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But Black Lives Matter... "The Value of A Life" Nonprofit in Dallas Exists to Convince Blacks Not to Kill Other Blacks
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So about that whole Black Lives Matter trope… [Dallas Nonprofit ‘The Value Of A Life’ Raising Awareness About ‘Black On Black Crime’,, March 24, 2021]:

In the wake of last Saturday’s deadly shooting at Pryme Bar, a Dallas nonprofit is bringing attention to what it describes as a “black on black crime” problem in Dallas.

In an attempt to raise awareness and create change, The Value of a Life is working to make investments in the lives of black men.

“We tend to not want to show each other unfavorable, and in this case because it’s a life, we have to come out of that shell,” The Value of a Life founder Bruce Carter said.

National Black Police Association – Dallas President Sgt. Sheldon Smith agrees.

“We can no longer sit back and not talk about it,”he said. “Bring it to the forefront.”

Sgt. Smith said in Dallas, 43 people were murdered so far this year. Twenty-three of the victims are black males between the ages of 20-29. And twenty-three of the suspects are also in that demographic.

“If you have an African-American son and he’s between the ages of 20 and 29, you need to sit down and have a talk with him and tell him don’t let your emotions and a one second decision cost you time out of your life,” he said. “We cannot solve crime alone as a police force. It’s going to take the citizens and the police department.”

“We’ll bring up new black men by serving and helping them and I think we’ll change where people’s mindsets are,” Carter said.

Wednesday they starting with 23 year-old CaTavien Barnett.

“He has a one-year-old baby and says he doesn’t want to be a victim of the streets,” Carter said. “He wants to do good.”

“A lot of us we have pain going on in the mind – people of color, they don’t want to speak about it because they feel like they’re not being heard or being seen,” Barnett said.

Barnett has dreams of becoming a videographer so The Value of Life and partner organizations are giving him a new camera and laptop to make content that promotes positive, impactful messages in his community. Barnett said this will change the trajectory of his life and others.

“Opportunity is the greatest gift you can give anyone,” Carter said.

”I feel like it’ll be a great thing that will come in the future,” Barnett said.

This article is basically an admission of racial differences, without admitting their existence. When future time-orientation and impulse control are absent (along with reason and accountability), you get a situation where “The Value of a Life” in educating black people not to kill other black people in Dallas is necessary.

Is there a white equivalent of this organization? An Asian? A Hispanic?

But Black Lives Matter…

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  1. But black lives don’t matter.  The consignment of the murder of Dajore Wilson to the memory-hole proves that, in spades.  (Pun intended.)

    • Agree: Oil 'n Water
  2. Rooster11 says:

    So it sounds like the black police chief of Minneapolis is set to take the stand AGAINST Chauvin. How utterly disgusting can a race of people be. They tell us race doesn’t matter, when in reality race is the only thing that matters to them. Every White police officer should just quit the force with no notice. In fact, every White person should quit the country for a week and sit back and watch what happens. Everywhere I look I hate this new country more and more. Luckily, this insanity can’t go on forever, and something big will break, creating a cascading effect the likes the world has never seen.

  3. Good luck,CaTavien,I know you’ll make it.

    • LOL: Lancelot_Link
  4. Raccoon says:

    “National Black Police Association – Dallas President Sgt. Sheldon Smith agrees.”

    It never fails to amaze me when I see these organizations – just imagine the outcry if there was a “National White Police Association”!

    From recollection, there are hundreds (perhaps in the thousands) of organizations with “Black” in the name, or even “Colored” like the NAACP.

    There is NO organization with “White” in the name. Surely to God this is racist???

  5. unit472 says:

    The REAL problem is these negro social problems are profitable. If you are a negro minister with a couple of hundred or more in your congregation you can form a non profit organization and get grants from you local government to “address” the situation. You don’t have to be effective, none of them ever are but the money keeps rolling in and, if you are lucky, you get invited on the local public affairs shows, increase you visibility and you get and even bigger congregation, bigger grants and soon, you are driving a Mercedes Benz to church on Sunday and have a hot mistress too.

    It’s all a scam where that allows a non threatening negro type to wet his beak in the public till and never have to account for the funds if, in return, he offers soothing words that imply something can be done to stop hoodrats from walking around with a illegal handgun and using it.

