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Driving While White: White Female ICU Nurse "Randomly" Murdered on Her Way to Work by Black Career Criminal
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You never know what story will “red pill” an individual.

Were white privilege real, we’d all know her name.

And odds are, someone out there is friends with Caitlyn Kaufman. And they’ll never forget how she died and who murdered her.

Worse, the silence surrounding her death.

For a black career criminal murdered Caitlyn Kaufman, a white ICU nurse merely trying to drive to work…

Her Name is Caitlyn Kaufman.[Man suspected of killing 26-year-old ICU nurse as she drove to work arrested after tip,, December 11, 2020]:

A tip from a concerned citizen led to the arrest of a man in connection with the murder of 26-year-old Tennessee nurse Caitlyn Kaufman.

Kaufman was in her vehicle on the way to work an overnight shift in the ICU at St. Thomas West Hospital Dec. 3 when she was shot multiple times.

At a press conference Friday morning, Chief John Drake said SWAT members arrested 21-year-old Devaunte Hill at 6:15 a.m. Friday at Hill’s East Nashville apartment. Hill is being charged with criminal homicide.

Metro police do not believe Kaufman knew the suspect prior to her death.

Hill was taken into custody without incident. He was taken to Metro police headquarters where he was interviewed by detectives assigned to the case.

According to Chief Drake, Hill made statements to the detectives that implicated him in Kaufman’s murder.

The tip implicating Hill in Kaufman’s murder came into police within an hour of Thursday’s announcement that the reward for information had increased to more than $65,000, $50,000 of which was donated by a coalition of Nashville business owners and entrepreneurs.

“I understand many of those persons involved in the reward are dads who have families in Nashville and love Nashville deeply. I thank them for their contributions,” explained Chief Drake.

A concerned citizen came forward Thursday afternoon, identified Hill as a suspect and provided information on the whereabouts of the 9mm gun used in Kaufman’s murder, according to Chief Drake.

Chief Drake said detectives located the gun and it was immediately inspected by forensic analysists. Analysists also test fired the gun at the crime lab and determined it was a 100% match to the three shell casings found along Interstate 440 the night Kaufman was killed.

Electronic experts were able to identify Hill’s cell phone number and provider, which detectives used to determine he was in the vicinity of the murder scene the night Kaufman was killed.

“While it was a relief to be able to sign the arrest warrant naming Hill at 3:37 [Friday] morning, it was an exceptional relief to be able to call Caitlyn’s mother Diane in Pennsylvania … to tell her that an arrest had been made,” lead Detective Chris Dickerson said. “Throughout this investigation, we have felt the support of all of Nashville, and the strong support of the Kaufman family.”

Diane Kaufman returned to her home in Pennsylvania from Nashville Thursday to prepare for Caitlyn’s funeral Saturday.

Hill was booked into the Downtown Detention Center on a criminal homicide charge. He is being held without bond pending a hearing.

According to records from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Hill has had multiple run-ins with law enforcement. In April 2018, Hill was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and in May 2018, Hill was charged with failure to be booked.

In January 2020, Hill was arrested and charged with assault that resulted in bodily injury and in August 2020, Hill was charged with driving on a suspended license.

We aren’t supposed to notice, as no corporate media outlet documents their lives. How they lived, and ultimately how they died.

Those who do are digitally tarred and feathered, deemed “racist” for engaging in pattern recognition.

Her Name is Caitlyn Kaufman.

Were white privilege/systemic racism/implicit bias/or the need for the grotesque Black Lives Matter movement real, you’d never be free of hearing of the name of Caitlyn Kaufman or how she died. Or the black career criminal who randomly murdered her.

Instead, you get a clear cut case of black privilege in the silence surrounding her murder.

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  1. Wake up says:

    I’m really shocked. I always thought it would be a White Thug who would kill a Black Nurse.

    • Replies: @Detroit Refugee
  2. A viable solution: a multi-million dollar information campaign impossible for (((fake news))) or the federal mafia to suppress and the average gruber to ignore.

