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Because Non-Whites Committing Violent Crime in California Frequently Are Gang Members, New San Francisco District Attorney Promises to Stop Gang Enhancements to Protect "Criminals of Color" 
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Previously on SBPDL: San Francisco Chronicle Covers Up Black Violent Crime Epidemic in Six Percent Black City By… Blaming Whites for Low Clearance Rate in Black Homicides

“What I’m saying is that man had rights!”

Well I’m all broken up about that man’s rights. 

Dirty Harry

The new District Attorney of San Francisco has declared war on the criminal justice system. Why? All because the concept of law and order is, in his eyes, deemed to perpetuate “structural inequalities and white supremacy.”

Translation: too many people of color in jail and an insufficient amount of whites behind bars.

More to the point, don’t all white people know they are automatically in a gang even if they don’t know the secret handshakes? That’s the genius of the concept of white privilege, where the only gang color necessary for identification is white skin. [SF DA-elect Chesa Boudin sets new course in gang cases, citing charges ‘infused with racism’, San Francisco Chronicle, December 15, 2019]:

One of Chesa Boudin’s first planned policy changes when he takes over as San Francisco’s district attorney next month seeks to answer a question that has long ignited debates in the city: Should people accused of crimes face harsher punishments if their actions allegedly benefited a street gang?

The former public defender, who takes office Jan. 8, promises to put an end to filing what are known as gang enhancements against defendants — charges that can add years to felony sentences. Gang enhancements have drawn increased opposition in California, driven by statistics showing that they are disproportionately applied to people of color in poor neighborhoods.

Many law enforcement leaders say the charges are an important tool that allows them to hold gang members accountable for the fear they create in communities when they protect turf, intimidate witnesses, recruit new associates and commit violent crimes. But critics say gang enhancements yield arbitrary and excessive sentences, sending black and brown people to jail and prison at higher rates than white people who commit the same crimes, like assault or robbery.

State prison records show that of 11,484 inmates who were serving sentences with a gang enhancement as of Aug. 31, 68% were Hispanic and 24% were black. Just 3% were white.

“I want to focus on holding people accountable for what they’ve done — not who they are,” Boudin told The Chronicle. “People are seeing their families impacted by overzealous uses of these gang allegations.”

Boudin said gang enhancements are “infused with racism.” The punishments, he said, increase tensions between minority communities and law enforcement, ultimately making the city less safe. “There are violent crimes that are going unsolved,” he said, “and we need cooperation from these communities where these crimes are being committed.”

Proponents of gang enhancements, however, said the charges have been a valuable tool in protecting residents of neighborhoods plagued by organized criminals. They argue that going after gangs and the power they wield have prompted steep declines in homicides in San Francisco and around the state over the past decade.


Victims of gang crimes, proponents said, are also disproportionately people of color.

“Getting rid of the gang enhancement assumes that there’s no gang problem,” said Eric Siddall, a Los Angeles County gang prosecutor and vice president of the Association of Los Angeles Deputy District Attorneys. “The law was created for a very specific purpose with a very specific target and for very specific violence.”

To be convicted of a gang enhancement, a defendant must participate in a “criminal street gang” while knowing its members have committed “a pattern of criminal gang activity,” and while promoting or assisting in that activity. The sentencing enhancement can add two, three or four years to an underlying felony. If the felony is defined as serious or violent, the defendant can face an additional five or 10 years, respectively.

Boudin’s planned policy change is the latest flash point over whether San Francisco gang crackdowns are effective and equitable.

More than a decade ago, the city began obtaining civil court injunctions against gangs that barred alleged members from engaging in certain activities in neighborhood “safety zones,” under threat of arrest. Those named in the injunctions could not associate with each other in public, wear certain colors or seek to recruit new members, for example.

City Attorney Dennis Herrera, who filed those lawsuits, said they worked to cut crime. But opponents said the injunctions created a new set of potential crimes for a specific group of people, all of whom were African American or Latino. The city recently scaled back the program after criticism that it violated the defendants’ civil rights.

