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Her Name Is Linda Frickey: White Grandmother Attacked in Broad Daylight in New Orleans by Four Black Teens, Murdered After Losing Arm During "Carjacking Gone Wrong"
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It’s like something out of a horror movie. In broad daylight, being attacked by four people as you try and enter your car, your arm and clothes ripped off as your assailants try and speed off in your car. Her last moments on earth were being dragged down the street by four carjackers on the side of her.

One of those four arrested for the barbaric assault had a 2020 burglary assault charge dropped at the behest of the victim.

All four of the attackers were black. Africans in America teens. Two 15-year-olds, a 16-year-old and a 17-year old.

The individual they targeted for carjacking was a 73-year-old white grandmother.

Her name is Linda Frickey. She leaves behind a husband, two children, and three grandchildren. [Grandmother, 73, killed after losing arm during horrific carjacking, New York Post, March 23, 2022]:

A 73-year-old grandmother was killed during a horrific carjacking in New Orleans when her arm and clothes were ripped off after she got stuck by the seatbelt as the attackers drove off, authorities said.

Linda Frickey was carjacked by four teens about 1:30 p.m. Monday as she was leaving a business in New Orleans’ Mid-City neighborhood, WWL-TV reported.

She was dragged for almost an entire block on North Scott Street, according to the outlet.

“Her arm was severed from her body,” police Superintendent Shaun Ferguson said.

An eyewitness told WWL-TV that the victim was trying to put something in her car when a person “jumped in and kicked her out and she got caught in the wheel well.

“I heard screaming, like, ‘You’re about to die’ screaming!” the witness said.

Nearby resident Todd Eckernc said he saw the speeding car dragging the woman by the seatbelt.

“The door had closed on the seatbelt, and she was stuck in it … I got out of my vehicle screaming, ‘Please stop!’ Other neighbors were also screaming,” he told Fox 8.

Another neighbor who had been walking in the area described the gruesome scene.

“She was screaming, and she was screaming to please let her go and then they slowed down and opened the door to kick her out,” Leanne Mascar told Fox 8.

“As soon as I saw her, I screamed. I just started running for her — I thought if I could somehow, I don’t know what I could do, but I thought if I could dislodge her from this car … when I looked down her body was already there, and her arm was … It’s just not something you expect to see,” she said.

“She was laying there naked, and I thought the indignity she just suffered, it was already too much,” Mascar added.

Her husband, Mark Mascar, told the outlet: “Just to sit beside a woman who’s a mother or grandmother and watch her fade away, as my wife said, we were praying.


“I was telling her to hang in there because every time I heard a siren, I was hoping and praying it was the ambulance. I kept telling her to hang in there, breathing, her eyes were moving. I’ve never seen something so horrific,” Mark added.

Police recovered the stolen vehicle about 13 blocks away, but the four carjackers escaped and are still being sought.

Feguson asked for help from the public.

“Someone knew something before it was going to occur and now that it has occurred, you know that someone knows that information as well,” the police superintendent said.

Tim Levy of the Greater Mid-City Business Association told WWL-TV that “in six months, we’ve gone from some very positive things in Mid-City to … fear. Citizens I talk to, they’re all buying guns.”

This happened at 1:30 p.m. on a Monday in New Orleans. Four black teens violently attacked and murdered a white grandmother in broad daylight, ripping off her arm in the process of stealing her car. She bled to death on a street where she was simply trying to drive her car home.

But it’s not a horror movie. What happened Linda Frickey isn’t Russian disinformation, but reality, for this white grandmother was murdered by four black teens at 1:30 p.m. in a “carjacking gone wrong.”

Rest in peace, Linda. The mainstream media silence surrounding your death and the four black teens who took your life is once again proof anyone promoting the idea of white privilege, systemic inequality and implicit bias are not only lying, but engaging in clearly anti-white activities.

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  1. loren says:

    off topic

    “The reality is Black women are treated differently when they go for health care,” the mayor said in a news conference at the city-run Brownsville Neighborhood Health Action Center in Brooklyn. “We have to be honest about it if we want to fix it.”

    Doulas are trained to provide crucial
    NEW YORK — New York will launch a citywide program to provide mothers with free access to doulas, Mayor Eric Adams said Wednesday, deploying a relatively small infantry of childbirth experts in high-need areas before expanding across the five boroughs.

    Adams, who hopes to significantly reduce the huge racial gaps in fatal pregnancy-related complications, moved to fulfill a campaign promise with the announcement and said the city will start by offering free doula access in 33 neighborhoods.

  2. Trevor says:

    This is just the most recent in a series of vehicular homicides by drunk and/or malevolent savage primitive uncivilized negroes that cannot exist responsibly in modern civilization.

    Many other incidents such as these remain in obscurity. All victims are white.

    A few recent ones that received some news coverage:

    Waukesha massacre –

    Wikipedia does not say perp is black and mitigates his guilt (he is mentally disturbed, not doing an act of terror and deliberate murder) Negroes do not deserve to go to jail no matter what they do, and going to jail is a vacation for them so they win either way.

    Las Vegas 156 mph drunk 2x limit –

    Drunk femgroid negro killed 3 – two policemen and a pedestrian

    The above article is from American Renaissance. Other news articles do not disclose that she is black, although one can tell by her name. Some mitigate her guilt “she is young and made a mistake”. Again, homicidal negroes do not deserve to go to jail but it often makes no difference to them if they do.

    They need to be separated from both vehicles and firearms and also relocated back to Africa.

    • Replies: @Raccoon
    , @magilla
    , @Shel100
  3. Howa.308 says:

    I guess a carjacking gone “right” is when you die naked in the street with both arms. If there were justice, these 4 would have their limbs removed after having muh dik squeezed off in a vise. As it is now, they’ll be deemed to retarded to stand trial and remitted to a psyche ward for further evaluation. They are not like us. What will it take for people to figure that out and rid this continent of them?

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  4. usNthem says:

    In the article, of course, the perps are described as the proverbial “teens”. Those GD apes (and maybe their mammies) should be chained to the back of a couple of trucks and dragged until there’s basically nothing left – slowly at first so there’s no quick expiration – just extreme and never ending pain. Wtf will it take for Whites to wake up?

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
  5. I wish Linda has received the memo: Old ladies can conceal carry, too. Time to arm these grandmas.

    • Replies: @magilla
  6. HT says:


    Black motorists involved in altercation.

    • Agree: Colin Wright, DMZABO
  7. Gore 2004 says:

    It’s sad.

    Really sad.

    White liberals won’t care. Some of them will say it was “justified”.

    The NFL won’t care.

