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Black Lives Matter Rejected in Oakland: Police Funded in Heavily Anti-White City by the Bay
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Nationwide, the pendulum prepares to swing back toward law and order.

Black on black gun crime/homicides are ravaging cities across the nation, with those in power still asserting their war on white privilege/systemic inequalities/implicit bias a far greater objective than combatting the individuals who collectively make places like Oakland unfit for western civilization. [Oakland backtracks on cuts to police funding, votes to add officers as crimes surge,, December 8, 2021]:

The Oakland City Council, a longtime leader in the Black Lives Matter movement to cut police funding, reversed course Tuesday and voted to hire more officers as it grapples with a surge in homicides and gun violence.

The proposal by Mayor Libby Schaaf to add two new police academies and unfreeze positions within the department to add 60 new officers passed with six members voting yes, one voting no and one abstention.

Council members ended up not voting on a separate proposal to offer one-time bonuses of at least $50,000 to recruit experienced officers from other cities and at least $20,000 to Oakland residents who become police cadets. They will later consider hiring incentives for experienced officers.

Schaaf applauded the vote in a statement, saying that residents “spoke up for a comprehensive approach to public safety — one that includes prevention, intervention, and addressing crime’s root causes, as well as an adequately staffed police department.”

Oakland is among several politically liberal cities reversing course on police funding amid a spike in violence, to the dismay of police critics who have said officers are ineffective at preventing crime and end up traumatizing residents, especially Black people. They have said there is no staffing shortage within the police department, and that officers should focus on the most serious crimes.

“What’s terrifying about this is as Oakland goes, so goes the country,” said Cat Brooks, co-founder of Oakland’s Anti Police-Terror Project, urging the council to vote down increased police staffing. “If we allow it to be demolished here, we are giving fuel for faux progressives and right-wing folks to destroy the movement across the country.”

Oakland has had 129 homicides this year, up from 109 last year and 78 in 2019. The deaths include a toddler who was napping in a moving vehicle when he was hit by a stray bullet on an Oakland freeway and a retired police officer who was shot while working as a security guard for a television news crew. Both killings occurred in broad daylight.

The city’s police force of sworn officers now stands at 676, dipping below a 2014 voter-approved measure that required the police department to have at least 678 sworn officers. The city of more than 400,000 people started this year with 723 sworn officers.

Barry Donelan, president of the Oakland Police Officers’ Association, said officers are “leaving in droves” for other cities and urged council members to thank police rather than malign them.

Oakland has joined other cities in diverting police from some 911 calls to reduce friction between law enforcement and minority groups. A pilot program to use trained civilians to address complaints such as public intoxication and panhandling is scheduled to be launched early next year.

With Tuesday’s vote, Oakland joins other cities with robust Black Lives Matter protests that have partially restored public safety finances in response to rising homicides, an officer exodus and political pressure.


Last month the city council in Portland, Oregon, did an about-face on police funding after cutting the public safety budget in the midst of protests over the 2020 police murder of George Floyd. The city’s council unanimously passed a budget that increased the current $230 million police budget by $5.2 million.

A harbinger of things to come. The insanity of the summer of 2020 is behind us. What has come after, in the name of George Floyd, will make the reaction to the lawlessness pale in comparison.

The pendulum is swinging.

Those who have done evil to others will be punished. Those who have allowed evil to be done to others in the name of combatting white privilege/systemic inequalities/implicit bias will face a far greater punishment.

2022… the signs are all around us.

The reaction to the Black Lives Matter/Antifa/Covid insanity of 2020 – 2021 is impending.



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  1. Baxter says:

    I’m glad this is happening, finally, though I don’t see any pendulum swinging for a restoration of law and Oder. I’ve been following the crime stats of my hometown since in was 10. This a medium-sized southern city. The homicide rate for each years has stayed about the same over 40 years, dipping inexplicably a couple of times, and then right back up. Law and order won’t be restored, we will have a return to the lesser of evils on a national level. It’s a given in my hometown 100 black will be murdered by other black people. This hasn’t change over 40 years, and only slightly change in 2020.
    Now, sone parts of the country may be restored to sanity, see the error of their ways, and get their act together. My hometown has no act to get together, it’s just business as usual in a large urban black city.
    Best to avoid such places altogether. I do believe there will an event that triggers more blm style mayhem between 2025-2030 that makes the George Floyd’s riots look like a Disneyland vacation.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  2. roonaldo says:

    The city council just doesn’t appreciate the benefits of the riot, burn, kill, loot, steal social model of the BLM-Antifa visionaries. If the DA and courts won’t help, however, a tripling of the police force probably wouldn’t help much.

