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2022 Milwaukee Homicide Review Commission Confirms: In 37% White Milwaukee, People of Color Responsible for 96% of Known Homicide Suspects/95% of Known Nonfatal Shooting Suspects
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Milwaukee should be a great city.

It should be a world-class city.

But it’s not.

The reasons for this dilemma are quite obvious, though you can’t say them publicly in 2017 America if you wish to be able to make public appearances without armed guards.

Milwaukee is 37 percent white and 40 percent black.

And the Milwaukee Homicide Review Commission helps us understand why the city isn’t a great city. The authors of the review analyze every shooting and homicide to determine why it happened (completely dispelling the idea “gang violence” is to blame for the bloodshed), and they break each one down by race of victim and race of suspect as well.

It’s not even a good city, and here’s why:

  • 96.4 percent of known homicide suspects in 2022 were people of color (88.49 percent being black)
  • 95.22 percent of known nonfatal shooting suspects in 2022 were people of color (92.68 percent being black)

In 2022 Milwaukee, there were 214 homicides and 868 nonfatal shootings.

The non-white community of Milwaukee was responsible for 96.4 percent of known homicide suspects and 95.22 percent of known nonfatal shootings suspects. Imagine how much gun crime would happen in an all-white Milwaukee… virtually none.

Do you understand why Milwaukee isn’t a great city?

Do you understand why Milwaukee isn’t a world-class city?

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  1. Gore 2004 says:

    You can’t say that, that’s racist….

    It’s not black people’s fault. It’s white people’s fault, according to white liberals like Eric Bryan Stone….

    It’s white people’s fault.

  2. AceDeuce says:

    Do you understand why Milwaukee isn’t a great city?

    Do you understand why Milwaukee isn’t a world-class city?

    I do. But it WAS a great, world class city, once upon a time.

    It was also, when “diversity”, like “gay”, was a perfectly good word, one of the most diverse cities in America. Almost every European White nationality was represented-a blend of foundational White American stock and European immigrants from every corner of the continent.

    In such a high functioning White environment, political considerations are secondary-if that. Milwaukee was productive, peaceful, and prosperous, no matter who was in office. As noted historian Alice Cooper reminded us in Wayne’s World, Milwaukee had three socialist mayors in the 20th Century. In fact, between 1910 and 1960, socialists ran the city for 38 of those years, one of them for 24 straight years and another for 12 straight.

    Two money quotes, written back to back, almost as if representing cause and effect, from Cuckipedia:

    By 1910, Milwaukee shared the distinction with New York City of having the largest percentage of foreign-born residents in the United States.

    In 1910, whites represented 99.7% of the city’s total population of 373,857.

  3. Scott-Adamsville

    • Thanks: Howa.308, James of Africa
    • Replies: @AR in Illinois
  4. Go to Milwaukee, grab a beat, a beer and some lead. Sounds like a tourist slogan to me.

  5. usNthem says:

    I guess Milwaukee owes its jigification to its proximity to another major jig infested hellhole, chimpcago. This is the problem majority White areas potentially have anywhere within 100 or so miles of a jungleland – they’re just a hop, skip and a jump from jungle bunny invasion and subsequent skyrocketing crime.

    It’s truly astonishing that these types of crime stats get published, and rather than focusing on the undeniable fact of negro criminality and how to combat it, it’s instead lamentations about how crime disproportionately affects da po ole negro coonmunity and how it all due to poverty, lack of opportunity and resources, White racism and supremacy, etc, etc. If Whites don’t open their freaking eyes and minds to this obvious reality, we’re all totally screwed.

  6. Bite Moi says:

    There is pollen everywhere in Upstate SC. My sinuses are killing me,and i slept poorly. My gate is locked. I need coffee. I’m going to put a little music on and pretend that negroes are an unpleasant myth like Middle Earth Orcs. I just can’t deal with them this morning.

    • Agree: Non PC Infidel
    • LOL: magilla
  7. HT says:

    American cities are either completely destroyed like Baltimore or on the way to being so like Indy and Louisville, all from the black plague. And even though the cause is right there for all to see, the country ignores it because to name it means you will be vilified using Alinsky methods as a racist.