    • Replies: @Rouetheday
  8. Bite Moi says:

    loren————Doula eaten by pit bull. Doula found under front porch.Doula missing. Doula raped my man wearing sneakers.Doula raped by 2 men wearing t-shirts. Doula etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.

  9. Bite Moi says:

    Howa.308———-They “beez” homo,but definitely not sapien.

    • Replies: @PvtCharlieSlate
  10. Next time some race hustler brings up Emmett Till, respond with “Linda Frickey.”

    Next time some race hustler brings up lynchings in America, ask if Linda Frickey was lynched.

    Next time some race hustler brings up segregation, point out that prior to Brown vs Board of Education, Linda Frickey would not have been the victim of Africans-in-America.

    • Thanks: DMZABO
    • Replies: @anarchyst
  11. Yeah,all that free access to doulas is how they got knocked up in the first place.

  12. Blacks are being increasingly freed to impose their own norms of behavior. This is what a black-dominated America will be like.

    • Replies: @HT
  13. We need to look at those who permit and encourage blacks to behave this way. If this woman had been mauled by a pit bull, would you put the dog down but ignore the owner?

    • Agree: NY Girl
  14. @Gore 2004

    The average Black person’s reaction to this story would be, “What about James Byrd, you dirty crackas?”

    • Agree: NY Girl
    • Replies: @Squid
    , @HT
  15. @Bite Moi

    Parvus Zinjanthropus ignoramus malus…

  16. Raccoon says:

    Your conclusion

    They need to be separated from both vehicles and firearms and also relocated back to Africa.”

    is erroneous regarding the relocation. It’s too late for that.

  17. Will George Soros help bail these poor youth out?

    • LOL: loren
  18. I can’t even begin to imagine what that poor woman went through before dying, because of those monsters who killed her. The only consolation I can find is unfortunately for these pavement apes, they are in Louisiana. Though I don’t have much faith in our ” justice” system anymore, in Louisiana life in prison, and/ or long prison sentences usually mean exactly that.

    • Agree: NY Girl
    • Replies: @Unit472
  19. magilla says:

    “The reality is Black women are treated differently when they go for health care,”

    This post is about a white woman being torn in two by jogger criminals. Let’s all focus on that–literally retarded people, hatched by other retarded people, who were hatched by other retarded people, killed a productive member of society in the most savage way possible.

    Every step of the way these killers were kept alive, sheltered, fed, and clothed by money taken from you and me at gunpoint. While we worried about Russians/Soviets/Vietnamese/Chinese and other foreign invaders, savage morons were created inside our gates to kill us in manners Soviet Spetsnaz troops never would.

    To your post, I don’t care about black womyn and their medical treatment. They don’t follow medical instructions, don’t pay for any of it, and contribute nothing to society morally, physically, or economically. Anything beyond MRIs at the zoo and a shot to put them to sleep needs to be counted as a “win” by them and their idiot allies.

    • Agree: Great White, AnalogMan
    • Thanks: David In TN, NY Girl
    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  20. magilla says:

    Any sort of crazy DUI involves blacks or American-Aztecs. Guaranteed. Everyone else with half a brain who tries to drive drunk usually goes way under the speed limit. Not trying to excuse DUI, nobody should do it, but if you start stupid liquor quickly takes you into “less than zero” land.

    Special-Ed IQs + booze + a vehicle = Daytona Speedway time, ninja (sic).

    • Agree: Trevor
  21. “Judge hands down MAXIMUM sentence to two teen girls who carjacked and killed an uber driver!”

    Two black teen girls who carjacked and killed uber driver Mohammed Anwar were found guilty of the crime. Anwar was killed when his body was thrown from the moving vehicle.

    Their sentence: to be held in a youth detention facility until age 21, when they will be released.

    How is that a deterrent to other black kids, who want the instant street cred of doing a car-jacking?

    Their victims are just as dead as Emmitt Till.

  22. magilla says:
    @Sir Launcelot Canning

    I understand, but keep in mind, CCW/CPL/ guns are the last step in any protection pyramid.

    I don’t care who you are, if you go into the lions’ den enough it doesn’t matter how many guns you have, how well you can use them, your training and experience, or how many swivels your head is mounted on.

    If you insist on going, or have to go, to African America on a routine basis never forget that joggers, to paraphrase the Irish Republican Army talking to Maggie Thatcher, only have to get lucky once. You, on the other hand, have to be good 100% of the time.

    Stay away. From blacks, their neighborhoods, and any activities they might end up attending. Do what you can to starve programs that subsidize them–find (legal) ways to avoid taxes. Quit giving to charities that support them. If blacks show up in your neighborhood, use any and all legal and moral tools at your disposal to make them feel unwelcome.

    No blacks, know peace.

    • Replies: @loren
    , @Great White
  23. anarchyst says:

    The black “teens” will claim that the white woman called them n!66ers. That will get them off the hook and will probably result in sentences of probation.
    If I had my way, these four black “teens” would be permanently incapacitated by severing the spinal cord–making them paraplegics. Let them commit crimes from wheelchairs or hospital beds. I don’t care about the medical costs…seeing these black “teens” living out the rest of their sorry lives incapacitated would be worth it.
    Since the “system” considers that to be “cruel and unusual” punishment, if I were the victim’s family, I would have to do what I could to “make it happen”.

    • Agree: Great White
    • Replies: @Trevor
  24. anarchyst says:

    Emmett Till deserved his punishment. He was following in the footsteps of his rapist murderer father.
    I call it a “post birth abortion”.
    Till’s demise saved many white lives.

    • Replies: @Shel100
    , @Trevor
  25. loren says:

    neighbor–HOODS [Fixed that].

    We have this same nonsense in Finland. Commercials have suddenly more and more only mixed race couples and it’s a black guy, Finnish woman combo. There are like seventeen black people in Finland so why they are all of them in every commercial and every talk show. It’s so bizarre.
    I honestly think the ideologues pushing this weird fantasy of theirs aren’t seeing people as people, but rather as political objects who have their expiration date once they stop being useful


  26. It’s a horrible story and difficult to read. How I wish she’d locked all her doors as soon as she’d gotten into her car and, as an additional level of protection, had a gun in her purse or within easy grasp. A groid tried to attack an aunt of mine at a rural stop sign one time- he ran out of the bushes by the side of the road and tried to rip open the passenger door which was locked. She pulled a handgun out of her purse and pointed it at the creep and he backed off. If not for her being prepared, she could have met an awful fate too and probably would have been raped and murdered. People really need to learn to keep their car doors locked at all times. This is especially true in groid infested cities.

    As is, according to news reports, a few of the “teens” involved in this murder already have criminal records (imagine that!) although officials won’t say for what.

