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Anti-White Terror Attack: Black Career Criminal - Proud Supporter of Black Lives Matters - Released Days Prior on $1,000 Bail, Kills 5 and Injures 40+ by Driving SUV Into Christmas Parade in 90% White Wisconsin City
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Waukesha, Wisconsin is nearly 90 percent white. It was the site of a racial terror attack on Sunday, November 21, when a black man deliberately drove his car into a Christmas parade. As of November 22, five our dead and more than 40 wounded, included little white children.

On the day of the racial terror attack by a black male – with an extensive criminal history – on primarily white participants in the Christmas parade in overwhelmingly white Waukesha, Wisconsin, this is what CNN was peddling.

Shot. [There’s nothing more frightening in America today than an angry White man, CNN, November 21, 2021]:

(CNN)The Brute. The Buck. And, of course, the Thug.

Those are just some of the names for a racial stereotype that has haunted the collective imagination of White America since the nation’s inception.

The specter of the angry Black man has been evoked in politics and popular culture to convince White folks that a big, bad Black man is coming to get them and their daughters.

I’ve seen viral videos of innocent Black men losing their lives because of this stereotype. I’ve watched White people lock their car doors or clutch their purses when men who look like me approach. I’ve been racially profiled.

It’s part of the psychological tax you pay for being a Black man in America — learning to accept that you are seen by many as Public Enemy No. 1.

But as I’ve watched three separate trials about White male violence unfold across the US these past few weeks — the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, the Ahmaud Arbery death trial and the civil case against organizers of the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville — I’ve come to a sobering conclusion:

There is nothing more frightening in America today than an angry White man.

Rittenhouse was defending himself against the onslaught of three white males who were trying to take his life. Two paid with their own lives as Rittenhouse engaged in self-defense.

While we are told the most frightening thing in 2021 America is an angry white man, an angry black male who was affiliated with Black Lives Matter and was alleged upset about the Rittenhouse verdict, attacked a Christmas parade in a near 90 percent white city. Five are dead, scores are injured.

Chaser. [Alleged Waukesha Suspect Was Recently Released on Bond – Rapped about ‘F**k Donald Trump and F**k Pigs’ – Lived in Milwaukee, Launched Attack in Conservative Waukesha. The Gateway Pundit, November 22, 2021]:

Multiple people were killed and injured after a person driving an SUV plowed through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin on Sunday evening.

There are also reports of gunshots being fired by police at the SUV.

According to eyewitnesses, the terrorist mowed over several elderly women called “The Dancing Grannies.”

Following the attack, the local police scanner captured the name of the suspect who left his ID in the vehicle.

Laura Loomer was first to report on this.

The suspect Darrell Brooks is a sex offender.

He has a long record.

Journalist Karol Markowicz confirmed his identity from his birth date.

His social media under the name “MathBoi Fly” was found by an intelligent investigator.

As we reported earlier, Waukesha is a very conservative area in Wisconsin.

Trump won Waukesha in 2020 over Joe Biden 59.6% to 38.8%.

Brooks rapped about “F**k Donald Trump and F**k Pigs.”

No, Gateway Pundit, it was a black-on-white racial terror attack. It was an anti-white terror attack.

Who radicalized this anti-white, black bigot?

The corporate media are complicit in conditioning this black career criminal to target white people at a Christmas parade, all to garner revenge for living in a racist society and for Black Lives Matter.


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  1. Even Breitbart did not divulge the race of the perp. I had to google/yandex for his name (or maybe zer pronoun is zer/zem?) to see some photos to get to the right conclusions

    Of course, according to media ethics codes (see our TruthRevolution dot net and sincerity dot net), media must not tell race or religion of “minority” criminals, in order to prevent (correct) prejudice.
    We can be absolutely sure, were he/zer a white (lowercase) man, all media and Joe Biden personally would already voice their outrage.

