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Executive Order 1923113: Congressional Gold Medals for ALL Black People
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“I am increasingly persuaded that the earth belongs exclusively to the living and that one generation has no more right to bind another to it’s laws and judgments than one independent nation has the right to command another.” – Thomas Jefferson

Jeffrey Babbitt is dead. [Union Square ‘I hate white people’ beating victim dies; suspect in court,, 9-10-13]

Another causality in a nameless war, being brutally waged nationwide; where few mourn for the vanquished.

At present course, in fifty years he won’t be receiving a Congressional Gold Medal.

To the victors go the spoils. [Congress to present Gold Medal honoring Birmingham’s ‘four little girls’ this afternoon,, 9-10-13]:

Relatives of all four girls who perished in the 1963 bombing of Sixteenth Street Baptist Church are gathered at the U.S. Capitol this afternoon and will sit on the platform at Statuary Hall to accept the Congressional Gold Medal.

Congressional leaders and dignitaries will join the families for a ceremony that will memorialize 11-year-old Denise McNair and 14-year-olds Addie Mae Collins, Carole Robertson and Cynthia Wesley, who died 50 years ago this week in the bombing of Sixteenth Street Baptist Church.

Among family members is Sarah Collins Rudolph, the “Fifth Little Girl,” and the sister of Addie Mae Collins.

Several Birmingham city leaders, including Mayor William Bell and a majority of City Council members, will join attend the ceremony.

The medal is the result of bipartisan efforts from U.S. Reps. Terri Sewell, D-Birmingham, and Spencer Bachus, R-Vestavia Hills. The resolutions eventually passed unanimously in the House and Senate.

Council members Steven Hoyt, Kim Rafferty, Lashunda Scales, Jay Roberson and Johnathan Austin are all set to attend the ceremony.

National outrage over the church’s bombing and deaths of the girls who were attending Sunday school contributed to the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voting Rights of 1965.

Bell and others, including relatives of the bombing victims, were in the Oval Office in May as President Obama signed the legislation authorizing the medal.

Sunday marks 50 years since the bombing.

Hopefully Obama does the right and posthumously pardons John Brown and Nat Turner.

Look, what happened to those ‘four little girls’ is disgusting, but dragging their memory out of the closet and awarding them the Congressional Gold Medal is a more disgusting act.

Birmingham is a dead city in 2013, heading directly toward the same fate as Detroit.

Both cities have embraced black power, which is the equivalent of detonating an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) of whichever community welcomes such a devastating political philosophy into City Hall; but for Birmingham, it’s always 1963.

Live… from the White House, it’s Congressional Gold Medals for all black people!!
Live… from the White House, it’s Congressional Gold Medals for all black people!!

But why stop with awarding of a Congressional Gold Medal to those ‘four little girls’? Let’s go the full mile and give a Congressional Gold Medal to Trayvon Martin (remember, the Birmingham City Council made him an ‘honorary citizen’ in 2012).

Or why not embrace a narrative about St. Trayvon, the First Earl of Skittles, that can be handed down from one generation to the next [Alabama State marching band spells ‘Trayvon’ during Saturday’s halftime show,, 9-8-13]:

During halftime at Alabama State’s Saturday night game against Jackson State, the ASU marching band took the field and spelled out the name “Trayvon.”

Several people who attended the matchup between the two historically black universities tweeted photos of the commemoration of Trayvon Martin, the Florida teenager who was fatally shot last year by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman.

Southwestern Athletic Conference Commissioner Duer Sharp mentioned the tribute, along with others who expressed pride and respect for the band’s tribute.

You see, our friends at the Historically Black College/Univeristy (HBCU) of Alabama State would willingly pay tribute to the death of one black individual – completely disregarding the facts of the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin altercation – than confront the ‘Tsunami of Violence’ perpetrated by black males in Montgomery over the course of this year. [Project H.O.P.E.: Black men pool their resources: Black men pool their resources, Montgomery Advertiser, June 30, 2013]

Again though: nothing is happening in Montgomery, save for the fine students of Alabama State University paying homage to the memory of Trayvon Martin; a young man who will soon have streets and elementary schools named in his honor nationwide.

Let’s pop open that box of Congressional Gold Medals as if it was a bottle of Moët & Chandon and just give the whole Martin family one!

Spelling out T-R-A-Y-V-O-N by the ASU band might be fun, but there’s chalk outlines around black males littered throughout the city of Montgomery (rising black violence only threatens residential property values and the stability of the commercial viability of the city).

Littered. [Special Report: Murder Crisis in Montgomery,, 5-19-2013]:

The number of homicides in Montgomery is up dramatically from years past, and we’ve uncovered some disturbing similarities many of these killings share.

So far in 2013 someone in Montgomery is killed by someone else once every six days.

At this rate we’ll surpass the number of killings in all of last year by early July. While some of these killings have been random acts, most of them have something in common.

Montgomery has seen 22 homicides in less than 5 months. There were 32 in all of 2012.

“It’s no secret that it’s black males who are dying. Ninety percent of the murders in Montgomery,” says Alabama State University psychologist Dr. Earnest Blackshear, who has been working with police to try and find ways to stop a trend that’s been in place for many years.

Of the 22 homicides so far this year, 13 of the 22 have involved a black male suspect killing another black male. In the six unsolved cases, all the victims are black. In most all of the cases, the victim and the suspect knew each other.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the leading cause of death of black men aged 15 to 34 is homicide at the hands of another black man.

“How long do we have to continue to wait before we say it’s a black on black homicide issue? We’ve taken the guns. We’ve blown up the housing projects. We have to do something different,” says Dr. Blackshear.

But has Montgomery’s black leadership bought in? In a recent column in the Montgomery Advertiser, retired Magistrate Judge Vanzetta McPherson said the city’s black leaders aren’t doing enough.

“If African-Americans were being senselessly gunned to death by persons of other ethnicities, the black community would be engaged in weekly, in not daily, protests,” she wrote. “Our leaders may place a higher premium on remaining in favor with constituents and thereby remaining in office.”


