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His Name Is Jack Hough: 73-Year-Old White Male Philanthropist Murdered by Black Male Career Criminal in Gainesville, Georgia
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Rest in peace, Jack

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Years ago, this writer had the privilege of meeting Jack Hough. It doesn’t matter how. It doesn’t matter why. It doesn’t matter when. But I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Hough.

Today, I grieve for his widow and family. He’s just another white man murdered by a black male in the United States of America, an action barely noticed by the corporate press outside of a few perfunctory news stories in the local press quickly forgotten by the next national scandal of some 30 year-old picture of a white male with black shoe polish on their face. [Arrest made in shooting death of businessman during attempted robbery outside CVS,, 2-10-19]:

Rest in peace, Jack

Police have made an arrest in the shooting death of a well-known businessman outside a CVS in Hall County.

Businessman Jack Hough, 73, died after he was shot in the parking lot while his wife was inside the store off Parkhill Drive.

Gainesville police announced they arrested 24-year-old Demarvin Bennett of East Point around 2 a.m. Sunday. Gainesville Police Chief Jay Parrish said Bennett is not connected with any other crimes recently in the area, but he does have a record.

Police believe Bennett approached Hough, who had his car window open, in an attempt to carjack or rob him and the two began to struggle. Hough was shot in the chest and rushed to a hospital, where he died.

Parrish said officers also found what they believe is the gun used to kill Hough.

The suspected murderer…

Hough, an Air Force veteran, was well-known in the community. He built a hugely successful business developing and operating food courts in malls and airports across the country. He was also a big philanthropist.

“It’s senseless. I’m numb. I mean, my wife last night said she couldn’t cry anymore,” a close friend Andy Piucci told Channel 2. “He was a great friend and just a wonderful person. It’s just horrible.”

Hough’s death is one of four “random unrelated acts of gun violence” in recent weeks, according to a video message Parrish posted Friday.

“We understand your alarm and concern for your safety in the city,” the police chief said. “We know that random acts of violence are not the norm for Gainesville, Georgia.”

Bennett is currently being held in the Hall County without bond and cooperating with police. He will have a preliminary hearing set for later in the week.

An outstanding member of the community has been maliciously murdered. His death will be all but forgotten tomorrow, as another cause of mass, nationwide racial hysteria unfolds, forcing white people to grovel at the collective feet of their new masters.

Rest in peace, Jack.

• Category: Race/Ethnicity 
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  1. On a brighter note:

    Two dindu nuffins break into a womans house to attack her and get killed by her son who was present in the home.

  2. “Hough’s death is one of four ‘random unrelated acts of gun violence’ in recent weeks, according to a video message Parrish posted Friday.”

    There’s that that darn word “random” again. It always pops up in a black on white homicide.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  3. El Dato says:
    @David In TN

    Technically, various X-ocausts (including African ones) where basically “random violence”.

    The suspected murderer…

    He seems pretty proud.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  4. D-FENS says:

    The MSM would only be interested in this case if it were found out that Mr. Hough once performed in blackface.

  5. TwistTie says:

    Look at that evil savage beast in that picture. Terrifying

  6. The only “random” element of this is which particular YT happened to catch a bullet

  7. Look at those cold, dead eyes. Feral fn subhumans they mostly are. Someone else mentioned the word “random”, which ALWAYS seems to be used. Like this was not the norm of black on white crime. I have many, many guns and tons of ammo for when shit finally breaks loose in this country. I’m just hoping that if it’s going to happen that it does while I’m still young enough to take care of business.

  8. BTW, welcome back everyone. I actually like the new format as it’s easier to see my comments as I type (I use my phone).

  9. Good to see everyone finding their way here. No reason for great hysterics…just a new place to set up camp. Same mission. Same people. Maybe more now.

    While we can comment now, I realized I never actually brought the new site up on my computer. So I did last night and can’t see PK’s blog at all. Can’t see any of the topics or comments. Just a ‘page not found’ error. Don’t know what’s going on but obviously there are still kinks in this rope.

    So, we lose another white philanthropist to another cold, calculated ‘random’ act of negro violence. I refuse to call it gun violence anymore. A man who has accomplished more in his life than the orc who shot home could in a hundred lifetimes. I had a similar incident up around me many years ago in Essex Fells, NJ. Successful businessman and philanthropist murdered in his own home by a ‘replacement’ chauffeur. Orc saw the guy as easy pickings and called in a cousin. Beat, stabbed and strangled the old man to death.
    There is no certain way to stay safe. Not anymore. Every area is infected by now. Whether you’re sitting in your car at CVS or sitting in your home in a very upscale community in NJ, you’re in danger and you’d better come to that realization quickly. You have a target on your white back and no one is going to stop them from killing you or avenge your death.