    Before you became unz/kersey readers, how many of knew orcs are responsible for half of all murders? Do your close friends and family even know?

  3. RickTen99 says:


  4. At first I wondered, “An armed carjacking gone wrong?”

    Apparently she was killed while driving on the interstate. So was the “motive” road rage?, carjacking? or just a racist thrill kill?

    Since BLM rioting has all but decriminalized armed carjacking and eliminated the police practice of hot pursuit, are blacks now feeling entitled to just start shooting whenever whites do not pull over and give up their vehicles if a gun is waved at them? We are already seeing rates of carjacking going up 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 percent in major cities where BLM is active.

    Ok, so at least six shots were fired. But still it is not that easy to kill another motorist while driving alone down the interstate unless you are perhaps left handed. So was there an accomplice???

  5. m. says:

    kbn killed by negro

  6. The first time I ever saw this type of wanton and senseless cold-blooded murder by shooting of a totally innocent White person, minding their own business, was in Detroit. Back in the early 1960’s.

    I went to a very strict Catholic School. The vast majority of nuns were mean and abusive, and the fear and terror they spread among us was thick and heavy. However, there was one nun who was incredibly kind to us kids. She was assigned to teach the children that suffered from serious physical and mental handicaps. The woman was a living saint, and all of us kids loved her. She always greeted the children with kind words and a smile when we entered the school or during the change of class. Her kindness was like a breath of fresh air that was a relief that calmed us down, and we flocked to her when ever we could.

    Years later in 1970 or early ’71 I came home one night after going to the show to see a movie called ‘Torra, Torra, Torra’. And clicked on the radio station CKLW, that was reporting the local news. There was a shocking story about a nun that had just been murdered in Detroit. When they gave her name, my jaw hit the floor. It was that incredibly kind nun from my old Catholic school.

    She had gone upstairs to her bedroom in a Convent to retire for the night. When the nuns below on the first floor heard a thud, like something hitting the floor.

    In an apartment building across the street, a black male teenager watched the nun in the Convent window through the scope of a high-powered rifle, and thought it would be fun to blow her brains out. So he did.

  7. Rich says:

    Stories like this are why we had Jim Crow laws and serious law and order in the past. Think how many murder victims would have lived full lives if those laws had never been overturned.

  8. From an earlier Paul Kersey article at Amren

    On May 6, Indianapolis man Dreasjon “Sean” Reed, who was black, live-streamed a police car chase. He stopped the car and ran, as he swore at someone telling him to stop, presumably the police. Police say that there was an exchange of gunfire. The officer who shot him was also black. There were mass protests. Comedian Mike Epps denounced the killing. The Source wrote, “21-year-old Sean Reed was murdered at the hands of the Indianapolis Police Department following a high-speed chase.”

    Concerns about social distancing faded, and protesters thronged the streets, chanting “black lives matter” and screaming for “justice.” There was outrage about an officer’s tactless comment immediately after the shooting: “I think it’s going to be a closed casket, homie.” He has been suspended; his race is unknown.

    Just hours after Mr. Reed died, 19-year-old McHale Rose called police to report a burglary. When they responded, he opened fire and ambushed them. They returned fired and killed him. He was black. Maybe he wanted revenge for Mr. Reed. Just this month — in a single week — the department got 26 threats against officers.

    Sean Reed had also been videoing his drive-bys and gun waving at other motorists. Is the Kaufman murder another instance of other blacks copying his behavior? If so will video of the Kaufman carjacking/murder be released? It would be hard to ignore.

    • Thanks: DMZABO
    • Replies: @Rouetheday
  9. I bet it was a low impulse/ low IQ moment that made this savage chimpout.

    • Agree: DMZABO
  10. loren says:

    Nurse with a great dane pet, let me guess, she was single and childless?