Black males aren’t senselessly gunning down other black males in the city of Montgomery; like the Sons of Obama that they are, they engage in Spontaneous Blackness (that special combination of having low-impulse control, poor future-time orientation, and an IQ one-standard deviation below that of the people responsible for the civilization that birthed ‘Montgomery’), which threatens not only the black community, but the capital city of Alabama’s future [TSUNAMI OF VIOLENCE (part 2 of 3): The root causes: City leaders look to the past for insight on violence, Montgomery Advertiser, 6-23-13]:

Dr. Earnest Blackshear, a clinical psychologist who has partnered with the city at no charge to help police and city leaders better understand how to interact with the city’s inner-city youth, sees a growing subculture — similar to ones in other large, urban areas — in which there is a decreasing value placed on the sanctity of life and an increasing value placed on material items.

It is a lifestyle that affects young, black males most often, encouraged by gangster rap lyrics that romanticize a street “hustle” lifestyle comprising illegal activities, retaliation against any perceived slight, the purchase of ridiculously flashy items and the mistreatment and disrespect of women.

“This is where the buying of rims that cost more than the car comes from,” Blackshear said. “It’s about flashy items. It’s a very nihilistic lifestyle. They don’t believe in a future. There is a devaluing of life. It is promoted in the gangster rap lyrics to which they listen to for three hours a day or more. That’s more than any Christian or Muslim prays or reads Scripture. So, think about how that could affect you mentally.”

Wait, wasn’t this about Jeffrey Babbitt, who was killed in a case of ‘Death by Whiteness’ (for the accused murderer, a forgivable – even laudable – crime)?

Go ahead and line up his accused killer, Lashawn Marten (“made statements to the effect that I’m going to punch the first white man that I see,” said NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly), for a Congressional Gold Medal.

And, if convicted, a full pardon at the end of the Obama Administration.

You know what? Go ahead and tell the ASU band to spell out L-A-S-H-A-W-N at the next home game.

Just don’t pay attention to the black crime/violence tsunami that is only spawned from the same genes that brought about the devastation in what is still called Detroit and Birmingham in 2013, though the people responsible for the civilization that once flourished in these places have long since sought refuge elsewhere.

Montgomery is headed the same direction, too.

(Republished from SBPDL by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Race/Ethnicity 
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  1. and soon to be available on ebay

  2. Anonymous [AKA "Victim of Affrimative Action Since 1978"] says:

    They might as well vote them the Nobel Prize as well.

  3. 90210
    No medal for Del Belton? Mister Lane?
    and 1000s of others?

    Obongo sure is racist..oops I mean kind to people of color.
    He seems to be saying 'Yt f–k you'.

  4. Where are the medals for the millions of those who have been Spontaneously Blacked(TM) at home, on the street, at work? Where is even a word for the little White boys burned to death by blackness? Little White girls raped and mutilated by blackness? White Mothers whose lives are snatched away by spontaneous blackness? What about the Good White men who, as the police chiefs say, "were at the wrong place at the wrong time for this random event"?

    The insanity of doubling down on Trayvon just shows that for a negro, it is blackness above all. They don't care what the facts are or even how it looks to others to venerate a criminal. The important thing is that he was black.

    There are two Countries on the N.A. continent. There is the FUSA as seen through White eyes and there is the FUSA as seen through the eyes of "minorities". One is based on reality, science, history and logic reaching back to the Greeks. The other is a seething pot of myths, hate, lies and veneration of Evil.

    It is increasingly clear as Whites lessen in number that the "minority" view will become nearly a religion and as oppressive and as evil as the Inquisition. The dwindling White minority will be raped and castigated horrendously. How will Whites be treated when they are 30% of the population if they hunt us and murder us on the street when we are 70%? If this is what the TWMNBN squids want to rule, fine but count me out.

    Look me up in the NAR where White women and children will be cared for and protected.

  5. I'm so angry right now. When are White people going to wake up and realize we're at war? Jeffrey Babbitt is dead and his killer will spend the next thirty years still living off the taxpayers dime. We have got to grow our balls back and start planting these bastards in the back of some corn fields.

  6. The connection you need to make clear is that St. Trayvon and St. Lawshawn were both muggers and that a person died in each instance. The only difference is that St. Trayvon used poor judgment in choosing to sucker punch someone who carried a 9 mm.

  7. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    An exclusively White country will never exist again. The Ethnic Group That Must Not Be Named would never allow it. They fear Whites (and to a lesser degree, the Chinese) because they are the only resistance to global rule through finance.

    The only way something like the Northwest Republic will ever be allowed to exist is if it agrees to being a part of the IMF, WTO, World Bank, International Bank of Settlements, and the general Wall Street-City of London financial system. That and it must continue to provide military support and military hardware to Israel.

    There are daily racial attacks going on across the country.

    A White man was punched by a Black on a bus in Manhattan. The Black called him a "cracker" before the punch, which ended up shattering his eye-socket and nose. (

    A White Navy veteran who went back to college was viciously assaulted by three Blacks after he had the temerity to tell them to slow down their car, after they sped past him. (

    A 16-year old Black raped a 60-year old woman and sexually assaulted another pregnant woman on Long Island. (

    What do we get from the mainstream media? Daily articles from Roger Cohen (NY Times), Bill Keller (NY Times), Ben Shapiro (Breitbart), Norman Podhoretz (WSJ), Bret Stephens (WSJ), Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (DNC), Max Boot, and others reminding YOU daily that you're an evil person who is accommodating a modern day Hitler, Bashar al-Assad, by not agreeing to put your kids and your tax-dollars on the line to destroy Syria. You see, it is
    integral to the safety of Israel that Al Qaeda be given advanced weaponry so that they can kill more Christians. You're not anti-Semites are you?!

  8. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    PK, I know this is off-topic but I hope you will allow it considering Obama's speech is coming up in about 5 minutes.

    From our friends at the Daily Mail.

    Obama's war on Syria is REALLY about Iran and Israel instead of chemical weapons use, claim critics

    Remember what Tommy Robinson of the English Defense League said: these "Western" governments want to send Englishmen (in his case, Americans in ours) to die on behalf of their Saudi petrodollar overlords.

    F*** no! Pat Buchanan was right. Stop using American soldiers as mercenaries for Israel and Saudi Arabia. Neither of these countries is our ally or friend.

    Primary and vote out any and all sunsuvbitches who vote to authorize this war.

  9. GREAT satire by the Second City comic troupe sending up SWPL Whites/DWLs/Obamaton hipsters.

    Sponsored by the Americans for Whatever Barrack Obama Wants, Did You Know He's Friends with Jay-Z?

