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Black Students Responsible for Yet Another Hate Hoax at a US High School: School Board President Cite Most Important Lesson of This Anti-White Act Is Creating a "Safe and Anti-Racist Learning Environment for Our Students"
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In a nation where the demand for white supremacy outpaces the supply for white racism, black originated hate hoaxes (to entrap whites) happen far more than actual hate crimes committed by whites. [HATE HOAX: Black students responsible for racist death threat at Sacramento High School: Security footage obtained by school officials showed two juvenile black females writing the phrase on the wall, according to the Sheriff’s office., The Post Millennial, March 30, 2022]:

Two black students at a Sacramento, California high school are alleged to be responsible for acts of vandalism found on a wall in a school hallway in what an apparent “hate hoax.”

According to the Sacramento County Sheriff, on March 22, at approximately 5:14 pm, officials at Rosemont High School in the Sacramento City Unified School District reported that they had discovered the “All n*ggers should die” scrawled in pencil on the wall of a second-floor hallway in the school building.

Security footage obtained by school officials showed two juvenile black females writing the phrase on the wall, according to the Sheriff’s office.

Though the vandalism resulted in minimal damage, the Sheriff’s office said in a statement that they are consulting with the Juvenile Division of the District Attorney’s Office as to if they should pursue criminal charges.

Last week the school district’s superintendent Jorge A. Aguilar said in a statement regarding the incident,”Sac City Unified does not take any incident of racism lightly, and that is why we are widely sharing that another act of disgraceful racist graffiti has taken place in our schools. As a community, we need to loudly condemn this hateful act. Racist incidents will not be tolerated in our schools.”
Christina Pritchett, Board President of the Sacramento City Unified School District said in the statement,”The Board of Education is unified and committed to providing a safe and anti-racist learning environment for our students. We fully denounce all racist behavior, and will continue to do whatever we can to support our African-American community members who need to feel welcomed and loved at our schools.”

The statement also said that “Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against anyone found to be involved with this incident.”

This is not the first time the district has been the victim of a hate hoax.

The Sacramento City Unified School District announced last month that a black female student was identified as the suspect in vandalizing CK McClatchy High School with racist graffiti. On Feb. 11, the student allegedly wrote “white” and “colored” over school water fountains, referencing the Jim Crow era.

The problem is all these black hate hoaxes of perpetuating anti-blackness only increase the fervor for our elite to push forward the idea black people are victims of relentless anti-blackness from whites.

The exact opposite is the truth: anti-whiteness is the hate crime that happens 24/7, committed by both blacks and those white people in charge of our society…. because they even turn black hate hoaxes into moments of lecturing white people about their inherent biases.

Even an anti-white act must be retconned as an anti-black action.


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  1. loren says:

    aysha SOW
    Unbothered’s Birth Rights acknowledges inspiring mothers and showcases the beautiful diversity and depth of Black parenthood. As Black birthing people continue to reconsider what motherhood looks like, we are spotlighting Black maternity, reproductive health, and exploring cultural conversations on re-parenting ourselves and the next generation.

  2. Though the vandalism resulted in minimal damage

    It was repaired with a pencil eraser.

    Racist incidents will not be tolerated in our schools.

    How can the lawyer-DA be considering criminal charges? The students could not possibly have broken any legal laws.

    CSC Article 1 §2(a): Every person may freely .. write .. her sentiments on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of this right [i.e. libel not protected]. A law may not restrain or abridge liberty of speech ..

    Expressing a wish, in a public property setting, for the deaths of members of a certain group hardly qualifies as an overt act in furtherance of the idea. What’s the EdD-principal going to do next: suspend someone for wearing an “A_p_e is right!” t-shirt to school? Maybe we should be thankful that some of the kids can string together a few words to at least form a sentence.

  3. anti-whiteness is the hate crime that happens 24/7, committed by both blacks and those white people in charge of our society…. because they even turn black hate hoaxes into moments of lecturing white people about their inherent biases.

    it’s long past time to start treating these acts as blood libels.

    • Agree: HammerJack, Raccoon
  4. For once the negro graffiti artists got it right, they all should die.

  5. The most sacred race.

    Thanks, globalists.

    • LOL: Sick 'n Tired
    • Replies: @Legba
    , @HammerJack
  6. Realist says:

    The exact opposite is the truth: anti-whiteness is the hate crime that happens 24/7, committed by both blacks and those white people in charge of our society…. because they even turn black hate hoaxes into moments of lecturing white people about their inherent biases.

    Yes, this is one of the efforts being used by the power elite to tear this country down with the goal being total subjugation of the non-power elite. So far everything is going to plan.

  7. Legba says:
    @Priss Factor

    Once again proving that white supremacists are the biggest threat. Damn them!

  8. HT says:

    And these hoaxes rarely receive any kind of serious punishment because our sick society has been conditioned to believe that even if it was a hoax, the hoaxsters are still victims of racism simply because they are black and whites are inherently racist.

    • Agree: Adolph 2nd
  9. joosie smollett is proud of these thugs

  10. @Priss Factor

    Point-blank range with an assault rifle. Misses.

