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His Name Is Dylan McGinnis: White Man Murdered by a Black Career Criminal in Indianapolis Set Free by the Bail Project (Organization Fighting Racial Disparities in the Bail System)
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Those who fight racial and economic disparities unleash upon the law-abiding horrors beyond comprehension.

They battle nature, because they wish to nurture away the reality of life.

His name is Dylan McGinnis, a white man murdered by a black career criminal set free by the Bail Project. [Mom wants The Bail Project reined in after her son was gunned down in Indianapolis,, January 12, 2022]:

Dylan McGinnis was gunned down on the east side of Indianapolis in October.

The man accused of killing him was free on bail, records say, thanks to help he received from The Bail Project, a nonprofit that helps poor people get out of jail.

Now, McGinnis’ mother is angry and she wants groups like The Bail Project to be more accountable and better regulated.

“Once the offender gets bailed out of jail, there’s no accountability to The Bail Project on behalf of that offender,” Nikki Sterling said. “This organization is bailing out violent offenders. These are not your misdemeanor charges. We are putting violent criminals back out on the street.”

The Bail Project is a national nonprofit that pays bail for criminal defendants too poor to pay for it themselves. The group operates a revolving bail fund that, according to its website, it uses to “prevent incarceration and combat racial and economic disparities in the bail system.”

But the group has drawn controversy in recent months as the homicides in Indianapolis have reached a new record high. Critics blame the county’s “revolving door” justice system that allows violent criminals back on the streets not long after police arrest them.

The Marion County Superior Courts criminal judges on Monday voted to suspend their support for The Bail Project, citing the group’s failure to provide detailed information and data. The judges want to know more about who the group helps and what charges they face. The judges invited The Bail Project representatives to bring additional data to a closed-door meeting next month.

The Bail Project pushes for criminal justice reforms and works to bring equity to a system that many critics say penalizes people just for being poor.

“The amount of money in someone’s wallet should not determine whether they’re incarcerated pretrial,” The Bail Project says on its website.

In Indianapolis, The Bail Project posted bail for 941 defendants since it launched operations here in November 2018. The average bail amount was \$2,130 and clients make 95% of the court hearings, according to the group’s most recent report.

David Gaspar, the group’s national director of operations, said it should make no difference who pays the bail.

“Judges set cash bail and once they do, it should not matter who posts the bail, whether it is a family member, a bail bonds company, or a charity like ours,” Gaspar said in a statement emailed to WRTV. “The fact that our not-for-profit is being singled out for requirements is concerning.”

When asked about the group’s criteria for deciding who to help, a spokesman for The Bail Project said they assist low-income defendants who can’t afford bail on their own.


“Once we receive a referral from a family member or the public defender’s office, we interview the individual to learn more about their situation and assess their needs,” the spokesman said in an email to WRTV. “We ask questions about housing stability, transportation and, if appropriate, whether the person is interested in substance use treatment or mental health resources.”

The Bail Project also considers whether an individual has a family to support or if their health may be at risk in jail because they won’t have access to medication or treatment.

Sterling agrees that some people don’t belong in jail. The problem, Sterling said, is The Bail Project is bailing out people accused of more than just misdemeanors and nonviolent crimes.

Travis Lang, the man charged with killing Sterling’s son, was in jail in January on a cocaine-possession charge when The Bail Project said it paid a portion of his bail, with family covering the rest. At the time, Lang faced other pending cases for burglary, residential entry, and resisting law enforcement.

The pendulum is about to swing back towards law and order. The question is if it is ever allowed to swing back toward a world where The Bail Project is allowed to exist. Every donor to this fund and employee of The Bail Project should be arrested as an accessory to murder.

The time for being timid is over in the face of Bolshevik terror in America.

Dylan’s murderer should have been in jail. He wasn’t because of The Bail Fund. Every individual who donated to this fund, to the fourth generation, should be punished for Dylan’s murder at their hands.

It’s time to play for keeps. Civilization requires such moves.

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  1. Sounds like South Africa, only here it’s normally the prison system that grants early parole because of overcrowding.

