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As Whites Raise Property Values in Previously All-Black Neighborhoods in Raleigh, Black Residents Dub These Homes "Gone with the Wind" Houses (Slave Owners)
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Recall we just learned blacks in Philadelphia view bay windows as a symbol of colonization (whites gentrifying a community their ancestors built then abandoned once black crime became intolerable).

Recall in the community where Martin Luther King was born, white women now jog and walk their dogs on streets where only a decade ago black drug dealers openly sold their wares… all because of gentrification.

This one might top them all. ‘Gone With the Wind’ houses (built by whites) popping up in formerly all-black communities in Raleigh, North Carolina are intimidating long-time black residents. [The Neighborhood Is Mostly Black. The Home Buyers Are Mostly White., NY Times, April 27, 2019]:

RALEIGH, N.C. — In the African-American neighborhoods near downtown Raleigh, the playfully painted doors signal what’s coming. Colored in crimson, in coral, in seafoam, the doors accent newly renovated craftsman cottages and boxy modern homes that have replaced vacant lots.

To longtime residents, the doors mean higher home prices ahead, more investors knocking, more white neighbors.

Here, and in the center of cities across the United States, a kind of demographic change most often associated with gentrifying parts of New York and Washington has been accelerating. White residents are increasingly moving into nonwhite neighborhoods, largely African-American ones.

In America, racial diversity has much more often come to white neighborhoods. Between 1980 and 2000, more than 98 percent of census tracts that grew more diverse did so in that way, as Hispanic, Asian-American and African-American families settled in neighborhoods that were once predominantly white.

But since 2000, according to an analysis of demographic and housing data, the arrival of white residents is now changing nonwhite communities in cities of all sizes, affecting about one in six predominantly African-American census tracts. The pattern, though still modest in scope, is playing out with remarkable consistency across the country — in ways that jolt the mortgage market, the architecture, the value of land itself.

In city after city, a map of racial change shows predominantly minority neighborhoods near downtown growing whiter, while suburban neighborhoods that were once largely white are experiencing an increased share of black, Hispanic and Asian-American residents.

n South Park, a neighborhood with picturesque views of the Raleigh skyline, the white home buyers who have recently moved in have average incomes more than three times that of the typical household already here. Whites, who were largely absent in the neighborhood in 2000, made up 17 percent of the population by 2012. Since then, they’ve gotten nearly nine in 10 of the new mortgages.

In neighborhoods like South Park, white residents are changing not only the racial mix of the community; they are also altering the economics of the real estate beneath everyone.

“That’s what finally came to me — it’s not just the fact that the neighborhoods look different, that people behave differently,” said Kia E. Baker, who grew up in southeast Raleigh and now directs a nonprofit, Southeast Raleigh Promise, that serves the community.

Some of that change can be positive, she said. This realization was not: “Our black bodies literally have less economic value than the body of a white person,” she said. “As soon as a white body moves into the same space that I occupied, all of a sudden this place is more valuable.”

South Park grew up around Shaw University, a historically black college founded in 1865, and in the early 20th century it was home to black professors and doctors trained there, and to dozens of black-owned businesses.

With time, the disinvestment happened here, too: Two major roads severed the neighborhood; absentee landlords came in; a cherished park built in the 1930s began to deteriorate. Middle-class black families who’d previously been excluded from the suburbs began to move there.

Longtime residents who have remained now fear that the area’s sudden reinvention will erase the last remaining signs of its history.

“We don’t want to feel like everything is so bad you’ve got to tear it down,” said Lonnette Williams, 72, who lives in an elegant two-story home built by her godfather’s family in 1922. “We want people to value our neighborhood.”

Her sense of value, however, is different from — and often at odds with — the rising value of real estate. Her own home is appreciating, but that means little to her because she has no intention of selling. She looks at the half-million-dollar modern homes, and to her they detract from the neighborhood’s value.

“ ‘Gone With the Wind’ houses, beach houses, slave houses,” Octavia Rainey calls them. Ms. Rainey, 63, has lived her entire life in a nearby neighborhood, and to her the second-story porches rising around her look too much like overseers’ perches.

White people just can’t win, can they?

Raise property values and the help longtime black owners see appreciation in their domicile investment (which, were white people absent from the equation, the home value would remain stagnant or see depreciation), and black people basically call you slave owners…




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  1. anon[419] • Disclaimer says:

    Part of the problem is that the term “gentrification” is part of the not ok narrative. WTF. Its INVESTMENT in a black neighborhood. Its desegregating, cause segregation is bad. No?

    Call it what it is. Revitalizing the neighborhood. Investing. Desegregating.

    They are getting the magic back in their dirt.

  2. So we are supposed to feel bad for blacks when whites move into their neighborhoods and increase their property values…but have no sympathy for whites who saw their property values decrease when blacks moved into their neighborhoods? 🤔

    Heil Honkler! 🤡🌎

  3. I look forward to the day when all white people, and not just the rich ones, can live in a neighborhood free of negroes. This may happen in my lifetime because negroes are getting worse by the year. Whites will have to part with the negro…there is no other way.

    Why don’t negroes who live among these whites sell their property and move to a black part of town? It doesn’t matter where they go because they will still get the welfare check.

    • Replies: @Noman
    , @RockinSockin
  4. Plenty of areas like these in the ATL, and there is another well-known problem: Property crime. Blacks target gentrified neighborhoods for their upscale goods.

