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I attach below my own analysis of the current difficulties in the Middle East, which ran in this morning’s Sacramento Bee. I do not doubt that many readers will find my words quite controversial.

The Middle East seems to attract controversy as easily as honey does flies. For example, Sen. James Inhofe, a prominent conservative Republican, recently suggested on the floor of the Senate that the devastating September 11th attacks against our country were partially the result of divine displeasure at America’s insufficiently strong support for the policies of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his biblical claims to the lands of Judea and Samaria, known to most of the world as the Palestinian West Bank.

Similarly, this morning’s column by Thomas Friedman in the New York Times quoted an Israeli Cabinet Minister as describing his relief at the secure location of his teenager daughter following a recent suicide-bombing: “Thank God, she’s safe. She’s in Auschwitz.”

Compared to such public statements, I fear that my own humble analysis surely represents merest milquetoast.

I also include a column from today’s San Jose Mercury News on a more minor local controversy of a slightly different type.

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  1. The first link ( should point to a piece entitled “The Loyal Opposition: Inhofe’s Pro-Apocalypse Foreign Policy”, by David Corn. It is dead, but that piece is available at both following addresses:

    The NYT link is working (Friedman’s article is entitled “Reeling, But Ready”).

    The third link is broken, but the text is reproduced in the next entry of this archive (

    Delevett’s piece could not be reached through your link; instead, go:

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