  10. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    It is going on everywhere. I've seen people grabbed and hassled by Blacks in Dallas.

    Seattle has a problem w/Blacks attacking random Whites at public events.

    British and other Euro tourists get killed or robbed in Florida.

    Even if you look at this from the Black perspective, they've had their revenge. They've raped, robbed and killed many Whites. The war will never end.

    I've discussed this with Blacks. They say from early childhood, they are ALL taught that Whites hate Blacks; that Whites are always out to get Blacks, to betray them, hold them back, refuse to hire them, cut them off in traffic, do vile things to Black people's food, etc.

    That's why Blacks are always at war with Whites. They are programmed from a very early age in a war mentality. No White can ever be their friend.

    The only safe and possible thing one can do is relocate to a non-Black area and don't work with Blacks. If you have to live near them, get a guard dog and have locks and bars on your home.

    Understand how they think. Know you cannot let your guard down. Sure there are good and bad people in all groups, but understand that the majority of Blacks want revenge against you. They think you are already out to get them. Be careful, don't let your true feelings be known; but be safe and be ready to defend yourself or self-segregate.

  11. The Young Turks are still beating the dead horse that is Trayvon Martin, still whipping up hate attacks. But I and a handful of brave others are calling them on their stupid hateful bullshit. You need to read some of the outlandish crazy shit that they believe. Many DWLs wouldn't believe their eyes.

  12. Exactly right!

  13. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Yes once again it's the Jews fault.It must be Israel that wants that pipeline running through Syria and not Qatar. Also, I really don't see how Jews are out to get the Chinese. They are currently working together on several trade intiatives. But, don't let the facts get in the way. I do find it very interesting that your pinning your hopes on the Chinese to lead the resistance movement against those greedy Jew bankers. I'm sure you'll be treated with great kindness and consideration when they take over.

  14. Don't be surprised at the Congressional Gold Medal, Paul- think of it as the "trickle-down theory" of awards. Barry got the Nobel Prize, which caused him to think all awards were complete crap. Once the Nobel was debased, it was an easy leap to this one.

  15. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Spent at least four years working inside a prison. Had an exchange with a black inmate:
    Him: Why do you have to be so stupid!
    Me: I may be stupid, but I am not an inmate!
    Him: You think I'm stupid because I'm in prison?
    Me:Yeah, I'm pretty certain of it…
    Him: My ancestors came over in the bowels of a slave ship
    Him: Nigger I'll kill you…

    Thank God for prisons. Otherwise this drek would be coming in your window one night.

  16. I am going to inject positive vibes here. I am moving out of NOVA as soon as I find a subletter. Pics of groids wandering the halls of my apartment building were circulated yesterday. I have made contacts out there and I am out.

    Things are speeding up white people. The white attacks are increasing in numbers and in intensity. It's kickback because those will not be named coupled with Obummer and the groids are not getting what they want. Norway's elections just yielded an anti immigration Valkerie and Australia elected anti immigration people as well.

    We are holding out. Whatever you can do to disengage from the system, do it. We can do this.

    When I leave, I am taking my two kids and three suitcases. That's it. I have lived like a refugee for three years in preparation for this, but you know, it seems to me things have gotten really bad the last year and a half. It's pushback. The groids et al KNOW we are resisting. We are.

    White Mom in VA

  17. Anonymous [AKA "transformation ethic"] says:


    What you are describing aren't "problems" to blacks.

    Wherever you see destruction of White built cities and chaos instead of civility, blacks see destruction of White privilege, which to them is a victory of progress.

    The Whites who fled did so at a loss of equity in their homes. Then they incurred the huge commuting cost, including time away from their White families.

    Now that blacks have muni and fedgov power, they can reach out through Social Justice Taxation, combined with HUD Diversity Swarms, and grab White flight communities with the Darkest Death Grip.

    Blacks now have critical mass, and there are no safe White Places anymore.

    "If it helps blacks, it's good. If it helps blacks and hurts Whites, it's better.

    -Bishop Big Daddy

    We should all fester in hatred about the ruin of America by blacks, and how our lives are thoroughly degraded from what they should be.

    Hinton Rowan Helper was right- hating the black is mandatory.

    Black is a toxic biohazard that kills all we love.

  18. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I have an idea. Let's have a medal for genuine black achievement, and not for being in the wrong place/time (church/1963). How about all the black people who performed citizen's arrest on Lashawn? How about all the black people who turned in their welfare cheating neighbors? How about all the black people who did anything at all decent?

    No takers?

    The Bongo in chief must be desperate to find something good about black people, to stoop to using victims this way. Oh wait, that's what they do. Now it makes sense.

  19. Pat Buchanan was always right, which is why the Conservatards kicked him to the curb and isolated him.

    White Mom in VA

  20. Ricky Tucker
    I'm so angry right now. When are White people going to wake up and realize we're at war? Jeffrey Babbitt is dead and his killer will spend the next thirty years still living off the taxpayers dime. We have got to grow our balls back and start planting these bastards in the back of some corn fields.

    They cannot wake up as long as they sit in front of the boob tube, bamboozled by endless games of niggaball. Dancing with the Hos, Oprah, or any of the other TWMNBN-generated programming of wall-to-wall negro worship. They cannot wake up very easily from decades of lies and indoctrination received via public edumacation, Sunday school, Church sermons, etc. The supreme irony is that nobody forces them to do this. They keep on voluntarily spending money on the endless array of shit-sandwiches which are sold – on their own, for there is no 450-lb Sheeboon DHS Officer holding a loaded machine gun to their head (yet). I cannot offer a magic bullet, there is no magical key which will suddenly cause scales to fall from eyes on a mass basis. The only way out of this is the hard way. This is not to absolve squids, TWMNBN and the willing nomenklatura of their moral responsibility – for all are clearly treasonous and genocidal, fully deserving of the harshest punishment.

  21. Charles Dickens called his book A Tale Of Two Cities. What we have now is A Tale Of Two Nations- a White nation and a Negro nation. The division is clear at street level but the split has not yet been acknowledged on the governmental level.

    Obama and Holder are representatives of the Black Nation. They do not represent all the people. It is important to acknowledge this fact. The mores, the laws of the Negro are not the mores and laws of the Whites. This is a fact that must be acknowledged.

