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Erasing White America in One Easy Step: Ben Franklin Park In Tacoma, Washington Renamed for Black Sen. Rosa Franklin 
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We call this the blueprint for erasing the history of White America throughout the USA. [Metro Parks renames park to honor Tacoma Sen. Rosa Franklin, ousting a founding father, The News Tribune, February 23, 2021]:

Ben Franklin is out. Sen. Rosa Franklin is in.

On Monday, Metro Parks Tacoma continued the trend of local institutions rightfully reexamining the names we’ve bestowed on important places, and — in the process — took a small step toward better reflecting the city it serves.

Since the 1930s, the roughly 20-acre park in Central Tacoma at 1201 S. Puget Sound Ave. — between South 12th and South 16th streets — has been named in honor of Ben Franklin, the portly kite flier and founding father. It was an homage contrived largely out of proximity, given the nearby elementary school that bears the same name.

Now, a unanimous vote by the Metro Parks’ Board of Commissioners has changed that.

In a decision that board chair Erik Hanberg jokingly described to The News Tribune as “pulling a King County,” Metro Parks officially renamed the park in honor of Tacoma’s Rosa Franklin, a former nurse and longtime parks supporter who became the first African American woman to serve in the state Senate.

At Monday night’s meeting, Franklin, 93, described the park renaming as an unexpected honor.

“Are you sure?” Franklin recalled asking when she heard the news.

“I used to live in that district. My two kids … went to Franklin Elementary, so you know that was a long time ago,” Franklin said. “I’m so appreciative.”

According to Debbie Terwilleger, Metro Parks’ director of business, administration and planning, the proposal met Metro Parks’ criteria for consideration. She said park staff spent roughly a month researching the idea and, ultimately, preparing recommendation in favor. During a public commend period Monday night, no one spoke in opposition to the move.

The transition won’t be expensive. Terwilleger said, though a final cost estimate is not yet available. Re-branding the park will require a new sign to be made, and interpretive features highlighting Sen. Franklin’s legacy are also planned. The interpretive signage is expected to cost roughly $5,000, she said.

According to Metro Parks board commissioner Aaron Pointer, who is Black, whatever the cost, it’s well worth it.

Renaming Franklin Park in honor of Rosa Franklin carries significant meaning, both symbolic and practical, Pointer said, particularly during Black History Month.

Prior to t he renaming of what’s now Judge Jack Tanner Park along the Tacoma waterfront in 2019, Pointer noted, Tacoma didn’t have a single park named after an African American.

Now, it will have two, hopefully with more to come.

That matters, Pointer said. Not only will it provide a concrete example of the work Metro Parks has done to improve equity, inclusion and diversity, but it will serve as an example to Tacoma residents — young and old — of the important role Black Tacoma residents have played in the city’s history.


“I really believe that it means a lot to people — and to kids — to see people who look like them represented in the names of parks and schools and other facilities,” Pointer said. “It gives people inspiration. To some, it might not mean a lot. But to others, it can mean a sense of belonging, and that the city recognizes that our people are a part of the city, and not just something that is disregarded.”

Hanberg, who was one of the first Metro Parks commissioners to discuss the possible name change, said the decision isn’t meant to disrespect or diminish Benjamin Franklin’s impact.

Rather, he said, the idea is to honor a woman of color who spent much of her life living in Tacoma and working to make the city a better place.

Since the decision will require little more than a sign change and residents won’t have to learn a new name for the park, Hanberg described the move as an obvious “win-win.”

“In this case, there was an opportunity to take a name from someone who had not been from Tacoma and had died long before the city was founded and replace it with an icon who is also a woman of color,” Hanberg said. “I don’t think (Ben Franklin) loses anything by having Tacoma change the name … to someone who is actually connected to our city and has done great things for our city.”

The Great Replacement is happening so quickly and swiftly, so few dare comment or stand to confront the changes.

But to make the changes cost effective, all you need for the equation is to replace a white person honored via a park or street or school, with a black person of the same surname.