    • Replies: @loren
    , @loren
  2. Wokechoke says:

    What’s depressing about the activities of blacks who rampage like this is that there’s a hint of the pathetic to it. A Jihadist gives you the dignity of being a Christian Martyr. What does this black driver give to his victims? A shambling confused dumb guy being a shambling zombie. It’s just undignified. There’s no distinction between black criminality and black terrorism. It’s just painful dull.

    • Agree: magilla
  3. “The specter of the angry Black man has been evoked in politics and popular culture to convince White folks that a big, bad Black man is coming to get them and their daughters.

    I’ve seen viral videos of innocent Black men losing their lives because of this stereotype. I’ve watched White people lock their car doors or clutch their purses when men who look like me approach. I’ve been racially profiled.”

    Yea so. You blacks perpetuate the stereotype ….so what are you mad about…Even Jesse knows the truth..“There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps… then turn around and see somebody white and feel relieved.”

    ― Jesse Jackson—— So stop your whining and bitching like a ghettopotamus Sheniqua..

  4. The problem as I see it is that he was allowed to leave the vicinity intact.

    That would’ve never happened in a sane world.

  5. @Jim in Jersey

    It wouldn´t have happened had some whitebread plowed into a black pride,
    but I wouldn´t call that “sane” either.

    • Replies: @loren
    , @Jim in Jersey
  6. magilla says:

    There is nothing more frightening in America today than an angry White man.

    I’m sick and tired of this B.S. If they were frightened of us, they wouldn’t act the way they do. This “scary white men” song and dance is just a way to get more gibs. Why do they insist on moving to our neighborhoods and schools if we’re so dangerous?

    If the “burden if being black” in the US is so terrible maybe they need to try their luck in Ghana. Or Liberia, Haiti, Nigeria, or any of the dozens of countries in Africa.

  7. loren says:

    Even Breitbart did not divulge the race of the perp.

    wrong. BB had a photo of him, but the headline did not say ‘BLM guy arrested’.

  8. loren says:

    some would call it sane.

    The murdered victims of the Waukesha BLACK attack are 4 women between the ages of 52 to 79 years old and one 81 year old man, Members of the Dancing Grannies were among those killed. The disgusting pavement ape who committed this crime is being charged with 5 counts of intentional homicide. The Lamestream Leftist Media is still vomiting excuses for what he did.

  9. @Jim in Jersey

    That would’ve never happened in a sane world.

    I wonder, if Kyle Rittenhouse had been there and able to goodify the orc at the beginning of the massacre, would Kyle have been arrested again and charged with a hate crime?

    • Replies: @magilla
  10. Can you just imagine what would be happening right now if a White guy drove into a black parade… my god, cities would be smoldering, every NBA/NFL game would have moments of silence, there’d be new legislation being rolled out, White people on social media would be apologizing/crying/denouncing their race.

    Yet, since it was a black guy who hit White people. The coverage will be winded down by tonight, and memory-holed by tomorrow.

    • Replies: @magilla
  11. Patriot says:

    Who is to blame for this racial attack on White people?

    Democratic Party
    Mainstream Media
    Left wing academics
    Joe Biden

    All the above have been ceaselessly espousing the dangerous idea that all of Black problems and Black dysfunction are caused by White people, who are mostly evil racists. Also, of course, that the Rittenhouse verdict was unfair and proof of White racial evil

    Those poor, innocent people were killed by our senile, idiot President, Joseph Biden, who proclaimed to the world that Rittenhouse was guilty.

    This is racial war. The Democrats and their media and academic fellow travelers know exactly what they are doing, and are doing it on purpose.

    • Agree: Augustus
    • Replies: @dindunuffins
    , @Anonymous
  12. Patriot says:

    When I lived in Oakland, CA, I saw many Black women and men cross the street at the approach of young Black males. Also observed Black women lock their car doors when they entered a Black area. I saw a Black woman grasp her purse to her chest and turn quickly around when she suddenly heard the sounds of someone running behind her. It was a Black jogger who simply passed by her, but it was in a Black area and you could see the terror in her face.

    A Black friend told me that he always carries a gun when he goes to a Black party in a Black area, but not when he goes to a mainly White party in a White area.