  2. anon[217] • Disclaimer says:

    anything is ok if ura mfkng gro

  3. KenH says:

    Every donor to this fund and employee of The Bail Project should be arrested as an accessory to murder.

    Does the Bail Project help poor whites, too, or just poor blacks? If they focus only on helping blacks and peeps of color then they should be sued by state AGs’ for disparate impact. It’s time to weaponize hare brained left wing legal theories against them.

    Legislation should be passed that prohibits (((the Bail Project))) from bailing out any individuals accused of violent crimes. Further, legislation should be passed that makes them criminally and civilly liable if any of their black pets commit more crimes while out on bail.

  4. HT says:

    Bail Project founded by Robin Steinberg. Need I say more?

    • Agree: Pirate999
    • Thanks: Angharad
    • LOL: DMZABO, loren
    • Replies: @donut
  5. Darkwing says:

    Please tell me why the white people are not burning, looting and stealing? I will answer: most white people are not animals.

  6. eah says:


    Witnesses told police the shooting began after McGinnis and the woman had “arranged to meet someone in Indianapolis to buy Xanax and heroin,” according to the affidavit. As they were driving, witnesses told investigators, an argument over money broke out and the man, who was in the back of the car at the time, got out and fired into the car. …

    In a written message to IndyStar, McGinnis’ stepmother, Mindy, said McGinnis was not in the car to purchase narcotics but went along with the woman to help keep her safe. Police have not confirmed those details.

    So a drug deal ‘gone wrong’; or a ‘botched’ drug deal, if you prefer — what exactly happened may never be known (not that the shooting is in any way excusable).

    The truth is, you cannot protect some people from their own stupidity, no matter how hard you try.

    And if he really wanted to ‘keep the woman safe’ (I don’t necessarily believe his stepmother’s story), he should have dissuaded her from meeting black ghetto trash to buy drugs.

    • Agree: DMZABO
    • Thanks: magilla
    • Replies: @Bite Moi
    , @silviosilver
  7. DMZABO says:

    Expect a \$H|tload more of these types of killings. The American Marxist media has put bullseyes on every White Americans back. Man-Woman-Child.

    • Agree: Augustus

    People like Richard “I did Cher in the butt while pretending to be straight” Branson and Danny Glover are part of the advisory board but there are many more team members who can be contacted, the “bail interrupters” are folks that do the legwork and “make it all happen” as do their support personnel.

    • Replies: @loren
  9. In January, The Bail Project paid \$1,500 to bail Marcus Garvin out of Marion County Jail on charges of felony battery after he allegedly stabbed a man at an east-side convenience store in December 2019. Garvin was free on bail and wearing a GPS ankle bracelet on July 24 when Marion County prosecutors say he stabbed Christie Holt to death at an east-side motel on July 24. Garvin was charged with murder on Aug. 3.

    Also in January, the group paid a portion of the bail for Travis Lang who had been jailed on a cocaine-possession charge. On Oct. 1, prosecutors say Lang shot Dylan McGinnis to death and wounded a woman in a car on the east side. Lang was charged with murder, attempted murder, robbery and other crimes.

    In April, The Bail Project paid a \$750 bail that freed Deonta Williams, who had been jailed on a felony burglary charge. Williams, 20, is accused of making a fake 911 call to lure two Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers to his location before he stabbed them in an unprovoked attack. Prosecutors charged Williams with attempted murder.

    • Thanks: DMZABO
    • LOL: loren
    • Replies: @magilla
  10. Bite Moi says:

    eah———-My time is valuable.Wasting my time trying to protect stupid sheep isn’t a choice i would make.

  11. More information on the Bail Project:

    Robin Steinberg is an American lawyer and social justice advocate[1] who is currently the chief executive officer of the Bail Project,[2] an organization she founded with her husband David Feige in 2007

    Marcia Johnson, 54, of St. Louis was found brutally murdered in her south city home, and the suspect — her husband, Samuel Lee Scott — had apparently come straight from jail to commit the crime after making bail. Scott had been held by the city for four days after being picked up on a “wanted” warrant alleging he’d punched Johnson in the face three months earlier. He had been charged with fourth-degree domestic assault, a misdemeanor.
    What made this story uniquely newsworthy: Scott had been bailed out by a national social-justice group known as the Bail Project, whose mission is “to combat racial and economic disparities in the bail system.” St. Louis is one of the group’s prime target areas, and since arriving here in early 2018, it has provided bail for more 1,300 low-income defendants incarcerated while awaiting their day in court in both city and county.

