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Going Super-Viral and an Important Rumble Video
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Just after I published my first long article on the likely origins of the Covid outbreak in April 2020, our alternative media website was suddenly deplatformed, being banned from Facebook and with all our pages completely deranked by Google. For almost a decade, my article The Myth of Hispanic Crime had regularly been ranked #2 of some 200 million Google search results on that topic, but it now suddenly disappeared from the public discussion, a development that deeply rankled me.

Being blocked by the two primary gatekeepers of the global Internet has obviously had a serious impact upon our ability to reach potential readers, especially new ones. Nonetheless, our articles do still occasionally strike a spark and go viral, racking up many tens of thousands of pageviews, an encouraging situation. But the massive current media propaganda-bubble promoting an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine, which seems to be a ridiculous hoax, has apparently shifted that landscape, creating a huge demand for contrary perspectives.

Last weekend I published Mike Whitney’s piece arguing that the motive behind the sudden war-hysteria was actually to prevent the opening of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline between Russia and Germany, which would have fostered their mutually-beneficial economic cooperation. Such peaceful Eurasian integration might be viewed as a major geopolitical threat by some American strategists, who thereby provoked the sudden war-scare.

The article seemed a good, solid presentation of an important but under-reported topic, and I thought it would do well given the relevance of the issue. Instead, to my total amazement, our small website soon began receiving our most remarkable gusher of traffic ever for a single article, with a large fraction of the readership coming from overseas, especially South Asia.

Over the last few days, that incisive analysis of the Ukraine Crisis has attracted nearly a half-million pageviews, possibly rivaling the readership of many of the concurrent offerings of the New York Times or the Economist.

It appears that nature abhors an informational vacuum and when nearly our entire Western media begins spouting what seems to be total nonsense on a looming war with nuclear-armed Russia, readers desperately turn to other sources, especially those willing to provide “Interesting, Important, and Controversial Perspectives Largely Excluded from the American Mainstream Media.”

While I have absolutely no idea why lightning suddenly struck this particular article, the possibility of such a fortuitous development must surely inspire most contributors to this publication, not least including myself.


Meanwhile, I have been continuing my own efforts to bring attention to the strong perhaps even overwhelming evidence that the global Covid outbreak was due to an American biowarfare attack against China (and Iran).

The articles in my Covid/Biowarfare series have received substantial attention, over the last two years accumulating a total of more than 400,000 pageviews. But the careful analysis I have presented has been entirely in written form, greatly restricting its potential audience in our post-literate culture, and others have recently persuaded me that videos and podcasts were a much more effective means of distributing my crucial information.

As part of my new effort, Kevin Barrett of Truth Jihad just interviewed me on his video podcast, incorporating some of the most telling evidence in his excellent presentation, and I would highly recommend the resulting 15 minute Rumble video that he released yesterday, which has already accumulated over 9,000 views:

Video Link

I believe that if and when Americans and other Westerners begin to digest the reality that the massive deaths and disruption of the global Covid outbreak were very likely the result of a biowarfare attack by rogue elements of our own Deep State, the American ruling political regime will probably fall.

So all those who seek the overthrow of our decrepit and disastrously decaying System—for whatever varied reasons—should focus on this extremely weak link, a catastrophe a thousand times greater than the Chernobyl nuclear disaster that helped bring down the Soviet Union.

For almost two years I have cited an ABC News story revealing that a secret DIA report described the “potentially cataclysmic” disease outbreak in Wuhan in November 2019, many weeks before there was any detectable disease outbreak in that city But the actual TV clip provides much greater impact, and one of my podcast interviewers recently brought it to my attention, allowing it to be incorporated into the Rumble video:

It’s also worth summarizing some of my analysis timeline in simple bullet-point format, documented in my long series of articles:

  1. Over the decades America has spent \$100 billion creating the world’s largest biowarfare capability.
  2. In 2017 Trump brought on board Robert Kadlec, who since the late 1990s had been America’s leading biowarfare advocate.
  3. In 2018 and 2019 mysterious viral epidemics devastated China’s poultry and pork industries, severely damaging China’s food supply.
  4. From January to August 2019, Kadlec ran the Federal/State “Crimson Contagion” exercise in which our government officials practiced their strategies of protecting American society from infection by a hypothetical dangerous respiratory virus that might suddenly appear in China.
  5. In late October 2019, 300 American military servicemen visited Wuhan to participate in the World Military Games.
  6. In late October/early November, Patient Zero in Wuhan became infected with Covid. The virus spread invisibly until the Chinese government discovered its presence near the end of December. The Chinese government finally reacted in early/mid-January.
  7. In early January 2020, America assassinated Iran’s top military leader, with the retaliatory Iranian missile strike nearly leading to war.
  8. In mid/late January 2020, the Wuhan virus suddenly jumped 3,500 miles to the Holy City of Qom, soon infecting Iran’s top political elites, with a number of them dying as a consequence. By February, Iran had become the second global epicenter of the Covid outbreak despite having a negligible Chinese population, while the later outbreaks in Italy and Spain were in locations with hundreds of thousands of Chinese.
  9. In early March 2020, the Iranian government publicly accused America of having launched a biowarfare attack with Covid against Iran and China, with a formal complaint being submitted to the UN. However, virtually no Western media reported those accusations, so almost no Americans became aware of them.
  10. In early April, four intelligence sources told ABC News that a secret November DIA report had described a “potentially cataclysmic” disease outbreak taking place in Wuhan, but this had been ignored by the Trump Administration. Israeli TV confirmed that Israel and NATO allies had received that report, which had been produced “in the second week of November.” But according to best current estimates, at that point only perhaps a dozen people were starting to feel a little sick in Wuhan, a city of 11 million.

I’d also highly recommend my previous hour-long video podcast interview with Geopolitics & Empire from two weeks ago, my first use of that medium:

Video Link

And my thanks to Henrik at Red Ice, who located that striking ABC News clip when he interviewed me for two hours last week:

Video Link

More recently, I’ve also done podcast interviews with Scandza Forum and Tom Luongo, though the last of these is not yet available on the Internet.

I think that if the Rumble video or any of these interviews become sufficiently viral, the world may change in dramatic ways.

The China/America Series
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  1. This is why the Left wants to censor, ban and deplatform guys like Ron Unz and Andrew Anglin. Writing articles that expose the lies of the mainstream simply cannot be tolerated by our Political class (who of course preach tolerance and acceptance while censoring).

    It’s far easier to ban a website or smear an author than it is to contradict our ideas and logic. Leftists are lazy, they look to the easy way to solve things. Why present a coherent argument when a strawman will do?

  2. To Ron and all the great writers at UNZ, keep up the great work that msm refuse to do.

  3. Godspeed Ron, history will look upon you as a truth teller and a man of honor in this era of lies, slander and misinformation.

    • Agree: Charles, TKK, Levtraro
    • Replies: @Emslander
    , @Dave Bowman
  4. Nancy says:

    Thanks, Ron. I came across your website w/n last 3 yrs, and it has been a literal gold mind for me. I find all of your writing deeply satisfying, thoroughly corroborated and amazingly enlightening. If truth has any power left to dispel the evil of official mis, dis and mal-information, (i.e., unsupported blatant lies) you are one of our heroes.

    So glad you are (finally 🙂 choosing to use the ‘inferior’, yet ubiquitous, messaging methods that are most popular and effective in this age. I thank you…. and many more do and will thank you.

    • Agree: chris
  5. anonymous[371] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    The bio-weapon specialist who had prior knowledge of the 911 anthrax attacks , Dr. Stephen Hatfield, was in the Trump administration for the purpose of the COVID response in late 2019, Jan 2020, Steve Bannon started his war room Pandemic show in Jan. 2020. Israel claims it was warned in Nov. 2019, but most likely had that information prior to the DOD report, and may have fed that information to the DOD as the basis for their report. Recall Bannon came from Breitbart, a site founded by Israeli intelligence. Bannon’s show was the first to push the idea of a Chinese bio-weapon, shifting blame to China, rather than to the American funders of the Wuhan research. Pfizer is an Israeli controlled company, and Israel is the leader in biotech security, if not in biotech in general. Israel was of course the most aggressive in vaccination.

    All of this is to say that it is unlikely that Ron UNz is correct that some rogue US DOD element attacked China and Iran.

    This was primarily a commercial enterprise which earned biotech hundreds of billions of dollars, if not trillions. The Iran attack was a secondary benefit to Israel which initiated the attack, under the cover of US DOD operations (Unz is basically pushing, in error, the MIHOP Pentagon 911 truth psyop story line once again).

    • Thanks: emerging majority
  6. Anon[336] • Disclaimer says:

    I thought you’d been carrying water for the pangolin/bat-soup hypothesis the past 2 years, and that the ‘Bioweapon from Ft. Detrick Released by Military Olympians’ believers were imbecilic conspiracy theorists whom you admonished with the threat of comment redaction?

    . . . been tough to track this one for my limited intellect.

  7. anonymous[408] • Disclaimer says:

    “if and when Americans and other Westerners begin to digest the reality that the massive deaths and disruption of the global Covid outbreak were very likely the result of a biowarfare attack by rogue elements of our own Deep State, the American ruling political regime will probably fall.”

    This is the best and most complete explanation of the CIA impunity regime’s great-power confrontation. The civilian/military command structure of the US is the CIA and its dotted-line reports in all levels of government. This regime has forfeited its sovereignty with grave crimes including undeclared war of aggression – sneak attack – with banned biological weapons, the most indiscriminate of WMD; systematic and widespread medical experimentation under ulterior constraint and coercion; systematic and widespread torture; and aggression by sending of armed bands and irregulars on behalf of the CIA regime. These crimes of the failed CIA state invoke Pillars 2 and 3 of the Responsibility to Protect, justifying the SCTO’s right of collective self-defense. UN member nations have erga omnes responsibility to stop these CIA crimes. NATO Charter Article 1 frees European NATO satellites from US demands in breach of the UN Charter. The CIA regime is hostis humani generis, manifestly committing crimes against humanity and peace. This is a problem for the world to solve, and the world is on it.

    The CIA regime is going to lose any war it gets into:

    The CIA dead-enders’ only hope is to push the world to the brink of mutally-assured destruction. What we will need is technical measures for regime decapitation, applied internally and externally in public solidarity with the UN member nations.

    That means US nationals will need to exercise constituent rights of the Santiago Declaration of the Right to Peace (the peoples’ declaration, not the bowdlerized UN resolution)

    This is it. Americans in positions of authority and trust will need to exercise the right to disobedience, the right to resistance, and the right to disarmament.

    • Agree: emerging majority
  8. I believe that if and when Americans and other Westerners begin to digest the reality that the massive deaths and disruption of the global Covid outbreak were very likely the result of a biowarfare attack by rogue elements of our own Deep State, the American ruling political regime will probably fall.

    The U.S. can’t admit to biowarfare because it is illegal under international law and the U.S. has signed treaties forbidding it. Also, for most people it is outside their Overton Window to consider COVID a deliberate, malicious act of their own government.

    The Deep State is dug into our government like a tick. Most of the Deep State will climb back into their holes and just wait it out.

    As someone once observed, our ruling elite are “a bunch of crumbs held together by their own dough.” So I don’t expect them to fall any time soon. Not till the money runs out anyway.

    There is likely to be a big problem as the U.S. winds down its COVID relief protocols that have been put in place.

    Our Dark Winter could give way to a Summer of Discontent, as the economy implodes while homelessness explodes.

    • Replies: @Johnny Morris
  9. Congratulations Ron.

    Many thanks for this website.

    • Agree: gutta percha
  10. anastasia says:

    In other words, when they so carefully planned their biowarfare against China, they did not foresee that most of the damage would be in the United States, and not China. There were two cases of Covid in Hong Kong. There were Zero cases in most of China. Out of a city of 9 million in Wuhan, there were far less cases than in New York City, where the population is the same.

    Ok, yeah. I believe that

  11. Wolfhound says:

    As a drafted Nam grunt wounded in 67′ at 19 years old, I know perfectly well what “my gummint” is capable of. “My gummint” is not who we vote for as they are merely the waterboys/girls who are well paid and compromised by all manner of fetish. Freelance investigator George Webb (used to work for/with John Mcaffee) pointed out the Wuhan Military Games as the venue for the “virus” release early on. He also pointed to all the US BSL3-4 (Bio Safety Labs) on several continents and the lax security record they have. “The Great Reset” upper echelons is where we should keep our gaze. Recently I’ve read some convincing things that the “British Empire” never ended and the “West” is merely a tool for Global Conquest. Yes, the BIG Pukes may well have to retreat to the DUMB’s (Deep Underground Military Bases) but what if their “Security Personnel” take a hike? Reminds me of the old saying, “What if they have a war and nobody shows up”? So far, Putin has not risen to the bait in Ukraine. The Kiev Nazis just poured more shells of artillery onto the Donbass since 2014 in the last couple of days. Amazing the lengths a failing monetary system will go to to survive another day. Can’t have them Russkis and Germans doing mutually positive trade now, can we?
    I think that maybe the “Georgia Guidestones” (google them up) are not suggestions but a playbook.
    I’ve visited them. Chilling stuff.

  12. Grimace says: • Website

    ABC had motivation to make up or exaggerate their story that Trump knew about Corona for a long, long time. They were obviously using their exaggerated or outright false story to smear his leadership, blame him for all the troubles, and thereby damage his chances for re-election. That was their sole reason for being in 2020. I wager that the late November time that ABC used was just a random moment in time chosen to harm the president, and they were just too careless to use a date that made some sense.

    • Agree: Wizard of Oz
  13. Without getting into weeds too deep here regarding this ‘science’ associated with the alleged gain of function, bio-weaponized “natural virus” epidemiology of SARS Cov-2, I will make a couple of comments that I believe are vital to our search for the truth related to this global crime against humanity.


    First, a question. Is it not true that the government reported Covid infection and death statistics (i.e., hospitalization cases and deaths directly ‘from’ the Covid disease) for the period January 2020-present have relied exclusively on the Polymerase Chain Reaction Test (PCR)? If not, what other medical diagnostic method/measure was used to scientifically authenticate the reported Covid statisics?

    Second, if the PCR test was in fact the exclusive source of all government reported infection and ‘death from’ statistics, why are we having this secondary discussion instead of the focusing first on the underlying massive criminal public health fraud and premeditated global economic conspiracy associated with the now self-evident pandemic hoax? The PCR test was administered under FDA Emergency Use Authorization until December 31, 2021. The EUA was then quietly withdrawn because of the constructive criminal fraud implications of its indispensable facilitation of the pandemic fraud. To PCR test, no Covid pandemic. Not very erudite, but pretty straightforward.

    My contention here is that the PCR test has been proven completely ineffective for the clinical/diagnostic identification of the alleged SARS Cov-2 or any other novel coronavirus (even at the lower cycle thresholds of EM amplification). It is now a well established and unassailable fact that all reported Covid infection and ‘death from’ statistics were fraudulent. The CDC has now publicly admitted their complicity in the fraud by quietly revising its ‘death from’ statistics by over 95%. This data is posted on the CDC website for easy reference.

    Bottom line: the experimental and deadly mRNA global ‘vaccine’ campaign would never have been possible without the benefit of the fraudulent PCR statistics.

    • Agree: David Homer
  14. @American Citizen

    For Gawd’s sake-these are NOT true ‘Leftists’. These are liberal fascists, turned full totalitarians.

  15. I believe that if and when Americans and other Westerners begin to digest the reality that the massive deaths and disruption of the global Covid outbreak were very likely the result of a biowarfare attack by rogue elements of our own Deep State in collusion with the CCP, the American ruling political regime will probably fall.


    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  16. There is as much (perhaps more) scientific evidence that viruses do not exist, as there is that they do. Having said that, it does not rule out a biological warfare attack of what is claimed to be a virus.
    Until I read Ron Unz’s article I was unaware of the ABC “scoop”. A little digging found that the claim was that the Intelligence Agencies were using raw data. My first thought was that China, allegedly the most surveilled population on the planet, must either have incompetent intelligence services, or the “raw data” narrative was bullshit. I opted for the latter. They knew, because they released the pathogen – whatever it was.

    • Replies: @Corrupt
  17. @mulga mumblebrain

    For Gawd’s sake-these are NOT true ‘Leftists’. These are liberal fascists, turned full totalitarians.

    Are you arguing that this isn’t the natural progression of Leftism throughout all of recorded human history?


    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  18. @Wolfhound

    Since you asked…

    “Yes, the BIG Pukes may well have to retreat to the DUMB’s (Deep Underground Military Bases)”

    In that event I will joyfully invest in cement trucks in order to backfill the entrances.

    “but what if their “Security Personnel” take a hike?”

    I’m extremely confident this will happen. This is because (you can probably relate to this more than most) there’s a dozen or so people I will gladly put my life on the line to defend. If they offered to pay me for it, I would laugh in their faces and ask them to instead look after my family if something happens to me.

    The “BIG Pukes” have a universal problem: You can’t buy loyalty. Eventually your hired goons turn around and ask “Hey there Mr. BIG Puke, how much money do you have, anyway?”

    At which point, they suddenly realize they done fucked up big time and if they’re lucky they can “rabbit”. If they even realize they fucked up (e.g. Mr. and Mrs. Ceaușescu)…

    Also, thanks for sticking your neck out for civilian pukes like me and getting a cap in your ass for your troubles (even if it turned out to be total bullshit).

  19. @anastasia

    “In other words, when they so carefully planned their biowarfare against China, they did not foresee that most of the damage would be in the United States, and not China.”

    Remember, it’s often not “this or that” it’s “this AND that”.

    What would you believe if I could make the case that they (both the Western “Deep State” and the CCP) wanted both populations to be decimated (or perhaps “quinticmated”? Especially the old and unhealthy populations of both?

    After all, both systems are top heavy with old people who expect to get paid, and their healthcare systems are under stress from poor lifestyle choices/environmental degradation. Their food production/distribution systems aren’t doing too well either…

    • Replies: @redneck1
  20. @Wolfhound

    Recently I’ve read some convincing things that the “British Empire” never ended and the “West” is merely a tool for Global Conquest.

    The U.S. inherited leadership of the Anglo/Zio Empire round about the time of my birth. 1944. We Americans are witnessing the death of this Evil Empire from within the belly of the beast. King Dollar is on life suppport. When he is finally dead the whole enterprise dies with him.

  21. Sean says:

    But the massive current media propaganda-bubble promoting an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine, which seems to be a ridiculous hoax,

    Henry Kissinger disagrees with you. He advocated Ukraine adopting a Finland-like alignment. Ukraine is a Nato partner that has been promised membership. Of course the Russians will not stand for that and so Ukraine will cease to exist

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  22. JR Foley says:
    @American Citizen

    Without Unz and Whitney and the crew penning here on this website—what would a person do–go insane ?

  23. JR Foley says:

    You are spot-on Wolfhound and sorry about your past —19 and forced into that farce. Johnson should have been lynched—. I lost faith in November 1963 seeing the supposed assassination but quit supporting USA when Connelly and Johnson were caught winking–at time of the swearing in.

    • Replies: @Mevashir
    , @RNotR2
    , @Spect3r
  24. @Anon

    It is the anti-vaxers that Mr. Unz has dismissed as nutjobs. But I don’t know how he can say that the virus was created as a bio-weapon by the U.S. government (if true, a very evil deed), and then turn around and say that we must trust that same U.S. government when they tell us their vaccines are safe and effective.

  25. The satanic cabal ruling over this world always tips their hand prior to actually doing whatever they do. Its almost as though there is an “understanding” that they are allowed to rule over the mortal plane only so long as certain protocols are followed. Makes you wonder if even a movie such as ‘The Cabin In The Wood’ is itself an admission.

  26. TKK says:

    Read Ron’s bullet points from an evidence based standard used in most state civil courts. The burden of proof for a civil plaintiff is preponderance of the evidence

    We learn this means: more likely than not. Or, a slight tipping of the scales. 51%.

    Suing under a common law tort standard, the plaintiff must establish that the Defendant, here the US Government had:

    *A Duty
    *A Breach of the Duty

    Did the American government have a duty to refrain from releasing virulent gain of function viruses on an unsuspecting populace of any nation? Yes

    Did the American government breach this duty when Military/Intelligence/Deep State Ops released said virus in or around Wuhan in Oct/Nov. 2019? More likely than not. This is the meat of the matter which could be established if investigated in earnest through aggressive discovery.

    Was the release of this virus the proximate cause of damage to certain classes of Plaintiffs? Yes

    Was actual harm caused? 5.8 millions deaths, MOL. Catastrophic small business loss. Mental health anguish from lockdowns. Arrests and career death from mask mandate violations.

    51% probability and civil liability is established. . Suing the federal government necessitates federal court, but it still could be done. A high roller with nerves of steel who is an expert in the Federal Tort Claims Act.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  27. IronForge says:

    @Ron Unz

    I’m presuming that you’re reposting these on Spotify, Telegram, Substack, and Oddysee/LBRY.

    Getting on/Hosting Rogan, Weinstein, Malone, Greenwald, and Martenson may be advisable.

    Best Regards

  28. Connelly was in the hospital with numerous wounds from “the magic bullet” that made two angular turns in flight, producing multiple wounds in Connelly’s body including smashing bone(s) and up in pristine condition on a gurney at Parkland Hospital. Johnson did wink to one if his cronies, not Connelly.

  29. Anon[102] • Disclaimer says:

    Samizdat dominates regimist media these days. It’s not even close

  30. @WorkingClass

    Alex Krainer, who blogs at “THE NAKED HEDGIE” ( ) , is of much the same opinion about the “British Empire,” except that he sees the US/Zionist Empire as the British tool for world domination.

    • Replies: @Observator
  31. Petermx says:

    Excellent work. I would say since no one else has said this it’s brilliant Mr. Unz. One of the earliest reports I heard on Covid-19 reported on the virus breaking out in northern Italy and Iran and my first thought was how is that possible that the virus came from China. I did not know at the time that northern Italy had a big Chinese community working in the garment industry there and I thought Iran had few Chinese which is apparently correct. I thought something was wrong with what was said because I thought few people travel to Iran from anywhere, maybe especially China.

    I will also retract a comment I made about Mike Whitney’s article on the gas pipeline that maybe the US is trying to stop the pipeline from operating by starting a war in Ukraine. I have to look what I wrote but at the very least I expressed skepticism. I don’t know why I did that when the US was already trying very hard to sabotage the deal before the Ukraine “crisis” started. You’ve convinced me there too. The pipeline could take US hostility to Russia to a new level and I should have realized that. I have to read Mike Whitney’s article again because it makes a lot of sense, that after failing to stop the pipeline with sanctions the US would stop it with a war in Ukraine or maybe just threats of a war. If the US can keep pushing the hatred of Russia and the threat of a war Germany will postpone putting the pipeline into operation and maybe scrapping the whole deal altogether if the controversy continues long enough.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  32. But I thought only halfwits got information from videos. I think I read that somewhere on this site.

    Yeah, it’s a cheap shot, but it’s only returning one of the many the man himself has made.

    • Agree: Realist
  33. Thanks for a great site Ron Unz. I just wanted to mention that the Geopolitics And Empire you mention is also to be found on Odysee. They cancel us, we cancel them.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  34. GMC says:

    Maybe the next article – Ron – should be how the Pentagon and Nato turned the Ukrainian army into it’s own personal Pentagon Army – bought, paid for , trained and sent to kill Russians , while the Zionist puppet Biden and his Neocons incorporate – all of F,,,k the EU { Europe }, not just Germany. I’ll bet that will get another totalitarian reaction.

    • Replies: @Anon
  35. Tundra says:

    Finally someone else believes as I do that we’re becoming a primarily picture-driven society. Information that could be passed on in a few minutes in text now requires 15 or 30 minutes to watch in a video. Imagine how lengthy Unz’s long columns being read out loud would be.

    And podcasts. They have their role in informing us when we’re doing something else that doesn’t require our full attention, but are ridiculous as a principal way of imparting data otherwise. Speech is slow, reading is fast. Moving pictures are even slower yet. It’s also a damn sight easier to find a point in a written article that you want to recall than looking for it in a video.

    Ah well. We started as cave men drawing pictures in caves, and maybe we’ll end up the same.

    • Agree: Dnought
    • Replies: @RodW
  36. Mevashir says:

    Video LinkGreat work Ron. And thank you Kevin. I think you are overlooking one very important factor, which is America’s cultural degeneration into a Roman gladiatorial bread and circus phenomenon. Witness all of the vulgar hype about the Stuporbowl last week and the compulsive gambling about this pointless event. The cesspooling of popular culture is designed to franticly distract the public from our overwhelming sense of the degeneration and depravity of Washington DC.

    So long as Americans are enslaved to the boobtube there’s little hope that there will be meaningful transformation of our society. There has to be forward thinking about next steps. Since we seem incapable of taking mass action (for example having millions of heavily armed NRA members surround the CDC building in Atlanta or march on Washington), I think the only feasible response is a tax protest. If American taxpayers refuse to submit their returns to the IRS, it will cripple the government. The government will not be able to audit or arrest millions of tax protesters. Perhaps this is the next step that needs to be organized: starving the beast of its unrighteous mammon.

    God bless you for promoting this website that is truthful controversial and with a reasonably erudite commentariat.

    PS I did note somewhat humorously that Ron sounds a lot like Richard Nixon. Very similar voice and intonations.

    • Agree: JR Foley
  37. Mevashir says:
    @JR Foley

    I lost faith in November 1963 seeing the supposed assassination but quit supporting USA when Connelly and Johnson were caught winking–at time of the swearing in.

    Is there a photo or video of this?

    • Replies: @Peter Rabbit
    , @Spect3r
  38. chris says:

    Excellent day for the lonely march of the truth!

    One piece of circumstantial evidence which I consider to be a telltale indicator of the validity of Ron‘s thesis is the closing of the biolab at Fort Detrick, in August 2019, a safe couple of months before the outbreak.

    This is a classical: get-rid-of-all-the-evidence maneuver, followed at many of the government crime scenes, to include, most recently closing down the NYC jail where Epstein was killed but also I recall, removing all the bushes behind which Martin Luther King‘s killer had been hiding on the very next day! I recall seeing that in a documentary, and realizing that those could in no way be the actions of a government which wanted to get to the truth.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  39. Mevashir says:


    Ron, why is the URL displaying at the bottom your Rumble interview incorrect?! UNZREVIEW.COM????

    • Agree: Rev. Spooner
  40. Ok, whatevs – I have finally started reading “The Real Anthony Fauci”, and I cannot – cannot get my head around how the first chapter hasn’t made you change your tune, even a little. Sorry. And Ukraine is a loooorverly obfuscation of the collapsing covid narrative. Empire is doing the Takeshi’s Castle stone jumping thing, and I don’t think it’s gonna get to the other side.

  41. Dumbo says:

    I believe that if and when Americans and other Westerners begin to digest the reality that the massive deaths and disruption of the global Covid outbreak were very likely the result of a biowarfare attack by rogue elements of our own Deep State, the American ruling political regime will probably fall.

    LOL! The “bioweapon” story plays for the regime. It makes it even scarier than a “natural virus”. It promotes mandatory vaccination, vaccine passports, and all that crap that, so far, I haven’t seen Mr. Unz criticizing. For all I know, he may support the Canadian police cracking the skulls of peaceful protesters.

    There was no “massive death”, and the “disruption” such as it is was caused by the containment measures, not by the “Covid outbreak”.

    Otherwise we would have had “massive deaths” in Sweden, and we didn’t. When all was said and done, 2020 had actually less excess deaths than 2017.

    Ctrl + F “lockdowns”= 0
    Ctrl + F “mask mandates”= 0
    Ctrl + f “vaccine passports” = 0

    Mr. Unz, you may pretend you are “against the deep state regime”, but you’re part of it in more ways than one.

  42. @Sean

    Ukraine should NEVER have existed. It is part of Russia, with Western regions infested with Nazis. It is now a centre for training Nazis from all over Europe and further abroad, in death-squad tactics of terror and ethnic cleansing. The greatest Quisling in history, the drunkard bum, Yeltsin, in breaking the Soviet Union up to suit his US Masters, set the clock ticking for thermonuclear war. This is precisely how ‘Western Civilization’, built as it is on continuous aggression and pillage, was always going to end-biting off more than it can chew, but too arrogant to stop masticating.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @Sean
  43. @Ashley J Williams

    Precisely! Real Leftists are for equality and human emancipation, ideals that liberal fascists reject ENTIRELY.

    • Disagree: Rich
  44. Being blocked by the two primary gatekeepers of the global Internet has obviously had a serious impact upon our ability to reach potential readers, especially new ones.