    The trend outward by blacks pushes whites further as blacks pollute neighborhoods, schools, stores, and sense of well-being.

  5. Jim says:

    Theres just no point in trying to understand or deal with these matter what, they must claim victimhood. It is really jealousy. Very common among people who are too lazy to improve their own lives..easier to sit back, complain and criticize. Even when they are handed everything and given preference in many situations. They are distinctly different from us. Socially and culturally…”white” behavior just does not suit them. Let them wallow in ignorance and squalor.

    • Agree: Feedsackroad
  6. One thing all sides now agree on: Black == lower property values.

    The only disagreement is if this is a good thing. The facts themselves are not in dispute this time.

    • Agree: Anonymous0619
  7. ‘…black people basically call you slave owners…’

    ? Why would anyone want black slaves?

    • Replies: @kikz
    , @Not Woke--Not Broke
  8. Anon[126] • Disclaimer says:

    Regarding Ms. Baker’s organization “Southeast Raleigh Promise”. Exactly what happen when the neighborhood finally improves to where it loses the last black owned business?

    Darned white people, always ruining what others have, creating grocery stores and creating a “nonprofit desert”!


  9. Augustus says:

    ‘Gone with the Wind’ houses? No way! My heart is set on a ‘Birth of the Nation’ house. If you haven’t seen the movie, I recommend it.

    • Replies: @kikz
    , @ShermanFan
  10. In a way it is understandable they are not excited at having their noses rubbed into
    WHAT COULD BE … that schools and zip codes become “good” and dirt becomes
    “magic” only ONCE THEY ARE GONE.

    This is the way the vaunted Higgs Field must feel 😛
    (a hypothetical field that raises the energy of empty space by its absence)

    • Replies: @Known Fact
  11. Clearly whites should build new fancy houses, give them to blacks, and then leave. We owe it to them in order to atone for our many sins against the kangs and qweens. Otherwise, should those colonizers who stay adopt saggy pants, dreadlocks, rap music, and chrome rims in order to fit in with the neighborhood, or would that be cultural appropriation?

  12. “. . . . the playfully painted doors signal what’s coming. Colored in crimson, in coral, in seafoam, the doors accent newly renovated craftsman cottages and boxy modern homes that have replaced vacant lots. ”

    I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but that little nugget really put some blips on my GAYDAR screen.

  13. Terry says:

    What is interesting is that very few whites actually owned slaves during the slave days, and only one Confederate General owned any slaves and that was Nathan Bedford Forrest. Those slaves he inherited, he never bought or sold any slaves. Compare this with the northern generals that owned slaves: Grant (who freed his slaves in 1866), Sheridan, Sherman, Humboldt, Thomas, and so forth (The last state to free her slaves was New Jersey, and she did so in 1868). In truth, the slave owners were black and Jews. This is something that history never tells us about, it is hidden. To this day, blacks still continue to own slaves in Africa and else where. Whites don’t have slaves, and for centuries fought against slavery. If it wasn’t for whites in America, slavery would be more prominent in the black communities. What this story is actually revealing in a subtle way is that black run America is ending soon, it is drawing to a close.

    • Replies: @CENTURION
  14. It is kind of like the slogan, “Africa for Africans and Europe for Africans” that is embraced by the left. Blacks moving into white neighborhoods is good, but whites moving into black neighborhoods is bad, because they fix them up and make them safe. Whites doing anything is always bad. Or something…

  15. It seems their handlers will stop at nothing to halt the progress of white society. Yet, they refuse to adapt to polite society and continue to wallow in their misery, demanding that everyone join them. Any improvement is seen as a confrontation or insult to their way of life.

    Or at least that’s what we’re told.

    Remember, this is not a groundswell of resentment from the black ‘community’. This is black rabble rousers, attorneys, city councilmen and the left once again weaponizing blacks against white society.

    Do you seriously think a black man cares if you put a bay window in your house? Or construct a relaxing front porch? Hell no.

    This is the black leadership of the community seeing their grip slipping on the money train of federal and state funding and it scares the shit out of them.

    They will fight long and hard to keep white hands off that money and who can blame them? Where else are they going to have this sort of opportunity for graft?

    • Replies: @Mission
    , @J
  16. @Jim Bob Lassiter

    No, I don’t think ‘gay’ when I hear of Victorian homes with proper color pallets. I reminisce of a more cultured and opulent way of life where whites enjoyed the fruits of their labor without squandering it in federal programs to ‘lift up’ a people who refuse to be lifted.

  17. Anonymous[418] • Disclaimer says:

    Commenters here “who can see” aren’t going to be moving into black neighborhoods no matter how nice the houses in these “gentrified” areas are. The blacks’ new neighbors will be ultra-virtue signalling whites, and most likely those won’t be raising children (because even extreme progressives will see the danger inherent in that–plus the lack of good local schools). That means that the only GoodWhites who fit the bill are going to be gay men. As the commenter above noticed with the reference to “playfully painted doors”, there is a large gay element involved in most every “gentrification” effort around the country. Didn’t we just read (in the comments) about blacks breaking into a gay couple’s house in downtown Cleveland and stealing a rare violin (and pawning it for 20 bucks) a month or so ago?

