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His Name Is Officer Cody Holte: In 85% White/4% Black Grand Forks, North Dakota, White Police Officer Murdered by Black Career Criminal Brandishing an AK-47
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PK NOTE: Their Lives Matter Too. It’s a book you must pick up. Names you’ve never encountered, stories you’ve never read about, all for one, unmentionable reason: black on white murder. We were never supposed to notice what’s happening. We were never supposed to catalogue the names and tell their stories. But we did. But we have. Their Lives Matter Too.

Not one national network or cable news outlet has mentioned the name Officer Cody Holte.

He was a white police officer in Grand Forks, North Dakota. The city is 85 percent white and 3.65 percent black.

He was murdered on May 27th by a black man brandishing an a AK-47. This black man was being served eviction papers, and he opened fire on the two deputies doing this routine task. Officer Holte was one of the individuals who responded for backup. He was shot three times.

Had Salamah Pendleton, the black man who murdered Officer Holte, died in police custody (and his death filmed for social media consumption), he would be just as important to the insurrection transpiring in the United States as George Floyd. He’d be celebrated by the media, because his death would be a symbol of police brutality and used to castigate all white people in America as horribly, irredeemably racist.

No one cares about how much danger white cops place themselves every day when they are performing “routine” tasks like an eviction notice, and they have problems with the black individual who has run afoul of the law.

No one seems to care. But his name is Officer Cody Holte. [Hundreds attend funeral for Grand Forks Police Officer Cody Holte: Gov. Doug Burgum calls Holte “someone who is willing to run toward danger versus run away from it.”, Grand Forks Herald, June 2, 2020]:

When Grand Forks Police Officer Cody Holte swore an oath three years ago to protect the city of Grand Forks, he likely knew there would be challenging days. That’s why he wore a medallion around his neck bearing a favorite Bible verse: Philippians 4:13.

“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength,” his uncle, Anthony Carter, quoted at Holte’s funeral, held Tuesday, June 2, at the Ralph Engelstad arena in Grand Forks. “Cody wore that on his neck for a reason because somewhere, somehow he knew his days as a police officer would be difficult, and that his days as a police officer would be dangerous. So he approached each day wearing God’s promise around his neck.

Hundreds of people – including members of the public, elected officials, clergy, law enforcement and military – gathered at the Ralph Tuesday to honor Holte, who was killed in the line of duty Wednesday, May 27. In a sermon given by Pastor Lynn Ronsberg of Sharon Lutheran Church,she recalled that the warm day he died felt like the first day of summer. But, Ronsberg said, it soon turned to winter in its emotional coldness.


Two Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Office deputies were dispatched to an apartment in south Grand Forks that day for what started as a routine service of eviction papers. Police say the tenant, Salamah Pendleton, opened fire on the deputies with an AK-47. When the deputies called for assistance, Holte was one of two Grand Forks police officers to respond.

“We honor Cody as someone who is willing to run toward danger versus run away from it,” North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum said during Tuesday’s ceremony. “Last Wednesday, he knew fellow officers had already been fired upon, and he knew the apartment left him exposed to gunfire. But he went in anyway.”

Holte was shot three times. Officers gave him emergency care at the apartment before carrying him outside to an ambulance, and he was transported to Altru Hospital. He was pronounced dead on arrival.

He is survived by his wife of four years, Amanda; his 10-month-oldson; his parents; his sister and twin brother, who is an officer in Fargo; and a large extended family.

In addition to Carter and Burgum, speakers at the ceremony included Grand Forks Police Chief Mark Nelson, U.S. Sen. John Hoeven, U.S. Sen. Kevin Cramer, U.S. Rep. Kelly Armstrong, North Dakota National Guard Maj. Ryan Schulz and Maj. Gen. Alan Dohrmann. Some speakers knew Holte well, and others have only gotten to know about him in the days since his death. But each of their addresses painted a picture of a quiet, polite man who loved God, his family, being a dad, days at the lake and a good joke. Holte believed in serving his community – both as a law enforcement offer and National Guardsman – so that others wouldn’t have to.

Nelson said he and Holte formed a close bond in part by sharing baby photos – Nelson of his grandson and Holte of his newborn. He recalled Holte as a friend to all, with a grin that could brighten anyone’s day. But more important, he said Holte was a cop’s cop, whose heart was bigger than his courage, and who had passion and an unwavering dedication for protecting and serving his community.

When Holte was on duty, Nelson said there was never any need to worry.

After his death, Holte was awarded with the Woody Keeble Award, which honors North Dakota National Guard soldiers who display courage, and determination to protect life, limb or property. After the ceremony, he was interred at Augustana Church Cemetery near his hometown of Halstad, Minn.

“Rest in peace, Cody,” Nelson said. “We’ve got it from here.”

Had George Floyd killed Officer Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis during the latter’s arrest of the black suspect, no one outside of Minneapolis would know the story of the white police officer murdered by a black criminal.

Flip the script, and cities are burning nationwide.

White lives don’t matter, unless they are police officers taking the life of a black career criminal. Then, cities must burn.

Their Lives Matter Too.

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  1. Where there are blacks, there will be crime.

  2. Even in a city less than 4% Black,Blacks remain a very visible problem.Anywhere you have Africans,you have Africa.

  3. Wake up says:

    I just want to take this opportunity to apologize for NOT being a Person Of Color. If anyone feels the need to burn down my house or loot my possessions, I fully understand. I also fully support paying Reparations. Again, please accept my heartfelt apology.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
    , @Clip Carson
  4. Imbecile obviously knew he was being evicted as blacks never pay ANY bills.
    You certainly will not hear this story on any major news outlet today.

    • Agree: HT
  5. “Salamah” is not an American name and never will be. (((They’re))) going with the ‘he crazy’ excuse, something no White can claim no matter how delusional.

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  6. Timely story. Important. Well told. Thank you.

