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Justice for Ahmaud Arbery?
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The convicted murderers of Ahmaud Arbery were sentenced yesterday. Travis McMichael, who is 35 and pulled the trigger, got life in prison with no possibility of parole. His 66-year-old father Greg, who was riding with him, got the same, so both will die in prison – barring appeal. William “Roddie” Bryan, 52, who drove separately and took a cellphone video of the fatal moments, got life with the possibility of parole after 30 years, when he will 82.

This is outrageous punishment for three men who clearly had no intention of killing or even harming anyone. Race was at the heart of this; if Arbery had been white, this case would surely never have gone to trial. I wrote a detailed account of the trial and verdicts here. These life sentences have to be understood in context.

The Satilla Shores neighborhood on the Georgia coast where the incident took place had seen a rash of petty crimes. Residents bought security cameras and stopped letting children play outside at night. Ahmaud Arbery was caught on video five times – mostly at night – wandering through a building under construction a few doors from where the McMichaels lived.

Twelve days before the shooting, Travis McMichael saw Arbery at the building. He got a gun, called police, and with another armed neighbor, searched the building, but Arbery was gone. The responding officer thanked the men for their vigilance and did not say they should not have been armed.

On the day of the shooting, Arbery was again at the building. A neighbor spotted him, and he sprinted away. The McMichaels saw him running, recognized him from videos, and chased him in their pickup. Travis, who had thought Arbery might be armed from the way he acted the first time he saw him, took a shotgun, and his father Greg had a pistol. They followed for five minutes, and several times came close enough to shout out the window, “Stop. We want to talk to you.” They called 911. At some point, Mr. Bryan joined the chase and took the video.

The McMichaels gave up following Arbery and parked in a place where they could get a good view of cross streets, so they could tell the police which way Arbery went. What happened next is on the video: Arbery could have run around their truck and kept going – he had already done that twice – or he could have turned off the road into unfenced land. Instead, he ran toward the pickup, darted around it, and made for Travis, who was holding a shotgun. The moment of contact is off camera, but the men are seen grappling for the gun as shots go off.

The first prosecutor on the case, George Barnhill, interviewed the three men, watched the video, and wrote a report to explain why he did not bring charges. He stated that the men were making a legal citizen’s arrest, were legally armed, and had probable cause to think Arbery was a burglar. Mr. Barnhill added, “[A]t the point Arbery grabbed the shotgun, under Georgia law, McMichael was allowed to use deadly force to protect himself.” Mr. Bryan later released the video, thinking it would calm blacks who were complaining that charges should be brought. Instead, there was outrage.

The ensuing trial was not fair. The judge refused to change venue. Throughout jury selection and all during the trial, blacks demonstrated, loudly demanding “justice for Ahmaud.” They marched through the neighborhood where Arbery was shot. Prominent blacks – Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Martin Luther King III – sat in the courtroom with Arbery’s mother; the defense called this jury intimidation. Black preachers formed a “prayer wall” outside the courthouse, and on at least one occasion, New Black Panthers patrolled with guns.

The judge, Timothy Walmsley, excluded all of the following evidence: Arbery had a record. He ran from police who saw he had a gun. He had shoplifting convictions, and had a reputation among store owners as “The Jogger,” who would steal and then run away. He was so volatile his mother called the police on him, warning that he might get violent. Arbery was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and put on Zyprexa, an anti-psychotic; it was not in his system on autopsy. There was a small amount of THC in his blood, which makes people with his condition irritable and impulsive. Arbery was on probation for two crimes when he was killed, which probably made him reluctant to talk about what he was doing in the building that day.

In the evidence admitted at trial there was nothing about race, but in her closing argument, Prosecutor Linda Dunikoski claimed that Arbery was shot “because he was a black man running down the street.” A jury of nine white women, two white men and one black man took only 10 hours to find Travis guilty of “malice murder” — the Georgia equivalent of first-degree, premeditated murder. The law assumes malice when “all the circumstances of the killing show an abandoned and malignant heart.” Gregory was found guilty of “felony murder,” which is a lesser charge, but carries the same penalty of a minimum of 30 years and possible life. Mr. Bryan was also found guilty of “felony murder,” because he tried to box Arbery in with his pickup.

At the time of the killing, Georgia had a broad citizens’ arrest law – since gutted by the state legislature and denounced by Gov. Brian Kemp as “a Civil War-era law ripe for abuse.” It is legal to carry weapons in Georgia. It is legal to drive alongside someone and ask him to stop and talk. It is legal to use deadly force if you have good reason to think your life is in danger. The prosecution argued that since the McMichaels had gone looking for Arbery they could not then claim self-defense. Does that mean Travis was supposed to let Arbery beat him to death or take away his shotgun and shoot him?

Should the men have got off Scott free? District Attorney Barnhill though so. Mr. Bryan certainly should have walked away. And if the McMichaels are guilty of anything, they certainly don’t have “abandoned and malignant” hearts and don’t deserve to die in prison.

At yesterday’s sentencing, Arbery’s family gave what the New York Times called “wrenching” victim statements. His sister Jasmine said the three men thought Arbery was a “dangerous criminal” because of his dark skin and curly hair. Arbery’s father said the men “lynch[ed] my son in broad daylight” and denounced “their evil and hate.” Arbery’s mother, Wanda Cooper-Jones, said that raising him was “the honor of my life,” adding that the three men “were fully committed to their crime” and “chose to target my son because they didn’t want him in their community. . . . When they couldn’t sufficiently scare him or intimidate him, they killed him.”

We expect emotional, imaginative stuff from black victims, but not from judges. Judge Walmsley agreed with Miss Cooper-Jones, and said, “I kept coming back to the terror that must have been in the young man running through Satilla Shores.” He called for a minute of silence in the courtroom and asked everyone to imagine the horror of running for your life for that long. “Ahmaud Arbery was then hunted down and shot,” he added.

This is as fanciful as anything the family said. If the men wanted to kill Arbery, they could have shot him at any time during those five minutes. Instead, they called 911. The judge called the video “absolutely chilling.”

Judge Walmsley was in the courtroom and heard all the evidence; I wasn’t there. Nor is a judge supposed to be intimidated by demonstrations, Black Panthers with rifles, prayer walls, and black celebrities in the courtroom, but I am shocked. Those men – none with a criminal record and two with law-enforcement training – were trying to keep their neighborhood safe. There is no reason to think they wanted to hurt Arbery, and Travis did not fire until he was in a fight for his gun – and, he thought, for his life.

Travis McMichael splashed with Arbery’s blood after his close encounter with Arbery. When an officer asked if he was alright, he replied, “I’m not alright. I just shot someone.”
Travis McMichael splashed with Arbery’s blood after his close encounter with Arbery. When an officer asked if he was alright, he replied, “I’m not alright. I just shot someone.”

At sentencing, Prosecutor Linda Dunikosky said Arbery was “trapped” and had no choice but to turn and fight. Wrong. He could have run in any direction and not been shot – but he would probably would have been arrested.

State-imposed life sentences aren’t enough for these men. All three now face federal “hate crime” charges because they allegedly “used force and threats of force to intimidate and interfere with Arbery’s right to use a public street because of his race.” That trial begins February 7, and the men face up to life in prison – again – and six-figure fines.

The New York Times says Miss Cooper-Jones is “bracing herself” for the ordeal of another trial. Really? I think she is looking forward to it. The feds asked her if she would accept a plea deal, in which the McMichaels would get federal sentences of 30 years and no trial if they admitted they had been motivated by hate. She said no. “I’ll be there every day,” she said. “They need to answer to those charges as well.”

What, one wonders, is she living on that lets her sit in court every day, as she did during the state trial? She has filed a civil suit for millions of dollars against the three men, and against the original prosecutors who did not bring charges, but that payday is far off.

The McMichaels are on hard times. The two men were living with Leigh McMichael, who is Greg’s wife and Travis’s mother. The family was reportedly deep in debt even before the Arbery incident because of Leigh’s cancer and “overwhelming medical bills.” Leigh has worked as a hospice nurse. She sobbed as she testified at trial for the defense, and was present with daughter Lindsey McMichael for the verdict. They were described afterwards as “devastated.” There were no family members at the sentencing.

Has the “close-knit” Satilla Shores community stood by Mrs. McMichael or is she a pariah? Travis has a five-year-old son; what does he think of any of this? How will Leigh McMichael take care of him in a household that has lost two wage-earners? Has she thought about crowd funding? We can be sure there will be no sympathetic media profiles.

At yesterday’s sentencing, prosecutor Linda Dunikoski asked the judge not to allow the three convicted men “to make any money off of their actions such as a book deal, a movie deal, social media deal, or anything,” adding that any money they ever make should go to the Arbery family. Judge Walmsley said he would think about it.

After the verdict, Miss Cooper-Jones emerged from the courthouse to loud cheers and was photographed in a line with black supporters, all with their arms raised like boxing champions. Dozens of black-clad Panthers marched outside with black rifles. Needless to say, the right people are reveling in the sentences. One tabloid on the reactions titled its story “Go To Jail, Then Hell.”

At the time of the verdict, the McMichaels’ lawyers said, “These are two men who honestly believe that what they were doing was the right thing to do.” No one seems to be saying that now, and if anyone – even one conservative commentator – has said a good word for these men, I haven’t heard it.

I keep thinking about Travis McMichael’s little boy. What will his life be like? Will he grow up a proud, tough Southerner who had to fight for his family’s honor against every bully who called his father and grandfather “racist killers”? Or will he change his name and slink away – and spend his life groveling? I’m afraid I know the answer.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Exile says:

    Great piece. It takes a great deal of time, money and effort to oppress Whites to the degree that trials and verdicts like this are possible. Everything we do to keep the spotlight on these abuses makes it that much harder for anti-Whites to keep doing this and it hardens the hearts of a few more Whites to the realities they don’t want to face.

    • Agree: Luus Kanin
    • Replies: @Rich
    , @soUNsimitik
    , @W
    , @Anonymous
  2. Roger says:

    The judge made a big point that the defendants took the law into their own hands. Okay, maybe they did. But they got Life plus 20 years! Plus federal charges.

  3. The ‘Satilla Three’ are political prisoners, just like Derek Chauvin.

    There’s still the matter of the lying black skunk on Chauvin’s jury.

  4. Will the United States still be around in 30 years? Will there still be a functioning government to carry out the sentence?

    This was a show trial. Western governments that do show trials don’t have long histories.

    A fund raiser should be started for the family. We need unity in these times.

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
  5. Ghali says:

    The convicted murderers of Ahmaud Arbery got less than what they deserved. These white cowards should have got the death penalty. They murdered a young man senselessly.
    Whatever Arbery did, there was no need to kill him. Citizen arrest was enough, But America is a barbaric racist society.

  6. Armed Robbery killed himself.

    Those men should not have been charged.

  7. @Beavertales

    I watched video of Aubery – down by the railway tracks ( A known drug place) where he was questioned by a lone police Officer. Three times during the 15minute encounter Aubery put his hands into his pockets/ – the officer had to tell don’t do that or i will shoot. Anyway good information but Aubery’s record had him bringing a gun to a high school basketball match.
    The Judge was a joke and the link i show you says he was a coward. The Judge refused to explain to the jury the citizens arrest law, which with proper instructions would have seen a jury return a different verdict. Then again the US is so fu*ked up now it would really matter. Anyway two great thought provoking stories. The appeal should see the the orignal trial overturned, here’s hoping anyway.

  8. This was a Soviet show trial. Not the only one of course, just the latest. Even if you fully believe they are guilty, how can anyone actually believe that a show trial with a pre-determined outcome, wrapped in anti-white racism, with no allowance for even the slightest divergence from the script, be acceptable justice? There was very open and accepted threat of violence against all participants and the United States itself, if the script and arranged outcome was not followed through on. The injustice is greater than just this case alone, because Soros, Rosenberg, and their fellow tribesmen, our Talmudic masters, have used this case and the several others, as well as the recent riots, metoo, etc., of the last few years to establish Anarcho-Tyranny. All goyim have been told–“you are at our mercy, you troublesome goyim, and you are going to do what we say, when we say it, and how ever we say to do whatever it is we want, without hesitation or question. You have no rights. And your very thought can and will be used against you as criminal violation.”

    We are symbolically in a perpetual Purim–that seems to be our Anarcho-Tyranny. Everyday Talmudics writing decrees, the 13th and 14th of Adar taking place in a variety of differing manifestations, followed by “celebration and proclamation.”

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  9. utu says:

    Convictions were correct but sentences are too stiff. 25 to life with possibility of parole would be adequate for father and son and 10 years for the rearguard cameraman.

    • Disagree: Chester, anarchyst
    • Replies: @Bernie
  10. Will the United States still be around in 30 years? Will there still be a functioning government to carry out the sentence?

    Every decent man hopes otherwise.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @anonymous
  11. @Roger

    In the old Western jurisprudence, it was the people who had the law in their hands. They deputized the police to do their job for them. Only France said something different, but there too, in practice, citizens’ role was bigger.

    • Replies: @Sebastian Hawks
  12. Anonymous[248] • Disclaimer says:

    They shoulda stayed they ass home. It’s perfectly normal to poke around in (and yes, urinate in) a house under construction. It wasn’t their construction site. They screwed up but the first prosecutor was right, the case should not have gone to trial. But the important thing is that Negros feel good.

    … never relax.

    • Replies: @Don Unf
    , @anarchyst
  13. Jared Taylor does not approve of what was done to these three white victims.

    Why then does Taylor begin by condemning the three whites as “convicted murderers“?

    • Replies: @based305
    , @Curmudgeon
  14. conatus says:

    One of the few comments about a travesty of justice.
    And what will the Legacy Press say next time a woman is raped on the subway in Philadelphia?
    You bystanders  shouldda!…couldda!!…
    Hah! with justice like this it is obvious we are all on our own against civilizational disorder.
    The lesson is: Good Samaritans look away! mind your own business, especially if the suspect is a POC.

    Fox channel is good, dont get me wrong, it is the best of the worst.
    However, Fox has spent a lot of air time Rah-Rahing Rittenhouse and very little airtime discussing this.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Rando
  15. Anonymous[124] • Disclaimer says:

    Whites will continue to be handed stoolburgers as long as they continue to ingest same.

    A mbutu cop, careless with guns (having left one in a bathroom!), murdered an unarmed, white, female vet on Jansix. Whites did not protest. Whites did not rally. Whites did not support a fellow white.

    RESULT: nothing happened to the shooter.

    Meanwhile, three white men attempted to corral a nig-nog “jogger” known to case sites to later burgle. Sambo fled in combat boots, eventually turning to attack one white holding a gun. As Tar Baby grabbed the barrel, it discharged. Blacks chimped-out. Blacks raised stinks.

    RESULT: all three powerful, oppressive, white patriarchal princes were sentenced to death-by-jail for the sin of being melanin-impaired.

    LESSON: White Christians need to unite and fight AS white Christians. Because that’s how and why they’re attacked.

    Much white demonization comes from Juden: Soros, Singer, Adelson, Steyer, Sussman, Wojcicki, Brin, Zuckerberg, ADL, ACLU, Snopes, SPLC, etc. Yet Taylor refuses to Name-the-Nose. He chooses not to call out Chosenites. He fears publicly condemning the most powerful, punitive, and perennial haters of goyim. Thus Caucasianphobia and antijesusism proceed apace, unhindered by white resistance (much less punishment).

    FACT: nothing will change…save for things to worsen for whites who refuse to beat back bullies.

  16. Leaving aside the sentences, and concerning just the two armed men, I don’t consider them victims of anything but themselves, their own self image as righteous vigilantes. This attempt to make them victims of the system is a pathetic fail.

    • Replies: @Cauchemar du Singe
  17. El Dato says:

    Looks like the can of blacks trashing the place in anger has been kicked down the road again by a corrupt procedure.

    Sill, the judge being clearly partisan, how about trying to obtain a mistrial declaration?

  18. @Roger

    “Taking the law into their own hands” would mean putting a noose on the jogger
    and dragging him behind the pickup until there´s nothing left –
    and indeed this is what they were convicted of; however the question it boils down
    to is Were they within their right to stop a suspect? and even the judge conceded
    as much.

  19. I know little more about this case than the author chronicled but it sounds about right from what I had initially read. My bat-radar went off immediately when it was mentioned that there were nine women on the jury. Knowing just that, does anyone seriously think that the verdict could have any different? I mean seriously. The defendants would have been much better off if there were 12 solid citizen black men. They have less tolerance for these types of ‘martyrs’ than average folk.

    As a side note, I threw up in my mouth when I read in a Canadian newspaper that a statue of Robert E. Lee, recently removed would be placed in the custody of a black history museum and it would be up to them to decide it’s fate.

    Now I am not American but I read history and have always had the opinion that Robert E Lee represented about the best example of American manhood there ever was. Ability, honour, chivalry, all of it. For his memory to be besmirched and humiliated in such a fashion I am angrier at the ones that didn’t prevent it than the ones that perpetrated it.

    The perps are professional agitators and their followers are mentally ill or for the politicians cynical opportunists so I can almost understand their actions. But for regular ‘patriotic’ Americans to sit by and watch this happen I have no sympathy whatsoever.

    For me this resembled a symbolic death and quite honestly saddened me.


    • Replies: @Rooster12
  20. Jared Taylor writes that the pursuers “called 911.” Assuming he means before the shooting, then that fact alone should have gone a long way to show good faith on the pursuers’ part. It is rare, is it not? for people intending to commit a “malice murder” to first call 911.

    • Agree: Wake up
    • Replies: @Tucker
  21. Rooster12 says:
    @Timur The Lame

    Right now it’s Lee’s statue, but pretty soon it will be Lincoln statues, followed by anyone that is White statues. This is what a darkening American demographic looks like. You have a race of people that have been told for their entire lives that all the problems they have can be attributed to White people. Therefore as they gain more power, their goal is retribution. They don’t care about what Lee stood for, or what facts lie in the history books, they only care about their own race and getting revenge. Things will only continue to get worse from here on out, don’t look for logic to be involved in any of it.

    • Agree: AceDeuce, europeasant
    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  22. R.C. says:

    I believe they had the right to rely on the citizen’s arrest law at that time which was eviscerated as a result of this. To do otherwise would violate the concept of ex post facto laws being forbidden.
    That scumbag had logical choices of stop or run. Instead, he grabbed the business end of a shotgun. Stupid is as it does.
    I thought that there were tw0 or three? prosecutors who refused to bring charges before PC bitch came on the scene.
    Finally, back when this happened, I seem to recall his name being called Aubrey. What happened to that and how was it used for the first month or so after this? My guess is illiteracy at home.

  23. Wake up says:

    I’m sure this Judge lives in a safe, secure overwhelmingly White community, without “Joggers” like Ahmaud Arbery running by.

  24. Hans says:

    LOL! What color reader are you on. Brown? Blue? Keep trying.

    At worst a manslaughter conviction if the jury was terrified/real dumb. The judge should be removed from the bench permanently.

    • Replies: @GetCynical
  25. anon[284] • Disclaimer says:

    Why did that jackass film the encounter? Talk about self incriminating!

    • Replies: @Avery
  26. Don Unf says:

    It’s perfectly normal to poke around in (and yes, urinate in) a house under construction.

    This wasn’t some commercial construction site in the city that people could just happen upon, it was in a suburban area with no sidewalks. He did not just repeatedly happen onto that site. Regardless, at no point was it ever lawful or acceptable for him to do so. He was a burglar and petty crook, he wasn’t there for a tour, he wasn’t there for a drink or to pee.

    It wasn’t their construction site.

    It was their neighbors home, in their neighborhood, that was being stalked and burglarized for several months, with Arbery figuring as the prime suspect, one caught on video multiple times. Their citizens arrest was lawful and warranted, though probably unwise, as they didn’t realize that they live in a nation where they no longer have the same rights as Arbery, due to their being White and him being black. They should have known their place and not have expected equal rights and treatment.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
    • Replies: @InnerCynic
  27. If anything, this whole ugly interlude really puts into focus the disgusting mess of a so-called justice system we inherited from Judaism, which prizes vengeance above all things, and its offspring Christianity, which is positively manic about ferreting out sin and punishing the hell out of sinners. This little pack of hunting primates caught the wrong prey, and for a few minutes of following their primeval instincts, they must now forfeit their liberty for the rest of their natural lives. There is no justice in that sentence, no more than there was anything praiseworthy about them snuffing out the life of their victim. Two wrongs do not make a right.

  28. Realist says:

    Will the United States still be around in 30 years?

    Very doubtful.

    • Replies: @Alej Marcos
  29. Realist says:

    Fox channel is good, dont get me wrong, it is the best of the worst.

    So very true.

  30. Realist says:

    As long as Whites allow this crap…it will continue.

    • Replies: @Gordo
  31. I thank you for explaining this case. I only payed brief attention to it. I was reminded of the military man that accosted a young black man walking through his dead end cul de sac. Living in Seattle we see first hand what these “hunters & gatherers” are doing. We experience it more than usual.
    These men stood and tried to rid the community of this creep that was not in line with competent behavior. Roust him, not kill him.
    Hindsight is always 20/20 but truth is quite out of focus and blotted out more and more.
    If we all do not demand truth in everything, then there is truth in nothing. Even testimony by the prosecutors & judges is intentionally deceptive. Only God can help us.

  32. Anonymous[135] • Disclaimer says:

    Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn from the The Gulag Archipelago:

    “In the Criminal Code of 1926 there was a most stupid Article 139 – ‘on the limits of necessary self-defense’—according to which you had the right to unsheath your knife only after the criminal’s knife was hovering over you. And you could stab him only after he had stabbed you. And otherwise you would be the one put on trial. (And there was no article in our legislation saying that the greater criminal was the one who attacked someone weaker than himself.) This fear of exceeding the measure of necessary self-defense lead to total spinelessness as a national characteristic. A hoodlum once began to beat up the Red Army man Aleksandr Zakharov outside a club. Zakharov took out a folding penknife and killed the hoodlum. And for this he got….ten years for plain murder! ‘And what was I supposed to do?’ he asked, astonished. Prosecutor Artsishevsky replied: “You should have fled!” So tell me, who creates hoodlums?”

    Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn
    The Gulag Archipelago, Volume 2: An Experiment in Literary Investigation, 1918-1956

  33. Sean says:

    Judge Walmsley agreed with Miss Cooper-Jones, and said, “I kept coming back to the terror that must have been in the young man running through Satilla Shores.”

    Arbery went at a man brandishing a shotgun. Not only that he continues to wrestle after having his arm blown apart. Arbery was not terrified, he was enraged.

    This is outrageous punishment for three men who clearly had no intention of killing or even harming anyone.

    “Malice Murder” in Georgia does not require intention to kill (neither does felony murder which is the only other murder charge in the state). The sentence for both is 30 years before eligible for parole, if the judge decides to allow parole.

    They messed with the wrong guy. The biggest idiot in all this is Mr. Bryan who took the video and them published it. Thirty years!

    • LOL: Chester
    • Replies: @Katrinka
  34. based305 says:

    your family still shits in the street where you are from, so remember without white people and this country you would be as well. I’m sure you still remember the taste of that monkey that terrorized your village. always remember that taste.

  35. Bernie says:

    Arbery went out of his way to attack a man with a gun. They should not be spending a day in jail. But they are white so …

    • Replies: @Avery
  36. based305 says:
    @A little boy in the crowd

    even though Taylor is controlled opposition and will never point to the actual source of most barbaric, negrocentric movements, he was being descriptive. They are all considered convicted murderers now.

  37. What kept the state persecutors from going after (and getting) the death penalty? LWOP in this case is so cruel and unusual a punishment as to warrant wondering why they stopped there? Will federal persecutors not stop until the father and son are strapped down together for a double execution by lethal injection? Will that “great day for freedom” (says President Harris) be as public as their atrocious show trial? God be with these innocent men.

  38. based305 says:

    so true king. It makes what E Michael Jones says all the more powerful, and in fact, becomes quite persuasive when put into today’s context. Our white identity is becoming more prescient for different reasons.

    That’s why Nicholas J Fuentes is the future.

    If you haven’t, check him out anywhere you can find a long form discussion or an episode of his show.

    • Replies: @TinderBoxClownWorld
  39. Avery says:

    What I heard is that he filmed it to protect himself.
    He showed it to his first attorney to “prove” it was “self defense”.
    The attorney leaked it.

    He and the other 2 are Big Time DumbAsses for sure, in multiple ways.
    Hard to believe 3 men of those ages could act like juveniles.

    • Replies: @Sean
  40. blacks do this kind of shit to each other all day every day …..Who cares. Why should I give a shit about Arbery. He was a criminal,he wasn’t “jogging”…he got caught doing what he isn’t supposed to be doing. So,like a typical whiny Karen black POS, he flips out because he got caught. He was stealing from that neighborhood for months. Scoping for his fellow POS black posse. blacks lie thru their teeth 24/7….All those black fools know that Arbery was a lying thieving POS. Because that’s what blacks are. Since Whitey is so cowed now , blacks know they can LITERALLY get away with murder, rape, assault,robbery. You have black LOW IQ trash DA’s letting every black criminal go just because they are black. Well, guess what , THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO GET NEGRO> keep looking for trouble and you will find it. This loser wasn’t jogging. He was nogging.