    These anti-gentrification pieces all hint at the hatred of the white man and make allusions to slavery, but what is left unsaid is that if there is anyone the average black in these formerly all-black enclaves hates as much as the white man moving in next to them, it is the the gay man.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  18. Whites doing anything is always bad. Or something…

    Pretty much sums up liberalism.

    I can’t imagine being a liberal these days. Sounds like a full time job trying to blame everything on Whites. Must be mentally exhausting to constantly deny the obvious.

    Liberals don’t even realize how far into crazyland they have fallen. They tell us that Black neighborhoods are dilapidated because White people left. But it’s also a problem if White people return and fix them.

    They also don’t seem to realize how low their expectations have sunk for Blacks. They don’t argue that we need to wait and let Blacks fix their own neighborhoods. They also no longer argue for public housing which is quite telling.

    All liberals can do is try to buy time by distracting and deceiving Whites. They want to get a super-majority via Hispanics before Whitey stops playing egalitarian make-believe. They will probably get it which is why we need to secure 2A rights before this place becomes Brazil.

  19. The trend outward by blacks pushes whites further as blacks pollute neighborhoods, schools, stores, and sense of well-being.

    This is why I don’t like gentrification.

    Poor Blacks are pushed into nearby working class White neighborhoods. Is there some type of subsidy for those Whites that are pushed out or forced to live in chaos? Of course not.

    The liberals that move in to Black areas send their kids to model UN schools, that is if they even have kids. They are more likely to come in with adopted kids aka dogs and then support another f-ning dog park in some abandoned lot.

    So liberals end up ruining nearby schools so they can come in and build some yoga studios and a couple dog parks. Then the liberal media calls this gentrification and frets about the horrors of economic investment. Amusingly these liberal journalists don’t want other liberals moving in next door. Most liberal journalists are not wealthy and they aren’t exactly in an expanding industry. They’d rather have shanty town and pretend that everything is fine from their locked down condo for childless White liberals and gays.

  20. CENTURION says: • Website

    AND, Mr. Bedford, if my memory is correct, started the KKK?

    AND, yes, the Jews and Hispanics ran the Slave Trade.

  21. kikz says:
    @Colin Wright

    as we know, and the numbers bear out…. exotic pet care is expensive, and at times, dangerous.

  22. kikz says:

    can’t really wrap my head around….. a fugly modernized box ‘shotgun’, or 2br/bungalow w/porch as GWTW plantation big house… ahahahahahaha!

    excitables.. whatcha gonna do…..*shrugz*
    Raleigh/Cary area was a nice place in the 80’s.. i used to work dwntwn for the state. no better burger than Chargrill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope it’s still there… it was, even then a beloved ‘institution’. 🙂

  23. @Anonymous

    I don’t care who goes in first as the white vanguard! Gay, straight, liberal or conservative, they’re establishing a beachhead which will be followed by others.

    It happened here, down the shore in Asbury Park. When I was a kid, we would summer down the shore and Asbury Park was the best place for kids. By the time I was in my teens, it was a ‘no-go’ zone. I revisited in my early thirties to see the destruction. It was depressing.

    Within the last ten or fifteen years, the gays established a foothold and began taking the city away from them. The blacks bitched and moaned but property value is property value and taxes go up so they have to move.

    Now the city is coming back. Families are moving back in and the gentrification continues. Blacks are departing for parts unknown and whites are picking up the damaged properties on the cheap.

    This is what it looks like.

    So bitch and moan all you want about the gays. They’re doing what you’re not. They’re taking back what was rightfully ours, abandoned in the advance of approaching doom.

    It becomes a temporary gay community until the remaining whites no longer see the place as a threat and move back as well. Gays don’t reproduce so their impact time is short. Hopefully, the city will return to normal eventually. It was a beautiful place in the summers. Maybe it will again. Maybe I’ll take my eventual grandchildren there.

    Wouldn’t that be something?

  24. @Jim in Jersey

    Urban leaders like Hispanic immigration because Hispanics will move into a Black neighborhood and ethnically cleanse the Blacks out. Hispanics open little businesses, too, and, in general, crime will go down and the neighborhood improve. Finally, Whites feel safe to move back in. This happened in Compton, California.

    The Hispanics are acting like the Scotch-Irish pioneers of 200 years ago, heading into the wilderness and battling the Indians. Peaceful settlers followed in their wake.

    I recently drove through Orange, NJ, a town that was largely Black 10 years ago and saw more Hispanics walking on the sidewalks than Blacks. It might be happening there, too. Parts of Newark, Harrison and Jersey City are also being redeveloped.

    I don’t know where the Blacks are going. They’ll ruin another area.

    • Agree: CENTURION
  25. Anon[126] • Disclaimer says:

    The picture accompanying this article was done by white people. How do I know? The slogan seems more a punk rock/antifa thing and who would go to the trouble of making a stencil for their sloganeering?

  26. Mission says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    That’s it. The average Black person doesn’t care about houses that look like plantation owners used to live in them. The average Black man would want that house anyway even if it was a slave owner’s house back in the 1800’s, as it would be a status symbol (“i’m massa now”). LOL

    • Replies: @Ris_Eruwaedhiel
  27. @Jim in Jersey

    It’s undeniable that gays are at the forefront of much urban gentrification. Many have money and no worries about having to send their kids to dangerous schools. It’s a very dramatic effect in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Scene of a vicious riot in the sixties that wrecked the shore town for forty years. The artsy crowd and the music scene led by Springsteen gave the town a certain cachet and the developers have hopped on board in a big way. Pushed the blacks clear out of town and across the railroad tracks into Neptune. I was there on Memorial Day and there were less than ten percent on the boardwalk.
    Ironically. it’s not just blacks being pushed out. Immediately south of Asbury is Ocean Grove, a unique, historic and fantastic beach town run by the Methodist church. “God’s Square Mile.” The gays know a good thing and are buying up all the real estate. Still, they are taking good care of the wonderful Victorian gingerbread houses. Worth a visit if you’re in the area.

