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Her Name Is Elvia Fragstein: 72-Year-Old White Woman Kidnapped and Murdered by Two Black Teenagers in Arkansas
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This story won’t go viral in the mainstream/corporate media.

It doesn’t even white women calling the police on suspicious looking black people or managers of a CVS or Starbuck’s calling the police on uncooperative black people.

In essence: it can’t be used to induce collective white guilt upon individual whites reading the story of an unnecessarily aggrieved black person merely trying to sit in a Starbuck’s, enter a community swimming pool, or use a coupon of questionable origin at a CVS.

The life and death of Elvia Fragstein will be confined to local news stories and a few websites designated for total censorship by tech companies increasingly engaging in totalitarian methods to stop white Americans from learning the truth about the grand civil rights experiment (hint: it’s failed).[16-year-old, 18-year-old charged with capital murder in Elvia Fragstein case:16-year-old Robert Lee Smith Jr. and 18-year-old Tacori D. Mackrell are both being charged as adults with kidnapping, theft of property and capital murder.,, July 18, 2018]:

The Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office made two arrests in connection to the Elvia Fragstein case.

16-year-old Robert Lee Smith Jr. and 18-year-old Tacori D Mackrell are both being charged as adults with kidnapping, theft of property and capital murder.

Mackrell has been in custody since Friday, July 14, on unrelated burglary and domestic battery charges.

Fragstein was last seen at a TJ Maxx in Conway on July 7, though her body was found four days later in Jefferson County.

Authorities believe Fragstein was abducted by force outside the TJ Maxx store located at Conway Commons. Investigators said she checked out at 3:42 p.m. and walked out of the store. Surveillance cameras then captured her car speeding through the parking lot.

“You reap what you sow. And, unfortunately, I hate that she had to lose her life like that. But it’s just crazy how people act nowadays. I knew her, close, and it’s was kinda crazy just to see her life being taken like that. Like, it’s just hard to believe still,” Darshan Nichols, a TJ Maxx employee, said.

Her car, a 2013 Honda CR-V with the license plate 453-TGO was found burned and dismantled near Lake Pine Bluff on July 17.

Smith and Mackrell are currently in Jefferson County awaiting transport back to Faulkner County. They will be held in the Faulkner County Detention Center awaiting a court date.

“At such a young age, that you would do something like that, like jeopardize your whole life just to take somebody else’s life away. That’s just sickening to me,” Nichols said.

While the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office has taken the lead on the case, investigators continue to work closely with the 20th Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Conway Police Department and Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

Go ahead and return to reading about innocent black people being questioned by whites nationwide, as we return you to your regularly scheduled inculcation session of white guilt.

(Republished from SBPDL by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Race/Ethnicity 
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  1. But of course, we need more sermons about Emmet till.

  2. Animals target the old, the young and inexperienced and the weak.

    Don't be a target. Share this story with your elderly loved ones.

    There is a day coming where we (the Whites) will be like the Native Americans that were here before us. We conquered them inthe 1800s. Are we seriously going to let a bunch or simian retard third world Dindus take over what took us 200+ years to create? I got new for you, they won't have "Reservations" for the White man.

    Sorry- be right back, the Delivery guy is at my door with another three thousand rounds of ammunition…

  3. It's the crap like this day after day, that makes me want to question the interpretation of the Eigth Amendment. In defining "cruel and unusual punishment" we have to first determine what was the usual punishment at the time. I would imagine it was a lot harsher then it is now. Let the punishment fit the crime. Old enough to kill, old enough to die.
    Yeah, that's our life now, every day's a game of African Roulette for us, and our loved ones. Every incident like this puts the loaded chamber closer to the hammer of the gun held at our heads.

  4. To Mr. Darshan Nichols….I beg to differ, the problem is that 99% of the time Negroes DO NOT reap what they sow in any aspect of life. If Uncle Sam, Uncle White Guilt, Uncle Lefty/Commie, Uncle Media/Hollywood were to force you to REAP from all the destructive actions and behaviors that the Black Curse/Plague has wrought upon America, you all would have died out or been forced out of America long ago. Negroes must first be segregated from White Taxes and then from White America. And these proposals are my most humane…..

