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As Massive Crowds of Blacks Gather in Atlanta for Newest Air Jordans, Whites Blamed for 83% of Coronavirus Hospitalizations Being Black in Georgia
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Previously on SBPDL: Remember — White Flight Was the Original Social Distancing: Blacks in Chicago Disproportionately Hit By Coronavirus as They Continue to Have Massive House Parties (White Racism Still Blamed as Cause of Pandemic)


How are we going blame this on white people in Georgia? [Far too many patients hospitalized with COVID-19 in Georgia are black, new CDC data shows — a staggering 83%, Business Insider, April 30, 2020]:

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released Wednesday found that 83% of people hospitalized with COVID-19 in Georgia during March were black.

“The proportion of hospitalized patients who were black was higher than expected based on overall hospital admissions,” the report said.

The CDC looked at demographic data from 305 coronavirus patients admitted to eight hospitals — seven in Atlanta and one in southern Georgia — and found that, out of the 297 cases in which race was known, 247 patients were black.

Black people account for 52% of the overall population in Atlanta and 32% in Georgia, meaning they were significantly overrepresented in COVID-19 hospitalizations.

The report came days after Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp allowed some businesses in the state to reopen, despite pushback from some local officials. Georgia has over 26,000 reported cases of the coronavirus; according to projections, the outbreak there won’t reach its peak until after May 2.

Here’s the breakdown of Georgia’s coronavirus hospitalizations, by race.

The study doesn’t account for every coronavirus patient in the state, and focuses primarily on Atlanta hospitals, but the disparity it found aligns with findings in California, New York, Illinois, Michigan, Kansas, and North Carolina, as well as the US more broadly. In all of those places, black communities are being hit hardest by the virus.

“We do not think people of color are biologically or genetically disposed to get COVID-19,” US Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams said earlier this month. “But they are socially predisposed to coronavirus exposure and to have a higher incidence of the very diseases that put you at risk for severe complications from coronavirus.”

[To those not social distancing, Atlanta’s mayor has this message,, May 5, 2020]:

ATLANTA — A new Forbes magazine article on Monday says that the risk of exposure to COVID-19 in the state of Georgia has increased by more than 40 percent since Gov. Brian Kemp has reopened the state for business.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms cited the article in a tweet Monday afternoon, saying that those who came out in large groups over the weekend and ignored social distancing were in danger of being exposed to COVID-19. Bottoms cited the people who gathered in crowds at Greenbriar Mall in southwest Atlanta on Saturday morning in search of the new version of Nike’s Air Jordan shoe as it went on sale.

Not much social distancing in Atlanta by these black citizens hoping to score the latest Air Jordans…

She also pointed to crowds gathered at the Mall West End to shoot off fireworks over the weekend as well as shoppers at Lenox Square in Buckhead, which reopened on Monday morning.


She tweeted, “For those who crowded at Greenbriar awaiting the new Jordans, gathered at Piedmont Pk, shot fireworks at the Mall West End & even those now shopping at Lennox Square Mall, know that the only thing that’s changed about Covid-19 is your chance of catching.”

The modeling data cited in the Forbes article was compiled by Stanford University’s Big Local News in collaboration with Pitch Interactive and the Google News Initiative. The data indicated that on April 21, three days before Gov. Kemp began to allow some businesses to reopen in Georgia, the state ranked as the 16th worst in the United States for risk of exposure to COVID-19.

The incidence rate for COVID-19, according to the Big Local News COVID-19 Case Mapper is calculated as the number of coronavirus cases for every 100,000 people.

According to Forbes, it is the best publicly available metric for estimating an individual’s risk of exposure to the virus. The reporting data indicated the incidence rate at that time for Georgia was 180.7.

Five days later, on April 26, Georgia’s incidence rate had risen to 211.5 — a 30.8 percent increase.

The incidence rate in Georgia has continued to increase each day since, through May 2 (the most recent date that we have data available), when the rate was 256.8 — an increase of 42 percent.

