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Challenging Racial Discrimination at Harvard
The Supreme Court Reconsiders Affirmative Action
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On Monday morning, the U.S. Supreme Court will begin hearing oral arguments on a potentially momentous case challenging the use of race in admissions decisions at Harvard University and our other academic institutions.

Over the last half-century, our system of Affirmative Action—preferences based upon race—has become an increasingly powerful and entrenched aspect of American society, so much so that any notion of rolling it back had long since been regarded as quixotic. But a small group of determined opponents persevered in their efforts, so many now believe that a legal victory might finally be at hand. No one had ever expected that Roe v. Wade would be overturned after nearly fifty years, and perhaps Bakke and its epigones may suffer a similar fate.

This legal challenge to Harvard admissions policy had centered upon the strong evidence of racial discrimination against Asian applicants. When the trial began in Boston federal district court four years ago, I published a long article analyzing the case and noting the close connection to my own original Meritocracy article published in late 2012, whose own tenth anniversary is now almost at hand.

Last Sunday, just before the legal proceedings began, the Times ran a major article explaining the general background of the controversy, and I was very pleased to see that my own past research was cited as an important factor sparking the lawsuit, with the reporter even including a direct link to my 26,000 word 2012 cover-story “The Myth of American Meritocracy,” which had provided strong quantitative evidence of anti-Asian racial quotas. Economic historian Niall Ferguson, long one of Harvard’s most prominent professors but recently decamped to Stanford, similarly noted the role of my research in his column for the London Sunday Times.

Two decades ago, I had published a widely-discussed op-ed in The Wall Street Journal on somewhat similar issues of racial discrimination in elite admissions. But my more recent article was far longer and more comprehensive, and certainly drew more attention than anything else I have ever published, before or since. After it appeared in The American Conservative, its hundreds of thousands of pageviews broke all records for that publication and it attracted considerable notice in the media. Times columnist David Brooks soon ranked it as perhaps the best American magazine article of the year, a verdict seconded by a top editor at The Economist, and the Times itself quickly organized a symposium on the topic of Asian Quotas, in which I eagerly participated. Forbes, The Atlantic, The Washington Monthly, Business Insider, and other publications all discussed my striking results.

Conservative circles took considerable interest, with Charles Murray highlighting my findings, and National Review later published an article in which I explained the important implications of my findings for the legal validity of the 1978 Bakke decision by the U.S. Supreme Court.

There was also a considerable reaction from the academic community itself. I quickly received speaking invitations from the Yale Political Union, Yale Law, and the University of Chicago Law School, while Prof. Ferguson discussed my distressing analysis in a lengthy Newsweek/Daily Beast column entitled “The End of the American Dream.”

Moreover, I had also published an associated critique suggesting that over the years my beloved Harvard alma mater had transformed itself into one of the world’s largest hedge-funds with a vestigial school attached for tax-exempt purposes. This also generated enormous discussion in media circles, with liberal journalist Chris Hayes Tweeting it out and generously saying he was “very jealous” he hadn’t written the piece himself. Many of his colleagues promoted the piece with similarly favorable remarks, while the university quickly provided a weak public response to these serious financial charges.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to myself or other outside observers, Harvard itself launched an internal investigation of the anti-Asian bias that I had alleged. Apparently, the university’s own initial results generally confirmed my accusations, indicating that if students were admitted solely based upon objective academic merit, far more Asians would receive thick envelopes. But Harvard’s top administrators buried the study and did nothing, with these important facts only coming out years later during the discovery process of the current Asian Quotas lawsuit.


Only the first part of my very long article dealt with the question of anti-Asian racial discrimination in elite college admissions, but it attracted vastly more attention than any other element.

For many years, there had been a widespread belief within the Asian-American community that such discriminatory practices existed, a sentiment backed by considerable anecdotal evidence. But the university administrations had always flatly denied those claims, and the media had shown little interest in investigating them. However, my powerful new quantitative evidence proved very difficult to ignore…

But my most dramatic finding relied upon an even simpler analysis of public data, which had previously remained unnoticed. As I wrote in my New York Times column:

Just as their predecessors of the 1920s always denied the existence of “Jewish quotas,” top officials at Harvard, Yale, Princeton and the other Ivy League schools today strongly deny the existence of “Asian quotas.” But there exists powerful statistical evidence to the contrary.

Each year, American universities provide their racial enrollment data to the National Center for Education Statistics, which makes this information available online. After the Justice Department closed an investigation in the early 1990s into charges that Harvard University discriminated against Asian-American applicants, Harvard’s reported enrollment of Asian-Americans began gradually declining, falling from 20.6 percent in 1993 to about 16.5 percent over most of the last decade.

This decline might seem small. But these same years brought a huge increase in America’s college-age Asian population, which roughly doubled between 1992 and 2011, while non-Hispanic white numbers remained almost unchanged. Thus, according to official statistics, the percentage of Asian-Americans enrolled at Harvard fell by more than 50 percent over the last two decades, while the percentage of whites changed little. This decline in relative Asian-American enrollment was actually larger than the impact of Harvard’s 1925 Jewish quota, which reduced Jewish freshmen from 27.6 percent to 15 percent.

The percentages of college-age Asian-Americans enrolled at most of the other Ivy League schools also fell during this same period, and over the last few years Asian enrollments across these different universities have converged to a very similar level and remained static over time. This raises suspicions of a joint Ivy League policy to restrict Asian-American numbers to a particular percentage.

This statistical finding was illustrated in a simple graph, demonstrating that over the last two decades enrollment of Asian-Americans had gradually converged across the entire Ivy League, while sharply diverging from the rapidly increasing Asian-American population, with only strictly meritocratic Caltech continuing to track the latter.

It would be difficult to imagine more obvious visual evidence of an Asian Quota implemented across the Ivy League, and this chart was very widely circulated among Asian-American organizations and activists, who launched their lawsuit the following year. If they do succeed in winning their current case in federal court, the history books may eventually record that the wealthiest and most powerful university in the world was brought low by a single striking graph.


My extremely long 2012 article ran more than 26,000 words plus several quantitative appendices, and only the first part dealt with the issue of Asian Quotas in the Ivy League. This was a matter of deliberate strategy on my part since I assumed that most casual readers would grow weary and stop at some point, long before they reached the central core of my material, which was even more controversial.

Among American journalists and academics, matters touching upon Jewish sensitivities constitute the deadly “third rail” of their professions and the quantitative analysis I presented was probably one of the most explosive published anywhere in many decades. As I explained in the closing paragraphs of my 2018 article:

The current high-profile trial in Boston is widely portrayed by the media as a conflict between Asian-American groups, whose educational interests suffer under the current subjective and opaque admissions system, and black and Hispanic groups, whose numbers might be sharply reduced under some proposed changes. Whites are largely portrayed as bystanders, with Harvard indicating that their numbers would scarcely shift even under drastic changes in admissions policy. But the term “white” encompasses both Jews and Gentiles, and thus may conceal more than it reveals.

The implications of my 2012 Meritocracy analysis are certainly well-known to all of the prominent participants and observers in the ongoing legal battle, but the fearsome power of the ADL and its media allies ensures that certain important aspects of the current situation are never subjected to widespread public discussion. Asian advocates rightly denounce the unfairness of the current elite academic admissions system, but remain absolutely mute about which American group actually controls the institutions involved.

Throughout the enormous media controversy surrounding the Harvard trial in Boston, all sides are doing their utmost to avoid noticing the 2% elephant in the room. And that fact provides the best proof of the tremendous size and power of that elephant in today’s American society.

For decades the primary pipeline for joining America’s political, media, financial, or academic elites has been represented by Harvard and our other elite colleges, and I demonstrated that the distribution of their students sharply diverged from that of our society as a whole or its highest performing segment. I discussed the striking ethnic skew:

The evidence of the recent NMS semifinalist lists seems the most conclusive of all, given the huge statistical sample sizes involved. As discussed earlier, these students constitute roughly the highest 0.5 percent in academic ability, the top 16,000 high school seniors who should be enrolling at the Ivy League and America’s other most elite academic universities. In California, white Gentile names outnumber Jewish ones by over 8-to-1; in Texas, over 20-to-1; in Florida and Illinois, around 9-to-1. Even in New York, America’s most heavily Jewish state, there are more than two high-ability white Gentile students for every Jewish one. Based on the overall distribution of America’s population, it appears that approximately 65–70 percent of America’s highest ability students are non-Jewish whites, well over ten times the Jewish total of under 6 percent.

Needless to say, these proportions are considerably different from what we actually find among the admitted students at Harvard and its elite peers, which today serve as a direct funnel to the commanding heights of American academics, law, business, and finance. Based on reported statistics, Jews approximately match or even outnumber non-Jewish whites at Harvard and most of the other Ivy League schools, which seems wildly disproportionate. Indeed, the official statistics indicate that non-Jewish whites at Harvard are America’s most under-represented population group, enrolled at a much lower fraction of their national population than blacks or Hispanics, despite having far higher academic test scores.

When examining statistical evidence, the proper aggregation of data is critical. Consider the ratio of the recent 2007–2011 enrollment of Asian students at Harvard relative to their estimated share of America’s recent NMS semifinalists, a reasonable proxy for the high-ability college-age population, and compare this result to the corresponding figure for whites. The Asian ratio is 63 percent, slightly above the white ratio of 61 percent, with both these figures being considerably below parity due to the substantial presence of under-represented racial minorities such as blacks and Hispanics, foreign students, and students of unreported race. Thus, there appears to be no evidence for racial bias against Asians, even excluding the race-neutral impact of athletic recruitment, legacy admissions, and geographical diversity.

However, if we separate out the Jewish students, their ratio turns out to be 435 percent, while the residual ratio for non-Jewish whites drops to just 28 percent, less than half of even the Asian figure. As a consequence, Asians appear under-represented relative to Jews by a factor of seven, while non-Jewish whites are by far the most under-represented group of all, despite any benefits they might receive from athletic, legacy, or geographical distribution factors. The rest of the Ivy League tends to follow a similar pattern, with the overall Jewish ratio being 381 percent, the Asian figure at 62 percent, and the ratio for non-Jewish whites a low 35 percent, all relative to their number of high-ability college-age students.

Just as striking as these wildly disproportionate current numbers have been the longer enrollment trends. In the three decades since I graduated Harvard, the presence of white Gentiles has dropped by as much as 70 percent, despite no remotely comparable decline in the relative size or academic performance of that population; meanwhile, the percentage of Jewish students has actually increased. This period certainly saw a very rapid rise in the number of Asian, Hispanic, and foreign students, as well as some increase in blacks. But it seems rather odd that all of these other gains would have come at the expense of whites of Christian background, and none at the expense of Jews.

Based on these figures, Jewish students were roughly 1,000% more likely to be enrolled at Harvard and the rest of the Ivy League than white Gentiles of similar ability. This was an absolutely astonishing result given that under-representation in the range of 20% or 30% is often treated by courts as powerful prima facie evidence of racial discrimination.

Several charts and graphs effectively presented these remarkable findings:

These charts demonstrated the hidden reality that white Gentiles were heavily under-represented at elite colleges not merely with regard to their fraction of highest-performing students but even relative to their share of the college-age population. Academic administrators might publicly fret that blacks or Hispanics were not enrolled proportional to their national numbers, but the under-enrollment of non-Jewish whites was actually far more severe. To a considerable extent, the student bodies of our top colleges constitute the next generation of our national elites in embryonic form, and during recent decades white Gentiles had been increasingly excluded from that important pool.

All these meritocracy statistics were originally compiled ten years ago, but when I’ve occasionally updated them, I noticed that little had changed except that they had sometimes grown even more extreme. As mentioned, legal discovery eventually revealed that an internal Harvard study had largely confirmed my analysis of Asian discrimination but had been suppressed. Meanwhile, my much more explosive analysis of massive Jewish over-representation had never been significantly challenged despite the angry fulminations of a few agitated Jewish activists, but the topic had unsurprisingly disappeared from any public debate.


Faced with such seemingly insurmountable institutional and media obstacles, in 2016 I undertook a bold plan to rectify all these matters at a stroke, organizing the Free Harvard/Fair Harvard slate of candidates for the university’s Board of Overseers. Headed by longtime progressive icon Ralph Nader, we proposed that the stupendously wealthy university should abolish its undergraduate tuition while providing greater transparency in admissions, and if we had won and gained effective control of Harvard University, academic dominoes would have swiftly tumbled nationwide. But we lost.

  • American Meritocracy Revisited
    Elite Admissions, Asian Quotas, and the Free Harvard/Fair Harvard Campaign
    Ron Unz • The Unz Review • May 4, 2022 • 28,400 Words

Although our campaign failed, it may have had some longer-term consequences. Although neither our own slate nor that of our bitter opponents ever raised the issue of Jewish numbers, the front-page story in the New York Times announcing our effort must surely have reminded activist groups of the explosive contents of my original 2012 paper, and the risk that the astonishing facts I presented might eventually slip past the media blockade and reach the American public, perhaps with fateful consequences.

All my enrollment figures had been drawn from the public estimates annually provided by Hillel, the nationwide Jewish campus organization, whose numbers had been used for decades by academic researchers and media outlets. My article had noted that even slight declines in Jewish enrollment had sometimes provoked enormous public controversies and demands that they be immediately reversed. As I wrote in 2012:

Meanwhile, any hint of “anti-Semitism” in admissions is regarded as an absolutely mortal sin, and any significant reduction in Jewish enrollment may often be denounced as such by the hair-trigger media. For example, in 1999 Princeton discovered that its Jewish enrollment had declined to just 500 percent of parity, down from more than 700 percent in the mid-1980s, and far below the comparable figures for Harvard or Yale. This quickly resulted in four front-page stories in the Daily Princetonian, a major article in the New York Observer, and extensive national coverage in both the New York Times and the Chronicle of Higher Education. These articles included denunciations of Princeton’s long historical legacy of anti-Semitism and quickly led to official apologies, followed by an immediate 30 percent rebound in Jewish numbers. During these same years, non-Jewish white enrollment across the entire Ivy League had dropped by roughly 50 percent, reducing those numbers to far below parity, but this was met with media silence or even occasional congratulations on the further “multicultural” progress of America’s elite education system.

Yet the year after our unsuccessful Harvard Overseer campaign, the Hillel website reported a massive, sudden collapse in Jewish enrollment at Harvard and every other American university, a decline of more than 50% that was totally ignored by both the national media and normally alert Jewish activist organizations, and this striking disappearance of Jews at elite colleges has continued down to the present day. However, I quickly determined that this shift seemed merely to be one of redefinition, with students apparently only counted in that category if they declared themselves to be practitioners of the Jewish religion, a change that had an enormous impact, as I explained in 2018:

These arguments based on general plausibility are strongly supported by quantitative evidence, and ironically enough, it is Baytch herself who provided it. Around the time she produced her lengthy and unpublished document, Harvard Hillel was claiming a Jewish undergraduate enrollment of 25%, and near the beginning of her text, she claimed that figure was obviously false by citing a Harvard Crimson survey indicating that only 9.5% of the Class of 2017 were Jewish. However, she failed to notice that the survey referred to being religiously Jewish, which is entirely different than being Jewish in the broader ethnic or ancestral sense, especially since Jews are among the most secular populations in American society and a full 42% of the Harvard students described their religious beliefs as atheist, agnostic, or “other.” Indeed, a worldwide survey finds that only 38% of (ethnic) Jews follow the Jewish religion. So if the Crimson survey were correct and Harvard Jews were typical in their religiosity, this would imply that 9.5% / 0.38 = 25%(!!!) of Harvard freshman were ethnically Jewish, exactly the figure claimed by Harvard Hillel. Fanatic ideologues such as Baytch sometimes have a tendency to score game-ending own-goals without even realizing what they have done.

In general, Jewish classification has a rather protean nature, with somewhat overlapping definitions based on religion, ethnicity, and full or partial ancestry, allowing it to be drastically expanded or contracted for various reasons. I suspect that Baytch’s confusion on this matter was entirely sincere, related to the obsessive tendencies she exhibited in real life. But others may employ these shifting definitions based upon more pragmatic considerations.

It is well known that for many decades the American Communist Party and especially its top leadership were overwhelmingly Jewish, even at a time when Jews were just 3% of the national population. But Jewish community leaders were not pleased with this situation, and they sometimes flatly denied the reality, insisting that there were actually no Jewish Communists whatsoever—how could there be, when Communists were hostile to all religious belief?

Similarly, my findings that Jews were apparently enrolled at Harvard and other elite colleges at a rate some 1,000% greater than white Gentiles of similar academic performance must surely have set off alarm bells within the leadership of Jewish activist organizations, who wondered how best to manage or conceal this potentially dangerous information. With a high-profile Asian discrimination lawsuit wending its way through the courts and my own unsuccessful 2016 attempt to run a slate of candidates for the Board of Harvard Overseers, the likelihood of growing public scrutiny surely loomed very large.

Baytch’s apparent confusion between having Jewish ancestry and practicing the Jewish religion would have been well-known in these circles, and offered an obvious solution. If Jewish numbers were suddenly narrowed to only include those students who claimed to follow Jewish religious practices, the flagrant over-representation of Jews on elite campuses would be greatly reduced. Meanwhile, large numbers of lesser-qualified applicants of Jewish ancestry but no religious belief could continue to gain unfair admission by writing essays about their “Holocaust grandmas” with America’s 98% Gentile population being none the wiser.

For whatever reason, Hillel seems to have recently adopted this practice, drastically reducing its published estimates of the Jewish enrollment at Harvard and other elite colleges, thus eliminating a glaring example of ethnic bias by a simple act of redefinition. For example, the Hillel website now claims that merely 11% of Harvard undergraduates are Jewish, a huge reduction from the previous 25% figure, and a total suspiciously close to the Crimson survey of a few years ago which counted Jews only based upon their religious beliefs. The Hillel figures for Yale, Princeton, and most other elite colleges have experienced equally sudden and huge declines.

One very strong clue regarding this new definition of Jewish enrollment comes from Caltech, an elite science and engineering school which is quite unlikely to attract Jews professing religious faith. According to the Hillel website, the Jewish enrollment is 0%, claiming that there absolutely no Jews on campus. Despite this, the website also describes the vibrant Jewish life at Caltech, with Caltech Jews involved in all sorts of local activities and projects. This absurd paradox is obviously due to the distinction between individuals who are Jewish by religion and those who are Jewish by ancestry.

As the 1999 media firestorm engulfing Princeton demonstrated, in the past even slight and gentle declines of Jewish enrollment over a fifteen year period would provoke massive controversy and angry denunciations from Jewish organizations. The absolute lack of any organized response to the recent sudden disappearance of nearly 60% of Harvard’s Jews certainly suggests that little more than a mere change in definition had occurred.


My own Meritocracy analysis was viewed hundreds of thousands of times, but such numbers represent merely a tiny sliver within the vastness of the Internet, and after a few months my explosive Jewish findings had permanently vanished from any secondary coverage or other public discussion. So although well-informed individuals interested in Jewish matters or elite college admissions must be aware of my results, the complete silence of the broader media has ensured that everyone else remained entirely ignorant.

