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Bilingualism vs. "Bilingual Education"
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When I’m driving, my car radio is invariably tuned to KOIT, the leading “easy listening” station in the San Francisco Bay area. My tastes are humdrum and unsophisticated, so the songs merely provide some pleasant background music, occasionally punctuated by commercial ads, mostly annoying but occasionally amusing.

One of the better ones began running only recently, an AT&T spot touting its new family plan with unlimited data on multiple lines. The spot opens with a brother and sister discussing all the wonderful things they’re able to do with so much monthly data, including talking, texting, using social media, and playing games. Except for the smartphone technology being discussed and the traces of “Valley Speak” style and intonation, the two teenagers almost sound like they might have been plucked straight from a Leave It to Beaver episode set in the idealized suburbia of the hallowed 1950s.

But about half-way through, unexpected references began catching my attention. The boy mentions that the unlimited data plan also allows his mom to share comments on her favorite novelas and his dad to share pictures of his favorite soccer players. Hmm, I suddenly thought. And then a bit later, the boy teases his sister and she responds “Mama! Carlos me esta molestando“—“Mom! Carlos is bothering me”—causing the irritated mother to reply with a bit of scolding Spanish. I suddenly realized that the blond or freckled Southern California teenagers I’d been imagining in my mind’s eye were probably somewhat duskier in hue.

Every year AT&T ranks as one of America’s top advertisers, with an annual media budget in the billions, and the focus group research that goes into its marketing campaigns must surely render even the best-funded presidential effort amateurish and unscripted by comparison. So if AT&T believes that an appropriate phone-plan pitch to California’s millions of Latino families should involve teenagers speaking perfect accent-free English then switching to flawless Spanish, while their parents prefer the latter, that’s very likely correct.

Although the commercial did catch me a bit by surprise, it merely reinforced something I’ve occasionally noticed among the numerous Latino workers I regularly encounter in my daily life in the Palo Alto area. Certainly a large majority of the older ones have the weak or heavily-accented English that marks them as immigrants, perhaps even relatively recent arrivals. However, among young adults, say those in their twenties or so, it’s not uncommon to encounter speech patterns that would be absolutely indistinguishable from those of Mayflower descendants raised in lily-white suburbs—but which then seamlessly switch to perfect Spanish as soon as the need might arise.

I’m not sure exact numbers exist, but it wouldn’t surprise me if California today contains one of the largest concentrations of totally bilingual members of the younger generation found anywhere in the world. And ironically enough, an important factor behind that widespread rise of California bilingualism was probably our successful Prop. 227 campaign over eighteen years ago, which replaced so-called “bilingual education” in California’s public schools with intensive sheltered English immersion.

The reason for this apparent paradox is that “bilingual education” was largely a misnomer, and in practice the system invariably amounted to Spanish-almost-only instruction.

Most Latino immigrant children grow up with Spanish being the language of their home. Their families usually watch Spanish TV, listen to Spanish radio, and most of the people in their neighborhood speak Spanish in their daily lives. So if these young children, knowing Spanish as their sole language, eagerly enter kindergarten or the first grade only to encounter classrooms in which nearly all the instruction is once again in Spanish, is it really so surprising that they might remain monolingual Spanish-speakers for a considerable number of years?

Our larger society is overwhelmingly English-oriented, and with the most popular movies and television shows being in English, all of those children did eventually learn our predominant national language, even if the pre-Prop. 227 schools hadn’t gradually introduced considerable English by the fifth or sixth grade. But for many students, losing those earliest five or six years of English-language instruction saddled them with a greatly reduced English vocabulary and a strong, permanent accent. They certainly learned English, but sometimes spent the rest of their lives having trouble reading, writing, or even speaking it properly.

Latino immigrant families in California tend to be working-class or working-poor, and if their children leave the local public schools being less than proficient in English, they are obviously doubly-disadvantaged, and would have a very difficult time getting a good job or pursuing higher education. But achieving the total fluency and literacy produced by immediate English immersion opened many doors, and in 2014—nearly two decades after Prop. 209 outlawed Affirmative Action in California higher education—newspaper headlines announced that the number of Latinos had surpassed the number of whites admitted to the prestigious University of California system.

The whole notion that schools should teach English to children who already know Spanish hardly constituted a revolutionary pedagogical notion. After all, schools usually concentrate on teaching children what they don’t already know rather what they do, but with regard to language, this only became the case after the June 1998 passage of Prop. 227 and its full implementation in September of that year. A million or more immigrant schoolchildren were suddenly exposed to six or seven hours a day of English in their classrooms, quickly absorbing that new language “like little sponges,” while still often spending the remainder of their childhood in an almost entirely Spanish-speaking neighborhood environment. Given such a truly “bilingual” upbringing, it’s hardly surprising that over the last decade or two so many of them have become fully bilingual young adults.

Almost twenty years ago, during the early stages of the Prop. 227 campaign I published a long op-ed in The Los Angeles Times similarly entitled “Bilingualism vs. Bilingual Education” and I think the facts have completely born out my analysis and predictions at that time:

Bilingualism vs. Bilingual Education
Ron Unz, The Los Angeles Times, October 19, 1997



Offhand, the current situation might seem a reasonably satisfactory state of affairs, especially since Prop. 227 never actually outlawed bilingual education. Immigrant parents desiring a non-English education for their children could still obtain that option by signing an annual written waiver, but since the vast majority preferred English, those other programs largely vanished.

The only group never reconciled to the disappearance of bilingual education was the small, but zealous clique of bilingual ed activists, many of them being the same individuals who had opposed our initiative back in 1998, still just as rigidly committed to their doctrinaire beliefs but now 18 years older. The entire topic has been dead and forgotten by nearly everyone else for so many years that these activists recently took advantages of that public vacuum—and the total political amnesia produced by term-limits turnover—to successfully lobby the empty-headed California Legislature on the wonders of this innovative new educational technique called “bilingual education,” now hindered by the old-fashioned restrictions of Prop. 227. As a result, this November’s ballot contains Prop. 58, which largely repeals the provisions of Prop. 227 and reestablishes the old basis for Spanish-almost-only “bilingual” programs.

Amusingly enough, Sen. Ricardo Lara, sponsor of Prop. 58, let slip some telling remarks at the press conference announcing his plan to repeal “English for the Children.” He explained that one of the biggest problems with the current system is that immigrant parents are usually quite reluctant to sign the written waivers placing their children in bilingual programs, especially when they are informed that they can choose English classes instead. Hence the need to remove the waiver requirement, allowing those children to receive the supposed benefits of Spanish-almost-only “bilingual” programs, whether their parents really want it or not. An official in the California State Department of Education provided the same explanation to an educational journalist.

Indeed, I suspect these statements hint at one of the main groups quietly pushing for the change. Over the years, Spanish-almost-only “dual immersion” programs have become increasingly popular among California’s affluent, well-educated Anglo families, but the structure of those programs also requires participation of large numbers of Spanish-speaking children, and perhaps the supply of voluntary ones has gradually been exhausted. Therefore, eliminating the waiver requirement will allow school districts to ensure that those very politically-engaged upper-middle-class Anglo families are provided a sufficient number of working-class Latino immigrant children to act as unpaid Spanish-language classroom tutors for their own sons and daughters. Even during the original Prop. 227 campaign I regularly encountered vehement protests by numerous dual-immersion Anglo parents, but I’m not sure that I ever came across a single Latino immigrant family opposed to our “English” campaign.