The law allowing gang enhancements came decades earlier. California’s Street Terrorism Enforcement and Prevention Act of 1988, known as the STEP Act, was designed to go after street gangs during an era of high violent crime in California.

At its zenith, California had more than 4,000 homicides in 1993. That number has steadily fallen, and just over 1,700 killings occurred last year, according to the state Department of Justice. Experts debate the reason for the drop, but many credit interventions by police and anti-violence groups in stemming retribution killings between gangs.

George Gascón, who was considered to be one of the country’s most progressive top prosecutors when he stepped down in October as San Francisco’s district attorney, charged gang enhancements. He did so, however, “only in the most serious instances,” said Max Szabo, his former spokesman.

Gascón, now running for district attorney in Los Angeles County, appears to have changed his position. At a debate Wednesday night at the California African American Museum in Los Angeles, he said he would stop charging gang enhancements and support statewide efforts to repeal the law.

But even as Gascón spoke, a gang enhancement case that his administration pursued before he left office was in trial in San Francisco Superior Court.

The murder trial opened last month, and it may not be finished when Boudin replaces interim District Attorney Suzy Loftus. Closing arguments begin Monday.


The case involves the March 2017 killing of a 44-year-old father who was celebrating his birthday with his adult son in the Mission District. Defendants Jose Mejia-Carrillo, 24, and Alexis Cruz-Zepeda, 25, are accused of being members of the 20th Street clique of the Mara Salvatrucha street gang, known as MS-13.

Family members of the victim, George Martinez, watched from the courtroom gallery last month as prosecutors played video of the deadly ambush. The district attorney’s office said the defendants accused Martinez of being a member of the Norteños, a rival gang of MS-13, before Mejia-Carrillo shot him in the back and finished him off with a point-blank shot to the head outside the Beauty Bar at 19th and Mission streets.

Prosecutors said Cruz-Zepeda distracted Martinez while Mejia-Carrillo came from behind and pulled the trigger. Mejia-Carrillo faces one count of murder, along with a gang enhancement, and a charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Cruz-Zepeda was charged with a single count of participating in a gang conspiracy, a charge that refers to the gang enhancement statute’s provisions that a defendant promoted or assisted a gang.

If convicted, he faces up to 25 years to life in prison. Mejia-Carrillo faces a maximum of 25 years to life, plus 25 years for the gun charge and an additional 10 years for the gang enhancement. The defendants have pleaded not guilty.

Deputy Public Defender Steve Olmo, Mejia-Carrillo’s attorney, said authorities arrested the wrong person. The video doesn’t show the killer’s face, he said, adding that DNA from three people was found on the gun, which police found in a nearby trash can.

George Borges, the attorney for Cruz-Zepeda, said his client was simply standing on the sidewalk that night, and that Martinez asked him for a cigarette before he was shot.

Cruz-Zepeda has gotten several tattoos while in San Francisco Jail, including “MS-13” on his hand and devil horns that are associated with the gang on his biceps, prosecutors said.

“These guys are remorseless,” said Sasha Martinez, George Martinez’s ex-wife, who remained close with him. “They were planning on killing people and are earning their extra tattoos. This is what they think is OK.”

If the men are convicted, their sentencing may not happen until after Boudin takes office. Martinez’s family is worried the punishment may become more lenient.

“It’s horrible that they would take away gang enhancements,” Sasha Martinez said. “These guys are running around on the streets and they’re killing innocent people who are just trying to live normal lives.”

Boudin said he couldn’t comment on cases that are in trial. But he said MS-13 “is a real issue in the United States and California and San Francisco.” Boudin said the policy shift would not significantly affect murder prosecutions.

“In a case where there’s a homicide, those kind of cases, I’ve said I’m committed to prosecuting,” he said. “And in any homicide case, the defendant is facing life without parole.”

