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His Name Is Gregory Price: White Man "Randomly" Murdered by Black Fugitive in Midst of 100-Mile Police Chase
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Rest in peace, Gregory.

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The corporate media has spent the past month dedicating story after story on the Covington Catholic boys and now the exposed hate hoax of Jussie Smollet of Empire fame. There were no white hillbillies yelling “This is MAGA country” participating in an attack on Smollet in subzero temperatures in Chicago at 2 a.m., though the corporate media was happy to report the obvious hoax as fact.

Why? To proliferate the anti-white mindset.

Rest in peace, Gregory.

Meanwhile, yet another hardworking white person ended up the victim of a shocking crime our authorities are quick to classify as “random.” [Retired husband, father killed during 100-mile chase was returning from card game with friends: Gregory Price was coming back to Florissant when he encountered a suspect in a bi-state chase who took his life,, 2-13-19]:

A 67-year-old man was shot and killed Tuesday night when he found himself in the path of a fugitive in the midst of a 100-mile police chase.

Gregory Price, who lives in Florissant, was returning home from a card game with friends in Panama, Illinois when suspect Leslie K. Austin attempted to steal his car.

Price, who retired from his job at the NGA three years ago, plays Euchre with friends every Tuesday and Wednesday night. He was coming home to his family sometime after 10 p.m. when he encountered Austin, who had been running from police for nearly three hours.

Shortly before 7:40 p.m. Tuesday, police in Jefferson City received calls for shots being fired in the area of 500 block of East Elm Street. The callers told police that a blue SUV was seen speeding away from the area.

Police said they spoke with witnesses, who helped them identify Austin, who lived in Jefferson County, as a suspect. No gunshot victims were found at any local hospitals.

According to police, deputies in Franklin County spotted the blue SUV just after 9 p.m. on Highway 50 near Highway 47 and gave chase.

Austin’s vehicle then reportedly sped down Interstate 44 into downtown St. Louis and went across the Poplar Street Bridge into Illinois around 9:35 p.m. According to authorities, an adult and child were kidnapped out of Jefferson City and able to escape Austin’s car when the chase was on Route 140 near Shore Creek in Illinois. Police said their escape was made possible after tire deflation devices stopped the vehicle.

After the victims escaped, Austin saw Price driving on Route 140 and attempted to carjack him. In the process, Austin shot and killed Price, but was unable to take his car.

Illinois State troopers said Austin continued firing at them after his failed attempt to take Price’s car and they fired back. Austin was found dead once the pursuit ended. Authorities said it is unknown if Austin died of a gunshot wound or if he was killed by shots fired by the officers.

When Price didn’t return at his normal time, his wife became worried and went out looking for him. It wasn’t until 3 a.m. her family was informed of his death. Price also leaves behind a 28-year-old son.

All Gregory Price was trying to do was get home to his wife after spending an evening with friends playing a card game, an action performed on a ritualistic basis for years.

Gregory Price was a law-abiding citizen, who spent his life doing what was right, only to have it end in an attempted car jacking.

All this happened right, smack-dab in the literal middle of America.

No where is safe in this landmass that used to be the United States of America.

This is the type of murder the corporate media is entirely uninterested in pursuing.

Defaming Catholic boys wearing MAGA hats is a horse of a different color to them, though…

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  1. eah says:

  2. Maybe Buck Tooth Robin Roberts will interview this man’s family on Good Morning African Americans? Had enough yet YT?

  3. Nothing but local coverage.

  4. Raccoon says:

    Hmmm – “In the process, Austin shot and killed Price, but was unable to take his car.”

    I’m kinda suspecting that Gregory Price (God rest his soul, and wreak vengeance upon his murderer) had a manual transmission (i.e. a “stick shift”) and Leslie K. Austin didn’t have a clue what the extra pedal was for.

    Dumb Nikers.

  5. Only pasted the final paragraph. Locking doors and keeping valuables out of sight is BAD? Perhaps I’m reading it incorrectly. Burrhead County doesn’t seem like a good place.

    Buckhead residents have encouraged one another to contact Kirk and Pitts in a unified effort to better understand the judicial process playing out. Pitts has also echoed recent statements made by Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields — he has warned neighbors against making themselves more vulnerable in the crimes by maintaining locked doors and keeping valuables from being exposed.

  6. I’ll leave the list of Scrabble names at the end. Smart money is not on going to another state and committing crimes and getting away with it.

