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His Name Is Jacob Hills: White Teenager Murdered by Black Career Criminal in 77 Percent Black Detroit
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Escape from Detroit.

Is that possible when all of America is destined to become Detroit if we do nothing?

His name is Jacob Hills. Yet another white victim of a black suspect, the later of which had missed a hearing in February of 2022 where he was facing numerous charges including intent to murder his girlfriend. [Jacob Hills death: Suspect arraigned in murder of Grand Blanc teen, Fox Detroit, August 12, 2022]:

A 23-year-old man from Westland was arraigned on Friday for the murder of 18-year-old Jacob Hills in Detroit last month.

Avion Sanders was arrested Tuesday and has been charged with first-degree murder, among other charges, in connection to the death of Hills, who was found shot to death in the basement of a Detroit apartment complex’s garage.

The court entered a not guilty plea on Sanders’ behalf when he appeared in court for his arraignment on Friday. Sanders said little, aside from his name and acknowledging that he understood the charges and when he would appear in court next.

The prosecution, citing the seriousness of the murder charge, asked him to be held without bond. Meanwhile, Sanders’ defense attorney said there is a question about the credibility of a witness involved in the case and asked for a bond to be set.

Ultimately, the judge ordered him held without bond and set his next court hearing for Aug. 26.

Hills, 18, was reported missing on July 24 after he went to a party in Detroit. A few hours later, his car was found abandoned in Dearborn Heights. A few hours after that, Hills’ father received an anonymous call that said his son was in a basement on Warren in Detroit.

According to the Wayne County prosecutor, Hills and Sanders were together on July 24. Hills met with Sanders at a party in Detroit and brought his new AR-15, authorities said.

It is believed that when the pair went into the basement of the home, Sanders killed Hills, stole his gun, and abandoned the car in Dearborn Heights.

“We try to never rush to judgment on cases because the facts are sometimes not as they initially appear or as reported. After thoroughly reviewing the DPD investigation and the timeline of events, we believe that we can prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt in court,” said Prosecutor Kym Worthy.

Sanders was arraigned Friday morning and, along with first-degree murder, Sanders was charged with felony murder, larceny (from \$200-\$1000), felon in possession, and three counts of felony firearm.

Two very important takeaways from this story:

  • Stay away from Detroit
  • Don’t buy guns from black individuals

Again, where white privilege, systemic inequality, implicit bias, and structural racism a reality in 2022 America, the murder of Hills by a black criminal would national news.

But it’s not, because it only confirms stereotypes and serves as a reminder of why white people abandoned Detroit after the passing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Rest in peace, Jacob.

We’re all trying to escape from the increasingly Detroitization of America at this point…


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  1. Anonymous[167] • Disclaimer says:

    Detroit is a rat infested, black infested, 144 square mile sewer. Unfortunately they have spread their criminal and destructive behavior to all of southeastern Michigan. Bring back the Jeffries projects, Herman Garden projects and keep them warehoused with their own kind. Put the whites that think everyone behaves the same in with them. The stunning part is that people know the mayhem they cause but choose to either ignore it, or make excuses for it. Put trackers on your kids vehicles and monitor their location. So tired of them.

  2. loren says:

    how many a year of us killed by them?

    • Replies: @Howa.308
  3. He obviously was an idiot that associated with groids and partied with them.

  4. Going into a basement to show your new AR-15 to your Negro friend? Stupid.

  5. Cringe rightoid with gun fetish killed by weapon he masturbated over. Nothing newsworthy here, however humorous it is.

    • Troll: TTSSYF, AR in Illinois
  6. Dr. X says:

    The young White man should have NEVER, ever “partied” with savage, animalistic Negroes, let alone brought his gun for show-and-tell. NEVER trust a Negro with knowledge of your personal belongings or anything ese. The ONLY time a Negro needs to know that you are armed is when he is staring down the muzzle of your weapon and shitting himself.

    Unfortunately the young White was taught from the earliest age that Negroes are not only equal to, but superior to Whites, and to not trust them is “racism” which is the ultimate evil. I cannot blame the young White man for being so stupid, I blame the society that taught him lies, and he did not discover the truth until it was too late.

