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White couple moves from New Orleans to escape rising crime and settles in Montgomery, Alabama. From the frying pan into the fire…

Only a few days after announcing his wife is carrying their second child, Thomas Hand is murdered by a black male while preaching in a poor black neighborhood. [KILLED WHILE PREACHING: Miss America contestant had just moved with her husband to avoid crime before he was shot in front of toddler, The Sun, January 27, 2022]:

A FORMER Miss America contestant and her bodybuilder husband had recently moved to get away from rising crime before he was shot dead in front of their toddler.

Thomas Hand, 37, and his wife Christine Kozlowski, 33, were preaching in a poor neighborhood in Montgomery, Alabama when a 17-year-old teen allegedly shot him out of nowhere.

Pregnant Kozlowski and the couple’s two-year-old son Roman were speaking to a family on the opposite side of the street when they reportedly saw a shirtless and mumbling Jerimiah Walker walk up to Hand before shooting him.

The couple’s Kevin Rayan told The Sun that they had recently moved to Alabama from Lousiana as Hand wanted a “better life” for his family.

“He told me how happy he was to get away from here because New Orleans crime was getting so bad,” said Rayan, who first met Hand at the gym.

“He wanted to get away from crime, have a better life out there and then he gets shot

“It’s crazy.”

Hand and Kozlowski would preach in different neighborhoods at the weekend, Rayan explained, and the couple spent all their time together while running their own businesses from home.

They had announced they are pregnant with their second child just two days before Hand’s tragic death.

The couple’s toddler Roman reportedly witnessed his dad being shot and attempted to comfort him as he lay on the ground.

Rayan said that the boy is still not aware he has lost his dad.

“She says no, he doesn’t know what’s going on,” Rayan told The Sun.

‘When it happened he was in the stroller and he was looking at his dad on the ground shot.

“He said, ‘Oh, you’ll be okay, dad’ that’s what he told him as he was dead on the pavement.

“That just sucks.”


Police and medics responded to the scene on Texas Street in Montgomery, Alabama, at around 4.30pm on Saturday afternoon after reports of a person shot.

They found Hand who had suffered a fatal gunshot wound and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Kozlowski, who was Miss Mississippi in 2008, confirmed her husband’s death in a heartbreaking Facebook post on Sunday.

“Thank you for all of the thoughts and prayers during this time of the passing of my husband Tommy Hand,” she wrote.

“I feel the love and support from everyone and just wanted to let everyone know that indeed Tommy was shot and killed last night on Texas Street in Montgomery AL.

“I appreciate and welcome all of the messages, I’m just overwhelmed with all the questions and retelling of the details of what happened.

“I will at a later date release more information to explain everything to everyone.”

Rayan said that Kozlowski is “just trying to be strong for the little boy” after the tragedy.

“I don’t know how she’s doing it really. She’s trying to keep strong for her son.

“It’s a crazy situation.”


Walker was arrested at the scene and is charged with capital murder.

Authorities said the secondary crime needed to charge a suspect with capital murder was shooting the victim in the presence of a child under the age of 14.

No motive for the crime has been revealed.

Cops continue to investigate as Walker is held in Montgomery County Detention Center.

Thomas Hand, a white male, was murdered in front of his child and wife by a black male in Montgomery, Alabama. She was carrying their second child.

Were white privilege real, or white supremacy a reality in the cradle of the so-called Confederacy, the murder of a white man by a black male in front of his wife and child would be cause for a national story.



Just imagine if the government of Indianapolis (and for that matter, every government in major US cities) treated the black population as a liability to public health, instead of pretending blacks people are the relentless victims of white racism. H/T to the late Colin Flaherty for that concept, by the way.

Well, a report from the Indianapolis Office of Public Health concludes 18-35 year old black or Hispanic are the root cause of violence in the city, and those are two key risk factors in identifying perpetrators of violence. [CRIME MAPPING: Areas at higher risk for violence in Indianapolis, FOX 59, January 24, 2022]:

INDIANAPOLIS — As Indianapolis leaders look into how to reduce violence across the city, the Office of Public Health and Safety are looking to the root causes for violence.

The office says research has identified eight risk factors for becoming a victim or perpetrator of violence. These risk factors include:

  • 18-35 year olds
  • Black or Hispanic
  • Involvement in criminal justice
  • Unemployed or underemployed
  • Undereducated
  • Associated with a crew, group or gang
  • Previously shot or associated with gun activity
  • Have friends or family members who have been shot within the last year

Of these risk factors, the age, race, employment, education and shootings categories are able to be tracked using publicly-available data. Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau along with IMPD shooting data, we were able to track where in the city people were at the most risk.

Research from the National Institute for Criminal Justice Reform (NICJR) shows victims and suspects of homicides and shootings are primarily Black men between the ages of 18-34. This is despite Black citizens comprising only 29 percent of the overall population in Indianapolis.

Victim Age

The report from the NICJR shows about 62 percent of homicide victims or suspects and 60 percent of shooting victims or suspects were between the ages of 18-34. By taking a look into data from the latest American Community Survey, we were able to identify the areas with the highest concentrations of people in this age range.

One of the highest concentrations of people in that age range is Census Tract 3910, within Indianapolis’ downtown neighborhood. Of the 6,323 people living in this area, 4,855 are within the risk age range.

This area experienced seven homicides in 2021, with 20 non-fatal shootings taking place through the beginning of August. Of the non-fatal shootings in this area, the majority of the victims were 18-years-old.

The deadliest area of the city, Census Tract 3308 within Indianapolis’ Far Eastside neighborhood, experienced 10 homicides in 2021, with 12 non-fatal shootings through the beginning of August 2021.

Of the 3,816 people who call this area home, an estimated 832 are between the age of 18 and 34. The majority of the non-fatal shooting victims were 23-years-old.

Victim Race

The report from the NICJR also found 77 percent of victims and suspects in homicides and shootings were Black, despite making up 29 percent of the overall population in Indianapolis. Using data from the American Community Survey, we were able to identify areas in the city with a higher Black population.

Census Tract 3302.02, within Indianapolis’ Far Eastside neighborhood, is predominantly Black. Of the 11,717 people who live in this area, around 6,794 are Black.

This area experienced one homicide in 2021 along with nine non-fatal shootings by the beginning of August. Of the non-fatal shooting victims, eight were Black. The homicide victim was also Black.

In comparison, the deadliest area of the city, one census tract away from 3302.02 is also predominately Black. Of the 3,816 people living in this area, 2,187 are Black.

The non-fatal shooting victims in this area are all Black. The homicide victims in this area are also all Black.

How much violent crime would Indianapolis have if the city were all-white?

The Indianapolis Office of Public Health has concluded, with this report, not much.

As it is, in 60% white Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Office of Public Health let’s us know who is most inclined to commit violent crime.

Now if only we instituted laws to protect the law abiding, instead of throwing every resource behind the belief black people are relentless victims of white racism…


No one has ever analyzed these statistics before. The Tennessean is the Gannett-owned newspaper in Nashville, and the writers for this publication have never discussed this data before, nor have any of the local news affiliates owned by ABC/NBC/CBS/FOX.

From the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD), we get the incredible Density Maps With Victim / Suspect Demographics 2018 (Revised April 12, 2020).

Before we look into the criminal statistics by race this report provides, it’s important we point out two important facts: Nashville is 63 percent white and 27 percent black.

So here we go. In 2020 Nashville,

  • For known aggravated assault suspects, blacks were 69% of suspects (839 of aggravated assaults didn’t have a suspect)
  • For known non-fatal shooting suspects, blacks were 89% of suspects (246 of non-fatal shootings didn’t have a suspect)
  • For known homicide suspects, blacks were 75% of suspects (51 of homicides didn’t have a suspect)

Remember, the percent of blacks who committed aggravated assaults, non-fatal shootings and homicides committed by blacks in 2020 Nashville are much higher than what’s reported here.

