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His Name Is Joshua Grey: Young White Male Murdered by Two Black Teenagers in Richmond for His IPhone
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Shot.[‘He was a beautiful child’: Parents reflect on son who was shot, killed,, 10-1-18]:

23-year-old Joshua Grey was shot and killed along Mechanicsville Turnpike on September 17th.

Joshua Grey, far right, was murdered by two black males in Richmond, Virginia
Joshua Grey, far right, was murdered by two black males in Richmond, Virginia

It’s every parents worst nightmare and one the Greyfamily never imagined would happen to them. But on that day they received the call they’ll never forget.

“It truly is the worst phone call a parent can receive,” said Josh’s mom, Diane Grey.

A state of disbelief and shock took over Michael and Diane Grey when they received that news from police, “That’s when he told us that Josh had been shot, and passed,” Josh’s father Michael Grey recounted to 8 News.

Their fun-loving, always smiling son wouldn’t be coming home.

“Vibrant, lived every day, loved the water,” said Diane about her son.”You know he was a beautiful child inside and out.”

Josh had big dreams that were also cut short, “He wanted to model. He wanted his name and face to be out there.”

Now, his family is just left with photos and memories.

“That first few days was just numbness, shock, this is not possible, and you just expect them to call or come through the door,” Diane said.”It’s just, it’s unbelievable.”

It didn’t get any easier with the people responsible behind bars either, “Their lives have been ruined. I can’t imagine what their families are going through. They’ve lost family members just as much as Josh,” said Diane.

They murdered Josh for his iPhone…
They murdered Josh for his iPhone…

But they both want to see a change, “This is not just happening to us or to our family, it’s happening every single day.”

The Grey’s have created a memorial fund through New Kent High School in honor of Josh.

There’s no chaser. Just another shot. [T eens arrested for killing man during iPhone robbery in Richmond: CrimeInsider,, 9-28-18]:

Authorities said two teenage suspects have been arrested after a man was fatally shot during a robbery outside a Richmond convenience store last week.

Police said Tyshawn T. Andrews, 15, of the 1300 block of Coalter Street and Demeco T. Pressey-Robertson, 17, of the 2400 block of North 23rd Street were arrested earlier this week in the murder of 23-year-old Joshua A. Grey.

Police said both suspects were charged with murder, attempted robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery, and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

Since the juveniles were charged with murder in the commission of robbery or attempted robbery; they could face capital murder.

“Prosecutors really exercise discretion when they decide what’s going to be a death penalty case and there’s lots of factors that are taken into consideration including family wishes, evidence and the strength of the case. So, this could be a death penalty case,” said CBS 6 legal analyst Todd Stone.

Officials said policewere called to a convenience store at the intersection of Mechanicsville Turnpike and Carver Street for the report of a person down at 1:36 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 17.

When police arrived, they found Grey, of the 7200 block of Riverside Drive, in the store unresponsive. He had suffered an apparent gunshot wound and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police released surveillance video of the suspects earlier this week.

Grey’s parents told CBS 6 Crime Insider Jon Burkett that an app used to sell items like furniture and phones contributed to their son’s death.

Grey was shot and killed the same day a tornado outbreak spread across Central Virginia.

“It was the day of the tornado and I called [Josh’s mom] and said did you talk to Josh today,” Josh’s dad said, who asked CBS 6 to hide his identity, said. “He had joined some app called ‘Letgo.'”

Similar to Craigslist, Letgo is an app that helps you buy and sell items to people nearby.

Josh Grey was lured to Mechanicsville Turnpike and shot dead, Crime Insider sources said.

The man seen in surveillance photos released by Richmond Police robbed Grey of his iPhone, Crime Insider sources indicated.

A wounded Grey crawled into a nearby convenience store and died.

“It’s a senseless tragic crime,” Grey’s grieving father said. “It never should have happened.”

Grey was buried Sunday. His mom and dad said he must have been smiling down from heaven as his beloved Washington Redskins won that day.

“… crawled into a nearby convenience stored and died.”

Murdered by two blacks for his iPhone.

His name is Josh Grey.

Do you understand now?

(Republished from SBPDL by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Race/Ethnicity 
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  1. iPhones matter.

    Black lives matter.

    iPhones matter to blacks.

    Your life doesn't matter if a live black needs your iPhone.