  27. Squid says:

    Not that ‘the average black person’ would understand it, believe it, or care at all, but the answer to that bullshit question is: Byrd’s murder was taken very seriously by the evil, racist crackers who were running things in that backward corner of East Texas. The three white thugs who murdered that poor slob were caught, tried, and found guilty. The state of Texas put two of them to death. The third ‘got off’ with life in prison, which in Texas, I suspect, will mean life in prison. Compare this to the typical Chicago gang-banger, who, convicted of murder, will probably be out in about ten years.

    • Agree: 36 ulster
    • Replies: @David In TN
  28. NY Girl says:

    This is sickening just to read, never mind to have to experience.

    And her family will be haunted by this. I just hope the beautiful granddaughter sitting in her lap learns what we here at SBPDL already know: Arm up if you can, and keep your head on a swivel. If cornered/threatened, divert their attention with a shiny object.

    RIP, Mrs. Frickey.

    • Replies: @PvtCharlieSlate
  29. @beavertales

    As I understand the circumstances surrounding Mrs. Frickey’s very unnatural, gruesome death, the perpetrators are not facing severe punishment (e.g. life sentences). The 15/16 year olds will be treated as juveniles.

    The 17’er, assuming that he was the ringleader, will likely be tried as an adult. But he’ll be charged with something less than capital murder. Also factoring in is whether he was the one who kicked Mrs. Frickey out the door (and drove off).

    Just my 2¢.

  30. CSFurious says:

    This story made my eyes tear up. Every single one of these “Fatherless Ghetto Thugs” should be executed.

    • Agree: Augustus, AR in Illinois
  31. Bite Moi says:

    magilla——-If a 5’5″,260 lb pregnant black woman has an adverse outcome it is due to White structural racism. If you mention obesity,alcohol intake,smoking,etc.,YOU BEEZ RACISS!!!

    • Replies: @magilla
  32. Bite Moi says:

    beaver tails———-If Emmitt Till had kept his hands off married White women,he wouldn’t beez daid.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  33. Blacks have become an EXISTENTIAL THREAT to mankind. Blacks are forcing us into this reset to hell. They must be forced to give up their evil religious preachers.

  34. profnasty says:

    Obama’s children.
    Put them in a prison cell, then weld the door shut.

  35. profnasty says:

    Consider the Judge and the Legislators as accomplices. Treat them accordingly.

    • Agree: In Ohio
  36. @loren

    “Doula?” Isn’t that the woman who played Agent 99’s Mom in “Get Smart”?

  37. OK, so these animals face at worst a few years in JuVee for cold, calculated, 1st Degree murder. They’ll be out when they turn 21, so if they manage to stay At Large they automatically reduce their so-called “punishment.” Given that Snitches Get Stitches, they could probably remain in the ‘Hood indefinitely. And, any or all of them could be said to have “turned his [her] life around” and be sprung.

  38. @magilla

    Know blackie, no peace…anywhere on da globe,
    fo’ shizzle mah nizzle..

    • LOL: magilla
  39. HT says:
    @Colin Wright

    This is what a black-dominated America will be like.

    This is what a black-dominated America is like, Colin.

    • Agree: Great White
    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  40. @NY Girl

    … a shiny object.
    Like a stainless steel .45 ACP 1911A1, perhaps?

  41. @Squid

    The Linda Frickey horror was covered locally only and is already going out of the news cycle.

    The MSM has no concern or sympathy for white victims of this type crime whatsoever.

    “Not that the average black person would understand it.”

  42. lalaland says:

    Those damn white supremacists again

  43. Augustus says:

    At the risk of sounding stupid, I’ll ask. What is a doula?


  44. In Ohio says:

    Difficult story to read. I worry about this exact thing for my own mother.

    She goes about her day like it`s still 1960 in small town Ohio. Absolutely zero situational awareness. My warnings seem to fall on deaf ears. “Oh, nothing like that has ever happened here!” I believe they call that “normalcy bias”.

    I don`t see this improving anytime soon.

    Stay alert, stay alive.

  45. @PvtCharlieSlate

    Absolutely Indeed…!!! A nice shiny object they’ll never forget, staring straight into the middle of their turd colored eyes, right above that huge two nostrilled thing we’d normally call a nose..!!

    • Agree: Adolph 2nd
  46. Howa.308 says:

    Their victims are also as dead as the white women Emmitt tills dad raped and murdered while stationed in Europe. It’s comical when blacks have to go back 70 years to reference a white on black crime while white only have to go back minutes to reference a black on white one

  47. Shel100 says:

    Similar to Zimmerman taking out Trayvon before he committed really serious crimes.As Barney Fife used to say – Nip it in the bud.

  48. @HT

    ‘This is what a black-dominated America is like, Colin.’

    You’re optimistic. Why can’t it get worse?

    • Replies: @HT
  49. Shel100 says:

    Daily Mail had a big story about the PA case before she was identified.After she was arrested there was nothing as usual.

  50. JR Foley says:

    Toronto Most Wanted === checked out their list and all but 1 of a list of 40? are non white with long odd spelling names and look demented. This is the NEW Canada —A Freeland of Human Rights –Democracy- Freedom and Jackboots kicking truckers derrieres. Anyone going to Madeleine Albright’s funeral —understand Frankenstein and Dracula are honorary pall bearers.

  51. Trevor says:

    They don’t even have to use the nword defense. As actually under 18 black teens they will go to a juvie facility, get counseling, and be completely free by age 18 or at worst 21 to do it again.

  52. @Bite Moi

    Emmett Till would almost certainly be dead by now, of drug abuse, AIDS, or stabbed, shot or beaten to death by others like himself.  Ironically, he’d have had a longer life expectancy in prison because his bad behaviors would have been curbed.

    Irony:  if Black Lives Matter, then blacks need to be in prison.

  53. Trevor says:

    I call it a “post birth abortion”.

    I call it a “retroactive abortion”.

    • Replies: @magilla
  54. Unit472 says:
    @Former Liberal

    Unfortunately, not in New Orleans. Majority negro cities prosecutors undercharge and sentence to get their monkeys to agree to a plea bargain. This avoids the risk of a mistrial where an ape juror ignores the evidence and just refuses to convict another negro.

    The only away around this is to return to mandatory minimums where prosecutors and judges have no say in the charges or sentences. Make a car jacking , any carjacking , carry a minimum 10 year prison term and a mandatory life term if it results in loss of life and watch the numbers of negro teenagers in prison go up, with all the benefits that offers, and soon enough, the number of car jackings go down once the new mandatory minimums become known to hoodrats.

  55. HT says:

    The average Black person’s reaction to this story would be, “What about James Byrd, you dirty crackas?”

    A James Byrd incident happens once every 50 years. Blacks murdering whites happens every day and sometimes several times a day.