As an example of this, a few days ago a friend of mine pointed me to a Tablet podcast series on Jews in the Ivy League entitled “Gatecrashers” and hosted by Mark Oppenheimer, an Orthodox Jewish journalist who often focuses on religious matters. Although I listened to the episode “Harvard and the End of the Jewish Ivy League,” I found Oppenheimer’s obvious lack of quantitative skills or any true understanding of the issues involved rather disheartening.

However, the podcast page did provide a link to a very helpful article in the Harvard Crimson, presenting the results of four years of Freshman surveys on a variety of lifestyle issues, including religious faith. During 2013-2016, there had been a very sharp decline in most religious affiliations, with the percentage of Catholics and Protestants together dropping from over 42% to less than 35% in just four years, and a corresponding, even stronger decline in followers of Judaism, while the combined category of Atheists, Agnostics, and “Other” grew from under 42% to nearly 53%. We can safely assume that a very substantial portion of the adherents in those latter categories are Jewish by ethnicity.

Freshmen who were religiously Jewish had dropped to just 6.3% in 2016, but during the other three years the percentage had closely clustered around 10%, which is also the figure currently reported for Harvard on the Hillel website. So if we assume that Harvard College attracts Jews who are average in their religious faith, this indicates that the ethnically Jewish fraction of the undergraduate population would be roughly 25% or perhaps a bit higher.

If this estimate is even remotely correct, the implications are quite astonishing, and we can easily understand why switching from ethnicity to religion was employed as a subterfuge to conceal this reality. Since 1980 every college and university in America has had to report the demographic characteristics of its student body to the National Center for Education Statistics. Our own website provides this public data in a highly-convenient form, allowing easy examination of the historical trajectory of all our thousands of undergraduate academic institutions. The 2021 numbers are not yet out, but I am able to provide a table showing the changing enrollment at Harvard College since 2012:

Harvard College Demographics Percentages

One of the most striking facts is that during the last five years the percentage of black students grew from 6.3% to 11.0%, a remarkable rise of 75%, certainly the most rapid increase in Harvard’s history. Moreover, the more recent numbers will surely be much higher, given that blacks were 14.8% of the students admitted in 2020 and a whopping 18% of the 2021 admissions.

The Iron Law of Arithmetic demands that percentages must sum to 100, so during this same period, Harvard’s white enrollment dropped more than 10 percentage points, steadily falling from 45.1% in 2012 to just 34.2% in 2020; perhaps this year it barely exceeds 30%. And if, as seems likely, ethnically Jewish students are in the approximate range of 25%, the inescapable conclusion is that although white Gentiles are 60% of the American population and probably over 65% of our highest-performing students, they have now been reduced to a single digit presence at our most elite college. As I noted in my original 2012 article, Harvard has long enrolled American blacks at a considerably higher rate than non-Jewish whites, but the former are now likely larger in absolute numbers even though the latter are more than four times more numerous in our society.

These shocking conclusions must be carefully hedged with a couple of caveats. It is possible that for some reason Jews at Harvard are far more religious than the Jewish population as a whole, which would impact our ethnic estimates. There also seems to be some anecdotal evidence that the lure of Affirmative Action admissions has increasingly persuaded some white students to falsely claim non-white status, and perhaps those numbers have become large enough to impact Harvard’s official statistics. But aside from these two possible factors, both quite difficult to evaluate, the astonishing conclusions I have drawn seem irrrefutable.

The increasing elimination of non-Jewish whites from Harvard and other top colleges is real, but the underlying factors responsible are far from certain. However, I should quote a relevant paragraph from my 2012 article, which noted the close historical parallel presented in Jerome Karabel’s magisterial volume The Chosen:

It would be unreasonable to ignore the salient fact that this massive apparent bias in favor of far less-qualified Jewish applicants coincides with an equally massive ethnic skew at the topmost administrative ranks of the universities in question, a situation which once again exactly parallels Karabel’s account from the 1920s. Indeed, Karabel points out that by 1993 Harvard, Yale, and Princeton all had presidents of Jewish ancestry,[80] and the same is true for the current presidents of Yale, Penn, Cornell, and possibly Columbia, as well as Princeton’s president throughout during the 1990s and Yale’s new incoming president, while all three of Harvard’s most recent presidents have either had Jewish origins or a Jewish spouse.[81]

When I published that article a decade ago, probably half of the eight Ivy League colleges had Jewish presidents, and that figure is higher today, with these including the presidents of Harvard, Yale, and Princeton; the ratio had been even greater last year before Amy Gutmann left the presidency of Penn to become our ambassador to Germany.


Relatively few Americans ever consider applying to Harvard or the other elite Ivy League schools. Indeed, I suspect that much of our citizenry probably regards the composition of those student bodies as totally irrelevant, far less significant than the identities of our top professional athletes or pop music stars. Yet as I have repeatedly emphasized, those educational institutions tend to provide the next generation of America’s ruling elites, and this applies to the world of politics as well as many other sectors.

Consider, for example, the leading figures in our current Biden Administration, who are playing a crucial role in determining the future of our own country and the rest of the world. The list of Cabinet departments has wildly proliferated since Washington’s day, but suppose we confine our attention to the half-dozen most important, led by the individuals who control national security and the economy, and then also add the names of the President, Vice President, and Chief of Staff. Although “Diversity” may have become the sacred motto of the Democratic Party, the background of the handful of individuals running our country appears strikingly non-diverse, especially if we exclude the two political figureheads at the very top.

  • President Joe Biden (Jewish in-laws)
  • Vice-President Kamala Harris (Jewish spouse)
  • Chief of Staff Ron Klain (Jewish, Harvard)
  • Secretary of State Antony Blinken (Jewish, Harvard)
  • Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen (Jewish, Yale)
  • Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin III (Black)
  • Attorney General Merrick Garland (Jewish, Harvard)
  • Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines (Jewish)
  • Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas (Jewish)

In 2013 Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Moscow’s Jewish Center and noted in his remarks that 80-85% of the first Bolshevik government was Jewish. Although that statement was probably somewhat exaggerated, it does seem a very reasonable characterization of today’s American government, despite Jews constituting less than 2% of our population.

When a nation’s top leadership is drawn from such a narrowly insular, almost incestuous circle, in which standards of strict meritocracy have long since been replaced by shared ideological beliefs and perhaps even widespread implicit ethnic nepotism, enormous problems may develop. Our current inflation rate is now the highest in forty years, and a few days ago, prestigious Foreign Affairs, mouthpiece of the American political establishment, carried a major article discussing the looming possibility of a simultaneous war against both Russia and China and how we could successfully triumph in such a difficult conflict. Since my infancy, no American president has seriously contemplated a war with either Russia or China, but our current national leadership seems quite eager to embroil us in a global war with both of them at the same time.

My original article had closed with a strongly cautionary note:

Following the 1991 collapse and disintegration of the Soviet Union, some observers noted with unease that the United States was left as about the only remaining large and fully-functional multi-ethnic society, and the subsequent collapse and disintegration of ethnically diverse Yugoslavia merely strengthened these concerns. China is sometimes portrayed by the ignorant American media as having large and restive minority populations, but it is 92 percent Han Chinese, and if we exclude a few outlying or thinly populated provinces—the equivalents of Alaska, Hawaii, and New Mexico—closer to 95 percent Han, with all its top leadership drawn from that same background and therefore possessing a natural alignment of interests. Without doubt, America’s great success despite its multiplicity of ethnic nationalities is almost unique in modern human history. But such success should not be taken for granted.

Many of the Jewish writers who focus on the history of elite university admissions, including Karabel, Steinberg, and Lemann, have critiqued and rebuked the America of the first half of the Twentieth Century for having been governed by a narrow WASP ascendency, which overwhelmingly dominated and controlled the commanding heights of business, finance, education, and politics; and some of their criticisms are not unreasonable. But we should bear in mind that this dominant group of White Anglo-Saxon Protestants—largely descended from among the earliest American settlers and which had gradually absorbed and assimilated substantial elements of Celtic, Dutch, German, and French background—was generally aligned in culture, religion, ideology, and ancestry with perhaps 60 percent of America’s total population at the time, and therefore hardly represented an alien presence.[119] By contrast, a similarly overwhelming domination by a tiny segment of America’s current population, one which is completely misaligned in all these respects, seems far less inherently stable, especially when the institutional roots of such domination have continually increased despite the collapse of the supposedly meritocratic justification. This does not seem like a recipe for a healthy and successful society, nor one which will even long survive in anything like its current form.

Power corrupts and an extreme concentration of power even more so, especially when that concentration of power is endlessly praised and glorified by the major media and the prominent intellectuals which together constitute such an important element of that power. But as time goes by and more and more Americans notice that they are poorer and more indebted than they have ever been before, the blandishments of such propaganda machinery will eventually lose effectiveness, much as did the similar propaganda organs of the decaying Soviet state. Kahlenberg quotes Pat Moynihan as noting that the stagnant American earnings between 1970 and 1985 represented “the longest stretch of ‘flat’ income in the history of the European settlement of North America.”[120] The only difference today is that this period of economic stagnation has now extended nearly three times as long, and has also been combined with numerous social, moral, and foreign policy disasters.

Over the last few decades America’s ruling elites have been produced largely as a consequence of the particular selection methods adopted by our top national universities in the late 1960s. Leaving aside the question of whether these methods have been fair or have instead been based on corruption and ethnic favoritism, the elites they have produced have clearly done a very poor job of leading our country, and we must change the methods used to select them.

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  1. IreneAthena says: • Website

    Dang. I suspect I’ll nevah get into Hahvahd now.
    I was counting on my 0.01% Cherokee Princess ancestry to grease the skids,
    but B 4 u know it, Native American is going to be demoted to just another brand of skeechy white adjacent.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  2. Karl1906 says:

    Sorry, but I stopped reading after “the supreme court reconsiders”.

    Better come back when it’s a done deal. Debating about it now is pointless.

    The “highest” court of the U of S has been failing ever since 2016. It’s like hoping for the moment when a broken clock shows the correct time. Well, certainly not without pointers.

  3. Anon[271] • Disclaimer says:

    I wish the Supreme Court waited until after the election before taking on the Affirmitive Action case. The ethnic minority vote isn’t exactly highly motivated right now, but this would indeed change with a ruling they disliked.

    • Replies: @Jmaie
    , @P. Cleburne
  4. Of Ron Unz’s many good works, this article represents possibly the most important. Unfortunately, as The Myth of American Meritocracy showed, having a sound argument–and documenting it thoroughly—isn’t enough when you’re rowing against a flood.

    At least the verdict won’t be announced until well after the election. The abortion thing is more than enough millstone around the GOP’s neck for now. And FWIW I say this as someone who isn’t particularly a fan of the GOP.

    • Agree: James N. Kennett, Renard
  5. The precerence of money and biased intake over scientific merit has been going for some time now. Politicians with a Harvard background are seen making terrible decisions and the predictive skills of econometrists with a Harvard background are surpassed by the skills of the average zoo monkey. Military strategists with a Harvard background have difficulty reading Russian strategies and intentions. Same goes for type with a Princeton or Stanford or Columbia background. Doesn’t matter which one, really. These uni types end up in Washington, the Fed, the United and World Syndicates and global corp boardrooms. They are responsible for a large part of the moneygrabbing ecocentric decision making fuckups. Universities are nothing more than a filtering gate giving access to the big self serving havoc wreaking clubs in the world. They provide the skills to perform for that purpose and not for the common good and global human interest.

  6. mephisto says:

    Great news. This is how a violent revolution starts and destroys the usurpers. Circa 1920-1930 in Germany.

    • Thanks: Realist
  7. This is an absolutely explosive and brilliant analysis. Congratulations, Ron. I’m still amazed that (((they))) haven’t found a way to silence and/or de-platform you. I am impressed by your courage, your principled determination, and I am personally grateful to you for this remarkable Free Speech oasis (TUR). It is in a class by itself. Bravo!

  8. zard says:

    The only depopulation being implemented on the planet is white depopulation. What they don’t tell you is that the nonwhite population increases every year while the white decreases…all according to ZOGs plan of course.

    We’re on a planet with close to 8 billion simians & mongrels (nonwhites)..unless something drastically changes they’re just going to overwhelm & drown the whites (directed by the Jews) over the coming decades (Camp of the Saints). As long as these jewish parasistes continue governing these ‘western nations’ nothing is going to change. But hey, this is the insane world you defeated Hitler for…cheers.

    • Agree: Inverness, P. Cleburne
    • Thanks: Katrinka
    • Replies: @SoUtH
  9. John Colt says:

    Unless they abolish legacy admissions, there will be generations of grandfathered Jews getting in through the backdoor.

    • Agree: Ummmpph!, Renard, Inverness
  10. anon[307] • Disclaimer says:

    unz fails to mention that the guy behind the suit is a jew.

    his ultimate motivation is thus the further replacement of white gentiles by asians.

    • Agree: Ummmpph!
    • Disagree: Katrinka, James N. Kennett
    • Replies: @AlexanderEngUK
  11. Thanks for your service sir.

    Imagine you had won the governorship.

    And Ralph Nader,the presidency.

    What a wonderful world it could be,

    should be and would be.Imagine, if only…

    some divine force worked for the actual

    health and qualitative goodness of life…

    We would’t even need 51 “supreme” courts.

  12. … nation’s top leadership is drawn from such a narrowly insular, almost incestuous circle …

    The only three people on that list whose “Jewishness” I already knew something about (Biden, Harris) or just looked into (Haines) are together 0.5/3, or 1/6 Jewish, and are part of family trees that testify to how ubiquitous is dilution of Jewish bloodlines in America. All are most certainly not members of the insular or “incestuous” (!) segments of American Jewry.

    So, major crackpot alert.

    (Haines, whose background I don’t recall ever having learned about and whose last name sounded gentile, is an ethnic half-Jew, and although considered Jewish under religious law, is almost certainly non-practicing.)

    I suppose I could look into the others, but, dang, that stench of crackpottery…

  13. Is this on accident or is it intentional nepotism? Whites had this coming since Alexander the Great invaded Israel. This isn’t going to end well, it looks like the wheels are coming off the American Empire. We can see from the university enrollment information the makeup of the ruling class to a degree. It is tone-deaf and hated, relying on ever increasing oppression to maintain power. I just can’t imagine Anglo-Americans revolting due to religious and cultural indoctrination.

    Ron, I hope your stalker doesn’t see this! What ever happened to her?

    • Replies: @Renard
  14. As a proud, racially conscious, high IQ, White/European, I feel ashamed that we have to use these despicable anti-Asian mechanisms instead of defeating them on a level playing field. As a Nietzschean / aristocratic radicalist / anti-Christian, anti-liberal, anti-egalitarian „rebel against the modern world” in line with thinkers like Anthony Ludovici, Julius Evola or the famed Conservative Revolutionaries, I largely blame Christianity, the original Jewish psy op against Europeans and its centuries of dysgenics for this tragedy. It’s worth recalling that East Asians have practiced eugenics for a very long time.

    I’m perfectly aware that, on the whole, Whites suffer as a result of these measures as well, having read most of Ron’s writings on this particular issue, as I’m perfectly aware that not only Blacks, Latinos etc., but also the Chosenites benefit from these measures. Alas, the Chosenites could never have achieved this on their own, without the mostly conscious complicity of Elite Whites who chose to sacrifice Poor and Non privileged Whites in order to protect and maximize their privileges and keep East Asians in their relatively subordinated place.

    Leaving aside the oft-stated dynamics of financial capitalism and the subversive workings of the organized Jewry driven by its will to dominate all others, and its visceral, virulent, fanatical hatred of Europeans, the most overlooked reason why the US and other Western countries consciously import many non-Europeans is due to their painful awareness that the West cannot come out on top of China while remaining ethnocentric. (It is well understood that multiculturalism is a dangerous bet, but what else is to be done?) And should the West lose its hegemony, the living standards would drop dramatically. It’s almost impossible to overstate how much the US benefits from NATO, the dollar supremacy etc. That is why the US is so desperate to contain China by any means.

    That said, I do believe that authentic genius is not merely a function of IQ, far from it, and that we (for reasons still not fully understood) produce notably more geniuses per capita than East Asians. Just look at the number of Nobel prize winners per capita. Furthermore, it’s almost as if East Asians need us to do the foundational work (the way half German, half Jewish Grothendieck did with algebraic geometry), as if they are only able to master the problems within a paradigm / framework once its foundations and boundaries have been set by us, to hark back to Kuhn. Terence Tao, the most high profile East Asian genius of the last 100 years, hasn’t contributed to mathematical theory nearly as much as White and Jewish giants of math have. He’s essentially been the supreme problem solver.

    I also agree with those like Ed Dutton who value the prevalence of true geniuses more than the average IQ per capita, but I do not give preference to the former to the extent that he does. East Asians have higher average IQ than us and it is very consequential. Not only that, they also outnumber us by some margin. Had the Europeans heeded Spengler’s prescriptions and united prior to the WWII, those issues would already have been taken caren of. Alas, Anglo treachery and greed, coupled with Jewish subversion, has eventually led to this pathetic outcome and the West desperately hoping to recruit as many high IQ Pajeets et al. as it possibly can, as it frenetically struggles to preclude China from rising to the top for which they almost seem destined.

    P. S. Have you ever wondered why Israel tries so hard not to offend the Chinese, why it risked alienating the US by sharing sensitive technology with China, why it tried to resist opposing China on the Uyghurs, etc.? Because the Chosenites have been preparing for post Globalist American Empire future for some time now. (((They))) know damn well how likely the decline of the US and the Chinese ascent to the top really are. (((They))) have squeezed everything they possible could have out of the US, annihilating as many regional threats to Israel as they could have, and are now preparing to work with China, should the US fall. As megalomaniac as (((they))) are, they know that 15 million Ashkenazi + half Ashkenazis with the average IQ of 110 +/-2 (IMO) cannot come out on top of a similarly ethnocentric billion with the average IQ of 105.

  15. AA is THE tool of choice for dogooders everywhere, what happens to social engineering ?

  16. This was a matter of deliberate strategy on my part since I assumed that most casual readers would grow weary and stop at some point, long before they reached the central core of my material, which was even more controversial.

    It’s difficult to comprehend why Ron continues with his circmlocutory style when he does have the choice of keeping it simple and indeed get to the central core of his material in a less convoluted manner. His casual readers would appreciate that.

    Then there is the tendency to quote himself generously, reflecting an inevitable and Freudian I-told-you-so refrain.

    His choice of subject matter is to be applauded, if only the delivery was more concise and direct, for the occasional benefit of his casual readers.

    • Agree: traducteur
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Ron Unz
  17. Kali says:

    Excellent essay Ron. Let’s hope it’s as widely read and discussed as you 2012 meritocracy essay.

    The conversation around the JQ (Jewish Question) seems to be gaining interest amongst those who have come to look beyond the establishment/legacy media for news and information.

    Your well balanced and honest presentation(s) of some of the key elements of “Jewish Power” may interest a much wider audiance than those hysterical screachings – far too common within alt-media/alt-right circles – of “Name the Jew!” which, understandably, put many people off from even exploring the question.