Again, when you understand white flight was the original social distancing, you are immediately capable of comprehending all of post-Shelley vs. Kraemer history in America.

In Georgia, the Coronavirus is overwhelmingly a disease impacting blacks. The metro Atlanta area has extreme levels of segregation, because white flight was the original social distancing.

Might the reason the Coronavirus is impacting blacks disproportionately be found in this story of blacks crowding together in pursuit of the newest Air Jordans from Nike, and failing to properly practice proper social distancing (obviously, the lining up to procure the new Nike shoe is a metaphor for how they’ve lived during this pandemic)?

It’s far easier to blame white people in Georgia than to expect blacks in the state to take any responsibility for the high rates of Coronavirus impacting their community.

Same goes for the entire nation.



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  1. Black people are a custodial population in modern societies.Just as parents are responsible for their small children;Whites collectively are responsible for Negroes.Neither small children,nor Negroes are economically independent.Both groups need supervision.Lots of supervision.

    • Replies: @Richard B
    , @Father O'Hara
  2. Lined up for Air Jordans? Made in China of course.

    There go the stimulus checks.

    • Agree: Realist
  3. AAs seem to be obsessive about shoes.

    • Replies: @Realist
  4. “The study doesn’t account for every coronavirus patient in the state… but the disparity it found aligns with findings in California, New York, Illinois, Michigan, Kansas, and North Carolina, as well as the US more broadly. In all of those places, black communities are being hit hardest by the virus.”

    Perhaps this isn’t a disparity. If it overwhelmingly aligns with other information points across the nation it seems that it’s a fact. I’m generally amenable to facts and try to think through problems by sticking to facts and working logically from that point.

  5. AnalogMan says:

    That’s some crazy “maff”, there. What do you call that? Nigonometry?

    • LOL: kikz
  6. AnalogMan says:

    Let me try this again. Apparently even single syllables will trigger the censorware.

    That mathematical discipline where every number can be called a “percentage” to make it sound more “scientific”; what do you call that – negronometry?

  7. Wake up says:

    Blacks will put their life on the line for a pair of sneakers. Either the Coronavirus or some fellow Thug will shoot them over sneakers. I wonder how many of these fine citizens are on welfare and/or food stamps, but they have money for expensive sneakers.

    • Agree: CDebussey
    • Replies: @Female in FL
  8. How kin ah gess sum uh dem Kanye shoes?

    • Replies: @Kyle Kiernan
  9. Sadly, while the pandemic whittles away at the fringes of the problem, the ones we know to be a problem largely go unaffected.

    Parents and grandparents, the sick and informed… the diagnosis is devastating for them. For those vibrant, young criminals it’s barely a blip on their screen. They can continue their robbin’ and rapin’ during their illness without much concern.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  10. @Obs

    He’s doing exactly what the HNIC did, sticking his nose where it does not belong.

  11. @Wake up

    This one made the news, there was a long line of orcs waiting to buy the latest IPO, aka sneakers. A dindu figured they all had cash so he decided to rob the orcs. One buck with a legit conceal carry, got out of line, shot the perp, turned around and got back in line.
    Man fatally shot after trying to rob people waiting to buy LeBron James sneaker in Atlanta

    • Replies: @Female in MO
    , @Love Street
  12. In Detroit, the democratic lt governor, as senior black in the state government, has been placed in charge of the reparation commission for the disease infecting blacks more than white.

    For a while the local media was reporting on the massive sideshows and house parties, but he said it was racist so they stopped.

  13. On the subject of disparity and such, I looked up some numbers for Maryland.
    Roughly 59% of all Coronavirus deaths have been nursing home patients.
    43-44% of all deaths have been residents over the age of 80.

    While blacks, as a percentage of population, are more likely to die than Whites, Whites are more likely to die than Latinos or Asians. But, where’s the outrage in that?