  28. “Our black behaviors literally have less economic value than the behaviors of a white person,” There you go, fixed that for you!

  29. Anon[126] • Disclaimer says:

    Don’t forget the disappearing and murdered Native American women. They generally aren’t killed by white people.

  30. Anon[126] • Disclaimer says:

    Mssrs. Harris and Garrison look truly deformed.

    BTW, Philadelphia is the most bedbug-ridden city in the USA!

  31. @Jim in Jersey
    Blacks are departing for parts unknown and whites are picking up the damaged properties on the cheap.

    This is what it looks like.

    So bitch and moan all you want about the gays. They’re doing what you’re not.

    Blacks are departing for parts unknown? Where is that? Africa? Haiti? No they’re headed to some other White nearby neighborhood. Normally it’s the closest working class neighborhood on the bus line that they were already going to for groceries.

    So no I am not fixing up Victorians with pretty pink doors so Blacks can move 10 minutes to the nearest White sleeper town that was previously under the radar. That is not progress.

    Hopefully, the city will return to normal eventually.

    Wishful thinking. Drive into one of these gentrified areas and visit the public schools.

    Gentrification is just a distraction. If anything it lets liberals lie about their ability to fix Black areas. Can’t count how many articles I have read about resurgence of Corktown as if we only need to wait a few more years for Detroit to change as well.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  32. With all the dysfunction in the black community you’d think porches, perches, and bay windows would be the least of their concerns. I’d be more concerned with constructing a drive-by proof house. I’m inclined to agree with Jim in Jersey. The black power brokers are grasping to maintain their grip on the gravy train. A politician sensing the power slipping through their fingers is a dangerous animal.

    Off topic but on topic regarding black dysfunction. Noticing the ever growing numbers of mixed-race children following the white grandmas around these days got FeedSack to wondering: Where’s Daddy?

    Well, turns out FeedSack isn’t the first to inquire. Back in 1998 the cover of Sports Illustrated asked that very question: “Where’s Daddy? – Fathering out-of-wedlock kids has become commonplace among athletes, many of whom seem oblivious to the legal, financial, and emotional consequences.” You have to love the cover photo of a black child holding a basketball. Run this same story and photo today and you’d be crucified.

    Fast forward twenty years and the zeitgeist has changed. Now the problem isn’t black irresponsibly; the problem now is holding blacks responsible. A 2018 ‘documentary’ proclaims the child support system unfair and flawed toward African American fathers. Yawn.

    BRA: Breed ’em, forget ’em, & let whitey feed ’em. Honk, Honk.

  33. @Chaugnar
    It’s undeniable that gays are at the forefront of much urban gentrification. Many have money and no worries about having to send their kids to dangerous schools.

    This is correct and I would add that it’s normally started by gay men and not lesbians. Two men walking together are at much less of a risk for being mugged than a woman. The gays that move in are aware of the risks and are not the dopey White hipsters or boomers that later follow.

    I’m on the side of Blacks when it comes to gentrification albeit for different reasons. The top success stories involve areas like SF where real estate is an extreme premium and childless couples are the norm. If you take a virtual tour of Oakland you will see that gentrification has its limits. There is plenty of land in Oakland but for whatever reason *GEE WHAT COULD IT BE* the White liberals of SF are not moving there. They have gentrified a few beachheads but most liberal tech workers seem to be putting up with million dollar condo mortgages. NYC pushed out a lot of their Blacks to New Jersey and now that state is managed by a liberal moron monopoly. LA has pushed Blacks to Vegas which increased the crime rate. So there is no free lunch.

    White people already handed over entire cities to Blacks. We can all see the results so I don’t see why we should celebrate moving them into new neighborhoods. It makes more sense to let them stay in existing areas. Compton was once an upscale White suburbia. Think about that for a while.

  34. A Wendy’s Employee Has Been Fired For Taking A Bath In A Kitchen Sink And We Have Questions

    I have had a boycott against all fast food for years……

  35. Commenters here “who can see” aren’t going to be moving into black neighborhoods no matter how nice the houses in these “gentrified” areas are.

    Correct and the Blacks leaving those houses will be moving to areas where Whites “who can see” won’t have a choice.

    Working class Whites and most Hispanics think White liberals are total morons when it comes to race. And yet it is those two groups that get to with the destruction caused by these dopey White liberals. I would only support gentrification if the liberal Whites moving in were forced to pay taxes to subsidize low income housing to (cough) preserve the diversity and character of the neighborhood.

    • Replies: @Ris_Eruwaedhiel
  36. @Jim in Jersey

    Yep. I’ve witnessed the same thing in South Florida. Shitty Black neighborhoods virtually taken over by gays. It takes a while, but it gets done.