Joshua Mason, a frequent expert witness in Bay Area gang cases, said gang enhancements have raised the biggest questions about racial disparities in more ordinary cases.

“It’s not the insane cases that gang enhancements are applied to that are a problem, it’s the lesser ones,” Mason said. “It’s the kid who gets in a fight at a bus stop and gets labeled a gang member. For him the consequence is going to be extreme.”

The gang label is rarely applied to white defendants, said Mason, 42, who spent his 20s in state prison and was labeled a gang member after pleading guilty to an attempted murder charge. He was paroled in 2005, got involved in community outreach and enrolled at UC Berkeley.

Since then, he’s been retained as an expert witness in more than 100 cases — including at least one of Boudin’s cases at the public defender’s office.

Being a gang member “is a racially applied label,” Mason said. “There’s no consistent application of that term, except that it’s to lower-income black and brown folks. That’s about the only consistent thread.”

Siddall, the Los Angeles prosecutor, pushed back on the allegation that gang enhancements are racially unjust, saying, “It just happens to be that most gangs are Hispanic or black.” Most victims of gang crimes, he said, “are minorities from socially vulnerable communities.”

“District attorneys are charged with defending people who were vulnerable on the street and giving them justice in the courtroom,” he said. “Unilaterally doing away with the gang enhancement is not fair to those people who have to deal with gangs on a daily basis.”

The main takeaway from this piece was this paragraph: “State prison records show that of 11,484 inmates who were serving sentences with a gang enhancement as of Aug. 31, 68% were Hispanic and 24% were black. Just 3% were white.”

District Attorney Boudin considers all whites part of a gang, the nefarious majority gang, a group of insidious caucasians demonizing saintly people of color merely by existing.

So any laws on the books existing to cripple the advancement of “people of color” (particularly criminal “people of color”) must be removed immediately.

All eyes should be on California in 2020, where criminal justice reform policies are being implemented at frightening pace, theoretical concepts preached in academia vanquishing law and order and promoted by those prepared to fight white privilege with woke policies geared to advance the lives of criminals of color!


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  1. Thomm says:

    San Francisco is 40% Asian. Someone needs to teach Paul Kersey that Asians have a lower crime rate than whites.

    Paul Kersey’s attempt to expand ‘black’ to ‘non-white’ is not going to fly.

  2. (Chesa Boudin). let’s keep it simple. this isn’t complicated.

    in fact, his parents were particularly, virulently anti-american. not merely run of the mill (leftists). they were part of Weather Underground.

    one huge downside of Democrats taking permanent political monopoly over cities and entire states is that extremely bad actors will enter official positions of authority. literal communists and terrorists will increasingly occupy elected offices.

    • Replies: @SaneClownPosse
  3. eah says:

    Twitter link w/ video

    How far gone is CA?

    Around Xmas my GF had $5k worth of luggage stolen in Sacramento. I provided @sacsheriff w/ vid of crime & perp’s plate # (registered in Oakland).

    Despite that, I was told they couldn’t do anything bc @oaklandpoliceca “doesn’t pursue property crimes.”

  4. Ex-Rhodesian, now in South Africa, proposes to tow icebergs from Antarctica to Cape Town to quench the skyrocketing thirst of skyrocketing negro population. Many pros and cons discussed in this article, but it’s Bloomberg so of course no one mentions the possibility of Africans controlling their population growth at any point. Billions more on the way–yet another White Man’s Burden.

    Towing an Iceberg: One Captain’s Plan to Bring Drinking Water to 4 Million People

    This man knows full well his new country is following the same trajectory as his old one.

  5. GodHelpUs says:

    What can you expect from the son of Weather Underground anarchists?

    “Even so, every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.”
    Matthew 7:17

  6. The apparent assumption is law abiding citizens “of color” do not exist at all.

    All the authorities want is for the statistics to look nice. Actual public safety does not matter.