    All 10 occupants of the house were arrested and booked into the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center in Gretna with possession of marijuana, drug possession with the intent to distribute and use of a firearm in connection with drug activity. They are as follows:

    Quintin Stephens
    Rodsheka Rowe
    Jacauivious Jackson, 26, of Atlanta, Ga.
    Bryant Dix, 21, of Morrow, Ga.
    Dantra Collins, 22, of Morrow, Ga.
    Sharevius Dix, 30, of Riverdale, Ga.
    Aaliyah Rowe, 22, of Morrow, Ga.
    Kayla Franklin, 29, of Jonesboro, Ga.
    Daniel Franklin, 31, of Jonesboro, Ga.
    Nundi Caldwell, 26, of Forest Park, Ga.

    Stephens and Rodsheka Rowe were also booked with illegal use of a weapon

    • Replies: @Anonymous0619
  7. This is a slow genocide. They kill without fear. The sooner this clown show of a country collapses, the better. It will be akin to a global reset. The Africans will starve(as nature intended), East Asia will be plunged in a fratricidal conflict, South Asian street-shitters will slaughter themselves and Eastern Europe will go back to the dark ages of tribalism and blood letting.

  8. Always carry a pistol everywhere. You never know when or where the savage will appear. Will it save you every Time? Maybe not, but if things go bad you won’t be any more dead because you had it with you but couldn’t deploy it in time.

  9. Gunga Din says:

    These killers are looking more and more so unhumanlike it’s mindboggling. Some look like gorillas, others defy description, not even looking like their African jungle cousins. You’re an absolute fool if you aren’t armed every time you leave your house.

  10. Another life taken by a deranged negro! This type of story is becoming so commonplace that the media scarcely looks at them anymore (especially if the victim was white.)

    A small negro girl was killed by a stray bullet fired by a deranged negro in Houston and the media was on that like stink on sh*t. The media circus went on for about a week because they originally thought the innocent child was killed by a white supremacist. When it was found out that it was two uppity negroes involved in the child’s death, their interest suddenly disappeared. Why? Because blacks lives matter ONLY when killed by a white person.

    Think of the black mother and her disappointment that she couldn’t squeeze more money out guilt ridden white people. Gee…had her daughter been killed by a white, she could have been a martyr and received millions of dollars from white hating sympathizers.

    When reading these stories, give thanks for another day of life. This could have been one of us! Complete separation from these animals is the only way now!

  11. Like everyone, I sit and rack my brain whenever one of these incidents occur. How do we keep our innocents safe? Or how do we protect our non-combatants?

    The short answer is, we can’t. There can be no innocents or non-combatants from now on. Occam’s Razor instructs is that the answer requiring the least amount of though is usually the correct one.

    Had this gentleman turned when he recognized the approaching threat (black man running toward him), taken cover and drawn his own pistol, it is entirely likely this would have ended right there and quite differently.

    Of course, it would also be nice to not fear the police or law in such situations. Having a president stand before us and publicly state that we are at war and responsible for our own safety would help. Executive order declaring all firearm laws to be unconstitutional would be nice as well. No need for reciprocity or CCW permits. Just the knowledge that you’re not going to jail for defending your own life or that of someone else’s would go a long way in modifying the outcome.

    Right now you have those to whom a hail sentence is a badge of honor. They are continually armed and ply their trade in a daily basis. They have nothing to lose except their life. The media petitions the powers that be to ‘leave them alone, they’ve suffered so much’.

    On the flip side you have us. We work, we struggle, we carve out a place for ourselves in this world. We’ve been frightened into believing that we can not defend ourselves even though we understand that all the laws prohibiting us from defending ourselves stand in violation of the constitution and therefore invalid on their face. But we have everything to lose. A prison sentence is a death sentence for our way of life. An indelible blemish we will never get past. We are so afraid of being caught ‘illegally’ carrying a gun for our own protection that we instead choose to comply with their overreaching demagoguery.

    Instead we pray we never meet one of them. We put faith in police departments who have repeatedly told and shown us that they are not in the business of protecting us. When we are confronted, we look left and right, searching for the cavalry we expect to be boiling over the hill to save us.

    But they don’t. And they never will.

    Imagine the world if we had such a president. A man with balls of steel you could see from space. Someone willing to step up and free the American people to defend themselves like we did from the hostile Indians. I guarantee you, day 2 would be much, much quieter than day 1.

    Despite what you think, the nogs are not as dumb as they make out to be. They can see the writing in the wall. The only reason they are as viscous and violent as they are is because THEY ARE ALLOWED TO BE.

