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During Ceasefire Weekend in 75% Black Baltimore, 10 Black People Murdered by Other Blacks, Stressing the Claim 'Black Lives Matter'
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“Nobody Kill Anybody,” was the plea. Black Lives Matter is the mantra, after all…

It was a Ceasefire Weekend in 75% black Baltimore, a city that has lost 27,000 residents since 2010. Basically, black leaders pleaded with black people not to kill one another.

Those pleas to remember Black Lives Matter didn’t work. Ten black people lost their lives courtesy of other blacks during the “Ceasefire Weekend.”[Murders, Shootings Up as Baltimore Grapples to Contain Violence, FOX Baltimore, May 9, 2021]:

The relentless pace of shootings in the city outpacing last year’s violence.

Murders are up 14% and non-fatal shootings up 8% according to the latest numbers from Baltimore police.

So what will it take to stop the violence?

This weekend was a Ceasefire Weekend in Baltimore City. Unfortunately it did not cease city violence.

This call for peace coming after an especially violent few days.

The latest numbers released by police are from last Saturday showing 100 murders this year and 196 non-fatal shootings.

Since last Saturday though, 10 more people have been killed in Baltimore.

110 people are dead just in the first five months of the year.

“It’s not the case that we can just stop the crime problem by going away from policing. We’ve been doing that for 10 years and it’s just not working,” says Stephen Walters, the chief economist with the Maryland Public Policy Institute.

He says Baltimore City’s elected leaders have reduced the number of officers under the last several city mayors.

“We are spreading our resources way too thin,” he says. “We don’t have enough police. We are not deploying them in the proper way.”

He thinks that city state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby’s move toward progressive prosecution by not prosecuting lower level crimes like prostitution, drug distribution and trespassing will make crime worse.

“We’re walking away from what should be widely understood as a successful strategy of community policing. What in the New York Bronx became known as Broken Windows policing. Small signs of disorder lead to larger disorders,” he says.

University of Maryland sociologist Dr. Rashawn Ray says the Broken Windows policing theory has been proven not to work.

He says providing services rather than prosecuting can better the community as a whole.

Fox45 spoke with him in March about the effect Mosby’s new policies could have on juvenile justice.

“It’s addressing class and race disparities. It’s also helping to give people another opportunity,” Dr. Ray said. “Part of what the state’s attorney is trying to do is to weed that off before juveniles even get into that system and help them get in diversion programs. It still doesn’t mean they won’t be part of the system in some way, but it will really be aiming toward rehabilitation rather than conviction and prison.”

As Baltimore struggles to contain city violence, the city’s policing and prosecuting remain under scrutiny as lives are literally on the line.

The less likely the black city state’s attorney office is to prosecute crime, the more likely black criminals prey on black people in 75 percent black Baltimore.

But Black Lives Matter, right?

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  1. We need Paul Kersey to speak the truth. Then we need media, politicans, schools to permit, allow, promote, praise the truth.
    We must allow to openly and honestly apply logic and scientific testing to find the truth, even if “racist” and counter-narrative.
    As long as lies pervade, and are promoted by courts, the US president, and schools, the world will go downhill, unnecessarily

    • Agree: NY Girl
    • Replies: @SMK
  2. The cop budget is stretched thin because much of it gets diverted to cover the pension checks of city cops who retired — many even before its youngest taxpayers were born.

  3. Polistra says:

    “Nobody Kill Anybody,” was the plea.

    Yo problem right dere white boy. Spost ta be “Nobody Kill Nobody”

    [We would also have accepted “Nobody Kill Nobodys” and “Nobody Kill Nothin”]

    • LOL: NY Girl
  4. Did anybody — even or especially African Americans — really believe this so called cease fire would work? Even among the local preachers who organized it, I would say mostly just a pious hope.

    After all, a cease fire is an agreement between warring sides.

    This is not the race war with distinct sides in which the Bl*ck Live Matter organization is a corporate funded private militia.

    This is the war of all against all within the African American community.
    It is Typical African American Behavior (TAAB) in the DNA.

  5. Nobody that matters cares how many people in Baltimore (or Philly, or Portland, or…) get killed, by who, or why. The only people who care don’t matter. The people in these places either participate in the carnage or put up with it. Good luck to them, I guess, but I don’t pretend to care. And I don’t matter.