    The toxic, imperial role played by America’s anti-white media is the most acute quandary facing our civilization. Consider the past week. The death of one black criminal unintentionally killed by four non-black cops in liberal Minneapolis during an arrest, has allegedly ’caused’ tens of thousands of subsequent offenses around the country, including looting, assault, battery, domestic terrorism, grand theft, mega-vandalism, arson, as well as several first and second degree murders.

    The scale and scope of these premeditated crimes have been enormous. Billions of dollars have been lost. Curfews imposed.

    Ironically, most of the subsequent looting, destruction, and violence has been committed by members of the ‘victimized’ community itself. Yet the focus still stubbornly remains on one dead ne’er-do-well, George Floyd–not the ensuing mayhem.

    Isn’t it time to shift gears? What’s actually most dangerous in all this is the reigning and unexamined false perceptions which have driven America to the brink.

    The dubious blacks-are-innocent-victims narrative has suddenly become a shared, core belief; but it is derived from ‘white supremacy’ myths which sidestep the real and persistent problem of black crime. The distorted focus on race, white ‘racism’, and black victimhood is what has ignited an orgy of anarchy. It’s time to push back.

    There is no (white) war on black America. That’s BS. Cops actually gun down many more white suspects each year than black ones. Academic studies (including FBI crime statistics) also indicate that white cops are no more likely to shoot a black suspect than would a black cop or a Hispanic cop. These facts alone pretty-much deflate the entire BLM narrative.

    The actual problem is this: black males, when compared to all other racial groups, are statistically most violence-prone and most involved in criminal activity. Surprised?

    African misbehavior is what primarily puts that community in harm’s way. Misconduct is what gets black men thrown into jail. It is not about white racism. It is about black choices. Maybe drug penalties and other victimless crimes should be decriminalized. There’s a strong case for this. Perhaps we should also institute a universal basic income (UBI). This will alleviate poverty and joblessness. But it’s definitely time to put the breaks on scapegoating whites for problems that are specific to the black community.

    We must however never allow any dubious campaign that intends to ‘eradicate (white) racism’ to end up eradicating freedom and accountability.

  7. What!!! Are you saying that Cody didn’t wear a bullet proof vest? Cops are armed to the teeth that is why they are so dangerous. You are 22 times more likely to be shot and killed by a cop then by anybody else.

  8. What!!! Are you saying that Cody didn’t wear a bullet proof vest? Cops are armed to the teeth that is why they are so dangerous. You are 22 times more likely to be shot and killed by a cop then by anybody else. I believe this to be a hoax. If you look closely you’ll probably see Masonic symbolism. This police officer was a Mason, and did what he had to do in order to get up the Mason ladder.

    • Replies: @Corporal Punishment
  9. fnn says:

    Has ND stopped importing Somalis, Liberians, Sudanese, etc. ? What’s the status of refugee resettlement?

  10. Well you know how the MSM and politico’s play this…. The cop was killed by a jogger / part time bird watcher defending himself from the racist white cop who was razzing him for sitting on a park bench feeding the pigeons in the park on a sunny Sunday afternoon…

  11. P.S. I thought only white deploroables owned AK-47’s?

  12. Juckett says:

    Talking Time is Over. Balkanize. Separate from Hate.

  13. Ghoulardi says:

    Gee. No rioting over this. Wonder why….chuckles.

  14. @Sick of Orcs

    Most of the people in ND have German, Norwegian or Swedish ancestry. So, with the name Salamah, most likely he’s Swedish. He’s one of those new-fangled Swedes. You know the type, the type not afflicted by white privilege.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  15. @ciwarrior1

    Ugh. Looks like faith healer, legal expert and notorious bad speller ciwarrior1 took a break from PornHub and ConspiracyPlanet and is back on SBPDL. 1.) soft body armor that police wear won’t stop a 7.62/5.45mm bullet from an AK; 2.) I can guarantee that me and most of the people who post here are WAY better armed and more proficient than most police officers are; 3.) 22 times more likely?! You’re a statistician too now huh? God help us. Live a clean life, don’t associate with blacks, stay out of the hood and don’t start a fight you can’t possibly win (wait until court) and you’re 22 – 100 times less likely to get killed by ANYBODY.

    • Agree: Swamp Fox
    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  16. OT: This is the mentality of many of the looters, and these riots were a long time coming.

    • Replies: @Mark in MI
  17. Dr. X says:

    So, what is it going to take for white people to wake up? We see the phenomenon of blacks and browns committing savage violence against whites on a routine basis across (what’s left of) Western Civilization, and yet whites respond by prostrating themselves before Negro rioters and looters, demanding more immigration, and more “diversity.”

    I’m sure Ofc. Holte was a good and decent man, but his loyalty was misplaced. As a cop and a Guardsman, he served not the white people of North Dakota, but rather the Negro Occupation Government/Zionist Occupation Government. Surely he had participated in plenty of “diversity” training seminars.

    Had thousands of whites marched through the streets of Grand Forks to demand an end to white subservience to Negroes and Israel, Ofc. Holte surely would have tear gassed them and arrested them for “hate crimes.”

    I have no doubt that Ofc. Holte died with the firm conviction that he was not a racist…

    • Agree: Cowtown Rebel
  18. @Sick 'n Tired

    Unbelievable!!! This is the scum we have to deal with.

    • Replies: @bruce county
  19. @mark green

    We already have a “universal basic income”; it’s called welfare, and it’s a part of what got us into this mess.

    • Replies: @mark green
  20. @ciwarrior1

    Police ballistic vests don’t have metal plates and are only designed to protect against small arms. Ak-47 rounds will go through a police vest like a hot knife through butter.

  21. And yet I see police chiefs kneeling with the protestors. Disgusting. RIP Officer Holte.

    OT in Chicongo: There’s a break today from the chaos now that its raining here and I’m catching up on my sleep. Looks like the Blacks vs. Browns war has intensified here. Mexican street-gangs are not only protecting their neighborhood from black arson, robbery and rape but actively going out of their neighborhoods and targeting blacks (and white anarchists) for a beat-down. This has spread from Chicago to the suburbs of Cicero, Aurora and Des Plaines. (I did a report for a black thug shot in his car while scoping out places to loot past curfew. He said some “Mayan-looking muthas” yelled racial epithets at him and shot him for “no reason”.) This has gotten so bad that it finally caught the attention of the MSM who are pleading with Latino activists and politicians to reign in their people. I wonder how this fits the narrative of anti-white activists who are still trying to place blame on white-supremacists and the police? How will they spin this now?

