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Her Name Is Nancy Horton: 80-year White Grandmother Brutally Murdered by Two Black Males in a Home Invasion. 
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You know the drill by now.

Say her name, right?

Her name is Nancy Horton, an 80-year white grandmother brutally murdered by two black males in a home invasion.

One of the black males was a career criminal, the other is a juvenile.

[2 charged in Person County home invasion that left 80-year-old woman dead,, September 22, 2022]:

Two people have been arrested in connection to a Person County home invasion where a woman was found dead.

It appeared 80-year-old Nancy Horton had been dead for a while after her body was discovered Tuesday night at her home on Burlington Road, according to the Person County Sheriff’s Office. The sheriff’s office said Horton was killed during the home invasion.

Two sources who spoke to Sheriff Dewey Jones confirmed the break in the case.

On Wednesday evening, Jones identified the suspects as Roger Letroy Wilkerson, 39, and a juvenile.

The sheriff said that deputies along with the SBI executed several search warrants at Wilkerson’s home at E. Morehead Street and Pulliam Street. Wilkerson, who was out on bond for another offense, had three warrants already out for breaking and entering of motor vehicles, He was charged with possession of a firearm by a felon, carrying concealed pistol/gun, possession with intent to sell and distribute marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, simple possession of Schedule III and IV, and resisting, delaying or obstructing an officer.

While executing those warrants, evidence was found in connection with the Horton homicide case, the sheriff said. That evidence led to Wilkerson being charged with murder.

Juvenile petitions have been filed on the other suspect for breaking and entering of motor vehicles and the murder in connection with Horton’s death.

“Sweet, and kind and gentle as anybody you have ever seen,” Phillip Reams said. Reams, who is Horton’s neighbor, said Horton was known to be very active.

Deputies got a call before 8 p.m. from a family member who came home and found the place ransacked.

A vehicle was later found not too far from the house on Lewis Winstead Loop Road.

“You see her mowing grass, blowing leaves,” Reams said. “For somebody her age, she did very well as far as being active in the yard.”

Horton, also known as “Nan,” was a longtime church member at the New Life Independent Baptist Church.

“A godly lady, very virtuous woman,” Pastor Mike Whitt said. “She loves her grandbabies, oh my goodness. The time she spent with them, carrying them places back and forth to the beach, and things like that.”

Whitt said Horton was a pillar in the community.

“Just a staple and part of the foundation of this community and church,” Whitt said.

The church was having a revival when worshippers heard about Horton’s death.

“We found out right after our service and people were just weeping, and broken,” Whitt said.

The revival night on Wednesday changed to a vigil service at 7 p.m. in honor of Horton.


“We’re going to weep for a while, we’re going to sing for a while,” Whitt said. “We’re going to come together in unity and hug one another, love one another, just try to release all of that anger and those feelings and find some comfort in God and in one another in this community tonight.”

Whitt, who met with the family on Wednesday, said they’re broken as they’re trying to process what happened.

Salt of the earth, the type of person you want not just as a neighbor, but as a member of your community. You might not know her name, but you’d always wave to her and say hello in the grocery store.

Her name is Nancy Horton, an 80-year white grandmother brutally murdered by two black males in a home invasion.

Say her name. Remember how she lived and the incredible family and legacy she left on her community. Also remember how her life was violently ended by two black males and the resounding silence from the mainstream media (MSM) dedicated to the idea systemic inequality, implicit bias, and white privilege predominates all of society.

Were these facts, we’d all know Nancy Horton was a white grandmother murdered in her home by two males.

The fact so few outside her community in North Carolina do… well, it’s a reminder to Say Her Name (SHN).


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  1. Never hear about these things on the mainstream media. I wonder why?

    • Replies: @Dr. X
  2. Loren says:

    how many 100s a year in USA are black on white murders?