    If anything, this is more of an old people/sick people disease, than anything racial-related. But, stirring up racism is a lot more profitable than stirring up anger over the disproportionate amount of elderly/sick dying.

  14. Video shows Birmingham police officer slamming woman for not wearing a mask

    Dat what dey do.

    • Replies: @PO'd in PG County
  15. @Jim in Jersey

    Sorry, my phone refuses to write out ‘infirmed’ Without me holding a gun to its microphone.

    • Replies: @eah
  16. eah says:


  17. EddieK says:

    Are there any “good” cities left to live in Georgia? If you catch my drift…

  18. luludog says:

    I thought the Trayvon Martin Case of Georgia – “Ahmaud Arbery” would be taking precedent over all other news coming out of Georgia today. I guess the “white killing black” stories are not such big news anymore because they always end the same – with the white men being ruined for life regardless of whether they go to prison or did what they had to do to save their lives. This country is toast whether it be from the Chinese or self-hating white liberal cucks and their media lackeys.

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  19. Wake up says:

    Joe Biden is talking to his base. He’s getting out the Black vote. This is his “dog whistle”, like when he said “they want to put y’all back in chains”, among other statements. Any white person who votes for this career politician and total phony is clueless.

    • Agree: The OverSeer
    • Replies: @Not Woke--Not Broke
  20. eah says:


    Expect to hear more about this story in the future.

    • Replies: @bruce county
  21. eah says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    While spellcheck, auto-complete, etc can sometimes be a pain in the ass, in this case your phone was doing you a favor/giving you a useful hint: it’s infirm, not “infirmed”, which is not a word.

  22. @Detective Callahan

    Looks like he’s slamming her for resisting arrest, more than anything else. That’s usually how it ends up with these types of stories. For instance, nobody ever gets killed by the police for a burnt-out taillight, despite what the media might try to make you think. They get killed because the cop pulls them over, they get mouthy and belligerent, attack the cop, reach for the cop’s gun, etc.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  23. @Wake up

    Wake up——-Black slavery is so 1800s. No sane White person wants a Black slave.If there is a hot,dirty,dangerous,or boring job to be done;some White or Asian guy will invent a machine to do it.Blacks are obsolete.

  24. @luludog

    The water in that pot is heating up, people & celebrities have started posting the pictures of him with captions saying he was hunted down, shot by white supremacists, bring the killers to justice, etc. The multiple Popeyes Chicken ads throughout this article made me laugh though.

    • Replies: @Simon Templar
    , @Luludog
    , @Anon
  25. Realist says:

    AAs seem to be obsessive about shoes.

    Earl Butz was right.

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @Female in FL
  26. USA 1943 says:

    Off Topic, but PK should read this, The White Privilege Term is a Useful Tool to create resentment, hate and here is THE SHOCKER, IT HAS Communist Origins

  27. m. says:

    ode to “feeler” joe:

    .a demonrat-groper named biden
    .got reamed when he went into hidin’
    .they knew he was useless,
    .a pervert & truthless
    .he’s a president wanna-be doofus

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  28. @Father O'Hara

    Kanye get dees Jordans?

    • Replies: @Father O'Hara
  29. The notion/idea/principle of personal responsibility seems to be entirely absent when certain groups or individuals act or fail to act. I get so tired of the narrative of blaming others. Cause and effect are entirely absent from the thinking of some groups and some individuals.
    Failure to accept consequences of one’s behaviour will always diminish one’s growth –in all facets of life: mental, emotional, spiritual. Such a shame to see people diminish themselves by endlessly blaming others.

  30. @Realist

    Lol, thanks for the reminder. Earl must have been the life of the party!

    • Replies: @Realist
  31. @Female in FL

    Given the composition of the line, there was bound to be a shooting. It’s just nice that the shootee was so deserving. That’s a feel-good story right there.

