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Because of High Rates of Black on Black Violence in 68% Black Macon, Georgia, City Hosts "Guns Down, Water Guns Up" Event...
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Shot. In 68 percent black Macon, Georgia, gun violence is almost exclusively a black problem. [MACON RESIDENT IS TIRED OF THE GUN VIOLENCE IN THE CITY,, October 19, 2017]:

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Residents want answers about what happened to Jayvon Sherman.

The teenager was shot and killed while walking to school Thursday morning. Sherman was walking through the walkway at the old Winship School on Beech Avenue.

Roderick McGee was a student at the old Winship School. He said the only way violence will stop, is starting with parents.

“I think it has to be a more parent base influence on this thing right here. It’s too many kids getting killed out here on these streets everyday,” McGee said. “Everyday you look at the news, it’s another kid getting killed. It has to stop somewhere and it has to start at home with the parents.”

McGee said kids should be able to walk to school without any issues.

“It’s just about this excessive violence that’s out here, you know what I’m saying. These kids is on black on black crime. You can’t keep blaming it on the white folks because we killing each other,” he said.

David Gowan, Director of Safety and Security for the Bibb County School District, said counselors were sent to Central High School to help students who are grieving.

“A young person is not used to dealing with death and anytime a tragedy like this happens. We want to make sure to provide that mental health counseling they will need to help cope with the loss,” Gowan said.

McGee said this situation is an eye opener.

“You can’t walk these streets safely anymore. You can get shot at any given time, just like that young man got slayed down this morning. Really it’s all about the parents getting involved because the police can only do so much. It’s about these parents getting these kids. It’ll be too late when you draped over the coffin hollering about what you coulda’ did. You shoulda’ did it then.”

Chaser. Because of this gun violence problem in the black community, a unique “community” event was started…[‘Guns Down, Water Guns Up’ events aiming at community fun, safety: Some Central Georgia leaders are encouraging kids to put the guns down, by picking up another type of gun — a water gun.,

MACON, Ga. — On Tuesday afternoon, Ferguson Park was quiet, but on Friday, that will change. 

“The event is called ‘Water Wars’ because we’re going to be using water guns to have a good time,” says event organizer Nyke Hill.

Hill says he’s planning a big water gun fight for people in Warner Robins. The point is to put real guns down and pick water guns up.

“It’s to raise awareness for gun violence and all the violence that’s going on. It just seems like a fun way to bring the community together,” says Hill.

He got the idea after seeing a video of an event in Atlanta. “I want to show everyone that the younger generations can come together without any incidents, just having fun,” says Hill. 

And he’s not the only one. A group of young men in Macon is planning a water fight, too.

KJ Lott says he and his friends were inspired to plan a good, clean, fun water war for Macon after a street party shooting this month left several injured and two dead.

“We don’t really have events like this in Macon where all ages can get together and have fun and show love to one another,” says Lott.

Lott and his friends say there will be no weapons, no water balloons, no alcohol, and no drugs allowed at their event. 

Hill says he just wants to bring back “the good vibes” to Central Georgia.

“My mom used to bring me to this same park, so it’s like I remember times when the parking lot used to be full and the cars used to be going up and down Elberta, and I’ll be thinking, ‘Why don’t we have days like that no more?'” says Hill. 

The first “Guns Down, Water Guns Up” event is at Ferguson Park in Warner Robins this Friday from 2 p.m. – 8 p.m. It’s free and also includes activities like kickball and water slides. 

Just another friendly reminder: Wakanda isn’t real.

Because of High Rates of Black on Black Violence in 68% Black Macon, Georgia, City Hosts “Guns Down, Water Guns Up” Event

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  1. Instead of a “Guns Down, Water Guns Up” event is at Ferguson Park in Warner Robins, how about a “Negro Out, White People In” event? Bringing in whites will lower the crime rate, help businesses recuperate loses, and be less stressful for everyone! I can think of many ways to lower crime with fewer negroes.