    Kinda like you don't take care of fambly for them, you don't sell things to them, not even at a police station or gun show. Okay?

  2. They are, without fail, demonically ugly

  3. Diversity is our greatest strength.
    Diversity is our greatest strength.

  4. Unless it is an emergency, avoid convenience stores as you would avoid negroes. They sell stale, overpriced junk. If you are just buying gas (which is all you should be buying from such places) try to pick a well-lit one, look out for potential trouble and gas and go as quickly as possible.

  5. Grey’s murder was committed near Mosby Court which is a murderous place with 20% of Richmond’s 2017 homicides occurring in and around that neighborhood.

    Grey died in an American No Go Zone.

    That area was literally the worst place in Richmond that he could have picked to be….

  6. "It didn't get any easier with the people responsible behind bars either, 'Their lives have been ruined. I can't imagine what their families are going through. They've lost family members just as much as Josh,' said Diane."

    Ugh. What is it about liberal white women that their hearts always go out to the parents who spawned these monsters and unleashed them on an unsuspecting white world.

  7. There's no chaser. Just another shot.

    Very funny, PK, and true. Joshua Grey will disappear from the public consciousness, to be replaced by any number of telescreen commercials glorifying the race of the duo who killed him.

    Wake up, YT, wake up.

  8. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    Tyshawn and Demeco.

    Two teens.

    A shot rings out.

    A tragic misunderstanding on a street gone wrong.

    It just may be the jailhouse photos, but does that duo look like anything you would expect to see any civilized country? The dead eyes, the sneering expressions. Right out of Liberia or Congo. Right here in America. With predictable results.

    Africa in America.

    Coming to a 'burb near you.

  9. Here we go again:

    Well, we can be heartened by It didn't get any easier with the people responsible behind bars either, "Their lives have been ruined…"

    Why should it go "easier" on the perpetrators? They committed a homicide, for crying out loud. These two thugs gunned down an innocent White kid. Their lives ought to be "ruined." In fact, had their lives been "ruined" before this killing — say, by being shot by an armed citizen in self defense — Joshua would be alive today.

    "… I can't imagine what their families are going through. They've lost family members just as much as Josh," said Diane.

    You can't "imagine" what their families are "going through" because you likely have a decent IQ and good future time orientation. Get it? They do not think like you. If they think at all.

    And if you are thinking, better arm up while you still have a chance to. And imagine the next time this happens, it will be the thugs who end up ruined on the pavement.

  10. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    Tyshawn and Demico … If only these young Men of Color had been provided with all the rich opportunities the Chads and Britneys of the world are (good jobs, loans, family connections, etc.), their lives might not have been derailed at such a young age by this act of foolishness. But no, whites have to hoard everything for their greedy, piglike selves, and young boys like Twashawn and DeMarco get robbed of their lives. Allforr some spoiled white kid's cell phone. Sad. Many such cases.

    -A Compassionate Oregonian

  11. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    So this is what 15 and 17 look like in black America??

    Take a good long look at those hollow faces of death. They're not like us at all.

    This hits closer to home since they young man is close to the age of my youngest. Blond and blue, whole world ahead of him, not paying attention to his surroundings and…. he's dead.

    He's thinking about girls. the weekend, something he and his friends were doing later on, looking at his cell, not realizing he was being targeted by these parasites. They rolled out with one purpose that day. Steal. Why they killed him is troubling but no longer mysterious. They killed him because they are animals and that's what animals do.

    There is no justice, only law. If there were justice, the two 'yoots' would be dead outside the convenience store and this young man would have an interesting story to tell. Instead, we're involved in a war where one side is consistently slaughtered, another side is systematically forgiven and the ones who should be reporting the truth to us, instead lies about the details.

    Remember this when it all falls down. Remember who the enemy truly is. Deal with the minions, of course but save some ammo for those who put this in play.

    Luckily, they're all easy to identify. President Trump helped polarize them like never before. They will proudly stand up and declare themselves your enemy.

    Start carrying.

    Jim in Jersey

  12. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    I'll summarize what happened from the perspective of a typical white university professor or an average black person: Two young African-Americans with a lot of potential and a lack of opportunities, made a bad decision.