    It’s way past time to abandon these Globalist-controlled “gatekeepers” and target free-speech platforms that have spontaneously emerged in defiance of the status quo.

    And yes, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & Google are definitely all controlled by Klaus Schwab and his Davos crew – just check the alumni lists for the WEF’s “Global Leaders for Tomorrow” and “Young Global Leaders” programs…

    Mr. Unz’ employment of Rumble is clearly a step in the right direction. (There’s also Bitchute, BrandNewTube, Brighteon, Patreon and other video platforms now available, and free speech social media platforms like and a bucketload more).

    Meanwhile, I have been continuing my own efforts to bring attention to the strong perhaps even overwhelming evidence that the global Covid outbreak was due to an American biowarfare attack against China (and Iran).

    It’s interesting that other free-speech news platforms like StewPeters.TV are emphatic in their belief that the entire Corona Chan saga is a Chinese attempt to destroy the Western world and ultimately invade and annex North America. Stew Peters characterises the Corona Chan genocide currently rolling out across the USA as a “Communist” plot, whereas the structure of the entire scheme is patently Fascist.

    I personally tend towards Mr. Unz’ assessment that the Corona Chan aggression is an American innovation, with the caveat that the Deep State itself is but one more pawn on a larger board being played by the Globalists in their push toward the Great Reset and the New World Order, in which those few who are left alive “will own nothing, and be happy”

    That’s an important distinction, because if we fail to root out the source of this undeniably global slide into tyranny, then it will just hide away to quietly fester and scheme and regroup and come back for another attempt in a couple decades time.

    Just look what’s now unfolding in Canada under the “leadership” of WEF Young Global Leaders program graduates Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland (yes, folks, they were both personally trained by Klaus Schwab). It’s interesting how the Corona Chan “pandemic” has somehow morphed into a grab for total dictatorial power in Canada and in other countries around the world, with no residual reference to any alleged Corona Chan bug.

    There are thousands more just like Trudeau and Freeland, entrenched at every level throughout the government and corporate heirarchies of nations all around the world – including all the so-called “tech giants” and even some in China.

    Wheels within wheels.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
    , @W
  45. @mulga mumblebrain

    I get ya, but I think the real left is pretty much vamoosed. Anytime a “real leftist” raises his ugly head, they get him real good with identity politics, and he crawls back under his rock.

    • Agree: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  46. Richard B says:
    @American Citizen

    Writing articles that expose the lies of the mainstream simply cannot be tolerated by our Political class

    True. But in that case, why would Ron spend two years citing an ABC News story? After all, as he correctly states in this article:

    It appears that nature abhors an informational vacuum and when nearly our entire Western media begins spouting what seems to be total nonsense on a looming war with nuclear-armed Russia.

    And not just Russia. In fact, spouting total nonsense seems to be their bread and butter. It’s what they’re all about. In any event, certainly the phrase our entire Western media includes ABC News. Also, there’s this from his summary.

    4. From January to August 2019, Kadlec ran the Federal/State “Crimson Contagion” exercise in which our government officials practiced their strategies of protecting American society from infection by a hypothetical dangerous respiratory virus that might suddenly appear in China.

    Protecting American society? You mean the same society the hostile elite is at war with even more than it is with Russia and anyone else who stands in its way or is perceived to (in these cases it makes no difference)? Then there’s this, also from his summary.

    10. In early April, four intelligence sources told ABC News that a secret November DIA report had described a “potentially cataclysmic” disease outbreak taking place in Wuhan, but this had been ignored by the Trump Administration. Israeli TV confirmed that Israel and NATO allies had received that report, which had been produced “in the second week of November.” But according to best current estimates, at that point only perhaps a dozen people were starting to feel a little sick in Wuhan, a city of 11 million.

    We’ll ignore best current estimates (from who?) so as to focus on the following:

    Intelligence sources, ABC News, Trump Administration (or any Administration, since administrations change, but the elite – and their objectives – remain the same), Israel, NATO.

    What are all of these if not some of the most prominent figures of, in Ron’s accurate words, our decrepit and disastrously decaying System?

    It’s far easier to ban a website or smear an author than it is to contradict our ideas and logic.

    Again, true. But, it’s just as easy, and more justifiable, for a reader of a website (the best in the history of the Internet) dedicated to freedom of speech, to have and express doubts about an article if its ideas and logic are contradictory. And, unfortunately, as much as I value TUR in general and Ron’s work in particular, that does seem to be the case here.

    • Replies: @Thirdtwin
  47. Congratulations and many thanks to all at Unz, but especially Ron Unz and Mike Whitney.

  48. Levtraro says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    You’re wrong mulga. Those liberal fascists are quintessential leftists. They are for revolution and change and they want to leave to old world behind, in true leftist fashion. They see themselves as the enlightened vanguard and see their enemies as reactionary and deplorable. This is the essence of leftism.

    You are confused because you think that economic class struggle defines leftism, and therein lies your error. Leftism is defined by a desire to change the world, not necessarily its economic structure, just any important change where some kind of oppressed people are liberated. Now, leftism lost in the US and Europe in the economic realm so they moved on to other theaters of class struggle, namely to the cultural and moral sphere.

    Leftism with economic inspiration still exists in developing countries and some EU countries. But the cultural and moral brand of leftism from the US and Europe has ideologically infiltrated leftism in the developing world, so in addition to sincere economic class struggle you also find developing world leftists defending sexual deviants and immigration.

  49. @mulga mumblebrain

    All leftist start to teletarian’s deep down inside

  50. Levtraro says:

    So all those who seek the overthrow of our decrepit and disastrously decaying System—for whatever varied reasons—should focus on this extremely weak link, a catastrophe a thousand times greater than the Chernobyl nuclear disaster that helped bring down the Soviet Union.

    You seem to be in the business of giving advice on how to bring down the incompetent charlatans and malicious manipulators that control de levers of Western States.

    Previously you’ve adviced us on how to battle against the mRNA substances: by focusing on the apparent falsity of AIDS.

    Now your advice is to focus on the origin of COVID-19 as a means to overthrowing our decrepit system.

    One can only admire your courage.

    You might want to consider and ponder what could be the main features of a system to replace “our decrepit and disastrously decaying System”.

    The news about the wide readership of Mike Whitney’s article is really good news. It was a particularly informative angle to tackle the current war hysteria and histrionics emanating from the thin moving lips and bifurcated tongues of our beloved and wise Leaders.

  51. Sarah says:

    Congratulations Ron UNZ. Many thanks for article and videos.

    In addition to the very probable scenario you explain, I would like to add :

    Existence of P2 and P4 laboratories is the icing on the cake ; even if there is no evidence of a leak from this laboratory, involuntary or not, it was a good pretext to accuse China :

    Do you remember Trump’s declarations :
    – “the Chinese virus” (it was insinuating and insulting),
    – “the CCP virus” (it was defamatory).

    That said, it is also possible that the laboratory was used as a temporary depository, guarded by accomplices in charge of handing them over, when the time came, to fake military athletes in charge of spreading them on the Wuhan market, which avoided transporting them directly from the US (risk for their conservation and with customs).

    It would not be surprising either that these fake athletes, once back in the US, started to have symptoms similar to those of Covid-19 : to spread the virus, they had to open the bottle and pour the content, with a high risk to contaminate themselves.

  52. Anon[517] • Disclaimer says:

    It increasingly looms that the crisis in Ukraine could be cover for moving nuclear weapons into Ukraine. Once they are there then Ukraine will attack. It will not be long now.

  53. tyrone says:

    they did not foresee that most of the damage would be in the United States

    ……..Ya think?…….can one even list the outrages and destruction of liberties in the western world ….all planned and war gamed well in advanced and there is more to come .

  54. @chris

    Add in the cluster of lung problems around Ft Detrick that were reported as side effects of vaping killing many. That was months before covid made its official appearance and Mr Unz doesn’t give it any weight.

    • Agree: chris
  55. Emslander says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    What drivel!

    Gag me with a spoon!

    • Replies: @Peter Rabbit
  56. @Mevashir

    For the photo search “Congressman Albert Thomas winks at LBJ during inauguration” in Air Force One an hour after the Kennedy assassination. (Not John Connolly who was in Parkland hospital with multiple bullet wounds.)

    • Thanks: Mustapha Mond
    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
    , @Mevashir
  57. chris says:

    I can’t really imagine this to have “primarily a commercial enterprise“ but it’s also somehow unlikely for the Covid outbreak to have been orchestrated by a dunderhead like Pompeo, or that Israel would only have been passively informed – that would simply be impossible. So I definitely agree with your point there.

    Israel‘s very early and massive mask acquisition and immunization campaigns speak for a government hellbent on making their population feel safe and very special, … and maybe also having prior knowledge.

    The only inconsistency being that this would have been exactly the type of plague they would have eagerly bestowed on their Palestinian brethren; though that part may still be in the making.

  58. Hans says:

    Not buying the China vs. US vs. Russia soap opera. “Covid” (social control) and the vax (depopluation) are the (((bankers’))) long-planned answer to the end of the financial system. Just happens to dovetail nicely with their Agenda 2030 notions and Talmud wetdreams (see Yosef, Kook, Ginsburg etc. below)

    “Two contrary types of soul exist, a non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness.” – Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson

    “The difference between a Jewish soul and the souls of non-Jews – all of them in all different levels – is greater and deeper than the difference between a human soul and the souls of cattle.” – Rabbi Kook, the Elder, Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel, p. 4

    Jewish life has an infinite value. There is something more holy and unique about Jewish life than about non-Jewish life.” Rabbi Ginsburgh, Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel, p. 41

    “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel…With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money…Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat… That is why gentiles were created.” — Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Weekly Saturday night sermon, October 2010

    • Replies: @Tucker
    , @GoySoy
  59. Tucker says:

    Here is a bit of interesting information:



    And, also this:

    Israel is Developing ‘Ethnic Bomb’ for Growing Biological …

    Search domain defence.pk › pdf › threads › israel-is-developing-ethnic-bomb-for-growing-biological-weapons-arsenal.279074

    Israel is working on an “ethnically targeted” biological weapon that would kill or harm Arabs but not Jews, according to Israeli military and western intelligence sources cited in a front-page report in the London Sunday Times, November 15, 1998 (“Israel Planning ‘Ethnic’ Bomb as Saddam Caves In,” by Uzi Mahnaimi and Marie Colvin).

    [ end quote ]

    Isn’t it a little bit peculiar that Ron Unz neglects to point out the massive number of Israeli and jewish fingerprints that are all over this whole covid scamdemic?

  60. Tucker says:

    Methinks the primary purpose of this article and others that push the same theories involves typical ‘blame shifting’ by the actual guilty parties.

    Accusatory Inversion 101. Where you accuse your enemies of the things that you, yourself, are guilty of doing.

  61. Sarah says:

    How to do to stay connected ? Each time I click on “Remember My Information” but it does not work🤷

  62. Dumbo says:

    It’s even worse than that, as we’re supposed to believe that the “man-made virus” is evil, but the “man-made vaccines” (pushed by exactly the same people) is somehow good. It doesn’t even make sense.

    The “bio-weapon” angle is just another deep state fairy tale, as it pushes the same lies as the status quo — this is a scary evil never-seen-before virus, vaccines are “100% safe and effective”, “vaccine passports” make sense, “mask mandates” and “lockdowns” and “social distancing” keep us “safe”, blah blah blah.


    But the same is true of people like Sailer et al — supposedly the government and Science! are lying when they do not recognize racial differences or sexual differences, but then, when they say that vaccines are “safe and effective” and should be given to everyone, even babies and “pregnant persons”, we are supposed to believe them… And even after repeated lies and being caught in lies or promoting lies, there is never a sign of repentance.

    • Agree: Mike Tre
  63. @Wolfhound

    What is the real story of John Mcaffe’s suicide? Wouldn’t a computer genius like him be able to uncover a lot of unsavory information that high place people would do anything to keep from having it revealed? Who benefited?

    • Replies: @Spect3r
  64. MLK says:

    I’ll do salient bullet points too.

    Grand Conspiracies are identified by their objective(s) and thus the vast, effectively unlimited, resources that are available in furtherance thereof.

    Importantly, they remain phenomena in motion long after the event kicks off publicly.

    They feature what we can describe as coalitions of the willing and unwilling.

    They simply aren’t puzzles that can be solved because that is only achieved through reductionism. Per the first bullet point, with sufficient resources the conspirators game out and execute subsequent turns of the screw. Most especially the information war.

    With that as a brutally terse predicate, consider Ron Utz’s musings. Believe me, I don’t begrudge him a little delusion (“to my total amazement”) but it’s kinda funny he thinks at this late in the game that the page views (or perhaps reported page views) isn’t a function of whether the time is now to bury or promote his assertions.

    It’s best to begin with simple common sense. “Trump Must Go!” — anyone who is anybody, foreign and domestic — grew desperate by the fall of 2019. Trump was headed for reelection in a landslide using the pernicious formula of Peace and Prosperity.

    Impeachment was green-lighted under a pretext and collection of losers it was obviously to me at least at the time that it was initiated with plug-n-play other charges to follow.

    Soon we had the answer for anyone with eyes to see in the form of an attempted replay in the Green Zone in Baghdad (and elsewhere) of the Iranian hostage crisis that sunk Carter’s reelection in 1980. No one then or now was at all curious as to how a mob of protesters got access to the US embassy, let alone given the time to carry out the violent attack and attempted seizure of American personnel.

    The (not so) Supreme Leader had jumped the gun, tweeting out Khomeini’s taunt directly to Trump: “You can’t do a damn thing about it.” Senator Murphy tweeted the same messaging right afterward. They even had the chyrons good to go for the Fake News to blare out the number of days of captivity (which were then repurposed for the Covid).

    That’s why Soleimani was taken out. I won’t belabor it here, but you’re not thinking hard enough if don’t see that, whatever his role or lack thereof in this op, he was designated to take one for the team.

    After coming a cropper — a hostage crisis fueling Impeachment and Removal, or riding it all to Election Day, it was off to the races with the Covid . . .

    • Replies: @MLK
  65. The South Asian readership, you can be sure, after taking in the Ukraine crisis related material, will surely migrate over to your select book collection, especially the Mein Kampf, given the Indians are fascinated by it.

  66. Thirdtwin says:
    @Richard B

    “…or any Administration, since administrations change, but the elite – and their objectives – remain the same…”

    True. Robert Kadlec was Deputy Staff Director for the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence when he was nominated by President Donald Trump. That’s the same SSCI whose Security Director, James Wolfe, was one of the few people convicted in the Trump/Russia hoax, for lying to the FBI about leaking classified info to Ali Watkins, the NYT reporter he was banging.

    The Senate SSCI members are a motley crew of Deep State/PermaGov parasites, as is every federal entity. Trump can be blamed for many things, but being forced to hire from a shallow, treacherous talent pool is not one of them.

  67. @anastasia

    Hopeful for your success, Ron, and grateful for your efforts.

    I do not share Anastasia’s cynicism, but an important point has been raised, that might make an important addition to your argument: USA, especially the American economy, has suffered more from Covid than, it seems, have China or Iran.

    Was harm to the USA intentional; unintended blowback; or lagging implementation of the Rahm Emmanuel doctrine: never let a crisis go to waste?

    iirc Mike Pompeo and John Bolton have been named as among the public face of the rogues within US ruling echelon who carried off this scheme. Pompeo visited Israel in Nov 2020, just after your timeline suggests the virus was released in China, and just before US government officials acknowledged its presence in US. (As commented elsewhere, Anne Schuchat, former CDC deputy director, spent several months, from ~Oct. 2019 to Feb. 2020, claiming that “increase in lung diseases was attributable to vaping,” before she was silenced by Mike Pence and relegated to back-bench.)

    In short, Israel and its American cohort are involved in Covid, its viral spread, its economic devastation, its totalitarianizing of the population, as well as profiting from the crisis, up to its eyeballs.

  68. Corvinus says:

    “But the massive current media propaganda-bubble promoting an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine, which seems to be a ridiculous hoax”

    Except it’s not a hoax. You are already setting up the situation by which IF** Russia does invade a free white country and murders thousands of people, it is the automatically the fault of the U.S. So there is tacit endorsement of Russia’s actions as justification to protect its interests there. Sound like a Putin asset is on the prowl.

    **Putin may be just rattling the cages and seeing how far he can push matters before resorting to diplomacy. Then his American Alt Right supporters will scream from the top of their lungs “See, he was always about peaceful resolution frill the jump”.

  69. Cking says:

    Thank you. The Wuhan story only explains so much of the rightfully termed, Covid PsyOp, here in America. I don’t know what we’re doing in China now and why isn’t Anthony Fauci arrested? Why isn’t Obama asked what he knew of Fauci’s research and work in Wuhan? How or what is this China bioweapon’s invasion route. How can it be transmittable? Just how does a ‘bioweapon’ justify a national mandate for ‘vaccines for everyone’, equally, dangerous, injurious, and deadly?

    You see, we have another set of facts and fallacies that need to be confronted. Just what and how does the SR and Covid SR 2 viruses exist, matter, and its’ invasion route? Just how does a virus that cannot be isolated or identified justify a national mandate for ‘vaccines for everyone’, equally dangerous, injurious, and deadly?

    The Big Pharma group participating in the Covid response have yet to explain their potions. (which probably could be classified as a bioweapon) It’s purported that all the animals treated in the ‘vaccines’ trials died while these vaccines were rushed to the medical facilities for administration to the human population. Fact is, the vaccination does not prevent the virus transmission. This certainly has to be investigated and people responsible indicted.

    Then there is the medical and government entities that foisted the mandates and vaccines on an overly excited population. Fraudulent inducement doesn’t begin to describe the crimes committed.

    We must be convinced that a depopulation policy is embedded in the Covid-19 PsyOp narrative and containment measures policies, that actually points to another virus. The Covid-19 panic narrative, took advantage of the US demographic, people born between 1926 and 1956 scheduled to depart from this world, certainly contributed to the ‘death count’ attributed to Covid, increased by isolation measures, morbidities, maybe starvation in some cases, and vaccines as the Insurance Industry complained about.

  70. MLK says:

    Now, as I’ve also implored, the devil isn’t in the details. Now consider what has followed their achieving their primary, agreed or at least acquiesced to primary objective — Trump’s removal and the installation of the illegitimate Biden regime on 1/20/2021.

    Yes, for our purposes here you should set aside all the other malefactions in furtherance thereof up to that date.

    That kicked off the next phase. Everyone expected to get paid as promised (and more). The problem being that with Trump removed the glue that held them together was removed as well. Worse, Trump refused to concede. In other words, making him the dirty dog was going to prove none too simple.

    Just as the monumental election steal was in our faces, so has been every move or attempted move by the Biden regime, most especially regarding “the pandemic.” What explains, to cite one early and now memory-holed example, the US-China Summit in Alaska in which China not only humiliated the US for all the world to see, but Blinken assiduously avoided the subject of the origins of Wuhan Virus in its entirety?

  71. James1488 says:

    “In late October 2019, 300 American military servicemen visited Wuhan to participate in the World Military Games.”
    “In mid/late January 2020, the Wuhan virus suddenly jumped 3,500 miles to the Holy City of Qom, soon infecting Iran’s top political elites, with a number of them dying as a consequence.”

    Was there a second 2019 edition of the World Military Games in Qom? If they could unleash the virus without the need of a coverup as you say they did in Iran, why didn’t they do the same in China?

    “By February, Iran had become the second global epicenter of the Covid outbreak despite having a negligible Chinese population”

    You only need a single sick person spreading the virus. How many Chinese are there in Brasil?
    By the end of February 2020 the were less than 200 infected people in Iran. But by the end of May 2020 there were more than 280.000 infected people in Brasil and less than 25.000 in Iran.

    “The virus spread invisibly until the Chinese government discovered its presence near the end of December.”
    Do we trust the CCP now!?

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
  72. @Mis(ter)Anthrope

    True, and he’s been selling his thesis so hard one cannot help but think of the phrase, “He doth protest the loudest”. Frankly, it reeks of misdirection to me (to cover for whom?).

    Plus, the sheer obviousness that the global “Great Reset” is the primary plan here and Covid is just one tranche of it cannot be ignored but, it seems to be by some. Why?

  73. Alfred says:

    the reality that the massive deaths and disruption of the global Covid outbreak

    It seems that I have upset Mr Unz by proving that his death claims were false – for Europe at least.

    • Replies: @R2b
  74. @mulga mumblebrain

    Setting aside your apparently characterising torture of heretics and burning of witches as “continuous aggression and pillage” I invite you, or one of the more scrupulously careful of your team to justify by Lin’s to trustworthy sources and/or any reasoning you may have ventured on

    It is part of Russia, with Western regions infested with Nazis. It is now a centre for training Nazis from all over Europe and further abroad, in death-squad tactics of terror and ethnic cleansing.

    As to its being “part of Russia” what contorted Putinesque mental frolic justifies that metaphorical flight? I refer to the contrast with many prosaic facts. E.g It was a founding member of the UN. Much of it was in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Its western regions were Galicia in Austria-Hungary. Its history during the Momgol domination of Muscovy was quite distinct.

    For the rest,about Nazis, my information from those on the ground is that it is Russian propaganda and utter BS. So tell me what evidence you are privy to which tells you that is wrong.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  75. @Wolfhound

    Wolfhound, I agree with you completely. I am NOT a veteran; I had a college deferment and after I lost that, I had a high lottery number. The next year I had a low number but Nixon got us out of Vietnam and implemented the volunteer army.

    I am very glad that I was never in the military because like Smedley Butler publicly said and wrote, they only exist to serve the Big Money interests. I send in dues once a year to Vietnam Veterans Against the War, because I believe in what they do and so that they will have another “number” in their ranks.

    I have undergone quite an “education” in the past 10 years and the country that I thought I grew up in never existed, except in my mind…

  76. @mulga mumblebrain

    “Real Leftists are for equality and human emancipation, ideals that liberal fascists reject entirely.”

    Yes. Woke leftists are not real leftists. Woke leftists support war profiteering, corporate tyranny, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and extreme racism against white people. Woke leftists hate everything and everyone, including themselves and each other. They know they are losers, and they seek revenge on society for it. They demand vax mandates and mask mandates simply because most people don’t like them. Vax mandates are revenge.

    In contrast to this are real leftists — e.g. Jimmy Dore on YouTube, who calls woke leftists “shit-libs.”

    Woke leftists call real leftists “Nazis” and “Trumpers” and “White Supremacists,” even when real leftists are black.

    Woke leftists are fake leftists. They are mirrored by fake conservatives who worship war, Wall Street, Israeli atrocities, and Democrat Supremacy. Fake conservatives include RINO Republicans, for example.

    Fake leftists have much in common with fake conservatives.

    Real leftists have much in common with real conservatives.

    • Agree: mulga mumblebrain
    • Thanks: Sarah
    • Replies: @W
    , @Clyde
    , @Sarah
  77. profnasty says:

    Sorry, No Sale.
    1M deaths. Really? Big Gov paid Big Bucks for a Big Lie. PCR tests, in a pig’s eye.
    I worked in a big hospital. Big nothing burger. As I sat in the cafeteria, 2018, I heard this conversation:
    Two young hospital employees.
    1. Hey, whereya been?
    2. In the hospital as a patient.
    I had MERSA. Doc said my death chance was 1 in 4. 25%.

    MERSA, nobody said boo.
    I’ve never seen nor heard a dead Covid patient that wasn’t co-morbified.,vid:MfPTaCXHx-s,st:0

  78. @TheTrumanShow

    The impression I have formed from my studies is that the US government manipulated Churchill, the alcoholic war lover, to collapse the British Empire, while in his megalomania he was certain he was using Washington to preserve it. By all accounts, including that of eyewitness Kermit Roosevelt, Churchill was dumbfounded when FDR informed him privately during the Tehran Conference that there would be no place in the postwar world for a British Empire. London would almost certainly have done better had the leadership accepted Germany’s offer of a mutual defense pact against the hungry new predators on the loose in the world in 1940, the United States and the Soviet Union.

    Our national motto “Novus Ordo Seclorum (the New Order of the Ages)”, adopted in 1782, seems innocuous enough until you realize that it is an adaptation of the words of the Cumaean Sybil in Virgil’s Eclogues that prophesy the infant Rome’s destiny to rule the world. Some of the Founders bragged explicitly of the natural future of the new republic to replace the corrupt mother country. By 1939 the US had overthrown or subverted every democracy in the western hemisphere and was greedily extending its tentacles into the Pacific. The time had come at last to aim for the greatest prize of all, already seriously wounded by the suicidal insanity of the Great War. If the Old World could be encouraged to war just one more time, down it all would come…

    • Agree: Clyde
  79. James1488 says:

    “an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine, which seems to be a ridiculous hoax”
    You clearly have a blind spot when it comes to Russia. A massive Russian military presence near the border of one of its neighbours is anything but a hoax.

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Badger Down
  80. Comrade Unz

    “‘Build it….and they will come”

  81. RodW says:

    I totally agree. Just because the world is falling into idiocy isn’t good reason to go along.

  82. In days before the internet I was roped in to try and get a neophyte politician elected in a winnable but marginal electorate. I learned of all sorts of ingenious ways of obtaining publicity cheaply and harvesting votes at low cost. Typical was to buy the space bottom eight on page 3 of the local paper and make sure the candidate’s name appeared at the ad/announcements’ top left and bottom right. Add in some story from a press release and an indignant letter to the Editor denying some slander that one had cooked up and the absence of AIPAC type funding wasn’t so bad.

    In the case of the candling attempts aimed at TUR I suggest you countrr them by experimenting initially to find the best methods with running small ads in local papers (or digital equivalent) to offer prizes for those who devise – or adopt and put into operation – the best ways of getting people to sign up to the Unz Review App. The ad could offer to provide the materials for those who wanted to put flyers in letter boxes with a number of different sales pitches; also offers to help devise glossy plastic cards which one would ask people to pass on after signing up to UR.

    I could think up a lot more cheap trials for the same purpose but leave it that almost cost free experimentation is the starting point with one other thing I need to say. I font need notifications to ensure I look at the UR app for anything new. So I am not even aware of what might need to be done to attract new readers who are willing to download the UR App. Presumably notifications can be arranged which will be reasonably effective in ensuring that new readers actually look at TUR. If so those bring encouraged to find ways of getting new readers to download the App should make sure they also do something simple to opt for notifications.

  83. RNotR2 says:
    @JR Foley

    The winker is not Gov John Connally who at that time was having the ‘magic’ bullet fall from his body onto a stretcher in Parkland Hospital. It is Texas Congressman Albert Thomas.

    • Replies: @SS-The Independent
  84. Anon[394] • Disclaimer says:

    …. A massive Russian military presence near the border of one of its neighbours is anything but a hoax……

    There is NO Russian military presence near the border of Ukraine. The governments of Ukraine, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, and others agree.

    The only people braying about the Russian military at the border are the same liars that lied about Saddam’s WMDs, Kuwaiti Baby Incubators, Tonkin Gulf, etc etc etc. Why anyone would give this serial liars the time of day is beyond me.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  85. I don’t think this working bio-warfare thesis is very solid. If people like Kadlec are as good as you claim, why produce a virus that kills less than 1% of the population? Why not have a working vaccine before you release it to your enemies? Why allow your economy to collapse, if it’s really not lethal?
    It seems like total incompetence to me. We know the level of viral security the Wuhan Institute worked under was equivalent to that of a dental office, so I think we should stick to the virus came out of there for now.
    The deep state is mired in corruption, avarice and cowardice. I’m willing to accept that it allowed something as small as Covid-19 to spread causing the damage it did, due to a far more inept bureaucracy than I thought possible. For that, we have ourselves to blame.

    • LOL: Thim
  86. @Tucker

    Project Agile (= race-specific chem/bio weapons) was officially discontinued
    in the Usual Suspects in 1975 (yeah, right) but carried on in Israel and South Africa
    (before them getting catholic again). The last that was heard in public was the
    Israelis were disappointed the genetic differences to Palestinians were too small,
    but that was at a time when no genetic difference was big enough to be exploited

  87. @Levtraro

    You’re wrong. When exactly did leftists, socialists and communists take over the US government, the Pentagon, CIA, FBI, corporations, etc.? Identity and homo rights are completely non-issues as far as major socioeconomic questions are concerned. Anyway everybody wants to change the world, fascists and Nazis too.

    • Replies: @Levtraro
  88. For almost two years I have cited an ABC News story revealing that a secret DIA report described the “potentially cataclysmic” disease outbreak in Wuhan in November 2019, many weeks before there was any detectable disease outbreak in that city But the actual TV clip provides much greater impact, and one of my podcast interviewers recently brought it to my attention, allowing it to be incorporated into the Rumble video

    Indeed. MUCH greater impact.