    Even Blacks are wary of other Blacks. They’re not totally stupid, and for a good reason.

  13. Joey.Mac says:

    It’s well known here that the media is heavily invested in hiding black crime, while going extremely over the top and making it a world wide story every time a white person even calls the police on someone black. It’s not going to stop either.

    This is clearly a attack by a black racist who targeted white children for being white and white grandmas for the same reason. The media is never in a million years going to make black racism a headline or promote a “discussion” on black crime and black supremacists either.

    The only way to make this a issue is if the white community makes it one and doesn’t let it drop. The leaders should be those of Waukesha who lost loved ones due to this anti white attack. But that is very unlikely to happen as most whites are afraid to even admit that a white community can or should exist, that might be “racist” after all. So it’s back to square 1 and heads will still be in the sand when the next attack on whites occur.

    • Agree: usNthem
  14. HT says:

    Since the media is pushing a narrative saying it was just an accident, maybe they will give him driving school and a 3 month license suspension. After all, it was just a bunch of white people he hit and we are trying to replace them anyway.

  15. The Author here neglected to mention the reason the guy was walking the streets despite his humongous rap sheet.

    Milwaukee County’s backlogged court system is responsible for the man in custody in the Waukesha parade massacre remaining on the streets more than a year after he was charged with serious felonies, including a gun offense, Wisconsin Right Now has learned.

    Two years backlog! Now how did THAT happen?

    The Republicans in Wisconsin have been cutting court budgets for years. Sample from 2007:

    Assembly budget would cut $19 million from circuit courts

    Do that year after year, and pretty soon you’ve “strangled government” to the point it cannot do its job.

    Everybody knows how to use a search engine. Make one for the budget cost-cutting for Judges and courts in Wisconsin. Lots and lots of results. I’ve highlighted only one of them.

  16. Bite Moi says:

    dindunuffins————–Less self-awareness than the average chimp.

  17. @dindunuffins

    The specter of the angry Black man has been evoked in politics and popular culture to convince White folks that a big, bad Black man is coming to get them and their daughters.

    So Whites that chose to not live in the soft-on-Black-crime state of Wisconsin don’t have to visit their daughters in the hospital today because an angry Black man didn’t drive them over.

    Liberal arguments are so bad that they might as well argue with themselves.

    They try to argue that Whites are just being paranoid even if the data supports their actions.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  18. Affirmative action moron can’t conceive of the fact that people are afraid of black men because they are stupendously prone to commit violent crime, against both persons and property. It’s a “stereotype” because it’s backed up by copious amounts of statistics.

    And then he can’t even get the “exceptions which prove the rule” right, as his “man bites dog” incidents turn out to be whites defending themselves as opposed to scary white men hunting cherubic black children.

    Do they teach basic reasoning, logic, rhetoric, or debate anymore? I guess this is what happens when no one ever told you you’re kind of dumb.

    • LOL: Non PC Infidel
    • Replies: @pyrrhus
  19. The issue of reasonable bail needs to be separated from what the defendant does while he’s out of jail.

    Though bail comes with plenty of strings, its primary purpose is not to ensure that a defendant won’t commit another crime. (The exception is for an accused murderer, e.g. a menace to society, where the evidence against is overwhelming.) It is to ensure that the defendant won’t skip town and to allow him — presumed innocent — the opportunity to work on his defense.

    The bail reform movement has been simmering for a long time. Some poor slob, arrested for a bench warrant shakedown, e.g. unpaid parking tickets, who could not afford to secure a $10K bond (the ding fees are killer) would be forced to sit in jail — usually for a lengthy time — until his trial date.

  20. Ian Smith says:

    Ghettopotamus…I gotta use that one some day, LOL!

  21. Where are all the people with concealed carry? You mean that no one pulled a handgun out and shot the car’s windshield out? I practically am touching my gun at all times when I am out.

    So, my fellow American Gentile whites, you took it on the chin for Ashli, and all of the other injustices against us this year. To list them would make my comment longer than the article. Do you think we are at war yet? I do?

    This is what life will be like on a daily basis in America when we lose civilization, as apparently is the (((plan))) (or should I say Protocols).