    You probably know this already but since the riots started there have been 38 homicides and over 100 people shot in Chicago! This total will certainly go up as there have been some bodies that just haven’t been found yet. Our new superintendent Dallas Brown looks like a deer caught in the headlights. Using newspeak like “disturbing” and “alarming” to describe the black disfunction here and continuing with kid-glove policing just won’t cut it right now. And what the hell are the Illinois National Guard and the Department of Homeland Security doing anyway? I didn’t know sitting this out was an option. Oh well, I hope everyone here is safe and has enough ammo. Stay Safe, Stay Armed, Stay Alert and Stay Alive.

  22. @Corporal Punishment

    Now you did it.

    You broke the seal.

    You directed your attention toward him…

  23. SZ says:

    What strikes most is the inability to continue life as a stable couple, which appears as the most important basis of a stable society. No monogamy means no patriarchy which means no stable society:


    Lola Moore, 61, moved to Grand Forks three years ago to live with her son, Salamah Pendleton, so she no longer had to live alone in Iowa. He had moved to the city 20 years ago to be with his pregnant girlfriend.

    “So surreal that this is happening,” said Lola Moore’s daughter, Marlonya Moore.

    A family dealing with the tragic loss of the woman known as Lola Gwen, the woman who raised five children as a single mother, is now trying to understand why she is gone.

    “She had everybody laughing, cooking all the time,” said Lola’s son, Moriando Moore.

    “It’s hard to know what is going on in his head,” Marlonya said. “My brother had the money, so that is why this is freaking everybody out. He wasn’t broke, He had the money to pay the rent.”

    • Replies: @Gunga Din
  24. @Mark in MI

    Like mental children. They are all the same… from the top on down..

  25. @mark green

    Perhaps we should also institute a universal basic income (UBI). This will alleviate poverty and joblessness.

    UBI will allow the blacks to exist without EVER working.  Their ability to live off welfare already gives them way too much free time to make trouble; “idle hands are the devil’s workshop.”

    Keep them working 10-hour days digging ditches and pushing brooms in the ‘hood.  Pay them by the ton and the pound; no results, no pay.  They will be out of trouble for those 10 hours and, done right, too tired to make trouble the other 14.

  26. Garybob says:

    blacks should not be allowed to own guns. Too violent, too stupid.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  27. Gunga Din says:

    He was just a typical black savage; they need no good reason to do violence.

  28. m. says:

    if you want to kneel in solidarity, start taking numbers to give blowjobs while ur down there, you useless a**holes

  29. @Blue Juice

    I’ve been following this story and seeing real videos out of Chicago on Second City, LiveLeak & Hoodsite. Blogs & websites like that are really the only place to get the real picture of what’s actually going on and the extent of the damage being done to all these cities.
    On Saturday night I was at the local watering hole watching live news coverage of parts of Miami getting looted, then the other night the Mayor of Miami on Tucker Carlson saying how happy he was the protesters remained peaceful, and what an example they were! So the looting of the shops at Bayside, stores in Wynwood, and helicopter footage of police chasing orcs thru the streets didn’t happen? I haven’t had an eye exam in years, but after hearing his spin of what happened, I might have to schedule one, because I saw something completely different.

    • Agree: BanditOfBlithe
    • LOL: Blue Juice
  30. Anonymous[355] • Disclaimer says:

    They don’t usually own them, they possess them illegally. Last I heard, an AK-47 is not legal to purchase or own anywhere in this country.

  31. @yeah,right

    Yes. You are correct. But perhaps a monthly UBI check will reduce crime. If that happens, it could pay for itself over time. Plus, this easy money will take some anger and wind out of the sails of BLM. UBI will allow us also to eliminate part of the welfare bureaucracy. I might work (modestly).

  32. @Blue Juice

    Blue Juice -very interesting. I am happy that Latinos are keeping their neighborhoods to include stores safe. Have you any more to report?
    I heard African American Larry Elder speak recently. He is an inspiration to all people but the MM ignores him-of course.


    Mother of George Floyd’s daughter says she wants justice for him. My daddy changed the world.

    What a disgusting blob of tattooed flab.

  34. @mark green

    It will never work and when it doesn’t, the excuse will be because there’s not ENOUGH money. I mean seriously, we’ve seen this how many times before??

  35. Dr. X says:

    Last I heard, an AK-47 is not legal to purchase or own anywhere in this country.

    It is pefectly legal in free states like North Dakota… only communist states like NY and CA have unconstitutionally banned it.

    • Replies: @Former Liberal
  36. @Anonymous

    You heard VERY wrong as my custom AK is on order.

  37. @ciwarrior1

    7.62 by 39 will go through a regular vest. Only thing that will stop it is an armored plate which you wont wear as regular duty gear. Rifles are far deadlier than handguns (which why I have many btw).

  38. @Sick 'n Tired

    Call me stupid but it took the “Pandemic” and the “Reset-Riots” for me to finally learn that the mainstream media somehow went from unethical and corrupt to downright dangerous. Sometimes intentionally steering people into harm’s way. The mainstream media has become a propaganda wing of the far-left (except for Fox News being a propaganda wing for the RINO’s). Cable news has become a re-education camp. I can’t even get basic facts out of MSM reporting. Every video and sound bite has to be triple-checked. I have to sort through You Tube videos to get basic answers about a virus declared a pandemic by the CDC? I have to sort through Live Leak and twerking vids to look for full video on the riot damage? I have to come to SBPDL to learn about another black criminal in my own city murdering people?

    What should take me a couple of mouse-clicks and 2-3 minutes now takes me 20-30 minutes (sometimes hours) to find objective fact reporting. I should have gotten paid for all the time I wasted online sorting through MSM agitprop and Orwellian doublespeak just to finally learn that an overweight heroin addict and known felon had a heart-attack resisting police in Minneapolis and one of those cops broke procedure (and most likely killed him) by restraining him with his knee while they waited for an ambulance.