  56. Anonymous[150] • Disclaimer says:

    James Byrd is being referenced here…

    Wasn’t James Byrd familiar with his assailants?

    Didn’t James Byrd owe them a rather large drug debt?

    Wasn’t not so much a Huwhite Supremes attack but retribution for James’s earlier actions?

    Perhaps I am misremembering, but I know that there was more to this story than Black man dragged by White Men behind a truck.

    • Agree: DMZABO
  57. Trevor says:

    Here is the story in People Magazine. Not even a hint that the 4 carjackers are black.

    And yet almost every ad everywhere nowadays has a negro or negroes in it that are portrayed as better than whites in every way.

    The same goes for most movies and other media products.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  58. HT says:
    @Colin Wright

    You’re optimistic. Why can’t it get worse?

    Oh it is definitely going to get worse. They are just figuring out they are in charge and completely protected by our government.

  59. @PvtCharlieSlate

    … a shiny object.
    Like a stainless steel .45 ACP 1911A1, perhaps?

    Allow him to keep a shiny, copper colored 230 grain jhp as a souvenir.

    • LOL: AR in Illinois
  60. Anon[281] • Disclaimer says:

    Stop trying to enforce human rules – laws – expectations – standards, etc. on blacks (and those who promote and protect blacks).

    • Agree: Colin Wright
  61. @In Ohio

    Mine too. But, if something like this DID happen to my mom, the groid wouldn’t make it trial. I’d employ my long range skills during one of his transports to court.

    • Agree: In Ohio, Adolph 2nd
  62. Bite Moi says:
    @In Ohio

    In Ohio———–Like your mother,my wife has zero situational awareness and normalcy bias. I spent 2K on security screen doors.She leaves them unlocked.When i was at work,she would go to Walmart at 3:00 AM WTF? She runs her car on fumes,and will absolutely ignore check engine lights.The only effective things that i have done to protect her is to service and gas up her car,and bought a dog with a serious set of teeth.I hate dogs. P.S. Just try prepping with a wife who objects to a dime being preps as opposed to furniture,vacations,manicures, and “getting my hair did”. I used the spare pantry to store 20 lb of rice,10 pounds of pintos,4 flavors of vienna sausage,and a few candles.She gave all her best friends a tour,and they all got a good laugh at men. I rented a storage unit within walking distance and keep the serious shyte there. ……..and yes,if shyte happened and i couldn’t provide for and protect her; She Would Blame Me.

    • Agree: In Ohio
    • Replies: @Piglet
    , @In Ohio
  63. Augustus says:

    These keedz be bad keedz. Unnerstan? Givem duh moose!

    Yo frend,

    • Replies: @bruce county
  64. Trevor says:

    They are working on getting answers to gun problems, working on in but – its complicated. It’s not just gang violence.

    Paraphrase of a local newscast relating to a somewhat new variation of TNB that I have picked up on in my news feeds from various locations.

    The latest trend appears to be shooting up entire streets. The NAPAs roll down the street shooting up every house and car full of bullets.

    Have not yet seen this on national news.

    • Replies: @Listener
  65. anarchyst says:

    Yes, James Byrd’s demise was a result of a “drug deal gone bad”. His homosexuality was also a part of the equation.

    • Replies: @Trevor
    , @Bite Moi
  66. Trevor says:

    Also, the main white perpetrator had been homosexually serial – and- gang – raped by negroes in prison, so part of his motivation was revenge.

  67. Piglet says:
    @Bite Moi

    My mother was the same way. I would tell her to lock her car doors when parking her car in her driveway overnight and she would dismissively say, “I don’t live in THAT kind of neighborhood.” I warned her “THAT kind of neighborhood will come to you! This is where the goodies are!”

    Sure enough, one night some drove off with her car, a Toyota Corolla.

    Usually stolen cars would be found stripped out, or burned, or slathered with oil all over the interior to obscure fingerprints, but by some miracle it was found intact about 20 miles to the west in a purely Hispanic neighborhood (Manassas, VA, which should be renamed Managua). Police spotted it and we went out to drive it home.

    After that she locked the doors, at least for a while.

    Moral of the story: People often need to have something bad happen to them before they take threats seriously. This story had a happy ending. Others have not, and many people have learned their lessons the hard way and didn’t survive.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  68. In Ohio says:
    @Bite Moi

    Unbelievably frustrating. I used to get really mad about it, but that didnt help either of us, so now I just prep for her. In fact, like your wife showing all her friends, the less she knows about it the better. Loose lips sink ships… or in this case, show up at your door when they`re hungry.

    Prepping is one of those things, either you get it, or you dont. And I dont really waste my breath trying to make people see the light. I`ve been doing it, to the extent my finances allow, for about a decade now. Every little bit helps.

    Life in America is so comfortable and easy, and has been for so long, people just dont know anything else. The scamdemic exposed a little of just how vulnerable our systems are to interruption. But still most people are clueless. Wasting money on sportsball or televisions.

    No race realist has to wonder what Africans in America will be like after 3 days without electricity.

    Stay alert, stay alive.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
    , @Bite Moi
  69. Bite Moi says:

    anarchyst———Being a gay man might get you laughed at or slapped around.Getting dragged behind a pickup sounds more like a drug deal issue.

  70. Classic “ Non News” for the Nation.
    I tripped across this incident only as a result of the Tornado news. “ New Orleans News” .
    Had it not been for the Tornado, we might not have been pontificating here.


    Good Image

  71. Vincent James on this horrible news:

    Video Link

    James focuses on the reluctance of the media, especially national media, to either report the news or discuss its racial dynamics. Of course, if a bunch of white teenagers had done this to an old black woman, it’d be world news spread by Jewish-run media, and Biden would made several speeches about it, and Twitter would be lit up with a zillion comments on ‘racism’. Indeed, Jussie Smollett’s obvious ‘hate hoax’ got 1000x more sympathetic attention than this horrific news story, which is all too characteristic of the nature and extent of crime in the US. Not only are the Jewish-run media remaining mostly silent about this news story but the FBI, under the control of JAB(Jews-around-Biden), decided not to publicize crime statistics, of course for ONE REASON: Black crime, already and always so high, went through the roof as the result of the fantasy of BLM that led to the ‘defunding’ of the police.

    What is truly amazing in all this is the general white silence and wimpery. Worse, so many white dummies or whummies(even highly ‘educated’ ones, but then that is precisely the problem as education today = indoctrination = communion into ‘woke’ PC) still chant the BLM slogan or put up BLM signs on their windows and front lawns, as if doing so imbues them with spiritual righteousness — apparently, for post-religious Jaberals, their spiritual void has to be filled by SOMETHING, and when it’s not the ‘rainbow’ sodomy, it’s the myth of St. George Floyd(though, of late, Ukraine is the new crusade, but I don’t see that lasting too long).