    We are getting closer and closer to the end of the line.

  6. RickTen99 says:

    The restorative justice prosecutors in Baltimore, Chicago, St Louis, LA and other cities failing to prosecute POC for criminal acts are just feeding the criminals more reasons to be a criminal. Shoplift, no repercussions, burglarize, no repercussions, strong arm somebody, no repercussions. It entitles the criminal to commit more crimes, become more violent and worry less and less about being held accountable. Crime rates rise but usually, thankfully the violence like shootings and murders trends back to their own neighborhoods. A dead negro dont count for anything as far as I’m concerned.

  7. Unit472 says:

    Baltimore has 700 cops. 500 fewer than before the Freddie Gray riots and the failed murder prosecutions of the cops who arrested the worthless drug addict..

    Baltimore can’t afford to provide more “services” to its worthless parasite population. It can’t even provide ap public school system worthy of the name. If Baltimore wants to reduce the murders it has to get rid of shooters either by letting the remaining cops kill them or by putting them in prisons until they are old men.

    • Agree: SCuba Steve
  8. Bodymore, Murdaland! And in another neighbor gone wrong story we bring you a black rampage killer whose rage filled black body went nuts!

    Police: Maryland man killed 3 neighbors, set house ablaze

    May 9, 2021

    WOODLAWN, Md. (AP) — A Maryland man who neighbors said had a long history of aggression went on a rampage over the weekend, shooting or stabbing three people to death and setting his home on fire before responding officers fatally shot him, police said Sunday.

    A news release from the Baltimore County Police Department identified the victims and offered the clearest picture so far of what the department said unfolded on a residential street in suburban Baltimore early Saturday morning.

    According to police, a preliminary investigation indicates 56-year-old Everton Brown forced his way into a neighboring house, where he stabbed and shot Ismael Quintanilla, 41.

    As Sara Alacote, 37, ran from that home in an attempt to escape, Brown chased her outside, fatally shooting her several times, the news release said. When two neighbors emerged from their home, Brown shot them as well, according to police.

    One of those two, 24-year-old Sagar Ghimire, was later pronounced dead, the news release said. The other gunshot victim, who was not identified, is recovering from his injuries.

    At some point during the course of events, Brown also set fire to his residence, police said. The scene was a charred mess — a fire official said Saturday that the building where the fire started, as well as one adjacent to it, collapsed and a third dwelling was heavily damaged.

    Police received numerous calls reporting both the fire and an active shooter. Responding officers who were wearing body cameras encountered Brown in the parking lot, police said.

    Four fired shots at him until they were able to take him into custody, according to the news release. He was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

    Investigators later found several homemade explosive devices in one of Brown’s two vehicles, police said. They also recovered a handgun and large knife.

    Police have not provided a motive or details about what preceded the attack. They said Sunday they were still conducting interviews and processing the scene.

    Gail Watts, a longtime resident of the neighborhood who said she witnessed the attack unfolding, told The Associated Press on Saturday that many in the neighborhood thought Brown was mentally ill. She said he was aggressive toward women and often accused neighbors of surveilling him.

    Other neighbors who spoke with the Baltimore Sun, which had written about Brown in 2008, described similar threatening, erratic behavior.

    Detola Laditan, whose parents have lived nearby since 2005, told the newspaper Brown had been “terrorizing the residents on the street” as long as they’ve lived there.

    “Everybody knew something was going to happen,” Laditan said. “Everybody lived in fear.”

    Brown unsuccessfully sued the Department of Justice in federal court in 2012, the newspaper reported, alleging the agency had been running surveillance on him for more than five years and had unlawfully denied a public records request seeking records of said surveillance.

    A judge dismissed the lawsuit, writing in his decision that “Brown’s videos of purported aerial surveillance by the FBI generally show only stars or other celestial bodies,” the newspaper reported.

    • Thanks: Raccoon
    • Replies: @magila
    , @Lancelot_Link

    ‘I was still smoking:’ Man speaks after wife allegedly lit him on fire

    by TONYA BROWN, WPDE Staff

    Thursday, April 22nd 2021

    FLORENCE COUNTY, S.C. (WPDE) — Rashad Brown is being treated for burns on more than 58% of his body after deputies said his wife sprayed gas on him, then lit him on fire.

