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Because of the Lack of White Drive-By Shooters in the State of Washington, Democrats Cite "Racial Equity" in Bill to Go Easy on Non-White Shooters...
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Because so few white people engage in drive-by-shootings in the state of Washington, disparate impact must be immediately invoked to ensure racial equity keeps non-whites out of jail. [Rantz: WA Democrats’ bill says it’s ‘racial equity’ to go easy on drive-by murderers,, December 28, 2021]:

Washington Democrats hope to go easy on drive-by murderers in order to promote racial equity for criminals. It’s the latest light-on-crime scheme pushed under the guise of being anti-racist.

House Bill 1692 lessens the criminal penalties for drive-by shootings. It prohibits using a drive-by shooting as a basis for elevating a first degree murder charge to an aggravated first degree murder. The bill is also retroactive, lessening punishment for those already found guilty in drive-by shooting cases. It even offers carve-outs to release felons from jail if they committed their violent act when they were under 21-years-old.

The bill’s sponsors, state Representatives Tarra Simmons (D-Bremerton) and David Hackney (D-Tukwila), pre-filed the bill ahead of the Jan. 10, 2022, start to the legislative session. They claim this change promotes “racial equity in the criminal legal system.” It does no such thing. It merely goes easy on criminals who deserve lifetime jail sentences.

Democrats again side with criminals

Criminals found guilty of first degree murder face a maximum sentence of life without parole. These crimes are usually pre-meditated, though a murder that shows extreme indifference to human life also qualifies. Due to sentencing guidelines, first degree murder charges usually result in a sentence of 20-30 years, with 20 years being the minimum.

Under current state laws, a drive-by shooting qualifies for an aggravatedfirst degree murder charge. It isn’t regularly charged as the partisan prosecutor’s office in the county drive-by shootings are most likely to occur — King County — is reticent to dole out life sentences. The aggravated classification, however, remains an option for a future prosecutor’s office when faced with a suspect who is truly evil. It can also provide a disincentive for criminals to engage in such behavior.

his class A felony comes with a mandatory penalty of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. Thanks to the Washington State Supreme Court, drive-by murderers under 21 cannot serve life without parole.

Other aggravating circumstances that qualify for mandatory life sentence without parole include murder-for-hire, rape, kidnapping, and arson. It would normally qualify for the death penalty, but the progressive the state Supreme Court abolished it, citing racial bias.

HB 1692, if passed, would remove drive-by shootings from the list of aggravated factors. Thus, a drive-by murderer, if charged and convicted, could be released from prison. But the bill goes even farther than reclassifying drive-by shootings.

Bill retroactively applies the new standards

HB 1692 is retroactive if a drive-by shooting was the only aggravating factor in the first degree murder charge.

A lazy implication by lawmakers, one who won’t respond to basic questions

Reps. Simmons and Hackney claim in the bill’s introduction that this is about “promoting racial equity in the criminal legal system.” But the neither the bill nor the lawmakers explain how the bill would do that.


Hackney did not respond to multiple requests for comment. His district, which includes south Seattle, Tukwila, Renton and Kent, are cities that experience a high number of drive-by shootings. The gun violence has prompted area-Mayors to demand more legal consequences to those perpetuating the gun violence. And Washington has been ranked amongst the worst states for drive-by shootings.

Simmons, however, offered a statement.

Through her office, Simmons argued that first degree murder “is a heinous crime which already carries a long and serious sentence.” But, she added, “it’s clear that [this aggravated classification] was targeted at gangs that were predominantly young and Black.” She argues it’s an example of “systemic racism.”

And while Simmons wants to make this issue about saving children from life sentences, her bill applies to adults, the majority of which commit gang-related gun violence. And no child can get life without parole for a drive-by murder in Washington state.

Her argument doesn’t make sense.

Drive-by charges target gang members? No kidding.

Given that drive-by shootings are a common practice of gangs, and that gangs in this country are majority Hispanic and Black, one could see the disproportionality argument coming: that Hispanic or Black criminals are more likely to spend life in prison without parole than white criminals due to this aggravating factor.

But disproportionality arguments are relatively useless as they don’t explain why the disparity exists in the first place. Progressives who view everything through a critical race theory lens argue the disparity exists due to racism. They’re seldom correct.

It’s not hard. Evil people want to criminalize white people for not committing the same amount of crime as non-whites.


By not making the crime white people refuse to commit (but non-whites disproportionately commit) a criminal offense.

All in the name of racial equity.

Welcome to Black-Run America (BRA).

The joke is no longer funny.

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  1. We are far advanced, we have already reduced penalties for murder

    PK foresees legalizing murder for Blacks

    Let us be rational: for equity,
    when there are 30 homicides per 100 000 people by Blacks, and 4 homicides per 100 000 per year by Whites, how do you get equity?