  37. @Ris_Eruwaedhiel

    Yes. If you drive through the formerly Black areas of Socal; Compton, Lynwood, Long Beach, etc., Hispanics outnumber the Blacks 100:1 now or more. There are still some Black holdouts, (a good friend of mine is one in Long Beach, been there since the 80’s). My parents and grandparents told me how it was back in the 40’s until later. My dad was born in Lynwood 1948, all White back then.
    Anyway. Most of the SoCal LA County Blacks have since moved to San Bernardino and Moreno Valley. San Bernardino is completely ghetto and ruined. It was a semi nice city not too long ago. Moreno Valley was mostly farms and horse property. Surprisingly the Blacks haven’t completely ruined it, and it’s still kinda nice. Maybe there was some separation, with the lowlife gang Blacks going to SB, while the more respectable folks who maybe sold their homes for a profit decided on MV. As time goes by and there is more race mixing, there does seem to be a faction of Blacks who are becoming civilized and can assimilate. Granted it’s the exception, not the rule.
    The future will be interesting, if anything else.

    • Replies: @Patrialiberty
  38. @John Johnson

    You think that THAT’S wishful thinking?

    Do you seriously think you’re going to get some politician to back your play of repatriating negroes to Africa or the islands? Do you truly believe there will be a ‘white america’ again, as if there ever was?

    It’s nice to dream about Mayberry and a life before the ruination we have suffered but I don’t for a minute believe that some politician is going to come along and solve this for us.

    We weren’t even able to round up the Indians at the end of the Indian wars. The French in Haiti weren’t able to cleanse themselves of the blacks that took over the island.

    The message is, like it or not, those that are here are citizens and provided with the same protections that you and I have and can’t have their citizenship ‘revoked’ because you don’t like them.

    The best we can get is to contain the problems into areas and stop feeding and breeding them. Stop the myriad social programs and stop putting money in their pocket each time they shoot out another kid.

    Even what I just wrote is pretty much a fantasy at this point. You may get some traction if you make them work for a living instead of paying them not to work. You may get some of the southern and central immigrants (both legal and not) to pack up and head home. You may even get some of the current Muslim crowd to turn around and head home when they don’t find enough freebies at the end of their rainbow. But blacks have been here for generations and aren’t going anywhere. The best you can hope for is ‘away from you’.

    But I’d love to hear your take on this. How do you really see this all playing out?

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  39. @Jim in Jersey

    Craftsman cottages aren’t exactly Victorian gingerbread houses. Both genres have their merits, but aren’t the same by a long shot.

  40. @John Johnson

    It’s called churning (of functional-dysfunctional demographics) by real estate developers.

  41. @nokangaroos

    Higgs Field — sounds like one of those nice, rickety old minor-league ballparks.

  42. “a cherished park built in the 1930s began to deteriorate…”

    Even entropy is against black bodies. But we knew that, since it is a concept invented by white devils.

  43. “‘As soon as a white body moves into the same space that I occupied, all of a sudden this place is more valuable.’”
    Yes. And…?

  44. @anon

    My one great hope is that the term “gentrification” will follow “racist” in dilution.
    Daily crime scene photographs from cities like Detroit, Baltimore, and St. Louis break my heart. Not for the loss of Africans-in-America lives, but for the gorgeous rowhouses and other (obviously white) feats of engineering that these cities decide to cede to the black tide.

  45. @Colin Wright

    Black slavery is so 1860. Today,if there is a boring,routine,low skilled job to do,Whites just invent another machine.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
    , @ShermanFan
  46. @Jim in Jersey

    Do you seriously think you’re going to get some politician to back your play of repatriating negroes to Africa or the islands? Do you truly believe there will be a ‘white america’ again, as if there ever was?

    I seriously think that the only thing that’s stopping the fed-up Whites from grabbing the National Guard’s stocks of razor wire, throwing up barriers of that plus burned-out hoopties around every ‘hood, and removing the melanin-poisoned With Extreme Prejudice is the ability of the states and FedGov to keep paying the cops and military to stop them.

    When those paychecks stop (and EBT will stop at the same time if not sooner), it’s on.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  47. Anon[123] • Disclaimer says:

    “Our black bodies literally have less economic value than the body of a white person,” she said. “As soon as a white body moves into the same space that I occupied, all of a sudden this place is more valuable.”

    She acts like she hasn’t lived in a Black neighborhood before, or doesn’t know the quality differences between Black and White neighborhoods.

    She omits that along with the Black body comes the Black mind.

    So, if I have this right, Blacks would like their home values to go up due to what?

    The generally-nonexistent human desire to live around them? Do they see themselves? It seems as if they don’t. They don’t even want to live around themselves when they get a little bit of money. That’s the precise reason why White neighborhoods go Black. Blacks who can move out of Black neighborhoods often do move out of Black neighborhoods. That’s why their property values do not go up. One cannot address the lack of desire of Whites to push up demand in Black neighborhoods before they address the root of the lack of desire of enabled Blacks to do it first.

  48. @Mission

    Blacks like big cars, too, and will buy a 10-year old Cadillac over a new Ford Fusion.

  49. @John Johnson

    That’s because the white liberals are affluent and often Jewish. Someone else suffers the consequences of their purported idealism.

  50. @anon

    Part of the problem is that the term “gentrification” is part of the not ok narrative.

    Blockbusting wasn’t either, once. But now it’s diversity. So it’s alright.