All across America, the racial reality of crime hides in plain sight.

Journalists seem uninterested in unearthing these statistics for public consumption for some reason.


Those who fight racial and economic disparities unleash upon the law-abiding horrors beyond comprehension.

They battle nature, because they wish to nurture away the reality of life.

His name is Dylan McGinnis, a white man murdered by a black career criminal set free by the Bail Project. [Mom wants The Bail Project reined in after her son was gunned down in Indianapolis,, January 12, 2022]:

Dylan McGinnis was gunned down on the east side of Indianapolis in October.

The man accused of killing him was free on bail, records say, thanks to help he received from The Bail Project, a nonprofit that helps poor people get out of jail.

Now, McGinnis’ mother is angry and she wants groups like The Bail Project to be more accountable and better regulated.

“Once the offender gets bailed out of jail, there’s no accountability to The Bail Project on behalf of that offender,” Nikki Sterling said. “This organization is bailing out violent offenders. These are not your misdemeanor charges. We are putting violent criminals back out on the street.”

The Bail Project is a national nonprofit that pays bail for criminal defendants too poor to pay for it themselves. The group operates a revolving bail fund that, according to its website, it uses to “prevent incarceration and combat racial and economic disparities in the bail system.”

But the group has drawn controversy in recent months as the homicides in Indianapolis have reached a new record high. Critics blame the county’s “revolving door” justice system that allows violent criminals back on the streets not long after police arrest them.

The Marion County Superior Courts criminal judges on Monday voted to suspend their support for The Bail Project, citing the group’s failure to provide detailed information and data. The judges want to know more about who the group helps and what charges they face. The judges invited The Bail Project representatives to bring additional data to a closed-door meeting next month.

The Bail Project pushes for criminal justice reforms and works to bring equity to a system that many critics say penalizes people just for being poor.

“The amount of money in someone’s wallet should not determine whether they’re incarcerated pretrial,” The Bail Project says on its website.

In Indianapolis, The Bail Project posted bail for 941 defendants since it launched operations here in November 2018. The average bail amount was \$2,130 and clients make 95% of the court hearings, according to the group’s most recent report.

David Gaspar, the group’s national director of operations, said it should make no difference who pays the bail.

“Judges set cash bail and once they do, it should not matter who posts the bail, whether it is a family member, a bail bonds company, or a charity like ours,” Gaspar said in a statement emailed to WRTV. “The fact that our not-for-profit is being singled out for requirements is concerning.”

When asked about the group’s criteria for deciding who to help, a spokesman for The Bail Project said they assist low-income defendants who can’t afford bail on their own.

“Once we receive a referral from a family member or the public defender’s office, we interview the individual to learn more about their situation and assess their needs,” the spokesman said in an email to WRTV. “We ask questions about housing stability, transportation and, if appropriate, whether the person is interested in substance use treatment or mental health resources.”

The Bail Project also considers whether an individual has a family to support or if their health may be at risk in jail because they won’t have access to medication or treatment.

Sterling agrees that some people don’t belong in jail. The problem, Sterling said, is The Bail Project is bailing out people accused of more than just misdemeanors and nonviolent crimes.

Travis Lang, the man charged with killing Sterling’s son, was in jail in January on a cocaine-possession charge when The Bail Project said it paid a portion of his bail, with family covering the rest. At the time, Lang faced other pending cases for burglary, residential entry, and resisting law enforcement.

The pendulum is about to swing back towards law and order. The question is if it is ever allowed to swing back toward a world where The Bail Project is allowed to exist. Every donor to this fund and employee of The Bail Project should be arrested as an accessory to murder.

The time for being timid is over in the face of Bolshevik terror in America.

Dylan’s murderer should have been in jail. He wasn’t because of The Bail Fund. Every individual who donated to this fund, to the fourth generation, should be punished for Dylan’s murder at their hands.

It’s time to play for keeps. Civilization requires such moves.


There is no more important story than what’s happening in the most affluent portion of Atlanta, where the predominately white area of the city is seeking to secede to form its own city.

Why? Because of black crime and the type of life black people create in the absence of white people. [In Atlanta’s Buckhead Neighborhood, Rising Crime Fuels Move to Secede: Potential loss of the city’s wealthiest and whitest area spurs debate as officials move to address homicides and property crime, Wall Street Journal, January 20, 2022]:

An increase in violent crime has spurred a movement in Atlanta’s wealthiest and whitest neighborhood, Buckhead, to push harder to secede and create a new city with its own police force. The idea, which has been gaining momentum over the past year, is raising alarm among Atlanta officials worried about a loss of population and tax revenue.

The Republican-majority state legislature, which just opened its 2022 session, is taking up proposed legislation this month for a referendum on Buckhead cityhood. Politicians in largely Democratic Atlanta oppose the idea.

Bill White, chief executive of the committee pushing Buckhead cityhood, said Atlanta hasn’t done enough to stem violence, car-thefts, drag-racing and other crimes that surged beginning in 2020, during the early stages of the pandemic and after civil unrest followed Black Lives Matter protests.

“They really don’t care about Buckhead,” Mr. White, said about city officials. “They just want the money.”

Atlanta leaders including Mayor Andre Dickens have said they are taking steps to address crime in Buckhead and the rest of the city and that remaining united is important.

Violent crime has risen in large cities across the nation, with several setting new records for murders in recent years. Philadelphia, Portland, Ore., Louisville, Ky., and Albuquerque, N.M., had their deadliest years on record in 2021. Atlanta had 158 homicides in 2021 and 157 in 2020, compared with 99 in 2019, according to the Atlanta Police Department.

There were 13 murders in Atlanta Police Zone 2, which includes Buckhead, last year through the week ending Dec. 25, up 63% from the same period in 2020. People have posted videos from Buckhead on social media of assaults, drag-racing, gunfire and other potentially criminal activity.

The surge in crimes—from murders to shoplifting sprees—has sparked political debates in many cities about how to best combat crime and what resources are needed. But in Buckhead, where 108,000 of Atlanta’s 510,000 residents live, the political debate has shifted from calls for more police officers to the possibility of splitting a city apart.

Jim Durrett, president and chief executive of the Buckhead Coalition, a group of community and business leaders that opposes secession, said establishing services and taxes in a new city would be more difficult than proponents claim. He also said the loss of residents and tax revenue would severely damage what remains of Atlanta.

The Buckhead Coalition and other groups are reaching out to residents about the complications and costs of Atlanta splitting apart. He said some people who were entertaining the idea of secession last year are starting to have doubts.

“I am a little bit worried today, but I am less worried than I was six months ago,” Mr. Durrett said.

Critics of Buckhead cityhood argue the Atlanta-Buckhead split would divide the region along economic and racial lines. Buckhead City would be about 71% non-Hispanic white and about 11% Black, while the remaining Atlanta would be about 27% non-Hispanic white and 61% Black, according to data compiled by the Atlanta Regional Commission, a regional planning agency. The median household income in Buckhead City would be about \$110,000, compared with \$58,000 in remaining Atlanta.

Mr. White objected to Buckhead cityhood being viewed in racial or economic terms.

“You just want to get control of crime in your community,” he said. “It’s unfair to say that is racist.”

Annexed to Atlanta in 1952, Buckhead has long been known as a hub of restaurants, bars and clubs and is home to large estates. The Georgia governor’s mansion is in Buckhead.