  5. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    "At such a young age, that you would do something like that, like jeopardize your whole life just to take somebody else's life away. That's just sickening to me," Nichols said".

    – Darshan Nichols

    Listen, Darshan. First of all what the heck do you mean "young age"? 16 and 18 ain't young, it is compared to "old" but these "teens" were grown men. I'll bet they'd beat your ass in a fight. And you're only saying this crap because you want people to relax around folks like YOU!

    Jeopardize their whole lives? These dead-eyed snake heads were born to die like all of us, however, their "whole lives" were never destined to be of much substance (perhaps much substance abuse!).

    And you think these boofers did a cost-benefit analysis prior to abducting and killing this 71 year old woman? You should know that your kind simply acts, ofttimes with ZERO thought, ZERO compassion by ZERO PEOPLE!

    And you say that's sickening? I didn't search you out on the net, however I'm guessing that I wouldn't want someone named Darshan anywhere near me.

  6. I am seething with anger, hate and pure disgust for these viruses . I sure hope Arkansas has the death penalty because it was designed for creatures like this. This is your DIEversity YT…not working out too well is it. I told you so.

  7. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    Kind of like Sean Schellenger.


    He was a real estate developer in Filthadelphia.37 years old. A former Penn State QB. Last Thursday night, he and two friends were headed home after a night out. A car was stopped in the narrow sidestreet, blocking their car. One or more of the men got out to try and get that driver to move so they could pass.

    A 20 year old negro on a bicycle, passing by, stopped and got himself involved in the dispute despite knowing none of the people involved, and stabbed Schellenger in the back with what one witness called a "Rambo knife", killing him.

    He turned himself in a day or so later, dressed in a shirt and tie with some negroid preacher and his mama, boohooing. The preacher, who wasn't at the scene of the crime, smeared the white men, saying they attacked the groid, were "racist" etc etc. and the lapdog cuck media dutifully printed the unfounded smears as if they were Holy Writ.

    Forget national coverage-there was none. There was even next to no coverage on Filthadelphia TV stations, according to people I know who live there. The few stories in the paper did their best to try and slam the whites and coddle the black. And of course online comments were not allowed.

    But meanwhile some negro being confronted for doing something wrong is international news.

  8. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Hmmm…let’s see how many familiar elements we can spot:

    Salt and pepper newsreader team? Check.

    Black criminals generically described as teens? Check.

    Interview with a black person (have to remind the viewers that “they ain’t all like that”) who expresses shock at the crime? Check.

    Said black interviewee manages to sound more upset that the black criminals have “ruined their lives” than he is about the fact that they brutally victimized someone else? Check.

    Absolutely no mention made of the race of either the white victim or the black perpetrators? Check.

    Black criminal had a prior record? Check.

    Plus ça change…

  9. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    They are ugly and scary-looking. They were probably also suspicious-looking as they prowled the parking lot before carjacking and kidnapping the lady.

    Had someone called the police on them then (thereby preventing the crime) , the caller would be villified on national news as PK suggests.

    As it is they completed their thrill murder and most news coverage that comes up in a Google search is local Arkansas and Tennessee news outlets.

    On the other hand, one rare and exceptional case with multiple white perpetrators is the Leopold and Loeb murder of a 14 year old white boy way back in 1924. It received international coverage and was called "the crime of the century". The news coverage of that would probably be about the same today.

    But if multiple negroes murder a white person or persons it is always suppressed. Like this one, the Christian-Newsome murders in Tennessee, the Wichita Massacre, Ananda Blackburn, and many others that have been documented on this blog and elsewhere.

  10. The double standard and the blatant hatred of whites is no longer a conspiracy. We're in civil war II now. It will be the Turner Diaries, Hunter, any Matt Bracken book on steroids.

  11. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    Maybe Darshan can elaborate on what the 72 year old woman did to deserve this? Reap what you sow? Does this functional moron actually know what that saying means?
    What about the rape? Oh yeah…see they always leave that out, until later, to gain sympathy.
    A couple days ago, at the same gas station where my dad buys coffee, two 17 year old black females carjacked a 71 year old woman.
    Soon, some black thugs are going to get dropped and the media will scream racism.