    This is the sort of writing that attracted me to The Unz Review in the first place. And what a nice change it is from the “apocalypse” and “armageddon porn” we’ve been inundated with for the past two and a half years. (My soul thanks you for this brief return to normalcy.)

    Additionally, given your reputation as an excellent researcher amongst the interllectual and politically active of your country, this writing may impact our collective “Western” future in some very positive ways as the Davos “great reset” and UN “sustainable developement/green new deal” agenda slowly, slowly comes off the rails.

    Much love and thanks Ron,

  18. Anonymous[224] • Disclaimer says:

    My grandparents were simple peasants in Communist China. They didn’t have any wealth, or much knowledge but they did know the value of hard work and impressed this on their children. As a result, my parents studied hard and got into University in China in the 1960s, something only the top ~5% of students could access. They worked various low-paid jobs in New Zealand but still managed to buy 3 now million dollar houses due to their frugality and wise investments. Next year, I graduate from medical school. I can expect to earn $140,000 (with overtime) in my first year, rising to ~$450,000 (with a bit of locum work) in another 6-8 years in Australia. I will be disappointed if I retire with less than 50 houses.

    You can discriminate all you want, but hard work and discipline gets results, one way or the other.

    • Thanks: Hibernian
  19. Build a mechanism for absolute control and someone will lead it along with hangers on also eager for the top jobs. That someone and his entourage will in all likelihood be some form of control freak with or without a psychiatric evaluation that might also show antisocial tendencies or actual mental disorders.

    An honest evaluation of most governments and especially the US Fed Gov should conclude that it is without any significant beneficial qualities and instead is the source for all the US’s problems and given its hegemon status and ambitions, also the world’s problem maker. This control mechanism will spread out to influence other spheres such as education, media, banking, etc. This is now the US’s situation and large parts of the world’s. Was it the educational institutions that were the seed for this is uncertain, more likely gov’t itself was the original cancer and the infection has spread to other areas. That some cabal identifiable as primarily jews is behind all of it is reasonable given their statistical overweight as various forms of “leader”.

    Build it and they will come. They have come and now want even further concentration of power. To ask the Supreme Court, a Fed Gov body, to change the system is asking to be fooled. Should it rule for changes, they will be superficial as mechanisms will be found to continue the system as it is because the owners of the country want it that way. As the Dollar fails, I expect a full blown in your face dictatorship that will nullify all legal theater and anyone looking at the current situation should see it’s not far off.

    The way to get rid of corruption in high places is to get rid of high places.
    Frank Chodorov

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  20. It will be interesting if this exercise shows up the Jewish propensity for opportunistically donning and shedding Whiteness as the occasion demands. In terms of Ivy League college entry it’s convenient to sail under the White flag which serves to obscure their vastly disproportionate numbers (as demonstrated by RU). More likely SCOTUS – unless it comes up with its very own Ye – will continue to lump them into the White cohort. A bridge too far and all that….

  21. Ron says:

    “The absolute lack of any organized response to the recent sudden disappearance of nearly 60% of Harvard’s Jews certainly suggests that little more than a mere change in definition had occurred.”

    Holocausted right out of existence. The Jews who warned that it could happen here were right after all. It did and they did it–just as they did it back then–simply by deliberately miscounting.

    • Replies: @James Scott
  22. It would seem to be pointless, because with few exceptions and few disciplines, the “Higher Education” industry is going to be running out of White suckas willing/able to pay for the vile tripe being peddled anyway.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  23. I appreciate all of Ron Unz’s many efforts in this regard, in digging up the truth. IMO, the upcoming SCROTUS decision on Affirmative Action, hopefully of a more general nature on this 55 year running unConstitutional and unfair treatment of the White man, will probably not change much. Just as with the rulings in California that have often been worked around, I doubt we’ll get the US Feral Gov’t to quit hiring incompetents.

    Peak Stupidity has so far 3 of likely a 5-part series on “Harvesting the fruits of a half-century of Affirmative Action” — see Part 1 – – Part 2 – – Part 3.

    Though wrong to begin with, the original purpose of AA was to give the American black people a “hand up”. As unfair as it was, I think lots of Americans at the time thought it would be a worthwhile sacrifice to make for the long run. Not only has that part screwed White men for 55 years, but it’s been a failure anyway. Now, all the large groups of newcomers to America are benefitting, and we know this whole thing is nothing but an anti-White program.

    • Replies: @Arclight
  24. @Anonymous

    I congratulate your parents, Anon #242, and you too, for your hard work. I wonder if you noticed, since you didn’t bother to even mention it, what was* different about New Zealand and the White western world that allowed your parents and you to do so well and make use of your talents. Are you gracious enough to your host country to even mention that?

    I’m guessing it wouldn’t have worked out so well for you all, no matter what degrees your parents had, in mainland China until after the tyrant Mao kicked it.

    About your planned 50 houses: Money is not everything. Power is not everything. Perhaps you could pay back the world a bit by supporting freedom and liberty, even though that’s not generally been a Chinese thing. It’d be the RIGHT thing to do, maybe after you’ve gotten about 40 houses or so …

    BTW, 450,000 Aussie dollars is not peanuts, but go see how much the visible hand of Government will take out of that from your unusually-materialistic ass.


    * Note the “was”, as I don’t give Western nations any credit for their political systems at this point, especially New Zealand as government by the complete mental case Jacinda Ardern – see Affirmative Action for the marble-supply-challenged.

    • Agree: chris, BlackFlag
  25. I don’t want to harsh Mr. Unz’s glory here, but I have to say that I really don’t care who gets into these elite schools. I would never want my child to attend, no matter how much merit would have him “deserving” it. Integrity is more important than money and power.

    Notice who the elites that have come out of these ESTEEMED Institutions have been, those in high places in American Feral Gov’t and “Industry”. I suppose one could say we want “our” people back in there, but honestly, White/black/BLT-G*/Hispanic/Jewish, whatever, the people out of these Institutions have been ruining America since before I was born.

    To paraphrase Bad Orange Man, they are not sending their best elites.

    It’d be nice to see the investigations of the half-century of screwing over the White Man via government mandates continue in other realms. I doubt you’ll get enough information to prove anything, though, especially considering that the HR departments and agency heads that could have provided it are filled with women and other AA hires.

    No matter what, thanks for the hard work, Ron Unz, especially with this bastion of REAL free speech that is The Unz Review!


    * Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato – with a side of Guacamole? I dunno…

    • Replies: @James N. Kennett
  26. Arclight says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Agree, most Americans were willing to give it a try and viewed AA as relatively benign but it has metastasized into a ‘screw whites’ system that our betters insist it is bigoted to oppose in any way. As you note, it simply has not worked and there is still a massive black/white (cause that’s the only comparison people really care about) in any educational or economic metric you care to name. Of course adherents to AA say the answer is MOAR racial discrimination to get the promised land, but deep down almost no one believes these gaps can organically close and rolling over on AA or DIE is just embracing racial hatred and discrimination as a matter of national policy forever.

  27. Anon[256] • Disclaimer says:

    Yeah, the gooks are getting screwed at Harvard would have worked for me.

  28. Z-man says:

    If it happens it’ll be 40 years too late.

  29. Cowboy says:

    Imagine there’s no Harvard
    It’s easy if you try
    No douchebag ideologues
    or tryannical technocrats
    Imagine all the students
    Free to speak and think

    Imagine there’s no government
    it isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    and no politicians too
    Imagine all the people
    living life in peace

    • Agree: IreneAthena
  30. @Jim Bob Lassiter

    If “higher education” were confined to things that had an empirical evidence basis, that would be of benefit to the world. As it is, the humanities and social sciences are where the nutters are coming from, regardless of the institution that granted them a degree.

    It’s the very existence of phony disciplines such as economics, sociology, gender studies, etc that need to be jettisoned. These are opinions masquerading as knowledge. Economics in particular has done tremendous damage to the world as the whores for the bankers and central bankers can be relied on to manufacture any opinion needed for the next scam.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
    , @H. L. M
  31. Amazing how Jews effortlessly slither back and forth from “I’m just white like you” to “I’m a persecuted minority.” They even claim both positions simultaneously, as Ron points out in this article.

  32. Ron Unz says:

    It’s difficult to comprehend why Ron continues with his circmlocutory style when he does have the choice of keeping it simple and indeed get to the central core of his material in a less convoluted manner. His casual readers would appreciate that.

    Sure, I could aim my work at individuals who don’t like to read. But others are already far better at producing numerous memes featuring cartoon frogs.

    Then there is the tendency to quote himself generously, reflecting an inevitable and Freudian I-told-you-so refrain.

    It’s much faster and easier for me to quote lengthy passages of my previous articles than to try to produce entirely original work that merely replicates that existing analysis. For example, this article runs nearly 6,000 words and I managed to produce it in just a couple of days, while if I’d chosen to write the whole thing from scratch, it would have taken me much longer. And if I use passages of previous writings, I really need to indicate that I’m doing so.

  33. Bruno says:

    If whites are legacies or athletes and some nerds and ethnic are positive discrimination beneficiaries, it’s even better for Jewish graduates prospects in real life. At this stage, the only threat for them would be too many Brahmin. There is no way Anglo-German are going to ride it pouring it’s brightest and strongest by virtue of any Scotus decision.

    I think probably many Babylonian, Greek, Roman, 19th century Chinese saw their destruction coming and were as helpless as we are …

    • Replies: @BlackFlag
  34. lavoisier says: • Website

    Bravo! Mr. Unz.

    This work is among your best, and that is saying something.

  35. Closing down all Ivy League universities would do a far better job than taking revenge upon the abuses of AA by the means of a reviewed, improved AA. These universities have renounced ere long to all opening of the mind, they couldn’t even stand going on using Latin and Greek as a selection discipline. They are places of top-level indoctrination as for the knowledge thought and the only talent they aim at multiplying is the art of screwing less fortunate people down to your nearest kith and kin in zero or negative sum games. Carpet bombing these campuses would be a net gain for America even considering only Zionist America. My intuition is that the real purpose of admitting ever more Asians and other full tuition paying foreigners is to install the said corrupt mentality in as many countries as possible. The way downwards achieved by those academic institutions is very accurately to be assessed by the way downwards to ground zero (today’s “installation” art mostly consists in scenes of bombing, doesn’t it?) achieved by academic art starting with the era of Grant Wood. Send in BLM, as they they are known for the utter ungratefulness they reward their intellectual benefactors with. Even turning these places into drug ghettoes would be a net positive contribution to US prosperity.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @Ron West
  36. rienzi says:

    If we are inevitably destined to get into a nuclear war with Russia, Mr. Putin can do us a solid by firing his first missles, each with a 10 megaton warhead, right into the middle of the campus of each Ivy League school. Done without warning, so the rats have no opportunity to scurry away from the ship.

    • Replies: @sulu
  37. It’s important to deny mediocrities like the Obamas the credibility of the Harvard brand, because what these mediocrities do is obtain political power, apply “disparate impact” to things like crime statistics, and create the horrible Bantu crime wave we are now experiencing. I’ve noticed that many posters have absolutely no idea how insidious the phony credentials of a Harvard pedigree can be toward polluting our civilization with Bantu BS.

  38. @Karl1906

    Sorry, but I stopped reading after “the supreme court reconsiders”.

    Better come back when it’s a done deal. Debating about it now is pointless.

    On the contrary, it is a very good time to remind anyone who cares to look that this explosive issue has not gone away. Persistence is everything, and is especially important when reminding people of incontrovertible facts that they would prefer to ignore.

    • Replies: @Karl1906
  39. @Ron Unz

    This is called “Biting the hand that feeds me too much”. TNB

  40. @RoatanBill

    Macroeconomics is certainly as you have characterized. Not so much Microeconomics, but those courses could be integrated into BusinessAccounting Schools.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  41. @Ron Unz

    The cartoon frogs, slurs, and articles for people who don’t like to read never convinced me that (non-Jewish) whites were victims of discrimination. But this analysis does. No wonder (((MSM))) doth protest too much about the evils of white supremacism.

  42. @Achmed E. Newman

    I don’t want to harsh Mr. Unz’s glory here, but I have to say that I really don’t care who gets into these elite schools. I would never want my child to attend, no matter how much merit would have him “deserving” it. Integrity is more important than money and power.

    A child with ability in a STEM subject would greatly benefit from attending an elite school. Even in more politicized subjects, it is not necessary to lose one’s integrity, though it may sometimes be necessary to keep one’s mouth shut.

    It is important for the good of the country that these schools recruit the brightest students they can, and especially that they avoid creating an intellectually mediocre ethnic overclass. This was the perennial criticism that American Jews made towards WASPs (a euphemism for gentiles), and it is beyond sad to learn that they have made the same self-serving error themselves, if anything on a larger scale than gentiles ever did.

  43. Anon[363] • Disclaimer says:

    A simple 20 minute internet search would reveal that every single Admissions Director at the top ten ranked US undergraduate schools belong to one single ethnic group


    • Replies: @anon
  44. Agent76 says:

    September 20, 2021 The Supreme Court has overturned precedent dozens of times in the past 60 years, including when it struck down legal segregation

    It is a central principle of law: Courts are supposed to follow earlier decisions – precedent – to resolve current disputes. But it’s inevitable that sometimes, the precedent has to go, and a court has to overrule another court, or even its own decision from an earlier case.

    Aug 14, 2019 The “Judicial Supremacy” Myth: Jefferson and Madison Set Things Straight

    Despite what everybody tells you today, the notion of total, final, absolute supremacy of the supreme court is a myth.

  45. H. L. M says:

    I quite agree with what you say and we would be better off without this nonsense.

    So, I see your point and I raise you one.

    Apparently the absence of common sense extends even to graduates in physics. To wit: our host, Ron Unz, believes propaganda like “Covid 19” and the ridiculous “vaccine”.

    • Replies: @Realist
  46. Ron Unz: “Based on the overall distribution of America’s population, it appears that approximately 65–70 percent of America’s highest ability students are non-Jewish whites, well over ten times the Jewish total of under 6 percent. … [N]on-Jewish whites are by far the most under-represented group of all, despite any benefits they might receive from athletic, legacy, or geographical distribution factors. ”

    I first heard the name Ron Unz ten years ago because of this article, and it struck me then and strikes me now that it’s possible that he’s a most unusual Jew. Notoriously, Jews are almost always more interested in “what’s good for Jews” than in truth at any price. Of course, this view presumes that truth at any price was Ron’s motivation, and that may not be the case. It also could be pure ego, a narcissistic attempt to bask in the glow of pointing out something that no one but he had noticed. There’s also a Jewish triumphalist angle in that this seems to be a backhanded way of complimenting himself and his co-ethnics on their own cleverness. In that case, nothing could be more typically Jewish.

    Despite all this and all the controversy the article has provoked, I haven’t seen anyone wonder about what’s happened to all of these high-ability non-Jewish whites. Ron’s statistics, if accurate, indicate that we should have the equivalent of ten Ivy Leagues worth of white geniuses running around loose who should, by all rights, be very pissed off at the Jews. Where are these people hiding?! Unless this under-representation has happened with their consent, one would think that anti-semitism would be running at an all-time high. Needless to say, that isn’t the case. Outside of Israel, it would be hard to find a more philo-semitic country than the United States.

    Resolving this puzzle leads to examining the concept of meritocracy. Is it really a myth, as Ron says? Actually, Affirmative Action was always, and is still, a straightforward revision of the idea. What’s happened is that, instead of scores on a test, “merit” has been successfully reframed in terms of inclusiveness and diversity. This has been a subtle shift in definition that whites have brought about themselves over the course of the last century and a half or more. The first and most obvious sign of it was when negroes were inducted into the ranks of the citizenry and given the vote after the Civil War. This was not done on the basis of merit. Merit had nothing to do with it! On the contrary, it seems to have been the result of some kind of Christian psychosis. It was the negro’s very lack of merit that made him attractive as a prospective citizen! Nevertheless, this action, the first step in the direction of Empire, eventually demanded more action in the form of forced integration. Greatly increased race mixing and the destruction of white culture have been the all-too-predictable result. These trends are now accelerating exponentially. Horribile dictu, it appears the white man is abolishing himself! Yet as perverse as it seems, that this is all happening with the consent of whites seems clear, or else we would have thousands of renegade geniuses like Ted Kaczynski deliberately trying to destroy the system. Ron’s statistics prove it.

  47. Anonymous[226] • Disclaimer says:

    So, my Jewish doctor, dentist, podiatrist, urologist, psychiatrist as well as the lawyer and accountant are all affirmative action heroes who got into ivy league colleges through nepotism … oy vey!

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @ThreeCranes
  48. Bruno says:

    Holistic admission is not under scrutiny. Just factoring race. As holistic is bullshit, all this lawsuit predicament is bullshit, Jackson hypothetical – with someone being able to take credit from his family legacy story and the other one not because of race – makes it clear that the criteria prohibition is arbitrarian.

    Universities will continue to recruit whomever they want while they get holistic recruitment whether or not race is taking into account. Banning holistic recruitment for any university receiving public fundings would have been the only way …

    • Replies: @Meretricious
  49. Anon[277] • Disclaimer says:

    There was a time when a degree from these Universities meant something. The same applies to those in the UK. Now, what you are paying for is a piece of paper that is so colourful it looks like it fell out a Christmas tree.

    I know a few of these graduates and what comes out of their mouth is sheer twaddle. Their bodies were in class but their minds ? Who knows where those were or if they even existed.

    You dont have to be as unfortunate as I am to know some of these cretins. The most cursory and casual glance at the DC crowd is enough to convince you these institutions graduate idiots. The Professors with their tenure dont care. They are not going to expel Mgugu, Chang, Singh or Vasquez because they are borderline retarded. The Institution want the exorbitant fees and not the exhorbitant political fallout.

    So in my opinion why does Affirmative Action matter anyway ? Why fight to enter a University to get dumb ? It must be like battling to get into the Mad House to attain mental stability.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  50. H. L. M says:

    Good article Ron.

    The jewish occupation of the US is a disaster for 98 percent of the US —- and the rest of the world.

  51. Allan Bakke wants to roll America a 50 year old doobie. There is nothing like the efficiency of refusal to look at these issues up front when they happen and stopping insanity early. So… reverse discrimination meant nothing back when it first started and all the damage since then remains irrelevant in the aggregate. Dismiss the meritocracy in favor of the shithole of ‘affirmative action’ and then reap what you sow.

    Now we applaud those that came around to ‘statistical truth’ 50 years too late.

  52. Realist says:

    Universities are nothing more than a filtering gate giving access to the big self serving havoc wreaking clubs in the world. They provide the skills to perform for that purpose and not for the common good and global human interest.

    This has been the case for some time now, but until recently it was not pernicious in STEM subjects.

  53. Realist says:
    @mark green

    Congratulations, Ron. I’m still amazed that (((they))) haven’t found a way to silence and/or de-platform you.

    You do know Ron is Jewish…right?