    • Agree: Female in FL
  32. Anon[238] • Disclaimer says:

    That Nike can sell a pair of shoes for $100, but claim they need to make them in China to make a big profit is ridiculous. Armed with moden equipment there is no telling how much profit Nike could make while paying $15 an hour to some Americans in Mississippi, Alabama, or rural Georgia that would provide a decent living and a decent profit to management and labor. The players would get the same shoe, maybe even made by a relative.

    • Replies: @D-FENS
    , @Feedsackroad
  33. @Sick 'n Tired

    Naturally, the comments section for the article is non-existent. That should tell us all that we need to know.

  34. Luludog says:
    @Sick 'n Tired

    He bes such a gooboy and the staw playa on the foolbaw team. He be studyin to bez a rap artiz too.

  35. Steve T. says:

    Stop and give this some thought.

    True the population of Metro Atlanta (Fulton and DeKalb Counties) is 50.7% Black or African American Alone, 38% White Alone, and 4.61% Hispanic or Latino.

    But which racial groups lives where and which racial groups lives in high density mostly ideal Virus breeding grounds and areas?

    Bet you can guess where most of the infections occurred.

  36. OT:

    2 McDonald’s employees shot after angry customer told dining room was closed. Vague details …leading one to believe…well you know. BLACKS.

  37. Steve T. says:

    In case you missed … most Black-Americans live inside Atlanta in High density neighborhoods.
    IDEAL breeding grounds for a virus to be transmitted.

  38. Richard B says:
    @Not Woke--Not Broke

    Am I the only one who can’t read these things anymore?

    I pretty much go straight to the comment section.

    But I can’t read many of them anymore either.

    Especially the ones that start “Could you imagine if the races were reversed?”

    Anyway, all of this is happening because Whites have a self-preservation chip missing in their DNA.

    The POCs know this and will continue to use it against Whites and with impunity and success (and pleasure) until Whites develop said genetic attribute.

    But, since it takes about a million years to develop a new genetic attribute, this will continue until most Whites go the way of the Nez Perce, and those that survive are strictly prohibited from ever rising above the level of

    Useful Idiot
    Designated Scapegoat
    Tax Slave
    Sex Worker.

    But there is one thing that will make it all worthwhile for the “survivors.”

    A lobotomy.

  39. Aha…Mr. Kersey needs sensitivity training like the race car driver!

    “Might the reason the Coronavirus is impacting blacks disproportionately be found in this story of blacks crowding together in pursuit of the newest Air Jordans…”?

    Mr. Kersey said “impacting blacks disproportionately” which implies blacks are causing their own problems. That is racially insensitive! I was also insensitive just then when I used “implies blacks are causing their own problems.” Black must never be mentioned when the topic is negative.

    In order to be sensitive, one cannot even say the word black as a description of anything in a negative sense. Blacks can only be mentioned if the word “black” is used in an uplifting way by a white.

    Its scientific term is called “kissing black butt!”

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
  40. Realist says:
    @Female in FL

    Lol, thanks for the reminder. Earl must have been the life of the party!

    Most probably don’t know who he was…or what he said.

    • Agree: Female in FL, Swamp Fox
  41. Anonymous[164] • Disclaimer says:

    Perhaps someone should go to the rally in Brunswick Georgia with a sign that has the names of all the white murder victims and the names of their black killers. I really don’t think anyone knows what goes on daily in this country. Not reported in newspaper print, television, radio, or internet. Except on this site, it’s total silence.

  42. @bruce county

    My nigdar went off when I saw that article.
    Have you noticed the media is withholding a lot of names and descriptions lately?

  43. This is a little off topic but I’ll tie it in . I literally just left a grocery store after coming home from work and there are 3 cop cars in the parking lot and sticking up above the top of all the squad cars is a bunch of magenta colored braids , and she’s got her infant and the pouty face on. It’s like they can’t even go to the grocery store without a bunch of stuff “happening”…

    So I know when these long lines form for these AA status symbols of footwear they endear more than anything, there must be Aalll kinds of security/police quick on the scene. I remember Female in Florida on here saying it the best and funniest way. She said something to the effect that sneakers are like a 401K to them. Hilariously accurate.