    • Agree: CelestiaQuesta, Bernie
    • Replies: @anon
  41. Avery says:

    {Arbery went out of his way to attack a man with a gun. }

    The 3 convicted murderers went out of their way to chase down — for 5 minutes — corner, and murder a jogger who was at best — at best — suspected of burglary. Not attacking or causing any physical harm to another human being. Did not break into their houses. Did not bother them in any way. The 3 left the safety of their houses and went on a “hunt”. Idiot Travis even left his infant son alone in the house to go on a “N_____ Hunt”: talk about a guy who should not be a father. (poor kid: grow up without father).

    All their BS arguments about so-called “self-defense”, “citizens arrest”, etc were demolished by the DA. Travis hung himself when he testified.

    Go watch the trial vids: you’ll learn something.
    They got what they deserved: death in prison.
    Just deserts.

    [Ga. judge gives powerful statement before sentencing Ahmaud Arbery killers to life]

  42. @Ghali

    Clearly you do not know any of the facts. I honestly feel bad for you. I feel bad for anyway that lives in a hole, has lost the ability to think logically and rationally and believes media lies. Hope you get help.

  43. Rich says:

    Trouble is, it’s Whitey’s tax dollars that pay to prosecute Whitey. It’s sickening that not one White person o that jury was willing to stand up for his own people. Dixie is dead.

    • Replies: @europeasant
  44. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    It seems that the McMichaels were calling cops to report the intruder but they failed to curb the perps behavior, so, let the negligent police go to the slammer instead of the three men.

  45. @Rooster12

    When they finally do tear down all the statues and gain enough seats in political office, the country will look like a combination of Liberia, Calcutta, and Tijuana, with trash strewn streets, failing power grids, crumbling infrastructure, Zimbabwe like inflation, and they’ll still blame whitey for their failures.

  46. Maddaugh says:

    As I have said in previous comments to the consternation of many, this is self preservation society. Try to help/ protect your neighbours and you put yourself in danger. You may spend hours explaining to the Police who are NOT your friends ! You may be innocent , just a witness or bystander and still end up jailed and broke.

    The White Bros, protecting their “hood, now rot in jail and forgotten by the neighbours who seem to give a shit.

    Some prudent rules:
    >Stay away from Blacks. If not always possible avoid them completely.
    >Be aware when they are around especially when there is more than one
    >Let the Police deal with them. That is their job whether they like to do it or not
    >You risk your neck defending other people/their property.
    >No one in the legal system is your friend.

    This does not mean you will not vigorously defend yourself, family or property. It means mind your own business. It should be obvious that Afros are a protected species in the US, like some animals. However they do not understand that Black Militias or whatever, one day people are going to call their bluff.

    The participants in the legal system play their games and justice means diddly to them. They care only about themselves. You must do the same. I have faith in the country but for whites the time is going to come when they will have to stand up OR for those with the financial wherewithal, move out of the country.

    Sad to say but in the end the only person who cares about you and yours is YOU.

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @europeasant
  47. Sean says:

    I think he thought he could make money off of it. He got the rest of his life in prison instead.

    The cops knew better ihan to chase down crazies in that atmosphere like the McMichael’s did.

    Agree: “Travis hung himself when he testified.”

  48. MrDarcy says:

    Applying the prosecutor’s theory of the case to George Floyd, the person who took that inflammatory video is guilty of murder.

    • Agree: Automatic Slim
  49. All of this is the result of the Jewish Civil Rights Acts of the 1960s.

    These (((Acts))) are White peoples “Treaty of Versailles” under which we have no rights.

    Jews used their money, media power, control of congress and brought tyranny down upon us. Jews are the problem.

    • Replies: @Katrinka
  50. anon[806] • Disclaimer says:

    its hard to have sympathy for noggers emotionally/instinctually just by LOOKING at them. how far gone are so many white goyim in JewSA that they take the side of these chimps? next thing you know we’ll have a WASP cuckservative faggot talking about “Democratz be da real racists n shiet”. remember Trumpstein’s pandering to niggers while they were rioting/murdering? this cuntry deserves all thats coming.

    • Replies: @dindunuffins
  51. Liberals are fearful of black criminality which is why they strive so diligently to punish the poor white peasants who oppose their criminality.

    Of course, this judge prolly lives in an all white neighborhood…

  52. Why use cameras? It’s dumb. We live in anarcho-tyranny and goodwhites need to get a clue. No records, no photos, no video. Invest in shovels. You can get a good shovel at Walmart for \$18.20. If you get caught digging a hole at night, simply lie and say you are burying your dead cat. Everyone comes out happier.

    • Agree: Gordo
  53. @Avery

    “Jogger” lol

    I thought this dindu was just checking out the tools of an ongoing construction project. Gonna be an architect or home builder someday, this dindu.

  54. I get Ahmaud Arbery was no innocent black baby. He looted construction sites. However the McMichaels did not own any of these construction sites. Did they ever have the rule of law behind them given they initiated the contact on property they didn’t own? Not a lawyer but think the answer is no. As much as I like guns, too many low IQ types use their guns to play real life cops. The fact that cops don’t work for us seems to totally alludes too many whites. Ahmaud Arbery was allowed to loot by authorities due to them not being interested for whatever reason in his crime. Anarcho tyranny at its finest. I doubt to this day the Mc Michaels have figure this out.

    • Agree: El Dato
    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  55. Stryker’s Questions

    1. Why do American blacks seem to have more mental disorders on average (schizophrenia for example or schizoid disorders like Arbery) than African immigrants? What causes American blacks (More than Africans) to have high instances of mental disorder?

    2. Who feeds an Arbery? How do they eat? He certainly looked well-fed. Since he had no job, how did he get enough money to eat well. Why are African-Americans poor but always well-fed compared to poor whites?

    3. Why a shotgun? That is a cumbersome weapon with a high chance of going off. Why not a handgun? It is far safer & the man was a police officer & knew this. Why wield a shotgun.

  56. @Exile

    Staged funded events for \$\$ & other such antics abound:

    • Replies: @W
  57. Your posting reeks of Jim Crow rhetoric. It’s interesting you didn’t mention that all three of the prosecuted regularly used racial slurs.

    You didn’t you put that fact in your article.


    Bigot/Racist/All the [email protected]

  58. Trinity says:

    I actually do believe the three Whites should have received stiff sentences, however, life without parole is a bit much. Think about this, the Black devil that threw the five year old White kid off a balcony in Minnesota only received 15 years. Obviously it is a miracle the poor kid survived but attempted murder is a failed attempt at intentional murder and it should be punished as severaly as murder. Which crime was more heinous? Arbery or the kid in Minnesota? The kid will live but his life is ruined. The kid was an innocent victim while Arbery was not. Blacks being treated unfairly by the Jewdicial system? Don’t make laugh or puke.

    • Replies: @Truth
  59. gotmituns says:

    Justice for Ahmaud Arbery?
    Only when White men start standing up for each other will there be any justice.

  60. Truth says:

    Ahmaud Arbery was caught on video five times – mostly at night – wandering through a building under construction a few doors from where the McMichaels lived.

    I’m afraid you column is foolish, once again, Old Sport…

    • Thanks: Mustapha Mond
    • Replies: @W
  61. jews are what they accuse others of being. This show trial and the “Get Whitey” crusade don’t happen to America if a certain tribe doesn’t exist in America.

  62. Truth says:

    Sad to say but in the end the only person who cares about you…is YOU.

    Well, on a micro level, I’d believe that’s the case in your personal life Rachel.

  63. They’ll appeal and win, but at least the “jogger” is [email protected]

  64. Truth says:

    life without parole is a bit much. Think about this, the Black devil that threw the five year old White kid off a balcony in Minnesota only received 15 years.

    the poor kid survived

    Full stop. There is no murder is the vicitim didn’t die.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  65. El Dato says:

    The 3 convicted murderers went out of their way to chase down — for 5 minutes — corner, and murder a jogger who was at best — at best — suspected of burglary.

    Well, they should have tasered him, put him into a net and off to the cops with it.

    instead, they film themselves doing the hunt then call the police.

    “Shoot, Shovel and Shut Up” if you are into these “chasing down” actions, especially those taking many minutes and talking to the soon-to-be dead guy.

  66. @Sick 'n Tired

    Nogs are feral animals. They don’t even wash their hands when they excrete – but, then again, the joos don’t either. Nogs are just the house pets of the ((termites)) as they wage war on Christian America. And whites take it and take it.

  67. geokat62 says:

    Telegram comment posted by Gab:

    “Destroy my country, take away my rights, and brainwash my kids, but please whatever you do don’t call me a racist!”

    The future belongs to those brave enough to be called names by their enemies in order to actually conserve something that matters.

    • Thanks: bruce county
  68. @Anonymous

    Every time this happens, whites need to attack the shitraelis. Don’t waste your time targeting the apes when we all know it’s the nose behind it.

  69. @Old and Grumpy

    I will concede it is a borderline case, and it should not be encouraged;
    “impersonating an officer” and “grievous bodily harm”, two years?

    This still leaves unaddressed what to do with “casing” joggers –
    a “Constitutional Right” as they claim it cannot very well be,
    as the imposition on the law-abiding is unjustifiable.

  70. Smarg says:

    Arbery was a thief, plain and simple.

    Starts with an “N”.

  71. Seneca44 says:
    @Sick 'n Tired

    To some degree, I think we’re already there in the US. Note the 24+ hours spent on I-95 by hundreds of people after a traffic accident last week. I was skiing yesterday and the lift stopped for a few minutes as it often does when someone has trouble entering or exiting it. I had to wonder that if and when the lift actually breaks, will we be stuck up there for a day or so until they can find the guy who can actually fix it?

  72. Fuzzbaby says:

    Three bozo clowns dummies got what they deserved. Considering the contemporary state of legal and social dynamics in this country it takes a real idiot to chase down and attempt to detain a black walking on a public street who is not harming anybody. Even if he did pocket a tool or trespass he still didn’t deserve to be chased down and shot by these gun toting flunkies. He didn’t owe them the courtesy of submission.
    Guy’s like these make a strong case against allowing 2nd amendment rights for those too feeble minded and stupid to act rationally and with reasonable judgement. Embeciles with guns is worse than no guns.

    • Troll: anarchyst
    • Replies: @Palerider1861
  73. El Dato says:
    @Facts Not Opinion

    Last month, prosecutors filed a notice of intent to use the “racial” texts and posts, which included a text Travis McMichael sent on March 16 and two “racial” posts on Facebook on June 15 and Aug. 22 — the latter of which was a highway video. It also included “racial” Facebook posts by Gregory McMichael and “racial” text messages extracted from the phone of Bryan, according to court documents.

    Crimethink, N-Calling and disrespect to the Samurai Class.

    The sentence shall be doubled.

  74. @col from OZ

    Citizen’s arrest for what? What crime had he committed then and there that necessitated any kind of arrest?

  75. Gordo says:

    As long as Whites allow this crap…it will continue.


    • Thanks: Realist
  76. What kind of a dumbass runs up on a man with a shotgun and tries to pull it out of his hands?

    Answer: A DEAD dumbass.

    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
    , @Truth
  77. 3g4me says:

    @2 Roger: What is ‘the law,’ other than an ethnically-related group of people’s cultural beliefs and will in written form? It’s not some mystical magic floating in the ether. Western law was traditionally based on English common law and Christian morality, with Napoleonic and Prussian influences. It’s been twisted and weaponized by Juice lawyers and turned against White people.

    White people who put their faith in ‘the law’ and the traditional institutions of this country are living in the past, thinking they still have a nation of their own. That was the mindset of the McMichaels. Same as the various Whites who’ve been prosecuted for trying to drive on roads that noggers have decided to block, from New York to Texas to Seattle. Any dealing with any civil authority puts White people at risk. Don’t volunteer for any charity or church. Don’t speak to any member of the badge gang or lawyer. Don’t vote. Secede from an occupying authority that hates you and wants your children dead. All else is folly and wasting time when time is short.

  78. Phibbs says:

    I hope white patriot militias are doubling in size every day. Then they can rise up and force the Jews, blacks, white liberals and LGBQT people either out of America or into certain areas of it. The sweetest moment will be when all of Washington D.C. is burned and then razed to the ground. Plutonium should be poured over all of it so the Israeli-Occupied Government can never rise again.

    • Agree: WSG
  79. The days when you could ride around America hunting negroes like wild beasts are long over. It seems some would wish them back but don’t want to say so outright and instead engage in legalese.

    • Troll: Automatic Slim
    • Replies: @WSG
  80. @Avery

    Yes, watch the video and see that Arbery was NOT cornered. Instead he had to cover a lot of ground as he ran TOWARD the McMichaels. Arbery regarded the father and son as inferiors since Arbery is racist, like most black men, and he was filled with a murderous rage that they dared to think they had a right to question him.

    Arbery knew he was perfectly safe, and not just because the McMichaels had been chasing him for 5 minutes with plenty of opportunity to fire at him if they wanted to hurt him while doing nothing more than try to talk. Arbery has lived his entire life experiencing the black privilege of getting deferential treatment from whites, and like most blacks he has probably sneered at the unwillingness of whites to fight back when they are presented with violence.

    Whites HAVE been bred to be nonviolent, as is most clearly shown by the fact that the father did not shoot Arbery as Arbery was in the process of attacking and trying to kill his son. Given that the McMichaels were reluctant to use violence, they should not have tried to keep Arbery from getting away. They miscalculated because they underestimated the violent racism and stupidity of Arbery. “Never draw your sword unless you are willing to use it.”

    Travis McMichael has lived his life being brainwashed into white guilt, and the only thing that enabled him to fight back was the reality of his imminent death.
    So at the point when Arbery grabbed the gun it became a fair fight.

    • Agree: Trinity, Bernie, Goddard
    • Replies: @Goddard
  81. Something tells me to never play act in a Hunt For Magik Negroz Reality Show. You’ll only incriminate yourself. I would just bait the hoodrat with KFC, throw a net over his black azz, take him to a remote location and dig a six foot hole (three if it’s hard ground) and bury him alive while eating his favorite meal.
    That’s the humane way, not hunting him like the savage he is.
    Remember, KFC when everything else fails.

  82. @troof in the stars

    They don’t even wash their hands when they excrete – but, then again, the joos don’t either.

    I wasn’t aware of that. Muslims wash themselves after taking a dump, so should they be held in higher esteem? And they help to save trees as unlike whites they don’t use paper but water.

  83. Rooster12 says:
    @Sick 'n Tired

    What you described is pretty close to what many major cities are like now. If you want a peak at the future, take a look at cities with high numbers of blacks, like Baltimore or Philadelphia. Failing schools, sky high crime rates, trash all over, very anti-White politics, corruption at all levels of government… eventually we’ll have all this and more at the national level when the demographics get even darker.

    • Agree: CelestiaQuesta
  84. @Old Brown Fool

    That’s one of many reasons they killed off the “western” on TV 50 years to give us “urban” and “youth” themed shows instead. A jury 50 years ago reared on westerns would have seen the truth of the situation with this scumbag Aubrey coming into that neighborhood to steal. Look at the vast difference with this case and just a few years back with the Trayvon Martin circus. I doubt Zimmerman would have been acquitted today. The good people are dying off being replaced by cretinous generations.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  85. Trinity says:

    Attempted murder, especially when it involves an innocent child, should be judged as a murder charge. The intent is the same so the punishment should be the same.

    • Replies: @Truth
  86. Nat X says:

    ROTFLMBAO!!!dem incels about to meet my buddy fleece Johnson!!!

  87. KenH says:

    This is the grossest miscarriage of justice in perhaps decades along with the Derek Chauvin trial and those two white Georgians who were sentenced to 20yrs in prison for brandishing a gun in self defense against blacks 4-5 years back.

    This is another great awokening farce of a trial and unjust verdict. The facts of the case really didn’t matter since race and the current political zeitgeist now take precedence over facts and evidence and whites will get screwed regardless of the evidence. Whites are never, ever given the benefit of the doubt. Reverse the races and this would not have gone to trial and the black McMichaels would maybe be given a slap on the wrist and probation.

    The irony is that if Mr. Bryan didn’t share the video with his defense attorney these three men likely would not have been put on trial or if they had it was unlikely to result in a conviction. At worst they may have had to plead down to a lessor offense and possibly 3-5 years in prison.

    But none of this would have happened had Republican Governor Brian Kemp not pulled a total Staci Abrams move and sicced the GBI and a special prosecutor on all three men as a result of the black and lefty Twitter mob. At that point the fix was in. Georgia voters may want to stay home this year since no matter what they get Staci Abrams.

    The prosecutor and judge were both vindictive partisan scum who held all three white defendants in utter contempt as evidenced by their statements while treating another piece of black criminal garbage like a scion of the community. It appears judge Walmsley is a country club Republican cuck who was virtue signaling to the radical left and black nationalists.

    The goal in this case wasn’t justice but to utterly destroy the lives of all three men and that of their families because they are white and are perceived to be “racists”. I’m done waving the flag and welcome the demise of this Jewish run shit hole of a country.

  88. Trinity says:

    Truth be told, while the White guys crossed the line, they might have saved someone from being raped or killed down the road. We definitely know that Arbery was a future convict in the making.

    • Replies: @KenH
  89. Remember this happened before covid and before the Summer of Floyd. The McMichaels didn’t realize how much America had changed. Furthermore, word came down from very high from the seat of power in America, the media rooms in NYC to railroad these guys. This was the first attempt to start off the color coded revolution in the streets against Trump, they later succeeded with the George Floyd incident. Going after these guys for the left was also going after Trump and White America who voted for him.

  90. @Robert Dolan

    A Dindu Nuffin Wakandian Magik Negro. The ones raised on the government slave plantation all their unwanted miserable fatherless life, taught by the Elders of Zion to be burn loot murder raping aspiring gangsta rappaz.
    Axe Troof, he noz wut imma talk’n bout.

  91. tejasbuck says:

    Until I read this article I never knew that there was a confrontation with the gun. The media made it sound like this guy was just running away and got shot in the back.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  92. @Rooster12

    Black, brown and even white criminal hoodrat thugs help in keeping overpaid and overly benefited LEO’s in business. It’s a racket that GlobalHomoZioBIGsRxMIC3BLM use to sustain their useless contribution to a civil society.
    Just look at any National or international police force.
    The dress the same.
    Act the same
    Abuse others the same
    Are all the same criminal thugs blaming others for their criminal incompetence and RICO Act global cartel crimes against humanity.

    • Agree: R.C.
    • Replies: @Rooster12
  93. @Ghali

    “America is a barbaric racist society.”

    Congratulations, you just reiterated the sentiments of 95% of black America. Clearly, if we’re all still racists 150 years after the abolition of slavery, we’re never going to get it.

    So effective immediately, all black and brown people must leave America so they may have better lives without being held back by Whitey. You could fit five Americas into the African continent, so I’m sure you’ll have plenty of opportunities to build Wakanda. Kenya’s probably already halfway there.

    Regarding the browns, it’s even easier. Mexico’s one of the top petroleum producers in the world, and you can drive there! Hasta la vista!

    Sorry for your constant oppression, but I see better things for all in our futures. Bye-bye, and don’t let the doot hit’cha where the Good Lord split’cha.

  94. Mike Tre says:

    And here you are, on an American website, seeking attention from that barbaric racist society. Your Envy burns.

  95. @tejasbuck

    The stupid negro actually ran up and grabbed the loaded shotgun and tried to take it away.

    This is so stupid, so irrational, that a white person cannot process it.

    However…..the delinquent buckwheat has no impulse control, high testosterone, and a very low IQ.

    He could have ran away in any direction but CHOSE to grab the barrel of the shotgun.

    He richly deserved to die and received the Darwin Award for the year.

    • Thanks: Katrinka
    • Replies: @El Dato
  96. anarchyst says:

    Once the first prosecutor declared that he would not press charges against the “Satilla Three”, no other prosecutor should have been allowed to re-open the case.
    This sure sounds like a case of prosecutorial “double jeopardy” to me, should be appealed vigorously and outlawed.
    As it stands now, “judge shopping” can be expanded to encompass “prosecutor shopping”. If an aggrieved group doesn’t get what it wants, merely find another prosecutor who will instate charges…

  97. @Common Sense2

    I thought this dindu was just checking out the tools of an ongoing construction project. Gonna be an architect or home builder someday, this dindu.

    He was particularly interested in the many ways that copper is used in plumbing and electrical wiring.

    • LOL: Automatic Slim
  98. Truth says:
    @Robert Dolan

    What kind of a dumbass runs up on a man with a shotgun and tries to pull it out of his hands?

    What kind doesn’t?

  99. Anonymous[170] • Disclaimer says:


    “…your punishment for having a knife when they searched you would be very different from the thief’s.
    For him to have a knife was mere misbehavior, tradition, he didn’t know any better. But for you to have one was ‘terrorism’.”

    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn,The Gulag Archipelago

  100. Truth says:

    Then you need to write your Senator. “Dear Senator, I proppose a new Bill in which any white man who attempts to harm a white person under 12, especially one with blue eyes, gets convicted of murder, even if the victim does not die.”

    As of now it’s not on the books that way.

  101. Anonymous[300] • Disclaimer says:


    “…your punishment for having a knife when they searched you would be very different from the thief’s.

    For him to have a knife was mere misbehavior, tradition, he didn’t know any better. But for you to have one was ‘terrorism’.”

    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn,The Gulag Archipelago

  102. I’d like to see all members of jury doxxed in this case and they should never enjoy a peaceful day without looking over their shoulders for the rest of their lives.
    Ahmaud Arbery was a typical thug black who ATTACKED
    The McMichaels in much the same way Travon Martin attacked George Zimmerman with intent to kill. Total travesty of Justice. The McMichaels need to appeal.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  103. W says:

    Interesting link. Are you saying mind control was involved?

  104. @Anonymous

    True. Jared Taylor refusing to name the Jew is one thing, but absolutely NO criticism of Jews are permitted on his website. I was just banned for naming the Jew! What did I say you might ask? Well, I simply said “It’s the Jews” and *poof* permanently banned.

    AMren must hate the truth that with Jews in charge we lose (or more likely Amren supports the Jews like everyone else in Congress hellbent on giving away our country to the 3rd world) which is why they’ve done NOTHING to turn back the tide of anti-White hatred and our demographic replacement. Not one single victory, just posting L’s, the most recent was the Twitter lawsuit Mr. Taylor lost. Amren doesn’t even lobby congress for Whites, doesn’t organize protests, and can’t even devise a single workable solution. In fact, things have only gotten worse since AMren was founded in the early 90’s. Recently, Amren has tried to bring in gays and blacks to their organization to help lead White people to the promised land. What a joke! Gay and IKAGO black articles are strictly moderated too! Because Amren wants to conceal the truth we all know in our hearts, and throttle the free expression thereof.

    But if you like being in an echo chamber and hearing people talk, or reading articles about the destruction of White people in our homelands, then Amren is the place to be.

    “Just imagine if White people did that!” — > Amren’s official slogan

    • Agree: Katrinka
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  105. @Ghali

    But America is a barbaric racist society.

    Never barbaric enough for you fkers to leave or not come here.

  106. W says:

    Ahmaud Arbery just wanted some water after a long hard jog.

    • Replies: @Truth
  107. frontier says:

    This was a show trial.

    Hard to explain it in any other way. The right of self defense is being attacked with an obvious bias against whites. The outcome of highly publicized cases – this one, Chauvin, Charlottesville – is predetermined, apparently driven by desire to spread this practice everywhere. The judicial system has become a caregiver and facilitator of the criminals and a prosecutor of the victims, especially, but not limited to, those who dare to defend themselves.

    Where is the science here? Hello, PhDs in law and social sciences, is that the role of the judicial system? How is it supposed to work? What’s the effect of the free robbery, no bond and other free crime rules established in several states? What we are seeing goes against every fundamental principle of law. Isn’t the academia supposed to provide authoritative criticism of obviously corrupt policies?

  108. Katrinka says:

    It would’ve made more sense for the three men to shoot, shovel, and shut up. Our ancestors knew what to do. Don’t put your fate into the hands of the police or the justice system…EVER!

    • Agree: InnerCynic
  109. Anonymous[410] • Disclaimer says:

    Nb: Atlanta metro area/Georgia is home to the one of the largest Jewish populations in the U.S.

    9th overall. More than Boston, San Fran, Baltimore, et al., metro areas.

  110. catoke says:

    What was he stealing? Did he keep going into a house that was under construction? It didn’t look like he had anything in his hands.

    I can’t imagine following someone who is clearly un-armed with my car and gun and then stopping ahead to entrap him like they did.

    He was probably scared out of his mind and maybe that’s why he tried to push back at the end and grab the gun. Maybe he thought he was in danger and was trying to save self, albeit not a smart move.

    I can see why the father/son are in prison although the terms seem harsh.

    • Disagree: anarchyst
    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  111. Katrinka says:

    White people who will not expose the international elves by name (((jews))) are the problem. Lets face it….this would all end tomorrow if White people went to their local city council meeting en masse and called out the criminality of the tribe. I’ve done it. I was written up in the local paper, but nothing more. The local paper gave me some free advertising. hehehe Just do it. Our enemies will be scared to death, because at the end of the day they are cowards.

  112. Katrinka says:
    @jeff stryker

    Never expose your weapon until you are ready to fire it. The element of surprise is a weapon in itself. Any decent gun handling class teaches this.