Viola… the Great Replacement becomes permanent!

Rinse and repeat.

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  1. Augustus says:

    This is typical of black people. They can’t create anything new for themselves or on their own, and just takeover what white people create and build. Then the left complains about “cultural appropriation” by white people.

    Seems black people are the leeches of the world. They’ve been in custodial care since they were brought to this continent. 1000 years from now, some other group will still be taking care of this parasitic race. Like I always say, they are a failed sub-species.

  2. “no one spoke in opposition to the move.” Damn right no honkey did because they would doxxed out of existence. No balls. Whites are just weak cucks now.
    But this is the best part.
    “I really believe that it means a lot to people — and to kids — to see people who look like them represented in the names of parks and schools and other facilities,” Pointer said. “It gives people inspiration. To some, it might not mean a lot. But to others, it can mean a sense of belonging,”

    Do people even realize what they just said as they erase the very peoples , “WHITE”, that built it all . Oh, it’s only ok to ERASE White people and anyone that looks like them. So White people won’ have a sense of belonging. Got it. Next!

    • Agree: DMZABO
  3. My wife and I moved to Federal Way, WA, in the fall of 1989 … it’s just across Commencement Bay and a tad east from Tacoma.

    We had lived in LA before the move — I’d been there since ’75, plus 2 years in the mid-’60s.

    When we went into Tacoma soon after our move to WA, we noticed signs posted on the phone poles and the lamp posts telling all of the Bloods and Crips who’d moved into the Hilltop area of Tacoma to just pack it up and go back to LA — or risk being either incarcerated or being shot in the commission of their criminal behavior.

    The local newspapers in Seattle and Tacoma even carried a story or two about how the Pierce County Sheriff (encompasses Tacoma and environs) had sent letters to the LAPD and to the LA County Sheriff’s Department telling them to keep the Bloods and Crips at home or risk having them either imprisoned or returned home in body bags.

    The proximity of the Army and Air Force bases at that time didn’t help matters … a lot of Blacks were stationed there and there were always reports of gang incidents and such within the ranks.

    Personally, all of this saddens me — during the years I lived in LA, my partner and I had a really good construction framing company going — until he got one too many DUIs — and almost our entire crew were Blacks from either the Valley or from South Central/Watts area. They were the best damned carpenters and workers I ever saw … and we paid them accordingly (our lead carpenters were paid more than $2,000 a week at piecework rates in the early-’80s — that’s how good they were). We worked side by side with them — we relied on their input in all of the projects we did — we even socialized with them after hours whenever possible.

    It’s too bad things seem to have gone to shit in the Black culture — because it was truly an honor to work with those fine old men (some in their early-’60s and still hammering all day long) and their sons who were also in the trades.

    The Hilltop area was a nasty-assed place … lots of major gang warfare over the drug trade and the prostitution trade …

  4. Franz says:

    “I really believe that it means a lot to people — and to kids — to see people who look like them represented in the names of parks and schools and other facilities.”

    As the late Sam Francis pointed out, This is why people should have their own countries.

    True then, true now. Till we get working on separation, we’re just treading water.

  5. Dummies. Franklin was one of the greatest minds in history. A list and examination of his accomplishments would take two weeks to elaborate on.

    • Agree: nokangaroos
  6. In a nearby part of the world, just across the Canadian border in Vancouver, we have:

    The unasked question here is- had this female professor turned out to be part-Native American (or First Nation’s as my Canadian mates have admonished me)- would her conduct have been rewarded, not punished?

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  7. Becky21k says:

    Is not Rosa Franklin’s name itself taken from Ben?

    I sense a great irony here.

  8. I don’t think (Ben Franklin) loses anything by having Tacoma change the name … to someone who is actually connected to our city and has done great things for our city.”

    It be too ‘spensive to bill a whole other stachoo someway else. Plus we gets to keep deh “Franklin,” dat shit already dere so the work be half done a’wreddy!