    • Agree: DMZABO
  11. Yea you want to see reality,and why all these black degenerates keep getting released…
    “Prosecutors: Man stabbed girlfriend 14 times — one day after getting “affordable bail” in carjacking case
    December 13, 2020
    One day after a Cook County judge ignored a recommendation to impose “maximum conditions” on Michael Riddle during a bond court hearing, Riddle was arrested again Thursday — for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend 14 times as she sat on a couch next to her young child.

    Judge David Navarro allowed Riddle to get out of jail by posting just $1,000 bond after prosecutors accused him of trying to carjack a woman this week. Navarro made the decision just minutes after the court’s pre-trial services officer advised that “maximum conditions are recommended” for Riddle’s release.

    On Thursday night, Riddle watched TV with his girlfriend, the mother of his 5-month-old child, at her home in Grand Crossing. The woman’s three-year-old daughter was also on the couch when Riddle began looking for his phone charger, according to prosecutors.

    When the woman told him where the charge was, he allegedly attacked her. The woman’s screams drew the attention of her mother, who also lives in the home.

    Prosecutors said the woman’s mother found Riddle stabbing her adult daughter repeatedly with a knife as the victim tried to fight him off. The younger woman shielded her 3-year-old daughter as Riddle continued stabbing her, according to allegations made during a bond hearing Saturday.
    Riddle, 24, then stabbed the older woman when she placed her body between him and her daughter, prosecutors said.

    Police bodyworn cameras were rolling as officers allegedly found Riddle sitting on some steps with a bloody knife as they arrived at the scene. Blood was streaming down his neck because he had stabbed himself during the altercation, according to prosecutors. A second knife was found at the scene of the attack.

    An ambulance took both women and Riddle to hospitals for treatment. The younger woman received 14 knife wounds to her head, neck, chest, back, hands, knees, legs, and face, prosecutors said.

    On Saturday, Riddle remained hospitalized as he was charged with felony attempted first-degree murder and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

    Navarro, who was again presiding in bond court Saturday, set bail in the new case at $1 million and ordered Riddle held without bail for violating the terms of bond in the carjacking case.

    Earlier this week, prosecutors told Navarro that Riddle tried to carjack a 23-year-old woman at a BP gas station in the 3100 block of South Michigan. Around 2 p.m. Monday, Riddle allegedly walked up to the woman at a gas pump, held his hand under his shirt as if he had a gun, and told her to drop her keys.

    The woman dropped the keys and, believing he had a firearm, ran into the gas station to call for help, prosecutors said Wednesday. According to the state, Riddle picked up the woman’s keys, then apparently changed his mind and ran from the scene. Cops found him nearby, and the alleged victim identified him as the man to tried to carjack her. Surveillance cameras at the gas station recorded the incident, according to prosecutors.

    Riddle completed parole in June after serving one year for unlawful use of a weapon, an assistant state’s attorney told Navarro.
    The judge, who had been advised to set “maximum conditions” for Riddle minutes earlier, allowed Riddle to go home without electronic monitoring by posting 10% of a $10,000 bail order — $1,000 — Wednesday afternoon.”

    “I better not see you in front of me on any new cases,” Navarro said as Riddle’s carjacking hearing concluded.

    On Saturday, not long after hearing about how Riddle allegedly violated bail by violently stabbing a woman, Navarro heard new allegations of attempted carjacking against a different man in a new case.

    Navarro set bail for that man at $10,000, too. He’ll also need just $1,000 to get out of jail.

  12. @anonymous-antimarxist

    Holy shit. How horrible.

    The girl bore an eerie resemblance to my own stepdaughter, also a nurse, also working the same shift.

    The shooter bore a resemblance to a shit I took yesterday.

  13. The murderer had quite the prior history. The judges who refuse to lock these animals up should be charged as accomplices in all future felonies they commit.

  14. @Pax Romana

    Jesus. That’s terrible and simply horrifying. The little pos had to know he was doing something evil and wrong. Their whole culture sucks.