    • Replies: @ShermanFan
  2. …you know what I’m saying… These kids is on black on black crime… because we killing each other… “

    Ebonics in the original.

  3. What the black community leaders should say is, ” put down your guns and turn out to show a little pride in your neighborhood”. Then, there should be picnicks and park cleanups.
    Hand out tools and paintbrush’s.

    And the black youths should listen.
    And they should show up . But we know this doesn’t appeal to em.

    • Agree: CENTURION
    • Replies: @Eonic
    , @Mary
  4. Yes , ignore the real problem and the(( Root)) of the cause.
    Water guns,hilarious..

  5. @Reg Cæsar

    “It’s too many kids getting killed out here on these streets everyday…”

  6. @Reg Cæsar

    Actually his ebonics was also incorrect:

    …you know what I’m saying… These kids is on black on black crime… because we killing each other… “

    The correct way to say that would be: because we “BE” killing each other.

    I know these guys are trying to have fun…but using a water fight? A negro will take this seriously when being hit with water. It is all about the “dis”. You can’t “dis” a negro because they will get back at you later. A guy will get a face full of water and his black girlfriend will see it and he will have to defend his honor by killing the negro who dissed him.

    White people have fun with water, but a negro sees everything as a dis! If they want an evening of calm in the ghetto, I would recommend everyone wear staightjackets. Short of that, somebody will get dissed and will have to defend his honor, and then the friends of the deceased will be dissed and have to defend their friend’s honor…and so on, and so on! Remember…these guys kill over shoes! We are talking about a people with IQs barely above moron level!

    • Agree: CENTURION, Augustus, anon19
  7. D-FENS says:

    At least ICE starts deporting illegals this weekend.

    • Replies: @By-tor
  8. Noman says:

    Events like this show the level of hope that there is for blacks to solve black on black violence.

    Strong, traditional (gasp), two parent households. No free range children. Hard work raising the next generation.
    Community standards of acceptable behavior. Self policing.

    No outsider can rescue you from yourselves.

    The government, that you depend on, is the one doing this to you.

    • Replies: @Anounder
  9. Tried and failed in so many other places and in so many different ways, yet they rally ‘round with their ‘good idea’s and ‘great work’, high fiving their way back to the naked emperor, afraid or just unable to speak the truth.

    What could go wrong with having violent savages do something familiar like pointing gun shaped squirters at their adversary to rectify a problem? Should work like a charm, no?

    Look, it’s just the blacks and their white co-conspiritors wasting yours and my money again without a voice of reason to stop them.

    Get used to it. It’s the government we deserve.

  10. unit472 says:

    Cops used to refer to black on black shootings as ‘Misdemeanor Homocides”. Get you fired today I suppose but I heard it from a SFPD cop in the 1980’s.

    • Replies: @Not Woke--Not Broke
  11. MACON, Ga. — On Tuesday afternoon, Ferguson Park was quiet, but on Friday, that will change.

    Lott and his friends say there will be no weapons, no water balloons, no alcohol, and no drugs allowed at their event.

    Are they allowed in the park any other time?

  12. Black ratio of suspects/people: 69/15
    White ratio: 31/85

    69/15 = R(31/85)
    Multiply through by 85/31 to get R.

    R=12.61 (ratio of black rate to white rate.)

    Just shows how racist the cops are, or …

    • Replies: @Augustus
    , @nokangaroos
  13. Given the things they are killing each other over, I doubt even playing chess would be beneficial. Knitting … perharps? 😛

    On second thought, a Super Soaker (reverse engineered Wakandan technology, after all) in the strong hand makes it harder to go for the Glock in the sa/oggy waistband.
    Should they not be free to try whatever MIGHT help, provided it is on dime already extorted?

    • Replies: @Dr. Pepper
  14. Wakanda is dead, so too, these Black Panthers:

  15. @Reg Cæsar

    I noticed that as well…ridiculous…

  16. AceDeuce says:


    What if they gave a homophobic, interracial hate crime, and no one cared?