    I've recently become beset with guilt as I realize how intolerant and bigoted I've been. Thus I won't dwell on the deceased privileged Mr. Grey or his devastated parents. Instead I'm going to fight injustice and oppression by reporting to his employer any white racist I might find today who calls the police to have blacks removed from a private swimming pool. As I learned in a recent White Privilege seminar, we've made some progress in the struggle for civil rights and equality, but there's still a lot of work to be done.

    -Lee Lepanto

  13. Anonymous [AKA "manuel hernandez"] says: • Website

    Call me an asshole, but looking at that kid's pictures, yeah, he was asking to be murdered. Seriously, these white folks are raising their boys to be feminized little weaklings who want to be models and who think we are racist for not trusting the black boys with the do rags and the baggy jeans below their asses. Reality strikes hard.

  14. OT: Meanwhile in Chicago…Officer Van Dyke testified in his trial and closing arguments start today. Crime against white residents has been slowly increasing here in the city but violence is such a part of everyday Chicago that many don’t notice or refuse to acknowledge that their dark pets are out of control and have no fear of law enforcement. Regardless, next week I will be working 12-hour shifts and I will try to post when I can if there's a level 10 chimp-out after the verdict is released.
    Even more interesting to readers here is that we may have our own “Zebra Killer” in Chicago. What appears to be a Dindu dressed in all black is going around the neighborhood of Rogers Park shooting white people in the head. No conscience, no warning and no fear. Two victims have been executed in two days. Fellow officers are beginning to call him the “Point Blank Killer”. Rogers Park is one of the most liberal neighborhoods in the city and many of America’s protected classes live there (just read the history of the two victims). Although this may be greeted by a collective shrug by people living outside Chicago (and I can’t blame them), my esteemed companions at this site might find the media response and the progressive reaction to be educational as well as entertaining. As others have wisely said…stay alert, stay armed, stay away and stay alive.

    “Don’t blame me. Blame your harmless little Africans!” – Sgt. Major Lauderdale (Guns of Batasi; 1964)

  15. 2 vigils for one woman. She fought against domestic violence and her estranged boyfriend came back and killed her.

  16. Oh trust me, I get it. One theyll " get it". Deep State be damned.

  17. Anonymous [AKA "Michael Swecker"] says: • Website

    Father is a cuck. More worried that the youfs that murdered his sons had their lives destroyed. Where is the anger? Where is the quest for vengeance?

    At least his feetsball team won their sportsball game. Joy.

  18. "He wanted his name and face to be out there." Well, now it is.

  19. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    "… I can't imagine what their families are going through. They've lost family members just as much as Josh," said Diane.

    Now this is the problem with cluless White who think we are all the same…….

    what their families are going through???

    Is this woman kidding?

    First……..the two yooths just got a full scholarship to Nig Nog University……3 hots and a cot with free gym workouts.

    Second………the welfare mom don't care cuz she gots lots more coming from where they came………..and what dad?

    Odds are those yooths might find their dad at Nig Nog University only they won't know who he is anyway.

    Why do Whites like this think Blacks are the same?

    Is that result of the tribes marketing Blacks on TV?

  20. Be careful out there sir and thank you for your service

  21. 2 vigils for one woman. She fought against domestic violence and her estranged boyfriend came back and killed her.

    The victim looks Black too.  This appears to be a NHI situation.

  22. OT:  I am reading the analysis of a research effort into the dysfunction of modern leftist "scholarship" as it appears in peer-reviewed "academic" journals.  The program wrote and submitted a bunch of hoax papers and got a bunch of them accepted and several published.  Here's the URL:

    I was just reading through until I hit this:

    "Title: Moon Meetings and the Meaning of Sisterhood: A Poetic Portrayal of Lived Feminist Spirituality

    Thesis: No clear thesis. A rambling poetic monologue of a bitter, divorced feminist, much of which was produced by a teenage angst poetry generator before being edited into something slightly more “realistic” which is then interspersed with self-indulgent autoethnographical reflections on female sexuality and spirituality written entirely in slightly under six hours.

    Status: Accepted (without any requested revisions or comments)"

    "written entirely in slightly under six hours."  I burst out laughing.  THIS is how pathetic our enemies are.

  23. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    Let me get this straight. This kid, through an app, decided to sell some trinket for a few bucks to someone, then drove into the most dangerous part of the ghetto to complete this supposed transaction, saw the black neighborhood he was in, and then decided to stop his car, get out, and look for the "buyers"?