    • Thanks: mark green
  7. Unit472 says:

    Whether Hill ”brought” his new AR-15 or ”bought” it he signed his own death warrant when he went to a ”party” with the burr head and ended up alone with the ape in the basement with just the rifle.

    I just don’t understand why any white person would want to ”socialize” or do business with a negro. Nothing good will come from it. You never know when they will show up again or what they will want later, only that they will. Then what? You have a negro standing at your door or calling you on the phone and you have to say NO! Negroes do not understand the word NO especially if they KNOW you.

    I understand negroes are ubiquitous these days and they will attempt to inflict themselves on white people no matter where you are or what you are doing. You can be polite and pretend to enjoy their company when at a bar or other public setting but think ahead. How am I going to get rid of this ape when he wants something which he always will. For example, when I still had my boat, I would go to Tiki Bars and since most boats come equipped with white women there would be rubber lipped apes nursing a drink trying to fit in. When I told my party it was time to go the negro would try to tag along. To get rid of him I would tell him unless he had a life jacket he could not join us since I didn’t have one for him and Coast Guard regulations require everyone on board must have one and I didn’t have any extras. I really enjoyed telling him that too. End of problem. Negro left standing on the dock.

    • Replies: @Former Liberal
  8. Do not associate with them one e don’t more than you have to.
    Yet another white male doing business with a broke and paying for it.

  9. Around blacks never relax.

    Whitey is to be stolen from, schemed against, etc.

    Know blacks no peace, no blacks know peace.

    What would a dindu do if a dindu didn’t do nuffin’?

    We’re at war, act like it.

    Our only job is to survive.

    The murder of Jacob Hill was preventable and unless common sense again becomes the rule of the day tragedies such as this will continuing at far greater frequency than otherwise.

  10. HT says:

    Hills, 18, was reported missing on July 24 after he went to a party in Detroit.

    A fatal mistake for a white kid in a black hell hole like Detroit. Some of us survive mistakes of our youth but in that situation there was no margin for error.

  11. Another important lesson. Do not make friends with, hang out with or socialize with negroes. Nothing ever good happens if you do. The feral streak and lacking the emotional control gene means ones very existence in on the edge during every second of a relationship with the mud people. Avoid the groid. If its black, it will attack. Negro is a no go.

    • Agree: NotaLib
  12. Hardly an innocent victim.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  13. unNthem says:

    Good chance he’ll at least be attempted to be framed as a White supremacist White boy trying to buy an “illegal” gun for nefarious purposes. Unfortunately, he evidently trusted a n*****, with terminal results. At all costs, avoid the groid. One would think a kid growing up in detoilet would know better, but the overwhelming propaganda is, well, overwhelming. RIP Jacob.

  14. Piglet says:

    The young white guy made so many mistakes. He met a black guy in Detroit for a weapon purchase in secluded location and money was to change hands. There was only one way this was going to turn out.

    The white guy probably thought that going into Detroit to do a weapon deal with a black guy was beyond cool. Just like the movies!

    He needed to be given John Derbyshire’s talk.

    • Agree: europeasant
  15. Bite Moi says:

    Hill was reported missing after he went to a party in Detroit. Yeah,didn’t see that one coming.

  16. Piglet says:

    OT: Just another day in Black Run America.

    Parents beat 6-year-old boy to death for drinking out of toilet, police say

    Look at the orcs’ mug shots and you can see they do not regret what they’ve done in the least.

    Of course, somehow this is all the fault of white people…

    • Replies: @Howa.308
  17. That is a strange tale.

    Jacob Hills (Amish or Jewish?) from up by Flint travels way down to Detroit, to party with some Motown homies, and brings a loaded AR-15 along to the party. Maybe the AR was the ticket for the party.

    Had he recently watched “The Jerk” and thought that he was a black brother from another mother?

  18. Never sell ANYTHING in person. I put a car for sale in the classifieds. I had several unsavory creatures show up at my house. I did sell it to a negro. The car was used in a robbery.