    And of course bl*ck lives never ever matter, ever. Even when a cop shoots one, the only significance is more propaganda to make “reforms” to make the statistics come out nicer.

    • Agree: CDebussey
    • Replies: @CDebussey
  7. dvorak says:

    Always need to mention that Boudin is a Communist and a red-diaper baby of Weathermen terrorists, and raised by his adoptive parents Dohrn and Ayers, also Weathermen Communists.

    Barack Obama launched his political career in Ayers’ living room. In his only executive role before being POTUS, Obama distributed $100 million in Annenberg money to left-wingers including Ayers.

    • Replies: @fnn
  8. The chants for “FREEDOM! FREEDOM! FREEDOM!” on the streets of Birmingham in 1963, were demands for freedom from the rule of law.


    Off topic but nothing like an article about discrimination based on hair texture. I thought these people did such unnatural crap to their hair because they want to look like us. Many of them just want to ape hairstyles of the past but give whites crap if our women wear braids.

    The article mentions hair discrimination but brings up an example of a negress working as an analyst for some fed agency. She speaks of finally wearing her hair naturally for the first time in her life rather than having to change her style due to any actual discrimination. Speaking of that, if Baltimore is over 60% negroe, why are all the African-American job creators savaging their poor black city inhabitants with racist hair demands. Oh, they ain’t! Nobody is!

  10. All eyes should be on California in 2020…

    No, all eyes should be on front sights, red dots and crosshairs.

    It’s building to a crescendo.

    • Agree: Gunga Din
  11. peterike says:

    Someone needs to teach Paul Kersey that Asians have a lower crime rate than whites.

    Street crime. Asians are actually very, very good at welfare fraud, insurance fraud, Medicare/Medicaid scamming, Dr. Feelgood pill pushing, industrial espionage, nepotistic and illegal hiring practices (which they are never called out on because not white), housing violations, test cheating, and just general lowering of quality of life everywhere they show up.

  12. CDebussey says:
    @Joe Magarac

    “All the authorities want is for the statistics to look nice. Actual public safety does not matter.”

    Been saying this for years. Cause and effect is a concept so foreign to these mutts, adjectives to describe it escape me. The idea of holding the individual accountable is now inexplicably in jeopardy because statistics in the minds of the galactically stupid prove a systemic conspiracy of racism. As if cops have so much time on their hands they actively search out blacks and Hispanics for all of the empty beds in state prisons.

    • Replies: @David In TN
  13. HT says:

    Instead, “hate crimes” by whites will be the priority.

  14. HT says:

    Asians voting for these communists is a crime in itself.

    • Replies: @europeasant
  15. CDebussey says:

    “Paul Kersey’s attempt to expand ‘black’ to ‘non-white’ is not going to fly.”

    Technically you’re making a valid point, but when has Paul ever singled out Asians as a problem in regards to violent crime? Anyone with a pulse, and the gift of critical thought process would agree that they’re not an issue from a statistical standpoint in the US.

  16. But he said MS-13 “is a real issue in the United States and California and San Francisco.”

    I’ve actually heard liberals say with a straight face that MS-13 is a concoction of Fox News, Breitbart and Donald Trump.

    • Agree: HammerJack
    • Replies: @SaneClownPosse
  17. @Thomm

    Actually if you subtract all the Hispanic crime stats that are mixed in with White Euros ,which is exactly what is done…you know, because Hispanics are counted as “white” you would see WHITES as lower or as low as Asians.

    • Agree: Dave453
    • Replies: @Thomm
  18. Anonymous[333] • Disclaimer says:

    In my feeble mind, I was so hoping that President Trump would really go after these gang members. I thought how fabulous it would be to have him stand up and say “if you are in this country illegally, or if you are affiliated with an Hispanic gang, LEAVE. You have three weeks to self deport. Another dirty little corner of America that is allowed to thrive. Where there are mestizo, there are gangs. Mean, nasty, violent, and crime ridden gangs. Don’t say it out loud, that would be racist and xenophobic.