  12. Now THIS is rich.
    All that "sickens" Lil Darshan is that the PERPS "jeopardize their whole lives".
    "At such a young age" at that. The horrors!
    Otherwise, it´s "You reap what you sow"(what exactly did she – ?).

    I had to read it more than twice (and God knows what was edited out).
    They are … NOT like us.

  13. "You reap what you sow. And, unfortunately, I hate that she had to lose her life like that. But it's just crazy how people act nowadays. I knew her, close, and it's was kinda crazy just to see her life being taken like that. Like, it's just hard to believe still," Darshan Nichols, a TJ Maxx employee, said."
    Reap what you sow? Exactly what did tjis old, white woman sow to reap this, you useless waste of air? He is no better than the animals that did this. Separation, tjen return to the motherland, (to build Wakanda, free of evil YT interference) can't come soon enough.

  14. i see google wont send you here now when you type in sbpdl in the search engine. unlcky google, i'll still make my way here

  15. In Sugar Land, Texas, that’s what the vagrant thieves call flirting.

    “In the convict-leasing system proliferated all across the south in the late 19th century and into the 20th, overwhelmingly targeting black Americans for offenses such as vagrancy, flirting with white women or petty theft….”

    “…the district is exploring the possibility of memorials for the buried [black] prisoners….”

    Chocolate City (black DC) just unveiled a (((white))) memorial to flirty cocaine-addict Mayor Marion Barry.

  16. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    "At such a young age, that you would do something like that, like jeopardize your whole life just to take somebody else's life away. That's just sickening to me," Nichols said".

    – Darshan Nichols

    These Darwin throw backs are full grown adults as early as 14 years of age…….its always the same, ape looking dead eyed low IQ dindus with no such thing as delayed gratification, strategic planning or future time orientation as a part of their existence……….

    It would have been best if they never existed to begin with…………..sterilization of welfare ghetto queens would go a long way to resolve this social rot we live in today.

  17. This is another instance where, if one played "reverse the races," the outcome would be 24 hour a day news coverage for weeks on end about the horrible crime committed against a negro. All the usual suspects would be wailing and moaning about racism and the poor, downtrodden negro who lives in constant fear of whitey and how negroes take a chance with their lives every time they leave home.

    Everyone knows the names of negroes who have been killed (mostly by the police) but if you mention whites who have been slaughtered in the most gruesome of ways by negroes, mostly what you'll get is, "Huh? What are you talking about? Never heard about that!" Many times, people will think you're just making up a story.

    We've all read the reports of news outlets being ordered by their "owners" to downplay negro violence. Can't make the darkies look bad or whitey might wake up and do something about the problem. Protect the pets!

  18. I think these two yoof misunderstood Orca Winfrey. She meant old white people need to die figuratively, not literally.

  19. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    America, 2018

  20. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    IN a previous post, an A @ 6:07 wrote this which I find incredible insightful, and true:

    "If we follow the Public Health approach, then, logically, we should identify Coloreds as the "Disease Vector" and Colored slums as the source of the disease. Accordingly, we should "quarantine" Colored slums. This "quarantine" was in effect in the South for a century prior to the 1960s, and was condemned as "segregation"."

  21. I miss Ex- New Yorker

  22. Every time I see pictures of black "suspects" or "youth", I always see the same face staring back. Soulless, mockery of humanity, aping humans, but not really understanding the implications of anything.

  23. What happened to Ex-New Yorker?

  24. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    OT: I wonder why these places have such undervalued property? By my checking their math, they claim that property in B-more is only worth about 38% of its true value!
    Report: Baltimore among nation’s most undervalued cities
    By: Adam Bednar Daily Record Business Writer July 16, 2018

    Baltimore remains one of the most undervalued cities in the nation and offers new homebuyers significant value for dollars spent on housing, according to one financial technology company.