  22. @Jim in Jersey

    They were firing shots out of the car towards the end of one of the videos I saw on Twitter. Time to make the words of John Travolta in Swordfish come true.

    “They bomb a church, we bomb ten. They hijack a plane, we take out an airport. They execute American tourists, we tactically nuke an entire city. Our job is to make terrorism so horrific that it becomes unthinkable to attack Americans.”

  23. loren says:

    math boi
    Other lyrics include “f*** Donald Trump” and “f*** the pigs.”

    He also posted a video on one of his Twitter accounts ranting about a speech made by then-President Barack Obama, which he called “a crock of b******.”

    And he raps about AK-47s, lyrics show, with a playlist on his now removed YouTube channel including the song Gon Kill U.

    /his media was scrubbed.

  24. SMK says: • Website

    No rational and honest and sane white but only those who are bigoted and paranoid would fear black males who look and act like the maniac wh drove his SUV into a large crowd of whites, adults and children, or the Carr Brother and Knoxville savages, or rap/hip-hop “artists,” or myriads of low-IQ brutes and predators who’ve assaulted and robbed and raped and gang-raped and murdered and preyed on and brutalized and terrorized millions of white males and females since the 1960’s alone.

    How many whites have been the victims of blacks they didn’t fear but should have feared and, if possible, acted to prevent their victimization?

    The paramount irony of the lament quoted above is that the foremost threat to black males and females are black male criminals. Those who assault and prey on and shoot and kill and wound black males, criminals and non-criminals, are nearly always black male criminals. And so, too, with black women and girls who are assaulted, raped, gang-raped, murdered, etc.

  25. Augustus says:

    I keep reading where lots of people say Kyle Rittenhouse armed himself with a weapon and headed out to kill people. He ran from every single person he shot. That’s not aggression, it’s fear, as in fear for his life or fear of serious, crippling injury. That fact alone proves this was a case of self defense. Those who make this anything else have an agenda of hate.

    As to “angry White men,” we need more of them. If the police cannot protect us, we must do it ourselves. Pattern recognition of blacks as criminals (which so many are) is only one way of protecting family and others. As Democrats continue to favor criminals over self defense, there will be many more angry White males.

  26. A quote from Robert E. Howard, creator of Conan, Kull and El Borak…

    …but over all stands the Aryan barbarian, white-skinned, cold-eyed, dominant, the supreme fighting man of the earth.”

    Think about Howard’s quote when reading the following cited from the article:

    >>There is nothing more frightening in America today than an angry White man.

    There is actually a valid point being made here. White people over the last several decades have been quite passive. But now things are starting to turn. L’affaire Rittenhouse is one symptom of this phenomenon. It’s not just one kid with an AR-15. It’s millions more White people who are waking up.

    BRA has had its “fun” for a couple years, pulling down statues, looting neighborhoods, Mau Mauing helpless motorists, prancing around as its puppet politicos “take a knee.” The usual reversion to the African mean.

    Perhaps it is time for White people to live up to the White mean. Let us not forget that cold-eyed White warriors conquered Africa and North America against all odds. Even small numbers of White Rhodesian and South African troopies inflicted numerous tactical defeats on Africans-in-Africa during the various bush wars. And the objective observer might also note how in the 1870s White veterans redeemed the South by overthrowing BRA v_1.0.

    So yes, those Africans-in-America and their hostile elite string pullers ought to be frightened. Think of one, two, three, many millions of angry White men and women.

    By the way, it’s worth reading Howard’s El Borak stories, about an American adventurer in the Middle East during the early 20th century. El Borak really shows the White fighting man at his peak. Also, the British nationalist Jonathan Bowden has a good speech on Howard with implications for the pro-White struggle. The speech can be found via a quick search of the Internet.