    • Agree: Trinity
  113. anarchyst says:

    One must observe the (defective) pathology of the negro in order to understand his actions.
    Just as animals are observed by scientists in their natural habitat, the subhuman “porch monkeys” and “pavement apes” must also be observed in their natural habitat in order to document their defective pathological behavior.
    Arbery could have run off in any direction and have easily evaded questioning by the neighborhood residents who were defending their property. Don’t forget that Arbery was on their turf…if it had been the other way around and the Satilla three were on Arbery’s turf, and if they were put in harms way, nothing would have been noticed.
    Arbery’s perception of being “disrespected” while executing his “stock in trade” (criminal trespassing and theft) which is common among his type was enough for him to rush the man with the weapon and “demand” that he be “respected”. THAT was his fatal mistake.
    The Satilla three should mount a vigorous appeal both for the “double jeopardy” and “prosecutor shopping” that took place as well as the tainted jury, biased judge and “outsiders” (blm, etc.) who threatened the whole judicial system if the “correct verdict” was not rendered.
    It turns out that the Satilla three face federal “hate crime” charges for merely defending their neighborhood.
    One good thing came out of all of this–Arbery will not be casing any construction sites for future acquisitions.

  114. SafeNow says:

    They were toast as soon as the prom picture of Arbery surfaced. If I am ever in a self-defense or good-samaritan situation, I will ask the perp, “Did you go to your prom?”

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  115. KenH says:

    Truth be told, while the White guys crossed the line,

    The white guys didn’t cross the line because they had broken no laws. It’s not illegal to follow someone and ask to talk to him/her. Georgia laws were twisted and weaponized against the McMichael’s and their neighbor.

    But offing Arbery did lower the crime a tiny little bit in the areas he operated in.

    • Replies: @silviosilver
  116. @Ghali

    Arbery was an idiot who grabbed at a shotgun. Now what kind of a moron does such a thing? Answer… The now dead kind. There wouldn’t have been a trial… there wouldn’t have been the suicidal grab for a gun… and there sure as shit wouldn’t have been people “chasing” after someone if that someone hadn’t been casing the joint and stealing shit. He was an idiot who now serves some useful purpose… that being “fertilizer”.

  117. Quibus says:

    They must learn dont shoot to kill, but like the Israelis, shoot them in their knees the never walk again, not nice wath I am writing, but our world is not nive anymore, the 1% psychopates are ruling !

    • Replies: @silviosilver
  118. @Realist

    After TEXIT occurs, there won’t be but 49. And seven states have consulted with Austin about ramifications of seceding.

  119. @Don Unf

    Should have beat him senseless and hauled his carcass to the dump. Why video tape your own conviction?

    • Replies: @W
  120. W says:

    Actuall Justice Warrior has the best talk on the verdict imo.

    They weren’t innocent because the citizens arrest wasn’t legal, but it wasn’t murder.

  121. anonymous[228] • Disclaimer says:

    I am worried about an appeal.

    I hope the cracker mofers rot in jail.

    • Replies: @Cauchemar du Singe
  122. @Observator

    Dyslexic, whiney and confused is no way to go through life, nudnik.

  123. W says:

    They believed the justice system was on their side. The silver lining is that the next person might not be so naive.

  124. @Mr. Roberts

    I’ve been banned too but…..

    Amren is not responsible for the plight of white people.

    Jared does a lot of good. A normie can land there and get some great info. That same normie might shit his pants over the JQ.

    Jared KNOWS about jewish influence but doesn’t focus on it.

    We have this site, The Occidental Observer, TRS, FTN, David Duke, etc., to educate people on the JQ.

    The awful truth is that Jared suffers the very same social ostracism as the folks who deal with the JQ.
    So…..that should make it obvious that he has a strategy whether we like it or not.

    I started off with Alex Jones and Fox News…..and I kept digging.

    The JQ is the hottest potato of all. I laid it out to my childhood friend years ago and he nearly shit his pants and covered his ears. Now he says I was right all along.

    Our people have been lied to so much that their brains barely function.

    The truth is too much to handle all at once. It’s better to find the truth incrementally on your own at your own pace.

    “The Culture of Critique” is almost too much to bear….as the truth jumps off of every page…..and slices away at the false reality we have been spoon fed our whole lives.

    So, don’t be so hard on Jared Taylor. He’s done more for the cause than most of us put together, JQ or not.

    • Replies: @Katrinka
  125. American says:

    There is plenty of blame to go around. The Santilla Shores Attorney used the elder McMichaels by giving him power he didn’t have, and she has been charged. The Police Department failed miserably in their response to citizens concerned about ongoing criminal activity in the area. The Georgia law regarding Citizens Arrest is overly broad. Regardless of what Mr. Arbery had done anytime before that day, he was not a danger to any person when they stopped him. I understand what some commenters see as a racial issue. Here is a nonracial lens: A man laid in the street dying, and not one person gave him aid. He was still breathing when the first policeman appeared, his own words on his body cam, yet they walked around him talking and putting up crime tape. I cannot wrap my head around that.

    • Replies: @Bernie
    , @Ray Caruso
  126. KenH says:

    The Kim Potter trial was also a travesty and she’s another white scalp to be nailed to the wall along with all the others.

    The McMichael’s have no sympathizers and no champions in the media, government or legal community because they are working class Southern whites who are now considered racist scum of the earth. Tucker Carlson and Marjorie Taylor Greene won’t touch this case with a 50ft pole. It’s much too radioactive for both “mavericks”.

    Pretty much every FOX Jews talking head celebrated the guilty verdict of the McMichael’s and their friend and mindlessly accepted the far left wing narrative of that event.

  127. anonymous[228] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ray Caruso

    Perhaps a certain nazi fuck thought himself a “decent man” too.

    Rabid racist pagan godless vermin like you cannot be decent. It is for the likes of you, that a place called Hell exists.

    Is Hell for “decent” people?

    • Replies: @Ray Caruso
  128. Anonymous[212] • Disclaimer says:

    Only if they had been living under a rock for the past decade, could they possible think that three white men following a black man, over a possible burglary, was a good idea. Cops can’t shoot at a wanted man driving away to elude arrest but they thought they could do an armed 3 against one citizens’ pursuit and arrest? Zimmerman got away with it because there was no video and he’s not exactly a white man [ he was the thug and aggressor [imo] and Trayvon had the right to defend himself].

    • Replies: @El Dato
    , @WSG
  129. lavoisier says: • Website

    And this injustice comes to you JT courtesy of (((those))) who cannot be named.

    We cannot solve this problem without acknowledging and naming the Jewish elephant in the stinking room.

  130. @Commentator Mike

    Trespass, Burglary…supported by multiple surveillance videos.
    Then, Nogsley rushed and attacked a guy with a shotgun, GRABBED THE GUN and died for its systemic stupidity.
    Glad to help you sort things out.

    • Agree: Bernie
    • Replies: @Truth
  131. @anon

    Yes unfortunately President Trump is another nog worshiping fool. But then again he had his whole J00000000 family in his ear with that whole “release the negros” ploy. Then Trump saying blacks built America. Then he tries to slip in ” We All Built America”….Even he knows blacks didn’t build America. But that’s the games all these politicians have to play. What was that line from Hunt For Red October….”I’m a politician,which means I’m a cheat and a liar. And when I’m not kissin’ babies I’m stealin’ their lollipops.”

  132. El Dato says:
    @Commentator Mike

    That’s what the arrest is meant to find out.

  133. El Dato says:

    Trayvon was a violent, massive thug who should have sat on his ass or got out of there instead of going full Wakanda when he was spotted doing location scouting.

  134. Truth says:

    ….Apparently, as did many others.

  135. mioilman says:

    Did or can you read?

    This is sainted trayvon revisited.

    Humanity is racist & where on earth have people of color prospered as well as in the U.S.?

    Put aside the hate.

  136. El Dato says:
    @Robert Dolan

    He had probably internalized 24/7 meedja propaganda and thought the White Supremacism was currently at such a level that he was starring in “Mississippi Burning II”.

    Actually, that’s a good explanation for the prosecutorial arguments and the jury decisions, too.

  137. Truth says:
    @Cauchemar du Singe

    There was no burglary, the police found nothing on him, there was a midemeanor tresspass, perpetrated by many people, which the construction company could have prevented by erecting a fence, if they wanted.

    • Replies: @Luus Kanin
  138. @Sebastian Hawks

    I thought in the Wild West you had to draw second to be in the clear, and if someone attacked you with their hands you were supposed to have a fistfight and not shoot them. But then maybe it was OK to shoot Indians and blacks in the back for no reason.

    • Replies: @Bernie
  139. Ned kelly says:

    The good news is that “America’s Dad” Bill Cosby got sprung from prison on a technicality! One of the worst serial rapist in American history!
    Ghislaine Maxwell may get another trail because one of the jurors was a victim of sexual abuse!
    So no worries, these guys will get off for Sure!

  140. @anonymous

    I hope that you rot from inside due to flesh eating amoeba.

  141. Katrinka says:
    @Robert Dolan

    If you want info on the JQ listen to Stormfront at 9:00 A.M. Eastern M-F.
    Visit Andrew Carrington Hitchcock’s website (author of The Synagogue of Satan).
    And, listen to select shows on RBN (Republic Broadcasting Network).

    Christians for Truth will wake up Christian friends/family.

    • Thanks: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @Maddaugh
  142. Zackary says:

    Jared Taylor, excellent article. Pretty much what I thought and even more so after the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. Rittenhouse had the right to defend himself when others came at him, one even grabbing the barrel of his gun. How is that different than what the McMichaels did? Like you point how they had no desire or intent to kill Ahmaud Arbery! There had been a rash of thefts in their neighborhood and they felt they had reason to suspect Arbery — they thought they were doing the reasonable and right thing to get the bottom of it — they told Arbery, hey we want to talk to you. Travis McMichael had no intention of shooting Arbery and did so only after Arbery rushed him and tried to take his gun. What was Travis McMichael supposed to do, hand his gun to Ahmaud Arbery without a struggle?

    Jared Taylor, you explain so well the background and why the McMichaels were concerned, how the cop in the earlier incident thanked them for their vigilance. They are innocent of all charges.

    • Replies: @Ned kelly
  143. Rooster12 says:

    I’ve said it for quite a while, the law enforcement and politicians of these cities don’t mind crime; it’s job security. They understand with a certain percentage of blacks, comes guaranteed violence and base that never tires being pandered to; it’s like a dysfunctional cesspool ecosystem.

  144. Ned kelly says:

    The trail was a complete sham…. the kangaroo court judge ruled Arbery’s mental health and past criminal record inadmissable in court!

  145. Bernie says:

    Except Arbery was not cornered. He attacked a man with a gun – sprinting all the way around a truck to do so – and got what he deserved. But black skin privilege is real in the US so they are going to jail for defending themselves against a black criminal.

    • Replies: @Ned kelly
  146. Bernie says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Not if he was wrestling for your gun and went out of his way to attack a man. But in those days it was legal for a white to defend himself against a black criminal.

  147. @Katrinka

    I’m a big fan of Don Black.

    The man gave his entire life to our cause.

    • Agree: Katrinka
  148. Bernie says:

    “he was not a danger to any person when they stopped him.”

    He attacked a man and wrestled for his gun. That is most certainly a danger. Arbery was also never stopped.

  149. WSG says:

    It both amazes and disgusts me that there are still morons who think that the worthless vermin Trayvon was an innocent.

  150. WSG says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Negroes are wild beasts, and they need to be removed. Idiots like yourself should be right behind them.

    • Agree: acementhead
    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  151. The last time I looked, justice was a colorless blurb of laws, created by mankind.

    One of the reasons I adhere to nature.

    Yes, it’s lawless, but also balanced.

    Koyaanisqatsi, indeed.

    Ahmaud Arbery’s out of the genepool, which is a good thing.

    • Replies: @Sean
  152. Trinity says:

    Lets not kid ourselves, the only people who would be sad if we woke up tomorrow to a nation with no negroes would be other negroes and their Jew whip crackers. Of course we all know the dirty Jew aka Khazar hates the negro just as much as they hate the Arab, Russkie, or German, but the dirty Jew uses the dumb negro to do his fighting for him.

    Imagine how much better America would be Jew and negro free. Would any sane person be sad if America were free of Jew and negro rodents?

    • Agree: WSG, Katrinka
  153. Ned kelly says:

    Don’t forget he was on antipsychotics…. But he wasn’t taking them!

  154. @Roger

    The judge made a big point that the defendants took the law into their own hands.”

    And rightfully so.

    The law has been firmly in the hands of the proverbial 0,0001%.

    And forever, while at it.

    Do you and I write laws?

    Of course not.

    We’re simply supposed to obey them, and never question the legitimacy of anything, because those laws were created for our own ‘good.’

    Aka; the ‘carrot/stick‘ equation.

    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @Old Brown Fool
  155. GeneralRipper [AKA "Vega"] says:

    Exactly, thank you.

    This clown you’re responding to is a Limey, if I’m not mistaken.

  156. @Ghali

    Whatever Arbery did

    That’s a very good point. What did Arbery do? He grabbed the gun! There was no need to kill him.

    Citizen arrest was enough.

    But Arbery grabbed the gun! Why he no go with citizen arrest?

  157. geokat62 says:

    Telegram comment posted by Write Winger:

    “We need to get back to MLK’s message, to judge people based on their character and not the color of their skin, to see ourselves and each other as individuals!”

    You still don’t get it. MLK was a communist puppet whose goal was to gas light empathetic White people and only White people into thinking we were judging others based on pigmentation and not their character when they were judged by their character all along. MLK was a rapist, and black people were just as unpredictably and disproportionately violent then as they are today.

    It was meant to deracinate, atomize, isolate, and alienate White people to only see ourselves as mere individuals instead of a collective with interests, to think that taking our own side was “hate for others” and evil, and to make you powerless.

    It worked, so now that stage two is here and they’re wielding every race who never stopped seeing themselves as a collective against you on the basis of their hatred for your race, you flog yourself to prove how “not White” I mean “not racist” you are as an individual instead of defending yourself and the society your ancestors fought, bled, and died to give you on the basis of which you’re being attacked and your society torn down – the virtue of your race.

    There’s no going back to colorblindness of equal individuals, because it never existed except in White people’s brainwashed minds. Nobody else was expected to go along with it.

    Their goal was to break the power of the racial majority. They imported 100 million racial aliens into a 90% White country since they ended the 1924 immigration moratorium in 1965 to break your representation and politically dispossess you. They overturned segregation and passed civil rights laws to break your communities and displace you with White flight. They conditioned you to think your White ancestors were evil to break your minds from taking your own side. Every institution of power that just overthrew your country is against you and calls you the biggest threat to America while at the same time calls you the oppressor that must be eradicated.

    You are in danger.

    • Thanks: Thomasina
  158. @Ghali

    Of course, you didn’t read the article and possess no logic skills. The black kid caused his own death, and apparently got exactly what he deserved.

  159. Ahmaud Arbery got all the justice that was coming to him out of the barrel of a shotgun.

    Americans are not free because Americans live under black supremacy.

  160. @anonymous

    Are you comparing me to Adolf Hitler?

    I can only aspire to his greatness and his courage. His ideas will ever live on and will eventually conquer the world because they are the truth.

    • Replies: @W
  161. @American

    If the police didn’t render aid to the dying Negro felon, that’s not the McMichaels’ fault. The McMichaels themselves could not be expected to render aid because it’s extremely dangerous to try to render aid to someone you’ve had to shoot.

    What is certain is that the world is better off without Ahmaud Arbery, although hell is a bit more crowded. Those with so little disregard for the truth as to pretend the world suffered a loss that day should join him.

  162. Loup-Bouc [AKA "paleohomo"] says:

    Jared Taylor:

    I dislike most Blacks and despise Black “culture” — as likely you do. But also I abhor alt-right racism like yours, which, quite like the woke left’s racism, dismisses, disregards, falsifies, or hallucinates evidence, disregards or misstates law, and invents “facts” to “support” racist arguments for, or criticisms of, judicial determinations or legislative actions.

    I, too, fear for the future of White European culture, the culture of JS Bach, Gothic Cathedrals, Samuel Beckett, William Butler Yates, Franz Kafka, Jan VanEyke, Francis Bacon, Kurt Gödel, and Giordano Bruno (who was tortured, “tried,” and condemned by a far right Roman Church and tortured and burned to death by a paleo-woke paleo-left secular “authority” and mob that paralleled today’s Democrat governments and Antifa).

    For many decades, that White European culture has been, threatened by White American (thence White European) mass stupidity (e.g., vaccination-submission, mask-wearing, social distancing, and defending LGBTQ) and poor taste (e.g., appreciating rock-and-roll, rap, and hip-hop and “justifying” drift grammar and moronic diction) — much as by the manifest mental defects of racial minorities, woke politicians, and their puppeteers.

    You hurt the cause of preservation of White European culture. You provide the woke left the argument that White “intellectuals” argue with falsehood and sophistry (just as does the left).

    The Arbery murder jury had quite sufficient basis of finding the three Arbery-murder defendants guilty. The evidence showed, beyond reasonable doubt, that one defendant outright murdered Arbery and the other two were accessories (though, as the sentencing reflects properly, William “Roddie” Bryan’s conduct was a crime lesser than that of Greg McMichael).

    The trial was not perfect; no trial is, since all judges, jurors, and attorneys are human. But the court did not abuse discretion, miscarry justice, or commit reversible error and the verdicts were supported by substantial evidence — since no reasonable appellate judge could either
    • (a) hold that no rational fact-finder could have found each defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt
    • (b) disagree with the jury’s resolution of conflicting evidence and concludes that a guilty verdict is against the weight of the evidence
    See, e.g., Tibbs v. Florida, 457 US 31 (1982),,+457+U.S.&hl=en&as_sdt=80006&as_vis=1

    You, Mr. Taylor, disagree with the jury’s verdict. But you present nothing that could support an appellate judge’s either (a) holding that no rational fact-finder could have found each defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt or (b) disagreeing with the jury’s resolution of conflicting evidence and concluding that a guilty verdict is against the weight of the evidence.

    Tou wrote:

    Race was at the heart of this; if Arbery had been white, this case would surely never have gone to trial.

    But you have presented nothing that could support an assertion that the verdict did not rest on sufficeint evidence. So, you have shown nothing that can support the assertion that the case ought not have reached trial. And you have not presented any historical/statistical evidence that can support an assertion that in a simiar case different only in that the victim was White, either no trial would have occurred or the outcome would have been acquittal.

    Nor can you argue, rationally, that the sentences would have been lesser had the victim been White.

    The Arbery-murder-trial’s two life-without-chance-or-parole sentences were legally proper and not excessive measured by Georgia criminal law and prior judicial practice in cases involving White defendants and Black defendants. William “Roddie” Bryan’s sentence was lesser than the mean of sentences rendered in cases of the crime of which Bryan was convicted.

    Greg McMichael was gulty of felony murder, because he committed (felony) “aggravated assault” against Arbery with his (Greg McMichael’s) truck. Bryan, too, was guilty of felony murder, for the same reason — (felony) “aggravated assault” with his truck. Since Arbery died, Greg McMichael and Bryan were guilty of felony murder because they assaulted Arbery with their trucks and Arbery died during their assaults.

    Also, Greg McMichael and Bryan aided or abetted Travis in Travis’s shooting of Arbery. For that reason, Greg McMichael and Bryan were guilty of the murder Travis committed. Travis McMichael was accused of malice murder, for having shot Abery lethally.

    All three defendants committed 1st degree murder. Georgia Code § 16-5-1 (2017). Second degree murder occurs only if, “in the commission of cruelty to children in the second degree,” the culprit “causes the death of another human being irrespective of malice.” Georgia Code § 16-5-1 (2017).

    Georgia law provides that for “felony murder,” “malice murder,” and aiding or abetting 1st degree murder, the minimum sentence is life with chance of parole only after 30 years; and the maximum is death. Georgia Code § 16-5-1 (2017). So, Bryan’s sentence was the shortest the court could have imposed. Greg McMichael’s sentence was well-justifiable because quite directly he facilitated and encouraged Travis McMichael’s firing the lethal shot.

    You disagree with the Arbery-murder-trial outcome because of your bigotry, naught else. Law, evidence-analysis, and hard logic are not among your fortes, Mr. Taylor; but they are among mine. Try writing fiction. Your history adventures suggest you possess yarn-telling talent great as that of “historians” of the woke left.

  163. “Prominent blacks – Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Martin Luther King III – sat in the courtroom with Arbery’s mother…”

    How dare they! They should have stayed in the cotton fields where they belong!

  164. Sean says:
    @Daniel Rich

    Shooting someone dead who wanted to be shot is worse that a crime it is a mistake. He knew what was going to happen to the McMichaels after they shot him. So who was the stupid one?

  165. R.C. says:

    Man, you’re good at drafting fancy sophistries, i.e., horseshit.

  166. White people have to conquer the fear of Black people, yes there are a few bad apples as in any race.
    Why did these chickens%^t rednecks brandish weapons? FEAR.
    The time is coming when we should embrace our brothers and sisters as Americans.

    • Replies: @WSG
    , @GeneralRipper
  167. Ned kelly says:

    The mercy of the court! This kangaroo court ruled that Ahmaud Arbery mental health and criminal record were inadmissable in the trial! That’s a sham of a flimflam! You have the nerve to defend one of the greatest misscarriages of justice in Georgia’s history! Shame! Shame! Have you no shame?

    • Replies: @Loup-Bouc
  168. Loup-Bouc [AKA "paleohomo"] says:

    I notice that in drafting my earlier comment, I committed several typing errors (like “Tou” instead of “You”), even, e.g., a misplaced comma and an absence of a necessary comma. I apologize for my typing errors. But I shall not use space to correct the errors, because I expect that readers will recognize the errors are errors and correct them while reading my comment.

    I post this additional comment to provide two supplements:

    (1) You can read Georgia Code § 16-5-1 (2017) here:

    (2) In my earlier comment (which this comment supplements), I wrote:

    …Greg McMichael and Bryan aided or abetted Travis in Travis’s shooting of Arbery. For that reason, Greg McMichael and Bryan were guilty of the murder Travis committed. Travis McMichael was accused of malice murder, for having shot Arbery lethally.

    Those propositions are validated by 2010 Georgia Code, Title 16, § 16-2-20, which is reported here:

    2010 Georgia Code, Title 16, § 16-2-20 provides:

    (a) Every person concerned in the commission of a crime is a party thereto and may be charged with and convicted of commission of the crime.

    (b) A person is concerned in the commission of a crime only if he:

    * * *

    (3) Intentionally aids or abets in the commission of the crime; or

    (4) Intentionally advises, encourages, hires, counsels, or procures another to commit the crime.

    [My ellipsis and emphases, paleohomo]

    • Replies: @geokat62
  169. Live Free says:

    When the Revolution to end communist rule in America ignites there will be endless opportunities to restore America to the nation of High IQ Achievers it once was and end the Welfare State and those who prepetuate it. Follow the science as the communists preach. IQ and race and crime are well understood and the studies are clear.

  170. @Loup-Bouc

    Arbery wasn’t “murdered” you dimwit…..he committed suicide.

    You are pushing the jew narrative that racist whites hunt down and lynch innocent negroes.

    Those white men had no intention of killing that stupidass buckwheat.


    Who in their right mind would do that?

    What was that negro thinking?

    By the way, you can fuck off. Nobody is buying your bullshit.

    • Agree: WSG
  171. Loup-Bouc [AKA "paleohomo"] says:
    @Ned kelly

    You wrote:

    ..court ruled that Ahmaud Arbery mental health and criminal record were inadmissable [sic] in the trial!

    The court’s ruling was CORRECT. Arbery’s mental health and criminal record were irrelevant. The killers did not know Arbery or his mental health or criminal record. They knew only Arbery’s race (Black) and the actual conduct Arbery manifested at the times surrounding the killers’ actions.

    The matter was whether, at those times, Arbery did any actual act(s) that could have justified or excused the killers’ conduct. The answer was negative.

    Learn the law and logic (both of which seem foreign to you cognition). Or be silent.

    • Replies: @Ned kelly
    , @Wokechoke
  172. geokat62 says:

    I notice that in drafting my earlier comment, I committed several typing errors…

    You’re worried about typing errors, but have little concern about your more egregious etiquette errors? lol

    How many sock puppets have you accumulated, thus far?


    Most impressive, Monsieur!

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @Loup-Bouc
  173. PubliusNH says:

    You’re an imbecile. Did you even follow the trial? They had every INTENTION of imprisoning and killing Arbery without lawful justification and belong exactly where they are.

  174. Ned kelly says:

    Old Ned knows something of the law… I knew you (or someone else) was going to pull ” they didn’t know” but they did know: They had him on camera breaking in. Arbery is a dime a dozen. Till the court “woke” Ahmaud’s were merely prosessed by the system on the plea bargain express… Not worth the waste of time and money of a trial. Now the courts are doing grand show trials with preordained verdicts… To intimidate and humiliate Whites. That Ahmaud was a pycho and a criminal was vital for their defense in a fair trial.
    You fooled me… I thought I was talking to a lawyer ( a retired one) instead of just another weirdo…

  175. Ned kelly says:

    Forgot the reply button… didn’t give me time to get all the typos.. but good enough for you.

  176. WSG says:

    How many orcs have you lived around, bub??!! Piss off with your horseshit.