    SmartAsset’s new list of the top 10 undervalued cities in the United States has Baltimore at No. 4, up one position from a year ago. The company used data including price-per-square-foot, percent of residents with a college degree, crime rate and entertainment establishment density for 200 cities to determine its rankings.

    Charm City followed Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Newark in the company’s rankings.
    Using information from Zillow, SmartAsset found the average home cost $90.40 per square foot in Baltimore, but SmartAsset said its model found the home price in Baltimore should be $241-per-square-foot.

    Just last month, however, SmartAsset found that it was a better deal for home owners to commute to work in Baltimore while owning a home in the suburbs.
    Housing prices in Maryland have been surging to levels not seen since before the housing bubble burst about a decade ago. The median sales price in June for a home in the Baltimore metro area, according to data provided by MarketStats by ShowingTime based on listing activity from Bright MLS, reached $285,000. That’s a 2 percent increase from the year before and the highest median price since June 2007.
    Home prices in the city were up 3.7 percent year over year. But the median price of $170,000 was by far the lowest of the six jurisdictions in the Baltimore metro area. The number of new listings in the city also fell by nearly 1 percent.

    Baltimore, however, has the highest property taxes in the region, at 2.248 per $100 of assessed value — nearly twice that of neighboring Baltimore County. The city still struggles with violent crime, surpassing 300 murders annually in recent years. It’s unemployment rate of 5.8 percent, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is also the highest in the region.

  25. I read the newspaper article about victim Fragstein. Below her article was another story about three female bank employees shot in a Fort Worth, TX bank robbery. Long article that talked about everything under the sun but failed to give any info on the perps/shooters. There was even a video from a Fort Worthless police spokesman who also did not mention anything about suspect descriptions–thus the suspects were either spics or spooks.

  26. They are all sickening to me

  27. I don't know why the negro interviewed on camera or the newscasters seem so alarmed at the age of the black killers. Criminologists refer to the high crime years as 15 to 24. Pediatricians know that blacks enter puberty a full year earlier than whites and most remarkably the age of puberty is today a full five years younger than it was just a century ago. (see the age of menarche in 1920).

    Our laws and ideas about what constitutes a child and what constitutes an adult are seriously out of step with the modern world and racial realities. The apologists for black violent crime continually use being a youth to muddle the public's attitude toward black criminals. The media likes to refer to the latest black atrocity as having been caused by 'teens'. They seem to want to confuse the public about the true situation. We saw this phenomenon very clearly with the case of Trayvon Martin. Emmett Till was another.

    This poor woman was targeted by adults of the violent race.

    We should retire the term 'teen' in such reports. A modern negro is a child until the age of about nine. This is comparable to what was connoted by the term 'teenager' when the kids were all white and the laws were enacted.

    I oppose Capital Punishment for anyone less than nine.


  28. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    Whew, the racists sure showed their true colors on this post. Y’all wanna be mad, angry and HATEFUL towards a whole race , that you devils brung to America might I add, but you all have failed to fix your own issues. You don’t see “blacks” shooting up schools or churches now do you but I guess that part has been forgotten. Take time to handle your own demon seed children before coming for all African Americans. #IGotTimeToday!

  29. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    If blacks mature so much sooner, could it be possible that the average black hits the height of their intellectual prowess prior to leaving school? I know that the "talented tenth" go to college and some go farther and actually accomplish things. However, the average black has a frighteningly low IQ and it makes me wonder if the day before they finish skoo is literally the height of their academic/book learning.

    Physically they mature and then get involved in depravity and violent behavior which they were seemingly primed for by the ghetto mindset.

  30. "I don't know why the negro interviewed on camera or the newscasters seem so alarmed at the age of the black killers."

    I can't help but notice that when a white guy one day over 18 commits a crime, he is not a " youth" or a " teen" in the news, but a white " man".

  31. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    We handle our kids a lot better than you folks and when ours screw up we own up to it and don't celebrate or tell lies that fly in the face of reality.

    Okay, I think we can go after the African't-Americans now!

    I would suggest that you own up to the incredible levels of dysfunction, violence, addiction, ignorance and all the other bad things you people are so well known for.