    “I’m still in pain now. Most of my back is gone. My arms are messed up. I can’t move my right hand, my fingers or nothing. My legs are both burned. It hurts to move, period. I am walking with a walker. I have to take therapy just to walk, and move my fingers and stuff,” said Brown.

    Adrian Patrice Cain, 38, of Florence, South Carolina is charged with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, according to deputies. Cain is out of jail on bond.

    Brown suffered burns to his legs, back, left side and arms. He said he’ll need a second surgery later this week.

    An incident report said the incident happened this past Saturday at a gas station in Florence County.

    The report said the couple had been arguing before the incident.

    Brown said he snatched his wife’s cell phone from her, and that’s when things took a turn for the worst.

    “I stuck my nozzle in the truck. And went on her side to go try to talk to her. But she still was on the phone. So, I took the phone out of her hand. She took her nozzle out of the gas, out of her car and poured it on me and on the truck. And she was like, ‘Either give me the phone or I am going to set you on fire!’ And I was like, ‘Man, you ain’t crazy enough to do that.’ And before I could finish the words, she had done struck the lighter,” said Brown.

    He said within seconds he was on fire.

    “I am steady running, trying to get my shirt off. Because my shirt was the first thing that flashed up in my face. That’s how I got a little burn mark on my nose. So I’m trying to get the shirt off, but my pants is burning, now two finger, so I’m trying to pull everything off at one time. Still yelling, like, ‘Oh my God! Oh my God!’ I’m rolling around in the grass. And then I noticed the ditch when I couldn’t get my shoes off. So I just rolled toward the ditch and jumped in the ditch,” explained Brown.

    He said a woman and her husband saw him in the ditch rolling around in the water and tried to help him until paramedics arrived.

    A man who works at the store said he called 911.

    The incident report says Cain told deputies,” I set a man on fire.”

    The report also says, “Ms. Cain stated that while she was trying to pump gas, Mr. Brown was yelling at her and tried to take her purse and acted as if was going to hit her. Ms. Cain advised she took the gas nozzle and sprayed Mr. Brown with gas and then took a lighter and set him on fire. Ms. Cain stated that she didn’t mean to hurt Mr. Brown as bad as she did.”

    Brown said he initially told deputies on scene that it was an accident, but he’s since had a change of heart.

    “I want the charge to be upgraded to attempted murder. She needs to suffer just like I am suffering. I hope I get the justice I’m supposed to get.”

    Brown said he plans to talk with the Florence County Sheriff’s Office victim’s advocate about the charges being upgraded.

    WPDE reached out to the Florence County Sheriff’s Office for a comment on Cain’s charge.

    A spokesperson for the department said, “We will not comment on pending charges. The investigation is ongoing.”

    Cain has been released from the Florence County Detention Center on a $10,000 bond.

    WPDE also reached out to court officials to learn if Cain has an attorney for comment

    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @animalogic
  10. Might as well have just reprinted the same story from last year, and the year before that about “Nobody Kill Nobody” weekend. They’re identical.

    • Agree: Raccoon
  11. Could they at least agree to use silencers this Saturday, so as not to disturb the ponies?

    • LOL: Lancelot_Link
  12. University of Maryland sociologist Dr. Rashawn Ray

    A dindu says that the other dindus dindu nuffins, it’s all someone else’s fault.


    • LOL: NY Girl
  13. “110 people are dead in just the first five months of the year.”

    Come on, man! It’s just been 4 months and ten days as of today! You can’t count the month of May until after the upcoming mayhem of the Memorial Day weekend (and all the days between now and then) are added to the murder stats! You’re going to make the homies look lazy and under-performing! How dare you!

    • LOL: Raccoon
  14. Anon[310] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Somebody needs to tell that author to try this experiment: load hi boyfriend in the car and drive to the black part of town at night. Park his car and go for a walk with his boyfriend. He will learn very quickly what blacks think of whites if he even made it out alive.

