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Because of High Levels of Theft, Family Dollar in 98.8% Non-White Community (82% Black) in Jacksonville, Florida Limits Number of People Allowed in Store
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Previously on SBPDL: Because of High Levels of Theft, Kroger in 92% Black Community Near Atlanta Under Fire for Enclosing Aisles Within the Store


Why do food deserts exists? The answer is so obvious, but one few dare give in the current year.

Here’s a hint…

Zip code 32209 is found in Jacksonville, Florida. Black residents make up 82 percent of the population in this zip code.

It’s 98.8 percent non-white.

What does social capital look like in a 98.8 percent non-white (82% black community) community? This…[Thefts force Northwest Jacksonville store to limit number of customers inside at one time,, January 20, 2020]:

Theft at one Northwest Jacksonville store has become such a common occurrence that employees said they have gone as far as to limit the number of people who can enter the business at one time.

Employees at the Family Dollar on Moncrief Road near West 45th Street told News4Jax on Monday that they’ve restored to locking the door once five people are in the store at the same time so they can do their jobs while monitoring the aisles.

People started talking about the policy after a photo was shared to the “Only in Duval” group on Facebook. It shows a sign posted on the store’s window, reading, “Due to theft only 5 people at a time.”

Although store employees were not allowed to make comments on camera, customers familiar with the frequent thefts explained why store management started the policy that limits the number of people inside the building during certain times of the day.

“It’s really geared toward the students who are getting out of school and when they come to the store after school, they are taking things out of the store and not paying,” said Jacksonville resident Janet Jordan. “There are also adults doing the same thing.”

News4Jax obtained at least a dozen police pamphlets that go with theft reports from the last 20 days. But theft is not the only crime that has affected the Northwest Jacksonville area.

Within the last four weeks, according to a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office crime map that was modified to reflect crime reported within a mile radius of the store, there have been 12 thefts, 11 assault and battery cases, one snatch-and-run robbery and five burglaries.

Shirley Blair, who has lived in Jacksonville her entire life, said it didn’t use to be like this.

“It’s so bad, people don’t even want to sit on their porch anymore,” Blair said.

She said poverty and drugs are fueling the crime and leaving many without hope of a better future.

“They’re going to do anything they can to get what they want,” Blair said. “And that’s kind of sad.”

The closest high school to this Family Dollar has an enrollment that is 95 percent black. 

At the end of the day, publicly traded companies must answer to balance sheets, income statements and shareholders. Family Dollar is a publicly traded company, and this store located in a 98.8% non-white area of Jacksonville is losing money with thievery taking its toll on the patience of management. Concerns for the food desert mean little when shareholders see earning per share drop. 

The Visible Black Hand of Economics is a foolproof concept, capable to withstand any peer review and providing irrefutable evidence to how and why communities flourish or flounder in the United States of America.

The blacker a community in the USA, the less likely social capital will flourish.

In laymen terms: a food desert is what occurs when you regress to the black mean.

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  1. anarchyst says:

    A good example of disparity exists in retail establishments in urban areas for good reason. . . .the “vibrant (ghetto) culture” is responsible for the disparities…of course, naming “the elephant in the room” will subject one to accusations of (gasp!) “racism”–I DON’T CARE.

    Compare hardware stores in urban areas and suburban / rural areas.

    The suburban / rural hardware store has everything out in the open. Customers are free to pick and choose, examine the merchandise, take it to the cashier and purchase their products. Help is readily available.

    The urban hardware store has everything behind bullet-resistant barriers. One cannot even purchase a twenty-five cent plumbing fitting without having to ask for it. The employees are safely sequestered behind these barriers and may be unwilling to venture beyond them. Quite often, a security guard is posted at the door to “inspect” purchases and act as a deterrent to “shoplifting”.

    On a personal note, my local (rural) hardware store experienced a power outage. The proprietor of the store gave incoming customers flashlights so that they could shop while power was being restored. Try doing that in an urban hardware store. Both flashlights and merchandise would be picked clean . . .