  19. @HT

    Are Asians really voting for this Shit. Then they deserve all the Shit that comes back to stink them up. Unless they are playing a new game of conquest. They can smell the White fear and will soon be ready to strike.

  20. @CDebussey

    They refuse to acknowledge the black crime rate.

    • Agree: CDebussey
  21. “All eyes should be on California in 2020, where criminal justice reform policies are being implemented at frightening pace, theoretical concepts preached in academia vanquishing law and order and promoted by those prepared to fight white privilege with woke policies geared to advance the lives of criminals of color!”

    Those laws are already here in “ChiCongo”. But that is being taken care as we speak. The Vibrant “ChiConGo” population is being moved out but very slowly. Problem is that with White Man’s transportation system the “ChiConGoans” can very easily transport themselves to where the pickings are easy. Here’s looking at you out in the burbs. Enjoy your slow pot cooker.

  22. Noway says:

    Hmmm. You’d didn’t give any examples of your list of crimes there. How about some names of those convicted for EVERY crime that you listed. Can’t do it? I didn’t think so. What you just wrote is called libel. A perfect example of bigotry. You must be educated! Us hillbillies would NEVER be able to discern lies, NO NEVER! Now if I were to give a list of crimes perpetrated by blacks and give no examples it would be OK because I wouldn’t have to. You know it would be true.

    • Replies: @eah
  23. Obviously, they need to create an environment that encourages growth of gangs and violent criminal activity among People of White (POW).
    Because the almost six decades of Civil Rights, The Great Society, Affirmative Action, etc. have not lifted People of Color up and away from the need for violent gangs.
    Let’s try the opposite tack.
    Oh, wait, I think that this project is already in progress.

    Due to State level decriminalization of marijuana, fewer white people are going to prison.
    Decriminalizing gang activity works the same for non-whites.

    “Gang enhancements” they need to implement “bankster enhancements”. No more corporate fines that do not have a chilling effect on illegal activities. Somebody in the C suites and/or the Board goes to prison, and not to a country club prison.

  24. @Bragadocious

    Fox News creates MS-13, while CNN/MSNBC creates ISIS/L.

    Since it has become more open knowledge regarding US logistical support for certain terrorist groups, should we be considering the possibility of MS-13 being another tool in the CIA’s bag of horrors?

  25. @prime noticer

    You meant “Weathermen”. The Weathermen were led by the children of the wealthy elite “usual suspects”. Now they would have to be Weatherpersons, or some such gender fluid branding. Actually, they are now Anti-fa, the not real opposition to the Fascist system. Intelligence runs all of these groups on both sides, just as the corporate Fascists run both political parties.

    “Weather Underground”, web site and app, is an IBM Product. IBM is far, far away from anywhere near underground. WU provides weather from a network of personal weather stations owned by individuals, businesses, etc. The IBM acquisition was recent, and has already shown some ill effects on the product.

    (Tidbit, There used to be a few PWS on line that were inside the National Security Site area near Mercury, Nevada. I found them on the Weather Underground public site and was accessing the uploaded data. I made some comments on Zero Hedge about them. Then they disappeared. At the time there was a lot of strange weather inside the NSS around the area of those PWS locations. I live across US-95 from the NSS.)

  26. eah says:

    How about some names of those convicted for EVERY crime that you listed.