    I just don’t know what it is with blacks and shoes, but there is definitely an affinity with them so profound that it is cosmic. When I buy shoes, it doesn’t “change my life” . It’s a shoe. It will wear out and I’ve had some I really found stylish and had them re-soled because it was worth it. I really think most blacks like this still have the 6 yr old mentality that “These will make me a star”.

  44. Anonymous[164] • Disclaimer says:

    If it hasn’t been taken down, find the video of Joe Biden at a swearing in ceremony involving a young Asian girl. I remember seeing it when it happened (maybe 2015). I wish I would have been the mom of this young girl, I would have slapped him. Biden rubbing his face in the girls hair, kissing her head, and then resting his hands below her shoulders. Creepy, toe curling, and perverse. Definitely nothing normal.

  45. m. says:

    de jo-duns be mighty impotent in some ‘hoods

  46. @Richard B

    Richard B——-I had hoped that this racial self hate among whites was due to corn oil,tofu,or something in flu shots.However,you may just be right.It may just be that we have lost the genes necessary for self preservation.

  47. Simon Templar———-I would wager that the dead Dindu: 1) Did not live in this neighborhood. 2) Did not know anyone who lived in this neighborhood, 3) Had to take the bus to “jog” in this neighborhood. 4) Has a criminal record. 5) Been seen in the neighborhood at about the same time as each burglary. 6) Was an aspiring rapper.———Noe he is an expired rapper.

    • Thanks: Bill Jones
  48. D-FENS says:

    The requirement for having the dollar as the world’s reserve currency is that we need to send large quantities of dollars overseas to support transactions worldwide. This is done primarily through military spending and trade deficits. This in turn allows the US government to create new money as needed with low inflation as long as the dollars are exported. By sending the dollars to low cost producers, inflation is also offset by cheap imported goods. When some of those dollars get returned to the US, they are often used to buy treasury bonds which keeps interest rates low and takes away the pain of federal deficits. Those returning dollars can also be used to buy real estate and shares in corporations (as long as there are no national security concerns). The advantages to the US government are that foreigners pay a substantial cost of US military expenses (also used to prop up the system) and the US retains control over prohibited transactions (NK, Iran, Venezuela etc.) via tge SWIFT payments system.

    So offshoring manufacturing to China is not a bug in the system, its a feature. What happens when all the low cost producers are gone or our increasingly dysfunctional military loses its credibility?

    Note that this benefits the US government, large corporations and the financial sector. Not the American people. When this system goes off the rails as it eventually must, its going to be pretty ugly.

  49. @anon

    I had a gut feeling that, once a picture of the shooter was made public, it wouldn’t look like your typical Trump supporter!

  50. FREE LEBRON KICKS and Trump Bux when you claim your free one-way ticket to Liberia!

    • LOL: Love Street
  51. Trinity says:

    For those of you who have never had the experience of living in the Peach State, lemme tell you, you think Blacks in places like Detoilet, Baltinog, Filthydelphia and Chimpcongo are bad news. haha. Try our breed of special Blacks in JawJah. I would absolutely LOVE to place all those “anti-White” White leftoids in a city in Georgia. It doesn’t matter if it is Atlanta, Augusta or Albany, or Savannah, Macon, or Columbus. Our “teens” are in a class of their own. Don’t believe it, come and see for yourself. Come on down, take your shoes off, yawl come back now, ya here.

    • Replies: @L in Atl hell
  52. Anon[762] • Disclaimer says:
    @Sick 'n Tired

    90% of interracial crime is black on white. That stat should shut down the ” blacks are being hunted” narrative.