This November’s ballot is an especially full one, overflowing with seventeen initiatives, many of them being the sort of tax and regulatory measures that attract enormous advertising budgets. Estimates are that a total of some \$450 million will be spent on the various competing Yes and No campaigns, with the radio and television stations already saturated with their ads. Given that bilingual education no longer exists and many Californians have almost forgotten that it ever did, it’s not clear how much attention our particular issue will attract.

Furthermore, the bilingual ed activists rather deceptively entitled their measure the “English Language Education” initiative, even though it actually repeals the requirement for English language education. Given the enormous popularity of teaching English in the schools, such attractive packaging may sway a considerable number of voters, easily befuddled by such a long and complex ballot. So it’s difficult to predict the outcome.

But regardless of any possible changes in the law, English has now become so deeply rooted in California’s public schools that I find it very difficult to believe that any widespread change would occur. For most of a full generation, Latino children have gone to school and easily learned English in just a few months, and if the schools stop following that sensible policy, parents will surely become quite disgruntled and quickly make their feelings known to the chagrined politicians who created such an unnecessary problem.

Let us consider an example, not entirely dissimilar. Many Italians live in New Jersey, and I doubt that most of them pay close attention to all the nonsense proposed by the foolish politicians in Trenton. But if one school year they discovered that their local public schools no longer taught in English, but that the language of instruction had switched to Italian, I doubt they would be happy about this or that such a silly policy would long continue.

Meanwhile, my overall views are reasonably summarized in the op-ed below, which ran last month in The San Diego Union-Tribune

Bilingual Education Programs Fail Our Students
Ron Unz, The San Diego Union-Tribune, August 5, 2016

Twenty years ago, California public schools were forcing thousands of Latino children into Spanish-almost-only classes against the wishes of their parents.

In 1996, The Los Angeles Times told the story of a group of Latino immigrant parents who began a public protest against their local elementary school for refusing to teach their children English, boycotting classes and marching outside with picket signs.

That protest inspired our “English for the Children” initiative campaign, which began the following year. Our Proposition 227 required California public schools to teach children English from their first day of classes, placing children who didn’t know English into an intensive sheltered English immersion program to teach them the language as quickly as possible, then moving them into the regular classes with all the other children.

Our honorary chairman was the late Jaime Escalante of “Stand and Deliver” fame, one of America’s most famous teachers, and we attracted enormous public support. Even though almost all the politicians, Democrat and Republican alike, refused to support our initiative, we still won a landslide victory, getting over 61 percent of the vote.

The educational results were tremendous. Most California newspapers had opposed our ballot measure, but once it passed they immediately began reporting how well the new system worked and how quickly and easily hundreds of thousands of Latino children were learning English.


Within four years, the academic test scores of over 1 million immigrant schoolchildren had increased by 30 percent, 50 percent or even 100 percent. Proposition 227 was so successful that its educational results were reported on the front page of The New York Times, with major coverage by CBS News and many other national media outlets.

The founding president of the California Association of Bilingual Educators publicly admitted that he’d been mistaken for 30 years and that intensive English immersion was the best educational policy for immigrant children. He became a leading national advocate of English in the schools.

Because nearly all the Latino children in California schools are now immediately taught English, they’re doing much better academically and gaining admission to top colleges. Despite the end of affirmative action in California, there’s been a huge increase in the number of Latinos attending the prestigious University of California system.

So-called “Dual-Language Programs” — in which up to 90 percent of the instruction is in Spanish — were never completely outlawed by Proposition 227. However, parents who wanted to place their children in such non-English classes had to sign an annual waiver, and since the overwhelming majority of Latino parents wanted their children taught English, that’s exactly what has happened.

Because all these educational changes were so successful, almost everyone in California began supporting them, and the entire issue has been dead and forgotten for the last dozen years.

However, a small group of die-hard bilingual education activists never gave up. They recently hoodwinked some of the politicians in Sacramento into placing Proposition 58 on the ballot, hoping to repeal Proposition 227 and allow the re-establishment of Spanish-almost-only classes throughout California.

The supporters of Proposition 58 have publicly admitted that one of their biggest objections to the current system is that it has been difficult to persuade immigrant parents to sign waivers placing their children in non-English classes. Therefore, Proposition 58 eliminates that requirement and allows children to be placed in non-English classes without the written consent of their parents, just as had been the case 20 years ago.

The overwhelming majority of California voters, immigrant and native-born alike, believe children should be taught English in school. Therefore, the supporters of Proposition 58 are being dishonest and trying to trick the voters. They sought to give their ballot measure the very deceptive official title “English Language Education” even though it actually repeals the requirement that children be taught English in California public schools. Their proposed title of their proposition is the exact opposite of what it actually does.

And the worst part of Proposition 58 is hidden away in Section 8, which repeals all restrictions on the California Legislature to make future changes. This would allow the Legislature to reestablish mandatory Spanish-almost-only instruction in all our public schools by a simple majority vote, once again forcing all Latino children into those classes against their parents’ wishes.

Proposition 227 — “English for the Children” — has worked very well in California and has greatly improved the education of millions of immigrant schoolchildren since 1998. The voters should keep this successful system and not be tricked into re-establishing the failed education programs of the past.

Unz, a Silicon Valley software developer, was chairman of the 1998 “English for the Children” campaign to pass Proposition 227.

For Further Reading:

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  1. anon • Disclaimer says:

    “Bilingualism” is a Trojan horse. It is used to attack the majority language group, weaken the culture of the host community and disadvantage monolingual speakers of the majority language. It is always screened as being about “equality” and “civil rights”. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH! It is a divisive policy. In the context of the USA the term “bilingualism” is a code word for anti-English, just as “diversity” is a code-word for anti-white. Here in Canada we have had “bilingualism” for almost 50 years. It has not brought the two language groups together. It did not prevent the FLQ crisis, separatist governments or two referendums on separation. It has been an incredible waste of money.

    • Replies: @tjm
    , @dahoit
    , @Alden
    , @Eagle Eye
  2. “And ironically enough, an important factor behind that widespread rise of California bilingualism was probably our successful Prop. 227 campaign over eighteen years ago, which replaced so-called “bilingual education” in California’s public schools with intensive sheltered English immersion.”

    So, I’m like reading this, and I think, “OMG, Ron, do you not realize you, like, created a Fifth Column?”

    The question is, on whose side are they? Will they welcome the continuing watering down of the American nation, of which they are a distinct part, by low-skilled recent arrivals whose other behaviours will paint them all with a bad rep, or, offended by seeing their own safety and well being threatened by this continuing invasion, will they join in movements like Trump’s?

    At the risk of being branded an Alt-Right Deplorable, I went to a Trump rally, obviously full of racists and other deplorables, but the funny thing is that a lot of them were families, and they looked like they were having a good time, and they weren’t even oppressing the brown and black folks among them, who also seemed to be having a good time. There seemed to be a unity of purpose that transcended race, etc.

  3. SFG says:

    Thanks for explaining this. A lot of (non-SJW) supporters of ‘bilingual education’ don’t realize that (1) you can get away with teaching the kids in English because they learn languages quickly at that age (2) it doesn’t mean the kids will be fluent in both languages, but only in one (3) it’s actually a cover for employing Spanish-only-speaking teachers who can’t do other things.

    It’s one of these cases where the interests of professional Hispanic organizations diverge from actual Hispanics.

  4. Bartolo says:

    I work for a well-known international organization based in Brussels and my colleagues hail from all over Europe. Not long ago, talking to a colleague from Luxemburg, I asked her about the low PISA scores of her country. They are much lower than one would expect from a very rich country with a culture that is a mix of German and French cultures.