  2. Mr. XYZ says:

    This is actually really sad. That said, though, it’s probably better than completely closing down this store. Unfortunately, in high-crime areas, sometimes store owners (and others, of course) need to take real precautions if they want to permanently stay there.

    • Replies: @Glock45
    , @nymom
  3. Anonymous[296] • Disclaimer says:

    Nothing new. I watched African Americans destroy the entire city of Detroit. Stores , houses, schools, businesses, hospitals, churches, you name it, they destroyed it. Like vultures except they didn’t wait for the victims to die on their own. Dirty, loud, mean, destructive, and always entitled to what you have. Murder capital of the world simply because of its huge black population. Wake up America.

  4. SafeNow says:

    Not just the black community. Years ago, at a deli restaurant in Miami Beach, an elaborate system was needed to prevent members of a dining group from exiting seriatim in a common check-beating scam. Here in non-black, non-Jewish Orange County, supermarkets must embed anti-steal chips in antacid meds to prevent theft by seniors. At electronic superstores, special packaging is used to deter theft by teens. When I grew up, one paid for gas AFTER it was pumped.

    • Replies: @anon
  5. Paul — you should come visit Baltimore. Up here, that’s kid stuff. As far back as 1998, I remember hearing about stores packing up and leaving town because of massive theft. One managed called it “shrinkage,” which sounds like something out of “Seinfeld.”

    People talk so much about violence in Baltimore that the fact gets lost that it’s becoming a consumer wasteland with restaurants, markets, and department stores closing regularly. Even out in Baltimore County, they’re now having problems at the Towson Mall and have had to institute age-related curfews (which would have been unheard of when the demographic was different).

    What really bothers me, though, is when conservatives chest-thump about there being problems because “The city is run by Democrats!” They’re willfully ignoring the racial aspect.

  6. Anonymous[271] • Disclaimer says:

    Interestingly it isn’t unusual to see small independent shops in Britain with a policy like that, and not even in particularly multi-ethnic areas. Shoplifting is seen as a huge problem in the UK, but the perps are perceived as low class whites rather than non-whites in particular.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  7. Gunga Din says:
    @Days of Broken Arrows

    I remember when I took Accounting 101 in college. “Shrinkage” was an accounting term for theft.

    • LOL: Hibernian
  8. She said poverty and drugs are fueling the crime and leaving many without hope of a better future.

    It is always.
    Da poverty,
    Da drugs,
    Da violence.

    It is never the ones who engage in those things that are responsible.

    • Agree: Gunga Din, Glock45
  9. Why do this, those 5 will steal as well. Just close up shop, and get out. Let the vultures (I like that term) move on to the next victim.

  10. “It’s really geared toward the students who are getting out of school and when they come to the store after school, they are taking things out of the store and not paying,” said Jacksonville resident Janet Jordan. “There are also adults doing the same thing.”

    Students + adults represent the body of their shoplifters. At least the infants and toddlers are law abiding.

  11. Anonymous[322] • Disclaimer says:

    What is more than likely fueling this is the nationwide phenomena of local district attorneys showing great leniency for “minor crimes” like theft. If blacks know they can get away scot free with theft of say, less than 700 dollars (like in cities such as Houston or Boston), why wouldn’t they rob the Family Dollar every day?

    • Agree: Hibernian
  12. I can’t imagine opening a store or willfully remaining open in an 85% black community.

    Jacksonville didn’t turn black last night which means the store has been there for a while already.

    What has to happen before you wise up and run?

    • Replies: @A123
  13. anon[396] • Disclaimer says:

    ah yes, the old “poverty, drugs ,no hope” excuse.
    who to blame?

  14. RickTen99 says:

    In Chiraq it’s called the ghetto tax. Higher than usual prices, sometimes 2x the price of other non ghetto stores, in order to cover all of the thefts taking place daily. Some stores feel they can overcome the massive shoplifting and open up a nice, shiny, well stocked grocery store. They usually last a year or less. The in store thefts, thefts from vehicles in the parking lots, muggings in or near the store are just too much and soon the plywood truck show up to cover the windows.