    • Agree: Lancelot_Link
    • LOL: NY Girl
  15. m. says:

    no matter what a dindu duz, not its fault

  16. CDebussey says:

    “Baltimore grapples to contain the violence.”

    Better yet, lets slow the rotation of the earth, or make the sun set in the east. Honestly since we’re talking about the impossible here lets just do some spit balling..

    • LOL: Female in FL
    • Replies: @Known Fact
  17. res says:

    University of Maryland sociologist Dr. Rashawn Ray says the Broken Windows policing theory has been proven not to work.

    That caught my eye. Especially given the standards of evidence that frequently appear to be used today.

    This working paper (co-editor of group Rashawn Ray) seems like a good starting point.
    A Better Path Forward for Criminal Justice

    Most relevant paragraph:

    Some argue that this type of aggressive enforcement of disciplinary violations of school rules creates a “zero tolerance” environment that helps deter more serious crimes.31 This is the basic underlying principle of “stop and frisk” and “broken windows policing,” by which aggressive enforcement of minor “quality of life” issues contributes to a culture of widespread enforcement that prevents more serious crime. However, these practices, which come at the expense of fundamental civil liberties, have not been shown to make communities safer,32 target people of color,33 and many jurisdictions have been forced to curtail zero tolerance enforcement efforts in response to citizen complaints and legal action.34

    Reference 32 is:

    Harcourt Bernard E. and Jens Ludwig, Broken Windows: New evidence from New York City and a five-city social experiment (Chicago, IL: The University of Chicago Law Review, 2006). See also, Various Authors, Proactive Police: Effects on crime and communities (Washington, DC: The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, 2018).

    The first is this paper:

    It concludes (emphasis mine):

    Taken together our examination of data from New York City and MTO provide no support for the idea that broken windows enforcement activities, including order-maintenance policing or other measures designed to reduce the level of social or physical disorder within a community, represent the optimal use of scarce government resources.

    So it looks like a classic example of “no support for” being translated into “proven wrong.” A common tactic in this world. Also note that “no support” (aka “no evidence”) is a common simplification of something more accurately described as “we can provide an alternate hypothesis.”

    Also notice the use of “represent the optimal use of scarce government resources.” Wouldn’t want to make the criteria so strict it looked like a strawman argument, would we? Observe the difference between “is effective” or “works” and that statement.

    Has anyone here looked into the broken windows policing research in detail? This seems like a good place to start.

    P.S. Not that anyone here really needs this, but for context.

    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  18. TheWCT says:

    Seems black lives don’t matter, unless they’re killed by a white cop.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  19. loren says:

    Disney also said it has a “long history of inclusivity” and cited the movies Soul, Moana, Coco, Black Panther, and Raya and the Last Dragon — all of which were released in the last five years.

    On Saturday, Christopher Rufo published the leaked documents in an article for City Journal. He revealed he spoke to multiple Disney employees who claim the program has become “deeply politicized and engulfed parts of the company in racial conflict.”

    Rufo is a leading opponent of critical race theory and is spearheading legal efforts to block the divisive ideology from being taught in public schools.

    Rufo denied Disney’s claim that his reporting has distorted the documents, saying that he directly quoted the material.

  20. @res

    Also notice the use of “represent the optimal use of scarce government resources.”

    NYC saw its biggest declines in crime under “broken-windows policing”.  Little things like arresting turnstile jumpers caught lots of people with warrants against them and took them out of circulation.  If they were in jail, they were unable to commit crimes.

    Has anyone here looked into the broken windows policing research in detail?

    We know that anything with “doctor” Ray’s name on it is worthless.

  21. @CDebussey

    Sounds more like they’re grappling with each other as usual before “shots ring out” yet again

  22. SMK says: • Website

    And Michelle Obama fears that she, Barack, and their daughters will be assaulted and murdered by white “racists” when they leave their mansion in the Hamptons in a country with a pandemic of black-on-black shootings and murders.

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
  23. Jameson says:

    Maybe they didn’t “educate” “the public” what “ceasefire” means. Some of them may not understand the concept, their education hasn’t been too good, since their local schools are so bad, you know, due to systemic racism and white supremacism and all that. Add to that the wording, “Nobody Kill Anybody” is confusing, should have said “Nobody Don’t Kill Nobody” then maybe they would have understood.

