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Because 97% of Those Arrested for Carrying a Concealed Weapon in Detroit Are Black (77% Black City), Black Advocates Push to Have All Charges Dropped 
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Again, we aren’t far away from away from seeing it just be made illegal to arrest black people.

Because of racial disparity or racial equity… or something. [Racial disparity in nonviolent gun arrests leads advocates to call for dropping charges, Detroit Free-Press, January 12, 2022]:

Data exposing racial disparity within a surge in nonviolent gun arrests have led advocates to call for Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy to drop all concealed-carry charges.

Since the start of the pandemic, arrests for carrying a concealed weapon (CCW) have soared in Detroit. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, CCW arrests were fewer than 400 per quarter, but that number steeply climbed through the second quarter of 2020 — reaching about 1,400 by the third quarter. It now stands at 1,017, according to data a coalition of activists and defense attorneys presented in a news conference Wednesday.

Beyond this surge in CCW arrests is an overwhelming disparity in the race of those arrested for nonviolent weapons charges. Data analyzed by the coalition found that 97% of people arrested for carrying a concealed weapon in Detroit — a majority-Black city, 77% according to the 2020 census — since the beginning of the pandemic were Black.

“We noticed that the majority of the people who were being arrested were Black people, and we saw this trend continue as time passed,” said Chantá Parker, managing director of the Neighborhood Defender Service, which provides criminal defense representation for people who cannot afford to hire legal representation. “As the pandemic raged on, alarm bells went off for us, we thought, ‘Hey, this is a crisis,’ and what we’ve discovered is that it was a crisis of policing and prosecution.

“We believe this is an unjust practice that’s destroying the lives of Black Detroiters and it must stop.”

The majority of people, 70%, arrested for carrying a concealed weapon — a five-year felony — legally owned their guns and were instead accused of improperly storing their guns while driving. Michigan is an open-carry state, but the definition of what constitutes “open” is often misunderstood.

In an annual review of crime statistics Thursday, Detroit Police Chief James White said that homicides and nonfatal shootings saw a decrease in 2021 of 4% and 9%, respectively. Further, DPD was able to recover 7,869 firearms using the Regional Central Gun Intelligence Center, a tracking system that allows for gun tracking across multiple incidents and jurisdictions.

“That likely resulted in a number of people not meeting their demise,” White said Thursday. “Getting 7,000 guns off the street there’s likely a large number of funerals that did not happen.”

Because black individuals collectively commit a disproportionate amount of crime, the standards once governing our society must be abandoned.

Just drop all charges against blacks for not just these crimes in Detroit, but every crime individual blacks have committed in America. Call it Emmett Till Immunity.

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  1. Narrative-conforming statements are self evident and need no evidence whatsoever

    Counter-narrative theories, even if supported by truth, are “racist” and must never be uttered

    Hence the narrative can never be falsified.

    Good job trying though, @PK. Maybe a few people wake up from WOKE stupor and see the light, or rather the sad shocking truth, and the correct way to save lives from excessive crime

  2. Is James WHITE of BLACK race?
    Must be Black, in Detroit.

    But he ( is that his pronoun?) is fighting a losing battle to save Black lives from Black thuggery.
    He actually managed to slightly decrease crime rates? That is amazing!

    But the “progressives” will win. And the resulting explosion in crime must never be published.

  3. HT says:

    Crime is the new black entitlement. Where have I heard that?

    • Agree: Wake up
  4. Black murders black: small fine for littering

    Black harms non-black: death penalty

    • Agree: profnasty
  5. JR Foley says:

    Not only Detroit —-look at St Louis Baltimore Chicago St Louis Los Angeles Atlanta —and the list keeps growing —

  6. On Thursday the new Chief White, gave a press conference urging Detroiters (blacks of course) to lock up their guns and show some responsibility.
    Too many “children” in the “community” are dying.

    He was speaking to the lawful CPL holders.
    But they didn’t listen.

    Friday night he was on Channel 7 Action News at 11, on the scene of a 3 year who found a gun and shot himself. They are saying a female came over to visit the “mother” and the two of them went in another room. Kid went in her coat, found a licensed handgun and “shots rang out”.

