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#302. Black Friday Lines
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Black people love to shop. It is not an uncommon sight to behold numerous negro’s wearing the top designer clothes, shoes, sporting the finest rides – with matching rims to boot – a long with the top “grillz”.

Black people love to show off their “bling” and they love to showcase their amazing style in dress and fashion. In purchasing these items, Black people will go to great lengths in acquiring these designer clothes, through the traditional means of purchasing the good or through unorthodox manners. Black people do love bargains though, as purchasing an item 50 – 75 percent off is considered a momentous occasion in the Black community. 100 percent off the original asking price, is ideal though, in purchases in the Black community.

However, Stuff Black People Don’t Like includes those who try and slip past Black people in the hunt for bargains on Black Friday. Black Friday is a day Black people look forward to all year, as discounts in electronics, clothing, hair amenities and other accessories are nearly 100 percent, the ideal Black person price off.

In the case of one poor Wal-Mart employee, 34-year-old Jdimytai Damour, standing in the way of Black people and half-priced goods on Black Friday means losing your life. He was crushed and stampeded over by a veritable herd of Black people in search of loot and booty the day after Thanksgiving. The sales might not have been 100 percent off, but Black people had little regard for Black Friday Lines nor Mr. Damour’s life that day.

The video below shows what transpires on Black Friday, especially when you get caught in front of Black people. It also clearly shows Stuff Black People Don’t Like, Black Friday Lines. They will literally kill to get you out of the way, and procure their goods.

(Republished from SBPDL by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Race/Ethnicity • Tags: Black Friday 
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  1. Dude, every store with a lot of black customers, any day of the week, is a "Black Friday" in the worst sense of the word, lol.

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