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Vaxxing Conspiracies and 700,000 Rumble Views
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The February outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine conflict has obviously been a disaster for the world, greatly raising the risk of nuclear war and producing tremendous disruptions in the global economy. But it also provided a personal silver lining given that the bitter vaccination controversy seems to have been largely pushed aside. For more than a year, throngs of agitated anti-vaxxers had greatly irritated me, burdening our alternative media website with their views, but the overwhelming recent focus on foreign policy issues has largely eliminated that problem.

Anti-vaxxers come in a wide variety of different types, and I’d be the first to acknowledge that some of their arguments seem perfectly reasonable. The Covid vaccines were rushed into production without the usual lengthy testing period and the most popular versions used in the West rely upon an innovative new mRNA technology, so it seems quite plausible that the negative side effects have been far greater than from our annual flu shots. Billions around the world have now been vaccinated for Covid, and I would hardly be surprised if many, many tens of thousands have died as a consequence. But such losses would represent merely a tiny sliver of the 15 or 20 million killed by the disease itself, and if the medical experts are correct and vaxxing greatly reduces the risk of severe illness, the cost-benefit ratio is tremendously positive, at least for individuals who are middle-aged or older.

Almost a year ago, I gave a lengthy interview to Mike Whitney in which I denounced the tremendous crackpottery of the anti-Vaxx movement:

Two additional columns on the same subject followed, altogether provoking some 4,600 comments totaling 850,000 words, with the overwhelming majority of these remarks being intensely hostile to my position.

However, none of my own views were changed. I’d never known or cared anything about vaccinations, but as I rather sarcastically explained in one of my comments, the decisions of others in the real world led me to draw some plausible inferences:

According to the newspapers this morning, Goldman Sachs has now required all its employees to get vaxxed before they’re allowing to work in the office, a requirement that presumably will include all their upper-ranking executives. I’d expect this sort of policy will soon be followed by almost every other major Wall Street firm.

So apparently the diabolical plot by our ruling elites to exterminate themselves is now moving forward at a good pace. People won’t be able to keep complaining about Wall Street once almost all the Wall Streeters have vaxxed themselves to death.

If only our top financial executives had been shrewd enough to take their personal health tips from random eccentrics ranting on home-made videos rather than paying top-dollar for the private services of their ultra-elite personal physicians, they would have managed to avoid this grim fate.


The overwhelming media shift from public health to foreign policy has probably left many anti-vaxxers desperate to regain the attention they once enjoyed, and they may have greatly increased the extremism of their rhetoric in hopes of achieving this. For example, an eccentric scientist named Dr. David Martin has long been a prominent figure in the Covid anti-vaxxing movement, with his public statements and video presentations widely cited and promoted by activists despite their heavy suppression on media platforms, and a popular podcaster recently vouched for his considerable credibility in those circles when I questioned it.

In an hour-long interview a couple of weeks ago, Martin described the Covid vaccines as “bioweapons” and predicted that over the next few years 700 million people worldwide would die from vaxxing, including 75 to 100 million Americans, roughly one-quarter to one-third of our entire population:

Some of his quoted statements were exceptionally heated, demanding Nuremberg trials for the pro-vaxxers, whom he condemned as worse than Nazi war criminals:

…the CV19 vaccines are “bioweapons.” Big Pharma and the government knew it and also knew it would cause massive deaths and permanent injuries…The fact of the matter is the injections are an act of bioweapons and bioterrorism…How many will die from the CV19 bioweapons?…By their own estimate, they are looking for 700 million people globally, and that would put the U.S. participation in that of the injected population as 75 million to 100 million people…the fewer recipients of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, the better. Not surprisingly, the recommendation was people over the age of 65 were the first ones to get injected…this is far worse” than the Nuremberg trials of Nazis after WWII…I would say the Nazis were better than the people who are doing this….The real question is why did American citizens develop a weapon to kill Americans and get paid to do it?

Perhaps Martin is correct and up to 100 million Americas will soon be dead from their vaxxing, so his extremely harsh words for those responsible might be warranted, but I see no statistical evidence supporting that dire prediction.