  32. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    When black girl magic meets employ with the courts! I wonder if she got her retirement since she worked there for 22 years.

    Former Ohio court employee admits to helping drug dealers

    The former Ohio clerk of courts worker received $1,000 each time she warned drug criminals of search warrants, authorities said.


    A former longtime employee of an Ohio court clerk's office is facing jail time for warning drug dealers about upcoming raids.

    A former longtime employee of the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts in Cincinnati pleaded guilty to warning drug dealers about upcoming raids.

    Prosecutors said Yakyma Boyd, who worked for the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts office in Cincinnati, received $1,000 each time she tipped off targeted drug criminals to search warrants yet to be executed.

    Boyd, who was fired in November, could spend about six months in jail as part of the plea deal. She initially faced up to 22 years in prison.

    "What Ms. Boyd did was unconscionable and disgusting," said Clerk of Courts Aftab Pureval.

    Boyd had worked for the county for 22 years and pleaded guilty to bribery and tampering with evidence.

    The Clerk of Courts Office put in a new zero tolerance policy after this case.

  33. Off-topic but good news everybody.  The Brady Bunch house is up for sale.  Only $1.9 million in Studio City, CA.  It last sold for $60,000 in 1973.  I lived in CA at that time and loved the show, so I ordered a time-machine off of the Internet. I have a great yearning to go back to white America. I am going back in time to buy the house and hope to be adopted by the Brady's.    I will show up on their door-step and tell them that I am Cousin Oliver.  I should be a shoo-in– wish me luck.  

  34. This Anonymous guy is an obvious negro. His horrendous grammar gives him away. Someone forgot to put out the 'Whites Only' sign on the door.

  35. @Anonymous 11:28am…

    If you added up all the black murders vs the white school shootings they would far surpass…not even close. How about all the other crimes your failure race commits? Felonies like rape (which you hold a gold medal in)assault, armed robbery, car jackings ad nauseum. Yours is an old and invalid argument about school shootings/Churches (hardly any) but repeated over and over again like monkey, see monkey do. FBI crime stats tell it all.

    And yes, we made the biggest mistake ever bringing you here. What we have now is not even useful slaves but instead lazy,shiftless people who don't want to work but just drain the system. A group of "people" who are completely ingrateful for whatever given and constantly wanting more.

    I know you got time today and most likely everyday because like the rest, you probably don't work. But we don't have time for you, so beat it, black troll.

    P.S. we aren't mad, hateful or angry as you say but just want away from your kind. Thats all…real simple…you bring nothing to us but problems. #WeDon'tNeedYourRaceForAnything!

  36. I read these stories and all I can think is TNB by a TFN.

  37. When they are found Guilty, sentence them to be hung at the foot of Stone mountain.

  38. “You don’t see “blacks” shooting up schools or churches now do you but I guess that part has been forgotten. Take time to handle your own demon seed children before coming for all African Americans. #IGotTimeToday!”

    1. The mass shootings are almost always committed by someone mentally disturbed and prescribed psychotropic meds that a) Don’t work, b) Have bad side effects, c) Not taken, or d) Not followed up by a physician. These people used to be put in mental institutions but the Community Mental Health Act of 1963 (long before Ronald Reagan was even governor of CA) said that medication could replace mental institutions.

    2. The authorities hands are tied in addressing troubled schoolchildren because they have “rights”. In the Parkland case, their program was modeled on the NAACP proposal to avoid disparare impact on children of color. Can’t make the black kids angry!

    3. Whites don’t make excuses for whites that commit these crimes.

    4. If you summed up the annual killings by negroes in any given year, it would be much larger than all the mass shootings, probably by a factor of at least 100.

    5. Fuck you very much and have a nice day!

  39. PB says:

    "Whew, the racists sure showed their true colors on this post."

    No-one starts out to be a racist, except for preferring to deal with their own kind as a sort of safe, default position, But you dumpster people really bring it out, just with your everyday behaviour and stupidity. Race/colour is the means by which the wiser among us recognize and avoid you, but its not really race that repels us, its the culture of shiftless criminality that you people represent that we really want nothing to do with.