    • Replies: @Pirate999
  3. Raccoon says:

    I guess that the city council critters are heading for an election, and don’t have the numbers to support their imbecilic posturing to their coonmunity.

    Tough luck Oakland – you made the mess, now live with it.

  4. Man, that painting of George Floyd looks like those weird faced things in “Jacob’s Ladder”. Creepy, its like that thing in the car that tried to run over Jacob that was leering at him from the backseat, but a black version! Small price to pay for multiple funerals across the nation and having statues erected in your honor.

  5. I have a 3 part hypothesis for this:

    1.) Oakland has a large Hispanic population; they dislike BLM.

    2.) Oakland has a large black population, and most victims of blacks are other blacks. Thus, there are many that want the police presence in their neighborhood.

    3.) There’s not enough die-hard White liberals living in the city. The remaining Whites are at least somewhat realistic about race and crime, due to the high percentage of the aforementioned racial groups.

    • Thanks: beavertales
    • Replies: @Mr. Grey
  6. The city’s police force of sworn officers now stands at 676, dipping below a 2014 voter-approved measure that required the police department to have at least 678 sworn officers.

    Oakland had a voter-approved, special tax funded, mandate to hire more police officers, so as to reach a PD specified minimum headcount (> 700?), way before 2014. I vividly recall reading complaint-comments from residents about how they were paying the tax but headcount had actually fallen to levels below where they had been when the ballot measure passed (several years earlier). My guess is that the 2014 initiative must have adjusted the minimum to a lower figure (and raised taxes to boot).

    Keep in mind that what constitutes a police officer is open to interpretation. A mechanic in the department garage, who sits in a police cruiser while making repairs to it, probably gets counted as being an officer. (The schools pull the same sort of legalistic, accounting stunt when they count staff, e.g. janitors, as being teachers for purpose of calculating a less crappy looking, student:teacher ratio.)

    • Replies: @Walker88
  7. Bite Moi says:

    It’s always too much policing or not enough policing.Now “Programs” are a different matter.More “Programs” is always more better.Reverends need a little walking around money.

    • LOL: Augustus
  8. ‘Black Lives Matter Rejected in Oakland: Police Funded in Heavily Anti-White City by the Bay’

    Now that the Democrats are in the White House, perhaps Black Lives Matter would be awkward.

  9. This reversal is useless unless the progs admit they were wrong. But they keep with the ‘woke’ narrative while doing the opposite.

    Rotten scum.

  10. Mayor Libby Schaaf

    But they keep on electing bozos like this one, in city after city. Who have to learn the basic rudiments of governing as though they were born yesterday. Who will reverse course yet again next year after the next time the MSM decide to make a big deal out of a negro criminal acting stupid. Nope. No sympathy.

  11. I do applaud Oakland for pushing back on local defund efforts, though I think defunding the police on the federal level is an honorable goal. I for one do not want my tax dollars, or used military equipment or training funded by outside any state, going to anyone’s law enforcements agency. I actually believe Defund The Police is a controlled opposition device designed to fuel the fires of last year’s riots by interests on the right. Notice how this issue, as well as many others from last year, have disappeared from MSM news, now that their President has been “elected”.

    • Replies: @Augustus
    , @Jim Richard
  12. When the first sentence is wrong, then the rest isn’t worth reading.

    Where was there ever real law and order? The cops catch someone, the judges and juries convict them, they sit on the people’s dime for a few years and then put back on the street. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    The system is a scam. It pays street cops to show up after a crime to take a report or draw a chalk outline of a body. Is this fighting crime? The laws are purposely rigged to make sure there’s a never ending supply of criminals because the system desperately needs criminals to scare the stupid into voting for more of what doesn’t work.

    If you want crime stopped, you have to do it yourself. There is no police protection as the riots clearly showed. You better realize that no one is protecting you but you.

