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#991. Going Back to School in Louisville
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Black people love going to school, especially high school. It gives Black people a chance to participate in school sports, get noticed by recruiters at major colleges and potentially get a scholarship and be an athlete-student.

Black people by and large go to high school with the dream in mind of one day being an athlete-student at a major, traditional white university. There, they are one step closer to playing a professional sport and engaging in professional athletic behavior.

Louisville, Kentucky, a city that is roughly 78 percent white and 18 percent Black, has for three years been host to an event that draws thousands upon thousands of Black people for free back-to-school supplies.

This give-a-way of school supplies, mere amenities in Black people’s quest for the scholarship in athletics, has also been host to near Black people riots each of those years:

“Several people were injured and 12 were arrested at the Russ Parr bus tour Thursday morning at The Kentucky International Convention Center.About 4,000 (sic) teenagers and young adults poured into the streets, jumping on police cars, blocking traffic and getting into serious fist fights.

“Police Chief Robert White says they are still deciding about the future of the event.This was the third year there has been some sort of controversy at the event.”

Three years now of near riots over school supplies, as Black people in Louisville are so desirous of collecting free amenities in their quest for athletic scholarships they will engage in violent behavior with no fear of being arrested. That is dedication to getting a scholarship (video of the event here).

Yet another story of the event paints an even more depressing picture of what transpired in Louisville at the free, back to school supply give-a-way and concert:

“It was violence and chaos on the streets of downtown Louisville Thursday morning. Police had to take control of a brawl that involved thousands of teens.It was supposed to be a positive event — a nationally-known radio host sponsoring a free concert and and back-to-school giveaway. But as the event was coming to an end, several fights broke out and things quickly got out of control.About four thousand youth attended the annual Russ Parr concert and back-to-school giveaway at the convention center. It started out as a calm, positive event. That quickly changed as everyone left at the same time. PRP senior Nechelle Walker says, “I was dancing with my friend and then this girl came up and I guess she wanted to battle and I was dancing and she kept on bumping into me.”

The Louisville Courier-Journal published a report on the event that sheds yet more light on what transpired in Louisville:

“A festive back-to-school music event that drew 7,000 youths to the Kentucky International Convention Center Thursday morning ended with several fights and about a dozen arrests.
Louisville Metro Police cleared downtown streets of youths after at least five fights broke out at the Russ Parr Bus Tour.

The event featured Parr’s syndicated radio show and live music acts, including Dorrough, Hurricane Chris, New Boyz, Ace Hood, Yo Gotti, Britini Elise and Louisville’s own Kenzo.”

Rap performers, free school supplies and thousands of Black people is a recipe for a potential nightmare if not handled properly, and Louisville was ill-prepared – for the third year in a row – to deal with this combustible situation (photos from the Black brawl here).

As we have already learned at SBPDL, Black people do not like to be out-rioted. More so, their favorite discounted price of an item is 100 percent, so a free school supply give-a-way will be a magnet for Black people.


Stuff Black People Don’t Like obviously includes going back to school in Louisville for three years of near riots over school supplies – involving hundreds if not thousands of Black people – translates to Black people’s intent dislike of having to return to school in the fall.

Sadly, even the hope of becoming an athlete-student at a major college isn’t enough for Black people in Louisville to refrain from rioting.

Videos of the event here and here.

(Republished from SBPDL by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Race/Ethnicity • Tags: Black People, High School, Riots, Russ Parr 
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  1. This is just a shame. At least no one was trampled to death.

  2. What an "ignorant", "racist" blog. We need more like this.

  3. It's ashame these "youths" and "teenagers" can't accept their FREE HAND-OUTS peacefully and with gratitude.

  4. As a race we can't be mad at anyone but ourselves, we continue to make a situation out of everything ! Now I am a PROUD black man but we need to take a step back re-evaluate how we carry ourselves.

  5. lets do the boogy woogie

  6. that is just a shame no one WAS tarampled

  7. If you think that's bad, just imagine if it were a free watermelon give away…

  8. It’s a sure sign that studious mensa candidates understand the value of learning when they’ll participate in a riot to get a few free pencils and notebooks.

  9. "free watermelon give away…"

    They already tried that with chicken. It went bad, after all the chicken had to run out eventually.

  10. Abba gumba gibba meeba ub freeb pemcil am sumb nobeboog. Abba gumba beeb ub rappa oh ub babzitbawb playa. Mmm-hmm. No umsayin?

  11. HAHAHAAH Bix nood

  12. Anonymous [AKA "adapie12"] says:

    KFC had a grilled chicken giveaway promotion a few 'mumfs' ago and in some areas in all-negro neighborhoods, they ran out of 'free' chicken. guess what the boons did, they went ape w/ TNB, smashing windows, desecrating the establishment and chimping out on the KFC emplyoees; one instance they robbed/took off w/ the registers

  13. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This could just as easily have been in Haiti, Congo, Liberia, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Detroit, Newark, NJ, Zimbabwe, Jamaica, Central African Republic, Harlem NY District, Zambia, Mozambique, Ghana, Roxbury District in Boston, MA, East St. Louis, IL, Baltimore, Camden, NJ, Uganda, Tanzania, Mali, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Niger, Harvey, IL, Gambia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, Northern Philadelphia, Kinloch, MO, Bahamas, Brixton District in London, Oakland, CA, Eritrea, Madagascar, Somalia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Benin, Togo, South Woodlawn and Back of the Yards Districts in Chicago, Gary, IN, Tenderloin District in San Francisco, East Detroit, MI, New Orleans, Cleveland, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde Islands, Guinea, Montserrat, Namibia, the new South Africa, Clichy-sous-Bois, France, Malawi, Suriname, Angola, Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, Papua New Guinea, Chad, every other African nation south of Algeria (except Mauritania) not named above, and East Palo Alto, CA.

    What do all these towns and countries have in common?

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