    We no longer have anything in common with communist blue states, nor the evil, leviathan federal mafia. The faster we secede the sooner we can protect Red state borders.

    • Agree: DMZABO
  9. Whatever else, Ms. Franklin seemed pretty alert at age 93.

    “Are you sure?” Franklin recalled asking when she heard the news.

    You get the idea she was thinking, “Don’t you people have something better to do?”

    • LOL: Joe Magarac
  10. Say, Mr. Kersey, make sure your readers didn’t miss hearing about the Oklahoma cannibal.

  11. Looked it up, roughly 12 pct boo-head in 2010. I’m guessing this school and park are in the hood. Let them have it. None of the shitbirds that use the park will even notice. The downfall of this country continues at a rapid pace.

    • Agree: DMZABO
  12. loren says:

    how many blacks live in tacoma?

  13. Anon[131] • Disclaimer says:

    Franklin was smarter and more important.

  14. I just looked up the park and did a Google street view. At first, it looked innocent enough. Almost blue-collar, with some modest houses, pickup trucks, a boat, etc. But then, I looked a little further. I think this says it all…,-122.4821628,3a,75y,92.14h,67.17t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sbkfV3mz0JJt2GPHarUjeHg!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

  15. anon[358] • Disclaimer says:

    The next step is all teed up. Change the name of the state from Washington State to Washington Carver State. Peanut butter on apples.

  16. Anonymous[202] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    dindus want something sucked, licked, or kissed – use yo own lips mofos

  17. This is more typical of Pacific northwest libs than it is of bl*cks. It’s been over a decade since King County, Wash. was retroactively renamed for the Looter King (previously for William R. King). That is the county which contains Seattle.

    In 1852, the Oregon Territorial Legislature named King County for him. King County became part of Washington Territory when it was created the following year. In 1985 the King County government amended its designation and its logo to honor instead the late national Civil Rights Movement leader, Martin Luther King Jr. (no relation), (1929–1968). The change was made official April 19, 2005, when Governor Christine Gregoire signed into law Senate Bill 5332, effective July 24, 2005.

  18. Public parks, like public schools, public housing, public transportation, etc are a catastrophe.

    I stopped taking my small kids to the park due to it being littered with used drug needles (and dog feces).

    Later, I stopped taking them for strolls on public sidewalks due to the unevenness of the concrete (when it wasn’t broken up altogether).

    Then I stopped using the public ball fields for fielding practice due to all the ruts in the dirt. Every ground ball took a bad hop (sometimes into their mouths). I also didn’t like us getting booted by the rude, aggressive, adult softball leaguers: “We’ve got the field!”

    On and on.

  19. @anthony aaron

    …Blacks from either the Valley or from South Central/Watts area. They were the best damned carpenters and workers I ever saw…

    Did you happen to post this somewhere before? It has a familiar ring to it.
    Granted, I’ve seen good black workers as well, but that has always been the exception – one here, one there; mostly no-go.
    Not to question your experience, but it seems well above what one can usually expect from these folks.

    • Agree: Father O'Hara
    • Replies: @anthony aaron
  20. The parks are always filthy. The graffiti-covered bathrooms (the plumbing is usually broken) make the parks surrounding them look immaculate by comparison.

    At night, the parks are a hangout for juvenile delinquent druggies, adult predator-thugs, and cruisers. Public health hazards.

    Taxes, proceeds from bond sales, quarters from the parking meters nearby, etc. that are supposed to go towards upkeep are used to pay for the inflated pensions of lazy parks-&-rec guys who retired twenty years ago.

    Nobody cares.

    But, boy! Some taxpayers sure do get upset when activists try to rename parks in honor of left-wing heroes.

  21. Anon[345] • Disclaimer says:

    why not simply eliminate the name Franklin entirely and rename it as Rosa Park.

    • Agree: loren
  22. @Oil 'n Water

    Oil ‘n Water …

    Yes, I’ve mentioned this before — not sure if here or elsewhere — but I stand by what I said about our crew.