  8. Anon[317] • Disclaimer says:

    Something to consider
    in fighting the negro takeover:

    “You never change things
    by fighting the existing reality.
    To change something,
    build a new model
    that makes the
    existing model obsolete.”
    …..Buckminster Fuller.

  9. @usNthem

    They flocked to Milwaukee because it had better welfare benefits, similar to how groids from NYC move to smaller towns upstate, because their section 8 dollars go a lot further, and they can be the first termites on the log.

    • Replies: @magilla
  10. 12/50….40/88. Sounds about right.

  11. Rooster16 says:

    Hey I used to live there! It was great! You ask what my job was? I was a tail gunner on a Pilsner truck!

    Oldie but goodie!

    • Replies: @AR in Illinois
  12. @Priss Factor

    Orania is a thing of beauty. They better be really armed up though. Once the nogs destroy the major cities, which is inevitable, they will be coming to get what Whitey has created. Rourke’s Drift part 2 anyone?

  13. @usNthem

    Usnthem…..even cities over 100 miles away are in danger of orc infestation via programs like AFFH and section ape. Look at what they’ve done to a lot of the major cities in Iowa, one of the Whitest states in our (former) country. Our psychotic government wants to put these backward retards EVERYWHERE to ruin what only WE have created. No, Dontavious, YOUR PEOPLE didn’t build shit in this country or any other, contrary to what Black Panther told you. what

    • Agree: usNthem, AceDeuce
    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  14. @Rooster16

    I bowl with a guy that just retired after about 25 years as a delivery guy for Frito Lay in Shitcago. He used to have a south suburban route, hood suburbs-formerly White, but spent his last couple years working the south side of the city.

    He told me that,over the years, several of his fellow drivers had been the victims of armed robberies while on their routes. Their company policy, of course, is that they aren’t allowed to carry in the trucks. I told him “fuck their policy, better to be fired than dead”. He never did and was lucky enough to live through it. I would’ve done it, but I’m a risk-taker kind of guy anyway.

    • Replies: @Augustus
  15. magilla says:
    @Sick n' Tired

    Yep. The parasites found a fatter victim, but just like tapeworms and ticks they will always kill the host.

  16. Bite Moi says:

    usNthem—————I know that most welfare come from our very charitable Uncle Sam.
    However,individual Red States should cut their welfare spending to the bone. We won’t be allowed to “discriminate”,so the cuts will also impact poor Whites.So Be It.

  17. Timmy830 says:

    If the victims of black homicide are black as well (as they mostly are elsewhere), is that all bad? One in jail for the crime + one deceased = two off the streets.

    • Replies: @Mark in MI
  18. Wisconsin would be a beautiful white state, if they could just bulldoze Milwaukee into the lake, and bomb Madison into oblivion

  19. AceDeuce says:

    you will be vilified using Alinsky methods

    FWIW, Alinsky methods are only effective on people who allow them to be effective against them. They are a game that requires the patsy/victim to play along. Refuse to play and they no longer work.

    I know that sounds glib, and easy words to type on a keyboard. The system has been stacked against us for many years now. Nevertheless, it’s the truth–and ultimately, it’ll be our only way out of this mess. WE are the ones holding ourselves back.

    Nigro BLM protestors infiltrated NYC restaurants where nice White folx were having their nice brunch. Ten nigroes in a room with 50-60 Whites. The groids yelled and hectored and threatened the YTs, who sat there and took it, and they sauntered out. A textbook Alinsky assault.

    Imagine a group of Whites who had been victimized by black crime in the city. They head uptown to Harlem one Sunday to do some Alinsky-ing of their own.

    Going into a groid restaurant that’s open for an after church brunch, they yell and hector and threaten–and those Jeebus lovin’ groids pull out some knives and razors and carve them up like Easter hams.

    Groids-1 Alinsky-0. And that’s how it’s done.