    Thus if two Negro schools, Alabama State and Jackson State wish to make a Negro national hero of a thug like Trayvon Martin they are perfectly correct within their distinct mores to do so. But the Moral line between Negroes and Whites must be drawn, in other words, complete segregation with independence from each other. Whites have no responsibility to Negroes and Negroes have to become self supporting. No White tax dollars for Negroes, no White jobs.

    Obama is the president of the Negroes while a White president has to be elected each with his own jurisdiction. How it will sort out remains to be seen. Whites must be educated as Whites. We are at that impasse.

  22. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    see blacks explain away their dysfunction by blaming white "holding them down" when it is really their African DNA, that is also how Africans think they are being 'held down' when really they are just low IQ morons deep down they know this which is why they lash out so much even when 'asylum seekers' in a European country, funny how they are so desparate so emigrate to

  23. These "Congressional Gold Medals" are the equivalent of Participation Trophies.

    Meaningless, worthless, symbolic turds.

  24. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Obongo delivered his "War with Syria, but it's not war because Congress didn't vote to declare war, but they would have even though we didn't have the votes, but they didn't – I mean we didn't – no they, and it's not about Syria, it's about my children – not the sons I never had, though they be dead now – but the children – no wait it's about deterrence, but we wouldn't strike, but it's future deterrence, DAMN Kerry and Putin, it's about the children, oh what the hell, it's about 1963" speech today.

  25. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Indian said…

    In the last post, Asians were lambasted, I would like to point out Asians, this includes South and East Asians, make a massive contribution to American welfare in terms of services and tax dollars.

    It is unfair to say Asians are the problem, it is true we are not like white people, it is also true, we don't want to be like white people. Your culture is doomed wether you like it or not.

    I know this post goes against the grain but, I believe P.K. is an intelligent man and, will let it through.

  26. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Don't you guys understand? Whites WANT this treatment! No, not directly, of course; no one wants to be the victim of a savage ape attack. If they did, white people'd be running around the ghetto shouting "Nigger!" all the time. (Ever seen 'Kentucky Fried Movie'? LOL)

    No, they've been brainwashed to the point where they think the white race must be punished for past wrongs. A scapegoat kind of thing, you know? No one wants to actually BE the goat, but something MUST be done. Cuz slavery was BAD, etc.

  27. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    "Primary and vote out any and all sunsuvbitches who vote to authorize this war.

    September 10, 2013 at 6:00 PM"

    Dude, you are not voting your way out of this mess. This is all going down predicted lines, down the drain. Money won't last 4 years as the rate they are printing it. Amnesty (if it passes) will drive the final nail in as 30 million happily go on welfare as "citizens" while squeezing out more "Americans" on Medicaid.

  28. Why are these people getting gold medals? It's as unearned as Obama's Nobel Prize. I wonder if he will not give that Nobel Prize to Putin for helping save him from making a total fool of himself.

    How the heck did this country re-elect Obama???

    I am not white (my parents came to America from India) and I don't hate white people. I currently live in Texas and many of my friends are self-described rednecks, and they are some of the most decent people. I've also had a few black friends who are wonderful people. All that being said… how can ANYONE with ANY sense of morality think it's OK to "hate whitey"? That's just as racist as slavery, etc.

    If a black man rapes a white woman black people who are moral would speak out against that crime. Even though my parents are from India, when I read about crimes committed by Indians – I condemn those criminals. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Beating up old people, raping people, mob violence and destroying other people's property – all of that is WRONG! Don't these people have any idea of morality???

    It just makes me sick.

  29. Gibs them those new gold iphones. Got new camera that records crystal clear slow mo video capture for sucker punch and stomp videos and ultra fast LTE for instant upload to World Star.

    Seriously tho, it's all because of de turble turble legacy of de slabery.

    And the need for goot jawbs.

  30. Indian said…

    Asians are not the problem, Asians are the solution to many problems.

  31. We've taken the guns. We've blown up the housing projects. We have to do something different," says Dr. Blackshear.

    The only sure way to reach a true conclusion, is (a) start from true premises, and (b) reason logically. If you start from preposterous premises ("we are all the same"), you get preposterous conclusions ("It's the weapons they use that cause crime! No, it's the houses they live in!") So now we will think of "something different", some magical ritual, some inanimate scapegoat. And it won't help. Again. You can count on it. That, and the fact that someone will make money out of it, and you will pay.

    Anonymous said…

    GREAT satire by the Second City comic troupe sending up SWPL Whites/DWLs/Obamaton hipsters.

    I can't believe it. A collection of various mud-coloured individuals – oh, and one White guy – mock the HNIC. What's the purpose of the White guy? Why, to look stupid, of course. (Hunh, hunh… What?) Every ad has to end with the White guy looking stupid. And this is great?

    Look at that photo of the HNIC signing the resolution. Wall-to-wall niggers. Not a single human. Look at his cabinet – full of niggers. Why is that? Why, because he has the first post-racial, colour-blind administration. And White people are swallowing this crap.

    Medals used to honour people who did extraordinary things. Now, all you have to do is be black, and die. Or maybe, get killed by a White – or near-enough White man. Those four girls did nothing meritorious. The one who survived did not get a medal.

    Say, do you think America could borrow enough money for forty million gold medals? It would be worth it.

    Sorry for the disjointed post. Shouldn't comment while angry.

  32. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The time for talk is over. It is time to "organize for action" against the left-liberal hydra.

    Gentlemen (and ladies), I bring you the Million Troll March on Media Matters.

    For 24 hours we will be saying all those naughty things we "aren't allowed to say", all those ungoodthinking blasphemies against anti-racism, multiculturalism, critical theory, black liberation theology, political correctness, lesbian separatism, feminism, environmentalism and every liberal sacred cow. Join us on media matters dot org for 24 full hours of liberal butthurt.

    This is a once in a lifetime event. Do NOT miss your chance to say all the things you've been dying to say, right to the liberals' faces. Help us drop a lulzbomb on the Great Satan. Contact everyone you know and tell them to stand up for what we believe in this September 11th by putting down everything liberals believe in.

  33. Denise McNair. Addie Mae Collins. Carole Robertson. Cynthia Wesley. Sarah Collins. Nice names, nice enough to regret their deaths. But it's hard to regret the passing of a Shaniqua or a Treyvon. These people have lost whatever dignity they ever had.