    Another day of Sailer’s Law in action.

    The ex-USA in the Current Year.

    • Replies: @HammerJack
    , @Bite Moi
  11. Dr. X says:

    It’s happening everywhere, all the time. I’d argue that “hate hoaxes” are actually more common than so-called “hate crimes.”

    Another recent example:

  12. knowname says:

    Blacks and jews are the biggest problem. They both constantly produce false hate crime hoaxes to get attention. I have never seen a Asian do a false or any other type of hate crime against themselves. Same with Native Americans. Any hate crime graffiti committed at any school is usually done by a member of the race it is aimed at. These are false flags to help gather attention and favors. Jews have been doing it for centuries. And apparently the blacks have been taking notes.

    • LOL: loren
  13. Amazing, isn’t it, how a minor act of guerrilla theater can throw an entire school district into mass hysteria. It’s almost as if the district catered to students and administrators who possessed a low median IQ and lacked any impulse control.

    There is a tangential issue here.

    There may have been a time when an incident like this would have been considered the aforementioned guerrilla theater, a way to “raise consciousness” about the eeeeeeeevil days of segregation. But things have degenerated so much in BRA that they can not even “get” what once might have been considered a prank.

    Which brings up a point: maybe BRA is not as strong as people imagine it to be. If all it takes is some handmade signs referencing a long dead practice to throw them into hysteria, imagine what might happen when White people start really amping up their own agitprop. BRA may go into a terminal meltdown.

    Something to think about in the continuing chaos…

    • Thanks: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @SoWe
  14. SafeNow says:

    In a nation where the demand for white supremacy outpaces the supply

    Beautifully stated. But maybe right before the word “outpaces” something like “far far far” should go.

    • Replies: @HammerJack
  15. Charon says:

    Hello wypipos hello. My name Claudine, I mean Claudelle an I’m yo taxamation expert for today. Did you know that today tax day for wypipos? Well it’s true. All wypipos has to pay they taxes today, plus a little bit extra for reparations.

    Now get out yo checkbooks and I be back presently with the amount y’all gots to pay, after I run some calculamations on this computer thing we have up in here. Now thank y’all, be right back.

  16. usNthem says:

    Damn, that was hilarious! Well done!

    • Replies: @Polistra
  17. In Ohio says:

    Time and time again, it turns out to be blacks. And yet these school administrators practically trip over themselves to disavow racism, blah blah blah, or whatever other platitudes they think will stop the ooking and eeking.

    This has to be getting embarrassing for them. It wouldn`t surprise me a bit for them to just pick a white student to blame.

    Stay alert, stay alive.

    • Agree: Rich
  18. @Charon

    This is why I advocate paying as little of your taxes as possible. Work for cash, barter, and put as little into the system as possible, it’s all going to be wasted anyway. Starve the beast, make them print more money to provide for their pets. Buy ammo

    • Agree: In Ohio, Polistra
    • Replies: @Hangnail Hans
  19. Polistra says:

    Claudine, is you is or is you ain’t related to this Claudine, because this here be one hell of an affirmative action dumpster fire.

    Keywords: Stanford Harvard negro tenure

  20. Polistra says:

    Here’s the US Mint on how we put them white boys on the moon!

    Which give me a idea, how about we put all white boys on the moon.

    • Replies: @1John
  21. @HammerJack

    Oops, not quite an assault rifle. That explains it!

    Mea culpa homies! Mea maxima culpa!

  22. @SafeNow

    Beautifully stated.

    H/T Sailer BTW. Just FYI. …Jeez here I am over here marketing Sailer multiple times in this thread and half the reason I’m over here is because Sailer won’t approve my posts in less than 18 hours.

    Also I like Kersey who does have nads on him.

  23. Bite Moi says:

    HammerJack————THIS is the 13% that’s going to go toe to toe with White combat vets if the race war really gets started???

    • LOL: HammerJack
    • Replies: @Detroit Refugee
  24. The two students probably ugly as hell.

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
  25. 1John says:

    Lies, lies, lies! Attempting to rewrite history; they have no shame.
    After over 4 centuries of this never ending viewing reality differently, of this never ending conflict, we must SEPARATE – our very survival depends on it.

  26. @Bite Moi

    If this thing kicked off everywhere all at once it would be too much for the police to handle.

    • Agree: In Ohio
  27. SoWe says:

    Is it “guerrilla theater”, or “gorilla theater”? Sorry, couldn’t pass this up.

  28. ____ says: • Website

    Of course, you can also push for benefits and perks tailored
    to your specifications.

  29. Polistra says:

    Look how TurboTax have the white hand controlling the Black Lady in some kind of device, like a cage or something. Making her do the Hard Work and keeping her under the white whip hand, now what does that remind you of? SMDH.

    I don’t want to see no more white hands, because they do the devil’s work wherever they are. Notice that poor Black Lady smiling through her tears? I do. The tears of 400 years, that’s what.

  30. @Sick 'n Tired

    Claudelle won’t be back anytime soon.
    She works on CPT.