  51. IMO, Blacks and non-Blacks (Whites, Asians, Hispanics and American Indians) are very different. Blacks obviously have a weaker sense of morality, particularly when it involves taking from someone else (crime, welfare, corruption, lack of a work ethic) as well as rape. Positive qualities in Blacks who lack a chip on the shoulder attitude include a friendliness and cheerfulness that is quite engaging.

  52. One more fact to remember: The more Blacks in a school system, the worse it is. Predominately Black Prince Georges County in Maryland (east of Washington DC) is the second worse school system in Maryland (after Baltimore County) despite its affluence. The quality of the schools is a big draw for traditional families. Typically doesn’t matter to gays.

  53. @Mr. Rational

    Well, now you’re talking about the apocalyptic cleansing and that’s very ‘iffy’ as well.

    If there is a severe enough break in the social norm, I agree with you; there’s going to be ‘heck’ to pay. But even that won’t start until the blacks have burned all the fuel in their own neighborhoods. When they move on up to the burbs I think the response might be tepid to start. Maybe more so in the south and Midwest but on the coasts? We’re afraid to shoo a cat out of the yard let alone live fire exercises!

    Oh sure, they’ll be some nuts out there brushing off the battle rifle (got my brush right here) and defending the homestead but I think a lot of folks will be terminated awaiting the cavalry. You know, normalcy bias being what it is.

    However, I’ve been saying ‘it can’t go on like this much longer’ for more than thirty years and not only does it continue, it gets worse!

    So, I’m not so sure of the revolution saving us either. And if there is one, what great statesman is going to help reform the new republic? Biden? Trump? Do you trust any man in politics (maybe Ron Paul) to give the Declaration an update and reinstitute the constitution?

    It’s gonna be a hard road if there’s an altercation. Maybe even a Selco-level disaster. Then we’ll have outside forces, UN peacekeepers to deal with during the cleanse. How’s that work out in the balkans? Or anywhere else? Any white run/white only countries rise from their own ashes?

    Sorry, I’m bleak but chatty today.

    • Replies: @Augustus
  54. @Not Woke--Not Broke

    So it has been since the cotton gin eliminated picking seeds by hand, and John Rusts’s cotton spindle automated the process of getting it out of the fields.

    As robots get smarter and more capable, unskilled labor will become ever more useless.  There are already robots which can run fast-food grills.  Soon the only humans working in your local Wendy’s, Burger King or McDonalds at all regularly will be the ones taking down the robots for cleaning, putting them back together and flagging faults for the repair technicians to fix.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  55. @Ris_Eruwaedhiel

    Newark has been advertising its renaissance since the late 80’s. No one believed it then. They still don’t.

    I left Jersey City in the 60’s. The place was black and brown till the the 2000’s. It’s proximity to NYC is what prompted any rebuild. There are a few waterfront areas that have been reclaimed but it stopped there.

    Harrison has been in a steady decline since they reopened the bridge on 4th street to Newark. Harrison/east Newark were never anything but Hispanic. Still is. Lots of construction near Red Bull stadium due to the proximity to the Path trains. Maybe youll get some millennials who work in the city or Hoboken but I wouldn’t call it gentrification. It’s all condos.

  56. @Mr. Rational

    Or taking baths in the dishwashing sinks for World Star video awards.

  57. Augustus says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    No “altercation” to set it off. Most likely a currency meltdown and electric infrastructure failure.

  58. @Jim in Jersey

    Do you seriously think you’re going to get some politician to back your play of repatriating negroes to Africa or the islands? Do you truly believe there will be a ‘white america’ again, as if there ever was?

    I never said or even implied that was my position. I’m againt gentrification because it pushes Blacks into working White neighborhoods.

    The French in Haiti weren’t able to cleanse themselves of the blacks that took over the island.

    They abandoned Haiti because of yellow fever. The Haitians were immune because if you get bit as a kid you gain immunity.

    The best we can get is to contain the problems into areas and stop feeding and breeding them. Stop the myriad social programs and stop putting money in their pocket each time they shoot out another kid.

    Agreed and I think gentrification moves them around and destroys new areas.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  59. That’s because the white liberals are affluent and often Jewish. Someone else suffers the consequences of their purported idealism.

    I actually doubt many are Jewish.

    Jews like to live close to each other and prefer the burbs to being near Blacks.

    The majority are boomers and brainwashed 20-30 year olds that think they are edgy and modern for living near Blacks.

  60. Why the hell don’t they ever ask themselves WHY wipipo are able to move in and upgrade and improve and class up the joints?? Wellllll, most wipipo stay in school, get an education, but to most of them, day be ‘ackin Wyatt”. Most Wyatt’s work long hard hours to provide for their families, and that leads to promotions and more income . Steadily working leads eventually most of the time, to a secure retirement. Sooo, let’s see- staying in school and paying attention, sacrificing your time not buying shiny things and expensive liquor for parties, working hard, reliably, and steadily, even you would rather be ‘ sleep , so that your families future is secure- why can’t they seem to understand that CHOOSING that behavior is what gives wipipo “privilege” and allows them to build imoroved neighborhoods?? Easier to accuse wipipo of being “bone indu munny” instead of seeing it’s all about choices, and most of us sweated and earned EVERY DAMN DIME?? If they would shut up and step up and get busy, they wouldn’t have TIME with the constant accusing, whining, complaining and demanding BS.

  61. D-FENS says:

    How about solving the problem by overruling Kramer v Shelly and reinstating restrictive covenants?