    • Replies: @Not Woke--Not Broke
  15. @Anonymous

    And, of course, the District Attorney can report a drastic reduction in property crimes.

    • Replies: @Dave453
  16. @Days of Broken Arrows

    When Battery Commander at NG unit in Pikesville, I had a driver take me downtown to Pennsylvania Ave in Baltimore to find an AWOL soldier. Hey, I thought, the President lived at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue in DC, how can Baltimore be different? Wow, was I surprised, and my Battalion CO . Couldn’t believe I was so brave !! No, ignorant. Lived in Pikesville in 2008 and was getting dangerous , but way up in Towson ?? They take the (free?) Train up there, so put armed guards on the trains, too.

  17. Anonymous[252] • Disclaimer says:


    This shit only really goes on in London and other ‘enriched’ areas.

    It doesn’t happen in Cornwall, for instance, England’s poorest and whitest region.

    Something tells me you are a two faced paki troll – characteristic of that accursed race.

    Am I right or am I right?

  18. Anonymous[252] • Disclaimer says:


    As the saying goes “supermarkets without checkouts”.

  19. Now imagine the Family Dollar store inside the walled, electrified boundaries of a Members Only enclave.

    Clean.  Open to the Members.  And membership requirements AND dress code enforced at all entrances but especially the (mandatory) bus stop:  no unaccompanied minors, no sports gear, no sagging pants, no hoodies.

    That bus stop would have to be there, but it would almost never have any traffic.

  20. kikz says:

    Demwit haven Dallas County DA has it set at = $750. The police union demanded his ouster.

    i’m N in Collin Co., a red county, the hyena come up here to hunt in the well to do exoburbs, thank ye godz, when the telecom corridor collapsed the DART trains stopped running this far North.

    as the number of huge apt complexes my small city has decided to build (rezoning) has risen, crime has followed, transients don’t help property values for single fam homeowners. as they age, and become Sec8’s, it will only get worse. i hope soon to move farther afield, as far out as some small city sewer/water infrastructure will take us.

    • Replies: @Love Street
  21. That Family Dollar store will eventually close (sooner rather than later) and then all the wailing and howling will erupt from blacks about how “dey ain’t gots nowhere to shop!” Cue the screams of racism, oppression and how “ain’t nobody care about da black folks or dey chilrens!”

    In the meantime, the next closest stores will experience a massive rise in shoplifting as the miscreants who were stealing the Family Dollar store blind migrate to new thieving grounds. More stores will close and eventually the shopping areas will look like Dresden, Germany after the fire bombing in WWII or like Detroit does today. Then it gets designated as an “Economic Empowerment & Recovery Zone” and the city tries to convince fools to open businesses in da hood for the black cretins to steal from.

    As for their areas being food deserts, they brought all that on themselves. Stores owners should walk away and let the cretins feast on Haitian dirt cookies and rat kabobs.

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  22. erich says:

    the astounding thing to me about this story is to think how it is possible any right (white) thinking upstanding white person would want to live in an 80% black city —

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
    , @Roger
  23. King Leopold had the right idea in the Congo.. He lopped off hands and feet. And lets not forget he did the right thing and permantly removed around 10 million of the savages. Its ironic that Black Congolese still lop off hands and feet today.

  24. If they steal an item, they get it for free. If they have to pay for an item, it’s paid for with EBT / SNAP welfare “money” that was also “free” to them. Looks like they win either way.

  25. Possible fodder for future posts:

    Money doesn’t confer virtue: Arrest warrant issued for Antonio Brown.

    Shootings at clubs in Dallas and KCMO show all signs of “leaded law”, aka TNB:

    • Replies: @bruce county
    , @Trevor
  26. A123 says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    Jacksonville is a rather unusual case. By land area it is the largest city in the lower 48 states. (1)

    The city and the county merged decades ago. In almost any other location there would be many cities in the county. As a result, the pension problems from absurd city police contracts will destroy Jacksonville long before poor race relations do.