The lead sponsors of the bill for a Buckhead secession referendum are State Sen. Brandon Beach and Rep. Todd Jones, both Republicans who represent suburbs north of Atlanta. Neither responded to queries seeking comment. Mr. Beach previously said in a statement that rising crime made Buckhead residents feel unsafe and they deserve a government responsive to their needs.

State representatives and senators who represent Buckhead, all Democrats, oppose the idea. If the state legislation were to pass, a referendum of all Buckhead residents could be held as early as this November. If the referendum succeeded, more legislation would be needed to implement secession.

This story was published in The Wall Street Journal.

Obviously the way forward is pushing for Shelley v. Kramer being overturned, but that would immediately restore the United States of America to its former glory.

The simple question is this: what percentage of homicides in all of Atlanta are committed by blacks? What percentages of homicides in the Buckhead portion of Atlanta are committed by blacks?

This is the story of 2022.

The Buckhead secession movement is all about freeing white people of black criminality.




Previously on SBPDL: Black Lives Matter Martin Luther King Day Edition: Black Writer Begs Blacks to Stop Killing Other Blacks in Honor of MLK’s Memory

Black on Black Mass Shooting at MLK Day Party on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in San Antonio Ends With One Dead, Four Wounded

Count the stereotypes. Go ahead. Will confirm them all at the end of a mass shooting, exclusively involving black participants as both the shooter and those shot while attending MLK Day party on… Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. [Man shot during MLK Day celebration on East Side dies from his injuries: Authorities ID’d the victim as Johnnie Mobley Jr., 61,, January 19, 2022]:

SAN ANTONIO – A man who was among five people shot during a Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration on the East Side has died from his injuries.

San Antonio police said Johnnie Mobley Jr., 61, was fatally shot when someone opened fire at about 7 p.m. Monday in the 700 block of Spriggsdale Boulevard near Interstate 10 and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

Two other men, ages 37 and 57, and two women, ages 43 and 34, were also injured.

Cory Schuler, a spokesperson for SAPD, said around 30 to 60 people were gathered in a parking lot for a “peaceful” celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day when a man walked up, opened fire and ran away.

All five victims were taken to area hospitals. Mobley died at the hospital later Monday night.

The shooting appears to be “random” and not targeted, police said, but details are preliminary. The shooter was not located.

The organizer of the event, Eugene Thompson, recently told KSAT that the event had always been a fun, family event.

“I would never expect that, especially yesterday, for what it means or what it meant, what the man [King] died for. And you know, we’re doing it to ourselves,” Thompson said.

This was never the dream of those who founded the United States of America, but the literal nightmare: where their posterity were forced to endure eternal hatred and scorn, all because Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream.

It’s time to wake up from his nightmare.


We already know Critical Race Theory is just a racist, anti-white ideology.

We also know the teaching of this theory to those who lack impulse control is a recipe for societal chaos, disorder, and mayhem. [Jamaican National Accused of Murdering 19yo Cashier in NYC Demands ‘Reparations’ For ‘400 Years of Slavery’,, January 15, 2022]:

The 30-year-old Jamaican national accused of murdering 19-year-old cashier Kristal Bayron-Nieves while robbing a Burger King in East Harlem demanded “reparations” for “400 years of f***ing slavery” after being arrested.

From The Daily Mail, “Homeless man who shot dead teen cashier in cold blood at Burger King where he used to work had been released without bail in November for screwdriver attack: Screamed ‘America’s gonna burn’ during wide-eyed perp-walk”:

A 30-year-old career criminal yelled ‘America’s gonna burn’ after being arrested over the cold-blooded murder of a 19-year-old Burger King cashier during a robbery this week – and the homeless man was free to kill after being released without bail for menacing another man with a screwdriver little more than a month before the murder.

Winston Glynn was tracked down in Brooklyn after an intense citywide manhunt following the shocking murder of Kristal Bayron-Nieves at the East Harlem Burger King, where NYPD officials said Glynn previously had worked.

Glynn was out on the street following his arrest on November 30 because his crime was ‘not bail eligible.’

The Jamaican immigrant was being led out of the 25th Precinct stationhouse after being booked Friday afternoon when he launched into his rant as an angry crowd cursed at him in English and Spanish. The victim was Puerto Rican.

‘Why am I guilty?’ Glynn shouted through the blue mask covering his face as officers walked him to a waiting police car.

‘You know they charge n*****s every day?

‘Where’s our reparations for four hundred years of f***ing slavery.’

Detectives attempted to load the handcuffed suspect into the back of the car when he screamed ‘f*** you all! and then bellowed, ‘America’s gonna BURN!’

The cops then grabbed him by the shoulders and the top of his head as they struggled to shove him in the vehicle.

But Glynn had one last parting shout for those calling him ‘garbage’ and much worse in Spanish.

‘Do you wanna start a war between Latinos and n*****s?! Do you wanna start a war?’ he hollered.

Glynn faces charges of first-degree murder, first-degree robbery, criminal use of a firearm and criminal possession of a weapon.Should we just send our reparations payments to him directly?

Do we owe reparations to all Jamaican nationals who just showed up yesterday?

Vice President Kamala Harris is the descendant of Jamaican slave owners, should we send her reparations checks too?

Whether or not this guy has mental problems, isn’t it remarkable how he’s got the narrative down pat?

As soon as you cross our border you can become an “aggrieved minority” that’s “oppressed” by the “evil white man” (who you traveled thousands of miles to come and live with after fleeing your own country and your own people).

You can demand reparations for slavery, get free healthcare, heaps of welfare and ramble on about how you “built this country” to applause from libtards and the media.

Kristal Bayron-Nieves mother spoke through an interpreter (how long has she been in United States and still never bothered to learn English?), saying, “She’s saying thank you to everyone and everybody that’s been there for me in this moment. She wants justice for Kristal. I hope my daughter is the last one.”

So America’s future is one where out of control blacks kill light-skinned Hispanics – all in the name of CRT-fueled demands for reparations – and then vigils will be held where the parents of the poor individual murdered must speak through a translator because they never bothered to learn English (nor needed as they lived in a enclave of their people).

That’s what our anti-white country has become.

White privilege, anyone?




When you understand the joke of Black Lives Matter, you’ll be able to truly comprehend the punchline. [Black folks, we must honor Dr. King this way: Stop killing each other. Especially our children,, January 17, 2022]:

I don’t want to see another balloon rise toward the clouds to honor a dead child. An innocent dead child.

I don’t want to hear another mother’s anguish, see another father’s tears, or watch another teenager cling to a friend as they share a kind of grief no young person should bear.

I don’t want to look at another child’s eyes, see them smile, hear them giggle like kids do, and think: It could have been them.

Today, as we do each January, we should do—all of us—we’ll honor the life, legacy and sacrifice of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We’ll re-read his salient quotes, most of which are as relevant today, sadly, as they were last century.

We’ll dream , of course. We’ll relive Dr. King’s historic speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial nearly six decades ago. Some conveniently recall only those portions of the discourse that soothe their discomfort, that assuages their guilt. The rest of us must remind them of the hard truth of which Dr. King espoused that day on the nation’s stark economic inequity.

“America has given the Negro people a bad check,” he said, “a check which has come back marked insufficient funds. But we refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt. So, we’ve come to cash this check, a check that will give us upon demand the riches of freedom and the security of justice.”

We’ll hold hands, too, and sing, We Shall Overcome . Some day.

We’ll do all those things, as we should. All of us.

Black folks, we must do more. On this day and beyond, we must honor Dr. King in the way that matters most right now. We must stop killing each other.

Just. Stop.

The spate of murders among our own – especially our children – is our second pandemic. For this one, we are the only vaccine.

Those aren’t easy words to write. Though they are our hard truth.

They’re not as empowering as chronicling the myriad injustices perpetrated against us. The unjustified murders of Black men and Black women by police nationwide. The heinous attacks against Black people living life. Against Black people jogging.