    We lost a family member to senseless black on White crime around this time. The late 1960’s, my fathers cousin. Whom I never met, was a Grosse Pointe FireMan. He was moonlighting as a cabbie and a black fare got a ride from here to Chicago. Then just shot him in the back of the head.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  15. @Wake up

    Well if it’s ever a made for TV “movie” it’s a given.
    Or one of those stupid detective shows.
    It will be White criminal shoots smart, hardworking, black mother (single mom/nurse) etc etc, in a racist hate crime. Blah Blah Blah.

    • Agree: Mr McKenna
    • Replies: @Non PC Infidel
  16. @loren

    Loren, I know A LOT of these types.
    Childless, large dog owners, many have cats too.
    They have a serious problem with White Men in general, hate TRUMP, loved Bernie but settled for Biden/Harris. One thing they all share is they can best be described as that word that begins with the letter C.

  17. @Pax Romana

    I was able to read about this murder, you provided enough information. Tragic story, only 37 years old. Hopefully Artie is in hell with Ted Kennedy.

    • Replies: @David In TN
    , @HammerJack
  18. @Detroit Refugee

    Their whole culture sucks.

    I have difficulty with honoring them with the term ‘culture’.

  19. Four opportunities to put this feral in jail forever.

    Time to hold judges and prosecutors accountable.

    • Replies: @The Truth
  20. @dindunuffins

    If there was any justice in this world, someone would walk into his hospital room and take a hammer to this POS’s head while he’s handcuffed to the bed. Society needs to stop coddling and constantly giving these violent repeat offenders, chance after chance, reducing, pleading out, or dropping charges altogether, allowing these animals back out on the streets to prey upon others.

    Start holding these soft on crime judges & prosecutors responsible when one of their violent, misunderstood pets that they allow back out onto the streets after being caught commiting a crime like car jacking, assault, or shooting at someone but missed because they can’t aim for shit.

    • Replies: @David In TN
  21. @Jim in Jersey

    Think of it in biological terms, a bacteria.

    • Agree: brandybranch
    • LOL: Swamp Fox
  22. @Detroit Refugee

    Not only that, the “hardworking, black mother (single mom/nurse)” would be portrayed as a saintly figure who worked two or three jobs but still found time to volunteer at her church to help the needy and who also took care of three orphan children in her home after also already having raised a dozen other orphans and teaching them to be responsible, educated, law-abiding and successful adults. Then, one day, walking home from the store (after having bought party supplies for a party for the poor, unfortunate orphans still at her house) and being bone weary and tired beyond belief, she was accosted and killed by a white racist (who was foaming at the mouth and screaming racial epithets) as he jumped out of a pick-up truck that was flying a confederate flag. As she dies in the final horrible scene, we see her looking pitifully up at her murderer and saying, “I forgives you.” Working title of the movie: “The Black Saint of Donegal Street.”

    It would remind me of the movie “Amistad” about the slave ship where the main character, once freed, is shown on a ship off the coast of Africa with tears in his eyes as he gazes at his homeland as he’s being returned to Africa. Only problem is the movie cuts off at that point and doesn’t reveal how, once home, he became a major slaver himself, attacking and capturing innocent people and selling them into slavery. Remember the touching scene in the courtroom where this saintly figure in the movie stands up and says in broken English, “Gives us, us free!” Lol. Hollywood is such a load of rubbish and propaganda!

    • LOL: Thomasina
    • Replies: @HammerJack
  23. @dindunuffins

    And he will be out again soon enough I’m sure if you know the justice system leaders in the area.

  24. Devaunte Lewis Hill biography: 13 things about black man who shot Caitlyn Kaufman in Nashville Lewis Hill is an African-American man from Tennessee, United States. He was the one who fatally shot Caitlyn Kaufman, a nurse working at Saint Thomas West Hospital in Nashville.