    PEACE 😇


  27. @A123

    A123———-Bloated pensions can indeed render your house or other property damn near worthless. Another example of this is Chicago with the pension bill now coming due.Chicago is desperate for a Democrat president to “hep” them fund pensions.

  28. @RickTen99

    RickTen99——–Only first generation immigrants such as Koreans can turn a profit in ghetto Baltimore ,Memphis,Philadelphia,etc. You need fire resistant construction,i.e. concrete block,steel doors, security shutters,and of course Lexan barriers between your customers,and your family and inventory.Naturally Democrat ( Black ) politicians want the barriers to come down. If these little shops are to remain,they will have to shoot more than the occasional customer.

  29. @Mr. Rational

    Those 100 Facts should be on page 3 of every newspaper in the land. And should be taught in every school. We are not the same. Period.

    • Agree: Gunga Din, Sick of Orcs
  30. A.Ryan says:

    Even though Jacksonville is “technically” the largest city due to the consolidation of the city and county governments, it really isn’t. If you remove the consolidation, it would be a mere blimp on the radar of Florida and other Floridian cities would roll past it in terms of population. In other words, don’t let the numbers fool you, the population of Jacksonville (proper) is not that large.

  31. @kikz

    What mystery race is this DA? I can’t figure it out.

  32. Trevor says:
    @Mr. Rational

    “Possible fodder for future posts:”

    I also posted this link earlier after having come across it while searching on DuckDuckGo (not Google).

    The main issue is that it is over 25 years old, so you have to update some of the facts.
    For example, the black bastard rate is given as 66% IIRC, but is now about 80%.

    Overall, things have only gotten worse since.

    Although no date is given, I think it is about 1993 or 1994. It even references Jared Taylor’s book in the footnotes that IIRC was about 1991.

    It is scary to view this as a reference point and compare to now how much worse many of the facts are now.

    I think you would also like the book “Erectus Walks Among Us” as fodder for posts in case you are not aware of it already.

    • Replies: @Just passing through
  33. eah says:

    What is more than likely fueling this is the nationwide phenomena of local district attorneys showing great leniency for “minor crimes” like theft.

    It’s happened in a few jurisdictions, with probably more to follow; I’m not sure if this counts as “nationwide” — but it may embolden some thieves or potential thieves.

    … why wouldn’t they rob the Family Dollar every day?

    I would expect a store to ban anyone caught stealing, even if the law won’t act.

    You can look at this decriminalization trend as slight evidence that the the Cloward–Piven strategy is working on the criminal justice system in some locales — if you flood an area with NAMs, crime will rise, and eventually police and courts will be overwhelmed with this kind of petty property crime — from the point of view of “the system”, it makes sense to unburden law enforcement and leave the problem for retailers to deal with, e.g. by banning anyone caught shoplifting (they ought to at least get a citation).

    It must have been a slow news day in Jacksonville — it’s hard to see this as newsworthy (it’s just a cheap Family Dollar store).

  34. There have long been complaints from the usual suspects that there aren’t enough black soldiers in the British elite Guards regiments, the guys who stand outside Buckingham Palace.

    So the Army brought some in. Two of them have just been convicted of armed robbery, members of the oldest regiment in the army.

    A soldier serving in the Queen’s ceremonial regiment has been found guilty of carrying out a string of armed robberies.

    Grenadier Guard Kristopher James-Merrill, 20, helped fellow guardsman Dillon Sharpe, 23, raid seven convenience stores across south London along with their friend Marlon Wright, 25, during the summer of 2018.

    The pair served in the senior British Army regiment in which soldiers wear scarlet tunics and bearskin uniforms while on ceremonial duty at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.

    Sharpe, from Dulwich, south-east London, did not stand trial as he had already admitted four attempted robberies, three robberies and seven counts of possessing an imitation firearm with intent to cause fear of violence between July 24 and 26.