    It seems that the confident assurance that this broadcast was the smoking gun is all too true – because it had not been viewed, listened to and considered soberly.

    If only the starting question had been the prosaic “who would want to cook up fake news against Trump and beat it up?” rather than “who might be so reckless as to damage America while trying to damage China” UR readers wouldn’t have been proffered the most naive and eccentric of Ron’s conspiracy theories.

    Of course there was no such Medical Intelligence Unit report. And it wasn’t in the briefing of Trump early in January which, characteristically he didn’t read but did shove down a White House toilet so no one could use that copy to show, under the Biden administration, what Trump had scandalously neglected to act on if that’s what it might have shown.

    The report, if it said what the ABC broadcast said it did, would have been ludicrously wrong (just check it – and it is not just the November date which makes it ludicrous).

    No one repeated this huge revelation, except the credulous RU. Even after the clever plant on an Israeli TV station the scandal failed to take off. Where were the Congressional sub poenas? Where the FOIA cases?

    The Iranian coincidence? Ever heard of superspreaders or considered how many people some of them infected – especially members of religious communities?

    Ah, but Google and Facebook must have seen Ron as exposing dangerous facts/rumours. Nah, it was just that the ADL and maybe AIPAC had been hovering for months or years ready to pounce as soon as they could do so without being seen as objecting to unpleasant truths about Israel or the Lobby on UR. Ron needs to litigate and pursue his case long enough to seek discovery of ADL and other emails to Google and Facebook. He might even get an early settlement
    which uncancels him.

    • Agree: Spect3r
  89. Dumbo says:

    Old ladies are being trampled to death by horses in Canada, governments now have the power to freeze the bank accounts of anyone they don’t like, but, hey, the problem is a “viral bio-weapon” that kills people with an average age of 85 and several co-morbidities.

    Yes, let’s keep worrying about the “bio-weapon”, wink wink, nudge nudge.


    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  90. @Anon

    How do you know? I.e. on what basis of evidence do you form the opinion that “there is NO Russian presence near the border of Ukraine”?

    Presumably the Russians could produce satellite photos to match for time and date anything the US was showing the media.

  91. Too bad the video wasn’t posted on a free speech site.
    Rumble is YouTube 2.0.

  92. sally says:

    yes, there is strong evidence coming from comments made by those on the ground to add credence to your nuke movement and looming crisis theory.

  93. HT says:

    I’m with the government and I’m here to help you.

  94. Why did ABC expose this? I assume by accident. They found another news story to smear Trump, which is one of their missions, and ran it. I’m sure lots of top level people were shocked and angry, hence, no follow up reporting by ABC.

    This also explains why Dr. Fauci remains in power despite hard proof that he secretly funded the Chinese lab where the virus was made, lied about it and many other key events, and was wrong about many things. He was just following orders. President Trump didn’t like him but was told he couldn’t fire him.

  95. JasonT says:

    The engineered spike protein is the bioweapon.

    The coronavirus pandemic is the hoax to get people to voluntarily murder themselves with the bioweapon.

    The plan is really much more simple than most people realize.

    • Troll: Corvinus
  96. I agree with P.C.Roberts that it would be a great victory for mankind if the USA had a man like Ron as president.

  97. lavoisier says:

    I think that if the Rumble video or any of these interviews become sufficiently viral, the world may change in dramatic ways.

    Unlikely. The sheep will defer to Don Lemon or Neil Young.

    Try to convince anyone that the narrative about 911 is a lie by showing WTC 7 falling down in its footprint. Blank stares, a can of beer opened up, discussion about sports.

    The matrix is easily imposed on most people as the blue pill is more easily digested than the red pill.

    • Agree: profnasty
    • Replies: @anarchyst
  98. Israeli TV confirmed that Israel and NATO allies had received that report, which had been produced “in the second week of November.”

    I wonder whether anyone who speaks Hebrew can locate a copy of the TV report (and preferably also translate it into English). The number of cases was increasing rapidly in the early stages of the pandemic, and there were many more cases in “late November” than in “the second week of November”.

    According to the pages below, the report was broadcast on Israel’s Channel 12 News on the evening of Thursday April 16th 2020.

  99. profnasty says:

    A humble suggestion for an anthem in the coming fight for Donbass.
    Donbass to Ukraine:

  100. @American Citizen

    Are you really comparing Ron with that moron Anglin?

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  101. Corvinus says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    Lol, you got a gold box for shilling. There isn’t that hard proof on Fauci.

    Now, the truth of the matter is that Trump HATES you. A New York property mongerer with a shady past, a daughter who married a Jew, and who employed marketing strategies as president to make it appear he was looking out for the little guy.

    Man, you got hornswoggled.

    • Troll: bike-anarkist
  102. anarchyst says:

    There’s more…

    Your statement:

    Try to convince anyone that the narrative about 911 is a lie by showing WTC 7 falling down in its footprint. Blank stares, a can of beer opened up, discussion about sports.

    …is spot on. Thanks.

    Let me add one more fact to the equation.

    The amount of HEAT in the rubble, which continued for many months is evidence of small “micro-nukes” which were planted to take down the buildings. It would be interesting to see what the radiation readings were…


    • Agree: profnasty
    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  103. R2b says:

    Yes, and I counted them for the USA, well within natural probability, as for many countries in Europe. The PCR-test another obvious fact telling us the narrative is false.
    All this is simple and can be checked by anyone, just reading overall death statistics, and take part of info about the polymerase chain reaction-test, by Kary Mullis for instance.
    But no, we are to believe a lab-virus went rouge even in the US as some accident.
    Fact is, there can be many different scenarios played out, of which none is a virus, just for the saké of implementing vaxx-regulations in order to use the gain of function. The vaccine is the bio-weapon.

    • Agree: Alfred
  104. gnbRC says:

    So, are you actually saying that COVID was an CIA Operation, and what actually happened in China was a virus ‘cooker’ was blown up [by the Fauci related crowd] causing an economic problem for China, which was the preferred Chinese created scenario for attacking the US.

    Maybe this is true, because just like 911 where pre-attack futures trading was executed, we know that vaccine manufacturers had their ‘vaxxes’ ready (as did Russia) in record time, and China’s ‘Bat Lady’ early on stated international authorities should be working toward are solution rather than assigning blame, and the US medical community was ready to support the narrative, …


    1. Supermob (Russo) pg 18 (footnote): “Like Arvey, Eisenberg espoused charity and donated many millions to over thirty-five institutions, including the Mayo Clinic, which received a \$50 million bequest.”
    2. Supermob (Russo) pg 138: “The Pritzkers also became one of the country’s largest hospital operators, acquiring six of their own and operating fifteen more under lease and contract management.”
    3. Supermob (Russo) pp 223-24: “the first [union pension] fund loan in Las Vegas went to Moe Dalitz, but what shocked observers was that the money was earmarked for construction of a hospital. … The resultant hundred-bed Sunrise Hospital, a for-profit undertaking with built-in guarantees for the investors, would be but a prelude to an even bigger Sin City investment. The partnership chose as the hospital’s president Mervyn Adelson, … The hospital’s success was guaranteed when Jimmy Hoffa decreed that the Teamsters and Culinary Unions’ medical fund would only pay for treatment if the rank and file were treated at Sunrise. Thus, the new hospital saw an influx of thousands of “captive” patients. Irwin Molasky called it “an early form of managed care.” The lucrative facility also boasted the Sunrise Hospital Pharmacy Inc., the Sunrise Hospital Clinical Laboratory, and the Sunrise Hospital X-ray Lab, the only one in the county. Adelson and
    Dalitz would later parlay their huge Sunrise profit …”

    So, it appears that organized [white collar] crime (upperworld and underworld) ‘skim’ has progressed from beginnings in Chicago, to gambling, to movies/entertainment in SoCal, into real estate, into education, and into medical – wherever the US Federal Government allocates money for the general population – the money is then diverted to those organized to control its flow. (Follow Nancy Pelosi and Gavin Newsom in CA, which would naturally be the most blatant).

    Perhaps all social programs and narratives claiming ’empathy’ for the general population are a planned part of the ‘skim’ operations.

  105. @mulga mumblebrain

    Here ya go:

    So where’s “the left”? Australia’s “left” is on the other side—just like “the left” in the United States and Canada, there being no diversity among them, as they’re all one in their boiling hatred of that mass resistance, and in fanatical support of the state/corporate juggernaut coercing universal “vaccination.” So, on this unprecedented global confrontation, there is no disagreement whatsoever between US “leftists” like Noam Chomsky (the first public figure to propose detention of the “unvaccinated), Amy Goodman, Michael Moore (“Get off my fucking bridge!”), Chris Hedges, Thom Hartmann, the Trotskyites at WSWS (World Socialist Web Site), Sen. Bernie Sanders and Stalinist noisemaker Bob Avakian, the liberals at MoveOn, and many of the “woke” contributors to Truthout, Nation of Change, Truthdig, Counterpunch, Portside, the Progressive and The Nation. Nor, on this working-class resistance to the bio-fascist order, is the fearfully like-minded US “left” in any disagreement with its counterpart in Canada, typified by Naomi Klein (who deems the Great Reset a “boring” topic), Henry A. Giroux (who says the truckers are attempting to destroy democracy), “woke” neo-Nazi Justin Trudeau (whose government trained Ukraine’s feral National Guard), and the sanctimonious rabble of Canada’s “left” parties (and let’s throw Neil Young in there, too); so that “the left” throughout all North America is absolutely unified against the workers.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  106. I can vouch that the article quoted above, on Ukraine, indeed breached the shells of many circles addicted only to the “news” sold by the Deep State media. I saw it in WhatsApp groups of distant lands; many of them hear for the first time.

  107. @RuneFromDenmark

    Rune: Are you by any chance originally from Odense? In 1979 I briefly stayed in the home of a plumber in that city who had a 12 y.o. son named Rune. I was with Erick Hornemann-Hansen, an acquaintance from the Christiana community in Kobenhavn.

  108. @TKK

    I too have handled Federal Tort Claims. I don’t consider myself to be a high roller or a true expert in Federal Tort Claims. My expertise is more along the lines of product liability.

    My problem with such a case would be establishing that the virus was man made as opposed to naturally occurring. I have searched all of the scientific literature I can find on this and there are no publications that support it being a bioweapon. In fact here is a paper that states there was a progenitor virus that produced the Wuhan strain and was found in Europe and Asia.

    An Evolutionary Portrait of the Progenitor SARS-CoV-2 and Its Dominant Offshoots in COVID-19 Pandemic

    And then it appears that Omicron was also a natural mutation of one of the early strains that infected mice and then jumped back to humans.

    Evidence for a mouse origin of the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant

  109. if and when Americans and other Westerners begin to digest the reality that the massive deaths and disruption of the global Covid outbreak were very likely the result of a biowarfare attack by rogue elements of our own Deep State, the American ruling political regime will probably fall

    This concession goes a lot further than many others previously offered by the editor to explain the content mix that goes in here at TUR. Editorial decisions, with this goal in mind, make much more sense – without this explanation there are quiet a few that are entirely mysterious.

    Mr. Unz – FWIW – I’d cite the finding of some scholars from some years back I am sure you are familiar with their work. They found: we are not a democracy, we are, already, an oligarchy. And they found this so almost 10 years ago. That was already the fact on the ground.

    We need to not be an oligarchy. It will be no cinch but banishing the oligarchy and restoring republican democracy is probably better rhetoric than “the American ruling political regime will probably fall”. These are dangerous forces, watch your rhetoric. Trump’s trouble is that he was heard summoning dark powers in his pre-election rhetoric. There’s no need to summon those powers – you will have more success banishing them.

    While I have absolutely no idea why lightning suddenly struck this particular article, the possibility of such a fortuitous development must surely inspire most contributors to this publication, not least including myself.

    FWIW – I’ve been trying to understand this issue – Ukraine – for awhile and also piece together the truth from the conflicting reports. What I’d say is – up until Whitney’s article, prior articles in TUR shed no more light on the situation than I could find elsewhere in MSM or other alternative media and references.

    Whitney’s article was like knocking open the hanger doors and letting in brilliant daylight when until now we’ve been snooping around with a small flashlight trying to make head and tails of the place we find ourselves in. That’s to say: it resonated. The puzzle pieces really come together with that article. Not just piece and particle of truth with the usual mix of confusion and obfuscation – just pure daylight.

    So: bravo. Good piece, well done.

    And, I could be wrong, maybe there’s no connection, but seems to me like in the time since the American foreign policy establishment has spun into panic, as if they had been running nice and linear to script, and someone came along and really shook up the beehive.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  110. @obwandiyag

    Corbyn is a prime example. A social democrat, a man of impeccable character, a life-long anti-racist and an hereditary, following his parents, friend and ally of Jews, he proposed a fairer, more just UK. And was in favour of ending the interminable Hell on Earth inflicted on the Palestinians by the Zionazis.
    The result? A campaign of psychopathic intensity, of lies and slander, entirely invented, by the UK ruling class with the Jewish Board of Deputy Thugs leading the way. As one Talmudic capo admitted, Corbyn’s sins included his ‘Leftwing policies’, not just his invented ‘antisemitism’. To be replaced by the paedo protector and Assange assassin, Starmer, who is raising his children as Jews. You almost have to laugh at the ease with which they pulled it off.

  111. Interesting, Important ..

    Your slogan would be made more catchy, and your sentences more vivid, by not using those most boring of adjectives. Indeed, they conjure up impressions that are exactly the opposite. Also, your comment system has a [bug] whereby it often eats html character codes, notably for some of the vulgar fractions.

  112. @Levtraro

    Economic and class issues define the true Left. These liberal fascist ‘Leftists’ went over to the owners of society LONG ago, first with ‘social democracy’, where all power remained in the hands of the oligarchs and owners of capital, and ‘democracy’ was a stupid farce, then ENTIRELY with Blairism, and the prior, prototype, Hawke/Keating abomination in Austfailia.
    These traitors, Blair, Hawke, Keating, were all well rewarded for their treachery.All became millionaires, while they privatised, tendered out, PPP-ed and generally handed ever more of the common wealth to the unelected and unanswerable, but generous, oligarchs. Whoever you vote for, the rich still rule and will for evermore.
    They refused to reverse anti-union legislation, even adding to it to ‘liberalise the labour market’, in obeisance to their New God, ‘The Holy, Inerrant, Market’, which saw the labour share of GNP inexorably fall, inequality rise and elite wealth grow like topsy. This was obviously a potential problem, so they doubled down on ‘Divide and Rule’ tactics, imposed by the more Rightwing regimes, and adopted by the liberal fascists, generously financed by the rich as in the ‘transgender’ horrors, and drove society into an anomic abyss of ever growing poverty, inequality and internecine hatreds. You only have to look at how the liberal fascists HATE and LOATHE the truckers in Canada to see naked class warfare and contempt in action. The tactics being utilised are pre civil war in their sadism and virulence, but these are Trumpistas, MAGATs, ‘White Supremacists’ etc, so the feminazis, in particular, are frothing nicely at the mouth.
    These lunatics, who want economic reaction with growing inequality FOR OTHERS, and ‘liberal’ freedoms to slice off children’s genitals, ban puberty, practise paedophilia, blame ALL Whites for the crimes of the economic elites, etc, rammed down everyone’s throats, WITHOUT ARGUMENT, are NEVER true ‘Leftists’. Not ever. Some may have been mildly ‘Leftish’ once, like a good Guardianista, but when Blair gave them the chance to sell out the chavs, red-necks, bogans and oinks, they grabbed it with relish.

    • Replies: @Levtraro
  113. @Tucker

    The Zionazis co-operated for years with their great friend and ally, apartheid South Africa, to develop ‘ethnically specific’ bio-weapons, as was revealed at the Truth and Reconciliation process in South Africa. You cannot tell me that that ‘research’ ever ceased, after South Africa fell to the ‘antisemitic’ hordes, like the appalling Desmond Tutu.

  114. @Si1ver1ock

    Having tight restrictions on Americans would be necessary if it was an American bio-weapon attack. You have to pretend to be unfortunate victims. They admittedly exaggerated the number of deaths.

    “We had the most Covid deaths! Of course we didn’t release anything!”

    It’s odd that Unz makes no reference to either the Rockefeller Lockstep scenario or Event 201.

    The Great Reset, the 4th Industrial Revolution, UBI, and Green New Deal, combined with experimental injections, all point to a huge population reduction. These plans don’t work without getting rid of a lot of people. There is no way around it. But Unz brings up the Iran situation, which is clearly a catalyst for the lockdowns, and probably starting a world war.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  115. Corrupt says:

    I find it hard to believe that it was a deep state operation given that the CCP stopped internal travel, but continued to allow its citizens to travel to the rest of the world.

  116. @Dumbo

    Old ladies are being trampled to death by horses in Canada, governments now have the power to freeze the bank accounts of anyone they don’t like, but, hey, the problem is a “viral bio-weapon” that kills people with an average age of 85 and several co-morbidities.

    The viral bio-weapon – the alleged Corona Chan bug – is a problem inasmuch as it’s the Trojan Horse that has allowed the Globalists to push a real bioweapon (the fake “vaccines”) into the global population. And of course (wheels within wheels – is there no end to the Orwellian mendacity?) the fake “vaccines” are the Trojan Horse within a Trojan Horse to trick us all into willingly submitting to a universal digital passport system which will enable the Globalists to impose their New World Order with an iron fist (while also killing off 90% of the global population). We can all look forward to owning nothing, and being happy.


    For those who have eyes to see, this is all quite apparent now after two years of this insanity.

    The explicit tyranny now unfolding (this is for our health?), especially in Canada and Australia, can leave little doubt that the Corona Chan “pandemic” has just been a means to an end, which is clearly Klaus Schwab’s wet dream of his Great Reset heralding the New World Order (did people not get a clue when politicians all over the planet began reciting the WEF’s mantra of “Build Back Better” in unison?).

    Health officials in Australia are on the record repeatedly telling us that we better get used to the New World Order. Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland in Canada (both ardent students of Klaus Schwab’s school for Globalist dictators) have now awarded themselves the power to sieze bank accounts on a whim, and the Australian government is now pushing its “Trusted Digital Identity” legislation which will allow complete government control of every aspect of Australian lives – every activity, and that means EVERY activity, will be subject to whatever arbitrary conditions or requirements the government chooses to impose.

    Anyone who can’t see what is going on – either doesn’t want to see it or otherwise just can’t deal with it (yet).

    Yes, let’s keep worrying about the “bio-weapon”, wink wink, nudge nudge.

    In fairness to Mr. Unz, he’s just working on analyzing what he knows best. He might not be able to deal with the totality of what’s going on in the world, but his focus on the mechanics of a bioweapon attack has still identified some important pieces in the puzzle.

    I say – let an old man have his fun.

  117. As someone who considers himself both a capitalist and a Libertarian humanist I have to say that your website is astonishing. No where can you get writers like Phillip Giraldi Mike Whitney Michael Hudson and Pat Buchanan evoking their compelling arguments on the same page. However for the life of me I cannot understand why you have so many writers espousing the prevalence of socio-pathologic black crime in a manner that borders on sheer hate. Anyone who is vaguely familiar with the last 400 years of US treatment of blacks would say this is a non-story. Yes blacks commit crimes at an exponentially alarming rate and often target whites and other ethnic groups. However they kill more blacks exponentially than any other race. For your writers like Striker Kersey Anglin et al to continuously strike out at a population that has been so marginalized and so devastated by slavery Jim Crow and the incarceration catastrophy is bewildering. Why go after our most vulnerable like poor blacks and war torn immigrants when it is elites in the MSM The MIC the National Security State Zionistas and Power Elite Oligarchs that have wrecked absolute devastation on whites. Just my 2 cents

    • Agree: Kevin Barrett
  118. What of the Spanish researchers who found Covid traces in Barcelona wastewater in early 2019? Doesn’t that kind of puncture your World Military Games bioterror theory?

    • Replies: @Thim
    , @Ron Unz
    , @Rabbitnexus
  119. @davidgmillsatty

    Sounds as if you have perhaps inadvertently echoed the ministrations of bought and paid-for “scientists”. Most academic types sell their souls for a modest sum, only undersold by those pre\$\$titutes masquerading as “journalists”.

    Bottom line: If they wear white lab-coats, be wary of them. Should they happen to habitually wear suits, particularly the bespoke types costing thousands, I wouldn’t trust them any further than I could spit.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  120. @anarchyst

    If there had been radiation, Jones and Harritt would have found it. Jones was highly trained in the field. He looked very carefully for it. He found none. What he and Harritt did find was nano-thermite, which is also quite capable of producing the heat that you attribute to micro-nukes. And consider this. Nano particles were invented far later than atomic weapons. In comparison, atomic weapons are very old school.

    • Thanks: anarchyst
    • Replies: @Badger Down
  121. @Johnny Morris

    Semantic warrior here: Why call the ruling Crime Clan in these Untied \$kates “the Rockefellers”,
    when if you begin to delve into historical and biographical studies of those creeps, you will discover that they are more properly addressed as the “Rottenfellers”. With a 54% interest in ownership of the flagship entity for the entire “Federal” Reserve system and accordant domination over Wall \$treet and numerous other institutions; their power is well enunciated by their founder: John Davison Rottenfeller, who famously pronounced: “Competition is a Sin”.

    They control all the heavy weaponry and those employed to employ them. Thus peaceful resistance is the only possible counter-strategy to their Globalist, NWO, Great Reset schemes. Peaceful resistance begins with semantics. Like the totally controlled Democrat party, we should never use THEIR term “Democratic” to describe them, as they are totally under control of the Democrat National Committee, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Rottenfeller Crime Clan and associated perps.

    • Replies: @Sarah
  122. @Carlton Meyer

    Why did ABC expose this?

    That implies that you believe the story and there was such a report. Why??

    To start with, what’s your explanation for the report containing assertions of fact which were ludicrously wrong?

  123. @Mr Mojo Risin'

    Mojo: Your “two cents” is certainly worth something—at least if they happen to be pre-1982 genuine copper cents, not the currently produced anodized zinc crap.

    To the point. Why should Ron Unz give waaaaay too much space to racial divisionists and even out and out haters as his featured writers? The elite work on the long established principle first noted by Julius Caesar nearly 2,100 years ago: “Divide and conquer: Divide and rule”. As long as posters get caught up in that diversion, the central issues do not receive enough attention.

    Zero in on the bass-Turds who were best depicted in Baum’s “The Wizard of Oz”, when Toto opened up the curtain to reveal that shrunken little man in front of the controls. The great Danish author Hans Christian Andersen also came up with a brilliant metaphor where the Emperor was revealed to be stark naked…naked, not nude as he would have been had he been genitally intact.

    But it’s not just a single ethnicity—or even a significant proportion of them who are pulling the strings. Call them Satanists or whatever, but these people pulling the strings are quite literally evil and see common humanity as nothing more than prey for their predatory, parasitical schemes of worldwide total control. That’s the issue.

    • Thanks: Sarah
    • Replies: @Mr Mojo Risin'
  124. @SimplePseudonymicHandle

    I’d cite the finding of some scholars from some years back I am sure you are familiar with their work. They found: we are not a democracy, we are, already, an oligarchy. And they found this so almost 10 years ago. That was already the fact on the ground.

    “10 years ago”! Why so far behind the fact.? I was not the first but I still have the text of a speech I prepared in October 2000 in which I said “America is a plutocracy tempered by Meritocracy, ……., and flavoured by the rhetoric of democracy”.

  125. Thim says:

    In the summer of 2019 what came to be known as Covid was spreading in America. The CDC instructed the doctors to just call it flu, which they did. There were six clusters of this mystery flu, one in Western Maryland near Fort Detrick. The other five were also close to bioweapons labs, such as the one at UC-Davis.

    As Summer was ending this mystery flu was continuing to spread. In mid September Trump’s handlers told him to blame it on vaping. I first read this in the Sep. 19 New York Times. “People have died” Trump bellowed. I would think Kadlec was in the middle of this. Almost certainly.

    This bit of misdirection was amateurish at best. Trump later said he shouldn’t have done it.

    The timeline for Covid is still wrong. Ordinary people know it was raging in mid 2019, but media personalities, even Rightists, never seem to get it.

    I had it the second week of January 2020, before we knew what it was. The first night I had given myself up for dead. My lungs felt like they were literally on fire. I couldn’t breathe, it was agony.

    I survived it, but my lungs always hurt, some more some less, over two years later.

    So I pause when I read that the outbreak began in March 2020. Off by more than half a year. It was March 2020 when Trump and Fauci launched their attack on American freedom and Democracy.

    So Bill Gates just did an interview promising us another pandemic. It will be a different pathogen, he said. Thanks Bill. What have your labs cooked up for us this time?

    You see, they don’t even bother to hide it. They tell us plainly they are doing it, and we are powerless to stop it. Or have been so far. Hopefully the Unz videos will help change that.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
    , @Ron Unz
  126. Mevashir says:
    @Peter Rabbit

    Fascinating lecture by a prominent forensic pathologist analyzing the JFK assassination and what he terms a complete cover-up by the Warren commission and falsification of medical records by the Bethesda naval hospital.

  127. Thim says:

    Why would the Barcelona findings negate the Military Games theory? It was around in 2019, yes. But how was it seeded to China, and why at Wuhan of all places, and why the outbreak a couple weeks after the Military Games? That’s where and when the attack on China occurred.

  128. WJ says:

    It would appear to me that the left and the media, seemingly one and the same, hate Trump with a red hot passion. I would think that if they could link Corona to Trump then we would be seeing it on every news outlet, non stop. There is the possibility that the whole media Trump derangement is fake also I suppose but it appears unlikely that there is some grand conspiracy to keep the Trump admin biowarfare attack on the world secret.

  129. @emerging majority

    Could not agree more Emerging Majority. Particularly the Zionistas that controlled the media black crime was an easy way to misdirect white anger from the Oligarchs de-industrialzation policies that wiped out many white communities. I certainly understand the emotional toll of violent random crime particularly in the Black Community. I see young black men being murdered at rates that seem almost genocidal by fellow blacks. This homicidal time bomb can only being explained by the cultural devastation of the carceral system that took these young men raised by poor single mothers at such a young age and recycled them thru a racialized prison system.

  130. Poco says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    As long as we eventually get to shoot both leftists and liberal fascists it is a win.

  131. @emerging majority

    Perhaps that is true. Scientific journals have certainly had their fair share of criticism. Deservedly so.

    But to me the choice is between the possibility of someone legitimately trying to do the scientific method and someone who is definitely not and prefers advocacy as a means of determining the truth.

    For what it is worth, these scientists have put their work out for peer review. Maybe someone else can replicate their work. Maybe someone will try and find their work can’t be replicated or maybe no one will ever even try.

    But at least they have attempted to use by the established means of the scientific method.

    That has not happened with any of the people who claim this was a bioweapon. If they think that this is a bioweapon, someone could have come up with some kind of proof that at least attempts to use the scientific method to prove it. These days there are many places on the net where one can publish. Jones and Harritt published their 9/11 test results of the WTC dust that way when they could not find any publication that would risk doing it.

    I spent my life in advocacy as a trial lawyer. It has lots of pitfalls. One pitfall is that it almost always avoids the scientific method. Advocacy almost always will not intentionally take the risk of proving someone else right. If someone is competent to replicate the experiment of these scientists and who believes this virus was a bioweapon, replicate the experiment and prove them wrong.

    Given the choice of scientists who attempted to use the scientific method and those who have clearly avoided the scientific method in favor of what is clearly advocacy, I still opt for the scientific method as my way of seeking the truth. You may prefer advocacy and that is your right.

  132. Ronnie says:

    I am waiting to here more about Major Joseph Murphy – I wonder did Ron read Murphy’s long document about the Chinese origin of covid and the NIH/DOD grants to the Wuhan institute – I read it and did not have the feeling that the document was fake. A group in the Congress have asked to interview him.

    • Agree: Sean
  133. @RNotR2

    Correct. And for those who are still calling us ‘ conspiracy theorists ‘, there is another ‘ hint ‘ regarding the plot : ‘ Secret Service Stand Down ‘…JFK…IF anyone watching that short video still claiming that there was no conspiracy to kill the President of the USA, he/she is either brain dead, either a psychopath/sociopath, or a presstitute !

  134. @Thim

    Where is the proof the CDC ordered doctors to call Covid the flu? And Covid was known to be in the US in January.