    Christopher Stewart, who was caught illegally with a handgun and threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend, was bailed out with \$5,000 in cash in early 2020. A month after his bail, he attempted to kill his ex-girlfriend by setting her apartment on fire. In an interview, Stewart’s ex-girlfriend expressed that: “They need to do better if they are going to have a charity bail people out. That’s wasting money that could have gone to someone who would have done right by it.”[17]

    Joe Gamaldi, national vice president of the Fraternal Order of Police and an active-duty sergeant in the Houston Police Department, explained,”[t]hey are allowing people to donate and then they’re bonding out violent criminals who are repeat offenders. I mean, this is not the shoplifting a candy bar from Wal-Mart. These are people who are committing murders, aggravated assault,” Gamaldi said. Further, Gamaldi revealed that organizations like The Bail Project only support a “radical system” where cash bail does not exist and also alleges that they don’t care about public safety. “You know, I’ll be honest, I don’t think they give a damn about public safety,” Gamaldi said. “They know exactly the people that they are bailing out. They know that these individuals that are out on already multiple felony bonds and they’re helping them get another one. They know that some of these are very violent individuals, and you cannot look at this with a straight face and tell me that you care about the community that you’re operating in.”[18]

  12. ‘Penalizes people for being poor”. No, assholes, bail is to assure that people come to court. Sometimes, if the crime is heinous enough, bail is DENIED so murdering, violent scum remain in jail…WHERE THEY BELONG!! The people that support this commie bs also fail to mention that their “clients” almost always have a huge criminal history, including many failure-to-appear warrants, which justifies larger bail amounts. N-logic at its finest.

    • Agree: AnalogMan, Adolph 2nd
  13. What these deluded fools are doing by freeing criminals is called pathological altruism. I don’t wish bad things on other people, but it sure would be karma if one of their dear pets got one of them
    Just can’t fix stupid and being cut off from reality

  14. usNthem says:

    They were actually in the car with that ape? One is reluctant to blame the victim, but good lord, what could possibly go wrong here? It’s getting harder and harder to believe so many Whites can possibly be this naive at this late stage…

    • Replies: @loren
  15. Pirate999 says:

    The Bail Project is run and funded by the anti-christian American ruling class.

    • Agree: Augustus
  16. NGO’s that help ‘migrants’ illegally sneak into the country should be held liable for the economic damage they are doing to the country. That includes people who are murdered, unemployed, and pay taxes to support them. Soros and the other deep pockets that fund these organizations should be sued for billions and forced to find their own bail to get out of jail.

    It would seem pretty straight forward. There should be a movement to organize a class action type of lawsuits. Collect \$1, \$10, \$100 a month from American citizens to get things going and nothing would be able to stop it.

  17. Anon[271] • Disclaimer says:

    Sue the bail project.

  18. loren says:

    supposedly Branson is ez to get along with [I know a higher up who worked for him] but he got his start in coke. need I say more?

  19. The Bail Project pushes for criminal justice reforms and works to bring equity to a system that many critics say penalizes people just for being poor. . “The amount of money in someone’s wallet should not determine whether they’re incarcerated pretrial”

    The criminal justice system problem is caused by too much government. Like the public education system problem, the highway fatality SP, the perpetual war for peace SP, and on and on.

    Once upon a time it was understood that those accused were presumed innocent, and had the right to be bailed out — at reasonable collateral — so as to be able to assist in their own, legal defense. Over time, the lawyer-politicians turned more and more victimless crimes into felonies, while lawyer-judges — swamped with “customers” and bowing to political pressure — began to push bail amounts higher and higher. Meanwhile, the courts began to impose all sorts of nuisance fees (i.e. the power to tax) on bailments.

    The result was that for many poor defendants, the one-two punch of excessive bail + nonrefundable court fees meant that despite the convenience of only having to come up with 10% down (courtesy of a full blown, private sector bail bond assistance industry), their legal right to bail was priced away.