    @PK can get the precise numbers from statistics

    Equity is 10 convictions for Blacks and 10 convictions for Whites/per 100 000 per year

    So 20 guilty Blacks must get away, and 8 innocent Whites need to get convicted

    Don’t you notice BOTH trends? Derek Chauvin, the Ahmaud Arbery self defense killers, etc convicted. Kyle Rittenhouse barely escaped. Probably thousands of innocent Whites convicted. You just don’t hear about them, and they have no video evidence to prove their innocence.

    Actually, if honesty were allowed, teachers could explain how they reach equity after the “Dear Colleagues” letter mandating equitable school discipline.

    The first lie (media ethics code mandating to cover up black crime) slowly leads to the actual sad state of affairs. When you cover up the crimes of high crime groups, you can maintain the false belief: “All races have equal amounts of crime.”
    Quotas follow, and white guilt, and all the rest

    Solution: TruthRevolution, everyone telling the WHOLE TRUTH

  2. ‘Welcome to Black-Run America (BRA).’

    That’s not who’s running it.

    If a pit bull bites you, do you blame the dog or the owner?

    • Agree: Augustus
    • Replies: @loren
    , @Bite Moi
    , @Don Unf
  3. Trevor says:

    Thanks to the Washington State Supreme Court, drive-by murderers under 21 cannot serve life without parole.

    So the BIPOC gangbangra niggras get their BIPOC juvie niggras to pull the triggras.

    Other aggravating circumstances that qualify for mandatory life sentence without parole include murder-for-hire, rape, kidnapping, and arson. It would normally qualify for the death penalty, but the progressive the state Supreme Court abolished it, citing racial bias.

    Offenses that BIPOCs commit 95 to 100% of:

    Drive-by shootings
    Armed carjacking
    Home invasions
    Kidnapping, rape, and murder during carjacks and home invasions (ie Knoxville Horror, Regan Tokes in Columbus, Wichita Massacre)
    Inter-racial assault, rape, and murder – especially of the weak, children, and elderly
    Armed robberies of anything and anybody with a little cash and easy victims from individuals on the streets, and convenience stores to kids’ lemonade stands with frequent escalation to robbery-murder.
    Rioting, burning, looting, etc
    Aggravated littering, trespassing, disturbing the peace, blocking traffic, flash-mob robberies, etc.
    Generally behaving like a pack of chimpanzees that escaped from the zoo

    So just make all the above only slightly illegal with light penalties because BIPOCs will be “disparately” charged if charged at all at the discretion of (((Soros))) BIPOC prosecutors and actually convicted by BIPOC juries.

    And our Western civilization further crumbles in BR-USSA (BIPOC-Run United Socialist States of America).

    PS- good picture at the beginning of story. I once was reprimanded by Pinterest and my board taken down because I “pinned” a similar picture of a BIPOC NAPA hanging out of a car with a machine gun.

  4. His district, which includes south Seattle, Tukwila, Renton and Kent

    This is a direct consequence of allowing blacks to vote.

    Jim Crow was exactly the correct response to black dysfunction.  If the Washington state legislature was worth two cents, it would expel David Hackney and the rest of his racial caucus for backing this bill.

  5. Democraps motto “Hug a Thug”. What person could possibly feel compassion towards someone who intentionally drives a vehicle near someone and that person or another in the vehicle opens fire spraying bullets in every direction without any concern for anyone in the area? It all boils down to negro politicians acting as tho they are important and defending the very people that cause the ghetto to be a crime ridden hell hole. If they cared they would advocate severe penalties, demand justice, demand that these violent gang bangers and drug dealers be sent away to prison for decades. Nope, wont happen, they’re too fucqing stupid.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  6. info says:

    Democrats and Soros DAs are enemies of the people.

  7. usNthem says:

    Ok, so a black child who blasts off a few rounds into a crowd will likely turn into a productive simian once it turns 20 or so? Just a little youtful exuberance that shouldn’t cost it the rest of its life, right? Yet one more example of why separation from these creatures and all Whites who aid, abet and champion them is the only way forward. Might as well spell doom – BRA.

    • Replies: @Adolph 2nd
  8. Thanks to the Washington State Supreme Court, drive-by murderers under 21 cannot serve life without parole.

    Life without parole, for an under-21, sounds like cruel punishment. To impose the sentence on a 21-30, drive-by killer is cruel to taxpayers: The guy could linger for 60+ years. His case should be put on a fast, careful track leading to the electric chair. That the state’s lawyer-justices won’t “allow” capital punishment just shows how out-of-control they are.