    For what it´s worth, the explanation she gave for this is that bilingual or even trilingual education (in German, French and a bit of Luxembourgish) keeps many pupils from understanding the subjects properly. True, pretty much everyone speaks all the languages reasonably well, but not always enough to make the most of the lessons.

    The bottom line is that, while being bilingual is great, bilingual education has serious downsides.

    • Replies: @Alden
  5. TJM says:

    Here we go again, its not bad enough they don’t close our borders, now they want us to PAY to educate these children not to assimilate to our culture.

    The Zionist Jew machine never sleeps, it backs any divisive entity working like a cancer in America.

    At the next Trump rally they should play segments form the video above.

    I live near DC and there are entire communities here that English is a second language, if a language at all. These people come here and never have to learn English at all, in fact if you are “bilingual” you are a commodity. They are dumbing down our population and using “white guilt” as the tool for us to work against our own self interests.

  6. tjm says:

    Absolutely correct, but don’t think their are bigger minds behind this movement than that of the Ricardo Lara idiot. Just like “Black Lives Matter” these groups that promote division in America and the destruction of social cohesion are often promoted from behind the scenes by the likes of George Soros and other Zionist Globalists.

    The feminists movement, gay rights, gun laws, and certainly immigration are all tools to destroy American society. Don’t get me wrong, all these issues are founded on a needed moral basis, but they are all hijacked and “weaponized”.

    It was interested to read, but not surprising that George Soros had donated \$650,000.00 to BLM movement, it is also not surprising that most major Zionist Jew organizations in America have open borders for America as a top priority, which of course is rather telling since they support no such policy in Israel, quite to the contrary.

    • Replies: @biz
  7. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Bi-lingual education has more to do with politics than with what might be good for the children. Some proponents want to promote a parallel society in competition with the English speaking majority in furtherance of some political scheme that they have which does nothing for the children. They are also anti-democratic since they’re constantly trying to impose it by stealth since the majority basically reject it. First and later generation children who speak English indistinguishable from other Americans often speak an accented Spanish or, if their oral language skills are good then they can’t read and write very well in Spanish since they never received any formal instruction in it. After a couple generations it usually disappears for the most part. How many people of Italian descent in America actually know Italian? I’ve met zero since they’ve been here too long. Knowing more than one language is of course a good thing but using other people’s children as political pawns is abhorrent, in this case as well as in other instances of adults trying to use the education system as tools in furtherance of their own aims.

    • Replies: @Michael Meo
  8. Rehmat says:

    Canada is officially a bilingual (English and French) nation even though there could be over dozen other languages spoken in the country.

    It’s better for the new generation in the West to learn more foreign languages to get rid of their chronic racism. I, myself, speak or can read several languages such as English, Arabic, Urdu, and Punjabi while my children even speak French.

    Arabic language is world’s most vast language. For example, for SWORD it has nearly 300 names from Morocco to Yemen. It influence Western cultures especially in Spain, Sicily, and Malta.

    Arabs ruled Spain for 850 years, Malta for 220 years, and Sicily for 110 years.

  9. Durruti says:

    Ron Unz – The Unz Review best website on the planet.

    My Belgian dad (who never finished High School – the War), spoke & could read & write 4 languages. He served in the Belgian & American armies. He is buried with mother in the Veteran’s cemetery in Farmingdale LI. Mother (Art Teacher & artist) could handle 3 languages, with a smattering of Greek & Latin from High School & College (Brooklyn).

    Our family view was that More education, with More languages, enabled you to speak all, or most of them well. Dad’s English was flawless. More was better. Those who were mono-lingual, often spoke their 1 language, poorly.

    [Dad, Jules Antonsen, a fine cabinet maker, – in later life, built Harpsichords, Spinets & Clavichords, in Greenwich Village. He worked with Wallace Zuckerman, who designed the instruments, (& who also served in the American Army)].

    Yes, I disagree – diametrically with Ron Unz on this issue.

    Yes, I have been told that Unz has hired 2 Guys named Luigi – from Brooklyn – to design a couple of cement shoes for me.

    Yes, I remain, quite favorably inclined to Ron Unz. Our beloved Nation that has lost its Sovereignty, and I would vote for Unz, or Ron Paul, in a minute if they ran for National office, or for some position in my State of residence.

    Respect All; Bow to None!

    The Only Road! Restore our Democratic Republic!


    • Replies: @in the middle
  10. Anonymous [AKA "tamher"] says:

    Arabic language is world’s most vast language. For example, for SWORD it has nearly 300 names from Morocco to Yemen.

    I take it you have never heard the cliche (started by franz boaz btw) that eskimos have 300 words for snow. This seems quite fitting for arabs

    • Replies: @Rehmat
    , @in the middle
  11. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Is censored by facebook?

    I tried to post this Unz column on facebook by using the share button(on this page), but I got this warning:

    “This message contains content that has been blocked by our security systems.
    If you think you’re seeing this by mistake, please let us know.”

  12. biz says:

    George Soros and other Zionist Globalists

    You’re aware that George Soros is anti-Israel, right?

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @TJM
  13. Wally says: • Website

    I’m always amused when I see Mexicans who have fled their 3rd world trash bin trying to turn the US into their 3rd world trash bin.

    Who will then pay their bills?

    – “Lily white”, Ron?
    You’re drinking the kool-aid.

    • Replies: @in the middle
  14. biz says:

    You’re right on this one.

    People all over Europe, Asia, and Africa speak some English. It is widely known as a way to participate in the global culture and economy, as it is the global lingua franca. It is ridiculous to take steps that would create a permanent underclass of non-English speakers right here in the US. All schools in the US should educate all students in English.

  15. Wally says: • Website

    And English speakers have 300 words for stupid, Rehmat.

    We see how wonderfully recent ‘immigrants’ to Europe & the US are working out. LOL.

    Your examples are not impressive.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
    , @Anonymous
  16. dahoit says:

    Canada’s French minority got there before the English majority,a different scenario than our immigrant issue.Apples and oranges.
    Screw bilingual education,a Zionist divide and conquer approach,and yes Soros is a divide and conquer agent.And yes,he loves Israel.

    • Replies: @anon
  17. Ben Gunn says:

    In case you are ignorant, for all lower level jobs, for example clerk, sales, customer service, the applicant must be bilingual. English speakers only better move somewhere else. It might not be in the advertisement, but it is a simple fact.

    • Replies: @Alden
  18. Rehmat says:

    Frankly, I have always blamed Arabs for saving Jew Serf (slaves) in Spain in 711CE. I believe, if they had not done that – Western Christians would have solved their JEWISH PROBLEM long before WWII.

    It was the Arab-hating Jewish Orientalist Dr. Bernard Lewis who coined the pharase “Jewish Golden Age” under Muslim rule in Spain (701 to 1492 CE).

    Jacob Bender, an American Jewish film-maker tells the story of Rabbi Moses Ben Maimon. Watch video below.

    • Replies: @in the middle
  19. Rehmat says:

    I bet even Rev. Martin Luther didn’t write 300 anti-Jew curses in English language.

  20. Alden says:

    What about Switzerland? One would think its students would have the same problem?

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Durruti
  21. Alden says:
    @Ben Gunn

    You are right, especially in medical office clerical and med tech jobs. And the person hiring will hire only her friends and relatives anyway. Whites have been driven out of CPA and book keeping jobs by Indian men and Phillipino women

    Were I a conspiracy theorist I would believe that affirmative action was not a plot by Marxist Jew attorneys and activists but upper level non Jewish corporate America to get rid of all White workers from Drs and engineers to dishwashers

    I suppose the motive was revenge for minimum wage, paid overtime, sick leave, national holidays and other horrors the workers imposed upon the capitalists.

