though it should include most, if not all of the cases from the above sites.

    Anti-Second Amendment site, ( tracks deaths by shooting (including suicides). By their own calculation, they only cover about one third of all the cases nationally. Still, it is a main source for Kenn Giveden (above). GunMemorial gets much of their data from the Gun Violence Archive (, but GVA strips out any racial references, so GunMemorial has to put pictures back together with the stories.

    • Thanks: Non PC Infidel
    • Replies: @Charon
    , @loren
  25. @L in Atl hell

    Hmm, lifelong Democrats the McCloskeys defend their home against Democrat paramilitaries, and as a result are indicted by Democrat prosecutor and are set to spend eternity in litigation Hell and are vilified in Democrat-run media, … until they are rescued by Republican governor’s pardon.

    Question 1: do you think this will change their voting?

    Question 2: Do you think this level of persecution is what it takes to change most D voters into R’s?

    • Replies: @donut
    , @Raccoon
  26. loren says:

    vaccine trials on pre teens– single, black woman enrolling their children in this. The data shows.

  27. Vandyke, Vandyke, where have I heard that name in a crime story? Yes, it was the Nom de Plume Clark Howard gave to the mastermind of the 1970s Zebra Murders in his book.

  28. @Joe Paluka

    Quite Right! It is in the White Man’s nature to be inquisitive and to document in writing what would otherwise only be perpetuated by tribal lore. Ruins and artifacts, all but ignored by those living among them, were literally gone over with fine tooth combs by spellbound White Men who marveled at their existence and struggled to learn as much as possible about what they were and who made them. How many White explorers of antiquity and White documentary makers of the present have worked to observe and preserve primitive cultures while simultaneously attempting to bring them the benefits of modern societies?

    Sitting cross-legged around village fires; consuming whatever strange and, often, repulsive cuisine that was customary; witnessing, and sometimes engaging in, bizarre heathen rituals; listening attentively to a tribal elder, either struggling to understand the language or being aided by an interpreter; these White Men, and, now, Women write everything in their journals down to the most minute detail.

    Egyptian tombs, laying undisturbed in the sand for three thousand years, that the Natives only had an inclination to loot if they unearthed them, were excavated by White archaeologists who studied and interpreted them and helped to ensure that treasured relics were placed in museums.

    George Caitlin took many trips into the hostile Western plains of North America painting the multitude of Tribes that he encountered, taking great care to depict them as noble and exotic as opposed to merely being, as he frequently found them to be, primitive and repellent.

    Black History is typically better known and more genuinely celebrated by altruistic White people than it is by the majority of Negroes for whom it’s just another opportunity to show their Black asses.

    When Black people do claim to document history, we often find distortions, misinterpretations, lies and plagiarism. Here is a Wikipedia article (yeah, I know) about Harold Courlander. Almost no one seems to know that Alex Haley plagiarized Courlander’s book. In “Roots,” Haley claimed to tell the true story of his ancestor. It turned out that Haley not only lied about his genealogical research, but he also copied large portions of Courlander’s fictional novel “The African.”

    • Thanks: Hangnail Hans
    • Replies: @Anon
  29. AnalogMan says:
    @Female in Fl

    He “suddenly had to become” a single parent. Maybe his wife died. Maybe she left him with the kids. Maybe he sacked her for cause. It’s significant that he kept the kids.

    Lots of people are unwillingly acquainted with negroes

    Don’t jump to conclusions.

    • Thanks: Charon, aj54
  30. AnalogMan says:

    OT, but relevant: the funniest thing I have read on the internet today, or this year.

    Artificial Intelligence models can identify the race of patients from medical images (X-rays, MRI) with almost perfect (“absurd”) accuracy, regardless of the quality of images or the area imaged. Professionals don’t know how they do it and can’t do it themselves. They don’t know how to stop the AI models from doing it. They’re pulling their hair out, because, don’t you know, that’s raciss!

    • Replies: @AR in Illinois
  31. @SMK

    The death penalty should always be used in cases of human murders by the ghetto primates. The deterrent effect of the electric chair’s warm embrace, upon negroes cannot be understated. Lethal injection does not have the deterrent effect of roasting in the electric chair. Back in the good old days when states used to burn murderous negro primates in the electric chair, there were few black on human murders.

  32. UNIT472 says:

    Here is a heartwarming story from Prince George County, Md.

    “Prince George County police believe Camisha Jenifer and Kyree Duvall met up just before midnight on Friday to make a deal involving a firearm, though it’s not clear what triggered the double shooting that ensued.