    Taki mag–
    In the past month alone, American’s have been enriched good and hard by illegals.
    Alabama: Illegal Mexican José Paulino Pascual-Reyes carved up his girlfriend for carnitas and held her 12-year-old daughter as a sex slave.
    North Carolina: Two illegal Mexicans, Alder Alfonso Marin-Sotelo and Arturo Marin-Sotelo, murdered a sheriff’s deputy.
    California: Venezuelan illegal Jose Rafael Solano-Landaeta decapitated his ex-girlfriend with a sword.
    New Hampshire: Honduran illegal Jose Miguel Ramirez-Vasquez stabbed a young dancer to death.
    So much enrichment! And by our new class of hyphenated elites (“I say, are you attending the Pascual-Reyes cotillion? Oh, you simply must go. I hear their quesadillas will have three cheeses”).
    Over in McCulloch County, Tex., local officials have decided that the violent crimes of brown illegals pale in seriousness compared with an 80-year-old white man saying “wetback.” Immigration judge Edgar Allen Amos faces an ethics probe because last week, in a private conversation, he claimed that the affluent illegals he’s been seeing in court, sporting designer clothes and using the latest high-tech gear, are “not your regular wetbacks.”

  3. Kim says:

    Pastor Reams says they should “release that anger”.

    I agree. But first they should direct it.

    • Agree: AceDeuce
  4. I’m old enough to remember when things like this were as rare as hen’s teeth. Why? Negroes were smart enough to know that the last thing they ever wanted to do was come in contact with the criminal justice system, especially the police.

    • Agree: Father Coughlin
  5. The main offender was 39, hanging out with a juvenile, probably 15 or 16.
    What other race does this? That’s why, when there’s mass shootings in the hood, that you’ll see age ranges from 12 to 68. We really to stop the breed-and-feed program, which is welfare. This shit can’t go on much longer without an explosion of some sort.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  6. HT says:

    We allow these vicious predators to live and hunt among us and that is the problem. These animals should have been removed from society long ago.

    • Agree: Trevor, Mr. Rational
  7. usNthem says:

    The sad thing, aside from the obvious, is she’d been around the block a few times and had to know the score with respect to living among apes. And that knowledge and experience still weren’t enough to insulate her from the evil. RIP Nancy.

  8. OT. Last week, a 23yo white girl from a small town in Illinois throws herself out of her boyfriend’s sunroof to her death in all-black E. St. Louis. . The boyfriend is from an all-black St. Louis suburb (Bellefontaine Neighbors). The girl’s Pinterest is enthralled with black girl fashion, hair and makeup.

    Turn ad blocker off:

    • Replies: @Loren
    , @Dvnjbbgc
  9. Anyone who commits a cold-blooded murder (and for which there is absolute proof that they’re guilty) should be put to death within 48 hours of being convicted. However, since this would affect the black community far more than any other, they’d scream it was racist. Still, they scream everything is racist so there’d be nothing new about that.

    However, I’d add one provision to such a law- anyone falsifying evidence which results in an innocent person being convicted and put to death shall be charged with cold-blooded murder and themselves be put to death within 48 hours of their crime being discovered and their being convicted no matter whether they were cops or prosecutors or anyone else capable of falsifying such evidence. In lesser crimes where evidence was fabricated or lies told, the person fabricating the evidence or lying would then be sentenced to the same number of years in prison that the innocent person they tried to see wrongfully convicted would receive. Call it the Anti-Corruption aspect of the law. So, for example, if a woman falsely accused a man of rape in an attempt to get him sentenced to 3 to 5 years in prison and it was discovered she was lying, she’d have to serve the sentence. If such laws were in place, I’d imagine that false accusations etc. would plummet to almost zero.

    In any case, this murderer (upon rightful conviction) should be taken out behind the courthouse/jail and have a bullet put in his head within 48 hours.

    • Agree: usNthem
    • Replies: @Dvnjbbgc
  10. Bite Moi says:
    @AR in Illinois

    AR in Illinois———–“This shit can’t go on much longer without an explosion of some sort.” Controlled explosions can get a log of useful work done.A farmer can remove a stump or a miner can open up a coal seam————or you can bring down a couple or 3 very large buildings in NYC. Now as for this nice,church lady; previous generations of White men handled the problems just fine.Family,clan,tribe,or the county sheriff kept things safe and tidy.