  27. Why do you need an AR or any semi-automatic rifle?! The attempt murder of Kyle Rittenhouse by an armed mob…and the slaughter of innocents by a psychopathic Dindu behind the wheel of a small SUV should answer that question. Try replicating what Kyle was forced to do with a pistol. The Waukesha Police shot at the moving vehicle with their handguns to no avail. When “The Happening” goes down and America 2.0 finally implodes, I’m not gonna rely on only a handgun to fight The Savage. Until then…Stay Armed, Stay Away and Stay Alive.

    • Agree: Listener
    • Thanks: usNthem
  28. @nokangaroos

    No, that is perfectly understandable, even in its extreme. Unwarranted though it may be, they band together and eliminate what they perceive as a threat.

    We’re the idiots who’ve been convinced it’s not our place to defend ourselves and what’s ours.

  29. Wouldn’t be loose if we had a sane criminal justice which locked up criminals after 3 felonies for good. This also wouldn’t have happened if this stupid country would stop worshipping blacks.

  30. Just arrived at work. On the screen was a NYC story “Fighting Gun Violence “.

    There was dancing going on in the background.

    I thought if you guys…

  31. loren says:

    In 2015, Jeffrey Toobin profiled Chisholm’s work as a “national leader” on criminal justice reform for the New Yorker in a piece titled “The Milwaukee Experiment: What can one prosecutor do about the mass incarceration of African-Americans?”

    The New Yorker profile notes:

    Chisholm decided that his office would undertake initiatives to try to send fewer people to prison

    • Replies: @David In TN
  32. It only took one day for the media to memory hole the Waukesha Massacre.

    Unlike the Dylann Roof shooting, the media has no interest in the motivations of Darrell Brooks.

    Wikipedia has no mention of his online anti-White rhetoric.

  33. Jiminy says:

    I read that after he drove into everybody, Brooks stopped at a random house and knocked on the door saying that he was homeless and he wanted to get an Uber from that house. The guy invited him in and made him a sandwich while the killer used the resident’s phone. Crazy stuff.

    • Replies: @loren
  34. @Zachary Smith

    Courts are DMV offices with Latin phrasing.

    The lawyer-dominated legislature naturally likes to increase the number of laws, i.e. full-employment acts for lawyers. If it repealed all the special interest, make-work laws there wouldn’t even be a court frontlog. Cutting court budgets partially accomplishes law lessening, in that it forces the courts to prioritize.

    I’m aware of at least one state wherein money raised from nuisance fines, like speeding tickets, is reserved for public education purposes. The entire cost of that state’s traffic court system should count towards its public education spending.

  35. Bite Moi says:
    @John Johnson

    John Johnson———–“Liberal arguments are so bad they might as well argue with themselves.” These arguments.These are slogans, mantras,and battle cries. White men are at war.We should dust off the old skills,attitudes,and sense of purpose.

    • Agree: Augustus
  36. @magilla

    They have no reason to be afraid of us.

    We stopped being scary in the fifties/sixties.

    We’ve bought into the false reality that the police are there to protect us and carrying guns is primitive and wrong.

    We will see who remembers what when we reach the finish line…

    • Agree: magilla, Augustus
  37. It seems Facebook got a heads up about this guy before the DA released his name to the public, giving Facebook time to scrub his social media. It didn’t work–intrepid reporters like Andy Ngo found his posts anyway–and now leftists are in a fury that his pro-BLM stuff got out. DAs who tip off Facebook before the public should be officially sanctioned, if not prosecuted, but who am I kidding; Soros DAs and Facebook work together like cilantro and guacamole.

  38. loren says:

    really? satire?

    • Replies: @Jiminy
  39. loren says:
    @Zachary Smith

    Two years backlog! Now how did THAT happen? LOCKDOWN?

    Also I am on you tube. the ads are more ridiculous than even a year ago.

    Capital One ad with blacks getting massages at a spa, then going to their geodesic dome
    [at the over nite spa?].

    so many weird ads. black at computers, parting etc.

  40. magilla says:
    @Boy the way Glenn Miller played

    Of course. God guided his hand to miss “Kung Fu Jogger”.

    Given his cowardly African nature, “Kung Fu Jogger” kept going, so the shot had its desired effect. The German burglar and wife-bearer come from braver stock–thus are made of sterner stuff–and kept pressing their attack in the face of danger.