    Symptom Profiles of a Convenience Sample of Patients with COVID-19 – United States, January-April 2020

    • Replies: @SS-The Independent
  135. @Supply and Demand


    and “rightist” are terms of convenience. They are of dubious quality and reality: Corporate fascists funded the 2020 summer of love wherein the black lady “trained” Marxists and the mentally ill anti-fascists ran amok. Our civilization is at a precipice and the situation is blessedly uncomplicated: a choice between self-rule and rule by a psychotic and cruel elite.

    • Replies: @SS-The Independent
  136. Ron Unz,

    Massive Respect for you..

    You let anyone post anything here, even me.

    So I just thank you for allowing people like me, brought up and trained up to be a Roman Catholic Priest. maybe the equivalent kind of your “religious” guru..


    But I was standing there. and almost a lifetime later, My Wife “Nana” is still here with me, and our Son and Granchchildren

    She was just 17, and I saw her standing there

    Normal Family Life in England

    Still Here and still in Love

    I assume the vast majotity of Americans do much the same kind of Family thing as us English people in England..

    We like it here, and have no plans to travel to the USA, and you can keep your gas too.

    We like Russians.

    Most of the rest of you seem to be full of woke bullshit.

    I am not particularly impressed.

    Even my wife thinks you are all totally mad – especially BBC News.

    She tells me.

    The BBC are making it up.

    Fit Blondie type..You know what they are like..


  137. @Wizard of Oz

    What a fuckwit you truly are. I was referring to 500 years of Western Imperial aggression and pillage in the non-Western world, NOT the various nasstinesses they inflicted on each other. Are you REALLY that stupid?
    Ukraine, like Belarus was in the UN as a part of the Soviet Union, in order to give the USSR another vote in the General Assembly. They were NOT there as an independent State. More pig ignorance and imbecility, and backing the Banderite Nazis. You really are a peach!
    Yes Ukraine has been divided among its neighbours for centuries, and the division has mostly been along religious lines, and pathopsychological ones, as your Ukronazi friends are really into murder and torture. They CELEBRATE the genocide of Poles in Western Ukraine from 1943-4, EVERY year, and I’d bet you’d give your bottom dollar to be there with your friends ‘on the ground’, waving a fascist flag or a burning torch, wouldn’t you. I do admire your gall in denying the presence of neo-Nazis and fascists in Ukraine. That takes some chutzpah and not inconsiderable stupidity, Walter.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  138. @obwandiyag

    NONE of those qualify as ‘True Left’ in my definition. Chomsky, before going senile, was an anarcho-syndicalist ie a naive idealist, Amy Goodman-lib-fascist, Hedges, a BIG disappointment, Michael Moore, Alpha lib-fascist, Hartmann, long since insane with Trump Derangement Syndrome, and a figure of caricature, the Trots all rather obvious Zionists, Boynie, a TOTAL fraud, Avakian, who he?, Klein, a phony, Giroux, much given to verbiage, mother impregnated by a thesaurus, etc. ALL liberal-fascists of one type or another. Why do you think you know their names?

    • Replies: @Rumpelstiltskin
  139. @davidgmillsatty

    LOL…you want ‘ proof ‘, right ( and sent us, the ‘ non-believers ‘, to the Government sites ?! Few questions for you, from an independent ( ideological/political/etc. ) born in Eastern-Europe. Did you hear about ‘ Event 201 ‘ ( a ‘ drill ‘ about a pandemic ), right before the…’ pandemic ‘…?!…What about the fact that the flu/influenza almost vanished, since the ‘ pandemic ‘ came out on our lives ?!…Even the ( ‘ yours ‘ – because you cite them, but not mine, because it’s a parasitic institution living by/on Government, from tax payers money ) corrupted to the core CDC admitted later that 94% of those deceased of/with COVID-19 had at least two comorbidities. WHY someone would perform a ( fraudulent ) PCR ‘ test ‘ on somebody who died on a motorcycle/car accident ?! Or of terminal cancer ?!…OR…I can post all day long about…And you and people like you STILL not convinced that everything was/is a FRAUD, at the Planetary scale. Hope you got the jabs, in order to find out what’s really going on…“A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves”.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  140. @SunBakedSuburb

    ‘ Divide Et Impera – Divide and rule ‘…Left vs Right, Liberal vs Conservative, Black vs White, and so on…Nothing changed since Babylon, nothing…The ‘ money changers ‘ vs the People…Usury against labor…I have cast my ( useless ) vote for both ‘ Messiah ‘ ( first term for Messiah of the Left – Obama, and twice for Messiah of the Right, Trump ), and I am done… Mark Twain was right: “If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it. ” Yeah, man ‘ It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it ‘ – George Carlin. Or ‘ there is not a dime’s worth of difference ‘ between Republican and Democrat Parties. I came form Eastern-Europe ( one State-Party ) to USA ( two headed-one State Party ). For me and those like me, it’s morning…the ‘ dream ‘ was nothing, but a nightmare ( as Carlin said in his ‘ The Real Owners of America/The American Dream ‘ ).

    • Thanks: Sarah
  141. @SS-The Independent

    You hate the scientific method and prefer advocacy as the best method of seeking truth?

    What about, what about, what about? All advocacy. Typical for the internet.

    Where is the use of the scientific method to prove anything you have to say?

    The real problem here is that there are only a very few people in the world who are virologists and probably very few of them can even do the science that might answer the question one way or another.

    But everybody thinks they are an expert on everything now.

    I admit, I don’t know one way or another. But I am not trusting anybody in the government who has a bone to pick with our country or another country or anybody else who claims to be a scientist but wants to do advocacy instead of science.

    • Agree: lavoisier
  142. Ron Unz says:

    What of the Spanish researchers who found Covid traces in Barcelona wastewater in early 2019? Doesn’t that kind of puncture your World Military Games bioterror theory?

    I carefully analyzed all those studies alleging evidence of pre-Wuhan Covid in Europe and elsewhere and they’re obviously erroneous, due to false-positives or other lab errors. Just read that section of my long article, which I’d already previously cited upthread:

    • Thanks: Sarah
  143. Ron Unz says:

    My problem with such a case would be establishing that the virus was man made as opposed to naturally occurring. I have searched all of the scientific literature I can find on this and there are no publications that support it being a bioweapon. In fact here is a paper that states there was a progenitor virus that produced the Wuhan strain and was found in Europe and Asia.

    There’s actually strong perhaps even overwhelming evidence that rather than being natural Covid came from a lab. Whether or not you call it a bioweapon is merely a matter of semantics.

    Here are links to a couple of my articles that summarize the main articles and provide links. The seminal piece was the 11,000 word analysis by Nicholas Wade, the longtime Science Editor of the New York Times:

  144. @Petermx

    What’s the US gonna do? Try channeling Al Capone: what would he do? Tell Germany to buy US gas at twice the price. You’re either in our gang or you’re little people. We don’t want anything to get broken, do we?
    Ukraine? “Yats is our guy.”

  145. Ron Unz says:

    In the summer of 2019 what came to be known as Covid was spreading in America. The CDC instructed the doctors to just call it flu, which they did. There were six clusters of this mystery flu, one in Western Maryland near Fort Detrick. The other five were also close to bioweapons labs, such as the one at UC-Davis.

    No, that’s entirely incorrect. There’s absolutely ZERO evidence that Covid was present in the U.S. prior to the Wuhan outbreak, and the Ft. Detrick/Vaping theory is totally ridiculous, mostly promoted by mediocre pro-China propaganda-activists. Just read my detailed analysis of the issue:

  146. @Ultrafart the Brave

    Well, there’s always Tiktok: utterly incomprehensible! Popular! Ugly! Communicate with billions of people!

  147. @Carlton Meyer

    Secretly funded? How did you find out?

    • Replies: @Carlton Meyer
  148. @Supply and Demand

    Anglin isn’t anything. He is the internet’s biggest goofball if there ever was one.

  149. @Wizard of Oz

    Hey Wizard,

    Science often trails someone’s intuition – in this case, probably quite a few. For reference:

    From the abstract:

    Multivariate analysis indicates that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have little or no independent influence.

    IMHO – and I guess it is just my humble opinion – but IMHO – we have a lot lot lot lot more to gain collectively by:

    1. Agreeing – the oligarchy has taken over – that’s done, in the bag, the patient has oligarchic cancer and it’s stage 3 – it’s all-in chemo with this or we’re going to lose her – and from there whatever form it takes the oligarchy has its way and is having its way: economic inequality, woke, woke raised shamelessly in defense of economic inequality because yes, the oligarchy damn straight is going to have it both ways that’s their whole MO by God (

    2. And organize to end the oligarchy and its influence in our public life


    No Anglin, or blah blah blah et al ad in finitum articles about cabals and holocaust denial and hasbara and woke and gender and race and blah.

    Every last bit is designed to turn us against one another, sap our energy, destroy our ability to organize and resist : and, it, works!

    Everyone needs to get focused on one thing: get the oligarchs out, get us back to a responsive republican democracy.

    The Canadian truckers have shown us how this is done. They only did one thing wrong, and time will tell, they are definitely in a position to correct it. The right move that will cripple Trudeau’s government in Ottawa is at their fingertips. No “occupation” was necessary.

    And it’s at our fingertips too. Same way the oligarchs know how to keep us divided – they know this too – they know their weakness and our strength so they bet everything on keeping us fighting so we don’t even think about what will really work..

    • Agree: Rabbitnexus
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  150. Jim123 says:

    Ron’s research and doggedness is commendable.

    The lack of any specific information — on how this was actually, physically, transmitted, etc. –, since OldMicroBiologist put the idea in his head, circa spring 2020, is among the theory’s greatest weakness at this time. I would like to see some meet on that bone, after 22 months of theorizing it was Pompeo and Bolton, and they didn’t tell Trump, and it was a bio weapon. I believe this could have happened: I want more details on how. I have been searching myself for information since I read the OldMBio post on The Saker Blog. It is an intriguing theory. That answers a lot of questions.

    In addition, there is compelling information — also not seeing light of day — that this “virus” is essentially an EcoHealth/P.Dazack Live Bat Vaccine — that escaped, according to information from US Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisconsin. And the Spike protein in the bat vaccine, as in the covid MRNA “vaccines” are what is killing people, injuring people and creating havoc in women’s reproductive system.

    According Johnson’s information, a report from USMC Major Joseph Murphy, — he was involved at some level in the US intelligence agency’s “investigation” last year. . . . He claims information he has seen on the EcoHealth plan indicates the company sought to use aerosol spraying at bat caves in Wisconsin and California, to test and perfect the bat Vax, which was being manufactured at WIV.

    His concern, in Aug. 2021 letter: that with Biden and SecDef Austin wanting to mandate vaccinating the troops — he wanted military inspector general to know the shots — the spike protein: injures and maims and kills the elderly; and that the spike protein in the covid vax — via spike protein — would do great damage to the health of the men and women in the armed services, and wanted the vax mandated to be halted; it went ahead.

    I do not have adequate information to know one way or another if Murphy is more or less on point, and ditto Unz.

    They both add much needed information to this . . . this volcano of accountability that may erupt sooner or later.

    Murphy states: The purpose of the EcoHealth program. . . was to inoculate bats in the Yunnan, China caves. . . .The intent was to perform this task against humanized mice and then ‘batified’ mice. Instead, it was done with the world’s population. SARSr-CoV-WIV [sars cov-2]; vax is not meant to kill the bats, but to immunize them. This nature may explain its general harmlessness to most people, and its harmfulness to the old and comorbid, who are in general more susceptible to vaccine reactions.

    He claims the live bat vaccine “escaped” August 2019; and that this Dazak program was not “shut down” until April 2020. He said it was known that Ivermetin and the cholorquines were known cures. In fact, this has been known for years, related to SARS and COVs.

    Jennifer Van Laar writes at wrote about this, [[[So, according to Murphy, the US government identified ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and interferon as curatives for COVID-19 in April and May of 2020, yet pharmacists are still not filling prescriptions for them in January 2022? Why? Who made the decision to essentially sentence over 800,000 Americans to death?]]]

    Another point of great interest that has also not gotten needed explication is this anomaly, as it were:
    Prior to spring 2020, by and large, SARS CoV-2 — or what Murphy calls SARSr-CoV-WIV — Influenza Like Virus, ILI, was how the symptoms were being described.

    ILI data is collected by the CDC; this data includes the ILI out-patient visits and total out-patient visits as well.

    Comparing total outpatient visits:
    40 weeks, March to Dec 2021 = 73.4 million
    40 weeks, March to Dec 2018 = 39.6 million

    Difference = 33.8 million.

    In addition, this historical CDC data indicates:
    1] all visits plummeted March 2020 when pandemic declared — right when, supposedly, care would be most needed — this data I think is quite interesting, for many reasons on this fact.

    2] we may be in the longest “influenza season” in history, since July 2021 — since, from July 2021: ILI out-patient visits were in excess of most other years, during traditional flu season that is November through March, more or less.

    3] by March 20, 2021, 80million in USA had been vaxxed; and doctor visits increased to all time high, of more then 2 million per week by year’s end.

    According to an exchange during congressional hearing, March 11, 2020 —between Robert Ray Redfield Jr. a virologist and then-Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; and Rep. Harley Rouda, D-California, [that in part discussed testing for influenza; and the [[now we know for sure the criminally unreliable]] of test kits viz. COVID-19. . . this is excerpt from that exchange between the men:


    Their exchange as follows:
    Rouda: “without test kits, is it possible that those susceptible to influenza might have been mis-categorized as to what they actually had — quite possible that they actually had COVID-19?”

    Redfield: “The standard practice is the first thing you do is the first thing you do is test for influenza. So if they had influenza they would be positive for influenza.”

    Rouda: “But only if they were tested. So if they weren’t tested, we don’t know what they had.”

    Redfield: “Correct.”

    Rouda: “OK, so if somebody dies from influenza, are we doing post mortem testing to see if it was influenza or whether it was COVID-19?”

    Redfield: “There is a surveillance system of death from pneumonia the CDC has. It’s not in every city, every state, every hospital.”

    Rouda: “So, we could have people in the United States dying for what appears to be influenza when in fact it could be the Coronavirus, COVID-19.”

    Redfield: “Some cases have actually been diagnosed that way in the United States today.”

    It may be of interest to Unz to watch this video, as in addition to Redfield and that public menace Fauci, Mr. Moral Turpitude himself, Kadlec, took questions and made statements.

    Among them was this outright lie, as follows:
    Kadlec, “Finally, as we know, there is no vaccine to protect the force, there is no antiviral to treat the force.

    “The Department is working on several vaccine initiatives and antiviral treatment to protect and treat the force.

    “This is in collaboration with the interageny efforts. I’m grateful for the opportunity to provide further detail on our effort to contain and mitigate this outbreak.”

    Kadlec knew he was lying. . . he is well aware of a Virology Journal study, published 22 August 2005; and was posted on the NIH website.

    The research paper is titled “Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread ”


    Background: Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) is caused by a newly discovered coronavirus (SARS-CoV). No effective prophylactic or post-exposure therapy is currently available.

    Results: We report, however, that chloroquine has strong antiviral effects on SARS-CoV infection of primate cells. These inhibitory effects are observed when the cells are treated with the drug either before or after exposure to the virus, suggesting both prophylactic and therapeutic advantage. In addition to the well-known functions of chloroquine such as elevations of endosomal pH, the drug appears to interfere with terminal glycosylation of the cellular receptor, angiotensin-converting enzyme 2. This may negatively influence the virus-receptor binding and abrogate the infection, with further ramifications by the elevation of vesicular pH, resulting in the inhibition of infection and spread of SARS CoV at clinically admissible concentrations.

    Conclusion: Chloroquine is effective in preventing the spread of SARS CoV in cell culture. Favorable inhibition of virus spread was observed when the cells were either treated with chloroquine prior to or after SARS CoV infection. In addition, the indirect immunofluorescence assay described herein represents a simple and rapid method for screening SARS-CoV antiviral compounds.”

    “Postinfection chloroquine treatment is effective in preventing the spread of SARS-CoV infection” the paper says.

    Kadlec. . . . “as we know, there is no vaccine to protect the force, there is no antiviral to treat” SARS-CoV2.

    Assuming the UNZ theory on Kadlec is on point. . . . what does the above say?

    Was he smack dab in the middle of using the virus as US bio weapon, including against Iran? /And/or: denying a known and reliable prophylactic to the entire citizenry of United States of America? Why would he do that? Kadlec is pushing vaccines March 11 2020, while knowing full well the chloroquines are safe and effective.

    Dr. Meryl Nass, MD, has an excellent recent essay on this, at

    Her medical license to practice in Maine was yanked by the beasts calling themselves MDs that sit on that state’s licensing board — their reason? She was prescribing Ivermectin and Hydroxychlorquine.

    The criminals and criminally insane are still running the show. Justin Trudeau among their most useful of idiots as is Biden, as was Trump.


  151. Sean says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Ukraine … Western regions infested with Nazis.

    You make that sound like a bad thing

    The greatest Quisling in history, the drunkard bum, Yeltsin, in breaking the Soviet Union up to suit his US Masters, set the clock ticking for thermonuclear war.

    Nuclear weapon are used on those who do not have any of there own, and then another one just because you can, a la the two US nuking of cities in Japan. Wars cannot be fought by a thermonuclear power against another thermonuclear power, and Russian nukes are essentially comparable to America’s Yelstin was a Quisling? He appointed Putin as his successor, much to the horror of the Americans. The real V. Quisling was married to a Ukrainian woman of course. And he “advocated the Dnieper River as a general division-line between Western Europe (“Germania”) and Russia. This would necessitate the division of Ukraine, but he argued that this “could be defended from geographical and historical perspectives”. On the other hand conquering all of Ukraine will give Russia control of a quarter of world wheat production. The price of food as well as everything else is going to skyrocket in the West once they sanction Russia. Under Trump the sanctions on a Putin associate’s aluminum business led to such a rapid rise in price for for everything from coke cans to cars that the sanctions had to be rescinded.

  152. @James1488

    Think about it, James. If the Russian military are NEAR the border, that means they are inside Russia. Not much harm in that. China’s military too: dotted around China, with some of them NEAR the border. Now, James, where are the USer militants?

    • Replies: @James1488
  153. I believe that if and when Americans and other Westerners begin to digest the reality that the massive deaths and disruption of the global Covid outbreak were very likely the result of a biowarfare attack by rogue elements of our own Deep State, the American ruling political regime will probably fall.

    A political regime that has produced a country with the world’s largest population of brainwashed and ignorant citizenry is unlikely to bring down its own ruling elite. Mr. Unz is lending a touch of optimism to his own hype. No doubt he has come up with a gripping narrative on the subject of biological warfare, but to claim that narrative would bring about the fall of a country that has perfected the science and art of regime change is as unrealistic as it is out of touch with reality.

    I think that if the Rumble video or any of these interviews become sufficiently viral, the world may change in dramatic ways.

    This follows from the preceding bit of optimism where Ron Unz is now unwittingly conferring on himself a sense of exaggerated self importance in making a daring prophecy, no matter how tampered, about his pet narrative being a game changer and on a global scale at that. Face it, this just won’t happen, Mr. Unz. The world has been kept on tenterhooks by the world’s leading rogue and criminal nation long before Covid, in fact during most of the post-WWII era. And there are no signs that this will change any time soon.

    • Agree: Spect3r
  154. alan2102 says:

    “They [leftists] see themselves as the enlightened vanguard and see their enemies as reactionary and deplorable. This is the essence of leftism.”

    Socialists see fascists and oligarchs as reactionary and deplorable, true. And they ARE reactionary and deplorable. But certainly the common people, the proles, the workers and peasants, are not deplorable. They may at times have reactionary views, but that is understandable. Those views were baked-in over decades or lifetimes of propaganda and lies. It is not the fault of the common people and the workers that they have internalized some of that crap over time.

    Authentic socialists and socialist leaders are unanimous on this point. That includes Lenin, Marx, Mao, all of them.

    “You are confused because you think that economic class struggle defines leftism, and therein lies your error.”

    No, you are the one who is confused. Economic class struggle DOES define leftism and socialism. It is the primary thing that defines it. It does not define the shallow woke-ist and idpol-obsessed bullshit that passes now for a “left”, and that you seem to be taking as “left”. That BS is a corruption.

    The corruption has been deliberately fostered. The fascists and oligarchs have adopted left-ISH language and symbolic accouterments — which in a way is a brilliant move. But it should be needless to say that it is fake. The epitome of the fake-ness represented well by the image of rainbow decals on cruise missiles, or by an LGBTQ-friendly CIA and Raytheon. It is as though Satan himself had taken up a cross and Christian regalia.

    Anyone who buys-in to this cynically cultivated “left” simulacra has been brainwashed in a most pathetic way.

    • Replies: @Levtraro
  155. @Mr Mojo Risin'

    blacks commit crimes at an exponentially alarming rate and often target whites and other ethnic groups. However they kill more blacks exponentially than any other race.

    Imagine a young Asian woman thinking of going on a homestay to polish her English skills. Your first sentence is essential information for her. Your second sentence is entirely irrelevant, both to her and to your first sentence.
    She exists, and is going to Melbourne, Australia.

    • Thanks: Sarah
  156. @davidgmillsatty

    Like atoms, nanoparticles were discovered, not invented.

  157. @SimplePseudonymicHandle

    Good luck! I tend to mumble complacently in Australia that,so far, our electoral system, our high minimum wage and affordable health care and no-cheap-labour immigration policy with no overwhelmingly powerful Israel lobby but good sized Chinese and Indian origin communities who will help preserve capitalism should see us through at least till China stops buying out iron ore. Having oligarchs/rich donors who benefit from cheap labour is part of your problem I realise.

    • Thanks: JackOH
  158. Al Liguori says: • Website


    Your interview on Geopolitics And Empire prompts me to pen some comments.

    The Unz Review was my first lead to a June 2019 (!!!) cluster of nursing home COVID-like deaths near Ft. Detrick, but you did not mention that among your other circumstantial evidence of a US-developed bioweapon and subsequent blowback (a premise with which I agree):

    Presumably because you already take enough heat for your criticism of Israel, you also did not touch upon two leads towards Israeli development of genetically-specific bioweapons:
    in 1998 (original in the London Sunday Times disappeared, only secondary sources remain) and
    in 2000, PNAC

    It becomes an even higher level of speculation to consider that a cabal of a few high-level rogue “Americans” might just be of the same politico-religious persuasion that has lobbied/engineered the USA’s entry into two world wars and is now ginning up a third world war:

    With that, I segue to answer your interviewer’s question of “What’s next?” If I may be so bold, here’s a clue, both “what” and “why”:

    Good work and thanks for this site!

    Am I remembering correctly that on passage of California’s Roberti-Roos Assault Weapon Ban, you called it “the ultimate triumph of symbolism over substance”? Apt indeed.

  159. @Ron Unz

    Best evidence that Pompeo and Bolton got it right in the end

    I’m listening to the “Does Omicron spell the end of Covid-zero in China?” episode from “Science Friction” , presented by Natasha Mitchell – Available now through the ABC listen App –

    That ‘s what they played to their 8 guests at the Cosmos Club a couple of nights ago – just before they asked people to raise a glass “To Omicron”.

    An interesting fact from the broadcast was Chinese concern that one Omicron sufferer had caught the bug from a parcel from Canada. It probably wasn’t the vector but it does enliven the imagination about how biowarfare might be waged, especially if minor impairments of the economy were the modest objective.

  160. @anonymous

    I quite agree with your general thesis that covid is a jew operation.

    But I don’t believe “Israel was of course the most aggressive in vaccination.”

    I think this is propaganda.

  161. W says:
    @Ultrafart the Brave

    It’s interesting that other free-speech news platforms like StewPeters.TV are emphatic in their belief that the entire Corona Chan saga is a Chinese attempt to destroy the Western world and ultimately invade and annex North America. Stew Peters characterises the Corona Chan genocide currently rolling out across the USA as a “Communist” plot, whereas the structure of the entire scheme is patently Fascist.

    Sounds like StewPeters.TV is deliberately spewing out propaganda. He could be a fox News nut, but the annexation North America nonsense seem stupid even for them.

    The China China China stuff is a distraction anyway, at the top China, Russia, and The US are controlled by the same forces.

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  162. W says:
    @A little boy in the crowd

    Regressives, the people you’re referring to are called regressives.

  163. @Ron Unz

    What are your thoughts on this?


    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  164. Levtraro says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Your response did not adddress my point, unfortunately.

    The Left is defined by a desire to change the world to liberate some kind of oppressed people. Traditionally it has been economic class struggle. But now, after losing the economic class struggle, the Left has turned to the defense of immigrants and sexual deviants, and a good part of the Left has also turned to the defense of non-human oppressed things and organisms, like pet animals, savage animals, plants, the Environment.

    The Left has abandoned economic struggle and has diversified its portfolio finding other oppressed peoples, organisms and things, to liberate from oppression. Surely some Left remains economic-class-struggle-oriented but they are vestigial, at least in the developed world.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  165. Mike-SMO says:


    Looks like you dropped a cherry bomb in someone’s outhouse.

    May Aspirin and ant-acids bring you relief. Thank you for the forum.

  166. Levtraro says:
    @Commentator Mike

    I was incomplete in my definition of the Left: it is the political ideology that seeks to change the world

    by liberating some oppressed people, animals or things

    . Fascists and Nazis were opposite because they wanted to change the world by oppressing more people, actually enslaving and exterminating other people. The extreme Left was inclusive in their business of changing the world while the extreme right was exclusive in their business of changing the world.

    As far as reaching high positions in the State, it seems to me that identity politics and sexual deviancy are now major policies of the Pentagon, CIA, FBI, corporations.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  167. joelc says:

    “But the careful analysis I have presented has been entirely in written form, greatly restricting its potential audience in our post-literate culture, and others have recently persuaded me that videos and podcasts were a much more effective means of distributing my crucial information.”

    Quite right, we live in a very weird era where your image is so crucial, because to be heard you cannot be some quiet and reserved individual who go through a lot of information and consideration to write a meaningful text. That’s not going to get you far. As the futurists will tell you anyway, triumphant, very soon most of what you read as “news” will be something that came out of an AI.

    Who now can be a respected influential author without having to continually be put infront of a camera to share those opinions in a different format… and if you are not good at this, then you won’t be influential like the guy who have a nice smile and a deep voice.

  168. James1488 says:
    @Badger Down

    I wonder how Putin would react if China amassed half a million soldiers near Russia’s border.

  169. JackOH says:

    Well, FWIW, color me increasingly gobsmacked by the idea that Ron’s theory may be true. I’m not on board; I’m not not on board. This has to somehow make its way into mainstream debate.

    We live in an America where, for example, Bush 43 invaded Iraq on his say-so, and I’m not seeing any war crimes tribunals for him, or for LBJ before him, or for any number of other of America’s miscreant institutions and individuals.

    So, I’m not sanguine about the possibility of justice, if, indeed, Ron’s theory is correct and perpetrators of this horrific act can be identified. I’m feeling really crappy about that.

    • Replies: @h74betatester
  170. Rose says:

    Yes, ABC News reported the virus may have been spreading since November, here’s another report and video.


    According to a report by Radio Free Asia, Elodie Clouvel, the world champion of the French women’s modern pentathlon, recently said in an interview with local media that she and her boyfriend Valentin Belaud went to Wuhan to participate in the World Military Games in October 2019, and that she and many athletes from the French delegation fell ill during the games and that the symptoms were similar to those from the flu. She added that many of the athletes participating in the competitions became very ill.

    Former Italian Olympic fencing champion Matteo Tagliariol who also participated in the Wuhan Military Games said that he and 4 players staying in the same room felt symptoms similar to the Wuhan pneumonia. They returned home a week later with a high fever and breathing difficulties.

    The Swedish delegation also counted multiple cases including swimmer Raphael Stacchiotti. Government epidemiologists said it was likely that the virus had spread in Scandinavia during the month of November. (2019).

    For his part, Luxembourg swimmer Julien Henx said that two people in the same group fell ill during the competition.

    More than 10,000 athletes from all over the world participated in the competitions, the U.S. Delegation sent 17 teams with over 280 athletes and staff.

    Stunningly, they finished 35th.

    House of Representatives, Congress of the United States

    Athletes reveal they fell ill duringt the Wuhan World Military Games

    Coronavirus may have been spreading since Wuhan Military Games in October

    Did the Military World Games Spread COVID-19?

    China’s coronavirus: A shocking update. Did the virus originate in the US?

    Japanese TV report sparks speculations in China that COVID-19 may have originated in US

  171. Levtraro says:

    I wish you success in returning the Left of the West to the internal economic class struggle focus. At least when they were concerned with that they got tangible results, helped bring about more socio-economic harmony.