  35. @Days of Broken Arrows

    “What really bothers me, though, is when conservatives chest-thump about there being problems because ‘The city is run by Democrats!’”
    Thank you.
    My grandparents were “Yellow Dog” democrats. Never stole a thing in their entire, hardscrabble lives.
    Baltimore is not a shithole because it’s run by Democrats. It’s a shithole because it’s run by blacks.

    • Agree: bruce county, CDebussey
    • Replies: @Glock45
  36. JAX says:

    Jacksonville FL is a large city. The urban core and the old suburbs are all black, and look run down like any former great city. The whites tend to live near the beaches or the new suburbs the ring the city. The problem is every 10 years you have to move because formally nice areas get darker. So if you want to live away from diversity you have to pay a ever higher premium.

  37. HT says:

    Of course it’s just a matter of time before a black activist complains that the store is racist for doing this.

  38. Lady Val says:
    @Days of Broken Arrows

    Conservatives can say the word “Democrat” but what they mean is black, often because they are one and the same. However, Democrat won’t get you pilloried by a stupid establishment that refuses to recognize the reliability of crime statistics that show 13% of the population commits I believe the majority of the violent crimes! Black on black crime is horrible and black on white crime is worse ~ but you can’t SAY anything because that makes you a “racist.” Calling people names doesn’t change the facts but we have a culture that refuses to admit to just what the problem is and so the problem gets worse day by day.

    • Agree: Trevor, Augustus
  39. @Non PC Infidel

    This food desert thing is so much nonsense. I’ve yet to see a starving Negro here in America. How is it, if they are so malnourished and underfed, that they manage to breed so many obese heifers and healthy athletes? Compare a picture of a Negro in a food desert in da hood to a picture of a bloated, skeletal, fly enveloped Negro in Ethiopia. The difference is between a Negro who is being subsidized (cared for) and one who is left to do for their self (no “White Shadow”). White Rhodesia equaled abundance, Black Zimbabwe resulted in privation. The examples abound. Still, the idealists among us cannot accept the facts as they are and they keep looking for any excuses for the problems rather than acknowledging that the problems stem from the problematic.

  40. @Rusty nail

    Got to invest in dem yoof programs n shieet, kangz are not being given the opportunity to vent their frustrations through ping pong and stuff.

  41. @Trevor

    I think Blacks would benefit greatly from eugenics to be honest. I am surprised modern day progressives do not advocate for more non-interventionist forms of eugenics as this would surely eliminate the bad name the Black community had due to its criminality.

    I recall reading a paper on how there was a sort of eugenic effect in England back when hanging was still around. Gradually the criminal classes greatly reduced in number.

    Eugenics could be a great thing if applied on an individual basis, of course there would be differing rates of application on different races but in the end the individual matters.

    The race aspect of eugenics is just unnecessary and adds pointless emotion to the whole affair. I am hoping embryo selection for IQ will become a thing in the future.

    • Replies: @WSG
  42. @erich

    An excellent question!

    One overly-simplified answer: poor Whites are too poor to move, and those owning homes failed to heed early warning signs to GTFO.

    On the other end of the spectrum, wealthy Whites live in gated communities with armed guards. They shuttle between fortresses of work, play and shopping, with minimal to no contact with orcs. They also don’t like the idea of a border wall…it’s not needed when they live behind mighty walls of their own.

  43. Glock45 says:
    @Mr. XYZ

    Unfortunately, in high-crime areas, sometimes store owners (and others, of course) need to take real precautions if they want to permanently stay there.

    And then…when those store owners do take real (and reasonable) precautions, those precautions make the blacks feel bad, so black “leaders” and their (((handlers))) whine and complain about “racism”, and the store owners are punished further for simply being reasonable.

    There is no winning with them. Segregation and/or repatriation to the Dark Continent really is the only solution.

  44. Glock45 says:
    @Rusty nail

    It is never the ones who engage in those things that are responsible.

    Of course! Holding blacks responsible for their behavior is “racist”!