  177. Blacks will ALWAYS escalate and often will suicide themselves if confronted.

    What did these dumbo goodwhites expect to happen? Surrender? An apology?

    Dumbo goodwhites expect dindus to respond like dumbo goodwhites. It was a bad bet.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  178. WSG says:
    @Horace Pool

    You can embrace the orcs while they heat the cannibal pot. Moonbat stew is their favorite.

  179. @troof in the stars

    You can blame (((termites))) all you like, but it’s shit-tier racists like you, who pull the most astonishingly idiotic statements out of their asses, who actually make it unnecessarily difficult for most whites to accept that “racists” are right. (Note: I am a racist.)

    As if blacks aren’t Christians themselves, and as if none of them wash their hands, please. I would give you a pass on this and just put it down to rage, because any sane man has a right to be pissed off with this ludicrous sentence by a social order in desperate need of white villains to prop up its failing narrative, but I have a feeling you’re this much of an idiot the rest of the time too.

  180. @geokat62

    He’s not a paleohomo…..he’s just a regular homo.

  181. @KenH

    It’s not illegal to follow someone and ask to talk to him/her.

    Lol, is the WN version of dindu nuffin eh? The sentence they received was obvious bullshit, but get real, they weren’t just “trying to talk to him.”

    • Replies: @KenH
  182. This is about Marxist pig Democrats taking away people’s right to be able to arm themselves and defend themselves. They will go after anyone who dares exercise their right to carry weapons and defend their family and their neighborhood.

    The judge and the jury are the real criminals here. They are the ones who should be getting life sentences without any chance of parole.

    There is no more justice in America, just Marxist pig Democrats going after anyone who dares try to use their right to defend themselves.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  183. @Quibus

    The difference there is the Palestinians are left with the financial and social burden of caring for them. In America, the burden would fall on whites.

  184. Loup-Bouc [AKA "paleohomo"] says:

    Not “Raches.” The others, yes — because of how either Ron Unz or his censor or censors have impaired my posting comments using my Loup-Bouc pseudonym. I have used other pseudonyms to circumvent continued impairments — until Unz or a censor discovers my ruse.

    But “Raches”? Never. With more than a few comments, I have blasted that creature, whose writing and thinking do not resemble mine and whose perceptions and apparent attitudes I contemn.

    My “etiquette”? I have none. Etiquette requires a white wig, lace shirt-cuffs, and the labile dissembling and duplicity of a diplomat (a person who plies an evil, even despicable, trade workable only by psychopaths).

    Enough. This is my final contribution to this thread.

    • Replies: @Ned kelly
  185. Gumbo says:

    When I was 19, in college, we constant had black bums invading our house, stealing small items, video games, CDs, etc. One time we grabbed baseball bats and chased a bum from our house. I will never forget what the dad of my roommate told us after we recounted the tale. He said, “Boys, you have your whole futures ahead of you. Are you going to ruin your life over a piece of sh*t n**ger? Let em steal a couple things. Report it to the cops. Don’t ever confront a n**ger. Because if you do, one of you is going to the grave, the other to prison. Sound like a good deal? And if comes down to it, do what you gotta do and toss that piece of sh*t in a dumbster and NEVER EVER speak of it again, not even to your wife or priest. Do you boys understand?”

  186. @Larn Conner

    It isn’t marxist pig democrats behind it.

    It’s jews.

  187. @SafeNow

    Stryker’s Question

    Why are white criminals who are killed always show in mugshots with wide-eyed craziness like Manson or scowling greasy middle-aged Italian-American mobsters off the Richie-stripe yet African-American victims are shown at their prom?

  188. @Loup-Bouc

    You hurt the cause of preservation of White European culture.

    Cucksouled maggots like you hurt the cause of white racial preservation. (The status quo is terminal for whites, but will a cuck like you acknowledge it? Of course not.)

    You’ve been selling out your race your entire life, so I don’t expect you to stop now.

    But know this: you’re not Taylor’s moral superior; you are a worm.

  189. @Marshmallow Test Failure

    Styker Would Like To Know Why

    1. Why does the African-American do this? Why the crazy flight-0r-fight response? A white meth head who is casing the cement mixer or copper wire will be simply be faux-polite & let the concerned citizen know he’ll be on his way. Yet, the African-American goes berserk & tugs on a shotgun with a five-pound pull when the holder has about 3 on it. Why?

    2. Unless you are a Dolph Lundgren-sized Terminator, why go out & play police officer? Knowing the one you are following will have some insane reaction & will like Martin end up pummeling until you pull the trigger to save your own life because like Zimmerman you head is being banged into the pavement. If you are Dolph Lundgren or Van Demme with 50 years of training & a Europe champion belt alright. But why do flabby dorks try to pull this off with crazed, desperate blacks who have no care of prison & will beat them into death?

    3. Why would three men who look tough in a hickish way need a firearm at all.

    4. Why use a shotgun? Unless the element of surprise was a factor, why not a handgun. Shotguns are dangerous. Crazed people try to grab the barrel. The guy was a police officer, he knew this.

    5. We read that Arbery had mental disorders. Why is this so often the case with African-Americans? Why do they so often have mental issues compared to Africans? What is the reason, in DNA terms.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  190. Anonymous[306] • Disclaimer says:

    Locked up for being White, period end of story. Why is Jared Taylor calling them murderers?

    • Replies: @Truth
  191. Ned kelly says:

    I understand Unz filter is doing it’s job … Troll is a troll. But that he would go so far as to actually look up Georgia Code to make an argument… Makes him extra special troll!

  192. @Hans

    ” The judge should be removed from the bench permanently. ”

    The judge should be hung by the neck till dead.

  193. @col from OZ

    Also, during that encounter with the cop in the park Arbery took an aggressive step toward him while yelling which caused the cop to put his hand on his gun. You can see what the cop is doing from his shadow on the ground. He tells Arbery to step back and puts his other hand on the radio strapped to his shoulder to call for backup. At this point Arbery glances down at the gun and says something along the lines of, “Man, if you pull that thing out on me I’m gonna eff you up”. Presumably, the cop was too distracted talking on his radio to catch what Arbery had said or else surely he would have had grounds for an arrest. This sorry excuse for a man was stupid and/or crazy enough to directly threaten an armed policeman. Should anyone be shocked by what he tried to do to three fat, out-of-shape middle-aged men?

  194. @Observator

    “There is no justice in that sentence, no more than there was anything praiseworthy about them snuffing out the life of their victim. Two wrongs do not make a right. ”

    Arbery was not a victim you fucking clown.

    Arbery was a criminal on the prowl for a B&E.

    “Two wrongs” has nothing to do with this case, because the reason Arbery was shot had nothing to do with vengeance-killing and everything to do with him being black:

    Namely the problem that blacks have with starting fights and attempting to steal or take others firearms, especially when those blacks are being restrained for violating the law.

    America doesn’t have a lynching problem.

    America has a black crime problem.

    Blacks are criminals. Thats americas problem.

    And everywhere they go they commit violent crime.

  195. @based305

    Nicholas Fue2ntes is a shill and grifter whos part of the “nonlinear warfare” model of useful idiots, where the state funds and provides cover for all sorts of ideologies, all over the map.

    If he weren’t, he’d be completely censored.

    Blacks are the perfect proof that if you import the third world you get the third world.

    Want to know what america looks like with thirty million somalis?

    It looks like somalia.

    Want to know what America looks like if you bring in fifty million mexicans?

    It looks like mexico.

    The political systems you get, the corruption you get, is directly linked to your voters demographics.

    Women for example are overwhelming pro-safety over pro-liberty/pro-independance and half the u.s. voting population is women, and so we get unlimited immigration (because “muh maternal instincts”), we get majority female juries that convict men for defending their neighborhoods from out of control violent felons casing the neighborhood and now no one is allowed to defend their families or communities from these fucking criminal scumbags.

    And then we import the third world and become south africa: a hodge podge of violence and white flight to avoid mass rape and mass murder of whites organized by jewish activists and committed by mobs of blacks.

    • Replies: @KenH
  196. Truth says:

    Because they’re not in prison for vandalism.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  197. Yee says:

    These people would go to jail in any country. You can stop an active crime and catch the person doing the act, but you can’t go chasing people if they’re not doing a crime.

    Imagine if people are allowed to chase you with guns whenever they suspect you will or in the past have committed a crime. This whole encounter was 3 men doing an illegal act in the first place and then caused a death. If anyone was entitled for self-defense, it’d be the man they shot.

    This is a case of stupid people meeting stupid people that ends in tragity for both sides.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  198. @Avery

    > suspected of burglary. Not attacking or causing any physical harm to another human being. Did not break into their houses. Did not bother them in any way

    Oh fuck off.

    Had multiple blacks case my neighborhood and do low level burgleries, only later to escalate to attempted home invasions, *four* of which were attempted on *my family*.

    They absolutely had every right to hunt this motherfucker down and detain him.

    He died not because they killed him.

    He died because he was a low IQ violent criminal and he committed suicide the moment he charged at an armed man and tried to take his gun.

    Blacks like arbery absolutely deserve every event like this that happens to them and more.
    The motto their parents should teach them is “comply or die.”

    They did it to themselves.

  199. @Sick 'n Tired

    “strewn streets, failing power grids, crumbling infrastructure, Zimbabwe like inflation, and they’ll still blame whitey for their failures. ”

    Actually jewish journalists on fox news and cnn, along with jewish activists given air time, will continue to blame whitey and call for our deaths and violence against us at the hands of blacks and immigrants.

    The same jewish journalists who vacillate about being “white” when they want to talk about “us whites are responsible for all the problems in the world”, and then flip to being jewish when whites are being attacked.

    It’s disgusting and it should be a felony hate crime to misrepresent your race.

    Good Jews: this is why, in every nation you go to, pogroms form against you. This is why whites and even non-whites in every nation you live in eventually come to hate and be disgusted with you. The behavior of the worst among you creates innumerable fights, divisions, and social divides.

    The worst among you are the total scum of the fucking earth, and you will be lumped in with them every single time when people finally get sick of your people’s bullshit shapeshifting and sowing strife.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  200. @Avery

    Arbery wasn’t a jogger as you suggest, he was a criminal. Arbery wasn’t cornered as you suggest, he ran to and attacked Travis McMichael. Arbery wasn’t murdered, because Georgia felony murder law requires malice aforethought to be proven. The fact that McMichael didn’t shoot Arbery until Arbery attacked him and grabbed his shotgun proves there was no malice aforethought. It appears by your idiotic reasoning and comments though that you must have been a member of the jury.

    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @Loup-Bouc
  201. Thomasina says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    “‘Prominent blacks – Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Martin Luther King III – sat in the courtroom with Arbery’s mother…’

    How dare they! They should have stayed in the cotton fields where they belong!”

    Are these “prominent blacks” present when a black person murders a fellow black? No, that would be a full-time job.

    Are these “prominent blacks” present when a black person murders a white person? No, they’re nowhere to be found.

    They only show up when a white person murders a black (not that that happened in this case). Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton giving their all to keeping the “victim” narrative alive and ensuring themselves a lucrative living. Prominent? Hardly.

    Can you imagine “prominent whites” sitting in the courtroom every time a black person murders a white? Can you imagine White Panthers outside the courthouse, along with a crowd of angry white people? Can you imagine whites running around burning, shooting and looting?

    No, you probably can’t. That wouldn’t be civilized, would it? If that happened, you’d probably be screaming about “justice” or something stupid like that.

    But thanks for the suggestion.

  202. @Daniel Rich

    From the judge’s position to Divine Right is but one small step: people cannot take the law into their hands, they should only obey it blindly; and law should be given by an agency outside of the people; and that agency should be a divinely ordained man alone.

  203. Tucker says:
    @Tono Bungay

    Horrible injustice, is correct. But, what I find even more perplexing and disturbing is the apparent lack of even a microscopic degree of racial comprehension by these White men of the decades long climate of anti-White poison that the ((self-chosen)) have so successfully managed to spread across nearly every segment and niche of our society.

    I’ve read that the jury had a majority of White women on it, and one White man and only a single black. Contrast this jury with the one that acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse. In both cases, there was a common denominator incident whereby a thug (jewish in the Rittenhouse case, black in this case) attempted to take a firearm away from it’s owner. In neither of these cases was the owner of the firearm legally or morally obligated to allow their firearm to be taken from them and then risk having the thug not decide to kill them with it. Rittenhouse’s jury said no, he was not obligated to let himself be disarmed. In the McMichael case, this majority white, majority female jury apparently decided that Travis McMichael had no right to resist having his weapon taken from him by Arbery and should have surrendered it and then put his and his father’s and the Bryan neighbor’s lives at risk.

    By what sort of mentally insane, twisted and convoluted logic could these jurors have arrived at such a screwed up decision?

    But, the much more important and far more critical question is how these three White men could be so disconnected from the realities of race in modern day, thoroughly anti-white poisoned America that they would have been so naive as to engage in this Barney Fife type of behavior and wind up being sent to prison for the rest of their lives? What ever happened to the racial instinct mechanism that should have kicked in and advised them to just call the cops and let them handle Arbery?

    Incidentally, I think I might know the answer to my own question. I’ve read that one of the females in the McMichael family had been sexually involved with a black guy. That suggests to me that these McMichael’s had a very weak, if not non-existent, sense of racial pride or racially savvy. This could help explain their stupendous naivete about the risks involved in pretending to be Barney Fife in a ‘White male’ vs black male thug encounter.

  204. Rando says:

    The lesson is: Americans need to be smarter about taking out the trash.

  205. @Ghali

    Ahmaud Arbery was killed by demons who just can’t understand it’s not their responsibility to take life. His family must be in constant pain

  206. GMC says:

    The entire Department of Justice is corrupt – from the prosecutors/law enforcement agencies, to the judges to the Jury or at least a few jurists that are constantly placed within, to sway the other real jurists – Indictments and Trials. I saw this up close and personal in my case. You have a better chance in a third world court , where you can buy your way out . Period.

  207. @jeff stryker

    1. There was that recent case where the white ex-husband lunged at her boyfriend who had pulled a shotgun and pointed it at him telling him to get lost. The ex got shot and died so it’s not an exclusively Afro-American thing to behave like that.

    2. It poses the question of who should have been making a citizen’s arrest on whom – not as if those white guys cruising around with guns weren’t behaving suspiciously and looking to perhaps commit a crime – a violent hate crime maybe. So Arbery could have been trying to make a citizen’s arrest on them trying to grab the gun although I somehow think it was just rage on his part for being followed around.

    3. I guess they thought they looked good with a big gun to anyone watching.

    4. Shotgun is bigger and looks better to anyone watching.

    5. Maybe because blacks use more drugs and drugs lead to mental disorders.

    Anyway hanging around building sites is common. The homeless do it, people looking to take a leak or a dump, groups of youths wanting to drink, smoke some pot, junkies looking for a place to shoot up, street hookers taking a john for a quickie – it’s no reason to kill someone for that.

    • Replies: @Gumbo
    , @Thomasina
  208. these men were not guilty. Aubrey initiated the struggle as he was attempting to grab the gun away.

  209. Loup-Bouc says:
    @Luus Kanin

    In my last-previous comment, I wrote: “Enough. This is my final contribution to this thread.” But your comment was too enticing.

    Your wee comment is a collage of falsehoods and stupid sophistries. One falsehood begs public embarrassment.

    You wrote:

    Georgia felony murder law requires malice aforethought to be proven.

    You hallucinate a nonexistent “murder law” patently belied by Georgia’s actual pertinent statute:

    (a) A person commits the offense of murder when he unlawfully and with malice aforethought, either express or implied, causes the death of another human being.
    (b) Express malice is that deliberate intention unlawfully to take the life of another human being which is manifested by external circumstances capable of proof. Malice shall be implied where no considerable provocation appears and where all the circumstances of the killing show an abandoned and malignant heart.
    (c) A person commits the offense of murder when, in the commission of a felony, he or she causes the death of another human being irrespective of malice.
    (d) A person commits the offense of murder in the second degree when, in the commission of cruelty to children in the second degree, he or she causes the death of another human being irrespective of malice.
    (e) *** [This sub-§ provides for punishment].

    Quote of Georgia Code § 16-5-1 (2017) [emphases & ellipsis mine, Loup-Bouc],

    I doubt you can READ. But if you can, you may see that, in Georgia (as in all other states), often the law does not require that the prosecution prove malice or malice aforethought to prove murder.

    Malice can be implied [Georgia Code § 16-5-1, sub-§ (b)]; and, in some cases, not even implied malice is a necessary [Georgia Code § 16-5-1, sub-§§ (c)&(d)].

    Like Jared Taylor’s article and most of this comment-thread, your comment is a malodorous fabric of rabid, irrational bigotry, falsehood, and sophistry.

    Now, enough.

    • Replies: @Luus Kanin
    , @AceDeuce
  210. @catoke

    I could very well have understood a conviction of manslaughter with a conviction of 5 years that allows for the possibility or earned probation time from good behavior. But this conviction was a ridiculous farce.

    I can’t avoid the sense that the father was influenced by a past life of law-enforcement work and so was tempted to act like a cop on duty. If these 3 chums had all been uniformed police telling Arbery to stop then it would be straight-forward to say that they deserved a full acquittal. The only issue here is over how far a civilian is able to go when stopping someone they are suspicious of.

    I don’t think they should have gotten out of a vehicle to confront Arbery. Following him while calling the police should have been fine. But getting out and trying to make him stop was assuming legal authority which they didn’t actually have. That said, it’s not like Arbery was forced to turn this into a fight over grabbing the gun. That was his own stupid move which he needs to be given responsibility for. The McMichaels blundered their way into an unnecessary confrontation, but Arbery escalated it into something much bigger.

    This trial was clearly governed by the determination to oust Trump. The political class was totally resolved on whipping up something to motivate black voters to come out against Trump. The McMichael family was just collateral damage as far as this went.

  211. Goddard says:
    @Jeff M. Smith

    “Never draw your sword unless you are willing to use it.”

    That may be the greatest violation of principle that the McMichaels committed. They certainly are not murderers.

  212. KenH says:

    Lol, is the WN version of dindu nuffin eh? The sentence they received was obvious bullshit, but get real, they weren’t just “trying to talk to him.”

    So according to you they kept telling Arbery they wanted to talk to him but they didn’t really want to talk to him. Since you can read their minds what were their real plans?

    • Agree: Thomasina
  213. Gumbo says:
    @Commentator Mike

    1. Dindus gonna dindu. Also water is wet

    2. Around blacks never relax

  214. KenH says:

    Nicholas Fue2ntes is a shill and grifter whos part of the “nonlinear warfare”……..If he weren’t, he’d be completely censored.

    Fuentes has been deplatformed from Twitter, YouTube, DLive and other major platforms. He has been put on the no fly list simply for attending the J6 rally. He had close to 400K confiscated by the feds for no reason.

    Fuentes may have his faults but he’s paid a personal price for opposing the Jewish occupied government.

  215. @jeff stryker

    1 – I guess the white admixture increases their neurocranial compatibility issues resulting from their mix-up of Homo sapiens and Homo erectus genes (not only schizoid conditions are rampant in blacks, but craniosynostoses are so frequent that back in Edgar Allan Poe’s days blacks were known to frequently have deformed skulls, as mentioned in the “Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym”). A hoodrat’s brain is like a laptop with Linux installed.

    2 – Gibsmedat pays. And there is profitable side employment, e.g. in the construction material transportation and resale business, which A’ was obviously in.

    3 – Well, taste is a matter of taste.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  216. Anonymous[369] • Disclaimer says:

    Because they’re not in prison for vandalism.

    The McMichaels second mistake, not finding out if Larry L. Archie, Esq. is licensed to practice law in Georgia.

    • Replies: @Truth
  217. Thomasina says:

    The jury must follow the “instructions” set out by the judge, come to their verdict within the parameters set out by him. It sounds like the “judge” may have erred in his instructions to the jury.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  218. anarchyst says:

    Not true…
    “Jury nullification” is possible, but frowned upon by the “judicial establishment” in the united States of America. If you intend to “nullify a jury”, you must not allow it to be known…when seated as a juror, all you have to do is, during deliberations, disagree with the other jurors without stating a reason. Just state that you cannot agree to convict. This will result in either a “hung jury” or require further deliberation.
    It is important to not let the judge know that you are aware that “jury nullification” is perfectly legal. However, in many states “jury nullification” can result in a contempt of court citation–illegal, but still imposed.
    Only one state in the united States requires jurors to be informed that not only can they judge the defendant, they can judge the law as well.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  219. anarchyst says:
    @Gaylord of the German Gaylands

    Your statement:

    A hoodrat’s brain is like a laptop with Linux installed

    …has it backwards.

    Linux is a far superior operating system than any Microsoft product.

    Your quote should be:

    A hoodrat’s brain is like a laptop with Microsoft Windows installed


  220. “The tyranny of the minority is infinitely more odious and intolerable and more to be feared than that of the majority.” President William McKinley

    The tyranny of the black minority is coming to an end. The backlash is going to be brutal.
    Very few people judge another person strictly on their race or ethnicity. It is the behavior of a person that people judge. Poor impulse control, emotional immaturity, easily excitable, difficulty with logic and rationality and an average IQ of 85 is what people judge. These characteristics are highly prevalent amongst blacks. Everyone sees it and everyone knows it. People are sick to death of it and are not going to take it indefinitely.

  221. Codyody says:

    Maybe Arbery kept inspecting the ongoing construction because he was thinking about buying the place……….HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!

  222. Jews controlling the USA are why these men were charged. If jews did not control our systems none of this would be happening. Jared Taylor is an insult to white people everywhere. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    • Agree: Trinity
  223. pasha says:

    Total, utter bollocks.
    There can be no justice for Ahmad Arbery.
    He’s DEAD FFS.

  224. Truth says:

    It would have been worth a shot!

    But I don’t think Racehorse Haynes could have exonerated three mental midgets who harassed a tresspasser on SOMEONE ELSE’S property, for 5 minutes with pickup trucks and shotguns.

    • Replies: @James Scott
  225. W says:
    @Ray Caruso

    Didn’t this hero give orders to destroy Germany when he knew he lost?

  226. @pasha

    If that isn´t justice …

  227. @A little boy in the crowd

    Convicted murderers” is not the same as murderers. These 3 were put in the same boat as hundreds of other “convicted murderers” who have been stitched up by the corrupt legal system.

  228. @Facts Not Opinion

    Are “Nigga,” “Honky,” and “Cracker” racist? Did anyone check to see if the magic Knee-grow ever used those terms?

  229. It’s no feat, but I predicted that the McMichaels would get only a show trial. They did nothing wrong, and Travis fired from sheer self-defense. I knew that the minor White-Nationalist euphoria from Kyle’s acquittal was a scanty reason for celebration, because Kyle had killed Caucasian attackers: had he killed that one black attacker who kicked him in the head, instead of missing him, he too would’ve been convicted.

    As things stand now–what with White cowardice and the supremacy of anti-White media–Whites can get only show trials for killing blacks, no matter how threatening the behavior of the blacks concerned. WHAT can rectify this abominable state of affairs except quite radical resistance?!

    • Replies: @europeasant
  230. The first lesson from this ordeal: the police cannot protect you or your property.

    The police had been called multiple times when someone was seen prowling in that neighborhood. They always arrived too late. White conservatives have for too long sung the glories of the police and licked their boots. The police answer to and are there for the government, not you. The 2020 riots should have convinced you of that.

    The second lesson from this ordeal: if you are white then you are not allowed to protect yourself or your neighborhood against criminals of color unless you are actively being assaulted. Even then, if your violent attacker is unarmed, you may still have a difficult time defending yourself in court. If you successfully defend yourself in court, will you have any money left?

    What is a person to do? You take out a crime map of the US and figure out where to move. It will necessarily turn out to be white flight. But this time it could be a matter of your life (in prison) or death.

    This isn’t just a white thing. If you’re a middle-income black family, you don’t want your children to be pressured to be like Ahmaud Aubrey. There’s nothing that feral black people hate more than a black person who decides to forge his own path. You need to get out before families like the Aubreys pull you down to their level.

  231. Thomasina says:

    Anarchyst – what I was referring to is the following:

    “It was the duty of Judge Walmsley to decisively construct a non-ambiguous jury instruction from this ambiguous statute. Sure, maybe a later appellate court would decide he’d done it wrong, and reverse him—but at least he’d have done it, which is his duty.

    I would also note, that had Judge Walmsley done his duty and resolved the ambiguity of this statute, there’s only one possible legally-sound outcome—that the two sentences not be conflated, but rather be treated separately.

    Why is that? Because under the legal doctrine of lenity, when a criminal statute is ambiguous, that ambiguity is always to be resolved in the favor of the defendant, never in the favor of the State. It is the government that drafted that statute and passed it into law, not the defendant. If they left in ambiguity, that’s on the government, not the defendant.

    In short, Judge Walmsley dropping the ball on this all-important citizen’s arrest jury instruction simply makes this entire trial little better than a train wreck, and any guilty verdict this jury delivers is inevitably tainted by the failure to provide the jury with clear and unambiguous instructions on the key legal issue in the case, the issue that determines guilt or acquittal for these three men on charges that would put them in prison for the rest of their lives.”

    What do you think of this article? Does it have merit?

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  232. @anarchyst

    Linux is a far superior operating system than any Microsoft product.