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  62. “Honey, we really need to start house-hunting out in the suburbs before the whole block does. These white people will bring in their friends to play classical music loud out of their cars, they won’t keep up their lawns, and property values will go down. We’ve got to get out first!”

    “I WILL NOT stay here another month, Rob! It’s getting to where I’m scared for the children. We just saw two more white boys today walking down the sidewalk. They’re in the coffee shops, out walking their dogs, they’ve got kids in DeShawn’s 2nd grade class even. I don’t want to wait to say ‘I told you so’ when one of the boys has gotten beaten … in the spelling bee, and the next riot burns down our title loan bidness!”

    “I called my Mom today out in Spring Lakes. She will put us up in her basement until we can find something out there. You’ll just HAVE TO commute the 1 1/2 hours to work, as we’ve got to keep the kids in good schools in order to get them to even have an Affirmative-Action chance of getting into Princeton. Sure, Schooldigger shows 4 stars right now, but when those white kids show up, and the diversity index goes way down, the school will turn orange. I won’t have that!”


    I tried to find the sources of those 3 quotes, people. Believe it or not, after searching the entire internet, I wasn’t able to find out who ever said those things.

    • Replies: @WSG
  63. Greg p. says:

    Gentrification is a plot to make whites surrounded in the inner cities by nonwhites instead of the other way around.

  64. WSG says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    HA!!! You forgot to search the internet in the Bizarro World.

  65. @Jim in Jersey

    We had a similar thing happen with the Wilton Manors area of Ft Lauderdale. Was a run down dump of an area taken over by blacks, but had nice old houses on decent sized lots. The gays came in and started buying up real estate, fixing up the properties, opening stores, bars, and businesses, and the property values shot up.
    Miami is doing the same with the Overtown area (full of run down slums, shiftless blacks, and rampant drugs & homeless). They are expanding the roadway, putting in parks, building expensive high rises since they have already built up everything they can from the Intercoastal waterway, this is the next area to go.

  66. @Augustus

    Here’s the thing, we all get what you’re saying, but outside of this forum, one has to present the facts, free of emotion, to convince folks of the truth.

    The media and society has been pushing this true equality narrative, but it just doesn’t fit. People are conditioned to shutdown in the face of what they call racism, we call realism.

    The only way to win the hearts and minds is through a calm, careful, accurate presentation of facts. We don’t have to lie, spin, misrepresent, or even manipulate the data, it is clear. That’s why they push back so ferociously. It isn’t their love for blacks or a desire for true equality, rather their desire for power.

    • Replies: @WSG
    , @Augustus
  67. @Not Woke--Not Broke

    And for good reasons.

    Blacks are terrible workers.
    Unreliable, lazy, illiterate, poor quality control, along with impulsivity, aggressiveness, and limited understanding of complex concepts.

    Even animals work more reliably than blacks.

    Machines have a low overhead compared to work output. They reach a point of positive ROI well before a human can mature.

  68. Here we go again.

    ‘Police: At least 25 officers injured during chaos following deadly Frayser shooting’

    June 12, 2019

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. —The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has launched an investigation after a deadly officer-involved shooting in the 2000 block of Durham in Frayser.

    The shooting happened around 7 p.m. Wednesday, June 12.

    According to TBI spokesperson Keli McAlister initial information indicates that officers with the U.S. Marshal Service’s  Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Task Force came into contact with a currently unidentified man wanted on multiple felony warrants as he was getting into a vehicle. While attempting to stop him, the individual reportedly rammed his vehicle into the officer’s cruisers multiple times before jumping out with a weapon.  The officers opened fire, striking and killing the individual.

    After the shooting, Memphis police officers at the Old Allen Station received a call to assist the U.S. Marshals.

    Around that time, a large group started gathering on the scene and several individuals began throwing concrete rocks and bricks at officers and squad cars.

    In a post on Facebook, Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland said a concrete wall outside a business was torn down and windows broken out of a fire station.

    “Let me be clear—the aggression shown towards our officers and deputies tonight was unwarranted,” he said.

  69. Property values rise as the ghetto becomes more white. Not sure why this is great news for whites? As the hood gentrifies whites will increasingly find it difficult to get a cheap price and of course almost all of these “whites” are liberals and Obama voters anyway. Then too turning a 95% black hood into a 72% black hood (big deal) still means any whites living there will be robbed or violently attacked going for their organic produce and or cafe au lait. Business as usual.

  70. @John Johnson

    You didn’t include your plan, though.

    I have always agreed that we can’t and probably shouldn’t run from this problem because it will just follow us to the ends of the earth.

    However, if we don’t move and remove them from desirable places and allow them to contaminate more and more places, what is the outcome? Living cheek to jowl with Shimequeeus like the government wants?

    They’ve already tipped the board and made it illegal to discrimate in real estate deals. They also made laws requiring low income housing in suburbs.

    So if you’re against moving them out of salvageable neighborhoods and reclaiming what was abandoned by our predecessors, how do you personally see this playing out?

  71. WSG says:

    I really disagree with you. After 8 years of Obongo siding with the tribe, battle lines can clearly be drawn. If you are not awake now, then you, most likely, never will be. Most leftists would rather die than admit they are wrong. Those crazy dykes in California are a perfect metaphor for this issue. I don’t want to waste my limited time on this planet trying to convince a pack of lunatics that they are, in fact, lunatics.