    That might be difficult — “LOL”.

    welfare fraud

    Norm Matloff of UC Davis used to extensively cover welfare/SSI abuse by elderly Chinese immigrants: “Welfare Use Among Elderly Immigrants” — many of these were parents of kids who came on student visas, stayed to work, became citizens, then applied for their parents to join them via family immigrant visas — for such a visa, the person applying signs a legally binding pledge that the family immigrant will not become a public charge — Matloff saw how Asians routinely ignored this, and applied for all/every kind of welfare — I personally overheard an Asian in the next cubicle make phone calls day after day, trying to arrange SSI for his ‘just off the boat’ parents from China.

    industrial espionage

    There are many examples of this; just do an internet search — so many that some western countries are wary of Huawei 5G mobile infrastructure equipment.

    nepotistic and illegal hiring practices

    I personally experienced this while working at a now defunct radio equipment maker (link to a video about their EAS 911 box) — the company was privately owned by a Chinese-American (emphasis on Chinese), and fully 90% of the approx 120 employees were ethnic Chinese, which was no accident — this was in the early 1990s in ‘Silicon Valley’, when the area was still > 50% white — needless to say, the EEOC never showed any interest.

    • Replies: @Alden
  27. SMK says: • Website

    I wonder how many whites convicted of “white collar” and other nonviolent felonies, nearly all first-offenders, are in prison in California? I wonder how many white women are in jails and prisons in California for having sex with biological men under statutory age? “Equal justice,” as defined by leftists, reguires not only sending far fewer violent and dangerous black and brown criminals to prison but also sending far more whites to prison who are not violent and dangerous, including first-offenders convicted of nonviolent and victimless and mala prohibita felonies. And in the future, probably the near future, how many white will be sentenced to prison for “hate speech,” e.g., telling the truth about black and brown violence and criminality?

  28. Anon[341] • Disclaimer says:

    Your point isn’t discernible. We don’t need Asians. They need us. As demonstrated by our group behaviors.

    Asians follow Whites wherever they go. Like all non-Whites. That isn’t inversely the case. Going on the behavior of all non-Whites toward Whites, including that of Asians, you’d almost think that we were actually God’s Chosen.

    If Whites picked up, Left the Bay Area tomorrow, and moved to restart their efforts at the present location of Corpus Christi Texas, the Bay Area would degenerate into becoming as attractive and relevant as Shanghai and all of the New Money children in private schools in Beijing would soon be brushing up on their Texas accented English.

    Even your presence here, in a desperate attempt to ridicule us into acceptance of you, is a hilarious tactic toward an attempt to assure that you are not cast out of the light of our presence and into the dark. That’s the sole motivation and meaning of your posts here.

    Whereas no White person would think of doing the same toward any Asian group, anywhere on the planet. You need us. We don’t need you. That isn’t because our crime rates are ostensibly higher.

  29. Anon[389] • Disclaimer says:

    Making the communist son, of terrorist murderers, the chief prosecutor of the second most relevant city in the most relevant country on the planet has to have some measure of apocalyptic significance.

  30. This guy is so far-left that he could actually bring the end of the SF left-wing establishment.

    There is a backlash brewing over the SF government refusing to do anything about crime.

    Just read the comments on any SFGate article about crime or public transportation.

    This idiot is going to let a murderer go and SF liberal idiocy will be front page news around the country.

  31. “Equal justice,” as defined by leftists, requires not only sending far fewer violent and dangerous black and brown criminals to prison but also sending far more whites to prison who are not violent and dangerous, including first-offenders convicted of nonviolent and victimless and mala prohibita felonies.

    It’s a terrible place to commit a crime if you are White.

    Their prisons are overcrowded and controlled by Hispanic gangs. Both Blacks and Whites are at their mercy. I watched a documentary where these dopey California prison guards pretty much admitted that the Hispanic gangs controlled access to showers and bathrooms. Weak on the dole guards not wanting to disrupt the status quo.

    The prison overcrowding is really the driving motivation. The California liberals looked the other way on immigration but can’t build new prisons since it goes against their cult belief that prisons are filled because of wayciss Whites.

    Blacks have actually been moving out of the area. Asians have been pricing them out of Oakland and liberal Whites have pushed them out of SF. They pretty much only have one remaining district in SF and I hope they stay since White liberals share bart with them. Liberal Whites need to practice what they preach and not live in enclaves. They need daily reminders of how their ideals are well grounded and thought out by very smart people.