  19. Augustus says:

    I’m pretty sure this young man, Jacob Hills, was a good kid. Good kids are usually very naive at age 18, and they almost always want to fit in. I imagine him as a young man at a party bragging about his AR, seeking acceptance, and being only too willing to go into the basement to show off his rifle to his new “friend.”

    Parents worst nightmare. They spend years trying to warn, then the hormones take over and the warnings go out the window. Typical of Mother Nature. I feel for this child’s family. Increasingly in our “new, modern” society one mistake, one instance of letting down our guard, can turn fatal. A sad commentary for a sad and dying society.

    • Agree: TTSSYF, Detroit Refugee
    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  20. Midnights says:

    Gotta love the Soviet style media. This young kid was probably inundated with ‘paint job theory’ through the media/television/music his whole life and bought into it and gets killed because of his naivete and somehow gets pinned in his own obituary as the one who is at fault.

    I’m guessing he ran his mouth to the wrong people, and being the predatory animals they are, killed him, stole his gun and sold it for pennies on the dollar to some other guy, who will, in turn, kill someone else with it, all while the media blames it on the ‘gun violence’.

    Read John Derbyshire’s “The Talk” to your kids before it is too late.

  21. Anonymous[180] • Disclaimer says:

    Blacks among us – the most prolific actualization of the expression “Death by a thousand cuts.” The White race is dying in real time, before our eyes, in dramatic cinema. And what do you know…it is all just the “new” normal. Same as the old with just the numbers dialed WAY up.

  22. “Two very important takeaways from this story:

    Stay away from Detroit and black individuals”

    There, FIFY.

  23. Rooster16 says:

    I live in a 8% black city, and the dysfunction is just barely containable. I cannot imagine living in a 77% black city, the horrors of daily life must be an absolute nightmare.

    • Agree: Non PC Infidel
  24. anon[102] • Disclaimer says:

    why would you trust a mfkng gro?

  25. I’ll say the obvious: when operating in BRA, always dial your situational awareness up to 11. And do not walk into what can be an obvious trap.

    Stay alert.
    Stay alive.

  26. We’re all trying to escape from the increasingly Detroitization of America at this point…

    But then where do we go..? Back into the woods somewhere..? It’s not that they’d ever let us go completely off grid without infringing on us in one way or another.

    TPTB are tightening up the nōōśë they’re corralled around our necks a little more everyday in this irredeemable country. They’ve come this far thus far because of our very own insouciance. When we reside in a country where are own people’s mindstates reside on opposite ends of the encyclopedia… we’re finished. It’s all just a matter of time now… especially if we never network/unite together to do what has to be done to eradicate this evil out of our country.

  27. Truth says:

    Yo Curse, a Glaicer Glider tried to do in a beautiful white woman. Good thing there was a responsible citizen there to save her!

  28. The reporter from fox 8 described the murder incident as a possible “gun sale gone wrong”…

    Yeah, Jacob got robbed for cash and killed by yet another one of Uncle Sam’s Gentle Giants. I guess poor Jacob possibly never got “the talk” from either of his parents that ultimately resulted in this young man being snuffed out, yet once again at the hands of a lowly knckle dragger. Truly just another sad shame that we have to witness take place again against one of our own.

    This fkn country sucks..!!!!

    • Replies: @Rooster16
  29. KenH says:

    It doesn’t appear Hillis was attempting to buy a gun from negro Sanders. It sounds like Sanders asked/axed to see Hillis’s AR15 with the intention of harming Hillis to steal it. This is how the negro’s mind works. They want something they just take and kill if necessary and don’t think through the consequences.

    Kym Worthy, the prosecutor in this case, is a negress. I commend her for seeking denial of bond and first degree murder charges where a woke prosecutor would try to charge with involuntary manslaughter.

    • Agree: Detroit Refugee
    • Replies: @Detroit Refugee
  30. Hmm … it’s one day later and no comments?

  31. botazefa says:


    70 year old grandma murdered on a country road near Austin. Youth arrested today. More at, with colorful photo of murderer.