    Recently, in Washington DC, two male homosexuals, out for a night on the town, were accosted, robbed, and beaten by a group of 10-15 young men, who also used homophobic slurs during the attack.

    Coverage was rather limited-it was given more local coverage in DC, which has a very high percentage of gays-many rich and influential, but it didn’t get 1/100th the coverage of Subway Jussie in Chicongo, a little-known actor on a low-rated TV show, even though the injuries suffered by the DC gheys were far more severe than Jussie’s nonexistent injuries. Some days later, 3 or 4 youths were arrested.

    As mentioned, it was not only homophobic but interracial, which holds the key-it was the wrong kind of interracial. The fine fellahs in DC who were the victims were white, and the assailants black. Not a word about the race of the attackers made it to any of the articles that did cover this–rather, it was left to commenters to mention it-mainly it was local gheys wondering why cops didn’t give full descriptions right after the attack, which cops said was part of a “crime spree”.

    We know why.

    • Replies: @Feedsackroad
    , @Love Street
  17. @AceDeuce

    We know why.

    Probably didn’t want to interrupt Juneteenth coverage.

    • LOL: AceDeuce
  18. @Dr. Pepper

    These kill over shoes.
    They kill over designer eyeglasses.
    And now, recently in a Detroit Coney, they’ll shoot a homeless & harmless guy point blank in the face. Over a lack of fried mushrooms. 2 men & a woman went Nutz because the workers behind “Safety Glass” informed them that item was sold out.

  19. @AceDeuce

    No perp discriptions in da news= Blaqq perps. I was noticing that pattern in Houston around 20 years ago.Then it got worse after the Katrina freeloaders landed in the Astrodome.

  20. @Jim in Jersey

    I need to know where the water guns come from. Super Soakers and the like are not cheap! What about DeMonious… what if he doesn’t get a water gun??? Will there be enough water guns for all the NAPA’s. Will DeMonious run home and grab his handgun and start shooting?

    Will Walmart take notice of this event and lock up all the water guns to prevent theft. That will be called racist. Event planning failures will be YT’s fault you just know it. It will never end till we separate.

  21. By-tor says:

    US POW Trump ( United States’ President of Wakanda ) backed down on rounding up some 2,000+ illegals who have not only been inside the US as trespassers and social services sponges, but they have also refused to report for their People of Color federal ‘asylum’ hearings.

    No round-ups, no wall, no end to the invasion by foreign derelicts. And the $1.4 trillion US military protects us from what? Nothing.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
    , @luludog
  22. D-FENS says:

    I’m surprised they are not using SuperSoakers since it is one of the major negro inventions (after peanut butter).

    • Replies: @95Theses
  23. How about Do Your Homework Day instead?
    Or Work on Your Resume Day?
    Read a Book Day?
    Don’t Say the F Word in Front of Your Children Day?
    Clean the Refrigerator That’s on Your Front Porch Day?

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  24. J1234 says:

    Several years ago, I was outside of Macon, and didn’t really like what I was sensing with regards to my family’s personal safety; no imminent danger, but I had my kids with me. When I stopped for gas, I went into the store to see if there was some tool I could buy as a makeshift weapon. I bought what was essentially a billy club that was marketed as a “tire knocker” (because who can live without a tool for knocking tires?)

    I still have it in my closet, and it always makes me think of Macon , GA. I’ve often wondered if the term “tire knocker” didn’t have some racial undertones, because tires are black, sometimes noisy and (during the summer months) full of hot air. And potentially dangerous under those conditions. The parallels are striking.

    • LOL: Non PC Infidel, WSG
  25. perryga says:

    Must be alot of gentrification going on. Macon used to be 80% black. place is a $%^$hole. only town I been robbed twice and my mom was carjacked.

    unfortunately they are putting in new downtown shops to attract younger more trusting white youth. Can’t image how much they cover up. crimes and assaults going on we don’t hear about.

  26. tired of violence in community? then stop “doing” it, a**holes.