    The commenters here often mock the propaganda in the commercials and television programs that we are bombarded with. But the truth is, it really works on the majority of people. Not only did the kid have no sense of the danger he was in, but his equally clueless mother thinks that the murderous beasts have intact "families" that will be equally devastated by this.

  24. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    I was absolutely floored when she brought up "their families" and the horror that "their families" was as bad as hers. NOooo, I don't think "their families" agonies are worse then hers. They can visit their lil monkeys, you can't. Well at a graveyard you can. What the hell is wrong with White people? I would be calling for their heads on pikes, the death penalty twice. And I would also be watching to see if they made bail. Oh how I would be watching for bail. Can't say more than that. Some days I think we're f**ked.

  25. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    Bruce County, he should have known exactly who he was dealing with when he drove into that section of Richmond. Years ago, I mistakenly pulled off the highway with friends into Richmond coming back up north from a pre-graduation trip looking for a place to eat. For those who can see (and thankfully I could at that time even though I was an avowed idiotic liberal at the time), you know exactly where you are and the potential danger you could be in if you got out of your car. Seeing nothing but soul food and crappy chinese restaurants, we promptly got out of town and back onto the highway.

    The problem with this kid was that he could see the people in the streets and the neighborhood he was in, but because of years of indoctrination in paintjob theory and brainwashing from television ads, no light signaling "Danger! Danger!" went off in his head until he got shot. Even if it did, he probably pushed it aside by thinking that it would be "racist" to not get out of his car and make the agreed-upon sale.

  26. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    "It's a senseless tragic crime," Grey's grieving father said. "It never should have happened."

    Such senseless tragic crimes did not occur prior to Brown vs Board of Education. Especially in Virginia and other points south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Or if such crimes occurred, they were quickly avenged.

    Today, this White kid is just one more line item to be collected via the Eloi Tax.

  27. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    So this is what 15 and 17 look like in black America??


    And this is one reason you had segregated schooling. Blacks mature faster than Whites. You have an "integrated" high school class, black youths will come to physically dominate White boys and sexually assault White girls. This is also why various other institutions were in place to keep blacks in their "place." Otherwise, blacks will slaughter Whites over nothing more than a cell phone.

  28. I wonder if a victim’s surviving family members were to say something like “I want to see the people that did this face the death penalty” or “What kind of parents would raise a child capable of a crime like this?”, would it even get reported? Do the reporters ask leading questions designed to elicit responses like this?

    You would hope that the expression of compassion for the criminals is just a cover to eliminate future suspicion over an intent to take personal revenge. But the sad reality is that they really are cucked.

    Having situational awareness and race realism are attitudes not likely to be found in an aspiring male model.

  29. Never, NEVER buy or sell anything to a negro through one of these apps. How many times have we seen a niave white person robbed, or worse, cruely murdered by an orc? They frequent those sites, looking for victims. As soon as you hear a voice that sounds black, hang up. Don't answer call backs from that number. You owe them nothing. As for empathy for their famblys, given a chance, they'd join in going through your son's pockets, stealing his car, and burglarizing your home while you're at his funeral.

  30. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    Ugh. What is it about liberal white women that their hearts always go out to the parents who spawned these monsters and unleashed them on an unsuspecting white world.

    Raising kids near DC.

    Encouraging the son to chase a career where less than 1% make a decent living.

    Undoubtedly raised him to be "colorblind" and not think critically about risks around Blacks.

    Horrible situation.

    It happened last week and they already setup a scholarship in his name. That is disturbing.

    They view the whole thing as an accident. I get they are grieving but this type of liberal delusion is getting people killed. They are indoctrinating young Whites to ignore what is in front of them.

    This type of case really bothers me. Even most liberals in an area like that won't sell an iphone to Blacks. It takes an extra level of indoctrination. Just sad.

  31. Yes, P.K. I understand now. I actually understood at age six when I had black kids in my first grade classroom. Mean, disrespectful, disruptive, and intimidating. Stay away. Pretty straight forward. Teach this to your children.

  32. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    Having situational awareness and race realism are attitudes not likely to be found in an aspiring male model.

    That blame falls squarely on the dad. The kid is surrounded by predators and dad is encouraging the male model route.

    Dads are supposed to face the facts and do what is best for the kids. They can't always make the best decision but this insane.