  172. Clyde says:
    @A little boy in the crowd

    The real commies of old of Russia and China really racked up their body counts. Into the tens of millions of their co-ethnics, people just like them, is who they murdered off. I hope their victims turned into proper worm food for the vegetation to thrive above. But at 6ft under this is unlikely.

    Anyways, these psycho-killers of old (1920s to early 1970s with Mao’s Red Guards) were more genuine than today’s woke lefty pukes. These woke stupid conformists disgust me. They serve as mega-phones for Bezos, Gates, Fauci/Pharma\$\$ etc. and don’t get paid for this. Though some do. You see them commenting on MSNBC and the like. Many who were in black studies at universities… We joked about them at the time. But the joke is on us, as they fill diversity Mandarin slots in public universities. Welfare by another name, getting paid\$\$\$ by the state’s white and Asian taxpayers just the same.

  173. @mulga mumblebrain

    Thanks, Mulga. That fact needs to be repeated ad infinitum.

  174. @Levtraro

    Your second sentence, defining the Left, seems to be a good place to start for my inquiry since I believe you have succinctly stated something true enough.

    Many years ago I read some of Hans Eysenk’s work associating personality types with political orientation. I would be very interested in a good up to date reading list on that subject and closely related studies, if any, of the relation of intellectual style, or just IQ, with personal Weltanschung.

    Of course I wouldn’t expect to find it was all about genetic inheritance because I can easily see how someone who had disciplined himself to run a successful medium sized business in a no nonsense way might very well dismiss my careful nuanced moderation as a lot of hot air he didn’t have time for.

  175. @Johnny Smoggins

    Ron Unz should be President. But thank God, he’s got more sense.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  176. @WorkingClass

    In a very imperfect world I am sure you could make a case that, while the world was still Malthusian and therefore warlike and prone to imperialism and colonial migrations, those oppressed by British – and indeed French – imperialism of the Enlighenment era beginning in the 18th century were lucky compared with what might have been. My estimate is that the Brits who abolished the slave trade in 1806 probably gave those they oppressed about a two or three generation start towards civilised modernity compared with alternatives like the Xing dynasty with slaves, eunuchs and concubines. Yes, I hear you ask, but what about Ireland and why is India now behind China in many ways that matter……?

    • Replies: @acementhead
  177. lysias says:
    @Ron Unz

    Important information about connections between AIDS and covid in this thread: https://igor .

  178. @Ashley J Williams

    I hesitate to add to Ron’s frustrations and irritations as he so clearly fails to fit acceptance for his rogue elements biowarfare thesis even on UR threads so I invite you to provide answers to salient questions since you implicitly agree with Ron that Americans and Westerners are quite likely “to digest the reality…..etc” [note that the “reality” to be digested is that some thing evil is “probable”]. Well, how do you think that is going to happen? How will we know it has happened – especially if, after digestion, nature takes its usual course with what we digest?

    Then what will the fall of the American political regime look like? Who will go? How will it happen? Wouldn’t America’s billionaire oligarchs simply insist on the rogue elements being severely slapped over the wrist and made to share a cell with Ghislaine? Or something equally diversionary?

  179. @whereAreTheBones

    The only reason to read Anglin is for comic relief. He does write the funniest articles on TUR. It’s crazy to include him in the same sentence as a major intellect like Run Unz.

  180. @JackOH

    The answer is simpler than that. How can you have TWO groups in a population with statistically different results? Have you heard of a CEO, politician, judge, actor and/or musician that died from C19 compared to the general population (genpop)? If there are 1M elites in the USA and we’ve had 800000 C19 deaths in the genpop group, that would imply, at least, 40000 of our elites are dead. The mathematics of this crisis (and/or conspiracy theories) make this result an impossibility. IF YOU WANT to get to the actual number of dead the best way to get there is to PUBLISH a daily death count of elites versus genpop. Watch as the numbers begin to converge and the ‘crisis’ comes to an end.

  181. @Dave Bowman

    Ron Unz should be President.

    Oh no, we’d have to listen to Castro length speeches, judging by the verbosity of his American Pravda articles.

  182. @Wizard of Oz

    Be worried about antifa, not “our electoral system” and how money buys our politicians
    Be worried about BLM, not the lack of a “high minimum wage”
    Be worried about your fellow citizens who we assure you through all MSM is a neo-nazi white supremacist, or one waiting to hatch, do not worry about “affordable health care”
    Be worried about too many illegal immigrants, or the white nationalists who want to oppress them, not “no-cheap-labour immigration policy” or the fact that China is making headway on Belt-and-Road, with Argentina
    Minority? Be worried about anti-racism, do not worry about good schools, secure homes and safe neighborhoods where your children can grow and thrive

    Do not – don’t even dare you plebe, don’t you so much as dare think about where printed money goes after it’s born.

    There are issues for you, and issues for us. Stay in your lane.

    Holocaust denial, that’s a goood little plebe.
    March and demand masks and vaccines, goood little plebe.

    So, yeah – good luck indeed we’ll need it, and more than that.

    That said – the Canadian truckers are just one baby step from showing the world how to bring the Trudeau administration to its knees. I wish I knew if they know it. From the talk and press, they don’t.

  183. @Levtraro

    Call them “leftists” or “rightists” most of us here can agree that we don’t like them or want them. Not worth fighting over definitions although I’ll stand by my dictionary.

  184. @mulga mumblebrain

    NONE of those qualify as ‘True Left’ in my definition.

    What is your definition?

    Who does qualify? Historical examples are nice, but some contemporaries also, please.

    When I still considered myself to be on the ‘Left’, 15+ years ago, it was because I was against wars of aggression & corporatocracy, and for environmental conservation, and I thought the ‘Left’ stood for those things. I had figured out by 1998 that the Democrat party was crap, but I thought they just didn’t represent ‘True Left’. Took me another decade to dump any leaning to identify as ‘Left’ (or ‘Right’).

    At this point I’m skeptical that the Left/Right labels are of any utility, at least in the way they are applied. At this point they only make sense to me to describe people caught up in one side or the other of the manipulative Hegelian dialectic framed by TPTsnB.

    I find it more useful to think in terms of a spectrum ranging from respect for the individual to total collectivism, and decentralization versus centralization of power.

  185. @Johnny Rico

    Secretly funded? How did you find out?

  186. lavoisier says:
    @Ron Unz

    The seminal piece was the 11,000 word analysis by Nicholas Wade, the longtime Science Editor of the New York Times:

    Seminal pieces to my mind were articles published in Nature before the pandemic warning of the dangers of weaponizing Coronaviruses.

    These articles were published, I think, in 2017.

  187. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    The notion that China brilliantly stamped out Covid is idiotic. Even if the initial brutal lockdown in Wuhan had been totally effective, China would still have had 1.4 billion people susceptible to the highly infectious virus, which has been arriving continually throughout China as tens, and probably hundreds, of thousands of people arrive daily on airline flights from all over the world.

    Hong Kong is currently experiencing a massive wave of infections, and no doubt the same has occurred or is occurring throughout China.

  188. @Ron Unz

    Those are not peer reviewed articles Ron. They do not follow the scientific method. They are nothing more than advocacy.

    The scientific method requires you to run a test get a result and replicate it. If you want to refute a test result under the scientific method, you must reproduce the test and run the risk of getting a result that you don’t like. It is easy to pick on someone’s result without running the risk of replication and proving the test result was correct. You obviously have an impressive scientific background. But sometimes even the best and well intentioned scientists get wrapped up in advocacy and want to replace the scientific method with advocacy.

    I was a trial lawyer for 35 years and my field was personal injury. I know advocacy when I see it. I also have a much better background in science and medicine than most other personal injury lawyers. My father was a professor of biochemistry who taught medical school and graduate school for forty years. He schooled me in the difference between advocacy and the scientific method. I saw time and time again lawyers refusing to hire an expert for fear their expert would agree with mine. That is advocacy, not the scientific method. Any time you avoid replicating a scientific test result, for whatever reason, and you resort to criticizing the result for any other reason, that is advocacy. It is a huge red flag.

    As I pointed out, this is entirely different from what Jones and Harritt did when they tested the WTC dust. And they published their test results online at Bentham for all the world to peer review and no one has come close to refuting their work. Even those who claim to have replicated it have intentionally not exactly replicated what they did in order to come up with a different result.

    You have no basis to say that these articles show it was more likely a lab leak. They don’t show that at all. The first article says there was a progenitor to the strain that was found in Wuhan. You can’t just conclude that the progenitor was a lab leak. They don’t even know where the progenitor’s origin was. We really have no idea where the index case was if there was a progenitor to the Wuhan strain. When we thought Wuhan was the original strain, it seemed like the index case might have been close to there. But a progenitor changes that paradigm.

    And the problem is compounded by the fact that Omicron seems to have mutated naturally in mice. That a significant strain that was highly mutated from the others was zoonotic tends to suggest the original strain was as well.

    My brother is a PhD in biophysics and spent his entire career in university labs doing microbiology and biochemistry. I asked him early on, if he thought we would ever know where Covid came from, and his answer was probably not. That was long before the paper on this unknown progenitor.

    Regarding the issue of bioweapon vs. lab leak. I always thought the bioweapon claim was silly. Why would you make a bioweapon you could not control when mutations in viruses are well understood by scientists. The lab leak argument was at least plausible, but there is a huge difference between what is possible, and what is probable as you well know. And to win a case in court you have to prove what is probable not possible.

    My original response was to a lawyer and I don’t think he has responded yet. But to get expert evidence admitted in trial you usually must prove there is peer reviewed literature to support the expert’s opinion regarding something that is scientifically novel. I am curious to see what he thinks about that, since I have been retired for ten years and really don’t know if there has been any significant change regarding the requirement to have peer-reviewed literature to support an expert opinion in scientifically novel cases. The New York Times article won’t qualify as being peer reviewed.

    By the way, I very much appreciate the exchange and a website that encourages this kind of dialogue. It is why I come here.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
    , @skrik
  189. @Anon

    They absolutely love gematria and symbols to predict the future; which reaffirms their black magic and godly powers. However, in the case of the pangolins, it was, pardon the mixed metaphors, a red herring or wild goose chase (i.e., false narrative and distraction).

    Note the pangolin on the front cover of the Economist Magazine for the year 2019. (lower left hand corner).

    The COVID-19 “pandemic” of 2020 was symbolically predicted in the Economist Magazine front cover for the year 2015, which I’ve already commented on several months ago. Recently, a few days ago, I did a decode on why they chose March 11, 2020 to officially declare their “pandemic”.

    Guess what, it’s all connected to 9/11, another Jewish false flag and false narrative by the numbers.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @emerging majority
  190. @American Citizen

    Not sure who specifically the left are. I consider my self socialist and read Unz Review eagerly. So much stupidity from those who consider themselves the bastion of moral rectitude.

  191. JamesinNM says:

    No one will escape God’s righteous judgement. The truth will be shouted from the rooftops, and all evil will suffer the second death and burn for eternity. Life is a mere breath, but eternity is endless. We have a free will. Choose wisely because your eternal destiny depends on your choice.

  192. Ron Unz says:

    Those are not peer reviewed articles Ron. They do not follow the scientific method. They are nothing more than advocacy…The scientific method requires you to run a test get a result and replicate it…My brother is a PhD in biophysics and spent his entire career in university labs doing microbiology and biochemistry. I asked him early on, if he thought we would ever know where Covid came from, and his answer was probably not.

    Obviously, your brother is correct and barring guilty eyewitness testimony, there’s no absolute way to determine whether or not Covid came from a lab. However, the circumstantial evidence emphasized by numerous expert microbiologists and virologists regarding its genetic structure, very unusual features, and lack of any discovered animal host seems quite strong to most of them, as well as highly experienced science journalists such as Wade. I find it convincing myself.

    I strongly suggest that you consider reading the long Wade article if you have not already done so, or perhaps even the excellent Chan/Ridley book that I reviewed here:

    All of these individuals would certainly be regarded as expert witnesses in a court of law, and arguments they present certainly seems like it would probably sway a judge or jury based upon the preponderance of evidence.

  193. Ron Unz says:

    What are your thoughts on this?

    Nothing other than it seems extremely suspicious to me…

  194. @Wizard of Oz

    “…why is India now behind China in many ways that matter……?

    How could it not be? India has religion and therefore has much worse nutrition than China. Most probably a huge amount of B12 deficiency. This causes irreversible brain damage. So India has about 23 IQ point lower average IQ than China. That’s 1.5 SD which is huge.

    • Thanks: Wizard of Oz
  195. Anon[336] • Disclaimer says:

    Guess what, it’s all connected to 9/11, another Jewish false flag and false narrative by the numbers.

    Thanks, and while not as highbrow as The Economist, I’ve been wondering about this bit of predictive programming from 2004 with the song ‘Everyone Has [V]AIDS’ from Team America (1 Minute):

    • Replies: @Maowasayali
  196. @Wolfhound

    Do not forget syphoning of SSA and retirement funds money abroad. If they can orchestrate such defunding of the government and peoples money what makes you think that they are not willing to kill all those who they owe the money to.

    • Replies: @grettir
  197. @Anon

    Thanks for the video. Everything is predictive programming!

    According to Forbes and NY Post, COVID-19 vaccines “could increase the risk of acquiring HIV.”


    Cf. Researchers Warn Some Covid-19 Vaccines Could Increase Risk Of HIV Infection by Robert Hart, published by Forbes (Oct 20, 2020.) 

    If true, then my claim that the real bioweapon is in the fake vaccines isn’t a crazy conspiracy anymore. 

    Are you old enough to remember when the “Magic Negro” appropriately named “Magic Johnson” declared to the world that he had to prematurely retire from the NBA because he caught the “HIV virus”? He made the point that he was healthy and his wife was healthy; rather strange if the HIV “virus” was really deadly. He also stated in the 1991 Press Conference that he did not have the “Aids disease”– a rather fine if not confusing distinction. But at the time no one questioned it.

    Johnson is still alive and healthy–it is highly doubtful he ever had the HIV “virus”–but he was a good ‘house negro’ and did what he was told to do and say by his White Massa. He is now shamelessly pushing the COVID-19 “virus” hoax and urging all NBA players to get vaccinated. That’s how much he cares about his fellow blacks. Johnson in particular and professional sports in general has been a very useful and deadly tool of the Jewish Oligarchs.

    • Replies: @Anon
  198. JackOH says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Having oligarchs/rich donors who benefit from cheap labour is part of your problem I realise.

    Wiz, are you accepting compliments? That sentence above is in my informal comment of the month collection. Shines a laser light on the brutish dark side of American “exceptionalism”. Cheap labor for oligarchs is more important than the “common good” or “general welfare”. (Yeah, plenty of exceptions, of course, and the stretch from 1945 to the 1970s brought extraordinary prosperity to many ordinary Americans.)

    Come to think of it, I like the whole of your comment. Hat’s off, sir.

    • Thanks: Wizard of Oz
  199. @Levtraro

    “lost … in the economic realm…”

    The problem with that view is that all of the trends which are relevant here emerged precisely as the postwar economic boom ended and gave way to stagflation. For the quarter-century after WWII, Republicans like Dwight Eisenhower readily accepted high taxes on the rich. In the 1970s the world saw a renewed verification of the two principal themes which had hammered on by Karl Marx: overproduction and declining rate of profit. In 1945 there had been a huge demand for US industry all around the world. At the same time, the rebuilding of new industries in Germany and Japan meant that modern techniques of production were introduced in a dramatic way. The result was a huge growth in industrial output created with astounding efficiency. The predictions of Marx had always been that such patterns dig the grave of capitalism. That sounded absurd until 1970, but around 1971 people could see how it was plausible.

    It’s true that the stagflation crisis was not the precursor of some imminent collapse of capitalism. Since the mid-19th century, it had been common for not just Marx and Trotsky but also Gobineau and Spengler to envision imminent crises resulting in a stark collapse. That proved to be an overestimation of the pace at which things develop. But there was no objective reason for anyone in 1971 to see the objective reality as a refutation of the main theoretical points made by classical Leftism. Rather, stagflation reaffirmed a lot of old Leftist observations.

    But it was precisely at this time that one began to see two well-funded trends emerge that might be identified with the names Koch and Soros. One pushed the idea of economic libertarianism, the other pushed for social justice on non-economic issues. That can’t be taken seriously just a natural response to the postwar boom which was ending at that very same time. It was contrived politics.

  200. @mulga mumblebrain

    You’re falling into the “No-True Scotsman” fallacy, Mulga. Yes there are folks who are referred to as leftists who oppose Globo-Pedo, but they are few in number and shoved aside by those who run the ‘operation’ (scam), just as there are those who are referred to as rightists who are likewise marginalized by the gatekeepers who work for …. guess who?

    You see the same thing in US politics and in the politics of every western country. In the USSA, it’s the D-jerseys (Globetrotters) versus the R-jerseys (Washington Generals). What the idiocracy watching the farce fails to notice is that the game is a show whose outcome is already known. The only difference between the actual Globetrotters vs. Generals and the political versions is that only little kids think the game is a real game. The dupes who pay taxes and vote are the ones who think R-jerseys and D-jerseys play for real. The actual winners are always the same – the overlords who run the Globo-Pedo world racket.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  201. Lysias says:

    Not just SSA and retirement funds, also Medicare.

  202. @Maowasayali

    Guess who owns “The Economist”? Hint: It is the largest and most successful Crime Clan on the planet and began their major rise to power by finagling control over the Bank of England in 1815 by a bit of bait and switch when they were the first to know that Wellington had defeated Napoleon in the Battle of Waterloo. Perhaps the least known prize amongst their many financial holdings is the International Bank of Settlements in Zurich, Switzerland. That institution may well be where they stash the mega-tons of gold they have filched over the past couple centuries.

    • Agree: Maowasayali
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  203. Anon[336] • Disclaimer says:

    Are you old enough to remember when the “Magic Negro” appropriately named “Magic Johnson” declared to the world that he had to prematurely retire from the NBA because he caught the “HIV virus”?

    I’m an X’er, but still old enough to remember Majik the Promiscuous Sportsball Negro, the whole AIDS ‘crisis’, as well as understand your interesting parallel of the Iran Hostage Crisis vs. Co-Vaids.

    I can’t remember where I heard the phrase, but in god only knows what podcast to which I listened, the host blurted-out, ‘We’re all trapped living in a Jew psychodrama.’.

    It really is true – but being a retarded matriarchy of generally violent inbred unpleasant looking trolls such as they are, it can’t help but to be exactly that.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  204. The “biowarfare” story about Covid is a very complex piece of disinformation. You don’t need a bioweapon if you can create an information weapon. All this discussion about Wuhan lab leaks and military games reinforces the lie that Corona exists. Same thing with the phony outbreak in 2003: it functioned exactly like the 1993 World Trade Center attack – predictive programming to set up a false narrative that dangerous new pathogenic coronaviruses are a thing. They are not.


    Everyone falling into the biowarfare cul-de-sac fails at basic science. You need to walk through the original papers claiming to isolate a new virus and prove that it is pathogenic – keeping in mind that scientific journals themselves can be vehicles of propaganda. When you do so, the basic research is insufficient to prove that this thing exists. What we have is a testdemic that reclassifies existing old persons’s opportunistic pneumonia. Global intelligence agencies are working together on this lie – and it is basically the same deception as the HIV hoax. We have a series of fake diseases, and once you figure out the propaganda around them, you can apply it to Corona (these would be Ebola 75, Legionnaire’s, Swine Flu 76, AIDS, West Nile, SARS1, Bird Flu, Swine Flu 11, MERS, Ebola 14, Zika) none of these exist, unlike the Dengue or Hookworm outbreaks we’ve had in the past 5 years and nobody talks about.

    I don’t understand why Ron Unz, who is quick to state he is not a biologist and therefore was cautious in reviewing the Duesberg hypothesis is so quick to become an assured expert on the corona/biowarfare lie – which also can be examined by going to the basic research.

    Video Link

    • Agree: Maowasayali
  205. @Anon

    Definition of ‘promiscuous’-someone getting more than the accuser.

    • Replies: @Anon
  206. @Exalted Cyclops

    Oh, I agree, but I suspect that there are more true ‘Leftists’ opposed to the omnicidal system that the Bosses’ indoctrination and Thought Control systems assert, that they are growing in number, and, if there was to ever be a real ‘free’ exchange of opinion and ideas, their number would swell even more. I believe this pleasant faery story because the alternative, realist, view of the human predicament leads inexorably to the belief that humanity has reached its pre-ordained destiny of self-destruction.

  207. 7. In early January 2020, America assassinated Iran’s top military leader, with the retaliatory Iranian missile strike nearly leading to war.

    I don’t see how the US murder of General Soleimani can possibly be described as “retaliatory”. Words have meanings and retaliatory assassination does not mean unprovoked murder. Murder from the air is still murder. If Iran had murdered General Gerbil(even though he was no longer in the military) perhaps it could be considered retaliation. But as far as I’m aware Iran has not murdered any US Generals, serving or not. Am I wrong on this?

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  208. @W

    Sounds like StewPeters.TV is deliberately spewing out propaganda.

    IMO it’s not deliberate, their views are constrained by the Cold War brainwashing which has continued since the Berlin Wall fell back in the 1990’s – ie, anything which threatens the USA, anything which is “bad”, is “Communist”.

    They can see the bads things that are happening up close, but lack the sophistication to piece together the larger picture and the position of the USA within that. The USA has been Fascist for so long, so dominated by big corporations and big money interests, that they apparently can’t comprehend a bunch of Globalists actually taking American “capitalist” ideology to the extreme and turning it against the people in their push to take over the planet.

    The China China China stuff is a distraction anyway, at the top China, Russia, and The US are controlled by the same forces.

    I agree with this, but would qualify it to say that the Globalists are attempting to get control of the governments of every country on the planet, but IMO they haven’t fully succeeded with Russia or China so far.

  209. @Ron Unz

    Given your understanding that the Corona Chan “pandemic” is fundamentally an orchestrated bioweapon attack, what are your musings on the linkages (if any) between that original aggression some two years past and now the threat of war breaking out in Europe and, more particularly, this… (?)

    Are we looking at the chaotic consequences of the butterfly effect, or is a more controlled demolition now underway (or has somebody lost control)?

    … or are we seeing patterns emerging from wholly unrelated causes, where no-one is actually (trying to) run the show and no single entity or group of people can be held accountable for the current rash of global mayhem?

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  210. @emerging majority

    I guess you are one of the Rothschild conspiracy specialists and that you rmean your question about ownership should be answered “the Rothschild family”. N’est-ce pas?

    So where has Wikipedia gone wrong when it’s section on ownership ends with

    Ownership of the 50% shareholding passed to Pearson plc when they bought The Financial Times Limited (FT) in 1957. Later, however, when Pearson plc was negotiating the sale of FT, the Economist’s independent trustees veto ‘complicated attempts at a deal’. Finally, in August 2015, as part of their sale of the FT to Nikkei, Inc., Pearson sold their share in the Economist.

    The Agnelli family’s Exor paid £287 million to raise their stake from 4.7% to 43.4%, while the Economist paid £182 million for the balance of 5.04 million shares which will be distributed to current shareholders. Aside from the Agnelli family, smaller shareholders in the company include Cadbury, Rothschild (21%), Schroder, Layton and other family interests as well as a number of staff and former staff shareholders


  211. Mr Anatta says:

    If Ron’s 500,000 is going internet ‘super viral’ I wonder what his internet super viral 500,000,000 would be?.LOL.

  212. Sarah says:
    @emerging majority

    They control all the heavy weaponry and those employed to employ them. Thus peaceful resistance is the only possible counter-strategy to their Globalist, NWO, Great Reset schemes. Peaceful resistance begins with semantics. Like the totally controlled Democrat party, we should never use THEIR term “Democratic” to describe them

    The perversion of the city begins with the fraud of words.” (Plato).

  213. Sarah says:
    @A little boy in the crowd

    Woke leftists are not real leftists. Woke leftists support war profiteering, corporate tyranny, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and extreme racism against white people. Woke leftists hate everything and everyone, including themselves and each other. They know they are losers, and they seek revenge on society for it. 


  214. redneck1 says:
    @Ashley J Williams

    But the populations weren’t decimated…hardly. There were far more births than deaths. The only thing we don’t know is China’s true death toll, but it likely won’t be drastically different than every one else’s.

  215. Spect3r says:
    @JR Foley

    Wasnt Connelly, it was Albert Thomas (D-TX)

  216. Spect3r says:
    @No jack London

    That only makes sense if we are to ignore that the man was crazy, on a lot of drugs and increasingly unstable.
    If we ignore all of that, then sure, it looks suspicious.

  217. @acementhead

    There is no mention in that quote that US assassination of General Soleimani was “retaliatory”; it is the Iranian missile strike that was “retaliatory”.

    • Replies: @acementhead
  218. skrik says:

    I applaud your “scientific method” approach, here looking for the SARS-CoV-2 origin.

    So, are you aware of what may loosely be called the “CGG-CGG” conundrum?

    In full, the sequence is as in this quote:

    Then one looks at the actual RNA alignment. The “insert” is actually not in frame, but CTCCTCGGCGGG, or -2 out of frame. Again, who does that?


    It’s old = Feb ’20, but the discussion is of the furin cleavage site, IMHO *the* key to SARS-CoV-2 infectivity. Kindly let us know if you ‘get up to speed’ on this, especially if you find some relevant ‘update(s)’. rgds

  219. GoySoy says:

    Then you are an anti semite? It is a bit pathetic of me to post comments on a jewish site to complain about jews, but this is the sadly world we live in. The “good” jew, Unz, will be the Judas goat. Try to find your ip addresses by baiting you with the jewish question. Lets see how long this post stay.

  220. @Ron Unz

    Again, these are all opinions and not a single one is peer reviewed. Books don’t count as peer reviewed scientific literature.

    In order to have expert testimony permitted in Federal Court, the testimony must meet the “Daubert” standard.


    I referred to the standard, but not by name, and I was curious as to whether the lawyer who posted about how a federal court claims case would comply with the Daubert standard, specifically the part regarding the necessity of peer reviewed literature, which courts almost always apply in novel scientific cases.

    Here is the Daubert standard for easy review:

    “Under the Daubert standard, the factors that may be considered in determining whether the methodology is valid are: (1) whether the theory or technique in question can be and has been tested; (2) whether it has been subjected to peer review and publication; (3) its known or potential error rate; (4)the existence and maintenance of standards controlling its operation; and (5) whether it has attracted widespread acceptance within a relevant scientific community.”

    One of the primary reasons I asked my brother whether he thought we would ever know where Covid came from is because the claim of a bioweapon or lab leak happened very early in 2020.

    And of course, my training as a lawyer, made me curious about peer reviewed publications that might support this claim. I have been watching for peer reviewed articles that support this claim since early in the pandemic. I have never seen a single one. And there are probably hundreds that say it was zoonotic despite the fact they have yet to find an animal to link it to.

    There was a non-peer reviewed paper by an Indian group sometime in early to mid 2020 that suggested Covid was a lab leak or human made and it got slammed so bad the the Indian researchers withdrew the paper and never attempted to publish it again.

    And this came out from the Lancet in late February 2020:

    “The rapid, open, and transparent sharing of data on this outbreak is now being threatened by rumours and misinformation around its origins. We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin. Scientists from multiple countries have published and analysed genomes of the causative agent, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2),1
    and they overwhelmingly conclude that this coronavirus originated in wildlife, 2, 3,, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 as have so many other emerging pathogens. 11, 12 This is further supported by a letter from the presidents of the US National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine13 and by the scientific communities they represent.”

    This letter has not been retracted. And clearly under Daubert, the medical community has not had widespread acceptance of Covid being man made.

    And there was this paper from Italy:

    “Unexpected detection of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in the prepandemic period in Italy”

    “This study shows an unexpected very early circulation of SARS-CoV-2 among asymptomatic individuals in Italy several months before the first patient was identified, and clarifies the onset and spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Finding SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in asymptomatic people before the COVID-19 outbreak in Italy may reshape the history of pandemic.”

    Just more proof that there was a progenitor to the Wuhan strain.

    The odds of any expert opinion regarding Covid as a man made being accepted by Federal Judge under Daubert are really low.
    All the peer reviewed literature points the other direction.

  221. Dutch says:

    Biowarefare is a fraud. A cover for dumping black budget money and running psyops. There is not, in existence anywhere, one tangible, verifiable example of a virus entering a cell. 50 billion of your cells die every day via their genetic programming. The idea of being critically sick because a virus killed a few million cells is laughable. We do not know the base level programming of our DNA nor are we even close. And we definitely aren’t producing task specific messenger RNA coding complex proteins. Snipping and stitching sequences together in computer models and calling them real bioweapons is the same as believing Mario Brothers are really running around cleaning your sewer. None of it is true nor has any tangible evidence.