    • Replies: @Lockean Proviso
  20. @KenH

    Legislation should be passed that prohibits [really?] bailing out any individuals accused of violent crimes.

    I haven’t looked at the constitutions of all fifty states, but from those I’ve seen, a judge is only allowed to deny bail when the defendant is charged with a brutal murder, and there’s a lot of real evidence of guilt. In all other cases, he has to set a reasonable amount.

    (It’s really something how those political hack, federal lawyer-judges sometimes deny bail. #8 doesn’t allow that.)

    • Replies: @KenH
  21. magilla says:

    I commented on this killing in an earlier thread. He was “helping” an addict by going with her to buy Xanax and heroin from a jogger criminal.

    Fact is, some of our people need to wise the f\$&k up, and fast. Stay away from American Africans, especially those who make a living on the wrong side of the law. If your Libertarian about drugs, at least buy from your own people.

    It is bad enough we have to be on the lookout from violent criminals in formerly safe places like Salt Lake City and luxury furniture stores. Only an idiot would walk into the belly of the beast to score drugs from groids.

  22. donut says:

    I was wondering who was behind this civilization destroying idea , no surprise there .

  23. @eah

    And if he really wanted to ‘keep the woman safe’ (I don’t necessarily believe his stepmother’s story), he should have dissuaded her from meeting black ghetto trash to buy drugs.

    Even if his stepmom’s story is true, the fact that he even knew a woman who wanted to buy heroin suggests to me he was probably a trash-quality white himself.

    That doesn’t excuse his murder, but I would be lying if I said I don’t feel a huge sense of relief when the victim turns out to be trash or a diversity-boosting libtard.

    • Agree: AR in Illinois
    • Replies: @Rich
    , @eah
  24. magilla says:

    Corrections to earlier post: “you’re Libertarian” and “lookout for violent criminals”.

  25. Sanityclaus says: • Website


  26. magilla says:

    In January, The Bail Project paid \$1,500 to bail Marcus Garvin out of Marion County Jail on charges of felony battery after he allegedly stabbed a man at an east-side convenience store in December 2019. Garvin was free on bail and wearing a GPS ankle bracelet on July 24 when Marion County prosecutors say he stabbed Christie Holt to death at an east-side motel on July 24. Garvin was charged with murder on Aug. 3.

    This is another one. Jogger killed his long-time white girlfriend, who he’d apparently been beating for years.

    I’m not trying to start the whole “toll paid” chorus, but our people, particularly our young people, have got to be made to understand that getting involved with American Africans romantically or as part of a criminal enterprise is like playing Russian Roulette with 5 of the 6 chambers loaded.

    Not as dangerous, but still dangerous enough, is having them as close friends or neighbors. Avoid the groid and those most at risk from (((Bail Project))) bullshit will be blacks.

    • Replies: @loren
  27. @KenH

    “Further, legislation should be passed that makes them criminally and civilly liable if any of their black pets commit more crimes while out on bail.”

    I couldn’t agree more. If someone had a vicious dog that had harmed people and they still let it run loose in the neighborhood knowing that it should be kept caged and knowing it would likely attack and harm more people if they let it run loose, they’d be sued into oblivion and be held criminally liable for their idiocy. The Bail Project should be held accountable for their actions and no excuses accepted.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  28. NY Girl says:

    @ Listener, from the Brianna Kupfer thread, what happened to Pat Boyle?

  29. loren says:

    those who shop for heroin and buying trouble, or death.

  30. loren says:

    Me, I keep seeing a utube TACO BELL commercial. white gal w jogger enjoying the junk food.

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
    , @magilla
  31. @Former Liberal

    Actually happened a few years back. I’m pretty sure. Maybe someone here can provide a link. The story of that female Libtard judge that loves letting black ghetto trash go and berating people for noticing they are black then one day a few nogs decided to lay a little home invasion on her and her cuck husband. Oh man, it was great. Her phone call to 911 was great. Screaming “there a a bunch of black guys in my house, omg, send the Police. My husband is helpless. I said there is a bunch of black guys breaking into my house. Their going to kill me and my husband. I am a judge. ” Something along those lines. The funniest piece of karma ever.