    I have always felt that if corporate America really, really wanted qualified workers instead of affirmative action black slugs and Chinese industrial spies and cheats, it could have used some of its billions to overturn the affirmative action laws.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  22. Biff says:

    I’m a lily white, white boy, and in college I took two years of Chinese. I want to make sure I can communicate with the next empire.

  23. Alden says:

    Martin Luther wasn’t a rev. That nonsense came much later. Luther hated everybody. He thought all Catholic bishops should be burned to death and the entire rebellious peasants and proles of Munster burnt and destroyed along with the RC clergy.

    • Replies: @in the middle
  24. Durruti says:


    “What about Switzerland? One would think its students would have the same problem?”

    The Socratic (intelligent) question of the day.

    My Belgian cousins, the Swiss, and many other Europeans have fared quite well as they enjoy their multi cultures. I grew up in Brooklyn, and there were 4 languages one heard on the street, and a number of Gaelic phrases & songs known by the Irish. We managed quite well. There was much employment and much learning, and much respect for the rights and cultures of all.

    There was existent racism, and African Americans had many legitimate complaints. But, on the whole, Brooklyn, in the 1950s -1970, was a vibrant and upwardly mobile place for all. The City Colleges were free until 1964, and \$125 a semester for a decade after that.

    America was a Sovereign Nation that had produced high caliber Presidents -political leaders- Franklin Roosevelt (from New York State), and John F. Kennedy, (from Massachusetts). These 2 fine examples of Republican politicians (those who served the Constitutional Republic), shine brightly in comparison to the post-Republic (November 22, 1963), usurping Traitors.

    The forumers should peruse Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points, Roosevelt’s 4 Freedoms, and any number of Kennedy’s speeches, including his readable collection of short stories, “Profiles of Courage.”

    When Kennedy campaigned, his wife Jacqueline Kennedy, would travel over my native City, New York, and speak Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and French, to the appropriate neighborhoods. Kennedy would smile approvingly.

    Long may the cultural differences of our blessed Human Race survive!

    For the Restoration of the Democratic Republic! The Real Human Direction (the political mountain we must climb).

    • Replies: @Eagle Eye
  25. the best way to judge this is talking to immigrants about this. smart ones will tell you that they want their kids to attend schools outside of their immediate community. for precisely this exact point that ron brought up.

    much, much easier and faster for the kids to learn english in an all english environment.

    I know of at least 2 couples who makes their children learn chinese and english starting at the age of 4/5. pretty soon, parents like this would probably include spanish, all 3 languages at the same time.

  26. If native language maintenance is important to the parents, then they can jolly well pay for tutoring themselves. This goes for Spanish, Vietnamese, Farsi, Tagalog, every non-English language. Notice that we don’t have taxpayers funding all the Hebrew schools that Jewish parents make their kids attend.

    • Replies: @Durruti
  27. Alden says:

    Soros is anti Israel? Hmmmmm if Soros is against it, Israel must be a good thing. That’s kind of how I make snap judgements. If liberals are for something, it must be bad, very, very bad. If liberals are against something it must be good, very very good.

    After greater scrutinize the snap judgements always turn out to be correct.

  28. I’ve always thought “bilingual” education was teachers union code for rampant featherbedding. I know this will come as a great shock to many, but teachers unions don’t always do what’s best for the kids.

  29. @Alden

    I am kinda curious, but can you give a few examples? for the bad and good.

    • Replies: @Alden
  30. Durruti says:
    @Sgt. Joe Friday

    Sgt. Joe Friday,

    Is that your real name?

    “Notice that we don’t have taxpayers funding all the Hebrew schools that Jewish parents make their kids attend.”

    Actually, you are completely INCORRECT. The Hebrew schools are funded y our American \$\$largess.

    Who owns the banks? Rothschilds & other lesser Oligarchs.

    Our Taxpayers also fund the Land Thieves – in Tel Aviv, including their schools & settlements, even though the Zionist Oligarchs can well afford to support their own terrorist state. “AIPAC, The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC /ˈeɪpæk/ ay-pak) is a lobbying group that advocates pro-Israel policies to the Congress and Executive Branch of the United States.” The Zionist Foreign Terrorist money laundering organization, just re-routs a small amount of American taxpayer \$gifts to the land Thieves, to purchase almost every single Public Official-Politician in the USA.,d.eWE

    Notice the partial total? There are more gifts given under the table.

    Congress, the Judiciary, & the Executive (Obomber, Bush, et. al., are completely prostituted with our own money. They know this; and you don’t?

    The forgotten people are The Palestinians.

  31. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    You sound like someone with a chip on his shoulder because he barely knows English.

    It’s =/= its, you troglodyte.

  32. Well it usually goes (well among my American relatives anyway) that the kids will speak to their parents in the native language (let’s say Farsi) until they go to school/nursery upon when they’ll immediately switch to the host language (English).

    The pattern will then be that the parents will speak to their children in the Farsi and the kids will reply back English. The kids will speak American but have full comprehension of Farsi. They’ll also be able to speak it with about a week’s prodding (heavy accent nonetheless)..

    My Italian friend sort of confirmed the same thing with his kids in London (they switched to speaking English as soon as they started school/nursery but when they holiday in Italy they go back to Italian)..

  33. Alden says:


    You mentioned Prop 209. The problem is Prop 209 has never been enforced. Prop 209 did not end discrimination against Whites at all.

    Prop 209 passed in June 96 and the federal courts upheld it August 98. But it has never been enforced for these reasons.

    1 Federal law supersedes state law and federal law mandates discrimination against Whites.
    2. No enforcement was built into Prop 209. Remember when the anti White racist Johnson rammed through the 1968 affirmative action law the EEOC , the civil rights for all but Whites division of the justice department and some other federal agencies were given the mandate to enforce affirmative action.

    But nothing was included in Prop 209 to enforce it. And it has never been enforced.

    3. By 1998 the state and community colleges and every state county and city agency was run by minorities and women totally committed to the no Whites need apply laws.

    All Prop 209 does is give a White person who has \$10,000 for a retainer and maybe \$1,500 a month for expenses the chance to find an attorney who will undertake a discrimination case for a White person

    I worked at UCLA from 1991 to 2009 I saw what went on after Prop 209 was passed. I had been working on an anti affirmative action law since 1990. I had 2 Chinese and 1 Persian miles in the admission office. As an employee I saw what druggie ghetto dreck were hired rather than qualified, competent Whites without criminal records.

    The colleges got around Prop 209 by weighting the “poor, poor, pitiful me” essay over SATs GPOs etc. There was a case of a Vietnamese girl with 900 SAT scores and a C average in high school admitted to UCLA. The school justified that because the poor poor pitiful me essay was weighted far above SATs and GPO. The girl claimed she worked in the family restaurant from 3/30 pm until 1/am every day so naturally her grades suffered.

    For about 10 years the admissions people gave lip service to Prop 209 but now proudly proclaim their discrimination against Whites policy.

    Prop 209 also made it illegal to discriminate against Whites in California state, county and city jobs. Prop 209 has been totally ignored because there was no enforcement built in and there has been no attempt whatsoever to enforce it.

    I began looking for anti affirmative action Whites in 1990 and spent a lot of time working for Prop 209 before it even had a name.

  34. Rehmat says:

    You got to be kidding!

    So why the US Justice Department, US Department of Home Security, and FBI are flooded with Zionist Jews?