    If HB-1692 goes through, opponents might petition for voters to give it a thumbs up/down. It’ll Up. A year ago, voters were asked to reject the state’s plan to expand public school sekz ed (i.e. Referendum 90). The rejection was rejected (58:42), allowing the law to immediately take (incremental) effect. Beginning in ’22-’23 school year, even kindergarteners must receive at least one lesson.

  9. How many nuffins did a dindu do if a dindu dindu-nuffin?

    • Replies: @Trevor
  10. HT says:

    The removal of logic, reason and common sense from our culture is definitely on the fast track. Not even the most demented idiot could come up with what is being promoted under the social justice banner by our enlightened intelligentsia. Social justice is even beyond insanity. And the sheep of a country that we are has few willing to take a strong stand against it.

  11. Raccoon says:

    Had to read it twice – the first time, I thought it was a prank article…

  12. Piglet says:

    OT: Her name was Brenda Kristen Duncan.
    Suspect in murder of Elkton [MD] 7-Eleven worker behind bars
    Excerpt: Investigators and relatives identified the murder victim as 34-year-old Brenda Kristen Duncan, a mother of two who had worked at the 7-Eleven for about two years.

    Although the article does not provide the name or a photo of the perp, surveillance pictures show that, yes, he is an orc.

    Unfortunately orcs beating and murdering lone white women working late night shifts at convenience stores is so common that it hardly rates as “news.”

  13. It’s getting closer and closer for me to leave this country as I don’t see anything getting better anytime soon.

    • Agree: Tony massey
    • Replies: @magilla
    , @loren
  14. Bite Moi says:
    @Colin Wright

    Colin Wright——-You are not allowed to blame small hat pit bull owners.

    • Agree: Colin Wright
  15. Truth says:

    Hey Curse, Whyte Boi’s have learned to be pretty cool lately; I guess he was fast enough…

    • Replies: @PhilMuhCrevis
  16. Question: How can there be people living in Washington who consider themselves sane, yet still support the Governor or the Democratic party? What kind of drugs are they on? Seriously. In greater Los Angeles, for example, drive by shootings have killed innocent victims innumerable times..Do the good folks in Washington imagine it won’t happen there? Good luck.

  17. Wokechoke says:

    Blacks using two white inventions. The car and automatic firepower. The age of Afro Fordist Kalashnikovism.

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
  18. The insanity in this country (especially in libtarded areas/cities) seems to be increasing at an exponential rate. I don’t see any cure possible. Irreconcilable differences. Separation may be the only way forward. That, however, would have to include declaring all libtards persona non grata so they couldn’t move to sane/conservative areas to escape the consequences of their demented ideologies thus ruining those areas as well. The persona non grata designation would have to apply to their black ghetto pets and the illegal aliens they adore as well. Force them to remain in the shitholes of their own creation. I’d have zero sympathy for any of them. I’m over it! Like Partition in India when Muslims and Hindu’s separated and moved in vast numbers to their respective regions where they dominated, maybe it’s time for conservatives and libtards to separate in similar fashion.

  19. DMZABO says:

    Boxes of cereal have more common sense than leftist council members!

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  20. @DMZABO

    The amount of brain dead, common sense lacking, head in the clouds, reality denying adults alive today, should be thankful they live in this era of history. Thanks to an abundance of food, modern medicine/treatments, and living conveniences like electricity/heat/travel, these mush headed morons were able to not only reach adulthood, but also pass on their genes to equally stupid and weak children. 150 years ago, most of them would have been dead before they were 15.

  21. The thing I love about opinion-comments is that they don’t get stuck in moderation.

  22. Anon[303] • Disclaimer says:

    A rhetorical question for our leaders:

    May whites please, pretty-please just have one state all to themselves somewhere on this earth, roughly the size of Virginia?

    Just one?

    We will get out of your hair! Need ocean access and a couple of rivers. We will do the rest. Promise and cross our 💕

    • Replies: @Raccoon
  23. They don’t have the sense God gave geese.

  24. magilla says:

    Another victim in the war against our people.

    • Agree: DMZABO
  25. magilla says:
    @The OverSeer

    The plague is spreading everywhere. The commie ((whites)) are importing groids into previously safe white countries all over the world. Argentina has Senegalese; Chile and Uruguay have imported Haitians.

    • Replies: @loren
  26. Can’t control or reform their behavior? Just normalize it and make it acceptable.

  27. In the 1950s, the comic book industry was corrupting the youth of America. Then some sharp eyed Psychiatrist notice it and it was stopped. If we could start this again, then we could increase the number of white criminals. Alas, the comic book industry is filled with SJWs. They haven’t a clue on how to write a coherent story, let alone corrupting our innocent.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  28. loren says:
    @The OverSeer

    where to go? c o l? cost of livin

  29. I have never seen a negroe who didnt deserve jail time for something.

    • Thanks: DMZABO
  30. @usNthem

    Those negroe primates are only productive in two areas, reproduction and crime.
    I am thinking about starting to take pictures of negress wenches in Walmart useing EBT cards, then finding a place on the internet where I can post their pictures. Humans should not be forced to support the breeding of ghetto scum. As more ghetto monklets are produced arime continues to skyrocket.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @magilla
  31. Raccoon says:

    Okay Anon Whitey, but you have to do one little thing – subject yourself to our taxation laws, and pay for us.