    I grow weary of the game but then I can’t profit from it.

    • Replies: @CCZ
    , @Bite Moi
  6. AnalogMan says:

    This article is basically an admission of racial differences

    An interesting article at Amren:

    Why was the rigid “out-of-Africa” theory so widely believed? Probably because it gave rise to the claim that “we are all Africans,” and because it suggested there were few biological differences between races. At the same time, the emphasis until recently on mtDNA rather than nuclear DNA, gave rise to dogmatic statements about distinct lineages and leant (sic) scientific backing to the idea.

    “Out of Africa” supported the modern liberal view that race is a social construct and that the physical differences between races are trivial. In fact, racial differences are more dramatic than the differences between many closely related species of animals. There are objective racial differences in physiology, such as testosterone level, as well as differences in behavior and in average IQ. When we add to these differences the mix of genetic contributions from extinct or absorbed forms of homo, the liberal argument becomes even weaker. If homo sapiens were viewed as any other organism is viewed, it would no doubt be classified as several species rather than as a single species.

  7. “If you have an African-American son and he’s between the ages of 20 and 29, you need to…”

    If you are a pregnant black woman it is likely your bastard child will not be raised by anyone, necessitating a group of shucking, jiving black men running a nonprofit to claim to want to do so 20 or more years too late.

  8. Why the snarky comment at the end? Mentoring for peace in black communities; it sounds good to me.

    • Disagree: anonymouseperson
    • LOL: WSG
  9. DMZABO says:

    Hey let’s just face it…….negroes are violent without excuse!

  10. DMZABO says:

    I’m guessing that only White Women showed up for this event?

  11. “Bl*ck Lives Matter” is a lie for liberal academics and “nice White ladies” of all genders, even if bl*cks are somewhat beguiled by it too. Or at least motivated to be themselves.

    But “The Value of A Life” outfit strikes me as having genuinely bl*ck grass roots and being genuinely sincere. Still doomed, but sincere.

    Bl*cks have permission from the ascendant faction of the ruling class to be themselves, and that’s that.

  12. “If you have an African-American son and he’s between the ages of 20 and 29, you need to sit down and have a talk with him and tell him don’t let your emotions and a one second decision cost you time out of your life,”

    Bingo. There’s the problem. You should have been talking to him long before he’s 20. You should have been talking to him about it from the time he is old enough to understand. However, the tone of this also assumes the father would be the one giving the talk, and 80% of them aren’t around, so there you go. Nothing will change.

    • Agree: Lancelot_Link
  13. usNthem says:

    Yet another “gibs me dat” grift wrapped up in yet another lofty sounding package. Well why not? As long as White folk put up with this BS, might as well make hay – and the irony is, these blacks are making that hay on the murders of blacks by fellow blacks… The g(r)ift that keeps on giving.

  14. HT says:

    How can anyone think blacks will successfully assimilate into a civilized culture when you have to convince them not to routinely kill each other?

    • LOL: Lancelot_Link
    • Replies: @CDebussey
    , @Polistra
  15. loren says:

    off topic

    Two girls, ages 13 and 15, who were charged with the murder and carjacking of a Mohammad Anwar, 66, in DC , have reportedly reached a plea deal.

    On Monday, the teens are said to have reached the deal with prosecutors that would ensure they won’t be held past age of 21 nor be placed in a prison facility.

    Anwar died [was run over, crushed] police said the girls, armed with a taser, sped off in his car as he clung to the driver’s side with the door open and crashed seconds later.

    I note two things:
    1) No talk of charging these murderers with a hate crime.
    2) People who entered the Capitol without permission face tougher penalties than these two murderers. That’s considered justice under the illegitimate government in power.

    • Agree: DMZABO, Sick 'n Tired
    • Replies: @Alden
  16. Piglet says:

    OT: Caught on camera: Homeless man randomly attacks woman walking on city street on Easter Sunday
    Police say the man is homeless and concluded that this was a random attack and nothing racial was said to the victim, who is Asian, ABC6 reported.

    The “homeless man” is a malevolent-looking orc-dreg and the victim is Asian. Had the perp been a white guy, would there have been any doubt in the MSM’s collective mind that this was entirely racially motivated and not “random,” and would it have received national coverage? When orcs do such things, what do the MSM and the “authorities” need, a signed and certified statement from the orc perp declaring he hates non-orcs and that’s why he attacked them?