    Here’s a copy/paste from the top of the story;

    Joshua Anthony Gilbreath (Courtesy: Williamson County Sheriff’s Office)
    by: Grace Reader
    Posted: Aug 13, 2022 / 02:50 PM CDT
    Updated: Aug 13, 2022 / 03:12 PM CDT
    WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office has made an arrest in the murder of a 70-year-old Florence grandmother. Investigators said they believe this was an “unprovoked” and “random” act of violence.

    Joshua Anthony Gilbreath, 26, has been arrested and charged with murder in the death of Diana Lynn Pier after she was found shot to death. He is being held on a \$1 million bond.

  32. Rooster16 says:
    @Total Kneegro Fatigue

    The media will try to lump as much of the blame on the deceased White kid as possible, it’s just their M.O. Expect the black killer to say the White guy started the fight and had no choice but self defense; the media will run with that story then memory-hole it altogether after the conviction.

  33. AnalogMan says:

    That’s not a good recommendation. Not unless you take special care to warn your kids to ignore the part where he advises to cultivate a few black friends as a shield against accusations of “racism”.

    Racism is good. Racism will save your life. Wear it with pride. There are worse things that could happen to you than being cancelled on Twitter or Faceberg.

    • Thanks: Detroit Refugee
  34. AnalogMan says:

    Must have been a huge gang of female shoplifters, to carry away “thousands of dollars worth” of boxer shorts.

  35. AceDeuce says:

    The kid looks softer than ice cream on an August afternoon, and he’s dealing with a groid–regarding a WEAPON???? Whether buying, selling, or just showing it off, that is max stupid.

    I read elsewhere that his mommy and daddy bought him the rifle for his 18th birthday. WTF? I’m all for them to be free to do that, but the parents should set limits—forbidding him taking it around to show everybody.

    I was given an “AR-15 type” rifle when I was 17, an M16A1 in fact. My uncle gave it to me-My Uncle Sam, when I went into the Marine Corps. Daddy should have only let Mr. Softee take it to the range to learn how to use it. The parents must be dumb as hell. That rifle should be used for practice, or for an offensive/defensive situation requiring one, not for show and tell. I wouldn’t trust a groid with a popsicle that I had bought.

  36. The conclusions are doubtful: – 1. away from Detroit, from Chicago, from Washington, away from America? 2. Whoever you buy a weapon from, it’s not the weapon that kills, it’s hatred that kills. 3. Only the inevitability of punishment can stop the killing of white children. Mandatory death penalty for hate-motivated murder! This is what we need to fight for!

  37. Bite Moi says:

    Augustus———–Jacob Hills may have been a good kid,but the Darwin Award exists for a reason.Taking your new rifle to show to your black friend in Detroit is just evolution at work refining the White gene pool.

    • Replies: @Detroit Refugee
  38. @Unit472

    I have to agree with you and the poster who mentioned how indoctrinated young whites are. At work we had a problem black female who always complained about how bad the company is,(these idiots complain about everything!) wouldn’t do her work, and consistently came in late. She quit after she was called out on her lateness. Meanwhile, a young white guy though she was ” cool’ and tagged around with her. Younger whites just can’t and refuse to see that Negroes are generally dangerous, stupid, manipulative and hate our guts.

    • Agree: NotaLib
  39. @Rooster16

    Most definitely. They’ve already called it a possible “gun sale gone wrong”. Usually that would simply mean “no sale”, not the prospective buyer being robbed and killed.

    Well, as you probably already know who the media is owned by (The J’s), who their exploited foot soldiers are (blackie) and who their enemy is (YT), in a nutshell.

    Of course this entirely explains why no national coverage, and with our very own, no national outrage. Many of our own people are weak minded, too passive…

    • Agree: AR in Illinois
  40. The dumb ass white kid trying to be ghetto bad by hanging with hood rats gets “his gun he brought to a party” in Detroit stolen after being murdered. When does a person bring an assault weapon to a party for “show and tell?” I feel sorry for the parents, but give me a break!