    • Replies: @mark green
  54. stillCARealist [AKA "ForeverCARealist"] says:
    @Ron Unz

    You compare the Harvard students to high-achievers according to nationwide tests. But isn’t the more relevant comparison to those kids who actually apply to get in?

    When I was in HS in the 80’s I knew all sorts of white kids who applied to ivy league schools. None of them got in. They all wound up at UC’s or private, lesser schools.

    The word got out, no? Don’t bother applying to the ivy leagues, your chances of acceptance are too low. So the people applying now are those whom the HS counselors from certain schools deem capable of getting a shot. Likely, Hispanics and females in STEM, Asians in extreme left-wing activism, rich foreigners, top black students, legacies with impressive CV’s, high-profile celebrity kids, Democrat politician kids.

    Normal students? Ha, not a chance. Aren’t huge numbers of these admittees calling themselves alphabet types? That’s what I’ve read: 25% or so aren’t even straight. I’m also curious as to what percentage are on pysch meds.

    I’ve let my biases run far here, so please tell me where I’m wrong. You have the data and the stats brain.

    • Replies: @stillCARealist
    , @Renard
  55. @Gerhard57NL

    This stupid comment system Unz has won’t let me just hit the agree button. But as you state, those institutions have not provided the best and the brightest for a long time… The entire Vietnam war debacle was brought to you by Ivy Leagues.. then it got worse since W.. an idiot Yale legacy moron..

  56. SoUtH says:

    “The only depopulation being implemented on the planet is white depopulation.”

    Zard, do you have an explanation for this? What are their reasons or goals or plan or motivation for so doing?

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  57. Jim H says:
    @Ron Unz

    ‘Sure, I could aim my work at individuals who don’t like to read.’ — Ron Unz

    I read a lot. But the first thing I check on articles at is the helpful word count.

    Those of under 1,500 words or so, I’ll read on the spot.

    But if it’s 6,000 words, it goes in the ‘read later’ queue, as this one just did.

    “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.” — Marcus Tullius Cicero

    • Agree: Realist
    • LOL: chris
  58. @Bruno

    Bruno–WAKE UP! The underlying issue is that the Bantu tribe cannot compete in the cognitive elite class. All the rest is quotidian bullshit. Bantus are the problem (and Hispanics, BUT they don’t complain as much–they have more pride and they are not as parasitical as the Bantu)

    • Replies: @Bruno
  59. Ummmpph! says:

    Sorry, but Orientals belong in the Orient until there is a country like America in the Orient where non-Orientals can go and flood the country with millions and millions of non-Orientals until the original Orientals are driven from the land. Yeah, Orientals should stay in the Orient. And the same goes for Indians! That is how I feel and the government cannot force me to feel differently. I don’t have to like Orientals and Indians. And it doesn’t mean I would treat them unequally. No, I would treat them like I would expect to be treated with dignity and respect. BUT . . . it doesn’t mean I have to like it or like Orientals. I feel the same towards faggots and jews, too! Keep your hands off me and out of my pockets and well get along just fine. I’ll do the same, thank you. >>>

    • Replies: @Meretricious
    , @ThreeCranes
  60. @James N. Kennett

    Elite students from a WASP background have reservations about attending high name Universities in the Northeast due to the demographic makeup.

    The quiet lesson offered in the article data for a young, white man is that “1/8 of the student population is a white female”. The balance of students has: a tiger mom, a temple membership, or a passport from a tropical republic.

    Elite high school students in Southern California joke that they would rather attend San Diego State University to enjoy the scene rather than attend a high name University that is further east than Palm Springs. This is also true for the landed gentry of Texas: SMU and TCU offer some of the most effective alumni networks in country. Texas A&M as well. However, this does not fit the nationwide media narrative so the casual learner must experience the network events in Fort Worth or Round Rock, first hand.

    Columbia University, listed in the beautiful graphics, wants nothing to do with the rankings from US News and World Report. If you examine the origins of that list, you will find it has little authenticity.

    • Replies: @houston 1992
  61. @Jim Bob Lassiter

    Political language … is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.
    George Orwell

    If you can’t prove it, then it’s an opinion. Whatever can’t be proven shouldn’t be taught as some form of knowledge and given a title to provide an aura of respectability to pure wind, aka bullshit. Handing out degrees in opinions is how the world got imbeciles with nonsense doctorates that are determined to annihilate civilization either through “out of thin air currency” thanks to economists or nuclear armageddon thanks to lawyers and “political scientists”, all frauds. Economics is a form of political language purposely designed to deceive. Economics, as practiced, doesn’t exist outside the political sphere.

    What constitutes the difference between micro from macro economics? Can that be quantified? I claim it can’t as one bleeds into the other. Economics as a whole took everyday common sense and named certain aspects like “supply and demand” and then conjured up the rest of their theories that got further and further away from reality to where we get negative interest rates, the slight of hand of the central bank creating what the people are forced to use as a money substitute to “purchase” gov’t paper in one giant swindle now to the tune of over $30 trillion that the average guy is responsible for.

    The part of economics that makes any sense is called accounting and that’s real. The rest of economics has no basis in proveable reality. Allowing the microeconomic camel’s nose inside the tent leads to where we are now eventually again.

    In economics, hope and faith coexist with great scientific pretension and also a deep desire for respectability.
    John Kenneth Galbraith

    The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.
    John Kenneth Galbraith

    The ideas of economists and political philosophers, both when they are right and when they are wrong, are more powerful than is commonly understood. Indeed the world is ruled by little else. Practical men, who believe themselves to be quite exempt from any intellectual influence, are usually the slaves of some defunct economist.
    John Maynard Keynes

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @Sam hildebrand
  62. @mark green

    One of Ron Unz’s best. I consider myself informed on the subject but thanks to this see it’s much worse than I knew . My views on capital punishment have evolved.

  63. Ummmpph! says:

    I hope you choke on your success because I don’t care what your parents did or what you do. You’re not special or are your parents. Just as long as you don’t do it here in America. Do it in China where hard work pays off and where Orientals flee from as soon as they can get away from there or as soon as they can seduce a lonely white man. Chinese men can’t bag a white women if their lives depended on it! Yeah, I don’t care and the government can’t force me to feel differently. Hummpph! >>

    • Replies: @Brian Damage
  64. @Ummmpph!

    you need psychiatric help

    • Replies: @Ummmpph!
  65. Karl1906 says:
    @James N. Kennett

    Oh, I don’t disagree in regards to this being important.

    Alas, there are far more important issues to fix elsewhere and this very supreme court has failed the nation and the American people for at least six years by now. (Including allowing this inept woman and political extremist to be pushed as a judge.)

    In a couple of days the Dems will steal yet another election and this very same supreme court will do nothing about it – again.

  66. Hacienda says:

    Don’t let the ninnies bother you.

    That is an impressive accomplishment. You became a doctor, will do amazing things, and be north of 50 million or so in all probability when you retire.

    Remarkable that being a doctor no longer has any standing with half the masses in the “good ole US of A”.

    • Replies: @Ummmpph!
  67. @James N. Kennett

    James, Engineering, Science, and IT students can go to plenty of good schools. No doubt MIT, CalTech, and the like are a cut above, and both getting INTO them and getting THROUGH them say very much for the students who do. However, these are not the Ivy League elite schools that I mean with my comment (and the 2 that talk about nuking these places – sorry, guys, not enough [Agree]s to go around today!)

    As for just getting a good learning experience for one’s money, the most important quality is whether the university has Professors who actually care about teaching as much as they do research. That is a BIG problem now. When I took this schooling, believe it or not, we had almost all Americans! They were almost all very good.

    The one Chinese guy during that whole 4 years was a long-term assimilated guy from Taiwan. Yes, people made fun of his accent a tad, but his accent was far far better than that of these foreigners that basically OWN American engineering and computer department now. Those people loath having to teach, and the students loath having to make heads or tails out of the lectures that they, their parents, or most likely, due to Zhou Bai Dien, the American taxpayers, had to pay big bucks for.

  68. @Dr. Robert Morgan

    Very interesting comment, Dr. Morgan. You may agree with me anyway, but let me argue something regarding this part:

    The first and most obvious sign of it was when negroes were inducted into the ranks of the citizenry and given the vote after the Civil War. This was not done on the basis of merit. Merit had nothing to do with it! On the contrary, it seems to have been the result of some kind of Christian psychosis.

    This was done on the basis of the Feral Gov’t usurping power – the allocation of voting rights – from the various States. 100 years later, AA was also unConstitutional, but Americans quit bothering with even making new Amendments to cover this stuff since the time of Franklin Roosevelt.

    You could probably take any complaint anyone on this or any other thread here had, and boil down the root cause to Big Government. Most people don’t want to think that far into the root causes though. Is not the subject of Mr. Unz’s post the same? Imagine if the US Gov’t hadn’t had its hand in all this for half a century.

  69. @Anon

    Their bodies were in class but their minds ? Who knows where those were or if they even existed.

    The problem is that their minds WERE in class. Look to the people that indoctrinated taught them. Their minds were better off before they left home.

  70. @Dr. Robert Morgan

    Despite all this and all the controversy the article has provoked, I haven’t seen anyone wonder about what’s happened to all of these high-ability non-Jewish whites.

    They go to less prestigious colleges, and get good jobs, but do not make it to the list of elite power brokers such as the one near the end of the article.

    Ron’s statistics, if accurate, indicate that we should have the equivalent of ten Ivy Leagues worth of white geniuses running around loose who should, by all rights, be very pissed off at the Jews. Where are these people hiding?! Unless this under-representation has happened with their consent, one would think that anti-semitism would be running at an all-time high.

    Perhaps this is one reason why the media constantly stress white people’s culpability for slavery and racial discrimination. We are supposed to believe that if a white gentile has a good job, he only got it by keeping down more deserving Hispanic, black, or Asian people. If a Jew has a good job, he got it by merit alone. The first is obviously wrong, but it is the current orthodoxy. The second I tended to believe, because in my science career I met many Jewish geniuses. However, decades have passed since then, and Ron Unz’s data show that nowadays American Jews are giving themselves an unfair advantage.

    Much of the blame and insults directed at white people in the media comes from Jewish writers. The effect of this constant humiliation is the misdirection of attention on a colossal, international, scale. If we are constantly checking our unearned privilege we are not going to notice that some other group has much more of it than ourselves. If we do happen to notice, the Jewish contingent suddenly becomes white and we are chasing shadows.

    It is notable that the only people who can effectively challenge Jewish power are themselves Jewish. Groups such as the ADL will see to it that any gentiles who attempt this will be financially and socially ruined: even if they are a pitiful mental patient such as Kanye West who said the wrong things during a psychotic episode.

    Thank you, Ron, for telling the truth.

  71. Ummmpph! says:

    Anonymous and Hacienda: Yeah, becoming a doctor is no big deal. There are millions of doctors. Money isn’t everything. What is important is why you do the things you do. Intention is everything. Greed, gluttony and self-admiration is a noose. And Anonymous sounds as authentic as a plug nickel.

    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @Hacienda
  72. Good article. To me, the most interesting part is at the end, the discussion of the Biden administration top officials and the job they’ve done of leading the US.
    We know Biden isn’t leading anything and Harris is another mental midget. But the others aren’t too bright either. Just listen to Blinken speak, let alone AA baby Austin. How did they get where they are? I think these are all figureheads who are chosen for semi-intelliigence. I think the real leaders are hidden from us. Answer this: who has final say on what Biden reads from his telepromter?
    Whether these overt leaders are real or not, the policies chosen are driving the US to ruin. Is this deliberate or are these the stupidest leaders in world history? Consider: massive immigration of low-IQ refuse; transfer of manufacturing to China for 30 years followed by antagonizing China; massive spending on weapon systems which don’t work; sanctioning Russia and hurting ourselves more than Russia; woke idiocy; etc.

  73. @Ron Unz

    Sure, I could aim my work at individuals who don’t like to read. But others are already far better at producing numerous memes featuring cartoon frogs.

    Here we go again. You are firmly back on your vanity trip. For you, people who prefer not to read seemingly unending screeds equate to those who do not like to read. I love to read pieces that are coherent, with a beginning and with sensible and relevant conclusions. The UR is certainly not short of such pieces which I savor with great relish, regardless of their word count.

    Your ego trip is again in plain sight, with your going to great lengths, not merely to reference statements of relevance – which is perfectly understandable – but to rub in the accuracy of your predictions, bordering on braggadocio. I would prefer a writer let the reader draw his own conclusions rather than spoon feed him. Sorry, but we all have different reading preferences.

    Credit where it’s due: you do have a great, no holds barred website that remains a favorite of mine. But I’m sure I’m being redundant in stating the obvious.

    • Replies: @A B Coreopsis
  74. ornei says:

    Moreover, the more recent numbers will surely be much higher, given that blacks were 14.8% of the students admitted in 2020 and a whopping 18% of the 2021 admissions.

    This was the most shocking piece of information of in this article. For a group which scores well below average to be represented above its share of the population, and without the ability to blend into another population like Jews into the white population, is astonishing. I hadn’t realized just how extreme the numbers had gotten, but it does align with my firsthand experience. Graduating in the past few years, me and my high ability white classmates mostly went into better state schools or private schools from a tier below the elite schools while all of the decently smart blacks end up at elite schools. I suspect state schools are where most of the missing whites from the elite schools are hiding.

  75. Realist says:
    @H. L. M

    To wit: our host, Ron Unz, believes propaganda like “Covid 19” and the ridiculous “vaccine”.

    That is only one example.

  76. Jmaie says:

    No decision will be released until well after the election.

  77. I’ve always found it weird that the government is able to tell private institutions who they can and can’t admit. They should be able to form a class of African pygmies and aboriginoids if they so please. It’s like if I were tutoring students at my house and the government tried to insist that I tutor a certain percentage of Chinese or whomever. For the major state schools I could see because that’s from the state tax funds. It is really unprecedented when you stand back and look at it, and it all started in the early twentieth century with the quota thing. We’ve accepted it since then because it was made the norm in our minds. The state was really acting as private enforcer of a certain caste.

  78. Ummmpph! says:

    My point: I don’t have to like Orientals, jews and deviants. Which one are you? Plus: everybody needs help, including you as evidenced by the thousands of comments you have made on this site. One elements stands out from all your comments. You are sooo smart. You’re obviously better than the rest of us. You’re so wise. Wow.

    • LOL: Meretricious
  79. A SCOTUS abolition of AA would be great, but much of its teeth would be blocked defacto by the Progressive machine. It’s instructive to look at CA Proposition 209 and WA Initiative 200. I’m less familiar with CA, but my alma mater, the University of WA (“UW”), has been infamous for working around the AA ban. Many years ago I wrote a brief paper about it in grad school and, while my analysis was more superficial than that of Mr. Unz, the data spoke for itself. The UW was clearly skirting the law to admit less qualified minorities.

    As others have noted, the irony of Jews becoming the new WASPS – ie excluding more talented members from other groups – should not be lost on anyone. It’s surely a point I will have in my back pocket if I end up arguing about this with a fellow Jew.

    • Agree: Meretricious
  80. HT says:

    If affirmative action stands once again, then we should officially acknowledge that we have no real interest in a colorblind society.

  81. Realist says:

    This absurd paradox is obviously due to the distinction between individuals who are Jewish by religion and those who are Jewish by ancestry.

    This is a common mistake and in many cases the distinction is significant.


    Over at The Atlantic we find this pathetic defense of affirmative action (“The end of affirmative action would be a disaster”), which, instead of telling the truth about Bantu cognitive deficiencies, argues that Bantus are still victims of slavery.

    • Agree: profnasty
    • Replies: @profnasty
  83. Anonymous[104] • Disclaimer says:

    So, my Jewish doctor, dentist, podiatrist, urologist, psychiatrist as well as the lawyer and accountant are all affirmative action heroes

    Most Jews don’t attend Ivy League schools and just got accepted on merit. Most people who attend state universities and the like are looking for careers, not power. I doubt if most Jewish dentists are from Yale or Harvard.

    But Ivy Leagues work differently because they aren’t just about career paths and professions but power-privilege-prestige. So, people who seek power and control direct their energies toward Ivy League schools. Paradoxically, precisely because Ivy League schools are known for their meritocracy and quality, powerful people seek to game the system to manipulate the people there and to get their kids into the institutions… like with Jared Kushner who got in thanks to big donation from his pa(and maybe his ethnicity). Kushner was likely unqualified even to attend a better state school but he made it into Harvard because his father saw it as a power move. I’ll be willing to bet there are many more smart Jews in non-Ivy hard science schools than in Ivy departments like ‘gender studies’ and ‘environmental studies’.

    Because of the symbolic value of the Ivy Leagues, real meritocracy has to compete with legacy, big donors, foreign donors, connections, and official ideology. Legacy opens the door to men like George W. Bush. Big donors, US and foreign, get their not-always-bright kids in because of the name recognition of the Ivies and the doors it opens around the world. Furthermore, Ivy League welcome foreign students of rich and powerful foreigners as a means of foreign policy, i.e. indoctrinate foreign kids with ‘Western’ values and make them rub shoulders with the Ivy crowd and identify with the globalist elites than with peoples of their own nations.
    There is also the simple matter of connections. If you’re a US Congressman and especially Senator, your kids are going to have a better chance of admission, that is unless they are total dummies.

    And then, there’s the matter of official ideology and idolatry. As the current ideology reveres all things black, Ivies feel compelled to admit more blacks to show that they practice what they preach as a badge of pride and redemption. (I wonder how many blacks are of African immigrant origin.)

    All these factors chip away at the meritocracy of Ivy Leagues, but it is a symbiotic relationship. While the not-so-smart want to rub shoulders with the really smart in the elite schools, the smart-but-not-yet-connected kids want to rub shoulders with the children of the rich, privileged, and powerful. It might be helpful if you got to know someone like Al Gore or George W. Bush with their connections. It’s rather like the relationship between the aristocracy and ascending bourgeoisie in the 19th century. Both sides had to gain from the other through an ‘understanding’.

    Also, we need to separate the hard studies and soft studies. It would be foolish for any school to admit the not-so-smart into their physics and chemistry departments. But then, the not-so-smart kids usually go for political science, sociology, humanities, education(LOL), public relations, and the like. They don’t care as long as they are accredited with the prestigious Ivy League degree. It’s doubtful that the children of Saudi princes at Yale or Princeton are majoring in nuclear physics or molecular chemistry. Probably more like ‘international studies’ or ‘management’ courses. And for the truly not-so-smart, there’s the fine arts(now a total joke), gender studies, women’s studies, black studies(or whatever it’s called now), or some ‘intersectional’ studies that mix homo stuff with ‘diversity’.

    Even though the not-so-demanding departments take in the less intelligent students, the latter get to control the world. Scientists may cure diseases and engineers may make better gadgets, but the values and vision are defined by those in politics, culture, media, education, communication(where they learn to be mouthpiece of the elites, culture studies(aka the philosophy of Buffy the Vampire Killer), and etc. They play the ‘sacerdotal’ role in secular society, just like the church could once threaten brilliant men like Galileo. My guess is Jonathan Greenblatt of ADL isn’t the smart Jew in the room, but he wields more power than all the Jewish chemists, physicists, and mathematicians in the Ivies combined. And the likes of Nuland and Blinken have brought US closer to war. Perhaps, the less smart Jews feel an inferiority to the smarter Jews in the hard science departments and try to compensate by showing off how ‘badass’ they are.