  27. No fancy water guns in Jackson, Ms, just another stop the violence get together to honor a teen killed in a drive-by shooting. With all the hype this past year about the lynching memorial why not a drive-by memorial? They’d have to acquire a sizable chunk of land considering the rate at which they kill each other. They could add a new wing every year.

    ‘Block party to send anti-violence message’

    Church honors teen killed in drive-by shooting

    Jun 22, 2019

    A local church is holding a block party to address crime in the Capital City.

    The event will honor Jalesia Everett. The 16-year-old was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting on Larchmont Street earlier this month.

    Rosemont Missionary Baptist Church said the goal of the block party is to encourage people in Jackson to come together and stop senseless killings…

    • Replies: @Dr. Pepper
  28. I don’t see how this will work out the way they imagine. Negroes will do drive-by shootings at funerals because that’s where their enemies have gathered and this is no different. Besides, negroes can’t even have family dinners or cookouts without someone getting shot, stabbed, choked or beaten senseless over the last piece of chicken. They even kill children who’ve gotten into the fridge and eaten a piece of birthday cake or some other precious item. Does anyone really expect a negro who loses a water gun fight (and gets soaked to the skin) to take that calmly especially when the one who soaks him is a hated rival who then sneers at him and mocks him? Violent retaliation will be forthcoming in the days and weeks ahead.

    In any case, I now see where the G-men went wrong back in the days of Al Capone and other gangsters during Prohibition- all they had to do was organize water gun fights! That would have solved everything! It surely would have prevented the Saint Valentines Day Massacre! Just think of it! Instead of mowing down the victims with tommy guns, the gangsters could have shot them in the back of the head with water guns, messed up their hair and said, “Take that, you bitches!” Of course, this could have caused an escalation with the subsequent retaliation seeing gangsters laying all over the streets of Chicago in puddles of water due to water balloon revenge. Still, that would have been better than guns and puddles of blood!

    If only there had been a giant-brained negro back then to step up and enlighten them! Come to think of it, there probably was but due to racism, bigotry and intolerance, D’Brainiac da Negro was disrespected, dismissed and ignored! For shame!

    • Replies: @Feedsackroad
  29. 95Theses says:
    @Dr. Pepper

    Spot on! What you’ve just described is exactly how this new version of midnight basketball is going to come apart. I’ve seen enough Colin Flaherty videos to be convinced otherwise.

    There’ve been scores of black-held peace rallies and black funerals which have erupted in shootings and violence all because somebody got dissed.

    One thing is certain: when things go sideways, somehow Whitey is always going to be blamed.

  30. @By-tor

    Yeah. Getting tired of hearing the “genius” and “five dimensional chess” nonsense.

    He’s doing just enough that the actual republicans can document achievement but not enough that the guys-who-get-stuck-with-the-check will even raise an eyebrow.

    I get that he had no support in the senate. I get it.

    I don’t get all the slight of hand and misdirection and the daily TrumpShow played out in the news as distraction. They rattle their impeachment sabers. He tweets a coconut rum recipe. The crowds go wild on both sides.

    While I was amused by the sight of the left turning themselves inside out because of him, I’m now thinking that it’s just another part of the same show. The overreaction to anything and everything is reminiscent of a good, Portugal vs Italy soccer match. Those guys fall down and grab their knees when a wind kicks up or an opponent passes within 16 feet.

    To quote that old woman on the Wendy’s commercial…

    “Where’s the beef?”

    • Replies: @Augustus
  31. @Former City Boy

    Vacuum the couch on the lawn…

  32. @Jim in Jersey

    OK…I will give them this: I never heard of having a water gun fight! It won’t last long because the negroes will figure out the water gun isn’t killing the other guy. Killing another person is a right of passage of a negro child into manhood. Blacks do this in the hood to prove their manhood. They usually kill four, or five, other people before hitting the correct target because they are such lousy shots. Most hoodrats don’t hold a pistol correctly!