    Thanks for paying attention … I’m absolutely enjoying this beautiful day we’ve got today — sunny — DRY — supposed to hit 50º … just GLORIOUS.

    • Thanks: Oil 'n Water
    • Replies: @WSG
  23. DMZABO says:

    And it continues without a fight!

  24. Rooster11 says:

    Maybe they can just throw a wig on the statue of Ben in the park, and smash his nose with a hammer to widen it a bit and call it Rosa!

    I’m not really sure why they’re concerned with costs, as the massive 1.9 Trillion dollar bill grinds near; bailing out every defunct blue city from coast to coast to coast. There’s 170 Billion! set aside for school reopening plans… can’t teachers send out an email and say kids can come back? Imagine the grifting and black holes the billions will go into, my god.

  25. Angharad says:

    No. ONLY Whitey is stupid enough to put up with Negroes.

  26. OT

    As we come away from another Black History Month I will post some random facts you are not likely to read in the Washington Post. (I used to work for the Washington Post)

    Blacks have about double the incidence the 3R version of MAOA as whites. But bad as the 3R version is in causing violence and aggression, the rarer and much more serious 2R version is 13.5 times more common among blacks. White Americans have less than one percent of this genetic defect. About the same as that of East Asians. It is a gene configuration that is essentially only is seen in Africans, New Guinea natives and the Maori.

    Presumably MAOA repeats have accumulated in the human genome over time – these people became more peaceable, less impulsive and more suited to civilization. Whites and East Asians have almost no one in their populations with these low repeat counts. They seem to all have the higher counts of repeats that mean they deactivate the neurotransmitters in the brain synapses more quickly. This is probably why modern man is so much more peaceable and more controlled than earlier versions of our species were.

    Low repeat MAOA also makes for more impulsiveness and other anti-social behaviors. The credit card industry has published a recent paper on MAOA and failure to pay on time. MAOA low repeat people are bad credit risks. And so are blacks – not a coincidence.

    Another reason for African’s greater rates of impulsive violence also has a genetic cause but a different mechanism. The sweet natured liberals like to assure the public who fear that the crazies in the streets – that schizophrenics are not necessarily violent. But that’s at least a partial lie. Those diagnosed as schizophrenic are twice as likely to commit a violent offense as a normal person.

    You probably knew that, but you probably didn’t realize that the incidence of schizophrenia among black Americans is three times that of whites or East Asians. That fact is not in much dispute but it is hidden by the media.

    The criminality of blacks doesn’t come from enduring nasty racial taunts. I have heard white men call blacks the “N” word – but never in real life, only in movies. Africans are the violent race- the criminal race.

    • Thanks: Raccoon
  27. @PO'd in PG County

    LOL! NOT only the Hooptie, but the obese, disabled black in the picture. Blacks have no respect for anything, including themselves. As usual, our tax dollars at work!

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  28. WSG says:
    @anthony aaron

    You can stand by whatever you want, but your story defies belief to anyone who has actually lived or worked around them. Do leprechauns regularly shit out pots of gold in your neck of the woods?

  29. pandering to Blacks will emboldem them even more .Time to become sensible for white americans or the show is over !

  30. WJ says:

    Tulsa did this with a street named after some mythical bigot – Brady . They found a black person with the same surname and instead of W. Brady it was M. Brady street or something like that. It didn’t satisfy the mob so they renamed it to Reconciliation Way. This is a city trying build their cred with relentless rehashing of what used to be called the Tulsa Race Riot, until some in power demanded it be re-named the Tulsa Race Massacre. Call it a race riot and they look at you like a leper in the pc community there. One of the reasons I left.

    • Replies: @Curle
  31. @Augustus

    When will people come to this reality….

  32. So, let me get this straight. The city is re-naming the park Franklin Park, instead of it’s former name, Franklin Park?
    What’s different, especially in the signage?,-122.4822496,3a,75y,87.19h,85.03t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s0pB1YW-VXi8uTYubS4EeEA!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

    Butt hurt everybody. I am against this cancel-culture bee ess, but pick your squabbles or you become controlled opposition.