    Anyway, this whole issue could have been avoided if Affirmative Action was reserved only for American Indians and blacks of American Slave Ancestry. Most people could accept that. Okay, in places like Hawaii, the native Hawaiians and maybe in the SW(stolen from Mexico), special consideration could be given for Mexican-Americans. Everyone else has to compete on merit. Instead, the thing got complicated because of Jewish rigging and extending Affirmative Action to black immigrants and Latinos(some of whom are descendants of Conquistadors who pioneered imperialism in the New World and did most to wipe out the natives).
    A more sensible immigration policy also would have helped. During much of the Cold War, Asians tended to come from South Korea, Philippines, and some smaller Asian nations. China was sealed off, and India, still under ‘socialism’, didn’t undergo a global economic boom. But once China opened up, its people flooded into the US and Canada. And globalized India began to ship people all over, especially as the US economy moved from manufacturing industry to IT, always in need of cheaper-priced geeks.

    The current case would do better if it discussed all such factors, and if anything, whites should be the biggest complainers, but one wonders if this case had gone to the supreme court if it were led by whites.

    As for Asians, they are caught between a rock and hard place. On the one hand, Ivies secretly argue Asians have an inferior personality, i.e. they lack individuality, don’t ask questions, aren’t original, aren’t creative, and etc; they are merely grinds who focus on exams and grades. There is some truth to this, and it’s part of the culture there, and also could be genetic.
    But Ivies are being disingenuous because PC and wokeness suppress liberty, individuality, skepticism, critical thinking(what passes for Critical Race Theory is anything but critical), and free flowing creativity. They demand conformity and dogma. That being the case, Asians make the ideal candidates because they tend to nod their heads to the official dogma. It seems the Ivies want to have the cake and eat it too: Enforce conformity while pretending they’re still about originality.

    • Thanks: Chebyshev
  84. AA for blacks is built on the assumption that there is a GIANT WHITE CONSPIRACY holding them down and that is nonsense. If there is such a conspiracy why doesn’t it work in pro sports?

    Truth is blacks are extremely inferior mentally and the evidence is overwhelming.

    1. Black-americans come in last in all standardized tests. Asian-americans do fine on all the tests so it’s not due to cultural bias in the tests.

    2. Africa is by far the poorest and most backward continent on the planet. All of black africa is now controlled by blacks and has been for decades so it’s not due to racism.

    3. No black has ever won a Science Nobel Prize unless you count one in 1979 for the semi-science of economics. They have won many nobels in non-brain fields like Peace and also in Literature so it is not due to racism.

    4. Out of 1725 chess grandmasters in the world, only THREE are black

    • Replies: @Anonymous Jew
  85. @Realist

    You do know Ron is Jewish…right?

    Yes. This fact is well-known. But many ethnic Jews have paid a heavy price for blowing the whistle on the sleaze and corruption of Organized Jewry. I’m therefore surprised that Ron has not (apparently) been targeted, threatened, and/or harassed by the ADL.

    It’s clear that Ron (like Gilad Atzmon, Norman Finkelstein, ant others) has decided to put his ethnic loyalties to the side for the sake of truth and justice. This is highly commendable but necessary. After all, European-descended Americans (‘white’ people) have been expected to do this since the 14th Amendment (not to mention America’s ballyhooed ‘Civil Rights Era’.)

    There must be equal treatment under the law.

    There can be no exemptions for Israel, Chosen People, or ‘Holocaust survivors’.

  86. Hacienda says:

    Intention is everything.

    That’s what I used to think in 8th grade. Especially during birthdays and X-mas. LOL.

    Intention is a very complicated thing. Out of your pay grade. Stick to contemplating the delights of Amazon delivery work, you child.

  87. say says:

    i love your work ron,always a pleasure,really great

  88. @Anonymous

    You must be badly broken if you require the services of all those attendants. Can you stand on your own two feet? There comes a point of diminishing returns when a malfunctioning figure may as well be scrapped. You consume the services of too many equally unproductive providers, the limpers as crutch for the lame. Take the honorable way out.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  89. An excellent article, Mr. Unz. Thanks 🙂

  90. sulu says:

    Just drop the Czar bomb on D.C. New York, L.A. and Chicago. The American people will work it out from there.


  91. @Ummmpph!

    I agree and I like Orientals. There’s just too many of them (1.4 billion Chinese alone?). If we were to extend equal access to our best schools there would be no seats left for us. It’s simple. Hate or mental sickness has nothing to do with it (as Meretricious avers). It’s simply looking out for oneself, preserving one’s own institutions.

    • Replies: @Brian Damage
  92. anon[379] • Disclaimer says:

    As an Asian and parent of two college age kids, I think I would prefer if our top 10 colleges (Ivies, MIT+ Stanford) become 100% non-Asian. Even better if they make all these colleges 100% black. These colleges are now the most toxic indoctrination centers of leftist ideology and I don’t want to see more Asian kids clamoring to get in emptying their parents’ nest eggs just so they could be brainwashed into LGBTQ woketards. It’ll also free up Asian kids to learn whatever they’re really interested in learning, rather than just pre-med, CS or Economics just so they could get a job in med, tech or finance to pay off their expensive college education, not to mention allowing them to enjoy their childhood rather than killing themselves esp. in high school getting all A’s while pursuing extracurriculars that they have zero real interest in.

    So, I’m actually pulling for Harvard here. I hope SCOTUS again upholds AA. Asian kids will be better served by public/community colleges, or no college at all just learn how to code and read up on the Western cannon on their own. If smart Asian kids stop applying to these colleges their acceptance rate will shoot up and their prestige would plummet. These colleges do nothing but make the smart stupid.

    • Agree: Marcion
  93. anon[307] • Disclaimer says:

    why didn’t ron file an amicus brief?

  94. @I Hate Serbs

    You don’t sound like a high IQ White/European. Maybe around 100 or 102. That thought process is so 100 though.

  95. stillCARealist [AKA "ForeverCARealist"] says:

    Update to my own biases:

    The Canadian druggie nudist pedophile violent psycho who attacked Paul Pelosi seems like he’d be a shoo-in for Harvard acceptance. There’s the white guy we want!

  96. Hegar says:

    It is:

    Affirmative Discrimination
    Communist Race Theory
    Marxist Monetary Policy.

    Time for the Right to learn to fight with words, not just hand that over to the Left to decide. Of course I don’t expect anyone in the GOP to understand this. But there’s no reason to call it affirmative “action,” “critical” race theory, “modern” monetary policy.

    Cuckservatives only dare talk about Asians being discriminated, even though the exact same thing is done against Whites, who suffer far more.

    • Agree: Meretricious
  97. @ThreeCranes

    “There’s just too many of them (1.4 billion Chinese alone?). If we were to extend equal access to our best schools there would be no seats left for us. ”

    I wouldn’t worry about it. Ever since China opened up in the 80s, it had a lot to catch up. Basically one hundred year+ of catching up. From leap frogging in technology by reverse engineering Western tech to attending Western schools. It has almost caught up in tech and in the field of education, it is also almost there. In 2022, China outnumbers the U.S. for the first time in this ranking of the world’s ‘best’ universities’ For such a large population it still has long ways to go. There are less and less Chinese foreign students in Western schools and in the near future, it will be even less.

    So I will not worry about the Chinese taking seats. I would worry about state and private colleges going out of business because it was the foreign student fees that carried many of these fine institutions.

    • Thanks: Hacienda
  98. Realist says:
    @mark green

    Yes. This fact is well-known. But many ethnic Jews have paid a heavy price for blowing the whistle on the sleaze and corruption of Organized Jewry. I’m therefore surprised that Ron has not (apparently) been targeted, threatened, and/or harassed by the ADL.

    Perhaps there is an ulterior explanation.

    There must be equal treatment under the law.

    There can be no exemptions for Israel, Chosen People, or ‘Holocaust survivors’.

    We sure agree there.

  99. profnasty says:

    White America wants reparations for Affirmative Action racism.
    50 years worth.
    Pay Up!!!

  100. @Ummmpph!

    I am not trying to defend that braggart Anonymous guy. But all those ‘Chinese” you talked about are the bottom of the barrel ones. And not many of them want out. Chinese are free to come and go. Pre-Covid, Chinese were the largest number of tourists by a huge margin contributing huge tourist dollars to many countries.

    Just do the math. There are about 2.5 million Chinese immigrants from China in the US. That’s 0.17% of China’s population. That’s cumulative since day one. Going back decades.

    In 2019, 150 million Chinese tourists. That’s 10% of the Chinese population. That’s just in one year.

    Just go visit China, or Hong Kong and even Singapore and see how those cream of the crops ethnic Chinese behave, live, act and dress. Most will not want to move to the West. Those who did may be due to some reasons and not for economic reasons. When they are out and about in the US, you can tell they are different by the way they carry themselves and how they look. Definitely not like those “yellow neck trashes”.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  101. SafeNow says:

    If there is a ruling adverse to affirmative action, Harvard will simply keep going with AA, through various work-arounds. The “Don’t try work-arounds!” section of Alito’s opinion can be as formidable as Alito might craft it, but Harvard will laugh it off. Does anyone here think Harvard will say: “We surrender. Good show, Scotus. It will now be rare to see a black face at Harvard.”

    Although I don’t have 50 houses, I can see that more housing is the only practical solution. A larger student body, with even more blacks getting “uplifted” than before. Make Harvard 50% black for all I care. As for building the new black dorms, I would bring over the guys in China who built a hospital in a week, and tell them the new dorms must be ready by next September.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  102. @Dr. Robert Morgan

    “I haven’t seen anyone wonder about what’s happened to all of these high-ability non-Jewish whites”
    Most of us go off to state universities or highly-ranked private ones. You will probably find more highly intelligent people at these places than at the Ivies.
    Some, like Chris Langan, slip through the cracks and end up without a degree at all.
    Positive correlation between income and IQ is characteristic of the entire IQ distrubution, but not of the upper percentiles.
    Whitepill: elite competition+large numbers of dispossessed natural elites= historical predictor of social upheaval.

  103. @Ron Unz

    Totally agree with your second point.

  104. The first Bolshevik government was indeed 80% jewish (Solzhenitsyn in ‘Two Hundred Years Together’ lists them by name, and a Google search will yield similar results). Putin wasn’t exaggerating, and it’s not a particularly controversial fact in Russia or even Israel any longer.

    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  105. Bruno says:

    I know. But with holistic admission race can be factored in. There is just not one race box. As Jews can say credibly they have learned from they grand parents experiencing pogroms or Shoah, even if they were working in Queens NY by the time, Blacks can say they have learned from being a discriminated group or from their ancestors being slaves,

    Holistic allows everything except a race quota based on race only. Apart from this very narrow restriction, It’s stupid … Universities just want to be able to openly segregate against whites spitting on article 14 and 6. They are no other consequences to this …

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  106. @Justrambling

    You’re the analog to the person who goes to a classical music concert and looks for overtures and bitterly complains about the symphonies. You’re incapable of sustained thought in complex dimensions, so of course, you doubtless were the target purchaser of Cliff Notes for the Scarlet Letter — assuming you went to high school.

    • LOL: Justrambling
  107. @RoatanBill

    What constitutes the difference between micro from macro economics?

    Macroeconomics concerns the entire economy. GDP, interest rates, money supply etc. Highly theoretical.

    Microeconomics describes the actions of individuals, companies, industries. Theory of the firm. Extremely useful knowledge for decision makers in individual companies and industries. Your right most of it is common since, but you would be surprised at the number of managers who do not understand price elasticity, diminishing returns, what causes a shift in the demand curve versus a movement along the curve etc.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  108. HighAbilityNonJewishWhite: “Most of us go off to state universities or highly-ranked private ones.”

    I don’t doubt that is true. But why aren’t more of them pissed off and anti-semitic? Ron’s theory seems to be that although they are geniuses, they were too stupid to understand how their ambitions have been thwarted — at least until he revealed the trick. I think ambition should be made of stronger stuff, and so should genius. If they were yearning for a career in government they should be consumed with envy and rage whenever they see all the Jews who got those positions instead of them. I’m not detecting anything of the kind. If Ron’s statistics are correct, there ought to be thousands of pissed off geniuses out there, but if so they’re keeping themselves very well hidden.

    HighAbilityNonJewishWhite: “Whitepill: elite competition+large numbers of dispossessed natural elites= historical predictor of social upheaval.”

    One can always hope for that, I suppose. But I see it differently. In my view, they’re cooperating in their own demise because they value Empire and an easy existence more than merit, free speech, or any of the other things they pretend to care about. If some are ignorant of how they’ve been defrauded, it’s a protective ignorance they cultivate because they really don’t want to know. Then too, revolt against the system requires insight into the nature of the problem, and that’s not necessarily achievable even with a genius-level IQ. In fact, in many ways, high IQ only helps these people to be assimilated into the system faster. A genius can memorize the system’s propaganda much more quickly than someone of ordinary intelligence. They don’t revolt because they see no advantage for themselves in it, they don’t know how to do it, and even worse, due to the culture created by Christianity, think that it would be morally reprehensible to do it. The power of the system is too great for any single individual to oppose (or so they think), and a high IQ also gives them no protection against their conformist instincts, which when given free rein allow them to be abused indefinitely.

    More broadly, I see this lack of revolt and turn to Empire as the product of Darwinian competition between societies. American government was designed on the Roman model, and as in Rome, what was initially a republic has grown into an Empire. It’s understood implicitly by whites, if not consciously, that this course of action requires the death of a discrete white race and white cultural values. In essence, it’s a technological project that’s underway, and whites, the technological race, are fully on board with it. They’re building a New Man — raceless, sexless, and perhaps sooner than we think, fully linked in with the electronically networked intelligence of the entire West. A new race of cyborgs! This is where things appear to be headed. This is the dream of the group mind.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  109. Agent76 says:

    Oct 31, 2022 ‘I Want To Know In Your View Of The World…’: ACB Presses Lawyer On Race-Based Admissions

    Justice Amy Coney Barrett questions a lawyer in Students for Fair Admissions v. University of North Carolina Oral Argument.

  110. Achmed E. Newman: “[Enfranchisement of the negro] was done on the basis of the Feral Gov’t usurping power – the allocation of voting rights – from the various States.”

    I think to argue that it was usurped would involve claiming that the Reconstruction Amendments were never properly ratified. It’s a minority view.

    Achmed E. Newman: “100 years later, AA was also unConstitutional, but Americans quit bothering with even making new Amendments to cover this stuff since the time of Franklin Roosevelt.”

    Yes, they quit bothering. What’s at fault here is white hypocrisy. If individual “merit” had ever been a serious value of white people, negroes never would have been made citizens, given the vote, or the special advantages of AA. Likewise, whites have never really taken freedom of speech seriously, as is shown by the ease with which censorship has proliferated in modern life. Worst of all is the self-censorship. For the most part, its imposition has been horizontal, not top down. Perhaps Ron should follow up “The Myth of American Meritocracy” with “The Myth of American Freedom of Speech”.

    What’s happened is that the exigencies of maintaining an Empire have forced a redefinition of both “merit”, and “freedom of speech”. To allow too much of either in the old style would be fractious and threaten to tear the Empire apart.

  111. @Brian Damage

    While I agree with your numbers, Brian, especially the huge number of Chinese tourists, I don’t know how well you’ve been following what’s been going on, since the start of, and in the aftermath of, the Kung Flu. Culturally (their dress/behavior, as you noted) and economically, yes, the country is doing well.

    However there are plenty of reasons guys like anonymous, the Chinese troll MumbleBrain in Australia, and millions of Chinese people may go at will but not come back. I have been there 11 times, unlike our host here, who’s never been, and I keep up with some people there. The place is going Orwellian very quickly. (“Technology brings bad things to life.” It’s much worse when you’re good at it!)

    The phone payments, the health and credit scores, and all that make me never want to set foot in the place again. I would have have said that back in ’10 or even ’15.

    As terrible as America’s the Potomac Regime’s political scene is, we still have a better chance here to avoid the Totalitarian madness than the Chinese. I think many of them know that. I’d be nice if those same people would at least make an effort to understand WHY it’s different here … oh, and be a little bit more appreciative.

  112. Anonymous[337] • Disclaimer says:

    This is a great campaign. But taking this issue to the bribed and blackmailed party hacks of the supreme court, that’s a waste of time. As often in the US, the problem is pervasive underdevelopment – not in the growth-and-debt, more-more-more sense of US usage but in conformity with the international term of art from A/RES/41/128. Like the rest of the US government, the supreme court wouldn’t know a right from a bar of soap. It exists to shit on your rights. So it can’t sort out US state obligations and commitments to our rights to education and non-discrimination.

    The way to get this done is to take it to the treaty bodies and the Human Rights Council during US review – not as part of the state delegation but through the bodies’ NGO outreach apparatus. You can make the case that US higher education has failed to provide your common law (and customary international law) right to education – US higher education doesn’t measure up to UDHR Article 26. It discriminates in breach of UDHR Article 2, CERD Articles 1 and 5§b(v), and ICCPR Article 2§1, undermining access to public service in breach of ICCPR Article 25§3. Go over the government’s head to the outside world.

    What happens then? The treaty body calls bullshit on these US failures, making the US government even more of a laughingstock abroad. It will be like, “See, this is how you wind up with shithead Jews like Blinken in high office.” Then the New York Times ignores the formal conclusions and recommendations and pulls an article out their ass pretending that genuine nondiscrimination in education is some American hero’s idea. The hero won’t be Unz, it will be some random photogenic asshole. The Times will dream up some Gideon’s Trumpet type horseshit to make the reforms seem home-grown and not driven by the civilized world’s derision.

    As Unz points out, random selection from a pool satisfying measurable and impersonal criteria prevents discrimination. It also reduces the unequal preferment afforded by name-brand schools. The school will also have to meet the standards of Article 26, weakening the invidious ethnic contention of Jew supremacist and other racial discrimination.

  113. @Sam hildebrand

    Economists are good at taking common sense and giving it a catchy title. Then they make up formulas that look like derivative equations to bamboozle the bulk of the society that can’t balance a checkbook with “price elasticity” a good example.

    If one explains price elasticity as “if the price goes up the demand goes down and vice versa”, everyone can immediately understand that. It’s giving it a name that becomes economics jargon that does the public no good and is why it’s largely done. It’s the mystery behind the jargon that enhances the economists position because he’s the one that knows what it means. The lawyers use the same gimmick to make sure the average guy needs them because only the cabal understands what they invented for job security.

    Lawyers need to be done away with too, so the average person can understand how they’re being shafted by all the laws being passed that would have to be written in plain English.

    • Agree: H. L. M
    • Replies: @Sam Hildebrand
  114. Washington Watcher II at VDARE says:

    This is why it’s critical that Republicans say that Affirmative Action is anti-white. The primary victims of Affirmative Action aren’t Asians. They are whites—the group formerly known as “Americans.”