    What we do know how to do is make poison. Poison that will kill you slow, or fast, or kill your sperm or eggs or IQ, etc. Poisons that can be released a million different ways without you even knowing. Poisons that can be injected in vaccines and be spread by the vaccinated. The pharmaceutical industry and the poison industry converge at the same line. Sars Mers, swine flu, COViD, AIDS, all the same scam. None verifiably exist and you will be instantly purged from polite society for even uttering these words. Even if you won the Nobel Prize for discovering ‘HIV’, the most famous and nonexistent junk DNA ever produced. I think you’re seeing now that they will litersay or do anything they want and spin the most ridiculous lies to deny and cover. Russia had a whole war planned with Ukraine. They had it planned down to days and times. None of it happened, yet somehow it is happening and more is planned! Yes they do think you’re this stupid and yes they are going to push forward no matter what you think. And if you object you’re racist. Have you had enough. Are you awake and mad as hell yet. It’s all lies. All of it. You can’t even go along to get along anymore. They’ve gotten lazy. They’ve spent too much time molesting kids and the planning has become less strategic. Everyone has caught on and basically caught them red handed, so their lazy response is just to wreck everything and kill everyone. Well fuck that! This is our world and there are many more of us. They know we have the numbers to tear them limb from limb and they’re all soft and old and pampered to resist much anyway. But we don’t even have to do that. All you have to do to send them running, talk tucked between their legs is to just say no. Everybody, all at once. Loud and forceful. We can work out our smaller petty differences later. But it’s time to get this fake, lazy, dishonest and spiteful albatross off our back once and for all. Maybe put it in a zoo where you can throw rocks at it for the next 100 years. They definitely have it coming…

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  222. Anon[105] • Disclaimer says:

    Michael Ruppert got all that 19 years ago, rip.

  223. @Dutch

    You probably think the world is flat. That there is no such thing as science.

    • Replies: @Dutch
  224. @davidgmillsatty

    Have you seen ‘peer-reviewed’ papers that describe the history of US bio-warfare efforts, their alliance with the Japanese butcher, Shiro Ishii, after WW2 and in germ warfare in Korea during the war, the numerous tests on US subjects and others over the decades, and the currently existing archipelago of hundreds of bio-warfare research labs, Pentagon, CIA and private, that the USA maintains around the world, including in Georgia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan?
    As for peer review, itself described as ‘corrupted’, by money power, by numerous leading research figures, a prime example is the PATENTLY fraudulent Surgisphere fraud, designed to denigrate hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for CoViD19, published by Lancet and the NEJM after ‘peer review’ (at Pfizer, no doubt).

    • Troll: Clyde
    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  225. @Ultrafart the Brave

    The root cause is the death of that rabid beast, the Atlanticist West, now thrashing about in its hydrophobic end-stage. The rise of China, the resuscitation of Russia and the insubordination of the other ‘rogue States’ has sent the Western elites barking, frothing, slobbering mad. And behind that inevitable denouement to the primate’s progress lies the problem of Evil in human affairs and individual psyches and group ideologies. When the three ‘great’ Abrahamic superstitions are built on genocidal xenophobia and delusions of superiority over the goyim, heathens, kafirs, whatever, the injunctions to show humanity towards others that appear in these cults’ religious tracts, are soon forgotten.
    Muhammad says treat the dhimmi with kindness, the Wahhabists say kill them all. Jesus preaches love and acceptance, while the Pentecostals long for the End Times when the ungodly will be slaughtered then consigned to torment in Hell, forever (I suppose you’d get used to it)and Talmudic Jews regard the goyim as closer to animals than to the Jews-the proper type of Jews, that is.
    Humanity is on its last legs. Everywhere the West puts its tentacles, hatred, greed, insanity, hypocrisy, violence and destruction reign. It’s only a matter of time before the US or Israel drops the Big One, thermonuclear or biological.

    • Thanks: Sarah
    • Troll: Clyde
    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  226. @davidgmillsatty

    Covid 19 is a hoax.


    It is a well thought out, and tightly controlled psychological operation designed to make people take the “vaccine”.

    Of course bio-weapons were used in the operation. They were used to promote the hoax and they were conveniently used to kill Iranian clerics. We don’t know what these bio-weapons were.

    But we do know that those bioweapons did not include a “virus” named “Sars Cov 2”. That’s because “Sars Cov 2” exists only on the pages of a patent, and not in the real world. Which is why there is no test for it.

    Think about it: Would the perpetrators of this hoax use a real, and therefore uncontrollable, virus to fuel their critical, long planned, one shot only, operation?

    No. They wouldn’t use a real virus because, in case you haven’t noticed, these people are all about CONTROL.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  227. hillaire says:

    Ah… realtime revisionism… let us all hope Ron can save the world with enough viral views… (after almost banning any discussion of covid by those terrible ‘conspiracy theorists’…. lowering the tone of the site don’t you know)…

    Can you see the big picture now …

    One fine day in the middle of the night two dead men got up to fight… back to back they faced each other….. drew their swords and shot each other….etc etc

  228. @mulga mumblebrain

    Regarding the first paragraph, no I haven’t, nor would I expect to.

    Regarding the second paragraph, yes I am quite aware of a number of major publications that have sought to cherry pick papers that would support the use of repurposed drugs, particularly Ivermectin. But 78 papers have managed to have been published about Ivermectin in other journals. You can find them online at

    And one of my points was that there are many journals that will publish things that the big journals will not. And as I pointed out, Jones and Harritt published online at Bentham when they could not get a mainstream journal of significance to publish their paper.

    What you are really implying is that literally thousands of peer reviewed papers from all over the world have corrupt authors and that they are all on the take. Covid is vastly different from any of the things that you describe in paragraph 1. It was a not a local event. It was a world wide event and scientists from all over the world researched it and wrote papers on it of all kinds.

    • Thanks: Wizard of Oz
    • Replies: @Dutch
  229. @Ralph B. Seymour

    Yeah. The governments of every country on the planet are in cahoots. And world peace is next.

    • Replies: @JasonT
    , @Wizard of Oz
  230. Anon[336] • Disclaimer says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Definition of ‘promiscuous’-someone getting more than the accuser.

    It’s not really an ‘accusation’ if the man himself attributed in interviews his body count to be in the low 4 figures, now is it?

    Wilt Chamberlain listed his numbers in the low 5 figures, which isn’t much of a brag either.

    Perhaps you’re confusing women with goats?

    It’d be an understandable confabulation considering there are groups out there who are stoopid enough to think spending eternity with 70 whining virgins as anything other than The 10th Circle of Hell.

    • Agree: Clyde
  231. JasonT says:

    The governments of almost every country on earth have been penetrated over the last century by the international bankers behind the entire scheme, which includes the COVID hoax. More importantly, the media is completely owned by these same international bankers so the narrative has been consistent around the world. And with respect to the COVID hoax in particular, the health authorities in almost all, if not all, the countries of the world have been bought by the very same international bankers, who not incidentally, also control all the major pharma countries in the world. And finally, any individuals in a position of power who initially resisted the COVID hoax were promptly murdered.

    The COVID hoax is only a piece of the overall plan for a few very very rich and powerful people to take control of the entire world. The plan has been going on for a very long time, with test pieces and background preparations made at all levels.

    • Agree: emerging majority
    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  232. grettir says:

    “to whom they owe the money” Learn to speak English.

  233. @mulga mumblebrain

    Humanity is on its last legs. Everywhere the West puts its tentacles, hatred, greed, insanity, hypocrisy, violence and destruction reign.

    That suggests humanity is the sole province of the West. I beg to differ.

    It’s only a matter of time before the US or Israel drops the Big One, thermonuclear or biological.

    … and that could be a good thing, or a bad thing. Even the dinosaurs’ reign came to an end (and not so long ago as people like to think).

    The tragedy is that, whether good or bad, it would be so unnecessary.

  234. Allan says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Let’s suppose that we eliminate all of the movers and shakers of your “true Left”. Then there’d be no one left to build another of the totalitarian despotisms which “the true Left” establishes whenever and wherever it’s tolerated and protected too long by conservatives. There’d also be no one to spread your sludge around the world, instigating ugly despotisms like Mao’s in China, the Kims’ in Korea, and so on.


    It’s by the way, though you pretend to not to notice, that Fascism is a creature of “the true Left” developed by impatient true Leftists who’d been mugged by the crisis of Marxism (1890’s) and by other problems (e.g. working class not revolutionary). It’s also a secular disorder shaped by the industrial revolution and by the weakening of confidence in Semitic superstition during the 18th and 19th centuries. A few centuries earlier, shortly after Luther posted his complaints on that church door, leaders of “the true Left” swooned for Geezuss at very beginning of their destructive political careers.

    Maybe one day will stop ignoring and denying another obvious truth, too: “liberal fascists” who irritate you so much are merely trying to surmount old obstacles to building a heaven on Earth on the pretext of righteousness. Grabbing most wealth for your own use has always been part of the plan. However, revolutionary agitation is unreliable. Armed insurrection is dangerous. The Fascism experiment was a failure. And cults like Jim Jones’ lack sufficient appeal and a plausible, long-term succession strategy. So it was decided that a long march through Big Capital, Inc., would deliver the State into the hands of “the true Left”. You simply failed to read and understand the strategy memos of recent decades, so now you feel left out.

    These blemishes on your reputation remind us that “the true Left” is a symptom of the syndrome that you despise so much, which is at least ironic. Your religion is another good reason to eradicate the so-called West and its dominant diseases (e.g. Abrahamism, egalitarianism, secularism, corporate capitalism, central banking, welfare statism, collectivist schooling, democracy, state science, Marxism, Fascism, and Zionism) no matter where they appear on Earth. I would add here that it’s impossible for “a man of impeccable character” to be “A social democrat”. Impeccable character entails giving up grand larceny, greasy democracy, and, perhaps most importantly, being a “friend and ally of Jews”.

  235. @davidgmillsatty

    Hello davidgmillsatty.

    There is no verification and no evidence to demonstrate that the alleged virus particle has ever existed anywhere at any time. There is no evidence or verification of any offshoots or strains or variations of any virus particle ever existing anywhere. It is a fake claim.


    The virus is not man made and it is not a bioweapon and it is not from a bat or other animal. Because the virus particle has never been shown to exist.

    It has been known within the field of microbiology for over 80 years that one must first complete a basic procedure of 8 steps before one can validly claim that a particular virus-size particle exists in reality rather than just being an unverified imagined idea.

    1) Take true control samples of suspected infected tissue from a diseased person.

    2) Filter those samples to remove the big bacteria, contaminants, and other irrelevant materials.

    3) Do a density-gradient centrifugation that spins the fluid into a sucrose gel within test tubes to separate all the remaining tiny particles into density layers.

    4) Extract the purified intact virus that you want to study from the correct density layer by using a pipette or similar tool.

    5) Examine and define the intact virus both structurally and chemically.

    6) Capture micrograph images of the results to show others that the virus truly exists.

    7) Compare all of these same steps with true control samples from healthy tissue in order to verify that one’s own experimental handling is neither skewing nor producing nor faking the findings.

    8) Then ensure that several other independent scientists repeat all of these same steps and demonstrate the same results with samples from the same tissues, while having no financial conflicts-of-interest.

    Rather than using the above proper 8 step approach, the field of virology ironically uses this corrupt method instead:

    The virologist takes a sample from a patient. They do not do a control (this is very important). Then they add in polluting foreign genetic material from other organisms (monkey, calf, human fetus). Then they blow apart all of their sample’s genetic material by adding destructive antibiotics and enzymes. Then they remove all remaining long-strand genetic material (over 99% of their patient sample). Then they artificially expand and enlarge their sample’s tiny genetic data by adding in large fictional genetic sequences on the computer. Then they use the computer to artificially link together those previously fabricated fictional genetic data sequences.

    Then they declare that their newly fabricated long-strand genetic sequence must have been sourced from a virus particle that exists within the patient, even though they just invented it on their computer. The virologist’s own handling procedure guarantees that the genetic data that is present in the final steps of their experiment was never obtained from any particle from their patient. They are lying.

    Their process is called deep metagenomic sequencing, in case you want to check my statements. The virologist’s experimental approach and their reporting are both a fraud. They are doing the opposite of isolating a virus particle, and they claim that they have isolated a virus particle. And they continually provide the evidence against themselves when they publish their papers in which they describe the series of specific experimental steps that they take.

    A virologist is paid to lie, and they do their job by artificially fabricating some pretended unnatural genetic data and then telling everyone that this genetic data is natural and came from a real particle in a real person.

    Cheers, Mike.

    • Thanks: Maowasayali
    • Replies: @Maowasayali
  236. @davidgmillsatty

    Phew! I hadn’t read your earlier comments and at first missed the irony😎

  237. Whitewolf says:

    All it points to is the media setting up a “covid is real and dangerous” narrative. Even if true it wouldn’t explain away the “lockstep” response to the so called “covid” virus. It sure as hell doesn’t explain the insane push to inject everyone on the planet with an experimental drug despite the governments own numbers showing it’s both dangerous and ineffective. It doesn’t explain away the push to turn people into QR codes and micromanage every facet of their lives.

  238. @Bragadocious

    It was around earlier. I had it, in Perth Western Australia, in July/August 2019. I recently heard more about the Spanish sample from someone who’d read a more recent report on it too, and in contrast to Ron, believe it was legit. I still think the US troops took it to Wuhan and believe they were actually training next door to Fort Dietrich when it was shut down, just before leaving for China.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  239. @Rabbitnexus

    How would you have known it was Covid-19 and not the flu as the only way to distinguish is by tests and they don’t seem to be very reliable? People with Covid-19 have reported symptoms from very severe to very mild, some milder than a bout of flu.

  240. @Allan

    And cults like Jim Jones’ lack sufficient appeal and a plausible, long-term succession strategy.

    That was a CIA operation, especially the mass murder of the followers. They were “suicided” as often happens to undesirables.

  241. Dutch says:

    I can take it, lol. I, like good science, can survive all such challenges.

  242. Dutch says:

    Yes I know the story full well. Because not only is this exactly what’s happening, it’s the second time it’s happened the same way. Again, before you make a fool of yourself, please clarify for yourself, as all the data shows, that HIV does not exist. Nobody has it, nobody can show it to you. The guy that ‘discovered’ it even said so. Like COViD, the tests are such a joke that you could have HIV in Namibia and not have it in France. And to your point, Kary Mullis read hundreds of research papers that all made the same reference “HIV is the cause of AIDS”. Scientists all over the world were all saying and publishing the same “fact”. So Mullis traced this claim back to it’s “origin”, which only barely, loosely even suggested that this was the case and provided no tangible evidence. Yet one scientist after another kept ‘referencing it forward’ NEVER CHECKING THEIR FACTS. And when Mullis began making this case, what did all the devoted-to-the-true-facts scientists do in response? They cancelled him and called him a Holocaust Denier. We’ve seen and heard so so many replays of this. You still wanna stay on the train against all logic and credibility, please don’t let me stop you. And please p!ease please take another booster while you’re there. For the greater good! Your virtuous belief shall be rewarded. You wouldn’t even need to see a picture of Sars or HIV if one actually existed. You just believe!

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  243. @JasonT

    All theory. The international bankers do not control all of the governments of the world nor do they control every aspect of the societies of the countries of the world. They are fast losing control especially in the eastern hemisphere.

    • Replies: @JasonT
    , @emerging majority
  244. @Dutch

    You are excellent at making up your own facts. But people do not have to believe your facts.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  245. @Ron Unz

    So just when I make the comment that there is no published peer reviewed article regarding the possibility of human involvement in the origins of Covid, one pops up in yesterday’s newslinks here.

    Interesting. It was the newslink from a substack author and here is the actual paper he referred to in the substack article.

    My brother and I and others (patent people) are discussing the implications of the paper and the substack article.

    It could actually be worse than a lab leak. What this paper suggests is the strong possibility, or even a probability, that Moderna’s patented 19 based codon is the source of the same 19 based codon in Covid, although the codon seems reversed.

    What we are trying to figure out is whether this codon was actually used in human trials, particularly in immunocompromized cancer patients, in which case a recombination event could happen. If so, then where were these human trials, and what kind of cancer did the patients have (lung cancer?), was Moderna’s patent infringed in some other country? Questions abound.

    But this evidence does seemingly knock out national labs as being the source of this codon. I would not want to own Moderna stock right now.

    • Replies: @skrik
  246. @MountainMike

    The virologist takes a sample from a patient. They do not do a control (this is very important). Then they add in polluting foreign genetic material from other organisms (monkey, calf, human fetus).

    Modern virology is basically Jewish alchemy, a witches’ brew of toxins. The bain-marie–a piece of equipment used in science, industry, and cooking–was named after Maria the Jewess (circa 100–200 AD). She is widely considered to be the first true alchemist of the Western world. Q.E.D.

  247. JasonT says:

    Yes, and my theory is a good one. There are only two countries left in the world whose central bank is not controlled by the international bankers – Syria and North Korea. While the international bankers do not yet have control over every other aspect of the societies of the countries of the world, this is their goal to which they are rapidly approaching. The current conflict between east and west is all a shell game to keep people’s attentions focused away from the international bankers behind the governments of all the countries.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  248. @davidgmillsatty

    Correct. The Bank\$ters do not control ALL the governments in the world…merely the most important ones.

  249. @davidgmillsatty

    “…people do not have to believe all your facts”. Houston, there is a problem. Facts are facts and if one chooses not to believe facts, we can assume that there is a logical disconnect.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  250. @JasonT

    They are not doing a very good job with Russia, China, India and I think their influence in these countries will decline. There is the old saying “all wars are bankers wars.” If the bankers had control of these countries, the world would not be on edge.

  251. skrik says:

    Perhaps somebody could extend me a courtesy recognition for my tip above: “CTCCTCGGCGGG”.

    ‘Natural’ recombination usually occurs in a single cell infected with at least two entities [viruses, say], whereby some sequence from the genome of one entity ‘jumps’ into the sequence of the other [as a bug/feature of copying to produce new entities]. Since the cgg codons are human-preferred and the bulk of the spike seems to have come from a chimera of RaTG13 (bat) and MP789 (pangolin), this poses the next BIG Q; how/where did the sequence (in full, from your 256.cited article) CTCCTCGGCGGGCACGTAG jump into SARS-CoV-2 and more to the point, at what astronomical probability [especially considering the patent US 958 7003]?

    I have maintained from my ‘original’ discovery of PRRA that it was a *proof* of lab-made. rgds

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  252. @skrik

    I will gladly give you a tip. I did not read most of the comments as I responded to a lawyer far upthread and then to Ron and that was about it.

    Sorry I missed yours.

    So I guess you are now saying that it was made by Moderna? Is that your definition of lab made because most have insinuated that lab made meant made from a national lab, not a private one.

    And if this was Moderna, wouldn’t you have to agree that this is the greatest unintended consequence of any drug in the history of medicine?

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
    , @skrik
  253. skrik says:

    It was you who espoused the “scientific method.” What difference would it make, national/private lab? The point is ‘nature vs. nurture.’ It seems to me to be totally beyond coincidence, that this ‘faked’ FCS [= furin cleavage site, human preferred codons] landed *exactly* where it was needed, to turn a relatively innocuous bat virus into a pandemic panic, reputedly over 5mio dead. Then it ‘appeared’ in China, 2ndly Iran, as Mr Unz often repeats – both ‘enemies’ of ZUSA. WIV probably contributed some ‘footwork,’ financed via Fauci/NIH/Baric/UNC et al.. IMHO, SARS-CoV-2 is no ‘unintended consequence’ but outright, cold-blooded mass-murder [with tyrannically enforced EID citizen tracking/control, to boot]. The inserters of the PRRA know who they are, and IMHO they’re not Chinese. BTW this CTCCTCGGCGGGCACGTAG sequence was ‘independently’ discovered here:

    But nobody seems to pay any attention. rgds

  254. @davidgmillsatty

    In thinking about this further, you can’t really say that the virus itself was man made, only part of it was man made. Obviously a very important part.

  255. Merci Monsieur Unz… sincerely… That web site is really a very good thing in that very sad world.

    What do you do with the Institut Pasteur? It seems they have played a role in that whole ‘covid’ thing. What is your take on it?

    Keep on doing your work Man… even if we don’t agree with you sometimes.

  256. skrik says:

    Kindly see my ‘unlinked’ previous.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  257. @skrik

    I guess I am just confused by where you are on this. The first link sent me to blog where most of the people made the argument that this was clearly zoonotic. I am not sure that you agree with that position or not, but I think not. Until the paper came out yesterday, I was convinced with the zoonotic argument.

    But what the paper yesterday suggests is that Moderna’s patented codon was found in Covid, in a reverse position. If I understand the paper, which I may not. And if it was in reverse position, that suggests recombination more than human insertion. At least to me. Why would they put in the sequence backwards?

    But if my understanding about the paper yesterday is right, that flips the tables for me.

    You didn’t answer my question about Moderna. In your opinion does Moderna have a problem or not? I don’t mean to be intentionally dense, I am just not clear yet what you think. And virology is definitely not my field.

    • Replies: @skrik
  258. Almost half the people in US prisons are Mestizo’s. the USA has imported a criminal class when it comes to Mestizo’s. Ron’s article is just lies and straw. There was no pandemic either. Its all lies.

    Ron is just another anti white jew who will always find an excuse to come down on the side bad for white people on every issue. Just like every other jew I have ever known or known of.

    Blacks and mestizo’s are about 35% of the citizens of the USA and control about 1.5% of the wealth. Jews are about 2% of the population and control about 35% of the wealth. Every other group has a share of the wealth that is close to their percentage of the population. Jews capture the wealth of non whites in the West and this is only one of the benefits they get.

    Ron Unz is the enemy of white people.

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
  259. Biff says:

    Did you have your wife peer reviewed?

  260. skrik says:

    I guess I am just confused by where you are on this .. virology is definitely not my field

    Me: Ditto to the latter; let’s address “confused” in the context of “scientific method,” which includes these steps:

    1. Observation(s),

    2. theorising [make a posit] then

    3. try to *disprove* the posit [as ‘championed’ by Feynman].

    So here, (1) the observation is Gallaher’s 12 nucleotide insert CTCCTCGGCGGG sequence, itself part of the 19-nucleotide sequence CTCCTCGGCGGGCACGTAG, found as a reverse complement in the proprietary SEQ ID11652 [US patent 9,587,003, alt 958 7003], usually referred to as the PRRA FCS [= furin clevage site]. I nominate the 12 nucleotides as the exact difference between SARS-CoV-2 and RaTG13, the closest known precursor.

    The posit (2) is a Q: Lab-made or ‘naturally’ evolved?

    Any disproof (3) awaits a qualified and non-contested conclusion, from real virologists, say.

    Gallaher’s attempt is not very convincing:

    So the definitive source of the pandemic is a mixed infection of viruses similar to SARS-CoV-2 and Bat HKU9 – copy choice error resulting in an insert in SARS-CoV-2. Could occur in bats, intermediate animal or human .. Human in incubation with SARS-CoV-2 could hop a max speed train, direct line from Kunming in Yunnan Province and disembark in Wuhan train station 6.5-8 hours later, sometime last fall .. Infected in Yunnan, does not spread it there, but goes to Wuhan, where he/she either falls ill or spreads it asymptomatically to another person, initiating the pandemic there

    Discussion: All inputs here are in the public domain, and although I find the ‘reverse complement’ source most appealing [= my opinion as ‘preponderance’], the really important, underlying Q: Who dunnit? – is the \$64k bewdy. We can theorise some ‘perpetrator’ attributes: An extremely malevolent psychopath with access to the sequences, appropriate knowledge and equipment [BSL-4, say; a bit rare], with mass-carnage/max. disruption as motive.

    A note on ‘real virologists;’ in these days of neoliberalised academe, finding some genuinely cogent, independent and brave authority is fraught, especially given the tyrannical rulers in ‘the West.’ rgds

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  261. @skrik

    Why immediately choose the nefarious over the non-nefarious? I refuse to do that because the science does not suggest that.

    Here is an analogy. One finds a man made object in the wilderness. Do you immediately think that the man made object is there for nefarious reasons? No you don’t.

    Here we find a man made object in what appears to be a naturally made environment. That is what the science suggests.

    Until this paper, all scientists in peer reviewed papers had concluded that the entire environment was natural. And now someone has found a man-made object in the middle of it. That is all you can conclude at this point.

    • Replies: @skrik
  262. Clyde says:

    Thanks and no/ zero/ Nyte/ nothing vaxxxx here. I look at the vaxxxxx insistent in the MSM news and I know we made the right choice

  263. skrik says:

    I invite you to refer to my 1st comment #229 above:

    the furin cleavage site, IMHO *the* key to SARS-CoV-2 infectivity

    It turns out that yes, the FCS [= PRRA] *could* be man-made and *could* have been sourced from a patent [which contains the *exact* sequence as a ‘reverse complement’], but not just that, it’s composed of human-preferred codons inserted ‘-2 out of frame’ into a bat/pangolin chimera substrate, a ‘factoid’ which I find [outside of direct human intervention] is absolutely extraordinary to the point of *extreme* improbability. I have tried to enlighten you as to the serious questions so raised, but have obviously failed [your retort amounts to “a man made object in what appears to be a naturally made environment” – ho hum, nothing to see here, move on]; the next Q: Is it my failure to communicate or your inability to comprehend? Reminds me of:

    if you can keep your head when everybody round you is losing his, then it is very probable that you don’t understand the situation

    Suggested alternative:

    .. don’t want to understand


  264. But the pangolin/bat additional substrate, if that is what you want to call it, has been suspected by scientists as being natural from the get go. Extreme events happen in nature. And given the trillions and trillions of replications it doesn’t seem extreme to me. It seems inevitable. And my point is the patented codon is backwards. You would think that if it was man made it would not be backwards.

    But if that is your theory, do what scientists do. Write a paper and publish it somewhere it can be peer reviewed by people who are experts in the field. Arguing with me here is not the place to prove your point.

    Here is a paper my brother sent me a couple days ago that just came out this month. What do you make of it?

    My brother also sent me an article from the NY Times, (breaking my rule here about citing to news articles which I hate to do) about the recent discovery that bats in Laos have recently been found to have corona viruses far more similar to Covid 19 than any other virus yet to date. Unfortunately there is no link to any published paper. Maybe they will be forthcoming.

    • Replies: @skrik
  265. From the NYT article:

    “In RaTG13, 11 of the 17 key building blocks of the domain are identical to those of SARS-CoV-2. But in the three viruses from Laos, as many as 16 were identical — the closest match to date.”

    Names of the new discovered viruses from Laos:


    But doing a pub med search I can’t find any mention of these new viruses yet.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  266. Ron, while I agree we are in a post literate era I also think it’s beneficial to have an audio or video version of yours and others brilliant work. When time permits I prefer to read. That said, a video or audio allows me to multitask and educate myself at the same time. And there are people with reading comprehension issues who might gloss over a very important article and not really grasp its content. Again, that’s where audio or video versions come in handy. The main point is to deliver this very important information to as many people as you possibly can, right? So, thank you for doing these interviews.

  267. skrik says:

    *Rapid* response [more later], here is a paper about BANAL-236 [banal-52 is a ‘better fit’], the latest COV-candidates recently found in Laos:

    It may turn out to be a furphy, only time will tell. But none of them have an FCS. Rgds

  268. @skrik

    Another article my brother just sent:

    linking this article in preprint:

    But you are right:

    “None of these bat viruses harbors a furin cleavage site in the spike.”

    When you write your paper do I get credit for being your research assistant?

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  269. @davidgmillsatty

    From the paper:

    “Lack of furin cleavage may be explained by insufficient sampling in bats, or by acquisition of the furin cleavage site through passages of the virus in an alternate host or during an early poorly symptomatic unreported circulation in humans. Finally, where these intergenomic recombinations arose and the epidemiological link with the first human cases remains to be established.”

    • Replies: @skrik
  270. @grettir

    Well, excuse me to be living in your world.
    I almost had an urge to reply with mentioning my knowledge of various languages or whether you response is a pro forma or an essential response, but I won’t.
    On the contrary, everyone we meet or exchange a word or two is there and In place for a reason.
    And so, I thank you for your time to correct my English.
    God bless and Godspeed.

  271. Bolteric says:

    Read much, Ron?

    Good lord! Look at those shelves behind him in the Barrett video!

    Wanted to ask what fiction books you enjoyed as a young man? Perhaps some that still persist to this day.