    However, even those who haven’t fallen for the BS of BLM and Floyd Fantasy dare not speak the naked truth about blacks and crime. Even those who blame BLM for the rise in crime and deaths dare not talk about how crime is linked to blacks due to evolution and genetics. And even though blacks feel ZERO sympathy for the nonblack victims of black crime and thuggery, even anti-BLM voices frame their arguments in terms of lamentation for increased black deaths. Imagine a war in which the men of Army A are rejoicing over the deaths of men of enemy Army B, but Army B pleads to end the war because, boo hoo hoo, too many men in Army A are dying as well. Never mind their own men, for whom Army A feels zero sympathy.

    It goes to show that being right isn’t the same as feeling righteous. Ones who are factually wrong but righteous in passion often dominate those who are factually right but defensive, apologetic, and gutless in emotion. On the eve of the Bolshevik takeover of Russia, a free market economist with better statistics and arguments would have been useless against true-believing Bolshevik fanatics. Maybe Bolshevik economic theory was based on false stats and wrong notions, but their adherents were extremely righteous in their conviction and willing to kill/die for their beliefs. So, in the absence of social and political order, the most strong-willed and impassioned were likely to come out on top.

    All the correct statistics and the rightness in assessing reality are on the side of anti-BLM people. They are right in their knowledge that blacks commit the most crime, blacks routinely kill blacks, blacks also kill lots of non-blacks, and that white police ‘genocide’ of blacks is a total fantasy, despite the general ‘liberal’ belief that 10,000 blacks are killed annually by the police. They are also right in pointing out that increased police presence significantly reduce black deaths. But that’s about being right, not about being righteous. It doesn’t challenge the prevailing idolatry in the West that blacks are somehow sacred, that their bodies are special, their souls are nobler, and etc. Indeed, even anti-BLM voices often make their arguments in service to Negrolatry, i.e. they argue against BLM to save sacred black bodies that have been killed in larger numbers due to BLM policies.

    Righteousness can be founded on rightness in facts and reality but not necessarily, as facts often get in the way in the way of a narrative of heroes and villains, saints and sinners. More often than not, righteousness is divorced from rightness because emotions and spirituality often don’t comport with facts and reality. It’s like romance doesn’t always choose the right or better person based on objective criteria. No wonder women fall for dangerous but dashing men, and men fall for femme fatales.

    Righteousness can be sentimental, or it can be furious, even murderous. Often, it starts as a gentle glow but then burns hot and threatens to set the world on fire. Consider how Christianity began as sympathy for Jesus the Good Man but turned into a worldwide crusade that destroyed countless pagan temples and persecuted so many as witches and heretics(and also led to countless sectarian violence). And, consider THE PLANET OF THE APES series, especially ESCAPE FROM THE PLANET OF THE APES where the apes in the first movie find themselves transported to an earlier time on Earth when humans still ruled. A man figures out what happened and realizes that the presence of the talking apes could begin to fulfill the prophecy whereby apekind eventually supersedes mankind as the masters of the planet. So, based on his calculations in regards to the future, the talking apes must either be killed or, at the very least, sterilized.
    But the movie audience, presumably all human, is likely to side with the apes despite the knowledge that the talking apes’ presence threatens the future of mankind. Why would the audience feel this way? Because even though the correct ‘math’ is on the side of the man who sees the need to kill or sterilize the apes, the heart of the audience feels for the apes. They don’t want to see the madonna ape and her baby be killed by Neo-Herod man. The movie ends with the baby ape going ‘mama, mama’. So, ‘mama’ wins over ‘math’ because it feels more righteous even though the right thing to do, in order to secure mankind’s future, is to kill or sterilize the apes.

    If the righteousness in ESCAPE FROM THE PLANET OF THE APES was on the level of sentiment, it turns into inflamed passion in CONQUEST OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, the hero of which is the ape-baby grown into the messianic Ape Avenger. (Of course, the religious-conservative orangutan elder was also right in THE PLANET OF THE APES as to the danger posed by humans to the ape world. Still, he was better-positioned than his human counterpart in ESCAPE because the ape world was tribal, traditional, and communal in their antipathy toward humans, whereas the thinking/talking apes in ESCAPE arrive in a liberal human order that, especially in the post-WWII and Cold War atmosphere, goes out of its way to be enlightened, tolerant, and compassionate. Thus, if the orangutan elder served the general will of the ape order, the human ‘villain’ in ESCAPE must act on his own against public sentiment.)

    Even when factually wrong, the righteous possess the drive to assert their will and go on the attack. Jussie Smollett pulled the insane ‘hate hoax’ because of his sense of righteousness. Being black, there’s obviously more natural egotism, but our culture instills blacks with angry righteousness via academia, media, and official pronouncements. Indeed, the Civil Rights Movement narrative now counts for more than all other events in US history, and MLK is deemed greater than all great white historical figures combined; his only rivals are Harriet Tubman and George Floyd.

    For the righteous, it doesn’t matter if something is factually correct or incorrect. What matters is they are on the ‘right side of history’, on the side of angels, and/or war with the demonic(as currently defined). So, stuff like facts are secondary to the cause, the agenda, the crusade. If facts are inconvenient, ignore them. If lies are useful, use them. As righteousness trumps all, reality exists to serve one’s sacral vision of the world. It’s like biology is a mere inconvenience to a tranny who insists he’s a woman. As globo-homo has been sacralized, the homo or tranny’s feelings are next-to-godliness, and reality must take a backseat to the passion of globo-homo. Likewise, no matter how many ‘hate hoaxes’ are exposed for what they are, the phenomenon continues because they aren’t about facts but the faith of Negrolatry, Globo-Homo, or Jew-Worship.
    So, even when the latest ‘hate hoax’ is factually shown to have been the work of some lowlife Negro, Homo, or Jew, what matters is that it was for a good cause, to push the holy narrative, just like the Catholic Church, knowing full well that miracle sightings were bogus, pretended otherwise to keep the flock faithful.
    Such mentality now affects the entire media, even academia. Not that journalists and scholars aren’t interested in facts and details, but they believe that the holiest of the holies are Negrolatry, Globo-Homo, and Jew-Worship, and therefore, even falsehoods that prop up the idolatry and narrative are preferable to facts that belie them.
    But then, there’s another trick, that of ‘prestige’. The establishment media and academia posture as being rational and factual by abusing their brand to dismiss any inconvenient fact, data, or idea/theory as ‘discredited’, thus persuading the less knowledgeable that certain things have been rejected by SCIENCE. New York Times uses its prestige to repeat over and over that Charles Murray’s Bell Curve theory has been ‘discredited’ but without showing any scientific proof. For many people, official prestige is enough to sway them. (By the way, Murray is a perfect example of the weakness of rightness in the face of impassioned righteousness, like at Middlebury College. He may be right about lots of facts, but he’s bloodless and passionless about his knowledge. At times, he’s even defensive and lamenting, like Robert D. Putman who wrote BOWLING ALONE. Both scholars operate on the basis of, “I wish it wasn’t true, but it is.” It’s impossible to be righteous with the right data with such wussy attitude. If rightness is to prevail, it must also be righteous and grow a pair.)