    • Replies: @HammerJack
  115. @mark green

    There must be equal treatment under the law.

    There can be no exemptions for Israel, Chosen People, or ‘Holocaust survivors’.

    Funny, because I was just reviewing my state taxes. The various and intricate carve-outs for Holocaust Survivors (anyone of the Tribe who was alive during the 1940s) defy belief, and mine isn’t even a state with too many jews.

    The plan now is to extend benefits to the children of Survivors, because intergenerational trauma, you see. Endless racket.

    If you so much as make a peep about any of this, you are Literally Hitler.

  116. @Hang All Text Drivers

    No, no. It’s because racism makes Blacks good at basketball and bad at math; but racism also makes Asians bad at basketball and good at math. Don’t you see, you simpleton, racism is magic. No need to even worry about global warming – we can just power the world with racism!

    Also, don’t forget that Black behavior is consistent across countries where their ancestors were not enslaved: Australia, various European countries etc. It’s also interesting that, across time and space, NE Asians (aka Orientals if you’re in Europe) also show consistent behavior (low crime and success in business and school). See Latin America, Australia, and Europe.

    So not only is racism consistent across continents, but it can make different groups succeed (or not) at different pursuits.

    If you step back and approach problems with an open and unpolluted mind, it’s amazing how many Leftist theories are patently absurd.

  117. @Charles Pewitt

    They are whites—the group formerly known as “Americans.”

    Worth repeating. Many of us here are old enough to remember when we were just that—Americans.

    And that was enough. Nothing was racialized, and we never even thought about race. Now that Jewish control over the culture, big business, the government, and the institutions is complete, it’s almost the only thing we’re permitted to talk about.

    One of several ironies is that we were taught that the Nazis’ race fixation was at the core of their crimes of horror. So now we do it here.

    Brought to you by…TWMNBN…

  118. @04398436986

    Crockpots indeed! Israel is just our bestest bubbie…er buddy! Mazel toff sheiseekopf!

  119. @Achmed E. Newman

    Just read my post. “Pre-Covid”. I am seeing the tourist industries falling apart since Covid. Thailand’s tourist industry is about 10% to 18% of its GDP. Gone. 30% of Thai tourists are from China. France. Gone. Spain. Gone. Italy. Gone.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  120. Baby J says:

    All the good any ruling will do at this point in time. The country is too far gone due to decades of importing Hindu managers in conjunction with all the affirmative action produced blacks and other white haters who dominate admissions committees and corporate-government personnel departments. Age 30 and under whites are what percentage of the population? I assume whites will eventually be entitled to preference using affirmative action since whites are now a minority among younger age groups so maybe it should be celebrated and maintained for posterity.

  121. With the insanity of Affirmative Action and Reverse Discrimination damage for the past 5 decades… I want to make sure and absolutely clear that this is something nobody is blaming on Putin and the Russians.

    It’s okay to say that?

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  122. The average percentage of Jewish students in the Ivy League is c.20%, from 2% of the US population. Princeton, with only c.14%, has had them grumbling about-what other-‘antisemitism’. I think that there is your explanation for the drop in Asian-American enrollment. The winners DO NOT want to share the spoils.’Kicking away the ladder’, I believe is another description.

  123. @Brian Damage

    Just read my post. “Pre-Covid”.

    Yes, of course I read that, right in your first paragraph. I just wanted to add to your assessment of the situation. Tourism is one thing. The way the CCP is headed, in a very dark direction, is another.

    If anything, the Covid PanicFest has been used as an excuse by the CCP to LOCKDOWN the place for good. Plenty of governments in the West and in plenty of American States tried the same. Not all of us complied like sheep.

  124. @Achmed E. Newman

    The Chinese population report great satisfaction, in poll after poll, local and foreign, with their ‘totalitarian madness’. Go on-be honest for once in your life. You hate them because they are ‘gooks’, and doing vastly better at everything than the White Bosses. Fear, hate and envy-what a stew!

  125. @Dr. Robert Morgan

    ‘….whites, the technological race..’. ??!! The Indians and Chinese producing much of US technology, and the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese haven’t received your ludicrously racist memo yet. Dr. of what? Racist idiocy?

    • Replies: @P. Cleburne
  126. “Challenging” and “overturning” are two completely different things. As with when the SCOTUS “overturned” Roe v Wade, the Marxist Establishment that rules the country will either ignore the ruling or ram through a series of legal end runs around it at various state and local levels. Nothing substantive will change.

    • Agree: P. Cleburne
  127. chris says:
    @Ron Unz

    I enjoyed every word of this article and as far as I’m concerned, it could have been even longer.

    More than the subject itself, I enjoyed the story, the way you follow the complicated solution to a very difficult math problem, which eventually reaches an incontrovertible correct answer.

    Followed by the devastating conclusion of the inherent instability of the society which has been emerging.

    Brilliant and truly humane. If only the warning would be heeded; which it will certainly not be.

  128. Anonymous[407] • Disclaimer says:

    Andrei Martyanov on US higher education

  129. @RoatanBill

    If one explains price elasticity as “if the price goes up the demand goes down and vice versa”, everyone can immediately understand that. It’s giving it a name that becomes economics jargon that does the public no good

    Your out of your lane, Bill. Price elasticity defines the response of quantity demanded to a change in price. If a farmer prices his corn 1% over the market price, he sells 0 bushels. Corn is a commodity in a highly competitive market and its price elaticity is high. If a utility monopoly decides to raise its price of electricity, sales may go down slightly but not much. Electricty has an inelastic price.

    Understanding how sales will respond to a change in price is critical to operating a profitable business. I managed 50 propane retail operations for 20 years. Some market areas i had a local monopoly and made higher margins, other areas i had stiff competition and made lower margins. The IT and finance nerds at the home office were always trying to give me advise on pricing. They were clueless.

    I agree with you completely on lawyers, they are parasites

  130. Dvnjbbgc says:

    Dartmouth must be a beautiful place. Surely the Woke will now demand it be ruined.

  131. i went to one of these schools.

    when i walked into the classroom, all the asians and front-row-teachers’-kiss-ass-jews would know i was the competition. and that all of them couldn’t hang even though they all had their cheater groups. the asian eyes (especially the girls) would widen. (hory shiet, he not athlete and he no frat retard so we are fuck nao who is dat!) and the jewish boys knew they were going to have to lick the teacher’s asshole harder those few months- they were really gonna have to work the professor’s taint to get to the top of that grade curve with me there, watching it all go down from the 2nd row. ha ha ha…. i pitied those fools.

    • LOL: Jim Bob Lassiter
  132. mulga mumblebrain: “The Indians and Chinese producing much of US technology …”

    “The technological race” refers, of course, to the white race that invented the modern world, not the coolies and pajeets that merely work in it.

    • Replies: @NEETzschean
  133. @mulga mumblebrain

    Yes, poll after poll, got it. Thank you, Godfrey.

  134. Renard says:

    I suppose I could look into the others, but, dang,

    But dang, you might encounter facts which fail to support your prejudices.

  135. Renard says:
    @Johnny F. Ive

    Whites had this coming since Alexander the Great invaded Israel.

    Unfortunately for this theory, there was no Israel in Alexander’s time, but there most certainly was a Palestine, not to mention a Persian Empire..

  136. Renard says:

    So the people applying now are those whom the HS counselors from certain schools deem capable of getting a shot.

    Not everyone uses a guidance counselor. At my high school it was something like 10%.

    Meanwhile every ‘top of their class’ dreamer from nearly every podunk high school in the country applies to Harvard. For many, it’s the only top school they’ve heard of. Same with foreign applicants.

    This skews Harvard’s admit rate far more than just about any other college you can name. Harvard profits.

  137. @Karl1906

    The end of Roe was a bombshell, but a one-time correction less powerful in long term impact once the years recede, as it only sent babykilling back to the states to decide.

    Thee Bruen gun decision, in contrast, was lesser big news, but will prove to be a far bigger and longer-lasting shock to the system. Not only does it reach far on gun rights, but it also introduces “historical scrutiny” into Supreme Court review of constitutional rights, not only gun laws. That is the most significant and clearest shift in constitutional scrutiny in 100 years — and it was written by Clarence Thomas. Assuming it holds up and isn’t quickly reversed, it is an amazing change.

    Clarence Thomas might reach a trifecta of historical greatness if he kills off Affirmative Action. If he does, Thomas will vie neck-and-neck with John Marshall and Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. as the greatest and most consequential Supreme Court justice of all time.

    • Agree: anarchyst, PhysicistDave
  138. One-off says:

    Excellent read and analysis, thank you.

    The use of Asian-Americans as plaintiffs is a fig leaf for the larger issue, the blatant discrimination directed almost exclusively at White Gentiles. This is not to discount the plaintiffs suffer the same discrimination, which they surely do, but they also are “safer” as the face of the litigants. To me, this camouflage almost is as abhorrent as the underlying issue. It would be farcical to deny the stagecraft is necessary even while it has absolutely nothing to do with the merits. The prevalence of lies in modern society obviously requires lies to advance and prevail.

    The BAKKE decision was an absolute abomination and led directly to today’s anti-White discrimination. The majority walked to the bell and did not ring it, and their timidity and intellectual dishonesty fueled a society hostile to one race and one ethnicity. Each case since has done the same. Now, twenty-five years later, a different ruling may result primarily because the plaintiffs are not White Gentiles.

    As to your larger point about Jewish overrepresentation, I cannot imagine the issue even would be broached for the same reasons the real problem here cannot be addressed frontally. Apparently, you also can tell who rules you by whom cannot be named as the primary collateral beneficiary of anti-White discrimination.

    Californians overwhelming rejection of Proposition 16 probably laid the groundwork for the abolition of affirmative action this time, but the damage wrought never will be undone.

  139. Great reporting as always Unz. I’ve been following your site since around 2013 when your original affirmative action article caused a stir. While I concur that children of Jewish genetic ancestry likely account for over 25% of White elite university students, there is one other explanation I’d like you to investigate more: Jewish assimilation and integration into the cream of the crop White society. Specifically over the last 30-40 years.

    Just as the WASPs absorbed the best and brightest Italians and Irish, by the 1970s onwards anti-semitism was no longer accepted in the Northeast. By the 1980 and 1990s, it was probably already normal to marry a Jew, maybe even more so than marrying a swarthier looking Italian.

    Indeed in recent memory we literally had TWO presidential children from different parties marry jewish spouses. Chelsea Clinton & Ivanka Trump, one of whom formally converted to Judaism.

    If we accept that the American Jewish IQ is centered around 105 vs. the U.S. White average of 100, and that people in brainy professions like academia or law are more likely to meet other brainy people, maybe the top 10% of Jewish descendents are of the same ability as say the top 1% of gentiles. Thus its only natural they would mingle, make connections, and by this day and age fall in love, have kids etc. To all my friends, dating a Jew these days is literally trivially different than dating say someone White of German or English descent, heck dating a Greek or Italian may be more exotic amongsts certain circles.

    Indeed high achieving East and South Asian immigrants (in particular Northeast Asians whose parents came on academic visas and Upper Caste South Asians), are showing the exact same pattern of intermarriage as Jews had with upper class gentile whites, just ~30 years later.

    This type of assimilation into the mainstream American elite bodes well for America’s continued economic and cultural dominance.

    There is no “insidious” overrepresentation of Jews. For the same reason that WASP elites from Boston were much more repesented than say the same lower class WASPs from Appalachia, now a days you have a clear and present entrenched faction , and by default their neighbors, friends and children will be the next ones to take their place. Assimilation and mean reversion go hand in hand these days and I fully expect by 2050 the non-Hasidic portion of Ameircan Jewelry will be so fully integrated with their other European descent neighbors that it may not even show up as an ethnicity on a checkbox ever again, only as a very narrow religion probably even less practiced than Mormonism.

    • Thanks: Wizard of Oz
    • Replies: @René Fries
  140. Anonymous[374] • Disclaimer says:

    Blacks can say they…[are] a discriminated group…from their ancestors being slaves

    Feck that noise!

    FACT: 3 times as many whites were enslaved in Africa as African slaves were imported to the British North American colonies. Ergo, American whites demand/deserve 300% more affirmative actions than Tyrones and Sheboonias.

    FACT: Twice as many white Americans died in the US civil war than blacks were imported from ye olde Yamkanda.

  141. @mulga mumblebrain

    I would guess that China’s upward economic surge over several decades has much to do with that. It certainly contrasts with the experience of the US and much of the West. But then one has to explain continuing support for Putin…..

  142. Moreover, I had also published an associated critique suggesting that over the years my beloved Harvard alma mater had transformed itself into one of the world’s largest hedge-funds with a vestigial school attached for tax-exempt purposes.

    Harvard and the other super-wealthy ‘universities’ are concerned about money. Throwing a “feel good” bone to the peasants doesn’t cost them anything, and for all I know might increase alumni contributions.

    So why is the Supreme Court so concerned about this? So far as I know past Courts have never shown any particular love for Asians. The WW2 Court said it was OK to toss Japanese Americans residing in the US into concentration camps. The same bunch rubber-stamped MacArthur’s railroading and execution of rival General Yamashita – a fellow who fought him to a standstill in the Philippines.

    So Opinion Time: This is an extremely Right Wing Catholic court, and they’re taking their cues from an extremely conservative Asshat Pope named Pius IX. That old boy hated just about everything the US supposedly stands for, and the 2022 SCOTUS follows his lead.


    I give you my blessing for the difficult but necessary task in which you are engaged, which consists of eliminating or diminishing a great affliction which plagues contemporary society: this is called universal suffrage.

    Don’t you know that the dirty stupid & dangerous n*ggers in the US of A want to VOTE in US Elections! Since many People With White Skins hate that, and that bunch is quite numerous, they’re the obvious place to start when undermining Universal Suffrage.

    Letting DS&D N*ggers into ‘elite’ universities gives them a chance to move up a rung, at least in principle. Another idea to be stomped flat!

    “You are aware indeed, that the goal of this most iniquitous plot is to drive people to overthrow the entire order of human affairs and to draw them over to the wicked theories of this Socialism and Communism, by confusing them with perverted teachings . . . by misapplying the terms “liberty” and “equality” . . . to excite by continuous disturbances workers and others, especially those of the lower class, whom they have deceived by their lies and deluded by the promise of a happier condition.”

    Yeah, the old guy with the funny hat had a way with words.

    What about abortion? Well, the Ninth Pius was a big one on that issue too.

    The original Pro-Lifer was a child kidnapper first


    Modern pro-life fanaticism is based on a theory of ensoulment invented by Pope Pius IX in 1869. Before this moment, doctors of the church largely agreed that when an expectant mother felt a fetus stir in her womb, in the way Elizabeth responds to Mary in the Bible, that was the moment the fetus acquired a soul and became an ethically sacred child. This corresponds roughly with the end of the first trimester, or what we can all recognize as a perfectly reasonable place to argue about limiting at-will abortions. “You feel a child moving around in your tummy? Ok, maybe it’s time to consider the ethics of terminating the pregnancy a little differently.” That’s a middle-ground we could potentially all meet around, but I digress. And anyway it’s a moot point because baby-stealing Pius IX fucked it all up 150 years ago.

    At the end of the rant the link author describes how the old jerk was still defending slavery in 1866.

    The present Court has a supermajority of rabid Pius-Type Conservative Catholics. They’ve been A-OK with the creation of all the tools necessary to revive a modern version of the Inquisition. Thinking wrong thoughts. Saying wrong things. Patriot Act. Snooping Everywhere. Police violence is almost untouchable.

    As I’ve made pretty obvious many times, I detest the murderous assholes in the shithole nation of “Israel”. That said, with this Court I’d sure hate to be Joe Schmoe, American Jew. AKA Christ Killer. Unfinished business for a right-wing Catholic Court of the Pius IX mold.

    Short term Court Expansion and long term Court term limits are the only solutions I can see.

  143. Karl1906 says:
    @R.G. Camara

    Yes, these would all be great developments individually and in a (still) functioning state. But ever since 2020 this doesn’t matter anymore. The emperor is naked now for everyone to see and Lady Liberty clearly has left the building in DC.

    The supreme court has shown to be complicit to the junta again and again – even against the nation, the constitution and the people. And the issues will remain unfixable with this system and these people still in charge.

    They will not change and nothing will change as a consequence. Even on top of a dung heap there is no “better” air.

  144. @LongtimeReader710293710293

    In some way, that assimilation pattern can be found in my country, the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. Before 1946 when I was born, population was 300.000 or a bit less; now there are over 650.000. As a child I remember that (and how) the Italian immigrants – those whose ancestors built our railways – already had been assimilated; since I’ve quit my country (1970), the same has been going on with every group of (luckily: mostly European) immigrants, the Portuguese influx with over 90.000 having been the most massive.

  145. Asians should approach the AA issue this way: Okay, let blacks of slave ancestry have AA, but everyone else play by meritocratic rules.

    That way, the powers-that-be can’t use the Black Excuse to use AA to boost not only blacks but other favored groups.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  146. sb says:

    You make a most compelling case for why the open border between Australia and New Zealand must be closed down

    • LOL: Achmed E. Newman
  147. @Anon

    yeah…ok…get out there and “vote”…See if it works THIS time….

    Wise up.

  148. @mulga mumblebrain

    “racist racist racist!!!!””’LMAO…..the propaganda is strong in this one.

    Indian, Chinese, Korean and japanese aren’t races.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  149. @mark green

    It may well be that an important reason that Ron has not been de-platformed by the gatekeepers on organized Jewry is simple prudence. If matters ever seriously move in a a seriously “anti-semitic” direction (in other words, an organized movement that steps over the “anti-semitism” barrier with sound insight and abundant factual backing), then “organized Jewry” can simply point to actors like Unz and Sachs and say, “See? We aren’t/weren’t as bad as you think.”

    It would be foolish to not prepare for such a moment. After all, Ron himself has published much material that contradicts the main narratives of organized Jewry. His “American Pravda” series is a remarkable achievement in many ways. And it abounds in “sound insight and abundant factual backing”.

  150. @Priss Factor

    NO. Wrong is wrong, period. It’s been 55 years of this stuff, PF. Maybe it wasn’t you personally who has been screwed out of pay, a better job, or even a whole career, but millions of others have been. Should we just get used to what’s been going on our whole lives, and continue to take it up the ass?

    Actually, it’s more likely you’ve been screwed by AA and don’t even know, since it’s been inherent in Government and Big Biz for (likely) your whole working life, or (maybe) your whole life period. None of this is new. It’s been screwing over White men and still failing black people for that whole time.

    Don’t believe me? In the somewhat lighthearted Part 3 of the ongoing Peak Stupidity series on Affirmative Action, I discussed someone I know being kept from working at a Country music radio station, as the FCC pressured the boss to hire a black guy. Did I mention this was in the 1970s, and that it was a Country music radio station? The story had a happy ending at least…

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  151. Anonymous[413] • Disclaimer says:

    Thanks! I am on my way to the Narrows Verazano Bridge … Lol

    • LOL: Achmed E. Newman
  152. Chebyshev says:

    The wildly disproportionate number of Jews in the current Biden administration and broader elite establishment in the U.S. is reminiscent of Weimar Germany. However, Americans today are actually quite prosperous by even First World standards.