    Hill and Kaufman did not know each other. Here are 13 more things about him:

    He was born on July 7, 1999.
    He is a resident of Nashville, Tennessee.
    In March 2016, he fired a handgun after his grandmother and mother tried to wake him up for school. He shot his grandmother, his sister, who is 4 years younger than him, and his nephew, who was born in 2010. He was convicted on three counts of attempted criminal homicide.
    After pleading guilty to reduced charges of aggravated assault related to his shooting his three family member, he was placed in the custody of the Department of Children’s Services (DCS) in Nashville, which released him on a trial home visit in April 2017.
    In June 2017, he and another person robbed a neighbor. He was arrested on aggravated robbery charge. He was returned back to the custody of the DCS after he pleaded guilty to the juvenile charge.
    On May 13, 2018, he was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. The case was dismissed on May 31, 2018. On March 27, 2018, he was released from the custody of the DCS based on good-time credits earned in custody.
    He worked at a restaurant called The Sutler in Melrose, Nashville. In May 2019, he grabbed a co-worker and slammed the head of the latter on a metal wall in the kitchen. Prior to this, the victim told him a joke not intended toward him.
    On January 20, 2020, he was charged with assault. He is scheduled to appear before Judge Lynda Jones on December 15, 2020 and before Judge Ana L. Escobar on March 25, 2021.
    On September 17, 2020, he was charged with driving with a suspended license. He is scheduled to appear before Judge Samuel Coleman on April 12, 2021.
    Between 6:05 and 6:10 p.m. on December 3, 2020, he shot Kaufman at least six times while she was in her gray Mazda CX-5 SUV along Interstate 440 in Nashville.
    On December 10, 2020, an informant tipped off the Metro Nashville Police Department that he was the one who shot Kaufman. On the same day, a search warrant for Call Detail Records (CDR) was executed. His cell phone provider placed his phone in the same place at the time of the shooting. Also, his gun matched to three 9 mm shell casings found at the crime scene.
    At 6:15 a.m. on December 11, 2020, Metro Nashville Police Department SWAT members arrested him at his apartment on Porter Road in Berkshire Place Apartments in Nashville. Before 9:30 a.m. that day, he was booked into the Davidson County Jail in Nashville and was held without bond. He was charged with criminal homicide in Kaufman’s killing. After being taken into custody, he admitted to shooting Kaufman.
    He will appear in Davidson County General Sessions Court on December 15, 2020 for a review hearing on the criminal homicide charge related to Kaufman’s killing.

    So much for 3 strikes laws.

    I say this was a probable thrill kill. If there was an accomplice, I bet there is video. Will the DA have the balls to release an edited version of it?

    • Agree: Mr McKenna
    • Replies: @loren
  25. lloyd says: • Website

    He hasn’t yet been convicted. One thing I noticed was his lumpish short size. The American blacks who figure in media and entertainment outside crime statistics are usually tall and actually pretty Caucasian looking. That fellow is the sort of guy, Americans of all races outside the rich suburbs have to deal with every day.

  26. @anonymous-antimarxist

    An invaluable YouTuber called Donut Operator (he used to be a cop in my town of Spartanburg, SC) did a video breakdown of this incident about a week after it occurred. He showed definitively that this idiot had a gun on him and that he used it to try to shoot the cop pursuing him. You could tell from the audio that the shots were coming too close together to be coming from just one gun and he used slo-mo footage to show the spent casings flying through the air that could not have come from the cop’s gun as he was too far away. All his findings were basically replicated by the law enforcement division leading the investigation. Of course, it took them six months to release their findings. But, what really galls is that if he could get to the heart of the matter using his laptop inside of a week… why couldn’t any of the local Indianapolis media outlets have done the same with all the technology at their disposal? That’s a silly question, though, isn’t it? We all know why, don’t we?

    • Replies: @anonymous-antimarxist
  27. Did anyone hear the today’s last caller on Rush? He said what I’ve been complaining about for years, very passionate.
    The freeper crowd dismissed him because he stated that elections were not won because of abortion.