  33. The lives of the murderers haven't been destroyed. There's no sense in the mother of the murdered kid acting like the murderers were fine, upstanding young men who had a bright future- they were just run of the mill Nike's engaging in the typical criminal TNB known to be characteristic of their species. The white family is just throwing off white values and norms onto these miscreants. Their lives haven't been destroyed- they've simply gained street cred wid da brutha's and going to prison is just a reunion with fambly, friends, and acquaintances as well as being a rite of passage. Whereas white people will look upon another white person who has gone to prison with suspicion and distrust and even derision and contempt, these Nike's are now role models for other younger Nike's in da hood. Dey be hardcore, yo!

    The mother is either oblivious to reality or exists in a delusional state of mind where she believes all people and cultures are the same and have the same values and norms. No doubt she passed these delusions on to her son so that he walked right into the Nike's den completely oblivious and unaware of the danger. Her sympathy for the Nike's famblies is also misplaced- they don't give a sh*t about her family or what her family is going through. Their concern is only for themselves and for their murderous offspring to get off as lightly as possible.

    I hope she wakes up before she sacrifices her remaining children on the alter of diversity, inclusion, fairness and "we're all the same." Maybe her remaining kids will wake up and see mom as the loon she is and not get themselves killed in a similar set of circumstances. In the meantime, what's that sound? That's Darwin laughing.

  34. Picking a well-lit one is no longer wise. Down where I live, daylight hours see just as many of these instances as night hours. They are definitely becoming more emboldened. Keep packing.

  35. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    Look at the mugshots, those retards should have been locked up when they were born. Just like us, my ass.
    Joshua was a very silly white boy. Bet if you look at his FB page, he had many negro friends, enough to fill a prison.I know several like him and they irritate the hell out of me. Blacks laugh at them as they should.
    Looks like his Lakers t shirt and devotion to the Redskins was not enough to save him.
    Female in FL

  36. these people drive me crazy with their " I forgive" crap. forgiveness without remorse means absolutely nothing. these hoodlums are not the least bit sorry for what they've done. So how do you forgive someone who isn't even asking for forgiveness? it's just virtue signaling, unless, as someone earlier pointed out, it's just a ruse to defer suspicion for a later " accident".

  37. It is truly disgusting. White people's innate empathy and trust are weaponized against us.

  38. Traitors are more dangerous than the enemy. Both need to be dealt with the same exact way.

  39. I pray for charges of capital murder.

  40. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    University of Georgia baseball player accused of yelling racial slurs at quarterback, dismissed from team | Fox News

    Let's see….

    Fear of offending blacks

    Fear of negative impact on recruitment of black athletes

    Fear of a subpar football program

    And the bottom line…..a Fear in loss of athletic department revenue.

  41. Montgomery slavery, lynching memorial looks to expand in 2019 |

  42. Ome more victim in Chicago from what I read on this article from the Jerusalem Post, Some suspect the suspect is we know who.

  43. Like the people who paid to fly the daughter and granddaughter out to Missouri/Mississippi so groid granddaddy on death row for murdering one of their family members could meet his granddaughter. No matter how many times some people are kicked in the head they still come back for more.

  44. If they`d told their son the truth about diversity, he might still be alive. But they thought virtue signaling was more important.

    Parenting Fail.

    Stay alert, stay alive.

  45. Lest we forget, here's a link about the "Richmond Spree Killers"-a group of groids who murdered a bunch of people, including a white family-mother, father, and two little girls. Naturally no coverage in the national media:

  46. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    Disposable White male murdered in Baltimore, shot point blank in the head. No outrage, but if a Negro found a banana peel on the sidewalk the media would be out with their satellite trucks as if it were a genocidal atrocity.

    There are multiple side stories with the link I provided, all having blacks causing more mayhem, murder and misfortune.


    Rule one: Do not attack the Red Cross workers attempting to contain a filthy disease that comes from your neck of the woods.

  48. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    This was an accident, an unfortunate accident. But what else can you do in a parking lot gone wrong, on a street gone wrong during an iPhone sale gone wrong? He's lucky it wasn't Black Hist'ry Mumph, otherwise he'd have had those young brothas drop some knowledge about the African origin of the iPhone this prissy white boy thought was a product of his own thieving, slaving culture.