    Yet despite being free, almost nobody chooses to use it on his desktop. Maybe it’s not as superior as you think it is.

  233. @Tucker

    What ever happened to the racial instinct mechanism that should have kicked in and advised them to just call the cops and let them handle Arbery?

    My understanding is that the cops had been called on other occasions, but by the time they would arrive, the prowler/jogger would be long gone.

  234. @Truth

    Truth, your brain seems to be out of order. “There was no burglary, the police found nothing on him” – the crime of burglary does not require something to be stolen.
    “Perpetrated by many people” – many people committing a crime does not nullify the law being broken.
    “Which the construction company could have prevented by erecting a fence, if they wanted” – elements of the offense of burglary or tresspass do not require a fence be erected to make it more difficult for criminals to commit their offenses.
    It is clear that your brain is out of order. You should get someone to pull on your rabbit ears until you get a clear signal.

    • LOL: Maddaugh
    • Replies: @Truth
  235. Thomasina says:
    @Commentator Mike

    “…it’s no reason to kill someone for that.”

    They DIDN’T kill him (he essentially killed himself by grabbing for the gun), and they certainly didn’t “murder” him. They hadn’t boxed him in; Arbery was free to continue “jogging”. They said they wanted to “talk” to him, not kill him. There was no intent.

    I’m not saying they shouldn’t serve some time, but the sentence they got is ludicrous.

    • Agree: europeasant
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  236. @Loup-Bouc

    Loopy, greetings from the west and thank you for responding to something you obviously know nothing about. It warms my heart though to know that you are thinking of me and that you took the time to copy and paste Georgia’s murder law for everyone to see. It shows that you are not completely without hope to maybe one day enter polite society.
    It is a shame though that you took all that time to learn how to copy and paste, but didn’t really work on your reading and comprehension skills. You correctly pointed out that malice aforethought is either express or implied, but then somehow jumped to the idiotic conclusion that implied malice need not be proved.
    You post the Georgia murder law that reads that the offence of murder requires malice aforethought, and then write, “often the law does not require that the prosecution prove malice or malice aforethought to prove murder”.
    It is obvious by your response that you haven’t spent much time in a courtroom without wearing some nice shiny bracelets.
    Even though you proved yourself to be without any critical thinking skills, I hope you know that you matter and have value and importance. Mushrooms are a critically important part of our ecosystem.

    • Replies: @Loup-Bouc
  237. anarchyst says:
    @Butler T. Reynolds

    You would be surprised at the number of people who have abandoned Microsoft…
    Are you aware that there are hundreds of Linux “distributions” which anyone can choose from.
    One of the best, (most windows-like) is Linux Mint. It is easy to use, updates are painless and in general it is an outstanding operating system.
    Try it…you might like it.

    • Replies: @Butler T. Reynolds
  238. Truth says:
    @Luus Kanin




    The act of entering another’s premises without authorization in order to commit a crime, such as theft.
    An instance of this.

    The act or crime of nocturnal house breaking, with an intent to commit a felony therein, whether such felony be actually committed or not.

    many people committing a crime does not nullify the law being broken.

    It may indicate “selective vigilanteism”

    • Replies: @Luus Kanin
  239. anarchyst says:

    Yes, the article has merit but doesn’t go far enough.
    Arbery’s previous multiple “jogging excursions” at that same building site were not allowed into evidence, as well as his well-documented mental illness. He was known as the “shoplifting jogger” for “jogging” into business establishments, stealing items and “jogging out”.
    The whole trial was a giant sh!tshow that condemned three law-abiding white men to life in prison.
    Hopefully, they will appeal and have their sentences reduced, if not thrown out.
    It’s a shame that they did not have an honest high-caliber judge and serious jury as in the Rittenhouse case.

  240. GeneralRipper [AKA "Vega"] says:
    @Horace Pool

    That’s excellent advice.

    I think all white Leftist filth and Jews should heed it. They should go live in black majority areas and send their little children to school with them etc…

    After all, “Diversity” is our greatest strength. Right?

    The motto of the Left is “Do as we say, not as we do”.

    Fuck you and fuck them.

  241. @anarchyst

    While my main machine is Windows 10, I have 3 Raspberry Pi’s and a PC running Ubuntu that I play with on the side. Linux is very cool. I like them all, but I’d never recommend Linux over Windows to anyone: Anybody who has any business messing with Linux already has and will be able to decide for himself! 😀

  242. @Truth

    ” It may indicate selective vigilanteism”.

    There is no such thing as selective vigilantism in American jurisprudence. You are not going to make any detectable improvement unless you get your rabbit ears examined. It appears that only you and dogs can pick up those ultra high frequency channels.

    • Replies: @Maddaugh
    , @Truth
  243. Loup-Bouc says:
    @Luus Kanin

    You wrote:

    Loopy, greetings from the west and thank you for responding to something you obviously know nothing about.

    I have been a law professor since 1972. Washington University (St Louis) School of Law — ranked 16th among all law schools — was one of the fine law schools where I was a full professor of law.

    I have written tens of well-respected law books and law journal articles. My books and articles have been cited hundreds of times by courts and in fellow law-scholars’ published works.


    My arguments have won often (a) in the U.S. Supreme Court, federal trial courts, and federal courts of appeals (even the “United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit,” where I constructed a law-and-statistics argument that won a \$2-billion patent dispute, and (b) in four states’ trial courts, and the middle-level and highest appellate courts of a dozen states.

    Supreme Court victories? Examples:

    • (1) Before I became a law professor, I wrote the winning part of the petitioner’s brief in the astounding landmark case of Powell v. McCormack, 395 US 486 (1969),
    • (2) While I was a full professor of law at Washington University School of Law, I acted as law-consultant of the petitioner’s attorney in the Supreme Court case that would determine the limits of 1st amendment protection of lawyers’ commercial speech. I constructed the winning argument. The case was Shapero v. Kentucky Bar Assn., 486 US 466 (1988),,+486+U.S.+466+(1988)&hl=en&as_sdt=2006&as_vis=1

    I have been attorney-team leader in numerous litigations where the clients won. I eschewed being in-court mouthpiece (much because I despise most judges). Rather, acting as the other lawyers’ law-consultant, I designed all strategy, did most research, wrote all court-papers, constructed all arguments, and designed/mapped evidence-use (both strategy and presentation-tactics).

    The litigation-types included criminal prosecutions — both violent crime cases and complex criminal law prosecutions, e.g., criminal antitrust violation, criminal trademark infringement (“counterfeit mark”), and RICO violation [see ]. The litigations were trials, appeals, interlocutory appeals, mandamus petitions, and habeas corpus petitions and other “collateral” post conviction relief petitions. My clients enjoyed an extraordinary 91% victory rate.

    You wrote:

    You post the Georgia murder law that reads that the offence of murder requires malice aforethought, and then write, “often the law does not require that the prosecution prove malice or malice aforethought to prove murder”.

    In my last-previous comment, I showed, clearly, that the pertinent Georgia law does NOT require that the prosecution prove malice aforethought or even any other form of malice. See that comment here:

    As I expected, you cannot READ. Virtually any even merely average law professor (surely any eminent law professor) would award your comment an F grade. And your childish sarcasms are boring — despite they embarrass you. Taisez-vous, Monsieur le Crétin.

    • Thanks: Grahamsno(G64)
    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @Luus Kanin
    , @WSG
  244. Bethany says:

    The “gods of old” must be on the move again. We can’t see into the future to know where it will be; but it won’t be here. The parasite is killing the host. I liked that book idea; but only they got to get out of the mongrel grip of death. Parasitical vampires that’ll suck every last drop of blood just because they can. Black heart for sure.

  245. Toss him in the dead dindu hole 🕳

  246. Wokechoke says:

    I can agree that these previous issues in the trial might not be legally relevant nor technically admissible and that the 3 screwed up. But Arbery wasn’t an innocent. He had no good future and was a bad man with a shitty record. I’m not shedding any tears that he was shot. It’s probably a good idea to discourage citizens arrests given the risk of a wider race riot or a crazy chase that gets others killed but holy crap, there’s no public order these days because of the law.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  247. Wokechoke says:

    You are assuming that order can be established going forward. As the US becomes more third world it’ll be more like Aden, Juarez or Mogadishu and this notion of calling the cops and having a court fanciful notions. The Leviathan idea of monopoly on violence requires the sovereign power actually deals with petty crime enough that people don’t want to be vigilantes in the Warre of all against all. The cops will be drone striking domestically at this rate.

  248. @Rich

    “It’s sickening that not one White person o that jury was willing to stand up for his own people. Dixie is dead.”

    I guess the McMichaels do not read the sites I read. Otherwise they would have left the Negro alone to do what the Negro does best. I can’t believe that in this day and age they did not know that the Negro was a protected species. Were they that stupid? If a White man dares to touch a Negro then the full weight of the law will fall on them.

    The Arbery person was responsible for his own death when he approached the man with the shotgun and grabbed the shotgun.

    White people, let this be a lesson for you. Move as far as possible from the Negro and do not support him in any way. Do not support sportsball. If there is an altercation between you and the Negro you will be blamed.

    I fell sorry for the McMichaels but the Negro is united and the White man is alone. Until the White man unites things will get worse. Plus the Negro has the white liberals and Jewish people on his side. We are doomed because more and more Negroes are coming here from Africa.

  249. For once I disagree. No need for a gun there’s 3 of u. How bout a baseball ball or my handy crowbar?? Otherwise unless it’s your property mind your d4mn business. Call the police let them take the heat. If u haven’t figured it out from all the orcs in commercials & on TV you’re clueless. Even if u shot one of Obummas angelic son’s breakin into your house you’d still get pushback. Face it magic /V3gr01d privilege it the sign of the times.

  250. Vendetta says:

    Well, Ahmad Arbery is still dead. So at least the news isn’t all bad.

  251. Wokechoke says:

    I’m giving the law an F in keeping order and safety these last couple of decades.

  252. @Lucius Vanini

    “had he killed that one black attacker who kicked him in the head, instead of missing him, he too would’ve been convicted”

    Well I don’t know about being convicted but certainly all the Negroes in the USA would have been at the courthouse to pressure the judge and jury.
    The negro is united but the White man is not. This will spell trouble in the future.

    • Replies: @Lucius Vanini
  253. @Loup-Bouc

    Loopy, warm wishes from the far west. Had I known I was corresponding with such a learned individual, I would not have taken such a malevolent tack. It is a great honor to disagree with you, almost as if I am corresponding with the direct lineage of Cesare Beccaria. Let us just chalk up your minor mistakes in interpretation of Georgia statutes to a transient ischemic attack, of which you have now fully recovered. Fond regards.

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Loup-Bouc
  254. @Maddaugh

    “Some prudent rules:
    >Stay away from Blacks. If not always possible avoid them completely.
    >Be aware when they are around especially when there is more than one
    >Let the Police deal with them. That is their job whether they like to do it or not
    >You risk your neck defending other people/their property.
    >No one in the legal system is your friend”

    You got that right!

    The Derbyshire rules explain everything when dealing with the Negro.

    Derbyshire got fired from a “conservative magazine” for stating the obvious.

    Will Whites unite like the Negro is united? Not as long as there are ((white)) traitors among us.

  255. WSG says:

    Puff your egregiously small prick, cretin. You have not even one ounce of wisdom. I hope the orcs eat you.

  256. @Truth

    For a few thousand years white people executed petty criminals so we could clean our DNA of the criminally minded. Arbury deserved to die for stealing like thousands and thousands of criminal whites were killed.

    If you want to live in a nation founded and built by whites you need to live to our standards. Your claim that criminals should get to decide criminal punishment is idiocy.

    • Replies: @Truth
  257. Maddaugh says:
    @Luus Kanin

    Thats the Troof, oops I meant that is the “Truth”. No pun intended.

    He is never happy without a violent vomiting of his daily dose of irrational tripe. It makes him feel cleansed !

    • Replies: @Luus Kanin
  258. Maddaugh says:
    @Katrinka are you rocking and digging Panama ?

    • Replies: @Katrinka
  259. Truth says:
    @James Scott


    Four “petty” criminals won’t be producing any more offspring, one tresspasser, and 3 murderers:

    But three will get plenty of sex!

  260. @Ghali

    “But America is a barbaric racist society.”

    Then move! If you think shaming us into being less racist will work then prepare for a shock because it just makes us more racist.

  261. Devon says:

    When the racism stops then the protests will stop, that’s it that’s the bar. To be treated equally.

  262. Truth says:
    @Luus Kanin

    There is no such thing as selective vigilantism in American jurisprudence.

    No, but there is in the McMichaels household or they would have chased and cornered a fine old-whyte couple and some kids on bicycles…

  263. Truth says:
    @Luus Kanin

    I guess Loopy told you…

    • Replies: @Luus Kanin
  264. Loup-Bouc says:
    @Luus Kanin

    Either (A) PROVE, with competent statutory construction, (1) that Georgia Code § 16-5-1 (2017) does not say what I showed it says and (2) that Georgia Code § 16-5-1 (2017) REQUIRES proof of malice aforethought in EVERY murder prosecution or (B) shut up.


    Among else, you must PROVE:
    • (1) that the statute’s sub-§ (b), sentence 2 language “Malice shall be implied” (etc.) does NOT provide that a prosecutor can prove murder (and the court hold the prosecution’s proof sufficient) notwithstanding the prosecutor did not prove malice aforethought
    • (2) that the statue’s sub-§ (c) language “irrespective of malice” does NOT provide (vis-a-vis the whole sub-§ (c) context and per contrast with sub-§ (b)’s first sentence) that a prosecutor can prove murder (and the court hold the prosecution’s proof sufficient) notwithstanding the prosecutor did not prove malice
    • (3) that the statue’s sub-§ (d) language “irrespective of malice” does NOT provide (vis-a-vis the whole sub-§ (d) context and per contrast with sub-§ (b)’s first sentence) that a prosecutor can prove murder (and the court hold the prosecution’s proof sufficient) notwithstanding the prosecutor did not prove malice

    Use all of any pertinent maxims of statutory construction. Use only proper grammar and diction (as would an appellate court), NOT drift grammar or drift diction, which would fail in an appellate court.

    Use all of any PERTINENT maxims of statutory construction; and show why such maxim(s) fit probatively per necessarily applicable logic. Use proper grammar and diction, as would an appellate court, NOT drift grammar or drift diction, which would fail in an appellate court. And be sure your logic — logic, not blather — is unimpeachable.

    Until now, your comments have put empty or unpremised assertions and childish sarcasm, zero argument, zero proof. Can you metamorphose into a creature that bears an actual, punctilious intellect?

    YOU were the commenter who began the debate with a bare assertion that “Georgia felony murder law requires malice aforethought to be proven.” [see your comment here: ] Since YOU began the debate — created the issue — YOU bear the burden of proving that the statute provides what you assert it provides.

    Notice that Georgia Code § 16-5-1 (2017)’s felony murder provision — its sub-§ (c) — provides:

    A person commits the offense of murder when, in the commission of a felony, he or she causes the death of another human being irrespective of malice.

    That language — sub-§ (c) — does NOT provide that the culprit must have acted with malice or malice aforethought. Sub-§ (c) does not provide even that the culprit must have intended the victim’s death. Sub-§ (c) provides that the culprit commits felony murder if only (NOT only if) in committing a felony the culprit causes the victim’s death, AND sub-§ (c) provides so “irrespective of malice” (which implies “even if the culprit’s conduct was not malicious,” “even if the culprit did not act maliciously”).

    Such is the rule in every jurisdiction that has a felony murder statute.

    • Replies: @Luus Kanin
  265. @Truth

    Loopy sure did… he reminds me of a toxic ex-girlfriend I once had. Won’t shut up about how wonderful and underappreciated they are, attacks me non-stop, but won’t give me up either.

    I am convinced people like Loopy are why wells and cement patios were invented, … and why there are so many house fires!

  266. @Loup-Bouc

    Greetings again Loopy, I once had a tick attempt to attach himself to me, but I must say he could take lessons from you in never give upness.

    Speaking of lessons, I’ve no inclination to give you lessons on mens rea and actus reus. You will have to take out your crayons and try to figure it out for yourself because even my horse knows that teachers make the worst students.

    I will tell you what I will do though… I will speak with my horse to see if he would be willing to take on a rather dull student. I wouldn’t get my hopes up If I were you though, because he had a law professor as a student once, and my horse told me he could never get a word in edgewise. Come to think of it, you may have already been his student!

    • Replies: @Loup-Bouc
  267. Anon[143] • Disclaimer says:

    The father and son did what they had to in order to rid the neighborhood of a filthy savage animal.

    God bless them and their family.

  268. @Maddaugh

    Haha, I think you got it right the first time…Troof. That would explain the ebonics cogitation he employs.

    • Replies: @Maddaugh
  269. EuroNat says:

    It is difficult to believe that even an “authoritative” commenter, a retired lawyer (loup-bouc) would claim those three men were guilty of murder.

    That a jury could condemn those three men of murder using Georgian law does not necessarily mean the verdict is just, for there is virtual international consensus (among Western, civilised countries) that murder is a crime of manslaughter or homicide, ie killing human/s being/s with “evil intent” (mens rea). Mens rea is usually proven with premeditation, when there has been obvious planning.

    It is obvious those three men did not plan to kill Arbery, for they would have shot him on sight.

    Or perhaps they did talk beforehand about how they were going to kill the intruder in the next encounter, and planned how to coordinate their actions to make it look like self defense? I don’t think so, for nothing of the sort was mentioned in the trial. No confessions. Zilch. Their intention was clearly to perform a citizens arrest, not to execute the bastard. And their plans were thwarted by Arbery himself. Everythings on tape FGS.

    The trigger man only shot Arbery when Arbery moronically and suicidally tried to wrestle away McMichael’s shotgun, proving beyond reasonable doubt this was a case of self defense. This is why the first prosecutor did not initially charge any of the three men. In any case, mens rea was not proven beyond reasonable doubt *at all*, and Taylor is totally right, if the convicted and deceased would have been all black, there would have been no case and no international moral hysteria. This was de facto mob justice, barely disguised as rule of law.

    The anti-racism lobby strikes again, greatly helped by the media. Maybe having the media and the USG in the hands of a de facto foreign elite is not such a good idea after all.

    But the fact that a lawyer and this case’s judge would consider this verdict just gives me shivers, and makes me wonder how variable the concept of justice and fairness it is among theoretically civilised fellows, when we obviously cannot even agree on such simple legal definitions.

    Those three men will unjustly die in prison and I care not one bit about what unjust Georgian law says. You sir are an absolute self-righteous imbecile.

    • Agree: anarchyst
    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @Loup-Bouc
  270. @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    …Unfortunately unlike the BNP Hindutvas in India who keep the Muslim Bangladeshis in Calcutta suitably suppressed in the USA everyone has equal rights under the law so of course anybody can assemble anywhere.

    In your own case, while you offer enough details for me to assume you are a Muslim bong from Calcutta way, your viewpoint is typically Canadian Desi.

    I’ve stood at bus stations in Canada & seen Native First Nations teen girls being pimped by Canadian biker syndicates & no Canadian objects but your asses just bleed for USA minorities.

    …It’s sort of like Canadian gun laws. When I lived in Gore Bay on the border of MI I dated a bartender who had to pull a gun at the bar to save her life when thugs objected to being booted out of it…And now that same Canadian woman is fervently anti-gun & a professor in Guelph.

    That is Canada for you.

    Same as your immigration laws. Criticize Trump for being rough on Mexicans but your OPP are not friendly to USA Guest Workers.

    • Agree: Automatic Slim
  271. @Thomasina

    There were three of them so why didn’t they physically overwhelm him? Even if it was a war situation in America, which it isn’t yet, you wouldn’t be allowed to shoot an unarmed man. I know little about the circumstances but the jury obviously looked at all the details. Maybe the circumstances developed so that this was inevitable, as you imply, but then the white guys also contributed to it going that way.

  272. @anarchyst

    Maybe it is better to say that Arbery didn’t have any operating system installed. But the three white guys didn’t have much of one either.

  273. @Butler T. Reynolds

    Mobile phones use it – Android is based on Linux. So it’s in wider use than Microsoft.

  274. AceDeuce says:

    Now, enough.

    Do you promise this time?

    How can we miss you if you won’t go away?

    • LOL: Luus Kanin
  275. @Wokechoke

    He had no good future and was a bad man with a shitty record.

    Still it’s no reason to kill him. You wouldn’t justify those who go around killing homeless winos would you? Many here on UR would prefer to see some of the rich and powerful at the top of society get it.

    Look even in a strict Muslim country they would have to find Arbery with at least a stolen brick in his hand to chop it off. Really, how much could he steal from a building site while jogging around? You need a truck to carry away anything worthwhile from a construction site. Some people commenting here are truly irrational and blinded by hatred. Maybe he deserved to get wiped out but under different circumstances in a different situation, at least in a lawful society.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @Gumbo
    , @Luus Kanin
  276. Wokechoke says:
    @Commentator Mike

    I did agree that these three fucked up. Don’t ask a silly question. Given his record how was still at large?

  277. @Fuzzbaby

    Since you can’t even spell ‘imbecile’ correctly, perhaps you are one yourself!

  278. anarchyst says:

    The “powers that be” had to “shop” for a prosecutor in order to prosecute the three men. This is no different than “judge shopping” to get a friendly judge who will render a favorable verdict.
    Once the original prosecutor made his decision not to prosecute, any further actions in this case should have been rendered “null and void”.
    There should have never been a “second prosecutor” from another jurisdiction pressing charges.
    If the laws need to be changed to keep this from occurring again, let’s get it done.
    If “prosecutor shopping” is legal, we are all in danger…

    • Replies: @europeasant
  279. Gumbo says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Lol as of this dindu was NOT the tool of the rich and powerful. The dindu is the iron fist of globohomo against the white working family.

    • Agree: AceDeuce
  280. Hacienda says:

    The judge is incompetent and should be removed from his position immediately.
    This is like a blood-letting doctor who claims to be a brain surgeon and operates on blood-letting theory.

    It shouldn’t matter at all that race was a consideration. If the defendents were clansmen, what does that matter? The only question that matters is were they acting legally or illegally.

  281. @Facts Not Opinion

    Thanks Jf317. Obviously, he is not interested in the truth. He is interested in race baiting. The sentence is a proof that there is some justice in America, even though very rare, that white criminals, who kill for fun will pay for their crimes. Justice this time was served.

  282. Trinity says:

    When you fix the Jewish problem, the white traitor trash problem and negro problem will clear up overnight. The biggest problem in White nations is the usual suspects aka the Jew.

  283. @Ghali

    Arbery brought this on himself by his foolish actions.

  284. babu says:

    Joe Biden has done more for Black people than any president in US history except Lincoln.

  285. Loup-Bouc says:

    Because of pressing work-load, I lack spare time enough to proofread this comment. I type badly. I apologize for any typing errors that may mar this comment.

    I am not a “retired lawyer.” I am a law professor who continues to litigate and to write published law-books and published legal essays.

    Your comment is a long display of lack of grasp of the legal matters and jurisprudential applicable to the Arbery murder case. And your “facts” include falsehoods.

    Jared Taylor’s article and your comment reduce to negative resolutions of the question whether the pertinent law and litigation-process rules were applied unjustly to the defendants.

    No justice process can evade the problem that humans design and operate every justice process, no justice-process manifestation can be surely untainted by human frailty.

    We can hope, rationally, only that this: In any certain litigation, a sane, reasonable loser must concede that even if a “good,” sentient, omniscient being would think the outcome erred, still that sane, honest, fairly intelligent/cognizant, reasonable litigation-loser would concede that the process endeavored hard to determine correctly the pertinent law and apply it scrupulously to a fair assessment of all available legitimate, trustworthy evidence garnered according to reasonable rules.

    You cannot argue, reasonably, that the Arbery murder trial court defied the hope I described in the last-previous paragraph: Your comment shows, patently, that you have no grasp of the pertinent law or trial-process rules and, worse, that you perceive incorrectly every pertinent aspect of that law and those rules. Therefore, you cannot assess whether the pertinent law was determined correctly and applied scrupulously to all available legitimate, trustworthy evidence garnered according to reasonable rules.

    In my previous comments of this thread, I did not address the questions like whether the pertinent Georgia criminal law — mostly Georgia Code § 16-5-1 (2017) — is badly cast. The reason is that Jared Taylor’s rant does not attack the pertinent Georgia criminal law, but, rather, how the judge and jury applied that law.

    If professional or moral obligation pressed me to address the question whether Georgia Code § 16-5-1 (2017) is badly cast, I would answer that it was drafted by a person or persons whom either I would not have admitted into a law school or would have flunked in every one of my courses in which such person(s) had enrolled. Georgia Code § 16-5-1 (2017) is linguistic garbage that threatens to produce contemnible results.

    Still, in the Arbery murder case, because of the specific contents of the charges, Georgia Code § 16-5-1’s linguistic flaws did not taint the trial. The charges avoided the flaws.

  286. @Commentator Mike

    Comm-Mi, since you seem to have no problem with a show trial that wasn’t interested in actual evidence, a la Judge Roy Bean, I accuse you of your argument holding no water.

    I present my case:

    You are on the same side as Loup-Bouc.

    Prosecution rests.

    I find you guilty… by association.