  24. Just out of curiosity, I decided to look up the murder rates for several cities in 2021. I checked out Oakland, St. Louis, Detroit, New Orleans, Baltimore, Jackson, Birmingham and Miami. All have seen significant increases in the number of murders with some cities seeing a huge increase by hundreds of percentage points.

    I don’t need to ask, “Guess who?” Looks like it’s going to be a long, hot summer for a certain demographic as they’ve already surpassed 2020 and it’s still over a month before summer officially begins.

  25. I’d still like to know the condition of the streets cleaned up by stupid whites.
    Locally, a white 13 year old girl was murdered on Mother’s Day. A white 14 year old boy killed her. We knew everything about him in record time.
    In Tampa, a 77 year old guy has died after being punched in the head by a Dunkin Donuts negro employee. The negro said the old man used a racial slur.
    Just received a Sams sale catalog. A negress holds her white palm up with the words stop racism. The featured wineries are all negro owned.
    Wine Spectator has been featuring nba negro wine lovers.

  26. I’m not trying to praise Baltimore (anything but…I’d like to see it burn, or at least get fumigated), but the headline is a bit misleading. It wasn’t 10 people killed over the Nobody Kill Nobody weekend event, but rather 10 people killed, over a one-week period.

    However, even 10 in one week is a bit on the high side for Baltimore, unless it’s during a heat wave in the middle of summer. Weather was actually a bit cool in this area that past week, and the weekend, so the fact that it was that violent, regardless, show’s that it’s definitely trending worse.

    And, it seems it’s spilling over more into the suburbs. In Woodlawn, or someplace like that, an orc set fire to a building, and also killed something like 3 people, and I think wounded another. And in Laurel, which is about halfway between DC and Baltimore, I think there was just a shootout with 3 or so people killed.

    Oh, and off topic, but still somewhat relevant. I just had a few trees taken down in my yard. Fairly large ones, with the biggest being maybe 80-85 feet tall. The crew that came out was two White guys and a Latino. Very friendly, very personable, and also very professional. Two of the trees were very close to a shed, and overhanging it, and one of them was leaning in a way that looked like it would take down a large trellis. I told the guys I didn’t care if they hit the trellis, but they said they’d see what they could do. Well, they landed those trees exactly where they projected them to fall. They also cleaned up the area really well, quickly and with no collateral damage, and worked very well together as a team.

    In contrast, I wonder what would have happened, if an all-orc team showed up instead, what kind of carnage might have ensued? It also really drove home the point of, by and large, what really, are they good for? The only way most of them make it into higher-level white collar jobs is through Affirmative Action, and dumbing down the college requirements. And in blue collar type work, like felling these trees, even though it’s not college degree type of work, you still need to know what you’re doing, and be able to work together as a team. In fact, having knowledge of the job, and some amount of common sense, might be even more critical, because if you screw up taking a tree down, you could end up causing some serious property damage, or even death.

    Oh, and as for the Latino guy, I know it’s hard to tell, but I’d say he looked like he was Euro-Latino, versus “Blatino”.

  27. loren says:

    Timothy Settles, age 32, allegedly set a house on fire this morning in New London, Ct. Ok, an arson case, no big deal. State Police and New London Police are on it, “black male driving a white BMW with New York plates”

    Now it turns out the 1 month old baby tore to pieces by a pit bull last night in Norwich, 20 miles north of New London was Timothy Settles son.

    a good chance the two cases are connected.

  28. @Female in FL

    Rich, 8th grade educated, ghetto NBA players who want to seem knowledgeable and fancy would make the best wine rubes. You could relabel $20 bottles, fill a wine cellar with them, and charge them anywhere from $500-$40,000 depending on the story you told them. They would admit they could taste the oaks, cherries, with a hint of vanilla, as you walked them thru a wine tasting, especially if there are other people around, they won’t want to appear like they don’t know. You could actually do that with a lot of new money people, as long as you had a haughty enough attitude.

    In fact I think I just came up with my next business.

    • Thanks: anonymouseperson
    • LOL: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @It never ends
  29. University of Maryland sociologist Dr. Rashawn Ray

    Didn’t she have a cooking show back in the day with recipes for chicken, Purple drank, watermelon, etc?