    I also said if you wanted to help blacks and whites, have a big barbecue just for negroes, lots of free malt liquor and drugs, and loud rap music; HOWEVER, after the party begins, run out of free ribs and malt liquor, change the music to country or bluegrass, and have a loud Donald Trump speech over the loud speakers at the end. At that point, if it is televised, be sure to get lots of popcorn.

  33. @nokangaroos

    Chess is definately something that would help bring down negro violence, but also listening to classical music (they have Baby Einstein CDs with music to bring up a baby’s IQ…can’t they do the same with CDs to bring up negro IQ?)

    That would be an interesting study: have negroes listen to one hour of classical music and then put them on the streets. Would they be more passive, or more agreesive? Listening to one of Yanni’s CDs might also help to tame the angry beast in them.

  34. @unit472

    Thank you for enriching my day with the term “misdemeanor homicides” in reference to black on black murders. Instead of burdening White taxpayers with extensive and expensive incarceration,perhaps a small fine would be more appropriate.Just keep it in the ‘hood.

  35. @Dr. Pepper

    ARE YOU SERIOUS-???——-If forced to listen to a few hours of Yanni music,i would be ready to do a driveby on random strangers.

    • Replies: @Dr. Pepper
  36. Anon[324] • Disclaimer says:

    Yeah, don’t play chicken with your kids, particularly if you’re in the SUV and they’re on foot.

  37. luludog says:

    Since the flip-flopper in chief is not going to round up the illegals, he should at least dump them all in the ghettos of every urban center in the US. Now that would be some diversity.

    • Replies: @Mary
  38. The black youth is bored. This is the cause of everything from rampaging black mobs to rape and murder we are told. Somehow we are to coexist with these people and not allowed to separate. Honestly feel like someone living in occupied Soviet territory where you aren’t allowed to acknowledge the truth that is apparent to everyone.

  39. @Non PC Infidel

    They even kill children who’ve gotten into the fridge and eaten a piece of birthday cake or some other precious item.

    Add spilling the cereal to the list.

    ‘Couple convicted of murder after 4-year-old PA boy beaten to death over spilled cereal’

    By Associated Press
    Jun 22, 2019

    WILLOW GROVE, Pa. (AP) — A suburban Philadelphia couple has been convicted of murder in the death of a 4-year-old who was beaten for spilling his breakfast cereal…–year-old-pa-boy/article_38474a92-da78-5585-8a07-7d6d98b29176.html

    • Replies: @Raccoon
  40. @Jim in Jersey

    This is why I have advocated for years about putting as little money as you can into the system. Barter your skills & services, give discounts for clients/customers who pay in cash, show the bare minimum of earnings and write off as much as possible. Starve the beast, let Uncle Sam keep having to dole out more money for every sprog or illegal, while their coffers grow lower & lower. When the freebie cupboards are bare, they will have to face the wrath of their hungry animals. Ammo will become the new true currency.

  41. Augustus says:

    “It’s to call attention to gun violence…..”

    You mean no one had noticed yet!?! The subspecies just isn’t like any other, not even close. Yep, shootin’ a water gun always soothes my inner beast, and pulls me back from murder. Well, it does, for a day or two. So does apple pie.
    Oh dear Lord! These people aren’t human.

  42. Augustus says:
    @jack daniels

    Hey, you be doin’ maffs like dat Rational dude. Damn! All dese honkey mofos be thinkin’ deys geniuses! Unnerstan? Some kinda white thang.

  43. Voltara says:

    Blacks start shooting at peace rallies, funerals and church services. Guaranteed, somebody’s Jordans will get wet and bullets will fly

  44. @jack daniels

    Black to NON-BLACK, please – the black-to-White ratio is far less flattering 😀

  45. @Dr. Pepper

    I mentioned chess because it was a surprise that winning/losing still greatly affects testosterone.