    This wasn’t an issue post civil war right up to the ‘60’s. They knew the repercussions of such actions would be met by huge reprisals. A gentleman didn’t leave his home without slipping a pocket pistol in his overcoat. It was just the responsibility of living in a free society. Crime was rare because criminals got shot and they knew it. Easier pickins among their own kind. Criminal elements tended to band together and feed off each other.

    Unfortunately we have a Democrat/republican president who may or may not support the second amendment depending on the audience. Our chance of him ‘having our back’ is nil. We are very much on our own.

    If your state allows some form of conceled carry, pursue it. If it doesn’t, then you have a decision to make. Is your life worth more than blind adherence to bad law? Is your family simply a bargaining chip you’re willing to allow someone else to use in their vendetta against America?

    I’ve made my decision. Your time is up.

    Remember, revolvers don’t leave brass. Latex doesn’t leave prints on brass from automatics and replacement barrels and parts are always available. You should have them on hand.

    Stay safe, brothers and sisters.

    Keep a rifle handy.

    • Agree: Bruce County
    • Replies: @Dr. Pepper
  12. I almost forgot to add one further comment: I sincerely hope Mr. Price’s 28 year old son is a race realist now. Nothing is more disgusting and repugnant to me than white people fawning over, and forgiving, their malefactors. The cases that come to mind are Amy Biehl of South Africa where she was viciously murdered by people she tried to help (her mother said that Amy would want it that way: forgive the murderer and help his people). Here is a link created by Biehl’s family in her honor.

    With the murders of white South African farmers each week, we can see that the organization is bridging the gap between the races. The negroes are finally letting off some of that steam the Biehl family believes white people deserve.

    Case two involved a young lady killed in Iowa by an illegal alien. The family embraced the killer’s family and extolled everything that diversity has brought us. I believe the father of the murdered girl said the food was much better because of diversity. I guess he really likes burretos.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @David In TN
  13. Pokey says:

    Don’t forget to visit newnation dot org. This is a sister site that goes into incredible detail about the black criminal cancer. Today, on a “conservative” website, I posted that site numerous times stating America’s vile media, political, ivy league and hollyweird elite don’t want you to visit this important site. Also, please go to numbersusa to fight against turd world immigration.

  14. Hey black people: Why must blacks be taught NOT to kill each other? Who taught the White Race that it is not a good idea or the right thing?

    Hey black people: When is the last time any White community, ANY WHERE IN THE WORLD, had a “stop the violence (among ourselves) march?” Huh?

    Also, why does “having nothing to do” results in killing and violence? This ONLY seems to be a problem with black males. Why?

    And, finally, for you moronic “Sociology and Psych” majors, if there was ANYTHING that could, or would, change negro behavior, humanity would already know of it. The reason why nothing can be done concerning negro behavior is because it IS the negro. Genetics. Dogs bark. Cats meow. Why? It is what dogs and cats do. Genetics. Nothing can get a cat to bark. Not changing the cat litter, free tuna breakfasts, free (ice) cream from the pet pound, extra attention, cat marches (good luck). Nothing.

    Nothing can be done to change negro behavior.

    Whites and Asians can be domesticated and can domesticate themselves. That is why we have civilizations. The Negro can not be domesticated. It is the difference between the horse and the zebra. Genetics. So, blame your favorite GOD or blame Evolution, but don’t blame the White Man. The difference between the Horse and the Zebra is not just the “color of their skin”. A zebra is not just a “painted” horse who doesn’t get enough attention or no opportunity to pull a wagon. Genetics.

    • Agree: Bruce County
    • Replies: @Augustus

    Uh, oh! The two men who were taken in for questioning ain’t white, worked with the guy who was “assaulted” and have even been with him in the same gym.

    We all knew, we all know and I think that pretty soon so will anyone willing to look at facts.

  16. RIP Mr. Price

    This man is 3-4 years younger than my father,
    out doing what dad’s and their buddies do.

  17. OT:
    Ohio nursing home:
    A patient ‘rotted to death’ under nurses’ care, attorney general says.
    Columbus,Ohio to be exact. Whose black population is 28%. Just more of the horror this defective, proto human race reeks on western civilization. I can only hope that the patients are black. No rational “human” should ever put their loved ones care in the hands of this worthless, feral, failed species.

