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Hispanic Crime II: the Anti-Immigrationists Strike Back
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TAC-HispanicCrime1 Although the initial media response to my Hispanic crime article was quite favorable, during the last week a couple of the leading anti-Immigrationist publications struck back with lengthy and detailed critiques. I responded to these with specific rebuttals published on the TAC website:

However, the Ron Paul movement, fresh from its remarkable victory in the CPAC presidential straw poll, was quite supportive. Not only did the Ron Paul News website prominently highlight my article and mention it in a twitter feed to their supporters, but, a popular website closely associated with Ron Paul, republished large excerpts of the piece, and followed it up with several blog items focusing on the ongoing debate surrounding the piece:

I have little doubt that mainstream conservatives will cite this as further evidence of Ron Paul’s bizarre beliefs and irrationality, and therefore redouble their efforts to marginalize him politically, or even formally expel him from the Republican Party and the Conservative Movement. The sort of dangerous extremism exemplified by Ron Paul has absolutely no place in current American politics…

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• Category: Race/Ethnicity • Tags: Hispanic Crime, Immigration 
The Hispanic Crime Series
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