  40. This is something else I take away from this abduction. White people over 70 are completely blue pilled on race. The moment she walked out of TJ Maxx and saw those two moon crickets, she should have immediately walked back into TJ Maxx and stayed there. They would have picked another victim. She should have quietly told the manager those two "teens" were casing the place.

    But OH NO, they're just like us. Yeah right. Just like us. White men and women routinely stab, rape, set on fire and bury alive older black women, right?

    I think I told this story before, but it bears repeating. I had two women in Walmart follow me in a red state. Both looked like they'd just got out of jail, full of tattoos and obvious bull dykes. I heard the one tell the other (talking about me) that older white lady is by herself. She has a nice purse. I walked right up to the two of them and simply said, I'm SO glad I got that concealed carry permit and went to the range. They both hightailed it out of there so fast my head spun.

    This is why I think some younger whites are pissed at boomers. They're GD clueless about blacks. Not really the financial issue (although there may be some truth to that).

    My grandma was born in 1912. She's been dead a long time. She knew the truth about blacks and avoided them at all costs. If she were in Applebees when those 4 gorillas came in, she'd be on guard. If they started beating the waitress, she would have her gun drawn or beat the fuck out of them with her cane.

    The MINUTE a black person comes into my AO, no matter how old or young he/she is, I'm on guard. I do not let them get within 10 yards of me. I'm not on my phone out in public, it takes away too much attention from the world around you. If I am on the phone, I use a headset and would not hesitate to let the phone drop and break to save my life.

    Older whites need to re-educated about black predators and what they're capable of.

  41. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    NOW this is frightening, especially for ANYBODY stupid enough to visit Europe.

    FOLKS, NEVER, EVER go to Europe. These animals (arabs, africans and asians) are out of control and there is NOTHING the stupid whites can or will do.

    I sure hope RUSSIA unites with all of Eastern Europe and keeps these animals out. RUSSIA may be the last hope for the White Race.

  42. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    Remember the teens in Florida who mocked the guy who was drowning? Well, a scout leader bothered to lead. And I saw an article where a 16 year old Asian girl died saving her sister who had fallen, but was still hanging on.

    What is it with people with Neanderthal genetics? I'm guessing ghost genetics make black people into "lack people" as they lack love from anyone but the insane and have no natural love in their own hearts for anyone.

    Police identify Boy Scout leader who drowned while rescuing child in Salem Pond

    UPDATE: Salem Police have identified the Scout leader who drowned as 22-year-old Wesley Robert Kratzer of Orem.

    Previous story continues below:

    Follow link to read further.

  43. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    To anonymous at 11:28 am. Not so much angry as I am disgusted from watching 60years of black chicanery. The filth and lawlessness has exhausted me from the time I was six years old. Separation is all I ask. I will be happy to never write or utter one word against blacks. If blacks will live separate from the whites that don’t want cater to your culture. BTW, there are plenty of sites that cater to your ilk. This is not one of them.

  44. Annie Oakley said… My grandma was born in 1912. She's been dead a long time. She knew the truth about blacks and avoided them at all costs.

    Mine was born in 1922, and same story. Race realist 100%.

    I`ll never forget, when she got in to her late 80`s, she got Alzheimers pretty bad, and her vision started to go. So I got her a huge television that she could actually see.

    So one day she says to my mom, "Who is that on the TV?"

    "That's the President, mom"

    "Oh? Well, my eyes must be getting terrible, he looks black."

    "He is black."

    "WHAT!!" She yelled. "My god…. Thank god your father didn't live to see this."

    I miss my grandma….

    Stay alert, stay alive.

  45. Two comments about ex. New Yorker. I thought about him yesterday. Miss his insight and wit. Hope all is well. Even a few sentences would be welcome. Same with formerly miss greenbaum.

  46. Good point:

    Civilization works, until you run out of White People.

    See: Port au Prince, Detroit, Monrovia, et alia…

  47. After a week of leaving comments and not seeing any of them posted I decided not to waste my time leaving any more comments. I tried leaving comments Anonymously and only one was able to slip through. I'll be surprised if this one goes through. Good bye.