    • Replies: @Paulbe
  18. @I.P. Daily

    How did a “Daniel” sneak in there? 😁

  19. Bubba says:

    Can’t believe Trump screwed his base and is now releasing more black felons out of American jails to create more havoc like this in America in addition to his granting amnesty to MS-13 murderous thugs. It just hastens the inevitable Day of Reckoning with these lawless black thugs and murderous immigrants. Unbelievable…

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  20. @Bubba

    I believed Trump was sincere when he ran for office. Bribed, blackmailed or just plain ignorant and uninterested, he is not the same man from 2015 -2016.

    Was hoping his massive ego would make him immune from globalist weasels. It didn’t happen.

    • Agree: Bubba
  21. @Jim in Jersey

    OK…I agree! It’s really sad we have to live like this, but living around the most dangerous group on Earth requires extraordinary precautions. Things are worse now than when most of us were kids because there are more negroes living today than back in the 60s and 70s. In addition, our country was much whiter then than now. To cut to the chase about the matter, whites don’t commit crimes on the scale of non-whites.

    I saw your name on SBPDL for years, so you are aware of many of Mr. Kersey’s writings. I remember Ferguson, Missouri and the gentle giant story. Mr. Kersey clearly laid out the problem in Ferguson: it had become too black. Once the population becomes over about 10% black, crime becomes a serious problem. A black coach left East St. Louis for Ferguson when it was still white, but now it is too black. Why did he leave East St. Louis? Too many negroes and crime!

    I spoke to a friend who said she used to live in the northern part of the city. She said people there couldn’t give their properties away (this discussion was not even about blacks). I could have asked her to elaborate and tell me why properties were so depressed in that area, but I knew the answer: negroes.

    Many of the former colleagues of Mr. Price are going from a relatively safe location on Second Street in St. Louis to one of the most dangerous in the city. Check out the new location of the “new” NGA:,-90.1990591,3305m/data=!3m1!1e3

    It is not too far from Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard in NE St. Louis. If you look on streetview, they have a whole slab of area flattened for the new facility. I suppose the reason for all of this is to make that part of the city whiter.

    Personally, I could think of safer places to locate my workforce, but hey…we’re talking about the government. These are the same people for bussing white kids across the city to help smarten up schools. Why? Because blacks are too stupid to make good grades and they need whites to make them look good.

  22. Paulbe says:
    @Bruce County

    This is a world-wide phenomenon where Westerners are giving up Nursing care to incompetent and callous turd-worlders.

  23. Gregory Price was a law-abiding citizen, who spent his life doing what was right, only to have it end in an attempted car jacking.

    All this happened right, smack-dab in the literal middle of America.

    All because police are not allowed to use deadly force to stop fleeing felons.  Had Leslie K. Austin been shot (not even killed, just incapacitated) in the first 10 miles of the chase, Price would still be alive.  But we allow too much leeway to the traitors who insist that the African-in-America is not a dangerous animal requiring control (and the requirement of fear to impose that control), but “oppressed”.

  24. PK:“…the corporate media was happy to report the obvious hoax as fact.

    Why? To proliferate the anti-white mindset.”

    It’s a red herring to single out the media, since American culture is itself relentlessly anti-white in its mindset. For what is anti-racist but anti-white? Reflecting the culture at large, the average white American is anti-racist to his core, and has been for a long time now. A white man being against racism is the same thing as him agreeing to the eventual extinction of his race, since it’s patently obvious that the white race won’t be preserved without conscious effort; i.e., without racism. Negroes have been equal to whites under the law for over a century and a half at this point. That is the ultimate in an “anti-white mindset”, and it was put into place when America was virtually 100% white and Christian. No corporate media was needed.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  25. @Dr. Pepper

    “Nothing is more disgusting and repugnant to me than white people fawning over, and forgiving their malefactors.”

    I saw a (black) TV reporter try to arrange a meeting with Channon Christian’s parents and the parents of the female defendant at one of the Knoxville Horror trials. Gary Christian would not agree to it.

    • Agree: Liza
    • Replies: @Dr. Pepper
  26. Augustus says:

    So there is to be no Cat Midnight Basketball? No EBT cards or Section 8 cat homes?

  27. @David In TN

    The family was right to reject that offer. The black reporter was doing that only for the benefit of the black community. It is good for them to keep the myth alive and make blacks look like they are reaching out to the family. The truth is blacks make everything a sewer hole. There is no safe place when they are around. In black schools in New York, the children act like feral animals. The din is so loud that no real teaching is being done. The negroes seen on this blog and others are but a small representation of their magnificent failure to be civilized.

    Kudos to the family – in this case – for doing what was right. The murderer should be relagated to hell, and the family that gave life to the murderer bears part of the responsibility for raising an animal.

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