  34. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    When Anon posted that Alobama marching band pic the other day, I didn't agree that it was "MUST SEE". But on second glance, I realize that every nigger is standing up. Judging by how fat they all are, in that one simple act, they probably combined to burn enough calories to light the scoreboard for the whole game. That is, if calories could be somehow transferred efficiently to the grid. I'd suggest a Matrix device, but one thing we learned from the movies, is that the Matrix will reject all blacks & spit them into the sewers. No wonder all the white people stayed in their pods.

  35. How come (see Clintons and Obamas)enter politics with not a nickel to scratch their ass with,and come out multi millioners?

  36. Is it true thta they only spelt trayvon because they could not spell NO_LIMIT_NIGGA?

  37. By stealing taxpayers money. Or in Barry's case insider trade deals with J.P. Morgan Stanley and Facebook.

  38. Make Trayvon's birthday a National Holiday.On his birthday the whites can put on sackcloth and ashes and weap for our sins against the Angelic blacks.Meanwhile the genocide of the South African whites continue.America is now a reprobate Nation.

  39. Isn't it odd that The President is shown awarding a Congressional Medal? Surely that's the job of Congress. He could issue a Presidential Medal to whomever he liked but I would think that a Congressional Medal would at least require a vote in Congress.

    Again one wonders just what Barack Obama taught in his class on the Constitution.

    BTW my series of videos is nearing completion. Stay tuned.


  40. I have thirteen grandchildren. It is getting to the point that my schizoid sentiments regarding whites is getting in my way of rational thinking. It is taking some effort now. What I mean is I am just getting too sick and disgusted with white suicidal indifference. The thought imposes itself that if it weren't for my thirteen grand-progeny and a few others I would with zealous schadenfreud consign the whole lot of American whites to the bitter end they have designed for theselves. But this is an excess of angry emotion.

    Take for example something I just learned – that the family that Zimmerman saved from a burning vehicle decided they would give him no public thanks. Yea…sometimes, and oftener and oftener some little something you read or hear so sickens you with whites that you find it psychologically unbearable. No, best not thank in the hearing of all Murcca that a declared white who has been pasted with the red R has saved you from a burning death? The cowardice here and emptiness of character is utterly staggering.

    Are whites truly waking up to their murder-in-progress? At best it is an open question, and by-the-way, I couldn't help but notice something very subtle about PK's post but you decide if I'm just too damn picayune: "Of course the bombing…was disgusting." Yes, OF COURSE – so why feel compelled to say the cosmically obvious? I recall a NY radio host years ago calling out a caller in refreshing fashion. Before the caller went through the tanic obligatories of ensuring his host and listeners that he was "not a racist" he proceeded to complain bitterly about, wait for it…blacks. After his lament, the host said "You were doing pretty good until you went through the ritiual of ensuring us all that you are not a racist – why did you feel you had to do that? The caller stammered…"I, I don't know why I felt compelled to do that.

    But you know and I know why… it is because we all are members of the great church of BRA and our religion of Anti-Racism is the most threatening, crushing, annihilating of all time, that reflexively, compulsively we must genuflect at the pew before the sevice begins.

    I do my best to stay conscious to at least not genuflect.

  41. 90210

    This site has shown me how 'net negative' groids are, worldwide.

  42. So as not to confuse: "tanic" – should be "tantric."

  43. I was surprised that the band could spell

  44. Harry,

    Glad for your post. I have previously posited the idea that the whole Liberal/Negro worship is a religion and we are rapidly headed toward a "Inquisition" like atmosphere (if we are not already at the beginning of it) where anything against the "church" doctrine is punished.

    Your comment about the family not thanking Zimmerman is a perfect illustration. Imagine your family are trapped in a burning car. A stranger pulls you and your family out. Even if it was Louis Farrakhan himself I would at least say when the camera was stuck in my face that "though we are far apart on religion and politics, Louis Farrakhan showed courage and decency in saving my family and for that I give my thanks."

    But for a religious Liberal, even that amount of simple truth and logic is too much. "This man saved my family. I at least own him acknowledgement." They literally hit him while he was down. A Christian might even say that God put that family in Zimmerman's path to help emphasize his good nature. This is why we need a White nation of our own. Yet these are the same people who get down on their knees to "apologize" to negros, send their children to hellholes to "help" indigenous peoples and the children come back shattered or fully indoctrinated. Want to see the true level of insanity (or indoctrination)? Here is a liberal professor leading liberal children "apologizing" to trees. They even reference the forest as a "Cathedral". Really: )

    This while our people are struck down in every street in the FUSA.

    Given full State power Liberals will happily send Honorable people to the camps and sleep soundly at night. This is how the Cambodians calmly slipped plastic bags over the heads of their own Countrymen (to save on bullets) for the belief in Communism and killed millions (over 1/10th of the entire Country!).

  45. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    @ September 10, 2013 at 7:25 PM

    I wrote the original post you were replying to.

    Please point out where I am "pinning my hopes" on the Chinese. Nonsense. I ultimately consider the PRC to be an enemy of the US. I said the Squids fear the Chinese on some level because they represent a large, unified, militarily capable political bloc that has not allowed a complete Wall Street takeover of their economy. Goldman, et. al. are allowed to do business in Shanghai and Beijing, on the PRC's terms. Furthermore, the Chinese aren't wracked by Holocaust-guilt and don't bow down to Israeli political interests or AIPAC style lobbyists on demand, like the US Congress does.

    I'm very well aware that the Chinese and Israelis collaborate in many respects. It is well known that Israel has sold the PRC access to US-designed military hardware. This does mean there is fundamental trust between the two parties. I am positive that on the most fundamental level, the Israeli political hierarchy detests the Saudi royals (and Saudi society in general). Yet their financial interests are deeply intertwined and they frequently collaborate on financial markets. What's your point? Are you really incapable of grasping even the simplest nuances?

    Now are you going to answer for your Tribe's detestable subversion of Western society? Who imports thousands of Somali Jihadists into the US every year? Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society. Who legislated Brown v Board on behalf of the NAACP? Jack Greenberg. Who ran the NAACP Legal Defense Fund? Daniel Rabinowitz. Who is the chairman of MALDEF? Daniel Stern. Who promoted cultural relativism in American academia? The Frankfurt School. Frank Boas. Who runs Time Warner and pushes Miley Cyrus and the false always-positive images of Blacks in American media? Aviv Nevo.