  287. Maddaugh says:
    @Luus Kanin

    Troofie is an interesting specimen if one is into abnormal psychology and the impulses that drive involuntary nervous movements…….a human condition similar to the violent twitching of a chicken with the head just removed.

    In Troof’s case the nervous convulsions affect his hands and these type all sorts of nonsense quite independent of any stimulus from his brain box. Being a man of few words, Troof can condense a complex situation into a one liner. It is an amazing talent for a man who must have graduated from Kindergarten at the tender age of 18.

    The Indian Chiefs who met the first white pioneer and said “Waugh” transmitted all the wisdom of the native people and the universe in one word. Troof has improved on this psychic wisdom by adding 5 more words to his deep and thought provoking blather.

    The poor fellow is a sad product of the education system as it exists today. Nevertheless, this lack of quantity and quality of education puts the Troofer in a position where he can argue law with lawyers, finance with accountants, teeth extraction with dentists and so forth.

    It must be liberating to spout off any rubbish on any topic. Like nutballs, lunatics and the unknown mentally unstable and severely retarded, Troofie has solved all his problems and endeavours to instruct us on what is wrong with this old world of ours. He prefers to be mad all by himself rather than sane and logical like everyone else……..and proves this with the stunning wisdom of his one liners !

    • Replies: @Luus Kanin
    , @Truth
  288. @europeasant

    Well, THAT is certainly true. What must the authorities think when they see crowds of bigoted blacks pressing for a specific judicial outcome and no Whites counterbalancing them? I can’t think they don’t feel it’s safe to go along with what the blacks want, because while they fear black rampages they have nothing to fear from Whites.

    If Whites were to unite they’d swat these black flies quickly enough. The question is why Whites don’t unite. The matter isn’t simple but I’ve considered it and have arrived at a few ideas.

    While the McMichael Show Trial was on, I headed for the Mex border to volunteer to help against the Third-World invasion, though feeling that perhaps I should go to that Georgia town where these innocent White men were likely to be railroaded. Since hearing of their sentencing I’ve been sick with grief for them and shame of my once glorious ethnic/genetic cluster, myself included.

    I think at the same time that had I gone there with a sign I probably wouldn’t have been supported by other Whites…. Of course, if everyone thinks that way….

  289. @Loup-Bouc

    Drizzle, Drazzle, Druzzle, Drome, time for Loopy to return to the home. Pray tell, Mr. Wizard law professor, just what are Georgia Code 16-5-1’s linguistic flaws?

    “The charges avoided the flaws”
    There can be no crime without meeting the elements of the offense written in the statute. What is written in the statute, every word, spells out what constitutes the crime.

    I have a sneaky suspicion that you really are Tooter Turtle. It appears your shell is putting undue pressure on your noggin.

    • Replies: @Loup-Bouc
  290. Loup-Bouc says:
    @Luus Kanin

    Again, you put childish sarcasm and silly ad hominem attacks and inane pseudo-humor utterly lacking wit. And again you do not ARGUE (try actually to prove) your patently false assertion that “Georgia felony murder law requires malice aforethought to be proven.” [You put that assertion in your comment posted here: ]


    Endeavoring to maintain decorum much as possible in addressing you despite your arrogant and brash stupidity, I have presented to you several unimpeachable indications that your assertion is false — not only respecting felony murder, but also the murder types defined by Georgia Code § 16-5-1(b) and Georgia Code § 16-5-1(d). In my last-previous comment responding to you [see ], I put a punctiliously constructed challenge that I would address to LAWYER.

    You failed utterly to respond, because you are not a LAWYER; and if you hold a law-license, you ought to be disbarred.

    You have been recalcitrantly thickheaded, risibly childish. So, since clearly you will not attempt to ARGUE your position or respond to my challenge or try somehow to refute my showing that your assertion is false, I shall slap you with irrefutable judicial authority:

    The presence or absence of malice is irrelevant to commission of felony murder.

    Quoted from Knight v. State, 521 S.E.2d 819, at page 821 (Georgia Supreme Court 1999). That Knight v. State holding was quoted, and reaffirmed, in McKenzie v. State, 667 SE 2d 43, at page 47 (Georgia Supreme Court 2008).

    That judicial authority is irrefutable because (a) it is a holding of the Georgia Supreme Court, which is the only court that can determine the matter conclusively (which matter it determined in Knight v. State, supra) and (b) the Georgia Supreme has never questioned the above-quoted Knight v. State holding (which the Georgia Supreme Court reaffirmed in McKenzie v. State).

    You included a trifle of ludicrous pseudo-legal glop in your comment. You wrote: “I’ve no inclination to give you [Loup-Bouc] lessons on mens rea and actus reus.” With that absurd blather, you super-illuminated your arrogant ignorance-and-stupidity.

    The term “mens rea” begs the question: WHAT mens rea; what level of what quality of guilty mind? The term “actus reus” begs the question: WHAT actus reus; what act(s) or omission(s) must constitute the necessary physical elements of the charged crime? So your Latin-term-blathering proves NOTHING except your arrogant ignorance-and-stupidity.

    Pertinent specifically to the error of your assertion respecting the elements Georgia law requires for felony murder conviction, the terms “mens rea” and “actus reus” beg these questions: (1) What are the mens rea and actus reus that Georgia law REQUIRES for a felony murder conviction? (2) What are the mens rea and actus reus that Georgia does NOT require for felony murder conviction?

    The answers are: (1) Georgia law requires (a) that the accused have committed a potentially lethal felony and (b) that the felony be the proximate cause of another person’s death. (2) Georgia law does NOT require proof of malice or malice aforethought. Per Knight v. State (supra) and McKenzie v. State (supra) and per the actual terms of Georgia Code § 16-5-1(c), “The presence or absence of malice is irrelevant to commission of felony murder.”

  291. Loup-Bouc says:
    @Luus Kanin

    You wrote:

    There can be no crime without meeting the elements of the offense written in the statute. What is written in the statute, every word, spells out what constitutes the crime.

    Your blather is incompetent in the legal abstract and irrelevant both to my comment and to the problem-avoidance effect of exactly the terms of exactly the charges filed in the Arbery murder case. E.g., the prosecution charged “malice” [Georgia Code § 16-5-1(b)] where the prosecution could prove “malice” [per § 16-5-1(b)’s 1st sentence] or conduct that implied “malice” [per § 16-5-1(b)’s 2nd sentence], so that Georgia Code § 16-5-1(b)’s linguistic flaws could not taint the prosecution’s case, the defense, or the court’s rendering of justice.

    I cannot continue to address you with even minimum decorum. Fuck off, arrogant idiot. Don’t bother me again.

    • Replies: @Luus Kanin
  292. @anarchyst

    The Negro is united by tribal loyalty. The White man is an individual.

    That is the problem with White people. They will not stick up for each other while the negro had a battalion worth of negroes show up at the court house. Where were the White Man’s people?
    Eating and watching negros run with various sportzballs!

    This country is in serious trouble and with demographic decline in a democracy the negro will be wielding the whip over us.

    White man wake up!

    • Agree: Trinity, anarchyst, AceDeuce
    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @anarchyst
  293. Thomasina says:
    @Commentator Mike

    “I know little about the circumstances but the jury obviously looked at all the details.”

    That’s the thing, I don’t think the jury did have access to “all” the details. I think this was a situation that just went horribly wrong. It went from them wanting to keep tabs on the fellow in order to assist the police (who they had already called) and ended up where it did, in a few split seconds of mayhem. I mean, their friend was actually filming the whole thing with his cell phone, and he released this video himself because he thought it would help their case. I truly believe there was no intent to harm, but only to make a citizen’s arrest.

    I haven’t followed the case either, but I do hope they appeal. It would be a miscarriage of justice to let this sentence stand. See my comment (#234) above.

    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  294. @Maddaugh

    You show your magnanimous nature when you give Troof credit for graduating kindergarten. It is quite possible that affirmative action was the reason he was pushed forward, rather than any scholastic aptitude. I have difficulty believing that he could have passed that tricky finger painting class.

  295. anarchyst says:

    Having lived through the wretched excesses of the so-called “civil-rights (for some)” movement, here are some of my observations over the decades…
    The jew-run government has cowed law-abiding whites into not only submission, but has driven many whites “underground”, fearful of losing everything at the hands of a tyrannical jew-run government, blacks being the “pets” of the jews.
    Us white people are too busy raising our families, working everyday, and are loathe to lose everything just for legally protesting against blacks and their jewish “masters”.
    Don’t forget that President Eisenhower set the seeds of submission to federal “civil-rights (for some)” power by whites with the used of federal troops to quell honest constitutional dissent by us whites.
    One could say that he was successful in “putting us (gentile) whites “in our place” as third-class citizens, behind jews, blacks and illegal aliens.
    Although it has been decades of white submission to the so-called “civil-rights (for some)” movement that has demoralized whites, the present push to “blackify” everything in advertising and in the social discourse, replacing “equality” with “equity” is already starting to foment “pushback” from many of us aware whites.
    The democRAT-run torching of the cities with little or no police response in 2020 was a wake-up call and proof that government no longer works for society, but is catering to the jewish and black elements in their attempts to establish a jewish bolshevik marxist society here in the “good ol’ USA”
    Aware white people are very slow to act, but the time is coming…

  296. anarchyst says:

    If white people had shown up en-masse at the courthouse, they would have been met with a police response and would have been charged with “domestic terrorism”.
    The jew-run “mainstream media” would have had a field day with any white response. Whites are too smart to fall for the “trap”…
    All one has to do is observe the political prisoners rotting in the D. C. jail for being “invited in” to the capitol by FBI “plants”.
    So much for “speedy trials”…

    • Agree: europeasant
  297. @Loup-Bouc

    “So that Georgia Code 16-5-1(b)’s linguistic flaws could not taint the prosecution’s case, the defense, or the rendering of justice.”

    I had a parrot once that could spout nonsense just about as well as you, so well in fact that the neighborhood wino’s were quite impressed. The problem was that he, just as you, did not have the mental acuity to understand one word of what he had spoken. On the plus side, he was a sight to behold, jumping up and down, squawking, and ruffling his feathers when I offered him a cracker, no doubt in the same manner as you. I think it would be in your interests to do one of those DNA tests from Ancestry or 23andMe, you most likely will find that the two of you are closely related.

    • Replies: @Loup-Bouc
  298. Katrinka says:

    It is lovely here. And, no shoveling snow.

  299. Loup-Bouc says:
    @Luus Kanin

    Still, just bullshit, childish sarcasm, inane pseudo-metaphor, witless faux humor, and ad hominem attack. No legal/factual argument rendered with evidence and LOGIC. Still, you have not admitted that your felony murder assertion was false — despite twice the Georgia Supreme Court held so.

    You cannot understand why “Georgia Code 16-5-1(b)’s linguistic flaws could not taint the prosecution’s case, the defense, or the rendering of justice,” because you are not only not a LAWYER, but also an idiot.

    One example: The prosecutor knew that he could prove (as he DID prove) that the actual Abery shooter — Travis McMichael — acted with implied malice or “express malice.” So, against Travis, the prosecutor charged a Georgia Code §16-5-1(b) offense and presented evidence that could support either a finding of implied malice or “express malice.” Hence, Georgia Code 16-5-1(b)’s risible sloppiness could not affect the outcome.

    Sloppiness? The §16-5-1(b) 1st sentence term “Express malice” [rather than “actual malice”], that same §16-5-1(b) sentence’s language “is that deliberate intention unlawfully to take” [the demonstrative determiner “that” and its phrase cannot modify, logically, the subject of the verb “is”], the term “which” set after the term “human being” [dangling nonrestrictive (or “parenthetical”) relative pronoun, the “dangling” of which renders linguistic nonsense the language “is manifested by external circumstances capable of proof”].

    But, previously, the Georgia Supreme Court construed Georgia Code §16-5-1(b)’s first sentence so that (magically) it became sensible. Therefore, also for reason that the Court had rendered §16-5-1(b)’s first sentence sensible, the prosecutor’s allegation-strategy avoided the case’s being tainted by the linguistic flaws of §16-5-1(b)’s first sentence.

    Hence, the prosecutor avoided his case’s being tainted by Georgia Code §16-5-1(b)’s flagrant sloppiness both by accounting the Georgia Supreme Court’s curative statute-construction and by forging scrupulous fit of allegation and provable fact.

    Tomorrow I shall expose the fraud and idiocy of your pretense of medical knowledge — a pretense you tried to weave into an earlier ad hominem attack you put because you cannot put an actual ARGUMENT. I reference this comment:

    In that comment your faux medical knowledge idiocy was this: “Let us just chalk up your minor mistakes in interpretation of Georgia statutes to a transient ischemic attack, of which you have now fully recovered.” [I emphasized the language that is fraudulent or idiotic or both.] Know that I am not only a law professor. I am also a physician — have been since 1995. Do not doubt so, or you will be embarrassed worse than if you uttered no defense.

  300. Loopy, salutations from the wide open spaces!

    I need not attempt to prove your feeblemindedness when your posts have already made such a strong case for me.

    I will attempt to make this simple for you: Actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea.

    As far as my medical diagnosis of you, my apologies, it was just a guess, I can now see that you were not suffering from TIA, but rather a severe stroke. I would suggest working on your posture, it seems to help with drooling.

    My apologies also for guessing that you were a turtle. I can now see that you are in fact an organ grinders monkey. I bet you will just dance to your hearts delight when the grinder starts his music.

    • Replies: @Loup-Bouc
  301. Shootings like this should happen to the arberysteins of the world. Only good jew is…..

  302. @Loup-Bouc

    Thank you professor for your dispassionate analysis of Georgia’s felony murder law, your exegesis was most illuminating, the law does seem badly crafted & draconian. It does make for giving ‘death in prison’ sentences so much easier.

    A person commits the offense of murder when, in the commission of a felony, he or she causes the death of another human being irrespective of malice.

    What all these morally outraged commentators don’t realize is how bad the optics were and that’s what convinced the almost all white jury. These guys never realize how horrible optics can lead to conviction and hence their full throated support for Derek Chauvin’s ‘Tarzan king of the apes’ posing for the cameras.

  303. @Thomasina

    It was a situation that went horribly wrong, but they had no grounds for making a citizen’s arrest. The worst thing about this case has been a ridiculous overcharging. If they had been sentenced to 5 years on a charge of manslaughter, with the possibility of earning time off for good behavior in prison, then I wouldn’t really see anything wrong with the conviction. As it is, this was definitely a politically stunted trial.

    Citizen’s arrest is something which is only supposed to hold in cases where you see a crime being committed. If you were walking down the street and saw someone assault an old lady while you had a gun in your pocket, then you could pull it and demand that the criminal freeze with their hands in the air. But no one saw evidence of Arbery actually committing a crime here. As far as trespassing goes, it’s been pointed out already that lots of people went wandering through the same site. Arbery was not unique in that, and there was no evidence that he had stolen anything. I can agree that his whole profile has a suspicious look to it, and he may very well have been planning a future theft. But they had no evidence on him at that moment.

    I can’t avoid the sense that McMichael Sr. was influenced by his past record of work for law enforcement. If this incident had been carried out by 3 uniformed on-duty cops who were responding to a call, then there would be no grounds for conviction at all. In such a case it would simply be a matter of Arbery starting a fight with police officers who tried to question him. The elderly McMichael seems to have thought that now being retired he could go on handling cases as if he were still employed by the law. But he no longer had the legal authority to carry out an interrogation of a suspect in the absence of any specific crime having been committed.

    That said, it’s true that Arbery very stupidly escalated this whole thing and that’s why they should have been charged with manslaughter and no more. If Arbery hadn’t picked a fight this incident would likely have ended with police called to the scene finding that there was no evidence that Arbery had tried to steal anything and letting him go. But Arbery couldn’t let it be at that. He had to make it into a fight, and the blame for that is on him.

  304. Loup-Bouc says:
    @Luus Kanin

    So now you hallucinate that I suffer “severe stroke.” You offer no probative explanation of your change of bullshit. But, then, you offer no probative premise for any of the bullshit you vomit.


    I had drafted part of a comment that shows your “transient ischemic attack” diagnosis medically absurd, ignorant, stupid. The comment would have included footnotes citing medical, biochemistry, and physiology literature and considerable exposition of
    • (a) the cerebral chemical/physiological/neurological events that lead to, then produce and associate with, cerebral ischemia and the average time-lapse involved
    • (b) the further cerebral chemical/physiological events that must happen before ischemic cerebral injury occurs and the average time-lapse involved
    • (c) the sundry neurological, diaphragmatic, pulmonary, and cardiologic effects, and the average time elapsed before cardiac arrest

    Rather than begin nearly from scratch and re-work what I have written to fit it into a response to your new absurd diagnosis derived from your intrepid ignorance, arrogant stupidity, witless attempted humor, I shall abandon the project, because I need to shift all my work-time to finishing a law-book I am writing.

    But I will gift you a parting observation. You wrote: “Actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea.” Your silly, quite obsolete, legal Latin proposition is merely an ineffective twist of your risibly false assertion that felony murder conviction requires proof of malice — because, you assert, all murder convictions require proof of malice.

    You try to substitute “guilty mind” for “malice” or “malice aforethought,” as if the substitution will cure your error. As I have shown abundantly, Georgia’s felony murder law requires only (a) commission of a predicate felony that threatens possible lethal effect and (b) a victims’ death caused by or substantially associated with the predicate felony. (Not Georgia Code §16-5-1, but judicial legislation, created the requirement that the felony threaten possible lethal effect.”)

    In many other jurisdictions, the predicate felony need not threaten possible lethal effect. The requirement may be
    (a) that a victim’s death occur during the culprit’s commission of a felony or
    (b) that the culprit committed a felony and the felony’s commission caused or was substantially associated with a victim’s death or
    (c) that the culprit caused a victim’s death while the culprit committed a felony.
    See, e.g., Oregon Revised Statutes 163.115(1)(b), :

    (1) …criminal homicide constitutes murder in the second degree:
    * * *

    (b) When it is committed by a person, acting either alone or with one or more persons, who commits or attempts to commit any of the following crimes and in the course of and in furtherance of the crime the person is committing or attempting to commit, or during the immediate flight therefrom, the person, or another participant if there be any, causes the death of a person other than one of the participants:
    (A) Arson in the first degree as defined in ORS 164.325 (Arson in the first degree);
    (B) Criminal mischief in the first degree by means of an explosive as defined in ORS 164.365 (Criminal mischief in the first degree);
    (C) Burglary in the first degree as defined in ORS 164.225 (Burglary in the first degree);

    [Seven other felonies are listed, as you will see if you read the copy I linked above.]

    Some states’ felony murder statutes — e.g., 2020 Minnesota Statutes § 609.19, Subdivision 2, Section (1), — provide expressly that the culprit must NOT have intended the death of the victim or of any other person.

    Do you adhere to traditional Roman Catholicism? You seem to think that if you utter errors, nonsense, or insane assertions with Latin language, the language-choice, even the Latin intonation, bears the magical effect of transmuting horse-shit into logic and truth. “Actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea” has not been Anglo-American law anywhere for at least 70 years (longer in some Anglo-American jurisdictions).

    Now, really: fuck off, arrogant idiot.

    • Replies: @Luus Kanin
  305. @Seneca44

    Last time I went skiing (in NC) the workers were all Mexicans. So finding someone that can actually fix the lift may take a while.

  306. @Katrinka

    The moral of the story is don’t play vigilante. Call the cops and stay out of it. If you are stupid enough to want to be involved DO NOT CALL COPS and yes, bring a shovel. Calling the cops guaranteed their lives were over. Even if they were acquitted, they could never earn a living, and they and their families would have received death threats and worse. The shovel plan probably would have worked if they stayed quiet. Who would have missed that jogger? Before he became her ghetto lottery ticket, would his mamma even have missed him?

  307. Truth says:

    Troofie is an interesting specimen if one is into abnormal psychology and the impulses that drive involuntary nervous movements… Being a man of few words, Troof can condense a complex situation into a one liner

    Judging from your rather…prosaic… comment history, Rachel, I’m thinking it might benefit the site if I came and coughed on you and ate with your utensils for a few days…

  308. @Loup-Bouc

    Loopy, wishing you were here from the western hemisphere!

    Alas it is just as I feared, my correspondence has went and gone right over your head. Heck, I even put part of it in a dead language, because I thought your brain might be able to relate to it.

    I do feel that we are becoming as thick as thieves, with you playing the part of Lennie and I of course being George.

    Since I enjoy telling stories to my friends, I will relate an experience I had several years ago. My horse and I had been traversing Papoose trail in the Trinity Alps Wilderness area. To our surprise, we came upon a Western Diamondback rattler lying directly in our path.
    At first glance the rattler looked mighty highfalutin and grandiose. I dismounted and moved in front of it, just out of reach. The rattler apparently had decided that it was going to make that corner of the earth his own.
    If some sap had wandered by at that moment, they would have thought that we were in a Mexican standoff, but I had had many dealings with rattlesnakes in the past. In a similar way as you, this rattler had a mean, nasty, and surly disposition
    Also like you, it would strike out at me over and over in an attempt to land a telling blow, but each time it would land face first to the ground with a thud. I thought about putting it out of its misery with the snake shot I kept for just such occasions, but something compelled me to see how this would play out.
    Finally exhausted, the rattler had the good sense and manners to slither away and place itself under a rock. I decided to take pity on him and leave him be. If you would have the good sense and manners of a rattlesnake and sneak back under the rock you came from, I would show you the same consideration.

    • Replies: @Loup-Bouc
  309. Loup-Bouc says:
    @Luus Kanin

    Increasingly, you have been slipping away from posting even marginally relevant comments — slipping to attempting to rebut my posts with sloppy metaphors and stories hoping hopelessly to be allegorical — as if cute, limping, pseudo-poetry and clumsy fables could distract readers from witnessing your law-ignorance, error-proneness, and doomed attempts of concealing your bumbles with sprinklings of antique legal Latin.

    For 26 years, I rendered classroom legal education. Twice, I committed errors — two total — during class-sessions. Each time, after class, I felt near-suicidal. Barely was I able to endure until my next class-session, when, in the session’s first minutes, I would (and did) confess my errors. Honor trumps face, even life — as my kin would counsel you si vous pussiez comprendre la très belle langue du loup des bois.


    I shall close our confrontation with two related considerations. (1) the incompetence of your metaphors and story-telling; (2) a sample of my published fiction.

    (1) Your bad metaphors and bad story-telling

    You wrote: “I do feel that we are becoming as thick as thieves, with you playing the part of Lennie and I of course being George.”

    (a) Your language” I do feel” is redundant (a great feat, since only three words are involved). The term “do” is superfluous; “music” does not excuse it, since (alone and in context) “I feel” bears rhythm and sounds good as or better than “I do feel.”
    (b) Your language “with you playing the part of Lennie” is a dangling preposition phrase. One cure is deletion of “with.”
    (c) In your phrase “as thick as thieves,” the first term “as” is a dangling (and redundant) adverb. The cure is deletion of the first “as.” [A worse “as thick as thieves” trouble is exposed below.]
    (d) The phrase “of course” is redundant and factually/logically unsupportable even if you were intellectually superior to me: The phrase “of course” does not obtain premise from any language occurring before it or after.
    (e) Despite the growing proliferation of illogical drift-usage and the grievously undeserved position bad pseudo-poetry clichés enjoy in our decaying American society, in your phrase “as thick as thieves,” the term “thick” is bad diction. Thieves are not “thick” unless all are fat or otherwise the opposite of thin. A thief GROUP may be thick, if it is large and its members tightly amassed; but such is not your language’s reference or connotation. The fundamental error is that Lennie and George were not thieves.

    [Your metaphors (clichés or not) recall to me the New Yorker’s now-defunct series “block that metaphor,” which, once-per-magazine-issue, quoted perhaps the most risibly absurd published metaphor(s) of the previous week or two. Examples? See here:
    and here:
    and here: ]

    Your story’s remainder suffers similar bad diction, bad grammar, and bad style — which, together, imply deficient intellect, persistent sloppy thought, poor education, or incompetent learning. Another example is your language “…in a similar way as you….” The term “as” is a dangling adverb. The term “way” is redundant and illogical. The whole construction is ungrammatical and illogical, even its beginning, the term “in,” which is a dangling preposition. The cure is: “similar to you.” Or, better: “like you.”

    Worse: Your stories images and subject-ingredients are incoherent. Various subjects or images do not comport logically with others. Example: “Lennie” and “George” and “thieves” cannot fit the snake theme.

    (2) A sample of my published fiction

    Below is a quote the first seven paragraphs of my first published short fiction — the title of which I shall not divulge. The story was published by a literary journal that was, then, three decades ago, America’s second best literary journal — per the literary-world’s opinion. That journal did not only publish the story. It awarded the story a prize for winning the journal’s national fiction-writing contest.

    I would alter, now, some of the story’s language. My fiction-writing’s sophistication grew much during the past three decades. But I shall quote exactly what the language was when published, circa 1990. I chose THAT story for these reasons:
    • (a) The journal never published online — only with bound hard-copy.
    • (b) The journal ceased publishing circa 2013, because its editor-in-chief, a widely well-respected poet and English literature professor, retired and shifted professional activity to publishing books.
    • (c) Since also I shall not identify the journal, near-certainly you will not be able to find the story: you will not know its title, cannot find it online, and do not know the name of the journal that published the story, a journal that ceased publishing circa 2013.
    • (d) Therefore, near-certainly the story’s below-quoted seven paragraphs will not enable you to discover my identity.