    This is a slight variation of a favorite orc pastime, the infamous Knock-Out Game brought to our attention by Colin Flaherty.

    • Replies: @DMZABO
  17. More half measures . More failure to recognize the nature and scope to the problem. At it’s at it’s heart this kind of belief is simply inadequate and irrelevant and is doomed to make things worse not better. They say that beauty is only skin deep but ugly goes all the way to the bone. The problem with black violence is an ugly, ugly and a very deep problem – not an inconvenience.

    Blacks did not become violent in historic times. And it happened long before Jamestown in 1615. It started about 80,000 to 50,000 years ago. When the last migration – the migration that established the races happened. This is well understood these days but the implications of those events so long ago are ignored.

    Chimps are very aggressive and nasty creatures. They plot against other bands and ambush and murder for sport. It doesn’t have to be that way apparently. The Bonobos are not nasty but we split off from chimps seven million years ago and Bonobos are much later – two million years ago. The natural state of affaires for the line that led to us is brutality and aggression which gradually abates and mollifies. Chimps are smaller than Homo Sapiens but much tougher. That is probably simply because they have a preponderance of fast twitch muscle fibers. So do black humans – the main reason blacks can run faster. Over time – the races that left Africa that last time grew smarter, more peaceable, and had more slow twitch muscle fibers. It took many tens of thousands of years to develop these improvements.

    One of the simplest evolutional change was more MAOA repeats. Probably seven million years ago our last common ancestor with chimps had only one MAOA sequence so their breakdown of neurotransmitters in the brain synapses was slow. But with the races that left Africa evolution favored groups that could cooperate and had more MAOA repeats (less circulating epinephrine, dopamine etc.). The process went slower for those that did not leave Africa and today the low repeat version of the gene are almost completely lost in Caucasians and East Asians. These two races are genetically peaceful and blacks remain are genetically violent with the older pattern.

    This is not a mystery. There were many efforts by the Woke to obscure these facts but the story is now out and not really disputed anymore. So when authorities speak of black on black violence and neglect to mention MAOA – you know they are not serious. They are merely trying to distract the public.

    If they were actually serious they would propose that all violent offenders have a genome analysis at the time of arrest and the results become part of the public record. But they won’t. And that’s the point. They fear that once the blacks who are identified as genetically prone to violence, they will be separated out and incarcerated. No one is worried that I am wrong about MAOA. They’re worried that I am right. They are worried that the advanced races won’t have the patience to repair the black genome and simply will dispose of those who afflict us with their primitive behavior.

    It could be.

    Blacks have had a long history that is different from that of other humans. For example I can’t run a hundred meters in under ten seconds. I would like to be able to do so but no person who is not a West African has ever done so. It is a 100% complete difference. Some blacks can do that – no one else. That is a difference that grew because over tens of thousands of years blacks stayed in Africa where they did not participate in accelerated evolution. The other two traits that they missed out on were the expansion of the frontal lobes, and the proliferation of MAOA repeats.

    • Agree: Trevor
    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  18. Pirate999 says:

    La Raza is the equivalent of this bs BLM NGO and more. La Raza is a seditious pressure group that has as its ultimate goal the conquest of Anglo American states of CA, NM, TX AZ, NV. La Raza is far more obnoxious and dangerous than all the back jewish liberal NGOs combined. As for Asians they are almost all agents of espionage, how else does somebody get their tutition paid at Cal Tech or MIT by Beijing and escape from Red China to a swank flat in NY MA or CA? We have an immigration probem far more lethal to historic America than black crime.

  19. In the ghettos, Black Lives Splatter.

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
  20. Here in Chimpcongo the usual groups wanted no killings on Easter Sunday (wounding is fine) and we ended up with 7 taking the room temperature challenge according to Heyjackass. You really can’t make shit like this up.

  21. @AnalogMan

    There is only one breed, the dog breed!

    Said nobody ever.

  22. CDebussey says:
    @Badger Down

    Mentoring for peace in black communities; it sounds good to me.