Not as bold as exposing Karen and Ken—bless their hearts—white people who call 911 at the first sign of Blackness.

Certainly not as gratifying as chronicling the shifting scales of justice as juries return guilty verdicts against defendants who would have all but surely walked not too long ago. Like George Zimmerman, nearly a decade ago.

Oh, I’ve written about crimes perpetrated by us against us. It’s never easy. Hard truths never are.

Last week, I watched baby blue and gold balloons rise skyward behind the A.G. Gaston Boys & Girls Club in west Birmingham to honor the life of 16-year-old Yasmine Wright. She was killed just days before by a murderer’s bullet not intended for her as she rode home from work with her great aunt. I saw teen girls crying on each other’s shoulders, holding each other steady. I saw Wenonah High School girls donning black sweatshirts decorated with a montage of photos of their now-gone friend above these words: Always & Forever Our Golden Girl.

It could have been them, I thought. Any of them.

Indeed, the night before, 18-year-old De’Undray Nakil Haggard, a senior at A.H. Parker High School, was killed by gunfire by a suspect he met outside an apartment in the Kimbrough Homes community.

And we must never forget Aniah Blanchard. Or Kamille “Cupcake” McKinney. And so many more.

Wright, Haggard, and Blanchard were among too many Black youths killed by gunshots in Alabama and nationwide. At least one child is shot each hour of every day, according to The Washington Post. In 2020, more than 2,200 youths in the U.S. died from gunshots, easily the highest in decades. Not all of them are Black, of course. But the hard truth is so many of them are.

Days before she was murdered, Wright was informed she’d been selected as the Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year, an honor that afforded her the right to represent the club nationally.

Before the balloon release, club COO Devin Posey stood on a stage before more than a hundred youth, sharing memories of Yasmine. At one juncture he expressed misgivings about the ubiquitous slogan: Black Lives Matter. “We come together when they [whites] do it to us,” he said. “We remain silent when we do it to one another. Until we’re together don’t expect our lives to matter to anyone else.”

Jefferson County Commissioner Sheila Tyson was close to Wright. Her eyes welled with tears throughout the event. “I’m tired of crying,” she told me. “If your foot’s on my neck, I don’t care what color you are, I want it off. We need to stop this Black-on-Black crime. Civilized people don’t do this to each other.”

Birmingham Police Chief Patrick Smith sees a “recent uptick” in the number of homicides committed with assault weapons, a major reason unintended targets are often struck by stray bullets. He, like many other public officials, is frustrated by the nonsnitch cultures that permeate our community. Smith says despite a \$25,000 reward, investigators “still struggle for leads” in the murder of 2-year-old Major Turner almost a year ago when he was struck by one of eight to 10 bullets fired outside his family’s first-floor apartment in Kimbrough while lying on the couch with his mother after dinner.

“Black Lives Matter is heartbreaking to me,” he says. “We have a great slogan for everyone to stand behind, but it has to matter every day. It can’t just matter when it’s [a police shooting]. We have to have a conversation with ourselves about how much it matters to us.”

There are no easy, simple, or quick solutions, sadly. The myriad conditions that sank us to these depths did not manifest in an inkling and they will take years to undo. But solutions must be sought and they begin with us. In our homes.

“The person who shot [Yasmine] didn’t start [shooting] that day,” said Tyson. “It started when they were a little child. It had something to do with the way they were raised; I feel it in my soul. If you’re not going to take care of your babies and raise them right, don’t have none.”

Adds Smith: “It feels like Dr. King and others died for our right to kill each other.”

This, this hard and heinous truth, we must truly overcome. Not someday. On this day, and beyond.

White people owe black individuals absolutely nothing. We sacrificed our civilization to the belief people should be judged by character and not the color of their skin.

Our ancestors knew better. They dedicated their lives, fortune and sacred honor to their posterity, not the dream of Martin Luther King, Jr.



Were white privilege real, we’d all know her name and that a black male “randomly” took her life.

Were systemic inequality and implicit bias real, we’d all know yet another black on white murder just took place, with the corporate media blasting out the story 24/7 until the black male suspect was arrested.

Her name is Brianna Kupfer, a white female “randomly” murdered by a black male as she was selling luxury furniture in Los Angeles. [Woman, 24, Stabbed to Death While Working at Luxury L.A. Furniture Store in Random Daytime Attack,, January 15, 2022]:

A 24-year-old woman is dead after being stabbed while working at a high-end furniture store in Hancock Park.

Brianna Kupfer, of Pacific Palisades, was killed Thursday when an unknown assailant entered the store Croft House on North La Brea Avenue and stabbed her, the Los Angeles Police Department said in a statement Friday.

Kupfer was found dead by a customer, who reported their findings to police.

The suspect, who remains at large, fled through a back door after the attack, according to the LAPD. Surveillance footage obtained by multiple local news outlets shows them calmly walking northbound down an alley behind the crime scene.

A motive for the attack remains unknown.

Kupfer was a graduate of both Brentwood High School in Los Angeles and the University of Miami, her family said in a statement to CBS Los Angeles.

Her father told CBS Los Angeles that his daughter had been working on a degree in architectural design at UCLA.

Speaking with FOX 11 Los Angeles, Kupfer’s father says his daughter was “smart” and had “big dreams” in addition to having “lots of friends” and being “devoted to her family.”

Riley Rea, a co-owner of the Croft House furniture store, told the Los Angeles Times that Kupfer had been working at the business for just over a year before the attack. He said the young woman was intelligent, poised and well-liked by her peers, adding, “she was mature beyond her years.”

“I’m absolutely devastated for her and her family,” Rea told the outlet. “It just seems so disgusting and unexpected. Really there are no words to say how shocked we are to lose such a wonderful person.”

A small memorial for Kupfer has formed outside Croft House in the days following the deadly attack.

Wilshire Patrol officers were alerted to an assault with a deadly weapon at the 300 block of North La Brea Avenue around 1:50 p.m. local time on Thursday, according to the LAPD. The suspect and the victim allegedly were not known to each other prior to the attack, and police believe the suspect may be homeless.

Police are still looking for the suspect, who is described as a tall, thin Black male wearing a dark hoody, sunglasses, a white N-95 mask, dark-colored skinny jeans, and dark-colored shoes. The suspect was also carrying a dark-colored backpack at the time of the attack.

This era is going to end.

Those who enabled the blackout on who is primarily responsible for violent crime and who is committing the bulk of it across what was once the United States of America will be punished.

Because one day, white privilege will be restored. The original aim of the founding fathers of our great nation will be reconstituted, and those who fret about implicit bias and systemic inequality will see its reinstitution.

That’s the reality of what our enemies fear: those of us alive remembering what our ancestors knew and what they tried to prevent for their posterity.





When you realize how much of the horror of violent crime/homicide/n0n-fatal shootings has been committed by blacks, you can’t look away from the horror of what proponents of Civil Rights/Equity/Social Justice have done to America.

[Over 800 guns recovered, 116 from felons in Norfolk in 2021; Police chief says, ‘We have to stop the flow of illegal guns‘,, January 14, 2022]:

NORFOLK, Va. – Norfolk Chief of Police Larry Boone discussed the impact of illegal guns in the community during a 1 p.m. press conference on Friday.

Boone was joined by Charlie Patterson, the special agent in charge of the Washington Field Division of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

The Norfolk Police Department told News 3 that over the past year, the department has focused on certain “hot spot” neighborhoods to recover stolen guns. According to police, in 2020, Norfolk had the highest number of guns recovered out of all cities in Hampton Roads.

Boone spoke about how the neighborhoods where the guns were recovered have been mired in poverty and marginalized for many years.