    • Agree: Realist, Pirate999, Augustus
  13. In addition to losing their football team, Oakland is also about to lose the As to Vegas.

  14. The penalty for a black who murders another black should be a ticket and small fine for littering.

    The penalty for a black who assaults a White should be death.

  15. They will spend the money, maybe even hire a bunch of badge-wearers. Still the coppers are working for the WRONG team. Cops in Oakland are not working to protect and serve the decent, law abiding citizens of Oakland CA. They are working to protect and serve the prog/left elected officials and their administrative -class minions. And the people in Oakland are pretty much OK with that.

    No reaction of any significance is going yet. It isn’t even clear that the pendulum has slowed down in it’s move to the prog/left. And when it does slow down, it is even less certain that many people in CA will exert any effort to push it back to anything resembling “right”.

    These prog, especially in CA, own it all. There is no real opposition to them, just whining. When they get a taste for blood (they will, leftists always do) we will see if many people (and any cops) object to the point of resisting. They already watch toddlers shot on the street with little notice or desire to punish, so I am not holding my breath

  16. The pendulum in this country is swinging back to law and order? {snicker} Hardly. Cities like Oakland are past the tipping point. The politicians and district attorneys responsible for surrendering their cities are still in office. The economies of these places have been irreparably damaged by looting, Covid lockdowns and radical policies. The BLM-ANTIFA insurgency has destroyed America’s cities more effectively than any invading foreign army.
    More importantly, a whole generation of blacks (ages 12-21) have now been taught they have a right to steal, rob, riot and destroy property. They now have absolutely no fear of the police. Even if you increase funding to local law enforcement where are you going to get qualified candidates? (That is educated and skilled white candidates.) No one in their right mind wants to be the big city police. With no support from the courts, the public and our elected leaders being a police officer is a dead-end career. The only “law and order” I see is in America’s small towns, suburbs and rural areas. Let’s face reality. The good guys lost and this the new normal for urban America. We are not voting our way out of this.

    • Agree: Brian Reilly, Listener
  17. usNthem says:

    Just like the military, no White men should join LE these days – particularly in any town/city that has an appreciable negroidal presence. You’ll have a giant target on your back and will never win in any confrontation with a recalcitrant jogger. Just DON’T do it…

    • Agree: Brian Reilly
  18. loren says:

    crime reports

    A jury convicted Jaylin White of second-degree murder for killing Earl Andrews and Monquiarious Caldwell on Grambling State University’s campus in 2017.

    for a laugh image search ‘jaylin white’

    • Replies: @loren
  19. loren says:

    “He was a happy young man.” Says Monquiarious Caldwell’s mother, Alicia Caien.

    • Replies: @WSG
  20. Walker88 says:

    I think police departments usually distinguish between uniformed personnel and civilian employees.

  21. The scum enabling these monsters needs to be held accountable.

    It’s the same thing that happens when your pitbull attacks a four-year old. Or when a simian rips off your neighbor’s face. Consequences for not controlling must be enforced.

  22. @Hangnail Hans

    The previous mayor was less bozo-ish, and I think less-far left. But she was caught on-camera driving around while talking on her cellphone. Term limits means that the current, dumbbell, leftist mayor will be gone soon, no doubt to be replaced by someone even more radical; I think a he-she is the early favorite. As much as I support term limits in theory, in practice it just promotes a game of political, musical chairs, whereby the outgoing official simply runs for the most attractive job available at the time. From Croakland mayor to $300K, Alameda County bus line commissioner.

    Oakland murder numbers, though trending up, are still way below the all-time high: 165 in 1992.

    OUSD schools totally suck, of course. The exodus of non-poor kids begins when they reach middle school level. District high schools resemble the jail in Santa Rita. On the January morning when the local, Catholic high school administers admission testing, the freeway offramp close by backs up for a mile.

  23. Mr. Grey says:

    The black population is being displaced. The flatlands of East Oakland, also known as ‘the killzone’, is no longer majority black. Only one city council district, West Oakland, is barely majority black. Usually the less blacks around, the more liberal whites can romanticize them and proudly claim allyship.

    • Agree: Augustus
  24. Nationwide, the pendulum prepares to swing back toward law and order.

    You seem to think that our modern police have something to do with imposing law and order. They don’t.