    • LOL: Tony massey
  7. Augustus says:

    Given so many cities down grading black criminal behavior to make serious crime look as if it is falling, and frequently failing to charge criminals at all because of some warped idea of “equity,” how long before we see a small exodus? I’m picturing the criminal underclass shopping for cities that offer the most possibilities for their criminal enterprises, and the least possibility of punishment.
    Stuck in Chicago as a carjacker, and knowing the city might punish him with jail if caught, imagine a guy saying, “He11 wid diss place, I’m gone to Philly! Yeah, dat be whut I do. I go where dat money be, an no jail time. Maybe even DC! Dem peeps got nice cars dere.”

  8. Because black individuals collectively commit a disproportionate amount of crime, the standards once governing our society must be abandoned. Its ok with me if these negroe primates off each other,as long as no humans are killed or injured. Amazing how these negroe primates cry about disparate impact, yet its their own fellow negroe primates who do the killings, robberies, rapes…….BOOGA BUNGA, my primitives!

  9. usNthem says:

    So, if a city is 100% black, logic would tell you that everyone arrested would also be black. Since detoilet is at least 77% (tragic) black, logic would dictate the majority of arrestees are black – and this is a problem, how? The negro mind is a terrible thing to waste time on.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  10. I remember back when I didn’t despise the entire race.

  11. Piglet says:

    Detroit is only 14.7% white, and certainly only a tiny percentage of those remaining whites are involved in law enforcement, courts, etc. So who is “oppressing” these poor dindus who overwhelmingly populate and run the city?

  12. The majority of those arrested in Detroit are legal gun owners, Michigan gun law violation as to carry. Appears Michigan gun laws are not understood or adhered to by many.
    In this case, the takeaway is not so much the propensity for lawlessness within the black community but rather, irresponsible Gun ownership/ poses so.

  13. Bite Moi says:

    usNthem————One of my cousins is blind.He proudly states that while he doesn’t see “color” he can hear it.That annoy’s the hell out of the few “woke” members of our clan.

  14. the standards once governing our society must be abandoned

    Is this the tact you are taking to call for more gun laws?

    Every gun law on the books is unconstitutional and should be repealed. There should be no such thing as “gun arrests” for merely possessing or carrying a firearm.
    Go find some cop boots to lick and leave our rights alone.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  15. It would have been nice if Mr. Kersey had taken the trouble to explain this business of improper storage while driving. I’m inclined to agree with him generally, but he should have done the work and informed us more fully.

  16. You really can’t blame them for carrying guns, I know I wouldn’t be going around Detroit unarmed if I lived there.

  17. @Chris Mallory

    Agreed on the principle – but look at the numbers:
    97%(!) while the (blackety Black!) popo is no doubt wholly
    invested in equity an sheet (read: sacking whites) means they are not
    nabbed for carrying concealed without but for nigging while armed i.e.
    assault, criminal mischief, threats of a serious nature, “discharging a weapon”, the works.

    Reissue the Liberator .45 and airdrop them in pallets over de hood
    (and don´t forget the original comic strip).

  18. @loren

    If you noted it, the male had the audacity to bitch about the free food he was consuming. Typical groid behavior.

    • Replies: @loren
  19. eah says:

    >Neighborhood Defender Service

    Per their web site (link), they’re a 501(c)(3) non-profit, although I don’t imagine they get many donations — in fact, their 2020 990 (link) shows almost all of their revenue/income comes from the government (see Schedule A, pg. 19), I assume for providing legal services to criminal defendants — as seen on pg 17 (Compensation …), this can pay quite well — with revenue of almost \$23m in 2019, this is not a surprise.

    This outfit has offices in NYC, San Antonio, and Detroit — but multiply this across all of the densely populated parts of urban and suburban America, and you get some idea of the tremendous amounts of wealth and human energy wasted on dealing with America’s largely non-white criminal underclass.

  20. @Sick 'n Tired

    You really can’t blame them for carrying guns, I know I wouldn’t be going around Detroit unarmed if I lived there.

    The difference being, you as a white man vs. Boo, with his low degree of socialization, low IQ, high present time preference….