“They have the same commonalities: Wnderemployment, undereducation, health issues, conflict resolution issues, lack of opportunities – same thing I have said for years,” said Boone.

Some of the statistics given out at the press conference were eye-opening. In 2021, 821 guns were recovered, and 116 of those were from felons. Boone says it often starts with women buying guns for their boyfriends who are gang members.

Chief Boone said, “If we want immediate impact, we have to stop the flow of illegal guns.”

From 2017-2021, 3,885 firearms have been recovered, 926 were recovered from felons and 317 firearms were reported stolen.

Also, from the data Boone presented, African Americans represent the highest number of homicides. From 1989 to 2021, there were 1,109 homicides – 952 were African Americans.

“We we are aware Black and brown communities are critically impacted by gun violence and are committed to doing something about it,” said Boone

He also revealed how the department will partner with numerous agencies to stop gun violence and sales of illegal guns, as well as protect youth from gun violence.

As far as solutions, Boone says it starts with you – being bold and speaking up if you see something.

So from 1989 to 2021, 86 percent of homicide victims were black in Norfolk, Virginia. Since 1989, Norfolk has been a majority white city. Knowing the majority of homicides are intra-racial, what percent of black suspects do you think you have been behind the overall percentage of the carnage in Norfolk since 1989?

If Norfolk had no blacks, how many homicides would there have been since 1989?



Again, we aren’t far away from away from seeing it just be made illegal to arrest black people.

Because of racial disparity or racial equity… or something. [Racial disparity in nonviolent gun arrests leads advocates to call for dropping charges, Detroit Free-Press, January 12, 2022]:

Data exposing racial disparity within a surge in nonviolent gun arrests have led advocates to call for Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy to drop all concealed-carry charges.

Since the start of the pandemic, arrests for carrying a concealed weapon (CCW) have soared in Detroit. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, CCW arrests were fewer than 400 per quarter, but that number steeply climbed through the second quarter of 2020 — reaching about 1,400 by the third quarter. It now stands at 1,017, according to data a coalition of activists and defense attorneys presented in a news conference Wednesday.

Beyond this surge in CCW arrests is an overwhelming disparity in the race of those arrested for nonviolent weapons charges. Data analyzed by the coalition found that 97% of people arrested for carrying a concealed weapon in Detroit — a majority-Black city, 77% according to the 2020 census — since the beginning of the pandemic were Black.

“We noticed that the majority of the people who were being arrested were Black people, and we saw this trend continue as time passed,” said Chantá Parker, managing director of the Neighborhood Defender Service, which provides criminal defense representation for people who cannot afford to hire legal representation. “As the pandemic raged on, alarm bells went off for us, we thought, ‘Hey, this is a crisis,’ and what we’ve discovered is that it was a crisis of policing and prosecution.

“We believe this is an unjust practice that’s destroying the lives of Black Detroiters and it must stop.”

The majority of people, 70%, arrested for carrying a concealed weapon — a five-year felony — legally owned their guns and were instead accused of improperly storing their guns while driving. Michigan is an open-carry state, but the definition of what constitutes “open” is often misunderstood.

In an annual review of crime statistics Thursday, Detroit Police Chief James White said that homicides and nonfatal shootings saw a decrease in 2021 of 4% and 9%, respectively. Further, DPD was able to recover 7,869 firearms using the Regional Central Gun Intelligence Center, a tracking system that allows for gun tracking across multiple incidents and jurisdictions.

“That likely resulted in a number of people not meeting their demise,” White said Thursday. “Getting 7,000 guns off the street there’s likely a large number of funerals that did not happen.”

Because black individuals collectively commit a disproportionate amount of crime, the standards once governing our society must be abandoned.

Just drop all charges against blacks for not just these crimes in Detroit, but every crime individual blacks have committed in America. Call it Emmett Till Immunity.


Invade the world.

Invite the world.

Capitulate your country – past, present, and future – all so you won’t be called racist. [Muslim group asks State Rep. Mike Holmes to drop out of Sons of Confederate Veterans,, January 11, 2021]:

A Muslim civil rights group today called on State Rep. Mike Holmes to drop his membership in the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

“It is unacceptable for a lawmaker, whose duty it is to represent all constituents in his district, to be a member of an organization that honors traitors and white supremacists,” said Ibrahim Hooper, director of national communications for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization.

Holmes, informed of Hooper’s statement, declined CAIR’s request.

“I have no plans of leaving the Sons of Confederate Veterans,” said Holmes, reached by this morning.

In a story by columnist Kyle Whitmire published today, “Alabama Capitol is a Crime Scene,” Holmes defended his membership in the group, saying his ancestors fought in the Confederate army because they felt their “way of life was being threatened.” He said none of his ancestors owned slaves.

CAIR has repeatedly called for the removal of Confederate flags, statues and symbols from public spaces nationwide. Last year, CAIR condemned a threat by the Alabama state Attorney General’s Office to fine the city of Montgomery for dropping a Confederate street name and supported renaming a school in Huntsville, Ala., currently named after Confederate general Robert E. Lee.

Hooper said the American Muslim community and CAIR stand in solidarity with all those challenging anti-Black racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, white supremacy, and all other forms of bigotry.

One of these days, the wrong individual will be poked. Those in power will demand obedience. They will demand silence in the face of the rape of all he holds dear.

They will call him a “racist.”

He’ll respond, “who cares.”

Not only for our posterity, but for the memory of who came before us.

Only due to misguided immigration are Muslims even in our country. Now they demand we renounce our history.

Never forget our earliest battles were to stop white slavery via the Barbary pirates…


According to US Census Bureau data, 2020 Milwaukee is 38 percent black and 35 percent white. In 2021, the city posted a new record for homicides in a year with 197. As of right now, 89 percent of the suspects (with a clearance rate of only 45 percent for homicides, the total number of murders committed by black individuals could approach 96 percent) are black. [Another record-breaking year of homicides ends with 197 lives lost in Milwaukee, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, January 1, 2022]:

A record 197 people were killed in homicides in Milwaukee in 2021, but the toll it has taken on the community can’t be expressed by any number.

At an annual vigil Thursday that honored all the lives lost during a second straight record-breaking year of violence in Milwaukee, Acting Mayor Cavalier Johnson again encouraged residents to relay messages of peace among each other.

“Violence, especially deadly violence — it harms not just the person they’re aiming that violence towards,” Johnson said. “It has a ripple effect to their family. When you kill somebody, you’re not just taking their life, you’re taking a little piece of their mom away, you’re taking a little piece of their brother away, and their father and so on and so forth.

“It’s irreparable harm to our community.”

More than a hundred of those mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, coworkers, peers and friends attended Thursday’s annual homicide vigil organized by the community center Northcott Neighborhood House.

For several decades, the event has provided a space for those grieving the pain of a loved one who was taken far too soon. It was also sponsored by Milwaukee Inner-City Congregations Allied for Hope, Pastors United and hosted by the Ephesians Missionary Baptist Church, at 2412 N. 6th St.

Ceasar Banks III, 28, is the brother of two men honored Thursday — Charleston L. Compton, 41, and Dominic A. Carter, 35. He hailed them as mentors not just to himself, but to many of Milwaukee’s youth.

“They had people looking up to them,” Banks said. “It’s been hard. You got to push through it.”

Although the Milwaukee Police Department crime dashboard and Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office put the final 2021 homicide count at 197, the vigil honored 214 victims — including those who were killed in police shootings and incidents that were ruled justified self-defense. The number put forth by law enforcement could change if other incidents are later ruled self-defense.

Each name was read aloud during the vigil and printed on a candle.

In 2020, the city experienced 190 homicides, more than doubling the figure from 2019 and smashing a record set in 1991 by 15%.