  33. turtle says:
    @anthony aaron

    our lead carpenters were paid more than $2,000 a week at piecework rates in the early-’80s

    Those were the days, weren’t they?
    I guess 1982 was my best year as a piece worker.
    I remember it quite well.
    Now I’m curious…
    What company did you say you owned?
    Where did you do most of your work?
    What type of projects?
    Union, or not?

    1453 was my local.

  34. “ Tacoma” elicits visions of a pickup truck, like the two I have owned. Toyota Tacoma.

    Alert! Alert!
    Tacoma Washington needs to change its official name.

  35. loren says:


  36. loren says:

    US Soccer Accuses Combat Vet, Paralympian of ‘Racist’ Comments’ After Speaking Out Against Anthem Kneeling

  37. @Augustus

    1000 years from now, some other group will still be taking care of this parasitic race.

    Not if the Chinese have anything to say about it; they know what’s what.

    Like I always say, they are a failed sub-species.

    The sub-Saharans are genetically different enough to qualify as a full separate species.

    • Replies: @Raccoon
  38. On the subject of public responsibility with limited taxpayer dollars…

    I would pay four wooden nickels to learn how many “non-essential” Military Equal Opportunity positions magically don’t disappear during this 15% Marine Corps Headquarters reduction.

  39. Sink says:

    America was great while it lasted. I feel sorry for our children and grand children.?
    Apologies to the founding fathers for letting our country die.?

  40. loren says:

    A convicted Nigerian criminal successfully evaded deportation from the UK after claiming that he is bisexual just hours before he was set to be kicked out of the country.

    The unnamed man was convicted of fraud in 2015 and was sentenced to five and a half years in prison after arriving in the country as a student in 2006.

  41. loren says:


  42. @PO'd in PG County

    Makes me think about Chilhowee Park that’s not too far away from my house. Over the decades, the area became “vibrant.” The park installed public restrooms and, as one of the security guards told me, once that was done, they had to spend time patrolling the restrooms daily to kick out the “vibrant” prostitutes and their customers. Driving by, you wouldn’t think there was anything bad going on or even think something bad about the area. You’d be mistaken.

    Not too far down the road from there is Chipman Street where the Knoxville Horror took place- about a 1.9 miles from the park.

  43. Piglet says:

    OT: The police chief for the SF area transit system wants to make his police force “the most progressive police department in America.”

    BART’s top cop lays out reform plans

    Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Police Chief Ed Alvarez recently laid out his plans for transforming the San Francisco Bay Area’s police department into a “progressive” transit security force. “I want to build the most progressive police department in America,” Alvarez said in the article published on BART’s website.

    I’m sure this will take care of the rampant crime and the huge mobs of urban yoofs who swarm onto trains, beat and rob passengers, and run away at the next station, and then BART won’t release surveillance footage from the station cameras because that would be perpetuating stereotypes, unfair to disadvantaged POCs, etc.

    I’ll never step foot in that city again, much less ride on BART.

  44. Bite Moi says:

    Augustus——-Black people need more than an occasional park name or MLK street.Black people should have their own continent where they could all be happy.

    • Agree: Trevor
  45. Bite Moi says:
    @Former Liberal

    Former Liberal—–I am an RN. Any nurse will tell you that blacks are different.Whether dealing with an accident,heart attack,or what ever, the first question is not “Did i have a heart attack? Am i going to lose my leg?” It’s always,”What chu gots to eat?. I’m hongry.”

    • LOL: Lancelot_Link
    • Replies: @Female in FL
  46. loren says:

    was ‘dr’ suess…aka giessel jewish?

  47. Raccoon says:
    @Mr. Rational

    Agreed, Mr Rational!