    In 2014, Jewish investigative journalist, Glenn Greenwald and Murtaza Hussain reported on July 9, 2014 that 202 Muslim Americans including five prominent Muslim-Americans whose e-mails were monitored by the FBI and NSA for years for possible anti-state (read anti-Israel) activities.

    Greenwald’s report published on the Intercept news website said that the surveillance of Muslims was authorized by a secret intelligence court under procedure intended to locate spies and terrorist suspects. One wonders, why the tens of thousands of American Zionist Jews, who are openly involved in spying and campaigning for the interests of a foreign entity, which are mostly against the interests of the United States, are not monitored by the FBI or NSA?

    The special five victims of political harassment were Faisal Gill, a longtime Republican Party operative and one-time candidate for public office; Asim Ghafoor, an attorney who has represented clients in terrorism-related cases; Hooshang Amirahmadi, an Iranian-American professor at Rutgers University; Agha Saeed, a civil liberties activist and former professor at California State University; and Nihad Awad, the executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

    Most American internal security agencies, such as, FBI, DHS, NSA, NYPD, etc, have long been infiltrated by Israel operatives. On May 6, 2014, the Jewish weekly Newsweek published an article in which its investigative reporter Jeff Stein claimed that Israel spies on the United States more than any US ally does and these activities have reached a “terrifying” level. In 2013, Greenwald himself exposed NSA’s close collaboration with Israeli intelligence agencies. In August 2013, US District Court Judge Shira Scheindlin slammed the New York Police Department (NYPD) for its controversial ‘stop-and-frisk’ program which mostly targets American Muslims.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @in the middle
  35. @Alden

    So, as age diminishes your energy are you going to give up snap judgments or greater scrutiny?

    • Replies: @Alden
  36. Alden says:
    @Astuteobservor II

    Liberals favored school bussing, affirmative action, counseling and parole instead of prison, all destructive and horrible. Prison instead of counseling really cuts down on crime because they are in prison where they can only rob assault and kill each other.
    Liberals want Hildabeast to become President
    Liberals are against industry, even auto shops, coal mining, and farms because these things pollute sacred Mother Earth. But those things enable us to survive.

    Liberals are against effective pesticides such as DDT. Because liberals banned DDT fleas, malaria and bedbugs are rampant
    Liberals are against Tide and other laundry detergents in favor of organic stuff that really does not get clothes clean

    Liberals are against immigration restrictions even when an individual illegal immigrant murders Americans.

    But most of all, liberals are against Whites and every White needs to recognize this so as to know who the enemy is.

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
    , @TJM
  37. Alden says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Anything liberals favor turns out bad.

    Anything liberals are against turns out good.
    Some things really are black and White, no gray areas.

  38. Alden says:

    My comment had to do with affirmative action and the fact that corporate America favors it as a method of getting rid of White workers. It had nothing to do with Jewish influence on the Israel Arab conflict

    Those positions held by Zionists you mentioned are not regular civil service jobs. They are special at will appointee jobs. The president or secretaries appoint them.
    This site is not at all pro Israel so I don’t see why you are preaching to people who are not pro Israel. Why not go to freerepublic a very pro Israel site that has been firmly anti Muslim since 9/11?

    • Replies: @TJM
  39. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Only in parts of Quebec.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  40. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “Arabs ruled Spain for 850 years, Malta for 220 years, and Sicily for 110 years.”

    so-o-o-o, they are due to rule someplace for 55 years ? ? ?

    oh, i don’t know about the poster somewhere above who talked about tri-lingual aspect of their society somehow diluted their knowledge and was the cause for why their kids didn’t do so well on some test; the reason i say i don’t know, is because it has not been my experience that ‘knowing too much’ is a problem… (in the general sense; not: here is a state secret, hope the enemy doesn’t torture you to death for it…)
    you can know too many languages such that you suck at all of them ? ? ?
    i don’t know, i suppose…
    i would bet that people who know a ‘bunch’ (5+?) of languages are probably pretty sharp people overall… not too many retards know how to talk retard in 5+ languages…
    (yeah, yeah, yeah, i said it, get over it…)

  41. Alden says:

    Canada has been bilingual since the end of the 7 years war, around 1760. The 20th century law just legalized it.

  42. @Rehmat


    I haven’t found any Spaniard who wishes and likes to know Arabic! I was in Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain and found their language horrible indeed. I was able to listen to Persian, or Persi, and found it beautiful sounding language. I believe, and this is my personal opinion, that languages’ sound has a lot to do with wanting to learn it. Some people do have not choice, i.e. look where all the lands where Mohammed ism exists, and the language was forced I believe on the people. Just like Spanish, where Papism (Catholicism) was forced on the population, obviously Spanish is the language. Where Protestantism was the spreading, well, usually English rules.

    just a little observation that religion plays a big part on the local language. Obviously Mohammedanism did not work in Spain, and Malta…though.

  43. @Anonymous

    I wonder how many words for camels, and or be headings! Or for clearing their throat after each word. Just kidding!

  44. @Durruti

    My grand father was German, who fled to the Americas during WWI, I guess. I speak no German at all!
    About the subject of this comment:
    I am totally against forced bi lingual education, since it disadvantages one group over other. Also all this propaganda about the issue, also lies to the parents telling them that their children ‘need’ to learn their ‘native’ language, meaning their parents’ language. No way. I have been confronted by Mexicans telling me ‘Que te crees my gringo hablando Ingles?’ Meaning, what, you think you are whitie not to speak Spanish?. I take offense to that, since I tell them that I am an American and speak whatever I want! But some how if you don’t speak Spanish, then you are some how not part of the tribe. Well, people can speak whatever the hell they want, and should not be forced as children to stay behind in the language curve by been placed in the ‘bi lingual’ crap. Once they can choose, I mean at the 10th grade, or so, they can choose to take any other language schooling, but after they are totally English brained, if that is a word. Then they can learn German, Russian, Chinese, etc.

    that is my humble opinion.


    In the middle

    • Replies: @Durruti
  45. @Alden

    woah, you actually delivered. thanks for the effort. doesn’t matter if I agree or not, at least you know what you are hating on.

  46. @Wally

    I once saw a preacher saying the following:

    “don’t be proud of others success or achievements, but be proud of your own doings’ He was saying this because we are proud of what several generations of Americans have achieved. My neighbor told me that his in laws who came from Korea, don’t really like whities, because whities are lazy, and dumb. Well, reason to believe that those koreans are enjoying what whities did in the past building this nation; of course with help from some, but building any way, so as to have new comers enjoying the fruit of others and insulting the ancestors of those whom they now despise.
    And who is to blame? no back bone on us Americans who bend backwards just to not look evil racists. I believe most whites are not racist, just plain good people. But somebody has to stand up for this nation, and stand as Martin Luther did; “Here I stand, so help me God”

  47. @Alden

    Martin Luther was a Roman Catholic Monk!

  48. @Rehmat

    Read ‘Isabela of Spain’ for further info on that. Talmudist fled to the sultan, The Sultan issued a formal invitation to Jews expelled from Spain and Portugal and they started arriving in the empire in great numbers. They were wealthy and educated from Spain, who immediately began the work they are famous for: Acquiring wealth. The modern founder of Turkey, Ataturk was one of their descendant.
    My personal opinion is that the rest of mankind has not adopted to the ‘herd mentality’ in the sense that their Pharisees/Rabbis keep them in check. The rest of the world do not have a set of rules as the tribe. If you read the protocols, that was their intention, to separate the ‘goyim’ from their liders, and to ‘teach them what we know its not true’. So there you have it, they are close and united, we dispersed, leaderless, and pray. As they say, “the goyim are the sheep, and we are the wolves, and you know what happens when the wolves are in charge”

  49. @Rehmat

    Even Jews Ask: Is Judaism a Satanic Cult?