    • Replies: @tato
  11. Ken3 says:

    OT: I just got the news that foreign negress Rihanna is going to perform at the Super Bowl half-time show. This is no surprise. The Stupid Bowl has morphed into a gigantic knee-grow extravaganza with an obligatory black singing the national anthem replete with a no-talent knee-grow “artist” at halftime. I have given up on this alleged sport a long time ago.

    American “Football” is not a sport; it’s brutal knee-grow display. During a 3 hour “game,” there may be only 15 minutes of “action” with the rest of time the “players” stand around and do nothing. Plus, many NFLers are felons and hate your guts. Please don’t watch this garbage. Finally, I feel good that the NY Jets are constantly advertising tickets. This is a good sign.

  12. Charles says:

    My quarrel is the manner of execution. These kinds of featherless bipeds should be hanged. Execution by gunfire carries a connotation of honor, like when Jean Bastien-Thiry was executed by the French government for planning the attempted assassination of DeGaulle in 1963.

  13. Anon[107] • Disclaimer says:

    Here’s another black on white crime. Michigan news anchor Jim Matthews was murdered by a so-called black friend Arthur Williamson. Williamson also stabbed Matthews’ girlfriend multiple times, and severely injured Matthews’ son with a hammer.

    The Daily Mail photos indicate that Matthews was white. But the booking photo of Williamson shows he was black. The Matthews family probably made the big mistake of befriending a black criminal. According to the people involved, there was no reason for the attack and murder. Sociopaths are like pit bulls. Sure, you can be friendly to them, but they need no reason at all to attack you, and will do so on pure whim.

    “Michigan Department of Corrections records reveal that Williamson has an extensive criminal history, including a history of violence. According to those records, Williamson was convicted and served time for drug charges, assault and battery, and breaking and entering. He was on parole for the breaking and entering conviction until January of this year.” It’s entirely possible Williamson was selling the Matthews or his girlfriend weed or other drugs, and he had wormed his way into the family’s confidence that way. Williamson had heroin on him when he was caught.

  14. I see there is a new movie out about Emmett Till. I wonder if a movie will ever be made about Nancy Horton?

    That’s a rhetorical question, of course.

    • Replies: @throtler
  15. The Nancy Horton murder received local coverage only. And not a lot. The last news story I saw on Google was four days old. It’s already out of the news.

  16. Bite Moi says:

    Anon( 107)—————–I shared this story,among others,with my grand children. Young people are being taught to be color blind. I just told my grand daughter that God color coded black people for a reason.Quoting my grand daughter,”Papa,that’s racist.” When i also explained that sub-Saharan Africa,where blacks originated,was designed by God with ocean on 3 sides,and 2000 miles of desert to the north,my daughter called that,”Double racist.” Never just be “raciss” when you can be “double raciss.”

  17. Dr. X says:

    I think you mean (((mainstream media)))…

    • LOL: Loren
  18. Alden says:

    What can I say I haven’t said before? Thanks UNZ amren and other websites that tell the truth about black on White crime.

  19. Luludog says:

    Roxboro is the largest town in that county with a population of only 8,300. Just goes to show that nowhere is safe anymore. The groids are spreading out into rural America where the prey is easier to catch. Poor woman. She could mow the yard and handle a weed eater but she couldn’t keep a fire arm close at hand.

  20. Dr. X says:

    They look like shitlibs to me. I’ll bet they prided themselves on not being racist.

    (And I’ll wager that GF was probably mudsharking the black schlong on the side…)

  21. @Anon

    I came here to share the same story. Unfortunately PK’s next one came right on the heels of the poor grandmother R.I.P. Nancy.

    10 minutes ago I watched the arraignment of the negro suspect. One officer would not go into the blunt force trauma details. That means it’s extra gruesome. We do know the negro bashed in the heads of the little White children, luckily they survived.

    As an aside, as this case played out, and we saw daily coverage, I wondered out loud to my girl ” why no mention of the guy they caught in the house”?