    However, I think that the illegal aliens/undocumented immigrants/ future Democrat voters will not be too happy about supporting the parasites, and will just remove them with extreme prejudice if they get the slightest bit uppity…

  48. @Rooster11

    In Tennessee, Memphis and Nashville school districts are in the sixth year of a lawsuit against the state. Their claim is that the crooked politicians are inadequately funding public education.

    “Inadequate”, huh? Though it’s the legislature’s job to to decide what spending figure is “just right”, the case is still being heard by a (currently in recusal) lawyer-judge in an official state court.

    My understanding is that the judge could ultimately order the legislature to increase funding.


    The government suing itself. Public education. Great news for lawyers.


    By the way, why do we always hear charges that schools are “underfunded”? Indeed, the schools are way OVERFUNDED.

    So long as a lawyer-judge is permitted to play lawmaker, TN taxpayers should sue the state with the valid, opposite claim and seek, as redress, a court order to cut property taxes by 50%.

  49. Curle says:

    “One of the reasons I left.”

    Where did you go if you thought Tulsa was bad? BTW- there’s one of those communities in every city. Gotta learn to ignore them or learn to enjoy pissing them off.

  50. RodW says:

    It’s ‘voila’, which means ‘Look at that wouldya’ in French.

    A viola is an inferior sort of violin.

    Let’s mind our own culture at least.

    • Thanks: AnalogMan
  51. @Bite Moi

    The visitors are just as bad. My sister was in the hospital on her death bed. As I passed the waiting room, it was filled with negroes and Puerto Rican’s. They weren’t concerned about their “loved ones,”. They wanted to know why the free coffee and donuts were so late that morning. Obviously, this was a routine visit for that bunch. Happened in Allentown PA on Hamilton St, but I’ll go out on a limb and say this occurs in a majority of cities, small, medium or large.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
    , @loren
  52. Pirate999 says:

    We can all thank our way way overpaid graft taking police and Americs’s trillion dollar military for forcing everybody at gun point to accept this crap and the big election fraud and the Covid hoax or else.

    • Agree: General Ripper
  53. Bite Moi says:
    @Female in FL

    Female in FL———-the only benefit of the Covid-19 hoax,was the hospitals restricting visitors.Black visitors acted like we were running a restaraunt instead of a hospital.10 of them would be calling out food requests.When i informed them,”We don’t feed visitors.” it wasn’t well received. Fortunately,i am known for my insensitivity.

  54. loren says:
    @Bite Moi

    What no free grub for visitors?

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  55. loren says:
    @Female in FL

    that is so funny. gibs me dat, nurse. fast.

  56. @Bite Moi

    My ex was an ICU nurse and had many similar stories about blacks treating the hospital room like a hotel party, demanding extra food, and treating the staff like a waiter/waitress at a restaurant, having 10+ people showing up & hanging out all day. She used to tell them off all the time and not put up with their BS. She was also a dyed in the wool liberal, even after putting up with that crap on a regular basis and complaining to me about it though. So there’s that.

    • Replies: @AR in Illinois
    , @Bite Moi
  57. @Sick 'n Tired

    Sounds like a perfect case of “good riddance”!!!

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  58. Bite Moi says:
    @Sick 'n Tired

    Sick ‘n Tired——-Perhaps your liberal ex thought the black patient’s and visitors she dealt with didn’t represent the race. After all,there are those attractive,intelligent,accomplished blacks on TV.

    • LOL: WSG
  59. Bite Moi says:

    loren——–One obese black woman routinely shows up at our emergency dept complaining of “severe headaches” She always arrives by “amberlamps” for her weekly visit. She doesn’t want an iv.Doesn’t want want any lab work. Doesn’t need a ct or mri. Needs her lortabs and a steak sammich.

  60. AndrewR says:
    @General Ripper

    Even if she’s actually Mi’ckMack, as she claims, and not just a hick quack, that tribe is literally from the very east of Canada. In other words, she would be a “colonizer” even if she were 100% “indigenous.”

  61. TheOverSeer says: • Website

    What I do and my friends is we refuse to recognize the new black name and always refer to it when speaking by the old name. Fuck em’

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