  28. @Female in FL

    If you know it, could you give the name of the murderer of the Detroit Nun?

    • Replies: @Female in FL
  29. @Sick 'n Tired

    The MSM tells us judges and prosecutors single out blacks for harsh, unfair sentences.

  30. @anonymous-antimarxist

    I know the area. I’ve driven by the crime scene many times. Always during daylight. Per the local newspaper, the shooting happened sometime between 6:05 and 6:10 pm. At that time it’s dark. There would, I expect, have been a fair amount of traffic, moving at 50 mph or so.

    Hard to identify/see the driver of a car at this time when behind them. The killer must have pulled alongside the victim, to her left. Her car was found against a ramp on the right side. It’s hard to see how the shot could be made from the driver’s seat, would seem to have been by someone on the passenger’s side. Was the victim’s window down? Were both cars moving when it happened?

    The Nashville Police indicated more arrests might happen. Who was the tipster and how did he/she/it know the killer?

    As always in this kind of crime, the authorities are very in giving details. A news blackout descends until the trial 2-3 years later.

  31. The Truth says:
    @Hannibal Smith

    That will NEVER happen. In case you haven’t noticed the country is COMPLETELY DESTROYED with NO HOPE of recovery. You did notice those Soros appointed DA’s like Krasner, et. al. letting black murderers off the hook haven’t you? What? You say I haven’t? Why haven’t you? Are you of the opinion that America has hope? You wanna bet? I’ll bet you $1000.00 cash on the valvehead that NOTHING will be done to those judges and prosecutors afore mentioned. You’re covered, SHOOT! Still think you and your’s have hope? OK then, tell me about the bright future of white people in this country. Maybe I missed it. I see a gulag, at best, in the very near future. BTW, they’re going to treat this little angel as if he stole a gummy bear from the dimestore. Not like they SHOULD treat this murderous scum.

  32. @Magic Dirt Resident

    The murderer had quite the prior history. The judges who refuse to lock these animals up should be charged as accomplices in all future felonies they commit..

    Imagine that you had a job flipping burgers at a fast food restaurant. If your malfeasance resulted in ordinary, unsuspecting people being maimed and killed, how long do you believe that you would keep your job?

  33. @Non PC Infidel

    Remember the touching scene in the courtroom where this saintly figure in the movie stands up and says in broken English, “Gives us, us free!”

    Probably actually said “Gibs us, us free stuffs!”

    • Replies: @Detroit Refugee
  34. @Female in FL

    I’m surprised he wasn’t elected Mayor.
    Are you sure you got the right guy?

  35. The tip implicating Hill in Kaufman’s murder came into police within an hour of Thursday’s announcement that the reward for information had increased to more than $65,000, $50,000 of which was donated by a coalition of Nashville business owners and entrepreneurs.

    “The Ghetto Lottery” works in mysterious ways.

    • Replies: @anonymous-antimarxist
  36. @Rich

    Tens of thousands of people would be alive today.

    The MSM never mention a single one of them.

    • Agree: Rich
  37. @dindunuffins

    Why is that judge setting bail at all? Not only is it obviously symbolic at best, hasn’t it been demonstrated this year that bail is racist? Further, why are people calling the cops? Calling the cops is racist, and furthermore aren’t the police supposed to be defunded?

    More seriously, why are none of these stories in the national media?

    Just kidding. That question isn’t serious either.

    • LOL: Augustus
  38. @Magic Dirt Resident

    Please, everyone. Let’s leave animals out of this.

    Animals don’t behave this way.

  39. @Detroit Refugee

    I cannot believe you’re referring to the victim of this horrible crime in such a fashion.