    • Replies: @ShermanFan
  72. Hardy Pioneers Need A Fort———Whites moving into Black Raleigh,NC neighborhoods daring to commit gentrification??? Gasp! Something must be done.Those “Gone with The Wind Houses” have overseer’s porches.Porches,porches,porches “Eva Where” i tell you.Personally,i don’t get the whole porches thing in “vibrant” neighborhoods.What you want is a reinforced masonry Mexican style courtyard house.This encloses your out door space behind a bullet proof wall and a massive door.Bond some broken glass on top of that 14 foot high wall.Enjoy the fresh air,grill a few brats,plant a few plants,then take a nice nap.All without being “enriched” by “vibrants”.

  73. Augustus says:

    Let’s just say a fact, ’13 – 51.’

  74. @WSG

    You can disagree, that’s your choice.

    But here’s the thing, if you think people like me aren’t “woke”, you’re grossly mistaken.

  75. Noman says:
    @Dr. Pepper

    Do they actually own the property?
    More likely they are renters with (((landlords))).
    Of course, Whites are the problem.
    From who did the slave owners purchase human beings?
    Who owned the ships that carried slaves on one of the three legs of trans Atlantic trade?
    Same group as the landlords.

  76. @Highdesert420

    From California: do not celebrate too hard the outnumbering of blacks by latinos, for outnumbering is indeed the latino weapon of choice.
    Outnumbering through illegal invasion anchor babies amnesties chain migration and outbreeding everyone. It’s never just one bean it’s the whole burrito. la Raza la familia above all. Our tax system rewards low income one wage earners with kids richly and California more so hence the outnumbering has come quickly to California. We became latino majority two years ago, now dacas here get in state tuition and scholarships and we are a sanctuary state. The public schools are 59-98 percent latino, the tax base is 59-98 white.
    Numbers like 100 to 1 latino to black mean less blacks but they also mean more latinos in general and very soon mean more latinos than whites.
    I always say be careful importing a scourge to wipe out a plague!
    When prop 187 was overturned the outnumbering began. Now we are a uniparty state and our only hope is the ongoing formation of new state of New California.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  77. @Patrialiberty

    I agree.

    It matters little which group dominates the government tit. Black, brown or hasidic… they all drain the trough equally well. Anyone who knows how to play the system, WILL play the system.

    It doesn’t pay NOT TO.

    Once you allow a protected class to get comfortable in it’s protection, you’re asking for trouble. They will never again seek to work for what is being handed to them for free.

    That’s why I say, bring it on. All of them. Sign the Muslims up. Import the Somali warriors and sign them up. Start the siphon of all of central and South America and sign them up.

    And let it break.

    America was once the land of opportunity. Now it is the land of handouts and bailouts. The rich and the poor get a pass and white America gets the bill.

  78. @Dr. Pepper

    Memo USA isn’t white and black anymore. Hispanics, Muslims and Asians are invading by the millions, they have nothing in common except they hate white men.

  79. J says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    It’s that exactly.

    It’s all about Jealousy and the women.

    Black men hate other races of men, but love love their women. Most of them even hate light skinned black men, but love light skinned black women.

    Black women secretly love other races of lighter skinned men, but are mad and hate them in public because most non-black/lighter skinned men don’t want them.

    Black women also hate other races of women because they know they’re insecure and know they can’t compete (intelligence/femininity/hair/attitudes/etc..) with them. Most of them even hate light skinned black women.

    Black men and black women are insecure and try to project all of their thoughts and feelings onto everyone else. It’s all a mask.

    They’re loud and try to get attention which us apart of their insecurity.

    They try to fight all the time, are quick on impulses without thinking and always talk about that kangs and kweens crap because they know that they can’t compete when it comes to building anything, inventing something today or advancing the world.

    The biggest proof of all their projections and insecurity is how much they kill each other. These kangs and kweens live themselves so much and are so superior that they kill each other over and over

    They’re envious and jealous of everyone else and most have finally started picking up on this con game from them. About damn time. Slowly but surely, but mote and more people are finally getting fed up with it.

    Even many Africans come here and look their noses down at them. Just more proof.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @Anonymous0619
  80. @J

    “Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself. Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared. The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation. The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it. And, superiority excites envy. Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.” – Joe Sobran, National Review, April 1997

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  81. @Anonymous0619

    Unconsciously superior… I like that.

  82. @Jim Bob Lassiter

    The Pooves are historically at the vanguard in efforts to revitalize BLAK smeared, previously White neighborhoods.
    The Short North is Columbus, OH is only one of many across this BLAK smeared nation where that happened.

    The downside of the taking back of urban residential areas, regardless of the sexual habits of The Taking Backers, is that First and Second Ring suburbs then become BLAK smeared, in a displacement sort of way.
    This happened in and to the suburbs West of Detroit, West of Philadelphia, East of Columbus and elsewhere.
    It’s like spraying an apartment/loft/condo for cockroaches and driving them into adjacent units; much to the displeasure of residents that previously had no cockroaches.

    If the cockroaches were all, somehow, transported to All Cockroach areas, like Haiti/Jamaica/Da Mudderlan etc., wouldn’t that be generally considered A Good Thing ?
    No, it would be an EXCELLENT Thing.
    So, let’s get busy with that.
    Get those goddam things OUTTA HERE.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
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