    Jenifer reportedly drove herself to a hospital, where she died from her injury. Duvall was found wounded at the crime scene and rushed to a hospital where he, too, succumbed to his wounds.

    Investigators believe Jenifer and Duvall shot one another. It’s unclear who was buying and who was selling. Jenifer and Duvall were among six people killed in gun violence in Prince George County over the weekend…”

    Mayor Muriel Bowser and Lori Lightfoot should be a happy this midnight firearms transaction went awry and both the seller and buyer shot each other to death.

    • Thanks: By-tor
    • Replies: @loren
  33. @new Stalin

    No, I’m afraid that if we are going to have any hope at all of getting Liberals on board with the Death Penalty, we will have to limit the options to Hanging. I know about the bogus connotations associated with it, but, when other methods are considered, it remains the most effective and agreeable means of dispatching miscreants.

    Firing Squads use (Gasp!) Guns!!! Gas Chambers release Harmful Emissions!!! The Electric Chair… Well, it may be Electric, but it isn’t Solar Powered!!!

    Therefore, Hanging is the only Environmentally Friendly option. Rope is a Renewable Source of Execution. AND, it will be a tremendous boon to the burgeoning Hemp Product Industry!!!!!!!!!!

    The Official Tagline could be “Saving the Environment while Saving the Environment!”

    • LOL: Sick 'n Tired
    • Replies: @aj54
  34. Charon says:

    Racism, of course. Anti-white race hatred to be specific, the kind which is not only permitted but actually promoted by our self-styled “cultural élite” –to the point where they have most whites practicing it, even.

    • Agree: Getaclue
  35. Here is a list of 10 White children that I am aware of, that were the same age as Emmett Till, but who were murdered by blacks.

    An (*) indicates that the victim had known their killer(s), either as an acquaintance, friend, or a romantic relationship with themselves, or as in the case of young children through a parent, other relative, or guardian.

    14-year-old Steven Wayne Butler III (beaten to death, body found in ditch)* Champaign, ILL., 7-29-2021

    14-year-old Daisey ‘Jupiter’ Paulsen (stabbed more than 25 times, and strangled, while skateboarding) Fargo, N.D., 6-4-2021

    14-year-old Cody Walker (shot to death)* Milton, FL., 3-14-2021

    14-year-old Ian Wilsey (shot to death) Philadelphia, Pa. 11-28-2016

    14-year-old David Kohler-Carpenter (shot to death, along with his 18 year old sister and their father; home invasion) Barberton, OH., 12-31-2013

    14-year-old Kelli O’Laughlin (stabbed to death during home burglary) Indian Head Park, IL., 10-27-2011

    14-year-old Chelsea Brooks (pregnant from rape, later strangled to death by rapist and accomplice)* Wichita, KS., 6-9-2006

    14-year-old Jennifer Ertman (kidnapped, gang raped, tortured, strangled to death, along with her 16-year-old white girlfriend) Houston, TX., 6-24-1993

    14-year-old Jody Lynn Wolf (raped, beaten to death) Fresno, CA., 8-13-1985

    14-year-old Susan Jacobson (strangled to death)* New York, N.Y., 5-15-1976

    • Thanks: Non PC Infidel, Charon
    • Replies: @AceDeuce
    , @AceDeuce
  36. @SMK

    I agree: if a state has the death penalty it should be swift and functional, not death by old age like the recent POS rodney alcala in commiefornia.

  37. @Bite Moi

    A negotiation hasn’t stolen bread since 1932.

    • Replies: @AR in Illinois
  38. Charon says:
    @Almost Missouri

    All out of THANKS again but wanted to thank you nonetheless. At the rate we’re going lately, all of these Recorders of Inconvenient Facts will be imprisoned before long, and I wouldn’t be surprised if those of us who merely read these facts end up following them.

  39. @AnalogMan

    Yes, my wife is an x-ray tech. She says there ARE physical differences. Taboo to point this out tho.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
    , @AnalogMan
  40. loren says:
    @Almost Missouri

    Yes, on average, a white is murdered by a black every few hours, as best as I can tell. Hundreds per year. None receive more than local news coverage, if that.

    The only time a Black on White killing made national-international news is when OJ practically beheaded Nicole [after sending her off for a reported 7 abortions].
    He also raped her on the first date.

    My question is how many total crimes have blacks done? in 100 years?

    • Replies: @Truth
  41. loren says:

    what TRIGGERED the double shooting that ensued.

  42. @CauCasiAnn

    We’re all open to suggestion.