    • Agree: Sick 'n Tired
    • Replies: @The Wild Geese Howard
  39. joe2.5 says:

    Puzzled: how come the death of a police member while performing his official functions gets to be called “murder”?
    It’s a predictable accident in the war against the people — cops don’t get drafted; they volunteer, sign knowingly on the dotted line and get a shitload of easy money.

    • Troll: AnalogMan, SCuba Steve
  40. Anonymous[406] • Disclaimer says:

    OT (sort of):

    The “white” cop shooter in Vegas was caught. Damn those evil supremacists!

  41. Rooster2 says:

    A few posters on here have hit on this before, that each race believes the other one acts just like them. A lot of White people believe blacks are exactly like them, just a darker shade. That they have a sense of community, try to do their work as best as possible, maintain their homes, don’t litter everywhere, and don’t steal whatever’s not locked down. Whites then think when they see crime stats, the black man is just getting an unfair shake.

    Blacks on the other hand think Whites act just like them, utterly dysfunctional, steal, assault, skimp by on the job, break the law… and the police just look the other way because they’re White.

    Not many people from either race truly understand how different we really are. Most Whites watch the commercials on TV, and that’s their only real view of blacks. They cannot comprehend the amount of dysfunction in the black community; it’s unfathomable to them.

    • Agree: Raccoon
  42. Loren says:

    remember this (((hoax?)))

    Little-known facets of the Kitty Genovese case

    The following may not be significant, the point is that someone else has decided that it is not significant, when it may well be. The following factors are often omitted from the account. That Kitty Genovese was a lesbian (she lived with her lover), her murderer was a Negro necrophiliac, and the area of Kew Gardens, New York was largely Jewish at the time:

    A large community of Jewish refugees from Germany took shape in Kew Gardens after the Second World War. The neighborhood attracted many Chinese immigrants after 1965… (Wikipedia).

    The author of the original newspaper report was Martin Gansberg. The report was sensational and inaccurate, stating that “for more than half an hour 38 respectable law-abiding citizens… watched a killer stalk and stab a woman” in its opening sentence. The attacks took place at different locations of the block of flats and most of the building’s occupants were in bed. The claim is thoroughly implausible, not least because there not have been 38 people awake at that location at that time of night. It was also physically impossible for them to have watched. The murder did not however take place on the Jewish sabbath (13 March 1964 was a Friday) or else we might have certain Talmudic injunctions complicating the matter yet further.

  43. Loren says:

    Daughter of George Floyd:

    ‘Daddy changed the world’

    [Search domain
    In a series of emotional interviews on Tuesday, George Floyd’s daughter and her mother remembered Floyd as a “good man” and “super fun dad.” Roxy Washington, the mother of Floyd’s 6-year-old …

  44. Loren says:

    rich blacks and the message they offer other blacks

    “If black people kill black people every day, why not have a week and kill white people?” The question may have sounded rhetorical, but rapper Sister Souljah’s inflammatory remark would prove to have both an instant and lasting impact.

    Chris Rock: “I want to live in a world where an equal amount of white kids are shot every month” he continued “I want to see white mothers on TV crying”.

    there are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it, in that prejudice and racism, and they just have to die.–Oprah

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  45. @mark green

    We must however never allow any dubious campaign that intends to ‘eradicate (white) racism’ to end up eradicating freedom and accountability.

    Too late.

  46. HT says:

    North Dakota? Where does one go now to get away from the Negro?

    • Agree: Gunga Din
    • Replies: @Vox Nihili
  47. EddieK says:
    @Sick 'n Tired

    It was crazy, three cop cars on fire. Lucky for us we get so much rain. My prediction was that the mostly Cuban police force would take care of things swiftly. That wasn’t the case, but we’ve had far less rioting and looting than the other major cities. Could it be due to there being few young white antifa males down here? Methinks so…

  48. @Anonymous

    They are perfectly legal to own and rather cheap to buy compared to mid-upper range ARs. A decent AK can be purchased legally for $600-900 dollars, during normal peace times, and that’s with a lot of extra fixings. Their value has shot up since Covid, as all of these ones listed were easily selling for $200+ around 6 months ago.

    • Replies: @Not Woke--Not Broke
  49. By the end of the weekend you will hear of Trump’s capitulation to negotiate with these Demons. And no doubt it will be Obongo the halfrican Jesus that will head the delegation. It will be covered live on all the commie networks with The Doors song, The End, playing in the background. There will be no representation present to speak on behalf of Truth or the White Citizens of America who did not grovel or assist (((The))) Negro in the toppling of America. “Oh Yes it’s come to this, and wasn’t it a long way down”

  50. USA 1943 says:

    Unrelated, But I just saw A Protester on TV Say, As A Black Man in America All I ask is that I feel Just as Safe in An All White Neighborhood, As A White Man is in An All Black Neighborhood.

  51. Loren says:
    @Lost american

    naaa..he is for immigration, if I Rush sell out Limbaugh.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  52. Thomasina says:
    @Wake up

    Get down on one knee, buddy, before you start your apology! Good comment.

  53. Thomasina says:
    @mark green

    Think it through. How has providing them subsidized housing, welfare and EBT cards worked out so far? It’s never enough. Pretty soon they’ll want to rewrite history, burn down buildings and destroy statues (oops, that is being done). They will not be happy until their culture overrides yours. Their thinking is: you owe them; pay up.

    This is what happens when you pander, even when done out of kindness.

    These people are dependents (children who have never grown up: impulsive, irresponsible) and they are not attached to you or the country. Try taking away what they already have. The lid would blow off!

    When you placate, you might soothe them for awhile, but it will come back to bite you. The children just keep having more tantrums until they’re placated again, and again, and again. Poor parenting.

    Time to rip off the Band-aid and let them grow up. If not now, when?