If the Covid vaccines were actually so deadly that one-third of our entire population is now doomed, we would surely expect the last year or two of massive vaxxing and boosting to have produced a huge rise in American deaths. Yet instead, the official total of American monthly deaths has actually recently fallen, now dropping back to below the levels of early 2020, just prior to onset of the Covid epidemic:

I had already discussed some of these issues in a January article:

Nearly all the anecdotal cases of vaxxing deaths involve fatal heart attacks or strokes, and our vaccination drive began at the very end of 2020. So comparing that year’s fatality categories with those of 2021 might reveal an important pattern. The CDC aggregates such mortality statistics and I found some of them in the table of a 2021 JAMA publication:

Apparently there was a significant jump in heart disease deaths during 2020, rising by about 5% or 30,000 from the 2019 figure, while stroke deaths increased by 9,000 or 6%. Since the vaccination drive hadn’t yet begun, it could not have been responsible, so the most likely explanation was that patients avoided medical treatment for fear of Covid, or perhaps that over-burdened hospitals were unable to provide their usual level of care.

My article had noted that although the separate mortality statistics had historically been provided annually, the Covid epidemic led the government to begin producing them on a monthly basis for release by the CDC, and I located a useful chart on the Health System Tracker website summarizing these. Six months of additional data have now greatly strengthened my previous conclusions:

As we can see, there has clearly been no significant rise in fatal strokes or heart attacks since the beginning of our vaccination drive. The Statista website provides this same information in numerical form, and I’ve now updated it to the end of 2021, allowing the pre-vaccination and post-vaccination periods to be compared:

MonthStrokeHeart AttackMonthStrokeHeart Attack

Combining these two mortality categories, the average daily deaths for March to December were 2,530 during 2020 and 2,499 during 2021, representing a decline of about 1%. So America’s overall rate of fatal strokes and heart attacks very slightly declined after the vaccination drive began.

Compare these extremely slight changes in heart attacks or strokes with the enormous increase in overall death rate after the Covid epidemic reached our country in 2021 as recorded by the CDC:

YearTotal Deaths

So total deaths in America rose by over a half million from 2019 to 2020, with the 2021 figures being even higher. This suggests that the Covid epidemic was responsible for well over a million additional American deaths during 2020-2021, compared to no noticeable rise in fatal strokes or heart attacks since the start of America’s massive vaccination drive.


When I’ve brought these discordant facts to the attention of my anti-vaxxer interlocutors, they’re sometimes rejected our government mortality data as entirely fraudulent. They claim that huge numbers of Americans are indeed currently dying from the vaccines, but this grim reality is being concealed by our dishonest officials at the CDC.

I suppose that’s possible, but if all our government statistics regarding total American deaths must be disregarded, surely the same applies to birth rates and the raw population figures of the US Census and their racial subtotals. So perhaps America’s true population is only 200 million rather than the 330 million we are led to believe. Maybe 40% of Americans are black rather than merely 12%, a possibility that would certainly be suggested by the coverage of the Arts section of my morning New York Times during the last couple of years.

Disputing official mortality or population figures is hardly confined to anti-vaxxers. For example, some of the commenters on my website are die-hard Maoists, who fervently deny the reality of the gigantic famine produced by Mao’s Great Leap Forward, which most historians believe took perhaps 35 million lives during 1959-1961. When they’ve argued that the alleged famine was merely Western propaganda concocted by the CIA, I’ve pointed out that if you look at China’s 1982 population pyramid, you see a gigantic “hole” around the time of those events, suggesting that many, many millions of children, infants, and newborns must have died of starvation, while fertility rates also dropped to very low levels for similar reasons.

China population pyramid as of 3rd National Census day on July 1, 1982
China population pyramid as of 3rd National Census day on July 1, 1982

The pro-Maoist response to this evidence has been to claim that all the official Chinese population statistics for the last few decades have been fraudulent, concocted by the PRC government in order to pretend that China had suffered an enormous famine during those years. But if the figures from China’s population census are actually fake, how can we believe any of the other official statistics from the world’s largest country? Surely economic statistics are far more easily manipulated by a dishonest government than the simple size of the national population.


Moreover, our own die-hard anti-vaxxers are faced with additional logical difficulties. Unlike their Maoist counterparts, they must also explain why virtually every other country in the world has roughly the same view of the Covid epidemic and the vaxxing issue as do our own leaders in DC.

For nearly five months, America and its NATO allies have been supporting Ukraine in what amounts to a deadly proxy war against Russia. We have seized $300 billion in Russian government wealth, our military commanders have bragged of their role in killing Russian generals, and prominent senators have called for the assassination of Russian President Vladimir Putin. We have never been closer to the brink of World War III.