    • Agree: bruce county, Augustus
    • Replies: @Not Woke--Not Broke
  53. @Lunarcricket

    Expensive sneakers, loud garish clothing, blatantly obvious luxury brand logos, ghetto’d out luxury cars, and flaunting/throwing around stacks of cash like it doesn’t mean shit is how blacks and low class idiots show they have money and it means nothing to them to “drop” $50k on a gaudy necklace or other bling. They think showing a blatant lack of respect for money and how they spend it makes them better than others, they think having $5 million makes them set for life, mean while they are spending $3million a year to keep up appearances, once that money runs out or doesn’t come in like it used to, they are up Shits Creek.

    How many stories are there about professional athletes and lottery winners that got that Golden Ticket to be set for life, only to end up broke within a few years? Mike Tyson was broke after his heyday in the late 80s-90s, after earning around $100 million, back then, and he’s only one on a long list.

    I deal with people who are SUPER wealthy thru my work, wealth to the point of owning a yacht worth $30-70 million is something for the family to go out on, and can be chartered for $250k a week, excluding food and fuel, if they aren’t using it. The funny thing with those people, is that they respect money, and are either looking for ways to make more, or save as much as they can, they love getting a deal. . They are fairly nondescript when you meet them, usually a nice low key watch, but no blinged out necklaces, gold grills, giant rims on a purple Mercedes, and they never brag about how much they have or are worth. They never pull out a stack of cash to pay for anything, it’s always some odd credit card with just their name and a magnetic strip, or a wire transfer for work done.

    • Agree: Love Street
    • Replies: @Loren
  54. @Female in FL

    Do any of them use debit cards? That sh*t drives me nuts. I guess it’s all about showing off their kaysh.
    So stupid!

    • Replies: @Female in FL
  55. Loren says:
    @Sick 'n Tired

    Expensive sneakers should be oxymoron

    • Replies: @Neuday
  56. @Not Woke--Not Broke

    What I long to hear: You are NOT the father!

  57. @Kyle Kiernan

    Sheeeeiiit mang,Kanye make his own shooze. He a genius!

  58. @Anon

    Anon(762)————-The fact that 90% plus of interracial crime is Black on White doesn’t matter to Blacks.Blacks are a tribe.It only counts when it hurts the tribe.Would that Whites were similarly minded.

    • Agree: Female in FL
  59. @Love Street

    lol, have you ever been behind one of them when they are paying with a card? It appears their cards are routinely declined. Best to have good old cash because those sneakers mean the world to them.

  60. @Realist

    What Earl Butz said wound up in a Unix jokes file in the late 1980’s.  I know, I tried to get a copy.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Loren
  61. @Richard B

    Whites have a self-preservation chip missing in their DNA.

    We don’t have any such thing missing.

    What we have is the rest of the world and their (((lawyers))) watching every move we make and capitalizing on any possible way to make a profit off of us.

    Until we talk about having THAT fight, we are just spinning our wheels.

    Blacks are canon fodder. They imported many so you would use up all your ammo.

    Remember those who created the problem and are busily trying to sell you a solution.

  62. @Anon

    Armed with modern equipment there is no telling how much profit Nike could make while paying $15 an hour to some Americans in Mississippi, Alabama, or rural Georgia that would provide a decent living and a decent profit to management and labor.

    Nike would be forced to hire a large percentage of it’s workforce from a segment of the local population with a well known proclivity to avoid work. Any efforts by Nike to reap any honest days work from these individuals would be met with endless litigation in the Federal Courts.

  63. Realist says:
    @Mr. Rational

    What Earl Butz said wound up in a Unix jokes file in the late 1980’s. I know, I tried to get a copy.

    Just Google Earl Butz…it’s there for all to see.

  64. Loren says:
    @Mr. Rational

    1976–all they want is loose shoes, and a warm place to go poop? or similar.

    John W. Dean 3d, the former White House counsel, Mr. Butz made a remark in which he described blacks as
    “coloreds” who wanted only three things — satisfying sex, loose shoes and a warm bathroom — desires that Mr. Butz listed in obscene and scatological terms.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  65. HT says:

    The Negro will stand in line for hours to get something free or to buy basketball shoes but good luck getting them to fill out a job application or regularly show up to work.