    There’s what is said, and there’s what actually happens. This crap has been being sold to humans for decades and what has it gotten us? The ratio of interracial crime by blacks against whites in the US is 9 to 1. And if you listen the lying media in this country you’d have to believe there’s a non stop campaign of white on black robbery rape and murder happening. There’s a reason why we segregated from them after slavery, it wasn’t because they were misunderstood and simply need to be allowed to integrate, it was a damned necessity. Simply examining anywhere they inhabit in majority numbers anywhere in the world should be more than sufficient to understand this.

    • Agree: Oil 'n Water, Augustus
  23. CDebussey says:

    How can anyone think blacks will successfully assimilate into a civilized culture when you have to convince them not to routinely kill each other?

    There’s way too much common sense in this blatantly obvious question for anyone with more than 3 functioning brain cells, therefore it’s being stricken from the record due to racist overtones. Gavel dropping sound!

  24. Anonymous[471] • Disclaimer says:

    As someone who has spent most of 60 years in the metro Detroit area, good luck with that!

  25. DMZABO says:

    Remember when that pos first transvestite lady (wink wink ) Moochelle obama went one one of her many diatribes about how it is “racist” when White woman cross the street when a negro fella walks up to them? Gee Millionaire Moochelle obama I wonder why they were doing that ? Had this asian been informed of her real chances when approached by the negro buck male she just might be able to see outta both eyes today? Yes ex First Lady Obummer there is a great reason you cross the damned street when approached by the negro male. And here’s just more video proof of that!

    • Agree: Piglet
  26. This article is basically an admission of racial differences

    That’s besides the point really – perhaps black society can take queues from less violent societies about how to change their culture towards being less violent, but really, the ones that are aware of the problem, state it, and push for positive change within their society, deserve respect.

    But of course, were this group to get any kind of national coverage, so that the woke mob found another target, they would somehow still get the label of ‘white supremacists’!

    • Replies: @Oil 'n Water
  27. @Badger Down

    Big Brothers.

    I’ve known two men — both well intentioned — who took on those responsibilities so as to serve as role models inner city boys.

    Sorry. I don’t know how the kids turned out.

  28. @Ilya G Poimandres

    …perhaps black society can take queues from less violent societies about how to change their culture towards being less violent…

    And perhaps penguins can take cues from other birds on how to fly.

  29. “Don’t let your emotions and a one second decision…”

    Blacks don’t have impulse control like other races do. They don’t think of the future or delay gratification.

  30. @AnalogMan

    If homo sapiens were viewed as any other organism is viewed, it would no doubt be classified as several species rather than as a single species.

    This is what I believe is coming, though almost certainly not in my lifetime.

  31. Malibu says:

    Interesting how blacks are the only race of people expecting/demanding that another race of people police and take responsibility for raising their males. Talk about baby daddy issues.

    • LOL: Lancelot_Link
    • Replies: @Truth
  32. Polistra says:

    educating black people not to kill other black people

    Notice they have no problem with them killing white people.

    • Replies: @CDebussey
    , @Lancelot_Link
  33. @Rooster11

    I agree. Ammo up while you can. When shtf it’ll be worth more than food.

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  34. Truth says:

    You can read, right, Evelyn Wood?

  35. CCZ says:

    $5,000,000,000 (Billion)!!

    “Target workforce development opportunities in under-served communities. Structural racism and persistent economic inequities have undermined opportunity for millions of workers. … President Biden is calling on Congress to also specifically target funding to workers facing some of the greatest challenges, with a $12 billion investment. This includes $5 billion over eight years in support of evidence-based community violence prevention programs.”

  36. @AnalogMan

    This Amren article you cite is ten years old and wrong.

    The theory of Out of Africa is from a much older dispute about human origins. It has nothing to do with the more recent loony “Race is a Social Construct” nonsense.

    Out of Africa was an idea first championed by Charles Darwin to oppose Ernst Haeckel’s Out of Asia theory. Darwin studied the anatomy of gorillas and chimps and concluded humans had arisen in Africa. Haeckel – the author of the famous aphorism “Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny” – argued for Asian apes. No one believes in the Asian apes notion anymore. Darwin has carried the day. He derived his ideas from comparative anatomy. The “Race is a Social Construct” trope comes from Marxist Sociology.