    • Replies: @Detroit Refugee
  40. Another victim of the far left and lefts control of the U.S. since the end of the second world war. No, this does not exclusively mean the democrat party. It also means the gutless conservatives in the Republican party that have NEVER ACCOMPLISHED ONE SINGLE THING SINCE THE SECOND WORLD WAR. Notice how quickly Mitch “Mummbles” McConnell welcomed the corrupt Biden as the new president. He welcomed the utterly ridiculous and anti-white Kamala Harris into her position as well. Yes Sir E, it’s “let’s get back to the business of the swamp” for McConnell and the “conservatives”. Trump, Ehh, he’s gone now and we can relax. It’s business with communist China as usual and everyone from Eric Swallwell, to McConnell, Paul Ryan, Chuck “Schumer and Pelosi, just to name a few traitors can be happy again and count on a profitable relationship once more as they continue to sell out the U.S.A.

    • Replies: @Ralph Krameen
  41. Raccoon says:
    @Detroit Refugee

    Be careful, DR – we do not wish to awaken the sleeping ghost of that person who used to flit in here, scream about the misogynistic Men of Unz who always blame the female victim, and leave when challenged.

  42. @Female in FL

    A search of the internet turned up a New York Times story of February 19, 1971 on the crime. I checked the Michigan Dept. of Corrections. Artie Courtney, who would be 72 is not there. He probably was paroled.

    • Agree: Female in FL
    • Replies: @onebelowall
  43. @Detroit Refugee

    I know A LOT of these types…

    DR – A lot of assumptions about – by all accounts – a caring, hard working young woman simply on her way to work, whose life was ended by another less-than-useless bi-ped.
    You’re better than this. Or all we all just becoming numb about such “routine” incidents?

  44. @HammerJack

    Shelter, food, and access to European beauties.

  45. @Oil 'n Water

    You’re right of course.
    Just got carried away. The Covid Karen’s in Michigan really got me fired up today. The females I alluded to up here have nothing to do with this victim of black on White violence.

    • Thanks: AnalogMan
  46. @Mr McKenna

    Taken out of context I mean that.
    I’m sorry.

    • Thanks: Oil 'n Water
  47. loren says:

    Soros funded DAs? Left judges? what is wrong with USA?

  48. @Boy the way Glenn Miller played

    Normally $65,000 would not be that much in case you would have to move across country to avoid getting stitches. Probably Hill’s own family turned him in. They would probably feel safer if he was put away for life. Hills seems so violent and out of control, even the local gangsters would understand.

    Still my hunch is this was a thrill kill. There were accomplices. Also there is video of the shooting.

    • Agree: HammerJack
  49. @Rouetheday

    BLM made a big deal out of the Sean Reed case. Indy is one of few cities that still do hot pursuits. BLM and the local commie lawyers want to make it impossible for the cops to perform most high speed chases.

    Stop hot pursuits and the rate for carjackings go thru the roof just ask Chicago and Minneapolis.

  50. @Sick of Orcs

    California’s Governor Gavin Nuisance is taking Soros funding and help from Lizard Gingrich to make it even worse:
    ” . . . no prosecution of “nonviolent” crimes (break-ins, property crimes, thefts, shoplifting, purse-snatching, vandalism, terrorist threats). For violent offenses, bail’s over—everyone gets to leave after they’re booked, so they can go right back out and commit more crimes (even though Californians soundly rejected a ballot proposition that would’ve ended bail statewide). No juveniles will be prosecuted as adults, even rapist/murderer 17-year-olds. No more sentencing enhancements for weapons, prior convictions, gang crimes. No “special circumstances” for premeditated murder, child killing, torture. And here’s the kicker: This’ll all be applied retroactively—everyone currently incarcerated who wouldn’t be behind bars under the new rules will be freed en masse. Thousands of felons will swarm the streets.”

    What a model for the rest of blue territory (which now includes New Hampshire).

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
  51. AnalogMan says:

    Her surname was the same as her mother’s, so it doesn’t take a genius to surmise that she’s probably single, in which case I would hope that she was childless. Even solitary women need companionship, and her choice of a dog speaks well of her . Great Danes are lovely animals.

    I see no reason for your implied criticism.