  20. yes, the boons again

  21. I’d like the sympathize BUT the French voted for the likes of Hollande and Macron who welcome the invasion. So…

  22. Pastit says:

    The same story appears to resurface in big city after big city. When will it be addressed…

  23. @dixonsyder

    I met a friend in Milwaukee. He took me downtown to a restaurant for a bite to eat.

    I took the gun, and I left the cannoli.

    • LOL: Lancelot_Link
  24. @Timmy830

    The problem are the sheboons. They spit out more than enough niglets to replace the dead ones.

    • Replies: @loren
    , @anarchyst
  25. Servenet says:

    ¨…[the] black plague….¨

    PLAGUE…this is perhaps the best way to describe this vile race.

    • Agree: Big P
  26. Nat X says:

    Like Spain was the proving ground for the Hitlerites Milwaukee is for the dindoo.

  27. loren says:
    @Mark in MI

    way more than replacement level.

    plus the ones with white trash mothers.

  28. Bite Moi says:
    @AR in Illinois

    AR in Illinois—————–Our psychotic government was elected by blacks and “educated” White women. University warps White women and leaves them tens of thousands of dollars in debt. They are no longer marriage material. I have warned my 17 year old grandson to act accordingly when he gets that irresistable urge to reproduce. Get an 18 year old,and Get A Prenup………..and move to a county with a very low orc infestation.

    • Agree: AceDeuce
  29. Augustus says:
    @AR in Illinois

    My brother-in-law délivered for a bread company in places like Harvey, Phoenix, Ford Heights. He was always armed, but one day he was loading his Derringer and blew a hole through the windshield. He had to call in a favor to get that fixed at the company garage, before his bosses found out he was armed.

  30. In today’s Milwaukee, not only wouldn’t Laverne and Shirley have jobs at a brewery, but they’d be gang-raped by blacks.

    In the immediate Post War period Milwaukee was a midwestern industrial hub; the big breweries wer an offshoot, probably not even the primary employers. I’m sure there were African Americans there in some numbers, drawn by the factory jobs, but still a minority.

    • Replies: @PO'd in PG County
  31. anarchyst says:
    @Mark in MI

    Pay the sheboon women money to get permanently spayed or neutered.
    Pay the heboon men money to get spayed or neutered.
    This would be money well-spent.
    I’ll bet that any sheboon or heboon would gladly get spayed or neutered for $1000

    • Replies: @Sick n' Tired
  32. @anarchyst

    Offer them money to do it while in prison, by putting the money on their commissary books, and it’ll even be more cost effective.

  33. This would be money well-spent.
    I’ll bet that any sheboon or heboon would gladly get spayed or neutered for $1000

    Offer to make the payment hit the EBT card a week before the normal welfare tranche.

    • Replies: @Anon
  34. @VivaLaMigra

    I just searched around. In 1960, there were an estimated 60,000 blacks in Milwaukee. Overall population was around 741,000.

    Fast forward to today. According to the census website, Milwaukee was down to around 569,000 people, and only 33% non-Latino white. Blacks are around 39.4%. Sounds like a helluva town.

    Laverne and Shirley must have known what’s coming and got out while the getting was good, because they moved to California, around 1965. Took Carmine, Lenny and Squiggy with ’em. I think the landlady (Betty Garrett’s character) even got the hell outta town.

  35. Anon[247] • Disclaimer says:
    @Boy the way Glenn Miller played

    Big negroes have money and influence because of the huge pile of ghetto trash they preside over. You start talking birf control,and see how the bignigs go ape!
    Its a great idea,but how will it ever see the light of day?

  36. AP Hill says:

    Mayor Cavalier Johnson is right out of Amos ‘N Andy central casting. In 1988 Milwaukee was 87% white. Relentless TNB resulted in white flight to the suburbs. Now there’s no tax base, just rank stupidity and violence.

  37. Big P says:

    Can’t somebody figure out a way to drive out the rats? Rats are an issue wherever they are, granted, but let’s use the same model to sterilize and starve them. Abortion is in fact very effective, so let’s NOT throw shade on that idea. But to preclude a boon in rat population, the water supply seems to be a swell element to tamper with, too.

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