  21. @nokangaroos

    Reissue the Liberator .45 and airdrop them in pallets over de hood
    (and don´t forget the original comic strip).

    I got censored at UR for suggesting that we do that over the Australian Wu Flu concentration camps.

  22. loren says:
    @AR in Illinois

    She charged food and beverages at £267.35. In addition, Ms Douglas complained about the quality of the food she was receiving. She ran up charges in excess of £11,000.

    “Mr. Brooks stayed at the same hotel until he was arrested after 243 nights there. His accommodation costs came to just under £49,000.

    “There were £276 costs for food and pre-paid cards of £9,000. That made the total value £58,396.89.”


  23. Trevor says:

    …the tremendous amounts of wealth and human energy wasted on dealing with America’s largely non-white criminal underclass.

    While we are doing that, the non-white BIPOC population as a whole is destroying the country. While the criminal underclass is making the country progressively more unlivable like Brazil.

    The Russians recognize that. Our “leaders” either don’t or are actually promoting it. Lke Obama said he wanted to “fundamentally change” the USA and other indications that he wants to turn America into another mediocre/3rd world country.

    • Replies: @loren
  24. Bite Moi says:

    loren————-Yes Loren,they are indeed that stooooopid. Yes,showing my few ” woke” extended family members actual videos makes not the least difference.

  25. Anonymous[388] • Disclaimer says:

    This is the murder capital of the country. Consistently since the late 1960’s. This is the city that black leadership bankrupted. This is the city that has two convicted felons serving on the Detroit Police pension board. Run by blacks only. A cesspool of crime and mayhem. Bad schools populated by bad kids. Need more?

  26. loren says:

    white lives matter

    a billion crimes against us

    500 murders a year

  27. loren says:

    off topic
    via alt news
    Hospital System Drops Race-Based COVID Treatment Policy After Lawsuit Threats Authored by Rick Moran via, One of the largest hospital systems in the country is dropping its policy that counted race as a more important factor in determining COVID-19 treatment options than diabetes, obesity, asthma, and hypertension combined.

    This silliness was allowed at SSM Health, a nominally Catholic health system that operates 23 hospitals across Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin. All hospital patients are “scored” as a means of triage in order to give those most in need priority treatment.

    SSM Health ignored the severity of a patient’s conditions in order to make race a weightier determining factor. Washington Free Beacon: SSM Health, a Catholic health system

  28. It’s completely ridiculous how after a cop stops a vehicle for some baloney violation, that he can search the vehicle.

    “Since the vehicle has a busted taillight, we think there’s a good chance that:

    • the driver — who looks suspicious,
    • has stashed an item — we’re not sure what,
    • that politicians say citizens are not allowed to have,
    • somewhere inside it.”

    On what legal theory could a lawyer-judge issue a warrant to conduct such a fuzzy search? Presumably, the car is garaged at the registration address. Why not search there, too?

  29. anonymous[378] • Disclaimer says:

    So, if Michigan is an “open carry state”, and if 70% of the arrested legally own their guns, what exactly are these “improper storing of guns while driving” violations that they were charged with ? Has the NRA or GOA weighed in?

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  30. luludog says:

    Aha! A very rare instance where I agree with the Black Advocates. Definitely drop all charges. We wouldn’t want to discourage blacks from carrying their weapons as necessary for population control efforts, right?

    • Replies: @Adolph 2nd
  31. @anonymous

    “Generally, a person may not transport or have in their possession a firearm in or upon a vehicle, unless the firearm is unloaded and the gun is enclosed in a case, unloaded and carried in the trunk of a vehicle, or unloaded in a motorized boat.”

    This is from the Michigan gun transporting rules. So I’d guess the people arrested probably hasmd them loaded, on their person/in a glovebox/console/under their seat, instead of in a case, unloaded, in the trunk or toolbox like they’re supposed to by law.

  32. @luludog

    Well I think your right, negroe primates should be encouraged to commit more crimes! Especially against their fellow negroe primates. Perhaps shuck young brothers should be given probation for their first ten negroe primate murders. (That would certainly reduce the EBT and welfare numbers in a given location).

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