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Britain's Most Beloved Child-Molester
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Even as the front pages of America’s top newspapers were debating the vital question of whether Obama’s raised eyebrow had overcome Romney’s clenched jaw, and which of our two ideologically-polar-opposite candidates was more sincere in his pledge of undying loyalty to Israel, a story of perhaps greater significance was reaching our shores from across the stormy Atlantic Ocean.

It appears that Britain’s tabloid press, irritated that so many of its journalists are headed off to prison for celebrity phone-hacking, has decided to repay the media establishment in kind, by bringing to wide public awareness the details of a different scandal centered on the august BBC.

The facts are hardly complex. It seems that the late and longtime BBC media celebrity Jimmy Savile—“a British icon”, “a national treasure”, knighted by the Queen and enormously popular television host of “Top of the Pops” and “Jim’ll Fix It”—indulged in certain slight personal foibles. In the words of the this morning’s always restrained New York Times, he was “an insatiable pedophile.” Over 200 of his victims have already come forward, with more surely being on the way.

Strangely enough, strong rumors of such predilictions had apparently circulated for many, many years among the media elites who were his friends and professional associates, spurred by repeated accusations from some small subset of the children he victimized. According to the NY Times, “many people at the BBC and other institutions…knew or strongly suspected from the 1960s on that he was a serial sexual predator” but “he felt sufficiently protected by his status…that he joked and boasted about it.”

The germ of the current controversy is that after the good gentleman had peacefully expired last year at the ripe old age of 84 and his popular television shows were no longer gathering high ratings, a BBC investigative team decided it was finally time to reveal the truth and break the horrific scandal after 40-odd years of official cover-up. Therefore, they produced a powerful documentary expose, including on-air interviews with several of his victims, which was set to air but then pulled at the last moment, perhaps because top BBC officials decided it might require cancellation of several tribute-broadcasts to the late entertainer already scheduled to run over Christmas.

The BBC has now issued a statement admitting longstanding accusations of sexual abuse and pedophilia against nine other staff members or contributors, including charges of sexual assaults on children in the television studios. Perhaps this helps to explain the strange immunity seemingly enjoyed for so long by the late Mr. Savile, based on the principle that no one wants to see the first crack in the dam.



Although I’ll admit I’d never heard of Mr. Savile prior to these unfortunate events, some of the details revealed do seem somewhat intriguing, notably his very long peroxide-blond hair and his wildly flamboyant personal dress and behavior. Indeed, I find it quite shocking that anyone could ever suspect any misbehavior on the part of a never-married elderly gentleman who spent so much of his time cavorting with young children and putting them on his television show while promising “to make their wishes come true.”

The whole situation brings to mind an even more popular and successful American entertainer, whose unfortunate demise a couple of years ago brought forth massive worldwide tributes, and sufficient new music sales to totally dwarf the many millions of dollars he had paid out over the years in legal settlements to the various alleged victims of his child-molestation.

Now in these particular cases, the issues involved although surely painful are also quite trivial, a few hundred random victims scattered here and there. But the central conclusion should be that a media system capable of covering up such explosive facts for so many decades is surely capable of absolutely anything else, and the words—or especially the silence—of such media organs carry very little weight about any more serious matters, which is something all of us should take very much to heart.

As it happens, the head of the BBC during these scandalous events is now the incoming CEO of The New York Times Company, scheduled to assume office in early November. I suspect his important efforts in British media have prepared him well for what will be required of him in America.

Now I personally tend to doubt that any of America’s own prominent political leaders are actually “insatiable pedophiles.” But I also tend to doubt that our media would ever tell us if they were.


On a much more pleasant note, my lengthy and recently concluded series on Race and IQ seems to have had even more impact than I had expected, even aside from the lengthy discussions and heated exchanges.

I hadn’t bothered checking the Google rankings for the last month or two, but once I did, I discovered some pleasant surprises. Among the 38M or so search results for “Race IQ” my own articles or commentary on them now occupied 3 of the top 10 results, and 8 of the top 20. So it seems likely that anyone researching this general topic has a reasonably good chance of encountering some of my own writings.

(Republished from The American Conservative by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology 
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  1. It wasn´t the tabloids that brought the story: it was ITV that aired a news report with women that were molested by Saville that broke the story. The BBC is being criticized in part because Newsnight once began to produce a report about the allegations, that never went to air, and there are suspicions that it was the BBC management that blocked it.

  2. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Among the 38M or so search results for “Race IQ” my own articles or commentary on them now occupied 3 of the top 10 results, and 8 of the top 20.

    Congratulations, Mr. Unz. I followed them with great interest, notwithstanding a few differences.

  3. On the other hand it’s just as likely that false charges can also be manufactured and amplified by complacent media megaphones who don’t fact check in those cases very well, either, but pander to public titillation and shock for the sake of ratings and sales.

    Not to mention the possibilities of using smear tactics against political opponents or dissidents.

    Does anyone recall the bogus McMartin Preschool sexual scandal, that wasn’t, being completely imaginary, yet destroyed reputations and lives thoroughly, even sending people to prison from which they later had to be released? And the many “me-too” accusations that roiled the country with hysteria, that ended up with about as much truth to the imagined wrongdoings as the Salem Witch Trials?

  4. Glaivester says: • Website

    If one is to believe Corey Feldman, there is something similar going on in Hollywood. Of course, because these places are generally liberal and promote sexual liberation, no one ion the mainstream is going to report much on them, as it does not fit the narrative that the more conservative an institution is sexually, the more it is really filled with abusers.

  5. BenSix says: • Website

    While the BBC deserves a lot of criticism the rest of the media looks no better. Briane Reade, of The Mirror, claims that he and his colleagues suspected he was an abuser but didn’t investigate as there was “no will on high”. If a DJ is “too establishment” to be exposed I hate to think how lenient they are towards plutocrats and powermongers.

    The case of Lance Armstrong is another data point. David Walsh, one of the only journalists to accuse him of drug-taking, says that journalists became “fans with typewriters” and were “cowed by Armstrong’s legal machine”. Again, if that’s how they treat a cyclist how would they treat a statesman or billionaire?

  6. In this case, considering all the evidence, they are not false charges. There are too much witness and victims.

  7. It´s another UK related subject, but it was fun to see Conrad Black on the BBC, talking about the US Prison system like someone from the ACLU.

  8. Jon H says:

    The most baffling thing is that Saville was given apartments and rooms at hospitals and a “secure psychiatric hospital”.

    “Savile had been involved with Broadmoor for quite some time – West London Mental Health NHS Trust, which now runs the hospital, believes his involvement as a volunteer began in the late 1960s or early 70s. He had become part of the furniture, being given, no one seems to know quite when, an office in the grounds of the hospital, a bedroom, which he called his “cell”, above it, and – astonishingly – his own personal set of keys to the hospital wards.”

    “Broadmoor may be the institution where Savile was given the most senior position, but allegations of abuse have now been linked to at least five other establishments – the BBC, Stoke Mandeville hospital, Leeds general infirmary, the Haut de la Garenne children’s home in Jersey and Duncroft approved girls’ school in Staines, Surrey. At Duncroft, according to some reports, he would stay in the headmistress’s quarters. At Stoke Mandeville, too, he had his own room, as well as an office .”

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