  31. Freserf says:

    Kids being kids … sometimes they learn from their mistakes, sometimes they don’t. Teach them the serious error of their actions and move on.

    • Disagree: loren
    • Replies: @HammerJack
  32. Whenever one of these “hate crimes” happens, no one with any common sense believes them to be legitimate as there have literally been hundreds of these hoaxes committed by blacks that have been exposed as such. Put simply, only stupid people fall for these hoaxes. Such people are nothing more than the “useful idiots” who get manipulated by those who use such hoaxes to further their anti-white agenda’s.

  33. @Freserf

    That’s a good one. The hoaxes are endless because it’s all upside for the hoaxers. What they’re being taught is that it’s an easy way toward fame, public cred and sympathy (and often money too). Remember Meghan Markle and her hour-long phone call with Althea Bernstein? Lifetime bragging rights! With Michelle and Pelosi chiming in. Was Bernstein ever brought to account? Nope. And this is just one example among thousands.

    Even infamous examples like Jussie. Do you see him in prison? What about the endless Mizzou hoaxes. The USAF Academy hoaxes? Anyone brought to account? Jackie Coakley maybe?

    These people ruin innocent lives and not one in a hundred are ever made to pay. Quite the contrary, the MSM celebrate them and when the truth comes out (once in awhile) the story is instantly dropped.

    White people are mangled, maimed, and murdered on account of these endless media charades. The same media always says that “the motive is unclear” when that happens. And it happens every day.

    • Replies: @Are we there yet
  34. I agree with their message.

  35. Bite Moi says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    Non PC Infidel—————Jews,being way more intelligent,should be put in charge of black race hoaxes.Blacks could call a toll free number.Jews could set up the hoax,and bill their service to any number of “woke”corporations.

    • LOL: In Ohio
  36. anarchyst says:

    The hoax enablers always come up with excuses, one being:
    “Even though the hoax was not perpetrated by the racists, it is still a “learning experience” for all of us”…

  37. usNthem says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    I think this country is so deep into its collective negrolatry now that the powers that be either: 1) know it’s obviously fake, but they go through the motions because that’s just the way it has to be or 2) they actually believe it and go through the motions because that’s just the way it has to be. Note there is NEVER an initial call of BS – too risky career-wise. Note as well that none of the hoaxing apes ever pay much, if any penalty. Note further that if any White actually committed the dreaded “hate crime” and got caught, they’d be done for.

    • Agree: Non PC Infidel
  38. It would have to be billed to “woke” corporations because blacks would be like, “Say whut? You wants me to pay fo’ dat? You dun loss yo’ damn mind! I supposed to git da money- not gibs money to yo cracka ass! You crazy!”

  39. @HammerJack

    Don’t forget Tawana Brawley…

    • Replies: @loren
  40. loren says:
    @Are we there yet

    she is now ‘miriam mohamed’ and in semi hiding. check wiki

    pagones hate hoax and tawana.

  41. @Non PC Infidel

    The nice thing about the hoaxes being exposed is that nobody will trust these hoaxers again if something happens to them. Two rednecks in Trump hats can now dump bleach on Jussie Smollet and remind him that this is MAGA country, nobody would believe him.

    • Agree: Non PC Infidel
  42. Trevor says:

    Note further that if any White actually committed the dreaded “hate crime” and got caught, they’d be done for.

    Putting bacon on a mosque door is good for 15 years in prison.

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  43. Trevor says:

    A REAL hate crime at a US high school today – 15 year old girl stabbed to death by a trespasser in her school.

    As reported by CBS News – suspect taken into custody but not identified:

    As reported by Metro UK – picture of perp:

    Open SmartNews and read “Student stabbed ‘by man trespassing on school grounds’” here:
    To read it on the web, tap here:

  44. @Trevor

    The story is that the in-school cop didn’t notice the killer.

    Kids don’t lose their self-defense rights just because they’re drafted into totally crappy and, as this story shows, physically dangerous schools. Kids who want to arm themselves should not be prohibited from doing so.

  45. Bite Moi says:

    Trevor—————As ususal and as expected it’s another “teen”.

  46. AnalogMan says:
    @Bardon Kaldlan

    Well, yes, it says they’re black.

  47. @Charon

    These ads are everywhere and always crack me up. The ‘conservative’ Spectator journal is filled with them, fat black women asking you to invest your hard-earned money with them!

    • Agree: Bite Moi
    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  48. Perhaps the girls were listing Debate Club topics…..

  49. Bite Moi says:
    @Irish Savant

    Irish Savant————” fat black women asking you invest your hard earned money with them ! ” Buuuuuurrrup! Damn,that 401K was tasty!”

  50. Irish Savant: my mom worked at Merrill Lynch for years until some n—-r took it over and ran it into the ground. Of course we are not supposed to notice what affirmative action actually does. Letting blacks handle money is like allowing pyromaniacs to run fire departments.

  51. @Trevor

    He should have sucker punched and killed a grown man with his wife & kids at a carnival because he wouldn’t give him a dollar, would have got a reduced 2 year sentence.

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