It’s been a harrowing two years that came after homicides in the city declined 34% from 2015 through 2019, when 97 homicides were reported.

“We feel your pain, it is palpable,” Arnitta Holliman, the director of the city’s Office of Violence Prevention, told the audience. “We feel the intensity of your fear and your uncertainty and your frustration around violence in the city.”

The pattern of fatal violence in Milwaukee is present across the country. From 2019 to 2020, the U.S. saw a 29% rise in homicides, the largest jump from one year to the next since at least 1960, a New York Times analysis found.

As of Dec. 8, 12 major cities broke their homicide record in 2021, including Philadelphia; St. Paul, Minnesota; Portland, Oregon; Tucson, Arizona; and Austin, Texas, according to ABC News. Five of those 12, including Columbus, Ohio; Louisville, Kentucky; and Indianapolis, have now set new records in two straight years.

Experts and local officials in Milwaukee have consistently cited the effects of the pandemic, which disrupted employment, education and social service outreach for millions of Americans; declining police legitimacy, especially after the murder of George Floyd; and the increased carrying of firearms as causes behind the rise in violence.

Following decades of poverty, neglect and racial segregation in Milwaukee’s north and northwest sides, which are home to predominantly Black residents, victims of nonfatal shootings and homicides in 2021 are 88% Black, while suspects are 89% Black, according to the Milwaukee Homicide Review Commission.

So after a racial revolution in 2020, we should be seeing the fruits of the planting of Black Live Matter all across America, right? Especially in Milwaukee, where almost every homicide – a record number for the city in 2021 – has a black suspect..

Instead, we see the opposite… how many homicides would there be in Milwaukee if the city didn’t have any black residents?


At this point, why should white people trust the Federal Government? [Food and Drug Administration Guidance Drives Racial Rationing of COVID Drugs: State triage policies cite FDA guidance to justify allocating care based on race,, January 7, 2022]:

In New York, racial minorities are automatically eligible for scarce COVID-19 therapeutics, regardless of age or underlying conditions. In Utah, “Latinx ethnicity” counts for more points than “congestive heart failure” in a patient’s “COVID-19 risk score”—the state’s framework for allocating monoclonal antibodies. And in Minnesota, health officials have devised their own “ethical framework” that prioritizes black 18-year-olds over white 64-year-olds—even though the latter are at much higher risk of severe disease.

These schemes have sparked widespread condemnation of the state governments implementing them. But the idea to use race to determine drug eligibility wasn’t hatched in local health departments; it came directly from the federal Food and Drug Administration.

When the FDA issued its emergency use authorizations for monoclonal antibodies and oral antivirals, it authorized them only for “high risk” patients—and issued guidance on what factors put patients at risk. One of those factors was race.

The FDA “fact sheet” for Sotrovimab, the only monoclonal antibody effective against the Omicron variant, states that “race or ethnicity” can “place individual patients at high risk for progression to severe COVID-19.” The fact sheet for Paxlovid, Pfizer’s new antiviral pill, uses the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s definition of “high risk,” which states that “systemic health and social inequities” have put minorities “at increased risk of getting sick and dying from COVID-19.”

The guidance sheets are nonbinding and do not require clinicians to racially allocate the drugs. But states have nonetheless relied on them to justify race-based triage.

“The FDA has acknowledged that in addition to certain underlying health conditions, race and ethnicity ‘may also place individual patients at high risk for progression to severe COVID-19,’” Minnesota’s plan reads. “FDA’s acknowledgment means that race and ethnicity alone, apart from other underlying health conditions, may be considered in determining eligibility for [monoclonal antibodies].”

Utah’s plan contains similar language. In a section on the “Ethical Justification for Using Race/Ethnicity in Patient Selection,” it notes that the FDA “specifically states that race and ethnicity may be considered when identifying patients most likely to benefit from this lifesaving treatment.”

The FDA declined to comment on either state’s plan, saying only that “there are no limitations on the authorizations that would restrict their use in individuals based on race.”

The triage plans are part of a broader push to rectify racial health disparities through race-conscious means. In March of last year, for example, two doctors at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston outlined an “antiracist agenda for medicine” that involved “offering preferential care based on race.” And last year, Vermont and New Hampshire both gave racial minorities priority access to the COVID-19 vaccine, resulting in at least one formal civil rights complaint against New Hampshire.

The trend has alarmed Roger Severino, the former civil rights director at the Department of Health and Human Services, who called racial preferences in medicine a “corrosive and grossly unfair” practice.

“Our civil rights laws are not suspended during a public health emergency,” Severino said. “We should never deny someone life-saving health care because of the color of their skin.”

The triage plans show how federal guidelines can encourage this sort of race discrimination. They also suggest that the FDA is making political judgments, not just scientific ones.

“They’re injecting politics into science,” said a former senior HHS official. “That’s something the Trump administration was pilloried for allegedly doing.”

One clear sign of that politicization, several legal and medical experts said, is the guidance’s double standard between race and sex. Men in the United States have proven to be about 60 percent more likely than women to die of the disease, according to research from the Brookings Institution, and within some age brackets the mortality gap is even larger.

They want us to die. In less than two year since the China Virus invaded America, we now see how non-whites health are prioritized over white people.

Race doesn’t exist, until it does.

The past two years have taught millions of white people our own government is not only anti-white, but prioritizes non-white lives above white lives. There’s no going back.


According to US Census Bureau data, 2020 New Orleans is 59 percent black and 30 percent white. It’s a well established fact almost all murders are intra-racial (meaning black on black or white on white), so when we look at 2021 homicide data for New Orleans, it shouldn’t be a shock to see the city being one of the most violent in America.

Not just that, but 92 percent of homicide victims are black. Meaning, we can logically deduce 92 – 95 percent of suspects in the homicides will be black as well. [New Orleans ends 2021 with 218 murders: ‘We’ll never get over this’: For two years in a row, New Orleans has had a rise in murders. Three brothers were among the year’s victims.,, January 6, 2022]:

There were 218 lives were lost to murder in New Orleans in 2021, according to the New Orleans Police Department. It’s the most murders in a year in the city since before Hurricane Katrina, when the population was about 15% larger.

It also marks the second annual increase in murders in the city after 2019’s 50-year low of 120 murders, which one crime analyst points out was still high for a city the size of New Orleans.

The critical issue, I think, is what does 2022 look like? What does 2023 look like? Is this the new normal? Over 200 murders a year in a city of 400,000 people?” criminologist Peter Scharf of LSU School of Public Health said. “That’s a disaster.”

New Orleans’ murder rate has been among the highest in the country for decades, hitting a peak in 1994, when 424 people were killed. While important to gauge how the city’s prevention and response to violence, the numbers hide the human toll of the violence.

“We’ll never get over this,” said a relative of Brandon, Bradley and Bryan Veal, brothers ages 30, 26 and 21. The Veal brothers were shot dead in two separate shootings on Feb. 13 and Feb. 20, both in Central City.

“That changes the dynamic of a family forever and that’s what I don’t think people understand, that it was a forever change. It’s permanent. There’s no counseling, there’s no books there’s no self-help, there’s nothing that you’re going to hear there’s going to undo that,” said the same relative.

The brothers’ relatives, who WDSU is not naming out of concern for their safety, said they had a close bond and took good care of their mother, who struggled with mental health problems and is now without her caregivers. Graduates of St. Augustine High School and Helen Cox High School, all three were jokesters with a lot going for them, the relatives said.

“They were just good guys all the way around, big gentle giants,” another relative said.

Brandon left behind an elementary-school-aged son who last week spent his first Christmas without his father.

“It’s really gonna be a strong haul for that little guy. But I tell you what, I’m gonna be there for him as much as I possibly can,” said the relative.