  54. Luludog says:
    @bruce county

    She along with all the 100s of relatives are scrambling to get in line for the millions that the huckster lawyers are going to milk from the city and state. “Oh, I was George’s favorite.”

  55. @Sick 'n Tired

    Sick ‘n Tired——–Even a 22 rifle or single shot shotgun is better than an sharp stick.——–and a sharp stick is better than standing there with a stupid look on your face like my blue state cousin.Lucky he wasn’t killed in Atlanta.

    • Agree: Sick 'n Tired
  56. @Mr. Rational

    Yup that’s what chain gangs were for. Oh well.

  57. @Lost american

    Really..there is no White guy that hasn’t been saying the same thing as Elder….only when some Black talks of what White Men have been saying all along now people will listen. That’s all everyone wants…the magic negro to talk and all of a sudden Blacks are the wisest on the planet. Give me a break. His whole education and his whole safe beautiful life came from living with and amongst White Western Civilization.

  58. Anonymous[134] • Disclaimer says:

    Every black is a racist. They’ve been propagandized for, what, 10-20 years how The white man is oppressing them. Funny thing, though. I see blacks driving around in expensive, foreign automobiles constantly. I see them in the grocery stores with overloaded shopping carts (while I have a hand basket).

    They’re roaming around every nice shopping area, attending Ivy League schools for free (I went to night school while working), eating out in restaurants. Where’s the oppression?

  59. @bruce county

    Translation , mammy o ‘ George Floyds female spawn saying she gonna get paid.

    • Replies: @Luludog
  60. @USA 1943


    “Mission Accomplished”

  61. @Loren

    I got off the Rush train when he pushed NAFTA and GATT.

    It was fun for a (very) little while. Even went to an early taping of the show!

    That was before there was an acronym for “Republican In Name Only”.

    More of a “Judas goat”.

  62. @bruce county

    The fat pig just wants in on the ghetto lottery.

  63. Luludog says:
    @Love Street

    Weez all gonna be drivin Bentleys!!

  64. @USA 1943

    I have dream. Some day, I will be able to treat a black man in my White neighborhood the same way I would be treated in his black neighborhood. Yes!!! I have a dream.

  65. @HT

    If you find out, let me know. I have lived in a mostly quiet suburb of Atlanta my entire 43 years. I now feel that the time to flee has come, as the white population here is beginning to dwindle. Even my relatively expensive neighborhood is starting to become vibrant.
    My husband and I own a business that cannot be relocated, so picking up and moving is not as simple as it could be for some. We are searching for the “right place” to go. We are thinking perhaps Nebraska or Idaho? I am completely unfamiliar with that part of the country, but it seems like it may be our best bet. I can’t go somewhere where it snows heavily and frequently though. I’m a southern gal and don’t think I’d be able to acclimate (pardon the pun) to that type of weather, though I am prepared to move where it does snow more than it does in Georgia.

    Recommendations anyone?

  66. Ok I have to start updating my poem of all the Saintly Martyrs of the DINDUNUFFIN Clan…Please draw your attention to line #2……Thank You for your time.

    Behold, the holy communion of Dinduism
    What are the tenets of Dinduism
    Who are the enlightened ones? And what is the path to be lit up, er, enlightened?
    The rites of the Order of the Sacred Section Eight. In that case the correction would be “What Who are the tenants…”
    1. The Dindu is infallible in all interactions with unbelievers. At all times the Dindu dindu nuffin.

    2. The Dindu is always a saint, gentle giant, pillar of the community, sweet boy whom everyone loved. Saint Swisher, Saint Skittles, Saint Sammich, St. Fentanyl Floyd and St. Ahmaud of Brunswick.

    3. The Dindu is a martyr, persecuted unjustly by society, the police, and the white hispanic.

    4. Life is suffering. White men and the wealthy are the cause of all suffering. There is a path to end suffering. The path is violence and looting.

    5.If someone has material wealth that you desire, they automatically must have acquired it via evil and oppression. When you perpetrate violence to steal their wealth, it is an act of liberation and the casting off of an oppressor.

    6.Yo’ Momma will always save you.

    7. Is Fergadishu the new Mecca for Dinduism?

    8.”they all Trayvon”. “no justis , no peas”

    9.”That’s real retarded sir” – the prophet Rachel Jeantel

    10. In Dinduism you must always strive to turn your life around. But you may not do so until you reach the afterlife.

    Dinduist Philosopher … droppin’ syince yo.
    Facts have no place in Dinduism.
    You best check yo privilege.

  67. @Corporal Punishment

    The media have created a tsunami of blood from the virus and riots.

    In a just world they would be held to account for it and sent to the lake of fire.

  68. Wake up says:

    Is anyone else suffering from “Black Fatigue”? You know, the 24/7/365 days a year constant bitching & moaning?

    • Agree: bruce county
    • Replies: @Gunga Din
  69. @Lost american

    Blue Juice -very interesting. I am happy that Latinos are keeping their neighborhoods to include stores safe. Have you any more to report?

    Yes! During my downtime last night we traveled outside downtown. Some white residents of Chicago finally banded together and began defending their neighborhoods and businesses. Italian- and Polish-Americans formed “block parties” and blocked off street corners in Bridgeport near Sox park. Armed with bats, bricks and hockey sticks it was a sight to see. Kids were playing football in the street and families were still barbequing at 10PM which they haven’t been able to do in months. At one point they were open carrying shotguns and AR’s but the beat cars apparently told them to keep them out of sight.

    The same started happening in the South Loop, Little Italy, Canaryville, Mount Greenwood, O Streets and Garfield Ridge. At every one of these neighborhood guard posts I always saw a group close by on the rooftops or by an open window no doubt heavily armed with long guns. Keep in mind these are all South Side neighborhoods in very close proximity to notoriously bad black neighborhoods (the liberal North Side has not been doing this even though they’ve been getting hit as well). I’ve heard rumors that the white Outlaws motorcycle gang were protecting fire department trucks. The interactions with CPD have been positive and when we passed in our patrol car we had some laughs and gave them the thumbs up. Last night there were some shootouts in the O Streets with the blacks being outgunned and forced to flee. The crazy Croats were proud to show us the bullet holes at their roadblock.