    The story’s below-quoted paragraphs involve grammatical structures and diction very different from those of my Unz Review comments. But the story’s below-quoted paragraphs’ grammatical structures are correct. And, though oft-informal and involving elliptical grammatical forms and though in a few instances the diction is colloquial (e.g., “Don’t,” “Taters,” and “double-takers”), the language does not bear any bad diction, or bad style.

    Now the 7-paragraph excerpt of my short story:

    September breeds sticky skin. Or smells of coming ice. The sense depends on where you want to be.

    This year, in Maine, I felt the beginning of the end of mosquitos. Among the larches. Shy wisps. Cones just bigger than pine nuts. Don’t grow farther south.

    At Cape Hatteras, the Gulf Stream turns toward open sea. The maneuver makes ragged water. Rip tides. Undertows. Erratic warm-cool currents. Eerie calms and sudden gales. Quick white chills rake middles of blush summer mornings. Everything’s always shifting in puzzles — except the huge dunes.

    Maine’s much the same— except the Labrador flow — and rocks and cliffs instead of sand and dunes — but upside down, twisted, and many times the size.

    January brews deep thaws that mock late May — between ice-storms raiding from a nowhere of the West, or between smothering snows and dark suns.

    Not far north, Canada’s boreal. Firs, spruce, even maples stretch there a way. But larches, the meek ones, feather up forever till the earth stops yielding or the Arctic swallows its crest. They took over the tundra’s edge in Siberia, past the great divide, far past east of the Baltic Sea. Brown rodents turned pitch blue from switching to larch cones when hemlocks faded out or marauders forced their communities toward the top of the world. Kropotkin witnessed the mutation before he dreamt an anarchy into common aid, before Marx didn’t know he sowed Red Fascism.

    Maine’s like Kropotkin’ s Russia some ways. Larches hide among maples and hemlocks. Taters, lobsters, scallops, cod, and pulp-wood earn the natives scrape-through budgets. Except when summer tourists invade to be prey of the local clipped speech and biting double-takers. Down-Easterns were minimalists before Emily Dickinson’s daddy was a prediction.

    Adieu, Luus Kani

  310. Loopy, kind regards from a place afar

    Thank you so much for your friendly guidance on sentence structure. I hate to bring it up, but in reading part of your short story, you seem to have made your third mistake.

    You wrote “Rip tides.” “Undertows”. If I remember correctly from my third grade English class, a complete sentence requires a noun and a verb. Please don’t consider suicide in this case, maybe settle instead for just a quick head butt against the nearest lamppost. I say we keep it between ourselves. I promise not to tell the Catholic priest during the Sacrament of Penance.

    Ai revoir Loopy.

    • Replies: @Loup-Bouc
  311. gte757n says: • Website

    Knowing what we know now about judge Timothy Walmsley’s illegal and unethical pro-negro bias, let’s delve into the unfairly suppressed evidence. It was decreed by Superior Court Judge Timothy Walmsley that the defense attorneys’ efforts to portray Mr. Arbery as an aggressive young criminal would not be allowed as admissible evidence. In other words, the court suppressed evidence, and the jury wasn’t allowed to hear the whole truth.

    These Are The Facts and Issues that the Judge Unfairly Omitted from Trial :

    (1.) Arbery was a convicted thief (Strike One).

    (2.) Arbery was a convicted felon, previously sentenced to 5 years for unlawful gun possession at a school (Strike Two).

    (3.) Arbery was on felony probation on the date he died. Arbery was highly motivated to resist the citizen’s arrest, and try to run away. If convicted of a third felony, it would have been “Strike Three”, and Georgia has the “Three-Strikes-Law”.

    (4.) Arbery was high when he charged Travis McMichael and fought to take the shotgun.

    (5.) Arbery was literally “Off His Anti-Aggression Meds” When He Charged Travis McMichael.

    (6.) Arbery frequently used “jogging” as a cover to facilitate/excuse “casing” and “prowling” activities.

    (7.) Arbery had repeatedly cased the 220 Satilla Drive property for weeks prior to his death.

    (8.) Post mortem toxicology reports indicate Arbery was stoned at the time of the encounter. And as well as being on something, he was also off something different: The drug Zyprexa, a prescription psychiatric medication that had been prescribed to Arbery to control his violent and aggressive behavior.

    (9.) Arbery’s probation officer was not allowed to testify for the defense.

    (10.) The Brunswick-Glynn County undercover police, who were intimately familiar with Arbery’s theft gang, were not allowed to testify for the defense.

    It was grossly unfair for Judge Walmsley to suppress evidence, and prevent the above 10 issues from being fully explored in open court.

    The Georgia-3 are political prisoners, just like Derek Chauvin and the January 6th patriots. We need to free them all. Perhaps President Trump will pardon the Georgia-3, and all other political prisoners, after Trump is reinstated to office. We can only hope and pray.

  312. Truth says:

    The Loopy vs Louie debate has been highly entertaining.

    Thank you.

  313. Trinity says:

    Trumpstein only pardons his rich Jew cronies and Black rappers in Swedish jails which are more like hotels instead of prison.

    • Replies: @Luus Kanin
  314. Loup-Bouc says:
    @Luus Kanin

    You wrote:

    You wrote “Rip tides.” “Undertows”. If I remember correctly from my third grade English class, a complete sentence requires a noun and a verb.

    In my comment to which you responded, I wrote:


    …the story’s below-quoted paragraphs’ grammatical structures are correct. And, though oft-informal and involving elliptical grammatical forms [emphasis added here] and though in a few instances the diction is colloquial (e.g., “Don’t,” “Taters,” and “double-takers”), the language does not bear any bad diction, or bad style.

    “Rip tides.” and “Undertows.” were elliptical grammatical forms that are common in fine, grammatical fiction — which lives in a world alien to court opinions and Unz Review articles, putatively non-fiction texts that, disturbingly often, bear noxious forms of fiction: lies, sophistry…….

    Elliptical grammatical forms are forms in which — within context — absent terms (even if subject and verb) are implicit. The literature journal’s editor-in-chief and the contest judge (himself a Pulitzer Prize and Pushcart Prize winner) did not blink at seeing my story’s elliptical grammatical forms — “Rip tides.” “Undertows.” Recall: my story won a national fiction-writing contest and was published in the nation’s second-best literature journal.

    Elliptical grammatical forms are not grammatical errors — as are, e.g., dangling participles, dangling adverbs, and dangling prepositions/prepositional phrases, which infest your comments. Elliptical grammatical forms are legitimate quasi-poetic devices.

    The two elliptical sentences — “Rip tides.” “Undertows.” — were exemplifications of the image-terms “ragged water” of the sentence “The maneuver makes ragged water.” Also “ragged water” exemplifications were:
    • (a) the elliptical sentence “Erratic warm-cool currents.”
    • (b) the image-terms “Eerie calms” of the elliptical sentence “Eerie calms and sudden gales.”

    The term “calms” (of “Eerie calms….”) functions with the image-terms “sudden gales” to mutate, subtly, the environmental reference (and dramatic ambiance) from (a) water to (b) storms and upheavals involving and affecting water, land, and atmosphere. The shift prepares for the rest of the story’s seven paragraphs that I quoted — first this:

    January brews deep thaws that mock late May — between ice-storms raiding from a nowhere of the West, or between smothering snows and dark suns. [Emphases added here.]

    then this:

    Not far north, Canada’s boreal. Firs, spruce, even maples stretch there a way. But larches, the meek ones, feather up forever till the earth stops yielding or the Arctic swallows its crest. [Emphases added here.]

    then the rest, ending with this:

    *** Except when summer tourists invade to be prey of the local clipped speech and biting double-takers. Down-Easterns were minimalists before Emily Dickinson’s daddy was a prediction. [Emphases added here.]

    Rather than use the two elliptical sentences you tried stupidly to criticize — “Rip tides.” “Undertows.” — I could have written this: “The maneuver makes ragged water — rip tides, undertows……” Or, much worse, this: “The maneuver makes ragged water — roiling with rip tides and undertows” (proper language that mimics cow-shit plopping onto thick mud). Such forms would not have sounded the music that would brew the ambiance the story craved.

    Your comment illumines further the immensity of the breadth and depth of your arrogant ignorance and idiocy. I urge that you shut the fuck up — to avoid your suffering greater embarrassment.

    • Replies: @Luus Kanin
    , @Loup-Bouc
  315. Loup-Bouc says:

    Of all the “facts” you assert, none was relevant. All were inadmissible.

    You did not show that the defense offered to prove all those facts and that the proof-offer was proper, legally competent, and sufficient to indicate probable cause to presume that the defense’s pertinent evidence would prove adequate and legitimate premise of the jury’s finding that those alleged facts were true. But even if the defense satisfied all those requirements, all the “facts” were irrelevant — so, inadmissible.

    The defendant assailants did not know any such facts before or when they assaulted and killed Arbery. Hence, those facts could not justify or excuse the defendant shooter’s felonious killing of Arbery or the other assailant defendants’ supporting actively or encouraging that killing or committing a possibly lethal felony (e.g., vehicular assault, attempted vehicular assault, or aiding or encouraging vehicular assault) associated significantly with that killing.

    I assume, for argument, that often the defendant assailants had seen Arbery jogging in the neighborhood. That fact was irrelevant, since (a) jogging is not a crime or even a minor law-violation (unless, perhaps, done in a place clearly and legally marked a “no-jogging” area) and (b) jogging, even prohibited jogging, cannot be evidence of the jogger’s intending to commit burglary or any other felony.

    Even had Arbery been jogging in a “no-jogging” area, (a) that conduct would not be more than a minor misdemeanor or minor traffic offense, not a felony, and (b) such a violation cannot support an inference that the offender might have been planning a to commit a felony — planning do serious illegal physical harm or commit a theft or……any other offense that could tend to suggest to the defendants that Arbery was planning a crime against which they were legally entitled to defend with lethal force or physical assault.

    • Replies: @europeasant
  316. @Loup-Bouc

    Howdy-do Loopy, from me to you!

    I was beginning to suspect that you were just another johnny come lately blatherskite, but then Heavens to Betsy, you went and mentioned elliptical grammatical forms.
    I had to refer back to my fourth grade English class notes, and by guess and by golly there it was, in my own handwriting, and in cursive I might add, a mention of EG. I now know of whom I am dealing. You are quite obviously an erudite individual.

    In light of such esteemed company, it seems trivial to mention, but as I perused my notes, lo and behold, right there in my footnotes, was the requirement that in order to use an elliptical expression one must first establish that the meaning of the sentence is clear.
    It seems a shame, and I take no pleasure in having to make note of your fourth mistake, and in such close proximity to your third. Oh, did you see what I just did there, I accidentally used an elliptical expression. Pay no mind to it, most likely you missed it.

    I didn’t think it my place to mention before, but since we are now such solemn sidekicks, I must confess that your earlier description of my rattlesnake story was not really an allegory. I would guess the story is not exactly, but more closely resembles a parable.

    If you wish, I would be happy to forward my third and fourth grade English notes to you so that you might continue such a consummate and cultivated education.

    • Replies: @Loup-Bouc
    , @Loup-Bouc
  317. Loup-Bouc says:

    I apologize for neglecting two matters:


    (1) Your criticism

    You challenged the grammar of my language

    “Rip tides.” “Undertows.”

    Your challenge rested on the proposition

    …a complete sentence requires a noun and a verb.

    But the language “Rip tides.” is not a complete sentence. And the language “Undertows.” is not a complete sentence. So you challenge is nonsense, risibly irrelevant, or defeats itself.

    (2) Your challenge’s grammatical/logical errors

    Your challenge bears grammatical/logical errors other than the logical/grammatical error I observed in part (1), above.

    • (a) A “complete sentence” must include a SUBJECT and PREDICATE-verb, not “a noun and a verb.” The subject may be a pronoun, a gerund, an infinitive, or some other substantive [e.g., a restrictive relative pronoun clause], rather than a noun (where “noun” bears the ordinary meaning, a word that denotes a “person, place, or thing,” where the “thing” may be an action or state of being, as may be so where the substantive is, e.g., a gerund or an infinitive).

    Here, I use the term “predicate-verb” to denote (i) a verb that denotes the subject’s action [as in the sentence “Luus Kanin (subject) blathers (predicate-verb) dross” (object)] or (ii) some aspect of the subject’s nature or existence [as in the sentence “Luus Kanin (subject) is [existential verb, “to be”] an arrogant, ignorant idiot” (“idiot” = predicate nominative noun)].

    A proper sentence may include several nouns, pronouns, or other substantives, and several verbs but bear only one subject and one predicate-verb. Example: “Wondering at her [pronoun] car’s [possessive noun] failing to function [with “car’s,” forms a gerund (substantive)], Jane [subject] phoned [predicate-verb] her failed [past tense of verb “to fail” acting as past participle, a “verbal”] mechanic [noun functioning as adjective] brother [object noun].”

    • (b) You cannot remember anything “from” your third grade English class, for the reason that no one can remember anything “from” any third grade English (or other) class. The correct (logical, grammatical) term is “of,” not “from” (because the matter is what, if anything, you recall of what occurred in some class).

    • (c) A complete sentence must include a subject and predicate-verb, even if you did not, and do not, “remember correctly” (or incorrectly) anything of the teaching that occurred in your “third grade English class.” Your conditional clause — “If I remember correctly from my third grade English class” — makes your sentence nonsense.

  318. Loup-Bouc says:
    @Luus Kanin

    You wrote:

    In light of such esteemed company, it seems trivial to mention, but as I perused my notes, lo and behold, right there in my footnotes, was the requirement that in order to use an elliptical expression one must first establish that the meaning of the sentence is clear.

    False — as is the rest of your comment incorrect or bullshit or childish sarcasm. No such grammatical rule exists. A sentence is clear because it is clear, or it is not clear.

    I shall not waste my time on proving again that your assertions are risibly wrong. I promise myself that I shall cease responding to you. Your reactions are amazing (perhaps especially their childish sarcasms) because they ridiculous of degree that makes them nauseating. So, I consign you to basking alone in the arrogance of your ignorance and idiocy.

  319. @gte757n

    “It was grossly unfair for Judge Walmsley to suppress evidence, and prevent the above 10 issues from being fully explored in open court”

    Judge Walmsley is a strange bird.

  320. @Loup-Bouc

    “The defendant assailants did not know any such facts before or when they assaulted and killed Arbery”

    I guess I saw something else. I saw Arbery go up to the younger McMichael and grab for his shotgun. Arbery grabbed the shotgun with his hands and it looked like he wanted to to take it away. A stupid thing to do but it looks like he made a lot of stupid decisions in his life. This one cost him his life. He thought the White man would not pull the trigger. To him it looked like the White man was soft and weak and slow. He guessed wrong.

    But yea the White should not have followed the Negro. Let the Negro do what he does and let the police take care of business.

    The McMichaels should have followed the Derbyshire rules and then we would not have had this drama.

    Let this be a lesson for the White man. Stay away from the Negro.

    • Replies: @Loup-Bouc
  321. Loup-Bouc says:

    You wrote:

    He [Arbery] thought the White man would not pull the trigger. To him it looked like the White man was soft and weak and slow. He guessed wrong.

    The White man was a murderer. Arbery must have hoped he could evade being murdered. I cannot estimate whether Arbery had an option.

    You wrote:

    Let this be a lesson for the White man. Stay away from the Negro.

    No. The lesson is that Whites ought not murder anyone, Black or White, just as Blacks ought not murder anyone, White or Black. The larger lesson is that the human race is largely psychopathic.

    I prefer most species of non-human beast, especially, as my pseudonym suggests, (male) wolves and (male) goats, but also crows, dogs, octopi, elephants, dolphins, whales, seals, pigs, and Canada geese.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @anarchyst
  322. Vitality and vigor Loopy, from the vestiges of Vespucci!

    I knew our acquaintance would take a fortuitous turn. Seeing as how you consigned me, in addition to your avocation as an ambulance chaser and mundunugu, I am quite pleased to learn that you are also a consignor.
    Do you by chance make those lumberjack whirligigs out of your garage that are so popular? I am looking for a steady supply to donate to our local VFW.

    Your high intellect and word slinging remind me of a professor that used to teach at the University of California at Berkeley. He had been somewhat of a prodigy and I believe his IQ was in the high 160’s.
    Unfortunately, he most likely suffered from Asperger’s Syndrome. He could rattle off some amazingly brilliant differential equations, but had difficulty dressing himself and lacked in savoir faire. He ended up having a bit of a scrap with the U.S. Postal Service.
    You aren’t by chance one and the same?

  323. Loup-Bouc says:
    @Luus Kanin

    This note will assure that we not waste time on an error of fingers, not of mind; and my curing the typing error will free me not to respond to you again. The matter concerns the penultimate sentence of my comment posted here:

    That comment’s penultimate sentence is victim of a typing error, mine. The error was my fingers’ failing to type into that sentence the term “are” after “because they” and before “ridiculous.” Corrected, that sentence is this: “Your reactions are amazing (perhaps especially their childish sarcasms) because they « are » ridiculous of degree that makes them nauseating.”

    • Replies: @Luus Kanin
  324. Wokechoke says:

    If you’ve taught at Wash U then you’ve been next to the disgusting human zoo north of the loop. You are naive or dishonest.

  325. anarchyst says:

    So you prefer animals to humans?? Abusing animals is a crime in every state…

    You, my friend are in need of mental help.

    You remind me of the carpetbagger civil-rights movement “handlers” of the late 1950s and early 1960s who were primarily jewish. I knew a few of them and they exhibit the same traits that you espouse.

    We had a saying back then: “Behind every negro, there is a jew”.

    I would like to drop you off at 7-Mile Road and Van Dyke Avenue in Detroit at 2AM. You would be eaten alive…

    As to Arbery, he committed “suicide” by attempting to grab a shotgun from a law-abiding citizen. He could have avoided the situation entirely by going in a different direction, but he had to confront the man with the shotgun, having felt that he had been “disrespected”–a common black trait, often fatal. Usually the “disrespect” is black-on-black, but not this time…

    “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes”…

    • Thanks: Luus Kanin
    • Replies: @europeasant
  326. @Loup-Bouc

    Felicitations and good wishes Loopy, from the former stomping grounds of the grizzly

    I guess you are all down but nine on my previous post, but I say let bygones be bygones.

    On another note, I happened to notice that in your haste to correct a previous error, you unfortunately committed your fifth error.

    You noted “an error of fingers, not of mind”.
    I do not wish to nitpick, but I do believe that an error of fingers is in fact an error of mind, seeing as how the mind controls the fine motor skills, of which dexterity is a part.

    If you were to come clean about suffering from some type of neurological disorder such as Tourette syndrome I of course, as a component of fair play, would most enthusiastically withdraw my assertion of your fifth error.

    However, if out of silly pride or ornery disposition you refuse to confess to such a disorder, I will be forced to remain steadfast in my accusation.

    • Replies: @Loup-Bouc
  327. Loup-Bouc says:
    @Luus Kanin

    Again your comment blathers risibly error-ridden language — bad diction, bad grammar, bad syntax. Again you display nauseating arrogant ignorant stupidity.


    Again, you, a non-physician, blather premise-lacking, quasi-hallucinatory pseudo-diagnoses, not only of me (a law-profesor/lawyer/physician whom you have never met) but also one of your college professors, who, you suggest, was a math genius having an IQ “in the high 160’s”. [My IQ has been tested four times: (a) mean 178, (b) highest score (which I disregard) at the edge of 1 sample-S.D. off mean, (c) the others well within 1 sample-S.D off mean, (d) lowest score 171.]

    You wrote:

    You noted “an error of fingers, not of mind”.
    …I do believe that an error of fingers is in fact an error of mind, seeing as how the mind controls the fine motor skills, of which dexterity is a part.

    Finger DEXTERITY is irrelevant. The matter is accurate coordination of thought and finger-action. Fingers can suffer substantially deficient dexterity, yet type exactly what thought dictates. Again you show your arrogant ignorant stupidity:
    • (a) by referencing finger dexterity
    • (b) with your idiotic conflation of “mind” and motor-control brain-parts, even your conflation of “mind” and “brain” — which my language “error of fingers, not of mind” did not assume or address.

    The “mind” (a philosophic concept, NOT an anatomical/physiological/neurological term, equates — ROUGHLY, FIGURATIVELY — primarily with parts of the brain’s frontal lobe, mostly the “prefrontal lobe” and other forward-region material of the frontal lobe — the brain-parts mostly responsible for “thinking.”

    [The following anatomy/physiology/neurology exposition is cursory. A thorough exposition would require a text-length inappropriate to a mere comment of an Unz Revew comment-thread (rather than a proper science-article).]

    Not only the forward part of the frontal lobe, but other brain parts, and cranial glands, even non-cranial glands and other non-cranial body-apparatuses, are involved in thought-process, but mostly just tangentially — except the brain’s parietal lobe, which participates in language-involved cognition. But non-forward-frontal-lobe brain-parts (except the parietal lobe) and non-brain body-apparatuses (spine, organs, glands, musculature……) do NOT correspond to any aspect of the philosophic concept “mind.”

    Finger movement is controlled primarily NOT in the cortex regions that are the primary sources of thoughts. Finger movement is controlled mostly
    • (a) in the contralateral primary sensorimotor cortex, premotor cortex, and supplementary motor area (which is in the rear of the frontal lobe, much NOT involved, even tangentially, in the thinking process)
    • (b) the bilateral secondary somatosensory areas, basal ganglia, ipsilateral cerebellum, the pyramidal system (including corticospinal and corticobulbar tracts).
    Those brain/pyramidal-system parts are just tangentially (and rather minimally) involved in thought-process.

    Especially in highly intelligent humans, thought-process and thought occur and manifest immensely faster than fingers can move or react to brain/non-brain activity that dictates finger-movement. The “mind” can think a complete, perfect (verbal) sentence, tell finger-control brain-parts to engage fingers to manifest the sentence with a typewriter, then think other sentences, while fingers lag behind and fail to type quite what the “mind” thought in forming the first sentence. Not “mind,” but fingers and their neurological controllers are the culprits.

    The smarter the human, the quicker the “mind,” hence the more such “mind”/finger disjuncture or incongruity may occur. Partly, the reason is that very brilliant humans tend to care little for their motor skills or their motor performance. Just so, relatively few are athletes. But such motor-skill disinterest does not imply psycho-socially troublous behavioral tendencies, like some symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome, which, at least tentatively, without premise, you ascribed to your “University of California at Berkeley” professor.

    Now, since you mentioned your “University of California at Berkeley” professor who “had been somewhat of a [math] prodigy” and whose IQ, you believe, “was in the high 160’s, I render you a special gift:

    1, i, j, k

    such that

    i2 = j2 = k2 = ijk = −1


    ijk = −1
    i(ijk) = i(−1)
    −jk = −i
    jk = i


    ij = k, ji = −k
    jk = i, kj = −i
    ki = j, ik = −j

    and, e.g.,

    pq = (p0 + p1i + p2j + p3k)(q0 + q1i + q2j + q3k)
    = (p0q0 − p1q1 − p2q2 − p3q3) + . . . i + . . . j + . . . k
    pq = (p0 + p)(q0 + q)
    = (p0q0 + p0q + q0p + pq)

    What did I tell you with the preceding math? And why/how is that math related to the problem of the insoluble inconsistency/indeterminacy of math, thence science or its perceptions, theories, measurements, and conclusions?

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @Luus Kanin
  328. Wokechoke says:

    While it’s lamentable the McMichaels obviously saved a few lives. Arbury was on a path to murder and other offences.

  329. @Loup-Bouc


    I won’t pretend that I learned something about your equation in grammar school, but as luck would have it, I did learn quite by accident about it when I was in middle school.
    When I was in the sixth or seventh grade, my brother and I and a group of young lads that were in a local chess club took an interest in amateur rocketry. I would highly recommend it as a hobby because it is great fun and also very educational. You could probably learn something from it even at your advanced age.

    We were having difficulty in gaining extreme altitude, and on occasion we would even catch a nearby tree on fire from an errant launch.

    We quite naturally became interested in Inertial Guidance in an attempt to improve our rocket’s performance. Up to that point I had never heard of quaternion equations, and outside of mathematician circles and a certain chess club, it rarely came up.

    Imagine my surprise when you posted that equation. Thank you for bringing back some fond memories of long ago, prior to me beginning my higher education.

    • Replies: @Loup-Bouc
    , @Loup-Bouc
  330. @Rooster12

    What you described is pretty close to what many major cities are like now. If you want a peak at the future, take a look at cities with high numbers of blacks, like Baltimore or Philadelphia. Failing schools, sky high crime rates, trash all over, very anti-White politics, corruption at all levels of government… eventually we’ll have all this and more at the national level when the demographics get even darker.

    Bingo! This is the problem. This is our future. If trends continue, the US is unsustainable as a first rate civilization (or leader of ‘the Free World’) since the US is transitioning (due to unsought demographic changes) into a Third World dystopia. Shocked?

    Fact: demographics are destiny.

    History (and real facts on the ground) prove this each and every day. Look at sub-Saharan Africa. Look at East Asia. Look at American cities. Who? What? It’s hard not to notice.