Yet despite operating on the very edge of a global nuclear holocaust, the Russian and American governments have still maintained quite similar views on Covid and vaxxing, as have the leaders of China, Iran, Israel, and every other mutually-hostile country in the world. Have Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates somehow secretly hypnotized all these different national leaders into such lock-step agreement?

Or take the example of a small but well-run country on the other side of the planet. As an isolated island, New Zealand quickly implemented strong public health measures and a travel quarantine, thereby avoiding any serious Covid outbreak prior to the availability of vaccines. With strong government support, the population has now been overwhelmingly vaxxed with Pfizer, at a rate far higher than that of the U.S. Yet there has been no noticeable rise in the national death rate, an anomaly difficult for the anti-vaxxers to explain. Are the New Zealanders somehow immune to the deadly vaccines that are (secretly) killing such an enormous number of Americans?

A longtime commenter on my website from Iceland has provided very similar evidence.


Unfortunately, I think these extremist predictions of hundreds of millions of vaxxing deaths may lead most people to ignore or dismiss far more measured vaxxing criticism. For example, in his outstanding #1 Amazon bestseller, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. persuasively documented the severe corruption in American public health policy over the last few decades, including the blatant malfeasance surrounding the marketing of vaccines.

Medical evidence suggests that younger individuals are relatively immune to the ill-effects of Covid infections, and the massive propaganda campaign to vaccinate them, let alone infants and children, seems very doubtful to me, possibly being based more on ideological or financial considerations than medical needs. The same may be true for vaccination mandates in general.

But this legitimate criticism of the reigning pro-vaxxer extremism is greatly undercut by the wild rhetoric of many anti-vaxxers, whose outrageous claims do a severe disservice to their own cause. Given that pro-vaxxer elements almost totally control the commanding heights of media, politics, academia, and technology, anti-vaxxers can ill afford such public blunders, which serve to sabotage their own campaign. I think many anti-vaxxers are the worst enemies of the anti-vaxxer cause.


Taking this argument a step further, I’ve sometimes had my own suspicions about the origins of the entire anti-vaxxer movement, which seemed to suddenly appear from almost nowhere early in 2021. One could easily formulate a “conspiratorial” explanation for its sudden rise.

Consider that according to the official narrative, Covid has now killed at least 15 million people around the world, including more than a million Americans, an unprecedented global public health disaster.

Meanwhile, for well over two years, there’s been almost overwhelming evidence that the Covid outbreak was due to an American biowarfare attack against China (and Iran), just as the Iranians had claimed at the time.

All of the very considerable evidence of American guilt was available in the establishment MSM, and therefore could not easily be denied.

So how to conceal these remarkable facts? So long as the MSM itself avoided connecting the dots or considering obvious, logical possibilities, most “respectable” people would never entertain the idea. But there also exist many thousands of determined conspiracy-activists, who are always looking for suspicious examples of governmental criminality, and how could they be diverted? More than a dozen years ago Obama official Cass Sunstein had famously suggested that the best way to defeat “conspiracy theorists” was to have the government or its allies actively promote a wide range of their own conspiratorial theories, especially ridiculous ones, thereby contaminating and discrediting the plausible accusations that they actually feared.

When a mysterious, dangerous virus suddenly struck both China and Iran at the peak of American international hostility toward those countries, the most obvious possibility could best be concealed by releasing a swarm of other theories, mutually contradictory though they might be. Perhaps a Chinese lab accidentally leaked a Covid virus bioweapon or Covid doesn’t exist or viruses don’t exist or Covid isn’t dangerous or Covid vaccines are part of a diabolical plot by Bill Gates to exterminate most of the human race. And sure enough, that plethora of competing conspiratorial notions has completely absorbed the attention of nearly all those conspiratorially-minded individuals who fall outside the ideological mainstream.

As a result, for more than two years social media and podcasts have been awash with almost every possible permutation of Covid conspiracy or anti-vaxxing belief. Yet earlier this year when I began doing video interviews with alternative podcasters presenting the very considerable evidence of an American biowarfare attack, I was surprised to discover that most of them had never previously encountered that obvious scenario.

When obvious ideas about such important matters are suddenly made available for the first time, they may attract large audiences, and my presentations on Rumble have now been viewed well over 700,000 times, including nearly 200,000 views since the beginning of this month.

Perhaps at some point, other writers or podcasters in the alternative media will finally become willing to discuss this important possibility.

Kevin Barrett, FFWN • February 16, 2022 • 15m

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Geopolitics & Empire • February 1, 2022 • 75m

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Red Ice TV • February 3, 2022 • 130m

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