    • LOL: AceDeuce
    • Replies: @WSG
    , @AceDeuce
  32. Rich says:

    Talk to some hard working young White people. Nowadays they all know someone on opiates. It’s very bad out there now and getting worse with the new fentanyl delivery systems set up through the open border with Mexico. I know some good people who’ve lost kids to this plague. They aren’t all “trash” or “libtards” anymore.

    • Agree: loren, Listener
  33. TNB. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  34. Pirate999 says:

    While January 6 American citizens are kept political prisoners indefinetly without bail by the anti-christian American ruling class who stole our national election; but violent black criminals are allowed out on the streets to kill, all paid and supported by the anti-christian American ruling class.

  35. Practice your drawstroke.

    Never thought it would be ‘a thing’ but when you’re approached by some feral with his gun already out, the ability to draw and fire accurately becomes imperative.

    Sorta like cowboys and ni&&ers.

    We’re past the point of shooting back.

    The discussion now should be shooting first when trouble rears its ugly head.

    We’re at war. This is what it looks like.

    • Agree: Listener
  36. @Former Liberal

    If the people who ran this program had to live with the criminals they bail out until their court date, or be charged as an accessory when the criminal commits another crime while on bail, this program wouldn’t exist.

    • Agree: Lancelot_Link
  37. @Sanityclaus

    If you press the shift key, it takes off the cap lock…

    • LOL: loren
  38. @loren

    Basic-income programs like Magnolia have been growing in popularity over the past few years…

    Free money for not working? I guess they freaking have. An out of work baby sitter? I guess that people aren’t hiring baby sitters any longer.

  39. WSG says:

    Schadenfreude is NOT a four-letter word:

    The comments are great. Popcorn is recommended.

  40. White guy coping drugs from the negro dealer, if true, does not qualify.

  41. Bite Moi says:

    Sanityclaus————-Try just using caps where they belong in a paragraph,or to highlight the money quote.I just usually scroll past the ALL CAPS COMMENTS. i might be interested in what you have to say.

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
  42. See, so what happened to Arbery was karma. He was removed so he would not be doing this. Taking out all the ghetto trash.

  43. Anonymous[212] • Disclaimer says:
    @NY Girl

    Pat felt that his comments weren’t being published at a rate that he felt comfortable with. Not sure if his thoughts are being written on another site. I do miss him. Always seemed like a college class whenever Pat passed on his insights. Smart guy.

  44. KenH says:

    ….but from those I’ve seen, a judge is only allowed to deny bail when the defendant is charged with a brutal murder, and there’s a lot of real evidence of guilt. In all other cases, he has to set a reasonable amount.

    And the murder of Dylan McGinnis wasn’t brutal? I did not propose that judges be prohibited from setting bail. Only that those accused of violent crimes can’t be bailed out by third party entities not connected to the accused’s family. I realize it’s a stretch but woke capital is getting totally out of control and will turn the nation into a wasteland if we let them.

    But if that’s a bridge too far for you then my other proposal of holding groups like The Bail Project and other SJW groups criminally and civilly liable for the crimes committed by those who they’ve sprung on bail should work fine.

  45. Eonic says:
    @NY Girl

    He’s given up in disgust because of the erratic moderation his comments suffered.

  46. AnalogMan says:

    You see far too many commercials. That stuff will rot your brain.

    Throw away your TV.

    • Agree: Pirate999, magilla
    • Replies: @loren
  47. magilla says:

    “Three black men with guns”. That would make a great name for a band.

  48. @Sanityclaus

    Wall of text, caps-lock on… not going to read one more thing from this idiot.


  49. loren says:

    I dont do TV..i do ((( u tube))). scrub thru

  50. people aren’t hiring baby sitters any longer.

    The sitters are known as “schoolteachers”.

    @#49 KH

    the murder of Dylan McGinnis wasn’t brutal?

    It sure sounds like it. My point was that in order for a state judge to order ‘no-bail’, the brutal crime alleged has to be a murder [with clear evidence of guilt]. Your original statement implied that a “violent” crime (i.e. a lesser offense) should merit a hold.