  153. Anonymous[215] • Disclaimer says:

    President Joe Biden (Jewish in-laws)

    Not mere in-laws, but spouses of his own children, if I am not mistaken. That is a very, very close relationship. Does Biden have any jewish grandchildren? Grandchildren are usually an object of affection.

    A jewish person married Bill Clinton’s only child. Donald Trump’s favorite child is also married to a jewish person.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  154. @Achmed E. Newman

    NO. Wrong is wrong, period. It’s been 55 years of this stuff, PF.

    First, blacks are too holy. And too violent and too numerous. Too many whites hold blackness as holy and blacks are into riot mode. So, we have to be strategic. When it comes to Black AA, just limit it to blacks of American slave ancestry. That is doable and will even win over American blacks.

    Secondly, it’s always wiser to fight wars one at a time. It could be that Asians and white numbers are being suppressed not only by explicit AA for blacks but smoke-and-mirrors AA that favors Jews.
    So, Asians and whites are up against Jews and blacks. It’s better that they handle the Jewish problem before dealing with the black one. If one tries to overturn AA by targeting blacks, Jews get to use blacks as moral shield and keep AA to do more smoke and mirrors stuff behind the scenes.

    If we allow AA for blacks of slave ancestry, it becomes a lot simpler for the rest. Blacks(and American Indians) get AA, and everyone else has to compete fairly. Then, Jews would no longer be able to use the Black Excuse to manipulate AA for themselves as well. My guess is Jews at Harvard boosted black enrollment to create an alliance between Jews and blacks. “Wink wink, as long as Jews have control over Harvard, you blacks get special treatment, so join us.”

    So, before Affirmative Action for blacks is dealt with, a better way would be to deal with Afterthought Action that may indeed favor Jews behind the scenes.

    • Thanks: BlackFlag
  155. @Max Powers

    Solzhenitsyn was just repeating bogus disinformation from Robert Wilton. The reason academia in the West has been so slow about translating Solzhenitsyn’s bit of claptrap is because they have no wish to pick him apart. The original transcript of Robert Wilton’s propaganda piece is here:

    The “80-85%” claim is taken off of Wilton’s list for the Council of People’s Commissars, which Wilton presents as having 22 members with 17 of them Jewish. But it’s a bogus list. The correct list is given here under “Original People’s Commissars”:’s_Commissars

    The actual Council had 16 members, not 22, and out of the 17 people whom Wilton listed as “Jewish” on the Council the only one who actually was on the real Council was Trotsky.

    Solzhenitsyn was never a serious historian and anyone who has studied the background to Gulag Archipelago knows that he periodically misrepresents people who were temporarily held by the NKVD as if they had been executed, even when like Leonid Ramzin they may have been promoted by the party later on. Cold War academics like Richard Pipes & Robert Conquest tended to be totally forgiving towards Solzhenitsyn when he sometimes lied for Cold War purposes. But if a book were published where Solzhenitsyn gave a phony list of Jewish names taken from Robert Wilton, then academics would feel obligated to publish corrections. That’s why no one is in a hurry to publish it at all in English.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @Anonymous
  156. Wokechoke says:

    As long as they keep out working class white boys, everyone else will be happy.

    • Replies: @IreneAthena
  157. @Patrick McNally

    Do we know where Hitler got his information from and what he believed about the numbers?

  158. @Wizard of Oz

    I don’t know offhand of any place where Hitler even attempted to claim anything concrete about alleged numbers of Jews in the Soviet government. Hitler’s style of propaganda wasn’t really so focused on that. As far as general sources of thinking, Hitler’s inspiration came from George Schoenerer (leader of the Austrian Pan-German League) and Karl Lueger (Mayor of Vienna, leader of the Christian Social Movement). From Schoenerer (a fanatical ideologue), Hitler gained a world philosophy. From Lueger (a crafty narcissist), Hitler learned communications skills. But Hitler had all of these ideas assembled in his head in a way that wasn’t really too tied down to any specific set of numbers about anything.

  159. @Priss Factor

    I still don’t agree, but thanks for the well-reasoned reply, Mr. Factor.

  160. @P. Cleburne

    There is only ONE race, the human race, you idiot racist.

  161. @Wizard of Oz

    Well, perhaps Russians are not as brainwashed as you and yours, Wizz. It is a possibility you know. Do you REALLY believe everything you read in the Western MSM? Surely not-I realised that they were liars in my teens, but I was a bit slow, after all.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  162. @R.G. Camara

    Clarence Hill is a barely coherent (hence his years of utter silence on the bench) Uncle Tom, ‘House Negro’, appointed as a direct insult to the memory of Thurgood Marshall his eminent predecessor. And, as Anita Hill, revealed, a charmless sex pest.

    • Troll: PhysicistDave
    • Replies: @Atle
  163. Atle says:

    Damn. That was really magnificent. Everything I think, quantified and explained as I couldn’t.

    God bless you. That’s just a saying.

  164. Atle says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Your coherence, not to mention your spelling, leave a bit to be desired yourself.

    Perhaps your name explains these things.

  165. Harvard lost credibility a long time ago, at the latest with its ubdominal upturns trying to cover Jew Pharma’s Covid crime.
    Harvard’s base was and is theft, like the rest of Jewmerica.

  166. I find the arguments convincing and impartial merit is surely a necessity. I wish the same arguments were mounted in the arts, where preference for artists according to race, creed, colour and gender is just as, if not more skewed by corrupt and wayward policies.

  167. @mulga mumblebrain

    Have you read the careful well considered views of Steve Sailer who points out that races can be identified (like breeds of dogs though I don’t remember him making that comparison) by many generations of familial intrabreeding so that it makes, or at least once made sense, to note the broad divisions like East Asian, European, African (or whtever: I forget the classic names). You will be familiar with the descriptions on cop shows like IC1 male which obviously are not a waste of time. And you will be familiar no doubt with the extensive evidence that knowledge of “race” has to go well beyond “human race” to ensure appropriate health care for individuals of different races, even down to avoiding the use of certain drugs if a person’s genome derives from a particular extended family aka race.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  168. @mulga mumblebrain

    What are you saying? I was sent a Tweet with a version of that which made me ask whether it was a spoof and anti Russian propaganda which prompted a follow up that refers to the Levada polling organisation and ertainly seems genuine to me. Not to you? Why, if so?. I do see some possibility to quibble over methodology but that is peripheral. So, let’s face it, Russians are not very like us in some important respects.

    You were no doubt told you were a clever boy and felt confident that the MSM was full of people who were worse than fools, indeed that they were liars. I’m afraid I didn’t suspect much lying. Why did you BTW? But I have a letter I wrote at the age of 20 telling my parents that I had discovered that anything published in Time magazine on a subject I knew about was likely to contain errors.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  169. BlackFlag says:

    The elite classes are becoming very mixed. A combination of Jewish, White, E. Asian, & Indian. The primary threat to Jewish Power is loss of identity.

    Example: Amy Chua, E. Asian, law proff married Jeff Rubenfeld, Jewish, law proff. They have 2 children, both attended elite universities and are on their way to joining the elites.
    Daughter Sophia married Tim Mitchell, presumably goy. Here you can buy them a wedding gift:

    The elite hope this trend will end tribalism but cohesive groups will always be the winning strategy in the game of life. Blood relation is one of the best ways to achieve cohesion.

    If we avoid self-extermination, my guess is that this mixed race elite will run things for a century or so until powerful peoples, like the Hassidics, grow large enough to become powerful political blocks. There will then be balkanization & ethnostates will emerge.

  170. BlackFlag says:
    @Priss Factor

    Good strategic thinking. Whites could push for simple representation in accordance with population.

    But the question, is which would be the eligible ethnicities? Could the Amish be considered an ethnicity? Could the Hmong break off from the Asian category? Could we see the creation of brand new ethnicities?

    Secondly, what would be the criteria for determining one’s ethnicity? If it’s simply, self-identification, Jews would classify themselves as White.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  171. Ron Unz says:

    But the question, is which would be the eligible ethnicities? Could the Amish be considered an ethnicity? Could the Hmong break off from the Asian category? Could we see the creation of brand new ethnicities?

    Actually, I worked it all out towards the end of my original Meritocracy article from a decade ago, that launched the entire national debate:

    • Replies: @BlackFlag
  172. Emslander says:

    Over the last few decades America’s ruling elites have been produced largely as a consequence of the particular selection methods adopted by our top national universities in the late 1960s.

    Should anyone be surprised, then, that a force like the Trump phenomenon is so powerful and most likely overwhelmed the ruling class opposition in legal votes in 2016 and 2020? It’s very popular to say that American voters are stupid and uninformed, but I had a Jewish Professor at Berkeley Law School in 1969 tell me that even a dog knows the difference between being kicked on purpose or merely being stumbled over.

  173. Anonymous[145] • Disclaimer says:

    “a jewish person”

    Would not it be easier to just say a Jew? Too wordy!

    • Replies: @BlackFlag
  174. BlackFlag says:
    @Ron Unz

    Something like that is a really good solution.

    University ranking is subjective so policy needs to apply to all universities.
    Make 5 tranches (SAT 1550, 1500, 1450, 1400, 1350), all universities reserve 19% of spots for each tranche. Leave 5% for the university to give as they like. Students ordered by rank choose whichever university they want as long as a spot in their tranche or higher is still available. Randomize order of turns for students with same test score, e.g. 1521.

    Because universities will lose prestige, some new entity might spring, maybe a subsidiary of Harvard, that offers money to the best students thereby creating a super elite club. It will claim it’s not a university, like a coding bootcamp. Is the government going to stop this?

    Further along elite universities like Harvard might expand to 50k enrollment to the point where almost the entire top 2% fit into their class. Then, within the university, they can further segregate them into colleges, courses, classes based on whatever private criteria. That criteria would be attached to the diploma and signal status.

  175. BlackFlag says:

    How about “a person of the Jewish faith?”

  176. @I Hate Serbs

    Had the Europeans heeded Spengler’s prescriptions and united….

    Yes, if only. If only they’d heeded Nietzsche’s call, which the incomparable thinker made as far back as 1878, in Menschliches, Allzumenschliches

    It is not the self-interest of the many (the people), as one would have it, that urges this nationalism [of European nation-states], but primarily the self-interest of certain royal dynasties, as well as that of certain commercial and social classes; once a man has understood this, he should be undaunted in presenting himself as a good European, and work actively for the merging of nations.

    Also sprach–thus spake–the actual ideological father (it wasn’t Kalergi!) of intentional European integration…. Well, his equally good advice regarding what you rightly call an ancient Jewish psyop–Judeo-Christianity–wasn’t sufficiently heeded either, was it….

    Cf. “Nietzsche & the ‘Good European’,”

  177. anon[307] • Disclaimer says:

    list them!

    this will disprove ron’s ABSURD theory that jews are admitted by stupid goys who feel guilty about the holocaust.

    dershowitz, who lies like he breathes, said something like, “i know the head of admissions at harvard (college, i assume). he’s a friend. he’s a good guy.”

    aesthetics don’t lie.

    if a people looks like demons, they probably are.

  178. @ThreeCranes

    Jews are white if someone notices how over represented they are.

  179. @anon

    Hmm, I’d say Mr Unz is mostly motivated by a liking for truth and also for America.

  180. @Ron Unz

    I like your wordy and softly-approaching style, which I find very convincing. I think the rather courteous eloquence serves well to sugar-coat the oftentimes enraging and red or blackpilling points raised. I also find the quotes of previous articles helpful even when I’ve read them before (which I usually have), as they remind me of the story so far, so to speak. Maybe it would be even better to rework them but I agree that’s a big effort for relatively little reward.

    As @chris said, I was disappointed when I reached the excellent end of the article as I thought it’d be longer. I thought this was one of your best articles. Also, I’d say you’re the best writer on this website, which is the best I’ve found for accurate and insightful commentary on many of the most important matters. Finally, the commenters here are among the best I’ve seen.

    As for the ‘bragging’ accusation, well, when you’re right, you’re right. Maybe they’re jealous? 🙂

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  181. @mulga mumblebrain

    Human refers to species, race refers to subspecies. Semantics can be fun.

  182. Ron Unz says:

    I like your wordy and softly-approaching style, which I find very convincing. I think the rather courteous eloquence serves well to sugar-coat the oftentimes enraging and red or blackpilling points raised.

    Thanks for the very kind words. That was exactly the intent of the writing style I’d adopted.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  183. @Empire Summer Moon

    good points
    fortifying ones ties to Texas at SMU or to CA at USC may be more useful than attending a NE Ivy League

  184. Anonymous[101] • Disclaimer says:

    I don’t have a lot of sympathy for East Asians actually because their painful naïveté is so boring. They expect to come over and take their imperial exams to be showered with accolades and money, granted breeding rights and women because their culture has selected them over generations to be good at standardized tests and studying books, without the understanding that might makes right and the Jews at least won two world wars in succession by hook and crook. This argument is still good for waking people up to the benefits and necessity of racism in all facets of life when a majority East Asian Harvard or Yale would be undesirable and has to be prevented on an explicit basis as a simple fact, despite the American myth of the land of opportunity and equality. Of course regular whites lost long ago and were too stupid to realize it. You notice in the numbers that Asians have kept creeping up and white numbers have been taken down further by adding more blacks. No doubt the atheist Jews are still holding as is their right by virtue of being the victors of the power struggle for control of the white race and thus the world. Maybe East Asians will realize they don’t deserve anything when they throw out the test scores and grades that they worked so hard for (in reality exercising their innate advantage, would the same hard work make them extraordinary athletes and for blacks vice versa?)

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  185. Wade says:

    This was an excellent piece!!

  186. @SoUtH

    What are their reasons or goals or plan or motivation for so doing?

    That’s a long and deeply tedious, depressing kind of story, friend.

    If you really want to know (and Yes, you certainly should), try starting here:

    Then open the ‘Topics’ filter box on the home page of the same website, select any category and article you please – and sit back and enjoy the magic of the full, uncensored truth and hard, incontrovertible evidence about the identity, motivations and ultimate goals of our mortal enemies.

    You’re welcome.

  187. @Ron Unz

    I also applaud your efforts and (without stopping to look for exceptions) style where you are a giant in the field. All the more disappointing to come across your snide opportunistic ending to your sally on the origins of WW2 on Trafalgar Day 2020 when caught out like the typical autodidact you are in the vast areas of knowledge where you claim to have overcome your past naiveté and revealed truths hidden by American Pravda (and its American dominated allies).


    While the commentators you have been preferring to attend to since Putin’s war began seem quite bizarre, you had made some sort of case for relying on A.J.P.Taylor to support your revisionism on the origins of WW2. Two years ago I had not read the vast amount of far more up to date stuff from the likes of Timothy Snyder and Stephen Kotkin that is a reminder to remain sceptical even when a Ron Unz who reads and digests material at 2000 words a minute for 36 hours a day expresses unsubstantiated confidence. The dismissiveness of your treatment of my demonstration of the limitations of your substitute Pravda was a trigger.

    I had quoted a passage from Taylor’s own autobiography that, on the face of it completely demolished your case for reliance on his early writings. All you could do was produce a very weak form of the kind of theoretically possible alternative explanation that you angrily and scornfully denounce me for. Perhaps Taylor was scared or too prudent to say anything else! Then there was your pure waffle about Mein Kampf, Taylor’s apparent failure to read it and your finding interesting ideas in it on a rereading. In the light of the strong coherent case made by later historians that Hitler had looked at the development of the US (often by Germans) and fantasised about similar displacement on Untermenschen from Ukraine while ridding Germany too of polluting stock and planting German farmers in the fertile East with Slavs to serve them your handwaving was not enough.

    You added a curious link to an article making much of Hitler’s rhetorical victory over Roosevelt in April 1939 which left me thinking “So what?” though noting that you had found another clever boy to say something interesting in an undergraduate essay. But it did lead me back to wondering what you are really on about (if you know what it is at a conscious level). I can perhaps understand the logic of a case that America should become isolationist and look out for its own people’s secure in the knowledge that neither Canada or Mexico are enemies. But we are where we are now in relation to Russia (and the EU ). Hitler perhaps should not have been opposed as American Jews and FDR clearly wanted and now Putin, for all that his version of history vis a vis Ukraine is fanciful, and his motives evil, should be allowed to get away with attacking and annexing at least parts of a legally independent nation? Even at the result that would have on America’s influence in the world?

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  188. @Anonymous

    I don’t have a lot of sympathy for East Asians actually because their painful naïveté is so boring.

    Asians are the biggest majority in Hawaii and haven’t come up with their own identity, pride, or anything. They just follow the party line set by Democrats. It’s no different in Taiwan, the globo-homo leader in Asia.

    Most Asians vote Democratic, so there’s no use caring about them.

    Rule of most Asians is simple. They serve the biggest power. As anti-white globalism is the biggest power in the West, most Asians will act as servitors to that.

    The ONLY hope of conservatives having Asian support is to be the masters of the West. As long as most conservatives cuck to Zion, Asians will realize Zion is the real power, the real boss, and bow down to it. Why would Asians choose white conservatives as their masters when white conservatives look to Zion as their master? If Asian-ness is about seeking out the master to serve, it’s only natural that they prefer to serve Zion than white cuckville… because whites themselves cuck to Zion.

  189. @Wizard of Oz

    No wonder you are such a mindless Banderite parrot. Notorious arch-Russophobes, Snyder and Kotkin, are your sources-QED. As for Ukraine being a ‘legally independent nation’, well, it has an illegitimate ruling regime, installed in a fascist coup in 2014, organised by the USA, and NO nation has the right to suppress half its population, the Russians, on the basis of ethnicity, and murder thousands of them. The ‘Responsibility to Protect’ doctrine allows Russia to save Russians from ethnic cleansing and murder by military led and infiltrated by OUTRIGHT neo-Nazis like the Azov scum. I am UTTERLY unsurprised that the West has supported fascists from the beginning-that is what they do and always have done.

    • Disagree: Wizard of Oz
    • LOL: Folkvangr
  190. @Wizard of Oz

    When I saw the MSM peddling lies, I became convinced that they were liars. QED. I assume I was vastly more eclectic and wide-ranging in my reading than you, a pretty typical Austfailian elite robopath, who would NOT ever dare speak the truth about US butchery and aggression. You’d not be invited to the Right parties, meetings, lectures and cabals if you showed any independence of thought, would you Wizz? You need to start with Chomsky and Herman’s ‘Manufacturing Consent’, and Chomsky’s Massey Lectures from 1988. It’s never too late to discover how brainwashed you have been.

    • LOL: Wizard of Oz
  191. @Wizard of Oz

    There are more genetic differences within ‘races’ than between them. We share 99.9% of our genetic inheritance with all other ‘races’. The big differences are of culture and social organisation, between the hyper-aggressive Western ‘dominators’, instructed by ‘God’ (themselves) to ‘subdue the Earth’, which, as we now see, is a suicide mission, and less aggressive, more harmonious peoples, who have learned to curb their destructiveness and greed, and live at peace with Life on Earth. Like the blackfellas that we STILL treat with exquisite and carefully contrived, sadism. And then we LIE about the condition of the Uighurs in the PRC.