    August 7, 2015


    ‘Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer — so I wasn’t lying — and we are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive.’” Harold Rosenthal

    Most Jews and Christians don’t know this:

    The reason for anti Semitism is that Judaism is defined by Cabalism, a satanic cult whose aim is to possess humanity. Using central banking and Freemasonry as their instruments, Cabalist Jews have taken control of the world.

    So people you are fighting Satan’s children, even if you don’t believe that Satan exists, well, that is not HIS problem.

  50. Durruti says:
    @in the middle

    Thanks for your response.

    “Once they can choose, I mean at the 10th grade, or so, they can choose to take any other language schooling, but after they are totally English brained, if that is a word. Then they can learn German, Russian, Chinese, etc.”

    I was writing about those who already know other languages (other than English), people such as immigrants. They arrive already knowing “German, Russian, Chinese, etc.”

    I am against favoritism. As an Anarchist, I believe, (among other things):

    Respect All! Bow to None!

    We must learn to Respect & live Free in this small world of ours (let the Arabs alone; Restore Palestine & its indigenous Palestinian people).

    Regain America’s Sovereignty!

    My VISION! For the Restoration of our Democratic Republic (destroyed on November 22, 1963).

    For Democratic Republics – Everywhere!

  51. TJM says:

    I am aware that George Soros is Clinton’s most important backer, AND she is the number one Zionist in the US governemnt. So you may buy into the reports about Soros being “anti_Zionist”, I look at actions not words.

    I don’t think Soros would back Clinton if he was truly anti Zionist.

    Furthermore, Soros is the largest player in the anti-Russia movement, and that is Zionist biggest prize.

  52. TJM says:

    “My comment had to do with affirmative action and the fact that corporate America favors it as a method of getting rid of White workers. It had nothing to do with Jewish influence on the Israel Arab conflict” BULL

    Jewish groups are the primary force behind “amnesty” and open borders. When there was a push for “immigration reform” the gang of 8 Senators, were all arch Zionists starting with John McShame.

    The idea that Zionism or Jewish influence is not a driving force for affirmative action, open borders and bilingualism is absurd.

    Who do you think owns most of the businesses that use non white labor?

    • Replies: @artichoke
  53. TJM says:

    You speak in such generalities makes your comments mute. Liberals as well as most Americans are against DDT because they did not like the effects upon nature such as destroying eagle’s eggs.

    Liberals are not against whites, liberals are, like all Americans, being manipulated against their own self interests.

    Liberals like conservatives have been divided by a Zionist Jew media/entertainment/banking industry. Can”t have a Christian nation now can we? So they went about manipulating us to have each other, speak in terms of left vs right, conservative vs liberal, and basically divide America in half.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  54. woodNfish says:

    The solution to bilingualism is to deport the wetbacks.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  55. Corvinus says:

    “Liberals like conservatives have been divided by a Zionist Jew media/entertainment/banking industry. Can”t have a Christian nation now can we? So they went about manipulating us to have each other, speak in terms of left vs right, conservative vs liberal, and basically divide America in half.”

    This widespread Jewish cabal, in which they sit in a room and plan for the demise of whites, is a figment of your imagination. For every time a commenter states that Jews are the problem for everything in the world, and I received a nickel, I would be the richest man in the world. It’s amazing to me the paranoia that people have regarding the Cultural Marxist indoctrination apparatus that is strangling whites.

    Must all whites agree entirely about this Jewish conspiracy and how they are being duped? Or, are they part of the problem if they legitimately question the extent of global Jew power? What are YOU personally doing to stop the Jews from “exterminating whites”?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  56. Corvinus says:

    “The solution to bilingualism is to deport the wetbacks.”

    Illegals Mexicans? Distinct possibility.

    Legal citizens of Hispanic heritage? No. Not going to happen.

    • Replies: @woodNfish
  57. @The Alarmist

    So, I’m like reading this, and I think, “OMG, Ron, do you not realize you, like, created a Fifth Column?”– took the words right out of my mouth

    It would (and never did, and never will) occur to Ron; “Gee, why are we spending taxpayer fiat currency giving any kind of public education to spawn of illegal aliens to begin with?”

  58. iffen says:

    giving any kind of public education to spawn of illegal aliens to begin with

    Because they are here, they are not going away, and as a general rule it is better to have a better educated populace.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  59. woodNfish says:

    How can you deport a citizen? You can’t. This is his country.

    And there is no such thing as a “Hispanic heritage” because there is no such thing as a hispanic. It is a phony PC label created to get welfare benefits for disparate groups of people whose only commonality is the Spanish language. If you don’t like PC, stop using their propaganda.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  60. @iffen

    Right iffen. we all need “better educated” anchor babies in our faces telling us about their “rights”.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
    , @iffen
  61. @Jim Bob Lassiter

    Maybe if we teach the children well, to borrow an old lyric, maybe they will grow up hungry for knowledge and embrace the GOP and conservative values … yeah, I tasted a little vomit while typing that.

    A few years of hard core indoctrination and the Dems will have a voter base more solid than Mexico’s PRI. This is the USA of the near future.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  62. iffen says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    They are citizens. They have the same rights as any other citizen. Realistically, the country benefits from having better educated citizens.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  63. @The Alarmist

    It ain’t : “Teach THE children well”, it’s “Teach YOUR Children Well”

    Anyway, have a free Coke on me for that one.

  64. @iffen

    Only because perverts like you have twisted the Constitution into a Mexican carnival pretzel.

  65. iffen says:

    perverts like you

    Based upon your previous comments I thought you would have lasted a little longer.

    Birthright citizenship was recognized in common law before we had a Constitution. In 1868 the Constitution was amended to explicitly state that no one born in the US could be deprived of birthright citizenship. You are the one trying to do the twisting.

    • Agree: Triumph104
  66. Corvinus says:

    “How can you deport a citizen? You can’t. This is his country.”

    The Alt Right has no patience for those whites who protect the citizenship rights of Mestizos who just happen to be citizens of the United States. Do you want to be characterized as being “anti-white”?

    “And there is no such thing as a “Hispanic heritage” because there is no such thing as a hispanic. It is a phony PC label created to get welfare benefits for disparate groups of people whose only commonality is the Spanish language. If you don’t like PC, stop using their propaganda.”

    Hispanic is not a “phony PC label”. According to wikipedia:

    “The term “Hispanic” was adopted by the United States government in the early 1970s during the administration of Richard Nixon after the Hispanic members of an interdepartmental Ad Hoc Committee to develop racial and ethnic definitions recommended that a universal term encompassing all Hispanic subgroups—including Central and South Americans—be adopted.”

    • Replies: @woodNfish
  67. @iffen

    Other Supreme Court rulings serious call into question your legal theories. In any case, a “drag ’em baby” not born here is getting a “free” K-12 public education in all 50 states.

    • Replies: @iffen
  68. woodNfish says:

    Just because our criminal government created a label for a phony group of people so they could get welfare that makes it valid? It doesn’t. There is no hispanic culture, there is no hispanic people, there is no hispanic civilization or society. There never has been one and there never will be. Fuck the government and it phony constructs.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  69. @iffen

    “Birthright citizenship was recognized in common law before we had a Constitution. ”

    Case law, please? That would be English law, BTW.