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  41. @Midnights

    The “Talk” is but one weapon in the arsenal to deprogram kids who’ve been brainwashed with paint job theory. Another is to direct them to read “The Color of Crime” and to introduce them to all the stats as per negro criminality. For the girls, it’s absolutely necessary to make them aware of the dangers of inter-racial dating as all the brainwashing prompts them to think that dating blacks is “cool” and “edgy.” The stupid ones who don’t listen wind up brutalized, beaten or killed or wind up saddled with a fatherless black brat and have their lives ruined.

    When I was just a little kid, one of my cousins was bitten by a water moccasin. He managed to survive but all of us kids were warned to stay away from black colored snakes. That was because we were too young to be able to tell which ones were safe and which ones were poisonous so it was best to avoid them all. The same rule applies to blacks. You can never tell which ones are “safe” and which ones are “poisonous” so it’s best to avoid them all. The old rule of “better safe than sorry” applies.

  42. magilla says:

    Believe it or not, SE Michigan is very, very race-conscious. I doubt that angle will get much traction.

    You have to remember you are dealing with the people, or their kids and grandkids, who were ethnically cleansed from what used to be the capitols of middle-class America by Africans.

    Mississippi 1962 is alive in suburban MI.

  43. Howa.308 says: • Website

    Anything more than zero is 100% preventable. If more white parents had derbyshires “the talk” with their children, the tide would turn in thus country. Liberal whites are as responsible as the pavement ape in this. Both are a lost cause and should be treated as such

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  44. Howa.308 says: • Website

    That story actually had a “warning” attached to it. The story’s warning is written. God used skin color to warn us.

  45. I buy and sell guns on the website Armslist on a regular basis. There is always some degree of danger in such transactions, but I do what I can to mitigate the risk.

    I always do the transaction in a public place and in hours of daylight. My preference meeting place is the parking lot of a business that sells firearms, so that bystanders will not freak out at the sight of a gun. I always bring along a second adult and I open carry my Ruger model 57 (my current primary carry piece) in a security holster while doing so. While the holster is meant to resist “snatching”, I also carry a concealed backup pistol as well.

    I also make it very clear in my ads that I reserve the right to refuse the sale at any time. If something doesn’t feel right or I get a bad feeling about the person, I walk. To that end I always show up early to look around, as well as getting a look at the other party before I get out of my vehicle. If they are black or hispanic, or even a trashy looking White, I text the other party and cancel the sale. I’m still polite and professional, but firm in the rejection. Over the years, I have only had to cancel a couple of times. One guy got really upset and texted me “This is because I’m black, right?” I replied back “Yes sir. Yes it is. No hard feelings. Have a good day.” Of course he then sent back a poorly composed, profanity laden tirade. But at that point he got a place on my blocked list and I went home to re-list the gun I was selling.

    These procedures have kept me safe so far. It sucks that we have to jump through such hoops just to remain safe, but this is the dysfunctional world that BRA had created for us. Had this kid followed some similar rules, he’d likely be alive today.

  46. While Jacob was still missing and before they announced finding his body, riddled with bullets, his mother said in a press release, that he’d recently graduated, and purchased a new AR15.

    He bought it with some of his graduation cash gifts.
    Not from the negro. She also said, he intended to join a branch of the service. And that the rifle was for target practice before boot camp.

    Somehow things went very wrong. The kid put the rifle in his trunk, and had grad cash on him while attending a parry in the jungle. 1st mistake. His 2nd was going into a basement with the feral negro.

  47. @KenH

    Yes it seems Ms. Worthy is doing her job. Unlike her counterparts on both coasts turning these savages loose on blue cities.

    On another note, she sure sweated me years ago. Spent a weekend in the Wayne County Jail, and at least a month scared to death that my life was over. I could have been Jacod or Eli,( both men featured here lately), as it stands I acted first. And won.

  48. Howa.308 says: • Website

    Here in c bus the communitaayyy have come up with a new program for da yoofs to try and distract err I mean prevent them from stealing cars. Tearing down statues? Nope. Already done. Midnight hoops? Already done and that’s primarily to stop the murders. This program is football. Not midnight football. Just football. This is going to give the Kia boys something productive???? to do in between car jacking. A side note, the gigantic ass pirate homo community is up in arms after their “Diversity Inclusion Equity” mural, painted on several buildings , was covered with graffiti. Guess the fellas aren’t really down with lgbtqi whatever community. Thank the lord for monkeypox.