    And we all know that, thanks to our (((indoctrination))), being “racist” is ultimately, positively, the absolutely worst thing one can possibly be in our current clown world.

    You don’t want to be a racist, do you?

    • Replies: @WSG
    , @anon
  45. Glock45 says:
    @The Bland Enchilada

    Baltimore is not a shithole because it’s run by Democrats. It’s a shithole because it’s run by blacks.

    Yep, look at all those cities like Portland Oregon, which have been run by liberal democrats (if not bonafide, self-identified “socialists”) for decades now, and don’t have the high crime problems of cities like Baltimore.

    The difference is the pink elephant in the room that nobody dare look at: blacks are a tiny minority in cities like Portland, as opposed to being the vast majority in cities like Baltimore.

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  46. Lady Val———But all the Negroes on TV commercials and in the movies are so educated and nice.

  47. Jacksonville has one of the highest crime rates in the US and it would be even higher except for a statistical quirk — it’s the country’s largest city by incorporated area, so its crime and racial demographic stats are watered down by the inclusion of decent neighborhoods way way out from the city core.

    I’ve known a lot of long-time Floridians and the feeling has long been that Jax is a pit well worth avoiding.

  48. Sick of Orcs——–“They shuttle between fortresses of work,play and shopping,with minimal to no contact with orcs.” THAT is the new American dream.Until then guns,bad dog,and chain link.

    • Replies: @Tony Schnee
  49. WSG says:
    @Just passing through

    It’s going to take something a lot more advanced than eugenics to make these demons human.

    • Agree: AnalogMan
  50. WSG says:

    I’m actually pretty good with it, thanks for asking. 🙂

  51. @Cowtown Rebel

    How is it, if they are so malnourished and underfed, that they manage to breed so many obese heifers…

    I hate to be picking a nit, but technically,” heifer” doesn’t describe the average ghetto negress accurately.

    • Replies: @Tony Schnee
  52. @Glock45

    They may be a tiny minority in Portland, but they still commit a majority of the violent crimes like assault, robbery, property theft, and murders. I have a bunch of non-liberal friends who live in Portland, one is a detective for Portland PD. While the media might focus on Antifa as trouble makers in Portland, the real crime there is mostly caused by blacks, Mexicans, and junkies/meth addicts.

  53. nymom says:
    @Mr. XYZ

    Ultimately the store will wind up closing.

    Letting 5 people in at a time just delays the inevitable…

  54. @Not Woke--Not Broke

    You mean like living in Schaumburg and commuting to the Loop?

  55. @Boy the way Glenn Miller played

    You are totally right, sow is a much more accurate term. Much higher body fat percentage, ability to reproduce (expendable off spring) at a much faster rate and same offensive odors and extremely annoying noises.

  56. Roger says:

    Overall, Jacksonville is not 80% black, but some neighborhoods are. There are a lot of very good, well-to-do areas as well, many with overwhelming white majority populations. There are also many “right-thinking, upstanding black people” who live in the city. I have known some of them.

    I lived in Jax for almost ten years before moving to a very rural part of the country in 2010. I never want to go back. While there, though, I worked for a local construction company and was physically active on many projects in the zip code (and adjacent others) mentioned. Once, I had a chop saw stolen from the back of my pickup within 30 minutes of pulling up to the job address.

    In 1993, I was in Honduras for a few weeks and saw something I had never seen before. All the financial centers had armed guards outside their doors and all the hardware stores had one of each item wired to a board behind the counter. If you wanted to purchase anything, you pointed to the item and someone would go to the warehouse and get it for you. While there, I heard that Sears, Roebuck had attempted to manage a store like they did in the States, but went bankrupt in short order due to the shoplifting.

    I hate thievery with a passion.

  57. It’s Wakanda, in other words.

    The African is genetically hardwired to recreate Africa wherever he may be, however much money white men give him. He is never content until he is sitting in his mud hut or tin-roofed shack, munching on a tasty roasted infant leg.

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