    Well after seeing his video arraignment now we know.

    Story at the top of 7 Action News Detroit.

  22. @Bite Moi

    My 8 year old granddaughter is the exact opposite. She attends private school with one spook. Won’t have anything to do with her because she stinks. I, of course, plant seeds.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  23. @Ken3

    I stopped watching too. Don’t miss it much, but occasionally I do. BTW, there’s 60 minutes of action per game. I think you’re thinking of baseball where they have short bursts of action followed by long periods of ball scratching.

    • Replies: @Howa.308
  24. OT

    Anti Semitic flyers dropped off in Ann Arbor,MI. neighborhoods. The reply from all the Libs and Lefties on camera? Predictable.

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
  25. Loren says:
    @Father Coughlin

    killed herself? or pushed off?

    • Replies: @Father Coughlin
  26. Howa.308 says: • Website

    Good luck getting people to quit watching the negro felon league. I just had a conversation at work with a guy about that very thing. Hes a lifelong steelers “fan” ( whatever that means) . I asked him if he supported blm. He replied with a stern fuck no. I explained to him that the nfl supports blm with not only money but free publicity. So when you support or watch nfl football you are financially supporting an organization that wants white people dead. It actually looked like he understood. Fast forward a week and what is he talking about? The days previous steelers game. Is it any wonder that whites don’t even notice they’re being replaced. Even the most right leaning conservative cucks out for 12 hours on Saturday and another 10 on Sundays. When they actually do notice they pack their shit and move further away. Well we are out of places to run. We’ve lost 30% of our demographic in 50 years and we are not voting our way out of this. As jim in jersey says we are at war. Quit financing the fucking enemy

  27. @Anon

    I have been reading about this story; this is the first time I saw it mentioned that the killer was an N. Explains the mystety. Except,why did this poor fool befriend a N?

    • Replies: @Detroit Refugee
    , @Kim
  28. Howa.308 says: • Website
    @Jefferson Temple

    No it’s football as well. A 60 minute game where there is maybe 15 actual minutes of play. The rest of the game clock is spent standing in a circle. In the circle its usually one white guy telling 10 pavement apes where to go stand and who to go push so he can throw a piece of pig dermis to another bleep. I’ve traded sitting on a couch watching that non sense for a dillon xl650, a shelf of reloading books, and buckets of brass. A billion times more interesting and satisfying than pounding ipa’s while wearing a shirt with some random groids name on the back

  29. @Dr. X

    I wouldn’t take that wager.

    The anchor was the wallet in the relationship.

    The “family friend” got sick of being on the side and went berserk after being told that he wouldn’t get a full time job.

    The suspect was resuscitated with Narcan and hospitalized in stable condition. His identity has not been revealed by authorities.

    Gosh I wonder why.

    Not that it matters anyways. Everyone knew the race when it was revealed that he is in Detroit and the weapon was a hammer. Kind of like the easiest game of Clue.

  30. @Bardon Kaldlan

    One LEO mentioned that the GF is still in ICU, when she’s recovered enough to talk, she has many questions to answer.

    No.1 being , why was the ‘groid in the home with the children while
    the man of the house was at work?

    Did you let him in or was his entry by force?
    Apparently the negro was inside for some time, and when the father arrived after work he was savagely attacked.

    The uncle called the 10 yr old boy a hero. Hopefully he recovers and can shed more light on the whole situation.

    There are many questions in need of answers.
    But, if the GF let that creature into the home where her family sleeps willingly, then shame on her.

  31. @Dr. X

    Could very well involve drugs too.
    LEO’s say the negro was O.D. ‘ing and suffering self inflicted wounds when found in the basement.

    The dead fathers brother said on camera, he has no idea why the guy was there, and he had no business there that he knew of.

    Definitely going to be watching how all this sorts out.

    • Replies: @AR in Illinois
  32. Kim says:
    @Bardon Kaldlan


    Then, when the bull goes bad…

  33. AceDeuce says:

    This poor woman’s murder happened in Roxboro, NC.