  49. @Bite Moi

    Unfortunately you are right.
    Taking a car, cash ,an AR rifle, as well as your life into an unknown and unsafe area is a big headscratcher. A WTF were you thinking kid moment?

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  50. @loren

    Somethings missing.
    After Georgia, should come a comma. Followed by “violent gorilla in custody “.

    • LOL: loren
  51. @Priss Factor

    Maybe he figured he’d get better in county lockup. 😉

  52. @AceDeuce

    People like that are why I understand (not agree with) some of the arguments for gun control. Guns are a tool, a tool that makes putting food on the table, defending yourself & your family, and killing your enemies in times of war. Owning & maintaining them is a responsibility, which is a concept lots of idiots and blacks can’t comprehend, and is why you see morons posting pics of themselves posing with guns on social media, or showing them off to everyone like this kid did, which unfortunately got him killed.

    The fact we in the USA can go buy a pistol/rifle/shotgun for a few hundred bucks is an amazing thing, but guns, like cars, power tools, or drugs are not for everyone, and can do a lot of harm/damage in the wrong hands.

    • Agree: AceDeuce
  53. While I feel for the father’s loss of his son. I can’t help but place a majority of the blame on him. It is incumbent upon the parents of white children to teach them the dangers of associating with blacks.
    Opponents call this racism, I call it lessons of survival. Yes, with our daughters it is even more important, and those lessons must be reinforced frequently during the teen years. But for the boys, the lessons cannot be ignored or taken for granted, you will end up with a dead son. As a grandparent now, I will absolutely be sure my grandchildren are taught accordingly, as their parents were by me. Racist? You damn right! It will keep you alive!

    • Thanks: AceDeuce
  54. SafeNow says:

    I don’t mean to dismiss this tragic case, but this is an easy case about what you do and don’t do. The hard cases involve handling subtle interactions that might escalate. These subtle interactions are especially dangerous because the white guy’s gut-propensity is to be civil and polite.

    Here is one way to think about it. When a USCG cutter swimmer is lowered into the water by the line tender, a separate crewman acts as the Safety Officer. He has no other task other than to be super-alert for risks, and to abort them before they go bad. Try to imagine that you have virtual, imaginary safety officer with you, who is extremely alert and strict – – stricter than your normal propensity. So, you listen to the safety officer.

  55. @Joe Paluka

    I wonder if he was one of those deranged idiots that’s turned on by black females??😮

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
  56. Bite Moi says:

    AceDeuce————Maybe this young White man was transitioning.This sure sounds like estrogen driven behavior.

    • LOL: AceDeuce
    • Replies: @Detroit Refugee
  57. Bite Moi says:
    @Detroit Refugee

    Detroit Refugee————Most primitive tribes throughout history had coming of age trials. These trials tended to wead out the slow,weak,and stupid.Might be time to bring those custom’s back.

    • Agree: Detroit Refugee
  58. AnalogMan says:
    @Bardon Kaldlan

    Naah! That’s preposterous. Couldn’t happen.

    • LOL: Bardon Kaldlan
  59. @Non PC Infidel

    When I’m deprogramming a White I usually start with Colin Flaherty’s “Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry”.

  60. @Bite Moi

    That’s just insane to take a new AR to the ‘hood, and a party before hand. Suicidal too, as it turned out.

    My dad raised me around his firearms, taught me much. One thing, they’re worth their weight in gold. Maybe back then that was an exaggeration, but we’re headed towards times where that will be truth.

    This young man must not have had a realistic thinking father to tell him? Doesn’t take a genius to know which way the winds are blowing, and as of late, draging a piece like an AR around is begging for it to get confiscated or much worse.

    One can only hope his White buddies learn a few things from this.

  61. Bite Moi says:

    Detroit Refugee———Words of wisdom.Keep your concealed weapon concealed.Nobody should suspect you have one until it’s time to pull the trigger.

    • Agree: AceDeuce, Sick n' Tired
    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  62. That’s just insane to take a new AR to the ‘hood, and a party before hand. Suicidal too, as it turned out.