    Recall the greatness of Western Europe and pre-Affirmative-Action America. The People who live there matter. Profoundly.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  331. “When man bites dog, that’s news, they say”.
    Who bothers to mention that Black-on-White crime is consistently 10X that of Whites against Blacks?
    Who speaks for the Whites who are murdered, robbed and raped by Blacks?
    It all goes back to the real enemies of our race, the Jews.
    The truth bothers a lot of people, but it must be said.
    Another truth is that Whites and Blacks never have, and never will live together in peace.
    The core agenda of multiracialism and multiculturalism is the elimination of the White race.

  332. geokat62 says:
    @mark green

    The People who live there matter. Profoundly

    Aesop’s Fables on “Magic Dirt Theory”:


    A Crow was filled with envy on seeing the beautiful white plumage of a Swan, and thought it was due to the water in which the Swan constantly bathed and swam. So he left the neighbourhood of the altars, where he got his living by picking up bits of the meat offered in sacrifice, and went and lived among the pools and streams. But though he bathed and washed his feathers many times a day, he didn’t make them any whiter, and at last died of hunger into the bargain.

    Lesson: You may change your habits, but not your nature.

    • Replies: @Luus Kanin
  333. @Commentator Mike

    Same with the police.

    Why shoot/taze when you can manhandle perps?

    Cops need to be willing to get physical again.

  334. We should all do everything we can to see that justice is done on behalf of these three railroaded
    defendants. These bastard convictions and sentences must be set aside.

    Every aspect of this trial is so loaded with bias that it stinks to high heaven.

    Facts played no part in the prosecuting team’s thirst for blood, White blood, that is!

    Let’s get busy.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  335. @Jeffrey A Freeman

    Why Do You Think The OJ Trial Was Lost?

    …Because Mark Furhman dared to say that women & minorities make lousy police & that it is a job for white males at least 6 foot OJ walked free…

    1) Look at the Laotian cop midget’s terror at Floyd as Chavin wrestles with this giant who is jacked up on meth. These tiny minorities & women in LEO are forced to cope with huge linebacker-sized blacks three times as strong on crystal meth.

    2) White criminals like the Italians go quietly but blacks always have adrenaline-charged reactions & so you are dealing with some linebacker on meth.

    3) Women & minorities cannot wrestle anyone.

    4) Releasing the 3 who killed Arbery will lead to Atlanta burning down in flames. They were stupid, the must be scapegoats & pick through their prison food for glass. Coca-Cola shares cannot be jeopardized by the city burning down.

    5) In instances like Arbery the whites expect the Arbery or Martin to behave like a white person would-stop, answer questions, move along. Instead, he charges the white wimp (Or maybe Mulatto in Zimmerman’s case) who then pulls the trigger. That is WHY police have tasers…because 9 times out of 10 the perp charges them. Arbery was, like so many, suffering from mental illness. Nor was he small.

    • Agree: Jeffrey A Freeman
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  336. Derek was undersized hence the perfectly appropriate use of the knee which of course we need more of. More police knees on more thug necks.

  337. @Jeffrey A Freeman

    “Cops need to be willing to get physical again”.

    The days of the burley Irish cop with a slight hint of whiskey on his breath who would strike a miscreant upside the head for giving him a sideways glance are long gone, never to return. One could probably make a convincing argument that that type of law enforcement is preferable to where we are headed nowadays.

    It doesn’t matter because police departments are not interested in hiring recruits that have no reservations in using physical force, and the powers that be are insidiously making it more difficult for the street cop to proactively deal with criminals.

    Examples: The next time you see an officer, check out that little pocket on the rear of the pants. It is sewn in to carry a sap, which is a piece of metal covered by leather. It worked wonders in dealing with various riffraff, but unfortunately can no longer be carried because they are supposedly inhumane.

    The PR-24 – a great step up from the standard wooden baton, but largely being replaced by the Expandable Autolock Baton, which of course is a less damaging weapon. At one time the areas targeted by these weapons were joints such as clavicle, elbow, ribs, wrists, knees, and long bones such as the tibia and fibula. Now of course officers are instructed to target soft, fleshy areas so as not to cause any serious damage or bruising.

    The Carotid Restraint – Once used by officers as a very useful hold to combat violent and unruly subjects, it is now being changed to a level of force equal to deadly force. Anyone who has spent any time in a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class has used and had used on them this technique dozens of times with no injury. Now however, the restraint is described as a killer chokehold that has an uncanny ability to kill poor disadvantaged minorities of a certain persuasion.

    Monday morning quarterbacking to target any white officer that justifiably kills or harms as much as a fingernail of a member of “the community”.

    I recommend, specifically Second City Cop articles, to get a glimpse of what police officers that work in dark cities have to deal with.

    • Agree: europeasant
    • Thanks: Jeffrey A Freeman
  338. @jeff stryker

    In May 1990, the minimum height requirement was dropped by the Metropolitan Police, and other police forces had followed suit by September 1990. No British force now requires its recruits to be of any minimum height.

    Now any midget can join and try to tangle with a Frank Bruno lookalike.

  339. Loup-Bouc says:
    @Luus Kanin

    Your latest reply-comment’s language is somewhat less ungrammatical and less marred by bad diction, syntax, and style. Even does it seem somewhat adult and near-wholly sane.


    “Near-wholly sane”? I smell psychic malodor emanating from your sentence “You [Loup-Bouc] could probably learn something from it [amateur rocketry] even at your advanced age.” I reference the language “You could…learn something” and “your advanced age.”

    [A return gift: Des acrobaties de mes semblables, les boucs de montagne et les loups des bois, vous pourriez apprendre quelque chose concernant l’orientation spatiale et la rotation.]

    Despite your previous manifest inclination of hallucinating “facts,” I shall disregard the chance
    • (a) that you knew nothing of quaternion math before you encountered my last-previous comment,
    • (b) that you Google-researched one or more of the quaternian expressions I presented,
    • (c) that you discovered that the expressions were quaternian and that quaternian math is used for, inter alia, calculation of spacecraft orientation, and
    • (d) that, accordingly, you invented the story of your 6th-7th grade [“middle school”] chess club’s “amateur rocketry” hobby.

    But you did not answer either of my questions.

    Let us set aside (for now) the first question, because of its slight obscurity. Try to answer my second question.

    Let me help. Focus your attention on this expression:

    ij = k, ji = −k
    jk = i, kj = −i
    ki = j, ik = −j

    For your convenience, I shall restate the second question: Why/how is that [quaternian] math related to the problem of the insoluble inconsistency/indeterminacy of math, thence science or its perceptions, theories, measurements, and conclusions? [Hint: The matter is not merely the nonessential problem that rockets crash despite guided by proper accurate math.]

    Bon courage, et bonne chance.

    • Replies: @Luus Kanin
  340. @geokat62

    Nice allegory. The story just needs one addendum, crows are much smarter than ghetto blacks!

    • Replies: @geokat62
  341. geokat62 says:
    @Luus Kanin

    Nice allegory.

    Thx, Luus.

    btw – enjoy reading your witty rejoinders to the male wolf-male goat… very entertaining.

    • Thanks: Luus Kanin
  342. Loup-Bouc says:
    @Luus Kanin

    I showed my lovely wife our manifold colloquy — all of its many comment-exchanges. She grunted annoyance at my responding to you today though I had said, several times earlier in this week, that I would not respond to you again. Then she laughed and said that if I wanted amusing work-breaks, I ought “play a bit of touch football with the boys” and “not waste my time on suffering fools.” She added that she would “check up on me.”

    So, if you present an “answer” of my second question, I shall respond only to say whether your answer is correct or at least senses some aspect of the problem. Then I shall cease responding to you.

    • Replies: @Luus Kanin
  343. This is truly unbelievable. I wouldn’t care if they did 1 or 2 years for manslaughter but first degree murder? Well if they were planning on killing him why didn’t they just jump out and do it? Why would they film it? This doesn’t make any sense. These guys had a terrible defense team.

    But the lesson here is that the system will believe what it wants, especially if it involves Blacks and rednecks. It came out in detail that the jogging story was bunk and yet I have seen CNN articles that still refer to him as a Black man out jogging.

    Liberals and Blacks need stories where Bad Whites are suppressing innocent joggers. They feed on them because without them it could lead to the worst question in the world which is: What is holding back Blacks?

    Whites in the burbs need to be a lot smarter when dealing with this system. It is becoming increasingly desperate trying to maintain the belief that Bad Whites somewhere must be holding back a multi-racial utopia.

    First of all you don’t want to kill anyone, ever. Even if it is self-defense you are going to be burdened with all kinds of court bills. Cousins will harass you for killing po shawn te. He didn’t do nothin to nobody.

    If you have a shotgun then load the first round with BB and aim for the legs if someone charges. That will end the charge and giving someone a limp will a constant reminder to any associates that crime doesn’t pay.

    The real takeway is that White men need to stop projecting their reason onto what has become a very emotional system. What we call the system is the emotional collective of bitter/weak Whites and Blacks that simply do not want to face reality. As such it is futile to assume that the system will properly analyze reality in these cases. We have abrery on video charging someone armed and yet these guys still got life. The system is deeply frustrated and is further distancing itself from reality.

    • Replies: @Loup-Bouc
  344. @Jeffrey A Freeman

    Why shoot/taze when you can manhandle perps?

    That is a good way to get Hep C. Wrestle every negro you come across.

    Cops need to be willing to get physical again.

    What cops need to do is quit.

    The mayors of these cities don’t want to face reality and instead use the police as scapegoats.

    This country has a serious case of race denial and police are expected to be the burden since they are on the frontlines.

    These 6’2 White men should quit and drive trucks. Start a family in Wyoming.

    Any White man joining the police in an area like Chicago or Baltimore is risking life in prison. All it takes is a case where the system decides to side with the poor innocent negro and off you go to prison for the sake of equality fantasy. Is that really worth being able to drive fast and carry a gun? Can you really work for 20 years without making a single mistake?

    First responders in general are at high risk in these areas. We have already seen cases where bricks were thrown at firefighters and medics.

    Let these mayors fulfill their dreams and hire an all Black police force. Some will point out that there aren’t enough Black applicants. Well with a little bit of MLK magic dust and some liberal feelings anything is possible. That is basically their outlook on life so leave them to it. Start a family in Wyoming and let these man-child mayors find a replacement for White men if they are indeed the problem.

    • Replies: @Truth
  345. Loup-Bouc says:
    @John Johnson

    You wrote:

    Well if they were planning on killing him why didn’t they just jump out and do it?

    As I have shown in several of my earlier comments, Georgia law does not require that malice aforethought be alleged or proven in 1st degree murder cases like the Arbery murder case. And malice or homicidal intent was implied by the fact that the defendants did not “just jump out and do it.” They considered the killing before one defendant did the act and the others supported or encouraged it.

    You wrote:

    Why would they film it?

    The “filming” is evidence of malice or homicidal intent, even of “planning.”

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  346. @anarchyst

    “Behind every negro, there is a jew”

    You got that right!!!

  347. Truth says:
    @John Johnson

    These 6’2 White men should quit and drive trucks. Start a family in Wyoming.

    (Game show buzzer).

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  348. @Loup-Bouc

    As I have shown in several of my earlier comments, Georgia law does not require that malice aforethought be alleged or proven in 1st degree murder cases like the Arbery murder case. And malice or homicidal intent was implied by the fact that the defendants did not “just jump out and do it.” They considered the killing before one defendant did the act and the others supported or encouraged it.

    They considered the killing? What are you talking about? The intent was clearly a citizen’s arrest. If they had intended to kill him then they would have shot him from the vehicle. Do you believe they would have shot him if Arbery didn’t charge them? The plan was to announce a citizen’s arrest and then blast him? Is that what you are suggesting?

    The “filming” is evidence of malice or homicidal intent, even of “planning.”

    How would filming their actions be evidence of malice or homicidal event? If I go to make a citizen’s arrest and film my actions for the sake of liability I must have homicidal intent?

    Why would they call the police on themselves if they had homicidal intent? Why not shoot him from the vehicle and keep driving? The answer is that they had no intention of shooting him until he charged. The person who had homicidal intent was Abery. If you charge someone with a loaded gun you are clearly trying to take it which means you are putting yourself in a life and death struggle.

    Arbery like most Black criminals assume that White men are all wimps that don’t have the guts to pull the trigger. White men assume that no one is stupid enough to charge a man with a load shotgun. Poor assumptions on both sides.

    The resulting mess should have led to manslaughter charges. The intent was never homicide.

    • Replies: @Loup-Bouc
  349. @Truth

    Troof try to read your own articles:

    The first wave of these self-driving trucks will require a driver to be in the cab of the truck, though not driving. The driver will be there to take over if there is a failure in the technology or for any other reason.

    So still two generations out before they start taking jobs.

    Plenty of time to learn another trade. I’m in middle America and plumbers here are two months out.

    I’ve doing all kinds of construction stuff on my own because no one can find a decent tradesman. They are all making money building houses and don’t care about repairs.

  350. Loup-Bouc says:
    @John Johnson

    You have proved two facts: (1) the law is beyond your cognition; (2) logic is foreign to you. Also, you appear not able to READ.

    I shall not trouble, further, your frail thinking-apparatus or your perception-warping belief-system.

    Do not stray from your opium den.

    “Don’t worry; be happy.”

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  351. @Loup-Bouc


    I believe my response answered your question, and you now know that I am familiar with William Hamilton and rotation sequences. I have tried to be polite and not say too much, however suffice it to say that you are left with only a bluff, because you are holding a hand of one of a kind.

    • Replies: @Loup-Bouc
  352. Loup-Bouc says:
    @Luus Kanin

    I shall show my wife this reply-comment, before I post it.

    Your “response” did not answer my question(s). Even did it not grasp or even note my question(s). You have proved you are a fraud.

    You do not disembarrass yourself with your statement that you are “familiar with William Hamilton and rotation sequences,” since you do not put any demonstration that you have accomplished more than Googling “quaternion” and discovering some web-page’s referencing Hamilton’s work.

    If somehow (a) you learn (though I expect you cannot learn) to navigate quaternion math and its uses and (b) learn (though I expect you cannot learn) all the pertinent math/math-theory and philosophy-of-science, you may see (though I doubt your mind will even encounter) the math-inconsistency/indeterminacy significance of the “fact” that (like, e.g., matrix multiplication) quaternion multiplication is non-commutative.

    Now, my wife has read this text. She has warned me that she will hold me to this promise: I shall not respond to you again.

  353. @Loup-Bouc



    This is getting a little ridiculous, are you by chance attempting to pass a midterm by having me produce your answers? I believe that you should attempt an achievement without outside help, so of course I do not wish to do your work for you.

    I did feel some sorrow for your predicament, so I asked my horse if he would by chance like to look over your question. I was a little surprised he said yes, no doubt because he has a soft spot for university professors, thinking them slightly smarter than dunces. I neglected to tell him that you had an IQ score north of 190. I presented your problem to him thusly:

    ij = k, ji = -k
    jk = i, kj = -i
    ki =j, ik = -j

    Well, you should have seen him, his hooves going a mile a minute, and in two shakes of a lamb’s tail he had his answer. Now please keep in mind, this was not really my doing, because I had warned you that you were holding a hand of one of a kind and did not wish to embarrass you. My horse had no such compunction however and blurted out so that even the goats and chickens could hear that you had gone and made a boo boo when it came to Hamilton’s Rules.

    My horse came up with Hamilton’s basic rules on the algebra of quaternions thusly:

    ij = k = -ji
    jk = i = -kj
    ki = j = -ik

    I believe you may have made an error in judgement when you neglected to take me up on my offer of having my horse give you remedial lessons, I do believe I mentioned that he was smarter than you. We could of course just chalk it up to either a sudden attack of Tourette Syndrome or the lack of dexterity that impairs you due to your high intellect that you so eloquently previously mentioned.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  354. @Loup-Bouc

    So you didn’t address my points, accuse me of lacking logic and yet posted a Bobby McFerrin video in response.

    About as convincing as the prosecutor’s arguments.

    Well the second prosecutor anyways. The original DA did not seek charges on the basis of the citizen’s arrest statute and the state changed the law in response. The state at the time was obviously concerned with the statue and not the outcome. That only changed after the video was released and the case became a national political event.

    Malice on their part was never shown as affirmed by the state before the case became political. The second prosecutor never showed malice either and argued that the citizen’s arrest should only be used in dire cases.

    It was reckless on their part to pursue a citizen’s arrest over attempted burglary but that does not show malicious intent to cause serious bodily harm or murder.

    I will boil it down to one question for you:
    Would they have shot him if he didn’t charge?

    • Replies: @Loup-Bouc
  355. @Luus Kanin

    You guys should really just quit this non-sense and compare c-ck sizes.

    Probably not much of a contest.

    Stick to the topic please.

    • Replies: @Luus Kanin
  356. Loup-Bouc says:
    @John Johnson

    I do not have spare time enough to proofread this comment. I type badly, and that deficit produces both typing and editing errors. I apologize now for any such error that may mar this comment. And that is not my only apology.

    You wrote:

    So you didn’t address my points, accuse me of lacking logic and yet posted a Bobby McFerrin video in response.

    About as convincing as the prosecutor’s arguments.

    I owe, and, here, render to you an apology. I ought to have shown the legal and logical errors of your comment, not attacked you, your person. The Bobby McFerrin video addressed what seems to me an angry, racist cause of your insisting that the Arbery murder defendants either were treated unfairly or tried and convicted on premises of wrong law or wrong application of law. You will not find calm while you continue to bind yourself to that insistence or its emotional sources.


    I wronged you not only because I responded to your comment with ad hominem attack, but also because my response was partly an overflow of the contempt I feel against Luus Kanin. I cannot forgive myself for that hurtful conduct. I apologize.

    Luus Kanin

    From the outset to the end of our (Luus Kanin’s and my) colloquy, which began with his serious legal error, Kanin defended his indefensible assertions only with arrogant, ignorant, and idiotic, mostly quite irrelevant blather. Consistently, he defended his initial serious legal error with, e.g.,
    • (a) further, error-compounding legal errors
    • (b) ad hominem attacks (not only directed at me but also one of his university professors) — ad hominem attacks bedizened much with empty childish sarcasm attempting to covert his ignorance and the idiocy of his assertions
    • (c) irrelevant, badly-written much-sarcastic anecdotes, likely pure or largely fictions
    • (d) obsolete, irrelevant legal Latin jargon
    • (e) risibly false grammar, diction, syntax, and linguistics assertions asserted to conceal his incapacity of writing a competent English sentence
    • (f) bizarrely irrelevant suggestions that he knows something of higher math and science, e.g., (1) an ad hominem attack that conflated (ludicrously) (i) the brain’s motor-function-control regions and the pyramidal system regions with the brain’s regions responsible for thought and language and (ii) conflated finger-dexterity with finger-operation accuracy (2) patently false assertions or suggestions that he is conversant with quaternian math and apprehends how quaternion math’s structure relates to the problem that math, and science, are incurably inconsistent and indeterminate.

    Throughout, Kanin’s reply-comments manifested much arrogance and zero pertinent knowledge, zero logic, and zero relevant evidence or fact. Despite its errors, you comment was not arrogant but clearly a sincere attempt of arguing that the Arbery defendants suffered unfair prosecution and criminal conviction.

    Your comments’ concerns

    You wrote:

    The original DA did not seek charges on the basis of the citizen’s arrest statute and the state changed the law in response. The state at the time was obviously concerned with the statue and not the outcome. That only changed after the video was released and the case became a national political event.

    Alas — and I do NOT design to insult you — your language’s entirety is legally irrelevant.

    The most pertinent and dominantly controlling Georgia law is Georgia Code 16-5-1. [In several of my earlier comments, I addressed various of that statute’s provisions that are pertinent to the Arbery murder case [hereinafter simple “the case”]. That statute was codified in 2010. See here:

    So, the most pertinent and much governing law predated the case by about a decade. That law was not altered to support or fit the case’s prosecution.

    Neither I nor you can know the cause of the first prosecutor’s action. But the cause is irrelevant to the question of the validity or fairness of the pertinent provisions of Georgia Code 16-5-1 or any of the other statutes or legal rules that applied to the case. Only the second prosecutor’s motive(s) could be relevant.

    But the second prosecutor’s motive(s) would be relevant only if very likely the defendants’ appellate or post-conviction-relief attorney(s) could prove that the second prosecutor pursued a racist or corrupt political or economic object with, e.g., falsified evidence, coverted exculpatory evidence, suborned perjury, or withheld from the court evidence that a certain juror was incorrigibly biased or had been bribed or otherwise had been corrupted.

    But even then, the prosecutor’s motive(s) would not, alone, be legally material. His motive(s) would be relevant only as proofs of, e.g., evidence-falsification, subornation of perjury, or secreting exculpatory evidence.

    You wrote:

    The state at the time was obviously concerned with the statue [sic] and not the outcome. That only changed after the video was released and the case became a national political event.

    Above I showed that the law was NOT changed, but that the most-pertinet and largely-governing statute had been codified in 2010. Here I address your assertion that the “state at the time was obviously concerned with the [statute].”

    If “the state” was so “concerned,” that concern was not obvious to anyone but you and other Alt-Right persons who cannot tolerate the justice system’s convicting a White person for killing a Black person, even where the White person’s homicidal act violated the applicable law. Such perspecive is quite the same as the woke Left’s perspctive that refused to acknowledge that Kyle Rittenhouse was not guilty.

    Kyle Rittenhouse WAS not guilty. And actually his prosecutors’ case was gravely insufficient and ought not to have been filed. But, though sometimes their conduct was outrageous, the prosecutors did not transgress the law enough to indicate dismissing the Rittenhouse prosecution merely because of their conduct.

    At least for you, the Alt-Right perspective is so perception-altering that it produces quasi-hallucination-based belief that “the state” has “obvious” though nonexistent “concerns” that cause the state to change a statute by not changing the statute that had been codified ten years earlier and never amended since the time of that codification.

    You do not adduce any evidence that could show that “the state” had any “concern” that could have rendered the case’s prosecution, adjudication, or outcome unlawful or even unfair.

    In an earlier comment, you asserted that the Arbery killer’s and the complicit other two defendants’ “intent was clearly a citizen’s arrest.” I reference your comment posted here:

    The law does not grant a “citizen” a privileged power of arresting an unarmed person by killing him. That is true even if the victim tried to prevent his being killed by grabbing the barrel of the gun the assailant is pointing at him (the victim). Those matters are beyond debate for all events and prosecutions and civil trials of all kinds. But — as I observed in an earlier comment — in the Arbery case, those matters fit with special force, because the assailant and the other complicit defendants had zero rational basis of believing they had any legal cause of arresting the victim.
    See this comment:
    Compare these comments:

    I shall begin closing with a typing-error-cured and slightly edited version of a paragraph of one of my earlier comments not linked above in this comment:

    We can hope, rationally, only for this measure of the fairness of litigation-outcomes: In any certain fairness-tested litigation, a sane, fairly intelligent/cognizant, reasonable litigation-loser must concede voluntarily that even if a “good,” sentient, omniscient being would think the outcome erred, still he (that same sane, fairly intelligent/cognizant, reasonable litigation-loser) would concede that the process endeavored hard to determine correctly the pertinent law and apply it scrupulously to a fair assessment of all available legitimate, trustworthy evidence garnered according to reasonable rules.

    The language “a sane, fairly intelligent/cognizant, reasonable litigation-loser” is a variation of Anglo-American law’s mythic “reasonable man” — a mythic creature the law uses very often in myriad contexts to “test” whether conduct is right, or wrong — not only private person conduct, but also government official or judicial conduct.

    Perhaps Socrates or Gandhi or Siddhārtha Gautama (“Buddha”) or Martin Luther King or the mythic Jesus of Nazareth (“Christ”) would fit the idea of the “reasonable man.” But astronomically few, if any, “ordinary” people would fit. Still, the mythic creature is a philosophically sound judgment-standard that, for centuries, has served justice well in the Anglo-American legal system.

    You cannot argue, reasonably, that the Arbery murder-trial court defied the hope I described in the paragraph I blockquoted just before the two paragraphs that are immediaately above (the quote that begins “We can hope, rationally, only for this measure of the fairness of litigation-outcomes”).

    May you find calm, somehow, in our very troubled nation.

    • Replies: @Luus Kanin
  357. @John Johnson

    John Johnson.

    I apologize to you for my poor manners. It has always been that if some homemaker poo-bah were to put more than three utensils at the dining table, I would assuredly commit an act unforgivable to Emily Post.

  358. @Loup-Bouc

    I must say I am happy to see you show some semblance of decency by honoring your word to not respond to my post. Your absence took a commandment from your wife, so it is obvious who is the brains of the operation.

    Just so you know, when making an apology, it is considered a faux pas to say you are sorry and then go on to explain that it was really another person’s (Luus Kanin) fault. This has a tendency to show that you have not really taken full responsibility for your transgressions, so are apt to repeat them time and again ad nauseam.

    Since this is our last correspondence, I must tell you that you are very similar to a circus I had when I was young. Well, in complete transparency it was a flea circus. I can see how your garden variety entomologist may not see the connection. They may say that fleas have six legs, are covered with hard plates, and can pull carts hundreds of thousands of times their own weight. I would not attempt to refute any of those details. There are however two areas where fleas are identical to you…. they can cause tapeworms, and one must never let them loose on the carpet!

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