    As a matter of factuality, BLM is a lie, which means policies based on it are nonsensical, and as such, they can only do harm as reality is willfully misunderstood and mishandled. It’s like misdiagnosis in medicine can be harmful, even fatal. Imagine a lung cancer patient being ordered to smoke more as a cure. (Just think of what the lies about Covid-19 did to the world.)

    Despite all the lies, so many people in the US still chant BLM slogans and even put up BLM signs. They are saying and living the lie, but they do it anyway because they feel righteous.
    In contrast, even though anti-BLM people are on firm ground as far as reality is concerned, they are anxious or afraid to speak the truth. A few may defend the police and even put up support-the-police signs, but virtually NO ONE in the US puts up signs saying BLACKS MURDER BLACKS, BLACKS RAPE WHITES, BLACKS ATTACK NON-BLACKS, etc., all of which are infinitely truer about reality than the fantasy of BLM. Furthermore, any sane person should know by now that BLM policies led to even more black deaths, but BLM still remains the righteous position whereas critics of BLM are still apologetic about the truth. ‘Black Lives Matter’ is like China’s ‘Great Leap Forward’, which was actually a great leap backward. More black lives were killed as the result of BLM, but such facts are secondary to the righteous rage of ‘social justice’ where blacks are saints and whites are demons.

    But white people weren’t always this way. They used to be rationally race-ist and have a far more realistic assessment of group differences. Sure, there was also more bigotry of the stupid sort, the gratuitous nastiness of a**holes, but there was also a good deal of common sense, as well as a sure sense of white worth, white pride, European heritage, and historical meaning, all of which kept whites believing that they were of a race, culture, and civilization worth preserving and defending, even expanding.

    Fast forward to today, and many whites feel as though they’re diseased with a ‘sinful’ and ‘racist’ identity that must be expunged somehow. There are still many whites feel otherwise, but even many of them lack the guts to stand up and speak up for their race. Furthermore, despite their lack of white self-loathing, they tend to give special consideration to Jews and blacks over their own kind, as if they feel they must prove they are not ‘racist’. It’s like Donald Trump relied heavily on white support but was always yammering about how his policies are so great for Jews and blacks.

    All of this is a powerful demonstration of the effect of undermining resistance in a people. It’s like a person with severely compromised immunity can fall seriously ill or even die from a mild disease. A healthy person’s body fends off all sorts of germs, even the nastiest ones, but an unhealthy person can succumb to even the common cold or mild case of flu. For him, it could be totally debilitating or even fatal.

    Jews understand this very well. One way to destroy a powerful system is to assemble a powerful counter-force and go on the attack. All throughout history, a powerful domain was defeated by an even more powerful domain. In World War II, it took the combined might of UK, US, and USSR to destroy the powerful Nazi Germany, which had been unified into a powerful industrial fighting force. It’s like it takes a powerful boxer or wrestler to defeat another powerful boxer or wrestler.
    To amass a powerful force and hurl it against another powerful force is no easy feat. It’s like it’s nearly impossible to fell a tree with one blow. So, what did people do through the ages? They took an ax and slowly chipped away at the tree. Then, when enough of the tree was chopped away at the base, it would fall from its own weight. Just leave it up to gravity.

    Indeed, no matter how big and powerful someone is, anyone(even a child or old lady) could beat him if he was debilitated by drugs or disease. It’s like naturalists in the field can work on bears, lions, rhinos, and other dangerous animals once they’d been tranquilized.

    White America used to be united and powerful. What made it so? Racial consciousness, historical sense, pride of achievement, sense of community, and spiritual conviction(that its faith was the best one). There was no chance that Jews or any people could bring down such a power. Politically, economically, technologically, and militarily, the White West was the most powerful entity, invincible as a united force. Nothing even came close.

    Yet, even if it couldn’t be beaten from the outside, it could be weakened from the inside. Anti-whites could enter into institutions and rewrite the laws. They could enter the academia & media and alter the narratives and idols/icons. They could use entertainment and leisure to make the white masses prioritize hedonism and decadence over morality, family, community, and nation. They could take over medicine and promote all sorts of drugs on which people become dependent. They could use education and communication to instill whites with feelings of ‘guilt’ and ‘sin’. Information and Media could also be used to promote non-white, anti-white, Judeo-centric, Afro-centric, and/or homocentric idols/icons and narratives over pro-white, normative, and Eurocentric ones. Also, language and terminology could be used to turn certain words into incantations and truisms that were to be accepted as ‘self-evident’ than debated. “Diversity is our strength, diversity is our strength…” or “black lives matter, black lives matter”, “white supremacism! white supremacism!” “Migrants Welcome, Migrants Welcome”, ad infinitum.

    Over time, despite still being the dominant majority in the West, despite having suffered no military invasions, despite continuing to hold lots of wealth, and despite having lots of people with talent, the White World came to be near-fatally weakened on the tribal, racial, communal, moral, spiritual, and national level. Forget about European pride when you’ve been told that a recently arrived Arab or African is just as ‘European’ as a European(if not more so) with ancestry going back 10,000s of yrs. Never mind racial unity when ‘racism’ is the greatest sin, and ‘white racism’ is the worst of all ‘racisms’, especially against blacks even when blacks act like thugs and louts. Forget about community when individualism is all that matters; your hedonism and pleasure matter more than family and society. Besides, if a community must be formed, it has to be around stuff like globo-homo or BLM as any theme with the slightest hint of being pro-white, genuinely Christian, or truly European is anathema in the Current Year. And what is morality when right-or-wrong is a matter of mindlessly praising and serving Jews, blacks, and homos? And forget about spirituality in a world where churches fly the homo flag or care more for the Negrolatry of George Floyd than about God and Jesus. With the White World degraded to such level, forget about nationalism. What nation is left to save or defend?

    It’s been said the US defeated the Soviet Union without firing a single shot in the Cold War. World War III was averted but US nevertheless won over the communist system. Actually, this isn’t really true. Soviet Union defeated itself because communism wasn’t a workable system in the long run. Even if there had been no Cold War and even if the US and USSR had just ignored one another, USSR would have lost anyway(even without US hostility) because the economic system was too confused and inefficient, and without incentives. Soviet Union defeated itself, but the US took the credit. Imagine if someone you hate drinks himself to death, but you take credit of having beaten him.