    • Replies: @loren
  52. AnalogMan says:
    @Detroit Refugee

    Wow. You deduced all that from the fact that she had no children (she was not married; at 26, not a crime) and owned a large dog? Everything you have said, after those two facts, is pure speculation. Including the cats, which I’m also at a loss to see as a fault.

    Vicious speculation, I might add.

  53. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    Are you kidding? You spend too much time listening to right wing gobbledygook. Trumps presidency is a disaster. The Russians are eating our lunch and getting away with it. Trump is a corrupt, amoral criminal. As is his whole family.

  54. @Bard of Bumperstickers

    Those who make lawful prosecution impossible make street justice inevitable. I believe it’s time for Red states to peacefully secede via economics, enforcing laws based on common sense and gibs-free equality mindful of race but based on merit. The blue states are a communist millstone around our necks.

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
  55. loren says:

    Back when the White race was 30% of total world population, what was the average age a woman married at?
    How many children did a White woman have, on average? in 1900?

    I stated facts, right? If you want to troll or whatever, fine.

    Im not glad she is dead.

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
  56. @Bard of Bumperstickers

    Seattle is doing the same shit, and made “I’m committing crimes because I am hungry/poor” a viable excuse for criminals.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  57. @Sick 'n Tired

    I’m committing crimes because I am hungry/poor

    Wait for the “I’m shooting/killing you because you’re committing crimes” defense.

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  58. @Jim in Jersey

    We already know that any law abiding citizen who defends themselves against any such attack will have their lives upended and put thru the wringer, especially if the law abiding citizen is white and the criminal is black with some mental illness and a lifetime rap sheet longer than “War & Peace”.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  59. AnalogMan says:

    You stated two facts, and two guesses (your word), none of which justified your implied criticism. Am I a troll for calling you out on that?

    News flash: 1900 was a hundred and twenty years ago. Five generations. My mother married at 18. It was wartime, and he was about to be shipped overseas. It was a different time.

  60. @Oil 'n Water

    FYI many health care workers turn into race realists after having to deal. with blacks, especially in emergency departments. Before >I got burned out, I was a paramedic for a while. That situation and some other factors truly woke
    me up to the facts of life regarding blacks. I’m female, and agree many young white women are truly dumb about racial and political realities. But consider at all of the indoctrination going on in colleges and the mass media. Stop blaming the victim! Unfortunately, Nashville is full of virtual signaling idiots. I would love to see the POS who shot this nurse get the death penalty, but that probably won’t happen.

    • Replies: @loren
    , @Augustus
  61. @Sick 'n Tired

    Only if they hang around.

    Don’t be a Bernie Goetz.

    Goetz the hell out of there!

    You’re already wearing a mask and a hat, maybe a hood in winter. Why in the holy name of god would you invite such tribulation in your life?

    Kiri-sute gomen.

    Look it up.

    • Agree: Sick 'n Tired
  62. loren says:
    @Former Liberal

    Texas has capital punishment and uses it.

  63. A productive and helpful citizen murdered by a hood rat? I’m shocked, I tell you. Just shocked.

  64. @Ralph Krameen

    Russia Russia Russia… Tucker Carlson says, is the all purpose excuse demented Dems and their establishment media push on Americans as being the “problem”, when the problem is both democrats and republicans being bought and paid for by communist China. Where have you been lately—on hiatus to Siberia, or outer Mongolia??

    • Replies: @By-tor
  65. By-tor says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    If that is true, then the Chinese have become as good at bribing, subverting and collapsing other societies and economies as the US’ CIA-Soros neo-liberal blob in a fraction of the time.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  66. Bite Moi says:

    By-tor——–Why wouldn’t the Chinese be good at bribing American politicians “Democan” or “Republicrat”. It’s kinda like chumming for sharks.Not exactly high tech skilled labor.Hardest part is getting used to the smell.

  67. Augustus says:
    @Former Liberal

    “Stop blaming the victim?”
    Oil’n Water did NOT blame the victim.

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