    Actually if you try to look up “Out of Africa” in Wikipedia you get a reference to the Robert Redford/Meryl Streep movie because the theory is no longer called “Out of Africa”. The new name is “Recent origin of modern humans from Africa”. The only time the Out of Africa term is used today is mostly to refer to the older now rejected ideas of the late twentieth century built around the term “Mitochondrial Eve”. This version of human development was once popular with creationists and feminists. It is also an now an obsolete term.

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  37. Bite Moi says:

    unit472————The average black minister also gets more tail than the average NBA player.

  38. Alden says:

    “ nor be placed in a prison facility”.

    That means they are free on some form of Probation. Not a Youthful or Juvenile Facility but running around free to kill again. Probably anger management class online.

    Kill an old White man and nothing happened. I’m sure they have achieved the highest social status among their fellow hood rats. Among black kids, it’s just a ritual of passage to be arrested im prisoned and on parole. Like 8th grade graduation, dr license , in the normal world.

  39. Alden says:

    Ethiopian immigrant navy medic corpsman did it. Joining the military today is like moving into the Harlem projects.

  40. CDebussey says:

    Notice they have no problem with them killing white people.

    I made mention of this with an interracial crime stat at comment 24. I’m not sure it really matters to them who they’re killing, raping or robbing but I suspect there’s a bit more gratification for them when they’re doing violence outside of their own race. You’ll sometimes hear that in comments found in the hundreds of thousands of videos posted on sites every year.

    • Replies: @PO'd in PG County
  41. Bite Moi says:
    @Patrick Boyle

    Patrick Boyle———-Chimps are nasty,but they are relatively smart.I believe they could be taught to fire a Glock. However,since they lack opposable thumbs , a sideways hold on the weapon would affect accuracy.

  42. @AR in Illinois

    I just bought a new gun the other day in a caliber I already have a decent supply of. When I asked the guy at Bass Pro which day they get ammo deliveries. He said they are extremely irregular, and even the employees don’t know, it just shows up and people buy them out pretty much that day. I have a few other sources myself and some friends get ammo from, but even they are starting to charge more and cut back on how much you can buy.

    I’m not sure if the companies can’t keep up with the demand, or the govt is paying them not to produce, because a lack of available ammo is probably the best form of gun control. I haven’t been to the range since Feb 2020, just because I don’t want to waste the ammo, when/if the SHTF, even FMJ target ammo will be worth more than gold.

    • Replies: @AR in Illinois
  43. Blacks are genetic sadists.

    • Agree: Lancelot_Link
  44. @Sick 'n Tired

    I agree. Don’t waste the ammo training if you are already a capable shooter. Even fmj training ammo can be used as a lethal option if placed well. I am lucky to have lots of both. All my AR mags are loaded with “duty” ammo but I have a crapload of training ammo also. Shot placement is everything. Aim well my friend.

  45. @Polistra

    Don’t worry, it’s education. It’s a white thing, they wouldn’t understand. 😉

  46. @CDebussey

    I’m not sure it really matters to them who they’re killing, raping or robbing but I suspect there’s a bit more gratification for them when they’re doing violence outside of their own race. You’ll sometimes hear that in comments found in the hundreds of thousands of videos posted on sites every year.

    Oh, there definitely is gratification of doing it to another race. Years ago, I was having a conversation on something along these lines with an IKAGO, and he said that among black people, they’re taught, almost out of the womb, that the White Man is out to get them, and hold them down, so whenever one of them gets something over on “The Man”, it’s like a personal civil rights victory to them. And it doesn’t have to be something violent, like a rape or murder. It can be something simple, like just pissing off a White person on “Bump Day”. Or getting a White person fired with false accusations of racism or whatever. Basically, anything that makes life miserable for a White person, they take as a step forward in whatever their twisted version of equality is.

    I lost touch with this guy awhile back, but he did say that as grew up, he saw what a sham the whole racism thing was, and that’s why he tended not to get along with his own race. Hopefully the rise of “Woke Kulture” didn’t suck him back in.

    • Thanks: CLand Steamer
  47. @CCZ

    All the evidence is that government programs accomplish the opposite of what they are purportedly set up to do.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  48. @Sick 'n Tired

    Right now up in the D, that situation is preparing to unfold. 7Action News @ 11 will cover the results.

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