    While we´re at it, why not add a pinch of justice to the healing? Barry Manilow 😛
    Also, I´d like a follow-up study on Sheriff Joe´s idea with the pink underwear 😀

  46. Augustus says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    To keep from getting discouraged, I think of Supreme Court Justices. Now, even in Illinois, I can arm and defend myself. May not mean much to others, but it does to me.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  47. Eonic says:
    @Detroit Refugee

    Hand out tools and paintbrushes? How soon will they be sloshing paint all over (and hitting with the brushes) one another ?

  48. @Feedsackroad

    I hope everyone wore bullet proof armour. I guarantee somebody will get dissed!

  49. @Not Woke--Not Broke

    I will agree on this point, Yanni must be listened to in small doses or it can be lethal. I know how much a Caucasian can take of his music (I am one), I was just wondering what the effect would be on violent negroes. This would be an experiment like water guns! Who knows, they might like it!

    • Replies: @Not Woke--Not Broke
  50. “Can’t blame the white folks no more” ?
    Yeah sure, you will find a way eventually. Then it’s even Mo gibs!

  51. AWM says:

    “… no weapons, no water balloons, no alcohol, and no drugs allowed at their event”
    And they expect [email protected]@3Rs to show up?
    Are you f-cking kidding me?

    First, I haven’t been to Macon in 15 years, and only went then because some idiots in the state legislature moved the medical license offices down there from Hotlanta. Yep, brilliant decision, we get a lot of those down here in Georgia too.

    Second, don’t ever go to Macon with anything less than a Colt 45 auto on the seat next to you. Preferably a Desert Eagle in 50 Action Express, but the 45 ACP will do in a pinch, or a micro-UZI.

    Third, this is Georgia, there are still places where you have a shotgun, Marlin 444, and a Ruger ranch rifle in the rack mounted in the rear window of standard cab 4WD pickup trucks. And not even the minorities would think of snatching one of those guns, because that’s a sure fire way to not only collect one of those 50 AE rounds, but to also get a free ride in the back of said pick up to the hospital by way of the nearest swamp, river, former quarry swimming hole, or whatever and the chain and concrete block are free.

    Fourth, I haven’t heard of any “action” down there in Macon, you know, besides the usual drug gang shootouts, car jacking, crackhead (yes, we still have crackjeads in GA, we will always have crackheads in GA) craziness such as shooting your grandmother and kids under 4 because you couldn’t get another “twenty” to get a rock, which leads me to believe the “water gun” fight was a wash, big surprise, no blacks showed up except for some of those gays, and no, I’m not talking about the “Down Low” crowd.

  52. @Dr. Pepper

    You first.

    I left the south (largely) because of Blacks, their behavior, criminality, and treatment of whites.

    I have ZERO desire to live around them. You cannot pay me enough to live in a gentrifying community.
    You cannot pay me enough to send my kids to a black majority school.
    You cannot pay me enough to lower THEIR crime rate.

    They are the problem AND the solution.
    But they are unwilling to change, so they get what they got.

    I worked hard to get my education, to earn my spot in society, I’m not going to give it away so some southern town where the blacks and the southerners don’t want me there, can lift their crime rate.

    Here’s a thought: I’d you don’t want public hosing, don’t take the federal funds. Some Ashkenazi wants to build it, reject his permits, inspect everything to the T, make it really hard for them to move in.

    • Replies: @Not Woke--Not Broke
  53. Augustus says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    “…….high-fiving their way back to the naked emperor…….”

    That’s great, Jim. Book worthy.

  54. Raccoon says:

    That is just freaking disgusting on so many levels.

  55. @Augustus

    Exactly. One of the things I expected from trump was either reciprocal carry laws or a clear 2nd amendment path to carry.

    After the usual bluster of support for the American civilian, we get a bump stock ban instead.

    Bump stocks. Choice of terrorists everywhere. They’d rather have them then the full auto weaponry they already have access too. Assinine.

    So they succeeded in stopping Bubba from wasting ammo. Congrats.

    In the meantime, states like mine will never sort out a constitutional issue. Too many blacks on the dole to allow grown white men to defend themselves.