    • Troll: Folkvangr
  192. @Dr. Robert Morgan

    Does what you say about the white “group mind” accepting/desiring the transhumanist future apply equally to the non-white races?

  193. @mulga mumblebrain

    There are more genetic differences within ‘races’ than between them. We share 99.9% of our genetic inheritance with all other ‘races’.

    So what? Do you seriously think that tells anyone anything relevant to anything?

    Ye, 99% with chimps too. How many genes are involved in Kenyan highlanders being the great distance runners while Migerians are the great sprinters? How many genes involved in a professor of physics scoring 150+ on IQ tests but a plumber 105? Not many but they matter, together with the epigenetic.

    One of the UR contributors with whom I have been friendly for many years once noted a possibly factoid news item that people shared 70 per cent of their genomes with pumpkins. It took him not much more than 5 minutes yo come up with

    There once was a hillbilly bumpkin
    Caught having sex with a pumpkin
    When arrested he swore
    What’s all the fuss for?
    Where I’m from it’s OK to hump kin

    I wouldn’t dream of trying to impose civility or courtesy on you, but could that inspire you to lighten up a little?

    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  194. Anonymous[272] • Disclaimer says:
    @Wizard of Oz


    I think you meant Solzhenitsyn’s comments on the fact that the Soviet government was overwhelmingly Jewish (Ashkenazi seeking revenge for the sacking of their capital, Atil, in the 10th century, and for the Pale of Settlement rules adopted after the Mongols were kicked out of Kiev and chased east all the way to past the Caspian Sea.

  195. Anonymous[272] • Disclaimer says:
    @Patrick McNally

    Richard Pipes is Jewish, and therefore would do anything to deny that the Soviet prison-state was a government by Jews, for Jews and of Jews, especially during the years of the Red Terror.

    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  196. @Anonymous

    As I said, Pipes was very soft on any criticisms of Solzhenitsyn. He did not even mention the matter of Solzhenitsyn having repeated bogus “data” from Robert Wilton in that phony list of the Council of People’s Commissars. But if Solzhenitsyn’s repetition of Wilton’s hoax were to be published in the West by a major academic press than Western reviewers would be forced to point out the fallacy.

  197. NEETzschean: “Does what you say about the white “group mind” accepting/desiring the transhumanist future apply equally to the non-white races? ”

    What I mean by the group mind is allied to such notions as stigmergy and collective intelligence.

    The hives that bees construct for themselves or termite mounds in which termites house their colonies are examples of the products of a group mind, and find their analogue in human culture, specifically in the technological system. Technological civilization is, in other words, the hive that humanity has constructed for itself. Of course, this doesn’t mean that all groups or all individuals are in favor of it. However, it appears that those who are not have had their “votes” nullified by the ones who are, as “Progress” always continues and seems unstoppable. The transhumanist future as I’m envisioning it here is not a goal that’s consciously chosen by anyone, nor are efforts consciously being directed by anyone to bring it about, but nevertheless it seems to be where things are heading if we extrapolate from the present state of scientific “progress” into the indefinite future.

    That’s what I’m trying to evoke when I speak of a dream of the group mind. It’s not everyone’s dream, of course. Probably it’s less of a dream for non-whites simply because they aren’t as technologically-oriented as whites. But they also participate in it simply through joining (or being dragged into) technological civilization by the expansion of the system. Also, as it is, as yet, only a dream, it may not become a reality. For example, the system could collapse due to nuclear war or natural disaster, or be made to collapse through a direct action against it launched by a dissident group of attackers; perhaps even a single individual, like a Dr. Peters in the movie Twelve Monkeys. Of course, in the movie, technological civilization survives by going underground and eventually comes back, whereas in the case of a successful attack it would not. A collapse by accident, nuclear war, or various natural disasters also could cause its permanent disappearance.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  198. Anonymous[303] • Disclaimer says:

    I’ve mostly always enjoyed Ron’s pen. I wish he’d have become governor. He’s a sharp cookie. It’s a pity he’s not back in politics. Just look at the slime in many elite political slots. I believe he’d be diplomatic when debating some of those geniuses like Chameleon Harris. Yeah, he’d get banged, but could survive. Although elections are merely popularity contests, a few guys like Ron could do plenty in assisting this country and reducing her fall, in the state where he held office. We’ve had enough of the current crop of such honest “representatives” as members of congress

  199. @Dr. Robert Morgan

    Stigmergy sounds very ‘morphic resonance’ and ‘collective unconscious’ to me. Anything that evokes Sheldrake and Jung is OK by me. Any room for panpsychism and Whitehead? For moi, I see all humanity joining in the great majority of these collective processes, not just the White boys.

  200. @Wizard of Oz

    Not a chance! But a great limerick, to be sure. I do suppose that once Kenyan highlanders get TV and the Internet, grow sedentary, and cease running twenty ks to and from school, from an early age, that they might come back to the field a deal. All highland people have great oxygen carrying capacity, then its a matter of motivation and training. Looking for excuses to divide people up into little groups, and ignoring, or denying, our common humanity, is so very Rightwing, isn’t it. ‘Every man for himself…’.

  201. @mulga mumblebrain

    Thanks unser kleine Fuhrer-to be declared a troll by a reject from Valhalla is very satisfying. I must be doing something right.

  202. anon[307] • Disclaimer says:

    there’s an obvious reason why asians would be scored lower by admissions on average. the acceptance rate for havard college et al has gone down a lot over the years. why? likely because pushy asians. if 75% of applicants are asian…they will be different from the 1% who are black.

  203. @mulga mumblebrain

    It’s a pity antiscientific attitudes like yours ensure that interesting research will be done to explore the differences between genetically inbred groups of the last 70,000 years when there is so much semiotic near rubbish lying round still from the likes of Philippe Rushton and Lynnand Vanhenen. The influence of caste systems in Africa as well as India is a potentially big area. How the cousins of African-Americans produce people like Kwausi Karteng and other academically very smart jet black descendants of West Africans would be intriguing to explore. Meanwhile I hope Australia’s immigration policies are making sure we mostly import smart Chinese and subcontintals to make up for dysgenic white breeding before the non PC in Asia can provide us with effective Eugenics.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  204. @mulga mumblebrain

    Are you familiar with the expression “hust So Stories” applied to speculative explanations of evolved genetically caused variations? If not you are way behind both the intellectual fun and the serious conclusions.

    Why do pitbull terriers behave entirely unlike Labrador and all breeds in between? Obviously they have evolved significantly different genomes u der selective pressure some of which may be paralleled in humans by chance selection givin cultivated easily with alight hoe (no nedg rise to the more prolific breeders. Consider that females could in tropical West Africa be the most p.rolifically fertile ancestresses if they were capable of not only bearing and surviving birth of large numbers of children but feeding them adequately in the undemanding environment of plentiful fish, fruit, nuts but also product of the soil which could be cultivated with a light hoe rather than a heavy plough needing great strength as in much of Eurasia. So,reasonably intelligent females don’t need males to help them grow their children to adolescence. Then which males will dominate the breeding when the only selective pressure is not to bring home slices of mammoth cunningly captured and slaughtered by a team of hunters but to inseminate as many women as possible as often as possible. Would it not be entirely natural selection for the strong, fast and aggressive to be favoured with maybe some additional advantage to those with favoured styles of genitalia, beefy charm and stamina? If you and your forbears all had highly active 12 inch dongs, not only would internet port have been invented 20 years earlier but there would be a plague of choleric ranters like you in every blog. Set aside that speculation and listen to the first part of yesterday’s ABC Science Show discussing the theory of mind in relation to smart birds that notice when other birds may have learned to steal food and different ways monkeys with and without opposable thumbs can ve manipulated by the tricks used by a magician, all of which tends to prove that the breeding behaviour of human males (and females) is not just robotically programmed but genetically provided for by way of the tendencies of their behaviour resulting from genetically programmed thinking capacities.

    Back to easy reality testing.Do you seriously think Usain Bolt and his ten thousand closest cousins could have been brought up to compete with the distance runners of Kenya and Ethiopia?

    Do you not accept that some behavioural tendencies are so much more prevalent in some families than in others that tendencies to behave in certain ways are going to remain in those families and not so much in others despite the attempts at educational conditioning that may be attempted. Think extroverts and introverts. Think those who burst into loud bursts of laughter at inappropriate times. And in case you think tat is just learned from Dad and Uncle consider the extraordinary findings of twin studies

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  205. Pablo says:

    The Real Obstacle here is the reluctance to take on the Jewish owned Media. Of course the Media will promote the Interests of Jewish Power. It is going to be necessary to ignore the Jewish tactic of demonizing EVERYONE who criticizes Jewish interests. This Jewish tactic of shouting “Anti semitism”! at every turn must be attacked. And the Jewish Power structure is vulnerable here; Jews are obviously NOT victims of anything.

  206. IreneAthena says: • Website

    As long as they keep out working class white boys, everyone else will be happy. — WokeChoke #161

    Be very careful with your words, WokeChoke. I am warning you to help you avoid getting eaten alive by people who delight in eating people alive over ill-advised word choices (e.g. lawyers.)


    Well, WokeChoke, here it is: words/phrases like:

    “everyone else,” or indeed, “every-[anything]” “all,” “nobody,” “never,”
    “always,” are very likely to turn true statements into falsehoods when they replace more moderate words/phrases like:

    “most other people,” “almost every-[anything], “almost all,” “hardly anyone,” “almost always,” “almost never.”

    This is true even in theoretical statements, such as “Prime numbers are ALWAYS odd.” Oh, yeah? What about the number two, which is prime AND even?

    And with all these things in mind, I revise my statement to you which did not make it through moderation the first couple times I tried. Is three times a charm? Almost

    “In many households, if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”

    • Replies: @IreneAthena
  207. IreneAthena says: • Website

    And to be extra precise and apropos:


    “In many households, if TIGER mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”

  208. anon[410] • Disclaimer says:

    Does anyone sincerely have sympathy for any of the Asian races that may be denied college admissions due to Affirmative Action policies? As I understand it, Asian-Americans, just like most other Americans, are Individually Selected Sociopaths, so they are just seeking personal wealth acquisition, and going to Ivy League universities may increase their odds of acquiring a higher level of resources than if they didn’t go. Each man for himself, or each Nuclear Family Unit for itself. There is no Group Selection in America, aside from Haredi/Hasidic groups, the Amish, and perhaps some relatively more secular Ashkenazi communities.

    Second point: Why are the various Asian races evening living in the “biological circus” called America, and then complaining when their lives are not “ideal”? It appears that they are not loyal to their own ethno-nations, which would be expected if they are Individually Selected as opposed to Group Selected. They feel no guilt about contributing to the “brain drain” of their nations, and are just seeking personal wealth acquisition at the cost of the well being of their ethno-states. Asian-Indians are the worst in this matter, with every Indian with a high enough IQ to do white collar work attempting to leave their ethno-state for other wealthier nations.

    The basic point for me is to consider what type of person is interested in going to an Ivy League university in contemporary times, who is willing to engage in extreme competition among his fellow students in high school in order to get accepted, and then pay the very excessive tuition. Well, it’s the individual who is thinking of the anticipated massive payoff in resources once he gets a job after graduating. This is the individual who lives just for the sake of personal resource acquisition, who wakes up every morning asking himself “What can I do for myself today?” as opposed to “What can I do for my race today?” or even “What can I do for all altruistic sentient entities today?”.

    Thus, while I find Mr. Unz’s research very edifying in that it adds to body of knowledge of the universe, I personally don’t feel sympathy for anyone who applies to Ivy League universities.

    Some random thoughts – I find it interesting that people take seriously any literature that uses the word “Asian,” given the fact that Asia consists of many different races – Japanese, Koreans, Chinese Han, Indians, Arabs, Russian Slavs, Turks, Filipinos, Persians, Samoans, etc. What use are any statistics on college admissions when it doesn’t break down by specific Asian race the percentages of enrollment? For example, Japanese and Indians are completely genetically different races with a very large overall genetic distance.

    And of course “Hispanic” is a genetically meaningless term, and it would be much more biologically descriptive to break down “Hispanics” into Mestizos, Mulattoes, and American-Indians, with Spanish speaking Europeans just being counted as ethnically European.

    By the way, I was born without any mathematical intelligence, so please forgive the ignorance of my following question – the article states that it compared the quantity of the high ability students that are Asian, White, and Jewish and compared those numbers to the quantity of these high ability students that were granted admittance to the various Ivy League universities. But, does the study take into account the number of individuals from the high ability students of each race that actually applied to each of the Ivy League universities? For example, let’s say a much larger number from the high ability Jewish students applied to Harvard than did the students from the White and Asian high ability students, then could this fact explain some of the Jewish over-representation in admittance? Thanks.


    • Thanks: mark green
  209. @Wizard of Oz

    Gosh-that doesn’t read like you Wizz. 12 inch dongs and all that. What hope do charmers like you have, if it’s just a matter of dimension. PS Appropos smart birds-don’t make the error of imaging that all ‘mind’ and ‘intelligence’ resides INSIDE the skull. Remember the noosphere! Brains are antennae, too.

  210. @Wizard of Oz

    Kwasi Kwarteng ‘smart’??!! My life! A well-trained idiot, who learned to parrot a few neo-liberal and supply-side imbecilities. You could train anyone of any ‘race’ or even an opportunistic mongoose to do the same.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  211. @mulga mumblebrain

    Careless again as well as pretty obviously wrong. I qualified “smart” with “academic” which you ignored, though I think “smart” in reference to his cognitive ability generally is pretty obviously justified. The winner of the Newcastle Prize at Eton and, inter aliaa double first at Cambridge suggests that he is clearly what an old electronic friend that RU and I have joked about [GC] would have called a Six Sigma. (He may have had the last laugh. While he boasted that genomics was shortly to make him worth “9 figures” he also said the 6 Sigmas of the Valley were going to take over Madison Avenue, Hollywood, higher education … he also nominated the power centres of DC via Bitcoin. I correctly derided that as something that central bankers and Treasuries would be smart enough not to allow. However, last I heard he and his brother were each worth $300 million😎). I’ll agree that KK seems to have lacked street smarts though I have heard him traduced as lusting after Liz.

  212. abraham says:

    it won’t change anything – from, for example :::

    OEOD works to promote and integrate the principles of equal opportunity, affirmative action, nondiscrimination, and inclusive excellence at UCI.

    affirmative action has been forbidden in california for years, and upheld in repeated propositions; every aspect of the state government openly emphasizes their dedication to affirmative action despite this

    that is to say, the state of california is already operating under a [state] constitutional ban on affirmative action – in the event of a national ban, it would be possible for any state to operate in the same manner as california and still comply with a ban on affirmative action

  213. Anon[144] • Disclaimer says:

    There’s likely a significant underestimation of Jewish NMS semi-finalists here which is leading to a significant overstatement of disproportionality. Due to the dynamics around who is and isn’t considered Jewish, when a NJW and a JW marry, their children are typically considered JW even if the proportion on Ashkenazim is heavily diluted. This means that if, for example, you had several generations of elite NJW and JW families intermarrying, then the number of people who JW would grow in proportion to NJW quite quickly. However this would not not likely show up in a name-based identification (the method of classifying NMS semi-finalists as J) since paternal line is typically the determinant of surnames, but would show up in a survey of undergraduates about whether or not they are J.

  214. Anon[140] • Disclaimer says:

    The United States was founded by white people of Christian heritage for white people of Christian heritage, as evidenced by the Immigration Act of 1790. This “whites only” policy was wise because history shows that multiracialism and multiculturalism have never worked and can never work. However, there were problems – namely Jews being categorized as “white”, black slaves, and the native Indian population.

    The U.S. inherited these problems from the British colonies. The black slaves should have been sent back to Africa. The Jews should have been put under restriction and no more of them admitted to citizenship. The only (partial) success was in dealing with the native Indian population. Most died off or were killed and the rest confined to reservations. They now comprise a negligible though not entirely unproblematic percentage of the population.

    Like it or not, the United States ended up being a multiracial, multicultural country and therefore a country that could never succeed and will never succeed in the long run. “Multicultural” can include differences in ethnicity, language, culture and religion. Such differences can be tolerable if they are not too stark, such as a large percentage of German speaking Protestant and other northwestern Europeans settling in the U.S. and quickly learning English.

    But the admission of large numbers of Catholics (particularly the Irish and Italians) was problematic in a predominantly Protestant nation. Even today, politicians of Irish heritage (e.g., John Kerry) and Italian heritage (e.g., Nancy Pelosi) often have a subversive bent to them due to a deeply ingrained resentment of their immigrant ancestors being treated as second-class citizens or worse.

    The most dangerous and destructive group by far, of course, is the Jews, who have long harbored a hatred and fear of white people of Christian heritage and who work (very effectively) to undermine them at every turn.


    Although the U.S. Constitution was never accorded the respect that it deserved, it became irrelevant during the Civil War (1860-1865). Virtually every individual right and freedom guaranteed by the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, as well as the constitutional balance of power between the states and the federal government, was obliterated by Abraham Lincoln. The next significant move in the destruction of the United States as they were envisioned by the Founders was the false flag sinking of the Battleship Maine in Havana Harbor, which launched the nation on imperialist ventures that continue to this day. Just as Rome fell because what began as a republic became an empire, so shall the United States inevitably fall. The last nail in the coffin was pounded into place with the passing of the Federal Reserve Act and the creation of the federal income tax during the Wilson Administration (1913-1921). This made it impossible for the governed to hold their governors accountable. And it was the opening for the Jews to shove the WASP elite aside and take over.

    All that has happened since these events has been predictable. There are only two courses now for the United States to take: the better one is to simply fall apart so that new countries can be created. The worse and more likely one is that the U.S. will become a version of China: a biosecurity surveillance state with social credit scores and an enslaved population.

    As far as admission to Ivy League universities and their equivalents (Stanford, Cal Tech, MIT) is concerned, the exclusion of talented whites explains the large increase in average SAT scores at so many non-Ivy universities. When I went to Berkeley in 1971, you could get in with a B average and a 500 SAT score on each SAT test if you were a California resident. Of course, given the “recentering” of SAT scores that took place later, that 500 SAT score would be more like a 550 or 600 SAT score today. But a white Californian now is unlikely to get into Berkeley with anything less than a 700 SAT score.

    Similar rises can be seen at perhaps one hundred other non-Ivy schools. As for the Ivy and equivalent schools, you can only live off your capital for so long before you become bankrupt. I don’t think there is as much respect for the Ivy League as there used to be, and there certainly is little respect for our elites. But they have set up a system where the less competent can’t lose. For example, increasing numbers of elite schools no longer require the SAT or ACT, which are the only uniform basis for comparing students at different schools. They are getting rid of the one thing that would reveal the extent of their discrimination against superior students.

    My advice: Don’t waste time and effort trying to revive the corpse that is the United States today. Set up parallel structures and networks and prepare for what may come.

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