    In contrast, the defeat or the fall of the White World is truly amazing. Unlike the USSR that practiced a deeply flawed economic system, white people in Europe, Canada, and the US had everything, most of them right. They had freedom and democracy, they had capitalism, they had social safety nets(a bit of socialism), they had national identity and pride, and lots of other things that make society work. And yet, whites have become increasingly defenseless against problems and challenges that should have been obvious to the naked eye and could have been handled with a bit of good sense. The fate of the Soviet Union was the failure of failure, whereas the fate of the White West is the failure of success, i.e. people with so many good ideas and systems failing to secure and strengthen them and instead, meekly and weakly, letting themselves to be nudged, prodded, pushed, and attacked with ever more ridiculous demands.

    The White West was the most powerful force in the world. So powerful that even after WWI, it dominated the world. And even after WWII, the white-dominant US was the biggest power in the world by far. (And even the Soviet Union was white.) There was no force that could challenge or defeat it. And yet, its mechanism of self-preservation and resistance grew ever more compromised from the inside. Instead of being defeated outright in the physical/material/military sense, its inner sense of worth, confidence, meaning, and value came to be eroded over time… until there was a critical mass of whites who called for the outright destruction of whiteness and whites who were too spineless to stand up and say NO.

    In a way, what happened to Russians and White West during and after the Cold War is like the mirror opposite. During the Cold War, the America-led West grew richer and more abundant and developed the most powerful military. In contrast, the Soviets with a far smaller economy strained to keep up militarily and couldn’t even fill up store shelves with basic items. By every metric of material success, the American-led West beat the Soviet Union by a mile.

    But, despite all such gains in the West, there was a ceaseless decline in patriotism, national identity, cultural heritage, civilizational confidence, communal unity, and racial sense. White Americans had more, ate more, and had more fun, but they increasingly became defensive about their identity lest they give offense as ‘racists’.
    In contrast, while material conditions worsened in Russia under late communism and then truly hit rock bottom in the 1990s, Russians never felt there was anything wrong with being Russian, that Russians were burdened with special ‘historical guilt’, or that they were soul-sick for their ethnicity or nationality. Even when material conditions were at their worst in Russia, Russians didn’t feel bad about their history, country, culture, and identity.

    In the end, who wins out? A rich man who hates himself or a poor man who likes himself? Such a rich man, for all his wealth, begins to work against himself, whereas the poor man, despite his poverty, works for himself, to build himself up. In the long run, a man robbed of his soul is worse off than a man robbed of his possessions. It’s even worse if the man robbed of his soul is told that hating himself is the highest good, or the new soulfulness.

    White Californians had it so good. In the same period, Russians had it so bad. But today, Russia is asserting its national will and taking back historical parts of Ukraine. In contrast, white Californians, over several decades, have been unwilling, thus unable, to do anything to stop their decline and demise even though there has been no military invasion of California. While Russians were doing something about the globalist oligarchs, White Californians let Jewish oligarchs take over everything and demand and dictate as if the Golden State was their fiefdom. While Russia reasserted control of its borderlands, white Californians, once over 80% of the population, have been reduced to 35% and keep on losing. While Russia said NO to globo-homo, white Californians are always at the mercy of whatever fads and fashions pushed by Jews, indeed as if they have no minds or souls of their own.

    When the Cold War ended, white Californians had so much more than the impoverished Russians. But whereas Russians never felt bad for being Russian, so many White Californians had no ethnic pride or racial sense of pride left. They lost their sense of self-preservation and resistance because Jews gained the key into the control centers of the West and reprogrammed the White Mind via the academia and media with negative feelings about ‘white guilt’, ‘racism’, ‘homophobia’, and etc. (While the Soviet Union was also ‘anti-racist’, the policy didn’t come at the expense of Russian-ness, which was not insulted and excoriated as being uniquely guilty. Jews pulled that number first on Germans, then Anglos, and then rest of Western Europe.)

    And this poison is the new white identity or anti-identity all over the West, from US to Canada to Australia to EU. Indeed, one reason why current Europeans hate Russians(and Hungarians) with such virulence is that their new identity is one of self-negation. A German believes it’s wrong for a true German, a white German, to feel pride of identity. No, ‘German-ness’ has value only in association to ‘diversity’. If a black African becomes a ‘German citizen’, then and only then does German identity have value. For true/white Germans, German-ness is a burden, a curse stained with Holocaust Guilt. Only when outsiders become ‘New Germans’ does German-ness gain value as newcomers(especially if non-white) are without Holocaust Guilt. But it’s not just the Germans. Almost all Western Europeans now feel and think this way. Their national anti-identity is one of self-negation-and-abnegation, of welcoming the non-European world to take over as the New Europe.

    Then, it’s hardly surprising that such people would be terribly triggered by Russians who affirm their national identity and heritage and culture. How dare they? Don’t Russians know that ‘good whites’ work to undermine their own national identity, national borders, national heritage? It’s become customary in Europe to feature black actors in historical roles of Europeans. Whiteness is BAD and is made GOOD only through self-negation and cucking to others. When such mentality dominates the ‘rules-based order’ of the West, of course Russia proudly asserting its position and projecting its power to secure its existence and future is deeply offensive. Don’t be like those barbarians! Be like the British, Irish, or White Californians whose highest notion of good is winning approval from Jews.

    So, Jews were very smart. They knew that the White West was mighty and impossible to defeat and take over militarily, but it could be rendered defenseless if its resistance mechanism were altered from within. Jews didn’t have to fire a shot. Just get the key and worm inside to the inner workings of white institutions and media that control the thoughts and feelings of the white masses, especially true in the era of electronic media where virtually everyone’s mind is tuned to the wavelength of those who monopolize key media centers.

    Then, why should anyone be surprised about the sickening silence surrounding the horrific murder of Linda Frickey? She’s white, and whiteness is bad. Don’t resist against black savagery! That’s ‘racist’! Gee, maybe those blacks(called ‘teens’) did us a favor by ridding the world of some of this shitty ‘whiteness’, of which Linda Frickey was a part.
    What a world we live in. White American cowards who don’t lift a finger to protect their own from black savages and illegal invaders get all triggered over Russia finally pushing back against Jewish use of NATO as battering ram against Russia.

    • Thanks: Mr. Rational, bruce county
    • Replies: @anarchyst
  72. @In Ohio

    My 70 year old mom had my son and dad start taking her to the range.

  73. @Anonymous

    Just like Matthew Shepard? (A disgusting minority of a different color.)