    • LOL: Trinity
  66. @Realist

    I didn’t know but, thanks to the post, I do now. Wish I could shake Earl’s hand. RIP Mr. Butz.

  67. @Loren

    Actually, it was parodied.

    “All a hacker needs is a tight loop, a loose pair of UUOs, and a warm place to shift.”

    Never looked up what a UUO is m’self.

  68. @Richard B

    Whites have a self-preservation chip missing in their DNA

    We don’t have any such thing missing.

    What we have is the rest of the world and their (((lawyers))) watching every move we make and capitalizing on any possible way to make a profit off of us.

    Until we talk about having THAT fight, we are just spinning our wheels.

    Blacks are canon fodder. They imported many so you would use up all your ammo.

    Remember those who created the problem and are busily trying to sell you a solution.

  69. @Lunarcricket

    James Frazer described this in The Golden Bough, it is called “sympathetic magic”. 😉

  70. Neuday says:
    @Richard B

    I occasionally drive through the Nez Perce nation. I doubt we Whites will get our own reservation. They know what we’d do with it.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  71. Neuday says:

    Some Earl Butz stories:

    When women across the country organized protests and boycotts in response to a sudden spike in food prices, Butz commented that if they did not have “such a low level of economic intelligence,” they would understand that prices had gone up across the board and that “you can’t get more by paying less.” He was more abrupt on another occasion, saying the boycotts were a result of “stupid women and crazed housewives.”

    Pat Boone asked Butz how the GOP could attract more black voters.

    Butz replied, “The only thing the coloreds are looking for in life are tight pussy, loose shoes, and a warm place to shit.”

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @AR in Illinois
  72. Realist says:

    Pat Boone asked Butz how the GOP could attract more black voters.

    Butz replied, “The only thing the coloreds are looking for in life are tight pussy, loose shoes, and a warm place to shit.”

    Earl went on to teach the first courses in diversity at Purdue University and was awarded the Butz NAACP endowed chair of Black Studies, it was stated that no white man knew blacks as well as Earl.

  73. Neuday says:

    Expensive sneakers are Velben Goods for the 85 IQ set.

  74. Neuday———-Earl Butz needs a statue.

    • Replies: @Loren
  75. Loren says:
    @Not Woke--Not Broke

    Imagine being hi up in gov today and stating such…lawd gawd da fireworks.

    remember that chef celeb…she used the N word on the guy who held her up…like 20 years before.

    • Replies: @Not Woke--Not Broke
  76. @Loren

    Loren——I eat at her over priced restaurant when in Pigeon Forge,Tenn. just because she has the balls to admit it.

  77. Richard B says:

    I occasionally drive through the Nez Perce nation

    In Idaho?

    There’s like 3 or 4 thousand of them left, no?

    I doubt we Whites will get our own reservation.

    I don’t have any doubt that we won’t get our own anything. They’ve been using this lockdown as a takedown, of us. At this point it won’t be long before the parasite and its proxies finishes its host off for good.

    They know what we’d do with it.


  78. @Trinity

    Haha- if they did come down and observe for a few days, they wouldn’t take their shoes off, (would be stolen) , and they DEFINITELY wouldn’t come back!!

    • Agree: Trinity
  79. @bruce county

    If you must eat at McDonalds use the drive thru. Here we have another white created, American institution. Black run, black served, black ruined.

  80. @The OverSeer

    The OverSeer———I might eat at McDonalds if the sign said last restaurant next 300 miles. Naaaah,i got a bottle of water and 2 Slim Jims. I’m good.

  81. anarchyst says:
    @The OverSeer

    If I notice and enter a black-run establishment, I turn around and go elsewhere. PERIOD.

  82. Corona-chan is a bookkeeping phantom. Blacks live in Democrat ruled urban areas. Democrats have more enthusiam for the Corona scam than Republicans. Hence more phantom black corona casualties.

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