  30. magila says:
    @Joe Magarac

    Did anybody — even or especially African Americans — really believe this so called cease fire would work?

    Depends on how you define ‘work’. Keep American-Africans from killing each other? Of course not.

    Getting their face on TV so they get more of our tax dollars for ‘gibs’? That works like a charm, and that’s the real objective–your $$ going into their pockets via grants for their bullshit programs.

  31. magila says:

    Vibrance kills diversity. Sounds like the Baskaball American killed latinos, dot-Indians, and fought with other mystery-meat neighbors.

  32. good news from Baltimore, but not good enough:

    we need more of this

    Black self-policing,

    not less.

  33. Fantastic news. I love the wars… but I also love the cease-fires.

  34. @Lancelot_Link

    She’s out on a $ 10 K bond? Someone is fucking crazy here — perhaps it’s me…. or perhaps not.

    • LOL: Lancelot_Link
  35. @Sick 'n Tired

    @female in Florida

    “In fact I think I just came up with my next business.”

    Make your premium wine “Lè Nuit Former”

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
  36. “We are spreading our resources way too thin,” he says. “We don’t have enough police. We are not deploying them in the proper way.”

    Laugh OUT LOUD!!!!!!! No good sir,that is NOT the problem. You see when you had a MAJORITY White population there were plenty of Police. If anything there were less Police. But now , all of a sudden you don’t have enough and you need more. Hmmmmm,what could it be…too many Amish perhaps…I wonder,what could possibly be the problem. I can’t for the life of me figure out what the problem is. There just has to be a simple explanation. I just can’t quite put my finger on it but I know it’s right there in front of my face.

  37. @Female in FL

    A few years back blacks were fervent wine lovers: Muscatine, Mad Dog 2020, ild Irish Rose. Night Train, The Bird.

    • LOL: Female in FL
    • Replies: @Lancelot_Link
  38. Mr Booey says:

    I was listening to WSM-AM Nashville the other night and they played one of the versions of the song “Streets Of Baltimore”. Out of curiosity I looked it up and it was written in 1966. The song talks about walking the streets at night. My how things change.

  39. loren says:

    in the oh my gosh category,

    NYC – Giant Ugly ‘African’ Statue Menaces Rockefeller Center!

    Oracle: Rockefeller Center Unveils Giant 25-Foot African …

    New Rockefeller Center sculpture to honor African culture draws outrage.

  40. loren says:


    comment at article

    Why remove it? That’s the very apex of b LACK artistic achievement, second only perhaps to Bathhouse Barry’s very gay and typically disrespectful pResidential portrait.

  41. Anonymous[230] • Disclaimer says:

    …life in a lawless no go zone ho hum call it social progress rogue cities are popping up like weeds in a garden call it urban renewal or call it what it is just plain ole evil, amerikka is evil from east to west north to south every inch of it, amerikka is demonic at this point in time, if you can’t see the devil at work wearing a hard hat and vest you never will…

  42. @Anonymous

    if you can’t see the devil at work wearing a hard hat and vest…

    Wait… are you saying we’re/I’m the problem?

    Despite your lack of punctuation, I thought I saw the direction you were headed until that line.

    We’re at war. Act like it.

  43. @Anonymous

    “but what’s troublin’ you is the … nature of my game.”

  44. @Lancelot_Link

    Holy Smokes!

    It was a white guy! Dude went nucking futs!

  45. @No jack London

    Don’t forget the obnoxious black ladies who got kicked off of the wine tasting train ride. They don’t understand that they have the income and the money to pay but not the class to participate. This is why black celebrities do not surround themselves with black neighbors or why black money only funds things that will inflame da hood. Obnoxious, loud, rude, childlike, falsely proud…

    Nothing separate is equal, oil and water do not mix.

  46. Mr Booey says:

    Add this to your Baltimore file. Man “set up” by the Baltimore popo collected $8 million and used his money to rent a uhaul, shoot his girlfriend, shoot at cops and do a demolition derby on their cars, and attempt to escape and evade in the aforementioned uhaul.

  47. @Joe Magarac

    BLM isn’t a ” privately funded militia” They are wholly owned and operated by the Government.

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