    “In 1868 the Constitution was amended to explicitly state that no one born in the US could be deprived of birthright citizenship. ”

    You’d better re-read the 14th Amendment, because you left off the part about being subject to the jurisdiction of the US, which is not the case when someone violates the immigration laws by self-immigrating without leave to enter or attempts to use them improperly, e.g. birth tourism. This is something Congress could readily fix, if they had the cajones to do so.

    • Replies: @iffen
  70. iffen says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    If a child is not a citizen they should not have the same rights as a citizen. That said, it is unlikely that they will be deported. It is my opinion that is in our interests to provide some basic education, but they do not have a “right” to it.

  71. iffen says:
    @The Alarmist

    birth tourism. This is something Congress could readily fix

    I agree. I think that this could be dealt with through legislation and would likely survive a constitutional challenge. Of course it would require competent and willful enforcement of immigration law, so you are back where you started.

    I do not think that some adult who was born here, should or will ever be denied full citizenship rights.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  72. @iffen

    You will find in Calvin’s Case (1608) 7 Coke Report 1a, 77 ER 377 that mutuality of allegiance between sovereign and subject was a necessary condition for birthright citizenship to attach under English Common law. Coke also specifically addressed “invasions” as not forming the basis for this condition to be met.

    So if English Common law survived into US commn law (some say it didn’t), it nevertheless set the tone for common law in the US and survived into statutes and ultimately into the 14th Amendment.

    If Trump has half a brain, he will add abolishing birthright citizenship to his agenda.

  73. Corvinus says:

    “Just because our criminal government created a label for a phony group of people so they could get welfare that makes it valid? It doesn’t.”

    First, there are aspects of our government which have committed criminal acts.

    Second, Hispanics are not a “phony” group. A Hispanic family lives down my street. Been there for years.

    Third, you seem to be enamored with false premises. Why?

    • Replies: @artichoke
  74. artichoke says:
    @The Alarmist

    Of course the point is not to get along and not oppress each other. It’s for the whites to accept oppression in return for their privilege.

    Seems this year a lot of minority people have realized that isn’t working for them and are willing to try being reasonable again. Maybe not most, but probably enough.

  75. artichoke says:

    If you asked that family, you would learn they are Mexican, or Guatemalan, or Peruvian … not “hispanic”. That’s why he said it’s a phony category. It’s only a US legal construct for the purpose of making them a legally privileged class.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  76. Michael Meo says: • Website

    As a child of bilingual Italian-Americans — yeah, I speak no Italian — I can comment from personal experience that the Old Country was way over the ocean on the other side of the planet. That was a major difference from the Hispanic experience in California.

    Plus, the land I lived in, Massachusetts, had not been part of Italy 150 years prior.

    So there are awfully big differences between Italian and other European immigrant experiences and the Hispanic one.

    That doesn’t mean that I disagree with the overall assessment Mr Unz provides of the failures of Spanish-language “bilingual” classes: they do indeed — I speak here in the present tense because I live in Oregon, which has not outlawed such classes, and I taught English as a Second language for more than a decade, as head of the program in Roosevelt High School here in Portland — they do indeed tend toward mostly-Spanish education, and there’s a strong political tinge to the advocates of them.

  77. Can you put a link to the markdown syntax used next to the comment box?

    Do you get a [more] with – or = ?







  78. Corvinus says:

    “If you asked that family, you would learn they are Mexican, or Guatemalan, or Peruvian … not “hispanic”. That’s why he said it’s a phony category. It’s only a US legal construct for the purpose of making them a legally privileged class.”

    Of course they would state their country of origin, but they would generally refer to themselves in the broad context of being Hispanic.

  79. artichoke says:

    No they would not, certainly not if you were in any sort of close personal relationship with them. You apparently don’t know many “hispanic” people. Their cultures are national, and only “hispanic” to the extent we’ve created that as an interest group here via that legal identification.

    And to the extent we’ve done that, it’s created dislike and has certainly done no favors to the rest of us. But back to the original point, if you really knew them as people, they are attached to generations of their national culture. Maybe Colombian, not “hispanic”.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  80. Corvinus says:

    “No they would not, certainly not if you were in any sort of close personal relationship with them. You apparently don’t know many “hispanic” people.”

    From YOUR experiences, your friends or acquaintances who are Mexican, or Guatemalan, or Peruvian, they focus on their particular identity, and perhaps have no use for, or neglect to see the relevance in “being Hispanic”.

    However, from MY experiences, knowing those families whose relatives came from Mexico or Nicaragua, they are assuredly Hispanic besides identifying with their country of origin.

    It does not mean my experience or your experience is “better” or “worse”. It is what it is. So your claim “you do not know many ‘hispanic’ people” is utterly false.

    “And to the extent we’ve done that, it’s created dislike and has certainly done no favors to the rest of us.”|

    For YOU and those people YOU know, but not necessarily for the “rest of us”.

    “But back to the original point, if you really knew them as people, they are attached to generations of their national culture. Maybe Colombian, not “hispanic”.”

    There are Polish and Germans whom I know who are also attached to their national culture as third generation Americans. They maintain contact with relatives and friends, they remain interested in “homeland politics”, they maintain “old world customs”, but that is natural, and what makes an American unique in that regard.

    If it came down to choosing their nation, the people whom I know would unquestionably come to America’s defense in a heartbeat.

  81. @Corvinus

    Put them all (Mexican, Colombian, Peruvian etc. ) at a cocktail party and you’ll witness one of the fastest sortings of social/cultural pecking orders in your life.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  82. Corvinus says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    “Put them all (Mexican, Colombian, Peruvian etc. ) at a cocktail party and you’ll witness one of the fastest sortings of social/cultural pecking orders in your life.”

    Why don’t you record this phenomenon and put it on youtube as evidence that you know what you are talking about.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  83. @Corvinus

    Because I live in a two party consent (for audio-video recording) state and I am generally law abiding.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  84. @Jim Bob Lassiter

    If you put it out there, you have given consent.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  85. Eagle Eye says:

    “Bilingual” education is intended to keep “Hispanics” on the DEMOCRATIC PARTY/LA RAZA/UNIVISION PLANTATION. Note that leading Hispanic activists within those organizations invariably enjoyed the benefits of English-only education.

    Ninety-nine % of Americans are unaware that those who go through Spanish-language education in the U.S. achieve at best partial fluency in kitchen Spanish. They will certainly not be literate and eloquent at adult level, and would be an embarrassment if they were to appear on TV in an actual Spanish-speaking country.

    Similarly, the ubiquitous public materials offered in “Spanish” by government agencies, courts, banks etc. are on closer inspection often seriously inaccurate and misleading.

    In short, parents who allow their children to fall into the “bilingual” trap are setting them up for a lifetime of voluntary second-class status and effective illiteracy in BOTH languages.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  86. @The Alarmist

    Put a \$1 million bond up for legal defense fees in any jurisdiction of purview on the matter and you’re on.

  87. anon • Disclaimer says:

    “Our chronic racism”. If only it was chronic enough to keep third world Muslims like you out of the west. But it isn’t is it sport? You are smart enough to know the west is better then your Allah-land.

  88. Eagle Eye says:

    Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points, Roosevelt’s 4 Freedoms, and any number of Kennedy’s speeches, including his readable collection of short stories, “Profiles of Courage.”

    Are you really unaware that WW, FDR and Kennedy were waypoints on the nation’s path to arbitrary, unconstitutional government. Wilson started the presidential “vision” thing rather than contenting himself with his role as caretaker of the nation’s interests.