The brothers represent a demographic that makes up nearly 80% of the city’s murder victims — Black men, according to reports from NOPD and Orleans Parish Coroner’s Office tracked by WDSU. Black men make up about 30% of the city’s population.

Black women make up about 12% of the city’s 2021 murder victims, and white men account for about 5%. The reminding 3% were comprised of white women, Hispanic men and an Asian man.

Like about 90% of this year’s murder victims, the Veal brothers were fatally shot.

“What I’m concerned with is the lack of respect for life. The boldness of our criminals right now and their willingness to do whatever it takes to get whatever their point is across,” NOPD Superintendent Shaun Ferguson said Dec. 26, at a murder scene in Algiers where a 7-year-old girl had been shot dead.

Dillon Burton was one of about 17 juvenile homicide victims in 2021, according to data tracked by WDSU. The year’s youngest victim was an infant, and the oldest was 62.

Data also shows almost half the city’s murders happened in 2 of NOPD’s eight police districts — the fifth and seventh. Those are made up of two predominantly Black areas — the 9th ward, and New Orleans East.

Crime data analyst Jeff Asher said national trends like an uptick in gun ownership and struggles related to the pandemic likely play a role in the increase in murders but cannot fully explain the violence in New Orleans.

As city leaders absorb the stats along with the community, the veal family has a message: “Our family members are statistics. But that statistic can never connect to a point where they can understand the pain. And we need we need closure there. There’s no closure,” one relative said.

One of the brothers’ relatives asked that anyone interested in donating to increase the Crimestoppers reward to contact that organization.

So after a racial revolution in 2020, we should be seeing the fruits of the planting of Black Live Matter all across America, right? Especially in New Orleans.

Instead, we see the opposite… how many homicides would there be in New Orleans if the city didn’t have any black residents?


Previously on SBPDL: Real Estate Website Redfin.Com Decides to Abandon Publishing Crime Data in Neighborhoods Because It “Reinforces Racial Bias” Against Blacks

Another real estate website has decided not to add crime data to their database, all in “an effort to avoid penalizing Black and Latino communities.”[ nixes crime map in effort to promote fair housing: The listing site will find other ways to integrate safety data in the upcoming months, The Real Deal, December 15, 2021]:

Home shoppers viewing listings on might notice something missing: The website has removed the crime map layer from all of its search results.

The move, made early this month, is an effort to avoid penalizing Black and Latino communities, according to the company. decided to “rethink the safety information” on listings in order to provide fair and accurate neighborhood data for homebuyers, CEO David Doctorow wrote in a post this week.

“Historically, our industry has rated neighborhoods using metrics that unfairly penalize communities of color,” Doctorow said. “We can all do a better job explaining the facts in a way that does not unfairly penalize neighborhoods, towns and cities.”

The site plans to spend the next few months figuring out new ways to integrate safety data on its platform. The company declined to comment beyond the CEO’s posted explanation.

Doctorow said he was struck by stories about the hurdles Black, Hispanic and Asian homebuyers face, whether it be racial steering or discrimination in the appraisal and mortgage processes.

“We know that a person’s home can affect many other things — their education, their health, the opportunities they and their children will have in life,” Doctorow said. Housing segregation is interconnected with other social and racial equity challenges, he added.

Nixing crime maps is one of a handful of steps Doctorow said the industry should take to promote fair housing. Others include incentivizing agents to represent properties valued at \$150,000 and lower, and improving transparency and education to remove bias from appraisals and lending.

“We cannot let more years go by and accept the same inequities to persist in our industry,” Doctorow said. “Consider this an open invitation to senior leaders in real estate to come together to agree on meaningful ways to address fair housing in our country.”

No need to invent the wheel…

But what if the offenders of crime are actually “young, male, and black?”

Reality has a well-known racial bias, no attempts to blame on white privilege can overcome.

We are witnessing a Communist coup in America, where attempts to be honest about race and crime must be met with censorship, because perpetuating stereotypes is a greater sin than actually reporting the demographic responsible for most crime in America.


In a normal society, a story like this would be front page news across the country and the only topic of conversation on cable news.

The state must always have the monopoly on violence, or else it is no longer legitimate.

In Black-Run America (BRA), white lives are expendable. White police officers? Not even worth commenting on, unless they do something negative to a black suspect.

[Female cop was ‘shot dead in cold blood with her own gun as she pleaded for her life’: Illinois prosecutors seek death penalty for man and woman arrested for her murder and for critically injuring her partner, Daily Mail, January 3, 2022]:

  • An Illinois prosecutor is seeking the death penalty for Darius Sullivan and Xandria Harris who are accused of injuring a police officer and killing another
  • Illinois is not a death penalty state, but the U.S. Attorney General can authorizing a filing for the ultimate punishment under certain circumstances
  • Sullivan and Harris are charged with shooting dead Bradley police Sgt. Marlene Rittmanic, 49, on Wednesday and wounding her partner, Officer Tyler Bailey, 27
  • Rittimanic pleaded with the pair for her life before she was fatally shot
  • According to Kankakee County State’s Attorney Jim Rowe, her last words were ‘you don’t have to do this, please just go, please don’t please don’t’

A prosecutor is seeking the death penalty for two people charged with shooting dead a veteran Illinois police officer with her own weapon as she pleaded for her life on the ground and critically wounding her partner, who is now fighting for his life.

Although Illinois isn’t a death penalty state, the U.S. Attorney General can authorize the filing of a petition to seek out the punishment in certain federal murder cases.

In court on Monday, Kankakee County State’s Attorney Jim Rowe painted the picture of a cold-blooded killing that deserved that designation during a bond hearing for Xandria Harris, 26, of Bradley in the county’s Circuit Court.

She and Darius Sullivan of Bourbonnais 25, are charged with fatally shooting Bradley police Sgt. Marlene Rittmanic, 49, and critically wounding her partner, Officer Tyler Bailey, 27, late Wednesday. Bailey is hospitalized at a Chicago-area hospital.

Sullivan was wanted on a bench warrant, according to court documents, and he had previously run from Bradley police officers trying to arrest him.

‘At the time Sullivan fired the fatal shots into Sgt. Rittmanic, Sgt. Rittmanic was pleading with them to just leave, “you don’t have to do this, please just go, please don’t please don’t.” She was desperately pleading for her life,’ Rowe said, according to court documents.

‘I will be submitting an official request to the U.S. Attorney General for the Central District of Illinois and to the U.S. Attorney General to review the first degree murder case pending against Darius Sullivan and Xandria Harris for federal murder charges, and pursue a federal sentence of death against both defendants,’ Rowe said.

Her name is Sgt. Marlene Rittmanic, a white female police officer executed in cold blood by two blacks.

We don’t have to live like this.

In our paradigm, George Floyd is a hero. In the world we wish to leave to our posterity, Sgt. Rittmanic is worth remembering and noting how she died: pleading for her life before two blacks executed her.


“Racial disparity” is the magic word for ensuring black individuals – who collectively commit the majority of crime in New York City – are now protected by the brand new black Manhattan District Attorney. [Manhattan DA to stop seeking prison sentences in slew of criminal cases, New York Post, January 4, 2022]:

Manhattan’s new DA has ordered his prosecutors to stop seeking prison sentences for hordes of criminals and to downgrade felony charges in cases including armed robberies and drug dealing. In his first memo to staff on Monday, Alvin Bragg said his office “will not seek a carceral sentence” except with homicides and a handful of other cases, including domestic violence felonies, some sex crimes and public corruption. “This rule may be excepted only in extraordinary circumstances.”