    2020 demographics:

    White 39%

    nigro 45%

    Taco flavored 9%

    Mystery Meat/”Other” 7%

  34. Dvnjbbgc says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    The death penalty would be used by the regime to off Chauvin, Slager, Drejka, Gasser, the McMichaels, and any other white man who defends himself against the likes of Roger Letroy Wilkerson.

    We need regime change.

  35. @Anon

    The fatso girlfriend is the main problem, she brought this horrific crime with her “friendship” with the negro.

    • Replies: @YesYesCircle
  36. @Bite Moi

    Nonetheless, you may have “sown the good seed”, and hopefully one day, before she finds out the hard way, granddaughter may say “maybe Grandpa had a point”… then later “Grandpa was right” … then later still “I was so naive I used to tell Grandpa off! I regret that now”.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  37. Darkwing says:

    If she had shot these animals, the MSM would be all over it, saying she shot them because they were black.

  38. @Howa.308

    Those men AND women make me nauseous.

  39. @Detroit Refugee

    This highlights one of the downfalls of body cams. In earlier times, the officers (if they were the right ones) would’ve let that POS die right there on the basement floor BEFORE alerting paramedics that he needed “help”. Nowadays there is, literally, no “gray area”.

    • Agree: Female in FL
  40. Bite Moi says:

    YetAnotherAnon————-I have retired.Me or my wife spend 5-6 days a week with my granddaughter and grandson since my daughter is divorced and nursing is an odd hours job.We have a lot of influence on the kids.I told my granddaughter no when she wanted to go to a black girl’s house last week for a slumber party.Granted that all but one of the invited girls was White,but hell no. Thankfully my daughter also said no. I keep showing her crime stories.As my granddaughter accurately states,”They aren’t all like that.” That’s true.It’s also totally irrelevant.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  41. anarchyst says:

    “Shoot, shovel and shut up” just may become the norm in our new “equity-based” society.
    This is where mask-wearers just might have an advantage, being more difficult to identify, even with the proliferation of video and surveillance cameras.
    If you are forced to be in a dangerous area, “masking up” might be a good thing. If you have to utilize self-defense, do so and then just “get the hell out of there and tell NO ONE”, not even your spouse, girlfriend or significant other.
    Look what happened to the Satilla Three…railroaded beyond all fairness and decency. Even with video showing Arbery to be a threat, they were still convicted.

  42. @anarchyst

    A favorite slogan by “liberals” along with “racist, racist” concerning crime is “You’re just scaring grandma.”

    Today, Rich Lowry at NRO wrote the usual “It’s not racist to be concerned about crime” story. A commenter made the “scaring grandma” charge.

    Somebody should ask the commenter if Nancy Horton had been “sufficiently scared.”

  43. @anarchyst

    Also wear neutral, plain, non-descript clothing, not brightly colored, unique logo/print laden clothes that are easily identifiable to people people who know or deal with you. Same goes for hats & shoes. Look in the mirror before you go out and think of how witnesses or the news would describe you if they had to. Look for camera locations and angles in places you frequent, especially Ring cameras in neighborhoods these days, make a mental note of their locations, especially since they pick up audio withing a certain range. Taking your dog for walks is a good way to make these observations, since it gives a reason to be in the neighborhood, and stopping every so often to let the dog sniff trees while you look around at your surroundings. A private investigator friend of mine told me those tricks, and they make sense.

    • Thanks: Lancelot_Link
  44. @Bite Moi

    Typography, dude. SPACE AFTER FULL STOP, EVERY TIME!

    • Agree: Lancelot_Link
    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  45. @Bite Moi

    She needs a serious whipping.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  46. tato says:
    @Bite Moi

    That rersulted in thousands of innocent people being lynched.

    • Troll: YesYesCircle, AceDeuce
    • Replies: @Bite Moi
    , @Lancelot_Link
  47. tato says:

    What video did you see? He was gunned down in cold blood.