    When a judge sets bail, he typically tells the defendant to stay out of trouble. If the guy goes out and commits another crime, then he’s abused his right to bail. Lock him up. He can make bail for the new crime, but only after his first case resolves (w/out jail time).

  51. Listener says:
    @NY Girl

    @ Listener, from the Brianna Kupfer thread, what happened to Pat Boyle?

    He posted more than a few times before he left that he was frustrated with the frequent failure of his comments to be posted.

    He’s a brilliant wordsmith, I really enjoyed
    reading his posts.

  52. @WSG

    Poetic justice at its finest. I hope the dog is okay.

  53. AceDeuce says:

    Yeah, baby! That c runt got a nice taste of nigro. I think she escaped from her house, running barefoot and screaming in the middle of the night as the bro-hams ransacked the place. I think that she had a bunch of furs that they stole (LOL “furs/stole” no pun intended). Her dried up arse moved faster than Kweef’teesha headed toward Popeye’s on Free Chicken Night.

    That was a couple of years ago, and I’m still laughing.

    • LOL: Listener
  54. eah says:

    … but I would be lying if I said I don’t feel a huge sense of relief when the victim turns out to be trash or a diversity-boosting libtard.

    This kind of thinking is wrong — while one may point out foolish behavior, your ‘sense of relief’ is misguided, and any animosity you may feel is misdirected.

    Those who make up the ruling political and media establishments do not care about the tens of millions of poor Whites who’ve had the economic rug pulled out from under them — for decades they ignored the consequences of the de-industrialization of middle America wrought be ‘free trade’ — see I Became a Race Realist Growing Up in Gary, Indiana for a firsthand account of this.

    For an encore, they then ignored the nearly 1m opioid overdose deaths that followed this economic immiseration, until it was a bit too unseemly to further ignore them — look at a map of the states with the highest opioid overdose rates (link) — there is a strong overlap with ‘Rust Belt’ states hardest hit by de-industrialization.

    You should direct your animosity at the uncaring dilettante elites and ‘free trade’ ideologues who allowed all of this to happen, not the poor Whites who’ve given in to despair and turned to drugs — they need help (Nelsen v SPLC) and the sympathy and solidarity of other Whites.

    • Agree: magilla
    • Replies: @eah
    , @silviosilver
  55. eah says:

    >You should direct your animosity …

    For example, at the people and system responsible for this and so many other modern atrocities:

    linkThis is one of the saddest, most upsetting stories you’ll read. It’s long, but it’s worth it: …

    It was the deadliest wreck in years. And the man behind it was one of the FBI’s most notorious informants

  56. @eah

    I have known more than a few down and out whites. Economic structure does contribute to their problems, but it’s just obvious to me that their own poor decisions are responsible for making their lives much worse than they need to be. Nowhere did I say I’m GLAD that they fall prey to groid criminals; only that when I hear some gruesome tale of groids taking out innocent whites, I am relieved if the victim turns out to have been either someone who champions the groid (the libtard) or unnecessarily gets involved with groids (like a white druggie).

  57. magilla says:

    TPTB are running a full-court press with that crap, on TV–or so I’m told, I cut cable years ago–in on-line ads, and in shows on things like Youtube and Netflix.

    Similar to the COVID vaccines, if such things were actually good and useful there would be no need for the hard sell.

    • Replies: @loren
  58. @Abolish_public_education

    All true- court costs are a very regressive tax. Yet the real need to reform this have gotten perverted with wokeness and the decriminalizing of violent crime by non-whites.

  59. @WSG

    LMAO! Thx . That’s the greatest ever. “There are 3 black men with guns” Ok maam’ there is someone there now…”Send more …LMFAO!!! “There are 3 black men with guns” Say it a little louder you stupid bitch! LOL….I can picture this happening….

  60. loren says:

    The ads I see are you tube and billboards. I only see TV at the gym, for a moment [like when biden did his absurd press conference].

    the magic negros and the white gals w joggers are the themes.

    one commercial was of a white guy over a fire, being roasted.

  61. @Midnights

    <bows his head and puts his hand over his heart>

    A pity that we don’t know Ex-New Yorker’s real name.  We’ll probably never know what happened to him.

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