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Hispanic Crime IV: Horrors---My Estimates Might be 10% Off!
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As discussed in my blog posting from a few days ago, attached below, the discovery that the “Gold Standard” PPIC ethnic incarceration numbers for California were already age-adjusted means they appear to be about 10% higher than my own California estimates, which were based on a (presumably) different age-adjustment methodology. Whether or not this apparent 10% difference is significant enough to invalidate the overall conclusions of my original article remains a sharp point of contention, as indicated by the subsequent blog exchanges between myself and Jason Richwine.

Meanwhile, a different anti-immigrationist blogger pointed to the horrific current wave of murders in his own very heavily Hispanic city of Santa Barbara, arguing that it demonstrated the obvious absurdity of my crime analysis…then “readjusted” his claims when he checked and discovered that his local crime rates had barely changed over the last decade and the latest homicide rates were actually far below those of Beverly Hills. Maybe all the movie stars and moguls living in 90210 will soon begin moving to 40% Hispanic Santa Barbara to get away from life-threatening urban violence.

And Mike Males, a researcher at the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, has now published an ethnic analysis of violent crimes over the last thirty years in California which seems to strongly support some of my own conclusions.

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The Hispanic Crime Series
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