    All to their ultimate detriment, but it says something of the group they descended from. They ended up dead or in the ER, Kung Fu Ninja ended the night playing Xbox and getting high.

    There’s a lesson here for those ready and able to hear it.

  41. Dindus need to be denied access to white resources. They contribute nothing of value to society and leech off of white taxpayers. Also, no more plea bargaining.

  42. Pirate999 says:

    There is nothing more frightening than the woke bullsh&t peddled by the jew owned and run American MSM.

    • Thanks: Augustus
    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  43. @Sir Launcelot Canning

    Where are all the people with concealed carry? You mean that no one pulled a handgun out and shot the car’s windshield out? I practically am touching my gun at all times when I am out.

    That type of attack would be extremely difficult to stop with a handgun and it would be very easy to hit a bystander. You have to get a clear shot and you have to incapacitate him or take control of the vehicle. There are some videos on youtube where they show how bullets just fly through cars and are not stopped like in the movies unless they hit the engine block.

    In the right position it would be worth trying but this is really not a situation where guns can stop the attack as it happens. You really have to fill him full of lead before he gets to the parade.

    The solution is that negroes need to be locked up for Black v Black crimes. What happens is that the system tries to look the other way on ‘negro business’ and then eventually someone innocent is killed. This practice mainly exists because the prisons are full and in a state like Wisconsin the Democrats and even many Republicans flip out over the idea of building new ones. The Democrats demand that skooz be built instead and Republicans scoff at higher taxes.

    It is actually a myth that all the DAs are soft on crime. That can certainly be a problem but in a lot of these states with Blacks there really is a lack of bed space. The harsh reality is that our justice systems are designed for Whites where the community helps to keep crime in check and prisons are only needed for habitual career criminals.

    • Replies: @Blue Juice
  44. SafeNow says:

    “The racial makeup of the town was 99.24% White, 0.07% African American, 0.08% Native American, 0.43% Asian, 0.01% Pacific Islander, 0.01% from other races, and 0.16% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino people of any race were 0.67% of the population.” – Wikipedia

    Above, the demographics of Longboat Key, Florida, population 7500, a large island off the coast of Sarasota. Accessible only via a bridge at either end. A few years ago I curiously checked the police blotter. I smiled at the entry of a police officer reporting that, oh my God, he had come upon a sprinkler system geyser at a commercial property. He ascertained the identity of the management company to ensure that the broken sprinkler head would be taken care of.

    This is an outlier place today. But it sounds like the suburban America I grew up in a zillion years ago.

  45. loren says:

    People fail to get along because they fear each other; they fear each other because they don’t know each other; they don’t know each other because they have not communicated with each other.
    — Martin Luther King, Jr.

    We Stand Against Hate
    “We Stand Against Hate” has been a campus fixture since spring 2017. Throughout the year, the initiative features lectures, workshops, concerts, programs, and events that reflect our ongoing commitment to elevating dialogue, enhancing understanding and compassion, and celebrating the voices that make up our diverse campus community.

    BROOKLYN COLLEGE, ‘the most ethnically diverse college in USA’

    • Replies: @magilla
  46. pyrrhus says:
    @Patrick in SC

    It’s turning out that the population of America is a lot dumber than I ever would have expected…

  47. usNthem says:

    The day is surely coming mr. negro when you and your fellow simians will find out just how frightening angry White men can truly be.

    • Agree: nokangaroos
  48. Jiminy says:

    I read about it on the Independent UK website. The cops arrested him at that guys house. I don’t think the resident even knew who he was. Strange.

  49. @Pirate999

    What’s more frightening are the idiots who swallow that bullshit hook, line & sinker.

  50. @loren

    “And he raps about AK-47s”

    When he ‘raps’ about Malcolm X’s “AK,” he reveals that he does not know the difference between an AK and an M1 carbine. In his video rapping about his “AR,” he brandishes a MAC-10 type weapon (or possibly a replica.)