    • Agree: Pirate999, Augustus
  25. @RoatanBill

    The system is a scam. It pays street cops to show up after a crime to take a report or draw a chalk outline of a body.

    If you’re lucky, they’ll take a report. If not, they’ll just yawn, come up with some lame excuse why they can’t, then write you a big, fat ticket for some petty BS–or maybe give you the Daniel Shaver treatment.

    • Agree: RoatanBill, Pirate999
  26. @Priss Factor

    Agree totally.

    The swinging pendulum has an arc of a VERY few degrees.

    The rot is thorough.

  27. Bite Moi says:

    Baxter——–Willie thump Tyrone murders should not be counted in the local crime statistics.That’s just TNB. As long as White people don’t get culturally enriched, I Don’t Care.

    • Replies: @Baxter
  28. Exile says:

    I hope that “2022” isn’t a reference to muh midterm elections.

    The Republicans are not going to do anything to upset non-Whites – they are too busy pandering.

    At best you’ll see a reboot of Nixon – “law and order” rhetoric and patting themselves on the back for supporting minimally sane policing that shouldn’t even be argued over – while they shoehorn Blacks into every leadership position imaginable and otherwise grease the skids for affirmative action. More MLK theatre on Tucker. Ad nauseum.

    “Lesser of two evils” thinking is what gets us here. The Overton Ratchet , kosher-sandwich management of both sides of the “race controversy” to ensure kosher-approved outcomes – e.g. more White dispossession and despair, more Jewish control over American politics (yes, that’s still possible), less places with sane, safe living conditions.

  29. I see no significance in these decisions. The damage has been done and won’t be undone.
    2022 is not going to be a magical transition back to Whiteness. We are at war and we have not yet returned fire.

    Don’t declare victory just yet.

  30. loren says:

    off topic

    Sarah Silverman and Seth Rogan’s hateful ‘Sante Inc.’ has tanked too, in fact has been cancelled. More good holiday news.

    Rogan is blaming White Supremacists on it demise.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  31. @Walker88

    I’m not going to quibble about the details of the scams that government bureaucrats use in order to bamboozle taxpayers. I’m not a schemer by nature, nor do I associate with such people, so I don’t know firsthand the sort of legal legerdemain the unionized, OPD uses to satisfy its regulatory compliance.

    Obviously, on Count Day, it could simply deputize civilians, call in some of its $250K retirees, and so forth. The public union guys live for that sort of charade, and their bureaucrat-managers — big scammers in their own right — always look the other way.

    • Replies: @Viller
  32. Pirate999 says:

    DA and Courts are run by the tribe , hire one milion cops nothing will get better.

    • Agree: Augustus
    • Replies: @Rooster1111
  33. Truth says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    The penalty for a black who assaults a White should be death.

    LOL, what about the penalty for a white who assaults a white, or do you buy into the racist theory that white guys are too weak to hurt each other?

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  34. @Pirate999

    Great point. In my area it’s the same. Car thefts are off the charts, which they now call joy riding which offers a slap on the wrist compared to grand theft auto. The “teens” literally laugh in the officers face when they’re caught and mock them, because they’re back out on the street within an hour.

    Every week here there’s stolen vehicles that are involved in high speed crashes, usually involving innocent drivers and bystanders. People in my area never will realize the officials they’ve elected don’t give a rats a** about them!

  35. If they kill each other,that’s fine with me! Black Lives Mattuh!!!

  36. loren says:

    A new program designed to address the racial wealth gap could provide $850 per month to hundreds of Black women in Georgia.

    A coalition of local elected officials known as the Georgia Resilience and Opportunity Fund (GRO Fund) is partnering with a nonprofit organization named GiveDirectly to lead the “In Her Hands” initiative which aims to reward up to 650 Black women in the state. The program, which is scheduled to start early next year, plans to distribute more than $13 million. That would make it the largest guaranteed-income pilot program in the country, according to HuffPost.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  37. WSG says:

    “Monquiarious”??!! That’s one for the orc hall of fame.

    • LOL: loren
  38. Oakland, the city where Mayor Libby Schaff, decided to warn groups that represent illegal aliens so that I.C.E. could not pick them up. It is surreal what these democrats can get away with, since she is still Mayor of Oakland today. Now, will Republicans simply not do what Biden and the Democrats claim that they cannot do? No way. Mitch McConnell , among other RINO”s would be offended.