    • Troll: AceDeuce
    • Replies: @anarchyst
  48. Bite Moi says:
    @Mr. Rational

    Mr. Rational———-Hey,at least its ‘merican english;and not spanglish or ebonics.

  49. Bite Moi says:
    @Bardon Kaldlan

    Bardon Kaidlan———-Naaaah,no whipping needed. Just a steady stream of Papa’s counter programming.

  50. Bite Moi says:

    tato———-Most of the negroes who were lynched were in no way innocent. They asked for it with their criminal behavior,and received their prompt reward.

  51. @Female in FL

    Something tells me she’s the beard and incubator.

  52. throtler says:

    I am sure the Till movie will be full of lies.

  53. @tato

    What about all the whites who were lynched? Seems to me if you look at the percentages of who got killed it seems pretty close to current %ages of today’s capital punishment. I believe it was 1/4 to 1/3 white.

    There were only thousands lynched, less than 5k of them. You can get the numbers quite easily and then do the math. If you do that you’ll be the better for it as I did when simple logic helped me cast off another bs thing designed to make whites feel bad about ourselves and sorry for the neuro.

  54. anarchyst says:

    The case of Amhad Arbery and the three (white) Satilla residents who are presently doing “hard time” for defending themselves is a prime example of prosecutorial misconduct and double jeopardy, which MUST be addressed and outlawed.
    Arbery was a criminal POS who was casing construction sites for tools and other materials that he could steal and sell. He was observed at the same site previously on video as well.
    As there were break-ins and increased criminal activity, the three men were merely defending their neighborhood.
    Arbery refused to be questioned which was within his right.
    Arbery felt “disrespected” by being questioned and “doubled back”, attacking the man with the shotgun. Arbery attacked the man by pulling on the barrel of the shotgun causing it to fire. Anyone familiar with firearms knows that pulling on a barrel of a shotgun can cause it to fire. Arbery has that one fatal “flaw” that is present in all black DNA, the misperceived “shame” of being “disrespected” (even if no “disrespect” occurred) and the need to immediately “do something about it” (instant gratification).
    Arbery could (and should) have run off in any other direction, would not have been pursued, and would still be alive today. He chose to confront the man with the shotgun.
    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
    The original prosecutor refused to indict. The powers-that-be had to “shop” for a prosecutor who would take the case. It took three tries before they found one who would indict.
    This is prosecutorial “double jeopardy” which must be addressed and outlawed nationwide. The way it stands now, what is stopping a prosecutor from one jurisdiction from indicting someone from another jurisdiction when a local prosecutor having legal jurisdiction refuses to indict? We are all in trouble if this is allowed to stand.
    Also, the court was stacked against the white men just because they are white.

    Arbery’s previous extensive criminal record was not allowed to be disclosed and put into evidence.
    So-called “civil-rights icons”, Antifa and BLM types were in the courtroom, threatening violence if the “correct verdict” was not rendered.
    The jury was also warned that there would be violence if they did not convict.
    The “judge” went along with the threats and refused to run a proper court proceeding. The judge would not allow Arbery’s past extensive criminal record into evidence.

    The mainstream media fanned the flames of racial hatred against whites, making Arbery out to be a mere “jogger”, (yeah, right). Who in their right mind jogs 20 miles from home in work boots? The “mainstream media” stated that Arbery “was studying to be an electrician” and was merely observing (actually casing) construction sites…yeah, right. Arbery was looking for copper wire or anything else of value to steal, that being his stock in trade as an “electrician”.
    I pray that any appeals that the Satilla three place will be successful.
    Their prosecutorial double jeopardy and kangaroo court “trial” were both sh!tshow railroad jobs from the outset.

  55. @Howa.308

    …while wearing a shirt with some random groids name on the back.

    I can never get my head around that one.

  56. @anarchyst

    I strongly agree that Robbery was intent on theft. Any tools or supplies (such as copper), he could’ve carried off was the goal.

    If the jogger would’ve cut through some houses and sprinted away, I think they would’ve let him be. Most likely telling the 911 dispatch a description and direction.

    Just my $00.02

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