    So it’s not all bad news here. Whites are beginning to wake up…even though it took 4 days and billions (yes billions!) of dollars worth of damage. The Latinos are taking it to another level not only forming checkpoints but travelling in heavily armed caravans actively seeking out blacks stupid enough to drive in cars without plates or openly carrying stolen merchandise. No doubt some of the homie-cides here are their handywork. Of course our black mayor, the activists and Dude Inc are crying foul demanding action now that the tables have turned. So when people say the police will gas and arrest armed whites defending their homes it ain’t happening here. I bet these riots stop by tomorrow.

    • Thanks: Corporal Punishment
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Mr. Rational
  70. Katrinka says:
    @bruce county

    I guarantee that she is also wearing a wig over her nearly bald, nappy head. I didn’t think there was enough whiskey in the world for a man to bed down with something like her. Tells you a lot about Floyd. And the child, did he even support that girl for one day? I think not. We need to separate from the blacks. Give them a state to go to, Georgia or such. In less than two years it will look like Liberia.

  71. Dat whut dey be doo

    Florida State’s Marvin Wilson to boycott workouts after Mike Norvell’s statement caused ‘outrage’ –

  72. @Vox Nihili

    If you don’t want heavy snow Nebraska and Idaho should be off the list. Most states if you just go wayyyy out in the country where there are no Jordans you should be ok.

    • Replies: @Vox Nihili
  73. @The OverSeer

    Damn it. Even the southern part of Nebraska? We were also taking into consideration that Nebraska is very highly rated as a good place to retire, as far as taxes, access to medical care, etc. Being GA born and bred, we were looking at the north GA mountain area, but honestly, the plague is creeping in a little bit there too. It’s a sad state of affairs when you can’t find anywhere to go with your white flight.

  74. @Katrinka

    Give them a state to go to

    Give them nothing.

    Nothing more.

    We’ve lost enough.

  75. @bruce county

    So George gets out of prison in Houston in 2013 and knocks up this Gargantuan weave wearer. He then takes off for Minneapolis faster than a stepped on cat. Father o’ the year. It appears the family and the amberlamps chaser Crump jettisoned Georgie’s white girlfriend post haste.

  76. Rooster2 says:
    @Vox Nihili

    If you don’t want anywhere with much snow, then maybe take a look at OK, TN, or AR. Anywhere near a relatively big city is going to bring with it the same problems you’re dealing with now. If you’re not much into country living, search for small-medium sized cities, and live towards to outskirts. Also filter your city search by demographics, after the latest census, you may be able to get that data from the census bureau.

  77. Clip Carson says: • Website
    @Wake up

    Careful … they’ll eagerly take you up on that offer …

  78. Clip Carson says: • Website

    Great idea … until they form roadblocks to hunt other ethnicities who come into “their” state by accident … and it won’t stop them from filtering into other states to commit crimes.

    If they had “their” own state, it would become a no-go zone for them to escape police.

  79. Gentlemen:

    I’ve stayed away from the site for a few months now. Mostly just extremely busy with work, but I have just had a general disgust with the nation- even “patriotic” whites- for so casually submitting to the police state a la Wuhan Coronavirus. Disgust such that I feel like this entire country- white to black, rich to poor, educated to illiterate- needs a cleansing of biblical proportions.

    Now, with this George Floyd business, not only will this once-great Nation continue to go in the wrong direction, but the police won’t even keep up the pretense of enforcing law and order so that our (((mercantile))) masters can continue to plunder our hard-earned paychecks. But I guarantee that if whites defend their property against the subhumans, they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and pursued in civil court to bankruptcy.

    Let’s just say it: nothing works anymore. Things may be working for Jeff Bezos, or Bill Gates, or General Goldfein(speaking of, did you see this: , or: ), but they aren’t working for working class whites, or even most segments of the black population, whom I readily agree should be repatriated to their Dark Continent. We need to all get mentally on the same page: the United States of America is dead. It won’t expire like someone in a TV show, with a sudden flatline on a heart monitor, but may take actual decades, like the Roman Empire.

    If you don’t want to live in a dying nation, then you must prepare to sacrifice (your life, in fact) to forge a newer, better one. This past week has laid bare the future for all who refuse to take part in changing it.

    Finally, remember how much fun it was on this website to write “Worse is better” back in 2015-2016? Well, we have Trump, we have a Republican Senate (for another few months), but we have a worse everyday life in America now than we did under eight years of Obama. Is it really better?

    • Replies: @Corporal Punishment
  80. Gunga Din says:
    @Wake up

    As I commented recently, negro fatigue will be the death of me. Tried to watch some of the St. George memorial service today. The only thing more nauseating than the Rev Al were all the white cucks groveling to their black masters. Speaking of groveling, has anyone heard about Drew Brees? I’m on a tablet and can’t provide a link. You’ll probably be glad I didn’t.

  81. @Thomasina

    I basically agree. The problem is that blacks (and their white enablers) are demanding more. And they will get it. This is because the MSM (and Big Tech) will see to it that the issue is framed to favor the black/leftist mob. George Floyd’s memory will not be dimming anytime soon.

    In the coming weeks, watch for renewed focus on the ‘wealth gap’ between whites and blacks. Biden will likely propose several new, multi-billion-dollar ‘programs’ for additional training and job placement for the usual deadbeats. It’s coming. And whites will pay. Universal Basic Income (UBI) might be the most equitable remedy to this crisis. I concede (in advance) that UBI will not solve the problem of black lawlessness and black dysfunction.

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  82. send this to Coulter and Malkin’s twitter feed.

  83. @bruce county

    “Even from afar, she said, Floyd was supportive of their daughter and would always TALK about taking care of her.”

    I have talked about winning the lottery, going to outer space, wanting to hook up with super models, doesn’t mean I did any of those things. My point being is talk is cheap, anyone can do it, actually following thru, and doing what you said you were going to do is what really matters. A sometimes bouncer (that the media is now calling a security guard), with a dope addiction, passing phony money at some corner market, doesn’t sound like a person who is going to be consistent with the child support payments.