    So he does not know much about the guns he raps about. But pre-teen blacks all over the USA still lap up that kind of violent video incitement, and thus their highest aspiration in life is to be a violent outlaw. Meanwhile, white critics and white celebs give awards and praise to these rappers for rapping words and hatred that white people are not allowed to say.

  51. @Sir Launcelot Canning

    Where are all the people with concealed carry? You mean that no one pulled a handgun out and shot the car’s windshield out? I practically am touching my gun at all times when I am out


    Many people who are familiar with arms are reticent to fire in the middle a Christmas parade.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational, Augustus
  52. @loren

    …his media was scrubbed


    If his mother possessed a shred of decency, his mouth would have been scrubbed decades ago.

  53. @Former Liberal

    Wouldn’t be loose if we had a sane criminal justice which locked up criminals after 3 felonies for good. This also wouldn’t have happened if this stupid country would stop worshipping blacks.

    “Three Strikes and You’re Out” laws? I believe that I’ve heard that term before.

  54. magilla says:

    He wouldn’t have lived to be arrested. Some little ninja ran into the street in Detroit and got hit by a pickup driven by a white guy. He, unfortunately, stopped to do the right thing and was beaten almost to death.

  55. magilla says:

    People fail to get along because they fear each other; they fear each other because they don’t know each other; they don’t know each other because they have not communicated with each other.
    — Martin Luther King, Jr.

    As with most things Michael King said, this is utter bullshit. To know Groids is to hate them.

    School busing schemes created more race realists than anything else in the last 50 years.

    Adults forced to work along side AA hires learn they are incompetent dolts with a monstrous sense of entitlement and will file HR complaints at the drop of a hat. When that same black jackass gets promoted and the white guys have to do his work for him–looking at you, Loyd Austin–more race realists are born.

    • Thanks: Augustus
    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  56. @John Johnson

    That type of attack would be extremely difficult to stop with a handgun and it would be very easy to hit a bystander.

    Spot on. A long gun (an AR, shotgun with slugs. etc.) is needed to take care of a moving vehicle being used as a weapon. .357 Magnum, .40, .357 Sig and 10mm pistols will do in an emergency but you will have to be very skilled (or lucky) to incapacitate the driver. Even though 9mm goes through modern auto bodies like a hot knife through butter it’s all about making hits to the upper body. Dindus using stolen vehicles as a weapon or battering rams has been an increasing occurrence here in Chicago. I pray it doesn’t spread to other areas.

  57. Augustus says:
    @Zachary Smith

    Government bureaucrats, failing to do their jobs, always blame their failure on lack of resources because of the restraints of the “cheap” taxpayers. I quit buying it back in the ’70s.

  58. @Patriot

    Obama…Biden is Obamas puppet.

  59. @loren

    Just what you would expect from Jeffrey “I had never heard of the Zebra Murders” Toobin.

  60. Anonymous[968] • Disclaimer says:

    I call bull on who you’re blaming for the most part. Blacks are baking that hatred into their mindsets via social media, primarily, railing against whites. Of course books, too. Although I doubt many blacks are reading those books that are filling the non-fiction tables in the library.

  61. Let’s not be harsh. To call Darrel Brooks drive an act of terrorism is either hyperbole, over-the-top hysteria, or a manifestation of racism. It was a mostly peaceful drive to appreciate all the holiday decorations. After all, there were more people at the parade that he missed than those that he hit. Isn’t that enough to qualify as a mostly peaceful protest of white people walking in the street?

  62. Bite Moi says:

    magilla———-Most definitely the voice of experience.Most AA hires are given a title without any responsibility. Actual “work” has to be done over by a White,Mexican,or Asian. Even tightening a couple of bolts on the line is beyond them.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  63. @Bite Moi

    Most AA hires are given a title without any responsibility.

    I worked on a team with one once.  His title, IIRC, was “system architect”.  While I was on the project we never reviewed anything that he’d written.

  64. Bite Moi says:

    Mr. Rational———–“While i was on the project,we never reviewed anything that he’d written,”—————Which affected your negro AA hire’s self esteen not a whit.

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