  43. Anon[104] • Disclaimer says: • Website
    @Cowtown Rebel

    Plagiarism? Damn is there any crime they don’t commit? Always figured that was a honkey crime.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
    , @AnalogMan
  44. Anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    The murderous negro had a warrant for his arrest.

    How many times has the “Justice” system allowed violent negros to walk freely among us even after numerous felony convictions only for those very negros to murder , rape, rob, & burn down everything and everyone around them?

  45. donut says:
    @Almost Missouri

    ” do you think this will change their voting? “. No .

  46. Gunny says:

    “It’s the same in supposedly conservative,red state Indiana.The three black killers of Amanda Blackburn all escaped the death penalty.”

    Let’s not forget that husband Davey Blackburn parlayed his wife’s murder into a tithing opportunity for his church and massive outpouring of sympathy and GoFundMe donations, website, blog and book deal.
    This was after he collected the insurance money for her death… a policy he took out just two months prior to the rape/murder.
    Then he quickly married a young woman after grieving for two whole years.

  47. Off topic but important~

    Just scroll down the list to your state to see where things stand for you. Also covered is the issue of whether a state will allow businesses (restaurants/stores etc.) to discriminate against the unvaccinated and deny them entry. Many states have already passed laws against the mandates and the idea of vaccine “passports.”

    • Thanks: usNthem
  48. Bite Moi says:
    @AR in Illinois

    AR in Illinois———–Much of the differences in xray images for black females is due to an excess 100-200 pounds of lard.

    • LOL: usNthem
  49. @Gunny

    He doesn’t sound like much of a White Man to me.
    Or is it that he’s representative of what many have become?

  50. El Dato says:

    Suspicious behaviour is suspicious.

    • Agree: Charon
    • Replies: @loren
  51. Van Dyke!! I knew the Dutch were perverted and violent!!

  52. Truth says:

    The only time a Black on White killing made national-international news is when OJ practically beheaded Nicole [after sending her off for a reported 7 abortions].
    He also raped her on the first date.

    She must be pretty darn kinky then.

  53. loren says:
    @El Dato

    I disagree. just a beta male, imo.

  54. @new Stalin

    A death sentence should be a rare occurrence, i.e. to qualify, the standard of evidence should be almost impossible to meet.

    Having said that, I can tolerate lessening the standard when the killer is a young, say 18 to 28 years old. Such a convict could linger for 60 years. Taxpayers get slaughtered.

  55. KenH says:

    And yet another brutal black on white crime. A black college basketball coach brutally knocks out and kills a white guy who got too close to his car because he thought it was his Lyft driver:

    The black murderer was only charged with a misdemeanor. Reverse the races and we know the outcome would be entirely different.

    • Replies: @WSG
  56. Raccoon says:
    @Almost Missouri

    I seem to recall Mr McCloskey appearing on Tucker Carlson a few weeks ago, and Carlson asked a question “as a life=long Democrat…” and McCloskey replied “No, I’m not – we are not – I don’t know where this has come from, but we are Republicans!”

  57. aj54 says:

    this has happened so often that I can’t believe anyone would leave a helpless infant in the care of any young male

  58. @Anon

    Yes, some of the more clever Negroes have found plagiarism to be a crime that they can potentially reap large profits and gain recognition from, and not only avoid the risk of incarceration, but have their offenses excused so as not to diminish whatever impact their stolen passages have had on society.

    The most infamous Black Plagiarist would likely be the Reverend Doctor himself, Martin Luther Kang. Boston University, where he “earned” his doctorate, has admitted that MLK plagiarized large portions of his thesis, and that if it were anyone else, they would revoke their credentials.

    Kang also plagiarized his notorious “I Have A Dream” speech.

    In “And The Walls Came Tumbling Down” by Kang associate Ralph Abernathy, the evening before Kang’s April 4, 1968, assassination at the Lorraine motel in Memphis, Aberthany said Kang had sex with two women and when a third came looking for him, ‘he knocked her across the bed.’

    Recently released transcripts of FBI audio recordings appear to confirm what has long been alleged about Kang’s wild sexual exploits, but the actual audio recordings are inaccessible until 2027.

  59. AnalogMan says:
    @AR in Illinois

    Well, we know there are physical differences. Anthropologists have long been able to deduce the race of skeletons. They do it by looking for gross differences at specific sites, like the skull.

    In the linked article, the problem they are complaining about, is that the AI can identify race where nobody else can. Give it a fuzzy X-ray (“just a grey blur”) of a wrist, chest, knee – the model knows. Nobody knows what cues it uses. They are not visible, nor based on incidental information like clinical data or history.