    Of course, these worthy gentlemen were themselves following in the footsteps of the great, saintly Abraham Lincoln who even started a civil war as a smokescreen so he could suspend the Constitution wholesale. You will recall that Lincoln himself admitted that the cause of liberating slaves was of secondary importance.

    Oh, and “Profiles in Courage” was, of course, ghostwritten by Ted Sorensen as anyone in the know understood even then.

    • Agree: artichoke
    • Replies: @artichoke
  89. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    What are you on?

    All Quebec, parts of Ontario, New Brunswick and parts of Nova Scotia and Manitoba were all French speaking. You’re inconsistent, and deliberatively pro English. You just want English supremacy, even in non-native English territories.

    California, btw, was part of Mexico since not too long ago, it’s spected for it to remain bilingual as it’s on the interest of both major ethnic communities living there, the Anglos and the Hispanics.

  90. artichoke says:

    Why is it important for Zionism to displace white (including Jewish) workers and students in the United States, with Muslims, hispanics and blacks?

    That makes no sense.

    Either it’s irrelevant (if your goal in Zionism is to strengthen the State of Israel) or counterproductive (if your goal is to recreate Zion in the much bigger promised land that is the United States.) One doesn’t create Zion by ruining it.

  91. artichoke says:
    @Eagle Eye

    I agree generally but am not sure about the idea of Lincoln suspending the Constitution. He started the war to keep the Constitutional system and stamp out the idea of going back to the State-level independence of the Articles of Confederation. He punished it for punishment’s sake by concluding the war with Sherman’s march of terrorism through the South, which goes beyond civil war to aggression and in present terms, war crimes. Personally I think the whole war was a big sin, although one has to be concerned about foreign intervention (Brits? Russians? Barbary Muslims?) if the strong central state is weakened.

    But then he was killed and President U.S. Grant supervised Reconstruction. What an evil. But this was Grant’s evil not Lincoln’s. Lincoln wanted to send the freed black slaves to Liberia and avoid the racial problems we’ve had since then.

  92. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I personality could care less if the US is a christian nations and I’m a christian. Most of the Latinos say they are Catholic and many are evangelicals. In fact there are some pagans more conservative on the immigration and assimilation issues than many Christians. This was Dubya Bushes argument, many Mexicans and Central Americans say the are Christian. Central Americans by the way tend to be more evangelical because of Pentecostalism spread there. So, the Alt-right pushing the christian nation falls flat on its hears since Latinos are mainly Christian. A few good Woden worshiping pagans are better than Catholic or Pentecostal Latinos.

  93. Anonymous [AKA "Blue Vs Red"] says: • Website
    @Eagle Eye

    “In short, parents who allow their children to fall into the “bilingual” trap are setting them up for a lifetime of voluntary second-class status and effective illiteracy in BOTH languages.”

    [Citation needed]

    I was born in poor Chicano barrio and if not for a Filipino nun in kindergarten I would not have learned English as well as I did. I got a 97% on the Verbal portion of the SAT and got into an elite private school after I graduated 13th in my high school class.

    At this point I have over 430 college hours, two associates degrees (in Unix and Oracle Database Administration), a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Security and am presently attending one of the premier Master’s programs in Cyber Security in the USA.

    But of course anonymous trolls on the internet MUST know better. Proof or you are just talking out of your ass pendejo.

    I will admit that my Spanish is not the best (two years of Spanish in school as opposed to over 20 years of English) but that is because bollios like you are too CHEAP to pay for proper schools.

    Submitted comments become the property of The Unz Review and may be republished elsewhere at the sole discretion of the latter

    Nope according to US law I retain the copyright of my creative work, however, I am giving this crappy website PERMISSION to use my copyrighted work. PERIOD.

  94. Jesse says:

    “…the number of Latinos had surpassed the number of whites admitted to the prestigious University of California system.”

    By affirmative action. There is no way in hell they’d make it in on their merits. Asian/Oriental students, yes. Hispanics? Nope.

  95. Anonymous [AKA "The Balanced Blingual"] says:

    What do you call a person who speaks many languages? Answer: multilingual or polyglot.
    What do you call a person who speaks two languages? Answer: a bilingual.
    What do you call a person who speaks only one language” Answer: American.

    Nuff said.

  96. @Rehmat

    Why do you think “chronic rascism” is something to be rid of?

  97. Anonymous [AKA "PavlovPP"] says:

    This is meant more for the author than for the audience at large. My own observation, as an American not of Latin descent who acquired a high level of proficiency through training and immersion, as well as years of life later on in El Paso, frequent travel to Colombia, Puerto Rico, Spain, etc., is that large numbers of supposedly bilingual Latin children know only the usages that I refer to as “grandma Spanish.”

    That is, they can say basic things like, “Tonito me está molestando,” which they hear frequently, and they have a more-or-less native accent due to early and constant exposure to fluent adult native speakers. But the deceptively fluid code-switching behavior often occurs to get around lack of capacity: the kids in that commercial probably couldn’t have participated freely in a conversation about the details of AT+T’s data plans, if it were conducted completely in Spanish, and may well not have fully understood parts of it. And if one were to confront them with forms and constructions associated with more formal, written Spanish (e.g., complex sentences, tenses beyond simple or imperfective present, past, and future), they would be less likely able to follow or respond in kind. They would commit grammatical errors associated with speakers of American English, their phonology would be heavily influenced by English, they would use loan-words such as “troca” for “truck” out of ignorance of the Spanish terms, as so forth.

    Such, at any rate, were my frequent observations. Many spoke Spanish as my mother spoke Italian to older relations as a child. (She was the children of parents who had themselves been brought by their own parents from Italy as young children.) But she grew up in an environment in which the use of Italian outside that setting was frowned upon, even among the children of Italian immigrants. As a result, she had lost whatever accent that she had, remembered primarily a few words and phrases frequently employed, etc., and had a nostalgic association of these with her childhood. Had Italian immigrants and their descendants dominated the wider area in which she lived, and current video and radio media in Italian been widely available, and the use of Italian been tacitly encouraged by the state, then she might well have kept “grandma Italian.”

    I am not opposed to bilingualism. I speak four languages, though not all of them at a high level of proficiency, and have been blessed by doing so, in many ways. But “grandma Spanish” is a poverty, and it is this that we mostly encourage through state-sponsored bilingual education and, more importantly, through our self-deceptive state religion. In practice, money and power in the wider society speak English, and require the use of this language to access them. There are no millets in which separate cultures function as sub-communities and proudly maintain their own heritages. Non-“white” people are permitted to pretend to this, these days, but the atomizing beliefs to which we subscribe work against them: if they seek to enter the elite, or the “middle class,” then their grandma Spanish becomes another self-selected aspect of their individual brand — or is omitted. I have seen it done both ways, many times. Either way, soon they will be in the state of the bulk of America’s so-called Jews, with their slightly greater tendency to use fossilized Yiddish terms such as “mensch” and “shiksa.” So thirty years from now, the Latin boy whose grandparents came to Washington and made good will live in some suburb, and refer to unpleasant people as “pen day hoes” when he wants to affect an earthy tone. Later in life, he will become interested in la santa muerte as a way of getting back to his roots, in the way that American Jews think that a heavily emphasized Hanukkah observance is something traditional.

    Though actually, I am far from certain that thirty years from now, the continuity that I am projecting above will not have been disrupted

    • Replies: @Gleongelpi
  98. @Anonymous

    When young, I lived in Cicero for a while. The old in my neighborhood tended to speak only Italian while some, if not most of their grandchildren spoke only English.

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