    All of this is immaterial right? Anything to turn the spotlight away from the puppet masters who unleashed the Snivel Rights movement on the US, who pushed the US into the Iraq War and who now seek to bankrupt this country.

  46. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Another victim.

    54-year old White man in Tacoma, WA was robbed and murdered by two Orcs in a parking garage.

    In what police believe was a random attack, Howse was robbed and shot dead inside the garage.

    Both robbers are described as black men in their late teens or early 20s.

    Just another RANDOM attack everyone. Pay no mind.

  47. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Be wary of anyone named DaQuan or DaQuen. This is the fourth DaQuan in the past two weeks to show up in the news for attacking or killing a non-Black.

    A sick degenerate demon named DaQuan Barned kidnapped a 60-year old woman named Yoko Cullen (appears to be Japanese/White mix) and burned her alive in the trunk of her car.

  48. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Female Swiss tourist got into an elevator with a Black male at 4:30 AM (by coincidence, mind you, they didn't know each other prior). He put her in a chokehold, dragged her into her room, beat her, and raped her, and robbed her. This took place in Miami.

    Any bets on whether this woman goes back to Switzerland and expresses pity for her rapist and decries the evil, evil raycissm that must have driven him to do this? That's the upper-class, educated White woman M.O. right? Get assaulted, raped, or robbed by a feral Negro? Must be the fault of all those damn beta male White men.

    Welcome to America. Lose your illusions.

  49. Indian at 11:36 PM: Orientals and Hindus are not THE problem, they are a related but different problem. And they are certainly not the solution to any problem America has. Do we really need gloating Indians who tell us that our culture is doomed?
    The presence of large numbers of non-White foreigners came in the wake of the Black Holiness Myth, and is an inextricable part of that myth. That we Whites are just not good enough and need a bunch of Third World refugees to make our country a better place is is the premise behind their arrival. The premise is false. They need us far more than we could ever need them. Why do you come to the White Man's country, rather than the other way around, Indian?

  50. Anonymous:
    Primary and vote out any and all sunsuvbitches who vote to authorize this war.

    I expect we're well past the stage where voting has any effect. Look at how tremendously successful those voted in to repeal Obamacare have been: it hasn't even been slowed down. All they had to do is stop funding it.

    Here's what will likely happen with Syria. The sordid collection of lying criminals and sociopaths who make up the Congress of the Banksta Banana Republick will put on a show of opposing D'Won's crusade to join the festivities in Syria as the Al-Quaeda airforce until the idiocracy (who amazingly opposes it) goes back to watching niggaball. Later on, they will quietly pass some sort if fill-in-the-blank legislation authorizing the adventure, perhaps as a rider to a road-work bill or some such nonsense. It will be like the banksta bailout of 2008, when they initially rejected it and later passed it.

    The non-existent lobby which cannot be named, who shelled out more than the aerospace-defense industry in the 2012 cycle of the "mostess important erection evaaahhh!!" just set loose 250 flying monkeys to hammer the Chamber of Incitatuses and the Ho-House. Other arms of the same non-existent lobby of the permanently powerless oppressed have promised 300 additional lobbyists to remind the congresscritters understand who provides for them and whom they are to serve above all. Contra the poster above who blames the whole push for war on Saudi influence (it;s true that the House of Saud wants Assad out), every single TWMNBN organization in the country backs the proposed war. So unless the other anon is prepared to argue that all TWMNBN groups here in Bankstaland are Saudi-owned, he's just trying to hawk the usual shit-sandwich his folks as so renowned for the world over.

    Few people understand that the so-called "free-market" is really just a massive debt-slavery racket engineered to ensure that squids always make money and that Y.T. always pays. BRA is one facet of the massive looting which is under way. Washington warned the nascent United States about "foreign entanglements" in his farewell address. Of course, it's likely been over a century since anyone was actually required to study this document in the course of their publicly-funded "edumacation". Now they get to learn of the supreme moral virtues of Sts. Martin, Mandela and Trayvon – 24 x 7 x 365, when not receiving instruction in sexual perversions of various types.

  51. all the blacks who don't kill anybody should get a Nobel Peace Prize!
    — panjoomby

  52. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The real tragedy of St. Trayvon, in the minds of his fambly and frends, is that he was not successful in his assault on his victim, like so many other "sweet babies" who didn't do nuffins.

    These ooks can barely conceal their murderous hatred with their "sweet chirren" and pleas of innocence. In their minds, their little ookins do nuffin wrong, jes be down a white, but that's not wrong.

    It's the jungle mentality. These apes think beating a white is right and losing is wrong.

  53. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Random attack is a misnomer. The only random part is the specific victim.

    Randomly chosen victim in premeditated attack.

    To say otherwise is to suggest the attack was random, as though the orcs might have chosen to give flowers or serenade, instead of killing.

    "Oh, Sambo, lets go find someone and …"

    "And what, Jamal?"

    "Let's shine his shoes, then tomorrow, we can rape a girl, then Tuesday, we help some kid solve differential equations."

  54. Excellent post from Harry in PA on the real state religion of Amurika. This phony religion has taken over most of what was once known as Christianity also – and not just in Amurika. The disease is surfacing even in Korea. Sonething the Alt-Right article's author didn't mention is that unlike Japan, Korea has seen a significant percentile of it's native populace convert to Christianity thanks to the efforts of western missionaries. Some on the WN right argue that Christianity is the root of the disease. I actually disagree with this premise, as the disease wasn't present 500 years ago, when Christianity was far stronger and more prevalent in the west. What we have is more likely a perversion of Christianity. Trouble is, all but a few holdouts like Harry and Melanie worship the perversion.

  55. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This story may delight a number of the SBPDL white only homeland types. An Illinois grandmother was abducted by three negroes, locked in the trunk of her car, after which the car was set on fire. She was of apparent Asian ancestry and was burned alive in the trunk of her car.

    The mugshots must be seen.

    Metro-East man pleads guilty to burning grandmother alive

  56. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Bogolyubski said…

    Some on the WN right argue that Christianity is the root of the disease. I actually disagree with this premise, as the disease wasn't present 500 years ago, when Christianity was far stronger and more prevalent in the west. What we have is more likely a perversion of Christianity.

    Oh, the irony. 500 years ago, Martin Luther was about to tell the Church that it was all wrong, so which version of Christianity was right? The Reformation, the Protestant, the Roman Catholic (meaning whole), or the Eastern Orthodox (the other whole?)

    Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This story may delight a number of the SBPDL white only homeland types. An Illinois grandmother was abducted by three negroes, locked in the trunk of her car, after which the car was set on fire. She was of apparent Asian ancestry and was burned alive in the trunk of her car.

    Delights no one. It would be sadistic and inhumane to burn a dog to death. Let's leave the enjoyment of cruelty to the ooks.

  57. White Separatists are NOT delighted. We wish the predations of negros on no one. That is why we wish for a separate homeland, so that we may have a place for ourselves where our grandparents can grow old without being locked in a trunk of a car and set on fire.

    Put aside your brainwashing and look at reality.

  58. Meanwhile, back at the ranch . . .

    Medical Examiner In Zimmerman Trial Sues For $100M, Claims Prosecution Threw Case

    Complete with Al "Gibsmedat" Sharpton strumming up a riot on MSNBC, this may be a long, hot, winter.

  59. Datum:  Violence against Whites, or the threat of violence, is the means by which Blacks extort benefits from Whites.

    Datum:  If the Black culture cut its internal violence, it would risk its reputation and extorted benefits.  Blacks would be asked to become TRULY equal, including supporting themselves.

    Conclusion:  Desegregation and the culture of "gibsmedat" increases intra-Black violence.

  60. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:


    Clearly females of any race should avoid elevators, enclosures with YBMs. Right?

    female Swiss tourist got into an elevator with YBM at 4:30 AM (by coincidence, mind you, they didn't know each other prior).

    He put her in a chokehold, dragged her into her room, beat her, and raped her, and robbed her. This took place in Miami.


  61. Maybe PK will let this one go through, I dunno. I don't know why he deletes some of my posts. There are other posters far more incendiary than me.

    That being said, I'm quite weary of hearing commenters defend Asians. Not only are most Asians a cruel race, they're incredibly racist.

    Nine times out of ten when Asians run business, they only hire their own. If they do hire a white man or woman, it's to be their intelligent nigger to do all the dirty work they don't want to do. OR they want a white face to show to the public that they're Amurrika.

    In Irvine, CA, almost 90% of the section HUD housing is populated by Old Ass Asians. They come to America sponsored by their kids. 5 years later the kids are suddenly broke and the Kimchee Eating Dried up Raisins Grandma and Grandma are collecting SSI (which they never contributed to), HUD section 8 housing, food stamps, free senior meals, meal on wheels and other free shit they can get their hands on.

    Most Asians are light skinned niggers. They hate whitey as much as blacks do.

    Sure a lot of Asians work hard, but they need to work hard in their own country, not the USA.

    The melting pot theory is a squid myth. The USA was only created for white Christian males that wanted a country of their own. It was meant to be a catch all for all the 3rd worlders to come here.

    Centurion – I'm with you on the white thing. Why do we have to argue to have a country of our own? It's ridiculous that we have to do this.

  62. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    10mm AUTO said…
    White Separatists … wish for a separate homeland…

    That's what I mean. There's some really smart people here who have told me that these Asians are a real problem. Most are Chinese spies and if not, then they're scamming the welfare system or taking places in schools. And then there's the Indians.

    I'm trying to learn from the people who comment at this site. I understand the blacks will kill you as soon as look at you. I stay as far away from them as possible. But then I read all about these Asians and Indians and sun tanned Australians, they're all read bad. Do we need people from just a few countries for our homeland? This is so important, since we are about to create this homeland any day now.

    I am white and I even think I have ancestors from the region around Austria. I am getting all my paper work together so I can get into this homeland with you guys. If I have kin from around Austria and Ireland and Scotland, that would be ok, right?

  63. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    And now you can get your very own authorized reproduction medal DIRECT from the US MINT! For only $39.95 you too can celebrate the birth of the Snivel Rights movement due to the deaths of these 4 black girls.

    "it wad da turrbl turrbl lebasee ob da slabry dat keeld dem chillens"

  64. Good to see you Albertosaurus…glad the writing and vids are going well. I like it when you drop by. I wish I was as well worded as a lot of the posters here. I'm too old to really care anymore. I self segregated years ago and pity those that have negro dysfunction in their lives. You get what you play for in this world. I live in a world of libtards that are nothing more than "waiting victims". I was asked why I was so filled with hate last week. I don't have time to worry about hating. My world is negro free! If it wasn't I would make it so. Life is too short to be around people you detest. I don't hate negroes, I detest their mere existence. I am pro-life when it comes to whites and pro-abortion when it comes to blacks. The more the better. I am OK with Indians (dot not arrow) but I'd rather go to India to see 'em, rather than the 7-11. Chinese, Viet Names, Koreans, et all. They stick to themselves and I could care less. But negroes, are like having a chronic boil on your ass…I think we should hand out the NAPA Medal"…to all the murderous negroes that help keep the urban streets free of "debris"…VM

  65. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The Alabama State marching band spell-out of "Trayvon" is just plain laughable, and yet SO apropos.
    It was at this same excellent bastion of higher education where young Negro scholars were recently trying to kill each other in the cafeteria:

  66. Here we go again, splintering and fragmenting into a thousand different groups each with its own philosophies and ideas and solutions.

    We've had people from different races entering this country since its inception. When did it all start to go sideways? There are many points from which to choose, but I'd say that the snivel rights era is when whites just ran out of steam. That movement was concerned first and foremost with blacks. That movement is what broke the mental strength of whites. Everyone other race which has made use of it, is merely piggybacking on that movement and taking advantage of the already broken mental state of whites. When whites controlled this country, and directed blacks to stay within the lines, the other races took their cue from that.

    Aww screw it. Excuse my language. This always, always happens. We begin, always, by focussing on the primary, immediate problem, before spinning off in a thousand different directions into esoterica, compared to the immediate problem. If we got that problem dealt with, the rest would follow like dominoes.

    Frankly, I don't think it's going to happen. I think the best we can do is to share information with like-minded whites and well-wishers from other races who also suffer from the black plague (though I wonder why some choose to come here and deal with this problem, when their own countries haven't succumbed to it yet. I'd be overjoyed to live in my own country where blacks are for the most part seen clearly and dealt with accordingly).