Assistant district attorneys must also now keep in mind the “impacts of incarceration,” including whether it really does increase public safety, potential future barriers to convicts involving housing and employment, the financial cost of prison and the racial disparities over who gets time.” In cases where prosecutors do seek to put a convict behind bars, the request can be for no more than 20 years. (No prison for life.) Armed robbers who use guns or other deadly weapons to stick up stores and other businesses will be prosecuted only for petty larceny, a misdemeanor, provided no victims were seriously injured. Seriously injured.

“ADAs should use their judgment and experience to evaluate the person arrested, and identify people: who suffer from mental illness; who are unhoused; who commit crimes of poverty; or who suffer from substance use disorders. Charges should be brought consistent with the goal of providing services to such individuals.”

Mayor Eric Adams is a a former NYPD captain who was elected on a law-and-order platform. “I have a lot of respect for DA Bragg, a former prosecutor. He has a real vision.” Adams appeared alongside Bragg at the Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network headquarters in Harlem after both men won their Democratic Party primary races.

At the time, Adams said Bragg’s views on addressing crime were “no different than mine,” adding: “Alvin Bragg is going to redefine the prosecutor’s office and how we are going to ensure that we don’t criminalize young people every day in this city.” Not criminalize young people; just terrorize citizens and make them move out.

Armed robberies are now a viewed as petty larceny, a misdemeanor, according the new black DA of Manhattan and his first official memo upon taking office. No prison for life either, as prosecutors can only seek 20 years for those accused of a crime.

Just go ahead, guys: make it illegal to arrest black people in New York City.


Race is a social construct until it isn’t.

Race doesn’t exist until it does. [NYC will consider race when distributing life-saving COVID treatments, NY Post, January 1, 2022]:

New York City will take a patient’s race into account when distributing potentially life-saving COVID treatments, the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene revealed on their website.

The city will “consider race and ethnicity when assessing individual risk,” reads the agency’s official guidance from Dec. 20, which adds that “longstanding systemic health and social inequities” can contribute to an increased risk of dying from COVID-19.

The guidance applies to both the distribution of monoclonal antibodies and oral antivirals like Paxlovid and Molnupiravir.

“Monoclonal antibody treatments have averted at least 1,100 hospitalizations and at least 500 deaths among people treated in New York City,” the city said in October.

The race-based approach in treatment has already begun to have real-world consequences. One Staten Island doctor said he filled two prescriptions for Paxlovid this week and was asked by the pharmacist to disclose the race of his patients before the treatment was authorized.

“In my 30 years of being a physician I have never been asked that question when I have prescribed any treatment,” said the doctor, who requested anonymity. “The mere fact of having to ask this question is a slippery slope.”

Both patients, who are white, were ultimately granted their prescriptions.

A recent “Request for Proposals,” form on behalf of the city Department of Health and Mental Hygiene stressed the agency’s commitment to “racial equity.”

“The … DOHMH is committed to improving health outcomes for all New Yorkers by explicitly advancing racial equity and social justice. Racial equity does not mean simply treating everyone equally, but rather, allocating resources and services in such a way that explicitly addresses barriers imposed by structural racism (i.e. policies and institutional practices that perpetuate racial inequity) and White privilege,” it read.

It is unclear if the new “race” guidance has yet to exclude whites from getting treatment, but observers and doctors fear that a system is being created that could lead to racial exclusions in the future during a drug shortage or case surge.

“We are collecting demographic data on COVID antivirals at the request of the city for anonymized data reporting purposes only, as is commonly done with COVID tests and vaccines,” Michael Krueger, a pharmacy rep said. For now, the city is participating exclusively with Alto Pharmacy to distribute the new drugs.

Medical experts said it is correct for COVID treatment to be allocated based who is at the highest risk, but stressed that race was not a biological risk factor.

“I have not seen [race] as one of the risk factors for severe disease and death,” Martin Kulldorff, a Harvard epidemiologist and professor, told The Post. “The reason that a lot of African Americans have died in New York — which is true — is because the rich people and more affluent were working from home while the working class were exposed.”

Racial equity means white people with in New York deserve to die, because they are white and not BIPOC.

White privilege, right?


Your weekly reminder, Wakanda isn’t real. [We’ve seen lifelong friends kill each other:’ How a state capital became one of the deadliest US cities, CNN, December 28, 2021]:

Jackson, Mississippi (CNN)Around Thanksgiving, this crisis-plagued state capital saw a series of shootings that pushed the year’s homicide total past 130, setting a grim annual record for a city that over the last two years has quietly become one of the country’s deadliest.

The killings, like so many in another record-setting year of American gun violence, are not the kind that receive national attention. A local business owner was shot outside a barbershop while sitting in his car. A few days later, a man was killed in a shooting that also wounded a 13-year-old boy. A 22-year-old inside a car was sprayed with gunfire at a gas station. A 63-year-old man whose death by gunfire is still largely unexplained.

In the state’s most populous city, a former Confederate stronghold that would later give way to thriving Black business districts and serve as a hub for the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s, residents are now grappling with a gun violence epidemic that spiked at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and shows no signs of abating.

“We see lifelong friends kill each other, we’ve seen a son kill his mother and sister, have seen crimes that are based on social determinants and an inability of people to be engaged in institutions in which they thrive,” Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba told CNN during a tour of the city. 

The rising gun violence has further exposed the city’s deep-rooted social and political problems, none with easy or tidy solutions. And everyone working against this wave — from the city’s civic, law enforcement, faith, and street outreach communities — is competing not just with spiraling violence, but with a pandemic that laid bare all of society’s inequities when it became ever more difficult to address them.

There have already been 150 homicides this year through December 21, according to police, nearly all of them shootings. The city’s homicide rate is 97.6 murders per 100,000 residents, 15 times higher than the US rate of 6.5, most resulting from gunfire.

When you get up to 80 per 100,000 in a city with more than 100,000 people you’re dealing with a vanishingly small number of places with homicide rates that high,” said Richard Rosenfeld, a criminologist at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

To put the numbers into perspective, in 2020 St. Louis was the country’s deadliest large city, cataloguing 87 homicides per 100,000, “and that was clearly at the top of the list of larger cities,” Rosenfeld said. “Jackson is now exceeding that level.”

For nearly every major American city, the end of spring in 2020 marked the beginning of an historic wave of homicides. By the end of the year, homicides were up by 29% from 2019, the largest year-over-year increase ever recorded by the FBI. Across much of the country, homicides spiked over the summer, following the Memorial Day murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer.

That heightened violence has continued through 2021 for many large cities.

More than two-thirds of the country’s most populous cities have seen more homicides in 2021 than last year, a continuation of the troubling increase in homicides that began at the onset of the pandemic in 2020, according to a CNN analysis of over 40 major cities.

Jackson, a solidly Democratic city in a state that is solidly Republican, shattered its homicide record in 2020 with 130 — the previous high of 92 homicides in 1995, about the time when homicides in America peaked.

People in the city of Jackson were demanding that they have some representation, and until that time … it was guaranteed that as long as the city was majority White and people who voted were majority White, it was guaranteed to elect three White men in a city that was majority Black or close to it,” Luckett said.

The city’s population shrank from almost 200,000 in 1990 to about 160,000 in 2020. Its decline in population in these three decades was driven almost entirely by White flight. The city was 56% Black in 1990. By 2020, 82% of the city’s residents were Black.

An 82 percent black city, completely dominated by black elected and appointed officials, with a heavily majority black bureaucracy, happens to boast one of the most shocking homicide rates in not just the United States, but the entire world.

Yes, Wakanda isn’t real. What black people create, independent of white people, is 2021 Jackson, Mississippi: perhaps the most violent city in the world.

It’s a third world city, a reminder of what a day without white people in America would look, were black individuals collectively left to their own devices.



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