    Sacramento will probably be the next hot spot since they are taking a lot of Bay area Blacks. This is good since they will be right next to the politicians. Vegas is also taking a lot of them.

  32. fnn says:

    Yeah, the generation before the Weathermen were CPUSA.

  33. fnn says:

    State prison records show that of 11,484 inmates who were serving sentences with a gang enhancement as of Aug. 31, 68% were Hispanic and 24% were black. Just 3% were white.

    Presumably the remaining 5% are Asian/Pacific Islander: Samoan, Hmong and maybe Vietnamese and Cambodian.

  34. Thomm says:

    Ron Unz has proven in great detail that this is not the case.

  35. Alden says:

    Don’t forget totally ignoring all building & safety fire and health department codes in every building they own and all industrial and labor regulations laws.

    Ignoring all industrial and labor laws translates to slave labor of illegal alien Asians smuggled to the USA in shipping containers and housed and worked in locked facilities. It also includes buying and selling of the slaves labor contracts.

    Ignoring health& safety codes includes harboring so many bedbugs, cockroaches rats and mice that the critters overwhelm entire cities.

    Then there’s the old fashioned protection rackets against their own ethnicity, tribe and clan. Protection, illegal gambling and shylocking to the gamblers are the tripod on which every Chinese community lives.

  36. Alden says:

    Thanks for mention this. USA is the health education and welfare department of Mexico and the old age pension food stamps medical care and housing department of the elderly of Asia.

    There’s a huge housing complex in west Los Angeles originally build about 70 years ago for married with children UCLA students.

    Now it’s almost completely Asian foreign students and half the residents aren’t students but the grandparents of the Asian foreign students

    Foreign immigrant old people get about $900-$1100 cash from social security food stamps free medical care free bus passes and lyft van service low income utilities free phones. PLUS priority on all the government senior housing.

    They don’t put a dime into the system. They just arrive at the social security office on their 65th birthday. Or with birth certificate passport and other official ID from their corrupt government that states they are 65.

    So, one of the immigrant elders puts all the utilities in their name. $17.00 instead of $170.00 per month gas and electricity.

    Have 3 elderly relatives glooming into social security for the disabled in the household, that’s $2,700-$3,000 a month for the mortgage and property taxes. Then there’s the food stamps and most of all the food banks. The elders go to a different food bank 3 or 4 times a week.

    So that takes care of the food for the entire family. Plus food banks give away detergent soap housewares towels other necessities.

    And a lot of those elderly disabled Asians work in the family business as well.

    If you’re ever in San Francisco go see the show at Glide Memorial Church in Wednesday food bank day. It’s just west of union square I think on Ellis. A few blocks away from the church you can see Asians with vans. The elders get their bag of free food and then go to the van, deposit the food in the van and get right back in line.
    The free food is sold in the Asian convenience stores.

    Also, they ruined a great neighborhood shopping street, Clement street by replacing antique shops incredible women’s clothing boutiques repair shops shoe stores etc etc with miles of solid Chinese restaurants.

    The food prep for those Chinese restaurants including slaughtering , gutting and de feathering ducks and chickens is done in the garages of neighboring single family homes by scrawny starved looking Asian men indentured servants.

    Totally against health safety and zoning codes of course.

    But their average IQ is 105. BFD. And they’re natural conservatives ( who vote straight democrat) when they bother to vote which is seldom.

  37. Alden says:

    the US census says San Francisco is 40% Asian.
    That’s only the Asians who fill out the census forms.

    Asians don’t like to answer the census. Even gold rush descendants don’t answer the census forms. It’s a lot more than 40%, even if many are not citizens and can’t vote.

    Except for a few areas north of California st and the black neighborhoods south of downtown, it’s a Chinese city now and they’re welcome to it. If they as per usual, didn’t bother to vote against Chesa Boudin let them enjoy the consequences.

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