    Too bad it wasn't February, he could've learned something prior to dying early.

  49. White teacher assaulted by black woman on PCP, etc., then white teacher suspended without pay.

  50. @Archie Bunker…thank you…it’s the posts on this site that keep me sane in Clown World. Apparently I’m not supposed to talk about the horrors I see daily in BRA. I’m glad we are on the same page here on this site. And the only “service” that I give now is to protect my own people from harm.

  51. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    I hope she wakes up before she sacrifices her remaining children on the alter of diversity inclusion, fairness and "we're all the same."

    Will never happen. She is totally lost. She actually lives around Black people and yet it had no effect. Most Whites only need to spend a few weeks around Blacks to see that the media and schools are not telling the truth about race only being skin color. It's normally suburban liberal Whites that raise their kids this way. Liberals in Black areas tend to have zero kids or send them to private school. Or when they have kids they move to the White burbs. But they won't usually delude themselves to this level.

    Maybe her remaining kids will wake up and see mom as the loon she is and not get themselves killed in a similar set of circumstances.

    We can only hope.

  52. Anonymous [AKA "Marcus Aurel"] says:

    Don't be so hard on unracialized whites. Most folks have been thoroughly indoctrinated. It takes time, effort and patience to help them break the spell. As things get worse, more white people will wake up. But if they don't, they will most assuredly become nigger food.

  53. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    I live in a quiet neighborhood, mostly white, some Hispanic, very few blacks. Tonight, a nice cool, quiet night, I’m walking to the mailbox with my son and we can hear vulgar gangster rap blasting from the nearby community park.
    Without missing a beat he says “they ruin everything.”

    Sometime a little exposure helps one fully understand what we are dealing with. A subspecies with limited intelligence, best suited for manual labor and sports.

  54. “What the hell is wrong with White people?”

    Generational indoctrination of passivism and non-violence.

  55. Just to clarify re: maturing faster. They mature faster physically. Mentally they are done baking at about 6 months gestation.

  56. This reminds me of a black male panhandling from me. I told him to F’off and my in laws were shocked. I explained they understand strength and weakness, nothing else.

  57. I hadn't seen the video when I posted earlier. The level of cuckery here is staggering. I think I'm angrier about this than his parents.

    -Lee Lepanto

  58. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    To the poster Blue Juice. I respect and enjoy your comments. I am retired from the same agency since 1998 and can't imagine the conditions that you and the rest of our brothers and sisters in the blue suits have to endure under the mayor, the merit command staff and CCSA who, during her campaign, vowed to put a cop a month in prison to get even for her perceived view of racism. With the verdict coming soon it may be a very busy and particulary dangerous time in the former great city by the lake. Be safe friend. Remember "Zulu", out numbered but held strong in the face of great danger.

  59. “Tonight, a nice cool, quiet night, I’m walking to the mailbox with my son and we can hear vulgar gangster rap blasting from the nearby community park. Without missing a beat he says “they ruin everything.”

    THAT is a “Hallmark moment”!

  60. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    This (((German))) Republican says that Rural White America has a real big population problem that turd-world immigration can fix. Because they are just like us.

    Tell him what you think. I just did.

  61. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    The white murder victim in Baltimore made the mistake of living in a chocolate city, as so many young adults foolishly do. He was robbed in his own neighborhood last year but instead of leaving, he stayed. The robbery was a wake-up call that he did not heed and he paid the price.

  62. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    Don't be so hard on unracialized whites. Most folks have been thoroughly indoctrinated. It takes time, effort and patience to help them break the spell.

    What is the liberal excuse for blasting rap music at gas stations and grocery stores?

    It takes money to buy those speakers and yet guilt ridden Whites tell us that Blacks are poor because of White racism. What about the Black guy with the $40k car with $10k worth of speakers? If a Black man invests $50k in his car and not his community then how is that the fault of the White man? Moron liberals hate these types of questions because it shows there are decisions being made by Blacks that are independent of Whites. The worst part is that every single one of these idiot liberals has sat in the gas station when one of those gaudy cars has pulled in blasting that crap.

    Suburban liberals at least don't have to face this reality on a regular basis and can live their Carlton Banks fantasy (where every Black guy would have been Carlton Banks if not for the conspiracy) but what about liberals in Black areas?