    You are one orc away from being a footnote; a forgettable statistic.

    So, as I used to admonish karate students, in the immortal words of Sean Connery in ‘The Untouchables’, what are you prepared to do? Because that is a decision you need to make now, with a clear and conscious mind not at 3:00AM when you hear glass break in your kitchen. Are you willing to bite, claw and tear at your opponent? Put out an eye? Crush a windpipe? Take a life? What’s your plan for the aftermath? Hang around and explain yourself to an uncaring/biased media? Or tidy up and move on with your life knowing you were justified in your actions and have nothing to be judged on? As I pointed out in another thread, Bernie Goetz would have remained a free man if he hadn’t turned himself in, thus ruining his life and subjecting himself to a lifetime of ridicule, harassment and prison time.

    So, what are you prepared to do? I’ve already answered that question for myself. I have a plan for the aftermath should I survive and am still mobile.

    How about you?

  10. BRA: Never miss an opportunity to perpetuate white guilt for financial gain and political power. The discovery of 95 ‘slave’ graves becomes a national treasure but more importantly an opportunity to educate the masses of state-sanctioned oppression. A nation mired in concocted guilt oblivious to the senseless killing of Jack Hough. It’s mind boggling.

    ‘Fort Bend County, FBISD [Fort Bend Independent School District], agree to negotiate on protecting property where slaves remains were found’

    The Commissioners Court authorized the county legal team to purse an interlocal agreement between Fort Bend County and FBISD to memorialize and protect the grounds.

    Author:Chloe Alexander
    Published:9:56 PM CST February 12, 2019

    SUGAR LAND, Texas — We’re one step closer to figuring out what will happen to the remains of the 95 slaves found under a construction site in Sugar Land last year.  

    On Tuesday, the district said they’re ready to sell the unmarked cemetery to the county so the portion of that land could be maintained as a memorial park and cemetery. …

    Jason Burdine, President of the FBISD Board of Trustees, released the following statement about the agreement: 

    “Fort Bend ISD applauds the action taken today by the Fort Bend County Commissioners Court authorizing the County Attorney to negotiate an Interlocal agreement with the District. We are optimistic that an agreement will lead to the preservation of the historic cemetery, while allowing Fort Bend ISD to provide our students with opportunities for career exploration and development at the James Reese Career and Technical Center. I would like to thank the Commissioners Court for recognizing that the perpetual care of a cemetery is beyond the district’s expertise and is not legally permissible. This action will allow us to remain focused on our mission to educate children. Fort Bend ISD remains committed to educating future generations about this forgotten piece of history, and the oppressive and state-sanctioned convict leasing program.”

  11. Gunga Din says:

    I’ve come to realize that now, blacks killing a White person is a status thing with them, like a car with shiny wheels or gold jewelry. It’s like they get an increased amount of respect from their peers and their black community in general. All the more reason to be on guard whenever you’re around even one. You should have your firearm on your person so that pulling it and getting your finger on the trigger can be done in record time. Sucks that you have to think about this everytime you walk out the front door.

    • Agree: Bubba
  12. ronhan says:

    Shouldn’t hospitals be required to notify City Hall whenever a baby is named Demarvin, so 15 years later the police can have a cell ready for him.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  13. Bubba says:

    Thanks Paul and a huge thanks to Ron Unz for bringing you here. As you know, every time we go to the links in your posts of vicious black-on-white crime, they inevitably lead to other links with more vicious black-on-white savagery, murders and mayhem.

    I wish Colin Flaherty would post here too with you Paul. I think you guys would be the “Dynamic Duo” of Blogging about these diabolical Black-on-White crimes WITHOUT the leotards, capes and subtle references to the gay mafia. But I sense that you two guys may have some differences. Either way – both of you are great!

    Thanks Paul – really appreciate everything you do.

  14. Dixiegirl says:

    What in the hell was this pos doing so far from home? East Point is nowhere near Gainesville. East Point went black a long time ago. Gainesville is mostly mex that work in the poultry plants but it has more than its share of negroes. Looking at the street view of Park Hill, it appears to be a fairly decent area (I haven’t personally driven down that particular road.) But from the numerous times I’ve been in Gainesville, I can tell you that it’s NOT SAFE. The place is crawling with illegals and vermin of all sorts, and it keeps getting worse.

    The local media dropped the story right after the murder. Doesn’t fit their narrative. I’m amazed that it even made the Atlanta media at all.

  15. republic says:

    Gainesville demographics 2010

    whites: 54%
    Latinos: 41%
    Blacks: 15%

    probably in the 2020 census, Whites will be in the minority. Mexicans really spoil the quality of life there. Has a crime rate 76% higher than state average. 5 year violent crime rate change, 67%. That increase is one of the highest in the US. Most of that increase took place between 2015-16.

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