    It’s pretty crazy to take anything less than an MRAP to the ‘hood.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  63. AceDeuce says:
    @Bite Moi

    I grew up in a tough area–back when Whites had tough areas. I wasn’t a punk by any stretch, but I was not one of the real tough guys as a kid. Not even close. My dad was a genuine badass. He didn’t go around acting tough, but he was, big time. He always carried a gun, although he never talked about it.

    When I was about 16, my dad, unbeknownst to me, overheard me talking to a friend about getting a gun myself. I was just talking out my ass, of course. Hell, on top of everything else, I barely had enough money to buy a cap pistol at the dime store.

    My dad asked me about what I had said later that day. He told me that if I ever did get a gun, I should let him fix it up for me.

    Fix it up?

    He said, yeah. You know most guns have a front sight on the end of the barrel. He said that he would grind it off and file the barrel smooth.

    When I asked why, he said that since I’d probably take the gun out and wave it around or show it off, eventually someone would snatch it from my hand, bend me over, pull my pants down, and stick the barrel up my ass. He said without the front sight, it wouldn’t hurt so much.

    Not exactly Mr. Miyagi, but words of wisdom nevertheless.

    • LOL: Philmuhcrevis
    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  64. @Boy the way Glenn Miller played

    You don’t need an MRAP, a regular APC or old Brinks truck will do.  Hood rats are too dumb to build IEDs and they don’t fit hood rat style anyway.

  65. Bite Moi says:

    AceDeuce———–Now THAT was funny.

    • Agree: Detroit Refugee
    • Thanks: AceDeuce
  66. @Mr. Rational

    An old Brinks truck would probably draw too much unwanted ghetto attention. You would be hounded by packs of hood rats begging for money, at least.

    An APC would be a better fit. You could drop CS canisters from the ports when things get vibrant, and the tracks could better overcome the mounds of trash.

  67. @Boy the way Glenn Miller played

    During the Kwame administration, DPD sold off their APC that they used to breach fortified negro dope houses.

  68. @Boy the way Glenn Miller played

    Curiously enough, I’ve actually been in a police APC.  It had wheels, though, not tracks.

  69. Bite Moi says:

    Mr. Rational———–“Curiously enough,I’ve actually been in a police APC. It had wheels though,not tracks.” Sorry man,but i just gotta ask. In the front or in the back.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  70. @Bite Moi

    In the back while it was in motion (there was no room up front), but all over it while it was stopped.

    More I really should not say.

  71. Bite Moi says:

    Mr. Rational———I am having too much fun.My wife agrees with that.She just placed a “honey do” list on my laptop.

  72. Dani says:

    The article said: “It is believed that when the pair went into the basement of the home, Sanders killed Hills, stole his gun, and abandoned the car in Dearborn Heights.”
    The author said “Don’t buy guns from black individuals” – I’m assuming he meant “Don’t sell guns to black individuals”, at least in this particular case.
    Why do people have to jump to conclusions? We ALL know the way they word these pathetic excuses for “news reports” – they keep getting worse and worse. The things I could say about what I have been reading out of all of my local county papers in Delaware since that SSS claimed puppacy in 2020.
    I doubt the White lad was “partying” with that nappy-headed feral. Obviously, the White lad was naïve, and it cost him his life. Nothing wrong with his having wanted to sell a gun, or buy one – but I imagine he had some hinderances & thought he could meet up with this POS at a “party” – they always call these things blacks are having “parties” – REALLY? Aren’t they usually in streets causing a ruckus, never in an actual HOUSE? Always trying to somehow “help out” the blacks with little…”White” lies, as it were, LMAO!

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @Detroit Refugee
  73. @Dani

    I honestly believe Jacob wasn’t selling or buying the AR. His mother said on camera he’d recently purchased it with grad gift money.
    Who knows why he agreed to go in the basement of some shit Detroit apt. That is just dangerous . Feral animals and rodents, germs and God knows what diseases, and of course negros.

    Although none of us were there, to know for sure, this was in all likelihood a robbery.

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