    I am well familiar with your theories of the last 2 years, and mostly subscribe to them. However, I found your articles from the second half of 2018 to be by far your strongest. They made me a disciple.

    With regard to the Ukraine and Corona, well it’s just the band played on for me. With taking the bitter-pill conclusions of your 2018 articles, for me, clearly seeing the events of 2020 & 2021 are simply baby steps. Note the years in question in 2018 have benefit of teaching down to the present: 1939, 1963 & 2001.


    Gotta get me some more shelves.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  272. @skrik

    ‘BANAL’!!?? They’re laffing at yer!

    • Replies: @skrik
  273. @davidgmillsatty

    This bull-dust is being circulated because the Evil Ones must fear that the REAL origin of SARS CoV2, ie in the US bio-warfare machine, is becoming known to the proles, DESPITE the 1000% suppression of all relevant information. As far as the average mug brainwashed by the Western MSM is concerned, the WIV is the only lab doing such research.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  274. @Allan

    Do you check, after you get down on your knees and pray to your ‘God’ at night, to make sure that there are no Jews hiding under your bed? I’m sure they haunt your fevered dreams. There’s nothing sadder than a cut-rate, wannabe, Superman. A Pound Shop Nietzsche.

    • Replies: @Allan
  275. skrik says:

    Thank you for the links; I have explored some and find your cited:

    well-written and useful; it mentions Gallaher and Lytras [latter new to me], who includes:

    We are unlikely to determine the exact molecular event responsible for the furin cleavage site insertion in SARS-CoV-2

    Then I found this, also helpful:


    Unique codons encoding arginines in the furin cleavage site
    The furin cleavage site consists of four amino acids PRRA, which are encoded by 12 inserted nucleotides in the S gene. A characteristic feature of this site is an arginine doublet.
    This insertion could have occurred by random insertion mutation, recombination or by laboratory insertion. The researchers say the possibility of random insertion is too low to explain the origin of this motif.
    Surprisingly, the CGGCGG codons encoding the two arginines of the doublet in SARS-CoV-2 are not found in any of the furin sites in other viral proteins expressed by a wide range of viruses.
    Even within the SARS-CoV-2, where arginine is encoded by six codons, only a minority of arginine residues are encoded by the CGG codon. Again, only two of the 42 arginines in the SARS-CoV-2 spike are encoded by this codon – and these are in the PRRA motif.
    For recombination to occur, there must be a donor, from another furin site and probably from another virus. In the absence of a known virus containing this arginine doublet encoded by the CGGCGG codons, the researchers discount the recombination theory as the mechanism underlying the emergence of PRRA in SARS-CoV-2


    Why immediately choose the nefarious over the non-nefarious?

    Me: IMHO, the rulers of ‘the West’ are psychopathic and tyrannical, a proof is the ‘inside-job’ which is 9/11. The perpetrators [heirs, successors] of that vile atrocity are still ‘in control’ and are [on balance of perceived probabilities], most likely to also be the perpetrators of the SARS-CoV-2 catastrophe, in the pursuit of killing off many ‘oldies’ [useless eaters] and oppressing as much of the surviving world’s population that they can reach [a proof is the pushing/forcing of the mRNA *experimental* who knows what].

    PS Gallaher, as many others, seems to be ‘leaning over backwards’ to assert a ‘natural’ PRRA-origin, IMHO partly to please/in fear of the ruling tyrants, but also from the same ‘cognitive dissonance’ which deters many from accepting 9/11 as inside job:

    ‘Surely, they would never do that, would they?’

    Oh, but yes. rgds

  276. skrik says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Well, quite possibly. But they explain that the name derives from ‘b’ for bat and ‘anal’ from where/how they collected the sample. It’s quite normal; typically ‘anal swab.’

    Yeah, right; ‘bat-shit crazy!’ rgds

  277. Ron Unz says:

    I am well familiar with your theories of the last 2 years, and mostly subscribe to them. However, I found your articles from the second half of 2018 to be by far your strongest. They made me a disciple…With taking the bitter-pill conclusions of your 2018 articles, for me, clearly seeing the events of 2020 & 2021 are simply baby steps. Note the years in question in 2018 have benefit of teaching down to the present: 1939, 1963 & 2001.

    Thanks for the very kind words, and I’d tend to agree, though some of my 2019 articles were important extensions and aggregations of the material.

    • Replies: @Mehen
    , @Wizard of Oz
  278. Syd Walker says: • Website

    This thread was posted on Twitter a few hours ago but the account of the poster was suspended shortly afterwards.

    Copy it if you’re interested, because it may not last long on Thread Reader App.

    It concerns US Biolabs in Ukraine and the possibility that concern about their existence and potential role is partly behind Putin’s decision to invade.

    I have no idea if this is accurate information, although the links it provides do seem to check out.

    Interestingly, the author seems to agree with Ron Unz re the likely origin of SARS-CoV-2

    @Ron Unz

    • Thanks: skrik
  279. @Commentator Mike

    Ah yes, thanks Commentator Mike. I see my error now. Thank you for pointing it out. I was not aware that Iran had carried out a retaliatory attack. I certainly hope that they managed to kill the US equivalent of General Soleimani without getting innocent bystanders.

  280. @skrik

    You are talking to a guy who was a 9/11 truther from the first days. I followed all of the truther websites and blogs and constantly wrote comments on them. I am eminently familiar with the work of Jones and Harritt and I believe they are correct in their conclusion that the buildings were taken down with nanothermite.

    Will we ever know who did it? I don’t think we ever will because governments will make sure we don’t.

    But what my gut told me about 9/11, my gut told me the opposite in this case. The 9/11 event had a very finite target group. Deaths were going to be limited to NYC, DC and wherever the planes went down.

    This was just the opposite. There is no identifiable target group for Covid and there certainly were no limits put on the number of people who would be effected. As a weapon, it would be analogous to a missile with no guidance system and it could just as easily kill the maker of it, or the maker’s family, or anyone else.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  281. @mulga mumblebrain

    Lol. Because scientists from all over the world are in cahoots and out to create a new world order when what is really going on is that politicians and the militaries of the world cherry pick the science that suits their agenda and disregard the science that doesn’t.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  282. @skrik

    From the three bat paper:

    “To conclude, our results pinpoint the presence of new bat sarbecoviruses that seem to have the same potential for infecting humans as early strains of SARS-CoV-2. People working in caves, such as guano collectors, or certain ascetic religious communities who spend time in or very close to caves, as well as tourists who visit the caves, are particularly at risk of being exposed.”

    So here the scientists have found three bat coronaviruses that have the same potential for infecting humans as the early strains of Covid did.

    It seems to me as if the USS “Gain of Function” has been torpoeded numerous times; and on this thread I have pointed out at least five published articles that torpedo the shit of the ship. But it just seems the agenda does not fit science so there is nothing else to do but pretend the science does not exist.

    • Replies: @skrik
  283. skrik says:

    I think we have to agree to disagree, but one last try .. You:

    nothing else to do but pretend the science does not exist

    Me: Well, science has to do with data, each of which has an ‘independent life’ of its own, but can be classified [DARPA for sure, WIV quite possibly], obscured or ignored [fear-stricken experts, rogue politicians, corrupt&venal MSM+PFBCs] or one just gets to work with it. To ‘in vivo,’ ‘in vitro,’ and ‘in situ’ we can add ‘in silico’ [here, my PC], so here goes:

    The sequences can be found in the ncbi databank, here is “Bat coronavirus isolate BANAL-20-52/Laos/2020, complete genome”

    For mulga mumblebrain: {/isolation_source=“rectal swabs”}

    I made my own ‘chimera’ using the RaTG13 spike (bat) as my source sequence with the RBD from MP789 (pangolin) ‘spliced in’, then did some comparisons with the program at

    Here is SARS-CoV-2 vs. my chimera

    Here is SARS-CoV-2 vs. BANAL-20-52

    Red letters indicate a match, blue a mismatch and black means no match. The black ‘N’ before position 318 and after position 541 are my ‘artifacts’ and mark the RBD [receptor-binding domain], which is the part of the spike that allows it to dock to body receptors to gain entry into cells and lead to infection.

    Q: What have I demonstrated? A: 1) See how ‘boldly’ PRRA stands out, and 2) not a great difference between my chimera (known WIV inputs; bat from Yunnan, China and pangolin from beyond China’s southern border) and BANAL-20-52 (Laos), then 3) the Laos&Co spike is a much better fit to SARS-CoV-2 than is RaTG13’s, since it already includes the MP789 RBD.


    People working in caves, such as guano collectors ..

    Well, that experiment has been done at least once that we know of; from my #203 here: “Yes, there is the Master’s thesis and yes, 6 sick, 3 dead – IF the thesis is true” – the ‘proximate cause’ was exactly as you posited:

    “They were all workers at the same mine where had a lot of bats and bats’ feces.”

    Now, back to your bolding:

    seem to have the same potential for infecting humans as early strains of SARS-CoV-2

    Me: *None* of these ‘early strain’ candidates has an FCS; we always come back to requiring a confession, a whistle-blower or other serendipitous event to explain the PRRA insertion, with its ‘strange’ cggcgg codon doublet. Here, another repeat:

    the researchers discount the recombination theory as the mechanism underlying the emergence of PRRA in SARS-CoV-2

    Musing; Sherlock Holmes:

    Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth

    IMHO, both random and recombination are ruled out, which only leaves ‘finger trouble.’ That it was targeted at China is in no doubt, that it ‘escaped’ to the rest of the world may be a feature, not a bug. Just as ZUSA is a waning hegemon, so their applied intelligence is also waning.

    Now waiting [again? No, still] .. rgds

  284. Ron posits an interesting hypothesis but it seems that it depends on the virus only showing up in the late October or early November timeframe. Certainly that could be the case. On the other hand, there have been some news reports claiming that the evidence supports a much earlier lab leak, sometime in the August or September timeframe and perhaps even earlier than that.

    See for one such report.

    Of course, what actually happened is not for mere mortals to know.

  285. @davidgmillsatty

    If 9/11 was not the work of Al Qaeda but the only alternative viz. Mossad or neocon plotters who took great trouble to have their plot masked by the Arab hijackers how do you explain the most glaring inconsistency, namely the ollapse of WTC7 which was not hit by a plane and only accidentally set on fire? The plot could not have been concocted by idiots and the plotters would not have counted on idiots overlooking the fact that planes flown by hijackers was of the essence of the conspiracy to cover up the real plot. Come to think of it, if the plotters knew that planes were going to hit WTC 1 and 2 and the Pentagon and Capitol or White House, why would they think it ne essay to actually cause the buildings to collapse?

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  286. Anon[336] • Disclaimer says:

    Ron, I’d love to see an article from you (Word Count: 9,110) or a ‘podcast’ on how negligent & selfish the science denying Russian Military is being by not masking-up before the invasion. Hell, I didn’t even see them social distancing.

    Not only that, but on the TeeVee I saw where Da’ Russians were running around with a mobile crematorium rig – which could only mean one thing – ‘Shoah Time!’. Think of the 6 million dirty fucking Jews trapped in THE Ukraine who will end-up DYING from this superspreader event, and incinerated as a result.

    When this is over, the world will need to come together to reconstitute & gift them Khazaria, so that they can finally have a summer home of their own.

    • LOL: Maowasayali
  287. @skrik

    Write your paper and publish it. It is interesting. Maybe you get a following.

    In the meantime, someone may find an fcs candidate. Just because it hasn’t been found yet, doesn’t mean it won’t be Sherlock. You think it is unlikely it could have been from a recombination event, but others seem to disagree.

    Then you also have this problem. We have three bat coronaviruses that have now been found in a cave in Laos which appear to be as infectious as Covid 19. Where did these viruses come from? They seem to have no obvious progenitor either. Or do they? If so what is their progenitor? If you can’t find a progenitor to these viruses are you going to conclude someone targeted Laos?

    • Replies: @skrik
  288. @Wizard of Oz

    I really don’t understand your question.

    Jones and Harrit found nanothermite in the dust which implies a demolition. There were many other papers in the Journal for 9/11 truth that came to the same conclusion for different reasons. Many of these papers also explain the differences in the WTC 1 and 2 collapses and the WTC 7 collapses, but all three being demolitions none the less.

    Some of the papers even try to answer the “whodunnit” question.

    I have never thought it was Al Qaeda. I don’t think they had the means (technical ability) or the opportunity (to pull off an inside job). A lot of people had motive.

    Were the perps state actors? Maybe. But I always thought it was more likely they were contractors for state actors.

    But the perps seem to have gotten away with it and it is extremely unlikely at this point we will ever know. We still don’t know how JFK was killed.

    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  289. @skrik

    Doing your research again.

    Here are two papers, one supporting your thesis and one saying your thesis is wrong.

    actually says lab origin can not be ruled out

    “Here we show that this hypothesis (of the first paper) relies on incorrect or weak assumptions, and does not agree with the results of comparative genomics analysis. The genetic divergence between SARS-CoV-2 and both its proposed ancestors is too high to have accumulated in a lab, given the timeframe of several years. Furthermore, comparative analysis of S-protein gene sequences suggests that the RBD of SARS-CoV-2 probably represents an ancestral non-recombinant variant. These and other arguments significantly weaken the hypothesis of a laboratory origin for SARS-CoV-2, while the hypothesis of a natural origin is consistent with all available genetic and experimental data.”

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  290. @davidgmillsatty

    I probably should add to this post to make it clearer that the subject of both papers is the furin cleavage site. The title of the first is:

    The genetic structure of SARS-CoV-2 does not rule out a laboratory origin: SARS-COV-2 chimeric structure and furin cleavage site might be the result of genetic manipulation

  291. @davidgmillsatty

    There are plenty of scientists either proposing the US bio-warfare origin of this chimaeric virus, or wisely keeping their traps shut. In all things in the West, you ‘rock the boat’ at the risk of your career and reputation.
    What explains the medical Mafias pushing of gene therapy injections aka ‘vaccines’, with FANATIC fervour, denying the vast number of adverse reactions, lying about the efficacy of masks, downplaying or denying their adverse effects and suppressing effective, cheap and safe early treatments like hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin and even Vitamin D prophylaxis? Moral corruption and service to power, particularly money power, afflictions raging throughout the West. When allied with TOTALITARIAN information suppression you get the ongoing fiasco.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  292. @davidgmillsatty

    Thermite just means that iron oxide and aluminum powder have been mixed together. Given the actual composition of materials in the towers, the mere fact someone may report finding nano-thermite after the fact doesn’t tell us anything about it got there. The assumption among 911-truthers is that it must have been placed there in that form by conspirators. But the obvious alternative explanation is that it may have simply formed as a consequence of a titanic collapse compressing relevant composite materials together. While I myself don’t have the technical expertise to rigorously argue that such is what happened, I’d have to say that nothing produced by Jones was particularly convincing.

    • Thanks: Wizard of Oz
    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  293. @grettir

    I’m more concerned about the absence of a question-mark at the end of the question, if that’s what it was.

  294. @Patrick McNally

    That issue has been resolved many times. You might read Jones papers and the papers at Journal for 9/11 Truth.

    But this is way off topic.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  295. @mulga mumblebrain

    Anybody can say any damn thing they want. Too bad if they are scared for their careers. Publish or perish as the saying goes.

    • LOL: Mehen
  296. skrik says:

    which appear to be as infectious as Covid 19

    Well, that simply can’t be correct; it is *only* SARS-CoV-2 which has the FCS-key [= PRRA, with its CGGCGG double-‘funny’-codons] to accelerated infection, but you’re excused. The Laos versions do appear closer than RaTG13 but as a direct precursor, RaTG13 was always inadequate because 1st, just in the spike, it needs the MP789 RBD-switch to get close enough, then 2nd, at only ~96.3% similarity, the point of the two going their separate ways [most recent common ancestor (MRCA)] may be as far back as 1948.

    Thanks for your cites (2) Segreto & Deigin and (4) Tyshkovskiy & Panchin, I would add two others:

    1) “The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2” (Andersen et al.)

    3) “Questions concerning the proximal origin of SARS‐CoV‐2” (Murat Seyran et al.)

    The numbering is publ-date-order. But the discussions therein are for the ‘profies;’ all I could do is ‘cherry pick’ a few pertinent phrases.

    IIRC, I first noted Deigin in this post here, dated May 10, 2020. The other 3 cites are new to me.

    My ‘native dialect’ [antipodean; forced upon me by the ‘accident’ of birth] includes the expression “very unique.” Of course, I laugh; ‘unique’ is a switch = on/off, and should require/suffer no qualifier, but the ‘bogans’ know of few such distinctions. But the discussion of PRRA is ‘fascinated/obsessed’ by the cggcgg twin codons which, according to most of these papers is ‘most remarkable’ [= ‘very unique.’ Haw.]

    Quote from (2):

    In order to evaluate the emergence potential of novel CoVs, researchers have created a number of chimeric CoVs, consisting of bat CoV backbones, normally unable to infect human cells, whose spike proteins were replaced by those from CoVs compatible with human ACE2. These chimeras were meant to simulate recombination events that might occur in nature

    There’s a possible answer to your Q:

    are you going to conclude someone targeted Laos?

    Recall, the ‘black-hats’ are capable of every last evil depredation, and the Laos ‘discoveries’ were made after the SARS‐CoV‐2-related sequences were documented, and it was mentioned [in the general discussion, not searching for it] that one intention of some researchers was to do exactly that; generate some virus and release it into ‘the wild,’ ostensibly to create immunity to such-like. The next ‘of course;’ discovery of PRRA ‘in the wild’ would be a) sensational only if b) acceptably = incontrovertibly well-documented.

    One more quote, from (2):

    The possibility that the furin cleavage site could have been acquired by recombination has been recently questioned by Seyran et al.,[ 47 ] because the SARS‐CoV‐2 spike protein seems to lack any further recombination event in contrast with the recombination model of other CoVs

    You and I could do “’Tis!”“’Tisn’t!” until the cows come home, but it’s unlikely to be of help. We all depend [partly] on our own intuition; for some “the glass is half-full” and others “half-empty.” A generalisation: IF anything *can* happen THEN it eventually *will*; IF something bad happens THEN look for the ‘black hats’ rgds

  297. @davidgmillsatty

    You think the collapse of WTC 1 and 2 was caused by preplanned demolition designed to look as though it started at the very different levels where hijacked plames could be relied on to hit the towers? And also to bring down WTC7 after fires burned all day despite the fact that this would clearly spoil the cover story of aircraft crashes starting the fires that brought down the towers?

    How could such an idiotically inconsistent element be allowed into a professional plot?

  298. @Wizard of Oz

    The argument always was that the plane that went down in PA was supposed to hit WTC 7. And then things would have been consistent.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  299. @Wizard of Oz

    How could such an idiotically inconsistent element be allowed into a professional plot?

    Probably in the same way that a clean 4 metre diameter hole in a brick wall at the Pentagon with no damage to windows immediately adjacent on either side and no other damage or wreckage at all on the lawn fronting the wall could be attributed to the impact of a massive Boeing 757 airliner.

    Or also in the same way that an airliner which allegedly crashed in the woods in Pennsylvania supposedly left nothing but an empty crater in the dirt with no trace of any aircraft wreckage whatsoever.

    Or also in the same way that, just when we were all hoping that someone would find the passports of the alleged hijackers involved in the fiery and cataclysmic World Trade Centre aircraft crashes and destruction, a New York cop looked down on the pavement and said “Ah, here’s one!”. A veritable Kryptonian passport, literally invulnerable, perfect and undamaged in any way, lying out there all by itself in plain view on the sidewalk just waiting to be found.

    The attention to detail (or lack of it) in this choreography says a great deal about the perpetrators’ opinion of the intended audience. Clearly they didn’t think the general population was smart enough to notice these plot holes big enough to sail an aircraft carrier through – and it seems they were correct.

    Even the Three Stooges got many a professional plumbing job, with all the predictably ensuing mayhem. The plausibility of the story doesn’t matter if most of the audience is happy to be entertained and just go along for the ride.

  300. @skrik

    And I think it will be that kind of argument from here on. One thing I learned from Kennedy and the 9/11 studies and investigations is that the prevailing narrative never gets successfully challenged. Any challenge to the prevailing narrative gets ignored or deep sixed. And now there is Ukraine.

    But I certainly appreciate the exchange. It really is nice to have these. I certainly didn’t mean to ignore you early on, but with all the posts to me about Covid being a hoax, whether my wife was peer reviewed, the legal issue that caused my original post and even 9/11, I was juggling too many balls at once.

  301. @Ultrafart the Brave

    So, do you think there was a conspiracy behind the report of live worms found in the shuttle debris of Columbia?

    That sounds more incredible than a passport surviving a plane crash.

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  302. @skrik

    Dr. Been just did a lecture on the Moderna patent and he concludes it is more likely accidental than intentional. The Moderna patent was designed for use in cancer treatment. In the comments one person said that this patent may have been used in Wuhan for cancer research. Who knows?

    What I would like to know is whether this patented process was actually ever used in a cancer trial. That would be the easiest way to get this sequence into a corona virus. But suppose that happened. What corona virus would work? The only existing one known until the three Laos viruses were discovered is still only 96% similar to Covid 19.

    Dr. Been’s lecture:

  303. @skrik

    To explicate a bit further. Ratg13, the closest virus known at the beginning of the pandemic to Covid 19, according to Dr. Been, has only a 96.2% similarity to Covid 19.

    If you add in the 19 nucleotide mutation to Ratg13, you are still along ways from Covid 19. Whether that insertion makes it 97% or 98% or 99% similar to Covid 19, I don’t know. But no one has said this 19 nucleotide mutation morphs Ratg13 into Covid 19.

    So that means there has to be another virus source other than Ratg13. Just more evidence that Covid 19 was not fully manmade even if somehow a patented sequence was part of it.

    • Replies: @skrik
  304. @davidgmillsatty

    Yes, that totally evidence and probability free question begging “argument” is the best truthers have come up with. Surely the Capitol was a much more probable target FWIW.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  305. @Ultrafart the Brave

    Indeed it is absurd to suppose that rational plotters would spoil their cover story by making hundreds of passengers disappear and substitute a missile for a plane! As to the plausibly burned passport you seem to ignore that, of all the hundreds of items which would have been in the debris from the plane a passport would have leapt to the eye unlike say a toy or book.

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  306. @Wizard of Oz

    Perhaps. But there are other explanations as well. The public seemed to have bought the claim that the planes knocked down the tower and that the towers caused the WTC 7 to collapse as well.

    But 9/11 research stopped about 10 years ago when truthers began to realize nothing was going to be done about it. There were not going to be any commissions to seriously look as demolitions as the reasons the buildings fell.

    I used to research this daily. But I really don’t care any more. Because the narrative will stand just like it did with JFK. And now that Ukraine is going to be the war that is going to attract everyone’s attention.

    But for the record, the Journal of 9/11 studies does not subscribe to the no planes theory. Nor do I.

  307. @skrik

    Furin cleavage sites in the spike proteins of bat and rodent coronaviruses: Implications for virus evolution and zoonotic transfer from rodent species

    …. we show that the S1/S2 furin cleavage site is typically not present in bat virus spike proteins but is common in rodent-associated sequences, and suggest this may have implications for zoonotic transfer.

  308. New studies that support the Wuhan wet-market origin of SARS-CoV-2:

    New Research Points to Wuhan Market as Pandemic Origin

    Scientists released a pair of extensive studies on Saturday that point to a market in Wuhan, China, as the origin of the coronavirus pandemic. Analyzing data from a variety of sources, they concluded that the coronavirus was very likely present in live mammals sold in the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in late 2019 and suggested that the virus twice spilled over into people working or shopping there. They said they found no support for an alternate theory that the coronavirus escaped from a laboratory in Wuhan.

    Study 1:

    Study 2:

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  309. Allan says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Strange comment for someone who complains again and again about “Zionazis”. So your sneering looks like common projection, and it is. It’s true also that Nietzsche bemoaned dread anti-Semitism and, like you, mocked critics of Jewry. Like Nietzsche’s thoughts, yours are all over the place. Beware of anger and its disorderly effects.

    So, what’s wrong mumblebrain? Are you embittered that you were left out and left behind by your own kind? Those Menschen of Modernität long ago began to figure out the course of the Industrial Revolution and its relevance to strategies and tactics of totalitarian humanism. This means that you have some catching up with truth to do. Lashing out like a child won’t help you with that challenge, and it won’t clean up your thinking about the Palestinians, either. (When you have in mind their conflict with “Zionazis”, recall an old saying: six of one, half dozen of the other.)

    Now, probably a person as devoted as you are to defending the reputation of “the true Left” has its own Superman complex to contend with (in addition to your mental instability). Yeah, you’re a wannabe Superman, but not the type Nietzsche had in mind. You want to wear a dirty old costume of humanism that’s hanging on a rack in a neglected resale shop. That’s you, it seems, still fantasizing about being a heroic organizer of manual laborers and a leader of the international proletariat. Since you don’t have crytals from Krypton to teach you how to be heroic, you’ll need role models of the true left to show you the way.

    All he had in his pockets was a cheap nickel medallion of Karl Marx.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  310. @Allan

    ‘Zionazism’ only reflects Zionism’s cousin relationship to German Nazism ie both are racial supremacist, fascist, xenophobic cults with a lust for lebensraum belonging to various untermenschen. The link to Ashke-nazism bears some contemplation, too. Hatred is the order of the day.
    I actually find that anger, after a while, puts things in good order. What is wicked ought to engender anger. The expression ‘totalitarian humanism’ is nonsense, but begins to give your game away, quite effectively. Humanism believes in equality between individuals, and enemies of humanism(you make your position quite plain) are generally xenophobes, racists, and other bigots. It’s an ego thing, I believe, with the id lashing out from time to time.
    Of course you REALLY give yourself away with equating the Palestinians with their oppressors. Gotcha! We can easily see what you mean by the ‘true Left’.

  311. @last straw

    The SARS CoV2 virus is plainly a chimaera, with engineered editions like the furin cleavage site. This has been known since very early on. Bull-dust about ‘natural origins’ is a smokescreen to hide the opened can of worms, that points to the USA, Baric et al, the UNC at Chapel Hill and AMRIID at Fort Detrick.

    • Agree: acementhead
  312. @Ultrafart the Brave

    Wiz tried out for the Stooges once, but they rejected his as too stupid and fatuous for the role. There is nothing more amusing than a knuckle-head who thinks that he is Einstein.

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  313. @davidgmillsatty

    Thanks. To say that the public accepted the story that planes effectually brought down all three buildings is certainly the kind of logical response that is too rare on UR threads. But it does leave room for saying that plott

  314. @davidgmillsatty

    It’s good to have more logic than usual on a UT thread but it still leaves open that plotters wouldn’t have counted on it except perhaps the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania was headed for WTC which seems very unlikely for more than one reason.

    What seems to me almost insuperable is the absurdity of supposing the plotters would have included a sophisticated missile attack on the Pentagon which also involved Disappearing a plane full of crew, passengers and hijackers. Some of the desperate refuse to recognise that the pilot of the plane which hit the Pentagon was a professional so they can say it was impossible.

    I have long concluded that the worst conspiracy that might be proven involves Mossad knowing more about it than they warned of or that warnings were muddied or diverted by neocon insiders who wanted a Pearl Harbour.

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  315. Bolteric says:

    Holy crap! A new wrinkle in this saga.

  316. skrik says:

    there has to be another virus source other than Ratg13

    I agree, and I never claimed that RaTG13 was a direct precursor, I merely noted that the RaTG13 spike with the RBD replaced by that of MP789 closely resembles the SARS-CoV-2 spike, the latter having somehow ‘miraculously’ acquired a 12 nucleotide off-frame insert at the S1/S2 junction. My quiver is almost empty; my Parthian shot is this:

    the occurrence of viral recombination requires extremely stringent conditions, that is, two different coronaviruses infect cells of the same host at the same time

    You remind me of an old expression:

    A scholar and a gentleman


    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  317. @Wizard of Oz

    Indeed it is absurd to suppose that rational plotters would spoil their cover story by making hundreds of passengers disappear and substitute a missile for a plane!

    … and yet they did. Go figure!

    Your response is a perfect example of the psychology of the paradigm – where a belief is so thoroughly ingrained that the brain is physically incapable of processing contrary information.

    Hmmm, a 12 foot hole in a wall with no other damage or wreckage to be seen – and it had to be a Boeing 757 which dunnit because the Government says so

    And we know those “rational plotters” wouldn’t screw it all up by just using a cruise missile, because, well, because they’re “rational”. Even though there was nothing but a clean 12 foot hole in a wall. And no other damage. Or wreckage. Or bodies. Or luggage. Or engines. Or wings. Just a 12 foot hole in a wall. What a magical aircraft! Who knew that Boeing had developed stealth technology to the point of disappearing planes?