    We can share information, maybe here and there add to our small numbers. I just don't think that at this late date there's going to be any great epiphany by the majority of whites. Not in a country where, after his disastrous first term, the HNIC was re-elected. With white votes. ("Yeah, that'll show those rayciss, we'll stick by our guy no matter how he takes the country down"). Admitting, that the alternative wasn't any better. And I don't believe the choices are going to get any better. The more probable scenario is that they will become worse. (Just imagine how bad that will be, when they're this bad already!)

    Someone upthread seems to have the only rational response. Network with the few like-minded whites (and even other well-wishers from human races-no negro will ever have a white person's best interest at heart, not even when it would be to their own benefit-they'd always rather score off us than help themselves, probably because the latter is more difficult and they're incapable of it). Prepare to take care of yourself, your family and other loved ones, and the few trusted in your network, if any (I hope you have at least a couple of skilled people who you're close to, you're going to need especially if you have dependents).

    Folks, the media, the government, the whole propaganda machine is doubling down, not letting up. If what they've been vomittimg out up to now has done such a fine job of anesthetizing the majority, well, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

    Sorry for the doom and gloom. I just don't see this miraculous, massive sudden uprising of white people, somehow suddenly shaking the fog out of their brains, girding their loins to do battle. That's not the generations we've raised in recent decades.

    Even we whites who can see can't put differences aside long enough to achieve a primary goal-the black threat-before going on to whatever the next thing is.

    Don't count on some white uprising to save your skin, it's not happening. Blacks are only becoming more audacious in their open attacks on whites. Prison time? Ha. Just a vacation from hustling.

    If you can't save your own skin and that of your dependents, just say your prayers and kiss your bloodline goodbye. Hope your demise will be mercifully swift, unlike most of those we learn of in the alt news.

  67. Alabama State band spelling out Trayvon. This is the same excellent school where young black scholars were recently trying to kill each other in the cafeteria:

  68. To Anonymous Indian:

    So you're going to be part of the solution?

    Ummm, why don't you go be the solution in your own damn country, if you're so superior to us?

  69. Right on Annie!

    As I said on last night's thread I believe NOTHING written in government publications or in the major sources of media in the US. Everything is a big lie used to support narratives that are used to subjugate and enslave whites.

    Who invented IQ testing? Those who will not be named….Gee think the stats on IQ might be rigged?

    White people need to completely opt out of this system.

    White Mom in VA

  70. "I am white and I even think I have ancestors from the region around Austria. I am getting all my paper work together so I can get into this homeland with you guys. If I have kin from around Austria and Ireland and Scotland, that would be ok, right?"

    I think the committee is still debating the prerequisites. They'll get back to you when they arrive at a consensus.

  71. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Indian said…
    @2.31 & 2.28, I hope PK let's this through.

    I have to disagree, Indians are very hard workers and, very peaceful full people. Lets compare that to the white man who has invaded countless countries, used atom bombs to kill thousands of innocents, used chemical weapons in Vietnam, the list goes on and on.

    @VM, yes, I agree, India is a beautiful country with beautiful people

    Now do you see why America is hated around the world and, particularly white people.

    I don't hate whites or blacks, our philosophy is, everyone should try to live in peace, sadly, as everyone knows, man does not follow rules, we are all heading for our own destruction.

    Life will begin again, maybe, next time we would have learned from our mistakes but, I doubt it.

  72. Anonymous said…

    This story may delight a number of the SBPDL white only homeland types.

    What a stupid thing to say. Only a nigger would delight in such stuff.

    Obviously it doesn't delight the White homeland types. It infuriates them. But above all, I would say it vindicates them. That kind of thing would not be happening if we had a country of our own.

    Authorities allege the suspects staked out Cullen outside a Collinsville bingo hall where one of them knew she played, then stopped her from driving away. Authorities say Cullen was forced into her trunk and driven to East St. Louis, where her car was set on fire.

    Three of them. One 85-year-old woman. Known to one of them, whom she probably regarded as a friend, maybe gave money to, you know how this stuff works.

    Why did they do it? For her bingo winnings? For her car – which they promptly burned? For a ride home? Nope, they did it for one reason, and one reason only.

    It's their nature.

  73. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I'm Asian and life in Asia but been around the world because of my job.

    You could not generalize Asian countries because of its size and diversity.

    The Arab + its families who life in Middle East could be categorized as semites (white) especially the royal families with minor mixed black characteristic. They are aggressive, noisy, less educated, less honest, and lazy.
    There are more and more Arabs in my country. My condo was peaceful and quite, it's now noisy and dirty because more Arabs coming.

    The Indian and its kind who life in South Asia are having lower living standard and even darker appearances. Some of them are genius, rich, and nice. However, they could not lift the country or society standard in general. If you read the news, there are raping disease in India at the moment. Bhutan perhaps is the exception with their educated king.

    East Asian countries are the most advance ones. Most people there are nice, polite, efficient, and honest. You can try to go to Japan and try to left your wallet in Tokyo train station. Most probably, you will be contacted by police to collect it in 48 hours. Exception will be for Chinese from China mainland. They are less educated, less honest, and aggressive. Perhaps, due to high competition there.

    BTW, I read this blog because more and more black people in my city and create problems. They have not penetrate my neighborhood, but who knows?

  74. It's interesting that you would automatically assume that I'm a "member" of the Tribe. You also demand that I account for all the crimes my tribe has committed, from instigating a war that largely benefitted Shia Muslims, to some pathetic little display by some drug addictedSlut. It must be that all thirteen million our out to get you. I think you'll find that most probably want to be left alone and might even concur with Some of Your views.

  75. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    @ Melanie: i agree 100%. A man of integrity was asked where the best place to live was when things break down – he said "where people can make decisions together." that is most important. & it's hard enough with people of the same race. it's much harder the more "diverse" things get.

  76. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    At the end of the article you brought up the issue of presidential pardons, it will be very interesting to find out what dreggs of society Obama releases on the nation. His compadres from the weather undergrounds armed car robbery comes to mind. A crime that I believe cost three officers their lives.Presidential pardons are a dirty bussiness that in Obamas case im sure the main stream media will keep a tight lid on it.

    Mich Mike

  77. 10mm AUTO (September 11, 2013 at 9:34 AM):

    "This while our people are struck down in every street in the FUSA."

    Every street in the municipality of Fusa?

  78. Anonymous (September 11, 2013 at 11:08 AM):

    "all the blacks who don't kill anybody should get a Nobel Peace Prize!"

    Rather "do" than "don't"; provided they only kill non-Whites.

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