  74. DMZABO says:

    yeah, msm where the HELL ARE YOU AT ON THIS ONE?

  75. Listener says:

    They are working on getting answers to gun problems, working on in but – its complicated. It’s not just gang violence.

    Paraphrase of a local newscast relating to a somewhat new variation of TNB that I have picked up on in my news feeds from various locations.

    The latest trend appears to be shooting up entire streets. The NAPAs roll down the street shooting up every house and car full of bullets.

    Have not yet seen this on national news

    I mentioned this to a friend, he responded:

    “I would love to see them try this on my street…. several neighbors keep AR type tools ready, you never know when you might need them”

  76. @Trevor

    ‘Here is the story in People Magazine. Not even a hint that the 4 carjackers are black…’

    The irony is that that the perpetrators are black starts to be assumed. Since occasionally they’re not, the policy is actually marginally unfair to blacks.

    …but post-Summer of George, that’s okay. Whatever helps us win…

  77. Bite Moi says:

    Piglet—————My experience is most women don’t even learn from experience. At one company i worked at women would hide their purses under their desk or in a drawer.Yeah boy,ain’t NOBODY ever gonna look there. As the day shift foreman,it was my fault their shyte walked off.The women demanded extra guards.My response was we have lockers everywhere. Why don’t you lock your shyte up if you don’t want it taken? The collective female response,”There aren’t any locks.” Waiting on the Dallas headquarters to send them locks. Supervising women aged me.

  78. Bite Moi says:
    @In Ohio

    In Ohio————–My wife’s younger brother is less logical and less ambitious than she is.He can’t keep a job because he can’t pass a drug screen.2 weeks ago,i came home from work with his shyte on my porch and him sitting in my recliner with his 2 cats. I looked at my wife and literally screamed “What The F’K !!!!!” Little shyte got in my face for disrespecting his sister.I literally heaved his ass out in the yard. My wife’s tears really don’t affect me anymore.The house is paid off and in my name. If the situation doesn’t suit her,she is welcome to live elsewhere.

  79. Bite Moi says:
    @In Ohio

    In Ohio———-The first 20 years my wife and i were married were an example of her “prepper” mindset. Every month,Every Damn Month, she would she would rush to Walmart for Kotex. When asked why she didn’t buy 2 boxes,her response was always,” I got this to do.I got that to do.You don’t see what i do around here.etc.etc.” Ehh,whatever.I’m not shopping for Kotex.

    • Replies: @In Ohio
  80. anarchyst says:
    @Priss Factor

    It’s easy for you to talk about the “wimpery” of white men but I must refute some of the reasons for the reluctance of white gentile males to act.
    I do appreciate your treatise and you are largely correct on many of your items, but the elephant in the room is the relentless emasculation of white gentile males that has been going on for decades.
    The “justice system” (actually “just us” system only working for blacks and jews) has been used against white gentile males for a long time, largely beginning in the 1950s and 1960s with the so-called “civil-rights” movement which blamed white gentile males for all of the country’s ills regarding treatment of blacks, despite the opposite situation being the norm in most locales. In many non-segregated areas, it was blacks who were a constant criminal problem, even in the 1950s and 1960s.
    I exclude jews from the above as they were primary supporters and facilitators of this criminal and misguided culture destroying movement.
    In fact, the federal government went “extra-legal”, utilizing the Mafia to go after “white rights” organizations when they could find no legal reason to go after these organizations themselves.
    In most states, the legal carrying of firearms by ordinary citizens was much more strictly controlled; in most jurisdictions, concealed weapon carry licenses were issued on a discretionary basis. One either had to be politically connected or “know someone” to be issued such a permit. Hence, self-defense was out of reach of most of the citizenry. Today, the self-protection climate is much different, with many states introducing “Constitutional Carry” (no permit required) and others instituting “shall issue” requirements.
    The 2020 “Summer of Love” violence in urban areas all over the country was the “nail in the coffin” for white gentile males as the rioters were not charged while those white gentiles who chose to defend themselves were almost always frivolously charged for attempting to exercise their Constitutional rights.
    Today’s gentile whites KNOW that they will be prosecuted above and beyond all means for even attempting to exercise their Constitutional rights. All one has to do is observe the “January 6th” protesters languishing in jails (illegally) for over a year without trial or disposition due to politically motivated vindictive prosecutions.
    If there ever was a need to read, re-read and act on “The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon”, the time is now.
    With the world situation being as it is, the time for aware white gentile males to act is coming…

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  81. bruce county says:

    The moose will never go out of fashion.

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
  82. In Ohio says:
    @Bite Moi

    “People seldom learn, and when they do, it`s the hard way.” -Mark Twain

    A piece of advice my grandfather gave me, “If your smart, you`ll learn from your mistakes. If your really sharp, you`ll learn from OTHER PEOPLES mistakes.”

    Now I didnt physically go thru the Rodney King riots or Hurrican Katrina. But I dont need to to realize that shit could happen here. That I might not be able to, or might not WANT to, leave the house for a few weeks. Or that I might have to be my own first responder.

    Floods, wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes affect millions of Americans every year. Or maybe if you live near diversity, you`re one dead drug dealer away from your city going up in flames.

    Failing to plan is planning to fail.

    But for hundreds of millions of people, comfort and safety are all they`ve ever known. So why should tomorrow be any different? After I thought about it, I doubt my mom has ever been in real mortal danger even ONCE in her life. Such is the sheltered life that rural America has offered for the last 70 years. Uninterupted central heat and air conditioning. All you can eat and 200 channels.

    Well.. good luck to them. I hope they`re right, but history would indicate otherwise.

    Stay alert, stay alive.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  83. Bite Moi says:
    @In Ohio

    In Ohio—————Rural small ( White ) towns were Mayberry.One bullet for your pistol was enough. Modern day America isn’t Mayberry even in small town Whitopia. My son worked on a building crew in a small town Whitopia. One of the crew was Mexican.A legal immigrant if you can believe it. This guy was skilled enough with both carpentry and masonry,that the boss picked him up every morning.When my son’s car was in the shop,boss picked him up on the way to get the other guy.Son got to watch Mr. Mexican put the finishing touches on his 3 bedroom,2 bath courtyard house.Concrete block walls.with rebar and poured concrete fill.Front and back security screen doors. The actual exterior doors were steel cored and massive.3 huge hinges on each.Doors weighed over 700 pounds. The windows opened onto a very pleasant courtyard.My son complemented his work,but mentioned “overkill”. He was informed that,” This is how my family had to live in Mexico.I see the same thing happening here.” Food for thought.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  84. Amazing how these “Just like us Negroes”, can do the most despicable crimes, and then cry that they did them due to da slabery,

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