    They must have used the same amazing technology in Pennsylvania.

    Your incredible unshakeable belief in the 911 fairy story irrevocably proves that the “rational plotters” didn’t actually screw anything up, because they were correct in expecting that the hordes of gullible lemmings just like you will literally swallow anything hook, line & sinker if your trusted Government agencies and controlled media feed the story to you, all wrapped up in an American flag.

    The “rational plotters” don’t need to worry about the holes in their story, because crowds of people just like you staunchly defend their BS for them.

    • Agree: skrik
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  318. @Patrick McNally

    That sounds more incredible than a passport surviving a plane crash.

    Hey, if they can survive in my butt, then they can survive anywhere.

    And the plot twists on CSI and Law & Order really boggle the imagination – how do they dream that shit up?

    And there was that guy who went over Niagra falls in a barrel and survived!

    Sheeit – I guess it’s back to the drawing board for me…

    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  319. @Ultrafart the Brave

    My bit if pop psych is at least as good as yours. You obviously didn’t read more about the Pentagon crash than needed to confirm your preudices. And you have evidently forgotten a lot of what you read, as well as just getting all your figures wrong.

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  320. @mulga mumblebrain

    There is nothing more amusing than a knuckle-head who thinks that he is Einstein.

    I would never in 100 years stoop to such a libelous characterisation of said individual.

    That being said, the use of conjecture – his opinion on what the supposed “plotters” would or would not choose to do – to arbitrarily dismiss hard indisputable evidence of what actually went down – doesn’t help his credibility.

    Not a remotely logical line of reasoning, more in the spirit of “Dungeons & Dragons”, making the story up as we go along and “disappearing” inconvenient facts (apologies to D&D fans).

  321. @Wizard of Oz

    Some of the desperate refuse to recognise that the pilot of the plane which hit the Pentagon was a professional so they can say it was impossible.


    Still with this?

    The pilot of that plane was a real professional, alright – so very incredibly inconceivably professional that at the very microsecond that the Boeing 757’s nose travelling at 1,000 km/hr punctured a clean 12-foot hole in the Pentagon wall, he sucked the entire aircraft – all 100 tons of it, including 150 feet of 13-feet diameter fuselage, 120 feet of massive metal wings stretching out 60 feet either side of that tiny 12 foot hole in the wall, and two huge turbofan engines hurtling at 1,000 km/hr toward points on the wall 30 feet either side of that tiny 12 foot hole in the wall, as well as every last one of the unfortunate but thankfully clueless passengers – up into his little tiny butt and disappeared into the Twilight Zone, never to be seen again!!

    It’s as well that we will remember 11 September 2001 in perpetuity – it was possibly the most magical day in human history.

    Maybe that pilot will come back from the Twilight Zone in 75 years time, Bermuda Triangle style (maybe about the same time as the FDA finishes releasing the redacted Pfizer “vaccine” papers). One thing’s for sure, he’s going to have an awful sore butt (and all those passengers aren’t going to be very happy). But on the plus side, at least they dodged the Corona Chan injections.

    • Disagree: Wizard of Oz
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  322. @Wizard of Oz

    My bit if pop psych is at least as good as yours.

    No, it’s not, it’s really not.

    Just ask all those FBI stooges who confiscated every last bit of surveillance footage of the events at the Pentagon that day from commercial establishments all along the adjacent highway, within two hours of the events actually unfolding.

    Surveillance footage that has been kept hidden away in top-secret vaults to this very day.

    Just ask those FBI stooges whose story checks out – they’ll all swear on a bible that your story is true, which paradoxically proves my point.

    I rest my case.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  323. @Ultrafart the Brave

    About the Israeli art students. I don’t think they placed the explosives that brought the buildings down, that was done by expert demolition teams. The art students were probably tasked with placing explosives to create the plane shaped holes in the building facades – that seems more of an art project than bringing the entire building down. So first those holes were blown and the other pre-positioned explosives detonated later after footage was filmed of people inside those holes in the wall.

  324. @Ultrafart the Brave

    The Columbia shuttle would’ve certainly burnt out more thoroughly than a plane crashing into a building. But living organisms were recovered and identified. Unless one wishes to argue that the Columbia story was fake, then there’s no reason to think that we couldn’t also have a low probability event like the survival of a passport.

  325. @skrik

    Thanks for the kind words. The same goes for you. These kind of exchanges, unfortuanately, are much too rare today.

  326. @Commentator Mike

    If anyone was ever involved in placing actual bombs in the towers, they would have laid low when the operation went off. The Israeli art students were rather involved in tracking the potential terrorists and passing the information up the Mossad ladder where it was to be forwarded to the CIA. There’s no clear evidence that either the Israeli art students or the top command of the Mossad made any deliberate effort to withhold information from the CIA, although one is entitled to speculate. The CIA had always been restrained from conducting domestic operations on US soil, where the FBI was supposed to handle things. Because of the walls that were originally built between the CIA and FBI, the CIA had long since developed techniques for sometimes cutting around the domestic restraints. One such method would have been to wink as the Mossad conducted operations on US soil, and then get the data from the Mossad. In the case of 911, it has been documented that some of the CIA’s advance warnings came from the Mossad.

    Whether or not the Mossad really knowingly withheld information from the CIA is still just unproven speculation, though there’s nothing wrong with stating it as a hypothesis. Those Israeli art students were not planting bombs in the Towers but simply the suspected terrorist. It makes perfect sense that they would have suspected the WTC to be a likely target, because of the 1993 incident. It also makes sense that they would have suspected September 11, 2001, to be a plausible date for an attack, because this was the 10th anniversary of a Bush speech where the phrase “New World Order” had been used and someone like Osama bin Laden would have likely noted that a date. But there still is no clear evidence that the Israeli art students knew exactly what was going to happen.

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
  327. @Commentator Mike

    About the Israeli art students.

    Whatever they were up to, they sure seemed happy when they were dancing on the day.

    And they made sure to get a real good spot to film the whole event ahead of time.

    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  328. @Ultrafart the Brave

    “ahead of time.”

    There’s no evidence of that. The woman who called the police on them described in an interview with John Miller: “Like a few minutes must have gone on, and all of a sudden down there I see this van park.” This was after the attack. There’s nothing in her testimony which suggests that these fellows were set up to film before the plane struck.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  329. @Patrick McNally

    Hasbara troll-nice monicker, Moshe. One of the MOSSAD crew admitted, back in Israel, that they were there to ‘…record the event’, and why were they wildly celebrating with dances and ‘high fives’ such a tragedy?

    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  330. @Commentator Mike

    You think that the ‘Israeli art students’ were really art students!!:?? What a meshugganah!

  331. @Ultrafart the Brave

    Arguing with the Dullard of Oz is like trying to reason with a….let’s see…no, he’s sui generis. The King of Dunning-Krugerismo.

  332. @Ultrafart the Brave

    Tell me which “FBI stooges” you have been in touch with and tell me how I contact them.

  333. @mulga mumblebrain

    Everyone who took any kind of pictures of the WTC collapsing on that day was “there to document the event.” The Israelis on TV did not say a single thing which implied “we knew exactly what was going to come about before the attack happened.” It’s actually fair to assume that they had some measure of pre-knowledge which would have been shared with the CIA through the upper layers of Mossad. But they never implied the degree of advance-knowledge which you are suggesting.

  334. @mulga mumblebrain

    It most certainly was established long ago that these were Israeli spies who were keeping some kind of a watch on suspected Arab terrorists, using the “art student” story as a cover. It was also established that the CIA received some kind of reports from the Mossad about all of this. The conspiratorial hypothesis of an Israeli LIHOP basically claims that the Mossad willfully abstained from giving some clearly important information to the CIA. There is no evidence of that thus far, though one is free to speculate.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  335. @Patrick McNally

    I have the impression that much of the appearance of cover up was caused by the lamentable com.unications of the CIA and FBI and maybe because each could point to something communicated to the White House which could say was enough to have been acted on.

  336. @Ron Unz

    This podcast of the ABC Health Report should , certainly if followed up with peer review or replication, be regarded as relevant to most Covid 19 discussion

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  337. Ron Unz says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    This podcast of the ABC Health Report should , certainly if followed up with peer review or replication, be regarded as relevant to most Covid 19 discussion

    The new research reports discussed in your ABC podcast are indeed potentially important, but probably not in the way you imagine. There was a big NYT article about them, and I read their full text yesterday:

    They seem to make a very strong case that there was absolutely no presence of the Covid virus in Wuhan prior to November. You and others have sometimes been taken in by those ridiculous fabricated American propaganda-claims (e.g. the Harvard “study”) that the viral outbreak in Wuhan had actually begun months earlier, perhaps in September, and this seems to completely eliminate that possibility. Moreover, these papers strongly argue that Patient Zero became infected in late November/early December, several weeks later than had previously been believed. These lengthy studies are by the top experts on the Covid outbreak and seem pretty solid to me.

    Now consider the secret DIA report which is the main subject of my column. It described a “potentially cataclysmic” disease outbreak in Wuhan and the report was produced in “the second week of November.” Yet it now looks like Patient Zero didn’t even become infected until late November.

    Time travel? Precognition? Or an American biowarfare attack? Those seem like the only possibilities.

  338. I do vaguely remember taking a tentative interest in various reports of early evidences of traces of the Covid 19 virus but not “taken in by”. Unfortunately I don’t have time to find a way round my not having a NYT sub to be able to read your link. But I gather your only point is that it (and the ABC report) confirm that the timing of the outbreak supports your inferences from the supposed Medical Intelligence report. My problem with that is that, by now, I think it more likely than not that the smoking gun warning of cataclysm didn’t exist before it was cooked up as a way of damaging Trump and his regime. I have previously given my reasons for preferring that explanation of the ABC and Israeli reports. Previously I had proferred, more tentatively, that it might have existed but been cooked up to get attention and resources for the Medical Intelligence unit that had lost status and funding at the hands of John Bolton. Obviously I now regard the probability of that explanation being correct as negligible.

  339. @Ron Unz

    Maybe this article from Nature is as comprehensive as the one you linked from the NYT

    But maybe not because I don’t see how it can give any support to your

    Time travel? Precognition? Or an American biowarfare attack? Those seem like the only possibilities.

    Maybe the NYT article includes something to support your reliance on the ABC/Israeli TV report and for you to infer that the latest evidence for zoonotic origin is wrong.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  340. @Ron Unz

    Time travel? Precognition? Or an American biowarfare attack? Those seem like the only possibilities.


    Thank you Mr. Unz for injecting some intelligent analysis into an otherwise chaotic subject.

    Mind you, there does seem to be a good deal of precognition going on – the WEF’s Event 201 in October 2019 being a case in point, not unlike the secret DIA report you mention from the second week of November 2019 – following closely after the Event 201 rehearsal.

    FWIW, after the eerily prescient Event 201, just lately creepy Bill Gates and the WHO have been prepping us all with some precognition on the next big “pandemic” coming our way – supposedly a hemorrhagic virus which will be “much worse” than Corona Chan.

    Any bets about where and when that will be released? (Perhaps another secret DIA report will give the game away).

  341. Ron Unz says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Maybe this article from Nature is as comprehensive as the one you linked from the NYT

    Sure, the Nature article covers the same material, though it doesn’t mention the key point I focused upon, namely that there seems very strong evidence that the virus first infected humans in Wuhan “in late November or early December.”

    Maybe the NYT article includes something to support your reliance on the ABC/Israeli TV report and for you to infer that the latest evidence for zoonotic origin is wrong.

    You can believe or disbelieve whatever you want. It’s an undeniable reality that ABC News and its chief intelligence correspondent aired a story based upon four separate intelligence sources which revealed the existence of that secret DIA intelligence report, which existence was later separately confirmed by Israeli TV.

    The secret DIA report described a “potentially cataclysmic” disease outbreak in Wuhan, and it was produced in “the second week of November”…before there WAS a disease outbreak in Wuhan.

    You claim that ABC News and Israeli TV simply invented the story to hurt Trump, which seems awfully convoluted to me. Do you have any shred of evidence for your wild, implausible accusations?

    Video Link

    You had previously admitted that the secret DIA report existed, but argued that it was based upon secret American intelligence obtained from Wuhan, whose outbreak had probably occurred months earlier than previously believed. That theory has now been demolished, so you’ve completely changed your position and proposed an entirely different one.

  342. @mulga mumblebrain

    Well OK, I forgot the inverted commas. So that was thier legend, although there is no reason for part of the legend to be true.

  343. Yes I followed you down the garden path but my nose told me there was something not quite right and I was surprised by your certainty that you knew what had really happened. I thought my speculation about the concoction of the report was at least worth considering given the consequences you believed to flow from its truth. And yes, I’ve completely changed my position and I am surprised that you have remained so inflexible since the explanation I prefer is now even more consistent with the facts AND is just the sort of suspicious view that I would expect a believer in rogue elements near the heart of government to subscribe tpo.

    1.What led me back to the issue was the fact that, in two years, nothing more has been heard of the supposed smoking gun – no rebroadcasts and no confessions.

    2. No one has produced a copy of the alleged report. Or, apparently, sought it by sub poena or FOIA request.

    3. It was potentially very damaging to Trump which was what many people were trying to achieve.

    4. Contrary to your
    “You claim that ABC News and Israeli TV simply invented the story to hurt Trump, which seems awfully convoluted to me.” I haven’t said anything of the kind and agree that it would be unlikely. Indeed I think the subsequent silence suggests that they want to hide their embarrassment. Given the long history of CIA planting media stories I don’t suppose that you are likely to deny that there would have been Deep State operators who could pull off the deception.

  344. Mr. Unz has acknowledged the apparent precognition – foreknowledge – by government agencies of the release of the “deadly” Corona Chan virus, evidenced by a secret DIA report in November 2019 several weeks before the first known case of said virus.

    This coincidentally just a few short weeks after the WEF’s Corona Chan “pandemic” rehearsal – the ominously labeled Event 201 conducted in October 2019.

    Notice what we might regard here as a convergence of narratives – the stories told by the WEF and the DIA line up and match perfectly, separated by only a few weeks, prior to the rise just a couple of weeks later of the very “pandemic” of which they both warned, allegedly escaping from the now notorious Wuhan biolab in China.

    Hold that convergence of narratives in mind for just a moment – where the WEF (Klaus Schwab’s baby) and the DIA (a government agency) both told the same story predicting the rise of Corona Chan just weeks before the fact.

    That was over two years ago. Now fast-forward to the present, when Klaus Schwab’s favourite Young Global Leader, Bill Gates, is predicting that our next “pandemic” will be much worse than Corona Chan, “probably” a hemorrhagic virus like Marburg or Ebola. And surprise, surprise, the World Health Organisation (funded big-time by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) is saying the very same thing.

    Remember that convergence of narratives?

    Well, now we have a Chinese whistle-blower warning that China intends to release a hemorrhagic virus onto the world, probably through the athletes at the Winter Olympics Games…

    Video Link

    Does anyone see a pattern emerging here?

    If we accept Mr. Unz’ assessment that Corona Chan was a bioweapon attack, then – given the very clear temporal and factual convergence of predictive narratives among nominally independent government and Globalist agencies – an important ancillary question is to what extent, how far and how high does organisational collusion to perpetrate these attacks go?

    The most obvious question that doesn’t seem to have been adequately addressed is – who is ultimately calling the shots? My bet’s on Klaus – he has all the requisite credentials.

    • Agree: denk
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  345. skrik says:
    @Ron Unz

    G’day Mr Unz, and thanks for providing us with this super forum.

    The fact that sooo many [dilletantes?] are trying sooo hard to convince the [anti-critical] world of ‘natural genesis’ of the SARS-CoV-2 outrage should tell the aware among us something. rgds

    • Agree: denk, acementhead
  346. WGary says:

    If SARS COV-2 was a biowarfare attack against China, then China’s counterattack was one for the books.

  347. BaronAsh says: • Website

    Your thesis fails to address how such a relatively harmless pathogen triggered world wide never before seen lock-downs in response and the imposition of Emergency status allowing governments to bypass no end of constitutional checks and balances.

    In other words, you are very intelligently falling into the trap intended for you to fall into, namely regarding covid19 as principally a medical phenomenon not a pretext. Congratulations for unearthing the American contribution to the bioweapons aspect but since the Americans and Chinese cooperate on bioweapons research in Wuhan and dozens of other such labs worldwide the notion that ‘America’ attacked ‘China’ or vice versa is largely a red herring.

    The ‘rogue elements of the Deep State’ who may have instigated the ‘American’ bioweapons attack no doubt work with Chinese counterparts (rogue or official – I suspect the latter) making it actually a bioweapons attack against the whole world, no doubt in order to push their Great Reset agenda.

    So I recommend you turn your remarkable talents to researching that one in depth. Because I suspect this entire Ukraine business is actually Phase Two of this world wide asymmetrically waged war – covid being Phase One of course – and it will similarly maintain Emergency status under color of which further totalitarian norms will be established world wide. Indeed, I suspect we will remain under Emergency until the Great Reset crowd get to imposing on us all their desired Digital ID with Digital currency linked to it now being developed by the banks in Canada.

    • Replies: @denk
  348. denk says:

    Who is behind this SARS2 madness? I accept the risk of triggering your “conspiracy theory” buttons by identifying the widely recognized “global military-medical-petrochemical-pharmaceutical-war street cartel” as the only suspect that can wield the powers necessary to effect these frightening outcomes.

    In the days preceding the emergence of the first SARS2 cases, American raced to the Pacific Rim to impact escalating aggressions on SCS, TW. Communist China-a “most favored” trading partner with America, is politically allied with several American enemies, including those said to possess weapons of mass destruction, including IrAN. Coincidental? Not likely when viewing the larger political picture involving the Ango-American oligarchy’s RMA and instigated “conflicts short of war.”


    Why does the mainstream media continue to foretell of the expected arrival of the “Big One“-an influenza virus that will produce a super-flu that will kill billions of people, like the “Spanish flu” did between 1918-19, while totally disregarding the individuals, organizations, and laboratories that have labored to produce these weapons of mass destruction? Even the devastating Spanish Flu virus has been, literally, unearthed for further study and, do you suppose, deployment?

    Was SAR1 the appetizer ?

    Is covid [sars2] the big one ?

    But BIll gates has already warned us..

    You aint seen nuthin yet


    Be afraid…


    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  349. denk says:

    Connecting the dots…

    disaster relieve exercise that went live in Haiti

    Mass murder in the air,

    Cyber warfare

    Swine flu, the vaccine

  350. @Wizard of Oz

    I am not buying the secret report either. I have put up a post here by scientists that can actually do evolutionary virology and have concluded that Wuhan had a progenitor.

    I go with the science rather than secret government reports.

    • Replies: @skrik
  351. @Wizard of Oz

    We need another Daniel Ellsberg to release the “Covid Papers” before anything much can be said here. I watched the newsclip where they claimed that Trump had gotten this secret report, and it was obvious that they were motivated by Trump-hatred. That doesn’t mean that there was no such report, whether or not Trump actually saw it. But given the obvious motive for smearing Trump over this, there’s a natural skepticism which kicks in. A media which hated Trump could still sometimes make honest reports, but a careful review is always required in such cases.

    • Agree: Wizard of Oz
  352. Anon[350] • Disclaimer says:

    Don’t be stupid.

  353. skrik says:

    G’day. At home, we have a little ‘helper’ phrase: IDWT [= I don’t want trouble], just saying.

    On Mr Unz’s NYT thread are two ‘papers’ cited [both on the zenodo website], one saying that SARS-CoV-2 jumped *twice* zoonotically, and the other saying that the locus of infection was via *two* markets. Just saying, but IF those assertions are true [IMHO unlikely], THEN your search for the 19-nucleotide inclusion in cancer research is – well – unlikely to ever bear fruit. Again, just saying.

    PS Here is a diagram from a zenodo article cite by Robert F. Garry, p’d May 12, 2021:

    Comment: The zenodo articles are derivative = not new.

    PPS As a bit more ‘background,’ one of my 1st encounters with the SARS-CoV-2 imbroglio was here, and Forster’s diagram is still online:

    Comment: Forster asserted that there were two ‘precursors’ between a bat and his ‘A’ which evolved into his ‘B’ which later evolved to a ‘C’ [and so forth; we are talking about ‘ancient history’ here.]

    Musing: Also ‘back then,’ IIRC, ‘*not* market’ was *proven* by some early cases totally unrelated to markets, that now needs checking.

    I started this with IDWT; the search for the truth goes on. rgds

    • Replies: @skrik
    , @Wizard of Oz
  354. skrik says:

    Sorry [but not too sorry] to double-up, but: The next little ‘helper’ phrase: BTDT [= been there, done that]; I did a quick search:

    Earlier reports from Chinese health authorities and the World Health Organization had said the first patient had onset of symptoms on 8 December 2019 – and those reports simply said “most” cases had links to the seafood market, which was closed on 1 January.[7]
    ▲▼“Lucey says if the new data are accurate, the first human infections must have occurred in November 2019 – if not earlier – because there is an incubation time between infection and symptoms surfacing. If so, the virus possibly spread silently between people in Wuhan – and perhaps elsewhere – before the cluster of cases from the city’s now-infamous Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market was discovered in late December. “The virus came into that marketplace before it came out of that marketplace”, Lucey asserts.
    “China must have realized the epidemic did not originate in that Wuhan Huanan seafood market”, Lucey told Science Insider.[8]
    My bolding; of course things can change, or some things can *be* changed. rgds

  355. ok, this info is absolute hearsay at this point because i do not have links nor screenshots.


    but, i distinctly remember some threads on reddit in about May/June 2020 that were referring to an earlier post (it had links and screenshots) of someone posing as a high level military first responder in China, writing in obviously false “foreigner” English, who was claiming that they had just gotten done responding to events on the ground in Wuhan that resulted in thousands of deaths, nonstop crematoria burning and backlogs of bodies needing to be burnt, people being walled up alive in their homes, and an absolute media and other info blackout being placed on the entire region in China, hence why this supposed Chinese military person was “coming forward in an anonymous forum” to spew the details and warn the world, etcetcetc. the post even ended on a “dear god, what have we done” note at the end, and so even when initially posted the viewers on reddit saw it as a fake. the date on the initial post appeared to be before the outbreak would have even truly occurred in 2019, and the post i read referring to it was saying “this was obviously some kind of LARP (imitation portrayal) but isn’t it odd about the details and timing?”

    granted, you may take me as yet another loony on the internet (i’d be the first to admit that) but, i do remember reading the thread and i was not logged in so did not save the thread. and because reddit is some kind of disinformation outlet (which has now thoroughly invested in either the standard US media “explanation” of covid, or to polarize the political fake sides even further against each other, the “Fauci and Bill Gates did it” narrative, which also appears not thoroughly convincing, in my view. plus, my travels on that website lead me to believe that it is specifically designed for the psyop of political viewpoint polarization and forcing people to become falsely invested in particular narratives which do not address reality and are in mutual opposition to each other, with the “mods” of each board patrolling the borders and keeping out wrong-thinkers and questioners of either story at every turn, plus tossing anyone who appears to be in the “opposing” camp back to their hidey holes in another subreddit. it is a controlled space (by powermods, and probably automated at that) and very little genuine discussion is allowed there even though everyone who frequents that site believes that is exactly what they are doing while they are there.

    if you have someone who is adept at using a search engine (google has been made useless and the other engines are just not up to snuff and i found nothing on this thread when trying to retrace it, but countless “China is having an outbreak” standard news items), they can perhaps find this reddit thread somewhere.

    i have another “internet message board” story for you if you’re interested. there have been various uses made of message boards to spread certain info during this “plandemic” (even if the deplorable resisters are deliberately using that term, it’s still apt). on a gay message board extremely early in the COVID game (so, February/March of 2020 or thereabouts) when info was coming out about the virus in China and on the Princess Cruise, some one or group of people was using this particular gay message board to discuss outbreak measures. they were carrying on an obviously false conversation around “letting the frail and the old die, and letting the rest of us get on with things” (what became known as the Barrington Declaration) and it was also leaked at that time that Famotidine would be helpful (something Dr. Robert Malone eventually brought forward, but he was not even on the covid radar at that time, still a mostly private citizen and unheard of in the popular culture). the person who “leaked” famotidine info even portrayed themselves to “know someone who responds to worldwide biologic and chemical warfare and other toxic events and locations, and told me that they have foreknowledge of the COVID virus (remember, this is so early that they hadn’t even really had too many fatalities in China yet, nor from the Princess Cruise) and it is very deadly stuff and to make sure you all (denizens of said message board) do everything you can to not catch it”.

  356. Anonymous[907] • Disclaimer says:

    Further to the media and the jab, aka, vaccine.
    Big Pharma has a license to Kill, protected by government. Facts and stats.

    • Replies: @JackOH
  357. @skrik

    I never thought I would say it to you but I congratulate you on keeping an open mind on UR and bucking its traditions of emphatic certainty.

    I wonder where UR threadsters would now be at if it wasn’t for the glee with which Ron grasped his smoking gun report and took off into the stratosphere nearly two years ago now.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  358. JackOH says:

    A#907, I’m not sure about some of Kirsch’s assertions, but having written about health care at length, I can safely say that snappy “license to kill” phrase may not be off the mark. I’m sort of surprised–or maybe not–legal scholars haven’t weighed in on whether pre-emptively letting Big Medicine off the liability hook (see also tort reform) amounts to setting the stage for something like “mass killing”.

    Maybe it’s too much to ask that people see our bullshit legalistic process politics as cover rhetoric to achieve political goals with side effects as crappy as Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s USSR, or Mao’s China.

  359. @Wizard of Oz

    And the Wiz holds his prejudices only tentatively, and is always open to argument and changing his mind. My life!

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  360. @denk

    There had never been a pandemic of coronavirus disease until scientists, mostly in the USA, led by Baric and his teams at UNC and AMRIID at Fort Detrick (and who knows where else), began experimenting on them around 2000. Then we get Sars CoV1, MERS and Sars CoV2. All the doing of the Chinese, naturally.

  361. @Ultrafart the Brave

    That is NOT a ‘Chinese whistleblower’ It is a Falun Gong, ie CIA disinformation operative. So, the Games are over-where is the haemorrhagic disease? Oh, I get it-it escapes from one of the several Pentagon bio-warfare labs in Ukraine, so Russia can be blamed. What’s the bet it will be Crimea-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever?

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  362. @mulga mumblebrain

    Indeed I am at the opposite end of the spectrum to you on UR threads. Unlike you I have no strong emotions fuelling my comments. I like to learn and refine what I learn. Unfortunately I don’t think you have ever contributed new credible factual statements or corrected logic.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  363. @Wizard of Oz

    Ahhh, Wiz-we only have your word that you harbour no ‘strong emotions’. I could name a few that I suspect you possess. Still waters run deep-stagnant ones even more so.

  364. Fantastic, wide-ranging, in depth interview!

    Well worth the 2+ hours runtime.

    I have been tuning into Ron Unz’s website for years now.

    He sort of constructs & then deconstructs a lot of blatant, & also sort of blatant propaganda.

    That’s why I have off-loaded it onto the “ElectronicMonk”.

    (My moniker: The “ElectronicMonk” (EM) is a spinoff of Douglas Adams’ “Electric Monk”, a supposedly infallible entity/construct which is programmed to download & believe anything the directorial meatspace brain/mind wants it to believe, to save the time, effort & energy of believing in stuff, except, when it is distracted &/or observes/decodes some new information, which means it (EM) is deprogrammed or developed faults in its primary programming/ROMs & has gone rogue, or that is the least most common outcome in such rare cases.)

  365. @mulga mumblebrain

    That is NOT a ‘Chinese whistleblower’ It is a Falun Gong, ie CIA disinformation operative.

    The messenger is not so important as the message. Who actually believes that China masterminded the Corona Chan “pandemic”?

    The manufacturing of the narrative in process points to where Bill & Klaus intend to take us.

    What’s the bet it will be Crimea-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever?

    Whatever it takes. Hey, Bill and Klaus are masters at creative thinking, after all (though some might characterise it as “destructive thinking”). And they never let a crisis go to waste.

    … and the WHO does already have their hemorrhagic virus “vaccines” stockpiled and ready to go (although Lord F*ck himself only knows how they could possibly anticipate something so very very specific so far in advance of the alleged event actually happening).

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  366. Do not worry about anything guys, this, one way or the other, ends in a total nuclear exchange.

  367. @Ultrafart the Brave

    I actually think it will be bird flu, on which they are experimenting on Gain of Function, and giving it a few field trials on birds. We, I suspect, are next.

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