    • Replies: @Augustus
  56. Beck Knob Cemetery in Chattanooga Tn. is an example of black pride. Rich White land owner gives land to poor blacks so they can have a place to be buried. Many years later controversy arises because overgrown area is being developed and headstones are discovered when land is cleared. All hell breaks loose and there is a media frenzy because Whitey is destroying black cemetery. Through research of people in community it is discovered that the cemetery was deeded to local black church. When the church is contacted for comments from newspaper no one replies. No worries the city mayor steps up and provides tax payer funds for the care of cemetery. Many blacks in Chattanooga but when a community clean up of Beck Knob Cemetery is organized who shows up to clean it up about 90 – 95 White people.

  57. Augustus says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    Yet I feel closer to reciprocity than ever because of all his court appointments at all levels. I try not to be a perfectionist anymore.

    The desire for perfectionism made me miserable for 30 years. I now settle for successive approximations, and live happier.

  58. anon19 says:
    @Dr. Pepper

    One thing that i noted about the blacks i worked with was how easily offended they were. They considered all manners of things “slights” i wouldn’t have given a second thought too.

  59. Another city. Another concern about violence. Another realization the black community lacks the capacity for self-government.

    ‘City leaders to hold community forum to discuss increase in violence around Charlotte’

    Jun 25, 2019

    CHARLOTTE, N.C. – At Monday night’s City Council meeting in uptown, Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles addressed the increase in the number of murders in the city.

    So far in 2019, there have been 57 homicides with many involving young people using guns to resolve arguments. There were 58 in total the previous year.

    The mayor called the increase in violent crime “chaotic,” and she said the city needs to pinpoint why it’s happening…

  60. Having any type if fights even involving water guns is a bad idea for negroes. It suggests that
    they can’t be happy without engaging in even mock violence. As others have said some negro will
    get wet and feel ‘dissed’ and then go on a real rampage. There was an incident in Dekalb County,
    GA recently where a 14 year old male dindu shot a bunch of black kids on a playground with a
    pellet gun requiring 10 to go to the hospital. Who does that? Who raised this little monster?

    • Replies: @ShermanFan
  61. @Dr. Pepper

    Why waste time with”soothing” music? I say go straight to propofol. Worked for Michael Jackson.

  62. @ShermanFan

    Hey Dr. Pepper, You just referred to Section 8 as “public hosing”. If this was a typo,don’t,DO NOT fix it. The term ” public hosing” is profound.

    • Replies: @ShermanFan
  63. @Not Woke--Not Broke


    I am not Dr Pepper…

    Also, yes I picked my words carefully.
    Call it public housing for a reason.

    Projects, Section 8, etc…call it public housing. It gets to the root, not just identifies the result.

  64. @Aryan Racist

    First, it was GA. A cesspool groidnation of dindus and their sows.

    Second, DeKalb County. Corrupt, black run, dung hole.

    Who raised this little monster? Well none other than black sow Momma and your hard earned tax dollars.

  65. Mary says:
    @Detroit Refugee

    That would make way too much sense
    The unions would be up in arms

  66. Mary says:

    Isn’t that what he’s doing?

  67. Another city. Another stop the violence scheme. Another catchy slogan: ‘Cure Violence’

    Pat Boyle said it best in a post a few weeks ago:

    Just how do you improve a black neighborhood?

    The mistake hidden in this question is the assumption that there is a solution to the problem.

    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – So far, it has been a violent summer in Jacksonville, with 12 people shot in the last week.

    According to News4Jax records, there have been 78 homicides this year in Jacksonville…

    The Cure Violence program is aimed at stopping the violence before it starts and targets Northwest Jacksonville and the Eastside. The plan is to treat violence as an illness and it encourages so-called violence interrupters. These are the people from the community, who are not associated with the Sheriff’s Office, who understand the neighborhood issues and are building trust with the community members behind the scenes in order to get people to put down the guns…

  68. Anounder says:

    Found the cukservative

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