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  84. Truth says:
    @Gunga Din

    As I commented recently, negro fatigue will be the death of me

    Give me your address, I’ll send Al Sharpton over.

    • LOL: Gunga Din
    • Replies: @Swamp Fox
  85. Dr. X says:
    @Vox Nihili

    You can’t have your cake and eat it, too. If you want places that are populated by white people, they are snowy. Negroes are from Africa. They like the heat.

    There are MANY small towns in rural areas of the North that are 99% to 100% white. I have lived in such an area my entire life. From Maine to Michigan and Wisconsin, once you get out of the cities, there are almost no blacks. I live in a small town twenty miles from a northern city and if you see a black here, it’s an event — as in “where did he come from, and what is he doing here”?? A Southerner can hardly imagine how segregated the North is.

    Unfortunately most of these towns have few job opportunites, and the jobs that are available don’t pay much. Upstate New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan are full of such places. Politically, these areas exist in constant tension with Negro-packed cities like New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland and Detroit.

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
  86. @mark green

    The only places that will make any money if UBI is ever enacted are beauty supply stores, rent a rim shops, Metro PCS, Walmart, payday loan stores, and KFC/Popeyes. That money will be spent before it even arrives.

    As far as the rest of what you wrote, I agree Biden will throw out some big numbers for “programs” that will have all the revruns, race pimps, program coordinators licking their chops, telling their congregations to vote Biden, and bussing them to the poles.

    This is after billions of dollars in rioting damage has been done to major cities all across America, businesses destroyed, and any of the smart tax paying base driven out. So that digs the hole even deeper. I have stated before on here a few times that we should all work to pay as little into a system that condones such chaos and destruction, of what is essentially public property paid by deductions from the paycheck I sweat my ass off to earn. Barter services, trade goods, offer discounts to people/customers who pay in cash, contribute as little money as you can into a system that will leave you thrown to the wolves while still having their hand in your pocket, taking what you’ve earned, and giving it to the non-productive.

  87. @Dr. X

    Speaking of New York, which I fled years ago, I heard about that poor woman in Rochester who while trying to protect her store, was beaten with 2 X 4 ‘s by black rioters. New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Connecticut are all anti 2nd Amendment states which want the law abiding whites defenseless. I just wish to hell that more whites understood that there has been an undeclared and mostly disorganized race war against us since the 1960’s. But liberals and Christian cucks will probably never wake up. I can just see it…looters in fancy places like Westchester County, New York, and the liberal, deluded whites trying to plead how “anti racist” they are. But you can’t reason with low IQ savages.

  88. HT says:
    @Vox Nihili

    I understand. If you really want to get far away I would consider Wyoming or Montana. Plenty of wide open spaces there. If you don’t want to go that radical, you could really improve your situation by going just outside of Nashville such as Franklin. Only about 5% black and some nice places to live.

    • Replies: @David In TN
  89. usNthem says:
    @Vox Nihili

    Pretty much anywhere west of old man river – the farther away the better. New Mexico, ex Albuquerque, Colorado, ex Denver, central Arizona, Utah, ex Salt Lake City, Wyoming, Idaho. Probably even western Nebraska, Kansas and Iowa.

  90. Swamp Fox says:

    Give me your address and I’ll kneel “with” you.

    • Replies: @Truth
  91. @General Ripper

    General! Meet the Corporal.

    1.) Agreed. The USA is on life-support but it looks like it will be around as a basketcase nation for at least another 10-20 years. Uncle Sugar is still somehow paying the bills on credit and the lights are still on.

    2.) I think we’re all seeing the US Armed Forces as a colossal clown show. The US Special Forces, SEALs and USAF Special Ops are a different breed (and mostly white) and I tip my cap to those guys. But we will spend untold millions and spill American blood to ruthlessly defend the Iraqi border or South Korean border but not our own? The blacks did to this country May 29th-31st what enemy empires could not. Where the f*** are the National Guard, Green Berets and SEALs now? Let’s see Shiniqua drive a Stealth Fighter like she drives a school bus.

    3.) I can’t imagine how Hillary would have reacted to world affairs the last 4 years. I can’t imagine how she would have sacrificed law enforcement and the white middle-class in the last 4 months. Trump was a bad choice but Hillary was even worse.

  92. @Thomasina

    Time to rip off the Band-aid and let them grow up.

    Too little, too late.  The ‘hood descendants of the once-functional Talented Tenth have lost every bit of culture which once made them marginally employable and useful.  I’ve read that many ex-slaves starved to death after the War of Northern Aggression because their masters weren’t providing for them any longer and they didn’t have the skills to even put food on the table.

    What would happen in the 21st century is that they’d try to turn to crime to survive, they’d cause tremendous damage as a result, and we’d have to imprison them or worse.  We really need to repatriate them so they don’t have YT as a target any more.  Everything else is worse for them than repatriation.

  93. Anon[262] • Disclaimer says:
    @Blue Juice

    That is damn good news to hear. Was hoping this would jolt a lot of whites and others out of their slumber. Ive been buying ammo and practicing for awhile now. Thanks for posting this and giving me a glimmer of hope and thanks for having the balls to do what you do for a living. Despite what you encounter every day, just know when the time comes, we will have your back.

    • Agree: BanditOfBlithe
  94. @Blue Juice

    You are doing EXACTLY what I said the police will have to do to avoid being declared the enemy.  You stood down on the orders for repression and refused to be anarcho-tyrants.

    So glad to get this report from the thick of things.  There is still hope.

    • Replies: @Blue Juice
  95. Truth says:
    @Swamp Fox

    Can we negotiate on “before” instead of “with?”

    • Replies: @Swamp Fox
  96. @USA 1943

    As usual, incapable of self-awareness and irony.

  97. @Vox Nihili

    You could try small town Tennessee, East or Middle Tennessee. Probably not West Tennessee.

  98. @HT

    There are some good places in Franklin, but it will cost some.