  63. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    Ahh, lovely Montgomery! Went there for my husband’s job one time. He wouldn’t let us leave the hotel room without him. We only ate at the downtown “white area” (where the hotel was) by the river. We saw the capital before they took down the confederate flags. The rest was a disgusting black hellhole. Another ruined city. So of course, they ought to waste money on stupid stuff like this. What a plan!

  64. Jury convicts Vandyke of second degree murder for the Laquan McDonald murder.
    Crucify a cop to save the city from burning. Trump was right to worry about white men in America.

  65. No, he IS you know who. There's a photo from a surveillance camera which clearly shows he's black. Of course, the media keeps leaving THAT little tidbit out.

  66. From Chicongo: Thanks for the words of encouragement. I’m not really surprised by the Van Dyke verdict. Most readers here will say “I told you so” or give a collective shrug as most know how life works in BRA. What’s really sad is the reaction of many of my fellow officers in the CPD! They are in shock (just like a DWL that has been robbed or raped for the first time) and its quite pathetic. I can’t save whites like them and they will forget Van Dyke and his family in a couple of years and focus on the NFL, TMZ and whatever the hell else sheep do nowadays. I hope those of you living in the Free Zone stay in the fight and never take your freedom for granted. It will be interesting to see how far the Racial Socialists take things in Chicongo now that they have the initiative and momentum. And yes…"Zulu" and "Zulu Dawn" are some of my favorite movies. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to stop some of our own Zulus from bricking passing squad cars and white motorists.

    “Is there anywhere else to go? The Zulus are the enemy of my blood. What are you doing here?” – Boer Adendorff (Zulu; 1964)

  67. The kid was a sportsball fan who thought he was down with the negro. He'd have no problems there, he had a Lakers jersey on.

  68. Davy Blackburn Syndrome.

  69. Go to City Data dot com and check the violent crime rate for Clarkston, GA.
    A DIRECT correlation of the dramatic increase in VIOLENT crime to “refugee” settlement.
    What a soy-boy beta, to quote Dennis and Dee.
    That is all.

  70. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    Please leave that place and come to the Florida panhandle. You WILL be appreciated and respected by the white majority here. Try to get into Santa Rosa County, or Bay, if you need to be in a larger population area. Don’t do Pensacola or Destin or Ft Walton. Not worth the hassle. There are bad areas around, but nothing like Chicago. Better weather too, cheaper, safer. Many here are ex-LEO, or are ex military (or both). Leave the white cucks to their fate, save yourself. Nothing you have there is worth it. God bless, and be safe. Please. Hope you keep posting too, let us know how it is going there.

  71. A decent house near decent schools? $225,000.

    Cost of raising a child (food, clothing, healthcare) to 18 years? $500.000.

    Knowing your child is a realist?Priceless!

  72. “Prosecutors really exercise discretion when they decide what’s going to be a death penalty case and there’s lots of factors that are taken into consideration including family wishes, evidence and the strength of the case. So, this could be a death penalty case.

    Could be a death penalty case? Why would anything else be considered. To sentence these POS to anything less means we pay for the length of their lives for a crime they committed. Or even worse, they are released to do the same shit again.

    Remove these sole less demons from the earth.

  73. Once again, media pictures are of McDonald in his graduation picture, portraying a victim, instead of the image the officer saw, a out of control PCP driven madman who was breaking into vehicles and acting like a zombie

  74. Those wackjob parents really dont deserve to even have kids. Old Bogo was right to point out the dangers of " crystal methodism" and fanatiscm it engenders in its adherents.

  75. The fact that junior, a twenty three year old man,and is being referred to as a child by mummy dearest speaks volumes. I'm thinking chemical castration by stimulants from day one

  76. Yet we are all supposed to hang our heads in shame in the rare case when a black gets killed by a white

  77. Anonymous [AKA "kasie"] says:

    The family of the "teens" are only grieving because their spawn have to go to jail for killing some White boy. They give a rats behind about the blue eyed devil. God White people are hopeless.

  78. The kid obviously have politically correct liberal parents who never taught him that going into that neighborhood to sell anything was a grave mistake! To me it's common sense and could give a fk who tells me different, I could care less who their parents are and what they were going through the victim comes first these two have probably killed before and if let out will kill again

  79. You are insane to blame the victim

  80. The usual look of dim beasts. Fuck, I’m tired of this.

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