  48. Take away John Hopkins and Under Armour, and Baltimore is nothing more than a giant Selma, Alabama.

  49. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    A couple years ago I was in a Walmart in Grenada, Ms getting stuff for dinner. I worked in machine shops and my head was always swiveling looking for things moving up on me so could get out of the way before getting hurt. I saw something out of the corner of my eye and turned around. Groid was within arms distance of me. Zero reasons for him to be there. "Just fooling" was what it uttered. I was being set up for being a victim inside the store. Not good. Groid moved on.

    Be careful. Be aware. You might have a fighting chance that way.

  50. "You don’t see “blacks” shooting up schools or churches now do you…"-Anonymous 11:28 AM

    That's because you parasites prefer to destroy cities as a whole, instead. Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, etc…..

  51. I ordered a time-machine off of the Internet

    Don’t forget to put the crystals in. 😁

  52. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    🙁 I have attempted to post plenty that never made it past PK. I have to respect his filtering method and figure that I go a bit too far at times. Please stick around, your words inspire, inform and even entertain with gritty honesty. Your words ring so true as they are simple, plain spoken, to the point and are from a man of another time, one informed by life.

    Please stick around,

    Libby Cannaught-Noatis

  53. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    This is why I think some younger whites are pissed at boomers. They're GD clueless about blacks.

    Well boomer Whites are major crack heads when it comes to race.

    They seem to come in two types:
    1. Are certain that race doesn't exist and that we just need more programs.
    2. Are certain that race doesn't exist and that we just need less government and better morals.

    Don't bother asking either type about genetic racial differences. They will become hysterical and deeply insulted as THEY KNOW BEST.

    Boomers are by far the worst generation. I work with some younger White liberals and while they might talk a good equality game they aren't morons. They wouldn't look at Detroit and say something stupid like "OH WHAT A SHAME IF ONLY THERE WERE MORE PROGRAMS". They identify as liberal because they have lousy jobs and want better job security. The worst liberals I have met are all over 50.

  54. " You reap what you sew " So true Shantavious. And dont forget the last verse. " He who sews the wind, reaps the whirlwind". A whirlwind your and yours so richly deserve.

  55. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    You don’t see “blacks” shooting up schools or churches now do you

    Yeah, yeah…we know: only whites are mass-shooters (and serial killers), right? It’s amazing how often this tired trope is repeated (as if it would matter even if it were true: I doubt that ALL of the victims of mass-shootings and serial killings in US history would equal even one year's worth of black-on-black murder).

    Anyway, here is a list of black mass-shooters (not an exhaustive list):

    -Colin Ferguson – Long Island, New York, 1993. Six dead, 19

    -Omar S. Thornton – Hartford, Connecticut, 2010. Eight dead.

    -Maurice Clemmons – Parkland, Washington, 2009. Four dead.

    -Nathan Dunlap – Aurora, Colorado, 1993. Four dead.

    -Christopher Dorner – Los Angeles, California, 2013. Four dead.

    -Aaron Alexis – Washington, DC, 2013. Twelve dead, three injured.

    -James Edward Pough – Jacksonville, Florida, 1990. Nine dead, four

    – Mark Essex – New Orleans, Louisiana, 1973. Nine dead, 13 wounded.

    – Charles "Cookie" Thornton – Kirkwood, Missouri, 2008. 5 dead.

    – Reginald and Jonathan Carr, Wichita, KS, 2000. 5 dead.