    In return, you may have your “freedom.” We might even let you live.

    We cannot pay for or provide for ourselves, we cannot maintain anything that we seize from you, and we cannot competently build any new infrastructure, so we need you to work fruitfully to pay for our pecadilloes.

  32. eah says:

    One of the sponsors is Tarra Simmons (bio) — among her other legislative activities have been:

    Restoring voting rights to felons — Rep. Simmons’ voting-rights bill signed into law

    Making it easier for those with a criminal history to be employed in home healthcare — Simmons bills improving homecare and behavioral health system signed

    (Re the latter, note this recent story from NY — link.)

    This is the kind of lawmaking you get when you give legislative power to women whose natural empathy has been corrupted by 24/7 media propaganda — it’s even worse when the woman has her own personal ‘arc of redemption’ story.

    • Thanks: Polistra
    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  33. loren says:

    oh my

    and its ((( ))) three (

    • Replies: @magilla
  34. @Truth

    Gets Knocked Out With A Mean Left Hook

    Can’t even get the correct punch in the headline that knocked him out. What a shocker.

    • Replies: @Truth
  35. Bite Moi says:

    eah—————Women’s “natural empathy” doesn’t take much corrupting since this “natural empathy” takes the place of common sense in females.

  36. Truth says:

    Yeah, those Khazars need to get their acts together.

  37. The House Bill and general “ Justice” concept will not result in less “ drive by shooting”. Therefore, a complete disregard, injustice regarding the victims……. black victims, including “ innocent “, even black babies.
    Based on this, we would expect black leaders, general population……. BLM ……. would oppose the House Bill and decry drive by shootings.
    Another example of an Unjust call for Justice.
    At some point, one realizes the stupidity and futility.
    Then What?

  38. Marie H says:

    Thank you for this information. I live in Washington near navy folks. They behave themselves but I do get to vote and living where I do, I don’t read the Seattle Times.
    My legislative district has 2 Dems and 1 Republican. They all pay attention to voter sentiment. I will let them know my opinion when the new session begins.

  39. Well I certainly shall NOT shed any tears for these negroe primates. When a negroe primate is shot, he cannot breed more EBT dependant ghetto children, he cannot commit any more crimes, and he cannot collect any EBT himself. So tell me agian why I should care.

  40. magilla says:
    @Adolph 2nd

    They have no shame– in fact, they think you and I are the dumb ones for actually getting out of bed before noon and working. They think money is just something the government prints, and have no idea what it takes to get electricity, grow food, pump water, or any of a thousand other things necessary for life in the modern world.

  41. magilla says:

    They are only 2/3rd ((())). Goys in the woodpile.

    • LOL: Trevor
  42. anonymous[251] • Disclaimer says:

    Why are so few Republicans running on law and order, no more riots, Demorats are soft on crime, dominated by extreme Antifa Leftists?

    Richard Nixon and George Wallace won landslide victories in 68, 72 on campaigns to end the crazy Black riots of 67, 68.

    Hispanics will not vote for BLM Black candidates anywhere.

    Instead we get idiot Libertarian true believers like Rand Paul that sponsor the “Justice for Breona Taylor act” – Breona Taylor was a Black crime momma part of the worst drug trafficking gang in Louisville. Police found a dead body in a rent a car under her name. She died in a shoot out with her gang lover wounding a cop with a warrant, she got killed in the gun fire exchange.

    Rand Paul loves, LOVES to talk about releasing most, all the Black men in jail for just hard drug possession – supposedly a victimless crime.

    The reason there are so many young Black men in in prison for hard drug possession is no one will testify against these most violent thugs for crimes like murder, rape, assault, car jacking.

    Libertarian true believers like Ron and Any Rane Paul are as bad on immigration and crime as the worst Black, migrant pandering liberals.

    J Ryan
    TPC The Political Cesspool

    • Agree: Philmuhcrevis
  43. @Adolph 2nd

    When a negroe primate is shot, he cannot breed more EBT dependant ghetto children, he cannot commit any more crimes, and he cannot collect any EBT himself.

    Only if he is KIA. If he survives, he can do all of those things following expensive tax payer funded medical intervention. Repatriation, either coerced or bribed, is the only solution.

    • Agree: Trevor, Mr. Rational
  44. Just when you think you’ve seen/heard it all, there’s another Moonbat outrage to top it.

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