  99. @USA 1943

    Oh NO He Didn’t!!! Dat Niggaz CRAAAAAAAZY!!!!!!!

  100. AnalogMan says:
    @Gunga Din

    Tried to watch some of the St. George memorial service today.

    In heaven’s name, WHY?

    • Replies: @Gunga Din
  101. @Gunga Din

    I have a guitar. I’ve never been any good at playing one. But, I enthusiastically played Dixie over and over again during the short time that I had the Reverend Doctor George Floyd Rimrinse Suhvus on the T.V.

    I alternated that with Listen To The Mockingbird, which was one of the tunes frequently used by The Three Stooges during the opening to their short features.

    Drowned it out real good. MaHellya Jackcity, Uretha Stanklin, Dean Cuckold, whoever… I couldn’t hear them.

    What happened to Drew Brees? Who knows? He spoke like a Man with solid convictions one day, and sounded like a floppy, sopping wet Pussy the next. Doesn’t he have enough money to tell the NFL to fuck off? The one ignorant N*gger was sobbing about how hurt he was to be betrayed by someone he had gone to War with. War? Football? Good grief! Drew should have saved himself the humiliation and just used his earnings to buy a nice cabin in the woods and took up duck hunting. Or, ANYTHING but continue to play with his balls. Even if he enjoys it, it’s just not worth it. It makes you go Color Blind.

    I have been, as I always am, very visibly Confederate the last few days. “I won’t be Reconstructed and I don’t care a Damn!”

    • Agree: usNthem
  102. @Sick 'n Tired

    “doesn’t sound like a person who is going to be consistent with the child support payments.”

    No, but he does sound like a person who is Black. That is why he is their Poster Boy for all that they do and are capable of doing. Nothing. He pretty much personified it.

    Oh, and let’s not forget, he gets extra credit for being a violent felon who spent time in prison for a home invasion where he robbed a woman at gunpoint.

    As for Love and Romance between Negroids, they simply don’t exist. I was watching a News program with a panel of Women, two White and one Black. They were reading some Love Letters from an earlier age that were waxing poetic. The White Women were swooning and the Black Woman was staring blankly. Gettin’ Busy, Knockin’ Da Boots, Baby’s Mama, I got 99 Problems and a Bitch Ain’t One, etc… is what passes for a serious and mutually caring relationship in the Coonmunity.

    I’ve asked aloud, with Negroes around, “I wonder if ‘I got 99 problems and a Bitch ain’t one’ is how his Daddy felt about his Mama?”

    Chris Rock once said that only a N*gger will brag about doing what everyone else just does. Nigressa: “I take care of my kids!” Chris: “Damn, Bitch, You’re supposed to take care of your kids!”

    • Agree: Sick 'n Tired
  103. @Kolya Krassotkin

    Swedish Fish candy is more Swedish than those evolutionary throwbacks.


    Keep us updated and stay safe! We support you!

    • Agree: SCuba Steve
  105. m. says:

    solidarity kneelers, keep up with the blowjobs while you are down there

    • Agree: BanditOfBlithe
  106. Gunga Din says:

    Just to hear what lengths the speakers would go to to canonize Floyd and declare him a Saint. Yeah, I know, I must be some kind of masochist!

  107. DA: 2 charged in shooting death of Moody police sergeant

    Updated: 1:24 PM CDT Jun 5, 2020

    ST. CLAIR COUNTY, Ala. —

    St. Clair County District Attorney Lyle Harmon on Friday said 27-year-old Tapero Johnson and 28-year-old Marquisha Tyson, both of Birmingham, have been arrested on capital murder charges in connection with the killing of Moody Police Sgt. Stephen Williams.

  108. @Mr. Rational

    Once you get through the obvious double-speak and propaganda in these news pieces ask yourself these 4 questions:
    1.) The Latinos were doing this just 2 miles north in the Pilsen neighborhood and 4 miles west in the Little Village neighborhood. In fact they took it to a whole other extreme of aggression and were doing it a full 2 days before this. Why no coverage or pictures?
    2.) Since there are pictures…do these men look like they will kneel before a mob? Do they look like they will kneel before anyone?
    3.) Have the media just targeted for retribution (unintentionally or intentionally) this diverse neighborhood that is just trying to defend their homes and businesses? I say diverse because Bridgeport is now unofficially known as “West Chinatown” and whites make up less than 50% of that neighborhood. I see, and saw lots of Chinese, Filipino, Indians and Latinos out enjoying themselves on Bridgeport streets free from harassment and danger from roving blacks and protests that they have no interest in. If they were being assaulted or intimidated by their white neighbors where are the 911 calls or cellphone videos?
    4.) There are several more Chicago neighborhoods doing this and more. I have a feeling black neighborhoods have started doing this as well. If you tell the Chicago police and IL National Guard to stand down then why wasn’t this obvious reaction predicted?

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  109. Truth says:
    @Swamp Fox

    Aaaah-eit, I’m good.

    • Disagree: AnalogMan
  110. @Blue Juice

    Once you get through the obvious double-speak and propaganda in these news pieces ask yourself these 4 questions:

    I don’t think the answers are any mystery to regular readers of SBPDL, and that’s without bothering to look at the hit-pieces (which I will, later).

    1.) The Latinos were doing this just 2 miles north in the Pilsen neighborhood and 4 miles west in the Little Village neighborhood. In fact they took it to a whole other extreme of aggression and were doing it a full 2 days before this. Why no coverage or pictures?

    Because the principle at work is “die, Whitey”.  They aren’t White, they are the replacements.  They are a less violent, more pliable and more productive replacement for blacks as well.

    2.) Since there are pictures…do these men look like they will kneel before a mob? Do they look like they will kneel before anyone?

    Let’s hope they can stand against the shitstorm headed their way.

    3.) Have the media just targeted for retribution (unintentionally or intentionally) this diverse neighborhood

    Without a doubt.  The principle is “die, Whitey”.

  111. Thanks for the relocation suggestions, everyone. There’s a few places mentioned that my husband and I hadn’t considered.

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