    And black serial killers:

    -Chester Turner, 2002, 11 victims
    -Matthew Emmanuel Macon, 2007, 6 victims
    -Coral Eugene Watts, 1982, 13 confirmed, confessed to more than 50.
    -Shelly Andre Brooks, 2006, 7 victims
    -Derrick Todd Lee, 2002, 7 victims
    -John Allen Muhammad, 2002, 10 victims
    -Henry Louis Wallace, 1984, 9 victims
    -Wayne Williams, 1981, 20+ victims
    -Andre Crawford, 1997, 11 victims
    -Lonnie David Franklin Jr, 2007, 10 victims
    -Maury Troy Travis, 2010, 2-17+ victims
    -Howard Allen, 1987, 3 victims
    -Terry Blair, 2004, 7 victims
    -The Briley Brothers (Anthony, James and Linwood), 1979, 11 victims
    -Alton Coleman, 1984, 8 victims
    -Paul Durousseau, 2003, 7 victims
    -Kendall Francois, 1998, 10+ victims
    -Carlton Gary, 1978, 7 victims
    -Lorenzo Gilyard, 1993, 6 victims
    -William Henry Hance, 1978, 4 victims

    If it’s a crime, not only are blacks doing it, but they’re doing it at a higher rate than everyone else.

    Deal with it…

  56. They will be put on trial found guilty, sentenced to life and let out in 7 to 10 years to kill again. It's all part of the white progressives plan to take down the white race.

  57. If our own government didn't protect them, they would be toast already, with their Chuck supporters

  58. To ex. New Yorker; sometimes the comment doesn’t go through to the recipient. Not sure what causes this. Would really miss your stories and P.O.V..

  59. White Victim: Not about race
    Black Victim: Only about race

  60. From Jeff Sessions of all people. This is called "winning"?

  61. That will require a large group of whites to claim exempt on their taxes, then be prepared to work as a group to repel IRS property seizure attempts, most likely with a show of force.

  62. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    I am angry on seeing the black guy being interviewed. Watch how he shrugs his shoulders, when he says he knew the murder victim close. Real lackadaisical, TNB. No condolences to her husband, grand children or family.

    I'm guessing they asked her for a ride, giving her some story like blacks always have handy, full of details and flat out lies. Being a considerate, compassionate person, she gave them the ride. They did a crime or where about to pull a crime with the vehicle, like robbing a store at gun point and she mouthed off to them. They wanted her purse, her credit card, her car, etc. They look like they are on drugs or just over grown crack babies. Abortion is legal and is paid for by medicaid. Mama wanted to have these babies to up her welfare check and food stamps, so it wasn't economically feasible for her to have an abortion when the taxpayers could support her offspring.

    I'm sad to think how she died. Their lives mean nothing now. I'm sure they think they're hot shots for killing a white woman.

  63. Archie bunker said…
    If our own government didn't protect them, they would be toast already, with their Chuck supporters

    And that they hate the police as they do, speaks to their incredible stupidity, seeing as they`re the only thing keep them from being shot on sight.

    Stay alert, stay alive.

  64. "The worst liberals I have met are all over 50."
    Sorry, I work with a bunch of millennials and Gen Xer's and they are all super cucked nigger lovers. NOTHING you say to them gets through to them, and once they decide you are an old evil rayciss they won't even talk to you or be decent if they have to. Worshipping blacks and hating their own race is their religion, not just an opinion. It was a Gen Xer who told me with a straight face that the auto industry was responsible for the state of Detroit, not the groids that overwhelmed it. And it was a Gen Xer and a millenial who told me they would side with blacks in a race war when I asked them point blank about the subject. You just can't say anything to save lemmings like that from themselves.
    I'm from the tail end of the baby boom, or so (((those))) who coin these terms decided, and I never identified with the older 60s campus radical anti-war/pro-black bunch. I grew up with peers who had no use for blacks and no illusions about them, but then we were blue collar so maybe the only boomers you know are upper middle class urbanites who were insulated from the birth canal from dealing with the ookers. But there is no hope of saving our civilization from the black plague if the millennials I know are representative of their generation…

  65. " I think these two yoof misunderstood Orca Winfrey. She meant old white people need to die figuratively, not literally."

    NO! she meant LITERALLY and we all know it.

  66. Good point about the millienals. I believe they would side with blacks.

  67. Anonymous[] • Disclaimer says:

    Nail on the head! I have to explain constantly that it's not the actual color I hate, but that the color is an in-your-face indicator of the inhuman behavior I can expect from them. There are plenty examples in nature of animals having bright colors as a warning to stay away, they're poisonous, etc. This is the exact same thing.

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