  39. @loren

    A new program designed to address the racial wealth gap could provide $850 per month to hundreds of Black women in Georgia.

    Someone is going to make a fortune selling weaves, nails and Hennessy.

  40. Augustus says:
    @Jim Richard

    The rioting, looting, and high crime numbers are encouraged by Democrats. If things get bad enough, the left, having allowed the problems, will then ride in on a white horse to save the day. Their proposed “solution?” An attempt will be made to convince the gullible taxpayers that the nation needs a nationalized police force. They want to group the police into one huge force that the leftist, authoritative government can control via higher wages and better benefits. They will create another leftist government organisation, just like the leftist FBI, ATF, and other entities. Then they feel they will have another large group willing to do the evil left’s bidding, and go door to door to disarm the public.

  41. @Truth

    LOL, what about the penalty for a white who assaults a white, or do you buy into the racist theory that white guys are too weak to hurt each other?

    Whites who harm other Whites should be subject to normal laws. Specialized laws are needed when dealing with a race which frequently violently attacks others with little to no provocation (13%, half of all murders.}

  42. Less police, more police, it’s all pretty much a theatre production by political hacks that want to posture and brag about all of their accomplishments. Until the state attorney generals and the public start holding these mayors and DA’s responsible for enforcing the damn laws these chocolate colored mutts will continue to control the streets of these rat infested toilets they call cities. They don’t live in the same world as us, their families don’t suffer in the public school systems and get car jacked and mugged like John Q. Maybe when that begins we’ll see some actual change, but I’m not holding my breath. Until then, the 1911 stays with me at all times.

  43. loren says:
    @Mr. Rational

    Pills, weed, abortions, etc

  44. Bite Moi says:

    loren———–” Rogan is blaming White Supremacists on it’s demise( Santa Inc.”———-That was me El Supremo.

  45. Bite Moi says:
    @Mr. Rational

    Mr. Rational————850 dollars a month is chump change. The only thing that can possibly “fix” black women’s hair is some sort of stem cell treatment.That won’t be cheap,but if White people can put 11 men on the moon; they can certainly get black women’s hair “did.”

    • Replies: @Viller
  46. @Sick of Orcs

    The penalty for a black who murders another black should be a ticket and small fine for littering.

    Unless the killer and his crew cannibalize the victim, as they do in Africa. If so, no fine for littering.

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
  47. @Mr. Rational

    Someone is going to make a fortune selling weaves, nails and Hennessy.

    That, and dem baby-daddies gon’ come sniffin around come payday.

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
  48. Trevor says:

    Here is a new interesting video about Oakland. Sounds like it is a negro and mestizo crime free- for-all.

    The narrator does a good job of keeping it just politically correct enough to avoid being taken down while making it pretty clear that blacks are the problem.

    • Thanks: magilla
    • Replies: @magilla
  49. magilla says:

    There are a number of virtual safari tour operators who visit diverse cities and neighborhoods. “CharlieBo313,”, who is retired Detroit PD; “Hoodtime”, not sure who he is; and a young Korean guy from Jersey, “Kimgary”, who goes to Kensington in Philly.

    All invaluable tools in the “Know Your Enemy” continuing education program.

  50. As long as ghetto primates are on the receiving end of homicides, I fail to see the problem.
    Its almost to funny, that blacks want to kill, rape, and steal, then can understand why whitey will not live in their hoods. Anyone with eyes can see that negro primate habitats are far too dangerous and criminal for any humans to live in. The negroe primate cries da its bes da racisim, be why whitey dont want to live wif us. No my primitive little monkeys its not you skin color but your genetic propensity for crime and murder that keeps intelligent humans away from your habitats. BOOGA BUNGA!

  51. @Jim Richard

    The police forces are already nationalized through funding. “He who pays the piper calls the tune.”

  52. Viller says:

    Wha Police t retiree makes 250 k ? Thats just a stupid statement

  53. Viller says:
    @Bite Moi

    Still perfume on a pig

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  54. Bite Moi says:

    Viller——–Very true. But i still think that it’s the hair thing that makes black women so angry.

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