    Read the article. It really is hilarious.

    Why is it a problem? Well, everybody knows that the POX are discriminated against in medicine. Therefore, if an AI knows that the patient is black, it will obviously sabotage his diagnosis. This makes perfect sense to them.

    These are scientists. They are trained in the use of logic. They will recite to you that “Logic is a method of reasoning that guarantees that, provided your initial premises are true, your conclusion will be true too.” Then they uncritically base their argument on the single premise that medicine discriminates against non-White people.

  60. AnalogMan says:

    By no means. My daughter teaches at a junior college in Virginia. She tells me her sad stories. Every time she tells me about the latest egregious example of plagiarism in her students’ projects, I always say, “Black, of course”. You would not be surprised at how often she has to reluctantly admit “Yes, black”.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  61. WSG says:

    The story is utterly sickening, but it really never ends, does it?

    • Replies: @KenH
  62. Bite Moi says:

    AnalogMan————-I recommend your daughter follow my best friend’s example.He teaches 8th grade Algebra,aka “maff” in the Charlotte,NC school system. For the Fall 2021 semester he plans on implementing “Earn It” or “Get It” He will offer the drones a guaranteed “C” if they attend class and stay quiet so others can learn. They are excused from homework.They must turn in tests with their name and “Get It” checked.Cell phone use with ear buds is encouraged. The “Earn It” group may earn an “A” or lower grade,or they may fail. Attendance is required,homework is required,cheating is punished by an “F” on the test or assignment. After all the criticism of strict grading,and sermons about how “ALL OUR CHILDREN MUST SUCCEED; he has finally figured it out.

  63. @Truth

    She must be pretty darn kinky then.

    No, she’s dead. She went black, remember?

  64. I repeat, the democratic party is a criminal organization, led by and filled with various criminal elements–far leftist judges, crazy politicians, demented academics, crazy corporate leaders, crazy and cowardly media members all kinds. What has this got to do with this story?? You really don’t want me to explain, do you?

  65. AceDeuce says:
    @Pax Romana

    Plenty more than that, as well. Here’s two more:

    Raymond Bozak ,13, killed by two negroids in 2001.

    Kevin Shifflett, 8, killed by a negroid in 2000.

  66. AceDeuce says:
    @Pax Romana

    And BTW, Till sexually assaulted a man’s wife. Far different than these innocent victims.

    As the groids say : Till fk’d around and found out.

  67. KenH says:

    The story is utterly sickening, but it really never ends, does it?

    No. The white guy probably had his guard way down because no normal person would get out of their car just because you walked too close to it. So he obviously wasn’t expecting to be punched by a black maniac who probably was itching to do harm to a white person.

    This is why in lieu of separation we need nationwide Jim Crow. It’s not acceptable that blacks are about 23X more likely to commit violent crimes against whites, but at least half of whites are brain dead and don’t care.

  68. Alden says:

    Probably rape or a chance encounter. The black murderer was looking for a fight with any person who came along. But 14 year old boy vs 57 year old man. In a fair fight the boy would be able to defend himself. So maybe the Black was stalking the boy and attacked him from behind.

    Just like 5 year old Cannon Hinnant.

  69. Alden says:
    @Female in Fl

    Probably a neighbor they said hello and sometimes chatted. Maybe black guy was the mail carrier or worked at the local post office. One was a retail clerk, one a regular customer they chatted. One was a mechanic and worked on the other’s car. Probably a neighbor. If we knew the occupations of father and murderer we could figure it out.

    Champagne Urbana Peoria Moline, many small Ill. cities have blacks.

    There’s only 2 places blacks can be avoided. Either remote rural areas or the most expensive suburbs of big cities.

    Supposedly California has only 5 percent blacks. But every city and many towns are full of them. All the farm towns have them. In the Bay Area there are small town suburbs that have less than one percent blacks and no blacks in the schools.

    But what about a black furniture mover or delivery man cable internet installer? The black Suburban bus driver who decides to drive around the all White suburb on his day off looking for a White to rob rape or murder?

    • Replies: @loren
  70. loren says:

    California is north mexico.

    800 ‘children’ found at border, texas, arizona,etc.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  71. Bite Moi says:

    loren————Impressive beards on some of the kiddies.

  72. @Shel100

    If I recall correctly it was TWO Italian women Emmet Till’s sperm donor pappy raped and murdered in Italy.

    • Replies: @WSG
  73. WSG says:
    @Minerva’s Student

    Actually, it was the rape of 2 Italian women and the murder of another.

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